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Rabbit Run Edition

Folk of the Feywild

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread:

What new ways have you found to abuse the new UA using existing content? How do you think WotC will balance/nerf them before print?

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So goblins, hobgoblins, & bugbears being Fey is a HUGE retcon, right? That’s a pretty big bomb to casually drop in a UA.

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I don't know. I personally don't care for any races other than humans and dragonborn.

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A necro-Reborn cleric/necromancer gets all kinds of healing from both positive & negative. Thats pretty neat.

Bunnies get a free jump so what happens when you jump 10 feet straight up drop two heavy bricks as a free action & then land & do kung fu shit?

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>Rabbit Hop
Oh no its adorable

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An arakokra parrot pirate
A kenku wizard
An owlfolk paladin or cleric
What other birb race is there to round out my all birb party?

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secretary bird monk?

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That Owlfolk flavor text is cute too
>Like owls, owlfolk are graced with feathers that make no sound when they move or fly, making it easy for them to sneak up on you in the library

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>Sea Animals
(Animal Hybrid)
>More Cats
(Previous 4 are Shifters)
>Dragons, big
>Dragons, small
>Tasha’s Custom Lineages
I don’t even have to pretend to be nice anymore. We own this shit now.

I’m so fucking erect.

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I doubt many people will care, but it is a retcon yeah.

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They do basically need a complete rewrite if they're morally neutral instead of hard evil.

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Shifters will never be propers wolves. 1 minute wolfman mode is utterly lame.

Custom lineage is a much better wolfman.

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I wonder what the story will be, that they were once fey that were twisted by Maglubiyet on the material plane, with proto-goblins having the same role as the Eladrin?

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For tying knots and stuff, what is(are) the skill(s) used?

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Intelligence (Sleight of Hand)

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Simplest method, so probably how it'll be. Time will tell, I guess.

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Can someone shop them into a combat wheelchair? That’s going to be my next character. And they’re non-binary, so I hope you know what I mean. The Rabbitfolk in the picture.

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The dankwood goblin block is cooler than normal goblins anyway so I hope it becomes the new standard.

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>next UA: gruumsh and yeenoghu get axed because only gud bois allowed

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Do shifters really mean we will never get a proper lupin/canine race? This is like asking for tabaxi and getting animu catgirls instead.

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Noone ever asked for Tabaxi and loads of people want anime catgirls, though.

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What other bird race exist? Its gotta be different

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>Noone ever asked for Tabaxi
Speak for yourself.

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>This is like asking for tabaxi and getting animu catgirls instead.
Isn't that what Shifters are?

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Initially I’d say ‘yes’ because there’s no anthropomorphic wolf race in D&D, but here we are blindsided with dumbfuck owls and rabbits out of nowhere. There’s hope for you yet, scum
Furry-sama! I kneel...

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Thats more the Leonine race. Tabaxi are twinks, Leonine are bara

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Shifters are animu catgirls, yeah. Honestly don't see the appeal with being a human with cat ears and tail attached, and I understand some people like it, but I really hate that people conflate shifters with the edition's canine anthropomorphic race. It's not.
>Initially I’d say ‘yes’ because there’s no anthropomorphic wolf race in D&D, but here we are blindsided with dumbfuck owls and rabbits out of nowhere. There’s hope for you yet, scum
Yes, fuckers are giving me hope. I hate wotc for they only extend my suffering.

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Leonin are worse tabaxi in every way mechanically and

Leonin, ESPECIALLY THEROS LEONIN, are specifically all lionlike. The few tiger leonin were from before leonin was separated as a race for the lion-like planeswalkers iirc.

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You assume WOTC gives a fuck and will actually make it cohesive

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Every adventuring party will now have a fertile rabbit girl, which makes perfect sense. Humanoid rabbits can breed quickly and survive, so young women have to leave the community to avoid depleting resources. The greatest trap to any adventurer is impregnating a bunny woman and being guilted into settling down.

Bunny men world domination is nigh

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>because there’s no anthropomorphic wolf race in D&D
Lupins from Mystara at one point had 39 different breeds, including wolves (Wolvenfolk).

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post a pic of a combat wheelchair and i will use my 200 years of MS paint experience to do it for u

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I'm going to make all my animal-people kemonomimi because animal ears on cute girls is cute but full on furry stuff is weird

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based and coomer pilled

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>no insects of any kind
>implying Kobold Chads, Lizardfolk Chads and Minotaur Thads count among your number
Don’t get too cocky yet, you porn addicted deviant

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>About to bed a camp follower
>her wimple cap falls off
>Rabbit ears
Bitch almost got me.

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>Succubus infiltrates camp
>Everyone's too busy fucking the rabbits like rabbits to care

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I know it's not an ideal multiclass, but what are the best arcane traditions for an aberrant mind sorcerer dipping 2 levels into wizard?

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You forgot fish (Locathah) and frogs (Grung). They’re from the same source as Tortle.

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This legit sounds like a fairytale so id allow it

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Enchantment or Illusion maybe

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I should know this answer, but what kind of patron would Dagoth Ur be?

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Divination and Chronurgy are the two most front loaded wizards

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>you can now be a mimiga in 5e
Absolutely based

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I do not care about your autism. Just accept Tabaxi twinks & bara Leonine

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Bro, you’re lucky you got Eberron and Ravenloft. You’re not getting Mystara

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a lil bitch patron

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He spooks around in dreams & shit dude

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Isn't that based on int? I've only got a 14.
This would work with subtle spell, no?
Yeah divination sounds pretty good for ensuring subtle spells stick. Honestly I'm liking the divination route because dm said this campaign is gonna have some themes about fate.

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I was thinking GOO based on my memory of the game, but I just wanted a second opinion.

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Someone's gotta make a setting where the bunny people are the dominant species.

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No. Racial sizes aren't even canon anymore, UA races don't include specified heights anymore and let you choose betwene medium and small, implying you CAN make an 8 ft tall dhampir or owlfolk or HOBGOBLIN if you wanted.

You should just accept leonin are utterly boring and can't compete with speedo cats. I'm gonna play a 7' 4'' 380 lbs tabaxi barbarian and you can't stop me.

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Anyone know how to change the opacity of pop up windows in Foundry VTT?
Every pop up window is fully transparent and blends in with the background colors making it shitty to read stuff. Google is no help.

