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>I know it’s not popular but Tau should have leaned more into more into have xeno auxiliaries the robots suck!
>I still won’t buy them
>I buy primaris models but the lore sucks
>age of Sigmar is shit 40k is better than ever
>black library sucks
>alfabusa ruined the online community

Why are opinions here repeated so much?

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Why do sheeple repeatedly call people NPC?
Is it because they're assblasted that nobody views them as having any kind of individual thought, and want to try a rubber glue?

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Why are shitty threads like this posted all the time now?

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Any excuse to post the newest image off of foreign boards.

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Once upon a time that image was used for empathy and understanding a "feel" with one another.

Now its a political "NPC" garbage image.

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I do want to see more of the Tau auxilaries, but I also want them to double down on the robots.

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GW needs to you keep buying product

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This has been the norm for /tg/ for the last five years. Welcome to the homogenized internet.

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This is what happens when you get an echo chamber of people who really think they're hot memers, but who's idea of a meme spreading is through spam exclusively.

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The Tau auxiliaries thing is repeated so much. GW only doubles down on robots since it’s what Tau players wanted.

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