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The high council of wizards gather to discuss if magic should be valued by someone's INT or WIS.

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What scale have they conceived of to measure intelligence or wisdom?

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Forsooth, what hath happened to the Green Wizard?!?

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Wisdom is a bullshit stat and should be recycled into something more consistent and intuitively meaningful.
For example, how come rogues are high INT, low WIS, aren't they supposed to be street smart?

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>the high council of wizards gather

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Kinda ironic that you'd fail to intuitively grasp what wisdom is

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Str, Dex, Int only. The other three are cruft.

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That's a Cardinal but what the hell are the other two?

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I'll give them charisma; it's the only social stat and thus not redundant like CON or WIS

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A bluejay and a dove

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So what is int and wis anyways?
People usually assume int = well, intelligence while wis = experience

But knowledge would normally fall under experience right? Intelligence being how able you are to figure things out, which would be useful for someone like a tracker or crafty individual like that. Useful when figuring things out or trying to discover new things.

But for merely casting spells, it's just a matter of learning them and thus falls under wis.

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Lucario and the patron saint of doorknobs

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A red wizard, a blue wizard, and a white wizard walk into a mosque...

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>you live in a reality where capital M Magic isn't real

It hurts

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He is banished after the incident in the mess hall

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Have a (you), anon.

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Magic should be entirely luck based and have nothing to do with INT or WIS.

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So can anybody cast anything?

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Yes, but the the stronger the spell the lower the probability of it working. Also the higher the chance it goes disastrously wrong.

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You need memory too. Intelligence of 18 would be like being able to recall everything you've ever seen at any point time.

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Magic should be CHA based. You have to dress up in a really fucking badass wizard outfit if you want to attract the interest of the gods and get them to do your bidding.

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Only two stats?
Real wizards understand that Intelligence represents one's ability to learn, Wisdom/Knowledge is how well you retain what you learnt, and Reasoning is how well you apply your knowledge.

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That works for patron based magic, but it doesn't make much sense for those who unleash their inherent magical abilities

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kek, well done

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They look at your character sheet

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That doesn't seem like luck, it seems like something you could calculate and reproduce...hmmm...

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charisma is your inherent magical abilities

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>risk-taking, amoral thug leading a life of crime
>high wisdom

Man I have no idea.

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The high council of mages obliterates itself following many heated discussions. The low council of mages assumes that INT won the debate.

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I don't think charisma based on clothing style is the same thing is the usual interpretation of spellcasting charisma

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*as the usual

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Ah yes the three elements: fire, water, mushroom

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In real life yeah, but DnD is backwards so intelligence is real life wisdom and dnd wisdom is what we call intelligence irl. It's dumbshit but hey ho.

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