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Also tigers aare ambush predators, a pounce ability fits them better than a roar and 5ft extra speed which is more apt to shitty lions.

Fun fact: tigers are much stronger than lions and can break their jaws with a single swipe.

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sec, my hands are sticky due to cum because of the rabbit girl fucking menace


send me a 240p image will u

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Undying. Corprus is zombies, right? And he is mortal turned immortal

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>read book
>take damage and do wisdom saves every while learning new dark magic shit and voices screaming in my ears
>failed once and my eyes turn black knocking me out
Did my GM alter the book of eternal darkness or is there another book that does something similar to what I wrote?

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Don’t waste your time on me. I only want it ironically

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We got Tortles, they're from Mystara.

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How does your D&D world explain disease? Evil spirits? Curses from the gods? Do they have miasma theory, or even germ theory?

How does healing magic play into this?

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Not a retcon, been there for a while. For goblins at least, and so I suppose hobgoblins.
old 2nd/3rd edition planescape lore with the intro of the plane of faerie, fey goblins existed and were the origin.

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How does the fairy UA compare to my homebrew pixie race?

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News to me, I thought they got made by the dwarf god when the dark gods bound him

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Leagues better, use it over what we got.

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Man I have a chance to do a classic dungeon with a dragon at the end, what are like some must have experiences for an old school feel? Part of me thinks it sounds cliche but I'm fairly certain none of my players have ever scaled a mountain dungeon to kill a dragon and take it's treasure.

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They're kept in check by natural predators. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind a game with only furfag races where the racial relations represent irl food chain.

>> No.78025329

Why would a flying animal live inside a dungeon?

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Oh its happening

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I wish we had a proper fairytale esque high fantasy setting. Where the fuck is my eldraine crossover?

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>If you are able to cast spells, you can't cast them or concentrate on them while raging.
Literally why

>> No.78025441

Your rage burns so fiercely that it transcends the material plane and disrupts the weave of magic.

>> No.78025447

Why the fuck would you ever want to cast a spell?

>> No.78025481

Were you hoping to play a wizard barbarian?

>> No.78025495

Just like how you can't concentrate on multiple spells at once, you can't concentrate on magic while you are busy concentrating on being an unkillable meat tank.

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I had an idea for an antimage enemy

Luth'sokir, elvish for Spelldrinker, are undead souls bent on destruction of the arcane. When a warrior is unceremoniously destroyed or unfairly bested by magics and spends its dying breath cursing the caster, there is a chance of that soul returning as a Spelldrinker. Spelldrinkers are not only inured to magic but actively absorb magic in its proximity, converting the arcane power into undead vitality. These wraith-like creatures have an innate sense of spellcasting ability and will actively ignore more martial combatants to pursue spellcasters, relying on their spectral nature to shrug off mundane sword blows. The area around a Luth'sokir acts as an antimagic zone, not only negating spells but also the effects of magic items and equipment.

>Magic Resistance
>Antimagic Aura 10 ft. radius
>Spell Siphon: if a spell is casted within the Spelldrinker's antimagic aura, the spell fades and the Spelldrinker gains a number of hit die equal to the level of spell casted as temporary health
>Maybe some attack that drains spell slots, idk haven't figured that one out yet

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Is 5e capable of being broken, or is it simply too streamlined for anything like shock trooper->charge builds in 3.5?

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Yeah, but I guess the brain dead barbarian trope runs too deep.

>> No.78025750

Just play a druid and multiclass into barb if you really want to.

>> No.78025756

Some of the higher-end spells were rather busted pre-errata.

But yeah, the streamlining and bounded accuracy removes a lot of the "simpler" number-crunching ways to break the system.

>> No.78025804










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And? I'm gonna make you hear about my tabaxi barbarian, if it bothers you don't answer sweat tea ~

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Seethe harder retard, you lost

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To be honest when I was a kid, tigers were my favorite animal & I learned everything I could about them. They are seriously the biggest, mightiest cats in the world & also have the loudest roar. Everytime you hear a lion roar in a movie its usually a modified tiger's roar

>> No.78025884

Honestly the lack of number crunching I can handle, but everything feels so cut-and-dry. But classes feel lackluster, and feats feel almost worthless, like none of them have any chemistry with each other. Granted I don't have that deep of a knowledge of 5e, but by now I'd have expected to find something

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You know I've been in 3 different campaigns and I think I've realized something.
I don't think I like d&d, like at all. I just get so bored or upset with the campaign. I think I like the idea of playing it but it always turns sour once my character is done and I play for a few months. It really sucks because I love crpg videogames. I don't know why I just can't get the same enjoyment out of 5e

>> No.78025971

Oh yeah I'm aware tigers roar, IIRC all big cats do and in fact they can't purr because of the shape of their vocal chords. What I'm saying that tiger's more important aspect is that they are stealthy/ambush killers which is better represented in short bursts of speed than a roar. Aside from the fact that leonin's special ability of a very small aoe frighten for 1 round is soooo boring in comparison to an at will burst of speed you can use for jumping, traversing difficult terrain without wasting your turn, cool moments, etc.

Honestly tasha's put the final nail in the coffin to leonin for me, and the fact that racial sizes are getting sidelined along with alignments is just the cherry on top.

>> No.78025997

One of my players has a one-shot they're going to run for us

Lycanthropy is involved and renaissance firearms are allowed

I've already decided I'm gonna be a sword/gun bloodborne-esque werewolf hunter with Crossbow Expert

Should I go Ranger for Hunter's Mark and Archery fighting style (assuming it applies to firearms as well, they may not allow that) or Vengeance Paladin for auras, channel divinity, and those sweet sweet smites?

Might've just answered my own question really

Also allowed an uncommon magic item

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Are you telling me that my faerie slayer is now a fairy?

>> No.78026087

Have you tried DMing. Long stints of only playing is for low IQ mouth breathers.

>> No.78026138

>Tons of traps
>A bunch of random secret passages and magic items that the players will never see, by hiding them all behind crazy rolls
>Tons of skeletons, goblins, kobolds etc
>A bunch of amaglam creatures, a lot that have letrufication as a feature
>Puzzles and mind games that have to be solved by the players, not their characters.
I recommend using the Kobold Press and Nord Games Stat blocks for old school monsters, and finding an old module for inspiration

>> No.78026165

like pottery

>> No.78026187

Just MC into Rogue and pick up proficiencies and expertise to make your character seem smarter. You could even go Ritual Caster and Arcane Trickster if you want.

