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Surf edition

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What's your favourite pose on a model?

>> No.77988143

This <CORE> shit sure is a bunch of gay unfun trash that homogenizes the fuck out of the game huh?
>but you can make some other stuff core!
Yeah which only further pigeonholes you into this.

>> No.77988154

CORE has only really applied to space marines, necrons barely care and DG doesn't really either. We'll know how prevalent it'll be when the deldar codex drops

>> No.77988159

does it fuck
dry your eyes mate

>> No.77988165

It does the opposite and forces unique, non-vanilla options to make themselves valuable tactically rather than piggybacking on captain/lt. rerolls. It’s a good change.

>> No.77988171

I like when Ultramarines bend over cause they liked getting fucked in the ass

>> No.77988173

Posted from last thread!

Finished the first of three assault squads and a refinished Custodes Vexilla. Wanted a pretty bloodied look to the Fists since I don’t do it often.

What’s everyone else working on?

>> No.77988181

>he thinks aura stacking didn't homogenize

>> No.77988185

The CORE is to restrict buffs to high points models, which buffed have a very high damage/resistance that would make more point effective, making balancing it impossible,

>> No.77988189

I recently got the classic daemon prince model. Its resin and its all stripped. This is my army paint scheme. Should I give the prince classic red skin or somthing else?

>> No.77988199

Berzerkers falling over are so bad they’re good.

>> No.77988216

Given it's a mutated CSM, you aren't really going to be messing too much with the black and bone/white. you have red as a spot colour elsewhere in the list, so yeah, pretty much red is your best option.

>> No.77988224

> DG doesn't really either.
they really do: cant buff PBC or morty, kinda a big deal

>> No.77988235

PBCs got a BS upgrade built in now so I don't wanna hear it

>> No.77988249

A morty without external buffs? How will he be viable on the tabletop???

>> No.77988254

Morty can target himself with Primarch of the Deathguard for full rerolls though

>> No.77988271

Morty is not core?!! He's useless now!

>> No.77988299

What kid of conversion/kitbash ideas would you guys use for Black Dragons?

>> No.77988313

Finished the red highlights on pic-related, hopefully will have these finished by Friday.

>> No.77988317

Looks cool

>> No.77988333

I would switch al Lightning Claws with their plated bone spurts, for starters.

>> No.77988338

TQ, when the character has one foot on a rock. GW should try making some models like that /s

>> No.77988346

Daemon engines not being core is a big deal for my list

>> No.77988361

lads, come on now, dont play dumb, you know what i was saying, not that they NEED buffs, jsut that core IS important to deathguard, ya jacksies
oh sure, but they he cant target something else. its not a huge deal, but its something to note

>> No.77988370

Just use slivers from leftover sprues to make the pointy bones and you’re good

>> No.77988379

So how do you think IG regimental doctrines will be reworked? Especially those who don't really work anymore in v9 like Tallarn and Mordian.

>> No.77988392

The absence of core is not really felt desu. I play a couple different flavors of DG and we feel overturned if anything with all the stratagems and elite buffs.

>> No.77988403

Mordian might just get army wide overwatch instead of +1 to overwatch.

>> No.77988404

i feel it with the lord of virulence not being able to buff PBC. i 100% care about the core restrictions im not saying that DG need buffs, but it is a very noticeable change if you've been running DG for a while

>> No.77988405


Why is CORE important?

What significant does the word CORE have in a game? Please tell me its not just for cancerous rerolls.

>> No.77988414

some abilities and stratagems only work on units with the core keyword

>> No.77988420

PBC doesn't need buffs, it already is fucking obnoxious.

>> No.77988421

> Please tell me its not just for cancerous rerolls.
thats exactly what it is about, restricting rr to things that arent massive tanks to stop parking lots. people just want to be mad about deathgaurd apprently though

>> No.77988426

>im not saying that DG need buffs
anon, please try and read what i actually said, and not just be angry because you want to be

>> No.77988428

I hope there's more custom doctrines added. For being one of the most varied armies to exist there is shockingly little choice there.

>> No.77988433

Why not both ? There's already the positioning restriction, it wouldn't be too strong and would bring it on par with the better ones like Cadia.

>> No.77988457

Its an easier way to say INFANTRY non CHARACTER and excluding rare options acording to fluff

>> No.77988458

Depends on the army. For example, Necron's Veil of Darkness only works on Core (this is a nerf compared to the old one), while Szeras' Augmentation now works on all Core instead of only Immortals and Warriors.
In Death Guard the amount of Cultists and Poxwalkers is related to the amount of Bubonic Astartes Core (i.e. actual marines of the death guard) in the list.
There's several things related to Core, not just rerolls.

>> No.77988459

I mean, I'd be fine with it either way. If only to watch /40kg/ cry more about guard being OP.

>> No.77988462

what codex are you most excited for bros?
i cant wait for the daemons one, hope they take inspiration from the aos versions with all the unique mechanics and make summoning not trash
could be on the horizon with bel'akor getting released too

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>> No.77988497


>> No.77988499

Anyone painted up any of the new Ork vehicles ITT?

I wanna get a feel for what they look like outside the usual studio paintjobs.

>> No.77988526

I NEED female necron models. How do i do it without the shitty necronborg stuff?

>> No.77988535

listen coomer, skeletons don't have mammalian tissue, so skeletons dont have boobs. now fuck off back to /co/ or /a/ whence you came

>> No.77988539

If you really want to you should look tor lither ribcages and faces. Although GWs stance is "use whatever" since apparently the Plasmancer represents a female Cryptek in the relative book.

>> No.77988553

They still have female skeletons anon.
There is a reason why we can tell the age, sex and in some cases ethnicity of the skeleton by just how it looks

>> No.77988593

why would the necrons feel the need to add sexual dimorphism for sexless robotic metal bodies

>> No.77988597

I'm not sure widening the pelvis on a necron is going to do much for you.

>> No.77988617

describe exactly what you want if you arent just some dumb coomer

>> No.77988627

i guess for the upper nobility it would be a thing: the Necrons are very vainglorious after all

>> No.77988628

If you want female necrons on the tabletop just add a customs rule. "For every female model in a unit reduce the leadership by 1."
This represents the collective need to get the fuck away from them.

>> No.77988640


>> No.77988644

Because they are nobles, and nobles are fickle? All high ranking necrons have bodies fit for an ideal image of themselves. For example, Trazyn's body is hunched over because he was the Royal Archeovist when alive, and he was made into an idealized caricature of himself.

>> No.77988647

Not that anon. Not everyone pointing your dumb ways is the same guy that wants to go to bone town.
Also >>77988539 could be good enough.

>> No.77988648

>They still have female skeletons anon.
Necron bodies are fabricated, not based on biological tissue. There's no reason for any sort of dimorphism.

>> No.77988663

thats not quite true, they are clearly based on spoopy skeletons , and many nobles are portrayed as having specifically modified bodies to make them look as they please

>> No.77988670

There's more than enough reason for dimorphism because they are manufactured. The peasants get the same boring mass produced ones, the nobles get cool bodies tailor made fir them, and those that can (i.e. Crypteks) pimp their own bodies to show status.

>> No.77988674

Fuck tanks Infantry is the only way to go

>> No.77988680

any answer that's not Kroot Mercs is a fucking lie

>> No.77988682

Anon necrons bodies at least for nobles are fancy. If anything I'd expect dimorphism for pride alone and noble shenanigans

>> No.77988683

You'll do great long as you roll first turn

>> No.77988687

that's some nice work there anon

>> No.77988704

Noob here. I was thinking of buying some Predators from FW. I see the rules for the Destructor and Annihilator variants are in the 40K Space Marines codex. I was under the impression FW units usable in 40K are in the Imperial Armour compendium, but I don't see the Executioner and Infernus variant in the compendium. Are they playable in 40K?

>> No.77988711

I didn't know regular marines could get these

>> No.77988717

A bunch of shit got squated. If you can find a data sheet and a points cost you should be fine to run it in local games, but you'll be SOL in tournaments.

>> No.77988726




>> No.77988728

I love the vibe of heavy weapon teams.

