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>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the OFFICIAL format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>How do I proxy cards?

What is the highest power deck in your collection?

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All of my decks are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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RU Niv Artifacts. Need to tweak it a bit to add a few other bits and bobs in.

Also need to stop trying to use combos and amass wincons in all my decks; tone down the competitiveness.

>> No.77835040

Lord Windgrace with partial MLD. Literally can't play it anymore because i don't even have anyone to play with now, and it got a reputation of Jokulhaups and Death Cloud but mostly 'haups

>> No.77835058

Will do some more basic shitscribbles tonight

>> No.77835060

right now it seems my Kiki-Jiki deck, but I haven't gotten a chance to play it outside of my friend group

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>new guy to play group
>all extremely high powered decks
>goes 4 - 0 with our group
>decides to play his low power decks
>draws a hand
>"man this hand sucks"
>repeat x3
>"nevermind this deck sucks"
>goes back to high powered decks and wins 2 more games

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>TQ Marwyn Elfball, pretty much follows the Cedh decklist for Marwyn but i swapped out the $50+ cards with some more personal cards.

Redpill me on your favorite Temur Commander.

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>> No.77835084

Probably my Queen Marchesa.

The deck is incredibly mana efficient. It helps you can stumble onto an infinite pretty easily though.

>> No.77835101

Xiahou Dun

It’s ironically the only non timmy deck I have kek

>> No.77835105

Damn you always show up right before I decide to sleep. Can I get scene girl Liliana? Thanks.

>> No.77835116

nissa marching some filthy h*mans into a gas chamber

>> No.77835119

>What is the highest power deck in your collection?
It's not cEDH but this pile of simic degeneracy usually pubstomps my group pretty easily.

>> No.77835120

women yelling at cat, but its counterspells at kiki-jiki

>> No.77835121

Your point is? inb4 "simic is CANCER"

>> No.77835122

Sorry, this is when I get out of work. I've never drawn a scene hairstyle but I'll give it a try

>> No.77835126

>he doesnt know

>> No.77835134

Pls enlighten me.

>> No.77835141

Nah it's all good, I'm not mad or anything, you do your own schedule dude, just don't prioritize my request since I'm gonna sleep anyway. If other people ask, feel free to do theirs first since I probably won't see it until I wake up. Have fun making art.

>> No.77835154

Alright. If I don't end up being happy with how scene hair ends up, I'll end up drawing something else using lili as a model.

>> No.77835158

Wotc tranny mouthpiece likes temur so people say it's tranny colors.

>> No.77835166

Sounds good, I'll see it tomorrow and tell you what I think when you next show up, but in the meantime you have fun doing your art man. I love your work.

>> No.77835178

thanks bro. it's a fun passtime

>> No.77835196

>tranny whos only identity is being a tranny likes tranny things
>but this isnt evidence of the aforementioned tranny thing being for trannies
Thats like saying GW isnt for sissies after all those sissies posted their cock cages.

>> No.77835212

>boring degenerates like boring degenerate color combos
Film at 11. Trannies as red-dominant makes sense though, what’s more red than making an illogical, short-sighted decision in the heat of (autogynephilic) passion like snipping your dick off?

>> No.77835220

GW is for ecofacistchads only

>> No.77835226

Whatever you want to call it cuck.

>> No.77835231

dont make me teach you our peaceful ways by force

>> No.77835252

>started playing MTG in Alara
>fell in love with the Esper setting
>first EDH deck was Sharuum
>for whatever reason I had taken it apart years ago
I've been feeling pretty nostalgic lately. I'm thinking of rebuilding a Sharuum deck with the self-imposed restriction that it can only run cards that were originally printed before the first Commander product, so the latest set would be New Phyrexia in 2011. Even with such a restriction, how do you think would this fare against 2021-era EDH decks?

>> No.77835269

artifact synergy is amazing in edh just make it an artifact heavy deck

>> No.77835273

The Chad Exava versus the Virgin Emmara Tandris

>> No.77835294

Ah I see, great...

