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What's the difference between a Wizard and a Cleric, mechanically?

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Arcane Spells and Divine Spells have different tags and interact with some mechanics differently, also they have a different pool of spells with unique spells on either side. Also a lot of games give the cleric a bonus based on his god.

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have you tried reading the PHB

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I want my wizards to be able to cast cure wounds, fuck you wizards I don't care anymore, work hasn't been the same since amy got fired, I'll do whatever the fuck I want.

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A lot.

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depends on the game system and associated lore.

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>2E wizards can access priest spheres
I once made a necromancer with access to the healing sphere. It was actually quite fun being a 'white necromancer'. I curried favor with the local populace by healing the sick, repairing bones, and curing diseases. I would also use my necromancy to help the party locate and combat undead.

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Then take the feat that lets you do that.

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The mechanics.
Read the phb, black individual.

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once a day is bullshit.

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talk your DM into updating magic initiate to work like the -touched feats.

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You'd know if you played

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Wrong feat.
Pick the better one. The one that also lets you cast via artisan's tools.

Cure Wounds is an Artificer spell too, after all.

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Wizards are very versatile as they get to dip into any Tradition they like without fully investing. Although they don't gain any extra castings like they would for actually learning spells, which means the spells they actually do learn will be getting cast less than a Cleric's learned spells. They gain more castings of lower ranked spells, and gain a flexible pool of points they can use to cast any spell they do know. That's all on top of the standard free pick of Traditions that comes from being a "generic" secular magic Path. Clerics, on the other hand, get twice the Health which is a pretty big increase. They gets a boon vs being spooked by spooky creatures which is pretty massive as that can really fucking suck. Then they're about the total opposite of the Wizard, instead of more spells they just do their spells better. They're very blasty, a boon goes a long way on a caster, but if you've grabbed Life (a common pick for religious casters) then you've got some improvements there. Generally though they're just very blasty religious casters, and being a religious caster means they're restricted to their religion's three Tradtions, rather than the Wizard's free pick.

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What game is your pic from?

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wizards store spells in their chest, as shown by the >>78023536 image of a low level witch. higher up witches in the society require constant upkeep of levitation spells to stay mobile, hopefully they don't come across any anti-magic zones!

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Shadow of the Demon Lord. It's pretty good, it's a less bloaty 5e with poop jokes at its worst and a great middle ground between D&D and Warhammer Fantasy at it's best.

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One's an Incel, the other's a Simp.

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What the other Anon said. Although to explain the pic a little more thoroughly you get 3 classes, called Paths, in SotDL, a Novice, an Expert, and a Master Path. Each gives you benefits at different levels and they weave together to create your full set of skills and abilities.

Your Novice Path grants you benefits at 1, 2, 5, and 8, and represents the basic archetypes of all adventurers (Magician, Priest, Rogue, and Warrior) and provides the mechanical skeleton of your PC. You Expert Path, as you can see, grants you stuff at 3, 6, and 9, and are more akin to standard fantasy classes in theme. The Core book has a lot of what you'd expect, although not quite as you might expect them, as well as a few more uncommon inclusions. You Master Path gives you talents at 7, and 10 and represent specialisations. These are things like Paths that improve a specifc Tradition of magic, like Necromancers, Beast Masters, Tenebrists, Astromancers, or Runesmiths, then you've got stuff for mundane skills like, Myrmidons, Poisoners, Infiltrators, Diplomats, or Engineers.

No restrictions between them so you can mix and match as you like, a Warrior > Fighter > Weapon Master is just as valid a combination as a Magician > Ranger > Conquerer is. The game pushes you to take the stuff that makes narrative sense, and it does a great job of giving you mechanical backing for your PCs experiences, but you can ignore that if it's not your idea of fun. The stuff you gain at Level 0 (the game's starting point) and 4 come from your Ancestry, everything has a unique talent it grants you at level 4, which is a nice way to keep them relevant as you level.

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Played this once, the campaigns require moon logic to get anything resembling a win

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You're going to have to expand on that, I've played/read/run a lot of the pregen stuff and not run into this issue. It might just be your GM being an asshole, most of it is pretty straight forward and the whole objective thing is super broad by design so you can just do the thing however you want.

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