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What should a "god of the frontier" in a pantheon of order/civilization be like?
One that brings order and the light of civilization to the barbarian lands or a semi-wildman that rules over the frontier between civilization and barbarity (both litteraly and figuratively) and those that while chaotic in nature still act for the greater good of civilization?

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Pathfinder actually had a great one. Eristil? i think it was.
Big deer header hunter man

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Colombia is the former (pic).

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Unironically probably the Creator in Indg. history. Look up the Metis in Canada for some examples.

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Wasn’t Columbia a big thing in Bioshock Infinite?

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Yeah it's suppose to be a personification of American Manifest Destiny, so the belief that it is an inevitably and god-given right to rule the continent. Bioshock Infinite has a hyper-nationalist cult patronizing the founding fathers alluding to the same concept, so Columbia will be used a lot in the imagery (most especially in the name of setting city).

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Sure but look what happened to them, the colonists "conquering the frontier" destroyed them and decimated their population and culture. OP started the thread with Paul Bunyan, a symbol of a common man who clear cut land with his enormous strength. This character wasn't created so much for his powers of creation but as a symbol of colonists divine right to drive out and destroy what they see as wilderness so they can use the land to plant tobacco or whatever

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Sauron is the perfect example of a god of civilization.

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>Sauron is the perfect example of a god of civilization.
A god of "bad" civilization, maybe.

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Yes, a god of both violent conquest as well as deforestation and the destruction of natural lands. It's no mistake that the orcs used more technology than anyone and had advanced to crossbow use and advanced siege tech vs the primitives using fucking 100% bows.

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For as much as the Hobbit movies were a colossal fuckup, I did appreciate that they understood this about the orcs, they had a complex system of signal flags to relay orders to their multiple armies, including when to attack, hammer and anvil, when to retreat, ect.

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I thought that he was basically a fallen angel, not a god.

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>god of frontier
Pick one. Also
Also pick one. It speaks volumes about lack of both when your "folk hero" is an icon from lumberyard marketing campaign.

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Swallow more semen

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