They've even performed pretty well for me in games.

>> No.77988745

They're some of the most efficient units in the game 3 lascannons with plus 1 to hit and wound, rerolling all misses and 1s to wound slaps just about anything without a damn good invul.

>> No.77988755

sick, are these meant to be Tanith? I ask due to the tattoos

>> No.77988768

i like your models, but playing against infantry guard is misery. it's like watching paint dry during their turn when they have 200+ infantry models...

>> No.77988775


>> No.77988780

I haven't used lascannons yet but heavy bolters have done serious work against marines and mortars have been superb vs demons.

>> No.77988799

what does geneseed actually look like?

>> No.77988800


>> No.77988807


>> No.77988808

pretty sure if it's not in a codex or the compendium you can't play it in 9th

>> No.77988812

Looks like ooze. But the organ that produces it can be seen in the primaris apothecary's hand.

>> No.77988821

Isn't this Bile's cronie?

>> No.77988825

they were in 8th but for some reason gw just forgot or chose not to add them to the new book

>> No.77988827

Yeah. Noticed it right as I posted it. Brain fog. They're hardly any different anyway.

>> No.77988840

okey, but why would you ever give a fancy body to a female post transition? the rules no longer matter, it is not like you can use it for anything being a machine. I guess it could be a show of power, potlach style, saying "look how powerful I am, I could get strong male necron guards, but I decided to get fancy female necrons" but that would require all necrons to be Trazyn level of insane.

>> No.77988855

I played against someone using orks with my guess around 250 models all infantry and watching him make his movement phase was torture

>> No.77988858

>I guess it could be a show of power, potlach style, saying "look how powerful I am, I could get strong male necron guards, but I decided to get fancy female necrons" but that would require all necrons to be Trazyn level of insane.
You already have the answer anon

>> No.77988878

Something pleasant about hordes is the nice feeling of seeing your attacks make a difference.

Every shooting activation reliably wiping out a few dudes keeps things feeling nice and dynamic.

>> No.77988899

Well yes. Necrons are already insane and one can say they where insane even before the entire war in heaven and ctan

>> No.77988903

If you have plenty time to play the game its fine, and wiping out huge swathes of models is more fun than plinking maybe a few dudes every round.
The problem is a lot less pronounced in sigmar as well ive found even though I play mortals tzeentch and my army has 88 models in it before ive summoned anything else since my biggest shooting phase is 10 shots per squad.

>> No.77988937

Why would crypteks be given 2-foot-long chins?

>> No.77988941

I'd love something like this they don't need booba

>> No.77988962

Pose and exageration of features are essential for female models that actually look like a woman.
Otherwise it is just a man with tits and a wig

>> No.77988964

This is the sort of thing that I want to see for female necrons, not shit like the WGE models with pokeballs bolted to the ribs

>> No.77988980


>> No.77989002

are you saying sister superior Michael isn't a real womxn? very problematic anon

>> No.77989010

omg did someone say Female Necrons?

>> No.77989038

The first and only

>> No.77989042

pose is generally enough

warhammer figures are obviously at a bit of a disadvantage for that since many of them require broad stance firing poses, though

>> No.77989051

unbelievably based

they look great anon

>> No.77989058

same energy

>> No.77989082

wow i want her to step on me

>> No.77989085

>> No.77989090

Movement trays solve a lot you can generally finish your movement in like 5 minutes. Shooting phase I just keep dice in a 20 block and 10 block for quick rolling

>> No.77989123

Futa Necrons w h e n

>> No.77989125


>> No.77989140

Hence why they need to go out of their way to exaggerate other female features.

>> No.77989145


>> No.77989147

No faggot, core limits the reroll spam.

>> No.77989152

> everything but centurions and vehicles
Oh yeah so many hard choices

>> No.77989157

Could be bonier and have a better weapon but pose and shape is nice

>> No.77989177

Even as a third world fag it annoys me to no end the "x"
Like if you really wanted to push the neutral bullshit just go back to use wereman and use man as neutral.

>> No.77989188

To be honest all they really need to do is give all the women high heels. The posture change would probably be enough to swing it.

>> No.77989191

For marines mostly. Everyone else was pretty much using CORE already

>> No.77989200

>tfw you will never be a femcron lord's pet slave

>> No.77989209

Ignoring the aborted babies that are SoB faces, repentias and PE/morties pilots.
The nu SoB did a good enough job. Canoness is garbage though

>> No.77989225

I agree Guardsmen, prepare to fire.

>> No.77989230

>Canoness is garbage though
why the fuck does everyone ignore the helmeted and hooded heads

>> No.77989234

>PBC doesn't need buffs, it already is fucking obnoxious.
It is appropriately costed now. When they was like 130 points, I agree the things were obnoxious.

>> No.77989240

well I'd like them more if they had greyfax-style stilletto heels

>> No.77989243

desu it's probably the best that could have been hoped for. GW can't even do marines without making hard fails.

>> No.77989253

How will they fire the heavy bolter when its barrel clearly skipped a critical manufacturing step?

>> No.77989260

Space magic.

>> No.77989262

Chaos Space Marines

I can't wait to field my dudes with the extra wound, playing with them now is a total handicap. Sure, still some good builds no doubt but fuck man we're missing out.

>> No.77989280

I think this is fine and perfectly in keeping with the fluff for nobility. nobles would naturally be inclined to custom bodies that reflect their self-image and that could absolutely extend to gender even if gender doesn't actually matter in their immortal robot forms.
the regular grunts of course all get the same assembly line skele-bot body.

If you want a model for it just take one of the female cyriss models from warmahordes and do a little head/detail swapping.

>> No.77989281

Sounds like chaos to me, guardsman

>> No.77989295

Emperor approved and blessed by the mechanicus. We can't explain it, therefore magic.

>> No.77989309

how well does GW delivery system work?
never tried it and my local shop is out of stock for multiple months on at least half the stuff now
i'm a baguette if that change anything

>> No.77989310

holy crap that's embarrassing

>If you ignore all the fuckups it's really not that bad!
yeah, funny how that works

>> No.77989322

I never said I was good.

>> No.77989332

The final chapter of the 40Kids series is coming out soon.

The Kids will clash against the Necrons over the Diadem of Transference. The final adventure will take place inside a Tomb Worlf. Are you hyped?

>> No.77989338

Don't listen to him i like the mud effects

>> No.77989339

Same energy

>> No.77989341


>> No.77989342

Its not the head alone the issue with the canoness model.
The entire thing is bad.
Well is not a big a fuck up. At least you can salvage most thing with a helmet or a head swap. Cant say the same thing for repentias or canoness

>> No.77989343

Your Deutsch Overlords are probably holding the stock captive in Berlin,

>> No.77989352

Probably not very well, EU is stopping things on the border for weeks and rubbing their nipples in the faces of their own citizens

>> No.77989354

Not bad, but for some reason those old mordia models always look better with brighter colours

>> No.77989370

Thanks, it's not good but I tried to go for a WWI trench warfare feel.
They're a little bit brighter than in the photo, i have piss poor lighting around here.

>> No.77989386

>The cryin' warriors

>> No.77989393

Looks good. they look like austrians in ww1 to me. I think the mud looks good, more so than the dudes on the wooden boards

>> No.77989409

just buy yourself a pin vice and some needle files and make sure to use them *before* you start painting, you'll be fine.

>> No.77989412

I'm not done with the mud. I ran out of mud effect paint and need more for the heavy weapons so I can put a tad around the barb wire that came in yesterday, and have to add ard coat for a wet effect.

>> No.77989417

>did that guy just say Tomb Worf!?

>> No.77989423

Fuck you that doesnt look anything like a necron. I hate it when people play counts as that doesnt resemble the army at all.

>> No.77989425

Thanks, I'll try and get one some time in the next few weeks.

>> No.77989428

those books are actually quite nice

>> No.77989431

I am about to finish my fist model after 12 years of break.

Just an hour or two of weathering, mud and rust.

What do you guys think?

>> No.77989447


>> No.77989466

I would get this -it'd be fine as a delicious flat chest, too.

