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Eldritch horror edition

>Previously in the Mortal Realms

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>Thread question
GW asks you how they should fix Fyreslayers and make them a desirable faction. What are your ideas?

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>GW asks you how they should fix Fyreslayers and make them a desirable faction. What are your ideas?

Complete ground-up rework of their infantry kits. They don't need to radically change the aesthetic, just get rid of the horrible mirrored poses. Beyond that they need units to open up new playstyles beyond a screaming horde of retarded midgets - more weird lava-monsters, possibly some kind of cavalry.

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Slayer part doesn't have much room to grow, so I would expand the Fyre. More types of Vulcatrix spawns and other fire related elements.

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Some kind of cavalry, artillery and ranged units, going hard on lava monsters or fire elemental stuff to differentiate from the current infantry kits

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asking again since thread died

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skaven AND Beastmen should both be Destruction armies with abilities to ally with/ make chaos flavored armies
they really feel more like destruction than chaos bar the obligatory chaos stuff like slaangors and pestilens allying with nurgle

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any real good vallejo colours you guys like?
people like to complain about people only sticking to citadel but it's hard to jump out of that ecosystem with all the free guides online. hard to find favourites list for ranges other than GW's

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as someone who bought slaangors, the keywords are the main killer since you cant run them in any """good""" BoC list

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> GW asks you how they should fix Fyreslayers and make them a desirable faction. What are your ideas?

More unit variety - some ideas:
>Big magma launcher cannon thing
>Slayers on the back of fast flying fire monsters
>Tunneling fire monster the dwarfs ride on
>Forge golems belching fire and flinging molten metal

Dream idea that GW would never touch with a 10 ft. pole:
>Collaboration between KO's and Fyreslayers leads to all sorts of fire-infused vehicles like a napalm-dropping gyrocopter and irondrakes that can be run with either army

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Everytime you suggest this idea it’s somehow worse than the last
Fuck off brainlet

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>napalm-dropping gyrocopter
[Fortunate Son(o' Grimnir) intensifies]

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This only makes sense if you look at these factions in a vacuum with zero knowledge of their lore. Though skaven are a good example of GAs needing to go the way of the dodo

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They're in desperate need of some visual variety. Pretty much the only real 'clothing' most of them are wearing are their crested helms and those are all nearly identical so different headwear seems like an obvious start. Some other things that could help differentiate their silhouette could be stuff like cloaks or weapons that lend themselves to different poses like javelins or huge, fanatic-style flails.

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Jesus Christ the fucking cringe
>there are people who look at this and think it's cool and wish to collect his army

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>people who look at this and think it's cool and wish to collect his army
They also happen to be the most annoying and vocal fanbase across both AoS and 40k. Truly a blight on the hobby.

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*sip* ah.... now THIS was a model....

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>GW so embarrassed by cowhats they made a new LRL battletome in less than 1 year with a blademaster on the cover instead
its over cowchadbros

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Here's your insect destruction race hero, bro...

>> No.77850717

Are they at least pleasurable to view?

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If high elf players were the paypigs all along why didn't GW update their most basic kits and then squat nearly all of it in AoS?

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>that one guy with the mace
>no base
>fork neck grabber
>dat banner

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Or or or... due to the fact they got, you know, another dozen models, you're gonna advertise those? As for 'less than 1 year'. This is the same for Slaanesh.

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GW is going for the (((wider audience))) so they dont care about high elves anymore, aka the army for the white man

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HEfags were WAACfags and rightly shunned for it.

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this is the first time ive suggested it and thought about it.
stay mad at the good idea
fimir were chaos but are now destruction so get fucked
plus cross grand alliance allies have worked since bile trolls are nurgle but can be taken in a trogg army

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>GWIDF right on time

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Why is there a space marine in the unit of land marines?

>> No.77850804

>Why is there a space marine in the unit of space marines

>> No.77850808

They brought back the rules for wizards to summon marines again

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i know a decent chunk of both of their lores, and their whfb lores aswell.
beastmen used to be chaos alligned but lore stated that being a beastman didnt mean that you were destined for chaos

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hmmm...someone seems sus...

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>$115 centerpiece
A webstore exclusive $115 centerpiece. That part bears mentioning.

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I like the old KoS face from the classic model better than the new tranny ones
What is the best solution to make it look more deamonic and scary?

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u first

>> No.77850937

Freeguild when?

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So, after undead, what's next? I know LRL but we've seen them basically. Surely Ironjawz, Skaven, Deepkin or FS.

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underage aren't allowed here zoomie

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It really is funny how all the head options are so similar and ugly. Compare it to the bloodthirster kit for example which has everything from a doghead to balrog.

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Nah, we're getting the warband and we'll be told to be satisfied with that for another 2 years.

>> No.77850979

Order of Azyr which is what faction all the normal humans from Cursed city will be from.

>> No.77850981

And this is why Nagash is the better villain.

>> No.77850982

i'm literally guessing what board it is from. looks like i hit the mark

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I’m starting on my Troggoth journey boys! Ordered the rest of my rockguts and my Troggboss. Gonna get started in the Hag first during one of the early evenings. You guys have any paint scheme suggestions?

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That'd suck.
>yfw LRL get 4th wave

But... what will that be?

>> No.77851009

>Max.... dont' look down

>> No.77851030

A steam/ather tank
buncha wizards
sister of sigmar priests

>> No.77851031

building them without the slakehorn head is a must but yes they are very nice to look at.
wanted to paint them tonight but since its been raining all day i cant prime them yet.

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>> No.77851082

while not really a scheme, i think you should probably paint each one differently but maybe stay in a similar palette

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Who cares if his spell sucks, he can cycle meatballs all by himself, gets a buffed arcane bolt and can take a support spell from stormcasts big as fuck spell lore selection.

But even better you can take him in hallowheart for 3 spell casts and +6 spells all while being a decent Pegasus lord in his own right

>> No.77851085

After getting the exact army I wanted for Death I'm really hoping my bros in Destruction get a bone (har, har) their way, especially IJ. They should've had a wave 2 by ow considering they're a 1st edition army.

