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Well, I guess that's what I get for posting this thing, instead of the pdf.

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Looking at Van Helsing makes me want to do a monster hunting chain. Any other jumps that would fit or which have an overabundance of evil creatures?

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Goblin Slayer
The holy trinity

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Due to semla.

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World of Darkness.

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But the jump is trash

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Generic Universal Horror!

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Seconding >>78020964. Holy water and crosses don't work on most of the local vermin, but a silver bullet kills them as well as a regular bullet. And they tend to lynch the bulletproof ones on their own.

Nope, they're canon dudes.


>but Toriyama said-
Fuck Toriyama, he forgot about Launch and ALSO said Angels deactivate when their GoD dies which Vados dodged at the ToP by just scooting her fat butt over to the U7 benches. Go to Xenoverse, find a timeline where Vados, Kusu and Marcarita abused a Super Dragon Ball to get horny and then wound time forwards a year to survive being detached from their GoD, and have yourself a ball. Or an Angel waifu. Either's fine.

Bretonnia offers access to Warhammer Fantasy's powerful nature magic, which can enhance natural animals. Which means of course you should just jump Slann because humans are utter brainlets who lose their minds if they try to hold more than one Wind in their head at a time, and so despite being wildly out of theme a Slann who theoretically turned his hand to beekeeping would be absurdly better than a Brettonian prophetess.

Physically or figuratively? Figuratively, 100 CP easily. Physically-like, shitting out the tablecloth and fine china and sugar and tea sackets in a way that miraculous somehow doesn't eject your colon and keeps it all sparkling clean and not stained with blood and deces-200 CP.

>is there a method to turn everything into cute girls?
There are several. This is a valid blight you could unleash with Monstrous. Deepness could let you directly materialise the concept of cute girls into existence, creating arbitrary numbers of cute girls from your imagination. Gardener could potentially let you grow cute girls like crops and pull them out of the ground like turnips, and use a "venom" to infect small objects to become nascent cute girls. And of course, there's Domain. Go nuts.

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Why would you kill that which you could marry instead?

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The Reddit one.

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Reminder that canonically Mugi is the strongest being in any Val jump.

Based. Save the torches and pitchforks for Marvel civilians, marry cute vampires/mummies/woofs

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begone Adolf Frederick

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It's a poor monster hunter that doesn't have at least one vampire contact with whom there's sexual tension

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What settings have things similar to metamagic? Like how in Dresden Files you can add Soulfire or Winter to a spell.

I want to add as many buffs and modifiers to spells as possible, so I'm trying to find jumps with something like that.

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generic universal monsters

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It practically has to be better than the other one. Looking at it now

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Real talk: mummy or vampire?

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Are there any spells or perks to create weaknesses in enemies? Like making your enemies weak to fire, for example?

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Primal from Kingdoms of Amalur.

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That's literally the entire plot of DOOM. Go get em.

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Shard Anon, on a scale of 1 to 10 how much of a bad idea would it be for a Noble of Sex to dedicate their life and existence to trying to figure out how to have sex with the Void?

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Hey Shard Anon, I was poking at making that YHWH build for Noblis, and I realized something. Would it be possible to have a 600cp Bond that was something like "I Am That Which Is, Which Was, And Is Yet To Come" to exist in the past, present, and future at the same time? I realize that at this point I'm probably going to have to take nearly every drawback in the jump to afford everything to fit a proper YHWH build, but I might as well give it my best shot.

...though man, despite how much it fits, the 1000cp it'll take for Scholar of Preservation is going to hurt.

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As a Noble, is there any reason I couldn’t just spend ten years in my Chancel managing it?

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Nta but mummies are dried and wrapped, they're gonna look like hollows from Dark Souls. However vampires are not only immortal but they often gain secondary features such as sharp teeth and hypnotic eyes

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Posting Greedfall for the new thread. I'm going to add a 50 point minor appearance perk for Personal, but for the life of me, I can't remember what else I was going to put at that level. In the meantime, feel free to offer feedback if you have any.

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One of the Boosted capstones in Exalted Solars

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There's a capstone perk in the Twilight jump (w/ images folder) that lets you use common sterotypical weaknesses on creatures even if they're a version of that creature that doesn't have that weakness. For example you could use garlic to repel a vampire even if they're a vampire from a setting that don't have weaknesses to garlic.

Also while it's not quite what you're asking for there's a perk in the Bastard!! part 1 jump (series folder) that lets you hurt things even through immunities, the given example being able to burn a fire elemental to death with a fire spell.

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Are your OC Companions well-rounded characters?

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Can stuff like digivices or the digimon cards in Tamers to boost your partner work on non-digimon partners, like pokemon or summons? Are there any perks that would make things that help one type of partner help the others too, or something along those lines?

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Exalted Infernals lets you reskin spells according to the theme of the Yozi you got sorcery from (and grants buffs to some particularly fitting spells, like summoning for Cecelyne and damaging spells for Malfeas).

Egyptian Mythology lets you invoke your Name of Power to enhance your magic.

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4. It probably won't end well, but as bad an idea as it is many Nobles end up fucking Excrucians anyway. It's basically the Noble version of doing a kegstand at a frat party, it's a bad idea but damn those pale bishounens and ojous look thicc in their sexy, body-clinging, pseudo-Victorian "traditional Ninuan outfits".

Fucking the VOID itself is much more ambitious in scope, but considering not /everything/ from Ninuan hates Creation it's probably not as bad as actually grinding on Creation's designated enemies.

Oh yeah absolutely, for 600 CP the only real limit you have on a Bond is that your "technique" technically isn't Miraculous (but can become the foundation for a supplementary ability from one of your Divine Attributes that IS, lending it advantage in miraculous conflict). Go nuts.

The ongoing conflict and demands of your Imperator mainly, but if you're good terms on that latter conceivably and you have a very rowdy Chancel you might be able to get away with it.

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Mummy, but only because of my eternal weakness for cute brown girls.

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>Joey Wheeler
>Dark Magician girl
Glitch in the Matrix

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That sounds like it'd be particularly useful with holy/light magic.
Is there anything that would allow you to make enemies technically count as undead or demonic in the middle of combat?

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Final Fantasy has spells like Oil that apply status effects that can be exploited through elemental damage. Persona has spells that can do exactly what you're looking for, and they're AoE.
Kinda got face-rolled by a mob in Persona Q that made my team weak to wind then stagger-chained me until they TPK'd the party. As one of the first few encounters in a new dungeon, it was a bit salty.

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Sweet. Actually, another quick question, would it be possible to take Imperial Condescension more than once?

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Bravely Default-Patissier

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>damn those pale bishounens and ojous look thicc
Excruciatingly thicc?

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>The ongoing conflict and demands of your Imperator mainly, but if you're good terms on that latter conceivably and you have a very rowdy Chancel you might be able to get away with it.
Seeing as I’ve got Set Your House In Order I’m probably going to have a very peaceful Chancel. On the other hand, seeing as I’ve got Set Your House In Order I may well be spending quite a bit of time in other people’s Chancels helping them make things run better.

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Exactly how would dreams that dreams do dream of combo with the DRUMS?

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>Can stuff like digivices or the digimon cards in Tamers to boost your partner work on non-digimon partners
It's a boost item made for Digimon, not a general use magical item. If you were using it in digital lifeforms akin to Digimon it might work but I think it still wouldn't do anything. If the jump itself lets you bend the rules and use those cards into something else that's another matter but I don't remember much of the Tamers jump.

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Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Penny Dreadful, Resident Evil, The Mummy Trilogy, and The Evil Dead (and pretty much any other horror movie Jump, but that one in particular).


Yes, next question.

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How would Dante do if I hired him to kill every apostle in Berserk?

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Why would they not be?

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Joey makes a good waifu

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I have a Lonk looking fellow called BLADE that is also a Blade from Xenoblade jump, does that answer your question?

Just kidding here

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Would you say you desire a mummy mummy?

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ever ends the story in 5 minutes or gets lost looking for them

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Weird question that's really more of a funny thought than anything. How would Destiny of the Endless react to the Power of Free Will?

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Is more than we can say about Yamcha, at least Krillin is consistent, meanwhile Yamcha goes from coward towards girl to 'womanizer cheater' to a coward again.

Which is weird that they made Yamcha a cheater when no one is really that angry at Yamcha, not even Bulma lol

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Uh...it is currently not writ verboten into the jump doc, but now that you mention it I don't actually have a problem with doubling up on miraculous foes of the singular variety, and no extras for the lower order tiers since the pricing is intended for something of smaller scale. Just, ONLY doubling up not getting extras indefinitely. ONE extra Imperator/Excrucian/group of Nobles.


See the bit about being able to innovate and always improve on destruction? That but for creation. The Dream that Dreams Do Dream Of is fundamentally a Ninuan principle and lacks the...resilience, underlying quality of endurance and improvement that Scholar of Preserverance has, the capacity for things to reach beyond themselves and seek greater heights on their own. But it absolutely will let you create fucktons of stuff as you get better and better at destroying stuff. It's just-Drums and Dreams alone doesn't equip you with anything to interact, enhance or further modify/amplify/improve what you've created, so much as let creative processes trickle out of destructive ones like sticky treacle.

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Marvel Magic can let you enhance your spells by invoking mystical beings to empower them.

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He somehow acquires pizza.

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He looks at the prediction of most of your actions in his book, and then is vaguely surprised when you go off-script on rare occasions. He's used to this kind of thing, Delireum among others have been known to hold knowledge beyond even his ken and one time some random alien sorcerers just stole the book even though it's supposed to be part of him.

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He used a behelit for it

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Yu-Gi-Oh with a genderbent Joey or Yugi would've been fun. Their relationship certainly would've had a hella'va lot more sexual tension.

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Absolute shit taste in pharoahs
This post made by Team Nitocris

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Best dark skin waifu in fate

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I changed some small things that people brought up last thread. I also added two 50 point perks. Any more feedback is welcome.

