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Chaos Edition

>Guess who's back, back again

>Piety and Pain Preview

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>Thread Question
Will you be starting an Undivided Daemons army for our new big boy?

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night lords or something

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>Will you be starting an

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Belacucks on suicide watch

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Should I build the Chariot in the SC Slaanesh Daemons box as an Exalted Chariot or two regular Chariots?

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Hopes, fears and expectations for new Be'lakor?

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daily reminder marines are canonically virgins
implying i wasn't already a daemonchad?

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That's a haarken conversion, right? Pretty neat.

That it sells 0 units and gw stops producing oversized models.

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Why yes I started Necrons and only use the older models and Imotekh, rather than be a consoomer who uses TSK

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i need 40k memes

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I hope it comes with new rules that let mixed Daemons in a single detachment work. I fear that it won't.

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he does exactly that in aos so that's pretty likely

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Mutt's Law

A lot of the older models look pretty goofy but at least you've got green rods going for you

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my fear is that more cringy daddy issues "I'm not like the other daemon princes" fluff will be written for him

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You're on tg dude
You're proclaiming chadness on the basis of imaginary histories for overpriced plastic models

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Why doesn't the named Necron units get talked about more, minus the Silent King? Are they that underwhelming compared to the overlords and crypteks?

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yeah this is a great meme
you should post more like it

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lmfao no
this stopped being tree the instant they kicked kirb out the door. GW is dumb but not that dumb, they realized the game is the platform that sells the vast majority of their models.
But big centerpiece models are stuff normies love, will go out of their way to transport, and buy supplemental equipment to do so.

For fuck's sake anon, do you not remember how popular imperial knight's have been?

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>What's your superpower anon
>I have the ability to turn every conversation into such a way that I can express my fetishes when nobody asked for them
You're mentally ill
Get help

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Nightbringer is excellent and is brought up all the time, don't know what you mean.

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The only one I've seen people run is worse Bile

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>proclaiming chadness
are you a newfag? definitely a marinefag

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>things new fags say

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>>I have the ability to turn every conversation into such a way that I can express my fetishes when nobody asked for them

are you quoting Aaron Dembski Bowden?

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>FSE full codex with new units with melee focus
>Mercenaries codex with rules for select units from IG/Tau/Orks/Eldar and conversion kits for those units
>Codex and full range for exodites
>Codex and full range for eldar corsairs
>Codex and full range for WE
>Codex and full range for EC
>Chaos guard
>Hrud codex
>Thyrrus codex
>Ynnari expanded range and codex
>New guard infantry kits with options for tallarn/steel legion/mordian/Valhalla

Which would you want? Which are likely to happen?

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just take the daemon-pill anon, rise above it all

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>it can't be me he's referencing despite replying to me and writing things about me

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Kroot Mercs with Krootsade rules that allow then to gain evolutions based on the units they eat

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None of the above

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why are you here
there is literally a canonical SW character with offspring, the trickster dude

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>it can't be that BL authors are mentally ill

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Your personality revolves around 4chan slang

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WE and EC are a given, the focus on Slaanesh in AoS makes me think EC are soon

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I don't see any BL authors in this thread tho

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are you legit retarded? or so ESL you can't recognise that my response was making a comparison between your post and ADB without literally thinking you were meaning him rather than me

good to know what the average IQ of chaos daemon players is though

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go to reddit for that dogshit
I want two entirely new xenos factions to broaden the visual design space in the game. Imperium and chaos supremacy is making it rather crowded.

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you forgot evil cogboys

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yeah but he's a furry so not much better
how autistic are you? im obviously having a laugh lad

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hmmm anon has a point, "why not both?"

>> No.77971672

all of them, just expand everything.

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I would like to see basic infantry units for Knights with an ig statline for use as objective takers.

Just needs one kit, lots of feudal fantasy type stylings. Datasheets for infantry unit and commander and a few weapon options. Call them "Knight household guard" or "Knight vassals" or something.

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>new model centerpiece that isn't even relase,
>instantly asking target consumers if they are willing to buy an army based in the new model.
not a shill.

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I like these two memes

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we could go full age of sigmar and just introduce new army after new army, none of them would be very well developed mind you

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I forgot a bunch of shit- dark mech, Tau GSC, full kroot codex, return of the squats...

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>belakor has daddy issue
>you do
>you mean adb?
>No, I meant you
>you mean no bl author has mental illnesses?
>but they're not hear to speak to, so why would I be talking about them
>omfg bro are you retarded?
Again, anon projects harder than they intended, possibly?

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that's what happened two editions ago

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At the risk of '

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i'm a borderline retarded chaos daemon player, are we the most retarded playerbase in 40k? possibly, but we have fun

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he's not a shill, he's just more of a consoomer whore than you. He probably has a funko pop collection too. He's excited about COOL NEW THING
lukas is one of the few that isn't wolf wolfwolfwolf wolf wolferson dudes.
He's just a skeezy asshole that loves his own jokes
He's great

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I would definitely get at least a Patrol Detachment of Emperor's Children and Chaos Guard.

>> No.77971739

Just how 13 years old are you?

>> No.77971747

Good idea- squires could be members of the Knight house that didn't make the cut to be a pilot, or are pilots in training

>> No.77971754

Dark Mechanicus is a meme, no one actually gives a shit.

>> No.77971755

SK is a fairly common, but not mandatory, sight in competitive Necron lists. It's a great place to be in. I was a bit worried as to how good he would actually be considering he's kinda unfocused and just does a bit of everything, but it looks like that was good enough for his viability.

>> No.77971759

I hope to throw some rocks at him.

>> No.77971765

that's practically what the armigers represent dude. They're squire/man at arms/household guard stand ins

>> No.77971769

You're in a thread populated with people skizzing themselves over toy space men
Either you're autistic and have an excuse, or you're not autistic, and don't

>> No.77971773

ah, you're right. I forgot about the little guys

>> No.77971779

Yeah but anon I can't paint a bunch of cool reneisance esque infantry guys with feathers in their caps that way

>> No.77971782

I have a bunch of random Daemon models, and before they announced ne Belakor I didn't know what direction I wanted to take them. But now that there's Belakor on the way and presumably good new mixed Daemon rules, I'm going all in on random Daemon models.

I'm sorry you can't be excited about new things in this game you presumably have an attachment to, anon

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Anon, nobles that don't qualify to sit on the throne either get killed by it or pilot armigers.
Jesus christ.

Knight houses commonly have the equivalent of trained militia. All they need is the ability to soup with guard without being cucked.
Make it so that in order to not get their penalties taken away they need more than half their points in a superheavy detachment of knights or something.

>> No.77971792

lies, dark mech could pick up the aesthetic of ad mech from 3rd, which was kino

>> No.77971793

>Will you be starting an Undivided Daemons army for our new big boy?
As a CSM player, no. New belboy looks good, but I'm tired of these mega models. I will never get magnus, mortarion, or any primarch or warlord bigger than Abby. Vehicles I can get behind, but no thank you to the rest

>> No.77971799

thats alright, you're free to be pessimistic, it's not gonna happen anyway.

>> No.77971801

>All they need is the ability to soup with guard
nah, Guard models suck. Just do a box of Knight House Militia with a couple weapon options and some Militia HQ. That's all they need

>> No.77971804

Anon, make a feudal guard army.
Armigers are currently really good too.
If you already have a demons army why are you asking if people are going to be starting an entire new army based on a single model.

>> No.77971806

So apparently new warriors are smaller than immortals. can anyone confirm this? I was thinking of converting some into immortals, but I don't know for certain just how much taller and broader immortals are. pics of new warriors and immortals would be ideal

>> No.77971815

The issue isn't that they have no attachment, it's that they're poor. why else would they actually give a fuck at all about what some random series of numbers wants to spend its money on

>> No.77971817

>So apparently new warriors are smaller than immortals. can anyone confirm this?

