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>Be in highschool
>Teacher notices I'm lurking /tg/ and asks if I wanna join dnd club
>Asks if I have any experience with Pathfinder
>"H-heh of course! I've even GM'd a few games!"
>Have actually played 1 entire session before this
>"Cool, see you friday anon, we needed a second GM!"
>Study harder than I ever did for school
>Three random cool dudes, Gunslinger/Sorcerer/Cleric
>FemAutist, hero of our story, tiefling but looked human outside of horns and bright yellow eyes, bard, self titled 'Enchantress'
>Quest to hunt a large wolf-like creature that have been devouring livestock
>Head into stereotypical misty woods and start looking
>FemAutist says they must find the den
>FemAutist:"Its where the Alpha would be."
>Horror movie mode activates, loud growls, a figure moving in the darkness
>Narrate a massive beast of muscle and claw, fangs and fur standing in the moonlight
>FemAutist:"Is it male or female?"
>Me:"Uh... its male?"
>Weird but whatever, fight begins
>Decently one sided, nobody remembered to bring silver
>Gunslinger and sorcerer get a cool plan, throw a jar of gunpowder at it and set it off with spark
>Deafens the wolf and gives them a few turns to run
>FemAnon stops, and tells the others to keep going and she'll hold it here
>Party is confused, but would rather not stop to discuss this, wish her luck
>Werewolf smashes through the bushes, she gets her readied action
>"I cast unnatural lust"
>You fucking what?
>Werewolf fails
>"I put myself as the target of its lust"
>"I get down on my back and await him"
>Meanwhile, the other group is about 10 feet away at another table
>Desperately look back at the spell
>Realize she never fucking read the actual effect
>"The lycan curiously approaching and plants a few licks on your face"
>"I laugh, and kiss its muzzle, petting its head"
>Hold back vomit
>"End your turn?"
>1 round has transpired, the spell ends
>Pic related

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We kicked out my last gm because he kinda threatened to rape the only female member of our group
He was a fucking weirdo as well. Started out normal but over our 2019 campaign he literally became radicalised in real time and became an irl /pol/tard, introducing modern political allegories into our campaign until it got the point where he was literally putting real, modern politicians into it
He basically forced us to fight these politicians and people he didn't like and made us describe how exactly we finished them off. It was clear he really liked thinking about killing these people
His campaign was also really over the top, like literally "fighting over a river of the corpses of aborted babies Planned Parenthood has murdered" in a medieval fantasy setting
We absolutely hated the campaign but half the group didn't want to get rid of him because desu they didn't want to make enemies of people, especially since he was in a lot of our classes at college
He almost got our group kicked out of the public library where we did our sessions in the evening by making racist remarks though, and started berating and insulting the players, especially the girl in our group, calling her an "ogre" and a "slut", even outside of sessions
What really got him kicked out was when he turned up high on heroin and tried to sell it to us halfway through the game, and get visibly angry when we refused. Then after a while of being seeming really agitated and sorta seething whilst barely being a gm, he said to our girl
>Did you know that if a girl gets raped the police don't do anything? It's so hard to prove, and they always blame the girl anyway. They always with the rapist. I bet you wish you were raped, huh?
After that we just left the session and went home. The girl in our group was understandably upset, but we ended up getting over it and moving to my friend's house instead of the library. Our former gm got kicked out of college. Last I heard he died of a drugs overdose a few months back

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Jesus christ, that is another fucking level of autism.

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/pol/lacks are just as terrible about inserting their ideology into everything as your average screeching tumblrina. Fucking Hell, man. That's a different level of autism.

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I'd rather have this monster fucker and her bad dragon collection at my table than >>78019772 and their weapons grade autism

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Lmfao fucking furries, did ya kick her ass out anon?

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i was amazed and loling at how shameless this one was
>I bet you wish you were raped, huh?
and people still bought it

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She's not a furry. She's a monster fucker.

This might sound like I'm splitting hairs, but I'm not. This isn't her wanting to have hot wolf-on-wolf fucking. This is her - something human or rather, vaguely human wanting to get fucked, specifically violently fucked by a monsterman.

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Same thing.

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It's really not. A furry sees themselves as an animal person - sort of like a cartoon character. A monster fucker wants to get fucked BY A MONSTER.

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based hate-filled werewolf

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Wingcucks be like that, doesn't matter where their retardation originates from. Most of us wanna just play games and grill.

She wants a wolf shaped thing to do her, she's a furry.

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Why do coomers ruin everything?

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Monster fuckers are not furries. Furries are a bunch of degenerate perverts who dress up as animals and fictional animal characters and then have sex with each other. Basically zoophiles e.g. animal-rapists

Monster fuckers are just a /d/ tier fetish for people with exaggerated / animalistic features, e.g. centaurs, draenei, satyrs, draconids etc. It's weird but it's not the same as fucking an animal, even a fictional one

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well at least there was a happy ending

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This is some sad cope. Animalistic creature fucking overlaps into furshit. Stop defending the freak at the table.

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OP here, whilst I agree monster fuckers can be a "I wanna fuck a monster and it happens to have fur" its a slight step above at best. She also might not be a good example, I was unluckily a cowardly bitch at the time so I tried to laugh it off until she came back with an elven druid with a direwolf animal companion, and wouldnt stop making jokes about needing to 'take care/relieve' him every fucking time they camped, and stayed with him in stables and shit. It helped the teacher overheard a good amount of that and supported my choice.

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>One player's a Samurai
>Speaks with the most blatantly racist accent possibru
>Think he's just doing a bit, laugh
>Turns out he's 100% serious
>Drags this shit out the whole session
>Whenever the subject of payment is brought up he demands his horse get an equal share
>Kept telling us out of character that this is how real samurai were, despite nobody asking
Dude wasn't even a weeb, he was a massive scandiboo for crying out loud.

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Was she white?

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>there's no difference
Ok by that logic there's no difference between finding an normal looking human with a tail cute, and raping my pet labrador. Riiiigght....

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>demands his horse get an equal share
I can see an especially assholish noble trying this shit as an excuse that he should get more money than a non-noble compatriot.

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I actually like the horse part for a rich asshole
>Being so noble that your horse is a higher caste than your companions
I'd play the fuck out of that

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Oh for sure, and personally I didn't care if his horse got paid, but the thing is it turned into a problem real fast. The first job we had involved a lump sum as a reward, meaning if the horse was getting a cut then it'd be taken from our own. Personally, I didn't care enough to halt the game over that. Someone else did though, and those two started to bicker about it for what felt like hours, all the while the DM didn't do shit to resolve things.

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Unnatural lust should probably last more than one round, pretty much useless as is
like I know canids are fast but come on

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Comon man, this is 4chan, we basically created these distinctions.

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This sort of shit is honestly prime material to have her character get arrested. Maybe she can laugh off the weird looks but try getting through an entire court scene where you verbatim read out bestiality law to her.

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>when he turned up high on heroin

Just before I thought this couldn't get any faker.
Just say cocaine or something. When people do heroin they don't do anything. They just lay there.

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Heroin is pretty common in rural UK bro. Much more common than other drugs except weed

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mad cope by a retarded weeb faggot, as always

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Player When other players argue about imprisoning or killing a combatant in an active war we're all a part of:
"Guys no need to be so violent! We're supposed to be the good guys! Let's spare them and let them choose to live a better life!"

Player when the town pickpocket makes a slightly cocky remark to her:
"I will throw you off this building for that kind of talk do NOT test me!"

MFW The "innocent" she spared went on to kill numerous innocents, including children, because they were secretly a dopple sent to kill us and any of our allies:

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Have a player in my party who turns out to love lolis. He tricked our DM with the old "she's this many years old in elf years" in order to play as an underage girl in our recent campaign. Unfortunately we didn't figure this out until AFTER he proceeded to flirt with a 35 year old NPC in hopes of having his character sleep with him. When we found out the math was wrong, the DM immediately called the player out and said "no lolis" and promptly made the character canonically 18 and has ceased NPC flirtation with the character to be sure there's no nonsense. That sadly didn't stop the player from drawing porn of his loli character though.

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As snow.
I really shoulda, that would have been great, instead just pulled her aside after a game and just point blanked "Is she fucking the wolf?"

"Yes but its intelligent, so its not like an actual animal"

"You're making the other players uncomfortable, play at the other table or leave."

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Perfect pic, OP, any other stories you drew pics for?

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I talked about one in a thread afew days ago, but I figure I should add some of the finer details of this story.

So the game was on Roll20 with a DM we later discovered was a pedophile. She was an alright DM in the first session, in which we were introduced into her setting. Essentially think Camelot before King Arthur took the Throne. As a party we were tasked with protecting Prince Urthen, the true heir to the throne that had been training alongside his adoptive older Brother, and a Wizard. Yes they were this transparent with the Arthurian influences. I didn't mind this as a fan of legends and movies about the Round Table. In the sessions we played it was rare that we ever had any time to shine, which we assumed was just thanks to us being low ranking and new adventurers, but no. A GMPC always came in to save the day no matter what it was.

Now the weird shit she was subtly putting in Should have been red flags, but for some reason we just didn't think about it. Things like Urthen's brother marrying his squire through some sort of weird husbandry for example being one of the worst examples, but the thing that caused us to leave was when Urthen was drugged and raped by his long lost sister named Morwen.

