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Cadia Stands Edition


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>Death Guard Codex

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TQ: What homebrew rules do you play with to balance GW's garbage game?

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>move it solder

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All is dust!

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Two more Outriders to go.

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>TQ: What homebrew rules do you play with to balance GW's garbage game?
I make up my own rules as I go along.

>Hits on 1s
>Wounds on 1s
>instakills your primarch with my grot
>I rolled a 2 so I get to fuck your sister tonight.

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>This machine kills fascists
Is that a Chaos Outrider?

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what 40k army has this vibe?

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its only a little less funny 5th time

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I like marines, I think they're neat.

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I like primaris, I think they're neat.

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still waiting

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What the fuck is wrong with weebs bros

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Orks, barely sentient fingus

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post models

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>not even the gw shills have respect for the company

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I don't know anon. I find it a funny image.

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Do we have penitent yet?

Post it in PDF or link it and i'll post the Swords of Calth PDF

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Reading through the vigilus book, apparently Calgar's lost an arm to abaddon, but I thought he already got darth vadered by the swarmlord and had 4 roboarms. Did the primaris thing grow his arms and legs back or something?

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>3D printing the perfect noise marine
>doesn't look like this

>knowing fluff
The company went to shit when they started calling it "lore"

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post it again retard

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>that embarrassing abomination
>the perfect noise marine

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Ork codex is gonna come out in April r-right? The Ork coin was leaked!

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>the perfect noise marine
>a half melted tactical marine with a sanguinary guard head, what looks like a 12 year old kit bashing with copper piping and a blastmaster

>> No.77843432

>The perfect noise marine
>What ever the fuck that backpack is
>When there's a perfect replica of a doom siren for free online

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Fair enough, I just thought that would be at least somewhat known because that's all I know about him other than "he punches stuff"

So why don't they primaris the dreadnought dudes?

>> No.77843440

Yes the Primaris upgrade either kills you or fully repairs you. No I don't know why they can't repeat the process instead of turning to dreadnoughts. I also don't know why they can't do it to firstborn marines currently interred in dreadnoughts.

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>the perfect noise marine
>that fucking thing
also, can you faggots stop being so obsessed with your shitty youtubers already?

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At the rate we are going there's not going to be codex in April at all

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Reminder that if your playing Chaos Space Marines and you have a few extra points to add a Chaos Spawn for good luck!
I do it, its fun!
I just had one kill a Snazzwagon.

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Because otherwise they can't sell dreadnoughts anymore, I guess.

>> No.77843478

Why is this general so obsessed with that place? Literally nobody else on the planet cares about them.

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yet another reason primaris fluff is retarded

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You will never be a real woman, and you need to go back.

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is this the new LOL.gif? I prefer the AOS version

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because they keep coming here and shitting up the thread

>> No.77843547

Oh no no no no

>> No.77843550

it's part of 4channel's general obsession with trannies and SJW boogeyman

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NGL a gimmicky list like
>Creations of bile
>Master of Possession with mutagenic invigoration
>max squad of spawn
Sounds like a fun base for a very suboptimal list based on fishing for the killiest mutant.

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Other way around

>> No.77843599

Could GW have just said we're resizing all the marines and not changed any of the lore? Seems strange to me, they changed the Ork bases recently and that seems like a hassle for people aswell.

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does anyone in here have experience making decal pdfs? I fear that the pixels on this one will show. of course the wingspan isn't going to be over 2cm anywhere, but still.

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>also, can you faggots stop being so obsessed with your shitty youtubers already?
Brother you know that's impossible.
4chan is nothing more but Twitter and YouTube screenshots
It's over.

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20 years ago, yes. Nowadays? No.Too many autists that can't separate the tabletop from the fluff, who also think that refreshing a range means you HAVE to buy the new models to replace them.

>> No.77843639

You make decals as vectors, my man.

>> No.77843700

Codex fucking when?

>> No.77843739


they did it with csm though

>> No.77843782

A lot of people say people wouldnt be mad if the new marine stuff was just armor refreshes and frankly we would still get complaints over too much tacitcool or how they look.

>> No.77843789

So is it common for guardsmen to have no sense of camaraderie? Reading about the Valhallan and Krieg regiments make it seem like there's less humanity and camaraderie among the guard then there is in Space Marines, Tau, Eldar, and even Orks. Like you'd never see a guardsman actually mourning for the deaths of his comrades; their reaction is usually just a "so what" or "they were weak."

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H-Have I missed something? I thought we were gonna get a week long drip feed of looking at Dark eldar rules. Weren't we gonna see some Hemoncoli traits today?

All we got so far seem to be a "lol funny" reading of like two pages of the fluff session of the old book.

I'm worried guys.

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Because CSMs can't be picky, whereas SM autists get riled over anything.

>> No.77843845

I see a lot of complaints of the new CSM have too much details and are over designed.

>> No.77843855

>You make decals as vectors, my man.
what does this mean?

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You will receive nothing, and you will be happy

>> No.77843864

I think you might be seeing things

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>20 years ago, yes. Nowadays? No.Too many autists that can't separate the tabletop from the fluff, who also think that refreshing a range means you HAVE to buy the new models to replace them.
While I generally agree with you, don't forget that GW also thinks that they simply can rename Orks and Elves into original "do not steal" versions with Age of Sigmar.

Something that literally would've been ok in the 80s and 90s but is now far too established to work. Doesn't even matter that they sound the same, its still retarded.

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Well, guardsmen literally have a battlefield life expectancy of 15 MINUTES, so they don't want to get attached to others. The Imperium is very much like the Skaven in fantasy; they're extremely paranoid and believe that having personal relationships is a weakness, which further discourages them from bonding together. Finally, any mental weakness, such as depression or PTSD is punished by a las shot to the head, incentivizing guardsmen to bottle everything up if they had those feelings. Really, like most things in 40k, the closer to baseline human you get, the further removed from humanity you are. It's the height of irony that a SM is allowed to feel and behave more like a human than an Imperial citizen would.

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People would still hate on the new marines if they didnt have primaris lore and frankly primaris have lost like half of their original plot points and are slowly just becoming old space marines but taller.

If Space marine faggots werent anal we could have deleted all the old shit by now (which is what GW does for all the other factions CSM/Necrons had their models removed)

>> No.77843932

It’s all regimental/planetary culture. Valhallans reproduce like rats, therefore lives are a cheap and abundant resource. Krieg are literally vat-grown and indoctrinated from “birth” that they are scum meant only to die to atone for the sins of the past. Catachans, on the other hand, seem like they’re total bros with eachother, same with Elysians and Vostroyans. The only universal thing is that they will probably all die before old age.

>> No.77843940

ohhh. since I found the pic online (due to ceerain artistic handicaps) how may I recreate it so it classifies as vector?

>> No.77843942

I treat them as truescale Space Marines. Don't give a shit what autists say.

>> No.77843950

You will not be missed

>> No.77843952

Seriously all the faggots who complain about primaris need to shut the fuck up. You can still buy your precious SOUL tactical marines or land raiders. Whenever the other factions get refreshes we will lose our old shit and be forced to buy the new ones.

>> No.77843953

Speaking of the Guard, pic related is pretty much guaranteed to be a guard model, right? The symbol is almost the same as the one in the scion squad

>> No.77843964

I'm not a guardfag but I can guess it varies from regiment to regiment.
Krieg often seems to be written as one-note human lemmings so I wouldn't base much on them.

>> No.77843966

How accurate is this scale in terms of the fluff? I was comparing a chaos cultist to the outsiders and the cultist seemed absolutely minuscule next to that monstrosity but the bike wasnt painted yet so I figured this would do.

>> No.77843976

Good thing no one here is a fascist.

>> No.77843979

The logo is such a simple shape that you can retrace it super easily with whatever program. I used Illustrator for it which you can pirate easily. There's probably plenty of free programs that can also do it. Just do some google searches, shouldn't be hard to find.

>> No.77843980

Aedari, Scouts in particular

>> No.77843982

Is this a meme or factual?
Because if it is factual then I gotta say that I somehow spent 2 decades with 40k and still thought that Space Marines were just a bit taller than a human, and the rest is done by the armour. I mean, given from the miniatures I got the same impression.
A regular Space Marine isn't really so much bigger than an Imperial Guard. At least the older minis I have.

That said, the image really makes it look utterly retarded.

>> No.77843983


Roboute being limbless I don't think has been canon in years.

>> No.77844019

Post the Original

>> No.77844022

that symbol is in anything medical related in imperium armies. SM apothecaries and hospitaliers also have it.
Thos already have new models for them so unless theis is another imperium army it has to be guard

>> No.77844027

yarr captain will do. no more pixelophobia for me

>> No.77844056

My favorite faction is IG because they're normal dudes facing the horrors of the galaxy.

>> No.77844063

Exodites, if they were an actual faction.

>> No.77844069

Why did GW include Athonian Tunnel Rats in their codexes/lore when there was never any models for them and no way to kitbash them?

>> No.77844070

The exorcists will now be in the last wall.....

How do you feel about that?

>> No.77844116

The problem is that it could be a SM medic, look at how many lieutenants there is.

>> No.77844139

Anyone have mk III and IV dudes as well as primaris? Really want to see how they scale next to each other.

>> No.77844146

I want to melt down all of Soiraks precious last wall project

>> No.77844166

The fuck are you on about?
Also exorcists, red hunters, steel confessors, minotaurs and marines malevolent are best marines.
They were meant to be a weapon, not people.

>> No.77844173


Don't get your hopes up, good chance that it'll just end up being another limited edition catachan, or barring that, some ex guardsman that finds himself in another specialty box like kill team: rogue trader or Blackstone fortress.

