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Until they've dumped all their stock.

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Exactly! This is Horus we're talking about, the Warmaster, the keenest strategic mind in the Imperium. If he were going to rebel and cull his legion he would have merely annihilated those troops from orbit not engaged in a lengthy and costly ground assault.

The whole basis for this "Horusian rebellion" story we've been fed is blatantly a long-nosed falsehood spread by (((Nathaniel))) Garro to incite civil war. The IVth, VIIIth, XVIIth, and XXth realized this and acted in self-defense of their brother Legions when they were assaulted without warning over Isstvan V.

Open you eyes, sheeple, and think. The truth is obvious if you care to actually see it. Not even Rogal Dorn the Emperor's so-called Praetorian can hide it.

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Hol' up - AoS turd edition starter set still hasn't sold out?

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>(((Nathaniel))) Garro
Can't forget his co-conspirator (((Saul))) Tarvitz

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are you literally retarded

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>This guy actually believes the visions of daemons

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Both. I'd say both.

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I could do one of each. Do a sword and shield for the mkIII and power axes for the MkII… I really can’t decide, I’ve been trying to decide for almost two weeks.

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it seems to me the best way to represent an early crusade/solar reclamation era legion is either PotL or the delegatus rite, run 2 vet squads and then a couple volkite support squads to represent normal legionares. Chuck in some old school land raiders and the retro speeder and I think you’d have a really cool old school force - if you can get MKII.

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Varagyr? The be cool.

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>because they already told all the third party stores that they wouldn't be getting any more boxes until a second run in late autumn.
i’m pretty sure third party retailers are complaining that they can’t move the stock they got too

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people are just pissed they aren't their own faction, which in AoS is annoying because keywords are so specific that even though they are in a faction unless you use ONLY those guys you don't get their faction benefits. So all the drawbacks of a limited roster that won't be expanded with none of the benefits of being able to use units from other factions in the book.

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Curze was ultimately vindicated by not being memoryholed like the other two
"Suffer not the queers to live"
- Emperor of Mankind, not gaykind

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>why isn't my illegal counterfeit site as professional as a proper commercial website

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the Emperor gets fucked up by Horus and it's not even a close contest, what the fuck are you on about? He would have a worse than Primarch statline, on par with a praetor, with Magnus's psychic phase with no chance of perils.

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>Revenant Legion
Based. Haven't seen them before. Wish GW would give us all the Unification-era marine heraldry. I'd like to see a War Born or Storm Walker army.

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>only does so when he recognises all hope of recovery is lost
brainlet take anon. Horus hesitates because his soul is fighting chaos and the Emperor noticed his vulnerability (described metaphorically as a weakness in Horus's armour aka wound that reaches his soul caused by Sanguinius) and decides to totally obliterate his soul so the chaos Gods can't have it as a mercy. If Horus was fully committed he would have just ended the Emperor on the spot because the chaos investment protected him from psychic abilities.

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Work on the First Company begins tonight. What are you working on anon?

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That's really bad, but Abnett will certainly outdo it.

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Just finished this Reaver as a test model for the rest of my non-Justaerin SoH. I'm quite happy with him.

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it’s easily the best one.

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AL can have hair. not all of them are bald primarch lookalikes. could be any color really.

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Because Mickey was starting to be too independant.

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>The infantry are consistently about as good as FW when they were still making them
I dunno, I thought it was noticeably worse. It's so much cheaper that you can get 2x as much and just use the better ones, but you'll still have issues with mold lines through awkward parts of the backpack.

Still, better than not being able to get Mk II at all.

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So I've got the skeleton of an Imperial Fists list, and I'm wondering what it could use. Also advice on how to kit out Phalanx Warders for the purposes of adding them to this list in theory:

Praetor (Pistol + Power Guantlet)

Apothecary (Artificer + Sword)
8 Templar Brethren (Combat Shields, Champ has Power Gauntlet)
Land Raider (Ceramite)

3x10 Tactical Squads in Rhinos

10 Phalanx Warders
Land Raider (Ceramite)

5 Heavy Support Marines (Lascannons)
Vindicator (Ceramite)

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Repainting my warhound to match my Xestobiax Legio while I wate for 700 bucks of space wolves shit to come in.

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Here’s the back of my castigator (the only knight/Titan I got from them and some uncleaned parts for a despoiler squad.

Large parts suck but their casts of small kits are almost as good as FWs but harder to clean/work with.

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SoH command kit I got, still haven't finished the paint but this is just an example with some paint on it.
I plan on going back and re doing this one so keep that in mind and don't have an aneurism.

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Blasts with AP less than 5 that are from projectiles smaller than trucks are just silly and shouldn’t be in the game.

Penetration power from a pure detonation drops off with the cube of the distance, it’s like trying to pick up a dime with a rare earth magnet without bending over - it’s not impossible but you need a big fucking magnet.

There’s the argument for penetrating blast-fragmentation warheads but we’re talking weapons that are literally hundreds of kgs of explosives with ranges on the order of single digits.

Vindis would stay very good but wouldn’t be able to one shit anything in the game anymore. Medusa’s would no longer make invuln saves a necessity.

Change my mind.