>> No.77835296

>yfw you finish a soulful and unique deck only you have

>> No.77835308

Do you use any cards despite finding their artwork utterly offensive from an aesthetic standpoint?
Is the spiritual toll worth the occasional opportunity to slap some ass with it?

>> No.77835324

I dont use cards that have art I dont like

>> No.77835329

I play wyleth in boros. Sometimes a nigga needs to draw cards so I got a nigger who can draw cards.

>> No.77835346

Yes, i do. Fortunately, i am not autistic.

>> No.77835358

what the fuck is he so smug about
I want to beat the black of his ass

>> No.77835366

No. You will find far greater and meaningful satisfaction in performing this task of slapping ass using only cards you deem to be of superior artistic merit.

>> No.77835370

You couldn't pay me to run Kinnan in simic goodstuff piles.

>> No.77835409

>multiple Terese cards visible
>no Kinnan
You may Simic trash but at least you're not a philistine.

>> No.77835449

took me a while, sorry

>> No.77835466

>> No.77835468

its perfect

>> No.77835485

Just traded for this guy in my Grand Warlord Radha deck, the showcase version too. Extremely happy with my Commander night.

>> No.77835615

Not going to lie, I agree with it's color choices but she also played simic in standard/modern so I feel like it's opinion shouldn't count.

>> No.77835631

>sweaty tryhard tranny plays the strongest color in standard so its not correct when it says its favorite colors are
Holy shit take your meds, this faggot is living in your head rent free.

>> No.77835654

I want to see how fast playedh will ban me if I ran a deck compromised only of art from Terese, Harold, and Noah.

>> No.77835805

It's a they
Also, anyone who has Red as one of their primary choices of identity is big homo

>> No.77835884

Kelsien voltron
Do not underestimate this little nigger

>> No.77835899

redpill me

>> No.77835922

Reposting storage choices pls help

>> No.77835929


>> No.77835934

Just get a backpack.

>> No.77835954

>major board control
>self buffing, doesnt require equipment to boost stats (but they're still useful)
>doesnt lose his buffs because nobody runs anything that interacts with experience counters
Thats really all you need to know.
Strap deathtouch to him, pick off important pieces (or play cards that give your enemies tokens). You protect him and he'll be a huge thorn in everyone's side.
His keywords are just cherries on top. Haste means you can drop him for an instant kill while vigilance means you dont have to choose between swinging and pinging.
I tried mardu voltron first with Zurgo and he just sucked ass. But Kelsien doesnt lose often anymore now that I've fine tuned him.

>> No.77835962

>scoops at instant speed so your combo fizzles

>> No.77835982

wait does putting deathtouch on a creature with a tap: deal damage ability apply the deathtouch?

>> No.77835990


>> No.77835994


>> No.77835997

Yes nigga.
Same with exile when you equip him with sword of kaldra.
Its a beautiful thing, tapping to one shot an eldrazi titan.

>> No.77836000

damn I guess I never thought about it

>> No.77836006

here you go

>> No.77836033

forgot the layer with exava's hair

>> No.77836059

Kruphix Card Draw/Big Creatures.
Yeah I know, simic cringe.
But I try to distinguish it with my own personal twist. I make the whole table draw a shitton of cards to hopefully not get targeted while secretly always drawing more than my opponents. Then I start slamming some craw creatures that care about my hand size or deck opponents with forced card draw. Back up plan is Finale of Devastation into Hydra Broodmaster.
I don’t run enter the infinite, labman type wincons, helix pinnacle, or Eldrazi because those are boring ways to win.

>> No.77836099

Is there any better feeling than having a deck thats strong while also being majority underplayed/unknown cards?

>> No.77836108

simic is based if its big creature shenanigans instead of gay goodstuff

>> No.77836166

Thanks dude

>> No.77836183

Don't you dare talk shit about Helix pinnacle fag

>> No.77836221

fuck the haters, you're a blessing to this general

>> No.77836290

Wrong drawfag.

>> No.77836317

What the fuck are these picks for Mythic?

>> No.77836325

oh..well..you're a blessing, too, other drawfag!

