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When did you lose all faith in /cyoag/‘s future? For me it was when Lone Observer, my ex-favorite author and one of the few authors who isn’t a crossposter, came out as a PRfag and a moralfag. Truly a fucking shame.

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Since I know most of you will be to dense to figure this out for yourselves.

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What part was wrong? Do you mean to imply that moralfaggotry isn’t rampant in this general (with PRfags being the primary contributors)?

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I lost all hope when people started insulting Tok, the greatest author of all time, hero of /cyoag/

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But I didn't WANT a new thread ...

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Shit bait bro.

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damn dude you lost hope a LONG time ago

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my every moment is suffering, anon

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Tok is starting to redeem himself though. He is the hero behind the fight against the moralfag oppression after all.

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This but unironically, and mostly because the moralfags hate him more than we do.

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Hi false flagger-kun, still mad because >>77852176 didn't work? Such a shame, maybe next time don't insult lolibros while pretending to be them, it tends to harm your credibility!

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I get why people hate him, and I don’t like him either, but he’s not the worst author ever. In all seriousness, I enjoy most of his cyoas, and I appreciate his coomer/lolicon sentiment because that appeals to me. And you have to admit that his cyoas are better and more fun than anything authors like Lord Thistlewaite or AHS make.

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Never. I'm an ItalicsChad.

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That wasn’t me, anon. That was an obvious false flag or idle shitpost, and I’m fucking serious.

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>he still has hope that magi bloodlines will ever come out

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I wanna smooch her

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What is your end goal false flagger-kun? Convince the jannies that lolibros are all shitposters who should be b&? Destroy threads just for the fun of it? (you)s? I'm very curious!

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She's very cute. Best wife.

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this anon is cute *and* funny

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Fuck off false flagger, you know what my end goal is: the removal of you and all moralfags from the general.

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You can't use the word fun anon or you're a pedo. Cyoas MUST be deep, dark art or else it's just pedo trash.

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>He still has hope
>Magi Bloodlines will come out.
Yes. It will be the beginning of a new age in CYOAG and hopefully Italics can get a fighting game made from its setting done by French Bread.

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If you like toks stuff so much, post it and make builds for them

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You say that as a joke but I know as well as you do that some anons actually believe that shit.

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>Her full name is Castitas Otium Captiosus.
>Literal Translation: Pure Lesiruely Lie
What did she mean by this?

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I don't save cyoas, anon. I live in buttfuck alaska and the wifi here doesn’t allow it in any reasonable time. When I want to read a cyoa I literally have to open the images in new tabs and go do something else.

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sad. living in alaska sounds pretty cool though

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Used goods can never be smooched.

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If you like fish.

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I know New Observer is the most notorious example but are there any other authors like him?

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PCA wrote a ranting cyoa about it, I know thistlewaite said on reddit that he hates anime because I went through his posts, and AHS is the moralfag supreme

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How many polar bears have you had to fight off anon

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Call me paranoid, but I think this is a false-flag by the same fag that accused me of false-flagging when I simply asked for cyoas with cute and funny waifus. It sounds exactly like him. Also, this is my first post in the thread, so I’m clearly not the guy he’s calling a false-flagger.

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Zero, we just stay inside.

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Latest changelog:

>Added Textanon

Work needed is as follows:

Languid Cicada
New Observer

>Almost complete
nxtub (first cyoa description is a bit sparse, would be nice to have one more boon/bug/bane)
Savestate (three boons, two banes)
Sockminster (a boon and a bug)
unDEFINED (description, more boon/bug/bane)

>Might need a rewrite
Acheld (claim it is too mean)
Aromage (adding slashfiction feels a little too much)
Eternal Anon (glowing eyes and halo?)
Gil (adding slashfiction feels a little too much)
Highlander (claim it is too mean)
Sandnigger (claim it is too mean)

>Haven't even started
clockworkGhost, EDG, Excelanon, Fox, GenieAnon, GiftedAnon, Homo author #1, Homo author #2, Homo author #3, Liminal, MaskAnon, Mithradates Excelsior, Overlord, Pallas, Quiet, RavenKing, SDA, Spadsey, Strife, TextAnon, Thoth, Thrallherd, and Tunebuggy (possibly more)

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When /cyoag/ cast jumpchain out, despite jumpchain making the OC that people demanded.