>> No.77989473

I like it. Keep it up friendo.

>> No.77989488

Looks good.
One critique is that the wash seems to have pooled in the grey metal places. Not sure if you were going for that, if it's still wet and you intend to spread/absorb it or if it's dried and you didn't notice, but it looks just like black wash that you didn't finish applying properly.

>> No.77989499

I would clean up the wash, its way too heavy in some places and just makes it look unfinished.
If thats not a recast, I recommend getting the other turret option from one so you actually get the choice.
Overall though, solid return to the hobby, though unsure why you started with your big tank.

>> No.77989503

After 3 months... finally

>> No.77989506

damnit, should have know, it's always these damn krauts
welp, no plastic crack for me i guess

>> No.77989527

whats the legend?

>> No.77989534

Skaven for WH Underworlds

>> No.77989535

I remember when you started posting about it. It feels like yesterday....

>> No.77989540

these kids look so angry.....

>> No.77989571

I appreciate your enthusiasm. I can't abide your mold lines.

>> No.77989577

How did that lone Cadian end up with the Catachans

>> No.77989583

he doesn't recognize tanith when he sees them

>> No.77989597

Which SC / Combat Patrol is good for expanding my Deathwatch? most of the dudes I have are from the dark imperium and indomitus boxes

>> No.77989604

hey it wasnt his fault he had to murder his brother and then have him turn into a horrible daemon right in front of him

>> No.77989613

last one of his regiment got with their new comrades.

>> No.77989632

She’s a better nu character than Cawl

>> No.77989635

guardsmen together strong

>> No.77989641

>tanith rocking lascannons and autocannons and not tread fethers
no sir I do not.

>> No.77989653

at least Cawl didnt have his series cancelled cos nobody cared

>> No.77989654

Cawl ruined space marines

>> No.77989657

He is a catachan.He's just the only one who bothers to turn up in regulation uniform

>> No.77989661

Wait she’s barefoot? Why are elves always barefoot in 40k?

>> No.77989664

Wait really? Or is it "delayed due to Covid"?

>> No.77989667

I don't even like her but I still agree

>> No.77989672


yep, I fell for the nuln oil meme

instead of bringng back the details I have used it as a weathering,

I will probably will be able to mask some of it with oil paint weathering.

Still, having a blast painting and over 12k of minatures to paint.

Thanks for the advices, frens.

>> No.77989675

see >>77988755 and >>77989038

>> No.77989676

>Give us more xeno books

I though her books were good?

>> No.77989677


>> No.77989685

nah, the Ynnari series was cancelled because GW realized nobody cares about Ynnari

it will be forever unfinished and Ynnari will probably end up soft squatted

>> No.77989690


>> No.77989693

>lady malys but also the eldar messiah
she's on a similar level of retarded to cawl, but people don't care as much about the eldar

>> No.77989694

Eldarfags kinda got angry that GW even made Genestealer cults fuck up the eldar.

>> No.77989699

they're decent, but nobody bought them so GW cancelled the series

>> No.77989706

>ugly and granny tits.
It's really a GW female model!

>> No.77989722

Didn’t eldar fans hate the genestealer infected avatar of khaine?

>> No.77989724

>> No.77989729

Hell yeah brother

>> No.77989732

what did it take that long for them to ship it? or what do you mean

>> No.77989736

you say that like it's a bad thing

>> No.77989738

What happens when she walks in a nurgle infected battlefield askin for fun haha

>> No.77989740

typical GW, shit out an entirely new faction in a rushed campaign book, and cancel everything when it doesn't immediately catch on

>> No.77989748

Base your fucking models anon. usually when i say that i mean add shit to the base. This time i really mean put a base on your fucking models anon

>> No.77989752

yeah. Brexit happened and my thing got held on the border for months

>> No.77989754

Gathering storm and late 7th to early 8th is just so odd. Even a good amount of early primaris lore is retconned now it’s like GW tried to advance the plot saw push back and are stopping it.

>> No.77989758

No, imagine if Cawl was a femoid who joined the Space Marines and Chaos Marines together to serve a new tranny god, only then would he be equal to Yvraine.
You just notice Cawl's impact more because Marines are popular.

>> No.77989761

>he paints 30k scheme, teal/color shift blue alpha legion

Couldn't be alpharius

>> No.77989764

and you know theyre using it to justify never revamping Craftworlds or adding shit to Dark Eldar, despite neither faction wanting to do cancer Eldar soup anyway

>> No.77989773

almost like they didn't think out the narrative ahead of time and just threw something together at the (metaphorically speaking) last minute

>> No.77989780

>Even a good amount of early primaris lore is retconned now it’s like GW tried to advance the plot saw push back and are stopping it.
Not really, what happened is they don't want the Indomitus crusade to be over, because they hope the next BL series to take over from the HH is about that, and they'll hope it'll sell better if the end isn't set in stone.
The content of the fluff hasn't actually changed at all.

>> No.77989787


>> No.77989793

Fetish insert

>> No.77989801

Maybe one day

>> No.77989802

Redemptors Dreadnoughts have yet to kill pilots and apparently we have redemptors who were always pilots since cawl needed to test them.

Primaris curing mutations is gone but that was probably always a red herring

I guess now we are back to the plot point of cawl gifted primaris can’t be trusted but the end of the indomintus crusade most chapters made their own.

>> No.77989807

Do you guys edge hightlight CSM? I don't see where you would since there is so much trim.

>> No.77989832

>rokkit launcha doesn't get Blast since it's only one shot
>but it also means that you can shoot point-blank krak missiles

>> No.77989838

>the photo that caused the real downfall of Western civilisation

>> No.77989840

Ridgerunner-chan is late for school.

I've had THREE fucking print fails on what basically amounts to a stick n the base of the third sentinel, and for some reason printing a damn box (Chimera) is apparently impossible. It's kinda fun to fail though, teaches me what went wrong.

>> No.77989841

You highlight the trim

>> No.77989847

>the only one that's based is dead

>> No.77989849

>Primaris curing mutations is gone but that was probably always a red herring

People who unironically still get pissed at the mutation thing are so retarded. It’s the same people who wank off Gabriel Seth for his one dumb different color ultramarine speech. Even though the mother fucker caved to primaris in the end since they get the black rage. People still think he’s anti primaris but they don’t read fluff and instead let memes morph their perspective

>> No.77989853

oh that sucks. i was gonna buy from ttcombat but im not excited to wait months for delivery.

>> No.77989863

*Record scratch* Yep, that's me. Now you might be wondering...

>> No.77989864

>Redemptors Dreadnoughts have yet to kill pilots
There'd be little time for them to do so at the new forward point.
There have also been no noteworthy Redemptor Dreadnought characters.
>Primaris curing mutations is gone but that was probably always a red herring
It was never a thing. If you actually read what Cawl said in the first run of Dark Imperium it's something along the lines of him leaving in some perceived defects because they were something he believed the Emperor intended.
The one thing they held off on for a while was the Black Rage, and even then a story had Astorath sensing it's onset in the future.

>> No.77989866

Those guy can kill Mortarion, Primarch of the Death Guard Legion of Adeptus Astartes, with but a snip! Nay! They got it too easy!

>> No.77989888

>not being an originalfag and painting them black with a blue recess shade
Couldn't be alpharius
Gj still I vastly prefer that to new AL lol was just taking the piss

>> No.77989893

I'd wait until things settle trade-wise with the UK. Maybe another month, and things should start flowing normally.

>> No.77989896

Do you think 40k isn't satire? Thats pretty worrying, anon

>> No.77989897

You got upstaged by orks, get outta here. it's real Zandrekh hours.

>> No.77989906

it hasn't been satire since Rogue Trader

>> No.77989917

Check out the cover art and preface to first RT book.
It was never political satire but rather just a heavy dystopia with classic 80-90s action movie aesthetics mixed with Dune and Fantasy Battles

>> No.77989920

I edge highlight the trim, extra nuln around all plate sides.

