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Don't disturb the cozy guardsman edition

>Guess who's back, back again

>Piety and Pain Preview

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Should I make Sterylizors or Skystalkers? The flamethrowers seem really nice but so do the carbines.

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Phobos marines were already here why do you hate us /tg/?

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>tfw Orks think Ogryns are the leaders of the Imperium, and depict the Emperor as a overly-large and angry Ogryn

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You look like a V. You're too thin.

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I get that the design trend is for 40k aircraft to not be aerodynamic but why don't any of the kits have flaps or other cool aeronautical bits

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Phobos Marines just need a Beaky head swap

>> No.77978987

imagine if we got phobos wearing beakies and gravis wearing mark 5 with studs

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>He doesn't play Necron

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I don't play irrelevant factions that only exist to be Marine target practice

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It's raiding season

>> No.77979036

I do, I need to buy the paints I need for them though

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what? No.

The orks view titans as representations of the emperor. It's so ingrained in their collective psyche that they made gargants/stompas as their representations of gork and mork.

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I might be able to play again soon
It's been a year since i could meet friends and get a game in

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It’s always raiding season my dude

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>Leman Russ = Sherman
>Sicaran = Churchill
>Macharius = Matilda
>Predator = Centurion
>Razorback = Soviet BT
>Mars-Alpha Russ = Panther
>Baneblade = Rat
>Land Raider = Mark V
>Hydra = Skink
>Vindicator = Sturmtiger

What else am I missing?

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Reading the Ahriman book, so are the Thousand Sons evil?
So far he doesn't seem so.

>> No.77979116

I don't see it going well for that Overlord.

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Shit, change Macharius to Malcador

>> No.77979133

We can only hope that it will be buffed in 9th, and maybe get special rules that weren't chosen by throwing darts at a board.
I've always wanted to see gravis armour with mark 5 heads

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1st: keep reading
2nd: the thousand sons are the bitches of Tzeentch.

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it didnt he and his destroyers that were there rolled very very poorly

>> No.77979157

he likes to pretend he isn't a monster. For an outside view, check out the czevak book. He shows up as an antagonist.

>> No.77979175

Oh thanks.

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>Decide to strip a sentinel I've had since like 2010 to do a different paintjob
>Sit it in meths for a while, back then I didn't use primer just sprayed it chaos black on the sprue
>Comes off nice and easy
>After the first scrub, lots of black left on in the recesses etc but nothing on the raised areas
>Actually looks good, realistic weathering effect and microscratches from the toothbrush
Maybe I'll paint it the right color and try scrubbing it again as an actual technique, because god damn does it look better than a wash/drybrush/edge highlight and it takes all of 30 seconds to do

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ahriman is a traitor

>> No.77979192

What are you painting this evening?

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If you turn from your attack vector for any reason you're a coward and a traitor. If you slow down to land you don't have faith in the Emperor.

>> No.77979244

and you're a double traitor with extra faggot

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What brush do you use for small details and edge highlighting? I have these 2/0 and 0 kolinsky brushes from two decent brands and I'm a bit frustrated with them. The paint dries extremely fast on the bristles, the flow is inconsistent and they tend to "split" in two.

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Do you reward models that do extraordinary acts?

>> No.77979252

any good recommendations for 40k comics or graphic novels?

>> No.77979259

buy a metal Apothecary or keep the admittedly kinda wonky one I just Frankenstein'd together?

>> No.77979270

Polishing inquisitor badonk's armour a bit more before going to basing. Liked this model more than I thought I would.

>> No.77979271

They just look boring.

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>listening to The Last Church while painting
>GF pops her head into the room
>"this guy talks about brandy the way tolkien talks about trees"

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2000 point iron hands list

captain with mc heavy bolt rifle 105
warlord, storm of fire
relic, reliquary of gathalamor

primaris chaplain 110
master of sanctity
litany of hate, catechism of fire, recitation of focus

primaris techmarine 100
master of the forge

redemptor dreadnought 185
heavy onslaught gatling cannon
onslaught gatling cannon
icarus rocket pod

redemptor dreadnought 180
heavy onslaught gatling cannon
onslaught gatling cannon

redemptor dreadnought 180
heavy onslaught gatling cannon
onslaught gatling cannon

heavy intercessors×5 150
heavy bolt rifles
heavy bolter×1

heavy intercessors×5 150
heavy bolt rifles
heavy boler×1

heavy intercessors×5 150
heavy bolt rifles
heavy bolter×1

gladiator reaper 230

gladiator reaper 230

gladiator reaper 230

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I use my normal workhorse brush. Just have to use the edge of it about halfway down, rather than the tip. I find that tiny brushes are just annoying and mostly useless

>> No.77979301

>Just finished my new army and looking for a game in the new edition.

>> No.77979302

Very nice job on the Cloak

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>> No.77979310

half of those don't make sense. I think youre retarded.

>> No.77979311

Any Necron anons want a destroyer and vehicle list?

>> No.77979326

Damnation Crusade (just google "damnation crusade imgur)
The Visitors (short story) https://imgur.com/gallery/tCOHn
This comic https://imgur.com/a/mfIxD

>> No.77979338

I'll check them out, thanks!

>> No.77979345

The Redeemer

>> No.77979354

Speaking of The Visitors

>> No.77979364

None, though i did move all my paints to dropper bottles.

Daemonifuge is interesting but it is hideous in some parts

>> No.77979369

Sure, hit us up

>> No.77979373

Roll a 1 with all that WAAC shit

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>> No.77979379 [SPOILER] 

Ahriman should have necked himself, If he had any sense of honour left.

>> No.77979386

Thanks, there's some rough patches I'll have to touch up but I find doing the inner lining like that adds a lot. My other two caped inquisitors have it done up in the same way.

>> No.77979401

Deff Skwadron

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>> No.77979430

>all that WAAC shit
You must be retarded.

>> No.77979431

The Thousand Sons are the only good guys. Tzeentch is actually good and very cool.

>> No.77979434

>Plays 3 Gladiators
>Plays 3 units of heavy intercessors

I'd like it if the people complaining about WAACfags had any idea of what is actually waac. shame it will never happens.

>> No.77979450

Well that world's fucked either way now thanks to all the ork spores

>> No.77979451

>Red and white Drukhers

>> No.77979476

Why do Tyranids get so many models?