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>but I think this is a false-flag by the same fag that accused me of false-flagging
That seems likely to me too. He even is doing that stereotypical cuteposting shit.

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>Doesn't outright claim you as her spouse after you wake up
>Doesn't even remember what gender you are when looking at you
>Doesn't even tell you what is going on and acts a like a sus as fuck person.
Was it autism?

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Let's go!

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Shut the fuck up you filfthy fucking tranny Tok. Put your trips on because no one wants to touch or see your cancer.

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That’s one of his worst cyoas, post a different one.

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>Doesn't even remember what gender you are when looking at you
I got the impression that reality was being overwritten right before her eyes since (iirc) she initially denies the fact that you're a girl if you pick that option
>Doesn't even tell you what is going on and acts a like a sus as fuck person.
You sound paranoid
Even cuter

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Which Tok cyoa is the best?

>> No.77853139

>the ip count increased
Well at least I won’t be called tok now. At least post a shorter cyoa though, I don’t play cyoas more than four images long because they take too long to load.

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I actually think his older cyoa's were much better

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The apartments feel a lot like BLAME!

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a dead one

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I’d like to think you for standing up to the moralfags. Even if you’re an annoying faggot, you’re a lolibro too, so at least you’re an annoying faggot on our side.

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I feel like Overpowered Isekai was good, I'll admit I'm not a fan of feminization and find it a little overblown but Princess was, objectively, brilliantly done. Mindslaver's my personal favourite.

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Someone post AHS cyoas to silence Tok

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>tok already making the moralfags seethe

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If she has autism, that just makes her better

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When mods and jannies abandoned these threads allowing retards and pedofags like you not getting cleansed.

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Mods and jannies actually understand and respect 4chan culture and free speech unlike election tourists like you.

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>she initially denies the fact that you're a girl if you pick that option
Are you saying playing as the girl is not canon.

>You sound paranoid
You wake up in a hospital with no memories of how you got there. There is this mysterious woman randomly acting friendly to you. She also says there used to be more patients like you, but tells you they disappeared without an answer. She also does it with a creepy face and wont let you leave your hospital room.

She is sus as fuck.

Autism is a disease not cute.

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Fuck off, pedo. Jerk off to loli shit somewhere else.

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We're never leaving. You WILL enjoy loli and you WILL like it.

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>Which Tok cyoa is the best?
All of them!

Here is a short one

Np bro, we lolichads need to stick together

>> No.77853288

This >>77853268, this is our general and our website and YOU are the one who needs to leave.

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Wasn't Tok working on a planeswalker cyoa to silence all the people shitting on him with PR? Did he finish it yet?

>> No.77853297

>Are you saying playing as the girl is not canon.
Moreso I think that the player overwrites reality, and while it confuses her, she's still into (you)
>She is sus as fuck.
You worry to much. Just drink the medicine anon
>Autism is a disease not cute.
A disease she and I will share

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>no one does

>> No.77853311

You don't know how true that statement is. This month I will deliver OC. The long awaited Shardkeeper CYOA will be unleashed and there will be loli, pic realted

>> No.77853318

The moralfags really feel like they own this place don’t they?

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Reading this is kind of painful, but under the mistakes it's pretty fun. If you fix up the formatting, this could be really good. As is, the page count nearly kills it. Also, it's kind of hard to understand how colors and shapes go together, and I don't think the extra cost from Empowered really adds anything to the cyoa, beyond being a bit of busywork.
>Love Interest, Houdini, Petty Crime, Pocket Change, Regular Capers, Indomitable Will

>Empowered 1 (Magic) (14)
>Self (Whole Body) x Determinate (Your Choice) = 1 * 16 = 16 cost (-2 to pay off)
>Freak (1)
>Black Hat (4)
>Stunning (2)
>Competent (0)
Call me The Shadow, the greatest thief there never was. Nobody's even seen his face, they say. A digital criminal with no equal, a robber that's never been so much as spotted. Conspiracy theories abound, some disbelieving that the Shadow even exists

Of course, nobody's ever connected the semi-legendary thief to that weirdly attractive metahuman with the power to be slightly luckier than most people.

After making a build, I can say that you need to work on balancing, and also you called two different powers Go Back under the time aspect.