>> No.77989921


>Primaris curing mutations is gone but that was probably always a red herring

ngl I think they just straight f'ed up

>> No.77989930

It's obviously not attempting to portray a realistic universe, but that doesn't mean it's automatically satire.

>> No.77989932


>> No.77989941

and even that was more or less satire of 80s action movie tropes

>> No.77989954


>> No.77989965


>> No.77989977

40k is, and has always been pastiche. The people who made their own heavy metal record label weren't doing it ironically.

>> No.77989981

Please poiint out all the biting satire present in the Gathering Storm books 1 to 3 and the psychic awakening series. I'll wait.

>> No.77989982

Why are sigmarxists so obsessed with needing something to be satire? I read through the sub and it feels like genuine hatred of 40k to me. Also it’s funny whenever someone tries to say a faction is sigmarxist approved some other asshole writes an essay on why it’s not.

>> No.77989990

Sometime ago I saw a copy pasta which was a Vigilus themed Scott Steiner promo speech, has anybody saved it by chance?

>> No.77990008

What are the xeno species analogous to?

>> No.77990012

Working on some deathwatchs. Sons of orar ftw

>> No.77990016

At this point it is. The sub was originally intended for age of Sigmar fans but it’s been overtaken by 40k hate.

>> No.77990019

They're deconstructionists. They don't build, they tear down. They see everything through the lens of critical theory and the tools of problematization.

>> No.77990023

They just hate the people can still enjoy things.

>> No.77990029


>> No.77990030

why's his crozius arm shoulder so low

>> No.77990032

They even turned on the Farsight Enclaves the sub is full of insane people.

>> No.77990035

>> No.77990039

If there’s one thing it’s that both sigmarxism and 40kg hate Phobos marines.

>> No.77990041

clean up the mold line on the silver and gold parts of the axe handle. Shouldn't be much work to repaint, and it will look much cleaner.

>> No.77990044

He's fully magnetised, but the arm and shoulder pad restrict you to certain poses

>> No.77990046

I really don't get the "ironic" people. I usually assume it's just people who are unwilling to actually admit to liking something so mask it with irony. Usually it stems from a fear or having the wrong opinions or lack of self esteem scared to having anyone mock the thing they care about.

>> No.77990056

How the fuck do I play space wolves? They seem to want to be a melee army, but playing against shit like DG and Dark Angels Deathwing and I can barely punch through shit.

>> No.77990062

although I doubt this is why they don't like the enclaves, farsight's brady bunch got way less interesting when they moved away from being a fire caste mercenary junta into some kind of horribly boring "we're just the tau empire but without any ethereals and also extra super nice and respectful of all of the castes who still get together in perfect harmony"

>> No.77990063

Communism (revolutionary)
Communism (after the revolution)
The 1%
Black people

>> No.77990066

At the end of the day left ideology always fail because at their essence they can't create only destroy.

>> No.77990070

I actually like them, but then again, I play Space Wolves and like the idea of Hunter marines.

>> No.77990077

Pretty shit "satire".

>> No.77990087

Play against something else.

>> No.77990092

Farsight is Big Boss and The Enclaves are Outer Heaven.

It's a place for not just frontline soldiers, but engineers and personel of war on all aspects.

>> No.77990096

Yo for real though I wanna see that scheme done well now lol

>> No.77990100

Hey, Anon just asked what they're analogies of and I shat out the most common take I know of.

>> No.77990104

but the Tau have food.....

>> No.77990106


Spotted the mutt.

>> No.77990109

I'm certain there was an excerpt where Trazyn meets up with some female necron lord and it mentions how her body was "certainly a female model" without going into detail, so it's confirmed female necrons look different we just don't know exactly what's different about them.
in fact I think >>77988539 was an attempt to illustrate what she'd look like

>> No.77990132

Comunist China has food too.

>> No.77990140

Sigmarxism turned into unironic hate of 40k the place is also too fucking tankie. Also can’t stand the double standards of seething over Werchment paint jobs while praising piss poor transflag jobs and Soviet schemes.

>> No.77990142

Sadly I only play among a small selection of friends.

And that means Deathguard and Deathwing are the two big heavy hitters, I have absolutely no idea how to deal with them.

>> No.77990150

>> No.77990152

The Irony of Sigmarxism not being even to hold the mask of being about Age of Sigmar and devolving into an obvious speartip for hobby infilitration is hilarious.

>> No.77990156

Whats the optimal loadout for a smash captain nowadays? Are storm shields not worth it anymore?

>> No.77990159

Phobos is based though.

>> No.77990174

>When the Blood Raven thinks he's a Blood Angel.

>> No.77990178

Why do you think left always end fighting each other?
The fuckers can't stand themselves let alone each other. Their existence is a contradiction so eventually they implode and leave the ideology or double down even harder.

>> No.77990180

China stopped being communist in the 70s when Deng decided it was best not to crush the agricultural markets that had developed in the countryside due to the lack of manpower of the CCP following the party purges.

The party may retain the name, but the idea that China is in any way recognizably "communist" is a fiction.

>> No.77990183

If phobos took more design elements from the pre-RTB-01 marines they'd be good. Just make a bunch of Imperial Marines with crazy space guns and you'd make fuckin' bank.

>> No.77990190

It's really easy to spot a person who both knows nothing about 40k and is looking to find "problematic" things about it. Orks are actually a parody of the bong football hooligans, down to thick cockney accents and love of fighting.

>> No.77990197

I always knew eldar were spineless.

>> No.77990200

It's basically paying for oldschool artificier armour since the 4++ is a waste. If you want to stop a bunch of small arms fire, it's good.

>> No.77990203

He just wants to be like daddy

>> No.77990206

Why does that reddit lib shit live so rent free in /tg/'s minds?
I'm certain I wouldn't have ever heard about it if it wasn't for you fucks bringing it up unprompted 7 times a day

>> No.77990216

Want to get some grey spray to see how it primes, is this too dark or should I stick with black

>> No.77990222

Because they have taken over 1d4chan and someone keeps reposting their shit here.

>> No.77990223

that is a very sexy imperial space marine

>> No.77990226

>Why does that reddit lib shit live so rent free in /tg/'s minds?
They raid here. The guy you're responding to probably originally came from there and got burned out and learned this place was better.

>> No.77990230


>> No.77990234

Thats not primer

>> No.77990236

The only thing communist about china is the "rules for you but not for me" that the ruling class has. Oh and the name.
The thing at this point is just a monarchy with another name

>> No.77990240

>Communism (revolutionary)
>tfw sigmarxism thinks GSC are cool because of work solidarity
>work solidarity
>and his wives was fed to the hordes
>with the fist of the world they caved in her ribcage
>with the class-wide liberty they rended her flesh
All's goin' according to the plan, fellow revolutionaries!

>> No.77990242

Thats a high level painting, even if I hate how it looks, nice work.

>> No.77990244

The "left" end up fighting each other because the left was the first side to fall to Post-modern Materialism.

The left thinks rights come from the Government, instead of understanding Rights are limitations put on the actions of the government to stop natural actions of a person.

This is why you get retarded ideas from the left like "Housing and healthcare is a right" because they think making them "A right" means people will be forced to provide materials for them.

They simply don't understand what rights are. They think rights are laws.

>> No.77990245

Yes. I know. But that's not something that resonates with Redditors in *current year* so the usual take is "they're a racist caricature"

>> No.77990254

1d4chan used to be cool.

>> No.77990255

What would you guys think about someone running a legends skyrunner autarch with two avenger shuriken catapults, mandiblasters, a shuriken pistol, and the Blazing Star of Vaul?

>> No.77990259

>Single party
>Goverment adquires means of production
It only lets minimal market, the moment it got big, it is "adquired" and ruled by CCP or apointed people.
Its not soviet communist, but still has the main factors to be communist.

>> No.77990271

Thank you, he's a fun model. I'll have to paint my zoat one day to add to my little RT-but-new-models gang.

>> No.77990273

A Codex Chapter's Veterans get awarded with the Crux Terminatus on their power armor to show they have gained the right to be equipped with Terminator armor. In some older codexes, this gave the unit +1 Attack and Leadership which is nowadays represented on Veterans, Terminators and Sergeants.

