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What created the races in your setting, or what myths elude to it? Surely they didn't evolve from fantasy monkeys, right?

In mine:

>Extradimensional alien crashlanded in a ship thousands of years ago
>The ship is impossibly, incomprehensibly powerful, but the being is trapped inside
>Decided to create a bunch of fucking retards to help him get out, but no matter what he created they couldn't free him
>Throughout hundreds of generations they spread into the overworld and forgot about him, becoming the mortal races
>Now that they've advanced, the original being, still trapped within the ship deep under the earth, is luring them back to break it free
>This has created a huge escalation in conflict as the region is now subconsciously desired by every faction
>Also kickstarted several asymmetrical wars with the tribals who never left the region like their ancestors

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made from clay to dig ditches so the gods don’t have to

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>Surely they didn't evolve from fantasy monkeys, right?
They did.
Humans and dwarves evolved from fantasy monkeys. They are cousin species.
Elves are a human variant, slowly mutated by subtle magic. Ogre are dire human, brutally mutated by less subtle magic. Both those phenomenons can happen to any species, at least in theory.
Other races (like cephalids, araneans, porcs...) evolves from other animals, with or without magic influences.

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Time doesn't progress in a linear fashion - it does hurdles

The world is still being created. There are vast areas of ocean where it's complely empty, and the world is pretty much infinite if you travel across the oceans in one direction
The first thing to appear was an island in the middle of the world, which already came with animals, birds, plants etc and stone age people
About two thousand years later, another continent appeared pretty close by, though this time with bronze age equipment. Nobody knows where these continents come from, and nobody from them has any memories beforehand. They just suddenly appeared

This has continued on with jumps at various intervals. The most recent 'jump' brought victorian-tier technology in, much to the shock of the medieval sorcerers and knights who suddenly came into contact with automobiles and electricity. However, they largely settled down

Until now: a new continent recently appeared in the north. When a steam-powered viking longship approached, it was hailed by loud 'flying machines' and the first contactees met with the supposed ruler, or "corporate executive officer", though they were much more interested in a bizarre tavern called "McDonalds" and a set of moving stairs called an "escalator"

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Dunno if someone else did it first but there is 2 kinds of races in my setting
>the designed
>the orphan

The designed were created by deities, the orphan either evolved or were created by accident, humans are an Orphan race so they end up worshipping other races deities or even make up false gods to worship, meanwhile Elves and Orcs always worship the god who created them and their children (aka minor deities)

Ex: Dwarves were created by a deity based on Odin, Elves were created by a deity similar to Zeus. No one knows for sure mankind origins, even the gods can't remember where they came from.

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Only one race was made by an actual god, the rest were made by the stars after they deposed the creator, save for Humans who were made from clay by a half-mad fallen star.

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What are some common patterns in IRL creation myths?

Also, what are the pros and cons of the myth and/or the gods being factual versus just a made-up story?

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In answer to your last question, different cultural interpretations of a creation myth provides a great source of tension or conflict. Also how would anybody out-rightly know that a creation myth occurred? By their very nature those events tend to have occurred long before whoever is telling them.

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No real God or deity that made human races in my campaign

World operates in cycles. Current cycle is typical fantasyland with some degree of tech (powder firearms/clockworks). Main enemy factions are: Dryads who want the world to go even more magic based and attuned with a sick and twisted view of a more "natural" or druidic shape for the world to end in, Darklings who are the remnants of the previous cycle which was more modern day (higher tech/ low or no magic), Reen (machines who study and replicate, think borg) who want to full on tech and make the world a giant server hivemind, and then the current cycle's government has a sort of civil war going on.

As for how current cycle guys came to be, evolution after the last cycle nuked the planet to oblivion thousands of years ago, but they reference that as a god of fire giving life to all mankind.

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Isn't this Fallen London/Sunless Sea, but entire continents and aboveground?

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>Fallen London/Sunless Sea
Redpill us more on that setting please?

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Basically in that setting, London had been stolen by bats and deposited on this shore of a subterranean sea. It is not the first city to be stolen. Hell is just a short distance away, death is not that permanent, and you can go directly to the dream realm via mirrors. Shit's wack yo.

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Every race has their own.

