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Reaction pics, funny pics, cursed pics, filename pics, random pics and whatever you have. The point is to make an interesting setting based on them. You can also take a pic that has been previously posted and edit it if its OK with everyone. Just post something and add a bit of fluff to it, and let its magic do the rest!

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picture = basic summary of each area (somewhat out of date)

1d4chan page:

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biome map

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Sartyrian warrior standing ready to defend his home from the attacking Nicsenóreans.

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Noble from Temple Isle.

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Also, this reminded me that we don’t have a Lizardmen race as far as I can remember. Just snakemen and Kobolds.

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Dright is sort of close since they are raptors

Also Crocida and Crocuba are pretty close as well

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Ohhhh right. Never mind then, looks like new lizardmen aren’t needed.

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An Ercaenmedian Zeppelin heading to the front line.

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looks a bit too grimdark for Ercaenmedi, I was thinking more Yr or Dwight

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I can imagine Dright Zeppelins carrying pollution bombs.

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“Chemical warfare? It’s just a bit of restructuring to the countryside is all. Just see it like us building a road”
Dreeghtian Ambassador when questioned on the strange tests going on in the Mousterian countryside.

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A Napanese Warrior and traveling spirit beast companion.

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So what do we know about the different races? I think, if it isn't already concrete, that the Elves and maybe Ogres should be the only races truly native to the planet Autia is located on. With all other races coming from a variety of planes and places in time, brought here by magic portals and slowly adapting to the planet over time.

Maybe have the gods be a race of half forgotten, primordial beings that were the first to colonize the planet, drawing on the power of magic to first create servant races and then vast cities and castles. But then the gods left the world, following some kind of cataclysm or just ascending to a higher plane, leaving the Elves and Ogres (and whatever ancient races that we want to include) inheriting the world and founding civilization, with the World Flame being just a magical artifact left behind by the gods. This is where the earliest recorded history begins, with humans first appearing shortly after and with demonic invasions further destabilizing the first civilizations.

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Frost giants are good candidates for being native as well.

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There is a fairly good explanation here on races:


Basically everyone came from other dimensions, but the ones that have been there the longest (excluding some now extinct or departed ancient races) are fey creatures that have been away from the fey dimensions for so long that they are no longer attuned to their home dimensions (includes elves, goblins, ogres, probably harpies as well)

The gods are kind of ambiguous. We know that demon are real, but we haven't seen too much concrete evidence of the power of the gods yet.

We know that sometimes races bring their gods with them from other dimensions, so that may be the case for all races.

A lot of cultures have pantheons of gods representing different traits, so it is possible that many religions are misinterpretations of the same set of gods.

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An experimental aircraft made by the Belgan Aeronautics Department, it is codenamed "Project Flugzeug"

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A Surveillance Balloon built by the Union.

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>Sure go ahead. Roll either here or in next thread.

Revenge will be had.

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Rolled 54 (1d100)


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Eannite Mage-Priest of Temple Island. The highest priest in a moderate sized city. Highly concerned with prophecy and omens, they are known to often have tablets of divination with them that they consult on particular matters of importance. These tablets may also be used for wonderous enchantments and words of power. An entire village's population could be slaughtered to prevent one of these holy texts from falling into undesirable hands. Some of the temples of the island hold tablets larger than a man and even entire walls of prophetic texts, guides to star reading, and even incredible spells capable of such things as making meteors rain from the sky to wreak cataclysmic destruction on armies or cities.

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Well damn, guess it was a Nicsenorean win in the end. I rolled shockingly high on these I'll be honest. So, what would a successful siege on Hakon entail in the end? Not really sure what happened past this point as I wasn't really prepared to win.

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*what would happen

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Where did your roll go? Did you delete it? But why.

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Random anon here, just wanted to test out the rolling function, didn't know yall were doing something.

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Oh. no problem. I thought you were the Sartyrian anon who tried to roll. No problem then.

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Rolled 94 (1d100)

Actual Sartyrian anon here. Pls do not destroy my civilization pls.

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Well damn, guess the World Flame went into overdrive to prevent the Sartyrians from being overrun.

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So do we have steam tractors yet?

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Would it be shit to have the Autian months of the year named after the zodiac?

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A bar in the City of Yorkburg, one of the many city-states in the territory of Harlbourg. Yorkburg is one of the most cosmopolitan of cities in Autia, boasting populations from nearly all of the civilized races of the world, and one of the most independen, joining the collective of other territories and cities under threat of Alkorian domination. The city is home to many such bars where trade bosses, gang lords and the regular citizenry can interact and drink away their daily sorrows, a point of pride for it's population.

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Magnolia Keeling gets in an argument with one of her many rivals.

We got trains and tanks, so I don't see why not. They would probably be pretty rare though.

Alkorian War Time Propaganda

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rust desert seems like a funky place to be, what's in it?

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A fair bit actually

>A large, mysterious tower of metal known only as The Throne of Rust. There is no entry point and no way to penetrate it's metal shell. Many Unravelers theorize that it was built as a vault for an ancient civilization that once inhabited the Rust Desert

>The rust desert was once a homeseat of an advanced civilization, the said civilization collapsed oinly leaving behind metallic and glass towers and a rust tower. The locals to the rust desert are described as a 'brain damaged twelve-year olds that raid and attack everything on sight using ancient arcane weapons they themselves don't understand.'

>The Water that Lives
The primitive tribesmen of the Rust Desert have for decades told stories of a strange comet that landed in the canyons one fateful night. The comet landed completely intact except for a small crack, and from this crack flowed a brightly colored liquid. The tribespeople first were in awe of the beautiful liquid that would soon fill the crater, but awe would turn to fear as they discovered over night that the liquid had moved, following them back to their creators and dissolving several of their pack animals. The tribesmen now avoid the area for fear of encountering the liquid again, because it seems it has grown in size and is now slithering over to the nearest city to have a bite...

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> Morgov, The Defiler: The Desert of Rust was once home of the city of Rais, which was in charge of a council of mages. Under these mages was Morgov, a very egocentric man yet respected by his intelligence and knowledge of the art of magic, seeking the best for Rais and it's people while at the same time trying to gain full control of the city for himself. It was this wizard, who caused a civil wear between him and his followers against those who still were loyal to Rais. Secretly study the art of necromancy for years, the fight against Morgov turned out to be difficult as he grew stronger and so the remaining wizards who fought him where only able to trap Morgov inside a tower, where he should stay for eternity, known as the Throne of Rust. The end of this brutal civil war however led to the cities downfall until only the tower was left. But with the wizards gone the spell around the tower start to weakened and soon, Morgov, kown in history as the Defiler, the Curse of Rais, will rise as a lichlord to finish his quest for power.