>> No.77979481

125 PL Eternal Conquerors and Healthy Paranoia Custom Dynasty

Spearhead Detachment

Catacomb Command Barge (Warlord, Warscythe (Replaced with Void Reaper relic), Warlord Trait 1: Enduring Will)
Technomancer (Phylactrine Hive, Canoptek Cloak)

C'tan Shard of the Void Dragon (Seismic Assault)
Skorpekh Destroyers (2x Reap blades, 4x Threshers)

Fast Attack
Ophydian Destroyers (1x Reap Blade, 2 Threshers)
Tomb Blades (2x Nebuloscope, 1 Shadowloom, 3x Twin Gauss Blasters)

Heavy Support
2x Canoptek Doomstalkers
2x Doomsday Arks
5x Lokhust Destroyers
Lokhust Heavy Destroyers (2x Enmitic Exterminator, 1x Gauss Destructor)

Doom Scythe

>> No.77979504

Had a friend gift me a load of black, savage and fantasy orcs! I finally got enough stuff to really lean into the Snakebite theme. Even got some spiky bits for my scratch built Squiggoth so he can finally get that set of chompers he deserves.

>> No.77979508

That's a new Catachan base

>> No.77979513

Meant for >>77979369
And forgot that it includes Plasmacyte for the Skorpekhs and Cryptothralls for the technomancer

>> No.77979523

>4 expensive units with retarded attack profiles
I'd rather just roll to see who wins than deal with that shit

>> No.77979529

This is always great

>> No.77979537

I'm all about dem dice rolls hence why I included them.

>> No.77979545

>Guard are at the point now where the only good vehicle is the Tank HQ with only one cannon type viable
Ecks Dee

>> No.77979548

this is a fluffy iron hands list

>> No.77979556

>3 gladiators
You have never actually played 40k have you anon?

>> No.77979558

> havent got a new model in over five years
> two rumour engines that may signal tyranids
> why do tyranids get so many models?

>> No.77979571

Looks nice anon would be Halley to play against this, might just be a little slow though

>> No.77979577

Answer the question, retard

>> No.77979586

And then the Black Templar returned because the Administratum forgot to add a decimal to a form which meant an adept was not despatched to re-evaluate the world, and the Black Templar were subsequently petititoned to bring justice to the world and back into tithe compliance.

>> No.77979594

Finishing up my Warboss on bike kitbash

>> No.77979602

Is this guy intentionally made to look like ben kingsley?

>> No.77979607


Maybe they wanted to dab on the posters here who were saying that Tyranids would be scrapped?

On a more optomisitc thought, given that there have been several Catachan HQ's and there is Catachan shit in the MTG cards I think, the next guard release may likely be a redone Catachan vs Tyranid boxset.

>> No.77979636

>Implying it won't just be Ultrasmurfs vs. slap dashed Tyranid force now with another new Lieutenant

>> No.77979645

Catachan cards?

>> No.77979648


My face with tears as I realise I have wasted years of my time at what I am currently doing, and see no path or hope after it.

Although in terms of models, I am painting up dark toned guard for my desert folks

>> No.77979658

>not beaky
>not all eliminators
>you're not assault marines with boxy jump packs

>> No.77979664

Every single game of 9th I've played so far, the player who went first is the player who ended up winning the game. Anyone else with a similar experience?

>> No.77979677

hello, im very new to 40k Lore and I have a very easy question.
Where do people get ther newest lore from? I kind of caught up to 999.M41, with all the new exciting stuff happening to the emperor of man.
I got all this from the Wiki only. but id love to read a book, play a game, listen to an audiobook or anything. can you help me?

>> No.77979682

FuckiNG when?

>> No.77979686


I think someone posted an image of a MTG card with a catachan creature of some kind. Either that or I am fully wrong.

>> No.77979704

>The person who goes first in MeleeHammer: Objective Secured gets a better position and wins instantly
Say it ain't so

>> No.77979705

Let's be honest here, that list is WAAC against any current Xeno army that isn't harlequins. It's a marines meta, anyone else is simply outgunned and out-armored. List itself isn't actually good against other marines.

>> No.77979708

Yeah, the Catachan Devil

>> No.77979726

The lore fucking sucks
Pick models you like, paint them pretty, play games
Be more chad
Leave troglodytes to argue lOrE

>> No.77979736

>you're not assault marines with boxy jump packs
>pretending that ever looked good

>> No.77979739

Start with the gathering storm books, they are fairly short but give you all the details on the galaxy's current state
Dark imperium is a good follow up

>> No.77979740

There is objectively an advantage, but it should be around the 10-20%, so one game out of five decided by that. If it's so prevalent in your case you should try to understand why it happens. It's because the player going second get blasted out of the board? In which case you should use more scenery. It's because you can't dislodge a player from objectives once he conquered them? Then maybe you should invest in units more able to flip objectives and so on.

>> No.77979756

Eldar and Tau are shit in general, it's not a marine problem. Every other army can deal easily with a list like that.

>> No.77979759

repostan here because /wip/ is in its dead cycle.

Need some advice, anons. I'm getting ready to paint up my Void Dragon, which, aside from the mindshackle scarab, I wanted to paint in a nice reddish silver. Should I just paint the recesses in carroburg and highlight with leadbelcher/stormhost silver, or give it an all over paint with a mix of red/silver, and highlight silver?

>> No.77979762

Wait a minute, are you trying to trick me again birdman?

>> No.77979770

except that 9th retconned that timeline

>> No.77979777

That's pretty grim, and, dare I say it?

>> No.77979786

just pushed the crusade around the timeline a bit, not fully retconned out of existence

>> No.77979793

A bit on the nose, but yeah.

>> No.77979838

Always deploy as if you're going 2nd. I've heard "If I had gone first..." a hundred times. If you're going up against a shooting-heavy army deploy behind LoS blocking terrain. If you're going up against a melee-heavy army deploy 4" back from your line and it's much harder for your opponent to make 1st turn charges .

>> No.77979841

Does anyone have that picture of the dark eldar with the macro text of
"race war?
dont' you mean

And does anyone have the picture of the daemonette snorting purple cocaine?