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>all these sexy bugs are now f*y
WotC why did you make me do this...

>> No.78026212

Yeah, lot of people who loved 3.5 were pretty disappointed by 5e (albeit not as much as 4e). Made more to dive in faster and have flavor added by the DM, for better and worse.

>> No.78026232

I'm just gonna come right out and say it: Clerics shouldn't have such good armor proficiencies and Rogues should have proficiency in all weapons like they used to.
Prove me wrong

>> No.78026245

Is there any way to make a tower dungeon that isn't totally broken or requires counter magic?

If your dungeon is underground, there's no easy way to bypass everything. Like there just isn't a move earth or teleport spell that reliably gets you out of a tomb. But If you're looking at a tower, players can just fly to the top, or turn into an animal, or break out the climbing equipment, or do any number of things to bypass what's inside. Even if you put them at the top of the tower, players will most likely find a way to jump out the nearest window and featherfall to the ground.

>> No.78026300

Seems OP in places and hamstrung in others in a way that could make play difficult- also the bit about wee warrior with piercing weapons is not worded clearly and I'm not sure if it means they have disadvantage to hit you or you have advantage to hit with all piercing weapons.

>> No.78026318

I love dwarves, and I love rogues. Thing is, a dwarf rogue just never seemed to fit for me. Pray tell, how well can I make it work? It's just a rare combo is all.

>> No.78026344

5e is so retarded as it is
these changes would be largely insignificant

>> No.78026347

I am once again complaining about play-by-post. Why in fucks name has this shit become so endemic over the past year?
Did the coof destroy peoples ability to socialize?
Not that long ago you could browse games and servers without running into them. Now the basic requirement that people TALK TO EACH OTHER is somehow taboo
play by post is so very, very slow

>> No.78026348

Just catch lycanthropy.

>> No.78026359

Curable with remove curse.
Also broken.
Also afflicted lycanthropy gives insanity.

>> No.78026363

Should totally make him a con-man with a specialty in construction. "Oh yes, this is dwarven craftmanship, very solid, totally didn't siphon off half the budget on hookers and blow... Yes, it is supposed to lean like that, it's aesthetic."

>> No.78026375

I was thinking more a bar-fighting swashbuckler, a Han Solo type.

>> No.78026380

Not if that's already your alignment.

>> No.78026388

Well, remember, when you're short, the enemie's groin is a much easier target.

>> No.78026391

>Clerics shouldn't have such good armor proficiencies
Like half of them only have medium
>Rogues should have proficiency in all weapons like they used to.
When? They didn't have it in 2e, 3e/3.5/4e or 5e playtest.

>> No.78026394

I'm not playing chaotic evil.
Also doesn't answer the other 2 things
Also your true form is still your original race.

>> No.78026406

>Also allowed an uncommon magic item
Eversmoking bottle

>> No.78026425

1. Medium is too much, half should have light and those that have heavy should have medium. D&D is like basically the only game where priests all wear armor and have shields, most people don't see that as their priestly fantasy and they're already strong enough without it
2. B/X

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my cum stained hands will never hold anything

>> No.78026438

Sorry you can't play Wolfweres, they'll never update that.

>> No.78026439

Go Artificer. Your magic is occult runes & hunter gadgets.

>> No.78026443

Have the stuff needed to defeat the thing on the top of the tower be within it, whether it be information, magic items, people etc.

>> No.78026476

PCs shouldn't be in wheelchairs, regardless of what anyone says. But NPCs?
Ages old wizard NPC rolling around in a wheelchair is peak fantasy.

>> No.78026481

This anon is right,
Also: It's a pretty perfect Colville Screw to get cornered at the top of the tower and have the observatory up there have latching windows to keep the light out.

I'd say letting the players skip floors and such isn't necessarily a bad thing if you just up the difficulty to the point that they can't win just by hitting everything

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What's the best fitting class for the UA fairy? Archery chain Warlock who is pact bound to a sprite? Swarmkeeper Ranger with a small army of pixies at their command?

>> No.78026517

Is it `fae´, `faerie´ or `fairy´?

>> No.78026518


>> No.78026536

D&D cleric is not some friar living in a monastery. He's a battle frontman, wielding mace in his hand and holy symbol in aonther, smiting pagans to death.

>> No.78026547

1. Bond/Batman-level gadgeteer.
2. Trapmaster.
3. Indiana Jones-wannabe.

>> No.78026557

Archfey Chainlock and bully your sprite who's a warlock to you

>> No.78026563

>D&D is like basically the only game where priests all wear armor and have shields
What? I can't name a game where the armored priest doesn't exist.
It's like that because historically, priests who went into battle did wear armor, and also dnd has influenced basically every ttrpg.
>most people don't see that as their priestly fantasy
I don't think that's right
>they're already strong enough without it
That's definitely not right
If you want to be technical, B/X had no rogue, it had thieves and halflings.

>> No.78026571

ur bein a real feygit right now knowmsayin?

>> No.78026576

Reading descent into avernus I come into this:

>Candlekeep Defenses
>Attacking Candlekeep would be foolhardy. Although most of the monks are simple scholars, a few are powerful spellcasters. If any trouble occurs, an archmage and 1d4 mages investigate immediately. If they can't bring the situation under control in short order, an additional 1d4 archmages arrive to lend assistance.

Why the fuck do I have descend into fucking hell at level 5 to save the world when there are 1d4, or 1d20 or whatever the hell many archmages on every fucking step of the adventure?

>> No.78026593

A wandering cleric would be stupid to not have armor. Forcing a player to obey your headcanon for how classes should be is dumb and gay.
If a player wants to be stupid though, they could just be without armor or wear only light

>> No.78026612

Wouldn't every adventurer be a battle frontman then? There's nothing wrong with "Is religious and wears armor too"--but it gets mixed up with Paladin far too often.
Plus, the priestly class should have more to do with performing priestly acts than it does with being a tanky war caster.
There isn't a lightly armored divine caster, so that needs evening out. If your god is like, I don't know, Thor, it makes sense.

>> No.78026615

Its in a desert. It wants to move in on the outskirts to feed off travellers, but doesn't want to attract the attention of organizations that could mobilize against it.