In Arthurian legend Morded was the product of incest between Arthur and a woman he didn't know, who turned out to be his Half-Sister Morgause, which was QUITE LITERALLY what the DM was emulating here. It happened while the castle was on high alert during a seige on the castle. Morwen had come to the Castle to "try and reach a peace accord" according to her, but during the feast that's when the attack began. Morwen had some insanely high bluff skills and convinced Urthen's council that she had nothing to do with it, and would protect him with her life. Thank GOD our Rogue didn't trust her and snuck to the prince's room after she'd drugged his drink to knock him out. That's when the game just broke down with us in disgust, and absolute rage.

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You might be thinking of meth m8. Heroin is an upper and users are always jittery. Meth heads are the ones who stare into the middle distance for hours between breaths

>> No.78021341

Monsters, especially monster girls, aren't animals

>> No.78021366

I'm tired of these damned timeline shifts

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Sorry, I'm retarded. Isn't heroin closely related to morphine, which sounds like a downer to me?

>> No.78021454

Yeah, Heroin is an opiate, in the same classification as opium, and morphine. That's not an upper in any sense. Meth on the otherhand is a stimulant, the most potent of them I believe, in the same class as Caffeine, Cocaine, and Nicotine.

>> No.78021473

You had an opportunity since the last time you posted this to change your fake story to something other than heroin and you still didn't do it.

>> No.78021485

Its an opiate with Narcotic seditive esque effect.

>> No.78021506

>shit that didn't happen

>> No.78021508

It is 100% a downer, >>78021332 what the fuck are you on about?
You never even seen Trainspotting?

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I don't know man, all I know I've worked with meth an heroin people. Mr meth was very chill, and heroin lady was physically unable to sit still.
On topic, there's a player in my group who is chicken shit. Cannot stomach anything being sad or turning out poorly. Actually left the table during the emotional climax of an L5R game I'd put together to showcase he setting for them on the assumption the big ugly guy was going to get spurned by the princess even though he saved her life.

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Why is it always women who are actually into /ss/, like it seems they like it more than men. I have a similar story, but a bit more on the nose.
>DnD 5e
>Fem DM
>Party doesn't much matter, but is a male human barbarian, dragonborn paladin female, changeling bard, human 14 year old rogue (At least in the players case this wasn't a fetish thing, he was just blatantly ripping of Levi from AoT)
>Job to deal with a bandit bitch and her merry band of fucktards
>Get there and its more of a bandit army
>Sneak over to a slave emptying the latrines and ask whats up
>Lore dump of her rise to power, taking over rival bandit groups, started calling herself a knight, gearing up to be an obvious big bad for our low level group.
>She comes out to address her troops, we concoct a plan to set the sleeping tents on fire whilst this is happening and send the barbarian/rogue after her
>She kicks their asses and the rest of us are run out of the camp
>Barbarian is bandaged up and left tied to a post in the middle of camp, Rogue is dragged and thrown into her tent
>the little bastard is kicking and biting the whole while, she walked over and steps on his groin, leaning down and starting to pull off her top
>"Don't be afraid, every knight needs her squire~"
>Roll20 fully text based game and the barbarian puts in (I don't really think I'm comfortable with this)
>FemGM says its not his character and that he shouldn't be uncomfortable for other people
>Rogue player agree's this is fucking weird and he came here to be a dumbass kid who tries to act edgy to be cool, not get raped
>Game ends there, and I don't know if it continued because I left the game.

Coomers are bad regardless of gender, but girls seem to do it twice as hard.

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My sister used to be on heroin real bad and she would get aggressive and just start walking if places if no one would take her to get more drugs, or show up to her sons birthday party's drunk and high. other guys story does sound fake but people on heroin do go places.
It's a downer but that doesn't mean you lay there and do nothing. Meth is a upper.

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>Roll20 fully text based game
anon that was a tranny, not a real femDM.

>> No.78021612

A shame, i like women fucking monsters. Good thing you stopped an erpfag though OP.

>> No.78021710

Most societies in history haven’t had taboos or laws against fucking animals, in many it’s common. js.

>> No.78021726

not true, you can be semi-functional on reasonable doses of heroin, although >>78021332
is very mixed up

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never happened, you just have repressed fantasies about wolf cock huh?

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I know it doesn't really compare to any of the stories in here but I'm gonna post it anyways.
>friend has been cobbling together a custom setting
>just a fun little thing at first but it begins growing quicker because I start helping him by spitballing ideas
>eventually get it going enough to do a game of it
>it's his setting so obviously he should DM
>initially fun but then the main villain shows up
>the villain is his main OC but seeing as he's killed off other characters of his before this didn't seem like a problem
>first time party is overpowered and forced to flee
>this is fine since it kind of to set up the rivalry
>except it keeps happening
>everytime we find a way to beat him he just bullshits in a new way to not lose
>had amnesia and beating him cleared his head so he remembers how to fight and BTFO everyone
>opens up a rift to hell or something where he gets some scythe that belonged to his grandpa making him EVEN STRONGER
>kills some guy he introduced as basically the chosen one to kill him
>when he finally ran out of ideas he just claims nobody outside his OC's bloodline can kill him and he already killed all his family
What broke the camel's back was that he was starting to introduce alternate reality versions of his OC. I feel like I was tricked into playing his personal power fantasy.

>> No.78021768

I'm not sure if it's a sociological thing, maybe it's cause they have that pressure not to be freaks around men or something, I've found that in tabletop with majority women, they are often my most depraved and violent players when they realise they can do anything. Literally, ran a one shot, that turned into a decently sized campaign, for some girls who were interested in it, and what started as a rip off of Fable II quickly turned into an Evil campaign where the PCs had castles filled with mutated monsters and indoctrinated young slave boys, both groups were often tortured and raped, either by the PCs or forced to with each other. I think the one that fucked me up the most was the Wizard who polymorphed a woman into a spiked strap on and raped said woman-turned-strapon's husband and daughters to death with it.
Ended up dating one of them casually for a bit afterwards, which ended up way more vanilla than I thought it would be.
>tl;dr Girls, if given the chance, WILL indulge in magical realm, and it can really change how you see them

>> No.78021770

How are people this hypocriticly retarded

>> No.78021773

imagine being this fragile?
moralfags should self-immolate

>> No.78021790

>Mr meth was very chill, and heroin lady was physically unable to sit still.
You definitely have them confused

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/r/nothingeverhappens, right, my fellow redditking?

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Like in the United States

>> No.78021799

This nigga had you playing tabletop YIIK

>> No.78021827

What's YIIK?

>> No.78021829

Hey, don’t be mad that your fake bait stories didn’t pass muster on an anonymous chinese beancounting tablet, just do better next time

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What in the kentucky Fried fuck

>> No.78021873

I can't quite pin down a reason in general, but for this instance it's a tie between the player in question either not knowing how to play a cocky/sassy character (especially girls) and neutral alignments in general, or just a heavy case of, "that guy" syndrome.

Their other character in the story is just a brooding loner, who we've had to wrangle back into the plot multiple times, because the DM didn't reference their super dark and sad backstory at every point.

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Sauce, please.

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Keep in mind, me and the players were all mid 20s, so it wasn't a case of edgy young person shit. Made me think this was just personal issues for them, but I've talked around and apparently this is a lot more common than you'd think.
The worst part was, outside of them acting like Dark Eldar, they were actually good players. They took notes, had decent characters, actually read the rulebook, and, worryingly, kept in character very well. They honestly were one of the best groups I ever ran for, but oh my god was it disturbing. And they enjoyed themselves as well. I'm running a session for the same group this Saturday, and I actually look forward to it

>> No.78022087

Is this copypasta?

>> No.78022268

Can confirm

>> No.78022292

It probably is now, first saw it a couple days ago

>> No.78022352

>young slave boys
how young? determines how bad it is. Post-adolescent, not an uncommon fantasy. Prepubescent? yikes

>> No.78022382

Yeah, looked it up in the archives:
No points for originality.

>> No.78022393

>As snow.
God bless white America

>> No.78022554

Boy howdy did this not happen. Amusing thought though.

>> No.78023757

The player that let the dopple go sounds likes one of those dumb asses that THINKS they're a good person, but God forbid you do anything that even slightly inconveniences him.

>> No.78023799

Cope: The Post

>> No.78023881

100% fake
You can obviously tell this story came from an angry bottom tier daydream fantasy

>> No.78023924

A beautiful new pasta is born.

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>Helping players set up characters for a new campaign, Pathfinder
>A few wanna try some third party shit, and I felt competent enough to try and fit them
>One player is extremely specific on a variety of things, more or less wants to be a half-drow half-unknown that got ditched in the snow before being raised by one of those jap snow ghosts (Yuki-Onna?)
>Weird, but thats no issue
>Wants to be more or less a sorcerer but uses 'seals' (Like those pieces of paper on chinese vampire faces) pretty much pure fluff except he can technically have his 'spells' stolen from him
>Also wants a child, the only remains of the Yuki-Onna that raised him, wants the kid to be an OP tool practically, (Yuki-Onna stats and abilities just with half the Hp cus child)
>Would only listen to him and they would speak a dialect of Common only they both could understand
>Getting weirder, but hey, I'll kick him if shit gets bad enough
>Bring up how Pathfinder describes Yuki-Onna more curious as to how he will justify it
>"I'm taking this from the ending of a hentai"

>> No.78024779

This never happened. Work on your storytelling.