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Welcome to Jumpchain

>> No.77853328

>Wasn't Tok working on a planeswalker cyoa to silence all the people shitting on him with PR?
Yeah see ----> >>77853311

>> No.77853337

>all these lolis
Fucking BASED!

>> No.77853345

He is the messiah that will save this general from PR and AHS.

>> No.77853349

She looks like a noble brat. I like her.

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>> No.77853366

Looking forward to it! At this point you may be the only good author we have left

>> No.77853370

What does AHS look like? Fifty bucks says he looks like an even bigger incel than Tok.

>> No.77853372

Obvious bait here, but it’s kinda true.
>the moralfags hate him more than we hate him
>the moralfags hate his cyoas more than we hate his cyoas
>he shits on the moralfags more than he shits on us
>he hates moralfags with a passion
>he makes loli cyoas
He may be an appalling piece of shit, but he’s a net force for good as far as the general is concerned.

>> No.77853375

I have no idea what you fags are talking about, but let me guess -
it's something retarded to do with cooming and the resident attention whore

>> No.77853380

What why?

>> No.77853391

All that is true but once we get the moralfags out of here, he’s next.

>> No.77853392

If you don't understand you need to lurk more newfag.

>> No.77853393

When Thrallherd never came back to finish Conduit 3.0

>damn son you lost hope a long time ago ;^)

>> No.77853394

What would you like to talk about anon?

>> No.77853395

No lies detected.

>> No.77853412

Oh no, it's that the whole discussion is filtered, and I have zero interest in changing that.

Cyoas, I guess? I'm betting not many people are talking about them right now.

>> No.77853413

They're fascists. It's what they do.

>> No.77853425

That actually is one problem I noticed in that thread, if you do anything outside of standard western morality you'll get jumped on, even stuff that most of the so-called moralfags here are okay with can get your head torn off.

>> No.77853432

I'm a lolifag and a fascist. Are you talking shit?

>> No.77853448

The ones with lewd as the primary focus are the worst ones

>> No.77853451

Tok is unironically the best looking author

>> No.77853452

I wish they were as based as fascists.

>> No.77853454

I still remember that CYOA where one of (and the objective best) factions was a universe where loli nazis had taken over the world.

>> No.77853464

Well this thread has gone down the shitter already
see you next thread

>> No.77853467

wtf I want a Tok bf now

>> No.77853471

You have to go back

>> No.77853472

>it's something retarded to do with cooming and the resident attention whore
Mostly, but the gist of it is that the problem demographic of coomers appear to have largely decided (once again) that the attention whore is an attention whore but because he triggers the bad evil people he’s ok. Also the usual stuff about liking his cyoas but not liking him.

>> No.77853479

hapa looking motherfucker

>> No.77853490

Fuck your socialist nonsense, thought control, censorship, and sense of moral superiority.

Lolis are great, fascists are all a bunch of lefty retards.

>> No.77853492

I'm in that demographic and all I'm doing is saving artwork.

>> No.77853500

I bet AHS is seething with jealousy right now for he will never be as handsome as his mortal enemy.

>> No.77853517

Yeah, that'll do it.
May as well post cyoas I guess.

>> No.77853523

I'm tired bros. See you all in a few months.

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I want to get impregnated by Tok

>> No.77853552

I'd suggest 4chanx and judicious application of recursive filtering, it really works.

>> No.77853559

Also some /pol/ shit, the usual shitting on AHS and PR, a dash of the attention whore or a copycat shitposter posting pics of the attention whore, and a bunch of masturbatory “we’re so great, our fetish makes us the rulers of this general, anyone who doesn’t like us needs to leave” comments.
In short, thread a fuck, come back tomorrow.

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>> No.77853580

>You worry to much. Just drink the medicine anon
Did we read the same thing? She is sus as fuck.

>> No.77853590


Sounds nasty out there.
>In short, thread a fuck, come back tomorrow.
Makes sense.

>> No.77853603

Instead of being the change they want to see, they just complain and run away. How very telling.

>> No.77853629

>Sounds nasty out there.
It is, but your spamming cyoas is helping a bit and I’m almost morally bankrupt enough to engage in castitas shitposting to get the italicsfags worked up enough to drown out the problem demographic of coomers.
Good luck italicsfags, I hope you have an enlightening discussion about that one waifu.