>> No.77844183

If you want a free vector graphics program, go for Inkscape.

>> No.77844186

Apothecaries don't carrry a bag full of medical instruments, they have the narthesium for that

>> No.77844188

do you mean rangers?

>> No.77844198

who cares, I don’t even know any marine chapters besides the first founding ones

>> No.77844204

I like this theme, but on the table all my infantry always dies and my tanks are all thats left. Is there a better way to keep them alive? Id like to pretend I have some grizzled veterans among my infantry.

>> No.77844205

Good point.
I hope Its IG then.

>> No.77844229

Just applied to be a redshirt lads, AMA before the borg take me

>> No.77844241

its blackshirt btw

>> No.77844244

What's the pay even like?

>> No.77844255

Which is the most religious faction in 40k?

>> No.77844270

What is your relationship with your father like?

>> No.77844276


>> No.77844278

Its missing the skull tho, and the winged skull is the symbol specific to the guard.
As a Guard player though I hope you're right - and the Cadian medic from the plastic Command Squad looks like this with no skull symbol

>> No.77844297

Yes, thanks anon. My memory aint as good as it used to be

>> No.77844303


>> No.77844306

good luck anon

>> No.77844307

He's also in the hobby, it was inevitable

50% staff discount means I could be paid nothing and still be better off

>> No.77844312

It doesn't "have" to be anything, GW can make models of anything they want, it could be a random limited edition character, a doc for necromunda, a commemorative version of an existing medical character, another SM apothecary or absolutely anything else whatsoever.

>> No.77844365

Thanks pal, they don't look too bad... I think my idea of adding rocky basing with subtly thicker pieces on the manlets will help too.

>> No.77844372

It's going to be some special monopose character from some specialty side game ala Blackstone Fortress.
Don't get your hopes up.
See pic related, apparently GW commissioned this recently.

>> No.77844392

>every White Dwarf, a new space marine chapter
hey how about a new regiment or kultur or sept or literally any other subfaction GW. Non marine armies like rules variety too

>> No.77844403

I hate the side games. I hate that they get such good sculpts and their main game is stuck with shit.

>> No.77844419

When do you guys think we'll find out more about the upcoming Orks codex?

I want to know more about it before I dedicate myself to it. If there are new boyz or some sort of flashy new unit, or if its your typical filler trash with only 1 hero model. I don't mind the boyz as they are now, but at the same time I'd hate to invest in them only for them to be replaced. Im in a similar boat with Guard, where I like the army but I cant invest into Cadians since they feel so dated.

>> No.77844420

Agreed, but only after my Lamenters get rules. Then other stuff is fine.

>> No.77844445

I feel you on the guard. I decided to start with only the newer models for now like bullgryns and I got some assassins too since they can be thrown in there.

>> No.77844454

Are you delusional, stupid or just new?

>> No.77844460

I'm so tired of this.
Though I do want my Black Templars to get an index. Then they can stop.

>> No.77844462



>> No.77844464

Post the emperor's true height.

>> No.77844465

just use BA rules you faggg

>> No.77844483

Lamenters that don't suck cock aren't fluffy

>> No.77844485

They already have rules in their codex.
When Charcarodons get rules they can stop.

>> No.77844501

Primaris captain standing on a rock with the medic bag on the ground.

>> No.77844514

Thats like telling the Exorcist players to just use IF rules. Misses the point entirely. Hetero.

>> No.77844520

>Lamenters that don't suck cock aren't fluffy

I thought all BA chapters sucked (hehe) cock in a no homo way?

>> No.77844523

>Killing fascists

Sure buddy. If you want to fantasize about a proletarian revolution why not play GSC instead of the peak paypig army?

>> No.77844534

i hope they wont phase out eldar

>> No.77844537

I just like to point and laugh.

>> No.77844562

Is Space Marine spam really GWs fault or the result of a community who makes 95% of the fan content space marine based?

>> No.77844566

Cadia was destroyed and Imperium fans are mostly far right wing chuds who are attracted to the Fascist aesthetic. Embrace Chaos and enjoy sex with daemonettes.

>> No.77844578

How about no ? I play carcharodons and don't want GW to touch them with a 10 foot pole

>> No.77844583


>> No.77844586

Surely Space Commies are the Tau with their Greater Good philosophy, over-reliance on Tech and Mind Control

>> No.77844587

The BA codex was the biggest nerf to a marine chapter in 9th. Primaris Mephiston is still worse than a Librarian dreadnought and only costs 5 points less.

I used to never take games against marine players. Now I'll take games against marines if its a BA player.

>> No.77844594

>arizona tea loading ramp
kinda based

>> No.77844597

That was 15 hours, and it was for one battlefield.

90% of Imperial Guard operations are just shipping out to shoot at barely armed rebels because the local governor was scared and didn't think his PDF could do it.

>> No.77844603

It's GWs fault. They have total discretion over the products they make and could choose to do better if they wanted to.

>> No.77844613

Yes, he's seeing people coming here and shitting up the thread

>> No.77844614

>So why don't they primaris the dreadnought dudes?
Wow, it`s like Primaris fluff was not diligently developed or something.

>> No.77844615

How about fuck off. You can still play them with generic rules if you don't like the white dwarf supplement.

>> No.77844626

Are you going to be a faggot and report all our megas and recasters now?

>> No.77844643

Has this painter done any non-phobos marines? I think the paintjob looks like shit on phobos boys, but im curious to see what it looks like on regular and Gravis boys.

>> No.77844679

>Luck of the Lamenters: All hit and wound rolls of 6 made by a model with the LAMENTERS keyword must be rerolled.
>Technical Difficulties: Any unit with the LAMENTERS keyword that attempts to perform an Action must roll a D6. On a roll of 1, 2, or 3, the action is considered to have failed and that unit is ineligible to shoot in the following Shooting Phase.
>Unexpected Heroes: If a player's army consists entirely of units that contain the LAMENTERS keyword (excluding UNALIGNED models), then that player add 10 Victory Points to their score at the end of a Matched Play game.

>> No.77844681

not that I know of

>> No.77844692

If this was the last scene of a 40k movie I'd go full american and start clapping on the cinema. I'm such a sucker for this type of stuff >>77844056

>> No.77844697

What's that model you want just for display?
For me its the Predators, I love tanks and there's something about a rhino with big guns.

>> No.77844701

Are you a hot brown lady?

>> No.77844704

nah, you dumb

>> No.77844705

Explain something like Astartes then face it normies dont like Eldar or Tau they want marines.

>> No.77844708

The thing about the lamenters isn't that they suck.
It's that they're constantly getting fucked by overwhelming odds and inexplicable bad fortune.

>> No.77844712

Drill your Barrels

>> No.77844734

What about the Raven Guard? They get fucked over quite a lot why is it the Lamenters get the love?

>> No.77844762

Nah. Tau have a caste system.

In contrast, genestealer cult revolutions are literally "workers of the world, unite!" including the part where they all die horribly when their revolution succeeds.

If you'd prefer Stalin era commies to Leninade flavor then some guard regiments might be your cup if tea, given their commissars. Not Valhallans though; they're basically cossacks and would thus be viewed as counter-revolutionaries.

And then if you want libertarians play Chaos; Red Corsairs or Emperor's Children ideally (check out the world Sublime if you disagree).

>> No.77844768

Because the lamenters are explicitly written to be tragic.
The raven guard are tryhard emo teens.

>> No.77844779

muh DIK

>> No.77844802

>Not Valhallans though; they're basically cossacks and would thus be viewed as counter-revolutionaries.
I think you're thinking of Vostroyans. Valhallans are literally Enemy-at-the-gates-tier Soviet knockoffs.

>> No.77844805

It was an integral part of my application

I wish

>> No.77844807

The Raven Guard are typically written as losing to xenos, many Raven Guard will send very few marines in order to save civilians on fallen worlds, and have been fucked with since the Horus Heresy.


>> No.77844808

you mean vostroyans?
valhallans are the ones designed to resemble red army soldiers

>> No.77844833

They want marines because marines are the only ones getting consistent updates via fluff, models, and rules.

They obviously are the protagonists and will always been a central pillar of the fandom, but if necrons or eldar got an ounce of the love and attention space marines got they would be very popular.

>> No.77844835

Doesn't change their tryhard emo teen aesthetic.
I mean look at their current chapter master and his haircut.
Guy looks like he'd suck your dick for a cig in a high school carpark.

>> No.77844848

>Rogue Traders find an isolated human empire on the limits of the galaxy
>It's small, technologically advanced and still keeps some powerful AoT stuff
>Doesn't hate all xenos and is willing to ally with them
Would you like it or is it too much like Tau?

>> No.77844851

Bruh, literally posted the origin of that pic that's getting spammed here and you're still in denial.

I remember when you fags kept saying sigmarxism was a parody and anyone who said it wasn't was a /pol/tard.

In essence you are lying sacks of shit.

>> No.77844855

Thanks. I wanted to make my EC thanks fit the description of random, clashing patterns and madness without going the traditional Chaos route of just "loyalists, but spiky."

Though I guess mine are even more traditional in some ways, cuz I try and make many of them look like they stepped out of Steel Panther.

You will note that the tank also has graffiti all over, saying things such as "cum on feel the noise" and "lotarra likes it Fenris style," as well as a zebra print front.

>> No.77844859

how do we fix custodes.
still tough as balls but DW and DG out tough them.
sentinel blades should be S+1

>> No.77844863

Firewarrior was kino

>> No.77844878

They're still top tier regardless.