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>> No.78025213

>Heroin is an upper
are you retarded

>> No.78025260

They once raided an orphanage and used ALL the children who weren't toddlers to some degree or another. The toddlers and younger were given to their demon lord, or fed to their rape mutants. It was fucked up to Hell and back

>> No.78025305

>playing a nice and fun 5e game
>world filled with hot furries and cute shota slave boys
>fantastic first 3 months of play
>then eventually since we were playing at our college game club a new guy wanted in, we couldn't really refuse.
>naturally instead of making a character inline with the all furry group he makes a half elf bard
>although unlike the typical bard both the character and the player just disrupts all rp freaking out about the shota boy getting plowed by our dragonborn sorcerer on an inn table
>literally could not read the room at all and would always insert his autistic moral hangups into the game causing fights in the party
It would be mildly forgiveable if he wasn't also utterly useless in combat, literally ran up to enemies, did nothing, got downed and then bitched that fights were too hard.
Thank god the dm finally had enough and kicked him but holy SHIT he was insufferable.
>Threw a fit after getting kicked and bitched more about our setting and world
Imagine being so mentally ill you get angry over a make believe game LMAO

>> No.78025405

You're a furry playing make-believe pedophile rape and have the audacity to call someone else "mentally ill". Wonderful irony. Good luck on maintaining your mental gymnastics as you get older and lonelier.

>> No.78025470

You will never be a woman, moralfag trashcan

>> No.78025566

>implying trannies aren't pro furry, pro pedo and pro rape

>> No.78025682

Trannies spend their days on twitter cancelling artists for drawing shota because it's a thought crime to them. Here you are trying to do the same thing because you're sick in the head and can't grasp the difference between fantasy and reality. This is why we kicked you out, Craig. You're a fucking retard

>> No.78025939

You DID report him for being a heroin dealer... Right anon? Cause there's a monetary reward for turning them in, AND it would ruin his life.

>> No.78026129

>What really got him kicked out was when he turned up high on heroin
Hmm yes, it was definitely politics that caused his abhorrent behaviour.

>> No.78026156

>One player's a Samurai
>Speaks with the most blatantly racist accent possibru
>Think he's just doing a bit, laugh
>Turns out he's 100% serious
Sounds like YOU'VE got a problem with roleplaying.

>> No.78026215

Things that never happened for $500 Zombie Alec

>> No.78026463

And then everybody clapped

>> No.78026659

We're talking about a werewolf "man," that's 100% furry.

>> No.78026667

gender identity does not determine political ideologies dumbass

>> No.78026672

>tfw trans shotacon

>> No.78026746

there are greentexts that have happened 10 times more than this

>> No.78026771

No actually, they're pro-furry, pedo but anti-pedo (exactly like the alt-right) and rapists but anti-rape

>> No.78027016

Why would a moralfag do something as disgusting as becoming a tranny. You disgusting furry pedonigger are delusional.

>> No.78027310

>became a /r9k/ level schizo
>but also started spouting feminist talking points on rape
>became kill of drugs

Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most.

>> No.78027839

>implying the nonce question is a matter of political opinion
Neck yourself tranny.

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I'm not sure if it counts as a horror story but I'm the only martial in the group and the GM has literally spent an entire evening disarming me and sundering every fucking weapon I have and my shield too

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As in scandinavian? I have a hard time understanding how that's even a thing.
t. Scandinavian

>> No.78028572

Probably really into vikings

>> No.78028736

Self described "postmodern" urban fantasy vidya where the ultimate twist was that the protagonist/antagonist/player-insert and his robot girlfriend were the only people who mattered in the cosmology, while all the interesting characters were sidelined for this twist.

>> No.78028913

This did not happen that's retarded

>> No.78028924

Ah right that makes a lot more sense. Shouldn't that be a different term then? Like how we call romaboos romaboos and not italiaboos or whatever?

>> No.78029110

You can tell by the formatting this is fake right?

>> No.78029314

Love when rules are used to fuck over degenerate coomer fantasies

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Not exactly a horror story, but...
I play a charmed Bugbear. Party took a bath and I was ordered to dispose a water.
Me: Well, I drink that water.
One of players: You what?!
Me (pressing my face against his face): You cannot eat the meat but at least you can drink the broth.

I made a grown man puke.

>> No.78029756
File: 582 KB, 220x165, received_664936540945298.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to bugbear 101

>> No.78031027

You are a mentally deranged moralfag tranny, go back to twitter and fuck off

>> No.78031467

Note that no one responded.
While hyperbole, it raises a point that they are afraid to touch. Context, and Comparison. It's mostly human, it's just got cat ears. That isn't the same as a cat.
But an actual animal fucker vs a bestial monster? About the same level of difference.
I'm with you, Monster-Chad.
Your fetish is gross but I'm WITH you.

>> No.78031801

It does. Have you ever been on Twitter? Tranny fags are always radical left. I've seen maybe one or two conservative tranny fags versus the hormone infested oceans of the radical left.

>> No.78032812

I want this man at my table

>> No.78033278

Neckbeardia, since you're browsing this thread, tell your gf to pop her tits out in a vid to make things more interesting.

>> No.78033339

I second this statement.

>> No.78033368

Coomerism is really obnoxious like I get it you never had sex and shoving it in every geek hobby just makes you even more of a obnoxious cunt.

>> No.78033457
File: 60 KB, 673x696, glee-sm_face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Rogue player agree's this is fucking weird and he came here to be a dumbass kid who tries to act edgy to be cool, not get raped

>> No.78033534

Imagine being this fragile about people being disgusted by kid fucking. Internet pedophiles should dilate.

>> No.78033597

>everything based I hate
>why am I a depressed neet with no GF

>> No.78033705

It's gonna be a short video I bet, unless they're gonna post about people saying shit will never happen, the difference between a furry and a monster fucker, differences between heroine and meth, or whether or trannies are pedos. Itd be better than most of their shit

>> No.78033745

That's just every casterfag
They cry in agony about +4s while doing OP shit

>> No.78034105

Best post itt

>> No.78035008

please, for the love of god
google, yandex, iqdb and saucenao, as well as desuarchive have failed me

>> No.78035094

The artist is ebelisk.

>> No.78035112

Based. Were the pics any good?

>> No.78035135
File: 140 KB, 384x317, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Back in my hometown for a bit.
>Friend asked me to join his DnD game for a setting.
>Okay, cool. I'll make a cleric or fighter or something.
>Go to game.
>Game starts.
>Friend's girlfriend just wants to hang out in a "Hot spring" and RP the entire session.
Not really a horror story, but its weird that I had to be the one looking for adventure.

>> No.78035152

thank you anon

>> No.78035225

Didn’t happen, though you did a good job of disguising your bullshit story at least.
Kudos OP.

>> No.78035274

>who we've had to wrangle back into the plot multiple times,
Why? Let the little fucker go and then watch the player’s reaction when he realizes that writing his own character out of the story has the same effect as having the character killed-off.

>> No.78035282

Is that the one with the hipster-looking blonde twat?

>> No.78035413

there was a patch that changed a lot of things and made it a lot more tolerable. Biggest QOL change was making alex shut the fuck up

>> No.78035453

Unreal and homosexual

>> No.78035469

Hell no. He essentially drew his loli masturbating in a 14 year old weeb art style. He had to pay someone else to make one picture look decent, and even then the artist he paid refused to draw her as a loli and aged her up too.

>> No.78036167

>Idiot idpol liberal has never once intereacted with another human being, part 567

>> No.78036473

That's hot af

>> No.78036495

You expected a libtard to go outside and interact with people? They can't because it would destroy their narrative of the world.

>> No.78036538

100% happened

>> No.78038527

Imagine being too retarded to find artists who actually draw loli to commission, lmao

>> No.78038587

What, you saying you want pedo art? Now you sound as retarded as he is.

>> No.78038648
File: 36 KB, 650x362, download (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Whenever the subject of payment is brought up he demands his horse get an equal share
Got a problem with that pleboid?

>> No.78039445
File: 1.20 MB, 500x350, fe5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GM spineless coward
>PC witch, lelrandum asshole, but still a friend
>Finish a quest and the village reveals they lied about the reward
>Quest was to clear out an iron mine that was overrun with undead and a wannabe necromancer, quite low level stuff considering we were all about lvl 9 in pathfinder
>Party is a bit annoyed, but understands that they assumed we wouldn't help otherwise except two players, one being the witch
>Witch says they want help with a ritual in return
>Takes out a book of rituals we got way earlier in the campaign from a demon cult
>Village obviously refuses
>We leave, randum asks us to wait a bit as he flies back to the village
>Flies about 600 feet above
>"I take out one of the gold coins they gave us, and cast major creation"
>MFW he creates a 9x9 foot cube of pure gold
>MFW he 'rod from god's the entire village and flattens it
>MFW I was the other player who was angry at not being paid enough

Although it was the funniest shit all night, my GM needs to learn to say no.