>> No.77971821

Easier to include two datasheets for infantry squad and company commander then rework superheavy detachments which are a mess at present for any army other than Knights

>> No.77971827

yeah, more like "men at arms" or something. they already use that term for house guards in 40K I think.

>> No.77971828

I don't already have a Daemons army, I have a bunch of Daemon models. Now that Belakor is coming out and multi-god Daemons in a single detachment are going to become more viable, I will turn them into an army instead of building out one god as a detachment for Knights or CSm or something.

>> No.77971830

why do people dislike centrepieces? this is pure kino
yes he will be leading my daemons undivided, and there is nothing you can do to stop me

hopefully he gets c'tan style rules or something close to a primarch to justify what im assuming will be an outrageous price tag

based, he really ties an undivided force together

>> No.77971849

what? how am i being pessimistic, i think it would be awesome to get a bunch of new armies introduced like AoS gets
it's a fact they are often undeveloped though

>> No.77971862

Nids? It still seems "off", like the barbed tentacle a while back we already have a couple models we can refer to for how this sort of appendage looks on a Tyranid, and both of them are close but not quite right.

>> No.77971876

We're talking about rules anon. Everyone knows cadians suck but you have tons of options to get feudal guard.
Why would you have to rework detachments dude? It would literally be a qualifier to whatever sooperrule knights end up with -like contagions or doctrines- that says more than half of an army's point value/power level needs to be in a knight household superheavy detachment for them to get it.
You play the game right?
You know that every faction in 9th so far has special rules they lose while souping right?

>> No.77971889

Actual things that are FEASIBLE to do and require minimum model-releasing, just rules and text:
>proper traitor guard
>Admech with <TYRANID> rule like brood brothers if your cult creed is <BLADED COG> and you dont have detachments with pther cult creeds in your army
>maybe even let you have Drukhari, Tau and Ork GSCs at the cost of having any of the main non-custom Creeds, because there are examples of that in the lore
>allowing gue'vesa to take some - but not all - IG units too
>Admech with <CHAOS> keyword but yadda-yadda gotta have lets say a Soulforged Pack Specialist Detachment in your army, shit should still be at least somewhat restrictive IMO much like the above
>Kroot HQ and kroot merc detachment for Chaos, GSC, Inquisition, Drukhari, Ork and maybe Craftworld and IG
>also make a generic zoat merc datasheet derived from The Archivist and let it be souped in the factions above much like Agents of the Imperium, people can just use the BSF model
All of this requires just printed text and playtesting with more than 10 fucking people and maybe an upgrade sprue for a kroot HQ. Yet this would change the armybuilding potential of the game dramatically by introducing unique and diverse sub- and cross-factions that are already there in the lore.

>> No.77971892


>Which would you want? Which are likely to happen?

I want to be in a relationship which provides mutually beneficial and mutually accepting love and affection.

The chances currently are -1%

>> No.77971896


>Imply that Be'lakor has daddy issues and by inferance that ADB is a talentless hack who always injects his fetishes, shitty OCs and daddy isssues into everything.
>"no u have daddy issues"
>Make an admittedly pithy response where I imply that everythng you said would apply to a certain BL writer.
>"no acktually I was quoting you not ADB"

At this point I can't even tell if you actually have some issue understanding written english or if you are just autistic and butthurt that your favourite named character is a Coldsteel tier OC

>> No.77971903

my brother plays ad mech with a daemon detachment and it's not broken or anything
dunno why gw won't make it official you're right it takes literally zero effort on their part

>> No.77971912

>tg is so bad at 40k that they can say this blindly

>> No.77971913

Pic is one of the immortals i got from ebay next to an attempt at making a new warrior into an immortal. This is the tallest immortal i have, the others are more hunched, while the warrior is noticeably lankier even if i tried giving it bigger shoulders.

>> No.77971915

Either nids or AOS. Definitely not DEldar or Chaos.
The diamond-shaped plates on the tail lead me to believe that its more nid.

>> No.77971916

I'd like all of them sans maybe mercenaries and Hrud, I've no idea what Thyrrus are. I expect WE and EC eventually (not any time soon) and maaaybe Ynnari. The rest are just wishful thinking.

>> No.77971917

GW doesn't know shit about 40K

>> No.77971921

I think he'll be a chaos undivided supreme commander. God I hope his abilities buff things with just the CHAOS keyword like the Noctilith does. I want to run him with my r&h.

>> No.77971924

>Will you be starting an Undivided Daemons army for our new big boy?
Nope. I'm already doing an undivided chaos army that I can split in an army for each of the chaos gods and i dont want named characters

>> No.77971928

Almost like its a new model. But yeah, 100% Nid.

>> No.77971929

Superheavy detachments need to be reworked for the sake of every other faction than Knights. Makes no sense that on top of the points a cadian Baneblade for my cadian army costs 3cp and can't use cadian tactics.

>> No.77971938

"Close but not quite there" is par for the course for revamped sculpts.

>> No.77971939

I woud like to think is a plastic lictor

>> No.77971944


>tfw ywn yank a femboy by his collar, whispering in his ear that he is a good boy while you bottom him out

>> No.77971947

Sure you can. You just need to pay another CP

>> No.77971954

neither do you or most of fucking tg if you think there's no possible way to break the absolute fuck out of demons and admech soup being a thing.
Yes, SH detaches of both varieties are basically purpose made to say 'fuck you, you're not supposed to use superheavies this edition'

>> No.77971959

I want more slaanesh. Though, I would like if the cult legion's units were more accessible to renegades. What I'm saying is I want to keep playing Flawless Host while getting whatever new toys EC potentially get. I also want to be able to take bikes and a Lord Discordant with Death Guard because I want a biker/vehicle based DG army with a Discordant to buff the DG exclusive Daemon Engines.

>> No.77971962

oh no you called me bad whatever will i do now
neck yourself

>> No.77971964


It is nid because

> triangular chitin plating going down the tail
> the long tail is featureless, just like all tyranid tails
> that form of pincher only currently exists on tyranid models
>The 'edges' of the pincher are incredibly similar to the edge placements on other tyranid pinchers/talons

>> No.77971971

No need to rework superheavy.
Just make brigade detachments a 0-1 super heavy

>> No.77971977

"broken".....anon that's all this game ever has been

>> No.77971986

Why not just have different knight classes account for X amount of models when it comes to ObSec? Armigers can be 5, questoris 10, castellan 15 for example

>> No.77971991

I can't disagree with anything you've said, other than that GW is terrified of giving an inch to 3rd parties and they wouldnt allow say, Ork GSC without making a specific three armed Ork model in case a 3rd party brings out an Orkstealaz line and undercuts them

>> No.77972002

Where will you be when hypersonic marines come for you?

>> No.77972005

9th is the best state the game has ever been in in balance terms when you compare what we have gotten so far, and if the deldar codex holds its ground to the rest of what we've gotten so far it'll be a fantastic sign for the rest of the edition.

>> No.77972015

Dude youre playing necrons, as long as they're visually distinct from the warriors dw about it, nobody is gonna know what your models are anyway, they're not marines

>> No.77972028

Anyone who takes BL at face value is retarded.

Patrician way to view 40k's setting is a distilled mix of codex and decent BL sources mixed in with a dose of 'does this feel acceptable and not break suspension of disbelief'.