>> No.77853631

You gonna ignore that guy talking about how they all need to be banned like he wasn't starting shit?

>> No.77853671

I guess I may as well drop a couple more.

Funny story - I can't see shit about what you talk about. Filters, bro; literal magic.

>> No.77853677

That's how the election tourists work anon. They completely ignore all the wrongdoing and hypocrisy of their own side while blaming everything on others.

>> No.77853678

>Filters, bro; literal magic.
I gotta get me some of those

>> No.77853685

When? Tho

>> No.77853691

>> No.77853712

Nah, we Italicschads have always stood up for anime and loli. Don't drag us into your moralfaggotry.

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>> No.77853717


More lore makes more sense than more waifus.

>> No.77853721

>complains about thread quality
>posts bad cyoas, mediocre cyoas, and reddit cyoas

>> No.77853734

At least no one but them believes that shit.

>> No.77853743


I don't see how anybody can deal with this general without filters at this point, it's like night and day.

>> No.77853752

And people bitch about on topic waifu-posting as if that isn't infinitely better than endless baiting, false flags and spooks.

>> No.77853753

The people posting pics of him are obviously mocking him, and funnily enough, he hasn't said anything since AND all the 'l*li based, =god' posting stopped coincidentally at the same time as he did

>> No.77853768

If you're an old hat your eyes just skim over text, you don't need any tools.

>> No.77853775

>all the 'l*li based, =god' posting stopped coincidentally
What? >>77853677 >>77853712 >>77853734

>> No.77853777

that reminds me, I should filter the word reddit next.

>> No.77853781 [SPOILER] 

Voting for more lore and more dragons

>> No.77853807

I bet you have anime filtered too, don’t you? What a little fucking bitch you are.

>> No.77853813

Ah, what a coincidence. I can't wait til this WIP is done.

>> No.77853829

>Why did all the other Lightbringers move? That is not really a concern of yours and would simply get you worked up, so relax"
See anon, we're all good. She's just looking after us.

>I hope you have an enlightening discussion about that one waifu.
Thanks. Someone called me a cuck for liking her earlier and I'm still waiting on a reason why but otherwise all is good.

>> No.77853843

Did the author of Homunculus do anything else?

>> No.77853851

Why not both?

>> No.77853855

When it's done, which will be sometime this month. I would have released it sooner, like the month before, but I decided to add 1 more page and it is a very important page and it adds a lot to the CYOA. Like the new page is not just more options to existing sections. It has it's own section with unique point system and mechanics.

>> No.77853857

>problem demographic of coomers
Why is it that moralfags feel the need to constantly declare that we’re the problem and yet provide no evidence whatsoever of this? All they can do is point to their own falseflags or scream about how one or two fags existing means all lolicons are pedo shitposters.

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>> No.77853871

Don't you dare give my fragile heart hope!

>> No.77853880


>> No.77853882

Complaining about moralfags isn't the issue. Moralfags complain about lolifags too, like you just did. If you really can't see the difference between the posts you linked and >>77853345 >>77853337 >>77853268 then I can't help you

>> No.77853887

I must have missed this the first time around. Wow, she's super sus, also,
>it will be easier to control them that way

>> No.77853897

I've got a bad habit of watching this thread too closely, since the discussions here can be fun. Or could be, I guess.

>> No.77853901


>> No.77853920

>All they can do is point to their own falseflags or scream about how one or two fags existing means all lolicons are pedo shitposters.
That’s because there is no evidence, anon, and they know it.

>> No.77853926

>See anon, we're all good. She's just looking after us.
No that is bullshit. Other Lightbringers just disappearing and "Bro, just trust me." is bullshit. Besides look at those lines
>Yes, they are suffering from amnesia and it seems to be quite severe. Though it has made them quite passive and I believe very susceptible.
>I think it would be best to take things slowly rather than force the issue.

Then there is that final face on the last box of dialogue.

>> No.77853927


Hexalby? Yeah, he's done a bunch of stuff.

>> No.77853941

>I still remember that CYOA where one of (and the objective best) factions was a universe where loli nazis had taken over the world.
Magic Space War. Its NSFW, or I'd post it.

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>> No.77853977


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>> No.77854007

What if Castitas is your wife, but you are not her husband?