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With the exception of NT, the universe was said to haven't begun on a single instantaneous point of space and time (OT says the creator flew over an expanse of watery void);
Chaoskampf is the creation of order out of chaos which still exists outside of the cosmos;
Shaping the world out of the murdered or suicided remains of a hermaphrodite is common;
Except for the NT, the universe has always been, always is, and always is, and all beings including godhoods are secondary to the eternal universe;
The universe is a battlefield of different gods or angels and you have to appease the good and the bad;
There's a number of rules the universe follows (gods seems fickle because they're afraid of Karma, God has an ulterior goal and has to follow his own laws, etc.) and human-made morality fails with no exception;
You may or may not get reincarnated until you're ready, you have done an alot'd job, or found a way to leave;

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Not gonna lie, I've stolen this almost entirely for two campaigns with different groups

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Everything evolved from jellyfish.

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Why Jellyfish and not regular fish? And where did the jellyfish come from?

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Fall From Heaven has an interesting creation story
The vast majority of people don't know the full story though. Some know bits and pieces, while others adhere to more fallacious stories that favour their preferred god(s). Very few people know the actual story of creation, and those people aren't liked very much.

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Alright, and what does each race believe then?

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Why exactly did the stars go around deposing the creator? Also, what was the race made by an actual god, elves?

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>Why exactly did the stars go around deposing the creator?
I'm still figuring that out honestly. Maybe envy towards the Orcs the creator made, maybe their pride drove them to think they could run things better. Not sure.

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What are some neat ways that the gods can make humans? Stuff like carving us from clay seems common, what's something more unique?

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There is only a "creation" myth of the most recent iteration of the world, and on the matter of from whence the population came before people seldom speak or ponder.
(Perhaps I'll come up with an original creation myth too at some point, but it is not important.)

Through a magical (and fairly political) catastrophe wrought by god-mages, the original pangaea was violently split into many separate continents and the previously homogenous people speciated at a breakneck pace thanks to further magical meddling.
Most secular religion focuses on the Change as an important epoch, rather than the actual beginning. Few scholars or leaders will reference any life before the Change. It has now been nearly a thousand years since everything Changed, and no one remembers the stories of anyone who might have remembered the before.

The men, the equivalent of dwarves and hobbits, and anthropomorphic species such as fauns and merfolk were therefore created by magic from the original homogenous species which were elf-equivalent. Even "elves" have speciated as some remain in a home much like the old home and some now dwell on sandy beaches or in jungles. Only the "elves" would dare postulate on the time before the Change, for all other races did not exist and therefore fear it. Though the creation myths of the Change differ between races, most see their favored god-mage as the sole savior and other god-mages as defiled or distracted.

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How did the stars depose their creator?

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Spawning them from holy toenail clippings.

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If the creation story is known and factual it opens up the possibility for gods to be in contact with the people and in some ways even necessitates it. However, frequent contact with a deity also destroys the concept of religion and makes the deity into more of a leader than a legend. Creation as myth opens up the possibility of different religions, religious factions, and wars of ideology but also somewhat squashes the idea that any god would be in contact with more than a handful of people and even in that contact would need to be limited.

Creation as fact puts the deities in a much more major contributing role than creation as myth.

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Why not have both?
The gods created the world, but people don't know the whole story. They're stuck with bits and pieces of the larger whole. Hence the various myths, religions and cults.

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Nothing I said precludes a god from creating the world, just that either the people's idea of it is either true or false and the possible ramifications of either as per anon's question.

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Haven't done one for mortal beings, but I do have one for demons and devils:
>Huge sulfurous and volcanic clod of dirt called Skuld hanging off the bottom of the tree of life
>When people are very shitty they go there
>Violent people wallow in the smoke until enough clings to their spirit to create a new body.
>These are demons: violent and primitive creatures that occasionally wander upward to the mortal plane to cause chaos.
>People who were shitty because they were liars or cheats go to Skuld but hover above the ashes since they're not "bad" enough
>There are stone dragons that were cast into hell for being the literal embodiment of evil
>They use soul magics to make deals with these spirits that bind them to a body, like golems, so they don't just hang out being incorporeal for eternity.
>These golems are devils, they're shitty people who are clever, and eventually freed themselves from service
>They learn the soul magics from the stone dragons, but they're not banished to hell they're just reincarnated there.
>So eventually the devils start making soul deals themselves, but they also can do it in the mortal plane with living people

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Humans, Orcs, and Goblinoids evolved from apes.