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>ONE extra Imperator/Excrucian/group of Nobles.
Oh shit, we can double up on those two drawbacks as well? Sweet. Looks like I might be able to make budget after all. Thanks, Shard Anon!

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Why do I keep reading her name as Nictoris?

>> No.78021643

Neuro degeneration.

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Look, can't we all agree that the Fate Choco Girls are all sexy and wonderful?

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Yes, next question.

>implying that I don't like both

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Bah. Observe the radiance of the superior pharaoh. (This post sponsored by the Ramses II squad.)

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You're distracted by how cute she is
and also neuro-degeneration

>> No.78021676

Hmm, perhaps because your brain is trying to autocorrect to Klaatu barada nikto?

>> No.78021686

What is neuro-degeneration? Am I gonna die?

>> No.78021687

Is the thing about being an OC Imperator just for if you want to be alien angels and stuff, or can you pick and choose an original set of divine attributes? A Temple Is My Body's last sentence doesn't seem to be finished. Could a Drop-In with Friends In Deep Places become a Power of their shadow self? Similarly, could a Noble or Excrucian Shard fanwank it is their Imperator/Excrucian? Can the supernatural servitors from A Menagerie of Minions have different sets of divine attributes or are they specifically brutes and lawmen? I initially assumed the latter but I feel "similar abilities" can be taken either way.

>> No.78021689

The only reason I wouldn't waifu her is because I don't wanna cuck Roman

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File: 1.59 MB, 3769x5343, __ozymandias_fate_and_3_more_drawn_by_rai_newtype_xm_x1__4710f17c4a531ce59daadfb1f83ef5c0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck i was gonna say that

>> No.78021692

>Am I gonna die?

>> No.78021713

She's not Da Vinci tho

>> No.78021729

Why do I find Choco Girls in anime so perfect but feel nothing but disgust for them in irl

>> No.78021743

>implying Roman can't have two girlfriends

>> No.78021757

my hatred for jews is too strong to waifu her

>> No.78021761

>OC Imperator
Theoretically there are other types of Imperator on other worlds like those of Splintering and Dominion for the cloth people dimension, but for simplicity's sake I ultimately decided that no, you cannot be an OC Imperator just to save on people's headaches trying to figure out what on earth your new powers even do.
>A Temple Is My Body's last sentence
Fuck. I'll fix, soon, along with the update explaining the enemy drawbacks can be doubled up on I suppose.
>Drop-In with Friends In Deep Places
Interesting idea! I don't see why not, normally those things are far removed from the concerns of proper Creation but you're paying the points to get one such big lug and it's taking an interest on your welfare. They ARE inchoate brutes and lawmen, but other than providing you with one if one didn't already exist the point of the perk is that it's looking out for you. Go for it.

>> No.78021778

Either bad experiences, a poor pool to pull from, skewed weeb expectations, or maybe a tiny bit of racism (last one least likely of the bunch though)

>> No.78021787

She isn't jewish tho

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Would you waifu the personification of Digital Democracy?

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Queen of Sheba isn't Jewish, she's...Sheban.
Now THIS prime piece of yandere, on the other hand...

>> No.78021830

Are there any perks that would be useful for being a hitloli? (That is, a loli hitman)

How would I? Are you the ideology waifu guy?

>> No.78021840

>letting long-noses living rent free in your head preventing you from appreciating primo Ethiopian djinn-pussy

>> No.78021845

Not that I know of, outside of the Zombie spell from several Final Fantasy series (I know 10 has it, it was the boss mechanic of the Yunalesca boss fight). There's a 200cp perk in the holy man perk tree in Oasis of Fantasy that lets you apply dragon traits to others though, so that you can then beat them up with your anti-dragon abilities.

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You're looking at the wrong ones

>> No.78021881

>How would I?
Couple of perks in Fate Legends Britain, Civilization, stuff from Nobilis and possibly Exalted should work.
>Are you the ideology waifu guy?
No. I'm the country/landholding theocracy guy.

>> No.78021885

Try Ethiopian/East African women. Very different looking from West Africans and their American descendants

>> No.78021915

>Are there any perks that would be useful for being a hitloli? (That is, a loli hitman)
Like the sort of hitloli that retains her childness or the sort that had a terrible past and is now really cold and needs an oniichan?

>> No.78021973

First one.

>> No.78021982

>We’re Professionals! (400 CP): There’s almost always someone willing to pay for something, no matter what that thing happens to be, and you’re particularly adept at finding these people. If you look around, you’ll nearly always be able to find someone who is willing to pay for the use of any of your skills.
>Unseen Orchestra (600 CP - Clan Eshin): The greatest assassin of Eshin’s ranks, Snikh the Deathmaster, oft times does not even need to slip his Weeping Blades into a mark’s ribs or spine. Sometimes you will not even be aware of his influence - the target suffering some kind of “fatal accident” instead: A dwarven lord’s zeppelin exploding in a fueling mishap. A skaven lord torn to pieces by his own wolf-rats after their kennel’s lock was broken. All supposed accidents, but the gleaming eyes from the shadows tell everything one needs to know.
>Engineering ‘accidental’ kills, no matter how convoluted, complicated, or circuitous, is one of those varied sets of skills you’ve collected. Gathering all relevant information on the target and their environs; Analyzing, investigating, and piecing together the relevant pieces of their environment or society; Ensuring the kill occurs, that easy proof is obtained for one’s superiors, and that the death can’t be tied to any individual; And potentially best of all, controlling the amount of collateral damage. You can see to it your target dies as one of a great list of victims, or is the single unlucky target in the crowd. Truly, the skillset of a proper master of death.

>> No.78022010

Magical Girl Noir has something for you.

>> No.78022021

Then in addition to >>78021982
>Age Appropriate [100]: Being an adult sucks. Literally. It sucks the fun out of things. Or is that Figuratively? See, it’s things like this that make being an adult suck. You know too much, have seen too much, have forgotten how to just be a kid. Sure, the lack of power over your own destiny can be frustrating, and some things are legitimately worrying no matter what your age, but in general, kids have more fun. With this perk, you can compartmentalize your consciousness into age appropriate brackets, then switch between them as you get older. If you’re in a 6 year old’s body, your personality would be the 6 year old’s version of your personality, interested in 6 year old things and worried about 6 year old problems. You will see things as a 6 year old would, fresh and new and wonderful (or terrible. There are some downsides to this.) Conversely, you could also use this to set aside childish wants and needs when you need to. This can be toggled on and off once you leave this jump, but if you buy it here, it shifts you into an Age Appropriate persona for the duration of the jump. This also protects your cognitive functions if you are deaged against your will.

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>> No.78022056

>We're Professionals
Do you think that if I went to the Hitman jump on Reddit and killed the targets in the Paris mission, that I could use this to be hired by the ICA as a drop-in?

>> No.78022078

Only if you walk in front of the filming news crew.

>> No.78022093

The original, or the Overwhelming version?

>> No.78022106

>Hitloli jumper is very smol, so she jumps specifically to be as annoying as possible.

>> No.78022129

The original, of course.

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>> No.78022172

Thanks, but uh. The last question was about the item based on Lord Entropy's dudes, not the deep-Imperator.

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Underselling it, she's probably the nuttiest Servant you can grab.
Cute tho

>> No.78022206

Who's this?

>> No.78022209

the fact that she's surrounded by severed heads is a nice touch

>> No.78022228

Oh shit, I actaully missed it speedreading. Yeah they can have different sets of divine attributes, not just brute or lawmen.

>> No.78022244


>> No.78022247

Salome, the woman who asked for John the Baptist to be beheaded.

>> No.78022260

Ah, that explains it

>> No.78022287

I'm guessing John the Baptist

>> No.78022310

Quite the opposite

>> No.78022395

Thanks for the jump.
You've given me yet another IP to research.

>> No.78022522

You may have already answered this, but do narrower Estates have any advantage over broader Estates that contain them? For examples, is there any reason you'd want to be the Power of Beer instead of the Power of Alcohol?

>> No.78022527

Hey, I'm about to finish the update; on second thought on the lethality and massive arsenal for fucking shit up of the residents I'm okay with one extra drawback from both tiers per build and something else has come to my attention. Does anyone feel Jumper's Marvellous WIsh-Granting Engine is overly meta/useless? In hindsight I think I translated it from Reality Syndrome a bit too literally, and I'm thinking of replacing it with another effect but is anyone overly attached to it or anything?

>> No.78022578

>is really cold and needs an oniichan

>> No.78022621

Probably a sex joke

>> No.78022658

Everything is a sex joke if you try hard enough.

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So, what exactly is there to do in YuGiOh? All there seems to be is playing card games and letting the main cast fix whatever the arc's current problem is.
Is there anyone there in need of saving or worth companioning?

>> No.78022735

For headpats.

>> No.78022741

>So, what exactly is there to do in YuGiOh?
Children's card games.

>> No.78022774

I could swear there was a drawback where non-Duel Monsters death games remained relevant.

>> No.78022777

Steal all the Millennium items so you can look like a baller

>> No.78022800

Aren't those actually super curaed and made via human sacrifice

>> No.78022816

I just noticed that the Servant Supplement has God Hand as an example of an EX Noble Phantasm, despite it being a B rank

>> No.78022821

>super curaed
Don't recall. I know at least two of them have souls still inside them and active that might try to hijack your body.

>made via human sacrifice

>> No.78022844

I've heard about Greedfall a couple of times but haven't played it yet, so while I can't comment on anything that might be missing or the accuracy I did notice something. In the "Talents" sections, you stop listing a profession/skill name after "Invesigator", leaving it at just Apprentice/Expert/Master for the remaining talents. I would either add the same to the other Talents- Lockpicking, Science, Vigor- or remove it from the first three for the sake of consistency. Personally, the former makes more sense to me.

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Couldn't you just use a command seal when you summon her telling her not to under any circumstances decapitate you?

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card games on motorcycles

>> No.78022908

What if I want headpats AND to be disturbingly childlike? Should I just extort the targets for headpaps at gunpoint?

>> No.78022916

Why is she now japanese?