(Rais was part of the Eldrian Empire which destroyed itself with magical WMD 400 years ago.)

>The Cult of Morgov (members often referred as Morgoviths), is a cult of mad driven necromancers or dark priests, dedicated to the lich Morgov who's they also refer as the dark god or the father of necromancy, even tough it is unknown if Morgov was the first ever lich or necromancer at all, yet he was known of being one of the most powerful, so that he was unable to destroy and had to be imprisoned to keep him at bay. The cult was found by a man called Marcus Revalt, a young wizard student who failed to absolved his goal in becoming a powerful wizard .................The death of Marcus however wasn't the end of the cult, survivors and new members are hiding in the Desert of Rust, prepearing the day that there dark master will emerge from the Throne of Rust and lead the army of dead against the nations of Autia.

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Unraveller experiment into whether succubi are vulnerable to soap

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Will make a recap for the Belkan invasion of Ercaenmedia SOON. Except mercenaries and things spiraling out of control.

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Westphallican noble's summer villa.

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How should we fluff it anon? I'm fine with it being a pyrrhic victory that shatters both races, if that works.

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>On the Western Coast of Tismo lies the Empire of Thelesolia.
>A nation of formerly isolationist Elves, they were opened up to the rest of the world by Alkorian gunboats a century prior. They are now a rapidly industrialising and expansionist power notable for their repeated invasions of the Union.

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Idea has potential, though the art is probably a bit too modern for a steampunk/fantasy inspired setting.

Are you going to add anything to it?

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Introduction to Fey Beings, Alkorian School Textbook Excerpt:

Fey creatures are believed to originate from one of several dimension with strong ties to this world, as a result, most fey are able to sense and access the many hidden portals that cover Autia and other neighboring continents. Some fey in fact spend almost all their time in alternate dimensions, only occasionally visiting this one to explore or be a nuissance. Fey races tend to have the ability to innately cast certain types of spells without training, though ability varies by individual. Thanks to their chaotic nature, and the ready availability of food and other resources in their home dimensions, fey tend to be whimsical, and seemingly uninterested in pragmatic matters like nation building, farming, or economics. However races with fey ancestry that have lived in our dimension for many generations tend to lose many of the traits associated with the fey, including the ability to detect and use portals, their innate magic, and their eccentric nature.

Partial List of Common Fey:

--- Elves ---

- Fairie Elves: Resemble short, young-ish elves. Despite their youthful and bright appearance, Fairie Elves are sadistic and cruel, using their magic to torture others to death. Frequently ride large fey corgis and associate with evil hags. Common in Fluffwood, but occasionally show up elsewhere.

- Nymphs: A notoriously attractive and wanton race of all female elves, nymphs are generally found near portals located in pure lakes and rivers.

- Other Elves: Most elves are believed to have fey origins, but some races have arrived more recently than others, and some races are said to have lived in non-fey dimensions for generations before coming here. Aside from some Lapus Elves and a few others, most elves have lost their ties to the fey worlds, though they retain high magical potential, and some retain innate fey abilities.

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--- Giants ---

A category for humanoid fey much larger than a human. Not all giants have fey origins, some came from other worlds (non-fey giants are not listed here).

- Cyclops: One eyed giants found mostly in Rinolsol, and occasionally in parts of western Autia. Ill tempered and territorial, they are best avoided. The Soukos Republic sometimes uses them as shock troops.

- Frost Giants: Large giants found mostly on the northern continent, but stories suggest they once lived on the southern continent as well. Often powerful magic users in addition to their sheer size, they have been the bane of colonial attempts for ages, though luckily they seem to have no expansionist tendencies of their own.

- Hill Giants: Large lumbering dull-witted brutes. Most have lost their connection to the fey worlds. Not particularly cruel by fey standards, but lazy and hungry. Prone to stealing large vegetable and livestock, but can also be bribed to fight or do heavy labor in return for food. Found mostly in remote grasslands, foothills and mountains.

- Minotaur: A fairly rare giant found mostly in southern Rinolsol and the western Autian mountains. Aggressive and with dark tendencies, many become worshippers of Deadicorn. Sometimes they are tamed by Soukos City States to serve as shock troops. The Eldrians made their own version which remain common to this day in some former Eldrian territories.

- Ogres and Ogrillon: A large, aggressive race, orgillons forged a massive empire on this world in ancient times and gradually lost their ties to the fey realms. However, they were destroyed by the Sartyrian Elves, and only small pockets remain on the northern continent. Their inbred, mentally stunted descendants can be found in small pockets in the remote swamps and hills of Autia.

- Oni: Powerful magic users with an unknown connection to the ogrillon/ogre race. Very rare, only isolated pockets are now believed to exist in eastern Autia.

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- Stone Giants: Large giants that seem to be carved from the living stone. They prefer to be left alone, but sometimes can be lured into the service of humans in exchange for favors and oaths. Generally only found in the most remote mountain regions.

- Trolls: Large cannibalistic race with an unnaturally quick healing ability. They live mostly in the fey realms, but sometimes cross over to feast on anything too slow to outrun them. Can sometimes be bargained with or enchanted to serve as deadly shock troops.

--- Gobinoids ---

A name for the several fey races that resemble goblins in appearance and temperament.

- Goblins: One of the most common fey descended races, goblins can be found in fairly large numbers in most parts of the world, though like harpies they rarely form large nations of their own. Known to be fairly intelligent but ill-tempered, those that live along humans sometimes find niches as tinkerers, merchants, and bankers, but tribes the retain strong ties to the fey worlds generally reject technology in favor of wild and unpredictable magic. Despite their own capabilities and generally disagreeable and somewhat cruel nature, most fey goblins have a strange drive to serve those they see as stronger than themselves, usually other fey.

--- Ents ---

A slow-witted and tranquil race that prefers to be left alone and that reproduces by performing complex rituals on living trees. Found mostly in the most isolated sections of forest like The Soulwood and isolated parts of Lapus.

--- Fairies ---

Blanket term for fairies, pixies, sprites, and other small humanoids with wings. Many different types exist, and naming conventions vary by area. Most are fairly harmless aside for their love of voyeurism and petty tricks, but some are cruel and sadistic, particularly when they spend too much time with darker fey like hags and red caps. Generally prefer enchantment and illusion magic, but some have been known to use life magic.