>> No.77854009

Your wife probably had to force the other Lightbringers because they were traitors who wanted to join with the subhumans or such. There won't be any problems as long as you remain loyal.

>> No.77854020


>> No.77854029


>> No.77854047


>> No.77854048

You said it yourself, autism is a disease. She just has a hard time putting her intentions into words properly sometimes. By 'force the issue' she probably means 'potentially harm you by rushing your recovery'. 'has made them very susceptible' means 'very vulnerable' and she wants to look after you. The stuff about control is meh, you are vitally important to the survival of the stars and fighting off the blight right? She just means that she needs your help in fighting off the bight.

>Then there is that final face on the last box of dialogue.
Scared of a bit of shadow? Do you sleep with a nightlight on?

>> No.77854052

fixed p2

>> No.77854059

The other Lightbringers wanted to help subhumans.

>> No.77854065

where did page 6 go

>> No.77854074


>> No.77854076

Thanks, but what's changed?

>> No.77854078

Might want to say something like ALLSYNC ANON PLEASE USE THIS PAGE 2 INSTEAD or our long-suffering librarian won’t notice

>> No.77854080

Oh no,
not me
I never lost control
You're face
to face
With the man who sold the world

>> No.77854096


>> No.77854098

Can you post your filter list, I'd like to see what it does to the general.

>> No.77854103

filterfags are cowards

>> No.77854113


>> No.77854118

Henrietta's last name, to not overlap with threads. apparently some typos too?

>> No.77854126


>> No.77854140

Black magic update when?

>> No.77854143


>> No.77854151


>> No.77854156

>where did page 6 go
Umm . . .that's a good question. Apparently I didn't save a copy. Anyone else have it?

>> No.77854162

I don't know, have you seen BM2? It's infinitely more wretched than the first.

>> No.77854180


>> No.77854216

Not easily, they're spread across a dozen filter pages.
To sum it up, I highlight the thread so I don't have to search for it, filter out "tok", "loli", "moralfag", and now "reddit", and a few other quality of life highlights/filters, mostly for other threads.
I don't really need a heavy filter list, either, since that blocks all of the worst shitposts in this general.

>> No.77854227

again I must save you from your stupidity

>> No.77854229

>Henrietta's last name, to not overlap with threads. apparently some typos too?
Apparently the narrator of Wander of Broken Worlds has the same name as a character in Threads of Fate - an overlap that Lone Observer didn't intend. So he changed her last name from Armitage to Legrasse.

>> No.77854233

>She just has a hard time putting her intentions into words properly sometimes.
I don't think this is the case since she was able to easily introduce herself and tell you to fuck off from touching certain places in the hospital. It doesn't help that she was having a private phone (?) call when she said all that stuff.

>By 'force the issue' she probably means 'potentially harm you by rushing your recovery'. 'has made them very susceptible' means 'very vulnerable' and she wants to look after you.
>The stuff about control is meh, you are vitally important to the survival of the stars and fighting off the blight right?
Really? It seems like she's saying by having amnesia you are easier to control/use when compared to others who didn't have amnesia and she won't have to use force to get you to comply with her demands.

>Scared of a bit of shadow? Do you sleep with a nightlight on?
Does that look like the face of a trusty person? Her last sentence "I'll come by to visit and to help you RECOLLECT some more lost memories." sounds like indoctrination shit.

But aren't you one of those subhumans? Her people invaded and colonized your people.

>> No.77854252


>> No.77854268


>> No.77854273

>But aren't you one of those subhumans?
No, you're a Lightbringer.

>> No.77854286

>almost 1 year later

>> No.77854297

Thank you

>> No.77854298

>Pikachu Cumslut

>> No.77854310

how have you not heard of pikachu cumslut, the only good nsfw cyoa?

>> No.77854311

What a grand and intoxicating innocence.

>> No.77854316


>> No.77854321

Yes, but you are a Lightbringer not from Castitas original home planet. You are from the same Stars as the people her people originally invaded. That makes you a subhuman.

>> No.77854325


>> No.77854335

She's your wife, anon. You don't marry subhumans.

>> No.77854339

>Peter Dinklage
Kek wtf

>> No.77854345

Maybe that's her fetish

>> No.77854366

Yes, and it's based. Now make a build and drink the dink, fink.