>> No.78022921

Card games on the akashic records

>> No.78022937

Don't YOU randomly change races when you get super pissed?

>> No.78022959

Command seals are only really effective if used in a immediate order, if the order extends for a long time it would barely have a effect.

>> No.78022960

This has potential to go in a very strange direction.


>> No.78023002

Jews are good at infiltrating other races and societies

>> No.78023053

No problem, mang.

Ah shit, you right, you right. Kind of generic, but I don't' want to go with 'Thief' for Lockpicking 'cause it's not necessarily the case.

If you do decide to play, there's apparently a DLC on the way, but there's not been much news on the intended release date/details.

>tweaked some notes/descriptions for clarity, added names for Talents.

>> No.78023109

I greatly desire more WoD jumps

>> No.78023173

Should I be worried?

>> No.78023210
File: 43 KB, 331x475, 518YJZBK9ML.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm working on Casper's Haunted Christmas right now. If there's something you want from it, let me know.

>> No.78023227
File: 56 KB, 720x157, IMG_20210311_225516.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This Reddit Berserk jump is actually pretty good

>> No.78023246

I've enjoyed your Caspar jag much more than I'd have thought, but there's no way I'm watching a Caspar Christmas special unless it a 1960s animated short.

>> No.78023264

Where can I find something that creates a zone of accelerated time, or can do something similar?

>> No.78023267

Anyone here play Space Station 13?

>> No.78023278

Fair enough.

>> No.78023317

This. This is good.

>> No.78023327

Unrelated, but now I want waifu bait pontius pilate to wash my hands with

>> No.78023330
File: 464 KB, 520x382, 1606351309905.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have nothing to contribute, but I appreciate the jumps all the same

>> No.78023345

Some of the perks are just unfortunately Reddit as fuck, like Forged by Fire
but the rest of it's basically miles better than what we have now.

>> No.78023351

I'm guessing you've already given Reality Marbles a thought?

>> No.78023355

Would “locksmith” work?

>> No.78023374

Would it be possible to have something that makes clothes you steal resize to fit you?

>> No.78023376

That's alright anon. I hope you like it when it is done.

>> No.78023378

The Servant Supplement considers utility instead of official rankings. Tawara's EX rank NP is also listed but as a E rank by Supplement price iirc.

>> No.78023397

For some reason the Casca drug trip mushrooms are 800CP. That seems kinda weird to me

>> No.78023400

When does that happen in the movie?

>> No.78023415

Makes sense to me, it lets you spend the boat arc in a gentle stupor waiting for it to end instead of seething like the Berserk fandom

>> No.78023416

Never been interested but I think we have a jump for it.

>> No.78023443

Mmm... Maybe. Might go with 'Saboteur'. Would still like to change 'Athlete', though. Cragsman?

>> No.78023452
File: 896 KB, 2262x1600, Manga_E337_Rickert_Slaps_Griffith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe if Berserk ever ends, or if Miura dies before appointing a successor, we could get a new Berserk Jump

>> No.78023490

Never seen the christmas one but you have now caused me to go on a Casper wikidive.
Seeing the full list of all things Casper really makes one realize how much there is of it.

>> No.78023515

Nani? How did he get past Griffith's causality bending?

>> No.78023520

There is a lot of stuff, but after this jump I don't think I'll be doing anymore Casper stuff.

>> No.78023544

He's like Goku, he didn't have his defenses up

>> No.78023573

Oh I wasnt trying to imply that.
Its just that I was always aware that Casper has been around for a long time but seeing a list of it is still impressive.

>> No.78023593

Okay then.

>> No.78023602

How permanent, and how big?

>> No.78023605

Since I just found out that Kat from Casper is also Wednesday Addams I gotta ask.
Any interest in that?

>> No.78023614

No, sorry.

>> No.78023620

Griffith's powers and nature only protects himself from being killed or seriously injured. Bitch-slapped by a chad blacksmith isn't covered in his God Hand Insurance

>> No.78023645

>Griffith's powers and nature only protects himself from being killed or seriously injured
Do they ever explain how it actually works or is it just a mystery what exactly he's doing?

>> No.78023655

the virgin serious injury vs The Chad Pimp Backhand

>> No.78023683

>Pimp backhand

>> No.78023684

Athlete feels pretty good to me since it's a more general term, but if Cragsman makes more sense with what the talent does I'd go with that.

>> No.78023704


>Fixed runaway sentence probably garbled by a tired mind and exhausted fingers going on auto
>Clarified which drawbacks can be retaken, once or twice again
>After an hour of silence, I think it's safe to say everyone's fine with the new perk Jumper’s Marvellous Wish-Granting Engineering Degree which lets you go full autismo on stuff you can do, at Imperator-like extremes, in order to create Imperial Miracle-strength powers from it.

>> No.78023726

Shame the jump for it is kinda shit and suffers terribly from Early Jump Syndrome

>> No.78023748

World Seed. The creation of such a place was a plot point, where the protag accidently trapped himself in a 10 meter bubble of accelerated time for, from his perspective, something like 150 years but from the perspective of people outside of it maybe 20 minutes.

>> No.78023753

Depressing; the previous version was a perfect 999 KB, which was pretty neat.

>> No.78023771

Don't be silly. Miura doesn't explain things. He is above such things. Just like he is above finishing his manga. Or progressing it. That he does anything at all is simply evidence of his magnanimity.

>> No.78023778

Oh you're like autistic autistic...

>> No.78023796

Yes. Why else would I be here?

>> No.78023814

Vigor is kind of a misc collection of various health/fitness related benefits. It's also the Talent which lets you climb shit and balance well. Cragsman would make the most sense for the highest level of Vigor. If I did that, for consistency's sake, it'd probably be better to change the others. It's something to consider in an update when the expansion drops, but it's not a huge deal IMO. I'll just change Lockpicking for now.

>> No.78023845
File: 50 KB, 960x540, jc37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, and by the way Pacific Rim: The Black has a FUCKING KID who can TURN INTO A KAIJU

WakfuAnon confirmed hollywood writer.

>> No.78023882


>> No.78023899


>> No.78023913

>Pacific Rim: The Black
That title legit sounds like a troll title thought up by /tv/. WE WUZ KAIJU N SHEEIT.

>> No.78023958

>Pacific Rim: The Black
Never heard of it until right now.
And now I wish I never did
'Ey Fuck you, spiral-man, you own me a brain bleaching.

>> No.78024100

It's true. Griffith hasn't suffered psychological damage like that since he got his dick cut off

>> No.78024146
File: 1.72 MB, 720x404, 1595804039349.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are some cool things to import my Digivice into to make it better?

>> No.78024171

I could've gone my WHOLE LIFE not knowing that was a thing.

>> No.78024184

This wasn't supposed to happen.

>> No.78024194

A Valkyrie core

>> No.78024200

I mean, do we have a Gunslinger Girl jump? That sounds like a good place to get loli hitman stuff. Hell, might be able to save the girls from those terrible ass fates they have.

>> No.78024271

Unfortunately, no. The two /k/ jumps we really need, GG and Noir, are jumps that we don't have.

>> No.78024280
File: 1.80 MB, 1326x2067, 2b8cc83a6788c061f4aabf56a95cc664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are anime girls always suffering terrible fates?

>> No.78024307

This is a hallucination. We're dreaming this. It's all fake.

>> No.78024322

What's even left to canonise from the jump, the mini-Jaegers? Because the tiny one in Uprising is already a huge step in that direction. It's like the universe demanded a balance for many old jumps being invalidated by their undying series, like Naruto and Doctor Who's doctor limit being invalidated by the Doctor not even being a Time Lord so you can just start when she was a black loli and adopt her or send her home negating Gallifrey's entire rise as a civilisation if they can't torture the secrets of regeneration out of her, and compensated by making EVERYTHING IN THE PACIFIC RIM JUMP CANON

>> No.78024338

It feels like you would be better off making a separate jump for Chuubo instead of sliding it into Nobilis as a meta choice.

>> No.78024367

I guess that means the Godzilla crossover is next.

>> No.78024387

>This is a hallucination.
>We're dreaming this.
>It's all fake
This is exactly what I thought when Uprising canonised the fact that kaijus can apparently form a living breach to their native dimension, albeit by working together

It's not a meta choice at all, and has nothing to do with Chuubo other than sharing a name and a reference. It's a perk based around Sealed, an ability which very much exists in the most recent edition (and upcoming one, apparently) of Nobilis as well as Glitch.

>> No.78024413

Well, technically the Boy is created by the Precursors, not humanity.

>> No.78024476

Remember when he said it'd be stupid if a Dragon Slayer had Magic as their element, and then Acnologia did the thing?

All I'm saying is maybe his problems were his oracle curse, like how Tiresias was blind or no one ever believed Cassandra.

>> No.78024505

He said that after we knew what Acnologia's thing was anon. Fairy Tail was well past everyone thinking he had magic.

Though he doesn't even actually have magic, he just ate hundreds of other dragons to gain their elements or something

>> No.78024522

Well, there goes my theory then. Do we have any other prophetic jumps?

>> No.78024539

>There are several. This is a valid blight you could unleash with Monstrous. Deepness could let you directly materialise the concept of cute girls into existence, creating arbitrary numbers of cute girls from your imagination. Gardener could potentially let you grow cute girls like crops and pull them out of the ground like turnips, and use a "venom" to infect small objects to become nascent cute girls. And of course, there's Domain. Go nuts.
This is all good, but can I somehow enforce a rule that all the people near me suddenly become cute girls somehow? They can go back to normal once they get far enough away from me.

>Figuratively, 100 CP easily
How fancy of a tea party will it be? Will there be scones and jam? Will it be good tea or would it be the blasphemy that is microwaved tea?

>> No.78024638

UQ Holder. Some of the perks in it like the anti immortal perk didn't exist at the time the jump was written but became major components in the story later.

>> No.78024654

Yes absolutely, that's a Geas I believe or you could have some sort of magical girilifcation gas as a Bond. Either way, should be around 400 CP.