Elves and Dwarves(which include Halfings and Gnomes) were divinely created when a deity noticed a planet teeming with this new thing called "life" and wanted to try their hand at. Elves are all collectively one deity same fagging like a one man puppet show and Dwarves are LITERALLY only have 3 personality/intelligence variants and are all otherwise mental clones of one another.

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bump for more creation stories

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So the elves are *all* just extensions of the same deity? Does anyone besides the elves actually notice this? What about half-elves? What are those unique dwarven personality traits?

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>Ay yo the Elves wants us to find some happy campers to party with

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>Orcs, and Goblinoids evolved from apes.
What do orcs and goblins look like compared to humans? Can any of the three interbreed?

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final bump for the sake of bumping

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This is how pre-2014 /x/ saw it.

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>pre-2014 /x/
What happened to /x/ in 2014?
-t. not used /x/ since 2012

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These pic mean I have to post this

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Have any more like it please?

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Andoran humans believe that their primary deity created the Golden Men to serve as him, but the Golden Men forgot his name, and were diminished to mortality as a result. Thessian humans believe that their primary deity spun humanity out of sea-froth and made them as food for itself. Varang humans believe that humanity is directly descended from their gods, through two brother deities mating with giants and spawning a multitude of children across the world. Elves know that they are the First Race of Man, and were sent to the world to defend it - they believe that humans are degenerated elves. They are almost right, humans are a discarded attempt by the Satan equivalent of the setting to copy elves.

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Ok, so here's mine.

In the divine plane exists The Fountain, the white hole from wich gods are born. Some god-made creatures can also ascend to godhood (if their nature permits it). This gods-in-the-making are called shattirs. The human god had employed three shattirs: they helped him overlook creation, and in exchange, he would teach and feed them godhood. One of the three was very close to reaching god status, and was becoming impatient with the slow rate the god was feeding her, so she decided to usurp his creation. The god had made several attemps in creating a perfect creature, and humans were the latests. Usually, the god made a planet sized pocket dimension for each race to live in while he tested them. When he was about to make the human world, the cunning shattir secretly changed the size and schematics of the new plane so it would be a galaxy instead of a single planet. This effort of creation consumed a good 2/3 of the god, who went on hybernation mode. The other shattirs though this was an accident and continued their work. The traitor bitch named herself the head of the proyect from then until the god woke up again (in this new position she would reach godhood in a mere few thousand years). All three poceeded to plant humans in a world of this new plane. Once humans reached the bronce age, the shattirs manifested to them, said they were pretty much the gods and explained the "sacrifice" of the original god. And thus began religion.

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Neither of the other shattirs felt suspicious or resentful?

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What are some interesting origins for the gods in a setting?

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4chan fell.

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Over-god died and splinters turned into deities.

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The traitor used another spirit known to fuck shit up as a proxy so the blame wouldn't fall on her. This one was one of the firsts creatures created by the god, extremely powerful and ancient in human standars, but it was labeled as a failed attemp. Too much of a rule breaker. It actually is a fugitive but the traitor secretly hides it as long as it does some dirty work for her.

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The final evolutionary states of previous planets that went molten or were absorbed by stars.

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Is the world otherwise normal human?

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>evolutionary states
Did you mean evolutionary “stages”?

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Goblins were made by a fey witch rubbing mud in her vagina to prove that earth is disgusting and all the fey should return to the moon.

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what are you ESL? I meant what I said

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Not in wallpaper format but I do have stuff, if I can find them

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Like this marvel

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And that last one I remember

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Here's a few creations of mine
>Gods follow the theory of evolution
Anytime there's a species, there's a god. His power always represent the combined potential of that specie.
When subspecies start to appear the pantheon split in as many entities as the species recognize.
When species merge, the gods have "child" and eventually fade themselves.

>Dimensional jumper
A species studying dimensional jump, the problem is that it is one-way for now, so everywhere they go mean rebuilding a civilization up to one capable of studying dimensional jump.

