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Instead of-


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You know what I'm about to say.

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Cute elf!

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She is a cute elf.

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It should be iobhobgoblin, followed by jobiobhobgoblin and kobjobiobhobgoblin, you retard.

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In folklore, hobgoblins were the smaller ones and hob just meant small
So the hierarchy should be
>great goblin

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The harm Gygax did to folklore scholarship might not ever be undone.

I saw an iron bull "gorgon" in a castlevania game the other day.

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Work on your art. Stop making shit threads

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Cute elf! You should post her more!

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Instead of calling them "hobgoblins" why not "hoblins"?

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That sounds like a crippled goblin.


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I was going to say >inb4 work on your art but i was too late

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It's still sort of amazing how you still think you can attempt to force that through sheer samefagging.

Especially when you're just one man trying to compete against the natural reaction of exclaiming "cute elf!"

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No, it should be
>corn on the hobgoblin

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Checked and based.

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Forced meme by ribbonfag. You can smell his fingers on each keystroke. Work on your art

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>The harm Gygax did
Get out and get fucked, seething trannoid.

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That's a cute elf :3

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Work on your art.

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It could just as easily be goblin, hobgoblin, gobhobgoblin, hobgobhobgobline...

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The first post to not increase the poster count, and it's woyafag samefagging!

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The post above me was typed by someone who is not truly female yet acts as such

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Nigga, you just got caught red handed. Fuck you are one sad motherfucker.
Anyone with the new-poster line addon can see what you did.

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It's almost like the poster count doesn't actually mean anything and he's been samefagging this entire time.

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It’s a palette swap of the catoblepas

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Hey ribbonfag.
____ __ ____ ___.

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Sorry woyafag, it's too early to try phonecycling again after getting outed for samefagging only a few minutes ago.

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Geeze, ribbonfag. Now you're just fibbing your way through this, huh? Sad!
Just so you dont foam at the mouth, I'm >>78024877.

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