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Fey Folk Edition

>NEW UA: Fey Folk
>Previous UA: Gothic Lineages

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread: >>78012863

TQ: Should I just ban all UA?

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Name my Owlfolk Paladin

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> TQ: Should I just ban all UA?
Look at them individually, see if they are busted or not, and tell any player who asks to play one that it is subject to change should it be published

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>Should I just ban all UA?
As a blanket, yes, but you should be willing to work with a player and make your own rewrites/fixes if they want to play something from any of the recent ones.

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No. Your players should notify you when they're using something from UA and you should review it to see if it's fine.
There's a ton of gems in UA that are never going to see the light of day in official books.

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>beginning of page 5
Waiting to make a new thread is like the prisoner's dilemma, except there's no downside to cheating outside of a few anons who get pissed but can't do shit about it.

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>still no monke

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I love story that have fey folk not fucking with us and we don't fuck with them. No mob going on witch hunt and fucking up the magical ecosystems. They help those in need and in return we just thank them out of superstition beliefs.

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just make tabixi but monke

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What are your favorite UA that haven't been printed officially yet? Tasha's included most of the ones I really wanted to play and now that Undead Warlock and Spirits bard are official it's just the new dragon ones that I think will be printed soon anyways.
I like the old old old Revenant UA as an option for continuing characters that die mid-campaign if it makes sense for them. It's kind of unbalanced to start at level 1 with but at higher levels the features are nothing game breaking.

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Reject furries
Embrace Kemonomimi

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You'll get the rope too, whatever degenerate thing you call yourself.

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I’m about to run Curse of Strahd. Got any tips?
>Party: creation bard (drow), divination wizard, vengeance paladin, horizon walker ranger (yuan-ti), draconic sorcerer
>rest are humies
>Decent locations for items?
>Good allies?
>Krezk or Barovia for starting location?
>Good encounter ideas?

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Those are shifters though.

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it’s going to be a planar book

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Phoenix Sorcerer is cool as fuck and just needed a little re-tweaking. Similarly to Revenant its level 1 is a bit egregious but beyond that it's nothing ridiculous, especially since it's attached to a Sorcerer.

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Cucking strahd by getting with ireena when he never could is hilarious and you should definitely encourage someone to try

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>playing strahd
>roll strahd encounter
>now I'm at his castle

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If I play a nekkid fairy boy would that be too fetishy?

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I have a Level 10 Party consisting of 2 Fighters, a Monk and a Cleric. I'm struggling a little to come up with a sufficiently difficult encounter, so any ideas would be appreciated. Thematically, anything is fine. Just some jump-off points would be super, really.

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Elemental Invasion

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So, i ended the session last week with one of the BBEG's men enter the party's new adventure's guild. I am planning on the guy just buying a drink and saying some menacing things but in the event of a fight how do i avoid killing everyone? He's a buffed up werewolf (CR12) and the bought 2 wereboars with him and the party is 3 lv 5s.

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depends if he's ken doll or not

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Do it anyway so you get kicked out and we can laugh at you.

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What are they doing right now? I ran into that problem a while ago but have found a good spot difficulty wise I think now that they're all 14-15. I also have 7 players kek

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Some enemy spellcasters could fuck them up. Use keep away spells so the monk can't get in and stunning fist.

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posted in wrong thread

if my level 1 wizard has +2 dex and -1 str and is proficient in quarterstaffs, his quarterstaff attack bonus is +1, right?

im new and bad

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Is WOTC going to move away from ASI completely and just use a bunch of unique features to differentiate races? I’m starting to get concerned about the direction it looks like they want to take things. My fear is that eventually all uniqueness will be left to personal flavouring. ie everyone gets a xdx damage spell at x level and the work is put on the dm to decide the flavor with the player rather than WOTC doing their job.

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magic, unless they have counterspell or a bonus to saves they are fucked when it comes to magic spellcasters.
have someone banish the cleric and watch the chaos begin

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>new dragon ones that I think will be printed soon anyways.
For me it's just these, I absolutely love Dragon Monk.

I typically don't like Wizards but I really liked Onomancer, even if it had flaws.

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>spell at x level and the work is put on the dm to decide the flavor with the player rather than WOTC doing their job.
If you can choose features outside of deal/reduce X damage or cast Y spell, I'd unironically be perfectly fine with this

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Slaad are good for mid-high levels.
Like others have said, just throw in spellcasters, and not just damage casters. Bring out Hypnotic Pattern and make the players blow turns waking each other up from it.

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His bonus is -1.

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>d12 to determine move distance
>5x5 grid
what did they mean by this? The whole feature feels clunky and poorly thought out. A bonus action dodge would be better in my opinion.

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They're on a week and a half journey to Baldur's Gate.

So, keep-away spells and blast 'em to death?

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>Hobgoblin Mastermind Rogue
>2x Help action every turn
Is this peak healsluttery?

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Bugger. Just drop infravision, replace Stealth with Athletics and reflavor Surprise Attack as throwing shit at enemies.

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but he's proficient in quarterstaff??

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>his quarterstaff attack bonus is +1, right?

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Your attack bonust is +1 and your damage bonus is -1.

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you're correct anon, his bonus is +1
his strength mod is -1 but he's proficient with the qstaff and level 1 so it totals to a +1

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Yeah, +1 to hit, and -1 to the damage roll. Honestly you're better off using a cantrip, or wielding a dagger instead so you can use your dex instead of strength, even if it has a lower damage die.

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my personal concern is that players will be forced to come to the dm for every minutiae of gameplay and saddle the dm with the burden of balancing and rule making. Constantly arbitrating players home brew does not sound like an enjoyable experience to me. Maybe with the right group.

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>no downside to cheating
Few hours ago an early thread was killed.

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>a bunch of unique features to differentiate races
That's more interesting than abilitiy score increases.
>xdx damage spell at x level and the work is put on the dm to decide the flavor with the player
No I don't think they'll turn the spells into completely generic templates. Things like magic missile and fireball will always be D&D staples.

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What would Eberron Hobgoblin tell to UA Hobgoblin?

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They just need to separate feats/ASI's in 6e. Then you can get rid of half-feats and instead build your feats around doing things you normally couldn't do. Like bypassing resistance with elemental adept, or being able to wear heavier armor. No one wants to pass up something like that for 12 levels because "it's really important I get INT to 20."