>Simulation administrators
A classic, a whole civilization was digitalized inside a Matrioshka brain simulator, for reasons.
From time to time they appear to guide these civilization or bless some "heroes" to shift it in a direction they want, they often disagree and that's why they have complicated rules and accept input from the civilization.

>Narrative causality
Stuff happen so there's story to tell. Rest in peace Terry Pratchett.

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>The absolute state of the evolutionary state of Florida

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You mean stage right?

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>stage right?
I thought that that was a theater thing?

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Nice, the only way that it could be better is if it was actually hammering away.

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Funny fact: the artist is legally blind

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That is a pretty commonly used abbreviation and has nothing to do with leddit.
Why are you so obsessed?

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>London had been stolen by bats
I don't remember that, didn't they lose a war against hell?

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The losing to hell part happened after they got under.

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Okay, how did they get into a war with Hell at all?

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More from this artist?

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see >>78067035 you'll get his name

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Oh, cool idea. I might have to steal this.


>Painting life

>Growing life in a garden

>Programming life if your setting is sci fi or has sci fi elements

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Once upon a time there was Earth, and it was green and filled with life. Then, humanity created the Blood Machine. The Blood Machine discovered the trace amount of the phenomenon known as "magic" in blood, and unlike the ignorant shamans of old, used its hyper-intelligence to refine the process of blood magic until it became the Haemothurge, devouring the world. Now, all life dwells inside or above the Haemothurge, and blood is the world's currency.

Praise be to the Haemothurge, he who ushered in the everlasting Red Age, where man was taught new ways to revel and feast and evolve.

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How does having blood as the world's currency work, and how does it tie into actual blood magic?

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What the... are you me? It's not exactly the same, but
>This has created a huge escalation in conflict as the region is now subconsciously desired by every faction
Is a near perfect overlap.

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Blood is fuel for magic, if you have more of it then you can do more magic. As everything runs on magic, blood is directly tied to power.

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>Surely they didn't evolve from fantasy monkeys, right?
First off, they're apes. Secondly, yeah, they did. At least, two of the more prominent overland species did. And while not specifically apes, several other species previously thought to be in the same clade have very different origins. For example, everyone has always thought that the halfling was some kind of off-shoot of humankind but in actuality, halflings aren't even related to humans. They're not even primates, technically. Oh, and goblins! Goblins are another strange one. So strange that for the longest time we thought they weren't one of the natural species - but as it turns out, they're basically the sole surviving species in an entire line of what can best be described as "bug-lizards." Not to mention that they show that the who phenomena of homonization is not constrained to mammals. Nature keeps producing crabs and it keeps producing people and it's exciting to find out why.

Yeah, sure, sure. The Elves arrived here from a realm not our own, and the Dwarves were hewn from the earth and the dragons whatever whatever whatever. Nice, uncomplicated origins for the mystical species that pepper the earth - cool, great. Good for them. SUPER boring though. No history to it. Just spawned in some day and welp that's it they exist now.

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How is blood stored and harnessed? How much authority does the Haemothurge have over humanity?

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For bonus points, have the phrase "YE SHALL BE AS GODS" begin to repeat over and over near the ship.

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If halflings aren’t primates, what are they then? What are so of the other weird species?

I couldn’t agree more.

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In mine, the stock standard humanoid races all share a common ancestor from millions of years ago. That ancestor split off into two others, the protohumans and the protoelves. The protohumans gave rise to the humans, dwarves, and halflings, while the protoelves begat the elves, orcs, goblins, and gnomes. The beast races are a little less clear in that regard. The Lizardfolk and Kreen predate all other races by hundreds of millions of years, but the Loxos, Tabaxi, Leonin, Grippli, and countless others which arrived recently could simply have been the result of humanoids experimenting with nature magics, whether that be shapechanging that eventually replaced their default form or polymorphing producing beast-man hybrids that developed into a natural species over time.

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What caused the split between the two groups, and what traits do the members of each group tend to sleep? Can any of the races interbreed? Why have goblins and orcs be related to elves?

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Is blood the only way to harness magic?

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Actually any bodily fluid would do, it's just that mages are kinda iffy with using semen, piss, earwax or snot, and eyeball fluid is sparse. Tears and spit are too diluted mana-wise so you need more than a single person could extract.

