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I have a group of friends that’s like maybe 10-15 intermittent players and I thought it’d be cool to do something with the trope of adventurer guilds

Players could compete for clout and friend groups could show up for adventures, it invites local culture (what groups do people make and how do they operate?) political intrigue (what external groups get pissy about who), while it expands the impact of individual action

How do I make this cool and good instead of cringe

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What you're looking for is a Westmarches game.

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I would argue to embrace the anachronism to a degree. Keep it whismical and just modern enough in sensibility that people feel comfortable. Like reading a Terry Pratchett novel.

At the same time, you want to make sure the reason for a guild itself blends in well with the setting. Is it just a really fancy mercenary agency trying to put a new shine on the concept in a world where mercenaries are common?

If so, why are mercenaries common? Does the idea of a professional military just not exist yet? There's certainly historical precedent for that, so you've got room to maneuver; ignore "local lord with lads in full harness," memes. There were time periods where state-maintained professionals just outright didn't exist, and armies were put together at-need by gathering all your famers and telling them "get a little more familiar with your spears boys, we're going to get some exercise this summer."

Then you need to figure how there's enough business to justify an adventurer's guild. Are you often doing actual mercenary work as we'd identify it nowadays (ie fighting other people)? Is the world especially overrun with monsters? That's a popular reason to justify why there's always work for dangerous people. Why are there always ruins worth diving into? Is your world dozens of thousands of years worth of civilizations building on top of each other, or are dungeons something wicked and eldritch and otherworldly that keep popping up for whatever reason no one's figured out yet?

If you can balance the right light-hearted pseudo-Pratchett feel with fully integrating the idea of the guild into your setting, you can keep that campaign going pretty strong for a good while.

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That's literally what a west marches server is.

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