>> No.78039513 [SPOILER] 
File: 314 KB, 1041x1077, 1615591091933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No please my emperor, not the horse!

>> No.78039579

no, that's a zoophile. lurk moar, normie.

>> No.78039649
File: 15 KB, 210x400, 210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.78039688

bunker kun pls. this is embarassing

>> No.78039775

If you specifically find someone with features of your Labrador cuter than someone without them, it's pretty much the same thing, yeah. This is why people hate you, by the way.

>> No.78040191

What kind of alpha would be a female lol

>> No.78040395

good thread

>> No.78040435

Who knows maybe she was hoping for futashit

>> No.78040564

any idea which hentai?

>> No.78040701

>3rd panel

>> No.78040897
File: 41 KB, 1080x138, 8f0f3065eaa065c32694afa81c562b4c-png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The funny thing is, I actually think I've read it before, but have no idea was before 2014 for sure.

>> No.78040938


>> No.78041076

Honestly sounds great, happy for you bud.
My female friend group never reached these levels of depravity.

>> No.78042047

>Aaaa lolis, help me niggerman I'm going insane!!!
You're on the wrong site faggot-kun

>> No.78042160
File: 129 KB, 1080x1075, stupid ass nigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>racist remarks in a college library not resulting in immediate expulsion from the premises
>in the year of our Lord 2019 anno domini

>> No.78042279

Yeah well you basically had your character drink a bunch of doodoo and dried piss water so it's pretty disgusting

>> No.78042815

>ohhh nooo, he played a disgusting monster like a disgusting monster

Get out nogames

>> No.78042883

How new to this site are you?

>> No.78042901

It's also not real you fucking wetwipe

>> No.78043083

Less horror and more annoyance that was dealt with almost immediately.
>Never spoke unless it was specifically to do with them/their turn
>Never moved their token (foundry) until prompted to
>Took a year to decide to do anything when it finally was their turn
>"Oh sorry I leave my mic on mute cus it's a bit broken!"
>one session they forget to mute
>mid recap we here them playing LoL

>> No.78043690

multiclass into mage or have one of ur casterfags superglue your weapons to your hands
or tie them to your hands
or nail them in
or carry so many swords that you can never be unarmed

>> No.78043777

Is it possible to have a site be nuked and the url replaced by virus spams and other shits and still someone can find the original site the way it was before said nuking? The answer might decide if I have a story to share or not.

>> No.78043805

It honestly has been pretty good. They're all put together people for the most part, and as mentioned they're wonderful players. The only thing I don't like is how every session I get surprised by some new hedonistic depravity. Though they don't ever try to justify it which made them being the targets of an inquisition a good plotline. You should have heard their excited squeals when they took over a fully stocked torture chamber from those guys.

>> No.78043829

Oh boy. I have a few.
>Playing Storm King Thunder
>DM sees rules for players to open giant-sized doors.
>Has every single giant roll an athletics check to open doors in their own house.
>One giant gets trapped in his room and starves to death because he can't open a proportional-sized door.
>Instead of just admitting his mistake, the DM decided that NO ONE, not even small-sized characters, should roll to open doors.

>> No.78043893

>Exploring a dungeon.
>DM says 3 witches appear out of invisibility in a triangle formation around us.
>All 3 cast fireball as a surprise action.
>Every single party member takes 8d6 damage.
>Roll initiative
>Witches go first.
>All 3 cast cone of cold
>Every single party member takes 8d8 damage
>Three of them are outright dead
>The other two flee and manage to escape the witches.

The DM said "yeah, they weren't playing around."

>> No.78043962

Man that reminds me of the time I was an Inquisitor captured by drows, and when it came to torture I was so disappointed by their performance that they released me so I could teach them properly. I got so creative I put an entire underdark city to shame. To save face some nobles adopted my character and was considered an honorary drow. Considering it was a way better fate than being a prisoner, I accepted, but on the condition I get to spread my religion and torture other drows (I still hated them).

I've learned afterwards that my character got turned into a drow and because I was his champion (and one of his few followers) my god became a consort of Lolth.

>> No.78044110

>polymorphed a woman into a spiked strap on and raped said woman-turned-strapon's husband and daughters to death with it.

>> No.78044455

Lol. I love it when mages don't fucking read the spell descriptions.

>> No.78044613

Please tell me more about their degeneracy

>> No.78044640


>> No.78044666

>Be me, in a long term RPG group of friends.
>Nice guys, but they are always running linear one shot treasure looting games, which I find as boring as fuck. No player input needed, just "Here is your quest/target/dungeon, just kill and loot everything" games.
>Decide to dust off my old DMing skills and spend months preparing the old classic Temple of Elemental Evil for a full sandbox style OS D&D game.
>I get familiar with all the NPCs in Hommlet, with their back stories and faction links, surrounding areas, lairs, monsters, patrols, allies and enemies they may encounter.
> Pay particular attention in fleshing out the conflicting factions in the Temple and ways in which the players can divide them, make them fight each other and eventually destroy each other (evil consuming itself, etc).
> Game starts, players have arrived in Hommlet. I describe the scene, ask them what they are doing and they say they just standing there (waiting for a fucking quest to be given to them).
The campaign continues to run like this - getting them to actively do anything is like pulling teeth, they have no initiative. In the end I get the local Lord to hire them to search the wood for bandits.
>This carries on for a few adventures, but they have no interest in anything apart from killing and gathering loot. They kill everything they meet (for xp and loot) so gain no intel on the Temple.
>I eventually steer them to the Temple. >Somehow, they go straight for the well, find their way in, avoid all the factions and in one session manage to get down to the lowerst level (I suspect one of the fuckers read the module and memorised a route).
>Expecting a Monty Haul looting session, they all rush into the Temple and being only level 6, all die in a couple of rounds to the guardian Elementals, priests and Liches. Campaign ends.
>They say they enjoyed it and want to do more like that, but all go back to running their own one shots again.
>What's the fucking point.

>> No.78044709

Imagine giving a literal larp all these (you)s you wastes of human semen

>> No.78044712
File: 226 KB, 1281x850, Fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not too horrific but uh,

>be friends with fellow anon I met on a different board
>we RP fairly regularly
>he invites me to his tabletop group bc he says it's in desperate need of other active players besides him and another mutual friend
>I agree and talk to the GM
>GM is really nice, we hit it off well
>all is good until there's a session without anon there
>our mutual friend leaves the session and doesn't come back
>it's just me, another fairly nice player, and the only other female player in the group
>I try to RP with her character
>she just posts a single sentence and doesn't engage with me at all
>I wait for anything more than that
>GM timeskips to deal with the awkward silence
>other friendly player and I get some RP in before GM ends the session
>come to find out from friendly guy that she's just a shit player and weirdly stalks male OCs/can't differentiate player and OC
>I don't even acknowledge her OC anymore unless our GM is playing her in her absence
>GM just accepts her, even when I've asked if it's really okay with how inactive she is

Same group,
>this one other guy has barely ever attended our sessions, has been too busy to even be active
>has another group he attends on saturdays, so I guess we're just optional to him
>appeared tonight and posted a few times at least
>suddenly dropped off without a word
>I have my character do his job in his absence
>after a series of hilariously bad rolls, my character is about to fall to death after trying to do his character's job

I kind of want these inactive people to fuck off just because I don't really see them as real players. I don't know why my GM accepts their bullshit. I want to see a session where it's just these two inactive fucks and the other friendly guy and see if my GM cancels because the three of us who actually write out a couple of paragraphs are the only lifeblood to the sessions besides the GM himself.

Part of me honestly hopes my char dies next week bc then I can leave the group.

>> No.78044734

Multiclass into mage/druid/cleric and use spells that magically create weapons in your hands.

>> No.78044763

Check waybackmachine and other archiving webcrawlers for any archives. Usually images are lost but text remains.

>> No.78044778

Figures Satan is suffering in his own personal hell

>> No.78044783

i think it’s nice seeing naive newfags, if it were all jaded oldfags we’d all be in our 30s and 40s and that would make me want to die

>> No.78044788

But they all acknowledged it was fake you absolute rock

>> No.78044799

this. archive.org is the best one, it has a lot of stuff going back to 1996, it’s fucking crazy how much of the internet has died. always kills me when i realize something is gone for good after checking multiple webcrawl archives

>> No.78044807

oh shit lol

>> No.78044846

Hey I only asked if it were copypasta because I saw it in the last thread, looked it up here >>78022382 to make sure I was right.

>> No.78044903

Well I've tried and even if the site found it, I can't read any of the text there was on the site forum section...

>> No.78044907

So does that mean we do or don't get a story?