>> No.77972035

im nervous for the deldar codex bros
so far all we've had is marinewank and the token bad guys for 8th and 9th, of course they'll be good
deldar is the true test for the rest of us

>> No.77972038

Who said he's quoting anyone anon. He was in Salt in u

>> No.77972040

>I've no idea what Thyrrus are
One of many cool and underloved minor xenos species
They are hyper-sturdy cephalopods whose whole war doctrine revolves around drama and spectacle
>"The Thyrrus have no concept of victory or defeat, and everything of their lives, wars and day-to-day business is directed towards their vast performance. Though any logic, guiding purpose, or audience for this performance is unknown"
Basically war is tragicomedy for them and what matters most is that highest amount of casualties in most fabulous and flashy ways are inflicted. Their skin can change colour like a squid, yet they use it to display most gay technicolour bullshit possible, while also using fuckloads of plasma-weaponry except each one is different, flashing colour. They have units like "propmasters" and "luminous war machines". Slaanesh would probably love them, yet they dont care, all they care for is LIGHT, CAMERA and BLOODSHED.

>> No.77972048

Yeah but i personally don't like how it came out. I'll just make his brethren into more reaper warriors so that i get to 80+.

>> No.77972074

perfect, for height all I need to do is straighten them up as planned so they look more elite. thanks based necron bro, have this conversion stolen from boogle

>> No.77972077

it won't last

>> No.77972079

Dude. Go shower

>> No.77972133

>Give the squiddies no quarter!

Imagine being a dumb as rocks agriworlder that has only ever seen infinite fields of cabbages and the inside of a starships hold and the first thing you face as you pile out of your chimera is a flashing squid, wooping like a retard shooting rainbows in all directions before it runs up the ramp of the nearest Valkyrie and explodes, body parts and multicoloured confetti everywhere.

>> No.77972153

deldar will definitely be a make or break moment for the edition
So far every faction has been various manifestations of 'tough, elite, strong'. Deldar are flimsy, fast, glass cannons and nothing else so far has been similar to them as an army.
Thyrrus are rad as fuck and I want them so bad
DEldar is definitely going to be a sign of times to come.
I'm crossing my fingers.

>> No.77972196

>Who said he's quoting anyone anon. He was in Salt in u

this reply implies ESL


this one implies autism

I stiil can't tell which I am dealing with.

>> No.77972202


>> No.77972213

That actually sounds like a good solution.

Maybe even 0 - 2 would be fair.

>> No.77972214

Lukas is a nice character, his book is a good read

>> No.77972217

>buy ruscasts bro

>> No.77972224

Fixed Baneblade datasheet

>> No.77972228

Wanted to use him as a DG daemon prince proxy but he's too goddamn huge.

>> No.77972240

Bruh the james workshop kit looks the same.

>> No.77972256

>He goes to the low quality casters
Top kek anon.

>> No.77972258

Not seen this much projection since I last went to imax

>> No.77972268

>shows a GW original

>> No.77972271

Just gonna stick with Chang. He never let me down.


>> No.77972275

Who did you buy from? Mine were just fine sans for some flush and Amalynn's rifle being bent.

The free drazhar/incubi I got thrown in were scuffed, but thats freebies, cant complain either way,

>> No.77972290

35 wounds feels like a lot. Why not T9 instead?

>> No.77972297

>Fixed Baneblade datasheet

>> No.77972306

Never buying from there again.

Pic related. My go to.

>> No.77972318

35W is perfect and reflects the imensive hull of the baneblade. T9 reflect the materials of the vehicle.

>> No.77972341

yeah it reminds me of when comic fans look at one panel of Superman lifting a billion tons or Flash thinking in attoseconds or some shit and apply that shit to everyone, including people like Batman

like what

>> No.77972347

Pure Martian steel folded 10000 times by the Fabricator General himself.

>> No.77972349

>Just gonna stick with Chang.
king choice, same experience

>> No.77972357

New Xenos Starter Collecting
Hrud: 1 Elder, 10 Hruds, 6 Slaves, 4 Umbras
Men of Irons: 1 Men of Stone, 10 Men of Irons Automaton, 6 Renovators, 1 Battle Automata
Q’orl: 1 Princess, 10 Q’orl, 3 groups of Grubs, 2 Heralds
Rak’gol: 1 Broodmasters, 10 Marauders, 1 Errors

>> No.77972370


T9 makes it nigh-invulnerable to most anti-tank weapons. This isn't fair on a unit that is essentially a big tank and nothing more.

>> No.77972372

TPC Heresy Forge is known to be terrible. Only TPC VP is worth using on that site.

>> No.77972381

The biggest kick in the dick is that Primarchs and the like are specifically exempted. For big special boys only.

>> No.77972383

Who's the guy on the bottom left? Alpharius? Omegon?
Nice art btw

>> No.77972384


You've learned that meme by rote but not more advanced english concepts like sarcasm or innuendo.

Also for some reason you can't even defend ADB or Be'lakor you just seem to know "no u" but you are so bad at understanding what other people are saying that to even shitpost that point effectively.

>> No.77972397

what type of guy plays thousand sons? what about grey knights?

>> No.77972401

are you new? those are only the loyalist primarchs

>> No.77972403

*bottom right

>> No.77972407

Dont you mean bottom right?
Its alpharius

>> No.77972411

Yes, T8.

>> No.77972415

>Bottom Text

>> No.77972420

I despise that community.

>> No.77972428

its just a random phobos nig

>> No.77972436

>he doesnt know

>> No.77972438

that's a lot of dakka

>> No.77972442

looks like a normal phobos marine, makes sense considering he's next to cawl

>> No.77972445

Are you new? Alpharius or Omegon is loyal now. Just as planned

>> No.77972452

>thousand sons
bros, always
>grey knights
marinefags with a hipster complex

>> No.77972453

its a new red terror

>> No.77972461

Alpha Primus, the prototype Primaris Marine.

>> No.77972462

>Nice art btw
it's meh at best.

>> No.77972476

a imperial guard faggot writing imperial guard rules


>> No.77972478

Tyranid corpse on the base of a Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armor

>> No.77972490

me, I'm broke and not into custodes

>> No.77972503

Hellflayer (the Lawnmower) is the best option imo

>> No.77972558


>> No.77972579

make sure to scrape the cheese from under your manchebs when you shower

>> No.77972592

ferrus looks retarded

>> No.77972602



I guess that means you are British and just deeply deeply autistic to the point where you can't understand non-literal statements

>> No.77972604

isnt it the regular amount ?

>> No.77972622

>start collecting
>not combat patrol
>uses model amounts from SC too
tg continues to be behind the times, eh
>t9 is invulnerable to anti tank
jesus christ what edition are you living in

>> No.77972624

do you like the new belakor better than the creature caster one?

>> No.77972628

but I already have plenty of Seekers, and no Heavy Support

>> No.77972642

t. zoom zoom

>> No.77972654

Hey guys I found a can of chaos black that I've used a year ago. Do you think it's still good or should I throw it away? Unfortunately, I don't have any test models

>> No.77972655

Yes, much more. The GW's wings are way better and more impressive, and give the model a better and more imposing silhouette, and the GW pose fits Belakor better too. More aggressive, "you! I'm gonna fuck you up!"

>> No.77972674

Is this an accurate view of the Imperiums hold on the galaxy? Seeing how it's not a unified state, and their enemies seem to be everywhere and not just on the outer reaches.

>> No.77972676

>a imperial guard faggot writing imperial guard rules

I did complete rules for 8th of my regiment.
Create rules is part of the creativity of the hobby.

>> No.77972679

>he used toughness not armor so he's playing in one of two editions
>one of those editions is laughably better than the other
>z-zoom zoom h-haha
get over yourself lmfao
The Creature Caster face is almost as bad as the new GW one so that can't really save it sadly

>> No.77972680

spray it on some cardboard to see if it goes on smooth or chunky. it goes without saying, but shake thoroughly.