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yeah sure, but i'm just trying to figure out these attack bonus rules, and i'm struggling
why -1 to damage roll?
does that mean cause it's versatile, he can get 1d8 -1?
but why the -1 to damage? cause of the strength mod? dex is only for ranged or finesse weapons?

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Going to quote what I said in the other thread.
>Yes, Dexterity does not figure into quarterstaffs unless you're a monk.

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Echoing what other anons said toss in a spellcaster or two with CC spells (target the barbarian) such as hypnotic pattern, charm person, etc. If you want to tie it in with Forgotten Realms lore, maybe some followers of Bhaal from Baldur's Gate have come to seek the party out and murder them before they get to the city? At this point don't be afraid to throw a good number of melee combatants at them while casters and ranged enemies attack from the back. Give the back line of enemies something they can hide behind too. I guarantee the monk will have a great time and feel rewarded maneuvering around and beating on the backline, breaking concentration on the spell that has kept the barbarian out of the fight all encounter.

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>Hobgoblin Mastermind Rogue 3/Battlemaster Fighter X
>Take defensive or team oriented maneuvers like Rally, Bait and Switch and Trip
>Take inspiring leader
Magic is for nerds, true supports don't cast spells

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how would you make roll rules to win at an eating competition? let's say participating village fat guy has +4 constitution mod. let's say everyone in the party competes together plus this fat guy
i was thinking roll 15 con, then 16 then 17 and whoever keeps up wins

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Correct. Basically the "standard" stat for melee weapons is Strength. Since you have a -1 modifier, you "add" (really subtract in this case) that to your proficiency (since you're proficient) and that is your bonus to your roll to hit, for damage you don't add your proficiency just your modifier which is your -1 strength.

And yeah, adding dex is for ranged weapons and finesse weapons only. Honestly it sounds like you've got it pretty figured out and are just being anxious. Don't worry, if you fuck up I suspect the people playing with you will be forgiving.

>> No.78018257

>dex is only for ranged or finesse weapons?
Yes. Since the quarterstaff is neither you add your strength to damage, and your strength mod is -1

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If I am the new half-construct Returned race from Gothic Lineages and can take a long rest in 4 hours, could I cast Wall of Stone a bunch of times in a single day by chaining long rests?

Is there an official rule about long rests that stops the 20 minute work day meme?

Trying to prepare some fortifications for a siege and only have a couple days to prepare in-game.

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The minus 1 is because of your strength modifier yes.
Dexterity only applies to Finesse or Ranged weapons unless you're a monk.

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I just ran a oneshot which went fine but my group is roleplay focused it seems and they wanted more of that stuff , do you have a roleplay group as well with some tips anons ?

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I enjoy that races have drawbacks, there’s pros and cons to juggle, every race being viable with every class would be boring in my opinion.

>> No.78018323

Yes, you can only benefit from a long rest once every 24 hours, you absolute illeterate clod.

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Fairy sucks. The only thing it has going for it is flight, and even that doesn't work if it's in an anti-magic field. Oh, and that they're Fey. That does stop a few minor things.

Hobgoblins are pretty damn strong. Good use of the Help action, but often the bonus action is not used anyways. Also increases the max speed of the ultimate 1 turn speed character build.

Is that Wan Shi Tong? Also 90 FT Darkvision is interesting. Also just flight.

Rabbitfolk are boring. The +d12 movement can be either nothing, 1 square, or 2 squares. Even when not using a map, 5 foot intervals are what most use due to weapon range.

Overall. Meh. Still sucks they want to do the lineages for everything. For the last one kinda getting it now, since they were ment as templates to be obtained later, even though most are either too strong or just weird in what they have you lose. Unless that too was changed, but we'll see in the May. This though? Again, unless they're templates, just give them fixed racial stats and allow those who want it to use the lineage system.

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>Still no mousefolk

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>there an official rule about long rests that stops the 20 minute work day meme?
>A character can’t benefit from more than one Long Rest in a 24-hour period, and a character must have at least 1 hit point at the start of the rest to gain its benefits.

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with point buy every race has already been viable with every class since you just put even less in your dump stats and use the bonuses to make up for it

>> No.78018377

Okay so...
We're definitely getting Ravenloft and almost definitely getting Dragonlance.
What does this UA hint at for the third classic setting?

>> No.78018383

>Some tips
Always ask questions
Always try and lead those questions, if possible, into needing more than a yes or no.

>> No.78018393

>every race being viable with every class would be boring in my opinion.
I don't mind this so long as they all have pros and cons. I don't care if the Halfling can Fighter just as well as a Dwarf, so long as their limitations make them do it it at least slightly differently

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just to make it crystal clear, i have a cleric level 1 with a warhammer proficiency, and +3 strength

his warhammer attacks give him +2 attack bonus, but 1d8 + 3 bludgeon, yes?

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Honestly it makes things less diverse, people don't break outside of the race or two they like

>> No.78018423

Rolled 5, 18, 16, 2, 4, 1 = 46 (6d20)

Dragonlance when? I don't care about the setting at all but I want my Dragon Monk dammit

>> No.78018424

I would use 3.5 contest rules
Reflavor to be sick from overeating rather than drinking and substitute con for fortitude.

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Just reskin halflings, anon, that's in the DMG.

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Just KO the PCs when down to 0hp.

Winston reminds the PCs and the BBEHenchmen that the Continental is neutral territory, and there is to be no fighting on the premises.
Other guild members intervene to break up the fight.
The BBEHenchmen's goal is to mock and humiliate the PCs, rather than killing them, instead disarming them and knocking them down.
BBEHenchmen arrogantly walk away laughing after one or two PCs KOed.

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+5 attack bonus and 1d8+3 damage.
1d10+3 if he's using both hands because Warhammers are Versatile weapons.

>> No.78018454

Eh, that's a player side problem. If people are the type to stick to what they'd like they'd do it regardless. Not really a problem unless everyone you play with likes the exact same races as each other

>> No.78018475

No, +5 bonus to hit, +3 to damage, you add your proficiency and your modifier to hit, but just your modifier to damage.

>> No.78018479

Jokes on you I already only ever play as humans anyways. The new Reborn lineages are the only time I've played something else and I hope they have future options that let you add a "template" to an existing race

>> No.78018480

What do you think about a bonus action dodge for rabbits instead of the d12 mechanic?

>> No.78018504

so you add the proficiency bonus and strength mod for attack bonus, even if there isn't proficiency, and then damage is just strength mod added, right? lmaoing at my character sheets now.