>> No.78044962

best larp i've read in awhile, ending could've been funnier tho

>> No.78045075

>Be player in group with friends
>a few sessions of adventuring and discover the warlord harassing our village has an amulet that makes him immune to all damage from men
>instead of finding a way to steal or neutralize the amulet my 3 other fellow party members want to find items that will change our gender so they can damage him.
>find a shop with a few gender changing potions, 2 party members are poor and the third is saving his money for full plate. So i buy 3 gender changing potions, 1 for everyone but the full plate wanting player (we will call him fighter)
>Gender change plan seems stupid but am willing to go along with it, down the potions with the party and go off in our skirts to confront the warlord, fighter man complaining he didnt get a potion and will be useless
>I point out he could have spend his gold but he keeps repeating hes saving it and said I should have bought him one too (the other two players said they would pay me back the gold)
>anyway we get to warlord, fighter man helps kill his followers as the rest of us fight the warlord in our new female bodies
>fighter man gets stupid idea
>Charges warlord man and does a power attack screaming "I identify as a women"
>he rolls an 18 and a fuckton for damage and the DM says he killed the warlord
>I flip my shit and rant about needing the gender change potions and why can we just identify and have the bracers not work and how i wasted my gold
>DM calls me a bigot and tells me not to come back anymore
>tranny fighter snickering in the corner

>> No.78045132

in this case you are that guy
that was a fucking genius plan on the fighter's part

>> No.78045167

In 7 years of playing D&D this made me the maddest I've been with a DM.

>Kill a demilich and his atropal.
>Return to the surface, ready to end the adventure.
>DM says we need to free NPC 1 from a necromancer's clutches.
>NPC 2 appears to guide us to the necromancer.
>Little background: NPC 1 is a demigod that gets all his powers from a magic ring that was taken from him by the necromancer.
>We get to the necromancer and he attacks first.
>DM opens with 9th level fireball and steel wind strike as a legendary action (we're level 10)
>There's also 4 broodguard there and a yuan-ti malaison, who all go before us.
>DM sees that the battle has gone south before any players have gone.
>DM breaks turn order to describe NPC 2 tackling NPC 1 and forcing the magic ring onto his finger.
>NPC 1 stands up and casts flesh to stone on the necromancer.

And that's how our year-long, 45 session game ended. In the worst way possible.

>> No.78045168

wow you are fag

>> No.78045188

sounds like they shouldn't have shared initiative

>> No.78045242

Worst DM experience I've ever had was when I was a gunslinger fighter and the only martial on the team and the DM added a critical fail table. I told him that it was overly punishing to my character alone and that I didn't like it. He said it affected spellcasters too. I pointed out that there are less than a dozen spells in the entire game that use spell attack. DM said the others like the critical fail table and that if I REALLY had that much of a problem, "I could add an OPTIONAL rule where you'd only make 1 critifcal fail per turn."

Of course that completely fucking ignored the fact that each time the gunsligner crit fails they lose a whole turn fixing their weapon as it is.

>> No.78045283
File: 124 KB, 1024x665, these are the people calling you chud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Go back to your discord and stop samefagging. You will never be a woman.

>> No.78045325

>immune to damage from men
>not just playing a halfling or some other race

>> No.78045360

I mean, if you think so. Personally I was rather put off by the spectacle, but I guess you had to be there

You know I haven't sent them to the Underdark yet. It might be funny to see how they'd react

You better not be jacking off. I'll list the ones that stick in my mind most recently
>Aborting babies, turning them into undead demons and putting them back into the mother's to create living undead demons
>Turning a teenager who pickpocketed the one into a woman, casting a spell that restored his/her hymen every day, and sold him/her to sex traffickers. When they found out she/he was pregnant, they removed the spell to turn him into a guy, causing both him and the 8 month old fetus to die
>Enslaved a tribe of Amazon nuns and systematically and industrially deflowered and sodomized them all to death with their undead demon mutants
>One read about Vlad the Impaler and when they met an immortal (the undying and ageless kind, not the heal from everything kind) she paralyzed him and stuck him on an oak sapling. She then got the wizard to use divination to see the future and make sure the tree would eventually grow through him
>a time when they got a witch to curse a village so all their crops and harvests would be bountiful but food and drink would literally turn to shit and piss in their mouths
>turned a Bandit gang into thinking anal beads, so they couldn't do anything but were aware of everything, and sold them to a bottom of a barrel brothel whose whores were described as "unwashed and semi leprous"
I can give an account of what goes down during the session tomorrow night.

>> No.78045375

fuck me that’s good. i love it. based gm

>> No.78045427

Update: I tried to ask the GM if we could squeeze in a session tomorrow just so I can get this over with already but he's busy so next week it is, then.

>> No.78045444

Thing is, there was a lot of degeneracy and I got mixed up in it. Now I'm not sure if I want that thing to ever surface anymore.

I'll just summarize that it was an RP forum about playing some franchise's characters. There were few characters in said franchise that were underage (prepubescent) and there was that one person who picked the only young girl (half-elf) and... rped with it. Let's call the character Danna.

Before I joined, it seems the dude made some nasty RP, like having Danna loose her virginity by being raped by bandits, and it happened more than once from what I've heard. Add to that tags like mindbreak, bondage and more... people weren't liking it, but nobody complained and muh edgy rp and all that.

Fast forward to me joining the RP forum. It was my first time ever doing this, and I selected a child character from the franchise (male elf). I introduced myself, gave a sad backstory and joined one storyline without any hassle. My character got invited to hang around with Danna and her old witch mother inside their hut in the woods.

What I didn't know was that the same person rped both Danna and the witch on different accounts and I got manipulated into situations I would qualify as a mix of /b/ and /d/.

At first I let those things happen to my character out of sheer morbid curiosity (and lack of experience with online rping) then I got creeped out and started playing my character less and less. I made another account, and switched storylines.

Not long after, the dude did a Bandits 2: Electric Boogaloo with Danna, with added slavery, drugs and blood and not long after the site got nuked.

>> No.78045496

This takes me back to the RPDream chatroom on deviantart back in the old days. Not quite the same concept, but surely the same people...

>> No.78045507
File: 66 KB, 720x549, weres.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.78045515

You would honor me if you decide to have my paladin/inquisitor in your underdark theme game

>> No.78045528

if it were about lefty going off the edge I would believe it but cmon

>> No.78045669

If they get that far, I'll see about putting him in! Can't guarantee anything though, given how prone they are to plot derailment with their atrocities

>> No.78045719

Ill take "things that didnt happen" for 400 alex. Thanks, but no thanks bunker tranny, you will never be a woman and we dont want you and your gay everyone clapped evil hwuite mail stories here.

>> No.78045805

Have faith in them! I'm sure if you present to them the opportunity of the underdark and the drows, they won't miss it!

My inquisitor's preferred method of torture was:
1) Break as many bones as you can in the arm of the victim, once is enough if you lack patience
2) Dislocate the arm, slowly is best
3) With torture tools peel the skin and muscle off the arm, ever so slowly

I traumatized my GM that way!

>> No.78045881

>Anon retroactively wins an argument by making shit up two years after it happened.

>> No.78045999

I'd suspect this boils more down to "She saw Bram Stroker's Dracula and got horny at the werewolf rape scene"

>> No.78046454

New copypasta just dropped

>> No.78046597

>I'm not a furry! I swear!
>being this in denial

>> No.78047027

Actually, in the US they fell under sodomy laws. Which were abolished when The Gays started gaining traction.
All but two states have passed laws banning bestiality, last I checked.

>> No.78047047

Anon, it might sound shocking for you, but not everybody pisses or shits to the bathtub.

>> No.78047310
File: 140 KB, 767x552, telvanni - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Get invited by friend to Pathfinder game he plays with his larp buddies
>Never played pathfinder before but I have nothing better to do
>Spend the night before cobbling up a level 12 conjurer that I think looks decently strong
>Show up, see like 7-8 players including one playing over skype
>Seems like a lot of people but ok
>All of them are martials except friend who made some op cleric build and me
>Ask GM if there's anything I should do to introduce/integrate my character into the party
>He literally just laughs in response
>Session starts, party is immediately forced to decide between stopping a kraken attack at the docks or stopping an invasion of bugbears that have somehow broken into the city
>Figure I'll just go along with whatever the group decides because I'm the new guy
>Nobody decides anything
>Minutes pass, GM is getting a little pissed
>After a while friend just goes over to where the kraken is causing problems
>I follow him because no one else is doing anything and the town guards are probably better equipped to handle bugbears
>It takes a while but eventually the rest of the party decides to come with us
>Once we're at the docks one of the martials starts hacking ineffectually at the kraken's tentacles while everyone else mills about
>My turn comes up, realize I have no idea what any of my spells do
>Quickly look up a low level spell from my sheet that seems useful and not too complicated
>Cast waterwalk on one of the martials
>He immediately walks onto the water and loses to the kraken there
>Friend decides to fight the bugbears instead for some reason, leaves
>Some people follow him
>Stay and cast faerie fire on the kraken
>Friend gets berated by GM into coming back
>Now that the kraken is glowing friend casts fireball on it
>Thanks to some feat bullshit this takes off half of the kraken's health
>GM is visibly annoyed by this but decides to just have the kraken ink away
>mfw my low level spell was more useful than 5 martials

>> No.78047319
File: 396 KB, 873x796, guts boat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Now the party has to get back to what they were doing before
>Apparently this is taking a boat to find some important NPC I obviously know nothing about
>We saved the boats but apparently the town guard couldn't handle the bugbears so there aren't any supplies
>Group collects what supplies the town can spare and a crew
>Some fun rp happens as we hassle the townsfolk, I'm getting into the game now
>GM says that we have to decide between setting off now undersupplied or waiting for supplies and risk missing important NPC
>Mass indecision arises once more
>After a long time I suggest we just head out anyway, figure quelling a mutiny would be fun
>No one really argues with me but the indecision continues
>This lasts well over thirty minutes
>Eventually the GM gets pissed and gives up
>Says we can just have the fucking supplies without waiting
>Continues to berate the party
>On the bright side the boat trip went fine