>> No.77851109

GW hates destruction more than we hate stormies

>> No.77851119

IJ are better than i thought, its just that most people paint them with shit schemes and the official ones are bad too.
best looking ones are always similar to the old greenskinz

>> No.77851120

Nice, I need to get some eventually they look pretty fun to paint.

>> No.77851128

To make them re purchase it all.
They could do to high elves what they wanted to do to Manlet Marines but didn't have the guts too

>> No.77851173

Your a west coast anon arent you.
Seems like you start shilling your shit flork comics right around the time West Coast wagecucks get off work

>> No.77851186

>3 hours to assemble 10 ghouls
>only 70 to go

>> No.77851190

>we hate stormies
Speak for yourself.

>> No.77851191

Flork anon is based, fag

>> No.77851207

I give up and roll them in with Dispossessed.

So they could get the piggies to rebuy something else, silly.

>> No.77851214

All stormies must hang

>> No.77851259

ahh i do love it when the corpses are hung, makes for easy necromancy.

>> No.77851268

>Jorge wants to be hardcore

>> No.77851274

stormcast with 3.0

destruction is beloved regardless

>> No.77851360

Where is /yourdude/ on the chart?
Rotbark anon and other chaosfags im looking at you

>> No.77851363

Go to bed GW intern, it's late over there.

>> No.77851477

i still want to get slakeslash but because its units of 3 i wouldnt really be able to do anything with either him, or one of the other slaangors which sucks.
while theres no posability and minimal option parts, i did enjoy putting them together, and look foreward to painting them up since its alot of sectioned off parts

>> No.77851485

>GW asks you how they should fix Fyreslayers and make them a desirable faction. What are your ideas?
include some sexy female slayers with dangerous thighs

>> No.77851498

You can make him a slaanesh beastlord if he fits on a 32. Give him 2 axes instead of the sword and claw

>> No.77851520

He's got a wide stance that fills out the 40mm, but nobody worth playing against is gonna give you that much shit for a stylish proxy.

>> No.77851525

How does it make you feel knowing the faction you love will never have the amount of love and care lavished on them, not to mention range of models, that SCE get?

>> No.77851536

hmmmmm, that could work.
it would somewhat fit aswell since i chose the axe on my slakehorn

>> No.77851545

Are you mentally retarded.
It should NOT take that long

>> No.77851570

I mean...
Stormcast arent actually getting much love now are they?
Fucking SLAANESH has had more releases in AoS 2.0 than stormcast by now.

>> No.77851580

>SCE no battletome for 3 years
>the range of models is 80% terrible
>bulldykes and fat ugly armor
Chaos gets more releases and isnt gay.
Here i fixed your ugly WoW model range

>> No.77851616

I'm baffled by how ugly I find most 40K models compared to AoS models. Underworlds and Warcry both have plenty of models I really like, but I scrolled through Necromunda's webstore offerings and thought 95% of the stuff there was ugly as shit. The same is true of most 40K releases.

Does anybody else feel the same way?

>> No.77851621

>chaos isnt gay
look at skaven and slaanesh

>> No.77851630


>> No.77851632

Wouldn't know, elves have enough flavours to make their own GA.

>> No.77851636

How do you feel about other sci fi games (Infinity for example)? could just be you're not a fan of that king of aestetic and prefer a more fantasy kind of thing

>> No.77851637

alternatively i could put him on a bigger 50mm base and proxy him as a doombull.
it would be stupid but kinda funny

>> No.77851648

>StD with stormie bits look better than real SCE
damn they really fucked up making them so big and blocky
SCE look like roblox in comparison

>> No.77851666

Lumineth are clearly getting more love than SCE, since the designers obviously adore them in addition to management pushing them.

>> No.77851690

I'm fine with this

>> No.77851703

SCE will be squatted in 2.5 years

>> No.77851711

Wow, that looks great, actually.

>> No.77851715

What book is this from?

>> No.77851733

Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness by GW 1988

>> No.77851750

There a scan of it anywhere?

>> No.77851757

Could work if you make the base nice and scenic, like what Elfarion has going on

>> No.77851777

yup go on
thetrove . is
and search it up. most of the AoS books and WHF books are there too

>> No.77851790

I looked at the Infinity models and liked some of them, a greater proportion than 40K releases but not by much. Part of it probably is not being that into sci fi.

>> No.77851825

I love that they look so weird and gangly and just wrong. Like I feel like if I saw one of these things running at me I’d be terrified just by how weirdly it’s body looks and moves.

I’m not a fan of the big rocky horror thigh highs on everyone of them though

>> No.77851834

There is no love in the 40k releases.
Just soulless profit driven committee think.
In AoS the designers can take risks.
Sure, sometimes they strike out, like every 'element' temple LRL unit, with the MAYBE exception of Sun WoKung Aelf on a cloud.
But it gives you great shit too, like Katakros. Glutos. Gore gruntas. Kurnoth Hunters and Alarielle. Morathi.

>> No.77851869

Humiliating. The Glutos diorama is a confused mess and roo riders are great. Cowboys are underrated too.

>> No.77851880

It is nice how AoS actually has loads of variety between released rather than constant space marines.
I guess all it takes is for fans to say "we've had enough of this shit, do better".
Too bad that'll never happen to 40k

>> No.77851887

Cowboys are good on everything except the fucking helmet topper. Ruins the sculpt. Replacing the topper with a plume makes them insanely good.

>> No.77851908

i mean its not like the army would work in BoC's current state anyways, so might aswell go style over function

>> No.77851921

How does one do the silver armor with blue tint?

>> No.77851929

i am, imagine the smell

>> No.77851934


-Auric Runeson Cavalry riding young magmadroths
-Infantry unit with Capes, Shields, Spears they look like Spartans from 300
-Mid-Ranged Infantry unit with Slings that throw rune inscribed bullets or javelins
-a Shield Bearer equivalent
-Mercenary rules for Greyfyrd that allows the 1 fyreslayer unit for ever 4 X-Army unit rule for any grand alliance.