>> No.78026617
File: 25 KB, 410x560, OB-class-Pilgrim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>D&D is like basically the only game where priests all wear armor and have shields
Really? Priestly characters being holy warriors is incredibly common. Probably because it's originally based on the fact that it was common in both reality and story. Just look at the Song of Roland for an obvious inspiration for why clerics have it, because paladins in d&d come from a similar source

>> No.78026621

>There isn't a lightly armored divine caster, so that needs evening out.
Divine soul

>> No.78026629
File: 608 KB, 593x891, cleric.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 9, 7, 9, 12, 6, 17 = 60 (6d20)

here's your cleric bro

>> No.78026646

Look, nigga, shifters were made for Eberron back in 2003. And they always were about being a.) playable lycanthropes and b.) being setting's equivalent to gypsies and jews, so someone could be oppressed.
The fact that people see races from non-default settings and scream 'Furries/Fantasy Robots/Stand users/shapeshifter PCs, sooo cool!' without understanding their original design and role is a travesty.

>> No.78026651

>Why would a flying animal live inside a dungeon?
Tunnels go down. Eggs roll.

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File: 868 KB, 1668x2196, oversight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Arcane Trickster Rogue with Druid spells instead of Wizard ones (with the exception of Find Familiar which is reflavored as some kind of a small wisp).

>> No.78026663

Try to read Kevin&Kell webcomic https://www.kevinandkell.com/

>> No.78026678

Well, 5e shifters are shit at being lycanthropes. I wanna be a wolfman fulltime, not 1 minute per nap.
Pathfinder does this permanently https://www.d20pfsrd.com/races/other-races/more-races/standard-races-1-10-rp/skinwalkers-10-rp/
>Change Shape (Su, 5 RP): A skinwalker can change shape to and from a bestial form as a standard action.
Even fucking WoW does it permanently

5e shifters aare in no way an anthropomorphic wolf race. That's like saying glasya tieflings are the exact same as changelings because they get disguise self.

>> No.78026691

So why don't wizards wear armor?

Name a non-tabletop property where the priest stock character wears half plate. He doesn't even do it in MASH

Secondly, they'd still be fine. Spirit Guardians would be slightly less busted, oh noooo. Full casting, d8 hit die, light armor/some kind of inherent divine protection, domain abilities, channel divinity (especially with recent buffs)--they're fine.

As for the Rogue thing, it's clear Thieves became Rogues in a general sense, Dexterity is busted enough that giving them proficiency with weapons that use Strength should be relatively fine. They'll have trash AC anyway

Now this is an excellent argument, well played. Still doesn't fix the "clerics and paladins feel too similar" thing. Like, why are War Clerics better fighters than Paladins until like 3rd level, at which point they flip-flop?

Divibe Souls are arcane casters and druids have medium armor

>> No.78026725

/5eg/, check out the new hotness

>Race: Goblin
>Class: Gloomstalker 3/Aberrant Mind X

it's combines the invisibility of gloomstalker with the silence of Aberrant Mind to be an undetectable horror

>> No.78026731

If I stuff a Decanter of Endless Water into somebody's arse and say 'geyser', how much damage will it deal? (Insta-death because 30 gallons of water tore apart inner organs?)

>> No.78026739

Wotc has no idea what they're doing
If the past couple UAs and books have been any indicator, theyre just shitting out fan service

>> No.78026745

>So why don't wizards wear armor?
Because they focus far more on their really good spells then traveling the land and priestly duties? Or that they have MAGE armor?
>Name a non-tabletop property where the priest stock character wears half plate.
You just said game. Arguing that we need to justify your head canon for every piece of media that exists is stupid.
>As for the Rogue thing
They have longswords for that exact reason
Also that anon made the exact argument I did.
>Divibe Souls are arcane casters
That cast cleric spells
>druids have medium armor
Which is exactly what you said you wanted

>> No.78026759

oh honey that's nothing

>> No.78026760

1d4 bludgeoning damage

>> No.78026772

Is there a specific way the book calculates how much bonus AC a creature gets from the Parry reaction? It seems to vary pretty wildly from stat block to stat block.

>> No.78026774

this aint a game for thinkin folk

>> No.78026782

Glamour Bard

>> No.78026786

The target would suffer the effects of the Geyser property

>> No.78026792

Because historically, wizards didn't fight, unlike clerics.

>> No.78026796

Again, why not have some kind of divine counterpart to mage armor? Wolves of God has it.

>You just said game. Arguing that we need to justify your head canon for every piece of media that exists is stupid.
Yeah. I'm prolly right though.

Are just shittier rapiers in 5e. Let a rogue use a Lance or Halberd, he's been a good boy

>That cast cleric spells
As sorcerer spells with limited utility compared to their prepared caster brethren

>medium armor
I said light armor

>> No.78026804

Gandalf used a fucking longsword

>> No.78026819

fucking and?

>> No.78026826
File: 1.34 MB, 960x540, 1594091477340.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao just use dex on your cleric if you want a light/unarmored appearance if you're that mad that clerics are the cool kids

>> No.78026828

Ah but D&D Wizards do. All the time, their signature spell is literally blowing things up
Give everyone more weapon proficiencies? Oooo

>> No.78026837

Can someone explain to me what is bad about the new system Tasha has forced upon dnd character creation?

>> No.78026842


>> No.78026843

>all this complaining about clerics in armor
>Not making your cleric a Lizardfolk and running around in the nude the way Semuanya intended.

>> No.78026858

Nigger the book has been out since fucking November

>> No.78026865

You right lol. I just think it's dumb that clerics are full casters with an AC of 18 or more at first level so often, because I seriously doubt people who don't play D&D associate being religious with plate armor. Except... Templars? I suppose? Who were mostly monks anyway and got buttfucked by Catholics?

He has spoken the truth

>> No.78026875

>Release half assed "fix" for something
>Deflect all criticism and concerns with "they're just optional!"
>Force all your new content to use it

>> No.78026889

>the virgin nude Semuanya
>the chad pope robe Kecuala

>> No.78026899

What are some favors and tasks that would grant a mortal or their offspring sorcery?

>> No.78026911

Hunt the fey long enough and you get wrapped up in their story

>> No.78026923
File: 194 KB, 438x880, Arcane Origin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aiding an otherworldly creature in something or impressing one in some way, alternatively a Pact. Its a gift, you should ask yourself "What would a person have to do to be gifted this sorcerous blessing/gift/boon from this creature?" then do that.