>> No.78047329
File: 112 KB, 1280x720, sumo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The boat crashes on an island or something, honestly don't remember what happened
>After dicking around for a bit, the party runs into some natives
>Friend and I call them savages, rest of party gets us sent on some quest
>Have to go kill some undead in a shipwreck
>Easy combat
>Make a joke about casters being superior in character using my lurking knowledge
>Friend adds some banter of his own, it's all in good fun
>Actually retarded kid playing barbarian gets really angry and defensive
>Immediately back off and say we were just messing around
>Too risky to even joke around with a retard
>Find some clue about important NPC in the shipwreck
>I have no idea what the fuck is going on with the plot
>Go back to savages' village
>They throw a feast to celebrate us clearing out the shipwreck
>Some fun RP happens
>Suddenly there's a commotion on the other end of the table
>Apparently skype guy exposed his cock to everyone but me and friend
>This includes the retarded kid (who is underage) and his sister (also underage)
>Fucking weird but nobody else seems to mind and I didn't have to see it so whatever
>Moving on, the savages start a wrestling tournament
>A few of the martials enter
>Tournament is fun but mostly uneventful
>One of the martials comes up against the champion, some huge sumo wrestler guy
>They fight for a bit, martial somehow ends up with his face between sumo wrestler's ass cheeks
>Sumo wrestler starts farting
>Apperently he's charging up some shit attack
>Kinda funny but I feel like this is veering into magical realm
>Luckily the martial manages to get the sumo wrestler off him and wins the tournament
>He gets a prize and the session ends

Honestly I had a pretty good time but between the awkward indecision and the weird shit towards the end the whole thing was pretty surreal. I haven't been invited back which is fine but supposedly everyone is mad at my friend for one shotting everything and it's as awkward as ever.

>> No.78047435

I would also like to point out that anyone fed up with this guy at any point would have left as soon as he started dropping in heavy politics, let alone real politicians, so this story is bullshit even at it's tamest level.

I wanna give you a tip, anon, but I feel like I'd be ruining the magic. Keep being you, whatever that is.

>> No.78048325

Agreed there needs to be porn like this

>> No.78048356

I don't know of any other ones "with the hipster looking blonde twat", to the credit of our species.

>> No.78048374

>high school
>on /tg/
What's it like being a newfag?

>> No.78048477

Become eldrich kinght, bond with your sword and buy a second sword to bond with, then buy a box thats big enough for sword2 and bury it in the forest.
Congratulations your DM now has to pull bullshit to disarm you and then even more bullshit to get rid of your backup

>> No.78048501

Sounds reasonable and threatening and in character(race) so its a good answer

>> No.78048534

You are just a nice man the party met at the beach. You are literally less important than a named npc

>> No.78048601


>> No.78048792

Based. How did she react?

>> No.78048904

>not a fetish
>Levi from AoT
You sure about it not being a fetish, mate?

>> No.78049135

That fucking sucks, but sometimes a DM has an idea that's good in their head and then they get to the table and realize they fucked up hard.
It's just one of those things that happens, it just had extremely unfortunate timing in this case.

>> No.78049243

>GIGACHAD-tier wingman bro gets his fucking GOD a dark elf gf
Nigga your character deserves every boon his god can provide.

>> No.78049252

Heroin is an opiate. A sedative. Methamphetamine is, shockingly, an amphetamine. A stimulant.

>> No.78049919

me too desu

>> No.78050135

God damn furfag

>> No.78050165
File: 127 KB, 392x432, THE TRANNY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.78050181


>> No.78050223

Is this a repost?

>> No.78050244

Corn Pops would be proud.

>> No.78050256

>What really got him kicked out was when he turned up high on heroin and tried to sell it to us halfway through
Kek I was with you till this point. Pretty good story.

>> No.78050259

>gender identity
You just confirmed your political ideology.

>> No.78050311

Actual based post non-furries are straight up schizos

>> No.78050975

Considering she tried to murder her last husband on multiple occasions, is it really a good thing? Well on the plus side the drows have started to take true justice more seriously and his cult has expanded more than it has on the surface.

>> No.78051773

Pretty sure believing you're a wolf trapped in a human's body makes you a schizo, my guy

>> No.78052201

I'm a sad old man now anon, highschool was almost a decade ago

>> No.78052238

I ment more so he was being an edgy thief that OCD kept himself and his tools spotless, and at least IC tried to act more cold and calculating but often times still acted childish.

>> No.78052296

>your gods influence expands into dark elf territory just like his dong
>dark elf society improves considerably
>you become ultimate champion of a certain deity, pretty much Jesus in the flesh for your religion and also get to have some power over the dark elves
>maybe if the dark elves stop fucking too much with surfacers because of you, you get some cred with surface societies
It's a huge win. If Lolth tries some shit with your god, well, your actions are still legendary and should be praised.

>> No.78053610

Never seen it that way... well now I do feel better about my character's end!

>> No.78053622


>> No.78053708

Out of curiosity, who is your character's god and what is he like?

>> No.78053751

She sounds fun, you sound like a puss.

>> No.78054066
File: 471 KB, 640x748, prb1zvhdvbq41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was an OC god, inspired by the God Emperor of Mankind and Jyggalag, but more bent on Justice and Inquisition. He was so focused on Justice, in the "ends justify the means" way... he made other gods (good and evil alike) ally and banish him out of the Heavens, hoping that with the few number of supporters he would dissapear naturally.

He looks like pic related but with a badass armor.

>> No.78054068

That's sort of normal for mythological works. If anything she's being accurate, I would argue. It's not worse than Zeus and Ganymede, or anything involving ancient Greeks and little boys for that matter

>> No.78054240

Not the anon, but even if its historically accurate, I dont quite want to br having a discussion with a military advisor as he goes full ROME on a nubile slave boy.

>> No.78054613

I played in a shadowrun living community
okay roll credits

"gameplay" wise people could host tables and those were just like normal campaigns with one group of players and/or they could run one-shots that were open to everyone or invite random people to fill in when someone was absent from a campaign, all of this happened in a persistent world and you had a little IC chatroom and shit.

Of course what this boiled down to was the worst parts of a living campaign and a normal campaign. You could have your 20 karma (shadowrun's xp equivalent, you get like 4-10 per mission) runner join a one shot and be paired with someone with triple or near quadruple karma motherfucker who could have solo'd the run but will graciously let you have one initiative pass before they kill everything. Or you could be in a campaign and realize that other guy now has double your karma since they went on every one-shot adventure.

Community wise you have the usual tranny mods that make you walk on eggshells, powergamers that take advantage of the shit mentioned above and too many fapbait catgirls,

>> No.78054694

oh yeah and the autist. Not the most abhorrent player there but probably the hardest to play with since he's just go on and on about pointless details of his plan to the point people had to mute him. Don't think he was invited to too many games either way.

>> No.78054794

Match made in heaven for Lolth then. She will 100% turn on him eventually but she would work with him to get revenge on the other gods.
And he sounds like the type who would flat out announce that he will help her fight the gods he deems unjust and then kill her too.

>> No.78054989

Imagine any children they'd have. Peak lawful evil performance

>> No.78054998

Pretty much... but isn't Lolth's deal to be the one in control? As long as OC god is too occupied smiting evil and stuff, the alliance could stay a while.

Best case scenario for Lolth would be to achieve dominance, get rid of her more prominent enemies and than 1984 the world with permanent wars with evil factions and the rest of the pantheons that would keep OC god occupied forever.

>> No.78055348

>they team up and take down the entire cosmos
>half drow master race rules the world with an iron fist and a leather glove
>they turn on each other
>collapsing empire, drow for Lolth, humans for their god, and half drow reluctantly picking sides or pledging allegiance to other gods in an effort to maintain their empire
Pretty dope for a dark fantasy setting.

>> No.78055365

quick! Takes notes!

>> No.78055654

Based wizard

>> No.78055849

>Whenever the subject of payment is brought up he demands his horse get an equal share
I am going to steal that idea

>> No.78055876

Had to ban a player once because he groped a chick who played with us while she was asleep, leading to a guy form the group to punch him in the face at the park outside.

Couldn't really frame that as a funny GT story, just kind of still pissed that that shit happened.

>> No.78055946

So I just got kicked out of my group and im not sure why. Am I that guy?

>> No.78056033

Try talking to your group in a mature way to ask them why and how you can improve.

If they don't answer you, they are those guys.

>> No.78056130

Yes please

>> No.78056188

Of course. Any PC worth their dice would want to be the one going ROME on that tight slave bussy as you discuss military tactics

>> No.78056250
File: 1.91 MB, 394x245, 1393363329734.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good post. I dream of a group like this.

