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>What do <your dudes> do during their off time?
They're Dark Eldar, so nothing I can post about on a blue board

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the GK have no off time.

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dis iz wot i wont from new orkz modulz

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Here's what i want for future Necron models

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My Haemonculus Coven (Children of Bone) like to take a vacation to Exodite worlds and cuddle with their Amish kin.

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What are you gonna do, talon me?

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Based. I wanna play 4th edition, where having two Leman Russes was a lot, and a lucky Basilisk shot could wipe out a deepstriking terminator squad.

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I actually *hope* that Kastelans lose Core and that Wrath of Mars is meh, because I'm fucking exhausted by the idea of Kastelans being auto-targeted by the opponent at the beginning of every game and insta-dying before they can even do anything for a minimum investment of 250 points.
Might as well bring a Void Shield Generator and pocket the extra points if I wanted to field a bullet magnet that sucks and dies without another 335 points of support units and 5CP to back it up.
The all-or-nothing style of playing Mars makes me want to be buried alive; I just want to field robots and not be branded a powergamer.

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>isn't a conern
lmao we'll see about that.
Your concern that if they started really caring about <CORE> it could mean the army not functioning doesn't *at all* mean that they wouldn't do it anyway just to continue their certain design trends.

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Keep the BS4+ and you're onto something with that tank track thing. Which, by the way, you forgot to equip the model with.

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You've got the big guys; US, Britain, USSR and Germany, Japan and Italy

You've also got the minor powers, both Axis and Allies; this includes France, Romania and so forth. They have their own models but not as many as the major participants.

You've also got theatre books that provide alternative platoon structures, missions and units depending on where you are and what year it is.

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>10 points per model
>With either WS2+ S3 or WS3+ S4
>4 attacks base, AP-1, AP-2 on a 6 to wound
>You can't fall back from them if they're loaded up properly
Holy fuck this codex creep is insane.

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>minor powers
that hurts

i'm guessing the game's armies are more balanced than what we had irl

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I mean I'm honestly fine with anything but 4, 8, 0.

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Candlejack posting is the dumbest fucking thing, every retard who joined after the election thinks they're an oldfag just because they reme

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yeah i got overexcited and didn't read the pic properly

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Female raven looks like she in un an unsatisfied sexual relationship but then discovers the joy of dominating a man by playing with his bussy button.

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Honestly, not very long at all

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>Ahriman tries another big ritual to fix the dusting and the fleshchange
>manages to bring back the thousand sons legion, but they're all female now

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Nut there’s primaris marines behind him

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>EPA test
Not sure what that is but i hope you are not pregnant
Unless you were going for that in which case congratulations and please dont turn it into a cherub

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It is, it's blue flame because its hot

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guilliman's 40k model has excellent tits

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Best battle art always has orks.

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Please don't bring back dorfs.

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>airbrush vaguely
>sloppily fill in recesses
>don't bother painting the pilot
>don't base it
this is like a 20m job at the most honestly wtf

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Id be happy with that.

I think the reason space dwarves didn't work like space orcs and elves did is how much more specific dsawrves are. Orcs are as simple as "big inhuman barbarians" and elves are simple as "magical long lived people", wheras dwarves have a much more defined aesthetic and theme, so they couldn't flex as easily as their fantasy peers into a sci fi setting.

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Not my place. I have wood floors. I got these from the subreddit. It's where people keep posting the cards.

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You can fire pistols alongside other pistols. If he has two, you fire two.

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It still fucking blows my mind that the Redemptor has a fucking gatling cannon where every other dreadnought has a combi-bolter

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I know the DKK/DKoK outsold the Chaos Dwarfs, but the Chaos Dwarfs were FW's baby, they made most of their Game Day Event miniatures for the Chaos Dwarfs, and guess what was dropped recently from FW's site...

I was seriously going to put down hard cash on Grot Tanks and Grot Mega Tanks to make a Snakebies army that, following the Snakebites actual lore (they give nearly all their high tech to the Grots), thus I was going to make the "SpiderBites", a Snakebites subkulture. Seeing all the purging going on, hell no, they already did it with the AoS Chaos Dwarfs, I mean for fucks sake, GW, their official site, had a article by one of their staffers who mained a Chorf army for AoS, telling you why you should invest in a Chorf army and even linking to it, then like 8 months latter they pull them all.

I don't know what GW is thinking, maybe all the wishing and praying is finally coming true and FW is gonna be truly absorbed into GW, making everything truly legal and "legit", but thats about as likely as Atlantis resurfacing tomorrow.

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FW has a history of breaking moulds and faulty products that do not last in productions.
They have always been a shit side company quality wise

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It's also twice the size.

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Sharter was a badass model too

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