>> No.77851939

Now that I think about it, the doombull is on a 60. Just go way over the top making a tiny diorama for the singular slaangor.

>> No.77851943

Pretty sure since they teased belakor im p sure its gonna be chaos in general that will get new stuff some order faction

>> No.77851950

>2021 GW
imagine the haircuts and faces theyd get

>> No.77851952

Eye level down they're some of the best looking infantry GW has ever done, but I think they still have a lot of charm even with the cow helmets. They take getting used to though.

I found the cowboy to easily be the best Lumineth model in the Underworlds warband, for example.

>> No.77851958

Contrast paints thinned down are actually great for that.
badger ghost tint paints are pretty good too

>> No.77851967

I've achieved something similar by using contrast paints watered down and mixed with contrast medium. I do the heated barrel effect on 40k models by doing a "spectrum" of lines going from red to purple shade washes over a metallic paint drybrushed with silver

>> No.77851998


>> No.77851999

>I found the cowboy to easily be the best Lumineth model in the Underworlds warband, for example.
He would've easily been beat out by Myari if Myari wasn't in that positively retarded pose, but I agree.

>> No.77852005

>>Fyreslayers runes keep them warm even in the freezing snow
>>Runes increase internal body temperature
>>Human jizz is about 98 degree when it leaves to body
>>Fyreslayer Jizz would be a lot hotter giving whoever they shoot it into or one 1st degree burns
>>Fyreslayer puss would be the same

Tough times, probably could set a forest fire with their shit if its an extremely dry season

>> No.77852020

Imagine if they did a big twist and instead of being weird sexbois they’re actually weird sexgirls.

Incoming baby slaangors

>> No.77852066

Have some original ideas like pic related. Yup my own creation, to stroke my own horn, but it's been complimented many times.. It is starting to make me think it is one of the better AoA heroes roaming out there.

Play up the cavalry aspect of small dudes on big beasts. Pretty much everything this anon >>77850470 said would be absolutely fine.

>> No.77852090


>> No.77852105

Oh, huh. Don't know where I got that twisted.

>> No.77852145

OP Cont. I had more ideas
-Give the mercenary rule army wide but for Grand Alliance Order, Greyfyrd get its for all Grand Alliance
-WRESTLERS, their runes are super charged that they give off heat and while WRESTLIN the unit deals d3 mortal wounds to enemy units in combat with them, they also have "pinning moves" that reduces enemy units attack number by 1 min. 1. No helmets, maybe knuckle dusters and punch daggers
-AVATAR OF GRIMNIR a giant dwarf statue made from ur- gold/lava that works like the Daughters of Khaine's Avatar needing a priest to baby sit it

>> No.77852173

Looks pretty sweet anon. Glad you like my ideas. I only got into actually playing warhammer in the past year and a half and came over from playing a lot more RPGs. I always wondered why there isn't more "homebrewing" going on in warhammer communities

>> No.77852200

That looks absolutely retarded.
Your eyes are supposed to be draw to the face.
Here the triangle aspect of the stupid thing has you looking at the chest. And then there is this stupid cow head with retarded horns ABOVE the face yet again.
Its a fucking disaster. And that's before even thinking about the physics of having that monster shot balanced on top of your head.
Just a complete failure of a model

>> No.77852204

Fyreslayer women are literally fire crotches

>> No.77852242


>> No.77852248

>years of jokes about big hats meaning people are stronger and more important
>"Hey guys, I've got an idea for this new unit, the fans are gonna love it."
I almost feel bad for them

>> No.77852330

Is there an app or website that allows you to see how models would look in certain color schemes

>> No.77852378

Love these assholes

>> No.77852404

>Thread Question
Just add this baby here and some cavalry/ur-gold constructs.

>> No.77852413

>make people buy the book then make it useless in less than a year as you release more stuff to it
Peak greed.

>> No.77852436

Humans are being slowly bred into extinction by the daughters of khaine.

>> No.77852468

something about this model bothers me

>> No.77852470

>finally decide to kneel to AoS-sama after getting bored painting marines and seeing interesting models for AoS
>assemble them all in a night, can't wait to paint them
>it's been cold and rainy all week so I can't prime these boys
When will spring start already bros

>> No.77852478

That can be said about almost all the Lumineth range.

>> No.77852496

Pure curiosity anon.
Which army?

>> No.77852509

Reddit rats
They are pure old school kino, and I'm tired of pretending they're not

>> No.77852512

I agree.
I really like most if not all the lumineth stuff except for some small bit on every single one that basically ruins everything

>> No.77852554

Please just let us have something... Wo many awesome releases for every GA and our last shiny thing was embarrassing SoB. Please share with us...

>> No.77852577

I'm afraid the IDK warband will just be a bunch of Namarti and one mage.

>> No.77852579

Glad for you, anon i think you made a good choice.

>> No.77852609

It's a safe bet that one of the models will have a crab claw, prehaps you'll get lucky and it'll be a straight up monster crab and beastamer guy

>> No.77852626

thanks anon, will post painted army when the weather is better to hopefully offset the gay furry art by other skaven posters

>> No.77852671

>foam hammer
>fuggo mask
still ruined it

>> No.77852696

eyyy, same here, its been raining and waiting to prime my:
>reddit rats
>Not TK
>Beasts of sex
>Flesh eater cunts
and a bunch of other stuff ill probably use for warcry or mordhiem

>> No.77852700

Has any UW warband showed new model designs that weren't immediately coming down the release pipeline?

>> No.77852724


>> No.77852738

Same. It's painful for me because I really wanted to like them. Their lore is great, but man, the models just do not do it for me without some work. I'd rather not have to fix something for me to like it.

>> No.77852757

Vortemis (Tzeentch mage) and the goons in Mollog's Mob are the only ones I can think of for an established faction. There's also >>77852724 and Rippa's Snarlfangs.