>> No.77844879

Yeah I meant to say vostroyan, the firstborn dudes. My bad, both of the Russian guard start with V

>> No.77844900

Yeah, meant to say vostroyans. Sorry, got em mixed up for a sec

>> No.77844915

Is this too much for a combat patrol?

Tyranid prime
Claws and devourer
2x25 termagants. 20 With fleshborers 5 with devourers

Scytheing talons, devourers, threshing scythe, spore cysts and tusks

>> No.77844929

No one likes eldar shut the fuck up

>> No.77844935

"too much" as in too good? Then no

>> No.77844937

I like eldar.

>> No.77844952

Permanent transhuman, more attacks, higher quality melee (axes are trash rn), fix spear shooting so they're actually worth considering over sword&board, make Wardens -1 incoming or anything so that they aren't garbage, rebalance shield hosts so Shadowkeepers aren't instapicks on everything except Termie Bomb lists.

>> No.77844965

>Ezekiel is a stern and uncompromising character who rarely speaks outside of Chapter rituals or during interrogations of the Fallen. Even the purest of the Chapter feel unsettled by his gaze, as Ezekiel has the ability to read the intentions of any individual. One glance into his good eye - the other was replaced with a bionic at the Battle of the Sulurian Gate - reveals the look of one who has stared deeply into souls and found something wanting. It is this trait in particular that is so vital for assessing the worthiness of candidates for the Inner Circle. One in three politely decline promotion, knowing Ezekiel will probe their minds for as long as it takes to ensure their worth. Stories persist of those who have failed to meet Ezekiel's exacting standards or whose minds were not strong enough to withstand his psychic interrogations. Some are said to have vanished, or been locked away in dark cells, though none will confirm or deny what is told of them. Regardless of the truth, these tales ensure only the most pure of heart consider themselves worthy for elevation.

>Ezekiel was recruited on Delphyna Ill, discovered branded and scarred in a lightless oubliette by Dark Angels forces purging the heretic population. Codicier Meroth, part of that Dark Angels force, could sense the young Ezekiel's immense psychic potential from many miles away. Ezekiel progressed through the Librarius' ranks incredibly quickly, outranking Meroth within ten years. Such was his awesome power that he gained the rank of Grand Master of the Librarius because the former Grand Master, Danatheum, stepped down from his position and awarded it to Ezekiel.

Is he cool now?

>> No.77844976


People dont like eldar because the sculpts are 18 years old.
Eldar are based and tradpilled.

A modern sculpt refresh for Eldar would be extremely popular and has a lot of potential.

>> No.77844987

Custodes are just midrank gatekeepers, they're not top tier. Basically how Knights used to be.

>> No.77844988

Why do so many people want to be chicks

>> No.77845002

>Permanent transhuman
It was a mistake to ever have that in the game and now you want the cancer to metastasize

>> No.77845010

As in too many models.

>> No.77845013

Because being a hot girl is life on easy mode

>> No.77845021

What about when people complained about Eldar in both DoW 1 and 2? Even secondaries hate it fucking face it.

>> No.77845025

Attractive female is playing life on easy mode

>> No.77845026

So they can have life on easy mode.

>> No.77845030

The only faction in the game where it makes sense is Custodes, and instead they get it as a 2CP strat while Primaris get it for 1CP, and a bunch of green secrethush marines get it for free.

>> No.77845035

This. Transhuman sucks just as much as 3++. Get that shit out of the game

>> No.77845036

Genuine mental illness.

>> No.77845048

How come even when Eldar Sculpts were new people still hated them? Why would a sudden model refresh suddenly have people love them? I have never seen any positive eldar memes or people spazzing out of eldar lore like....ever.

>> No.77845052

Trap here. I wouldn't want to be a chick full time, but it is funny to get really thirsty messages from simps sometimes.

>> No.77845053

>Last wall storytelling/Dorn armies
>cool & good I like Dorn n’ Frens somewhat the most
>Have this clown as the rep for it
>Have to see that stupid face every instance of conversation about IF successors

>> No.77845058

No one did this.

>> No.77845070


>> No.77845085 [SPOILER] 

post boy pussy

>> No.77845090

They shouldn't be though, cause no one else knows that Dorn is their genesire. So the last wall doesn't work for them.

>> No.77845100

Show it, pic fag boi.

>> No.77845111

Clearly you're never talking to Harlequin lovers.

>> No.77845117


Even if being a woman is easier it seems like there are a lot of other negatives that would outway the benefit.

And it's only easy mode until you hit the wall and begin your transformation into an ogress/babushka/old hen and now all of the perks you've accumulated are torn out from under you. I feel like being an ugly woman is worse than being an ugly man.

Plus don't you guys like lifting heavy things?

>> No.77845119

because their range is old enough to drink

>> No.77845128


Can't. Blue board. I did post a pic of myself a few threads ago tho

>> No.77845144


but as a twink you get that anyway regardless of if you wear womens clothing

>> No.77845167

Just because i posted easy mode doesn't mean I want to be a female. But yes, I enjoy lifting and exercising when my back and knees will let me.

>> No.77845172

>midrank gatekeepers
Custodes have the highest playrate (discounting lumping marines all together) and still rack in a 54% wr according to 40kstats

>> No.77845173

Not necessarily.

I've noticed that I get about 50% more messages in places where I'm open about being a trap, vs places where people think I'm a normal dude. People also tend to be more generous when talking about my minis too, which is funny.

>> No.77845200


>> No.77845208

This doesn't stop Marine mirror matches from evening to middle of the road though, does it

>> No.77845210

Who's lying about tau women? The water caste saying that they are beauties that love human men? Or the imperium's propaganda saying they are hideous monsters that have vagina dentata that castrate human men?

>> No.77845212

True, but Custodes also have a very high skill ceiling, which isn't indicative of gatekeepers.

>> No.77845227

We're not talking about marine winrates, we're talking about custode winrates.

>> No.77845237

>That ELO Goonhammer trash
>At all representative of factions' abilities
lol, I bet you think Marines deserve a 3VP handicap.

>> No.77845242

Maybe GSC are Proletarian Tankies, whereas the Tau are Galactohomo Trots

>> No.77845243

Faggot. You’re a literal faggot. You fat faggy fuck. If I ever see you irl I will call you a faggot to your face and slam dunk on you.

>> No.77845249

goonhammer themselves don't believe in handicaps for or against a faction

>> No.77845252


I've never tried making a trap profile to do a comparison but it seems just as a gay twink male I always ( no matter what the app) end up getting closeted middle age men asking for feet pics or saying they want to cum inside me.

>> No.77845257

I'm just talking about your image

>> No.77845266

>The hunt for the Fallen has never ceased and never will until all are captured, though the Unforgiven can light for decades with no sign of them. El'Jonson's loyal sons are nonetheless eternally vigilant. Most of the wars they partake in have little or nothing to do with the Fallen, though they scour every battlefield for signs of sedition.

>The Unforgiven have other means of finding their quarry. The Master of the Watchers is responsible for a network of tens of thousands of Human agents scattered throughout the galaxy, ever vigilant for the slightest clue. Almost all of these people arc heavily psycho-indoctrinated, with no idea that they even serve the Dark Angels. Most live normal lives - in deep mines, at the top of hive spires, aboard void-crossing vessels and everywhere in between. Most will never encounter the kind of information that could spur them into action, but should they discover anything they follow pre-programmed protocols to ensure what they learn reaches the Chapter. They will use methods so subtle and signals so banal that, even if identified by others, their communications resemble nothing of significance at all.

>On occasion, a member of the Fallen has been captured by other Imperial forces with no idea who they have in their midst. Often, none believe the tales these captives tell, the stories deemed as heretical lies to all but the most well-informed of Inquisitors and Space Marine Captains. More than one Inquisitorial outpost has fallen silent over the years, its captives going missing, after a mysterious and devastating raid by unknown assailants.

>> No.77845276

They announce the Win Your Basket winners yet?

>> No.77845281

nah, firstborn are homies

>> No.77845292

Yeah, you won. Check your mail.

>> No.77845293

Marines being 50% winrate does in fact conflate them being pooled into one faction, which yes, does lend to mirror matches more often as they are insanely popular. However, when looking at them by a sub-faction basis, there are clear factions that perform better than others, and some that are just underwhelming.

>> No.77845325

Clowns should be able to be souped into any army that isn't chaos, nids, or necron.

Change my mind.

>> No.77845329

>Let's try some word association
>First word: basedfood

>> No.77845330

>Desperately want to start a Vostroyan army
>Can't deal with an army composed of the same 7 monopose figures
GW would get a $1k buy in into Guard from me if they just released new Vostroyan models.

>> No.77845336

When the eldar refresh actually doesn’t help their popularity how will elf fags cope?

>> No.77845339

For me it's similar, except I also get a lot of random DMs from younger guys, especially "straight" ones.

(Side note: the other day I learned that there's three of us in this thread. I play EC, and the other two play Eldar and Dark Eldar, which is...really stereotypical actually.)

Weirdly, I also get a lot of DMs from self proclaimed "LGBT allies," who keep trying to tell me I'm a cracked egg or whatever. They usually block me when I explain that I'm happy as a dude and just kinda look like this rather than actually wanting to be a woman.

>> No.77845344

The truth is there are no 'winners'. It was a big project to see what the most popular items were and what ranges to improve or squat.

>> No.77845364

Harlequins need more models.

>> No.77845369

send feet pics and i want to breed you

>> No.77845370

They will blame the new sculpts lacking soul. Like how the few Death Guard anons seethe over that refresh.

>> No.77845398

Why Humanity didn't invest in clones instead of counting on the r*bots

>> No.77845405

it honestly better that some gopnik in the federation got my money

>> No.77845408

Real talk will eldarfags complain if the updates are not to their liking?