>> No.78026929

So the fairy race in the UA is Small. How small is small? I know sprites and pixies are tiny, and that could be anywhere from a few inches to a foot tall. Is small like minimum 2ft?

>> No.78026943

>Drinking/Bathing in the blood/eating the heart of a dragon
If it worked for Siegfried it should work on your kids. Draconic sorcerer child in your future
From a favor side, a good aligned metallic dragon might grant it in exchange for something. It could be as blatant as a reward for battling some great evil (gold dragon comes to mind), it could be a test of your own virtues (Offer shelter and food to a beggar in the middle of winter, who happens to be a Silver dragon)

>> No.78026947

Why does a Lv1 have access to plate armor valued at 1500 gp?

>> No.78026951

They wear a shield, my dude.

>> No.78026953

It's a half-assed fix, like all things WotC does.
Instead of something sensible like in the newest UA:
>When determining your character’s ability scores, increase one of those scores by 2 and a different score by 1, or increase three different scores by 1. Follow this rule regardless of the method you use to determine the scores, such as rolling or point buy.
we instead get the lazy:
>yeah just change the attributes to whatever
meaning dwarves get +2, +2 and half-elves get +2, +1, +1 to WHATEVER THEY WANT

>> No.78026958

you know how a lot of races are very obviously large but WotC gives them powerful build instead because large players cause issues with weapon sizes? Fairies are the opposite

>> No.78026963

Chainmail + shield = 18 AC

All Clerics wear shields because you can put your holy symbol on it so there's zero reason not to

>> No.78026971

The floor of Small seems to be roughly 2.5 feet

>> No.78026979

>Its a gift, you should ask yourself "What would a person have to do to be gifted this sorcerous blessing/gift/boon from this creature?"
Yeah buddy I'm asking for some neat ideas here
Thanks for reminding me of that table, at least.

>> No.78026991
File: 105 KB, 747x1070, 1581721636637 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would a Fairy Archfey Chain Warlock with the criminal background be a good fit? I figure the character and their sprite familiar could be a miniature crime duo. With the fairy's ability to squeeze into 1 inch gaps and the familiar's ability to go invisible at will or pop into a pocket dimension, they seem like ideal theives.

>> No.78027018

Stealing is bad anon

>> No.78027046

Oh okay.

>> No.78027060
File: 136 KB, 1200x800, dota-2-terrorblade_1280.0[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>join group
>most of the people there I know, except one new guy
>he plays Tiefling Rogue with heterochromia and long hair that covers one eye most of the time
>Backstory: "I was imprisoned for thieving, but I broke out of the prison"
>"Has upside down angel wings as tattoos on his back"
>he quotes terrorblade from dota 2 all the time
>"Now falls the dogma of the self righteous" when he killed some enemy spellcaster
>"Sinner and saint bleed alike" when he killed some enemy cleric
Is it weird I find such an obviously edgy character so entertaining?

>> No.78027065

>I said light armor
>Medium is too much, half should have light and those that have heavy should have medium
Ah yes the historically real Gandalf.

>> No.78027081

If you want to be a lycanthrope, go into a forest during full moon and let wolves bite you. Sooner or later, you'll get your wish.

>> No.78027086

sounds poggers

>> No.78027140

Having retarded fun shit from time to time is great.

>> No.78027147

About as real as wizards.

>> No.78027229

>Folk of the Feywild
D&D5e is really going downhill. No wonder this general is seeing less and less posts every day.

>> No.78027242

>implying that a lycanthrope will just bite you and then walk away

>> No.78027267

Him biting me will turn him into a misanthrope and he will simply no longer be able to bother

>> No.78027282

So what? After the bite (and failed save), you're immune to its attacks.

>> No.78027299

GOO or Undying

>> No.78027316


>> No.78027319


Read nigga. Read!

>> No.78027347
File: 192 KB, 600x400, Cosmetic_icon_Corpse_Hive_of_Grim_Reformation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Undying patron doesn't let you hulk out as a meat golem

>> No.78027359

> Bite (...) If the target is a humanoid, it must succeed on a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or be cursed with werewolf lycanthropy.

>A character who becomes a lycanthrope retains his or her statistics except as specified by lycanthrope type. The character gains the lycanthrope's (...) damage immunities (...)

>> No.78027380

and of course I've forgot relevant

>Damage Immunities bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks that aren't silvered

Natural attacks of lycanthropes aren't magical or silvered, so they don't overcome the immunity everyone who gets the lycantrhope's curse gains.

>> No.78027394

Lot of wiggle room in there for saying ta curse takes time to progress/take hold the whole section on lycanthropy is so vague it pretty much amounts to "DMs, do what you want". Plus RAW you can't willingly fail a save unless specified by the ability so you could just roll high until you're dead.

>> No.78027414

sounds fucking based, even if for the wrong reason
overly edgy and mopey rogues make the best comedy characters

>> No.78027446


>> No.78027467

This sounds awesome anon
Would need some tweaking to not be to broken. I like the idea that they’re totally impervious to/sustained by magic.
Maybe to give a trade off, they have vulnerability to nonmagical weapons?
Drop em on a high level party and watch them flail trying to figure out what the fuck to do.
In any RPG I love encounters that have a trick to them

>> No.78027515
File: 491 KB, 781x930, image[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it is a cool idea

anyone else like anti-magic monsters?

and how would one make an anti-martial monster?

>> No.78027533

weren't the Phaerim just anti everyone monsters

>> No.78027627

>anti martial

>> No.78027640
File: 1.33 MB, 753x1700, 4e_Hobgoblins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is a point of massive retcon of Hobgoblin in "unofficial" UA?

>> No.78027657

synergy with mastermind

>> No.78027661

It's not a retcon, it's a different take.

>> No.78027663

Are you, by chance, a moron?

>> No.78027665

What'd they change?

>> No.78027666

I'm curious why they didn't do it for the other goblinoids

>> No.78027675

They are Fey now.

>> No.78027705

See >>78023857

>> No.78027722

Just so I'm clear, an AoE effect like Fireball would have no impact on a Mirror Image's duplicates?

>> No.78027723

We actually hit a huge peak with Tasha's release that hasn't quite gone back down.