>> No.78018518

When will we get an unarmoured defence feat? Even just one that lets you choose between 13+Dex and 12+Con and maybe throw in 5 feet of movement or something. Unlimited mage armour is a feat for spellcasters so it can't be that busted

>> No.78018521

>Is that Wan Shi Tong?
No it's fucking Owl you weeb

>> No.78018526

and it’s boring, 3d6 strict or bust

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>get the rope
Funny story. Our party's got a tamed Bugbear. We had to get with him to the city so we chained and muzzled him and pretended that we're escorting a prisoner. Something triggered in his genetic memory (Bugbears were bred as Hobgoblin slaves) and now stupid Bugger is totally into bondage.

>> No.78018540

You said you were proficient in warhammer though?

>> No.78018556

>18, 16
>2, 4, 1
Serves you right for expressing a desire of playing the Monke.

>> No.78018567

Oh boy, that's a red flag for magical realm if I've ever seen one.
Hope all the group is into it, or that'll get awkward.

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Breath of Fire.

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>bugger kink
kill it and get another

>> No.78018617

Sisters, are Aasimar any good in this edition? Hot take but they are my favorite Pathfinder race.

>> No.78018627

yeah but if he wasnt proficient it would go that way

>> No.78018650


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>person in our party starts to annoy me over time
>slowly ooc turn the other players against him, even the dm who used to be long time friends with him
>this goes on for weeks
>finally he slights me again in game
>nobody stops me from fighting him
>I down him because he's playing a joke build while I minmaxed
>I execute his character
>he's absolutely seething in the voice chat
>everyone starts yelling over everyone because all the bitterness I instilled in everyone has finally come to a boil
>after the session I convince the dm to boot the guy since his character is dead anyway and ban him from the server for good measure.
I feel so happy, genuinely never felt more alive.

>> No.78018661

Mechanically? Yeah they're pretty good

>> No.78018662

Only edgelords play them, and only for Scourge and Fallen. No one actually plays Protectors.

>> No.78018667

They're one of the most imbalanced race options there is. So of course, tons of people play them.

>> No.78018676

Rolling for stats is trash, you just end up with people playing fucking moon druid because they got mediocre stats and don't want to be worthless. Alternatively someone gets to be an unarmored defense barbarian or play Monk and not feel completely useless, wow great reward for introducing so much shitty RNG and variance into character creation
If you hate point buy "minmaxing" just restrict people to standard array

>> No.78018696

If i see another fucking Aasimar i swear i'm going apeshit

>> No.78018735

my Aasimar is cool and fey flavored instead of angel bullshit

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>kill it
Why would we kill a good Bugger, sweet-cheeks?

>> No.78018754

oh no, if he wasn't proficient with the warhammer you wouldn't add proficiency to the attack roll, so +3 to hit and +3 to damage.
If he is proficient with warhammer, +5 to hit and +3 to damage.

>> No.78018763

I miss Devas.

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>> No.78018773

if we get a feywild book without playable dryads I am going to be very grumpy

>> No.78018791

>Aarakocra can't fly in Heavy Armor
>Tieflings can't fly in Heavy Armor
>Dragonborn can't fly in Heavy Armor
>But fucking Owlfolk can

I know that is 100% gonna get errataed on printing but Jesus christ, WotC. Come the fuck on.

>> No.78018826

>Free QA from assblasted anons
You got played like a fiddle son.

>> No.78018842

he's a trickster fey, not a faggot fey

>> No.78018850

>implying heavy armor is the problem and not ranged characters

>> No.78018857

Even worse. Chaotic (((Neutrals))) get the rope.

>> No.78018869

>implying they're competent enough to understand feedback

>> No.78018877

Based, I don't even enjoy 5e I just play for the thrill of destroying other people's friendships

>> No.78018908

cheers mate

>> No.78018915

I was looking at them and wondering "where are the stat bonuses?" forgetting about how they tossed those out after Tashas. So how do the stat bonuses work now? +2 to one stat and +1 to another?

>> No.78018918

I only trick bad gays, thus I am good aligned

>> No.78018949


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File: 1.34 MB, 3200x3236, Proficient in Improvised Weapons (Brick).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, let's make this crystal clear.
>Attacks: Proficiency + Attack Stat + Weapon Modifier
>Damage: Damage Stat (Same as Attack Stat) + Weapon Modifier.
>What's my Attack Stat?
It's STR, unless it's a finesse weapon in which case it's DEX or STR, your pick.
>What's my Damage Stat?
Always the same as your attack stat. So if you attack with a rapier (finesse) but choose to you STR, you add your STR to the damage as well. If you use DEX (which is allowed because a rapier has finesse) then you add DEX to the damage.
>Do I add my proficiency bonus?
If you have proficiency with that weapon type, and only to the attack roll, not the damage roll. See above equations.
>What's weapons modifier?
At some point you'll probably encounter a magic weapon that is +1, +2 or +3. This bonus is added to both Attack and Damage rolls.
>What dice do I roll?
For attacks, you roll the D20. For damage, you roll the weapon damage die (or dice). For example your warhammer is 1d8. A greatsword is 2d6.

Does that clear it up?

>> No.78018969

Yeah, I think Tasha's implied that all races are now +2/+1 in whatever you choose.

>> No.78018996

yes and it’s fucking gay, a highly intelligent bugbear shouldn’t exist by definition

>> No.78019035

Aren't Bugbears like super smart tacticians that are experts at warfare?

>> No.78019043

You are thinking of hobgoblins

>> No.78019047

Mountain Dwarves everywhere are seething.

>> No.78019073

No, they're fat, lazy morons that bully others into giving them food.

>> No.78019080

> Bugbears, like other goblinoids, had a reputation for being dim-witted and brutish. This claim was not unfounded and like their kin bugbears had easily provoked tempers and were prone to rages. Few bugbears overcame this flaw and their culture's brutal nature

They like ambushing people, but that's more a WIS thing then INT, and they aren't experts at it by any means.

>> No.78019081

>humans now have +2/+1 and nothing else

>> No.78019082


>> No.78019087

compared to other goblinoids sure, compared to actually intelligent races they’re definitely not experts. I wouldn’t call laying in wait to ambush foes a super smart tactician.