>> No.77852775

This chads here

>> No.77852785

most of them did.

>> No.77852818

All nice choices. How is warcry btw? I have some friends in my rpg games I play in who are interested in warhammer but haven't painted models before and are intimidated by having to paint lots of dudes. I'm contemplating getting a warband for a smaller game like warcry cause I bet one of them will get into a smaller game like that.

>> No.77852913

Fuck you i enjoy his edits

The legion grows

>> No.77852984

they are still new enough that im hoping their release was just pushed back due to covid and other push backs.
i really want a full army of these guys especially since they squatted the old ones.
hope it includes shit like the doom diver and rock lobber

>> No.77853014

We really need gitmob and gotta got fast gobbos.

>> No.77853031

the warband boxes are generally not that good of a deal, the main exception is the reddit rat one, but that one is sold out everywhere and resellers up the price.
havent actually played a game of warcry but it seems like alot of fun and that you could probably run a mordheim-like campaign with it.
also the grand alliance books that came out for warcry are really nice and compiled alot of stuff together now and added a few things like spider grots and CoS

>> No.77853033

Are those the awful printed chorfs? Because that is pretty sad.

>> No.77853060

id like a full(or separate) troggoth army aswell instead of just being pushed in with gloomspite.
could also give us back the king or chaos troggs and new sourbreath troggs

>> No.77853066

there is an app called impcat that you can try out color schemes in. Before you buy it you can first take a look at their reddit mega where they have files of all the supported models so you don't buy hte app for nothing. It is a bit wonky with metallics but i find it quite useful.

>> No.77853101

No they are the real deal

>> No.77853127

You are a good anon i hate FW for what they did to chorfs but i like the models.

>> No.77853142

hmm the skaven one is actually in stock in the US GW web store. If I didn't have such a big backlog rn I might pull the trigger

>> No.77853179

Oh look it's the muh verticalities fag from a few months back, still sperging out I see.

>> No.77853195

I was wondering is gws arcoat the same as vallejos gloss varnish? Are there some better/ worse differences between the 2?

>> No.77853249


>> No.77853284


>> No.77853342


>> No.77853368

How are you mounting the rider on?

>> No.77853379

Such a shitty fucking model the old dragons are an abomination mutant anemic overgrown snake assholes it’s like they took the parts of eastern and western dragons then vomited out the remains of both. Fuck GW for this and fuck elves make better dragons already for fuck sake

>> No.77853384

Floaty mage on the base.
Counts as teclis because its cheaper and looks better than the real model.

>> No.77853387

Even the Stardrake is a bit of a noodle if you look at it.

>> No.77853396

You seem upset.
Maybe cows, sphynx cats and anatomically correct gryph penises are more your speed?

>> No.77853418

>Such a shitty fucking model the new LRL mounts are an abomination mutant anemic overgrown kangaroo assholes it’s like they took the parts of eastern and western kangaroos then vomited out the remains of both. Fuck GW for this and fuck LRL make better mounts already for fuck sake

>> No.77853477

>mad they look like the art
Stormies tongue my anus

>> No.77853598

>eastern and western kangaroos

Ah yes, Macropus giganteus and Macropus fuliginosus

>> No.77853601

I have been upset over that ass design for fifteen years now and I won’t stop being upset. It’s a complete fucking failure especially when held against its own fucking fluff
>Ancient primal beings of immense power who slumber the ages away until woken by magical words of power
>it’s an autistic snake the size of a dog with the worst designs of both interpretations of dragons
Sasuga Caledor

>> No.77853605

New models really. Maybe a female priest. >>77850832
Damn i want one.

>> No.77853630

i liked the woodelf one

>> No.77853648

The Old World. Literally thats it. Every new Empire unit released in TOW is a new Freeguild model. I expect new Kislev models to be introduced in Cities of Sigmar as a newly discovered City.

>> No.77853660

Their depiction in total war warhammer 2 unironically fixes a lot of the issues

>> No.77853668

Those would hold up pretty well if they didn't have loafers. Some boots and they'd be a-okay.

>> No.77853681

I dont know anon, alot of old models have some pretty bad mouldlines.

>> No.77853702

What are you talking about? Landknechts wear sandals

>> No.77853735

I mean canonically they were only ever to wake up the youngest dragons from their slumber. The oldest, largest dragons were too deep into their sleep

>> No.77853750

You'll either have to hunt down the old metal Greatswords circa 2000...

>> No.77853761

Trannies are demonic, I find the face (and model in general) unnerving

>> No.77853769

Or accept that the booties are historically accurate.

>> No.77853770

The realms are so huge you cant expect everything to have the same technology and fashion sense
In fact its so big and you can have stone age dudes living in the same realms as people with modern technology.
It would make sense for many isolated pockets or uncontacted humans to look all kinds of ways

>> No.77853785

>chads outfit costs 50000x more than his wife's outfit
what a chad

>> No.77853786

That’s a grand idea actually. I get a lot of Pokémon/bulborb vibes from the Troggs. It would be refreshing to have a nice colorful army of sleepy, hungry goobers. Thanks anon!

>> No.77853808

holy soulamoly!

>> No.77853834

Should I build my 5 meganob unit with 2 skorchas and 3 kombirokkits or 3 skorchas and 2 rokkits?

>anon rokkits are bad
I Know.

>> No.77853848

>he fell for the round base meme

>> No.77853852

Ungors look good with shields on their potbellies. Has anybody tried this with the old beastmen models? Seems like an easy conversion and it might make the worst models in the Beastmen range way more tolerable.

>> No.77853868

I know you were confused because stormcast look like/are space marines, but you are in the wrong thread 40k man

>> No.77853886

ungor look fine with pot bellies.
they are supposed to be the weak skinnyfat fags of the bunch

>> No.77853892

based confused ork player

>> No.77853899

needs more gore-gruntas imo

>> No.77853906

They are Chamon IronJaws
nothing abnormal here.

>> No.77853952


>> No.77853969

This is age of sigmar anon

We round base here

>> No.77853975

Get with the times old man.