>> No.77845414

>(Side note: the other day I learned that there's three of us in this thread. I play EC, and the other two play Eldar and Dark Eldar, which is...really stereotypical actually.)

I play EC too. i've posted my models before but usually in aussie shitposting hours (early morning for me) since that seems to gather the most brutally honest painting critiques.

>Weirdly, I also get a lot of DMs from self proclaimed "LGBT allies," who keep trying to tell me I'm a cracked egg or whatever. They usually block me when I explain that I'm happy as a dude and just kinda look like this rather than actually wanting to be a woman.


>> No.77845416

the aeldari range has the most unique models gw has to offer
they won't abandon them

>> No.77845431

How do you think Jaghatai's throat singing would sound?

>> No.77845444


I say they are both hideous vagina dentata monsters and that they are beauties that love human men

>> No.77845445

Bassy and hardcore. Imagine the vocal cords on that dude

>> No.77845453

anyone will complain about updates that aren't to their liking

>> No.77845458

I will

>> No.77845462

The people who complained about the Death Guard, Necron, and Chaos Space Marine refreshes are just turbo grogs who dont paint models. No one cares about what this minority says and if GW listened to them we would still get shit like Centurions.

>> No.77845472

EC in my experience has the highest numbers of homos (which is fine) and leftists (who I find really annoying because they always make everything political)

>> No.77845504

This. GWs recent range updates have been phenomenal. The necron line in particular is just unreal.

>> No.77845528

The CSM update was phenomenal. Some of the best sculpts GW's put out in years.

>> No.77845531

Clones have messed up souls and are super unlucky.

>> No.77845534

If anyone has not seen the Silent King model painted in person is missing out.

>> No.77845541

Based proud twink

>> No.77845559

Eldar (Craftworlds) are extremely based and redpilled.

>> No.77845560

I still hate the term "Nu nurgle" and the only complaints I see for necrons are


>> No.77845563

I will say that I dislike the huge emphasis on demonkin stuff, but the models themselves all look really cool. (They should have some Heresy shoulders tho since those are supposed to be associated with the traitor legions).

>> No.77845570

Emperor is probably like 160cm or something like this

>> No.77845605

I wouldn't mind having a few more pauldrons and helms for them in general. I don't like GW moving away from the MkVII classic frown helmets on marines.

>> No.77845610

>I dislike the huge emphasis on demonkin stuff, but the models themselves all look really cool.

strange I'm the complete opposite. I really like daemonkin and the MoP but I hate the new obliterators with a burning passion

>> No.77845645

The Oblits are the only really bad sculpt from that update. Everything else was good to great but god they dropped the ball hard on Oblits. Whichever sculptor at GW has a thing for toes needs to be fired.

>> No.77845684

>> No.77845730

So we have taste enjoy the soulless new eldar and $60 IG infantry boxes

>> No.77845763

jeez you already posted this bait a fiew hours ago
don't you feel tired? don't you have any shame loosing you time trying to annoy strangers on internet? have you ever re-evaluated your purpose in life?
legit curious about what's going though that mid of yours

>> No.77845769

played my first game of 9th today

>> No.77845795

Just don't reply. Report and ignore. Bait doesn't deserve a response.

How'd it go?

>> No.77845799

I have just learned that Battle Sisters wear gambesons under their armour, and I think that is very cool. They're like knights!

Bloody Rose Sisters even have red ones.

>> No.77845816

the oblits are honestly fine except for the flesh garbage, no clue what GW was thinking

>> No.77845840

>Just don't reply. Report and ignore. Bait doesn't deserve a response
i know, but at that point i'm legit curious, for real, most likely won't have an answer but ama still try

>> No.77845868

I got a couple 'problems" with the CSM models, but my issues arr just nitpicky opinion shit, overall they look good.

>> No.77845870

It's cool for word bearers and stuff but I prefer my Astartes to be just really evil dudes.

Like, the Emperor's Children don't *need* to summon a unit of daemonettes to rape everything in sight.

IMO, the Demonkin stuff is lame because it is meant to promote way more synergy between demons and CSM, where I think more renegade-styled, "going their own way" mono CSM are way cooler.

>> No.77845904

>How'd it go?
not that guy but my first 9e game was against custodes, with a guy just trying them, i played DG, got unlucky on crawler shots, just killed one bike and got wiped out, he apologised after it
before that didn't played since the 4th ed

>> No.77845930


>> No.77845931

The fleshy stuff is a big part of why I dislike the semonkin aesthetic. That, and the emphasis on diabolical stuff like the Master of Possession, when I like "Veterans of the long war" way more as an angle than "marines but with demon buddies."

I like the idea that my marines have been trapped in the warp for 10k years, only ever escaping their torment just long enough to pillage some hapless Imperial, knowing naught but hate and debauchery as they bring ruin to worlds.

Vs "yeah I'm a normal dude but look! I have demons like pokeballs!" (Except Saqquara, he's cool).

>> No.77845958

Go be pinned somewhere else lest you wanna call your stepbro, this is a Chaos thread.

>> No.77845960

Pretty well, my overlord whiffed his tachyon

>> No.77845964

Post an SFW pic, then. It'll be good enough for some.
It sounds like its working out for you and I really want to see how far off I am, so I'd appreciate it a lot actually.

>> No.77845982


>> No.77845985

Got started on the base coat for this judiciar for my blood ravens. What chapter should I do the helmet in the base? I'm thinking space wolves lol gotta avenge our primarch

>> No.77845988

What does the inside of Necron machines look like on the inside?

I'm working on a necron wreck and will try to cut the model up and realized I have no idea what it's insides would look like.

>> No.77845989

Imagine being a high ranking member of the Ultramarine without having your own book(s).

>> No.77845990

>hmmm, it looks like the most expensive models are the most popular...

>> No.77845991

Actually they did, but that was because of game mechanics. I think it was in Soulstorm mainly that Fleet of Foot was horribly broken and made Eldar incredibly annoying to face in multiplayer.

>> No.77846001


>> No.77846010

is this you?

>> No.77846013

Are you larping as that Narsissyus guy I jerked off to two hours ago?

>> No.77846016

We could have saved the Eldar together, anon!

If only you bought me...

>> No.77846030

Wires and prob a power core or something. Largely hollow though, as most of them is made of living metal. Check the second Fabius Bile book for actual descriptions

>> No.77846032

Personally I don't care about them being popular, I just want new sculpts for myself. If anything I like being a hipster with a rare army. I'd hate for them to turn into Space Marines: Elf Edition with everyone playing them

>> No.77846048

You will never be a woman

>> No.77846055

I haven't played since lockdowns initially started. With the leadership check and overwatch changes for 9th, Mordians are screwed over completely at the moment. If I were to get a game in, which rules should I use?

>> No.77846056

If they'd tossed in some dire avengers or jetbikes or something I might have thought more seriously about it

>> No.77846075

>Like, the Emperor's Children don't *need* to summon a unit of daemonettes to rape everything in sight.

they don't *need* to earrape people to death or wear flayed human skin as designer menswear.

They are literally about excess

>> No.77846095

Not gonna lie, I was trying to get knights for free just so I could sell them.

>> No.77846118

I didn't buy because there were no Harlies.

>> No.77846124

traps are better at being feminine than women are so

>> No.77846147

>It is I. Chado Sicarius.

>> No.77846163

>> No.77846169

>filled my cart with tau vehicles and AoS giants
i'm doing my part

>> No.77846197

The entire planet of kreig has less humanity than the average dumpster fire Anon, they’re not a good example.
That said, some regiments have camaraderie, some don’t. The Tanith First and Only would probably suit your fancy if you’re looking for those that do.

>> No.77846206

exactly. They don't give a shit about demons, they'd rather take all the fun for themselves

>> No.77846223

Because someone made a cool design that they wanted to put to use
That’d be dumb.

>> No.77846229 [SPOILER] 

Yes actually, although I've since moved out of that place and gotten an actual desk for my hobby shit, so it looks less trashy. (Also impossible whoppers suck and I just bought it for the meme.)

Here homo.

>> No.77846230

These guys are the biggest GW shills. I even saw other shills finally admit that the pariah nexus and indomitus characters are overpriced but not these guys, instead they wave the box in front of the camera and then say how heavy it is. Fuck them, literally any one else is less of a shill than these guys.

>> No.77846235

Thousand Sons got fucked with their model update. They should have been given way more units. Idk why they decided to give all of their support to Death Guard, peanuts to Thousand Sons, and FUCKING NOTHING to World Eaters and Emperors Children

>> No.77846246

just finished these bad boys

>> No.77846258

Nah, that seems fine.

>> No.77846270

Holy fuck it looks like an ARK Survival group. Very kek.

>> No.77846271

GW loves plague marines because they need to appeal to the pozzed market.

EC is the most based Chaos legion and yet somehow noise marines are the only cult unit not even in kill team

>> No.77846279

I like several flavors of eldar

>> No.77846332

The chaos gods are transdual to the concept of being gendered and ungendered

>> No.77846352

Fuck off nigger, Eldar are kino

>> No.77846378

Have your tanks kill the enemy before they can get to your guardsman

>> No.77846408

I think GW is saving those releases for a rainy day. Theyre gonna hold off as long as possible until they start seeing a drop in their share prices, and then they're gonna drip-feed those releases to bump it back up.

>> No.77846410

Fine then, I'll just go and fucking hang myself, shall I?

