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What board games should everyone have in their collection?

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not that one.

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Risk. It's the only way to determine who your true friends are.

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Nah, it's perfect for setting up plots for future games.

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It's also good for breaking the ice between strangers

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Love Letter and Betrayal for sure, great for new players and for pretty much everybody else.

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Pic related.

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Owning CAH is a huge red flag.

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>tfw you're meeting a girl and you could see yourself dating her, until she utters the phrase "The Geneva Convention has forbidden the deployment of big, black cocks".

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Youre a fucking faggot

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It's a good play, quit being a fag

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>discounting a person's entire worth over a cards against humanity play
The whole point of that game is to be edgy and stupid, you prude. Go play some checkers.

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Does this game even have any teeth left? I imagine all the funny race related cards have been plucked out of it, I remember one about finishing off the native Americans, that was kinda funny.

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being "edgy and stupid" is for chatrooms, not IRL.

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Go play something that isn't Cards Against Humanity then, you're clearly too good for it.

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would go from "see myself dating her" to "we getting married TOMORROW"

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Thereby making it NOT a game that "everyone" should have, genius.

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Why did you play it in the first place if it causes you this much anger?

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Why did you think "edgy and stupid" was for "everyone"?

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Not agreeing with the other Anon per se, but Cards Against Humanity is definitely not for everyone. It’s not really suitable for Children, every Muslim, hardcore Christians, Orthodox Jews, people who don’t enjoy low-brow potty humor, etc.

I think OP is looking answers like Monopoly and Chess and posted CAH as a bad example or bait.

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I'm not the guy saying Cards Against Humanity was for everyone. It's a decent party game, nothing more.

I'm saying that rejecting someone over a stupid CAH play is incredibly narrowminded. I'm also wondering why he would even bother playing if he gets this asshurt over it.

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No, it isn't. It was designed from the start to have dark humor and be offensive. It was also designed to be laughed at and not taken seriously.

Faggots like >>78021138 are exactly who it was designed to piss off. Fuck that tranny, IT should go play "Dodge the Trucks" on the interstate.

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You are an actual baby

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Love Letter is a great game appetizer, a game to get people warmed up and ready to play something more toothsome.

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Secret Hitler
Wits & Wagers
Ticket to Ride

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>/tg/ is actually defending Reddit: The Card Game

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>only way to determine who your true friends are
That would be Diplomacy.

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This board is infested with Reddit.

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Chess, Cards Against Humanity, Risk, Chinese Checkers, Munchkin, Settlers of Catan, Crokinole, whatever folks like.

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>Cards Against Humanity
>not 4chan: The Card Game

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So sick of it, why do people like it? It was novel the first 2 times i played it, then everyone decided to have a fuckign set and i've been subjected to it at so many parties and im so sick of it. its not funny, its shitposting in real life, and why would you fucking do that?

its a party game for retards

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>its shitposting in real life, and why would you fucking do that?
why would you do it anywhere?
why would you come to 4chan?

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It's a game that doesn't have a lot of replay value. Best you play it sparingly before moving on to a party game that's got more replay value.

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Had lots of fun with this one, shame it's collecting dust now.

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A deck of playing cards. Compact, and everybody knows at least one game you can play.

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