>How fancy
Scones, jam and fine quality tea, from darjeeling to top grade matcha. But not like, magical tea; you'll need 200 CP to give a tea so supernaturally refreshing that it clears their chakras and lets people breath out small steam dragon familiars or something.

>> No.78024695

>microwaved tea
This is how we get Sabrina.

>> No.78024734

What purchases would be useful for being a hitloli?

>> No.78024754

>read the wiki article
>there were previous hybrids created by Chau Industries so Hannibal could start using Kaiju parts for medical purposes
>like fixing his skin condition

>> No.78024818

Aspect 2-3, a Geas like "I must be a small, adorable child without diminishing my true lethality" or a Bond phrased as Superior Hit-Girl.

What, your first thought on encountering a gigantic alien bioweapon that's literally a walking nuclear reactor that spews toxic blood ISN'T that it can probably fix your eczema?


>> No.78024900

Is Coin Guard meant to be a valid pick for Most Wanted?

>> No.78024916

>What, your first thought on encountering a gigantic alien bioweapon that's literally a walking nuclear reactor that spews toxic blood ISN'T that it can probably fix your eczema?
NTA but of course not. My first thought would be...

How do we cook this and eat it?

>> No.78024952

Oh good, someone else is watching that. Haven't seen the movie proper, but that series is shaping up nicely so far.

>> No.78024958

Ah, damn. Yea.

>> No.78024968

Can we be a Power of Hitlolis?

>> No.78024993

Anon no.

>> No.78025014

Hmm. Would something like "Only the beautiful may converse with me" be good wording?

Could I lower the price some by making it so that it only works in areas i own or something? Like, out on the road it would have no effect, but if I invite you over for tea then the instant you accept/the instant you enter my house you become a cute girl?

This is in fact who I am referencing, so congrats, you win an internet point.

>> No.78025053

Thought so, good to hear!


Should be around 300 CP as a Geas, and do bear in mind that while a powerful reactive miracle other miraculous beings can bypass the Geas with enough elbow grease.

>if I invite you over for tea then the instant you accept/the instant you enter
Enter would probably lower it by 100 CP, Accept by 50

>> No.78025102

>This is a valid blight you could unleash with Monstrous. Deepness could let you directly materialise the concept of cute girls into existence, creating arbitrary numbers of cute girls from your imagination. Gardener could potentially let you grow cute girls like crops and pull them out of the ground like turnips, and use a "venom" to infect small objects to become nascent cute girls.
Is there some kind of list of attribute powers other than the (draft) Chuubo arcs or the summaries in Glitch?

>> No.78025132

Not to my knowledge, no.

>> No.78025166

>This is in fact who I am referencing, so congrats, you win an internet point.
I shall bear it with honor.

>> No.78025270

What are your favorite final boss themes /jc/?

>> No.78025475

The Omnitrix in Heaven's Ben 10 jump.

>> No.78025610

If I make it down to my phyiscal domain(s), but bump the price up all the way to 600 would it be able to reach the point where most beings couldn't resist?

If you want to theorycraft, what kind of domains might Sabrina have in Nobilis? Grief, I would assume, but what else?

>> No.78025627

An omnitool

>> No.78025687

If they have to go all the way to your place for it to take effect? Yeah, most being short of a healthy Imperator or motivated Excrucian at least-and it'd be a pretty big buffer for them too.

>> No.78025711

1: Would there be any benefit to taking both the Geas of 'I must be an adorable child without diminishing my true lethality' and the bond of superior hitloli
2: If I took a 300CP bond of Superior Hitloli, would it still be possible for enemies to send enough mundane assassins after me that eventually one would manage, or would I inevitably end up killing them all one-by-one, assuming I was trying to do such a thing?

>> No.78025726

...wait, the Adfligo Systema Sabrina? Because I was literally just reading that lol

>> No.78025757

>If they have to go all the way to your place for it to take effect?
I'm thinking less 'in my house' and more 'on my property', but in general yeah, as long as they aren't on my mountain than they'd be normal.

Yes? Were you thinking I was referring to a different Sabrina with my microwaved tea comment?

>> No.78025765

GURPS magic can do that

>> No.78025783

... That sounds significantly more complicated than just keeping the canon rankings

>> No.78025842

Sure, property works then-as long as it's like, somewhere with relatively defined borders and not just "my kingdom" or "wherever I have skipped facily through the flowers"

My understanding is that it exists because one example EX Noble Phantasm is just a massive stock of rice.


>> No.78025872

>Fixed runaway sentence probably garbled by a tired mind and exhausted fingers going on auto
Thank you!
Nothing kills my erection faster than run-on or fragment sentences.

>> No.78025895

>somewhere with relatively defined borders and not just "my kingdom"
I was running more with "A location that I have purchased with cp", which technically would have an upper end of entire planets and I think star systems in a couple of jumps, but for the most part "my castle and maybe a few miles around it" would be the most I expect from this.

>> No.78025926

It's because canon ranks are incredibly inconsistent and there's no clear reason for why a lot of things have the ranks they do. Godhand is clearly better than Balmung despite both being B rank. Touta gets three big bundles of rice a day as an EX rank while Gilgamesh gets Ea, one of the strongest attacks in the setting for his EX.

>> No.78025931

>but for the most part "my castle and maybe a few miles around it" would be the most I expect from this.
Yeah, that sounds about right, then.

>> No.78025945

It's not complicated at all. It's just "If this is EX level useful, it's an EX level in the supplement" and so on. Because having to pay 600SP to be the world's best crocheter is just stupid

>> No.78025974

Oh yeah, I can understand why it works that way. I just really don't like the added complication of having to try and figure out exactly how useful a specific noble phantasm would be.

>> No.78026006

>Godhand is clearly better than Balmung despite both being B rank
Looking at Balmung, it honestly seems more useful than Godhand to me

>> No.78026009

A better comparison with Godhand is the Armor of Fafnif since both are defensive.

Godhand negates anything B rank or below, gives you very fast regeneration, gives you adaptive immunity that grants high level resistance to anything you survive, gives you 12 lives that regenerate over time and may or may not just make you tougher as well. It has no weaknesses and multiple effects that'd be amazing noble phantasms on their own.

Armor of Fafnir subtracts a B rank worth of damage from any attack against the wielder, except for the back. It also makes your back a literally conceptual weak point, not only will you take severe and likely fatal damage even from light wounds to your back, it will actually forcibly open holes in shields or magic barriers to always leave your back bare and open to attack. These are both B rank noble phantasms.

>> No.78026019

it was just a powerwanker.

>> No.78026027

Godhand is both defense and resurrects you 9 times. And I'm pretty sure the resurrections can be recharged as well

>> No.78026041

nta but really? It's just a generic swordbeam NP. Not even a good one.

>> No.78026061

>If you want to theorycraft, what kind of domains might Sabrina have in Nobilis? Grief, I would assume, but what else?
Something like Friendship or Teamwork, I’d say. It’s been a while since I’ve read PMAS, but as I recall a lot of her best feats weren’t just Sabrina by herself, but working together with someone else and using her power to boost them.

>> No.78026062

Sure, but Balmung can be both Holy and Demonic when needed, deals increased damage to dragons, and can rapidly release wide ranged slashing attacks that scale based on how much mana you actually shove into the sword.

>> No.78026076

>>78026027 (Me)
Damn, I was underselling it

>> No.78026083

Godhand made herk an unstoppable monster

>> No.78026084

>Mistaking laziness for powerwanking

>> No.78026104

That's really just a sword beam sword with three interchangeable anti enemy effects. It's also not holy or demonic when needed, it's based on whose wielding it so you just get one.

>> No.78026115

Godhand is literally just extra HP bars that take days to refill

>> No.78026126

And all that other stuff

>> No.78026139 [SPOILER] 
File: 756 KB, 600x1576, 1615530430067.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So to you, an elemental sword that hurts dragons and shoots beams is as strong as immunity to most attacks, regeneration, 12 regenerating lives, and damage adaptivity all rolled into one. Do you work for Type-Moon?

>> No.78026197

>It's also not holy or demonic when needed, it's based on whose wielding it so you just get one.
Huh, must've misread that part. Still, the aggravated damage against dragons seems more useful to me.

Although that might be because there's a fair amount of other places to pick up extra lives and adaptive defenses, so I've mentally devalued it?

>> No.78026290
File: 242 KB, 561x767, d38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would Counter Hero do anything against non-Servants?

>> No.78026310

There's a lot more places to get energy beams and swords that make them.

>> No.78026340

You completely missed the bit where I was saying that it as the aggravated damage against dragons that was more useful, huh?

>> No.78026354

You realise that's not a really big part of the sword right? It's not instant killing them. It does a bit more damage to them. Is that really that much better than everything the other power offers?

>> No.78026370

how hard is it to kill a dragon just by shooting a regular big beam that doesn't specifically do more damage against dragons?

>> No.78026395

With how often you need to fight dragons? Yes, definitely.

Significantly harder than it is to kill them by shooting a lot of beams from a weapon that deals bonus damage to dragons, that also scales off your personal power

>> No.78026511

Other than DC and Marvel what superhero jumps or jump settings do we currently have?

>> No.78026515

I can see Sabrina as a “surprisingly friendly” power of corruption or grief in service to Hell/the Dark pretty easily. I don’t think she’d really have something like a “friendship” domain though, she probably just has a high Treasure rating to represent that aspect of her.

Of course, considering what grief control actually means in terms of PMMM’s story, she could also be a Chancery Strategist, or at least a High Summoner.

>> No.78026534

Hero Academia and Worm are commonly brought up.

>> No.78026542

>My Hero Academia
>One Punch Man
>Sky High
>The Authority

>> No.78026550

List of capeshit settings that are neither Marvel nor DC
>A Certain Scientific Railgun (Kinda)
>City of Heroes
>My Hero Academia
>One Punch Man
>Power Puff Girls
>Sky High
>Soon I will Be Invincible
>The Free Universe
>The Incredibles
>Undocumented Features
>Wild Cards
>The Incredibles
>Kamen Rider
>Soon I will be Invincible.
>Invincible (nothing to do with the first one)
>Super Sentai

>> No.78026566

Ben 10
Kim Possible

>> No.78026575

Not to mention there is also another B-Rank Phantasm, Qin Liangyu's Song of Selfless Loyalty which as far as we are told really does nothing concrete except maybe hyping her up.