>> No.77846431

I prefer to call Slaanesh all the pronouns, and interchange them in the same text when referring to him. She's all genders and none of them at the same time so it makes sense of it. Tzeentch on the other hand has no gender. Tzeentch is Tzeentch

>> No.77846436

Maybe. That one plastic noisy boi was fucking kino, and is the sole reason I play Emperor's Children now

>> No.77846459

Slaanesh is whatever gender you desire.

Eldar are all lesbians so they call it "she who thirsts," and the Emperor's Children are all raging homos so he's the perfect prince to them.

>> No.77846461

GI Joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.77846462

Thanks fag.

>> No.77846497

No problem UwU

>> No.77846499

Looking crisp. Love the freehand on everything.

>> No.77846520

More like OSI

>> No.77846526

Bigger vocal cords mean lower voice tone. So he will produce a majestic sound, yes

>> No.77846531

>> No.77846556

how about primaris eldar?

>> No.77846569

>clear bases

>> No.77846595

Would it make sense for a Cadian regiment to have blinged out armor?

>> No.77846621

Only if they're black.

>> No.77846634

>it sold out
Oh no no no no

>> No.77846648

I just mean gold trimmed armor. I’d like my guys to look spiffy.

>> No.77846651


>> No.77846666

Anything can happen basically. They might be a group of Cadians celebrating a Triumph by marching in ceremonial parade armor when the world suddenly comes under assault. They might have an accolade awarded to their regiment by the High Lords for some fancy shit that they all bear even on their combat armor (such as a gold chord over their shoulder).

They're /yourdudes/, anon.

>> No.77846671

If that fact suprised you then you automatically qualify for tism bucks

>> No.77846679

Why didn’t GW release this design again?

>> No.77846681

Scalpers gonna do what scalpers do

>> No.77846690

Who the fuck doesn't get government subsidies for their plastic crack?

>> No.77846691

Oink Oink...

>> No.77846706

I just want to make them as lore friendly as possible.

>> No.77846720

same reason skaven rat ogres look like shit

>> No.77846726


No, winners will be contacted on March 8th.

>> No.77846749

Go for it. There's plenty of examples of fluffy regiments with lots of bling.

And if you're worried about them not seeming cadian enough there's no reason you can't just make up a regiment

>> No.77846751

Tau to BS3+ across the board, CSM to 2 wounds with an appropriate points increase.

>> No.77846764

How much was the original Black Reach?

>> No.77846772

Don't need nor want to be, I'm way more happy as just a feminine looking guy.

No need to dilate if you're happy with a dick.

>> No.77846774

>imperium space marine
>"this machine kills fascists"

>> No.77846790

in what currency and with or without inflation

>> No.77846792

My first model of all time baby!

>> No.77846797

>How to damage your brand in one video

>> No.77846801

A lazily made kill team expansion that was made for 40k players who want heavy intercessors which you can't get anywhere else sold out?
No way.

>> No.77846812

Lumineth Realm Lords?

>> No.77846826

Looking good for a first model.

>> No.77846843


Who’s the artist responsible for this work?

>> No.77846873

I mean they kinda do suck as well let’s be real here. Like in Fall of Malvolion, which was presented as a “heroic last stand that allowed people to evacuate from the Tyranid menace” was in actuality a complete massacre that saw the last deployed Lamenter be killed within 30 minutes of deploying.

>> No.77846884

>GW timegates models to push a shit game
It's never going to stop is it?

>> No.77846896

kill team is pretty fun

>> No.77846909

>> No.77846923

Yeah but at this rate the next KT box will be 2 characters and a wall for 200+

>> No.77846926

9th, its the new thing and youll have to play it sooner or later

>> No.77846948

Wow thats a lot of jetbike spam. fuck you!

>> No.77846953


>> No.77846981

KT isn't shit. The box is just shit.

>> No.77846990

They're not even trying to push it. The teams are horribly imbalanced, the terrain is lazy and boring and the Space Marines got stronger while the Necrons got shittier.
All this box is is an expensive paywall from which 40k players can get heavy intercessors and flayed ones.
Kill Team is effectively dead.

>> No.77846993

Built in battle damage is anti hobby, especially for a robots that consist of nano alloys.
The new death guard are lacking in decay and look more cartoonish than the older more grounded models.
CSM was already talked about.
These are all valid criticisms, but I would weigh the necron one heavier since making battle damage is easier than fixing it.

>> No.77846997

reminder that chads exclusively play necron

>> No.77846999

Imagine being this wrong.

>> No.77847007

good job man
looks much much better than my first

>> No.77847034


Its not going to be guard, at least not a unit. If it is guard, it'll be a character

>> No.77847117

Eldar bro here, based replies

>> No.77847123

If vintrillan nobles can exist, i don't see why not.

>> No.77847158

>jetbike spam
nice paiintjob, I hate the army so much.

>> No.77847161

Yeah its most likely Guard, they've been showing what new Catachans might look like with their new characters so I think GW is gearing up to update Catachans at least. So thats either new command squad OR maybe each Infantry squad can get a medic like the SM Infiltrators, that would be dope.

>> No.77847196

We learned earlier this thread that at least 2 of you are trannies and the rest are probably just regular fags. In my country we would wrap you in tires and light you on fire.

>> No.77847201

I've just about filled out my 2000 point guard army and have been considering starting Necrons and Space marines. Gonna grab a recruit and elite edition box

Is there any point getting the command edition one, the only thing it really seems to add is some terrain.

>> No.77847212

good to know you are a nigger from africa

>> No.77847220

new necron look is much better imo

>> No.77847239

the cadian models aren't as bad as the catachan ones so yeah they seem more likely, maybe a new vehicle or two that can be used with both.

>> No.77847245

just played dawn of war 2
wraithlords look so good and alien in that game

>> No.77847246

based and necronpilled

>> No.77847253

If geedubs make noise marines that look like this I am paypigging out instantly

>> No.77847255

>he does not like feminine bois and gurls
What army do you play?

>> No.77847257

nah the helix symbol is one used exclusively for marines, blade guard apothecary

>> No.77847258

Anon 90% of gays/trannies into Warhammer play Slaanesh shit, aka Eldar's arch enemy. Also you're a fag

>> No.77847262

I know I might sound like a heathen but I liked the green plastic look. If only it wasn't such a pain to use.

>> No.77847271

Cringe. Also your metal looks kinda messy.

>> No.77847289

>Wraithlord dies

>> No.77847291

Eldar are the best when looking Alien and Different from us

>> No.77847296

Do you live in Africa?

>> No.77847301

I sont really see a marine unit carrying that kind of bag though apothecary shit is usually built into their armor.

>> No.77847314

It's on an EtB spruce with parts of other ork stuff

>> No.77847316

thats a cool as fuck helmet

>> No.77847324

DoW 3 Eldar unironically look great, especially Wriathlords and even Wraith knights, which is a model I hate irl

>> No.77847328

i can appreciate this opinion, but the other anon's "armor detail is bad" argument is trash

>> No.77847334

I kind of like an in-between approach, that maybe the reason eldar disdain humans so much is that we're more like them that all the other races and they see our fall coming.

>> No.77847337

its base decoration he'll still have the gauntlet and backpack-mounted shit

>> No.77847359

no one really shat on DoW 3 visually iirc

>> No.77847376

some Eldar stuff has a HR GIGER vibe, that helmet is like the space jockey's.
Wriathlord have wierd organic looking growths despite being not alive, long slender body parts that go into one another

>> No.77847379

They look good yeah, not a fan of the battle damage though.
Also liked the green rods
>armor detail is bad
wrong its built in damage. Not armour detail.
It adds unwanted character, as in your necron army has been damaged by whatever and couldnt be repaired. Eventhough /yourdudes/ migh have the resources to do so.

>> No.77847387

Yeah that on neurons atleast is a bad argument but it can go a bit far on some models, I'm not really a fan of some of the primaris vehicles because of how cluttered they are.

>> No.77847397

? I think they did, it was a massive debate in the vidya side, marines too thin, graphics too shiny etc

>> No.77847403

Why was DoW 3 a victim of MOBA chasing...

>> No.77847404


the noise champion kit does come with a "noot snoot" style body horror head

>> No.77847408

Dow3 was different, but the worst part was not the moba shit, but the fact that Relic bitched out as soon as they saw it went wrong. More races could have saved it

>> No.77847414

Honestly Guard doesnt need that many units to have a full line so they could easily update both Catachan and Cadians, all they need is a Command Squad, a Heavy Weapons squad and an Infantry squad with enough weapons for a Veteran squad for both lines it'd be 6 boxes which is a bit less than what other line updates have gotten so you can throw in maybe a new infantry unit or a new tank and you'd have the whole line updated.

>> No.77847426

I think I'm pretty firmly in between you guys on this, I like the damage as an option, but having to have it kind of sucks.

>> No.77847437

I never played it but the gameplay loop looked appealing to me

>> No.77847438

40k is dead and we can thank marinefags for it

>> No.77847441


>> No.77847449

Old necron look was far too clean and uniform for their fluff.

Space horror fits their aesthetic much better.

If you don't like the armor detail, kitbash the parts. Dont be a hobbylet

>> No.77847469

Lone extra Chaos Spawn are great, no joke. Whenever I pack one it reliably makes its points back, a big mob of them attracts fire but a single Spawn can just wander about biting things.

>> No.77847477

Marine proportions were off, but visually it was great.

>> No.77847480

Id say more that 40k is on a cliff, if marines get what lumineth got in their wave 2 then yes its dead. If some other faction gets a big push and marines at best get a new named character or LE lad then we are fine

>> No.77847485

Their fluff is that they have self repair features... so...

>> No.77847496

Yes? That's his argument.

>> No.77847502

I'm glad that Necronsbare getting some attention atleast after so long of just Marines both regular and Chaos.