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--- Half-Men ---

Category of fey that have a human head and torso, but legs and sometimes arms are animalistic. Frequently mistaken for demon half breeds or creations of the Eldrian Empire, both of whom sometimes come in forms that greatly resemble certain types of fey half-men, to the point that they are basically indistinguishable and carry the same name.

- Centaurs: Torso of a human attached to the body of a horse. Most are in fact demonic half breeds created by Deadicorn, or creations of the Eldrian Empire meant to resemble the real thing. Most "true" centaurs are now found in Rinolsol. Most avoid magic, but some are good at divination and weather magic.

- Gepids: Upper body of a human, lower body of an octopus. Found mostly in a coastal region of the Fairy Lands known as Halem.

- Harpies: One of the most common fey descended races, they can be found almost anywhere, but prefer mountains and coastal areas, though some breeds live in deserts, forests, or jungles. Most harpy clans have dwelt in this world for generations and have lost their connection to the fey worlds, but some, like those in parts of Lapus and the Fairy Lands still have strong ties to the fey. Culture and appearance varies greatly by breed and region.

- Merfolk: The most common of the aquatic races, they possess many sub races that taken together can be found in any ocean, and some lakes and rivers. Many sub races are female only. Appearance, culture, and magic varies greatly between sub races.

- Satyr and fauns: Lazy, party loving fey with little appreciation for other people's boundaries. Found in small bands in temperate forests all over Rinolsol, Autia, and Tismo. Some tribes are fairly harmless, but many other tribes have gained a reputation for banditry, rape, and slavery. Many tribes in Tismo are Deadicorn worshippers. Some are known to be skilled at enchantment and divination magic. Definitions of "satyr" and "faun" vary by area.

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- Snake People: Human upper half and snake lower half. Like dryads they sometimes declare themselves guardians of large sections of forest, particularly the warm, dry forests along the border of the dry grasslands of central Autia. Sometimes giant, many armed versions have been encountered in the deepest forests.

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Yes anon I shall when I have some time.

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--- Shape Shifters ---

- Dryads: Forest dwelling fey that have the ability to transform between an elf-like shape, a tree, and a hybrid shape. They spend most of their time in their home dimension, but will sometimes declare a section of forest under their protection. Unpopular with hunters and tree cutters for this reason. Skilled at life magic and animal control.

- Lycanthrope: Technically cursed humans, but usually encountered in areas of strong fey magic. Lycanthropes usually possess an animal form and a hybrid form, along with their original form. Despite popular belief, it is actually fairly difficult for a lycanthrope to transfer their curse onto another, which typically involves powerful rituals. Several types exist, though werewolves are the most common and famous. Their strong urge to feast on the flesh of humans means they are unpopular, and are frequently targeted by bounties.

- Hags: Cruel and spiteful race obsessed with acquiring magical knowledge. Some can function within mainstream human societies despite their love of acts of petty cruelty, but others are as insane as the worse Unravellers or demon worshippers, and can only operate in remote areas like Fluffwood or Hagarta. Several sub races exist specializing in different environments like subarctic forests, deserts, swamps, hills, or deep forest. Usually resemble monstrous old women, but sometimes will shift to a more attractive form when needed.

- Spirit Animals: A magically powerful people who always have one humanoid form, and one animal-ish form. Found mostly in Napan. Fey dragons are a subcategory of this race, but are usually treated as a separate race in Napan due to their immense power even compared to other Spirit Animals.

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--- Wee Folk ---

Catch-all category for fey that resemble humans, but are smaller.

- Gnomes: Resembling small humans, often seemingly old, but still with boundless energy. Gnomes once conquered most of Tismo, and occasionally invaded even Autia. Like their close cousins (and hated enemies) the leprechauns, they have powerful magic which they like to use for tricks. Not particularly evil, but frequently possessing of a strange, sometimes perverted mindset. Still possess fairly strong ties to the fey worlds despite the large civilizations they have established in the past on Tismo and Autia.

- Monkeymen: A strange type of fey that looks like a cross between a human and a spider money. They are usually found in the Emerald Isles, but sometimes show up on other continents, with known populations in Afrozil, Napan, and Lindgrub. In Autia and Lapus they are usually seen as harmless, attention seeking jokers, but in the Emerald Isles many have fallen under the influence of cruel demons and have become twisted and foul. Like other wee folk, they use their magic mostly for tricks.

- Leprechauns (Lepre Khans): Visually somewhat similar to gnomes, though easily distinguished by their bright orange hair and strange accents. Leprechauns have strange and powerful magic which they use for trickery that ranges from harmless to cruel. Mostly found in central Lapus, but do occasionally appear in other forests, hills, and mountains where portals to the fey worlds exist.

- Red caps: A small but cruel race, they resemble a mix of gnomes, leprechauns, and goblins depending on the subrace, usually a mix of all three. Skilled at life magic, they are fond of binding victims in magical thorned vines, or using life magic to temporarily enhance their own strength. They boast their magic by collecting the blood of those in pain. Usually found in the darker parts of Fairy Land and the Bloodsap Forest, particularly in area where hags are found.

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The Oni

The Oni were once members of the Orgrillon race. In far ancient days, the Ogre kind was capable of wielding magic at a comparable rate to any other people. Throughout the ages, as the Orgrillon culture developed and advanced they began to value physical strength and the power of the machine that was their military might. In contrast to this, those of magic potential would often push their people in other directions and pursuits. While still prideful, they saw less value in the hierarchy of the legions and militarizing nature of their wider culture. As time passed, the rift between warrior and sorcerer grew, and it was the warriors that were elevating their people to the heights of their glory. Eventually, those of magic were maligned. What value was there in weaker and less courageous individuals wielding such a disproportionate power that magic offered? They were shunned, outcast, and at times killed for supposed treachery. To this day the Orgrillons still hold the use of magic as taboo. Not all those of magical affinity were destroyed. Many found a home on the fringes of the their empire, far to the east of Autia and even beyond their borders. Here they eakes out simple lives away from the strict codes and laws of their people.

When the calamitous war with the Sartyrians erupted, many of the ogre kind were swept aside and their great fortresses toppled in a cruel foreboding for what awaited their entire empire. Those that were not pushed back north were usually killed, often times hunted. Those that remained survived through tenacity or guile. While the group that would become the Ogres clustered in family groups and hid in dense swamps, others were not able to find security so easily.