>> No.77990274

You're not wrong. Following Xi's agglomeration of personal power and the attendant rule-by-committee of the highest levels of the party, China politically resembles the old imperial system much more than anything else with some neo-facist elements thrown in to manage the industrial economy.

>> No.77990277

Do I need to get something that's called a primer specifaclly, any acrylic paint should do right it's been fine with my black so far

>> No.77990282

China is literally a fascist state, like all communist ideals, the idea of "The people" has been superceded by "The party" and everything in turn exists to empower the party.

The difference between Fascism and Communism is Fascism sees the State as the end goal, while Communism sees the State as a representative of the people.

>> No.77990283

What you're describing is state guided capitalism, also known as facism.

>> No.77990286

Thanks. And don't worry, you'll never see these on the tabletop because they take too long to paint. And also because I procrastinate a lot when it comes to painting.

>> No.77990293

>State guided capitalism

Oh wow, we have a small brain idiot here, Facism is called the third way for a reason, it rejects capitalist theory completely.

>> No.77990299

Fascim and communism at the end of the day are sides of the same coin.
It bogles my mind that anyone still support this ideas is like actively supporting your own rape and calling it a good thing

>> No.77990307

So now that Cawl is shitting out new tech for the Primaris, what's the excuse for Eldar/Tau/Guard technology not getting better? For Eldar it made sense when their stuff was superior that they didn't change it, but their everything is now outclassed by human techonology.

And weren't the 'nids supposed to adapt like, really fast, too?

>> No.77990310

So fascism doesn't allow the retention of private property so long as it is used in service of the state when required? Wow I guess I must have completely misread literally everything about it.

>> No.77990311

Can you guys talk about modern political orientation in your dms? We're trying to speak 40k here.

>> No.77990324

>their everything is now outclassed by human techonology.
It's not.
>And weren't the 'nids supposed to adapt like, really fast, too?
More on a micro level.

>> No.77990333

Eldar are as stagnant as the Imperium in tech.
Tau get better tech with every new codex. They are the only faction in which "thisis new" is more prominent than "this was never mentioned before".
Cawl doesn't care about Guard, only Marines.

>> No.77990334

Because they're a bunch of middle class western hopefuls desperate to rebel against the corporatism wriggling out of capitalisms corpse while also trying to slowly nudge that corporatism into their utopian "Social Democracy"

They don't understand poverty is not just an economy but a social issue or that central planning usually just leads to less stable distribution of wealth, instead the idiots who still trust in Socialism honestly think welfare states are a way to uplift people out of poverty and not simply create a bigger spending poverty class.

>> No.77990338

>12 am
>4 hours before the end of auction on gorkanaut
>decide to bump up my last bid and go to sleep
>literal seconds after it, some guy beats it
Fuck, why it has to be so late

>> No.77990339

I'm just here for the rules and maybe see some interesting model from time to time

>> No.77990340

In fascism the business owners got into the goverment ruling
In communism the goverment enter into the bussines ruling
China is the second one. They try to hide it but big bussiness as Huawei or Xiami are full of PLA apointed directors.

While NATO countries see bussinessmen as sucessful people, in China businessmen have always been seen as a necesary evil.

>> No.77990346

thats just how those work. everyone trying to snipe

>> No.77990348

It's not private property then is it? It's State property leased out to you. Just like Communism. You're arguing semantics.

>> No.77990355

The irony is the majority of the sub doesn’t even like AoS anymore it’s just 40k. I see a lot of posts saying the same shit here “the realms don’t make sense, Stormcasts are dumb, fantasy is more down to earth”

>> No.77990358

It was two hours between my own bids, so the guy checked on it right as I decided to wrap up.

>> No.77990359

She's gonna have a hell of a time wiping her ass

>> No.77990362

>Fascists opposed international free market capitalism, but supported a type of productive capitalism.
>This would be done through the state mediating relations between the classes (contrary to the views of classical liberal-inspired capitalists).
>Hitler stated that the Nazi Party supported bodenständigen Kapitalismus ("productive capitalism") that was based upon profit earned from one's own labour, but condemned unproductive capitalism or loan capitalism, which derived profit from speculation.
>While fascism accepted the importance of material wealth and power, it condemned materialism which identified as being present in both communism and capitalism and criticized materialism for lacking acknowledgement of the role of the spirit. In particular, fascists criticized capitalism not because of its competitive nature nor support of private property, which fascists supported—but due to its materialism, individualism, alleged bourgeois decadence and alleged indifference to the nation.

>> No.77990366

Wouldn't mind a sloppy long Genestealer's Kiss from her if you catch my drift.

>> No.77990367

How did you get that metallic color? Sexy af. Good job!

>> No.77990372

Love them.

>> No.77990373

Pretty cool, is this GSC+Escher+SoS?

>> No.77990376

Then Mussolini and Marx were just arguing semantics as well. Also, poor characterization of what living in a post communist revolutionary economy was actually like.

>> No.77990377

And some old Dream Forge kit for the little pocket things

>> No.77990387

>They called it capitalism
>That must mean it's capitalism

No free market, no Capitalism bro, And Nazi Germany did not have a free market.

Unless you're going to tell me the Nazi party just accepted people selling Steel for a higher price when it became in demand and didn't just steal it outright or force a huge loss out of sellers.

Again, arguing semantics, like all collectivist retards can.

>> No.77990389

Even if you procastinate you are at least in the top 3 level painting anons, based in what I saw here.

>> No.77990390

>strong working women
>family oriented
>has pockets

>> No.77990392

Heyyyy it's pile of flesh guy. I think I remember seeing that last year or so. It's a chaos spawn right? How have you been?

>> No.77990397

Yes, they were, because both get the same end state of an over-government that controls everything for the good of those within the state.

It's not a poor characterisation of anything. You're just mad I don't fall for collectivist shilling.

>> No.77990398

Escher abs really are a wonderful thing.

>> No.77990409


>> No.77990417

The likes of Xi see businessmen as a necessary evil because they are rival power centers, not because of a firm belief in the tenants of Marxist theory. Factionalism was always a feature of Imperial China and merely continues onwards in a new guise. Civilizations with ancient histories have characteristics which outlive changes in political ideology.

If you renamed the various departments of CCP designated to manage the economy, Emperor Xi's administrators the form and function would remain unchanged.

>> No.77990418

Also made some Chadcolytes?

>> No.77990420


>> No.77990429

No, that's an ambull nest. Just did up a 3D version of the blackstone token for regular games.

you might be mixing me up with another anon

>> No.77990438

>Dream Forge kit
I've looking for those nazi bitches forever, you lucky bastard.

Anyone knows where can I find them?

>> No.77990444

They don't like businessmen in China because a business is pressured to be as productive as possible and sometimes that can mean fucking over the chinese government.

Look at their high speed rail, yeah, quite impressive until you realise the director for transport pocketed $2 billion for himself and cut corners everywhere like in EVERY Chinese project.

>> No.77990447


>> No.77990451

Someone with random stock. They got discontinued.
Some say they didn't sold. I say it was because it was a bitch and half to even buy one box

>> No.77990452

*sigh* he thinks he's talking to a collectivist shill. Yes, if you want to entirely ignore the ethical and metaphysical components of facism and communism then you wouldn't be surprised a similar material end stage. If all you are concerned with is materialism (in the philosophical not consoon sense) then ok you do you I guess.

>> No.77990472

>I say it was because it was a bitch and half to even buy one box
My god, I miss the first opportunity and never got one.

>> No.77990476

Oh, probably.
Even so, how have you been?

>> No.77990484

>Dude just discuss the ethical and metaphysical components of Fascism and Communism
>Not the materialism
>In Fascism and Communism

Fascism and Communism are entirely materialist ideologies, their entire function is based upon the distribution of resources and how a nation is to govern; this is why they always lead to absolutist shitholes and retarded contratians like American Social Democrats and China.