>> No.78056401

One one hand, this didn't happen. On the other, fucking hilarious

>> No.78056429

>I'll take Shit that Never Happened for $500, please

>> No.78056437

Group doesnt have an issue, just the GM. We've talked before and ive tried changing but he seems to think i have a malicious intent. I asked if i can reflavour a spell to fit my new character better. I said the mechanics would be the same and he flipped out saying im backseat GMing since I mentioned my intent with the mechanics.

>> No.78056598

Accurately recap your last three sessions with special attention to anything that pissed people off. If you cant they are either weird cunts who went off over an infinitesimal microslight or you have zero self awareness. Do you engage with them in political talk and if so do you not agree, even slightly and politely?

>> No.78056626

Oh yeah your gm is probably a maladjusted cunt who is now probably lying about you to the group.

>> No.78057065

>Player is a massive bitch that takes insults to their character personally (Messaged the GM wondering if he did something wrong, when an NPC guard shit talked him AFTER he tried to intimidate him)
>Will argue and fight tooth and nail for any advantage possible
>"Well I read over how the aboleths mind control stuff works, and considering my character isn't the type to listen to anybody, I should be getting resaves at a +2 everytime it tells me to do something!"
>Their character token is cropped from a porn artist, and considering I can't find them on said artist I can only imagine its a commission
>Is powergamed and minmaxed in such a way that they're devastating in PVP/1v1's and not much else, tries to enact PVP as often as possible rather to make people do stuff (How about we duel, winner gets to decide X), or just to show off
>Finally got a talking to after their most recent shitter move of taking half an hour to try to argue 200 extra gold out of an NPC we did a quest for, the reward being 2400 gold to begin with.

>> No.78057138

>calls himself a monsterfucker
>lusts over a generic monstergirl

>> No.78057231
File: 75 KB, 625x341, hopy shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Working late one night (restaurant dish pit)
>Making smalltalk with a newer coworker while helping him close
>Never been sure if he was a crackhead or took too many blows to the braincase or what
>Just kinda slow
>Mention I play D&D now and then
>"Oh, I've played that!"
>get a big grin, ask what his favorite character was and if he has any stories of glory
>"I made a half ogre"
>I could totally see that! Its a very you pick.
>"One time the DM had us in the forest."
>"And there were all these squirrels, yeah?"
>"So I caught all the squirrels and I raped them"
>"And they made all these faces-"
>dude proceeds to make a face of either anguish or pleasure, I couldn't tell
>"And I ripped their faces off and made a belt out of them"
>u-uh-huh? haha.

He knew exactly how to roleplay an ogre, I'll give him that.

>> No.78057357

ok, to clarify the GM did give a reason so I know why. I just don't know what I could have really done to stop it. I definitely could have done better, but was trying to improve since me and the GM last talked.
>Join a roll20 game sometime last year
>cool setting, really dedicated GM who's made a bunch of macros
>system is similar to 5e but with a OSR tint to it and is a roll under
>First few sessions are good, we start with 3 characters and end up with only one.
>character I ended up with was rolled for a certain class
>day before we choose classes GM reveals a new homebrew, one that aligns better with my intent.
>(this was my first mistake, should have just gone for my original class)
>begin to realize how unoptimized my character is, everyone else in the party is better than me.
>Ask GM if I can respec two characteristics (there was only a few point difference, but with roll under every point matters a lot)
>GM says no.
>GM starts to change his initial homebrew rules (GM forgot he even had some rules.)
>Use spells for the first time and both me and GM forget the rules of my character's spellcasting. (have to make a check to cast, we mixed up what check it was)
>My character actually benefits from this
>GM realizes his mistake and turns back his rules (I feel dejected about this.)
>GM further gimps my character by making my other ability extremely hard to activate.
>GM also changes rules on throwing weapons, making my character weaker still
>Ask my GM again if I can respec, use old rules, or just retire the character, because my character really can't do anything well anymore.
>GM gets angry, says I'm a powergamer, and need to read his homebrew.
>Say the class wasn't around when I initally speced the character, and bring up old chat logs of him confirming his previous throwing rules.
>We come to a somewhat compromise where I get to use old throwing rules.
>Think things are over, but GM obviously was pretty offended in hindsight

>> No.78057378

>Few sessions later I ask if my character can guesstimate how many rounds (I initally say seconds, but realize that'd be confusing) until an action that an enemy is doing is done.
>GM flips out says I'm metagaming (I think his concern was me using the word "rounds")
>Ask if I can just hold my action until the enemy is done then (effectively the same thing)
>GM okays this
>after session GM talks to me says I'm a backseat GM constantly metagaming/powergaming
Now I'm the first to say that I'm a rules lawyer (GM initally asked the players to catch him if he misses things.) and the GM has occasionally thanked asked why I didn't pick up on things beforehand. I've tried to make any confusion less than a minute. example would be "don't they have a +1?" kind of thing. I don't think I'm constantly metagaming though, I'll often do things in character that are sub-par due to character knowledge. I can't be a good judge though.
>Anyway, I apologize and try keep any rule lawyering to a minimum
>GM rockfalls' my character (the one I wanted to retire for being pretty shit)
>ok. New characters
>Ask if I can do this >>78056437
(For reference the spell is equivalent to this http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:command)
>I want to reflavor "flee" into 'fear"
>GM okays that command being given, but then gives a several paragraph response on me "dictating" the mechanics of what "fear" is
>im dumbstruck since I tried to reflavour instead of asking for new mechanics order to avoid any problems.
>GM says this is my last chance and if I don't change immediately I'm out
Anyway, I'm just going to leave the game. I don't really know what more I can do.

Am I that guy? This is from my perspective so obviously take it with a grain of salt. I've never tried to overrule the GM's call and my character changes had the intent of being suggestions, not demands like he seems to have taken them.

>> No.78057458

>what started as a rip off of Fable II quickly turned into an Evil campaign
So...Fable 2.

>> No.78057466

I tell this one a lot, but it's just so fucking bizarre.
>In college
>Roommmate wants to play Pathfinder
>Says to prepare for a deep south "swamps and gators campaign."
>First session we go to a witches' hut in the swamps.
>Witch teleports us to a bright and sunny forest clearing
>Walk around and encounter a wolf furry knight
>Yeah okay.
>Introduces himself as Lupes and says we don't belong here.
>He escorts us to his sea-side mansion, explaining that we were teleported to the wrong reality and we need to find a way back.
>He explains that the people of this world will be terrified of us because humans don't exist here.
>He opens his wardrobe to reveal 5 furry suits.
>Says we need to wear disguises so we can gain an audience with Vulpes the Fox King.

I left right after that and requested a room transfer.

>> No.78057507
File: 31 KB, 400x505, consume fecal matter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wastes of human semen
You're only mad because that's less cum you can gargle you colossal faggot.

>> No.78057508

>died of drug overdose

Good ficking riddance, pity it took that long.

>> No.78057551

Unarmed weapon proficiency.

>> No.78057568

Yeah your gm is a wishy washy idiot who cant keep track of his own damn system. He actively changed rules to spite you. Internet gaming amplifies that sort of behavior. I would say you are good (assuming its told accurately of course but such is the internet, no way to know but that sort of story fits so many e-dms I see zero reason to doubt). Also if he revealed a new class the day before you chose why would he not let you chose the new one? That really makes zero sense. "Here's a thing but you cant use it" smells of egotistical dickwaging. Did he treat other players this way to your knowledge? You should talk to them.

Your behavior seems fine.

>> No.78057807

A sw*de I suppose? Me, I realise my country is superior to nigh everyone else.
Damn it feels good.

>> No.78057981

I definitely am not perfect here, I can see what I should have done differently now (should have just retired the character instead of asking to respec mainly.)

I miswrote about the class though. I chose the class and then asked to respec because afterwards I realize how sub-par I would be. The GM wasn't vindictive towards me, it seems to be more of a miscommunication between the two of us which I thought was resolved in our last conversation. I guess not though.

>> No.78058234

My last GM was a pedophile. I learned that after his campaign and it wasn't surprising really. He played with a group of what I can aptly describe as art school students characterwise. It had that problem where every character was an OC. The people in the group were the worst part besides the GM.
>Person 1: Sassy black girl artist who drew lesbian nsfw stuff and the only character they played was "sassy rebel who doesn't like authority" whose exploits include stealing a sexy halloween costume from a mom and pop tailor when they had over 1500 gold on hand
>Person 2: Simp for the sassy black girl whose character would just hang out with hers and would drool over her out of game. the only character he ever played was a smol loli waifu every time
>Person 3: Normal girl who had a sister that the GM would whack off to. played a good monk that was a previously rebellious teen who embraced Buddhism. gave all his gold away to the poor and was based
>Person 4: Omega retard who switched classes 4 times before he got to level 2 because they weren't meta enough
>Person 5: Me, i was playing a dark elf raised by humans who wanted to get along with jolly cooperation
The whole campaign had no overarching plot, it was just our characters trying to resolve their "Arcs" so basically everyone got to spill their backstories to everyone and we would all team up and get revenge on those who wronged them. The GM had a bunch of pop culture references and wouldn't shut up about critical roll, and his campaign was just a place where the players could develop their OC's story arcs. the combats were mind numbingly boring and he would get angry and yell at us and close the session whenever we brought it up
ill talk about some highlights in my next post, this is just a background