>> No.77853976

thats not what the rules say

>> No.77853987

I feel sorry for that dwarf in the front that slipped on a banana peel

>> No.77853991


>> No.77854010

The rules explicitly say to play as though everything is on rounds

>> No.77854011

>new kino warriors rank up
what could this mean?

>> No.77854031

>as though
it doesnt say you must use rounds. so you measure and keep coherency by eye, its not hard unless you are a WAACfag

>> No.77854067

There's no point arguing with you because you never had a good faith intention of playing the game the way it was clearly meant to be played.

>> No.77854095

I dont need to argue what the rules clearly state.
Also some models still ship with square bases in addition to the rounds

>> No.77854102

Correction: He does not play wrong, he does not even play

>> No.77854146


>> No.77854160

>typical elf, riding away from the battle

>> No.77854184


>> No.77854194

You forgot to crop out the gay furry porn
delete pls

>> No.77854219

After playing Drycha's campaign in Total Warhammer, I kinda want to do her on the tabletop.
So with Sylvaneth, what sorts of units are good? Should I try to flood the board with Dryads or try to go small, tough units with Kurnoth Hunters?
Punched this up with GW's list builder thing. How fucked if I were to play with this, not competitive, but "friendly" with friends who play competitive 40k?
Drycha Hamadreth (300)
- Deepwood Spell: The Dwellers Below
- Companions: Colony of Flitterfuries
Treelord Ancient (260)
- General
- Command Trait: Regal Old-growth
- Artefact: Chalice of Nectar
- Deepwood Spell: Deadly Harvest
Branchwraith (80)
- Deepwood Spell: Regrowth
Treelord Ancient (260)
20 x Dryads (200)
20 x Dryads (200)
3 x Kurnoth Hunters (190)
- Greatswords
3 x Kurnoth Hunters (190)
- Greatbows
10 x Spite-Revenants (120)
10 x Spite-Revenants (120)
Emerald Lifeswarm (50)
Gladewyrm (30)

>> No.77854300

don't provoke me or I'll post more

>> No.77854326

clean up those base rims you queer

>> No.77854648

They are the worst army in the game right now.
Spites are shit, only good for their cheap battalion. Take tree revenants instead to steal objectives.
Treelord ancients are too expensive for single casters with no bonuses. Who degrade too fast to fight well.
Drycha is ok but overcost.
Hunters are your only good unit. Bow hunters suck. 3 man use swords 6 and up scythes.
Dryads are too weak to even hold objectives they are good only as chaff.
Both those endless spells suck.

>> No.77854694

When are we getting him as a single model?
Dont feel like buying a shitty out of date start collecting to get an okay priest

>> No.77854703

Yeah, it looked crap on paper.
I'll just stick to my old Cities army for now.

>> No.77854717

Not a terrible list for competitive play. Here's a couple notes:

First, looks like you're using the old battletome. Regal Old-Growth isn't a command trait anymore and you no longer have to choose Drycha's bugs.

Next, for your leaders: Two ancients is an inefficient choice right now, as they're kinda over-costed for how much damage and magic they can put out. It's not terrible, but a Durthu would be better in that second slot, or you could use a treelord to save points.

For your battleline: You could save points by running a block of 30 dryads, and you could split one unit of your spites into two fives to give you access to the outcasts battalion. For your extra artefact, a Spiritsong Stave on a Branchwraith with Throne of Vines is quite nice.

For your Kurnoths: Bows aren't as terrible as everyone says, but you want a minimum of two units if you're going to invest in bows. I'd recommend all swords for two units of three.

>> No.77854742

Yeah, the options were just placeholders.
And it looks like GW hasn't bothered to properly update their list builder. Shows how much they care.

>> No.77854750

living city army with lots of sylvaneth is probably better than regular sylvaneth

>> No.77854770

Eh, I have over 6000 points of old Empire models. I'll just get a bunch of square-to-round adapters.

>> No.77854808

>start well-paying job
>Immediately buy 2 boxes of slaangors and 2 boxes of skyfires
No ragrets

>> No.77854813

Also, spells: You won't get a lot of damage through magic. Verduous Harmony might be worth taking, and you probably want to rethink your endless spells. Spiteswarm hive is very powerful in combo with teleports, and worth a look.

Finally, when you take a look at the new tome, you'll need to pick a glade.
Best: Dreadwood, Gnarlroot
Mid-Tier: Heartwood, Winterleaf, Harvestboon
Crap: Ironbark, Oakenbrow

>> No.77854829

Also, this is an oversimplification, and they're really only repeating hot takes.

Don't listen to them. Sylvaneth aren't in a great spot, but they're fine for casual play, and they're better than this guy thinks.

If you tell me more of what you want from your list, I can offer more specific advice.

>> No.77854842

stop posting this furfaggotry

>> No.77854843

>I'll just get a bunch of square-to-round adapters
sounds based

>> No.77854871

Just use battlescribe. The interface isn't great, but it makes usable lists, at least.

>> No.77854873

Can you build the slakehorn horns on another head?

>> No.77854881

What's furry about it?

>> No.77854888


>> No.77854916


>More emphasis on being slayer less being mercenary. Their entire MO is dwarves going on suicide mission to rebuild/complete Grimnir out of penance
> Have hierarchy of units like troggothslayer, demonslayer, gitslayer, ghoulslayer, khorneslayer who are all wearing the trophies of their kills with a king of slayers
>Fire canons or artillery like flamethrowers and white phosphorus weapons
>Gigadroth: godzilla size magmadroth
>Fire bull cavalry
>Lava golems
>Grimnir return

>> No.77854925

play living city and you dont even need the sylvaneth

you can ambush on handgunners and blow everyone away

>> No.77854950

We dont take kindly to stormies 'round here boy

>> No.77855070

Do Slaangors shave? They aren't very hairy.

