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It's true.

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I think you are a retard unable to give context and to start a discussion.

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I got it immediately

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Ultramarines bad but if any other chapter does that same thing it’s badass

I thought /tg/ hated 1d4chan? Are we still hating on ward?

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I don't get it. Is GW trying to tell him that they want the next part to be set on an ocean world or something?
I don't get it at all. Brainlet, sorry

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Repaint as ultramarine primaris instead of custom chapter manlets

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Ahhh okay. That's actually a pretty good joke. I keked

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Ultramarines are incredibly over-represented in a faction that is already over-represented. Of course we're tired of them.

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Is your stance is that UMs should be allowed to dominate all media because if other chapters had more of the spotlight it would somehow be equally bad?
Because that really doesn't make much sense.
The whole point of having loads of chapters is the diversity of it.
There's no good reason why werewolf viking space marines needed to exist or any other bizarre permutation of what a standard astartes force should be.
But it's the most popular faction and it makes sense to let people choose their flavor.

There's literally 1000 chapters and most media focuses on the 1.
1, which I might remind you, is no bigger than any other of the 999 chapters.

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>protagonist get more spotlight than others

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>Ultramarines are "protagonists"

u wot m8

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>t. Clueless retard

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