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Rate my game setup
>present day, present time
>a fuck-off huge human skull falls from the sky and lands in downtown Manhattan
>the thing splits open and spills out nightmarish bullshit without end
>mass chaos, millions die, government just barely manages to contain the event by quarantining the whole place
>a year and a global coverup later, the area's still on lockdown. official researchers haven't been able to figure out what's going on, and nobody normal is willing to go into the zone and check
>now, the occult underground's been around for a while. all myths tend to be true, magic's real, etc. But the Manhattan Incident pushed the supernatural into the limelight.
>various factions want their secrecy back, and if they get a few answers along the way, then that's fine by them.
>PCs are members of the underground sneaking into the quarantine zone. They're out to gain magical power from the area, loot shit to sell on the black market, do research and scouting for the factions (government or otherwise), figure out what caused all this mess, and maybe find a way to stop the flow of nightmares from the decapitated head of a forgotten god.

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Sounds like the Crysis series with magic instead of aliens.

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This actually sounds really cool, What system do you use OP?

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Sounds cool.

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It's good

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I was gonna homebrew Shadow of the Demon Lord and throw in some Unknown Armies stuff I like.

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How does Unknown Armies work? I have heard it mentioned a lot, but dont really knows about it.

Also, what will you homebrew from Shadow of the Demon Lord?

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IIRC, in UA all magic users are crazy, and draw power from their specific insanities.

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>Urban Fantasy S.T.A.L.K.E.R

yeah sounds good

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STALKER except with eldritch magic instead of radioactive magic?

Sounds like fun.

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>the thing splits open and spills out nightmarish bullshit without end
What kind of nightmarish bullshit?

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>lands in downtown Manhattan
New York is almost as overused for stuff like this as Tokyo. Fuck up Beijing or Toronto for a change. Or Baltimore but a tide of eldritch nightmares would probably make the place better.

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This fine anon has a point, why not mix things up a bit? What about Chicago, have Sue reanimate?

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>radioactive magic
How would radioactive magic interact with normal magic?

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I too enjoyed playing The Secret World.

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Sounds pretty cool. Hard pass on New York though. How about somewhere in the Midwest?

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I would love to play this shit, I like it

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The eldritch abomination fears the Denver Broncos

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I know shit about US, but why not some city of Montana?

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Why Denver?

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Got the Denver airport tunnels, and big enough for people to recognize but not too big to be overused.

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So >>78029997
Or Manchester

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So Darker Than Black?

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>Got the Denver airport tunnels,
Ugh, there's how many conspiracy theories about those again?

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I just had a thought, who or what did the beheading of said forgotten god? Could be a plot hook.

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How the hell does the government cover up millions dead and a gigantic human head falling from the sky cracking open and spewing demons?

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