>> No.77847509

thats only if they have enough necrodermis

>> No.77847512

The entire lore is self repair and survive a long ass time without maintenance.
If anything bungie's Forerunners could be something for necrons.

>> No.77847521

this new "wave" of marines has had more units than some entire armies.
How many of the new marine shit has never really been played with? the portable bunker? the big ass turrets?
They could lead to some really nice fluffy lists but no marine fag wants them because they arent S tier. its a shame.

They could have made those things for armies that need new stuff and gaps filled.

>> No.77847528

Has there ever been an official librarian on bike or techmarine on bike model?
Working on a scars full bike force. Even though most of my stuff has gone to legends I'm still trying to collect one of each of the bike characters and units. Have only been able to track down chaplain and apothecary bikers.

>> No.77847546

If Deldar SoB or Ademch dont get more than anyone did in PA then we can only hope and pray that guard or orks will get something

Chaos is getting belakor and presumably the multipart new oblit/muta kit

>> No.77847560

It already went off a cliff. The marine wave had had more releases than entire armies have had in their entire existence.

>> No.77847564

I wish Slaanesh marines focused on perfection instead of sensation. Noise marines are stupid.

>> No.77847570

Immersion breaking and gay

>> No.77847573

its because primaris is just a replacement for manlets even though manlets got updated assault squads and devastators in 2015.

>> No.77847574

> Dont be a hobbylet
>needs built in armour damage
Im starting to think you dont own any models.
Yeah which most have and isnts GW call.
Imperial factions dont get built in damage so why should necrons?

>> No.77847591

It wasn't that bad. It plays a little different to DoW2, a bit more like 1, with mobs. Yeah the elites being essentially heroes makes the gane way different, but one can get used to it. It's the lack of factions. 3 factions, no matter the elite choices is going to feel like shit.

>> No.77847599

>The entire lore is self repair and survive a long ass time without maintenance.
I don't know how this makes your argument. This argues against a pristine look. Warriors should look battle-scarred and have evidence of years of self repair.

>> No.77847600

Prometheans are necrons
>flood is a cancer
>to avoid cancer you codefy yourself and digitally upload yourself to mechanical body
>put to sleep en masse for when the shit stuff is over
>over the milenea your code gets glitched and you became insane
>you hate non digital life
>you chill on your planet until someone comes and wakes you up, then you attack them for being so rude

>> No.77847610

The turret could be an IG, Admech or GSC.
The bunker could have been a Knight thing or general Imperium crap.
Fucking ambots could be sold to anyone as mercenaries and they still do not do it

>> No.77847613

>Imperial factions dont get built in damage so why should necrons?
Because their entire theme is self-repair. How dense are you?

>> No.77847635

ambots would be sick for GSC

>> No.77847636

I'm saying they should have a pristine look. They are old ancient self repairing evil space robots.

>> No.77847642

You're a hobbylet because a few cables and head options on one unit scare you.

>> No.77847647

if your unit has a heavy weapon, their weapon skill should be -1 proof me wrong.
No reason why marines with big heavy bolters they even struggle to lift should be just as capable in melee

>> No.77847661

That doesn't follow. Especially on warriors which don't have necrodermis

>> No.77847666

they could just drop the weapon and deck you

>> No.77847676

Nah, objectively speaking no battle damage is peak hobby chad as you can make your own damage and make each model unique.
When everyone has moulded in damage it just a shit model.

>> No.77847694

okay satan. I wouldnt mind it being a rule, like instead of overwatch they can drop their weapons, just think their should be a penalty instead of everything being masters of everything

>> No.77847698

The battle damage is optional. Its only on some torso and head options on the warriors.

You're just wrong.

>> No.77847702

>necrons warrior still can repair themselve

>> No.77847731

Sure thing anon sure thing

>> No.77847751

Would this be a fine enough key word?
>Units with the <chaff> keyword do not prevent other friendly units firing into enemy units they are in engagement range with. However, hit rolls of 1 from the friendly firing units counts as a hit to the <chaff> unit. Wound rolls are performed the same.

>> No.77847755

And legs.

>> No.77847756

>the fact that 1 kit has optional battle damage ruins the new range for me
peak autism

>> No.77847772

>expecting orks before 2021 at the earliest
We will get the ork codex and be strong for 2 months, then space marines will get their refresher codex to fix the codex creep from being one of the first codices of the edition.

>> No.77847779

this is 4chan what do you expect, back when superheavies came out people said it ruined their army

>> No.77847784

I flirted with the GW manager quite lewdly and he gave me a white dwarf and some "out dated" paint pots

>> No.77847802

when 9th has all its codices, gw better take an entire year atleast without making new ones, and just do balance shit.
Make 9th THE warhammer edition for a long while

>> No.77847806

>>the fact that 1 kit has optional battle damage that isnt optional ruins the new range for me

>> No.77847825

it is optional, and you're still autistic

>> No.77847834

people were saying pre PA that 8th was the forever edition

>> No.77847845

It forms a presedent and it should be rejected

>> No.77847853

>you can convert monopose primaris
I think you are all right

>> No.77847856

Its more than one kit, and some arent optional at all.
Post models and we'll see how good you are because you sound like a hobbylet if not a secondary.

>> No.77847857


Fucking lol, I sincerely wish they would but new books are too big a part of their margin now, we'll see 10th by 2024 probably.

>> No.77847858

not him but doesn't the indomitus box come with extra head and torso options?

>> No.77847867

Nah, they're gonna get all the codices out over a period of 2-3 years, then do a big supplement event or two to mini-buff everyone who lagged behind/needs the sales and then bring in 10e to do it all over again.

>> No.77847869

>open DP box my bf bought me
>get hit with reminders of when chaos had more interesting rules

Also what kind of base fits a slaaneshi DP? Luxuriant marble for sure but what else could I add?


Lmao just play 30k you fag.

If extreme sensuality and the quest for perfection aren't hand in hand then you aren't thinking Slaanesh enough. I proscribe decadent french literature

>> No.77847876

Ive heard the opposite.

>> No.77847880

>warriors dont have necrodermis
uh, what? the entirety of the necron race are made out of necrodermis, that's what it's called that

>> No.77847882

It is not anon. You cant assemble the kit without at least one damage.
Paypigs would not understand this. They are too busy squeeling

>> No.77847884

Your mongoloid IQ takes should be rejected

>> No.77847895

Sque-Squuuuuuuueeeeeall ooooink ooooink *squee squee* grunt grunt It's good if you play any of the armies PLUS you can sell the terrain on ebay squoooooo squee squeeeeeee oink oinkkkkkkk uooohhhhhhhh weee weeeeee UOH UOoooOoOOOOHHH If you doin like it don't b-buy it (buy it but it) o oooooo oOOOOOooooooOoooOoo aAaaaAAA aaaaaaaaaa aaaaAaAa aaa aa uoohhhh uhoooo *grunt grunt* Marines erotic! Gravis belly and chest !!!! Erotic!!! oooo ooooaaaaaaooaooo !!!!!

>> No.77847898

>pic related the optional battle damage my self repairing robots have

>> No.77847907

He is confusing the rules with the lore.

>> No.77847914

Warriors in the fluff are specifically called out for having shit tier bodies.

>> No.77847927

No because the whole new necron range has built-in battle damage. Shit like dents that dont even make sense or inches thick metal plating.

>> No.77847933

Destroyers are kinda nutty to be fair.

>> No.77847935

>t4 3+ save
I hate the new mediocre

>> No.77847936

It is not optional anon. Have you seen the actual kit? Is not just warriors the fucking crab necrons also have random bullet holes

>> No.77847939

>i want necron to have eldar aesthetic
They look great. Stop being a faggot

>> No.77847946

>1 kit
Would have expected you to at least be able to use google, secondary

>> No.77847965


From where? Why would they be going so deep on campaign/expansion books like Vigilus and PA, or the new format for unique SM chapter books if it was losing them money?

>> No.77847976 [DELETED] 

this is what chaos space marines sound like

>> No.77847991

Speaking of which, being in a Destroyer cult would be comfy. Wouldn't need to worry about Dynasty structure, just go around killing shit with your lord backing you up.

>> No.77847992


>> No.77847993

Just saying paypig doesn't make you right
So? the new range looks infinitely better than the old. Space horror fits them much better

>> No.77848003

>being beaten to shit is what sets it appart from eldar
Dont reply to me again you blindfuck
This is just copium, every new kit has battle damage

>> No.77848006

In general, ive heard that models make most of their money and that rules are to make people buy models

>> No.77848010

>now not having damage makes you eldar
I sure love those Eldar looking Guardsmen!

>> No.77848023

warriors are 4+ save and yes, T4 +4 is shit stats for something made of metal

>> No.77848027

Seething tastelet.

>> No.77848028

I was interjecting into the conversation saying that Destroyers are not normal.
Battle damage for everything else is kinda weird but whatever, it fits my custom dynasty.

>> No.77848038

>new range
>ignores that other necron models without the dumb battle damage
Paypigs are dumb as fucks

>> No.77848046

Damage looks cool lad, simple as.

>> No.77848049

Destroyers are put in quarantine by necron overlords

>> No.77848051

The Hobbylet Dynasty?

>> No.77848059

They used to be 3+

>> No.77848067

>the new range looks infinitely better than the old
You dont own any models so your opinion is worthless.
I'll decide how I want me necrons to look, and built in damage isnt part of it. If you had any practical skill you'd know that having too much is easier to work with than too little. The new range is objectivly anti-hobby. You fail to understand that this hasnt to do with the design on itself, which I think is fine.

