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Why worry about what alignment your character is? Why not just create a character, and then let your DM decide what alignment you are, and continue to play the same way regardless?

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Alignment is shit. Roleplay your fucking character.

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because then I wouldn't be playing a role I'd just be playing myself dipshit
unless you mean the DM decides my alignment instead of me? that's equally retarded

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Or why not just create a character, decide what alignment makes the most sense based on the character, and then let the DM change your alignment if it turns out you're running something different, and anyway continue to play the same way regardless?

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People don't like hidden info games, although personally I think they're a neat gimmick that is difficult to do well

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the only people to worry about alignments are playing paladins, clerics, and sometimes monks and barbarians but it’s easy to justify wherever you need to be on the law-chaos axis
just a few weeks ago my TN soulknife was changed to NE for killing two tied up assassins in front of their leader to make a point about why the assassins shouldn’t have tried to kill someone in my home. I don’t agree it’s an evil action but it’s no skin off my nose since soulknives aren’t alignment restricted

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Alignments only exist because the influential earlier games were based on rigid Christian themes that banned any moral or mental flexibility

This is literally a non-issue

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Christianity doesn't have a Lawful-Chaotic axis though, and it doesn't even have a Neutral axis either. Everything is either Good or Evil.

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Alignment isn't a Myers-Briggs personality test. It's what side you've chosen to fight for. That's what the word means.

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You just know his dick is big

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Fucking exactly!

Unless you're playing an alignment restricted class.

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But I want my Paladin to get a Holy Avenger magic sword so I can avenge the Sisters of Mercy who were killed by not-evil, no real world equivalent marauders.

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Thst is the same as letting the GM decide your hair color later. Or letting your GM decide your faith and philosophy. Or letting your GM decide your sexual identity. This character you create is yours and it is your job to define who the character is.
I have started asking my players to define their alignment and morals with a paragraph.

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Alignment exists because good, evil, law and chaos have cosmic forces representing them, and those forces provide power that is anathema to it's opposite. Smite Evil works because evil is a real, tangible force, not just a judgement applied to certain thoughts and actions.

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Alignment is a sort of holdover from earlier editions of the game that just exists because evolution is a conservative force and people are just used to it and expect it to be there. It's also a big part of the culture at this point so its just like any other nonsensical tradition carried out in a given subculture. It represents something meaningful even if the thing in itself is sort of dated.

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Because Paladin and Barbarian have alignment requiremets.

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So just play yourself? What's the frikkin point of roleplaying if you don't try to play someone with different beliefs or ethics than yourself? It's called ROLEPLAY for a reason. Try stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while and imagine what it's like to be someone else, like good actors do, instead of just being yourself every fucking time. You never know, you might enjoy yourself, gain a little insight and empathy for others and become a better person?.

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Imagine still playing a game that has the alignment grid.

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I know this is just a bait, but alignment is not the same as character. You can make a character with different beliefs and ethics than yourself but still not worry about alignment.

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When I DM, I relegate all but the most significantly heroic and horrific humanoids to neutral alignment. I don't usually bring it up to my players, who are also almost always firmly neutral despite what they may think. The idea here being that the humanoid capacity for choosing to do good or evil in any situation and often being generally sympathetic but also naturally selfish makes it very hard for them to truly cross over into the cosmic definitions of good and evil. The more important axis for humanoids, where most of their mundane conflicts occur, is lawful vs chaotic. Though I'd say about half of all humanoids still remain firmly neutral in this as well. Like we do with philosophy in the real world, players can rationalize that they are good or evil. But it takes some real superman shit to actually live up to their ideas about themselves instead of just conforming to the baseline of their nature.

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>It's what side you've chosen to fight for.
Only true for certain clasess

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>Why worry about what alignment your character is?
bruh, its just a tool because player are retarded. its a redacted way to encourage proper roleplay using a very recognizable, imprintable, and simple visualization.

it’s literally a retard wrangling tool. so there is a visual change when there is an in game disconnect between what the player does and who the players are generally suppose to be.

for your average idiot, a block moving to the left or down is a much more impactful change then the dm saying “your character probably wouldnt do this” or “it seems like your character is having a change of heart”.

it is an iconic description of gestalt characterization of a character rather than what the character springs from. And seeing how the format is kind of popular, it does seem like an effective way to express “the jist” of a characters attitude.