Its why its ranked as an E-rank in the supplement. You can't really take the given ranks for NP's by face value because FGO (but really Fate in general) decided everyone and their mother get's A and EX ranked Noble Phantasms.

>> No.78026579
File: 111 KB, 931x858, d125_by_xiaobotong-d70y4ep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you my friends. Now a hunting I will go.

I like your enthusiasm and choice of targets, but I think I'll save them for later.

>> No.78026581


>> No.78026669

Don't forget that the regeneration is actually time reversal, so it not only heals the injury it also removes any negative effect that may have been caused by it, like poison, being cursed, etc. It's actually way better than "just" healing really quick.

>> No.78026679

Dude if you want a dragon slaying sword you can just go to Magicka and pick up Gram. It's cheap and it can kill even legendary dragons like Fafnir with a single strike.

>> No.78026699

This is such an unfair power

>> No.78026705

I thought that was just vampires that worked like that

>> No.78026721

Godhand works the same way because it's a curse of immortality.

>> No.78026732

>curse of immortality
Wouldn't it be more of a blessing, since immortality was his reward for doing the trials?

>> No.78026752

I mean, its Hercules.

Really though Herc just had the misfortune to be summoned in the war where the existence of EMIYA and Gil nullified one of the biggest advantages of God Hand, the fact that he would become immune to whatever killed him. In any normal war he pretty much would sweep 95% of all other servants.

>> No.78026768

Nah, it's explicitly a curse. In nasu-land the definition of what a curse is is a bit different from how you'd expect, in that it can cover both positive and negative effects. Iirc it's about how an effect is caused rather than what the effect does.

>> No.78026778

Hey Shard, I need a good gasp on how powerful the Imperators are. For example: would be the difference if I was the Imperator of Bees or the Noble of Bees?

>> No.78026784

I'd think he could still lose to stuff like Medusa's eyes, since I don't think you can usually regenerate from being turned into stone

>> No.78026787

Honestly the bigger disadvantage was that the people that summoned him did it as a berserker rather than going for his Archer version. Trading away his sanity for slightly more raw physical power is a hilariously bad trade when you're talking about Hercules, because it turns him from one of the greatest and most cunning warriors of all time into a straight forward bludgeon, to say nothing of how it seals away arguably his most powerful noble phantasm (shooting hundred heads)

>> No.78026789


no way, I didn't we had those settings as jumps.

>> No.78026813

Yeah, but it reduces the chance of him betraying you.

>> No.78026838

Why would he betray you?

>> No.78026879

...Honestly, I'd argue that it's not even teamwork, it's forcing the other people to sit down shut up drink tea and actually talk about their problems. She's more an impetus for change than an actual combatant, which I suppose fits the adlifgo part of the story.

>High summoning
Had to check what this was, but yeah that totally fits her. What's the other one?

>> No.78026885

>They are canon dudes
Feels that it should be under the canon option rather than imports/OCs then

>> No.78026900

Give me a jump that I can get power girl in.

>> No.78026932

The Chancery are a group of Excrucians that decided “you know what? I don’t actually want to destroy the world. I kinda like the place actually.” They’re the protagonists of Glitch.

>> No.78026978

On the one hand that also works pretty well, but I just don't like it as much.

>> No.78026988

Could the Noble of Rape curse every f*male to guarantee they'd be raped in the cunt and the ass?

>> No.78027025

Nobles are just mortal people with a shard of an Imperator's power, and they're already capable of world-changing miracles. Exactly how they do it depends largely on which Divine Attributes are their forte. The Noble of Bees could drown an entire continent in Bees or blast entire species of bee out of existence if he was thoroughly spec'd for Domain. With high levels of Persona, he could simply twist destiny such that the Vatican is the place that will produce infinite bees at all times.

And with high Aspect, that Noble could just punch a cartoon character out of his show or knock down the star with a thrown boomerang. It's full hindu myth logic. These are just the basic miracles, a Noble setting his goals long term with preparation can work changes like freeing all the souls in Hell or conquering the world without anyone even noticing. Their powers are semantic and mythopoeic, elevating the mundane to the divine. It's no exaggeration to call them mini-Endless in many ways.

Imperators on the other hand, ARE the cosmic divinities that Nobles get their power from. Let's say this Noble serves the Aaron's Serpent of Bees. With Vastness, that serpent could become a giant bee or surround itself with a massive swarm of steel bees of arbitrary size, ALWAYS bigger than you hope. With Allegorical, the Serpent could break reality in a localised area so everyone's attempts to harm others bounce off harmlessly while generating more bees. With Wanderer the Serpent can visit strange bee-based dimensions and physically merge large parts of reality with the bee world whose physics cause the sky, sea and mountains to become bee-like. And Sealed's default mode is just "it breaks the rules", but for a being like this it could take the form of an apiary that generates honey that grants world-changing wishes when tasted.

>> No.78027033
File: 93 KB, 460x650, jc40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Drawbacks: Most Wanted: Nauts, Theleme, Coin Guard, Into the Unknown (1800)

Mage, Native

Master Researcher (1500)
Shadow Magic (Free)
Maelstrom (1400)
Steel Healing (1200)
Paragon of Mind (900)
Fresh Linens (Free)
On ol Menawi (700)
Villager (Free)
Spirit of Teer Fradee (500)
Apprentice Investigator (400)
Research Notes (100)
Canon: Lady De Sardet (0)

>Constantin: "Cousin! I'm cured!"
>De Sardet: "That's...that's amazing, how did this happen? We've got to distribute the vaccine back home!"
>Constantin: "Oh no it's not a-well look, it's those bastard Nauts' fault! The Malichor is just a form of pollution they've been unleashing, ever since they discovered this island over 200 years ago and were driven off by an angry god!"
>De Sardet: "What?!"
>Constantin: "Here! Have some documents, and some more documents! Here's the receipts when our very own Congregation paid off the Nauts to pretend they'd never found it!"
>De Sardet: "But that means the basis for trade of our nation is a LIE"
>Constantin: "And that's not even the worst lie, the bastards have invented this tool callled soh-narr that's just plain old technology! We've all been had, and the worst part is Asili's tried to infect BOTH of us with the Malichor but-ah, I was just getting to the solution. We're going to tear down the old methods of industrial combustion, and use a new one. Here's a tankard of our new, renewable fuel!"


>> No.78027039
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>De Sardet: "It's...green, and smells like endless summer days"
>Constantin: "Brilliant, isn't it? It burns better than any fuel in living memory, and actually IMPROVES the environment during the process! Apparently it's an alchemical distillation of Benediction of Archgenesis, which we're getting in exchange for spreading the word of our new god!"
>De Sardet: "Wait, what was that last part?"
>Constantin: "Oh, silly me, did I forget? The price of our civilisation's salvation is binding ourselves-no, our entire SPECIES with a SECOND nature god! A righteous monarch who will reward the faithful, and shear apart the detritus of this OLD, CORRUPTED WORLD THAT HAS USED AND ABANDONED US if we but offer our employers as tribute!
>Constantin starts levitating, shedding glowey pollen and making tree roots sheer apart the reception hall
>Constantin: "Even now, his divine pollen runs through my veins! Industrialisation will continue, but as PART of a greater life cycle, not in discord against it! I will admit, I was...lost, when I first found my condition incurable, but the new god was merciful. Already, I wield godlike power and shall live FOREVER. Join me, cousin. He has foreseen that when the old order has fallen, you can carve a river of his peace through the old world's corruption!"

Anyway, I spent the decade spreading my divine power over the planet like a massive cordyceps plague. Mostly by forcing humanity to adopt technology that was also artifact plants.


>> No.78027048

You didn't answer my question >>78026988

>> No.78027105

Nah, he is at a disadvantage in general if he has to face high powered servants, since sufficiently powerful attacks can take several lives.

Hell, Caliburn projected by Fate Route Shirou alone was able to take 7 of his lives. Dont get me wrong Caliburn is a powerful weaon, but it barely qualifies as an A rank as it is.

>> No.78027112

He wouldn't, but the Einsberns had major trust issues after the way the last war ended.

>> No.78027175

Also SHIT I forgot about Actuals. Okay, one moment guys: I'm gonna put in a drawback where an Actual is stalking you, specifically, which'll come in tiers like the Imperial one where for 300 CP you've got a loony Actual stalking you and for 500 CP you're delicious, delicious Actual bait for whenever they manage to break into reality. That should be the LAST update for the foreseeable future.

>> No.78027180

You're extremely generous with CP aren't you?

>> No.78027210

>Also SHIT I forgot about Actuals.
What are these?

>> No.78027234

Am I? Is it too much on top of the other drawbacks? Should I add a limit? I've never been quite sure what the limit for my jumps to be. It just occurred to me that an Actual drawback seemed appropriate then. The damn things are, individually, like Imperators but way stupider. I wouldn't say that, not with the kind of trouble the drawbacks bring.

Cosmic infections whose bodies form the bedrock of reality. Not alive, but moving and yearning like they were; think of them as viruses to the Imperators' multicellular life. Bad things happen when one breaks into reality, and tries to assimilate things around itself to make itself a real boy. They also have a couple unique Divine Traits, mainly for taking on a certain form and self-propagation.

>> No.78027260

>Should I add a limit
Don't listen to the nerfwhores and their drawback limits

>> No.78027297

600 CP drawback limit or two drawbacks max is standard for a reason. Look at Val's jumps.

>> No.78027329

Several Val jumps lack limits, presumably for reasons related to the grand scale of conflict within the setting. God of Highschool and Bleach come to mind. As this setting occurs during a war between all Creation and the Void, I feel that basis would apply here.

>> No.78027341

Her jumps tend to also have harsher drawbacks that give less points.