>> No.78027739

We're seeing less posts because some bellend makes a new thread every time we hit page 5

>> No.78027769

Read the spell
>A duplicate can be destroyed only by an Attack that hits it. It ignores all other damage and Effects.
Also true

>> No.78027777

I was never taught to read, thanks for the help anon

>> No.78027795

Aren't Hobs Maglubiyet's bitches?

>> No.78027900

Based and thedirgegoeson pilled

>> No.78027912

What was that supossedly "just unofficial" UA that now is forced into every new content?

Not evil Orcs, Goblinoids and Gnolls were already done in Eberron. Without any retcons.

>> No.78027934


Lolth will get shafted too since being black is wrong but also not

>> No.78027939

What do you think UA is?

>> No.78027944

DM is about to run Icewind Dale, and I want to play a Goliath who is local to the area around Ten-Towns. Any class suggestions? What can you tell me about the Goliath settlements or tribes without spoiling too much of the plot?

>> No.78027949
File: 1.95 MB, 328x328, 1601540193138.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.78027956

one of the clan/tribe kings is gay
make a homophobic goliath in exile who's going to go back and get his revenge
and uh, artificer maybe

>> No.78027967

>one of the clan/tribe kings is gay

What the fuck, I never signed up for this
Do the different tribes have different cultures or are they all the same?

>> No.78027975

Sorry anon, no such luck, you gotta be gay too.

>> No.78027988

theres one with a muscle mommy GF king

>> No.78028014

I'm excited to play 5e today

>> No.78028099

What will you be doing?

>> No.78028120
File: 83 KB, 800x561, Storm-Collectibles-Street-Fighter-V-Zangief-figure-review-taunt-pose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I was looking through Tasha's today and it occurred to me... a Glory Paladin basically has all the right ingredients to be a wrestling grappler, replacing the usual advice of some combination of Bearbarian/Bard/Rogue/Monk, right? I think I'm on to something here but I might be an idiot, help me figure out where I'm wrong?

Be a half-orc or variant human, take Tavern Brawler and Prodigy (Athletics). Channel Divinity gives advantage on Strength (Athletics) just like a Barbarian's rage, and gives them double lifting capacity (which not even Barbarian gets), Aura of Alacrity gives additional movement to help negate the grapple movement penalty, Glorious Defense lets them slap an enemy on reaction (which they can turn into a grapple with Tavern Brawler per usual), and their spell list is full of useful shit to pump up their already potent Athletics checks -- and, unlike a Barbarian, Glory Paladin's Channel Divinity doesn't preclude concentration, so all those spells can actually be used while in beef mode. It also lasts 10 minutes compared to rage's 1, though that advantage goes away at level 15.

Or am I overcomplicating things and there's an easier path to chokeslamming dragons?

>> No.78028134

>and gives them double lifting capacity (which not even Barbarian gets)
I'm retarded, Bearbarian gets that. The rest still stands though.

>> No.78028162

finishing off LMoP and convincing the other players that they didn't just sign their souls away for a cast of revivify

>> No.78028196
File: 881 KB, 2200x2500, Hercules and Nemean Lion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be a half-orc or variant human
Why not Leonin?

>> No.78028222

Prodigy feat is half-elf, half-orc, and human only. Spares you the Rogue dip for Expertise in Athletics.

>> No.78028225

>There isn't a lightly armored divine caster
Read about 4E Invokers and weep https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Invoker

>> No.78028265

The more I look into pf3.5/4e the more it hurts to play 5e

>> No.78028271

It's been seven years and we're still missing so much from 4e. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it had a lot of neat shit, and it's sad to see that we're probably not getting any of what's missing back (if they haven't bothered by now, it's probably not coming).

>> No.78028277

Damn there really aren't any decent damaging leveled warlock spells no wonder everyone EB spams

>> No.78028279

that sounds pretty close to a paladin to me - not identical, sure, but you're looking at two classes that fit the bill of:
>wears armour
>uses a shield
>uses holy magic
>is religious in most interpretations

Meanwhile the unarmoured priestly caster isn't covered at all. To do that you have to play a cleric and then ignore parts of your skillset and weaken yourself without getting anything in return.

>> No.78028281

Fair Folk, Good Neighbor, or My Lord/Lady if you know what's good for you.

>> No.78028285

>Swarmkeeper Ranger with a small army of pixies at their command?

Stealing this, turning them into the Nac Mac Feegle

>> No.78028289

There's a new free-for-all feat Skill Expert [+1 any] that gives you one Expertise https://5e.tools/feats.html#skill%20expert_tce

>> No.78028290

because they have better things to do, plus the classic >wizards: no sense of right or wrong

>> No.78028304

I play Eladrin Swarmkeeper with a harem of Tinkerbells.

>> No.78028316

3.5 is hot garbage

>> No.78028345
File: 63 KB, 800x576, 66f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looking through Tasha's
>forgot about the strictly better Prodigy alternative IN TASHA'S
Fuck I really might be retarded. Well that just makes it better, I'll take half-feats any day.

>> No.78028348

Synaptic Static is tons of fun. Dissonant Whispers if you have the GOO spell list.

>> No.78028353

Oh, yes, it's not as if BECMI D&D didn't put out a fey-centric splatbook that featured full playable rules for brownies, sprites, pixies, dryads, satyrs, centaurs, treants, fairy dragons, fairy goblins, leprechauns, sidhe and pookas...

Oh, wait, that's right, they did! It's called Tale Tales of the Wee Folk, and you're a numpty.

>> No.78028365

Weirdly enough, the 4e lore for playable hobgoblins said they conquered and then lost an empire in the Feywild...

>> No.78028370

At least it's hot, not lukewarm and dumbed down.
>we're still missing so much from 4e
Anon, 5e runs on pandering to AD&D/3.xE nostalgia. Warlord, Swordmage, Avenger, Invoker, Shaman or Warden won't return.

>> No.78028376

They also had a race called Hsiao, which were basically giant, non-morphic owls with the personalities of sages and the spellcasting abilities of... was it wizards or clerics? Either way.

>> No.78028381

I think the decanter of endless water would go rocketing out of their arse rather than the insta-death scenario. If it were magically secured in place then the decanter would shatter before doing close to lethal damage.

I'd probably stick with the 1d4 bludgeoning damage described in the item's text, but considering the special context I'd call it a "critical hit" and double that damage.