I'd appreciate it if anyone had those two pics and could post them. I need them for a school project. The class is music related

>> No.77979849

bring some heavy armour against a list like this Eldar have plenty of decent vehicles that can kite this lost

>> No.77979872

If you mean this it's said to be from the new xenology book.

>> No.77979878

A series 7 size 1. Paint dries faster on small brushes because they hold less less of it.

>> No.77979887

shifting the timeline around kind of messes with some of the plot points of dark imperium

>> No.77979906

oh yeah that's it

>> No.77979912

this is in fact the only brush I use when painting infantry

>> No.77979923

This list lose almost instantly against Orks or Tyranids or anything with lots of troops. Even if it manages to wipe out the enemy army on the long term it has shit board presence and it's going to be hard pressed to win primaries.

>> No.77979925

they haven't had a new model release in more than 10 years, anon.

I don't even care if you're baiting. Fuck you and let me have new models.

>> No.77979958

GSC are keyword TYRANIDS just not HIVEFLEET

>> No.77979964

sit down, retard.

>> No.77979985

What's the real reason GW doesn't use plastic Krieg to make a fortune?

>> No.77979991

Eh, I do a lot of the work with a size 2, especially basecoats.

>> No.77979997

They're mutant humanoid guerrillas. It's like telling a Guard player he should be content with Sisters getting releases because they're IMPERIUM.

>> No.77980001

They haven't finished squatting the resin line yet

>> No.77980011

Nobody likes krieg

>> No.77980017

I understand why they changed it though, it was a bit quick to just launch the (second?) largest crusade ever

>> No.77980021

For all we know they could have the entire range already printed but have to wait for the right moment to release it.

>> No.77980023


>> No.77980037

Marines sell better and also Guardfags don't buy anything

>> No.77980050

>"Why are you guard players whining? The Imperium just got a massive new release with 9e! Look at all that new primaris stuff!"

>> No.77980060

*le Loyal 32 faec*

>> No.77980070

>For all we know they could have the entire range already printed but have to wait for the right moment to release it
>10th edition gets Krieg vs Traitor Guard release
My wet dream

>> No.77980083


I might be retarded but I actually like the nu-fluff were ahriman is always striving in vain to reverse the curse and un-dust his battle brothers.

Gives him a more tragic note

>> No.77980085

If using a small brush like that mix a drying retarder in. Or getting a brush with a sharp thin tip but a bigger belly, like a raphael.

>> No.77980106

>Muh dork edgy backstoriezzzz!!!1!
neck yourself

>> No.77980117


what did he mean by this?

>> No.77980128


As much as guard players demand that GW makes more stuff, there are major reasons as to why GW most likely won't do that many new regiments

- Practically, regiments do the same things. What is the point in making seven different lines of basic infantry that do exactly the same thing, but look a little differnet? They will all be S3 lasguns.
>some of the regiments are historically sensitive and were more or less based on ethnic or racist stereotyping, or otherwise were based on historical armies that did. Praetorians and Tallarn, for instance
>Guardfags never buy their shit

>> No.77980139

he thinks there's something wrong with liking edgy stuff in warhammer 40k af all things, what a fucking idiot!

>> No.77980140

You joke, but I've had people actually try to argue that sort of thing. Like they've said that CSM players should be grateful for DG releases, but then deny that saying such a thing is equivalent to telling an IG player to be grateful for Primaris marines. Imperiumfags think that every other superfaction is a monolith, I guess.

>> No.77980167

>Imperiumfags think that every other superfaction is a monolith, I guess.
Pretty sure its just marinefags

>> No.77980171

>Imperiumfags think that every other superfaction is a monolith, I guess.
Because they literally are, they only do good in soup lists anyway so why pretend otherwise

>> No.77980184

The "fortune" is in your mind only. Krieg are too niche.

>> No.77980205

Excuse me, I thought we were talking about 1ksons not Word bearers

>> No.77980207

>too niche
>Literally always out of stock on FW
>One of the most popular for third parties to make off-brand versions of

>> No.77980213

>Krieg are too niche.
lmao no

>> No.77980218

if the "if your warlord is in this detachment it costs 0 CP" rule applied to any detachment would it break anything?

>> No.77980219


What I don't get is that Tsons are one of the least edgy chaos legions and Ahriman being remorseful and trying to fix is mistakes makes things less edgy not more

>> No.77980220

You are a fucking retard

>> No.77980226

>in more than 10 years
exocrine/haruspex was 2014, wasn't it?

>> No.77980243

Spearhead and outriders probably will become more used.

>> No.77980249

no one actually buys krieg from GW

>> No.77980266

Does the holster look stupid? Having a hard time getting it into a good position.

Does he overall look alright?

>> No.77980268

Because they're FW stuff, they're losing money to 3rd parties and recasters by not making them plastic.

>> No.77980271

Those dont mean what you think they do.

The TSons are tragic, about the fall of a noble ideal and the corruption that the pursuit of knowledge and hubris brought, the enlightened becoming damned beyond salvation by circumstance and chance

Night Lords are dark and edgy.

>> No.77980275

>betrayed the imperium for chaos
>betrayed the thousand sons to join the black legion
>has consumed a staggering amount of penis for old armless
even a word bearer can look at khayon and say "damn that guy is a cocksucker"

>> No.77980276

marinefags don't understand nuance
they think new necron models mean all xenos have had their fair share and primaris are due another wave

>> No.77980286

eh GW has entirely retconned Tallarn in the heresy series and Mordians are Praetorian without hats. They could do these armies if they wanted without worrying about them being "problematic"

>> No.77980291

>Sterylizors or Skystalkers?
What even is that

>> No.77980298

So is Yarrick even still alive at this point, or is he just a WAAAAGH powered demon possessing his body due to all the Ork's belief's in him being an unkillable badass?

>> No.77980300

I guarantee if GW did plastic krieg they'd be $70 for 10

>> No.77980305

Yeah but the Primaris need another HQ unit

>> No.77980309

I prefer this one

>> No.77980333

I'd make more fluffy lists using outrider detachments.

>> No.77980334

so besides knights, are only custodes, grey knights and harlequins "elite" armies or did i miss something?

>> No.77980335

anyone got a 1st and 3rd eldar codex ??

