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>playing 3.5
>make a cleric
>I've been playing Final Fantasy 1 lately so I had the crazy idea to cast healing spells on an undead
>it works!
True story. No-gamers will seethe and call me a liar but this legit happened.

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What was your cleric character like?

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Well it was the first time I played DnD so when I heard I could "do anything" I just played like I was in Fantasy Grand Theft Auto and made an evil Cleric that ended up dying like two sessions later

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I don't think so. I did some damage and then the Fighter finished it off the next turn.

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A new person playing 3.5e
This makes me happy

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For those of us unfamiliar with Final Fantasy I and D&D 3.5e, can you let us know what the effects are, and show us the page in the rulebook that reinforces your statement?

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I'm an grumpy no games veteran I'm afraid. This story happened long ago.

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yep, causes damage. been that way since way back in the day.

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anybody else got good 3.5e stories? i'll chip in with mine from several years ago.
>playing stereotypical dwarf fighter
>only thing dwarf fighter loves more then smithing is drinking
>local paladin inquisition rolls into snowy mountain town
>puts town into lockdown, banning prostitutes, alcohol, fun, etc.
>cant even buy new equipment from general stores.
>paladin order brings dystopian nightmares across the wasteland apparently
>everyone in the party except me befriended a local wizard and he poofed them out of the town
>dwarf fighter was too busy enjoying the last of his alcohol to care
>dwarf fighter says fuck it, just gonna hop the wall in a drunken stupor in the middle of the night
>somehow stealth climb the cities 15ft high wall in chainmail
>about to hop over the wall when a local paladin notices my character while patrolling outside the wall
>paladin prepares spear
>fuck it, might as well go down fighting
>fall off the wall towards paladin
>he misses and i land on top of him pushing us off the mountain down a steep embankment
>paladins start rushing over to try and save their friend
>i end up on top, holding paladin down as i grind him down the mountain
>dwarf fighter attempts to intimidate the remaining paladins
>said some dumb shit about "dont mess with me" i was 15 at the time
>nat 1
>guards start laughing at dwarf fighter
>they think he is a comedian
>dwarf fighter attempts to intimidate again
>nat 1 again
>they start crying laughing so hard, they are missing their crossbow shots
>finally get off the mountain
>paladin bobsled is dead underneath me
>pin paladin up against a tree and in edgy 15 year old fashion write in blood on his corpse "DONT FUCK WITH MY ALCOHOL"
>proceed to use paladins full plate chest piece and 2 swords to ski myself away from the oncoming squad

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>GMing pathfinder years ago
>someone tries to cast cure light wounds on a Dhampir PC

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>he can't
Okay faggot.

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