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>blood as the world's currency
>Blood is the currency of the soul and the very essence of a creature. To drain someone of their blood is to absorb their soul out of them.

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>blood as the world's currency

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The numerous races split as a result of rapid environmental changes. The Protohuman-Protoelf split was the result of some protohumanoids wandering into areas of high ambient magic and naturally occuring planar fissures, becoming the protoelves. The protoelves split further when they were exposed to intense volcanic activity and hostile magic megafauna (orcs), places of wild magic and clusters of planar portals (gnomes), places of tectonic instability leading to high mortality rates (goblins), and massive sprawling forests (elves).

The protohumans, by comparison, developed much slower. The dwarves are stocky and muscular because their ancestors burrowed through solid rock, while the halflings burrowed through hills of soft soil. The humans, however, merely stayed on the surface.

>> No.78088972

Ancient beings from another dimension created the universe from their hopes, dreams and fears. These ancient beings are in fact the people that developed the game, and in lore the GM and players are using the same kind of power to alter the world. Some characters are even aware of it.

>> No.78091420

Of course that comic went there. This is the kind of thing that they "do".

>> No.78093839

Quick question, what does Satan "do" with all that blood in that comic?

>> No.78094863

>pretty commonly used abbreviation
It isn't and its origin can be traced to a single subreddit.

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File: 105 KB, 1200x630, 180605-big-bang-illustration-al-1141_c426a54e8d4f6d67f0b33d1abb671d40.nbcnews-fp-1200-630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Billions of years ago, the universe suddenly expanded exponentially in an event known as the Big Bang.

>> No.78097646

now that's a myth if I ever heard one
good work anon

>> No.78098194

Sounds gay as fuck. In my setting some bearded faggot made everything. Jacked some incels rib to make him the first waifu, and everyone since is their inbred spawn

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From the setting I am working on. The plan is to give each race/culture their own distinct set of myths, instead of having one common story

Notes on Goblin creation mythology.

>The Creator deity is called the Father
>The Father made the skies ane eaeth but got very tired and went to sleep, delegating the rest to his three children: Big Brother and the Twin Gods: (Young) Brother and (Elder) Sister.
>Big Brother finalized the shape of the world (lit up the stars, dug the oceans and rivers, elevated moutains, etc.)
>He is also seen as the culture hero, who made first tools which were used in his grat works (e.g. he made a shovel to dig earth, made a hammer and anvil to forge the stars, made a knife to cut the rocks etc).
>Flora and fauna were handled by the Twins
>There is no consensus on who made that but most tribes believe that Brother made plants and Sister made animals
>Some tribes held proto-dualistic believes that the "good" (i.e. edible) animals and plants were made by Younger Brother while "bad" were made by Sister

>> No.78099109


On the origin of Goblins

Goblins themselves.
>It is said that one day female deity saw her creations mating and started to harbour lustful desires towards her brother and wanted to lay with him but rejected her in disgust
>Infuriated by rejection female deity started to create monsters, evil spirits and other dark and terrible creatures and sent them after her sibling to subdue and capture him
>For a time being the brother managed to avoid her minions, either by clever tricks or using the protection of his own creations
>In the end he was cornered and was forced to castrate himself to avoid incest
>This angered sister goddess so much that she tore his body to pieces and threw the head into the sky, where it became the Moon
>Unable to find satisfaction the female Twin became so angry that her head started to burn, causing a drought of apocalyptic proportions (some believe that she wanted to destroy all the plants as a form of vengeance)
>The rivers started to dry up, and this finally caught the attention of Big Brother, who was to preoccupied with his work otherwise
>He made a spear and beheaded the Sister, but her head continued to burn
>To avoid the complete destruction of the world, Big Brother was forced to throw it into the sky, there it became the Sun.

>> No.78099128


>The heat has awakened the Father, who seeing all the chaos and disorder, created another female deity (usually called Young Sister) to fix everything
>Unlike the older sister, the Young one wss gentle and caring, and decided to give her siblings proper burial
>She managed to bury the female Twin but was unable to gather all the pieces of the male one, which caused her to cry bitter tears
>Her tears mixed with his blood and from this mixture the first Goblins emerged
>Few tribes held that blood of female Twin was also got mixed in, which explains the existence of women but these belief is borderline heretical to other tribes

This story is a myth even in the context of fictional setting but it does play an important role in the Goblin cultures, and also contains some hints pointing towards the origin of the world in present form (the conflict of the "Gods", mainly).