>> No.77980337

How long until the Tyrannids reabsorb the catachan devil's into their hive pool and start popping them out as units?

>> No.77980340

his proportions look a bit weird but thats common for manlet marines I suppose

>> No.77980363

elite is just high point cost per unit, a lot of armies have an elite build

>> No.77980391

I like the HH take on the 1kS, where they aren't exactly evil to start out with, they were mostly well meaning, but they were so catastrophically arrogant that their hubris almost became outright evil since they never stopped to ask themselves moral questions. After all, if you're the smartest people in the galaxy, who has better judgement than you?

>> No.77980397

Warp travel is capable of sending ships forward/back through time. It's quite possible he could show up somewhere, otherwise he should have died of old age hundreds of years ago.

>> No.77980409

I like it when Apu has fun

>> No.77980410

And the NL are about the tragic fate of those who willing become monsters for a cause, only to become said monsters. Literally the batman "live long enough" speech.
You can go indepth with almost any chapter really

>> No.77980419

he could sleep in stasis or any number of the things for him to appear in the current time period

>> No.77980423

Well the oldest biologocal (normal) human we know of was almost 1100 years old and still kicking (although he had life support armor). No reason Yarrick couldn't survive to his 500's.

>> No.77980433

It's not very different from a Bio-titan

>> No.77980439

i know but i meant the ones that are practically made for it

>> No.77980469

technically speaking yeah death watch is sort of elite. you also have wraith construct eldar or armor centric guard

>> No.77980481

Who is the oldest playable character in the setting?

>> No.77980494

They're the flying guys for ad mech; I just really don't know which ones to build.

>> No.77980503

For the Imperium? Dante, non-Necron xenos? Eldrad.

>> No.77980504

Probably that space wolves dreadnought bjorn, or Dante maybe.

>> No.77980507

probably ol' yoma

>> No.77980511

Bjorn if you count from the date of birth. Dante if you count years of actually being alive.

>> No.77980512

All is dust?

>> No.77980516

Aren't demons technically older due to warp "Always has existed here" time fuckery?

>> No.77980521

>For the Imperium? Dante
Surely it would be Girlyman?

>> No.77980535

>Iskander is an autistic CCG neckbeard

>> No.77980537

is abbadon EVER going to get Sindri'd by someone more competent?

>> No.77980542

he did stasis for a long time

>> No.77980547

In order:

>Daemons: N/A
>Tyranids: ???
>Szarek, most necrons: 60+ million years
>Asurmen, other phoenix lords: old
>Eldrad: born 200ish years pre-fall

>> No.77980551

Caw caw

>> No.77980555

"Sindri'd" is this a zoomed meme?

>> No.77980564

The Silent King is more than 60 million years old. Daemons are ageless. Tyranids are... A thing.

>> No.77980571

yo mama hahahahha

>> No.77980576

Zoomers weren't around for Dawn of war.

>> No.77980586


>> No.77980589

Dante has actually experienced more years of life than Guilliman since Stasis stops time. Ditto Bjorn, and probably a fuckload of other veterans throughout the Imperium. One of the fabricator generals served for almost 2000 years.

>> No.77980591

>expecting any csm to be capable of doing things right
He is the most competent.

>> No.77980603

Kyril Sinderman, one of the founding members of the inquisition. Born during the Unification Wars on Terra, lived until the War of the Beast.

>> No.77980608

You are aware that anyone can play Dawn of War right now, right

>> No.77980609

There are too many HH books to read holy fuck

>> No.77980616

Dante is between 1000-1500 years old, Guilliman was alive for around 300 years, 200 of which were the Great Crusade, and got shanked during the early days of the Scouring so you can add a couple hundred years to his life if you want to be generous so AT MOST Guilliman is like 800 plus all those millenia in stasis which I wouldnt count.

Personally I think Guilliman is like 500 years old but I've never done the math so whatever.

>> No.77980622

Its unclear if he meant oldest as in "from the oldest point in time" or "has experienced time the longest". Though typically I tend to think of the former.

>> No.77980626

There ARE actual competent people on chaos's side. Fabius bile for example, or Huron blackheart

>> No.77980645

Looking at the Space Marine Collectors Guide and screaming that 15 year old me didn't pick up a load of Rogue Trader stuff they were still making 20 years later

Like, there's a C100 Marine in there. What the fuck lel

>> No.77980646

There's also Cawl.

>> No.77980654

"can" and "will" are two different things. Most zoomers get bored by old games easily that us oldfags love and cherish.

>> No.77980667

He's not even one person anymore, from what point would you measure his birth? Do you count subjectove years or objective? Even if you consider him one person born when the original "bellisarius cawl" was born, he's still been in and out of stasis, and has more than one consciousness. It's pretty much impossible to say how many years of life he's experienced.

>> No.77980681

damn, that iron hands beak marine is cool as fuck

>> No.77980698

>us oldfags
I'm 21 and I got into 40k via DoW1

>> No.77980714

I'm not even sure where you'd start with cawl. Unless you just ignore everything weird and count the birth of "the original" cawl, in which case he was born during the mid great crusade.

>> No.77980717

be gone zoomy

>> No.77980720

>kringey closet tier voice acting
the korean did it better

>> No.77980728

>that us oldfags love and cherish.
me and my friend got into Warhammer through Dawn of war 1 when we were 9 years old. Im 22.

>> No.77980749

ahhhh they're everywhere!

>> No.77980762

Do you fail to see the irony in how you're behaving

>> No.77980766

I just dont like the more heroic feeling of that one, its still great tho.

>> No.77980776

Sterylizors my dude. They put in work.

>> No.77980799

God i love beakys
We all have regrets, grandad, you can still but a lot of them if you know where to look/have dosh
I managed to get the christmas marines recently

>> No.77980804


the oldest living space marines by either metric are Lucius (I guess technically he isn't mortal but he isn't a daemon either), Bile, Kharn and Typhus since they were captains during the great crusade and have been active ever since .


I'm 22 and started playing in 4th? am I a zoomer or oldfag?

>> No.77980807

eh I'm just messing around. In reality

zoomers > boomers > millennials

>> No.77980855

Wrong. Kor Phaeron was already old as shit even when the GC kicked off.

>> No.77980869

not a space marine

>> No.77980873

I've been called all 3, I legit have no idea what they mean anymore.