>> No.78028389

I have it on my shelf. I also have Heroes of the Feywild for 4E. How many times WotC will try to sell me the same content, methinks.

>> No.78028393

Upcasting damage spells in general is a pretty retarded move though, you're losing a much more valuable slot for like, one more die of damage. You just replace your crap blasting spells for better spells. And take a patron like efreeti or fiend if you're really desperate for some damaging magics.

>> No.78028397

Prodigy is trash, you want Skill Expert.
> Glorious Defense lets them slap an enemy on reaction (which they can turn into a grapple with Tavern Brawler per usual)
Please explain how Tavern Brawler works in your head
Kind of sucks having to wait until 7 or 15 for the grappler features when Barb gets rage at 1 and Rune Knight gets relevant features at 3

>> No.78028399
File: 32 KB, 480x712, aZMD9X5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I never even got to use that "never actually attacks" Warlord build I liked the idea of so much. Press F to pay respects.

>> No.78028410

It implies being invaders, not Feywild natives.
>3rd edition planescape
3rd edition also had Wildren -- a result of Dorfs having sex with celestial Badgers https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Wildren

>> No.78028415

immune to physical damage

>> No.78028417

It's lazy but people complaining like it's the end of the world are kind of obnoxious. It's not that dip "Oh no the wizard gets medium armour with +2 Con, the horror"

>> No.78028423

I need one idea, anything

Players arrive at a clear in the forest of bullshit, there in the middle stands a tree of life, which to the eyes of a regular adult they just look like normal bigass tree. If they inspect it they'll discover there's a door at the base of the tree trunk that leads inside

I need ANYTHING that can turn them small out of their own will so that they can have an adventure inside the tree. Any idea will be good

>> No.78028433

The feywild magic of the tree could just have an aura of the enlarge/reduce(in this case reduce) spell

>> No.78028437

A potion that says "drink me", obviously.

>> No.78028441
File: 14 KB, 295x300, 1588788212771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the most fun ranged class? Magic classes count as ranged.
>Well fun is subjective
Base your answer on your subjective view on fun

>> No.78028443

>Tavern Brawler
>...on your turn
Damn, I knew I was missing something.

>wait until 7 or 15 for the grappler features
Channel Divinity (Peerless Athlete) at 3 gets you advantage on Athletics and double lift. It seems like Glory Paladin gets the relevant Bearbarian stuff 2 levels late (advantage at 3 vs 1, +10ft movement at 7 vs 5) in exchange for spellcasting that functions during their rage-equivalent.

>> No.78028451

White anthro rabbit screams "I'm late" and runs into the door. Party follows out of sheer bewilderment.

>> No.78028457

That can be fine, but the point would be that filthy non tiny creatures shouldn't be able to enter

I love you, but what I would need is to have a reason for a "drink me" potion to be there

>> No.78028463

Warlock/Battlemaster. Maneuvers and push/pull invocations make you more than "I attack".

BM only counts if you use their superiority dice on more than just precise attacks.

>> No.78028466

Vuman Fighter with Sharpshooter and Crossbow Expert.

>> No.78028470
File: 620 KB, 521x514, image0-53.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TCoEs Racial Rules come out
>They're pretty shit, easily abusable
>"I don't know why you hate these rules, anon, they're entirely optional."
>New UAs come out
>Rules aren't optional any more, and some of the new races are obviously stronger than old because now racial powers are the only thing that differentiate them

It wouldn't be so bad if they updated ALL of the races to have stronger racial abilities to compensate, but new stuff is so much better than old stuff I don't even want to use any of it because it'll make the players using old stuff feel like they're under powered.

>> No.78028472

Put a trinket past the hole. When someone reaches for it, their arm shrinks to fit, and when they pull out, it stays shrunken.
Boom, now they have to go all in to fix it.

>> No.78028486

>because it'll make the players using old stuff feel like they're under powered.
There are plenty of ways for the DM to give them spotlights to make them feel impactful as well though, such as items.

>> No.78028494

>but the point would be that filthy non tiny creatures shouldn't be able to enter
Then have some insects guarding the door to keep people out, the point of the reduce aura is to make it so the Tree Bouncers can stop bigguns from getting in

>> No.78028559

Owlbear or griffon?

>> No.78028571
File: 107 KB, 900x1000, airy the fairy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to play a fairy!

>> No.78028589
File: 219 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are some lightweight changes I can make to bring the other subclasses in line with Tashas?

I was thinking of making like a tier list;
>terrible tier: inquisitive rogue, four elements, etc
>terrible stuff gets a custom feat or item or some shit
>normal tier, like ancestor barb, nature cleric, etc.
>normies get like a common magic item or something
>tashas tier; featuring a few outliers as well such as vengeance pally and totem barb
>this tier doesn't get shit and should be glad I dont take shit away

I'll be honest boys I dont know exactly which subclasses belong to which tiers though.
I watched The Dungeon Dudes do a series on subclass tiers, is their opinion more or less on point?

>> No.78028596

Ot was vaguely discussed with the 4e Feywild book, where the player base concluded that Goblins fit a fairy-tale fantasy, they needed to be reworked beforehand.

And now they did

>> No.78028600

>vengeance pally
Why is the worst PHB paladin the one you specifically mark as an outlier?

>> No.78028603

>the DM has to pad our overtuned bullshit or our products won't sell as well

>> No.78028608
File: 91 KB, 479x625, Oversized Longbow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What is the most fun ranged class?
Oversized Longbowman
Bugbear, Fighter (Samurai for more damage or Scout for skills and Ranger shaming), 16/14/16/8/12/8
Level 4: +2 STR
Level 6: Sharpshooter
Level 8: +2 DEX

>> No.78028612

I'm not WOTC, I'm just giving solutions for their tomfoolery

>> No.78028617

Are 5e fairies as cool and busted as 4e fairies?

>> No.78028631

I'm partial to pathfinder shaman, or even witch for that matter
The fact they have actual different hexes that actually do things was pretty fucking neat
>free group healing 1/day
>cook people into power cookies
>put spells in a shareable bottle

>> No.78028645

Here's your (You)

>> No.78028670

Refer to the Carta and the dust dwarves from Dragon Age. I was like you but that game changed the way I view dwarves.

>> No.78028675

Seriously, what do you mean? It's pretty widely regarded as the worst pick owing to its worthless level 7 ability where the others get powerful boosts to their aura.