Th origin of other races isn't explained properly in Goblin mythology but many held that Humans must be the children of Big Brother in some capacity, because they look similar to Goblins, but bigger, stronger and less quick-witted (in this setting Goblins are somewhat hyperactive when compared to Men).

>> No.78099866

>The plan is to give each race/culture their own distinct set of myths, instead of having one common story
Alright, what are you thinking regarding the non-Goblin races, and are you ever going to reveal where they really came from?

>> No.78101300

>each race/culture has their own myths
Same here. The magically endowed shadow people's cultures has variations of 'sun god ascended into the heavens, and we are their shadow disconnected and scattered' as origin myths.
The elven analogue actually had myths attributed to their coming, as 'children of the stars', 'descendants of the moonlet', and 'heavenly guests' - but the elven enclaves kept the truth well hidden: they were stranded aliens whose colony ship were stuck in a decaying orbit around the setting. This also explained their scarcity of magic use, and instead rely on dwindling advanced technology.
And then there is a race that is literally myths given form, in the way of talking about Bigfoot too much makes them actually real. Like some kind of gestalt tulpa.

>> No.78102396

I am planning to (there are supposedly bits and pieces of truth scattered throughout most mythologies).


>Practice a form of monotheism with the elements of ancestor worship
>The central deity is known as The Firm One (it's a translation) which is both maternal goddess of Earth, soul of the world and abstract personification of the concept of "order", both social and cosmological
>Dwarfs generally do not make such distinction by the way, things are either "firm" (good, proper, normal) or "unsteady" (wrong, evil, damaged)
>For a Dwarf being called "unsteady" is the worst insult imaginable
>It's a digression but "unsteady" migrated into "human" language of "the main area", where it became a slang term for a homosexual

Creation in general
>In the beginnjng The Firm One was the original sole inhabitant of then-flawless sorld
>Then came a terrible catastrophic known as The Shattering (most Dwarfs today believe that it was the first demonic invasion but their oldest surviving sacred text do not support this reading)
>The Firm One survived but was severely disfigured and was forced to descend into the bowels of earth to heal and recover, and for some reason became unable to leave (it either fell asleep or got trapped there)
>With the Firm One gone the world lost its original majesty and started to slowly deteriorate, returning to the chaos/nothingness
>Sensing this the Firm One (either consciously or not) started to create lesser beings which would combat this degradation by keeping the world in a orderly form.

>> No.78102408


In short, Dwarfs believe that every action ultimately has a cosmological significance, either making world more firm and, thus prolonging its existence, or destabilizing it, moving it closer to the end. Because of that the Dwarces in this world are low-key obssessed with justice, laws and proper behavior, as even something innocuous as the idle talk can potentially doom the world. This also explains why various forms of craft are so important for their culture, they are seen as sacred acts of restraining chaos and returning the world to its original orderly form. Because of that the great artisans are often revered as essentially extensions of the Firm One divine will (her instruments), and worshipped as patron spirits after their deaths.

In short, Dwarfs believe that every action ultimately has a cosmological significance, either making world more firm and, thus prolonging its existence, or destabilizing it, moving it closer to the end. Because of that the Dwarces in this world are low-key obssessed with justice, laws and proper behavior, as even something innocuous as the idle talk can potentially doom the world. This also explains why various forms of craft are so important for their culture, they are seen as sacred acts of restraining chaos and returning the world to its original orderly form. Because of that the great artisans are often revered as essentially extensions of the Firm One divine will (her instruments), and worshipped as patron spirits after their deaths.

>> No.78102444


>Creation of the races.

>Humans were the first attempt to create the sentient race
>While making them the Firm One was still recovering from her wounds, so they turned out to be a failure
>They had numbers but weren't really firm in both body and mind
>Next, the firm one created Elves which weren't quite good either
>They very very firm in body but lacking in numbers and unsteady in mind, too hedonistic and extravagant to pursue the firmness in its purest form
>The Dwarfs were the final and most successful attempt, most perfectly balanced of all sentient races
>While they still can be led astray and become unsteady, their potential for the acts of firmness is unmatched

Essentially Dwarfs believe that only they can save the world, while others can maintain it at best.
It is also notable that their mythology doesn't account for other races, such as Trolls or Goblins (whom the Dwarfs generally don't see as truly sentient beings).