>> No.77855077

They wax since that's more painful

>> No.77855124

you can literally just slap drycha into the middle of an otherwise fully empire living cities list if you want. she's actually better in living cities than she is in sylvaneth too because she can abuse their move shoot move command ability on herself to pull off really long deepstrike charges with their outflank, as can a spirit of durthu

>> No.77855307

TQ: all future fyreslayer releases get scalemail skirts instead of no pants

>> No.77855482

There are a ton of support options for her in Sylvaneth, actually.

She's great in Gnarlroot, where the glade gives her reroll 1's to hit in shooting and melee, and the bonus healing from the general can keep her topped up.

In dreadwood, her aura synergizes with the glade bonus to make some really nasty spite rev's.

If you wanna pull off long charges, you can stick the spiteswarm hive in either of those lists to have a really reliable charge off the teleport.

On top of all of that, sticking Drycha by herself into a cities list is an absolute crime against the lore of the model, which I would assume Anon cares about if he wants to run her based on the total war campaign.

>> No.77855696

I know vampirates are a meme that gets shit on because of total war, but honestly at this point I like the aesthetic enough I might just do a converted or proxy army when soulblights out.

Already got reapers shipwreck revenant and there are a couple 3dprinting patreons that did vampirate releases.

>> No.77855746

I want to make some maneaters for my ogor army but I don't want to buy GW finecast models, and most third party stuff doesnt fit with other ogor units (and neither do some of the maneaters imo)
Any ideas?

>> No.77855799

just build it all into gloomspite

>> No.77855886

With the new hedonites book it does sounds like throggs back, but as a dank hold troggoth. Frankly Im all for that, and it makes working with ideas I had for my dudes easier.

>> No.77855904

idoneth already have a shipwreck if you want to kitbash a necrofex

you can count it as a mega-gargant

>> No.77855938

Long time 40k player but I just decided to finally get into AoS. Went freeguild and grabbed a bunch of stuff, if I have a fair amount of handgunners freeguild spears, crossbows and greatswords would it be terrible to go misthavn just because I want to deep strike hydras?

>> No.77855999

Im probably going to turn to 3d printing for the necrofexs, ghamak and archvillain both made great sculpts for them. As for skeletons and shit everyone and their mother has undead pirates so I can find ones id like easy

>> No.77856048

they give you 2 heads for the slakehorn model, with 2 horns, you can not swap the horns between the heads and you can only use the heads on the bodies that they assign unless you greenstuff

>> No.77856075

gloomspite could work but as is its kinda just "Grand Alliance: Goblins"
needs more synergy or to just separate and expand each subfaction
or alternatively expand each subfaction AND add more synergy

>> No.77856133

>Not experiencing the sheer joy of lovingly cobbling together your vision of your army from 1000 different kits


>> No.77856140

If you want to do it, it's perfect.

>> No.77856146

Armies with their best models stuck in side games (aka king NPCs):
Beastmen- the goat from Spire Tyrants
Seraphon- the Chameleon Skink in Underworlds
Ogors- the hero in Cursed City

>> No.77856147

which army has this vibe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMNQeFlKyNU

>> No.77856168


>> No.77856175

>give the four units I like an army! a battalion isn't good enough!
What's wrong with people?

>> No.77856190

I'm stuck between GSG and Skaven and cant decide which to start

for GSG I like the grots and squig side more and with Skaven I like the clanrats and artillery more

which should I go for?

>> No.77856204

I'm just not that good at it anon, id get too frustrated on my inability to execute the idea and never finish because I keep restarting never satisfied

>> No.77856219

Do what your heart tells you.

>> No.77856228

Get a box of battle line for each (whatever you'll need a lot of) and see what you enjoy building and painting more.

>> No.77856291

Give the skaven SC! a try. You get one artillery piece and one warmachine. You'll also have a spare grey seer and rat ogre or a spare plague priest depending on what you build. The plague monks are a bit dated but they aren't that bad and come with lots of small rats that can be used for decoration or as a unit of their own.
There are no clanrats in the box but a box of twenty is pretty cheap.

>> No.77856390

>over $200
>for 22 plastic menses
>people are okay with this

>> No.77856403

Based every time

>> No.77856419

All these battleforces are limited time offers right? The skaven one looks oop

>> No.77856526

I think its the weird wide helmet that makes his entire head seem like that marvel villain.

Unironically, the long cow helmet would look better since its sleeker

>> No.77856616

because gloomspite is bloated?
also i dont really care about troggs

>> No.77856665

>gloomspite is bloated

>> No.77856716

got sent here from /gwsg/,

guys mentioned someone over here had done a Crypt Horror > Rat Ogre conversion, and i'm kinda interested in something like that for a Blood Bowl Rat Ogre.

What kind of head would fit the Crypt Horror body? Would a Stormfriend head be too big?

>> No.77856736


based mummy diviner

>> No.77856872

Assuming these are the crypt horror to rat ogres in question, I used clan rat heads, which are "a little" small. Stormvermin heads are a bit bigger and look pretty good I think. Stormfiend heads should work fine, though I haven't tried them yet since you only get 3 heads in a box, but they should be pretty comparable to the Island of Blood rat ogre heads if it a little bigger

>> No.77856915

any chance you have any Blood Bowl big guys to compare them to? They look great though! Are the tails from Tyranids?

>> No.77857019

Sadly I don't have bloodbowl models to compare with. When get home I can take a picture of them next to a standard rat ogre or something.
And thanks. The tails are actually left over deldar cronos tendrils from a talos I built for a friend

>> No.77857080

>tfw the stuff you ordered for basing is stuck in postal hell

>> No.77857357

Why are the new slaanesh dudes called myrmidesh?

Do they have some connection to myrmidia? or is myrmidia so named based on a word meaning martial prowess?

>> No.77857433

it's a made up name

Myrmidia is in AOS tho mention in the novel Acts of Sacrifice (short story)

>> No.77857447

Take Myrmidon (the gladiators) add Slaanesh and you get Myrmidesh

GW is awful at naming shit.

>> No.77857448

How do I git gud with DoK?

>> No.77857486

how would you have named them?