>> No.78019095

what's worse is it feels as though the ban on med/heavy armour for flyers actually encourages people to play long-range cheesemeisters

playing a fully plated up owl-adin swooping and hooping with a spear and shield sounds kino as hell

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>ASIs, languages and alignments are completely gone
Well thank fuck I won't have to spend my money on WOTC books anymore.
I know why they are doing this but at least they could've added 'Default' or 'Standard' choices for those things.

>> No.78019106

Go variant and you get a bonus stat to go with your feat, I guess.
Variant FTW

>> No.78019108

Hooty. Convince the party to go by the name "the Blowfish".

>> No.78019116

Competent enough to nerf things big girl.

>> No.78019125

Big Hoots

>> No.78019127

i think so, if i have a druid level 1 , +2 proficiency bonus and +3 dex mod and -1 str mod; he has a scimitar and is proficient with scimitars, a scimitar has 1d6 slashing
this means he has a scimitar attack with +2 proficiency + 3 dex = +5 attack bonus
and then 1d6 + his 3 dex mod to any damage

yes, all previous examples are all from character sheets i made for my first proper dm try for saturday.

>> No.78019128

>tfw Bugbear Wizard
I'm gonna raise a army and kill all of you!

>> No.78019133

Seriously, even back in 3.5 alignments said "usually" X, except with outsiders. Why not revert to that?

Oh, right, racist.

>> No.78019140

>player goes to attack an enemy
>he says oh forget it I miss
>I ask what he got
>he says "9"
>glance at his character sheet
>he has a +10 to hit
>explain this to him
>he literally doesn't understand how the basics of a fighter work
I just...I don't even know sometimes

>> No.78019142

interesting fights for 1 PC with 2 companions?
I'll be running 1 companion for now and let them run the other 2 people

I've gotta watch out for action economy desu

>> No.78019144

An army, you mean.

>> No.78019145

What do you think of my Barbarian's stats, /5eg/?

>> No.78019153

Well shit, you've convinced me. Might see if I an make do with a medium armor class.

>> No.78019158

Don't ban it outright, but say that due to the imbalanced nature of UA, players have to run each piece of UA they're using by you, and be okay with potential modification. Alternatively, provide them a list of UA that you already know/like

>> No.78019168

You'll do well in the battlefield, but die of boredom outside of it

>> No.78019169

they’re tailoring the game towards the participation trophy, you can be anything you want generation.

>> No.78019179

Perfectly serviceable? Why do you ask?

>> No.78019183

when do you prepare magic spells? i've made a bunch of characters for new players, is this something they can just change after leaving the tavern or something, cause the sheets i give them have no spells prepared, just a list of spells they can prepare if they want. babby's first dm

>> No.78019190

it seems more like he doesn't understand how the game works, you should sit him down and explain where bonuses come from/how they work. it seems like a no brainer if you're already into d&d but if you're new, or even just not engaged with reading rulebooks, it's about as clear as mud

>> No.78019204

Longrest. If it's the start of the campaign then just assume everyone prepared their spells that morning.

>> No.78019205

They really are just doing less work and dressing it up as a good thing, aren't they?

>> No.78019213

They're supposed to start with spells retard you've already FUCKED UP you can remedy this by just having them pick the spells they want to start with.
From that point forward spells are prepared during long rests

>> No.78019220
File: 184 KB, 1084x1181, Krieg Thumbs Up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You got it. Also remember that ranged attacks are dex. If you want to double check things and don't want to open the phb, here:
But yeah your druid example is correct.

>> No.78019223

summoner that creates minions with counterspell

>> No.78019227

After a long rest.

>> No.78019228

+10? What level were you guys? How long had you been playing at this point?

>> No.78019233

Funny thing that you mentioned 3.5, I have more 5th ed books bought than 3.5.
But I guess it ends all here with this new direction. Changing a rule established in the PHB for a favor of an optional book in an optional book in upcoming books is silly for me.
They can make a new edition (or at least 5.5) for that instead of completely changing the rules as they see it fit.

>> No.78019255

thanks bro much love

>> No.78019279

A level 6 fighter that put their ASI's into strength and has a +1 sword has a +10 to hit, its really not uncommon

>> No.78019291

>They can make a new edition (or at least 5.5) for that instead of completely changing the rules as they see it fit.
They're basically doing that to character options, but without calling it 5.5

>> No.78019299

We've been playing for A YEAR AND HE'S LEVEL 10 AGGFHHHHHH

>> No.78019303

Have fun anon.

>> No.78019321

They should at least release updated core books.

>> No.78019324

Some people manage to play in a campaign for a very, very long time and still have only the vaguest idea how their character works. That one copypasta is closer to reality than some people suspect.

>> No.78019372
File: 57 KB, 540x535, Concerned Primarch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Level 10
>Can't roll attacks properly

>> No.78019380

A level 6 fighter that goes with DEX and all DEX ASIs likewise can reach +10 with the Archery style.
Yep, there's that too, jesus.

>> No.78019388

My tiefling flew in heavy armor because when it was released you could. They only errata'd it out later.

>> No.78019393

They declined to do so already when the question of Ranger came up - despite customer feedback overwhelmingly agreeing that Ranger's features felt weak and unsatisfying compared to other classes, and despite the devs themselves actually toying with potential fixes through UA releases, they ultimately decided that having different versions of core books would prove too confusing for the playerbase.

>> No.78019394

That would honestly be welcome. The core books (especially PHB and DMG) are rather poorly developed, and they could use those rewrites to fix rule issues as well as class/subclass weaknesses.

>> No.78019396

You poor bugger. Did you ever notice he was missing the vast majority of the time before then and think it was odd?
Not that I blame you, just hot damn, a whole year? I know some people who made the mistake of adding proficiency to damage for a while, but we usually notice in a month at the very most.

>> No.78019415
File: 200 KB, 640x960, Deva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brooooo i was messing with the 4e character builder and looked at devas
They look fucking cool, like Templar Assassin from dota

>> No.78019499

I never checked before I just assumed he was keeping track of his character but now I'm realizing so many dire situations probably only happened because he was playing wrong

>> No.78019510

Don't open it.

>> No.78019531

>Warlock 5
Is 2 lvl dip into fighter for fighting styles and action surge worth it? PAMspammer

>> No.78019550

trying to write background for war domain cleric, he was an officer in an army and had to place a friendly officer under house arrest (cause he killed some important guy in a duel) and then the guy gets mad and challenges my guy to a duel, and they have a draw. the point is they are rivals. they have had a few duels every now and then ending in draws. peace broke out and he left the service. i'm trying to find a good reason for why my cleric meets up with these idiots in the inn to do adventure with... any ideas?