>> No.77972687

>that bent sword

>> No.77972688

This model is shit.

>> No.77972697

Thats probably how you could imagine it

>> No.77972704

i meant zoom zoom for "combat patrol". that name is awful and didn't need to be changed.

>> No.77972705

I mean, as a mono-Slaanesh Daemon player myself, my army is nothing but Fiends and KoSs, with Daemonettes on the side.
That said, IF you are running Seekers you want them in blob squad(s) to make the most of instruments and Icons. As such you should have a free-ish Fast Attack slot.

>> No.77972711

thanks I'll do just what you suggested

>> No.77972715

like every imperial guard player (literally every imperial guard player has autism) you just make overpowered garbage rules that only you like.

>> No.77972744


Batteforce didn't need to be changed either you zoomer.

>> No.77972749

bro, you're the one who decided to kick up fuss after being told you need help getting your wiring unfucked
the additional proof of this is hilarious

>> No.77972762

I still play with this rules against my friends, and they are fine with that.

>> No.77972781

(it's because the 500pt match is called 'combat patrol' anon. It's to tell newfags that they're getting a 'combat patrol' in a box)
>being such a nogames fag that he thinks +2 to cover is overpowered
anon, fucking ratlings get that in their datasheet. If you actually think IG infantry having a 3+ in cover is OP I really don't know how you function in a game with Deathwing, DG, and necron warrior bricks.

>> No.77972804

Is he? Or is it another meme?

>> No.77972817

not him, but a 3+ in cover is actually pretty good, just not as good many of the other possible traits

>> No.77972826

it's memes

>> No.77972850

They are pretty much the same height, but there are multiple degrees of squatting between individual models, both Immortal and Warriors, so some immortals ends up shorter than warriors.

>> No.77972852

It's okay but not great. The current way the game plays heavily fucks over gunline playstyle and the terrain used tends to not allow a huge amount of cover camping and shooting.
The way current AM win is literally a mix of vehicle spam and globs of no upgrade infantry squads getting movemovemove'd onto points and board control.

>> No.77972857

that's where you're wrong zoomy, it was perfect when it was called "Megaforce"

>> No.77972873



>> No.77972894

I can't be bothered to watch TTS. What are Dark Angels like in it? My upcoming opponent said if I saw them in it I'd know what his list will be like? Just mass bikes or something?

>> No.77972917

another pic for my collection

>> No.77972938

you collect pictures of unpainted crons?

>> No.77972944

How can I model this big fuck holding a ball and chain instead of the axe

>> No.77972948

I'm gonna guess he has Asmodai and Azrael, but they haven't had a big engagement yet.

>> No.77972986

My fren you play with plastic toys, we all are autists.

>> No.77973057

not just that

powerlevelfags where mods protect some people more than others

>> No.77973061

gatling into the belly, big ass chain from the gatling arm. that way he can shoot it like a harpoon or swing/spin/throw/punch it with the other hand. in either case the ball reels in into the arm

>> No.77973071

How much of a responsibility do you have to teach your opponent the rules? I'm not talking about a new player where you'd obviously tell them how things are done.
I'm talking about people who've been playing for awhile but have apprently never read their book.
I've got a guy in mind, he plays necrons.

We start the game and I win the roll of for first time. He tries to seize the initiative. I tell him that's not a thing anymore.

I hit him with a relic bolt pistol, it's str 5, pistol 1 ap 3 and does 2 damage. If you target infantry it always wounds on a 2 and does 4 damage.

I hit his lychguard and he fails the save, then his fails his RP roll. The guy then pulls two lychguard. He's been assuming that damage carries over this entire time. I tell him that no, it's only a single attack it dosen't carry.

I notice he's been rolling RP not just between units attacking but between separate guns. If I hit him with a something that has more then one profile, he'll pick guys up between guns.

He also rolls the RP for the damage dealt to the unit. If I hit a single immortal with 20 damage, he rolls 20 dice.

I'm sure there are more but I don't know the army very well. Should I just sit down with a rulebook and walk him through it? The guy has been playing for as long as I have.

>> No.77973086

I miss those kits

>> No.77973118

Unless he's developmentally disabled just letting him know would do.
Hell even I forget the rules sometimes, there's a shitload.

>> No.77973124

its not your responsibility. it's obviously effecting your enjoyment though. You should tell him its not fun like this, to learn the rules or play with someone else.

>> No.77973183

ay dios mio

>> No.77973187

Anon, thats blatant cheating..

>> No.77973199

Is the kytan monopose?, I was thinking of just lowering his left arm and letting the ball rest at his feet while the gun arm is the same. This is assuming the Kytan and LoS don't have the same chest components, which would make getting the gun in his belly difficult.

>> No.77973200

I like this

>> No.77973224

It's not really, and my local area is rural enough I don't have many partners. I really really enjoy playing warhammer. I know there are better games and better systems, but I really like this one.
Besides he's a good guy, just not very smart.

My problem is I tend to learn as much about every army as I and come off as overbearing, or I'm that trying to play their army for them. I don't the culmination of that to be "I know your army better then you do, let me tell you how it works"

Eh, he fucks himself as much as anything.

>> No.77973240

Any desk lamp suggestions? I went to walmart and bought one for $6 but it's shit as expected. Preferably something for $50 or less.

>> No.77973263

Get lamps that are
>easy to adjust
Preferably you'd have two of them - one on each side - if your budget allows it.

>> No.77973270

just look up for some reviews and unboxings. same for all other stuff really

>> No.77973282

Can a Space Marine safely eat depleted uranium?

What about regular uranium?

>> No.77973285

>5 million dollar lamp

damn ok

>> No.77973286

'waaaaah they favor people they like'
Fuck off commie, this is america. Having connections is good and you're just an inbred retard if you don't foster your own
It's relatively poseable. That should work.

>> No.77973291

>10 automaton
>1 automata

>> No.77973301

the arms can be posed it's just a lord of skulls body

>> No.77973304

literally just explain it to him. The army has had some radical changes and if he's not bright to begin with it helps.
Plus you can ease it by telling him nifty tech like using reanimation protocols to daisy chain those 8 warriors that revived onto an objective.

>> No.77973305

What, you can't afford that? You're not poor, are you?

>> No.77973307

Ok so they're ugly Harlequins


>> No.77973316

>expecting any level of brain wrinkles from that post
Don't sweat it anon

>> No.77973318

Ok boomer

>> No.77973328


I genuinely worry for people like this. I can explain our initial interactions so that you can work on understanding people and overcoming your autism if you want.

>my fear is that more cringy daddy issues "I'm not like the other daemon princes" fluff will be written for him

In this post I state that I dislike be'lakor for cringy fluff [tl note: fluff means backstory or "lore"] such as being the strongest daemon prince ever and only daemon prince of chaos undivided but also secretly hating chaos. Although I don't mention him I am by proxy shitting on Aaron Dembski Bowden since reuses that same cringy "he's a supr fukcn badass chaos character but actually hates chaos" [note this isn't a real quote] trope in half his novels.

>I have the ability to turn every conversation into such a way that I can express my fetishes when nobody asked for them

in this post you accuse me of injecting my fetishes despite that being what I was complaining about.

>are you quoting Aaron Dembski Bowden?

In this post I make light of you accusing me of doing what I was implying ADB did by just outright make a joke by pretending you are quoting him.

>it can't be me he's referencing despite replying to me and writing things about me

In this post you either fail to understand my sarcasm or possibly pretend not to in a joke that completely fails to land.

I do hope you find treatment for your autism. Have you made an appointment with your GP about it?