>> No.77857502

Just buy the box, it's actually really good. Worth it for just him and Vandus and you get a bunch of other shit.

>> No.77857531

I feel you. My shit's been stuck in some German warehouse for literally a month at this point.

>> No.77857560

I think it looks good.

>> No.77857576

cool repose

>> No.77857578

after 2 months my underworlds order finally got shipped
jesus christ why is it taking so long here?
funnily enough, the brand spanking new slaanesh shit is readily available on some sites, apparantly only taking a few days to arrive

>> No.77857586

So, would an all troll army be good? Can I just lumber towards my opponent, healing through everything, and then crush them?

>> No.77857587

It's totally random too, some packages just get through and arrive from the UK to here in half a week.

>> No.77857620

but why exactly is it taking so long for some?
do they test every cm2 of the box if it may have some 'rona, is it british toll hell ? how are other europeans faring? I kinda feel like only us krauts are waiting years

>> No.77857629

NL here, it all goes through Merkel's funhouse apparently.

>> No.77857665

Can't get over how weak chinned that whole family is

>> No.77857682

Wish you were here.

>> No.77857689

Chaos Warriors (Slaanesh)

>> No.77857740


>> No.77857756

Someone posted a picture/link here of element games twitter saying they were going to show off the cursed city box during the week and now that tweet is deleted.

Cursed city delayed?! Twitter guy just a dumbfuck?! GW mad they leaked the release date as being soon?! A non issue Im trying yo make news out of?!

>> No.77857802

No I don't.

>> No.77857855


>> No.77857893

What an utterly boring description

GW is creatively bankrupt

>> No.77857915

Why yes I play Beastclaw Raiders, how could you tell?

>> No.77857917

Your models are still on squares.

>> No.77858025

that's not what they are

>> No.77858082

>Trying to get friend into AoS
>He likes skaven
>Also want to build a skaven army
Do I just live with mirror matches?

>> No.77858101

>that filename
>those army choices
No, you don't have to live with mirror matches. A suicide pact is a much better solution.

>> No.77858136

This was a pretty fun read compared to the first one but damn the cringe whenever Archaon showed up was unreal. Literal OCdonutsteel personified

>> No.77858145

More rules; Doomseeker subfaction, warscroll splits for units with options, named heroes like the WD supplement, Doomseeker/Grimwraith general options with command traits, etc.
More models: More priests, priests with Ur Salamander companions, Valaya avatar centre-piece or a high priestess for her, a priestess unit composed of armoured female Duardin, a chad regiment of renown that worships Ignax and maybe a centrepiece that's from Ignax's brood (Ignax is a daughter of Vulcatrix, she blesses some Fyreslayers and they freed her from Archaon's will in the Realmgate Wars - basic pantheon shit), artillery more classic Dwarf flame cannon and grudge thrower than anything KO/Dwarf organ gun and cannon, etc.
No cavalry, that's just undwarfy

>> No.77858154

The first tome cover is embarrassing honestly just for the weird gesture and framing

>> No.77858186

What're you ordering for basing? It shouldn't be hard to find glue, soil, sand, bark, etc irl

>> No.77858190

They'd ruin it and you know they would. I can just picture the horrid overdesigned monstrosity that would be a fyreslayer goblin hewer.

>> No.77858197

>shitty nonsensical model
>terrible colours
no thank you. this is only for "old=good" manchildren, not for a cool guy like me

>> No.77858200

The cover on the right looks kinda WIP. The composition and motif is more interesting for sure, but it looks like it was rushed out.

>> No.77858218

>There is no love in the 40k releases.
>In AoS the designers can take risks.
Not even you actually believe that. Especially in regards to Necromunda which is basically 80's aesthetics on steroid. Half of 40k still lives off of similar aesthetics(Orks) and how the Tau don't count as risky in a grimdark setting, only you will know.

>> No.77858240

Extremely shit taste in every regard.

>> No.77858259

It's inspired by a Hussite War Wagon or whatever and they were very effective and sensible.
You're actually such a moron.

>> No.77858274

Yeah they were a really cool risk to take, two decades ago. The most relevant risk GW have taken in recent time are literally just larger space marines.
Apart from the crazy tech guys who don't look anything like their original incarnation, all the necromunda gangs have been around, established into the look and feel of the warhammer world for, you guessed it, decades. I'm sorry dude but gw doesn't do anything interesting with 40k anymore, that ship has long since sailed.

>> No.77858291

agrellan earth

>> No.77858304

drab and ugly as fuck

0 soul

Put some fucking effort in

>> No.77858306

stay with your old toys oldtimer.
inspired by maybe. but they still made it look retarded as fuck with the brick or roof aesthetic and those shitty colours.

also, if you wanna talk history, then lets talk about how the practice of war wagons got literally blown out of existence by the wide spread use of field artillery and gunpowder. they have no place in whfb. its literally an early form of warfare that wouldn't even roll 10feet in whfb before being blown to pieces.

fucking historylet. checked and blown the fuck out.

>> No.77858314

If you meant to say "lately" then I fully agree with you. But I read it as "40k in general". So that might have been my mistake.

But also, lets not forget that WHFB stagnated as well and the sole reason for AoS experimentation(which is very welcome) is WHFB's failure. So the experimentation is based solely on previous failure. 40k hasn't been failing so I doubt that GW would change things up anytime soon.

>> No.77858328

You just said it was nonsensical, which is isn't, and it was very applicable in a setting where only two factions had gunpowder.
You are just being argumentative so I'll just admit you're right. Ya got me.

>> No.77858373

>I'll just admit you're right. Ya got me.
thank you. next time, don't even talk back to begin with, when someone points out how nonsensical a short lived historical wagon is in warhammer fantasy.

>> No.77858487

Star dragons looked like fucking ASS

>> No.77858489

Look at this cringe ass faggot. Don't be like him.

>> No.77858490

isn't warhammer full of chariots too?

>> No.77858548

I'm going to be like him.

>> No.77858552

>only two factions had gunpowder.

