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>Why are (you) so obsessed with trannies?

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TQ: What is your favorite MCR album?

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Why are you like this? Who hurt you?

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>>Thread Question:
why the fuck do you guys just devolve into weird tranny, incel, buzzword, /pol/, libtard shitflinging everytime. Can you not just discuss your decks and cards and new shit without chimping because there's a black person or that all the good planeswalkers are white?

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Whichever is the one with House of Wolves

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I know the original 30 do but we have been getting ~50ips per thread for a while now

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Why can't we just hate people because they are bad people instead of hating them for reasons that have nothing to do with them being good or bad people?

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My house is the house we run commander nights at, because it is large and well furnished. I have a dedicated gaming room in the basement.
I don't care if the guy that comes over is different from me as long as he can handle jokes.

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How much of a budget discrepancy is fine for a single pod before someone is starting to pay to win?

>> No.78891747

Learn to play better.

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I have a huge fear of them / society influencing my children into becoming trannies.
No one hurt me, they just disgust by me in a way no other flavor of the rainbow had before.
I only respond to it, I dont usually brint it up
I do, my buddies and I play warhammer and magic every weekend
No but im sure they wouldn't care. Tutors arent banned and theyre shit cards so fuck it why bother.

>> No.78891933

>retard resorts to blaming a bunch of people with 0 fucking influence on their lives to blame for their children's upbringing

>> No.78892073

MTG is about this now, bro.

>> No.78892136

Godzilla himself has no alternative and you don’t seem to have any problem. It’s even on mtg arena.

Have you always been such a puss puss?

>> No.78892257

What cope? Godzilla alts are the barely correct way to do it, Silver borders are the good way
Anything else (aside from not doing it at all) is bad

>> No.78892258

Unless its repeating 0s it is meaningless.

>> No.78892313

post cards that embody your favorite color

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>> No.78892497

Cry more shill

>> No.78892504

nta but I have had it happen to me where I would have gotten 0 warnings and get hit with a 3 day within a minute when I posted that one star city games line up pic

>> No.78892512

>welcome everyone
I still don’t know what you’re trying to say. Every kind of person can buy a pack and play the game.

>> No.78892513

I will
When I'll be back in my home country, I'm going back to TTRPGs

>> No.78892701

Soulful blue.

>> No.78892755

Anon, shills aren't a thing

>> No.78892963

Any suggestions for my Krark deck?


Have some cards in the maybeboard that i'm still considering. I'm definitely putting the new triple X card in the deck.

>> No.78893276

>>Tells us he didnt know the promo mayor of avabruck was secretly printed with a .gif file

>> No.78893353

I give them a fair shot with my mono-W deck.
It's a pubstomper. If they want to see anything more cEDH or more silly, they need to show me they're at least competent.[\spoiler]

>> No.78893354

They were starting a trip on psychedelic mushrooms (i think, they did a lot of off brand lsd too) Pretty much anything they looked at was shimmering and kind of wavy

>> No.78893591

Chinga tu madre pendejo

>> No.78893598

Played a game of EDH back during community college in the big lounge area. It was something dumb like an 8 player game, and immediately two guys start plotting to team up in t2.

>> No.78893604

>tee hee anon if you attack this player i will have you draw to cards!
>immediately attack you and go hellbent

>> No.78893615

Are they really that fucking bad? In my last playgroup those decks got thrashed hard by blue control decks, a Braids deck, a fucking storm deck, and a Krenko Mob Boss deck. I quickly got the sense that my sliver deck and ezuri deck were still very casual. Like I said before, give a good field wipe on Ezuri and I cant recover. Outpace him and I can't fight.

>> No.78893692

>play sun titan, sac sun titan, attack with sun titan, get three lands
what now greenigger

>> No.78893823

Get into playing two-headed giant EDH. Husbands vs Wives. Then they don't have to fight each other.

>> No.78893871

Thats what you get for playing with w*men

>> No.78893893

6 mana can net you more lands than that, and it doesn't need to be in your gy

>> No.78893894

>Its hard to make mono b interesting
imagine being this bad at brewing

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>> No.78893930

>Ah fuck how do I avoid tutors in my deck
I wonder

>> No.78894460

A combination of free gubmit gigs and a singleton format being officially announced as the most popular format to play. When players only need 1 copy of a card, sellers have more motivation to drive the price up for that card, especially when everyone wants it.

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