>> No.77854372

>Outer Space CYOA
>Uses anime aesthetics
>Individuals are capable of owning whole planets
>Space travel across a galaxy
>War between planetary governments.
>Space and planetary colonization
>Space AIDS is the main antagonist
>Smoll waifu
Kino. Why don't we have more CYOAs using anime as its bases? Why is it all realistic stuff?

>> No.77854396

*Space CYOAs
To be more specific.

>> No.77854416

>Why isn't there more x cyoas?
The answer is always the same: because you haven't made one, anon.

>> No.77854417

>She's your wife.
That's not what she said.

>> No.77854430

Can't even find that thing on the drive, so I'm totally in the dark.

>> No.77854439

Its funny I'll give it that.
>Trumpkin for obvious life extension.
>Arab because it seems like the most valuable life skill of the lot
>Painted for even more life extension

>Cucked cause I don't even plan on having sex with the Dinklages.

>> No.77854442

Pikachu Cumslut is not the sort of cyoa one just finds on the allsync.

>> No.77854454

If you want to find it you'll have to engage on a spirit journey into your own subconscious

>> No.77854456

>The Player has disappeared for 200 years.
>The Player hasn't had sex in over 200 years.
>Castitas is your wife.
Imagine. 200 Years worth of semen.

>> No.77854458

Who wants to be the emperor of the Koren-Ten Empire?

>> No.77854473

Glop glop.

>> No.77854486


>> No.77854501

Didn't that blonde make you into her rape slave?

>> No.77854507


>> No.77854534


>> No.77854538

So it doesn't exist.

>> No.77854542

Pikachu Cumslut is a very, very difficult cyoa to get your hands on. I know every single anon who has a copy of it on their computers has sworn an oath not to share it with anyone who could possibly be considered unworthy. We even got 4plebs to delete it by paying server costs for a week.
So you'll either have to venture into the darkness of the deepest /cyoag/ lore, or you'll have to prove yourself to the Council.

>> No.77854547

I assure you it does

>> No.77854557

This, but gil

>> No.77854559

Oh it does, anon. It exists all right, though some might wish otherwise.

>> No.77854655


>> No.77854656

The average man produces 5mL (0.1 Ounce) worth of semen in every ejaculation.
The average man jacks off 3 times a week. This means the average guy is letting out 0.3 ounces of semen a week.
200 years is comprised of 2400 months which is 9600 weeks. When the weeks are multiplied by 3 ejaculations that means 28800 total ejaculations for 200 years which is 2880 ounces of semen total. You then convert it into gallons and you get 22.5 gallons worth of semen flowing endlessly into Castitas.

>> No.77854665

Got it, it's just a shitpost.

>> No.77854674


>> No.77854675

She tried.

>> No.77854684

Are you Cursed?

>> No.77854714

I think giving someone's husband amnesia so you can make him your husband instead was probably a bad plan to save your subjects.

>> No.77854715

Which one? One tried to put you in a rape dungeon and the other blonde one successfully raped you multiple times until Castitas came to rescue you.

>> No.77854728

A bunch of stuff but this is his best work

>> No.77854740

Interested in being a cyborg?

>> No.77854743

Can't wait to read it

>> No.77854745

It worked for Circe.

>> No.77854755


>> No.77854775

That wasn't a dog you hit . . .

>> No.77854781

Until it didn't, same as for Mounde. Castitas eventually got you out.

>> No.77854791

*backs up over body*
*drives back over*
*backs up over it again*
*peels out over top of it*
*drives away*

>> No.77854795


>> No.77854800

Yeah. Mounde was the one who (consentedly) raped you and was planning on having you knock her up, so you two could be husband/wife with a family.

>> No.77854817

so all I need to do is lock myself up and nothing bad will happen? Compared to having to repeatedly kill people from the other two options this is the least bad of the lot.

>> No.77854821

Need a job?

>> No.77854837

Vampire's feeding frequency is not mentioned. If it is short enough I will pick vampire (because I do not want to sleep), but if it must remain unknown like this, then I pick skinwalker (who must kill once a year).

>> No.77854840


>> No.77854847

Need? Yes.
Want? No.

>> No.77854858

Why didn't they just share the same man? It's a win-win situation, especially since neither wants to give the man up willingly.