>> No.77973371

why does 40K attract autism so

>> No.77973374

>reddit spacing

>> No.77973381

How would you make a not-helbrute out of an old legion dread? I'm thing of giving it a CCW, but its a maulerfiend arm instead of the regular weapon

>> No.77973416

I see the Iron autists have arrived

>> No.77973431


>> No.77973433

According to Auspex, Wallace and Gromit bikes are better than Eradicators

Is this true or is this just a desperate attempt to save what should be an OOP model?

>> No.77973440

If there's common stuff he gets wrong every game, bring it up with him pre-match.

Something like "Hey, i've been doing some reading this week and just realised we've been playing [X] rules incorrectly. It should actually work like...".

If you want to avoid awkwardness, you want to make it as conversational as possible and emphasise that you are sharing the responsibility with him for getting it wrong (even though it's actually his fault).

Make sure you have a source to refer him to for evidence - something like Goonhammer or Wahapedia is ideal if he doesn't have the book to hand.

For spur of the moment stuff, the key is to avoid stating they are wrong or implying cheating. Instead, ask if they could check the exact wording of the rule - if they ask why, say something like you saw it played differently in a battle report.

If he's an actual friend, some of this BS might not be necessary and you can be more honest and upfront but it sounds like you might not know him well enough to be sure that would be taken the right way.

>> No.77973450

Yup, they're better.

>> No.77973455

Is any one else's FW/GW want/gift list not working? Half the list isn't showing up and I cant add or delete anything.

>> No.77973476

>about same points
>one has more wounds, more weapons, is faster
>only thing really in the erad's favor is access to strats
did you not know this already?

>> No.77973492

Last thing I bought from FW was a Stormhammer.
The kit was a subpar mess and support refused to work with me about replacement parts. I eventually was able to build it into an okay state. Lot of gap filling.

Then they removed it from 40k.

>> No.77973494


>> No.77973519

>the shield shins
>that thing on the fist
>random shoulder bits
I guarantee you this is the only angle that dred looks vaguely okay from

>> No.77973530

They're gonna get nerfed in due time just like aggressors and cents.

>> No.77973580


>> No.77973604


>> No.77973614

I love beakies.

>> No.77973615

If we follow Bretonnians they'd be conscripts with Basilisk-type artillery and some crazy melee fucks with a 5++ because they're dragging the blown head of a Knight around.

>> No.77973623


>> No.77973627

gib sauce pls

>> No.77973642


>> No.77973660

>'ate herekts
>luv cawl

>> No.77973673


To be fair, in anon's complaint, the guy was also messing up a rule that effected him in a negative way (damage spill over)...i think this is one of those cases where you shouldn't attribute malice to what can be attributed to stupidity.

If he was a friend, I'd give him loads of shit and correct it.

If he's a random, I'll point it out, but not force the issue and just avoid playing them in the future

>> No.77973677


>> No.77973679

Did I do ok, /tg/?

I have never painted IG and wanted to go for a Steel Legion-ish color (shades of gray), and realized almost immediately that if I start adding splashes of color to the places I usually do (cabling, icons, weapons) it'll make the camo look bad. So I just slapped this together and figured it's good enough. Is it?

Didn't see how long it took me but I think it was under an hour of actual painting. Which is good since I'll have a lot of tanks and infantry to do...

>> No.77973681

It'll be Wych and Raider spam as always.

>> No.77973685

Sure looks that way. I was surprised to find out they cost the same considering they're tougher, faster and have some extra dakka.

>> No.77973695

I wanna beakify some primaris. The helmets are easy since there's stl files, but I'd have to greenstuff all the cables and model my own classic bolters.

>> No.77973704

whats your favourite model that you'd love to field but has shitty stats

>> No.77973708

who are the two after gulliman, these are the only two i can't guess

>> No.77973734

Mmmmm, print lines.

Could use some shading, even if you slapped some Seraphim Sepia (or equivalent) around some spots that would improve it and not take much time if you need to do a lot of them.

>> No.77973739

>new guilliman keeps the iconic angry mk 7 helmet
>primaris instantly get rid of it the year later

>> No.77973753

land raider

>> No.77973763

Why are they brettonian clones
You did okay anon. 10/10vp
>wych spam
>current deldar doing wychspam

>> No.77973764

Terrax Drill
Just gets turned into slag with so much melta around.

>> No.77973770

Looks blatantly printed and the scheme is boring. Also you somehow fucked up the tally and made it look like it's 2 II's being crossed out instead of an IIII.

>> No.77973780

Land Raider. Predators. Plague Marines

>> No.77973784 [DELETED] 

If Autism is bad, why did we evolve it? Consider a bunch of cavemen wandering the icy tundra. The only way they survive is meat. The only one of them who can find meat is that one screeching madlad who obsessively picks up every piece of mammoth hair until they find the herd at which point he let's out a REEEEEEEEE and ignores the tusk through his legs just to bring it down. Then all the cave thots fuck him and get pregnant before he dies of gangrene.

>> No.77973796

I'm a guy getting into Warhammer in general and I saw that Chaos Daemons, which happen to be my fav can be used in both Age of Sigmar and 40k and Kill team! But In AoS they are Mono God factions but in 40k and Kill team it's Undivided, my fav is Tzeentch and I like the idea of just having Tzeentch, how good is mono Tzeentch in 40k and Kill team?

>> No.77973797

Is there anything worse than people that mention on every dice roll whether it was below average, above average or EXACTLY AVERAGE WOW?

>> No.77973808

>Land Raider. Predators

>> No.77973812

Terrax Drill is great for Admech. T8, boat load of wounds, great dakka, deep striking transport - what's not to like. Especially since Admech Transports are otherwise overpriced.

You could probably run it in CSM too but less useful there.

>> No.77973816

I hate Primaris.

I know it's not a really hot take, but they're just bad in every aspect of the game, except MAYBE how the models look. Some of them are neat, I guess, though if they were just rescaled Marines I'd be okay with them. Their rules get shat on here for being OP enough so I won't go into that, but holy fuck their fucking lore.

I've managed to avoid most of Primaris wanking due to not playing them and not reading books about Primarines, but I made the mistake of starting to read Dark Imperium and holy fucking shit the writer is sucking Primarine cock so hard. They've got Super armour and Super bolters that are Sooooo much better than the heretic armour and bolters AND they also get special tactics that nobody else ever thought of and and and.

The entire assault on the planet reads like fucking teenager fanfiction.

Fuck Primaris. I want to go back to 4th edition.

>> No.77973825

Eh as long as they're not shouting it out it's fine
Better than a guy that keeps shouting "ROLL 1s" every. single. time. I roll.

>> No.77973833

>If Autism is bad, why did we evolve it?
Based scientific illiterate poster

>> No.77973836

GW keeps having to buff Terminators because people realize 30 lasguns is better than 3 plasma guns and they work on hordes too.

>> No.77973838

Based. We need to go back.

>> No.77973842

it's so weird that people are trying to champion autism like it's some blessing

>> No.77973859

I did use AP dark tone to bring out some of the darker recesses (The lascannon is a pretty good example), where'd you put the Sepia into?

I may sometimes do this. I'm sorry.

>> No.77973862

holy fuck there is something wrong with you
based anon for spotting that from your first comment

>> No.77973863

I bet you wear a mask.

>> No.77973864

I do this sometimes but usually only with opponents who always complain about how unlucky they were convieniently forgetting the 10 other times when they rolled the nuts.

>> No.77973872

Because autism can be used for great good or great evil

>> No.77973875

why would they be squatted

>> No.77973880

NAT 20! NAT 20!!!