In terms of lore-factions (i.e. those existing in the lore but not necessarily represented in models) a lot of factions had gunpowder.

- Dwarfs
- Empire
- Skaven
- Kislev
- Estalia
- Araby
- Ogre kingdoms
- Cathay
- Sartosa

>> No.77858579

And those that didn't, still either had units, monsters or other forms of artillery rendering a stumbling wagon made to fight against peasants and footsoldiers, pretty much redundant.

>> No.77858595

What’s the chance we get a big mantis shrimp as an IDK behemoth option?

>> No.77858609

I wouldn't oppose it but i'd rather a giant crab

>> No.77858617

I want a hermit crab with a living choraleum or whatever it’s called on it’s back
Also undead sea aelf spirit warriors

>> No.77858622


>> No.77858624


You'll get another fish which's pose is as straight as an arrow, its tail having some blades attached to it, and you're gonna like it.

>> No.77858638


>> No.77858640

>Ogre Kingdoms
I totally expected the Wagon to be deprecated by the time those came out, in late WHFB iirc, because I'm so used to AoS squatting. Ouch.
That's true though. I forgot about Skaven and was just thinking about playable armies.
Still, WHFB isn't realistic and there are lots of armies that don't use gunpowder (that list isn't even half of WHFB's armies I think).

>> No.77858644

>jewish filename
like clockwork

>> No.77858649

Any crustacean would work for me, I just like the sonic boom canon rainbow mantis shrimp have, and think it’d be neat to make fantastical. My wife brought it up while I was showing her the big turtle, and I think crustaceans are a bit untouched outside of Slaanesh claws.

>> No.77858651

Sadly this.
We want some monstrosity but given GW's direction for the Deepkin we're getting a fucking whale or something equally basic and marketable.

>> No.77858669

GW is so adventurous with lumineth but so boring with idoneth

>> No.77858678

>Germans are Jews
Thanks for playing, mutt.

>> No.77858693

I wouldn’t mind a moby dick whale but it needs to be dread saurian sized.

>> No.77858719

painted my first bone chad. what do you all think?

thoughts for basing?

>> No.77858720

Keep politics out of this thread please.

>> No.77858730

I like the colour scheme in general but the black is looking too bleak. Highlight it, then wash it, etc.
Also, is the only thing you did to the models bones, drybrush with grey and white? Because it looks like that.
I like the idea, but the execution not so much.

>> No.77858740

You're gonna get a humpback and you know it.
Du musst zurück auf dein Kontaminationsboard.

>> No.77858743

Looks cool anon, well painted

>> No.77858750


>> No.77858769

Yeah, just did four layers of drybrush over black for the bone. I used a bit of green and brown hues in it though, but kept it pretty desaturated.

Think you're right about the black though, I just used the black contrast paint. Maybe I'll add some highlights on top.

>> No.77858771

I think it's good, only thing I could really comment on is that the drybrushing and edge highlighting are a bit messy and the wash is pooling in some areas or you didn't fix up some mistakes with the black/grey on gold.
Really nice scheme but I wonder about basing given it's kinda muted and you wouldn't necessarily want the base to distract from the model by being brighter. Maybe black/grey or dark purple sand?

>> No.77858819

Yea the black parts just look like they're not painted.
You could look up some black armored models like Chaos soldiers to get inspiration in how to highlight it, or go the reverse by painting it grey instead and washing it darker.

>> No.77858821

time for clan wars and team games against a third opponent with a large army

>> No.77858832

>calling a German a Jew is fine
>calling an American a mutt is /pol/

>> No.77858893

looks half painted, but that half is very well painted

something tells me he would like some green/teal in gems or runes somewhere
ruins half sunken in some yellowed sand would look neat too

>> No.77858969

are scathborn only lists viable?
2 wounds 5+ 6+++ seems pretty weak
and everything is D1

>> No.77859040

Americans are notoriously thin skinned

>> No.77859270

Is Cities of Sigmar the best army for Halfling proxies? I really like the idea of Living City with Sylvaneth using that 1-in-4 thing.

>> No.77859295


>> No.77859348


>> No.77859386

What colours should I paint my plague monks?

>> No.77859421


>GW asks you how they should fix Fyreslayers and make them a desirable faction. What are your ideas?

Give them all stripey trousers

>> No.77859422 [SPOILER] 

Purple, yellow and red like the picrel infection? Thrown in browns from orange-ish to black for variety.

>> No.77859428

Based InCase poster

>> No.77859452

Dirty, desaturated yellow

>> No.77859463

Trying out more 3rd party undead kits, this time the Fireforge undead knights. I mostly just wanted the horses/nightmares because they look great.

Unfortunately they're smaller than modern GW warhammer mounts but I think with a few strategic cuts and some GS I can make up the difference. And I'll add some more armour.

Geedubs better provide us with some plastic Blood Knights on proper nightmare mounts. I miss having human scale cavalry.

>> No.77859494


The eels look good, they're basically sea serpents, and the deepmare is absolute pure distilled kino but why the fuck are the rest just 'a shark' and 'a turtle'. Talk about wasted opportunity, they should be riding mythical sea creatures not aquatic wildlife.

>> No.77859507

>they're basically sea serpents
toothless, featureless and with a soft round snout sea serpents

>> No.77859508


>> No.77859524

Can Vargheist wings be interchanged? All the ones I've seen have the same poses as the box. I realise they're basically monopose, but do they only fit to one body?

>> No.77859571

Yellow and green are a safe bet.
If you're courageous you could try white-ish robes with bloodstains or perhaps purple.

>> No.77859845

Why are the old Tzeentch Horror minis so much cooler and more horrifying than the goofy fucking Minions TM that are the modern sculpts?

Like, jesus fucking christ, how do you go from THIS to whatever the fuck we have now?

I am sad now

>> No.77859859

>pic related

>> No.77860096

This era of horrors and daemonettes was the best. Not sure when the most kino bloodletters and plaguebearers were.

>> No.77860100

I love the guy pointing.
"Can you believe this shit!"

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