>> No.77980887

He wears power armor and has implants though

>> No.77980898

>Primaris paypig detected

>> No.77980900

So do malleus inquisitors in terminator armor, they are still not space marines.

>> No.77980902

Kor Phaeron is basically a space marine tho. Just doesn't have all the extra bits. He's still as genetically modified as any other Space Marine

>> No.77980904

>10 tiny monopose metal marines that look terrible for 30 pounds BACK THEN
>10 intercessors are 35 pounds
Yet people have the gall to complain about modern GW prices and claim it was better before.

>> No.77980906

>> No.77980921

boomer = clueless
millenial = cringe
zoomer = likes the "reimagined" version of things

>> No.77980922

That would make you our Muad'dib

>> No.77980925

>He wears power armor and has implants though
So do many inquisitors, custodes, sos and many sob. Power armor and implants alone doesn't make you a space marine.

>> No.77980926

>So do malleus inquisitors in terminator armor, they are still not space marines.
Some Inquisitors are basically Space Marines

>> No.77980928

its basically just inflation

>> No.77980935

But malleus inquisitors are in the adeptus terra, Kor Phaeron was in a space marine legion. He has power armor, implants based on Lorgar's geneseed, and serves in a marine legion. The only thing he's missing is the progenoids.

>> No.77980963

Imperial guard imfantry are also space marines.

>> No.77980966

Did I use too much primer? Is that why theres these cracks in it? I didn't want to use too much but I kept seeing spots that weren't covered

>> No.77980993

painted some more gaunts

think I've maybe finally got enough

>> No.77980996

as long as they don't replace my Leman Russes with space marines I'll be happy

>> No.77981011

Yeah, that looks thick. It probably flowed down if you kept reapplying it and got too much primer on the moddle.

>> No.77981016

stares in $60 intercessors

>> No.77981033

How do I fix it? Is the miniature just fucked now?

>> No.77981040

Not evil. Just stupid

>> No.77981041

honestly im fine with it

>> No.77981042


what kind of primer did you use?

>> No.77981046

Looks a bit thick, but I don't see cracks

>> No.77981049

he's too much of a figurehead to get removed. And his petulant tantrums make sure most of his capable lieutenants are killed (or fucking ditch, to save their own necks from his tard rage episodes)

>> No.77981061

The bottom parts of the robes.
Mephiston Red spray

>> No.77981063

The cracks are from too much primer, you can see that the hair has lost a lot of detail where the primer was too thick. You're going to have to strip the mini and prime again. How are you priming the mini and under what kind of weather conditions? Having the mini held on a stick or even a pair of pliers holding the base at arms distance and rotating after a quick spray will help you get more of the nooks and crannies on the mini while minimizing how much you spray them. Bad news is that it takes longer per mini. Also drill your barrels, it's worth it.

>> No.77981064

you need at least triple digits of gaunts

But yes nice job. They're very cute aren't they.

>> No.77981087

>space niggers

>> No.77981110

it's between bel'akor and the silent king for characters
c'tan if you count them

>> No.77981128

>Mephiston Red spray

it's acrylic so you can try just bathing it in some kind of alcohol (I suggest the purple tax free kinds) for a few hours and scrubbing it off

>> No.77981130

silent king is considering that ctan shards are in tesseract vaults which fuck with time aswell

>> No.77981136

>bought a lightbox
>has harsh as fuck leds that make everything too overexposed

fug, any tips on how to make it more diffuse?

>> No.77981152

Knights need an infantry troop choice.

>> No.77981153

Honestly the only reason I see to take skystalkers is the -1 to hit strat and maybe to take a big squad and meme with the arc bombs.

>> No.77981160

just play admech knights

>> No.77981161

Thin sheets of paper over all the lights, think like a lamp shade

>> No.77981163

I like those a lot, nice colour transitions, subtle highlights, just great all round. I don’t think you can have enough of them though so double it :3

>> No.77981182

As far as real age goes, calgar has all of them beat. He's been around and had a model for longer than anyone else.

>> No.77981184

Chapters based on Harry potter?

>> No.77981189

pic related

>> No.77981190

A daring synthesis

>> No.77981191

>average Tau player

>> No.77981195

I guess the arc bombs are more of a meme than five to ten flamethrowers.

>> No.77981217

I've finished up all of my recent projects; dubs decide from the list what I'll paint.
>Demon Prince
>Crisis Suits
>Noise Marines
>Daemon Engine
>Ork Bike Boss

>> No.77981226

how does this list look, and what should I trim off of it to get it to 1500 exact?

Primaris Chaplain 85pts
5 Intercessors, power sword, gl 110pts
1 Redemptor Dreadnought (icarus, gatling cannon) 185pts
3 Inceptors (plasma) 155pts
3 Eradicators (multi-melta) 130pts
5 Heavy Intercessors 140pts

Belial 140pts
5 DW Command, Watcher, Assault cannon 190pts
5 DW Knights, Watcher 240pts
5 DW Terminators, Watcher, Plasma Cannon 180pts


>> No.77981232


>> No.77981239

This thing is not fitting the way the instructions say that it should and it's frustrating as shit

>> No.77981243

Nois bois of course

>> No.77981251

Some of the legionnaires not being marines is an importat distinction that is made multiple times. This envy is also why Luther and his angels sought to take Caliban for themselves. Luther was also one of the "non-marine legionnaires".

>> No.77981255

That's because you're a faggot

>> No.77981256


>> No.77981259

>This blue servant of the Ethereals slaps your ass and calls you "Gue'vesa"
What do you do?

>> No.77981273

As a zoomer i see your point.

>> No.77981278

Why should GW support guard players when they are all dirty recasters supporters?

>> No.77981282

Pee in her face slit, which is the traditional greeting of my culture.

>> No.77981286

daemon prince

>> No.77981294

Time for some blueberry pie

>> No.77981299

the walls with your own shit

>> No.77981314

unspeakable things

>> No.77981317


>> No.77981320

Not on the list; not gonna count, fag.

>> No.77981331

Remember the teachings of Lord Sicarius.

>> No.77981334

Is Kor Phaeron even still alive in 40k? or did he die in the HH?