The fact you're trying to defend Fascism as anything other than an inbred italian attempt to justify a totalitarian state is just sad. Fascism and Communism are dead end philosophical ideologies. They're amusing thought experiments at best, wasteful dogma at worst.

>> No.77990505

Trying to buy from Dream forge was a bitch. I ended contacting a random company years ago to try and buy some for me and sell them back to me.
I literally could not buy them from Dream forge and needed a third party company to buy them.
It was never an issue of stock but sheer incompetence from Dream Forge

>> No.77990523


IG incoming?

>> No.77990540

Just official memes and jokes.

>> No.77990541

Capitalism is about private ownership. It's got nothing to do with a free market. That's why "free-market capitalism" is its own thing.
Hell, you can attack free markets to other things.

>> No.77990550


>> No.77990554

Right, the identification of "the state" or the "the people" as the object which a society should serve is an entirely materialist disagreement...but hey you do you.

>> No.77990557

They had that image of guardsmen fighting necrons the other week but it was still old models. Though hilariously with the addition of HWT backpacks to make the cadians not look as horrendously old as they are

>> No.77990584

Doubt it, if it was foreshadowing anything it would be Trazyn related.

>> No.77990589

They are wargames atlantic now, but they don't have females anymore.

>> No.77990592

I normally pay no attention to that blog but it really does seem to allude to new cadians. The two main points it talks about is making sure that the outfit is the same and about changing their stance from power squat to upright.

>> No.77990606

>more cadians

>> No.77990611


The dude who did the Astartes videos got hired by Geedubs

>> No.77990618



>> No.77990622

Busier than I'd like for the past year thanks to working in emergency services and having to butt heads with administrative boomers who still don't have much of a clue. But I'm still around, in good health, and working so it could be worse.

my various hobby projects have sort of stalled with 2021, but at least my guard army is chugging along bit by bit

>> No.77990630

I get your point but no, I'll don't bet my money on this.
This is just nothing, filling community space with necrons.

>> No.77990633


>> No.77990637

>no more new chapters
>no more cool stories
Prepare for Ultramarines and Death Guard videos only

>> No.77990642

I'd like to see a necron answer to thw big admech robots

>> No.77990646

I like your female soldier.
Also nice looking stormtroppers.

>> No.77990650

Good on him honestly. He deserves it. And good on GW for doing the smart thing. The guy who did Bloom and the Fortress-Monastery video also got hired, which is nice.

>> No.77990655

Welp there it goes

>> No.77990662

>The dude who did the Astartes videos got hired by Geedubs
Godd what terrible news.

>> No.77990665

Good for him. However a passion project getting picked up by a larger studio is always worth treating with some caution rather than blind excitement.

>> No.77990666

oh no

>> No.77990668

Oh shit, you're brown Inquisitorial Stormtroopers guy too? I'm still jealous.
Good to hear you're doing alright. Keep it up! Be praying for u

>> No.77990689

It's good that he's getting recognition but I hope he doesn't get used to just advertise whatever geedubs wants them to

>> No.77990690

I was wondering what happened to the Exodite.

>> No.77990698

>all other videos gone

>> No.77990701

Finally GW wrote a big check.

>> No.77990706

I have no use for her in the army since stormtrooper officers can't take boltguns, but she's nice. I imagine she's someone picked up by one of my inquisitors for their retinue, and handles drills and training for the regular troopers.

which at least sort of explains why stormtrooper sergeants have WS 3+

>> No.77990717

This, smurf primaris everywhere and fucked up animations because business deadlines and executives requiring marketing shit.

>> No.77990720

the tau video looks nice. Reminds me of mass effect

>> No.77990727

I'm happy for him since he probably got a nice check for getting hired. But worried for the animation now because it's fucking GW and they'll make him do some stupid shit and make it garbage now.

>> No.77990737

I'm most known for my blue scions and crusaders, but yeah I've been around. It used to be 2nd edition style ultramarines, and much (much) earlier it was for my biel-tan.

I also drawfag big tiddies occasionally but don't tell mom

>> No.77990739

Forgot leaked teaser for new Astartes Project video:

>> No.77990740


Those ducks are planning something I can feel it

>> No.77990758



>> No.77990761


>> No.77990764

I mean, good for him.

>> No.77990766

sharing is caring anon

>> No.77990779

>Now, there’s one last question that we’re sure you’re dying to have answered: “How will I be able to watch all of these great shows, and when will they be released?” We’ll have more news on all of that really soon. For now, you’ll want to make sure you have a My Warhammer account set up and ready to go.

>> No.77990788

They were uploaded to the wh community page instead.

>> No.77990789

>we haven't done anything in over a year with our animation studio, because working from home is hard
>here. Have a bunch of shit you've already seen from some youtubers
Wow. Much hype. How come guys in the parents basement can do more work than the storyforge team?

>> No.77990794 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77990796

>can't even reproduce the video
It didn't take long for Games Workshop to fuck up.

>> No.77990844

It must be a dream come true to have /your dudes/ made canon by landing a job with the company.

>> No.77990853


>> No.77990858

That in the animation is a tau female right? Doesn't look that bad, with some boobs I would.

>> No.77990862

Yeah it's troublesome that they are already moving forward before releasing the previous batch of animations.

>> No.77990864

wow you're very good anon do you have somewhere i can follow your work like pixiv or DA?

>> No.77990867


>> No.77990870


>> No.77990875

Yeah, I was wondering if that's the case. I hope some of the writers does something cool with them.

>> No.77990877

>It must be a dream come true to have /your dudes/ made canon by landing a job with the company
Guess this means all the other animators got fired for producing absolutely nothing since GW hired them. Hopefully this guy will do better.

>> No.77990894

>Hurr durr I'm a huge lazy faggot.

Fixed that for you newfag. White Dwarf 279 exists, and this was reprinted in at least 1 of the Chapter Approved books. Put in some work.

>> No.77990899

>Yeah it's troublesome that they are already moving forward before releasing the previous batch of animations
I wish I could get away with doing nothing for a year because virus. Must be nice. But it is troubling. It's going to be so fucking long before we see anything now.

>> No.77990917

Abbot is a male title.

>> No.77990919

if you can't beat your competition, buy them

>> No.77990924

Animations are just another conduit for secondary poisoning.

>> No.77990933

Ok boomer

>> No.77990941


>> No.77990943

Horsecock (submissive)

>> No.77990957

I'm not sure if this will make you happier or not, but hover over the filename.

>> No.77990958


>> No.77990959

that ship sailed for anything GW owns long ago

you just gotta hold onto your little piece of it and treat official garbage from GW as non-canon

>> No.77990961

>skeletons don't have mammalian tissue, so skeletons dont have boobs
pleb taste

>> No.77990972

And alcohol damages your liver, but we all still drink t because it's fun.

>> No.77990978

Will the Mechanicum or Tau make titans without legs first?

>> No.77990983

Yeah he might want to try and get his endorsement scrubbed from these 3rd party pauldrons then lmao

>> No.77990985

It works fine in brave. Why would you be using anything else?

>> No.77990986

they looked cool in the animation but damn that's a boring color scheme for the tabletop

>> No.77991004

>you just gotta hold onto your little piece of it and treat official garbage from GW as non-canon
This is what I did when they unleashed the Primaris. I highly recommend this for all aspects of this hobby

>> No.77991017

>That tiny dinky boltgun

>> No.77991019


>> No.77991030

I know right?

>> No.77991043


>> No.77991044

>they looked cool in the animation but damn that's a boring color scheme for the tabletop
So, every game I had against grey space marine armies, I was actually fighting against a legit chapter... You learn something new every day.

>> No.77991049

Based Tau getting the spotlight

>> No.77991061

no but it's because I'm lazy and don't really like edge highlights anyway

>> No.77991065

also jesus christ all of End Times and Age of Smega

the only time something good comes out of a warhammer IP is when GW is barely involved or completly uninvolved

>> No.77991077

Are firstborn captains on 40mm bases ? I used a 32mm one for mine

>> No.77991081

>the only time something good comes out of a warhammer IP is when GW is barely involved or completly uninvolved
That wasn't always the case, but it certainly is now.