>> No.78028686

Couldn't agree more on the clerics.

>> No.78028688

Don't maneuvers only work on weapon attacks?

>> No.78028696

I mean either/or not a multiclass.

>> No.78028704

>Custom lineage is a much better wolfman.
Ah yes my favourite part of being a wolf man: Being literally just human with darkvision

>> No.78028706

You mean emergency food.

>> No.78028708

I have no fucking clue how you could possibly regard a dash+disengage reaction on an immobile frontliner as weak.
Last (You) you're getting from me.

>> No.78028717
File: 65 KB, 978x864, Incoherent bitch cries over yoshi island's main theme sound loudly in the distance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.78028720

Good luck triggering it reliably, friendo. Even with sentinel.

>> No.78028732

really good, i'll save that idea for another time because I came with a better one, but that's a great one

>> No.78028737
File: 17 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder, could you build a fairy like Navi, whose primary contribution to combat is pointing out weak spots and enhancing party members' attacks, instead of attacking on their own?

>> No.78028752

Spellcasting is certainly a plus, but paladins dont get con save proficiency by default, so if you’re frontlining you might have trouble keeping concentration on your buff spells.
What spells would be relevant for a grappler paladin?

>> No.78028754

bard fairy, undoubtly, that's the best way to play what you just pointed

>> No.78028767

The only real reason is to keep players from doing stupid things in Candlekeep. It just throws an unbreakable wall at them to keep them in place.

>> No.78028770

Hex and reduce their dex or str checks

>> No.78028772

This bitch.

>> No.78028773

>paladins dont get con save proficiency
They get an Aura that's about as good if not better, at least if they didn't dump Cha

>> No.78028774
File: 114 KB, 800x800, airy_the_fairy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>walking speed 30
>flying speed equal to walking speed
>can hover
>druidcraft and fairy fire
>can squeeze through a space
as narrow as 1 inch wide
I dunno desu

>> No.78028785


>> No.78028793

Even if there were you want to use your 2 slots on something stronger than some single instance damage

>> No.78028816

How do you stat the betrayal and murder of her friends?

Slightly more seriously, I'd love to include an Airy type character in my games, but I feel like my players would see through it too quickly. Or, they'd be completely oblivious and think it was an asspull.

>> No.78028820

Hex is decent, though you’ll need a racial feature, multiclass, or Fey Touched to get it
True, but in this specific build we’re making a grappler and I assumed Str would be prioritized over Cha. That does make it a bit better though.

>> No.78028822

I played with a Vengeance paladin with sentinel. I think in a campaign that went to level 12, there was literally one time when relentless avenger both triggered and was actually useful in the moment. Charm immunity and spell resistance shared with allies would have been much more pertinent much more often.

>> No.78028836

Is a mind flayer (CR7) a good final boss for a level 4 party or is it fucking overkill?

>> No.78028842

Might kill a person but that's probably fine.

>> No.78028854

>assumed Str would be prioritized over Cha. That does make it a bit better though
As it is for most paladins, but 16 Cha isn't a huge ask honestly

>> No.78028860

>a person
>not a character
>one less retard who refuses to read the book
that would be fucking sweet, not gonna lie

>> No.78028865
File: 538 KB, 725x1137, Clownpiece1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to play as a fairy(american)

>> No.78028867

Really depends on party composition. I did something similar and it ended up being way tougher than meant it to. Mind Blast can potentially take a player out for the entire fight at those levels.

>> No.78028884

I was thinking on not using mind blast, since they'll undoubtly be really fucked up at the point the baddie appears anyway

>> No.78028943

>Folk of the Feywild
>+1/+2 to two ability scores of your choice
>bonus spell per rest
>one additional non magical ability
>speed adjustment
What's the point of having races anymore? Let's just have a HFY campaign where you choose the above benefits. Or if that's too rascist, everyone is a race called Whatever that can look however you like and then choose your benefits.

>> No.78028976

There's plenty to be mad about in the world without trying this hard to get worked up. You are free to ignore any rules and content you don't like.

>> No.78028996
File: 152 KB, 1712x2193, dssajasdjasjd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gave other sorcerer classes 9+ spells. I welcome criticism.

>> No.78029008

This must be the most civilized reply i have ever gotten in /5eg/. You are correct sir and a gentleman.

>> No.78029013


>> No.78029018

Extremely based and omegaredpilled

>> No.78029032
File: 683 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210312-001545_Video Player.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's American hours bitches
I'll hear no more of this niggery diggery gentlesir bullshit

>> No.78029035
File: 197 KB, 843x948, 9a20a88a1de2d9ae339e999b57ef7f4f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Omega Red?

>> No.78029038
File: 73 KB, 1024x602, summoning-spell-1024x602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I play a 4th level conjuration wizard and just found out about this

Does everybody else here allow conjurers to cast spells without components (if they don't have a cost)?

>> No.78029040


>> No.78029054

>Does everybody else here allow conjurers to cast spells without components (if they don't have a cost)?
Its called an arcane focus.

>> No.78029060

that godless pit

>> No.78029064

Click the link anon. You don't even need an arcane focus.

>> No.78029080

That's why i'm asking here.

>> No.78029094

Focus costs money tho.
Also, depends on the game Im running, normally this wouldnt change anything except for ambushed during long rests.

>> No.78029137

Is there anything nice in a build of bard/sorcerer multiclass? The only thing that comes to mind is twinned metamagic

>> No.78029146

RAW Minor Conjuration takes an action
Using it to make components without a gp cost is hardly game breaking
I might allow it as a house rule cuz wtf not

>> No.78029161

The only downside seems to be that minor conjuration requires an action. So not using a component pouch or a focus means that you need an additional action to cast a spell.

>> No.78029176


>> No.78029191

At page 5? Are you in a hurry to shill Ravenloft or something?

>> No.78029380

It's nigOP. He's changed to furry bait because it doesn't get him banned as often. He's been doing this since at least 2016.

>> No.78029404

Do you genuinely think someone is getting paid to shill ravenloft? on 4chan(nel)? by posting the thread OP, with like 2 links on how to not buy books?

>> No.78029534

No. Lenin called that people 'useful idiots'.

>> No.78029983

Just don't make it a fairy.

>> No.78030215


>> No.78030260

time to be fairy artificer with mech I guess

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>> No.78030260,2 [INTERNAL] 


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