You dont need it, but it works as a simple reference tool to describe and catagorize a complex long winded explaination of motivation for the purpose of expediacy.

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If anything, the biggest retards are people who insists alignments are needed.
Rest of your posts boils down to "but muh tradition!". Eat a bunch of dicks

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I don't agree with the opinion of anon you replied to about alignments but tradition is wisdom, even though that has hardly anything to do with the topic.

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i made no appeal to tradition at all.

I made an appeal to organization and catagorization.
I bever had a group that ran into a problem with the system sice its so abstract. If they are generally altuistic and idealistic they go towards good, if they tend to place importance on following rules they go lawful. what kind of form that idealism takes and what laws they follow or tend to follow is more a matter of specific characterization. its just a rough gestalt description of stance. And only autists who critique everything have much of a problem with it. especially when in reference to pulpy fantasy.

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No it's true for all classes.
You have to pick a side. Lack of picking a side is still choosing a side.
Like how in Christianity you can't just decide "well I'm not anti-god but I don't want to accept Jesus and my lord and savior"
You're either with God or against God.
Likewise in D&D you're either against Evil or you're on the side of Evil. There's no room for indifference.
Neutral only means you're mindless and/or will fight for whatever side compels you to fight for them.

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>Christcuck rant
Opinion discarded

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>neutral only means you're neither against or on the side of evil

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Christianity's moral axis is Lawful Good - Chaotic Evil, and there is no Neutral.

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Being Good requires effort.
Neutrality means you can't be trusted to be Good, and any lapse of Good is a victory for Evil.
Evil will allow Good, if it benefits Evil.
Neutral will allow Evil, if it benefits Neutral.
Good will not allow Evil, even if it would benefit Good.

That's the difference.

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>Good will not allow Evil, even if it would benefit Good.

That’s simplistic. For one thing one of the express reasons why the gods of Good in D&D tolerate the existence of Bastor and Asmodeus is because their Blood War with the demons of the Abyss helps to cull and limit demons’ numbers.

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Forgotten Realms is terribly written.

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You dont have to align yourself with Jack shit to be a fighter or a rogue. No one is saying "i align myself with the power of (insert alignment) unless they are a paladin or similar

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Have you tried not playing D&D?

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It's cosmically significant in D&D.
Saying "I don't have to align myself with jackshit" is like a Pole in WWII saying you don't have to align yourself with jackshit. You can try but that's not going to work in reality.
You're taking a behavior that occurs in reality ( in reality, you don't matter at all and your choices don't mean anything) and trying to apply it where the axioms are different.
I'll use the Christianity example again, because it's the easiest for everyone to understand.
In a reality where Christian God exists, you can't just decide you want to be aligned. You're either with God, or you're not with God. You don't have a choice, the greater cosmology doesn't give a fuck about your dumb mortal opinions.

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>there are only 9 personalities.

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Actually based

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Alignment is broken as a concept. It can never, ever work. Nobody can agree on what law or chaos means and the concept of good and evil was made up by a gay-ass desert cult. Applying it to games or discussing it in any way only leads to suffering.

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>nobody can ever agree
In every game I've run or been a part of that had an alignment system, everyone was on the same page regarding what the axis meant.
The people you play with are the only people you need to agree with, despite people trying to convince you otherwise.

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if you were any dumber, they would have to put you in a mechanical lung.

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How can you roleplay your character without knowing their alignment? That's like making decisions without having the DM rolling your int to see if your character would do that. It's basically cheating.

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if you are not going to play the alignment game why the fuck are you playing the game at all? why would you bother with D&D if you hate it so much?

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Based. I keked.

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Why are these threads still made
no one uses alignments
No on ever used alignments.
This is all just made up stories to make others mad

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Law and chaos axis is more straightforward than good and evil axis.

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