>> No.77836331

>me: mom can we get some wheel of fortune
>mom: we have wheel of fortune at home
>>77836317 pic related for wheel of fortune at home

>> No.77836338

what >>77836290 said, I haven't gotten any hate at all. but I go by Chu usually.

>> No.77836353

nice to meet chu =^)

>> No.77836355

What secrets do you bear for me today?

>> No.77836436

Just cascade into it.

>> No.77836458

Naya is for manly bottoms

>> No.77836500

Whats Grixis and Mardu?

>> No.77836517

i'm a monored purist and the only way i could think of doing that would be tossing flamekin herald into a chaos deck, but then i'd have to try to make a chaos deck without norin to make flamekin herald useful. not sure how i'd go about making that sort of deck work

>> No.77836579

There's like 5 or 6 red cards from commander legends with cascade that could hit it. And that one big artifact creature.

>> No.77836583

This dude is pretty fun if you build him around weird counters and moving counters around
>mind if i put a spore/ice/polyp/scream/slumber/vitality/trap counter on that?

>> No.77836608

What about a +1/+2 counter?

>> No.77836618

I would like him more if he didnt have that weird cg art

>> No.77836629

Timespiral only had rares, and leaving the good cards at rare is better imo. More chances of pulling actual good shit.

>> No.77836648

ha! kek

>> No.77836657

I prefer -2/-1 counters myself.
He also taught me that while -1/-1 and +1/+1 cancel each other out as a state based action, +2/+2 and -2/-2 counters don't, and exist can exist at the same time on one creature.

>> No.77836669

actually nvm maybe an elemental-themed rakka mar polymorph deck could be pretty interesting

>> No.77836691

i didn't really find any of them interesting

>> No.77836707

Wait...why the fuck dont they cancel each other out?

>> No.77836749

The only reason +1/+1 counters and -1/-1 counters cancel out is rule 704.5q.
>If a permanent has both a +1/+1 counter and a -1/-1 counter on it, N +1/+1 and N -1/-1 counters are removed from it, where N is the smaller of the number of +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters on it.
So, in order to make +2/+2 counters and -2/-2 counters cancel out, they'd either have to torturously reword 704.5q to make all p/t modifying counters compare themselves with any other p/t modifying counters on a creature and remove them if any matching opposing pairs are found, or add an additional rule stating explicitly that +2/+2 counters and -2/-2 counters just also do too.

>> No.77836755

Rule 122.3 of the comprehensive rules says that +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters cancel each other out. It makes no mention of any other kind of counters canceling each other out. Rule 704.5 (state based actions) also makes no mention of this.

>> No.77836767

What's a FUN medium to high level commander that doesn't have black mana and that isn't voltron, artifact or sacrifice based?

>> No.77836768

Huh. This game has some real stupid shit buried in its rules.

>> No.77836793

Those kinds of counters don't exist outside of garbage sets like Fallen Empires and Homelands, so these sort of situations only come up in the jankiest EDH decks.
Fun fact: there is one card legal in Modern that uses a non-standard X/X counter.

>> No.77836822

that sort of silly bullshit is why people say old cards had more soul than this homogenized FIRE that we're being pushed now. i miss the jank, bros

>> No.77836839

well, and the art, i guess. my autism leans more towards doing cool shit with numbers but i shouldn't neglect the art since it's important to most

>> No.77836852

yeah the art was much better back then

>> No.77836882

wish i could appreciate it the same as you guys, bro. i still like terese nielsen's art cause she's got a huge hardon for geometry and i can appreciate that, but there's a lot of mtg art classics that i just dont "get". foglio, for example, has a very distinct art style that even i can recognize, i just think it's ugly

>> No.77836896


>> No.77836900

oh no dont get me wrong some of the old art that gets touted as SOUL are hot garbage that said the art peaked in 2010

>> No.77836910

and yes i know that isn't foglio i'm just posting shit that other anons have previously posted as "soulful" that i just think is fucking hideous, or in the case of pic related, that i just don't fucking understand

>> No.77836924

There are two Foglios, Phil and Kaja.
Phil Foglio's art is more cartoony and distinctive, while his wife Kaja's art is still cartoony, yet more grounded and includes more delicious brown girls
They're releasing a Secret Lair with new art from them this year.