>> No.77895581

In the east, nearly all of the Ogre-kind either fell in battle or were exterminated outright. Only the few that still possessed and practised the magical arts were able to survive. These individuals were, even at this time, few in number and the crumbling of their society scattered them. From desperation, these wielders of sorcery turned their power inwards, infusing their very bodies with magical essence and at times even sustaining themselves with it.

Over the centuries, this changed them in both body and mind. Cruel and reclusive, the Oni are nearly monsters to all who behold them. They are carnivorous, and will eat any living creature they can get their hands on, with a strong draw to wielders of magic for it provides energy to them far beyond what any flesh ever could. They are also drawn to physical locations of power, feeling the arcane energies in the air like a shark drawn to blood. They will often choose to inhabit such places, for they offer them a steady source of the magic they crave. While no longer casters of grand or ornate spells, they have an innate affinity for and resistance to magic, with weaker spells simply sizzling on their skin or even seemingly empowering them outright.

These are solitary beings. Rarely coming together in groups of more than two or three. Their fight for survival has made them distrustful and greedy. They are no less intelligent then their Orgrillon ancestors, but are possessed with a malicious nature. They have a reputation for setting traps for weary travelers, and at times hunting casters for days at a time without rest. In desperate times they may even devour each other. Those who live in eastern Autia may go a lifetime without encountering one, but they are well known and regarded with fearful revulsion.

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This could be a good theme for the setting:


>> No.77897048

Don't forget the caskets that contain a unspeakable danger:

>For the sake of all the gods and deities do not open these caskets.
>The caskets, still unopened and sealed, are guarded deep within the Tomb of the First Kings, every corridor a death trap and every hall patrolled by squads of armored mummies. The tomb is located within the accursed lost kingdom of the gods to the south. Never must the caskets be opened, lest the consequences would be beyond catastrophic.
>Imagine being the adventurers thinking that the casket is heavily guarded because it contains riches, not because it holds the apocalypse at bay.

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I imagine that automobiles in general would be a young but advancing technology, and is mostly considered just a novelty at the moment (tough that would soon likely change as the Intercontinental War rages on).
Pictured left is an experimental Railess Train, built out of a decommissioned locomotive and carcass of an Iron Beast. Used by the Gabaet Military to swiftly deliver medical supplies to areas unsuited for the construction of railroad tracks.

>> No.77898543

Sounds like good to me. I'd have it just to say that the World Flame decided that it was fucked either way and just set into full flame to burn the whole continent up. Its greatest warriors were uplifted into becoming literal demigods and rip apart the other elves, even their Sartyrian allies because as I said the World Flame just wants to raze the whole continent to the ground. This leads to a sort of mass evacuation where both sides in order to not painfully die put their differences aside and hop on their boats to get the fuck out of there after a couple of climactic final battles. Their final destination is unclear, possibly the Ninquabar islands or something else but for the moment the survivors will be at peace with each other as survival is the primary objective.

>> No.77898606

>>77863557 somewhere out there there the scalies inventing communism, they must be exterminated with extreme prejudice

>> No.77898624


Essentially the war a situation like pic related with the iron arks and the Sartyrians burning ships leaving. Seeing as the two most powerful elf civilizations are both in bad condition with one losing their homeland (only if you're alright with this idea of course) and another having a ton of casualties from this war maybe we should get some other elves involved? Like the Sartyrians try to locate their former colonies such as the desert elves mentioned above.

>> No.77898653

Seeing as the Numerica anon doesn't seem to be showing up do you mind to try and make a nation of communist lizardfolk in the eastern section of Tismo? A mesoamerican theme would be nice as it's basically the only well known culture we haven't ripped off yet.

>> No.77898762

Oh now that's an idea. I never though i would see mesoamerican and communist in the same sentence

>> No.77898895

Then go for it.

Fuck fully automated gay luxury space communism, it's time for fully muscular mesoamerican lizard communism.

>> No.77899263

There's also this:

>While traveling by air or camel is undeniably the best option to traverse the Rust Desert, some of the locals prefer to use wagons that would move with help from the wind.

>> No.77900964


Sounds good.

Keep in mind though we also have communist crocodiles, so maybe try and tie the two ideas together somehow.

>> No.77901314

So perhaps a splinter race with more extreme ideals leading to a rivalry between the races?

>> No.77901417

I think we can have there be a split in the Elves with the ones that are accept the Flame becoming the Burned, having their bodies completely consumed and becoming demons of the flame, and the Wanderers, the Elves that rejected the Flame and fled Ignis.

Otherwise I'm fine with it, sounds pretty good.

>> No.77901444

Not a bad idea, but i don't think we can afford to make them TOO aggressive between each other with the murder bugs in the mountains. Actually there is an idea, there are a bunch of different types and colors of scalies out there and the fact that they bugs are around is the single greatest unifying factor amongst their kind

>> No.77901911

I like the idea that the different societies on Tismo would have developed different ways to deal with the occasional bug swarms. Once or twice in a century they have to contend with man sized flesh eating locust swarms. Idk if this is strictly an eastern tismo thing or if the whole continent experiences it. Maybe that is determined by the size of the swarms. They don't have to be a constant threat necessarily, that way the other nations have room to do other things.

>> No.77902568

>>77901911 it sure is a darn shame i cant write for shit. But hey this is a /TG/ production. Its like a modern AAA game, we release it in a buggy as fuck state and then after a month or so drop a 35 gb patch to make it playable

>> No.77903210


Sure, that works and it would add an interesting new element to the elves. So will the elves who aren't either Sartyrians or Nicsenoreans be affected by these events? I'm thinking the Wanderers will get wandering and actually meet the other elves spread across the world, a feat that before would be very implausible as the two elf tribes were located too far south from most other elves and as such are very separate in both mindset and weaponry to the more peaceful elves above them. I'm mostly just saying this because I think it'd be interesting if the other elves in the setting got to do something in the greater narrative.

>> No.77903790

Wait, so, is the map done?
Can we make new nations or is that finished?

>> No.77903810

The map isn't done, feel free to make new nations inside Tismo if you want.

>> No.77904034

There is still space on the northern and southern continents if you want to do a cold themed nation or have some sort of magic explanation as to why another climate is present.

You can also put stuff on Tismo (center right continent), though if you are close to the Khanate's core territory you should at least briefly describe how they defend themselves against large amounts of not-Mongols if you do a detailed description for your nation.

Or you can add an island chain or small continent to the map somewhere.

Third post in the thread has a climate map if you need help deciding where to put things, though like I said before, you can always have some sort of magic/unnatural climate.