>> No.77991083

I would stick my dick in her forehead hole.

>> No.77991088

Technically they're on whatever base you like, since GW still hasn't bothered with putting sizes into the rules.

>> No.77991096

>Are firstborn captains on 40mm bases ? I used a 32mm one for mine
I'm not entirely sure, but I have been using 32mm on mine. No one has said anything about it to me.

>> No.77991097

They are on 32mm ones.

>> No.77991107

the multipart one is on a 32mm

>> No.77991113


alright Im done shitting up your general with fantasy

>> No.77991123

First born characters on 32mm, Primaris on 40mm. Other sizes feel a bit out of place.

>> No.77991138

Anyone saying otherwise does not actually play the game and are just secondaries

>> No.77991141

extremely based

>> No.77991151

says the secondary.
Youre the type of person to put Coteaz and Helbrecht on 25mms despite them being tanky as fuck and wider than the base by a huge margin.

>> No.77991206

They aren't supposed to look like that, they're supposed to have super elaborate decorations and tribal gizmos on top of high tech armor

>> No.77991210

That happens to Carcharodons, Silver Templars and every other chapter with grey colors.

>> No.77991215

Why would I use another base than the one it came with the kit?
Unless you are a waacfag or a secondary

>> No.77991222

she cute

>> No.77991238

shut the fuck

>> No.77991239

is this loss?

>> No.77991246

dem dick suckin' lips

>> No.77991247

wait did they add sound to the space scene of Astartes?

>> No.77991272


>> No.77991275

>videos deleted from youtube
based GW gatekeeping normies from finding out about 40k. or rahter... all 40k content for normies on youtube is shit so they will stay away anyway

>> No.77991281

It's not our fault if GW literally has no rules regarding what models have to be on what bases, despite them having official base sizes for AoS

>> No.77991292

There's still plenty of reuploaders. They haven't exactly scoured it.

>> No.77991298

>wait did they add sound to the space scene of Astartes?
Pretty sure it always had sound.

>> No.77991302

god im dumb

>> No.77991304

>inb4 waifu haters come up with any and all excuses why this isn't canon

>> No.77991308

Mot really, I added her a normal, even a good female nose and she looks standar female at best.

>> No.77991326

But krok were like that, they were a race the old ones created alongside eldar. both highly psychic, both with skills burn in to the DNA of the race, highly resilient etc.

>> No.77991330

but she doesn't have a nose

>> No.77991341

So this is canon now. Waifufags and coomers win once again

>Tau females look exactly the same bro

>> No.77991352

Do T'au have dark sclera?

>> No.77991353

i miss the proper mega so much

>> No.77991360

remember the company you're keeping in these threads

>> No.77991362

Do you like women without noses?

>> No.77991369

>vids deleted from YT
>WarCom site has them in max 720p, if it loads at all

>> No.77991374

>he thinks THAT is winning

>> No.77991379


kek the lengths Tau coomers will stretch to be attracted to a weird blue mannish creature. Carry on.

>> No.77991386


you also didn't dd the philtrum or eyebrows

>> No.77991398

They weren't. Yvraine and co weren't even the main character in the second book.

>> No.77991399

>The absolute state of Tau coomers

>> No.77991401

sometimes. They got all sorts of eye colors. Farsight is sometimes described with black eyes, sometimes with red sclera and yellow irises, it's whatever

>> No.77991404

Yes, they don't smell.

>> No.77991421


I see the nofap addicts are running out of copium.

>> No.77991425

I don't think anything has ever been confirmed in the lore and official art and models range from fully red to normal whites with black dots to black. It's a bit like how GW can't decide if elves/eldar have black eyes or normal eyes.

>> No.77991430

My god, this.

>> No.77991434

>They haven't exactly scoured it.

>> No.77991439

the dark eldar codex (5th edition) specifies that DE have fully black eyes, implying that regular eldar don't

>> No.77991451

>Those cute little freckles.

>> No.77991454

Astartes may be the Emperor's Bulwark, but the Guard is His middle-finger.

>> No.77991459

Bitch I beat the bishop to big-titted irish bitches with ghost-nipples every damn day

>> No.77991460


Indeed, ours is a state of GREAT SUCCESS

>> No.77991473


>> No.77991491

friend, I think you are mixing things up as far as biology goes.

>> No.77991492

I'll be preordering 3. XXXL of course

>> No.77991493

Necrons care way more about CORE than Marines, marines get it on everything.

>> No.77991497


>> No.77991502

>second wave of animations
When was the first wave released? Aren't we still waiting on the Blood Angel and Eldar animations?

>> No.77991518

Tau are space asians. They have softer features than huwhites. See >>77991308 that's an asian man.

>> No.77991529

yea idk what happened with that but nothing they announced ever came out

>> No.77991530

This. Everyone know something without a nose smells awful.

>> No.77991534

you don't think aliens are hot?

>> No.77991538

Only illegal aliens like those Asian with tanned skin.

>> No.77991543

cucked by chinavirus

>> No.77991549

Can you tell me how you do your weathering?
I wanna use it on this fag.

>> No.77991550

duck, fish, snake. stink like hell.

>> No.77991557

they're dropping at the same time as Fires of Cyraxus and plastic Thunderhaws

>> No.77991582

>second wave of animations
>When was the first wave released? Aren't we still waiting on the Blood Angel and Eldar animations?
I think it's safe to assume that because the other animators didn't deliver, they have been fired and replaced by these new guys. Same thing happens in my line of work, but you don't get a whole year of failing the deadline before they replace you.

>> No.77991591

are those actually a thing

>> No.77991596

there was the BA animation from the helsreach guy and the 2d inquisition one too but they were obviously concealed or postponed

>> No.77991608


>> No.77991609

The irony of fat neckbeards wearing this is hilarious.

>> No.77991610

Looks like he dunked it in nuln oil, don't know why you want to replicate it. Will look even worse on a knight.

>> No.77991611

>cucked by chinavirus
That excuse is bullshit. Those guys were animating from home before they were picked up by GW. There's no reason they can't still work from home.

>> No.77991622

what the hell are ghost-nipples

>> No.77991676

search "weathering powders", you'll find a lot of products and info

>> No.77991687

they're nipples that are barely there. so really flat and pale

>> No.77991688

Aura bubbles are cancer. Models should only be affected by a max of 1 aura at a time. If more than 1 is on them you must pick on at the start of a turn and stick with it

>> No.77991691


I kind of want to see an idealistic Young ethereal who basically worships the guy who fight with
the Tau blades .Any chance of someone like that in the cartoon?

>> No.77991703

That doesn't really work on me, because I understand german. But I think you ment it as some form of a joke.

>> No.77991716

You're entitled to your opinion but it's wrong.

>> No.77991723

he drybrushed the gold and used nuln oil. i would suggest searching on youtube how to weather with sponge and weathering powders.

>> No.77991727

The name doesn't mean it's going to be Tau vs. Eldar, does it?

Xeno vs Xeno with no humans involved is virtually non-existent when it comes to 40k fiction

>> No.77991746

fuck off. Nothing is more annoying and boring than playing against a parking lot patrol army with reroll aura, ignore ap aura, reroll wound aura etc.

>> No.77991763

>Models should only be affected by a max of 1 aura at a time. If more than 1 is on them you must pick on at the start of a turn and stick with it
Anon. You really need to stop coming up with ideas.

>> No.77991770

On the YouTube channel the comment say( Get your first look at The Exodite, a forthcoming Warhammer 40,000 animation featuring the T'au Empire.)

>> No.77991779

>necrons barely care
CORE literally fistfucked the entire destroyer range out of viability what?

>> No.77991785

When will the Old Ones return?

>> No.77991798

Skorpekhs and Ophydians are great currently. Lords and Lokhust are whatever.

>> No.77991800

they are almost as dead as horus so never

>> No.77991802

>Nothing is more annoying and boring than playing against a parking lot patrol army
No one plays like this anymore. The new missions don't allow for it. This is why tau are now in the trash where they belong. Try actually playing the game sometime.