>> No.77981339

>it's a chaos thread

>> No.77981340

kek has spoken

>> No.77981344

tau aren't that hot and you know it. Their women are fucking ugly.

also, just waiting for the Q'orl to show back up and their queens to hijack the entire Tau race due to the ethereals having their Hormone glands derived from their queens.

>> No.77981350


Nice. Particularly like those devourers, how do you do them?

>> No.77981361

>Their women are fucking ugly.
>he fell for the Imperial propaganda

>> No.77981364

Ork Bike Boss with your own shit

>> No.77981365

the tau are unironically more honourable than space marines and this makes the marinefag seethe

>> No.77981372

He's alive and still one of the leaders of the Word Bearers, pretty sure he lives on their daemonworld that Lorgar is pouting on

>> No.77981386

noise marines!

>> No.77981389

If they WERE hot, there'd be alot more Traitor Guardsman fucking them xenos, rather than being put into concentration camps and having their balls chopped off.

>> No.77981399

>the tau are unironically more honourable
Except the water caste jew here is specifically buying time with her trickery to reach for her gun. Taufags are deluded and Tau are wrinkly blue ayylmaos and nothing else.

>> No.77981411

Depends on the Chapter.

Also, don't forget that their fourth sphere of expansion canonically went insane and murdered all non-tau in their armies and then went on to genocide all the planets they were dispatched to when reunited with the rest of the Tau.

>> No.77981415

Blah blah blah now stand still so I can rack up another win on turn 2

>> No.77981416

Why would you fuck a xenos as a traitor guardsman when you can fuck the minion of the god of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll?

>> No.77981422

Where are the stats for assault launchers? I can't find them in the space marine codex. Help

>> No.77981428

Because everyone hates them,
Crisis suits

>> No.77981432

>he plays the game exclusively to win
Autism detected

>> No.77981435

someone link the scene where farsight spares the medic and marines still try killing him
i dont even play tau but it's just fact marines are a bunch of dishonourable losers
so are most other factions but at least they own it, only marines are deluded enough to pretend

>> No.77981441

There’s only honor to the victor

>> No.77981447

>5 models
>8 points per model
Just inflation... Avatar and Eldar models clearly show inlfation has nothing to do with it.
After all it is literally the same product from more than a decade ago.

>> No.77981458

Why should I buy 20 years old minis?

>> No.77981469

They don't have stats.

>> No.77981472

all of them
at the same time
with the same paints.

>> No.77981482

Xenos = enemies faggot. Not even just marines. Literally any army that isnt your army is going to try and kill you at some point and its retarded to pretend otherwise.
If we are going to bring up other sources, what about the Deathwatch marine that gets captured (instead of killed in honourable combat) and gets fed pacifiers and other drugs by Tau while they try to jew him over to their side?

>> No.77981486

Because guard has the best minis regardless

>> No.77981497

>plays marines
>doesn't fight until the last
>doesn't enjoy the game
>doesn't serve with honor win or lose
You are a disgrace.

>> No.77981498

he means gue'vesa traitor guardsmen, not chaos traitor guardsmen

>> No.77981505

"traitor" refers to not just chaos but all those who turn from the imperium. Perhaps I should have said "heretic", or another term for those who defect to the taut.

>> No.77981511

Ijust realized the guy on the left is not some kind of weird honor guard but a clothes hangers with Calgar's helmet and cape.

>> No.77981513

Will belakor have 40k rules on the box when it launches or do we need to wait for daemons codex? How do these things usually work?

>> No.77981523

look i play daemons so i don't give a fuck, rape each other for all i care
but from an outsiders pov and from what ive read, tau are usually more honourable than space marines who just autistically screech in their direction
they seem like chill blue dudes when they aren't euthanising the homeless

>> No.77981525

painting my recruit box, im never fucking priming in black again, but this is how i learn to be less shit
on the plus side, im glad i added the chains, by far the best part

>> No.77981530

Wrong post
I meant this

>> No.77981540

>5 models
>8 points per model
it fucking hurts.

>> No.77981544

Boxes have stats, not rules, so you are gonna have to wait for the full rules until a codex comes out unless GW gives a free PDF of the 40k rules.

>> No.77981548

GW is probably going to release his new datasheet on the community

>> No.77981552

The answer is they don’t. Your question doesn’t make any sense. Look inward before you post again.

>> No.77981554

all my daemon boxes are in aos packaging and have aos warscrolls
but with belakor being a big release maybe they'll throw us a bone?

>> No.77981556


>> No.77981564

Usually new models will come with a pseudo-datasheet in the box
But it's also worth noting that we don't know when Be'lakor is coming, or the CD codex.

>> No.77981568

That was legitimately a good move for the greater good.
When your other races have shitted a warp entity into existence and are in danger of being possessed or summoning more demons while your own species is immune, executing all the others is the only proper recourse.

Its like having to kill and burn bodies during a plague, sometimes you have to make the tough choices.

>> No.77981577

This is good advice.

>> No.77981584

>.t arthas menithil

>> No.77981587

>they seem like chill blue dudes
You could argue they used to be, but Ethereals are basically the chinese dictatorship and secret police at this point but with pheremones and drugs to keep all their blue boys in line. An honourable faction wouldnt start stealth converting planets used to recruit space marines to suicide bomb or set traps for them when they come again.

>> No.77981595

>open TPC
>VP is straight up gone, only HF remains
Wait, what the fuck? What happened?

>> No.77981601


>> No.77981603

Seriously, has anyone ever really given a reason why arthas was in the WRONG here? he did the right thing.
If Arthas hadn't converted to evil afterwards, there'd be zero questions in universe about him taking the correct actions. The only reason this is "bad" is because it pushes him towards the metaphorical darkside.

>> No.77981606

daemon engine

>> No.77981611

farsights boys are best boys

>> No.77981619

did the wrong thing as a paladin, not as a leader

>> No.77981620

I can't put into words how much I hate reddit's warhammer subreddits.

Pictures of a fucking online shopping cart list or piles of unopened miniatures boxes get three times as much attention as actual models.

>> No.77981640


>> No.77981641

This. A leader should be able to do harsh choices. A paladin should be the one always trying to save everyone. Unfortunately in some circumstances they aren't compatible and you have to choose between being a good leader or a good paladin.