>> No.78058333

anyways so heres some sessions i'd like to highlight:
Sassy black girl's current character had a curse placed upon them that would slowly turn them into a furry. She would post art on her instagram every week of her character's transformation status. one day we were on a journey to resolve the Simp's character's backstory and ended up in a sewer. Of course, the one thing that sassy rebel girl would do is try to steal as much attention from people as possible by having her character break down in tears every time someone else was having an important scene and cry about her backstory and the people that put a curse on her. she would constantly do wacky "pranks" and "blatant criminal acts" because they were wacky, and the monk would call her out on it and she would break down in tears about the person that cursed them in their past and how the world was cruel. the GM and simp would chastise the monk's player after each session and say "don't be rude"
the point being is that we're in these sewers right, and we find this old hag. classic scottish play witch, boil boil toil trouble. she says "if you bring me immense pain of some sort i can make deals with you" and everyone's like "no, you evildoer!!!" and im like "okay, if i make a deal with you will you remove sassy furry's curse?" and the hag's like "yep sure" and i was like "okay you get to dark eldar me to death if you do that" and we shake hands and my soul dissapears into the torture dimension or whatever. session ends there and the GM and girl argue with me for hours because i had "Killed her story" and the GM was like "she was trying to develop her story" and i said "if you didn't want me to do that you should've stopped me" and he said "well, i didn't want to cause a fuss okay" and then I got kicked out of the group

>> No.78058370

All these dicklets cant handle monster women

sauce please

>> No.78058448

I later discover from monk's character that they had retconned this after the fact and the campaign continued like normal afterwards minus me. Some other good sessions before that was the "arena" session. apparently this happened on critical roll/was an idea matt mercer had/whatever. the arena is also populated by the group's previous characters from their previous campaigns. The campaign's current characters would have conversations with their previous ones which would be them pitching their voices accordingly. everyone thought it was great fun. I volunteer first for arena fights. I'm a drow, it's in my heritage, right. I get matched up with Simp's previous character from another campaign, and because it's two level 5 fighters in an arena with each other, it mostly comes down to dice rolls and blowing our action surge in the first round. because rng favored me i win and collect me prize, and the next fighter is sent in. It is Omega Retard's current character. he is tuned up to be the most powerful level 5 character on earth currently. im gonna have to think outside of the box and he's a spellcaster so i say "im going to level my shield and charge him, and try to slam him into a pillar of the arena and stun him" and the GM says "yeah i don't think theres any rules for that " and i respond "okie dokie i attack with my sword"
he finds it hard to cast in melee so i get a bunch of lucky rolls and kill him (well not kill since its the arena or whatever) and he goes INSANE. breaks down in a yelling fit about the GM not doing something right/lamenting about my character having cheated his stats at character creation, and he packs up all his stuff and leaves. the rest of the group is confused on what to do so i decide to pack my bags as well and the session informally ends.

>> No.78058510

>friend comes back from college ttrpg group and wants to run his own game
>he hears people say pathfinder is better and more crunchy than stinky D&D
>5 people, literally no experience in ttrpgs except the guy DMing who played a single oneshot
>guy DMing has no money so he doesn't buy any books for pathfinder, prints out a single character sheet for everyone to share
>make character sheets on napkins
>he has to look up literally everything
>game starts
>it's literally the plot of Skyrim
>puts a massive high level enemy in at the start
>we all wipe
>he gets mad, does a redo of the campaign from the first scene
>puts super easy enemies in this time
>we roll them
>he gets mad and rages, never hear him try to get us to play again
>never try ttrpgs until way later when another group of friends tries to get me to play

>> No.78058547

last good story i have is when the simp and the sassy girl engaged in a literal cry off to see who could attract the most emotional attention from the group as a whole. I didn't know a lot about how the campaign went after I got kicked out but the monk kept in touch with me. I learned that from the start of the campaign (level one) to where they currently are now (level 9) not a single character had died, which is the hallmark of truly intense plot decisions and combat. They went to a dungeon once where there was two vases on pedastals, and when they tipped a vase over a water elemental spawned. this water elemental had the most bloated health pool i think i've ever seen. combat with it alone legit took two hours. it didn't even do damage to us, it's attacks were around 3d6 at best and it typically ranged around ~8 damage per hit to level 5 characters. I was still in the campaign at this point and i was like "listen, it clearly isn't doing a lot of damage to us, this is just taking forever, it's not going to get lucky and kill one of us, let's just end it now and say we killed it" and the GM goes into a fit about how it's HIS campaign and I shouldn't tell HIM about what HE should do. He then got angry and said the second vase also tipped over and a HP bloated fire elemental had spawned. boring combat ensues. took a total of two entire sessions to fight them. everyone was on their phones. they used a health restoring move at one point, and we literally groaned. the monk left the campaign when she left the room and came back to see the GM had gotten her little sister to sit in his lap. okay thats my tale

>> No.78058653

based GM runs his own campaign and doesn't let some faggot sperg take over
based GM also gets cuddles with cute lolis while faggot sperg seethes and masturbates to "le based monk"

>> No.78058670

>It had that problem where every character was an OC
...do you mean mary-sue? Because unless you're playing with official premades complete with backstory, any character you play is, by definition, OC.

>> No.78058694

Clearly the little sister was asking for it. This is just like one of the GM's animus.

>> No.78058704

well i mean theres a big difference between a "Roleplaying game character" and an "Original Character"
The characters they played in this game all had plenty of instagram art dedicated to them, lengthy backstories, and overlong fanfiction. To me that is is not a rpg character, but an OC. I see OCs as a projection of the idea self, whereas RPG characters exist to be interesting chemicals in an equation with other characters

>> No.78058715

i bet the GM got loli sister to come to his bedroom and play h-games together on the GM's computer
it probably made loli sister curious to try some of the things on the screen
meanwhile the retard who made these hateposts just seethes and masturbates instead of getting laid by a cute gf like based GM

>> No.78058721

Wise move

>> No.78058728

so you're a zoomer with autism

>> No.78058747
File: 105 KB, 306x232, look around only head exposed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neckbearia stop shilling in the middle of the videos ffs, also megan show tits.

>> No.78058843

Calm down, my guy.

>> No.78058870


What happened was that they were already having fun, and you decided you wanted them to have fun in your ‘better’ way.

I’d love to be one of your players. But your friends obviously just like playing games in a completely different way, and have their own comfort zone.

>> No.78058909

I'll take "Games I want to join" for $500, Zombie Alex.

>> No.78058923

i'd way prefer to be one of the players and to DM a game like they want
you are literally being asked to design cool levels for them to play through and you're going full anal-gaping faggot wanting your friends to put on posh accents and ROLLLLEEE PLAAAAY with you

>> No.78059015

It's rough man. I don't want to put on any gay accents but I also want to roleplay - explore the unknown and carve my way through difficult, existential quandaries.

>> No.78059053

Welcome to the west march experience

>> No.78059059

you can literally put anything in you want if you're a good level designer
if you actually made awesome hack n' slash dungeons and arenas for them to loot and explore
you could have flashes of some political shit pop up that they don't recognize the full implications of
it sounds like a fucking dream to have a bunch of nerds want to combat their way through your graph paper maze and all they ask is you keep the blood and gold flowing
like wtf
can fucking do

>> No.78059092

Oh, I'm not that guy. I'm just a rando who doesn't want to put on gay accents.

>> No.78059223

but my point was that you can have any political roleplaying type shit you want
just use the iceberg theory and make it so they only see the tips of it as it protrudes into their dungeon crawls here and there
you make them able to get past it quickly by spamming the A button if they want to, but show them later on that their choice panned out somehow
maybe just by an arrangement of corpses they're free to loot or something
look at Dark Souls lore videos for ideas on environmental story-telling

>> No.78059296

I've never GMed before but I'll remember what you said. If I finish this campaign I'm currently in maybe I'll give GMing a shot.

>> No.78059322

Aren't we all?

>> No.78059412


>> No.78060235

The word drow is both the singular and plural.

>> No.78060290

confirmed, drow are pokemon

>> No.78060396
File: 108 KB, 353x402, f1ace74479bc057ba94e037d75751d44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Playing Vampire The Requiem online with a bunch of people I've never met before.
>We're all in Elysium talking and introducing ourselves.
>One of the other people there is new too.
>Her character has a female name, presents female, her player is female.
>I refer to her as a 'she'.
>All holy hell breaks loose, I guess her pronoun was 'they'.
>She starts screaming at me in character - and I think a little bit out of character too.
>She then attacks me with a knife.
>The fight is broken up by the sheriff who's standing right in the room.
>She starts screaming at the sheriff and cussing him out.
>He stakes her and says he'll deal with her later.
>She starts screaming at him out of character now.
>He boots her from the game. Sheriff leaves the character's body out for the sun to burn up.
>A few hours later, one of the players reveals that she's screaming lady's roommate.
>Screaming lady spends the next few hours screaming IRL and trashing their apartment.
>Her roommate gives us live updates the entire time.

>> No.78060708

>not a mental illness

>> No.78062031

>Last I heard he died of a drugs overdose a few months back
At least one thing he did right.
I hope he joins the river of aborted babies, because he should have been aborted.

>> No.78063018

What were some of these updates anon?

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