>> No.78102468

Interesting. I had a similat idea for the Elves in my other setting (although they were more of interdimensional invaders, fleeing from magical catastrophe which engulfed their original world).

>> No.78102808

First High man emergewd from slushie left from liquified precursors, when precursor concept of ubermensh sought to find some sort of material avatar to interact with reality more directly. Then with magic growing dormant in the later eras they degenerated to the current state
All elven reces come from six-winged proto-avariel, who in turn came to be from mixed, spilled blood of a star and primal wind essence who came to blows. Due to wars, power struggles and politics high elves are now falsifying history, stating that they were the first.
Dwarves were created when the first proto-god of craft sculpted itself into existence, realized what would be a greates of crafts, and carved itself into dwarven race. Most of this was either forgotten or replaced with the rise of gods and their various myths.
First dragon came into existance from prison of concept of power gaining sentience. Later on it ritually split itself into first Bahamut and first Tiamat.

>> No.78105897

Interesting, what exactly caused the catastrophe that forced them to flee their world? How does their invasion work?

>> No.78109593

Huh, is anyone else getting an Evangelion vibe from what happened to the precursors? Or is it just me?

>> No.78110907

>two gods find a barren world
>the white god forms the sky and fills the oceans
>the black god creates the first forms of life
>the white god blesses people with free will
>the black god, seeing his creations tainted by the white god's influence, attempts to erase everything and start over
>the white god gives the people magic to defend themselves
>the black god is sealed beneath the ocean, where he rots in his prison to this day

>> No.78112600

That's a Christian invention, gweilo.

>> No.78112711

>two divine sisters, one for light and one for dark
>they create universe
>the Sister of Light creates the sun
>the Sister of Dark creates spherical rock and another, smaller one, orbiting it.
>the Sister of Light thinking of something or other, absentmindedly looking at the bigger rock
>creates life

>> No.78115354

new testament

>> No.78115575
File: 1.20 MB, 619x889, Colossus_of_rhodes_by_fidjera-d3h15u4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What created the races in your setting, or what myths elude to it?

Every God has their own creation myth they pitch to the species that worship them. Some of them are true, most of them aren't, but that's part n' parcel with having multiple Gods.

The popular ones:

During the Titanomachy, Gog'Magog fought and slaughtered the false gods to protect his world from their tyranny. In doing so he, himself, was all that remained, and even the world itself had been burned to a crisp by his hot, molten, blood. To remedy this he gently gathered the cold slag and in his warm metallic hands he molded it like clay and formed every race of Man. These people he had made from his wounded flesh would carry on his legacy and keep him company.

One of the first things Hemera did was invent all of the crops: she'd plow the fields, plant the seeds, and then tired, would lay in the field as the plants grew. Each time however she would become pregnant and be awoken from birthing a new race: Centaur, Human, and Halfling. She raised each of them very much and taught them everything about grasses, corn, and roots.

When the world had been created there was much filth and refuse left behind that congealed as a pool of disgust below. No Gods would touch that filth as they had deemed themselves above such an act, nor would they take 'sloppy seconds'. Verminus, however, noticed that there were people living in that muck, and unable to ignore or stomach their suffering: dove and waded through it to rescue them. Verminus rescued dozens, raised them as their own with love and kindness, but was forever sullied by the act.

Abzu was the first God, he awoke one day to be met by an empty world of mud and ocean. He proceeded to do nothing but nap and jerk off into the ocean and when his spunk spilled into the ocean it took on a life of it's own and grew into beautiful reefs, kelps, slugs, and other creatures.

>> No.78115604

>two eggs float on an infinite ocean
>somehow, against all odds, they hit each other and crack
>the two primordial deities are born from the eggs
>they are male and female, yet are afraid of each other
>they create their own world-islands from the eggshells and stay apart
>(this part is left out of any official doctrine) due to living in a static world for aeons, they eventually lose their minds, and kill each other
>from the mixing of their blood springs comes life, from their dying breaths comes air, from their bones come the mountains, from their souls come the gods
This is the creation myth of the only big civilization I've written stuff for yet anyway. I might write up a true universal version all other versions are derived from, but I don't consider it super important.