While I’m voicing sweeping change opinions, move armour saves up one for everything other than termis and similar. Marines are 4+, artificer is 3+, SA and mechanicum are 5+ etc. There would need to be cost changes but it would make a lot of things relevant again and differentiate termis from AA+Iron Halo.

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>otherwise I would rather take an alternative FoC or rite or something to open up an additional FoC, or relocate units to other slots.
Explain how you'd use FOC or relocation to have both a heavy support squad with lascannons (Heavy support squad being important because Imperial Fists get Tank Hunters) and three vindicators.

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IWfag here, those Havocs I posted yesterday are actually from WTG. Both the MkII Heavy Support squad as the Legion Lascannons were ordered from WTG. STuff took about 3-4 weeks to get to the EU, but they always deliver.
Not as good as PW/SPTKS, but a larger catalogue.

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Consider dropping the gauntlet from the praetor. for a paragon blade. Putting an I1 weapon on an I5 character is sort of a waste, even if it is thematic.

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uh huh

explain Perturabo then

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Yes, I love Phobos Bolters with chain-bayonettes. I have some cooming and hopefully will manage to not get recaster resin cancer and do the minis justice.

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Well, relatively productive day getting shit done between meetings

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I just worry that blobs might not be good with chain bayonettes, seems WE have primacy due to axes. but DA seem doable with Storm of War and the furious assault command.

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Not paladingdongy enough, needs more smiting.

>> No.80081959

Indeed. Pert’s armour is named Logos.

>> No.80082838

Shadow of the Primarch

not super original, but it works...

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Damn, they’re like 20% more than wtg though, are they worth the extra?

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>Death Dealers is a super strong rule, use it in combination with combi-weapon vets/termies to lay waste to anything within 12". Merciless fighters is meh, and tip of the spear is a nice flat buff.
>Justaerin are good if expensive, Reavers are overcosted for what they do (but very fluffy), Maloghurst is useful for list-building since he makes vets/reavers troops, Abaddon is a good beatstick, and Horus is one of, if not the best primarch in the game.
>The Black Reaving is kind of shit, Long March is bretty gud.
>Sons of Horus Green and Lupercal Green from GW are both pretty good colors to use if you don't know what color to paint them
>There are lots of bits you can use when you build them, especially if you're going for a later heresy theme - death guard, white scars, world eaters, etc. all have certain legion-specific bits that fit the SoH's general theme of 'spiky with topknots'. You can even use CSM kits (old or new) to get that extra spikiness going.
>Horus did nothing wrong, Isstvan 3 was justified, death to the false Emperor!

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Raven Guard - Judgement
Salamanders - Drake Eater
Death Guard - Mistwalker
Emperor's Children - Eros
Ultramarines - Sokar-pattern Stormbird 36L-4d (Aquilla Logica)
Thousand Sands - Anubis
Sons of Horus - Wolfbane
Space Wolves - Hel's Grasp
White Scars - Lightning Wake
World Eaters - Violator
Worst Bearers - Consecrator
Iron Hands - Caestus
Imperial Fists - Stone Burden
Iron Warriors - Nemean Gaze

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Do the blackshields, it's FUN.
If you play towards proto space sharks or whatever that renegade group they deal with, it also plays into speculation about them having come from the WE (as you have chain axes and some similar buffs).

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Patience anon, it will come one day

>> No.80100181

ignatum is a cool legio with one of the coolest and hardest paint schemes

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Why does Angron have the worst armor save of any primarch? i get that he most likely will butcher almost any infantry and some MC most likely but why stick him with a 3+/4++ at 400 points?

>> No.80100466

I kinda figured it might have just been cus of how old the rules for him are. Was kind of hoping to just have him at the head of a horde of bezerkers as he doesent seem the type to wait to attack with his bodyguard. what should he use as a body guard then? realizing he only has a 3+ with 5 wounds makes me not want to just having him at the head of the pack

>> No.80100549

read the rules properly before you bitch and moan. Angron is a blender made out of lawnmowers. He has no problem killing and staying alive so long as you don’t let plasma near him.

>> No.80100559

put him in a big blob of tacticals, fluffwise he never gave a shit about any kind of honorguard or anything like that, fluffwise he would run of on his own but in the game that might make him a bit too easy to blap.

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You can only take a single consul with berserker assault. More importantly however, your list is slow and really sucks against tanks, a single power fist is pretty pointless against tanks. Spitballing my idea

>Drop the rampagers
>Replace mortifactor with a centurion
>Move the 2-3 contemptors into the elites slot
>Replace 2 units of inductii with 2 assault blobs with power axes and meltabombs
>Drop artificer armour on sergeants
>Make bikers 10 dudes with axes, twin bolters, and meltabombs
>Add 3 more apothecaries for the tactical squad, bikers, and other assault blob

This is unwieldy but much more mobile and the anti-tank units are much better against tanks. Angron's tacticals don't need a fist, Angron can tear open any vehicle they run into. Your goal is to close the gap as quickly as possible. Almost never shoot, every turn you should run until you get into charge range, take advantage of rerolling runs. The sooner you close into melee the sooner the enemy's guns will go silent. Assault marines may want to be kept in reserve and deepstruck depending on the enemy deployment and general situation.

>> No.80103279

so why didn't BA get this? Would've been a nice Legion specific fast attack.

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