>> No.77991808

They already did in a sense, when they created the Nids to eat the galaxy to restart it all again

>> No.77991818

No it didn't.

>> No.77991827

It's you who doesn't play. What do you think sisters do? +1 to invuln aura, reroll aura, reroll wound aura, ignore ap-1 and ap -2 aura

>> No.77991830

>When will the Old Ones return?
I think it would be safe for you to hold your breath while you wait for them.

>> No.77991834

Shut the fuck up already with that

>> No.77991851

>he doesn't know

>> No.77991854

It's "The Exodite," not "The Exodites," so I'd guess there's a single important exodite.
Either that or they're using "exodite" as a generic word and the main character will be undergoing some kind of exodus from the Tau Empire.

>> No.77991855

Yes, my child. Go out there and experience it for yourself. Its a blessed thing.

>> No.77991867

try putting some terrain on the table

>> No.77991871

Pretty sure in another trailer they made there were Eldar running by so they will probably feature in some degree. I doubt its Eldar Exodites though.

>> No.77991880

what does that has to do with aura bubbles

>> No.77991890

>It's "The Exodite," not "The Exodites," so I'd guess there's a single important exodite.
>Either that or they're using "exodite" as a generic word and the main character will be undergoing some kind of exodus from the Tau Empire.
Is this the anime of Commander farsight?

>> No.77991894

In case you're still around, it's a black undercoat, AP uniform grey drybrush all over, followed by AP Brainmatter beige drybrush for the "camo" pattern. The actual metallics are AP Gunmetal.

>> No.77991901

Parking Lot / Castle is a style of gameplay where people stick loads of vehicles in one board edge all nudged up touching each other and stay there.

What you're describing is a deathball.

>> No.77991902

Why didn't anon include a smug?

>> No.77991910

>I doubt its Eldar Exodites though.
well, as far as I can tell, the word was made up to refer to them

>> No.77991912

On my phone. I feel ashamed about it really

>> No.77991923

>It's you who doesn't play. What do you think sisters do? +1 to invuln aura, reroll aura, reroll wound aura, ignore ap-1 and ap -2 aura
You've never played against them. I've played against sisters, and I know that you never find a situation where you can stack those buffs on a majority of your army at one time. Playing objectives and losing units splits the army effectively. Put your open war cards away and play the game.

>> No.77991925

I think the move towards having weaker effects be auras but stronger ones be targeted (or else conditional auras, like psychic powers), as exemplified by Rites of Battle vs Chapter Master, is fine.

>> No.77991948

>You've never played against them
Ok chungus, whatever you say

>> No.77991957

jesus why does wraithbone spray stink so much

>> No.77991970

They still going for totally flat not even an indication of a nose like shadowsun has?

>> No.77991984

rattlecans in general smell pretty bad because of the chemicals used for propellant

>> No.77991987


>> No.77992001

Is there some source that they discontinued the series or it just your "analysis" ?

>> No.77992005

Since when are the pigments they use public knowledge?

>> No.77992008

>hate the fact that marines are so popular they're killing the game
>still want to make a custom Blood Angels chapter
Why must I be like this

>> No.77992022

How do I delete posts on 4chan? Everytime I try it just says "something went wrong"

>> No.77992023

everyone makes a marine army sooner or later

>> No.77992035

I have this and the tomboy Scion saved. You have great taste, anon. Drawing big tits is doing the Emperor's work. The fact you also paint great makes me just jealous.

>> No.77992042

you have to check the little box in the top-left of the post before pressing the delete button

>> No.77992044

Disliking marines makes you a hipster. There’s a reason 40k is a wargaming mainstay and it sure as shit isn’t because of Eldar/Orks/whatever. Marines are currently cool as hell.

>> No.77992060

So like every codex but marines?

>> No.77992063

I like marines, I just don't like that they're so popular.

>> No.77992064

NEVER use primer spray in a closed room

>> No.77992070

please post it anon

>> No.77992077

Thats right, citizen. Conform like a good piggie or perish

>> No.77992078

Literally what I meant by hipster, don’t worry about the popularity of something so much. Just enjoy what you enjoy by it’s own merits. That contrarian stuff is mind poison.

>> No.77992085

>> No.77992103

I like Tyranids but damn are they hard to paint

>> No.77992111

how big are craftworlds?

>> No.77992117

How the fuck are they hard to paint

>> No.77992118

Thanks anon.

>> No.77992120

Bigger than a breadbox but smaller than the observable universe

>> No.77992124


yay big

>> No.77992127

I'd personally limit it similarly to the IG command system or the Overlord's ability. Choose one unit to buff. It'd solve castling or the "gamey" aspect of "let's try to keep everything within 6" of this buff character at all costs"

>> No.77992133


>> No.77992149

Are there any legal ways to read very old codices? Preferably Eldar ones

>> No.77992150

Organic flesh tones with myriads of uneven detailed surfaces, requiring different shades, layers and highlights, as well as wet blends for the chitin/shell

It's not like space marines where it's mostly 1 color and then you fill in the details.

>> No.77992161 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77992163

sounds perfect for contrast paints

>> No.77992164

They're big guys

>> No.77992168

They look perfectly fine with a basecoat and wash on all of their flesh, which is 50%+ of most of the models

>> No.77992169

I like nids a lot too, but my issue with playing with them is that I find the 'army vs army' notion of a nid force vs something else kinda stupid on the tabletop. Nids invade with overwhelming numbers for the most part. It's not like they would send a small army to take a planet

>> No.77992182

there's nothing like a huge pair of titties stuffed into undersized clothing

>> No.77992184

Not in my country. Reading is illegal here.

>> No.77992190

do you have license for reading lad?

>> No.77992194

For you

>> No.77992200

I guess I just have higher standards than you do.

>> No.77992201

they're called craftWORLDS so i assume they are comparable in habitable surface area to a small planet
this would be trivial for pre-Fall eldar technology to achieve

>> No.77992202

>Paint nid white
>Mid brown/light tone/strong tone for the fleshy bits
>Red/Purple/Green/Blue tone for the armoured bits
Literally that easy. Or, if you prefer:
>Black undercoat
>Drybrush blue/purple/red/green/whatever over the chitinous parts
>Paint fleshy parts fleshy

>> No.77992204


>> No.77992210

Space Elves vs Fantasy Elves

>> No.77992217

I guess you're a whiny shit

Post models

>> No.77992222

I'd also agree huge tits with no clothing, but sure.

If that's the case, then every model can be hard to paint.

>> No.77992231

wait.... tau dont have noses?

>> No.77992239

they have breathing slits like anime girls.

>> No.77992243

new ed

>> No.77992247

Tau are mouth breathers lmao

>> No.77992248

The forehead-slit is their olfactory organ.

>> No.77992249

Forehead pussy

>> No.77992255

Contrast paint does a great job on organic surfaces for very, very little effort.
If you're talking about HQs or something where high effort is expected, well, everything is hard to paint to that level of detail. Nids at least are mostly older sculpts so they're way less detailed than, say, admech.

>> No.77992261

I hope Vostroyans get either 4+ save or ignore -1 AP

>> No.77992314

meh, I'd let her eat my ass

>> No.77992315

Here's my rippers

>> No.77992321

Why are you retards so predictable. There is zero evidence of this but a ton of evidence we get great animations

>> No.77992355


>> No.77992358

because GW is so predictable

>> No.77992359

Ikr, that other guy looks like a doofus lol

>> No.77992442

well if you wanna play meta en put on the board strong new stuff painted with a custom scheme to proxy, you're probably a bad person
if you wanna do a themed army like raven guard full of jetpacks or full mele spacewolf or anything you find fun it's fine
it's a game, have fun

>> No.77992530

Get good at dry brushing,

>> No.77992543

Deathwatch are actually quite colorful

>> No.77992568

Where is your Cassius?

>> No.77992579

No shit

>> No.77992810

In need of a new crozius since i took it to make a sallie chaplain

>> No.77993822

I'm okay with this only because that means the Imperium has to make amends from murdering orks on Armageddon by letting them have Terra. Plus, Thraka on the Golden Throne is something I want to see.

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