>> No.78027345

Oooohhh, the movie is called "Pacific Rim: The Black"....
I was confused and thought Asa was talking about a black guy having a kaiju kid

>> No.78027374

Nah your good, having an expansive drawback list is amazing.

>> No.78027388

I wouldn't say the ones available are any less harsh. Enemy combatents in the setting can be quite formidable and innovative when highly motivated. Being Imperial is no guarantee of not being slain by a bitterly determined Noble.

Series, not movie but yeah.

>> No.78027408

Go. Away.

>> No.78027423

Fewer points. Fewer.

>> No.78027453
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How affected are the Imperators by their Estates? I'm thinking on going full Arjuna Blanco.

>> No.78027463

Would Divinity be a drawback in the servant supplement when jumping Fate Stay Night?

I was just making a build, and thinking about it the only mechanical effect it would have is making you weaker against Gilgamesh.

>> No.78027486

Somewhat. All Imperators are capable of human reasoning but from an inhuman perspective, and have a deep relationship with their Estate. In some ways it's actually kinda similar to Authorities although few are as autistic as people compared to the Divine Spirits; it's just part of their divine nature to have weird opinions. The Estates tend to make them very passionate about whatever it is they hold jurisdiction over.

>> No.78027497

Who cares?

>> No.78027502


>> No.78027516

It could be one I guess, but it certainly wouldn't matter enough to give you points. Being slightly weaker against Gilgamesh isn't gonna mean anything 99% of the time

>> No.78027579

Where do you get a robot gf with fat boobas?

>> No.78027582

>Being slightly weaker against Gilgamesh isn't gonna mean anything 99% of the time
I don't think the frequency matters that much for the point, according to Val Cu's geas against eating Dog Meat for example is a D rank Drawback.

>> No.78027605
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Heaven's Lost Property

>> No.78027636

Aaaand here it is. Changelog:

>Added Life, Actually
>No additional takesies drawbacks, because part of the danger of multiple Excrucians/Nobles/Imperators gunning for your ass is the possibility of them working together

>> No.78027650

>Filesize: 988 KB
We approach greatness once again.

>> No.78027654


>> No.78027692

Have you seen >>78026885 ?

>> No.78027747
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There once was a knight named Lancelot
He liked to sing and dance a lot
When Arthur did leave
And his wife did percieve
She attempted to tear off his pants a lot

>> No.78027756
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You can choose your first jump before going into a rollchain. What do you choose and why?

>> No.78027761

Nope, but now that I have don't agree personally. You start off much closer as allies for one, and the pricing is mostly equivocal. The Excrucian/Imperator examples are also quite influential/resourceful even among their kind.

>> No.78027793

generic superhero academy

>> No.78027802


>> No.78027840
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You ask that as if I haven't wanted to be Dante every single day of my life from the moment I started playing DMC 3

>> No.78027871

>don't agree
Not sure you understood what I said. My point was that it being under the import option makes it seem thay they are free imports like some jumps have. But you said that they are canon nobles not OCs or imports, and they don't benefit from the mechanics of that option according to you, so its placement there is a bit confusing.

Or make it a distinct choice. Because right now it seems to be another paragraph of the import one.

>> No.78027876

I think that even Dante doesn't want to be Dante.

>> No.78027893

I'll gladly be Dante in his place if he wants to trade

>> No.78027905

Tsukihime, I like the setting, I like the characters and the powers can almost guarantee survival whatever the next jump is. Like judt combining Beautiful Blood and Synchronizer gives your mind, body and soul the ability to recover from almost anything.

>> No.78027925

>I like the characters
Isn't that the one where the main character is a dickhead who rapes people and chopped Arc to bits for looking at him funny?

>> No.78027928
File: 278 KB, 571x643, Seconds Before Disaster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every time cuck knight tries jumper teleports behind him and suplexes him into a lake.

>> No.78027932

We know that Marvel humanity is awful, but does extend to civilizations and people in the Marvel cosmic universe?

>> No.78027945

It's not, in the latest document at least the freebies come after Peregrine Host which is very much not part of the import option

>> No.78027966
File: 409 KB, 400x566, jc32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. They're just tend to lean more towards hierarchial or chaotic extremes. The Skrulls had a pair of gods who tried to devour all the others. Also pitting people to fight to death isn't an isolated phenomena like Mongul's Warworld, that shit's common. Plus every now and then a host of space bugs tries to eat everything in their path, which is only sometimes because of Annihilus. One time there was even a random planet full of "dark gods" whose leader declared war on Asgard because Odin wouldn't fuck her. Just this random evil mirror of Asgard, floating in space for no reason.

The exceptions to these rules tend to be completely defenceless against alien invasion and/or the recent victims of massive genocide, in the case of Beta Ray Bill and Silver Surfer's civilisations.

>> No.78027974

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. I love the game, the characters and the Power of Dominance. While realistically I probably wouldn't go for the scenario as a first jump I can still pick up a bunch of cool stuff that should help with most possible early rolls.

>> No.78027978

Hey Shard, I got one last question for you before I call it a night.

How exactly does an Imperator create Nobles?

>> No.78027989

Nier automata

>> No.78028003

I only like Vergil in DMC

>> No.78028005
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I'm talking about these. They pretty much seem part of the import import option.

>> No.78028019
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The Mutants

>> No.78028032

When an Imperator kills a hundred people and builds a Chancel out of their spent lives, they also gain the power to bind some of the people hanging out nearby into their service. Now, this hasn't been entirely consistent across all editions where you had Imperators just kind of fishing Nobles out from the brink of death to serve them from somewhere else so I'll put it like this: Making the Chancel roots the Imperator's power, makes it closer to whichever plane of existence they're getting Nobles from. After that, it's just a matter of moving some spiritual energy around at will to anyone nearby. Point and click, practically.

Oh shit my bad, I'm speedreading like crazy and thought you were talking about the others. Yeah SORRY that's a huge misunderstanding no, THOSE guys get the stipend same as anyone imported or OCs.

>> No.78028047

No problems, it's a pretty long doc, and thanks for that. So, are they still OCs or they can be imports that get Noble roles too?

>> No.78028076

They can be either OCs, or imports hence why they’re in the same section. You can shove bits of your soul into your pals, or get some new bros who carry your shards.

>> No.78028082

At what point does it cease being edgy and just goes all the way back around to slapstick comedy?

>> No.78028088

>who rapes people
Only when his eyes start cooking his brain
>chooped Arc to bits
Also the eyes fault and it made Arcuid better in the end

>> No.78028117
File: 1.63 MB, 1988x3056, ACA31F6E-D265-4EC0-B257-C76FD8CB497A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Around the time you start to realise everyone in the setting’s unending suffering is wholly deserved.

(Except Spider-Man, who desperately needs to be swapped with Wonder Woman and rescued to DC)

>> No.78028119

In Fate, if we are powerful enough, like warp reality to the point we can creates universes with a just a wave of our hand, could we just casually open up a path to the Root if we want?

>> No.78028141

It's possible but good luck with surviving once you get there.

>> No.78028188
File: 287 KB, 1555x875, 131f4a1b7e6cbd613eb39922d9bebdbb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Overlord. For the guild base, so I can cram all the gacha waifus in jump 1.

>> No.78028198

Alright, thanks for the clarifications! Now I need to debare whether or not I should risk the 1000 CP drawback for the Eden perk.

>> No.78028216
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So getting into ESO again.

For those of you who sent your jumpers there, What'd they do in this admittedly odd and non canon game?

My jumper pretended to the ruby throne along with all the other petty warlords.

>> No.78028254

Solo Leveling and so I can enslave my defeated enemies early on

>> No.78028379

spacetime control and understanding anything intuitively, being able to copy it instantly, including powers will allow me to dominate most low tier settings and grow incredibly fast in the higher ones

>> No.78028407
File: 104 KB, 1244x700, 7A059C3F-31D4-48B6-8AD4-64BC21845B11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well since I’d been to Skyrim in ages past, I had more than enough dragonbone on my person to make my own dragonhorns which are APPARENTLY a thing that induces a Dragonrend-like punch-drunk state without needing to know the Thu’um, and so foiled a dragon invasion right off the bat with some dusty old battle loot I hadn’t touched for more than scientific reasons in many millennia. And I also found out that apparently anybody and their mother can just body Molag Bol while wearing one specific piece of jewelry, and so proceeded to do that. And later I foiled an attempt by Nocturnal to “subsume all of existence” since I knew her from way back and had a long, serious conversation about what the hell she thought she was doing thinking one itty bitty crystal was going to let her subsume Anu AND Pandomay with no consequences, and pointed out that what she was doing was LITERALLY what Dagoth-Ur wanted to, and reminded her of all the times mortals had helped her out by getting back the stuff that other mortals had stolen from her. But importantly of all I opened a chain of sweet roll restaurants with the newly hired Alfiq accountants. Because holy shit, Alfiq appeared in-game and that retroactively justifies the whole game’s existence.


>> No.78028425

Why wonder woman? is she shit now?

>> No.78028427

Around the point where an evil sapient virus is used as the reason for mutant hatred.

>> No.78028458

When was she ever good? She was decent at best sometimes

>> No.78028479

Neverending story
Get an extremely powerful form whose power scales with the setting, and in the setting where it's to your disatvantage you can just hide in the fantasy realms and guide people from there

>> No.78028483

Habitual neck destroyer, weak to bondage, innocence destroyed by war and time, representative of a group of hyper feminists that throw logic down the well when it comes to men, practicality over values, she would fit in perfectly with a lot of Marvel's cast.