>> No.78019564

Ouch. Well I suppose I'm not innocent of making some errors in how the game works for a long while (missed the whole "bonus action spell means can only cantrip for action" spell for ages, honestly I ignore that rule when I DM still anyway). Just don't think any were quite that notable.

>> No.78019567

Removing ASIs, alignments and languages completely in upcoming books and showing the Tasha optional rule as Christ's Second coming is confusing as well because PHB races have them.
I would be fine with it. They can do whatever the fuck they want if they release updated books.

>> No.78019581

>any ideas?
Because war..... war never changes.

>> No.78019588

I meant shoving

>> No.78019616
File: 709 KB, 813x813, Rosa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong vampire game, anon.

>> No.78019626

Play online so he can hit the attack button and it'll do all the "hard" stuff for him.

>> No.78019635

Because his rival did it, ran off with a band of ragamuffins and said he would use this experience to learn new skills that he would use to destroy him the next time they dueled.
Most obvious reason, anyway.

>> No.78019652

To be frank it isn't really bad advice for CoS either.

>> No.78019674

good enough

>> No.78019739
File: 300 KB, 500x375, 1613242841580.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>player character is an athiest

Why do people do this?

>> No.78019758

I dunno, but I can see how to Eberronize these feywild hobgobs. In times most ancient, before the Daelkye War that broke the spirit and psyche of the Dhakanni empire...an expansionist force of Hobgoblins took one of the not too often appearing Eladrin Feyspires. This force occupied the feyspire, but the timing was poor as the spire vanished into Thelanis, realm of fairy stories.

Now, when the day of mourning happened, the Feyspires all became rooted back to the material plane all at once. Returned to the realm of their ancestors these Fey Touched Hobgoblins are changed by their time...but unlike the Heirs of Dhakaan and the greater goblinoid minority of Khorvaire; their people were never broken by the Daelkyr or enslaved by the humans.

And they have spent countless twisted time telling their stories and weaving their fairy tales of the Empire of old...sit by my fire if you would hear these tales and learn the Glory that will again be ours.

>> No.78019765

this sounds dubiously unhelpful

>> No.78019775

>worship deity
>deity doesn't give a shit unless you're a Divine caster
Why bother?

>> No.78019781

It hints that this year we are getting another Monster Manual full of bestiary sections and new races amid all the campaign settings. Or that the next adventure is feywild focused

>> No.78019799

>Why bother?
To avoid the wall

>> No.78019817

Can't enter the wall if you don't die. Take the Lich pill.

>> No.78019820

Plus no one even cares about the wall

>> No.78019828
File: 327 KB, 1156x719, omg heckin darksouls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how many references are in your campaign?

>> No.78019833

>be stuck as a on the wall
>suddenly start worshipping a god
>leave the wall
That wasn't hard

>> No.78019834

Sounds like its time to be misotheist

>> No.78019885

my entire campaign is references. i'll use colonel Kurtz from apocalypse now except hueys are griffins.

>> No.78019888

Honestly all that shit including ability scores in general could do with being completely removed.

>> No.78019890

We filled out a crew roster of 70+ characters for our galleon. I put Jack Sparrow as a joke thinking he'd get deleted. Now while we gather around planning adventures, Jack Sparrow will walk by randomly.

>> No.78019900

I like the Athar in planescape because they just say "Yeah they're real, but I don't give a fuck they're just an overpowered version of mortals"

>> No.78019902

Lots, mostly star wars shit. Got an assassin named "omega" who is trying to impress a dark lord.
Like it because even if you don't know the reference, "Omega" is a perfectly suitable name for an edgy assassin.

>> No.78019920

>being completely removed.
I like languages

>> No.78019948
File: 294 KB, 220x193, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, why don't we remove races all together then.
Classes too, fuck them.
Backgrounds? Useless.

>> No.78019967

>Classes too, fuck them.
Classless system anon wya

>> No.78019974

The UA Reborn lineage with some tweaking could be a decent basis for a 5e Deva race, though they'd have to be called something else to avoid confusion with the MM angel type.

>> No.78019978

Alucard got added to our campaign and it was fucking awful

>> No.78019993
File: 5.31 MB, 640x420, Ares, God of Love.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno but I'd have a whole lot of fun with it given that I have my gods show up pretty regularly to offer advice, criticism, or commentary.

>> No.78020017

I think so, but they can't do it with 5E. These last two arcana are clearly testing the waters for a 5.5E or 6E.

I would be okay with that. Other systems has done it and it can work well. The issue is trying to swap from racial ASIs to no racial ASIs in the middle of an edition. You pretty much have to go back and rewrite the original races.

>> No.78020070

Game in 20 minutes. I have a bad feeling about this game but we'll see how it goes!

>> No.78020079

I needed a commerce god and I made him Malo from LoZ twilight princess

>> No.78020094

Gods are hypocritical pieces of shit that exist solely to explain things the DM can't

>> No.78020097
File: 1.91 MB, 1280x720, DASH_720.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure you'll have fun, anon.

>> No.78020136

Holy fuck

>> No.78020223

We'll see, I'm gonna try using the dmg overland rules for a one off so... that might go all kinds of ways.

>> No.78020236

Was worried for a bit, but aww, cute.

>> No.78020273

Lionesses are cool.

>> No.78020359

Far out, and then we got so many housecats that act like they want nothing to do with us.
Ain't fair.

>> No.78020390

Lionesses want to be with and serve their pride. The best you can get with a housecat is a dead lizard on your pillow.

>> No.78020442
File: 7.57 MB, 1744x2328, Puck 01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had a cat for thirteen years and he was the best. He was incredibly affectionate, and even jumped another cat who was moving to attack me once. Got a dime-sized chunk bitten out of his shoulder but bought me enough time to intervene to get the other cat away.

I miss Puck. He was a good cat.

>> No.78020455

I wish they would release a 5.5 edition or updated player's handbook so they could bring some of the original features and subclasses in line with current design. For example, Chain Pact familiars being able to work on your own initiative and scaling with your proficiency bonus(and getting more health christ the sprite is stuck with 2 forever) the way all the newer companions like Wildfire Spirit, Steel Defender, and UA Drakewarden dragon do. They released a really awkward bandaid fix in tasha's that lets familiars attack on your turn with a bonus action and scales their DC to your spell save one but they still have separate initiatives and don't improve.