>> No.77904382

I've been wondering, has any expanded lore been written for the Pengu Empire? I checked the 1d4chan and didn't find anything aside from lore from other nations written about them. All I know is that they are a nation of penguins living in magic Antarctica with a fairly low tech level, haven't seen anything about them written from beyond that.

>> No.77904747

I’ve been meaning to ask but anon who was willing to write the assault on Sartyrian, have you started at all on that whole story? It’s fine if you haven’t, there isn’t any rush but I just wanted to ask if you could include the extra plot points the Sartyrian anon and I mentioned earlier in the thread,

>> No.77904844

Magic McNukes? We know the Belkans got them.

>> No.77905146

How advanced is your nation then? Nukes feel a bit far for something created this late in the storyline. I'm fine with it if you can't think of anything else but it just feels like nukes are a bit too far.

>> No.77905544

I think this is all there is:

>There's a portion of the Antartica-like region where wild magic reigns. As such, there is an empire of penguins.

- they are the ones that came up with the name Krraurah for the southern continent
- their homeland is magically colder than it should be due to some ancient frost giant curse
- they may have once teamed up with the IBRU against the Sartyrians
- they are friendly with Nicsenor, and often go there as tourists
- like most inhabitants of this world, they probably got transplanted here from another world/dimension, but may or may not remember this
- there is a yellow penguin that may have royal blood

>> No.77906853

Alright, thank you. Also it looks like the mesoamerican lizards were added which is nice. Well seeing as all the major real world cultures have been covered as far as I can remember I guess now there'll just be more inhuman civilizations? Also I might write a small bit for the desert elves in the Deep Desert and the rest of Flickfowl.

>> No.77907577

Actually fuck nevermind, we don't have fantasy Spain. I'm honestly surprised we're missing this one. Oh and there's also Portugal but it'll probably just be incorporated into a Spain themed country if someone makes one.

>> No.77907668

oh hell yeah, are we gonna see renaissance era Spaniards?

>> No.77907992

Oh definitely, I might get to working on those if no one else wants to. Steampunk Spain here we come.

>> No.77908980

Knight of Skvoenbard

>> No.77909004


>> No.77909104

The mightiest remaining defender of High Magitek. The size of a Great Turtle and equally as deadly with its strange prosthetics.

>> No.77909728

Yes. But IRL things have absolutely destroyed my free time sadly.

>> No.77910115

In that case just deal with real life first of all, no worries. If you want continue with writing the conflict but it’s fully up to you.

>> No.77911102


>> No.77911978

>> No.77912650

might be useful for people writing the war stories

>> No.77913681

>> No.77914195

>> No.77915251


>> No.77915474

An inhabitant of the Deep Desert attempting to create her own airforce.

>> No.77915987

A curved cross of the Sostenfielians (the steampunk Spaniards I'll write more about later today)

>> No.77916226

>> No.77916697

Horrific Eldrian anomaly.

>> No.77916814

>The Belkan Invasion of the Ercaenmedian Union
Western Pact
Belkan Strength
Army Group Center, Army Group West, Army Group East
High Field Marshal V Class George Kessel,High Field Marshal IV Class Albert Irons, High Field Marshal IV Robertio Enchadorian Functs
1,250,000 men
7,000 cannons
100 Lundwurm Heavy Tanks
300 Lunddraken Light Tanks
10 Iron Colossi
17 Air Battleships
30 Air Cruisers
60 Zeppelins
1000 Eagles
300 Aero-Maschinen

Soukon Strength
Marshal Alexandrios of the Silver Host
30,000 men
100 Dragon Slayer Ballista
30 Neo-Triremes
Republic of Free Men Detachment, Voluntas Pact Detachment
Northern Autian Treaty Organization
Ercaenmedian Strength
Host of Greater Glory, Host of the Homeland, Host of Eternal Victory
Supreme Commander Hugo Lee, SC Alexisy Song, SC Alexander Roskov
850,000 men
3,500 Cannons
100 Mobile Skycannons
500 Wyverns
14 Little David Super Heavy Tanks
Aerofortress Glory to Greater Ercaenmedia
50 Fortresses
20 Ancient Wyvern Superheavy
Alkorian Force in Ercaenmedia
Lord General Rupert McKinney
100,000 men
300 Tanks
500 Cannons
Afrozilian, Aesnarian, Eritroan and Westphallican Detachments

The Belkan Invasion of the Ercaenmedian Union would be the moment the world was pushed from the brink into full scale warfare. Following the invasion of Belkan Arktikos, Lord Chancellor Erich Von-Valzheim of the Grand Assembly notified the Belkan Generals Staff to mobilize the Army and prepare for war while outwardly making pleas for peace with the Alkorians and Ercaenmedians for the ceasing of hostilities. This caused the Alkorian forces to demobilize, wanting to appease Belkan to focus on the War in Harlbourg, but the Ercaenmedians were not fooled and reinforced their positions on the Fulta, Deemz and Olter Gaps, the main invasion routes the Belkans had used in the past centuries.

These defenses would be tested as on the night of the Piscean 17th in the year 3021 the great Watchtowers fell and 750,000 Belkans broke through

>> No.77917048

Desert Elves of Arqilis-Malkor (Copper Plains, Deep Desert, Crescent Islands, Sultanate of Miqdaad, Second Empire)


The Desert Elves, or the Litsequendi as they call themselves in their own language are a relatively young branch of the elves. Being leftover colonists from the peak of the Sartyrian empire, they have spread across Flickfowl offering their services as mystics and mercenaries. In fact this behavior has been going on even before the majority of the Sartyrians fled home as they were struck with a case of Smelter Disease. This departure enabled a group of mages to populate this colony now known as the Copper Plains and when the travelling elves returned they found they had been abandoned and their homes taken. However unwilling to give up they travelled into the Deep Desert and set up a new home and base of operations as they continue their ways of travelling. While they have dispersed throughout the continent they have the most holdings in the northern half of the Deep Desert known as Arqilis-Malkor, a contested region between the local snakemen who populate the southern half of the desert. Regardless of arguments between who the land belongs to, the neighbors are relatively friendly and allow each other to travel across their half of the desert ignoring borders.


The elves are brown in skin and slightly taller and thinner then most elves, being perfectly suited to live in the desert they have resided in for the last few hundred years.


Having lost most contact with the Sartyrians the elves do not strictly follow a single god, though their roving nature has made it so that they have picked up the gods of the area they currently reside in.