>> No.78028540
File: 626 KB, 1041x1600, B927D3CB-4300-435B-81C5-3EEE1989D5C4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn’t know
Always has been, since the late ‘00s. They can’t stop making her randomly bloodthirsty and/or drunk on Superman’s chad thundercock for perceived marketing points and/or the writer’s fetish. In the Flashpoint timeline she and the Amazons straight up tried to conquer America. Shit, it’s only VERY recently they tried to halfassedly make her the heart again, and it’s undercut by 1. Diana being rewarded with cosmic godhood by the Hands, Perpetua’s multiverse-killing race, 2. Recent comics reaffirming the incoherent series of events where Diana broke up with Steve Trevor “because she was scared of him getting hurt” even though he was a soldier doing his job for the League as a whole to go chase some Supercock, got brutally dumped by Superman during a low point in his life (which ANOTHER comic tried to lie was HER dumping HIM because “she felt bad” even though she VERY OPENLY started it), went back to Steve Trevor as if nothing happened and then after being heckled by a hermaphrodite goddess decided to dump Diana once, love was briefly MURDERED by Cheetah, and for all around the time the Perpetua crap was happening and he finally had enough of her weird cosmic bullshit.

Oh and 3. the Diana of Earth-1 taking over the Earth with bondage mind-rays that force all men to be subservient breeding pets to women, which is presented as a good thing somehow despite Diana herself doubting the process from another world different Amazons had taken over.

>> No.78028558

Wow your character sounds like one busy jumper!

Make sure to make a alfiq mascot for that sweet roll chain to though!

>> No.78028570

>All the gacha waifus
How many waifus is that?

>> No.78028609
File: 202 KB, 640x480, 63FD8906-1A76-40DD-8DD5-4E74D298DCB2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He’s a total workaholic and perfectionist, yeah. Also a cosmic principle of tyranny, but that’s not important for cornering the sweetroll market. And huh, now that you mention it you can totally make some adorable Alfiq OCs in the jump now we know Alfiq are 100% canon in the jump.

...or BE Alfiq.

>> No.78028625

Is Jumper an aspect of Darkseid, or did Darkseid got retconned into an aspect of Jumper? Because you have overlapping themes.

>> No.78028667

>But only if your good
That's not subtle, that's no metaphor, that is straight up just this writers fetish being shoved down readers throats. How the fuck did this doujin level shit pass. Who the fuck reads these comics any more.

>> No.78028745
File: 1.03 MB, 630x779, ds_odeadly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Battler is obviously the cast aside remnants of old Darkseid from back when he was cool.

>> No.78028748
File: 749 KB, 1041x1600, A8B63213-7109-4583-8D8A-1E0F048EE379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funny you should mention that, I’ve had a weird idea about the lasting consequences of a terrible battle in which Darkseid was APPARENTLY defeated after a cataclysmic battle in DC: The Fourth World. The problem is, it was reliant on the Young Justice jump’s update to be fleshed out in order to explain how simultaneously ages ago there was a drawback to fight Darkseid at comics true strength that will apparently be retconned into fighting Darkseid at show strength, and the Young Justice jump...hasn’t updated yet. So I haven’t written the true, 100% explanation of what’s going on yet.

Nominally my dude’s just a different conception of perfection and the absolute who just happened to overlap into rulership and after calamitous events in the Fate/Legends series became a much worse person. But well, suffice to say things like identity start to get blurry when a guy who can make people into Akuma and a guy who can reincarnate himself through his killer with the Omega Sanction go head to head hard enough.

It’s very blatant, isn’t it? It’s particularly odd because the PREVIOUS issue was all about the flaws inherent in Amazon society as well as the wider world, and because Morrison in general is usually much more self-aware about this sort of thing and just...generally not into femdom the way Marston, WW’s original creator who literally had her endorsing bondage as a way of life, was. A while ago I speculated on /co/ that like Kubo and Soul Society, Morrison intended to take a much more overt criticism about the Amazonian way of life but DC editorial told him that he’s not aloud to badmouth Diana’s family. And so like Kubo, Morrison just...changed nothing, made the Amazons as weird and femdommy as possible, and went “there you go here’s your happy ending” in a very sarcastic way.

>> No.78028749

>How the fuck did this doujin level shit pass.
It's comics and it's DC.
>Who the fuck reads these comics
Not many but some will always have taste shit enough for this.

>> No.78028751

>greedy men
>want to turn everything into commodity
both i guess??
>we're keeping all that stuff for ourself; we're not greedy

>> No.78028789
File: 724 KB, 1008x1600, 41630CB1-2B78-4DED-ADF3-7DC1ADDED328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is the alternate universe version of a guy who in the main universe this story took place in basically tried to mind control Wonder Woman with tactics amounting to a /metaphor/ for being a pickup artist coupled with some actual mind control, and on this other world the Amazon response was to...literally chain him up and discipline him with a compulsion collar.

It gets really, really baffling when you recall that the Amazons became so misandristic because of Hercules’ rape and enslavement of them, and in this universe Diana HERSELF is actually Hippolyta’s rape baby from Hercules, so in a way she’s carrying out BOTH her parents’ legacies.

>> No.78028812

Well, Jumpers Alliance? What say you about performing the great raid on the Big 2 comics publishers?

>> No.78028841
File: 428 KB, 1024x1552, chad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Instead of just swapping Spiderman with Diana, they shoul also get Conan to visit both mulitverses. He's the best thing in marvel and i'd like to see how he deals with shit like>>78028789

>> No.78028875

There was a Conan/Wonder Woman crossover, where Conan had a childhood friend called Yana retconned in.

>> No.78028946
File: 73 KB, 800x450, Cowabungaitis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like someone should shirikodama her ass.

>> No.78029114

I'm thinking of being a smei-automatic rifle in Soul Eater with meme flechette rounds. Which one would you guys recommend?

>> No.78029120

Jesus fucking CHRIST, Diana.

>> No.78029188

I said I like the characters, not that they're good people. And for whats it worth he wasn't in his right state of mind when he did those things.
Nah, his eyes didn't make him do most of that, it was mostly his internal instincts as a Nanaya(the Demon hunting family) reacting to the presence of inhumans. Though other stuff like his mental link to SHIKI and Roa, as well as the influence of Arcueids mystic eyes, and being drugged by Kohaku's drugs can also play a role

>> No.78029210

what comic is that? Looks fun. Conan is such a good character.

>> No.78029310

Godhand is a B rank noble phantasm that makes you inmune to anything that doesn't have enough mystery juice, gives you 12 one-ups that recharge over time and if something kills you, you become more resistant to it, although I think the resistance disappears when you get the life back. Song of Selfless Loyalty is a B rank noble phantasms that does fucking nothing.

>> No.78029312

savage avengers (#8)

>> No.78029383

It's a Valeria jump, it's at least 50% shitty headcanon and arbitrary changes.

>> No.78029425 [DELETED] 


>> No.78029498

If you're going to be a meme gun, you might as well go full meme and be a modified Mosin-Nagant

Conan has a lot of childhood retcons who are never brought up again. None particularly canon-breaking really, man just has an eventful life.

Y'know when femaleposter hollered at me, I was just thinking that a lot about him would make sense if he escaped from this odd little Earth where the Amazons took over and enforced femdom on the world.

It would explain a lot.

I feel like pointing out that after shittalking her nonstop, in this story Artemis over here instantly submits utterly to Diana after she beats her up in a fight. It's kinda weird how consistent DC is about Amazons kind of being like orkz in that regard. If you beat one up in a fair, honourable fight and didn't have a penis during the whole fight it is apparently part of their culture to consider that you have made a compelling argument on their own terms with many valid points. Shit's weird. Morrison spent two whole issues setting up the idea that MAYBE the Amazons aren't right about EVERYTHING and then apparently just went "nah, actually they are" in the third book. Like, that blonde girl there? She's actually a Nazi supersoldier who attacked them back in they day-that's not the fucked up part. The fucked part is they brainwashed her into subservience like a man, but the strain on her mind drove her to kill Hippolyta and the reason why she ain't dead is because Diana realised her treatment amounted to psychological torture and basically gave her a get out of jail free card so she's...apparently free to be part of the society that has kept her imprisoned and violated her mind as a prisoner of war for years now? Which...is a good thing...?

It's very disturbing to realise that the Omega Amazons your more naive, foolishly optimistic Jumper made weren't actually all that different from most of the Amazons out there in the multiverse.

>> No.78029509
File: 1.59 MB, 1988x3056, Artemis and Huge Girl .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And of course, captcha picked this time to start eating pics.

>> No.78029614

This is why I stick to the 40k catgirl armies. Fuck's sake, I thought Marvel was bad.

Also what's this bullshit about them having the tech to uplift the world? I thought they lived on a pseudo-Grecian magical island that had no tech at all.

>> No.78029644

Be an Steyr ACR and have automatic flechet rounds.

>> No.78029655

Who is the beefy mclarge huge crossdresser?

>> No.78029691
File: 73 KB, 425x600, jc29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I for one, am happy that when my Jumper snaps and becomes an unabashedly tyrannical cosmic conqueror the Amazons he created before that date will only be cheering him on since they apparently have one standard for men and one standard for gods. Since at no point does ZEUS catch any flack pertaining to this shit.

Also I believe Morrison is doing a callback to the earliest Wonder Woman comics, where Paradise Island had all kinds of whacky advanced technology as well as a population of friendly kangaroos and megalodons that apparently lived in perfect harmony with the Amazons. Recently DC seems to have given up, and just tried to frantically bring those elements back to the main 'verse Amazons in an attempt to plug the gaping hole in their collective brain where ideas for Amazons should have gone. Presumably as typical Australian lifeforms, the giant sharks and roos instincitvely allied with other terrifyingly violent lifeforms against actual Aussies.

No idea! She's just there to be a big mchugethug

>> No.78029707

So DC sees their death looming ahead and are just throwing everything plus the kitchen sink at it in hopes that it delays it, only to see that it makes things even more idiotic. Duly noted.

>> No.78029723

I don't know about the rest of you, but my life would be better if I were the hunky boy toy of a super cute amazon fairy.

>> No.78029770

Sorry, but as you can see in >>78029509, the only Amazonians you're going to find look like they've been roided up since the eighties.

>> No.78029866

Eclipse Phase.