>> No.78118645
File: 7.46 MB, 3200x2133, d7klsd9-bd54f4d6-7576-400e-bda4-7ddf0888de16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is the "primordial ocean" ideas so popular, and what are some neat alternatives?

>> No.78118852

Local star wizard breaks into local Dyson Sphere, tampers with the star at the heart of it, explodes and is splattered against the walls, his flesh, bones and dreams are in the middle of reforming and the result is a world of peoples obsessed with "their own" mortal shapes.

>> No.78120739

What was the wizard trying to do to the star in the first place? And what are the beings that he spawned like?

>> No.78120798

Vikings who got so powerful they destroyed the universe and had to learn how to make their own universe. But since they are brand new to this they create the first species as weaklings.

Over time they create more and more powerful creatures but learn through their creations that their first creations have adapted to the planet and have evolved to handle these creates.
Now the Viking Gods watch Humanity and it's struggles.

Some hate the Humans and some enjoy the Humans struggles to survive their ever stronger beasts, knowing full well that the Humans can't survive forever.

>> No.78123541

How did they destroy the universe exactly, and what else survived?

>> No.78123935
File: 144 KB, 600x425, KadoFlames-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The universe in my setting evolved naturally like in the real world, but with some twists. The basic idea is that the universe is cyclical, starting with the big bang and ending with a singularity and repeating infinitely, but instead of the big bang and singularity it's the death and rebirth of the allfather deity.

Ouroboros' death signals the beginning of the universe. His exploding body contains all matter, which expands and becomes the stars and planets and eventually people. The universe ends with his Rebirth, which is when his mortal reincarnation realizes his destiny and vores the universe.

Some races evolve biologically, like Humans and Orcs, and some evolve from magic, like fey and genasi. A few are constructed from magic by intelligent beings, like Elves. All of the gods were mortals who stumbled into places with huge amounts of magic and somehow survived, and they get to persist between every cycle.

Image is a flame genasi NPC who lives in the center of the hollow earth that one of my players drew

>> No.78125520

>Humanity ascends to Heaven to stand at God's side and become Angels
>Sometime later a bunch of them go make a lesser plane in the chaos beyond the Cosmos
>They make the world and afterwards remake humans to test out their creation abilities
>Teach them to be civilized and then seperate to make their own races as they wish
>9 of them so 10 races (humanity, elves, dwarfs, halflings, minotaurs, lion people, tritons, goliaths, gliding velociraptor people I reappropriated from an anon and lizardpeople with antlers)
>sometime later retard humans summon a demon lord, who using a hellish technique to take some souls and twist them with demonic energies and flinging them out into the world to get in the rear of any attempts to plug the hellgate,creates the evil races and dragons.
>Angels manage to cuck the demon lord, but he gets stuck in the portal, so now they have to sit on the lid, which is in the sunken human homeland they basically made unaccesible
>Said evil races kick humans of the remaining parts of their homeland and find some of their fun magitech, including cloning labs, which one uses to make clone supersoldiers - dragonborn, theough they are actually just flesh automatons since they have no soul.

>> No.78128695

Humans were made without thought as a byproduct of everything else being created and have no purpose, god is indifferent to the affairs of mortals.

>> No.78131457

What factors determine what Ouroboros' mortal incarnation is like? Has anyone ever tried to keep these incarnations ignorant and delay the death and rebirth of the universe? Are races like humans and Orcs constant throughout the cycles?

>> No.78134348

Bumpfag, please, just fuck off. Your inane questions and lack of any contribution aren't wanted.

>> No.78134762

That's it, life was a cosmic mistake? What happens to the soul after death then?

>> No.78135046

Jesus fucking Christ, look at how blatant all these bumpfag posts are, and people fell for them. Now all he's going to do is still shit for his YouTube channel.

>> No.78136723

I miss the days when 4chan wasn't mainstream. Nowadays we've got tourists, phoneposters, and youtube screengrabbers.

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