The art of fire magic has been diluted through the ages due to their distance from the World Flame resulting in a loss of their native pyromancies. Instead they have picked up magic related to enhancements such as enhancing their ability to hide without making a sound.

>> No.77917232



Believing greatly in the concept of individuality and the fact that Arqilis-Malkor is always half full with elves coming and going a permanent economy for the region is yet to be established. Instead each elf with the money earned from their fat wages as wandering swords-for-hire sends a portion of it home. Serving as mercenaries and travelling the world is their chief goal leaving the only thing they really export being the fine pottery they make.


Having most of their men and women serving as either wizards or mercenaries, martial prowess is quite important to the Desert Elves. As such from a young age they are drilled in the art of melee and ranged combat with their primary strategy being to hide in the shadows until they find the perfect opportunity to strike with lethal force. Their entire style of fighting is built around stealth surpassing even the legendary ninjas of Napan and makes them quite good assassins should they choose to get involved in that sort of trade. While they are most skilled with melee weapons as part of their trade most Desert Elves pick up marksmanship with either a bow or a gun on their travels as they have seen the uses of such weapons.

Their common tours as mercenaries have led to most their warriors having decades of experience under their belt without feeling the effects of age, however this leaves their homeland relatively unguarded as most elves are halfway across the world. Should a battle be inevitable, the bellkeepers in Arqilis-Malkor who are all retired warriors will ring a magical bell mentally signaling every desert elf possessing an amulet linked to this bell to come home. It will take a week at least for most to return however leading to the aid of the snakemen and the nomads of the Sultanate being hired to repel any possible attacks. The nomads are slightly difficult to convince as they know the elves as mysterious spirits of the desert and many fear them as part of their legends.

>> No.77917379


Nice work on the list. I just wanted to mention that I did make a list of Soukan forces in another and that they'd probably have sent about at least a hundred of each specialized force they have. In some cases like their repeater crossbowmen and other such units like the Gladius Sailor Guard probably far more. And for stuff like their drakons which are about the size of a large house when coiled up probably two or three. Just giving a couple of ideas for some other units in case you did want to have the dispatchments from other countries like Alkor and Voluntas Pact actually do anything during this invasion. You choice if you do of course but this is just a couple of extra ideas just in case, if you want reference images just check for the list I made two threads ago. Also I wanted to say beforehand that I'm really sorry if it feels like I'm shoving my own nation into the narrative, just wanted to give a couple of extra ideas as I mentioned above.

>> No.77918941


>> No.77919264

>> No.77919463

Military of the Orgrillon Domain

The Orgrillons wage war in nearly the same manner that they have for thousands of years. Having never developed as far technologically as humanity, they still rely on strong formations with traditional albeit large weaponry. For the majority of their history, their sheer size and strength alone made them nigh unstoppable in warfare. A single Orgrillon can be physical a match for four men by itself, and their armor is often too thick for the hand weapons of the smaller races to penetrate. A single blow from one of the brutes is often enough to devastate a man. This means gaps in their armor were often the only sensible targets for their foes.

The structure of the military is to have their forces organized into divisions of 1,000 warriors. These are prominently infantry forces with supplementary units mixed in for more flexibility. Multiple division will often serve together when a large battle or conflict is anticipated.

The main means of engagement is a strong block formation, with the first two rows carrying large shields while behind them the preferred two handed axes and hammers are wielded. Starting from the third row back, each warrior carries a pair of six foot long javelins, which an average orgrillon can hurl 100 yards to devastating effect. These weapons can impale two men at a time when they hit their mark.
The formation will march forward steadily to structured chants, with the javelins being thrown as they advance to weaken and disheartened the enemy units before an all out charge of the entire force, attempting to use their sheer size and strength to break the enemy through fear or the devastation of the impact.

>> No.77919681

The shields of the first two rows of the formation are incredibly durable and made of solid metal. While they Orgrillons have found themselves outmatched by the firearms and modern weaponry of humanity, the shields have proven to be capable of deflecting most small arms fire with ease, though larger armaments penetrate with less issue.

To supplement their forces, the divisions are often accompanied by large and powerful ballistas. These weapons have significant range and fire bolts as large as the trunks are great trees, which can level columns of enemy units when hit directly. These ballistas have been noted to sink wooden warships when they penetrate the hulls and can tear holes in walls of less than formidable structures. These weapons are often pushed along the rear of the infantry formations and begin to fire on the enemy while the steady march closes the distance to begin using their javelins.

Some of these weapons are structured to fore large boulders instead of deadly bolts. While these tend to have less range they are capable of inflicting significant damage with the tumbling rocks the size of grown men.

>> No.77919752

In addition to the steady and disciplined infantry that comprises the bulk of their armies, they Orgrillons also tend to bring some of their beasts of burden to war with them.

While an Orgrillon has a large stride and is capable of quickly crossing significant ground, they fight in tight and disciplined formations and often forgoe speed for cohesion. To compensate for the shortcomings of such a fighting style, they often drive herds of their woolly beasts to battle before them. These creatures are used to disrupt the enemy before the battle commences or are driven around the sides of primary infantry formations to harass and weaken the enemy forces from the sides.

>> No.77920033

All told, the tactics and weaponry of the Orgrillons are nearly archaic when compared to the war machines and firearms of humanity, and their lack of magic was a significant factor in their fall to the expansion of the elves.

While a single rifle shot is not likely enough to bring down an Orgrillon, a dozen certainly is, and humanities population has grown without end and the large empires have more than enough weapons of war to make up the difference. Gone are the days when the tribes and petty kingdoms of men could only resist with the strength of their own arms and bodies, and with them went the sheer supremacy of the Orgrillon race.

While a division of 1,000 Orgrillons is a physical match for a much larger force they now must contend with rows of guns, cannons, tanks, and all manner of technological and destructive machines.

They are still secure in what is left of their Domain, but alone they have little hope of taking on the full might of a human superpower and could never reclaim their empire, let alone the rest of Dead Man's Hand. While a human empire invading their domain without their full might would surely prove folly, the Ogre-kind themselves lack the means of truly waging an offensive war as well.

>> No.77922012

>> No.77923388

A traditional dwarfen smith.

>> No.77926184


>> No.77928486

will post something soon

>> No.77930420

Kingdon of Falconhead - Supplementary Information:


Falconhead is theoretically a monarchy, but its territory is much reduced from back when it was a vassal nation of the Nantic Empire, and these days foreigners find the idea of such a small state being ruled by a king or queen as mildly ridiculous. Away from the core region around Falconburg, the nation is split up into sub districts known as shires, of which only four remain.