>> No.77848074

Spawn are great and super underrated. No one wants to be in engagement range of one, which makes them a good, cheap distraction unit. They're even better with the Death Guard stratagem upgrade.

>> No.77848075

Your only two examples are Destroyers and Warriors, which in the fluff are frontline bruisers.

Stop repeating paypig like some dumb faggot for having shit taste.

>> No.77848078

>mfw still no square enix star wars game

>> No.77848085


>> No.77848089

No, one that is still trying to experiment with Living Metal but end up fucking over their basic structure. It's an excuse for me to kitbash to have Immortals with Praetorian backs and Deathmark heads.

Exactly, they aren't the normal so I don't mind that they don't have pristine armour like others.

>> No.77848090

Damage can look cool
an army full of the same damaged pieces because the factory did it for you rather than you is cringe

>> No.77848094

I think it might be for an Inquisitorial retinue kit. There are a lot of rumour engines suggesting something like that.

>> No.77848104

Paypig still does not understand that is not the design but the battle damage.
True hobby chads will do their damage and weathering. Having it by default is just pure hobbylet

>> No.77848105

I have 8k in necrons. Sorry you're a hobbylet.

>> No.77848110

coolest looking army?

>> No.77848120

>our only two examples are Destroyers and Warriors, which in the fluff are frontline bruisers.
youre gonna keep calling everything frontlines anyway.
you've outed yourself as someone not owning any models

>> No.77848125


>> No.77848141

Post models with timestamp rtard.

>> No.77848146

>stop liking things i dont like

>> No.77848166

Not him but what battle damage is on that model? it looks great.

>> No.77848170

Please recommend a starting point for said literature.

>> No.77848173

Admech or GSC

>> No.77848175

There was one in rogue trader. One a bike 100%, because I owned one, not sure if there was a jetbike one too, there was an apothecary which I wanted, but never bought.

>> No.77848176

I still like the retro, rock style ones best. A blend of the manic, guitar shit and the Hellraiser-esque bodyhorror of the art (like pic related) would be ideal for me.

More power armor crop tops too, because just one (the noise marine) is too few.

(Hot take: Vampire Counts are the EC of AoS. Complete degenerates who think they're noble and eccentric)

>> No.77848184


>> No.77848193

I flirted with the LGS owner and he gave me 2 cans of chaos black

>> No.77848196

No one is saying you cant like battle damage. Sane people are just saying having it by default is cringe and hobbylet

>> No.77848197

I'm not a tranny just a guy who kinda looks like a girl. Haven't bought into the globohomo

>> No.77848199

>Not him but what battle damage is on that model?
Youre blind, not only that you fail to grasp that battle damage and the model are two seperate things.

>> No.77848203

Eldar, Guard, Nids

>> No.77848209

I like battle damage but making it part if the model is dumb, oh look at all thes guys damaged the exact same way.

Sure it looks good one off but then it starts to suck.
Its a general issue I'm seeing a lot with gw lately all the monopose models meaning you can't have multiple with out it looking weird.

>> No.77848210

I am not the battle damage dude, but I agree with him. 40kg has an autistic issue of keeping on replying after the argument has been done.
Dude likes his Necrons to be clean, since they are ultra durable and his fluff probably has them be near invincible metal dudes.
And it is easier to ADD damage to a mini than to take away sculpted damage.

>> No.77848212

>Not him but what battle damage is on that model?
The armor is covered in dents and chunks are missing from it what do you mean

>> No.77848215

And the rest play eldar if /tg/ is any indication

>> No.77848216

By sane people you mean weird autists. The response to the new necron range has been overwhelming positive.

>> No.77848226

Finally a non hobbylet.

>> No.77848231

Knights are cool as fuck.

>> No.77848235


Every single model in the new Necron wave bare minimum has all sorts of little dents and nicks in the armor. You can see them all over in that pic. The intention is clearly to get a little more of the old repulsive, "undead" sort of horror aesthetic into the range by using the damage to make them look decrepit and "rotting" (personally I think it works quite well) but it sets this guy off apparently.

>> No.77848242

Yeah no shit having a full range refresh and new models would make anyone happy, doesn't mean people like that aspect of the models retard

>> No.77848243

I have no idea what to paint my necrons.
Post necrons

>> No.77848246

>source trust me

>> No.77848251

Are dents on armor plating really causing you to go into an autistic spiral? The model looks fantastic.

>> No.77848259

I like the battledamage because I already have my range of clean necrons. I use the battle damaged parts to kitbash onto my other armies (All my CSM HQ's for example is collecting skulls from different factions).

>> No.77848261

>The response to the new necron range has been overwhelming positive.

>> No.77848277

not the guy who's been arguing but yeah if someone wants to play a necron dynasty that managed to keep things working pretty well and in good repair they should be able to.

Most probably don't but thats no reason to limit options.

>> No.77848292

>"I don't like this"
>stop going into an autistic spiral!

>> No.77848293

Yeah and so has the response to funko pops been, or the new kill team. People, especially hobbylets, have shit taste. Thats nothing new. Most people cant even properly paint their models but still do so.
The question is wether built-in damage was a good call or not. The models themselves, that is devoid of battle damage look good. The effort to remove that battle damage is far far more than to add it however.
That is a big gripe to have and not very hobby friendly.
Other people have also pointed out the problem of having multiple units with the exact same damage.

>> No.77848294

contrarian faggot please go

>> No.77848301

Nice. I just found a Red Scorpions honor guard head in my bits bin that an aspie champ will have as a trophy

>> No.77848308

You've made 12 replies to someone about dents in models. You're autistic.

>> No.77848309

How does anon paint his battle damage?

>> No.77848310

You could do worse than searching through these citadel mini catalogues anon


>> No.77848311

oh cool so you get to have your army meaning it doesn't matter that everyone else is forced into something.

>Gw stops producing infantry and makes shit tonnes of vehicles.
>"I like it I had all my infantry and now I get these new things"

>> No.77848321

>I can't read but must try anyway.

>> No.77848323

Face plates porcelain with an accent color of your choice.

>> No.77848325

are you a bootlicker in all aspects of life? Imagine not having a nuanced and personal opinion on things.

>> No.77848331

>Being this ass blasted one guy doesn't like one aspect of some new models.

>> No.77848333

>the autistic thinks its just one guy

>> No.77848336

Yeah, deal with it faggot.
If you haven't gotten 3 full armies by now then you are probably underage or a secondary.

>> No.77848341

The "negative" of built-in damage is easily fixed with 2 seconds of greenstuff.

The new space horror look for necrons easily outweighs it.

>> No.77848349

Its not one person arguing schizo freak

>> No.77848350

not him, but check timecodes, atleast 3 people agree with him and at best 2 of you

>> No.77848351


Against Nature by Joris Karl Huysmans is the perfect starting point

other than that I would recommend (without getting into getting into an autistic discussion of what is decadent, what is aesthete and what is symbolist)

>baudelaire (not just his poems. also read his commentary on Confessions of An English Opium Eater)
>rimbaud (I would also rec graham robb's biography of Rimbaud since it lays out the literary landscape of Paris just after the commune very well)
>other Circle Zutiste or Parnassian figures

also not French Oscar Wilde's essay's The Decay of Lying and The Critic as Artist tread similar ground

>> No.77848352

Calling anyone autistic when you're being a schitzo is wierd

>> No.77848357

you morons arguing with him are just as fucking autistic . He doesn't like one thing, so fucking what.

>> No.77848366

>The "negative" of built-in damage is easily fixed with 2 seconds of greenstuff.
No its not.

But the opposite IS true, adding battle damage is quick and easy, making your models unique.

>> No.77848367

jesus it must hurt an ego to be btfo by literally everyone itt so bad

>> No.77848371

In the end it is a taste thing. Plus I don't think a whole model ranger can be considered good or bad, unless it is the size of custodes army option.

I like the new overlord, and the big destroyer dudes. But the tri pods are horrible, in my opinion. I assume that people are like that. Some will like the falling apart warriors, and some will not etc.

>> No.77848375

>2 seconds of greenstuff
>entire armour plates and parts missing
Why lie anon.

>> No.77848385

> I like the new Necron range. That means I have to get offended on its behalf when some retard doesn't like one thing about it.

>> No.77848389

>But the opposite IS true, adding battle damage is quick and easy, making your models unique.

>> No.77848396

>The "negative" of built-in damage is easily fixed with 2 seconds of greenstuff.
No its not, even mentioning using greenstuff in fixing dents already shows your hobbylet skill.
Miliput is way easier for it, but its besides the point that some warriors have their whole skull torn apart or are missing other parts. Which either need to be casted or resculpted.
On the other hand you have your hobby knife free to remove any piece at your pleasure without being neat.

>> No.77848406

Indeed. I might like the falling apart look, but even I understand how dumb and anti hobby it is to have it by default
Even the ramshackle orks are not this damaged in their models, not even the newer kits

>> No.77848409

Thanks for agreeing with me :)

>> No.77848411

There's 1 leg with missing plate. Stop lying.

>> No.77848416


I don't feel so good...

>> No.77848432

The autist has a point at least on that part. Its easier than fixing it.

>> No.77848434

>Of course I have the new models. I steal them. Why do you assume I'm a paypig?

>> No.77848435

MTG and WotC should just die in a fire already

>> No.77848437

Count the leg plates on
You have 'tism powers on your side.

>> No.77848439

Way easier than trying to fix missing parts.
It is easier to break something. Hell I have hard time recalling any model company that release an entire range with broken models

>> No.77848442

Based Baudelaire reader.

>> No.77848449

please no

>> No.77848460

I steal models too.

>> No.77848463

Can you stop being a massive faggot. It is obvious at this point you cant built a model in your life

>> No.77848464

What a shit show.