>> No.77981643

>haha surely hes jokin-
Either the warehouse is shutting down for a rona related reason or they are taking a break with their huge amount of backlog. Theyve been working like machines for months now.

>> No.77981650

>If they WERE hot, there'd be alot more Traitor Guardsman fucking them xenos
>he doesn't know

>> No.77981659

Belakor is coming in a few months with Broken Realms: Belakor, an AoS release. The next 40k codex is almost certainly the Admech one.

>> No.77981660

Why is it so much fun to collect marines and get autistic about their little badges and symbols?
I went from a buncha Khorne daemons to a "small" marine army, just for fun, and I've already got a shitload of the things.

>> No.77981664

He's got the proportions of gorilla.

>> No.77981671

so don't fucking seek out shit that makes you angry

>> No.77981676

>not Turning Point Commorragh

>> No.77981679

nobody tell this guy about the OMG Pop collectors

>> No.77981682

That's reassuring. Not in a hurry for this stuff, but the bits catalogue on VP is a godsend.

>> No.77981692

Don't all old marines?
What I mean is "does he look off compared to a normal marine". He's not from the apothecary kit, I just slapped together and tried to make it look normal.

>> No.77981696

They are now a keyword and stratagem usable on units with that keyword, like melts bombs or smoke launchers.

>> No.77981700

>why is it so much fun to collect marines and get autistic
>get autistic
you answered it yourself anon, quite common in the marine community

>> No.77981702

>Belakor is coming in a few months with Broken Realms: Belakor, an AoS release.
It's gonna be more than a few months. BR Teclis still isn't out.

>> No.77981710

Two words: Fanged. Vaginas.

>> No.77981714

What is VP and TPC?

>> No.77981758

i wish they hadn't shown him off so soon, i hate getting excited for things that aren't due for ages
at least i've got time to finish my lord of change and keeper of secrets

>> No.77981762

Teclis is probably going to come out this month, and Belakor is the next release as far as we know, so probably May/June if not April.

Of course who knows with Corona and Brexit

>> No.77981769

You say that like 40k isn't autistic already, or it's restricted to marines.
>Yes, all my guard vehicles are painted with accurate heraldry, markings, and designations. All my sergeants are correctly designated as well.
>Yes, my Eldar all have appropriate icons and paint schemes. Look, here's a banner I hand painted depicting <event from history>

>> No.77981789

Please, no. To my knowledge there is already a writefag who makes 40k x harry potter writefaggotry and even one is too much. We don't need anymore.

>> No.77981790

The whole business is inconsistent and has been since Corona started unfortunately. SPTKS has been the only solid rock throughout all of it and I would recommend going through him unless its something specific like bits as you said.
Ive got a package from Alph arriving in around a week so im both worried and exicted as hes apparently gotten a lot worse and I essentially made a test order to see if its true.

>> No.77981791

Can Genestealer cultists become corrupted by Slaanesh? It's a cult fueled by mass rape, orgies, and extreme horniness after all.

>> No.77981830

gsc used to be able to do it, so if you wanna model/homebrew, go ahead

>> No.77981844

Cultists maybe, but not broodcovens. They're too close to the hive mind, so they would have cover from Shadow in the Warp effects, i.e. LOUD PSYCHIC XENO SCREAMING

>> No.77981845

i just like cyberbullying marines
im aware of my autism, became painfully clear when i was designing custom fluff for my daemons where they have the power to make marines shit and piss themselves on command

>> No.77981852

what are some boats?

>> No.77981855

I want to put a custode jetbike captain on an admech mechanical steed or another worthy beast of burden.
How should i go about doing this

>> No.77981865

Tell me about your daemons anon. Were you gonna make custom models too? The idea seems cool having a daemon look like something other than the official models feels wrong.

>> No.77981868

how is that autistic

>> No.77981871

Do they even take ork slaves? Feels like it would be too bothersome to keep one.

>> No.77981894

Their "slaves" are there to be tortured, so they would keep the orks strung up via a shitton of hooks.
That being said, Orks have a much bigger pain tolerance, so they probably don't give a whole lot of "sustenance".

>> No.77981897

Chuck them into the arena.

>> No.77981903

The problem with that is that I need a test buy (and right now I'm only into orks) and I'm pretty sure that buying from recasters in my own country is cheaper. Two and two makes it not enticing at all.

>> No.77981906

haemonculi would want them for experimentation and wyches would want them for arena slaves

>> No.77981921

>custom models
what like sculpt shit on to the bases hahaha? im not that autistic
my fluff began and ended as a way to piss off my marine friends who take themselves way too seriously
now even when i lose i win, because the last thing they hear is the laughter of daemons in the wind as shit drips down the insides of their power armour

>> No.77981934

They could try making a regiment that is based around being an "elite" super group with nothing but the best gear and modern day war tactics.
like an army that's nothing but Stormtrooper units.

>> No.77981942


>> No.77981959

What you describe is not autistic anon. It's called actual hobbying. You should try try sometime.

>> No.77981965

I really don't think that you know what autism is
You're not even describing the 4chan meme version of autism

>> No.77981977

yeah, this is sadism

>> No.77981981


fuckin love churchface

>> No.77982008

>help me brother i have fardded and shidded everywhere oh fugg

>> No.77982011

when i say autistic i mean retarded

>> No.77982014


>> No.77982016

I dont understand, whats stopping your friends/other players from just saying "ok?". Do you realise how much of a retard you would look like doing this outside of your LARP? Thats not autism, its just being childish and faggoty

>> No.77982036

In the original post I said I pay attention to the markings and badges and etc. I was using those as an example. I haven't played a game since the lockdowns, I've been doing nothing BUT hobbying.

>> No.77982063

see? it makes marinefags seethe

>> No.77982067

maybe his friends are retarded too

>> No.77982075

DAYUM! Inquisitor got B A C K

>> No.77982093

they play marines it's a given
won't shut up about their uber elite badass custom chapters and how special and different they are, well now they've just shit themselves

>> No.77982101

just learn to read

>> No.77982116

So, If I make a DKK statue would you guys buy it? Around 30 cm- 1/6 scale.

>> No.77982136

my sides

>> No.77982138


>> No.77982141

guard models are fucking almost all ancient. We have nothing to buy, and every new guard model sells insanely well.