The current queen of Falconhead is Henrietta Creighton, an amateur alchemist and bastard daughter of the old king, who disinherited his incompetent and eccentric son, and irresponsible granddaughter while on his deathbed. Despite having no real interest in politics, she is fairly popular due to her charming personality, good relations with the Spartician Amazons, and the fact that it is widely believed that her half-brother and half-niece would have done a disastrously poor job.

Real power (what little can be found anyways) in Falconhead lies with the senior appointed officials in each town and shire. Essentially a meritocratic oligarchy, they select new members based on perceived aptitudes and treat each other as equals for the most part. Each shire has a sheriff, which was once an appointed position, but is now hereditary and mostly ceremonial unless the individual in the position is unusually competent. Likewise mayors and reeves are elected, but those who are seen as difficult or naive are usually sidelined from any important decisions.

Senior officials in each shire and town include the Treasurer, Head Magistrate, Militia Captain, and Chief of Public Works. Lacking any meaningful military strength, the officials are skilled at monitoring the situations in neighboring countries, and keeping in the good graces of anyone seen as being on the rise.

>> No.77930430


Foreign interference is common in Falconhead, usually by Westphallica and Sparticia, but sometimes by Afrozil or Gabaet. Falconhead officials are always on the lookout for wealthy and powerful patrons in Westphallica who will pay for mercenaries and infrastructure projects in the name of Pan-Nantic Unity. The Spartician Mountain Clans are too fractured and small in number to maintain control of foreign territory for long, but periodically stronger clans will band together and put one or more areas of Falconhead "under their protection". This is generally tolerated until the Amazons cross enough lines that Westphallican nobles hire mercenaries to drive them out.

>> No.77930481



- Falconburg is an old but small city located on the Falcon River. Once capital of a much larger area, these days it relies on a medium sized university and tourism from Westphallica to generate much of its wealth. Generally lacking in the cutting edge technology and magitech found in Westphallica, it is seen as quaint and rustic, and is popular with those in Westphallica seeking to take a break from its extravagant displays of wealth. The Falconburg University has a reputation for being free from the rabid nationalism or radical political ideologies found in many other Nantic universities, and is popular with classical artists, poets, and historians more interested in accuracy than revisionism. The City Watch of Falconburg is fairly competent, but is mostly famous for their extravagant uniforms and unwillingness to get involved in local politics, especially when the Amazons are involved.

- The Crownlands are essentially just another shire, but lack a ceremonial sheriff since they are seen as the direct responsibility of the reigning monarch. Generally the wealthiest and most inhabited of the shires, they benefit from their close proximity to Falconburg, which allows them to get a better price for fresh produce.

- Swizershire and its main town of Cobbleton are often seen as the most boring and quaint region of an already boring and quaint nation. Few foreigners have heard of either, and even the fairly popular brand of ale brewed in the region is rarely encountered further than Westphallica or Afrozil. The sheriff is an 80 year old half-senile man named Sir Humprey of Lancross who gets brought out occasionally for ceremonial events. Most of his children and grandchildren are actually fairly capable, but so far none of them have shown any interest in being the next sheriff, preferring to focus on their personal business and career pursuits, rather than waste their time filling a tedious ceremonial role.

>> No.77930505


- Abborshire is a fairly dreary area known for its sheep ranches and dry summers. Occasional ghost sightings, or minor skirmishes with rowdies from the Republic is just about all that happens here of note. However, the main town of Vikor is moderately interesting by Falconhead standards. Depending on what direction it is travelling, Vikor is either the last town or the first town after a fairly empty stretch of rail on the Pan-Nantic Express, so foreigners hoping to stretch their legs or get wasted at a pub are a common sight here. Belkan occasionally sends agents here in hopes of demolishing the rail bridge in order to disrupt trade between Ercaenmedi, Gabaet, and Falconhead, but this is rare since trade between these nations is minor and retaliation by the Westphallica based Pan-Nantic Express Company against those that damage their property is swift and brutal. The sheriff of Abborshire is Gustav Bront, a loud-mouthed, boorish, unattractive man known for his uninformed opinions and tendency to wear sexually provocative hats. His "subjects" do their best to ignore him.

- "The Slice" is a wedge shaped shire bordered by the Falcon River's two main tributaries. Its close proximity to water allows for a higher percentage of water intensive agricultural practices than other shires. The Slice has been de facto annexed by minor nobles from Westphallica who have bought up most of the more scenic spots for their cottages. During the summer months when river levels drop, the large beaches of Rivermeet are popular with sun bathers and much of the economy revolves around catering to Westphallican tourists. The Slice has not had a sheriff for over 50 years when the previous lineage died out, and senior officials take direction from an informal coalition of wealthy Westphallican landowners.

>> No.77930534


- "The Foot Hills" refers to the northeastern foothills of the Spartician Mountains that fall within the boundaries of Falconhead. A sparsely inhabited, overlooked area, it is home to an odd mix of folk seeking solitude, or at least freedom from government interference. It is covered in hills, dry forests and grasslands, and the main economic activities are sheep ranching and subsidence farming. Folk here are generally tougher and more independent minded than those in the more established regions of Falconhead, though a steady stream of hapless incompetents migrate here, generally poor folk from Falconhead that can't afford land elsewhere. Aside from humans, other races are not uncommon, usually dwarfs, harpies, goblins, and Amazons seeking isolation from their own kind. Much like Hagarta, this area sometimes attracts occult magic users like witches and hags, though anyone causing too many problems is swiftly driven out. Organized government is completely absent, but the dwarf clans, the government in Falconburg, or allied Spartician clans will generally step up to drive out any threat the local militias can't handle.

- The Northern Spartician Mountains are a stretch of low, pine covered mountains that serves as the home to a collection of minor dwarf clans who mine gold and iron. They are essentially independent from Falconburg, but still respect its sovereignty based on ancient treaties. Falconburg will sometimes hire mercenaries to protect them against Afrozil and Sparticia, though the dwarfs can handle themselves. Other inhabitants of the mountains include harpies, goblins, and some Spartician clans. The Northern Spartician Mountains are clear of the hostile monsters found in the mountain ranges to the south, and the main inhabitants mostly get along, though often escaped slaves who turn to banditry or renegade Afzen slavers cause problems and are hunted down. Raiders from the fey worlds and the under world are also not unheard of.