Other important shit: giving expanded spell lists to the PHB sorcerer subclasses like Clockwork and Aberrant Mind, finally codifying and clearly delineating the ridiculous fucking distinction between unarmed attacks, attacks with natural weapons that count as simple melee weapons, melee weapon attacks, and attacks with a melee weapons.
Errata'd updates for important shit like True Polymorph's "permanent" duration still being dispellable and reverting you to your true form at full HP once your polymorphed body reaches 0 HP

>> No.78020486

You can't leave the wall once put there, Obsidian made an entire game about how shitty the gods are for allowing the continued existence of Myrkul's torture device is, and how fucked up it is for capital G Gods to allow something to destroy people's souls

>> No.78020525


>> No.78020535

The Wall's been errata'd out, though. Check it out:


>The Afterlife (p. 20). In the second paragraph, the sen-tence begining “The truly false and faithless ...” has been deleted

Given that its existence was a retcon in the first place, I don't see an issue with retconning it back out of existence.

>> No.78020594
File: 368 KB, 1280x958, Puck 03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was my kitty-kitty. I had to have him put to sleep last November. He was very sick and trying to make him better would have literally bankrupted me and might not have even worked. I still hate myself for not trying, though.

I adopted him off the street - or rather my door was open and he ran inside when he was already about a year old and already neutered. Someone had abandoned him or something, I don't know, but from that day forward he was my cat and I was his person and dammit all I want is for him to sleep between my feet at the end of my bed again.

>> No.78020596

Two ropers and some spellcasters.

>> No.78020621

Life just ain't fair sometimes, but suppose don't be sad that they're gone, be happy they were there, or some shit like that.
So adorable.

>> No.78020688

Cherish the memories, anon.

>> No.78020787

Soren Blackbeak of Goldenloft

>> No.78020928

So a Bard Bunny named Bugs Bunny & spams vicious mockery is gonna get a lot more popular now isnt it?

>> No.78021042

but will he crossdress?

>> No.78021074


>> No.78021083
File: 854 KB, 941x831, 1558109143857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Rabbits can be medium or small

>> No.78021084

How can you be an atheist in a setting where gods factually exist?

>> No.78021088

It is current year anon, she'll be trans.

>> No.78021100

>fairies aren't tiny
At least they nailed the flight not being restricted by wings and being purely magical. All it needs is a clause that it may work in an antimagic field regardless if everybody believes

>> No.78021107
File: 1.16 MB, 268x314, 1570157074549.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He'd be a pretty shitty rabbit if he didn't, anon.

>> No.78021111

Anyone have some fun boss mechanics they want to show off?

>> No.78021135

Just takes a little faith.

>> No.78021149

One I like to use is adding hp if i don't want the boss to die round 1-2 from two paladin crits in a row.
Doesn't exist anymore, check scag errata

>> No.78021246

>cant decide if I want to be a sneaky Crocodile Lizardfolk Rogue or a hermit frilly Lizardfolk Druid/Cleric or an ultraviolent brutish rip and tear Lizardfolk Monk
Why is making a character so hard?

>> No.78021265

this was my last fight
>boss is blind
>takes damage from natural light
>players must use tremor sense and echo location to lure boss into shafts of light
>boss recoils from light exposing soft carapace
>boss is immune to damage at all other times

>> No.78021268

Make sure he moves around, dont just stand still and attack
Make him sacrifice something (some kind of action or defense) to use a legendary resist instead of just saying "fuck you he passes"
Make sure he lives for 5-6 turns

>> No.78021274
File: 464 KB, 938x538, Bunny Goth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.78021283
File: 154 KB, 400x400, core$images$portraits$humans$necromancer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting one more time before disappearing into the night. I'm making a level 3 undead chainlock for an upcoming game. Cantrips are eldritch blast and mind sliver. Invocations are agonizing blast, investment of the chainmaster, and devil's sight. Spells are bane, hex, and darkness so far.

I need one more spell but am having trouble settling on it. What's a good spell to fill out this character?

>> No.78021290

The answer is always: because you want to do those all at the same time or you won't get enough wish fullfilment out of your self insert pc. I know because I suffer from it too, as a fellow scalie. Do not try to reject my projection.

>> No.78021308

>Make him sacrifice something (some kind of action or defense) to use a legendary resist instead of just saying "fuck you he passes"
Oohh, I like that. save-or-sucks are always a pain when you only got one big boi, but making your attempts not feel wasted to slow his rampage while still not making him completely "suck" does seem like a better compromise.

>> No.78021313

Armor of Agathys for when you get beaten up for being a gross undead-liking nerd.

>> No.78021331

Undead(UA) or Undying?

>> No.78021348


Wouldn't armor of agathys conflict with form of dread?

>> No.78021358

Well Disguise Self would be a given

>> No.78021377

Fuck off faggot I just want to play something that's a bit different from my last 10 characters you autistic virgin freak

>> No.78021396

why not just shiftweave clothing

>> No.78021416

Just pick a spell that you like, Undead(UA) is broken especially if your gonna be a AB bot. Or get Expeditious Retreat, or Misty Step for "Oh shit" scenarios.

>> No.78021581

How would you re-tweak Phoenix Sorc? My initial thought is more Mantles later in progression so it's not always a nova ability, especially with the lack of bonus spells.

>> No.78021614

I second Misty Step

>> No.78021645

My my, did I hit a nerve?
Invisibility is pretty useful to have as a warlock because it lasts a long while, it's better when you're higher level for extra targets from your pact magic slots though. Suggestion is probably your safest bet at such a low level but it doesn't particularly fit with undead. Protection from good and evil is thematic on pretty much any outsider or powerful magical being. Misty step is a good escape option until you reach 4th level slots cause dimension door, and you don't get inconvenienced by the BA spell rule because of your blasts.

Honestly warlocks don't have a very fun spell list at low levels because of their anemic spell slots.

>> No.78021701

Don't forget about thunder step. 90 ft instead of misty step's 30 ft and there's damage on it.

>> No.78021706

Mirror Image

>> No.78021719

>a black hood when put on covers half your face
Does this count as a trinket or is it a common magic item?