Infinite one-ups if you can program robot to retrieve your stack upon death
Endocrine control to turn off pain (I kinda feel like people underestimate how necessary this is early-chain)
Anti-depression perk (Hardened perk)
Motivation perk lets you pick what you enjoy/guarantees its rewarding (what if you go on jumpchain... and then realized you actually hate fighting people. That's like 70% of a chain)
Perfect memory perk
Cornocupia machine is really useful

>> No.78029890
File: 542 KB, 900x1024, 1612609816505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah; it's one of the things that makes the Servant Supplement hard to use when building canon Servants since the vast majority of them (since F/GO came out) have Skills or Noble Phantasms that aren't explained that well. And some of them aren't even explained at all. That, and the addition of Combat/Magic Skill as statistics- though they're basically the same problem where it's often hard to determine how "skilled" someone is based off of F/GO's gameplay and story.

>> No.78029909

/jc/ likes powerlevels but Fate mocks people who think they mean anything.

>> No.78029936
File: 1.03 MB, 705x1144, Kaisel_105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I try to find crafting perk in Everyone Else is Returnee but I can't find it. Can anyone help?

>> No.78029956

Roman never gave a single shit about any of his wives and he's certainly not about to start now.

>> No.78029990

Roman is full of chad energy.

>> No.78030004

>Snow Storm- 300
>Time to rewind the clock. Don’t bother paying attention to what location or time you land in because you’re going way, way back. The world hasn’t ended yet in this time. In fact, you’re getting put right in the middle of Tokyo after the Red Dragon and White Giant fell from the sky and did battle. Already a fine white dust is floating down onto Tokyo and being spread by the wind to the rest of Japan. You’re surprisingly resistant to this specific incarnation of the white dust but with all the chaos that’s about to unfold, that won’t be too much comfort. The world is about to end at the hands of an army of white demons and human stupidity, with you at ground zero.

From the Nier jump. Does this force you to stay for however long until the normal end date, or do you just stick around for the usual ten years?

>> No.78030017

It's not really hard to use if you define for yourself what abilities the servant would serve in your story.

Like what is the point in taking on a FGO servant with all their skills, if you haven't even defined what they can do, to fulfil their role in your story. And if they're just there for show or representative of something the servant can already do, then just take them on as superficial stats on the sheet.

>> No.78030032

You mean hueism? I know, I know racism is the word the masses use and coined but it isn't even correct. We are all, to my knowledge, human. We may be of many colors and bear many standard of the fleshly body, but we are still the same race.

Actually, is there any way in Jumpchain to allow for smooth change within an uplifted society. I just noticed that my builds are missing that and uplifts are going to be rocky roads even with the magic and technology that my Jumper has without something like that.

>> No.78030040

Wasnt that the whole reason actual Solomon got BTFO'd because he strayed from god by catering to his wives and bringing in false gods?

>> No.78030042

D.Y.N. Freaks.

>> No.78030052

Killed the Tribunal.

>> No.78030082

In gospel, yep. In Fate? No, that was all Gods Plan.

>> No.78030144

Yup. In Fate he was just a puppet of God who didn't get to be a "human" until he got to be Romani Archaman with his wish on the Holy Grail.

>> No.78030160
File: 606 KB, 800x1132, __queen_of_sheba_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_kogaku_kazuya__bbe307ea844312f3637df88a7870a7b8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>God meatpuppet
That was rude of the big man, well, more waifus for me in that case.

>> No.78030193

Considering that it only gives you 300cp, I doubt that you're also forced to spend an extra thirteen-hundred years just hanging out.

>> No.78030202

Why is Ichigo fighting a guy on a dragon?

>> No.78030203

>Like what is the point in taking on a FGO servant with all their skills, if you haven't even defined what they can do, to fulfil their role in your story.
I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. My point was that it's hard to build those Servants because their Skills/NPs are so often undefined, even though they should be major parts of the Servant. The Servant Supplement is certainly good for building OCs since you have full creative control over them from the top down; but when it comes to interpreting and building existing characters, it's a lot harder to do so in a way that fits the canon character.

>> No.78030218

When's the update to Young Justice Jump going to be? I guess it's relatively minor and has been put off for other things since, but I was just wondering cause of what Shard Anon was talking about earlier.

>> No.78030219

My point is that you have to define those powers anyway if you're going to use them in a jump, and once you do that making a build for them is easy.

>> No.78030230

>"You have to breed all the ladies, Solomon"
>"All of them"
>"Don't question the divine plan"

>> No.78030277

Reminder that they got rid of the virus. And that only made humanity hate mutants /more/.
The evil mind control virus was holding back humanity's racism potential.

>> No.78030285

>When's the update to Young Justice Jump going to be?
When it's done. I wouldn't call it minor since I'm basically remaking the entire Jump and even rewriting what does get carried over, but I think giving ETAs is a horrible idea given that I have a hard time sticking to them.

That feels like a weird chicken and the egg scenario since your build comes before the story. You might have a broad idea for what you want the story to be like, but the exact details are going to hinge on your build.

>> No.78030301

Do any of the MCU jumps cover agents of shield stuff?

>> No.78030325

>When it's done. I wouldn't call it minor since I'm basically remaking the entire Jump and even rewriting what does get carried over, but I think giving ETAs is a horrible idea given that I have a hard time sticking to them.
Ah, okay then YJ_Anon. Thanks for doing the whole thing then.

>> No.78030332

There are 2 MCU jumps, and yeah they both include some agents of shield stuff.

>> No.78030344

But why.

>> No.78030349

Qualia the purple. It's pretty much real life with a few rare and minor superpowers sprinkled in... then there's Myriad Self a power that could solo 99.9% of fictional universes.

I rolled and my first jump is warhammer40k - Adeptus Sororitas. I don't really know that much about 40k but from what I gather the only beings who could even potentially hurt me across all timelines are the chaos gods, which the mental fortress perks prevents. I suppose the emperor could try to mind control me in all possible timelines at once? Eh, I don't think he could pull that off while dying on the throne or would even recognize the need to in most timelines until I'm to strong to be mind controlled.

>> No.78030389

It's the secret canceled ending to Bleach.
The Soul King comes back to life and it turns out he was evil the whole time.

>> No.78030411

He didn't have a will of his own, but iirc, he only received a single vision from God in his entire life.

>> No.78030412

Because they were in the same continuity, when the jumps were made.

It's not complicated anon, try to think about it by yourself a bit, beore asking questions online.

>> No.78030428

Just the description in the perk oversells how good it is. In the comic, the girl goes to crazy lengths just to come up with the answer of "tell your friend that it's her decision, but that you'd prefer her to not leave with the mysterious and evil organization." Also it turns out that her visions were all wrong because they all had the friend destined to die because that's why she activated the power.

The real value in the power is that it lets you rewrite jump documents after your chain ends.

>> No.78030445

>The real value in the power is that it lets you rewrite jump documents after your chain ends.
Go away, Generic.

>> No.78030458

It's Burn The Witch.

>> No.78030489

You could've always done that with the Omega Effect, though

>> No.78030495

What are some good vacation jumps that aren't CATastrophe or Dog Days? Nothing against them, I'm just already using them

>> No.78030530

The Witches could make a good vacation jump if you're strong and like killing things that deserve it.

>> No.78030532

The Sitcom Jump.
Have lots of carefree adventures while jumping from Sitcom to Sitcom.

>> No.78030533

Yeah. I have always been of the opinion that the SS got more in the way of making a build than helping. And with each update it seems to get worse as Val is still trying to 'balance' it, but the end user experience gets worse and worse.

>> No.78030573

The end user experience is miles better than it was. It's just that, now there's barely any point to the supplement because now everything except stats is entirely freeform where you have to balance it yourself.

>> No.78030578

Stardew Valley.

>> No.78030580

Fix your jumps Beast before you start sniping at jumpmakers who are conceptual universes about the quality of your own jumps.

>> No.78030669

Reminder to use cosmic Jumper powers for boob-related shenanigans.

>> No.78030688

Is someone making a new Star Wars jump? I haven't been around for a few weeks but I vaguely remember someone talking about it.

>> No.78030719

Which is a pain in the ass to accurately build a canon character instead of a canon recruitment option.

>> No.78030734

Plagueis is coming some time this decade, allegedly.

>> No.78030749

That, and linking Tiers to specific jumps, which just leads to stupid shit like FGO Mata Hari or Hans being able to dunk on everyone from Stay Night, because their T2 E stats translate to T1 EXs.

Honestly, Fate's 'powerlevels' are more about the narrative - i.e. whoever is currently a having their cool shounen moment - than bigger numbers. Always has been. It's why it can have, say, Karna jobbing to Sieg then 1v1 Moon Altera then tanking Arjuna Blanco's universe resetting blast. Or Herc getting punked by Caliburn, then latter tanking Sutr's planet-glassing sword, then being blow up by the Ark of Covenant.

>> No.78030776

Definitely. It should just cost 50CP to companion any servant that shows up, with a note that says Giglamesh's Gate of Babylon stays behind.

>> No.78030795

>first Shard won't make Nobilis and endjump even when it can make you flex over a full Hadou Yog jumper
>now he fills it with easy drawbacks for a lot of CP
I see what's going on here

>> No.78030869

I mean each of those moments have a explanation, not good ones, but it's explained, except the Herc tanking Sutr sword.

>> No.78030874

Reminder the Elder God and Conceptual Jumpers ultimately end up less happy than Jumpers who exclusively visit Comfy and Slice of Life settings to get friends and a soul mate spouse.

>> No.78030897

Enjoy working 9 to 5 to keep food on the table and having your chain end in a car crash while I drink the wine of conceptual joy.

>> No.78030909

>not being an Elder God and Conceptual Jumper while also visiting Comfy and Slice of Life settings to relax and have fun

>> No.78030920

The net happiness people experience balances out to an equilibrium, always swinging between boredom and misery.

>> No.78030924

Either Evolving Skills, Blessed By A God, Recorded God, or Maxed Stat should be what you’re looking for.

>> No.78030925

>not doing both
literally jumping incorrectly

>> No.78030937

Schopenhauer pls go and pay the medical bills for that woman you crippled. And stop sucking off the pajeets too.

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