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In class oriented games, each class is heavily tied to one of the standard 6 attributes, strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma with a minor focus on a couple others depending on the role you want to play. However, normally, the Divine classes such as Priest or Cleric are the ones that rely on Wisdom as their main attribute.
In a setting without a Divine presence or origin, what class takes over the mantle of “the Wisdom class”? Do you just split that typical Magic user class between the mental attributes? If so, what are the classes and what exactly differentiates them?

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There should only be 3 classes
All magic-users have to be NPCs by default since magic is mysterious and barely-defined

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Artificer or Engineer maybe? Intelligence for theory, Wisdom for practical application.

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But how do they function differently?

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I would imagine their magic works around creating balance and a natural harmony, since there aren’t gods to keep order over the universe, a sage has providence over that area of magic. This would be in contrast to a mage that just knows magic and shapes raw/latent arcane energy for HIS purposes and not for a real purpose. Creation, entropy, the natural order would be “sagacious”.

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>in class oriented games, every class is tied to a stat from D&D
That's a nope, family.

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don't the druids use wisdom in the ol' d n d?

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I’d play this

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And what about class oriented games that don't have that particular set of attributes?

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What about them?

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Atheist religions such as Buddhism and Jainism are a thing.

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Dofus/Wakfu treat/s classes as races.

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>In a setting without a Divine presence or origin, what class takes over the mantle of “the Wisdom class”?
Mankind creates a divine authority or an authority of some manner if there are none, so an appointed of that authority and code would take the place of a wisdom caster. Perhaps some kind of law keeper or lore keeper, who keep their companions moral strong through reminder of their great mission and what it means to the folks back home.

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>the commissar

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No those aren't "atheist religions", reddit, they say you are god

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Hey reddit thats not what they say although you are right that they aren't atheist religions either.

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What a boring fucking faggot you are. How much did you pay for your copy of Chainmail?

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You either never interacted with an engineer in your life, or you are one.

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Do not lump OSR with that kind of faggotry. The most hardcore of us use Fighting Man, Cleric, and Magic-User.

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Reddit hates them because they say Western atheists are dumb unwashed plebs and science is Christian.

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>In class oriented games
If you want to say D&D, just say D&D.

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