The new range looks great. It's only "anti-hobby" if you're a hobbylet.

I don't know why someone would expect fucking necron warriors to be pristine. It's against the fluff and lore.

>> No.77848485

Go back

>> No.77848488

Can you try and form coherent sentences?

>> No.77848494

>I'm only pretending!
It is just you anon the entire thread has been ass fucking you. Even the guys that like the damage say its dumb to have it by default

>> No.77848499

>It's against the fluff and lore.
Ignoring that pleonasmic wording, don't they literally have self-repairing bodies?

>> No.77848502

Kinda curious, did AoSg have the same discussion when the new skellies dropped?

>> No.77848504


>> No.77848506

Fuck off

>> No.77848509

I guess the battle damage lover is samefagging and false flagging at this point

>> No.77848515

Not that Anon but Warriors have garbage-tier Necrodermis that fails to repair regularly, he's correct on that front. Crypteks and Nobles have the good shit.

>> No.77848520

There was one falseflagger who tried stirring shit because it wasn't WHFB enough. Ironically wfg loved it too.

>> No.77848524

It's not stealing Anon, it's just the free market in action! If GW didnt want me printing miniatures then they should have made their price point more competitive. Because of their decisions I've simply found a competitor that gives better value.

>> No.77848528

The worst quality self repairing body. Also it's not established whether the self repair is just for traumatic damage or scratches.

>> No.77848535

>literally have self-repairing bodies?
They do, and the damage they have wouldnt even fit in with how they're described repairing.
Anyway its just one secondary trolling now.

>> No.77848543

when you guys teach someone the game what mechanics do you ignore early on

obviously stuff like doctrines but what else

>> No.77848545

Reading books like "15 Hours" and "Dead Men Walking" can leave you pretty jaded about Guard life, but books in the Gaunt's Ghosts series paint a completely different picture. In a galaxy so vast, it really does come down the individual culture of each regiment, and the various lords/admirals they are subordinate to

>> No.77848553

Remember GW is fucking retarded
>Make new Terminator Chaplain in plastic
>Sweet they are finaly ditching the finecast one
>Get it while its hot goyim limited time only ;^)
>Take the new Terminator Chaplain and give him a different gun
>maybe this time they will replace the old one
>Buy now limited time lol

>> No.77848560

I usually don't focus on things like Secondary objectives at the start, only when they are comfortable with how their army plays is when I start doing it.

>> No.77848572

oh yeah for sure the first few games are either some form of KOTH or killpoint

>> No.77848573

The battle damage shit is worse but seeing people all with the same posed models placed on the same premade basing terrain is painful to me

>> No.77848578

>Everyone who disagrees with me is samefagging

>> No.77848601

I used a reanimator today and they're pretty fun to use in melee

>> No.77848627

Okay, so I just swiped the 10 Necron Warriors and 3 Scarabs from the Indomitus box for a good price.

I'd like to paint them up in the old 'eldrich horror' style and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a scheme.
I remember there was that anon who used the skull box to replace their heads which was cool but I don't want to copy him.

They'll probably be used mostly as an OPFOR kill team so I'll hardly be making each guy 'individual' but that just makes the paint job all the more important.
> So far thinking of the standard silver scheme but with heavy washes and rust effects applied, perhaps red or blue glow.

If anyone wants to suggest cool conversions that would also be neat.

>> No.77848650

has anyone tried bone colour necrons?

>> No.77848651

Finally got my Pariah today.
How hard is the resin recasting process?

>> No.77848657

Just get someone started with a simple patrol level game, get them used to the order of turns, rolling, and the basic math and movement mechanics. After they have the basics down we start to add in special unit rules, stratagems, etc. Patrol games with basic troops with the same weapons for simplicity are straightforward and are easy to play.

>> No.77848678


>> No.77848698

Stop replying to yourself

>> No.77848702

I've seen some sand ones around, though never bone specifically.

>> No.77848718

Anything I should look out for? It'll be my first time casting.

>> No.77848723

He was replying to me, though

>> No.77848725

Best troops load out for CSM without cultists? I'm tempted with two Patrol detachments instead of a Battalion, with 10 CSM each, but I don't know if -2 CP for -1 troop +1 HQ is worth it.

>> No.77848726

what's the best way to convert epub to pdf? I have pentient and I'd love to share this shit with you fags

>> No.77848727

ngl the original Swooping Hawks are beautiful minis

>> No.77848760

>Best troops load out for CSM without cultists?
8 Bolters, 1 Combi-bolter, 1 Missile Launcher

>> No.77848768

>> No.77848775

at the time they were amazing, I really like that Eldar has a KNIGHT IN ARMOUR look to them, for some reason it seems missed or like people dont pick up on it.
The new firedragons for example, used to look like knights with helms and no look less like that.

>> No.77848792

nvm I just googled it, thought it would be more complicated

>> No.77848796

Everyone loves Nihilakh.

>> No.77848799

I like this, it looks like overgrown bone. Surprised I had never seen it before

>> No.77848805

why does the aspiring champion have an inquisition branded head embedded on his backpack

>> No.77848807

Reminder that GW made current Dark Reapers look bad for no reason

>> No.77848811

That Lord model is so kino
I just wish there were rules for his claw

>> No.77848830

paint them like your favorite bionicle

>> No.77848833

Practice. There is not much secret to it, random YouTube guy will have a video about it, that is good enough to start

>> No.77848836

Buddy cop movie.

>> No.77848845

Always assumed that he cut off some Imperial dude's head and stuck it onto his backpack as a trophy
Also it's kind of weird that his base has a Necron on it when the box he came in was CSM vs Dark Angels

>> No.77848847


>> No.77848851

Eldar deserve restitution for the betrayal of 2006.

>> No.77848853

>> No.77848864

What the fuck were they thinking with the heads on the current ones

>> No.77848874

oh you thought noble knight in shining armour was a Eldar thing? sorry we stole it and gave it to every single space marine

>> No.77848881

He stole it.

>> No.77848906

>> No.77848908

Yea but what about the 1x Battalion vs 2x Patrol detachments thing? With 2x troops with a the double patrol, I'm half tempted to use CSM for my anti-chaff and use a combi bolter or plasma gun on the Champion, and 2 Reaper Chaincannons, with 7 bolters, and putting both units in Rhinos to protect the Obsec. I'm in Black Legion, so full rerolls for CSM is doable close or far away from Abaddon.

>> No.77848917

they did the same with new fire dragons.

>> No.77848933

Oldhammer eldar > 'new' eldar

All are great sculpts though

>> No.77848940

much scarier

>> No.77848945

cause his powerpack is powered by inquisitorial head?

>> No.77848957

I want to make an animated gif of that guy moving back and forth

>> No.77848971

Because he killed an Inquisitor?

>> No.77848978

I don't see why you would want to do 2 patrols

>> No.77848992

Thank you, Here is Swords of Calth

>> No.77849015

did he disassemble his entire power pack and rebuilt it around his head?

>> No.77849033

How do you feel about GW giving faction's aesthetics to generic space marines? Do you mind that they do the same concepts but with much newer and nicer sculpts?

>> No.77849035

that explains why this guy looks so different

>> No.77849048

look at me, I am the ultramarine now.

>> No.77849050

I don't see it.

>> No.77849051

It's not really the same concept. And besides SM have been gothic sci fi knights for a long long time.

>> No.77849054

>GW eventually goes even crazier about marines & only Marines exist
>Space/Primaris Marines
>Chaos Space Marines
>Eldar are forced to create their own Space Marines to survive
>Krork plot magic makes Orks make Krork/Ork Marines
>Tau start copying the Imperium & makes Tau Marines
>Necrons either start copying them or some plot magic reveals a way to make stronger Necrons AKA Necron Marines
>Tyranids, unable to acquire non-Marine DNA, end up becoming far more Marine than they realize
>Old Ones are revealed to be Space Marines the whole time
>the Chaos Gods were wearing Power armor the whole time & start demanding their Daemons wear some
>The C'Tan are revealed to be Space Marines too

>> No.77849079

>Blocks your path

>> No.77849093

I want this to happen, it will make tournaments more balanced.

>> No.77849108

plated knight in armour, marines used to be "power suit soldier" with some chapters having knightly aesthetics.
Knights used to be Eldars thing, dire avengers, fire dragons, swooping hawks all looked like knights put into a sci fi setting, now space marines are that it makes Eldar less unique in 40k

>> No.77849127

This, if everyone is marines then the wr will be perfectly balanced at 50%!

>> No.77849133

Breastplate, collar, more divisions in the plates...

>> No.77849135

>Why would the hyper advanced race that automatically repairs be in good condition?

>> No.77849139


>> No.77849164

new thread >>77849146

page 9 is far enough, right?

>> No.77849165

I think you need a marine doing the "uooooo" reaction to be complete

>> No.77849166

itd be boring if every army vs army was 50% some army comps should be better vs other comps

>> No.77849210

It worked for overwatch

>> No.77849217

CSM troops suck, and CSM HQs are very good. Full Council of Traitors really only lets you bring one big combat monster HQ in a single battalion. With 2x Patrol, you can add a Disco Lord or Daemon Prince, or you can run a half council with a bunch of monster HQs.

>> No.77849241

I want you to know that you posting here has likely given me the push to play Destiny.

>> No.77849258


>> No.77849259

>Why would the hyper advanced race that automatically repairs

>> No.77849274

Where do guard and knights fit into this?

>> No.77849401

Why would you want such a cursed thing?

>> No.77849455

Destiny sucked but that white and gold scheme looks fucking sexy

>> No.77849618

Why are his eyes so crooked?

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