>> No.78021722

Also you can bring along someone else, great to play hero

>> No.78021723
File: 205 KB, 800x450, FAEE06A4-289E-4072-9D55-315BCBC667F0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 8, 19, 19, 13, 4, 8 = 71 (6d20)

Here’s my fairy, DM!

>> No.78021724

Oh yeah, that one's pretty good too. Just very bad for anything that requires not blasting a supersonic airhorn/being blinded (almost lost a character in a remorhaz stomach because of that little sight problem).

>> No.78021732

*with a shadow

>> No.78021749

Tanky Arcane Trickster maybe? Interesting.

>> No.78021758

>can you shrink her tits a bit anon, it doesn't quite fit my magical realm

>> No.78021769

oh boy, she stretchy af

>> No.78021817

If it's got a reasonably tangible magical benefit, it would be magical

>> No.78021842
File: 65 KB, 1280x720, 5C41B91B-7F19-4FE4-A3D7-2E54DD6D3E65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What class would a big chungus rabbitfolk be?

>> No.78021861

Damn, being proficient in initiative makes you look like THAT?

>> No.78021862

Post your party's gender, races, classes, and weapon of choice

>Male human bard, shortsword
>Female half-elf Warlock(pact of the blade), Scythe
>Female Firbolg Ranger, hatchet
>Male kenku cleric(Forge), Hammer
>Sexless changeling bard, shortsword
>Female human druid, spear

>> No.78021879


>> No.78021904

>playing kenku
do you have a table rule that they're allowed to speak normally? idk how you don't want to kill them if not

>> No.78021944

in my mind they would be ancient paladins that sound like the fat bastard from Austin Powers
always first in the buffet line

>> No.78021948

Yeah. He's actually a Parrot-Person. It's a pirate campaign and the party needed a parrot. Just using the Kenku statblock to represent that because Bird-Person and not flying.

>> No.78021956

How SAD can you get with a Battlesmith Artificer?

>> No.78021977

This might come as a shock, but, not every party member has to roleplay. Usually one person (hopefully proficient in persuasion) does all the talking to NPCs before the party dives into a dungeon.

>> No.78021985

If you're looking for another combo go Misty Step. Pop your familiar on the other side of a wall, use your action to look through your familiar, then Misty Step through the wall.

>> No.78022001

well you need str or dex for armor. Unless you decide to neglect either in which case why aren’t you a wizard or ranger?

>> No.78022004

>Male human divine soul, firebolt. just firebolt.
>Female glasya tiefling twilight cleric, used to be sacred flame but she recently got a mace that lets her cast ray of frost with wisdom
>Male dragonborn ancients paladin, spear (and shield)
>Female human scout rogue, flaming light crossbow right now
>Male halfling moon druid, should be natural attacks but a recurring phenomenon is that he tends to find a way to detransform from fall damage at the last moment and end up bonking people with shillelagh because the fucker didn't get thorn whip

>> No.78022015

why would you play 5e if you don't want to RP?
no offense but if you just want to throw dice and go one dungeon to another, there are better systems

>> No.78022034

I approve of Mr. Bonkdruid

>> No.78022057

Play dwarf, get 13 STR for Heavy Armor. Now INT is the only thing you need.

>> No.78022070

true but all my friends like 5e and don’t want to learn anything else.

>> No.78022130

>Female Wood Elf, Rogue (Arcane Tricker)/Sorcerer (Divine Soul), Shadow Blade/GFB + Shortsword
>Male Dragonborn, Paladin (Conquest), His bare hands
>Female Half Elf (Wood), Sorcerer (Homebrew shit), Catapult
>Male Lizardfolk, Warlock (Homebrew shit/Pact of the Blade), Pact Greataxe
>Female Human, Artificer (Battle Smith), some Arcane Rifle

>> No.78022153

How exactly does a character regain INT after an Intellect Devourer... well devours their intellect? Got out of an encounter with a couple of them, one of the party members is stunned but the thing died before it could hop into the body, and unless I'm blind there's no mention of what happens if dies with its job is half-done.

>> No.78022174

Dispel Magic is usually the answer to everything

>> No.78022175

>Male Human Wizard, Tattoos (Human Spellbook)
>Female Wood Elf Ancients Paladin / Bladelock, Wilde Hunt Longsword
>Female Aasimar Druid, Conjuration
>Male Silver Dragonborn Blood Hunter, Greatsword
>Male Red Dragonborn Monk/Druid, Primal Savagry

>> No.78022185

Greater Restoration.

>> No.78022191

Oh yeah the Dragonborn is a Black dragon.

>> No.78022208

Any ability that removes Ability scores mentions what cures it. In this case, finishing a long rest or the restoration spells

>> No.78022227

Got two
>female half-elf sorcerer (divine soul), none/spiritual weapon
>female wood elf barbarian (beast), spear and shield
>male human monk (long death), sickle
>male human rogue/fighter (swashbuckler), shortsword and shield

>male dwarf cleric (life), warhammer
>male half-orc ranger (horizon walker), longbow
>female human warlock (blade fiendlock), greatsword
>male human warrior (sidekick), longsword

>> No.78022232

Is phantasmal force good?

>> No.78022246

DM’s call, most likely. But Greater Restoration and Regenerate can restore intelligence.

>> No.78022286

>In this case, finishing a long rest
On a shadow's strength drain it says "the reduction lasts until the target finishes a short or long rest." Intellect Devourers do not share that.

>> No.78022289

As with all illusion spells, depends on how much your dm wants to let you worldbuild your phantasms.

If it's a "my body setting, my temple" kinda DM, don't even bother pcking illusion spells.

>> No.78022293
File: 199 KB, 918x1188, qrmjbbhpuvc61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I gave one of my players this item a while ago, and i'm trying to figure out how to make it tie into the campaign. i was thinking of making it connected to some ancient warrior who died before he could even reach for it. The player is not much into RP and just enjoys combat which is fine but i want him to feel included in the campaign as more than just a hit thing real good guy

>> No.78022307

What are some great things/Shenanigans that can be done with Astral Self?

>> No.78022313

>Male Kenku Fighter/Artificer, Gun or Dual Longswords
>Human Wild Magic Sorcerer, Magical Jewelry
>Warforged Warlock, Scythe
>Aaracockra Monk, Fists/Talons
>Dragonborn Paladin/Sorcerer Sword and Board

>> No.78022318
File: 807 KB, 834x1100, 039b3ca9f1ae492c1bff79ac6e8c0158cc80178bc8590cd7a1129938a80d00cc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Psionic School Wizard is in UA and deserved to be published

>> No.78022323

It’s useful where Minor Illusion or similar isn’t convincing.
>give a shopkeeper phantasmal gold. They bite it, flip it, and weigh it, convinced now it’s real.