>> No.77973912

any chance we will ever get a new vect model? hes the only faction leader that i can think of without a new model

>> No.77973917

I fucking hate it when randos do shit like this.

Even more so when it's something like a explosion roll which would completely ruin the game if it went badly.

At least try and hide the fact that you are a WAAC bastard.

>> No.77973923

AP dark tone is fine but its still on a greyscale.

Sepia (or AP Light/Soft Tone) can make metal look somewhat rusted, oily or dirty. Probably best around the leg hydraulics.

>> No.77973925

Probably high after Shadowsun and Ghaz.

>> No.77973950

the models look great, not gonna lie i like it
now in terms of rules they're too strong
should have juste been rescaled or a new type of armor or both whatever, but the lore part is meh at best

>> No.77973965

What do power weapons do to flesh anyway? Do they act like lightsabers or what?

>> No.77973982


I think BL has said that every book they write should be viewed as secondhand knowledge. Propaganda, written histories, tales and sagas. If something is wrong then the narrator is probably embellishing. If they didn't say that it's how you should view it anyways.

>> No.77973990

Similar but they don't cauterise.

>> No.77973996


>> No.77974001

I tend to blather to fill empty air because social situations stress me out and make me uncomfortable, but I also desire them
I'm getting better at being more normal
when was the last time you played the game anon
autism fucking sucks anon.
even high functioning versions like mine.

>> No.77974006

Don't they have an energy field that disintegrates matter or w/e? It probably doesn't cauterize wounds if so

>> No.77974017

Thats also where I got mine from. But ill keep the warning in mind. I guess I just got lucky.

I no understand.

Is VP that much better?

>> No.77974018

You'd think now would be a good time with the 9th edition codex - but we're gonna get fuck all.

>> No.77974021

it's the extra AP from doctrines that truly tips them over into retardo levels.
You get mad about people getting excited about tense/big moments in your games?

>> No.77974033

Depends on the type, but generally power fields weaken molecular bonds. So the physical blade still does the cutting, but the field around it turns reinforced ceramite into the consistency of wet tissue. Effects on flesh would probably not be much different from the blade hitting without the field, except things like bones would be sliced through with greater ease.

>> No.77974038

It’s always the shit models that get busted rules. Centurions were the worst.

>> No.77974044

I think I do, yea. The CC one looks good, but its a bit too far into the amorphous demon aesthetic, also no tail.

>> No.77974045

Why did they buff Terminators again?

>> No.77974061


>> No.77974062

Primaris don't use them. If they wanted to keep them, they would let them use them, like thunderhawks.

>> No.77974069

Anything that can shoot and move relatively fast is always better in 40k

>> No.77974070

>destroys you with tactical precision

Nothing personal kniggers

>> No.77974089

How do you guys decide what armor to add to your army? I'm looking at all the Leman Russ variants and I can't pick.

>> No.77974092

>can't even use a boltgun

>> No.77974097

heh, the entire timeline of that book has been fucked thanks to 9th edition. Now Bobby G fought the plague wars in Ultramar before the Indomitus crusade instead of after. So where do all the primaris in this book come from? oops!

>> No.77974101

To make them feel like walking tanks? Because things like AP bloat/the new way AP works were making them a joke?
The way AP turned into a reduction into a pass/fail system made the classic 2+ much, much less meaningful and it took GW a while to realize that.
Same reason marines have gone to 2w.
This game would function a lot better if they reduced the scale a bit and moved to a d10 or d12 system.

>> No.77974116

it's really uncanny how lifeless the new art is. It practically screams "going through the motions".

>> No.77974118

(magnetize your turret, or use a 3rd party turret to look cool and magnetize that)

>> No.77974130

Tell me why kriegers would team up with sororitas in a paradise world?

>> No.77974132

>it's the extra AP from doctrines that truly tips them over into retardo levels.
This. When they're running around with AP-2 bolters and AP-3/4 heavy weapons on everything it really makes playing against them a nightmare. It's also the biggest reason why they're a huge pain at a casual level, their shit just works. For most other armies you have to put at least a little bit of effort into making a list that can hold its own weight but for marines you can just grab a couple primaris start collecting or combat patrol boxes and you're pretty much set. They're retard-proof.

>> No.77974141

Eh, this one's one of my all time favourite warhammer art.

>> No.77974143

The people who hate Phobos are always oddly racist


>> No.77974145

>still thinking 'Primaris too strong'

It's not 2019 any more.

Half of the meta units in use right now are old marines anyway - especially in BA/SW/DA.

The only 'too good' Primaris unit is Bladeguard and they aren't that offensive to play against. Rest is either nerfed or overhyped. Inceptors are borderline but Death Guard release made them more situational.

You wouldn't be asking this if you played CSM.

>> No.77974154

GW made a massive mistake with it and in classic fashion doubled down instead of going back.

>> No.77974159

wait here's a better version

>> No.77974160

Kriegers will team up with whoever they're ordered to.

>> No.77974172

Are the arms/wings on Scourges able to be used on any of the Scourge torsos? Or would it take light conversion work? I ordered two of the kits, and I was checking the assembly instructions prior to the shipment arriving.

>> No.77974174


If asthma is bad, why did we evolve it?
If down syndrome is bad, why did we evolve it?
If hemophilia is bad, why did we evolve it?

>> No.77974183

Thanks anon

>> No.77974188

but it's chaos not IoM, why would they not be allowed to use them

>> No.77974196

Because old bad new good.

>> No.77974207


I bet you're autistic.

>> No.77974230

plasceptors still blap the shit out of DG, they just do it a little less amazingly than with vehicles and marines - though this comes with the nice tradeoff of not risking death.

The entire LSM superfaction is slightly too much. It's AP bloat. That's the tipping point, and it's made TTK waaay too extreme and forced things to literally need decent invulnerable saves or an equivalent to be considered tough.
no prob buddy
Blood and Skulls industry on ebay has a lot of cool stuff if you want the 3rd party route.

>> No.77974235

Chaos predator :(

>> No.77974241

>look at flayed one base size
good thing 28.5 can be bought separately. meanwhile chad banshees have their own unique 28.35mm base

>> No.77974256


>> No.77974279

From their point of view they probably don't see it that way sadly. Marines are the most-played army by a mile in this game so naturally they want them to be good to further boost sales. Granted this is exactly the kind of dangerously short-sighted thinking from companies, especially companies ran by shareholders, that kills the golden goose, but so far sales have only been getting better for GW so unfortunately it's just gonna be this way for the foreseeable future.

>> No.77974292


I may have lavished too much attention on the anon who missed the ADB joke but I just found it funny at the time to see how genuinely autistic he was. the [translators note] thing was maybe a bit too laboured a joke.

>> No.77974320

even if they are ordered to be comfy and relax?

>> No.77974323

This one's pretty good too.

>> No.77974369

Their idea of comfy and relax is target practice and equipment maintenance probably, so sure.

>> No.77974381


>> No.77974388

After getting 30 plague marines blasted off the table due to massed high ap 1d fire I'm just spamming termies now.
It's the only way.

>> No.77974403

Is three space marine armies too much ?

>> No.77974412

At a casual level, I agree - though every 9th edition codex + sisters so far can compete with marines.

It's just a bunch of shitty 8th edition codices holding some factions back - especially if you aren't willing/able to tech into cheesy units/builds.

>> No.77974420

I personally like this more

>> No.77974454

For a while I've been thinking about converting a Betrayal at Calth chaplain into a TS sorcerer.
Only now do I realize the scale difference. It's a shame since it's a great looking model, to kitbash and convert.

>> No.77974459

One is too much

>> No.77974462

The logo in the lower left is distracting, but the art itself self is good. The blood thralls and banners are nice touches that give it a sort of 3ed vibe.