>> No.77854880

>Needing a job

>> No.77854884

would you share your waifu with a manipulative control freak with mindfuck powers?

>> No.77854902

Depends. Is he willing to do anal while I do vaginal on her?

>> No.77854909

Because they fundamentally disagree on everything except loving you.
She should have moved faster than 200 years then, these immortals really like to take their time.
No, especially if I was also a manipulative control freak with mindfuck powers.

>> No.77854924

Rolled 13, 18, 18, 16, 16, 12, 11, 2, 7, 11, 9, 18, 3, 13, 18, 13, 13, 3, 4, 8 = 226 (20d20)

I do not drive a car so I like to imagine I hit her with a bicycle.
What a loser, got killed by being hit by a bicycle. She deserved to die desu.

Rolling a bunch of dice, I did not count how many I would need.

>> No.77854953

>Because they fundamentally disagree on everything except loving you.
How so

>> No.77854963

Welcome to Eventide Academy, new student!

>> No.77854982


>> No.77854999


>> No.77855008

Castitas wants to purge subhumans and the corrupted and Mounde wants to take care of and protect them.

>> No.77855042

Castitas wants to get rid of the Blight. Mounde wants to take care of people who got transformed by corrupted Lifelight. Those are two different things.

>> No.77855075

Seems like, but it had better be a hell of a prison.

>> No.77855106

Then what IS their problem?

>> No.77855117

Just put it on a boat. That way even if you break out there's nowhere you can get to and the werewolf gives up.

>> No.77855120

Think you'd survive?

>> No.77855127

This one takes me back. here's my old build for it

House Obcultus

Advanced Engineering 3
Quantum Physics 3
Unified Field Physics 3
Programming & AI 3
Alien Chemistry 1
Technomancy 3
Arcane Study 3
Transmutation 3
Alchemy 3
Psionics 3

Fixers Club

Mad scientist/wizard who'd been hellbent on dragging magic into the cold light of reason before coming to Eventide. Finding out that they'd already had a theory of everything and a scientific understanding of magic kinda bummed him out at first, but the prospect of learning it all quickly brought his spirits back up. Since he's unable to take every single magic and science class pass the basics (something he's been told repeatedly by an exasperated staff) he's simply settled for the classes that appealed to him most and that sounded the coolest. Joined the Fixers Club simply to have a testing ground for his experiments.

>> No.77855131

considering it's savestate yeah
he literally can't make a cyoa that isn't a power fantasy

>> No.77855138


>> No.77855145


>> No.77855147

They're women.

>> No.77855160


>> No.77855168

>The Overlord
>Eternal Soul
>Arcane Magic
>Divine Essence
>A Fair Warning

Okay Adversary, your dipshit version of magic was retarded enough that it pissed off a higher being, and now you blood cunts are going to fucking pay that price you always try to justify.

The Grand Omniarch of the Magocratic Convention is going on a crusade to personally hunt down eclipse across the multiverse, and the Purists are coming along for the ride.

As overlor- I mean Omniarch, my forces are limitless, I am an all powerful mage, and I flushed ‘True Immortality’ down the fucking toilet now that I have an eternal soul courtesy of the ancient being that you’ve pissed off.

Necromancy and Black Magic, not Ditto and her period powers okay? Praise Sargon.

>> No.77855176


>> No.77855191


>> No.77855205

Stop spamming CYOAs nobody is really playing.

>> No.77855232

I rolled up a turbo wizard monstergirl , which was neat
honestly the monster girl part interests me more than the magical girl part

>> No.77855260

So what kind of magical girl did you end up as? Inquiring minds want to know!

>> No.77855272

Give me your most cringe cyoa

>> No.77855276

(You)r cyoa.

>> No.77855284

Don't put yourself down like that anon.

>> No.77855319

>Give me your most cringe cyoa
Hmm . . . Monkey Paw, maybe?

>> No.77855336

no it's true

>> No.77855345

What is the name of the villain/dark lord/supervillain academy cyoa? Anyone remember?

>> No.77855357

Not cringe enough, you fail.

>> No.77855372

Hmm . . . how about a cyoa with animal fighters and a ton of rhyming puns?

>> No.77855405

FAILURE. Once more and you will go in the hole.