>> No.78022362

Bugs Bunny wears no clothes unless in costume.

>> No.78022376

Hardest part about playing a Sorcerer is figuring what the fuck my SIX Cantrips are going to be. I rarely have need for more than 3, let alone double that.

>> No.78022380

druid shape into a housefly
astral arms (human sized)
you're now two floating arms hovering menacingly

>> No.78022412

Just get creative ones like presiditation, minor illusion, and shape water. Obviously get mind sliver and fire bolt for damage but save can trips are better since AC means jack shit

>> No.78022444

>Fairy sucks. The only thing it has going for it is flight, and even that doesn't work if it's in an anti-magic field. Oh, and that they're Fey. That does stop a few minor things

No armour restriction on flight, which is a first.

>> No.78022480

15 foot punches with a bugbear.

Take some levels of druid and make the wildshape’s attacks wisdom based (natural weapons aren’t unarmed strikes though... this takes a lot of interpretation.)
This can make beasts with bad strength become viable with your high wisdom.

>> No.78022737

>they aren't experts at it by any means
>+6 in Stealth
>surprise attack

>> No.78022778
File: 540 KB, 1123x966, 1604282579090.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm bored lads. Give me something to watch.

>> No.78022801

Critical role episode right now. Come to /crg/ and watch matt mercer's very hard, very consequenceful DnD campaign with us!

>> No.78022811

This guy's videos are pretty good.

>> No.78022861

Darkness or Shadow of Moil for a Devil's Sight Warlock?
Hell yeah, I get all of my deep lore cuts from this guy.

>> No.78022923

Share your Warlock patrons

>Uses Lord of The Deep
>Known as The Ceaseless Hunger, The Crushing Depth, and The Overcrab
>Currently involved in a plot to displace the local God of the Sea and take over her position

>> No.78023006
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General thoughts on the new UA? How does the pixie homebrew compare to mine?

>> No.78023072
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So with the gunner feat and the new optional features in Tasha's, guns can be monk weapons. Which subclass makes the best use of this?

>> No.78023082

>The Ceaseless Hunger
I always feel bad for deities of hunger. It's like being blessed with suck, your entire being is centered around being incomplete and going so insane from it you can only ever hope that excess can quench that primordial hole in your being. Of course, doesn't mean they aren't evil, just weirdly pitiable.

>> No.78023096
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>The Overcrab

>> No.78023131

The players don't know this yet, but my Deepest Lore features the Heart of The Earth, which the gods broke to gain their power, and the Heart of The Sea. After the Heart of The Earth was broken, the Heart of The Sea felt loss. That loss turned to hunger, and awareness, and it became H'Cath. It's overall quest is to unseat and depower the gods to restore its counterpart.

There's also the Heart of The Sky, which was the second moon - ever since the Heart of The Earth was broken, the Heart of The Sky turned away from the world, and now there's only one moon

>> No.78023175

>tiny player race when the game can't support non-small/mediums
>easier to hit with a sling but harder to hit with an arrow
Yours is completely assfucked.

>> No.78023204

I made Orviscus, some weird outer entity that didn't even know about the Warlock PC for half the campaign, until a poor roll meant he siphoned off a little too much power and caught his attention. Suddenly the party had another issue on their hands and had to scour the area the Warlock found the dusty old tome in the first place to find a way to deter Orviscus' curiosity and gradual drifting towards the plane, which was causing no shortage of issues from mutations, new creatures appearing in spatial tears, fluctuations in millennia-old rituals. Just a big mess really.
Even after they managed to shield the plane from Orviscus, the party never did let him hear the end of it.

Not the most interesting patron admittedly, but a fun lark.

>> No.78023212

Wait, why can't the game support non-small/mediums?

>> No.78023213

what type of character should I make if I want to be an earth bender

>> No.78023217

K’Reddy Fruegr
Archfey (for sleep spell mostly)
Known as the Springwood Slasher, the Dream Demon, and the Final Nightmare.
He’s a sick son of a bitch that visits you in dreams and takes your soul. Good thing some warlocks don’t need to sleep!

>> No.78023247

Bones of the Earth is Druid-only so probably that

>> No.78023277
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This was 4e but it would still work: I gave my players tiger-eye gems as an invitation to a palace, where the guests are required to have these on them at all times as proof of admittance. A helpful "demon" earlier had told them of a local saying about the "eyes of charity."

During combat with her, the wizard slung a spell with a high roll, and it missed, and she gave her a smirk, and I said to the player "your character feels like that should have hit."

Two good investigation checks later revealed a trait that she could not be hit by any non-critical attacks by someone carrying a tiger-eye gem; She was a psionic that used them to read their thoughts, meaning she could never be assassinated or attacked by her guests.

The combat was all a test of resolve anyway, and there were more mechanics than just that, but it was fun to throw a "figure out why we can't seem to hit her" before the she took the fight seriously.

>> No.78023289

New Thread

>> No.78023292

Path of The Four Elements monk but only use the earth spells

>> No.78023308


>> No.78023313

Weapons are the easiest example. A shortbow used by a small or medium creature does 1d6 damage. A tiny shortbow used by a tiny creature does 1 damage. A large shortbow used by a large creature does 2d6 damage. A huge shortbow used by a huge creature does 3d6 etc.
Enlarge, Rune Knight, etc. have their own specific systems because obviously this is system is for NPCs and completely unbalanced for players.

>> No.78023368

none? kensei only benefits kensei weapons and everything else uses ki for other stuff.
Ascendant Dragon monk can replace the bullet damage type at least.
Just play ranger, rogue, artificer, or fighter.

>> No.78023435

>UA description still claims it's Gothic Lineages

>> No.78023484

this thread came out on page 5 too and you hopped on no problem.

>> No.78023508

Here you go.

>> No.78023517

You forgot your meme arrow

>> No.78023537
File: 225 KB, 1378x775, ...THEN I SMASHED HER HEAD IN, LIKE THIS!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit. Whatever, I'm sure the next bugbear/furry/scalie thread will fix it for you.

>> No.78023915

My entire campaign is made up of stolen shit, do those count as references?

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