>> No.77974463

>It's just a bunch of shitty 8th edition codices holding some factions back - especially if you aren't willing/able to tech into cheesy units/builds.
All the anons who don't get this is how 40k always works and why tournaments are garbage proves most of you started in 8th.

>> No.77974483

what about putting him on a sorcerer's disc to make him a bit taller?

>> No.77974496

Trazyn "archived" all the conversations.

>> No.77974499

Doesn't really change the facts, "its always been this way" (it hasn't) wouldn't stop it from still being shitty. GTs are far from the place most affected by this either.

>> No.77974541

Everytime I see that I always think proxy paige. No idea why.

>> No.77974554

>he has discovered the truth
I have been further vindicated.
Try out double lawnmower drones if you get the chance, they're fun.
Yes because everything is trending towards megaoutput superblenders.
Keep in mind in order to make DW tough they gave them permament fucking transhuman, and DG termies work because they have T5 4++ and their slew of support characters and contagions.
Yeah, I've been eternally sad that the move to better scaling didn't start at calth.
things have changed signficantly from then lol, so far every codex released for 9th is able to build a list that can - mostly - stand against every other dex.
The real make or break is going to be the deldar

>> No.77974563

abracadabra. I saved these from some anon who posted here or /wip/. use the legs or cut the shins and thighs and insert some plasticard

>> No.77974564

I get that it's the case, and has been, doesn't mean I'm going to agree to it being good or accept it.

>> No.77974608

Pretty much.

It's the same people who forget Marines were trash tier for 2 years if you weren't running a very specific Smurf build for Gorillaman (and even that was bad after he got nerfed).

>> No.77974618

>Just wait until my army's OP, Billy, just you fucking wait!
>8 months later
>NOOOOOO Billy you bandwagoning faggot!

>> No.77974619

Just trying out lists to see what sticks and not.
Kinda sucks that GBDs cant be flashed after the FAQ, I bought 3 for that reason (and also 2 Hell Blades). Oh well I can still play them in more casual games.

>> No.77974650

Cyclical balancing is utter trash and is irrelevant to the state of the game

>> No.77974651

Since terminators are "supposed" to be used for boarding actions, how many would realistically carry a chainfist?

In "Dark Disciple", the WB have one guy equipped with a chainfist expressly so they can cut through the walls faster. Would Loyalist terminators typically have more than one in a squad?

>> No.77974675

Not a bad idea. On tabletop though, sorcerers can't take disks.
>TS legs.
That's a could work as well.
I'd originally thought about using cork on the base to slightly elevate him. But your suggestion might be better.

Also, I had the idea of replacing the backpack for a jump-pack.

>> No.77974744

Please to explain the chain of events that lead this question anon.

>> No.77974771

what's your favourite part of eldar lore

>> No.77974874

That they have fat tits

>> No.77974895

I should just do the helmet right? I've never painted anything before those other things look fucking hard

>> No.77974929

No. I got four. I got Ultramarines second company and half of the first company, Black Templars crusade force, Imperial fists demi company and Dark angels army made from two Dark vengeance kits.

>> No.77974938

I started reading the Path of the Warrior book, and honestly I am finding Eldar culture to be fascinating, how they experience everything so much more then a human, it completely changed my outlook on them and being space elves, but it kind of baffles me that so little people play them. Was Empire equally unpopular in Fantasy? I reckoned that that elves would've been incredibly popular.

>> No.77974972

Harlequins are cool and are deeper than just space clowns. Used to hate them, now I am fairly positive about them.
Striking Scorpions are campy not!Predator kino, *MADE* for fun threeway tussles with catachans and lictors/genestealers.
Whole bone golem piloted by Internet of the Dead shtick is cool.
Again, using Internet of the Dead to not get assraped by god of tranny sex is pretty solid too.
My favourite has to be though the fact that eldar collectively went on a mass genocide of uncounted amount of xeno races as soon as they heard that tyranids have entered the Milky Way, just to prevent them from reaching said xeno races and absorbing/evolving dangerous qualities like time travel and so on. Cool interplay between two factions.
I just wish they could be depicted a tiny bit more xeno. I really prefer eldar with jet black eyes, reminds me of arilou from Star Control.

>> No.77974976

Someone told me that the Hammer of Sunderance is ilegal in 9th edition. is this true?

>> No.77974983

>but it kind of baffles me that so little people play them
Why do you think that may be anon.

>> No.77974987

assuming they were going to magically get a keyword that gives big special rules is on you anon.
Hopefully the Hell Blades get a point reduction.

Also just use your GBD's as regular drones dude, regular drones with lawnmowers are great.
that nobody can agree on whether they're ecks dee sooper hawt better humans, or if they're creepy and inhuman and slightly wrong.
My favorite is the second.

>> No.77974999

Specialist detachments are illegal in GT matched games which is pretty much what most people play.

>> No.77975014


The same way people usually pick stuff, mainly in videogames. Pretty = good, ugly = bad. The only way I could imagine little people play them that is that either their rules suck or xenos in general are played very little because everyone wants to be a space marine.

>> No.77975021

Well I like the models so no biggie. More shit to display in my cabinet.

>> No.77975022

>most of the model range is a decade old at the very least
>most of the coolest and core units are from the mid 2000s
>they're hard to play because you need to know what you're doing

>> No.77975030

They're really not that hard. Depending on your standards and style of course, but they can easily be made look good with wood and metallic colors.

>> No.77975045

>CAACfags btfo once again
say it ain't so bros

>> No.77975065

I agree but it's shortsighted and disingenuous to act like Marines being 'OP' is some new low for the game when it's just a continuation of a trend from Eldar being OP, Imperial Knights being OP, GSC being OP, Drukhari being OP, Tau being OP....

>> No.77975071

Anon, that's what I'm saying.
Use your GBD's as regular drones with mowers.

>> No.77975075

>GT matched games which is pretty much what most people play.
Trips were wasted on this absolutely shit take. Only compfags play GT matched games.

>> No.77975085

No, it's because half their army is decades old and metal/resin

>> No.77975091

anon, the reason it's a problem is because everyone and their mother has space marines.

>> No.77975095

I already have regular mower drones.
But I can proxy them.
Just for you.

>> No.77975102

>My favourite has to be though the fact that eldar collectively went on a mass genocide of uncounted amount of xeno races as soon as they heard that tyranids have entered the Milky Way, just to prevent them from reaching said xeno races and absorbing/evolving dangerous qualities like time travel and so on. Cool interplay between two factions.
can you give me a source on that please?

>> No.77975105

Marines being OP is worse for the game than a lesser played faction being OP by literal orders of magnitude

>> No.77975109

Normal marines? Probably not.
Deathwatch? Go nuts.

>> No.77975115

I can't see why not

>> No.77975123

I want to read an Eldar focused novel. Is the ghoast warrior novel good?

>> No.77975124

Eternal War missions are garbo and basically unsupported by this point.

Open War is fine if you want to spice things up but GT is the golden standard at the moment for non-narrative play (and non-narrative <> competitive).

For the record, I hope they bring back Maelstrom cards and not just as some shitty WD entry.

>> No.77975128

anon I hate to tell you this most people are playing pickup games using scenarios from the chapter approved book right now, not crusade and narrative campaigns. Though crusade was designed okay enough that it is gaining some players.

>> No.77975135

>acting like a faction that everyone and their fucking dog plays being overpowered isn't worse than GSC being overpowered

>> No.77975142

what size of base should objective markers be?

>> No.77975160

8th or 7thEd harlies codex.
I would check but I'm eating food and it's effort.