>> No.77930557


- Arhsam Coast is a small stretch of coastline widely regarded as haunted and is usually avoided by all except escaping slaves, and anti-slavery activists from the Republic. The coastal town of Arhsam was once a prosperous resort spot at the time of the Nantic Empire, but one day all its inhabitants disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Even in modern times sometimes those who travel too close to Arhsam will go missing.

- The Indigo Pass is the quickest route through the Spartician Mountains. Once a popular invasion route by Afzen slavers, launching slave raids against Falconhead by Afrozil has been forbidden for over 80 years due to pressure from Alkor, Harlbourg, and Westphallica. However, illicit raids are not uncommon. As a result, there is a standing bounty on Afzen slavers travelling back down the pass with slaves. Spartician clans compete aggressively for these bounties.

- The River Lands is the informal description given to the parts of Westphallica bordering on the Falcon River and its tributaries. Seen as too close to other nations for the real wealthy players to build their homes, it is still home to a number of summer cottages and hobby farms for minor nobles and senior servants of major nobles.

- The March Lands run along the border of the inhabited parts of Falconhead and the Republic. It is part of the Republic, but unsettled as per the old armistice agreements. Occasionally land hungry individuals in the Republic will try to stir up tensions between the Republic and Falconhead, but most people in both nations consider the rebellion to be too far in the past to care about.

- The Dog Lands (from an expression about lazy dog summers) is the closest district of the Republic to Falconhead. Known for being very dry during the summers except right along the rivers, it is one of the poorer parts of the Republic, and sometimes petty thugs and beggars from this region will cause problems in Abborshire and The Slice.

>> No.77930581


- The Runaway Hills are the southwestern foothills of the Spartician Mountains. A lawless region of dry scrub and thin soil, it is mostly home to former slaves and other malcontents from Afrozil that now make a living raiding their former masters. Afzen and Spartician raiding parties often pass through or clash in this region.

- Vernonshire was traditionally the poorest of the Falconhead shires, but was taken over by an alliance of Spartician clans about three years ago. Its main town is Vernon, a relatively rough and tumble town that traditionally serves as the recruitment area for Ti'Eftu mercenary companies. As is often, but not always the case when the Sparticians take over a part of Falconhead, the Amazon clans were originally hired as mercenaries, in this case to help an unpopular but unusually weathly sheriff subdue her rivals. After the sheriff defaulted on her payments, the Amazons seized her assets, then took over the shire to collect what they feel they were owed via taxes. The Amazons have since then collected much more than the original amount, but have grown comfortable in Vernon, and as long as they rule with a relatively light hand, it seems no one is in a rush to kick them out.

>> No.77930601


- The Southern Spartician Mountains are the traditional homeland of the Spartician clans. Another set of low, pine covered mountains, the Sparticians are an Amazon race of hunter gatherers with limited numbers, but are martially skilled. A vindictive race, they rarely attack first, but often use old grudges as an excuse for generations of raiding. They have a history of occupying parts of Falconhead to collect debts or resolve grudges, but are much friendlier to Falconhead than their other neighbors since Falconhead has learned not to organize attacks against them without good reason, and keeps them sweet with overpaying mercenary work and other bribes. Sparticians are unpopular due to their association with slavery, but don't practice commercial slavery like the Afzen Amazons. Most slaves are in fact not really slaves in the traditional sense, but just misunderstandings of Spartician culture. Mate slaves are for breeding purposes and are generally recruited willingly, though potential mates must first prove themselves in combat. They are "freed" once their relationship is over. Helper slaves are recruited to help out with domestic tasks. They are recruited from willing individuals who owe debts to an Amazon clan that they chose to pay off via labor rather than money. Only blood slaves meet the more traditional form of slavery. These are taken during retaliatory raids, and are forced to pay off their "debt" to the Amazons in any way that they choose. Since the Sparticians are a hunter gatherer people who can't maintain more than a few unwilling slaves, many of these individuals are sold to other parties like Afrozil, underground races, orcs, or shady Nantic criminal rings.

>> No.77931498

>> No.77931969

Yrrian experiment on the strength of a tanklet.

Also nice work on the Falconhead stuff anon.

>> No.77932960

>> No.77933022

Go ahead.

>> No.77934633

>> No.77936325

A secret project by the Yrrian Army to disguise tankletts as animals of the Dright ecosystem. These tankletts would then be send to Dright on espionage and assassination missions. Unfortunately like most operations involving the tankletts the project was deemed a failure. The young Iron Beasts would frequently forget they're on a mission and would instead explore the lands of Dright and play with the local wildlife.

>> No.77937932


>> No.77939303

Dright Scorpions appreciate their companionship.

>> No.77941312

>> No.77941867

A Sartyrian mage producing a lasso of fire.

>> No.77944500

Bump. I would’ve started writing stuff about the steam/clockpunk themed Spanish nation I’ve thought up a while ago but I’ve been preoccupied for the last few days. Probably gonna do it tomorrow.

>> No.77946157

>> No.77947056

An abandoned sugar factory across the southern coast of Ercaenmedi. People have reported seeing Brazillistanian dwarfs roam around the structure following a strange man who looks like an Westiphillican noble.

>> No.77947282

Sketch of the noble appearance based on witness testimonies.

>> No.77947874

>> No.77948204


A powerful artifact found within the pits of a great ruin located at the center of the Deep Dessert, it is capable of controlling the minds of all serpentine creatures.

>> No.77948767

>> No.77949273

This technique is commonly used to wrap the lasso around the victim and cook them alive.

>> No.77950670


>> No.77951421


>> No.77951856

>> No.77952266

An ancient Artichoke Dragon, they are amazing cooks and can be most commonly be found within Napan and the Deep Desert.

>> No.77954582

A Napanese Spirit Beast and his son.

>> No.77956304

>> No.77956366

A Yrrian superheavy train, an extremely expensive and massive Iron Beast meant as a carrier for other Iron Beasts across their lands which can fit inside due to its massive size. It's as large as the steamships of Alkor.

>> No.77958257

>> No.77958360


>> No.77958390

Do we have an Elbonia esq nation in the lore yet who is terrible at everything they do and try?

>> No.77959821

Not really. We have a couple of comic relief nations, but they aren't very detailed, so it is unclear how incompetent they are.

>> No.77960159

So in other words a train for tanks.

>> No.77961983

Citizen of Soukos Republic

>> No.77962642

Well damn, guess I didn’t start working on the Sostenfielans today. Tomorrow probably as long as I actually get the desire to write my twelfth nation here.

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