>> No.77982144

this is 40kg, we can't read

>> No.77982153

How many characters in the statue?

>> No.77982189

I really like this. It's so simple but works so well

>> No.77982190

>luger las-pistol

>> No.77982250

>these models

>> No.77982327

Only one. If it's too big, most people I imagine would have a problem allocating it in their homes. Small bases= better space management.

I already have one thing ready, but I won't show it yet because I still have to cut the pieces and the render, so I'll just post this to prove it.

>> No.77982337

>mfw I just bought some Khorne Berserkers because I've always wanted some
>mtfw I play EC so I have no realistic way to ever use them or to even soup them in a fluffy way

>> No.77982338

All is dust, brother.

>> No.77982346

it could be worse
>1 model
>200 points/20

>> No.77982351

Is it just me or are the sisters of battle the most pointless and forgotten about group in the series? they might as well be squats for how important they are, and how good their army is.

>> No.77982362

are you selling the prints or the files?

>> No.77982365

read the blog posts you triple retard

>> No.77982387

My og idea would be to show my work so some company would buy it and then sell the statue but if that doesn't work I'll sell my STL file.

>> No.77982406

You'd probably be better off setting up your own storefront where people could order directly from you either the print or the file. Otherwise you'd probably have to sacrifice your artistic vision

>> No.77982428

Ynari exist so you’re wrong by default

>> No.77982446

honestly you didn't deserve the (You) but I feel generous today

>> No.77982467

Yeah, I guess so. Do you have any recommendations? Patreon or smt? But I guess I'd like to try the collectables market like Rafa Grassett and Daniel Bel also. Those guys rules in that department!

Speaking of 40K, after SOB and Krieg I have no ideas what people want. I mean, space marines sure, but chapters? Maybe I'll try a pool or something...

>> No.77982475

Is "Jink" OP? I want to get some old Land Speeders but I also don't want to be unfun to play against.

>> No.77982487

you could try emailing the guy that owns this site to see how he did it

>> No.77982502

almost none of the DA rules are themselves OP (except getting to double dip secondaries), it's that they all combine together into a big bullshit blob. Just don't overdo everything at once.

>> No.77982528

Thanks, anon. Really appreciate your help! Be safe out there!

>> No.77982531

I have won more games going second than going first, partly because I've learned how to plan around it and my armies tend to have the mobility to take advantage of my opponent moving first.

>> No.77982558

What do you want from the Ork Patrol Box?

>> No.77982568

I believe in you, king

>> No.77982625

>we're going on a 2 weeks vacation on new year
Yeah, that totally explains it, faggot.

>> No.77982660

I await 40k Daemon Prince Perturabo with great anticipation.
I expect either him to be the same, or as a weird machine man abomination.

>> No.77982700

By this time he should be more ordinatus-style mobile fortress than primarch.

>> No.77982710

Going to be a long wait for him. They will likely do the god aligned daemon primarchs first. GW really slowed up on primarchs sadly

>> No.77982744

What's the recent portrayal of Perty like in 40k?
I wouldn't think he'd like being a Daemon Prince, at least at first, considering he left the Siege of Terra because he didn't like how Chaos was seeping into the traitor forces and how far gone Mortarion and the Death Guard were.

>> No.77982760


>> No.77982877

Is it a SoB bit? I quite like it.

>> No.77982905

One of the head options from the Exorcist kit.

>> No.77982933

and here I was thinking i'm a retard for not finding the blog post the other anon was talking about

>> No.77983090

Nah, Hive Mind is basically an inverse/realspace chaos god itself and GSC familiars are basically daemons. What other anon refers to is the ancient RT lore where GSC were just chaos, before nids existed,and had other major differences.
Maybe an opposing slaanesh cult could lead some initiates who haven't gotten the Kiss away but yeah, there can't be anything like slaaneshi Patriarch cuz Patriarch is basically a Broodlord empowered by human worship. Tyranid organisms are just too heavily ingrained in the structure of the cult.

>> No.77983111

Fuck off with primarch bullshit

>> No.77983155

killa kans
warboss in mega armor
new sculpts for boyz

>> No.77983173

What about the beast of nurgle

>> No.77983176

Laman russ is an m3 lee/grant

>> No.77983186

Who likes killing more, Orks or Drukhari?

>> No.77983193

Fund it GW

>> No.77983228

Mordians don't have visible pockets though.

>> No.77983239

that only works if all the legs are of the same sculpt

>> No.77983246

They are all SOB bits

exorcist and triumph

>> No.77983249


does anyone have a picture or gif of some daemonette or literally any WH 40k person/xeno/creature snorting warp dust?

>> No.77983306

>that image
Lies, a real adeptus mechanus would have removed their vagina and crammed a machine where it used to be. Or I guess "filled" rather than removed, you know what i mean.

>> No.77983311

>GW, please release extremely modular kit for a faction with models that can't be copyrighted and big 3rd party scene

>> No.77983365

Stick your finger in the Admech's blender, it'll be fine.

>> No.77983367

>new boys

>> No.77983388

Admech priestesses retain their reproductive systems in order to produce children for their forgeworld's priests caste, they only get a full robo pussy after they get old.

>> No.77983427

didnt say they were good

>> No.77983440


>> No.77983457

that's usable, any others you know of?
thanks for that one. I appreciate it.

>> No.77983463

Pure inflation would put the modern price at £23.60, though maybe the retooling of the kit with Grav added some more plastic or something.

>> No.77983485


>> No.77983511

The third party scene didn't exist until they got rid of 90% of the infantry models for the faction

>> No.77983517


Yours is pretty nice, could swap the bikes for a Dread or Kanz.

I'm curious what's going to happen with the AM one, since that should be showing up soon since they're next for a codex after Deldar but they just got their new SC last year.

>> No.77983739

thanks, it's cadian fleshtone with thinned down volupus pink as a wash, and then layered with cadian, kislev and pallid wych flesh
I use a USB halo light ring, you can get em cheap off of eBay.
I also shoot with a tripod mounted DSLR at a pretty slow shutter speed.
thanks! i have 90 now, I guess I could do another 10 more...

I have 30 termagants, 30 devilgaunts and 30 hormagaunts. What would I add more of?

>> No.77984692

Good luck getting firing solutions

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