>> No.77975175

The part where they have a literal warface and become extremely aggressive when they put on aspect warrior armor

>> No.77975176

>>they're hard to play because you need to know what you're doing

Eldar were never hard to play in the history of the game. They had some moments in which they weren't OP but they always were braindead. The "hard to play" applies to Harlequins and Dark Eldar, and it was used as an excuse for waacfaggots that only played OP lists.

>> No.77975184

The WD ones are bad. Like really bad.
I get the concept if what they were trying to do but honestly it's a mess and a lot of the points they award are all over the place.

>> No.77975193

40mm,but it dosent matter as its measures to the centre. ive seen some people just use 6" diameter circles

>> No.77975202

My corpse starch rations for the sauce of this pic please.

>> No.77975224

Any marinebros ready for xenos to get OP again so you can stop seeing marine complaining

>> No.77975233

You should be more careful with your corpse starch rations. Took me literally 3 seconds to find her name.

>> No.77975239

Damage in DNA or chromosoms is not evolution. And stuff like asthma is actualy a way of the human body dealing with too weak children. back in the day one with it would just have died before reaching 9 years old. Todays because the world, and specially the west, has high grade medicin (comparing to humanities past) you have a ton of people that would have died living long enough to breed.

>> No.77975256

>not complaining
You seem new and unspoiled, my son, leave this accursed place at once, or remain at your peril.

>> No.77975260

the best armies in the game are already mostly non-marines, marinechads will always make fags seethe

>> No.77975286

My ass, because I shamelessly parroted it after another anon who was sharing his fav. lore tidbits like a week or two ago. I could swear I heard of it before, but I am not in the position to argue, so feel free to discard that.
Have another cool one tho where CWE, DE and clowns team up to prevent nids from invading the webway and developing Kraken-Leviathan nid/eldar hybrids:

>> No.77975287

>Damage in DNA or chromosoms is not evolution
Yeah and neither is autism you dense fuck

>> No.77975311

got em!

>> No.77975321

I actually wonder how on earth they can make Tau OP considering they just don't function as an army in the ruleset.

>> No.77975331

yep. exactly the thing that happened to my friend. We both struggled with money, and both started marine armies. He got two DI and some dreads, I got three know no fears and sold the primaris.

He picked IH. Got memed on by everyone at the store, bar one dude who started GK with us, who got even more shit them him. All of the sudden GW makes the sm book 2.0, and the store collectivlly decides that he has been an WAAC players all along, to a point where one dude accused him of it to the face, saying that if he wasn't a WAAC player he wouldn't have "a ready painted IH army on the first day of the new codex".

>> No.77975342

Maybe they'll make Kroot useful and actually capable of standing on objectives. Yeah right[./spoiler]

>> No.77975347

ground-up rework

>> No.77975364

Majority of the player field have a good army, with good rules. non marine players still have just as good or better then marines custodes, demons, harlequins and orks. Somehow this is okey and prefered comparing to eldar and tau beating the shit out of everything that isn't a tournament space marine army, and there ever were times where you didn't even have working space marines armies that could beat a dakka tyrant and eldar list at the same time.

>> No.77975366

Is GW even capable of a rework on that scale?

>> No.77975389

This looks a lot more like nid than the other whip thingy.
Still not quite there yet though, something about the armor plating looks off.

>> No.77975393

ITC ranking is still mostly marines, sorry bud. 5 of the top 10 ITC players.
>b-but muh WR!
thats dragged to 50% by sheer popularity of the faction, but still somehow above average?

>> No.77975395

lol, no

>> No.77975428

I'm phone posting from my works toilet while and my resources to Google image search are restricted.

>> No.77975444

yeah. it isn't it funny that historicaly bad eldar times pre 9th ed. Was 5th, when they were the middle of the pack army (and had no codex all through out the edition), and end of 8th ed, when them being bad ment that they were worse in win rates the crazy good IH,

There is like 8 editions of eldar being at least very good and majority fo those them being borderline OP. But a state when they don't have a codex, but marines have, and marines are better (even when harlequins are beating marines easily) is somehow killing the game.

It is insanity. And to makes matter worse, when they do get new stuff in 8th, the fuckers don't buy it. Marines hog everything, over priced or under priced, doesn't matter it gets sold out. With eldar players it is, wah wah wah it is not the aspected I wanted (aka right now they have shit rules).

>> No.77975467

Fuck, I would love that but the pints cost may make it near impossible for it to be any good.

>> No.77975510

That is not true autism very much is the result of evolution. same way neuropathy is higher among women then among men. Or why you get sickle cells among groups of people that lived in areas prone to malaria outbreaks.

>> No.77975553

I know you're fucking retarded but you could at least do research into what genuine autism does. People are crippled by it. It is not a selected-for trait, it is a disorder that fucks with a very social species.

>> No.77975561

>Unironically supporting nepotism

>> No.77975630

That’s not even OP though.

>> No.77975636

Got a choice- running Chaos knights and I can take my current list in two directions

3 Regular Knights (Desp, Dese, Ramp) and a Tyrant

or 2 Tyrants, 4 Armigers, and a Moirax

I currently have 2 Tyrants and a Magnetized Chaos knight I can run as any of the others

>> No.77975652

Just dont forget to get some obsec bodies. Daemons, cultists, CSM, whatever, just get something. You usually wont win by just running only big guys.

>> No.77975690

with my current setup being the 2 Tyrants and a Despoiler, I summon daemons for Obsec and run the Quest trait- it works reasonably well but I feel like it could be more

>> No.77975694

Tell me about those big guys. Why do they wear the mask?

>> No.77975715

They work for the mercenary... The balding man...

>> No.77975819

It is crucially important I find out who was the sculptor for the Cadian Command Squad, can anyone help me out?

>> No.77975837

no. I don't love the CC one, but it looks more organic

>> No.77975844



>> No.77975854

Holy shit these things are good. 14M, Teleports when advancing, 2 good guns and a 1CP teleport/get out of combat stratagem.

>> No.77975899

>I was only pretending to be retarded
There it is :)

>> No.77975964

I hope you enjoyed your poop anon

>> No.77976115

Leman russ vanquisher. Best looking russ is worst by a lot.

>> No.77976305

not a demon player, but I've heard they are quite good this edition, and that tzeentch flamers and lord of change are good

>> No.77976391

The extent of a disorder is unimportant. you have high function (mostly female) people with down syndrom too. But it doesn't change the fact that one is caused by a litteral damage to the chromosoms, while other is a disorder caused by development problems. White cells cancer is not an evololutionary adaptation.

>> No.77976397

a lot vs autism is dumb just considering how like 99% of writers aren't physicists and don't consider implications of things to heavily

>> No.77976406

Lion El'Jonson and Jaghatai Khan

>> No.77976604

I still remember that one bit where Flash was said to move slower than the speed of light but he got everyone out of a city in the middle of a nuclear explosion. Even though someone calculated and pointed out that you'd need to go above the speed of light to do that.

Or how in Warhammer they have shit like Vulkan withstanding bolters and then getting killed by a random fork.

>> No.77976708


I don't think you understand the difference between pretending to be retarded and an obvious joke

>> No.77976914 [DELETED] 

What is GW's general timeline from ideation/design to the model being available to buy? I have to assume at this point they know people, even marine fans, are sick of the barrage of marine crap. Assuming they started working on say a total Eldar line refresh today similar to what 'crons got, how long would it be before we started seeing the results of that?

>> No.77977007

It's 2-3 years from design to release.

>> No.77977193

>the fuckers don't buy it
I bought plastic banshees even though I already had some

>> No.77977604

I've learned most stuff about 40k via osmosis from places like this board.

A friend of mine wants to run a Black Crusade game. What am I in for?

>> No.77977907

whats the best matte finish to pick up

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