>> No.77855410

You'll have to go to reddit for that. Try the nicktoons or fnaf ones.

>> No.77855428

A fair point, but I asked YOU to post it. Failure to do so will result in a trip to the hole.

>> No.77855456 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77855457

I'd rather die in the hole than give my computer AIDs by downloading that shit.

>> No.77855473

>13, 18, 18, 16, 16, 12, 11, 2, 7, 11, 9, 18, 3, 13, 18, 13, 13, 3, 4, 8

>AGE 13
6+(1)3=9 years old.
<spend 1 Silver to modify age from 9 to 16> A 9yo's body is too feeble, short and undeveloped, and I might be denied access to places, so I'm setting it to the max (16yo).

Well developed body.

Current skin/eye/hair colors. Since I am getting my dick back in the perks section, I might as well recreate myself.

<spend 1 Gold to change roll 18 into 3>
Air +3 agi. I want to dodge everything and fly away when threatened.

Magic +1 mag

Uniform +1 vit
Transformation phrase: "I am having a stroke!".

Power of friendship.

>MISC PERKS 11 2 7 11 9 18
11. Training: computer programming
<spend 1 Silver to change roll 2 into 12>
12. Masculinity. Welcome back, dick. Did you think I would forget you. I would never. You are my oldest, dearest friend.
7. +2 agi
9. +2 luck
<spend 1 Silver to change roll 18 into 8>
8. Enhanced sustence: +1 vit. I hate to waste time sleeping.

Final stats:
4 str
4+1+1=6 vit
4+3+2=9 agi
4+1=5 mag
4+2=6 luck

Supernaturally agile flying 16yo magical boy, shoots slicing airwaves, makes lots of friends, genius programmer (which should also bring easy money, yo).

>> No.77855489



>> No.77855519

To the hole with you then.

>> No.77855522

>Transformation phrase: "I am having a stroke!".
:) Great transformation phrase :)

>> No.77855640


really like the choices in this one all the items feel like something you'd really need/want

>> No.77855658

If you had one cyoa you could reincarnate into before final death the next time you died, what would you pick?

>> No.77855695


>> No.77855713

You actually go straight to hell since you have shit taste.

>> No.77855737

Maybe there is no objective morality. Only your taste is judged. People with shit taste suffer eternally in hell.

>> No.77855755

As it should be.

>> No.77855776

Post all of them then senpai

>> No.77855808

I lost faith when the thread opened with only 2 images

>> No.77855831

Wolves can swim.

>> No.77855864

But can they look up?

>> No.77855935

Of course, are you fucking stupid?

>> No.77855961

I'll fill your hole

>> No.77855973

Which one?

>> No.77855979

I don't see it at all.

>> No.77856002


>> No.77856020

Dealer's choice?

>> No.77856047

What do you mean by dealer?

>> No.77856065


>> No.77856079

Makes sense.

>> No.77856095

Awesome, I need more like this.

Trumpkin - I will fuck him once a year, that's not too bad for immortality.
Painted Dinklage - Secondary Immortality, plus infinite wealth by insider trading
Arab Dinklage - We don't need to have sex, the language is already good enough.

Death of Dinglage
Rolled "kill Trumpkin", Well, shit. That's definitely not the one I wanted to lose.

But actually it turns out it's fine. They will die within 1 year of today, but time doesn't pass in the painting realm. So I'll spend the first XXXX days having sex with Trumpkin as many times as possible. Empowered abilities still work after death, so even after he dies, I'll have saved up a few thousand years.

>> No.77856102

cyoas that allow me to return to monke?

>> No.77856151

>fake badge
>friendship whip
>fall asleep darts
basically a mind control build. fake badge let's me convince anyone to follow me to an empty room (for legal reasons), fall asleep darts let's me put them to sleep for like 20 minutes, and after wailing on them with the friendship whip during their nap they'll wake up loving me.

I also take the the helmet. it lets me fuck a hot alien and summon people with super powers basically. I feel like taking the portal gun would bring more harm than good.

>> No.77856161

New Thread

>> No.77856173

I think that's werepigs

>> No.77856498

>Magic Space War
Who's the author?

>> No.77858153

Wow someone actually made a build. Mind control based build is a good call too. Nice picks to do that.

>> No.77858561

Wow that's some really goofy shit

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