>> No.77836930

*Snap* Yep, that one's going in my cringe compilation.

>> No.77836931

i just really don't like his art style...

>> No.77836944

i'm aware, kaja foglio's art has some similarities to her husband's (the cartoonish style), but overall it's a lot more aesthetic. i like pic related, for example

>> No.77836954

he draws everything like it's somewhere in the middle of being polymorphed into an atog

>> No.77836970

Unironically Uril, people used to underestimate voltrons at my LGS, but since I brewed him other people have showed up with commander damage decks.

>> No.77837059

Gitrog Monster dakmor combo.
i also have urza, kroza and krenko that are pretty powerful and combo orientated, but wouldnt call them cedh

>> No.77837124

>You know what would really fix this game? More asymmetrical counters. That's SOUL

>> No.77837146

>UU (phyrexian)
>counter target spell, draw a card

>> No.77837163

oh wait i forgot it should have flashback (discard two cards from your hand)

>> No.77837334

Hyperbole just makes it seem like you don't trust yourself to make a real argument

>> No.77837341

>Kor Dirge had its entire flavor text replaced just so niggers wouldn't see the line about a SLAVE RACE and chimp out in anger
Holy fucking cuckery that's embarrassing

>> No.77837370

Niggers chimping is a legit concern these days in Seattle.

>> No.77837465

Is Chrome Mox ever worth running?/

>> No.77837520

Make your own out of wood. Lazy faggot.

>> No.77837533

>0 cmc artifact
>3 mana by turn 2
>metalcraft and storm shenanigans
Cmon, anon.

>> No.77837537

>BEARer of secrets
>Is a squirrel

>> No.77837538

I was skeptical about some of these from the images, but the foils actually look amazing. Gilded Lotus is still pretty weird, but the Arcane Signet in particular is gorgeous. Huge improvement over the garbage shading work on the original Arcane Signet.

>> No.77837556

they all look like garbage

>> No.77837564

>Buying pre-damaged, unusable cards for a high price and further incentivizing wizards to keep their card quality trash

>> No.77837577

Not to mention it's great in commanders with low cmc curves and value engines, think Johira, Yuriko, Urza, etc. Etc.

>> No.77837594

Like I said, I was skeptical too. They look really outlandish from just the art, but it works a lot better when you see them as actual cards.

I've gotten a couple of the Secret Lairs and they're obviously having the higher quality printers do them. Commander Legends foils pringled the day after they're opened, but I've seen no issue with the Secret Lair ones so far.

>> No.77837620

You know it is, yet you keep asking. For what purpose?

>> No.77837629

Sorry, anon, it all boils down to personal taste. Id rather my cards not looking like they came out of a 2021 cartoon network woke/liberal cartoon.

>> No.77837636

So jotc is actively feeding the premium whale product through the one printer that doesn't massacre the cards and all the rest just get pulped, great, thank you for continuing to make magic the game it's clearly meant to be

>> No.77837687

Understandable. I'm just happy that WotC isn't religiously adhering to their house style anymore, even if they're mostly only letting different aesthetics slip through the cracks by way of showcases and supplemental products. The Hasbro executives got scared pretty bad by consumer feedback whining about Lorwyn's storybook art apparently, so it's nice that they're branching back out again.

>> No.77837704

where is your mtg drawer?
>each row is a color
>first row is artifacts and multicolor

>> No.77837741

Yeah but is it worth running?

>> No.77837791

Why like degenerated things when you can like deganerated things?

>> No.77837794

I wouldn't say "the rest" gets pulped. Commander Legends was clearly a budget job for whatever reason, even the Standard sets aren't half as bad as whatever they fucked up there. I think it's less that they have one good printer and more like there's one especially shitty one. Weirdest of all though is that the etched foils are the most resilient foils WotC has printed in decades. There's a huge contrast when you have a stack of Commander Legends foils and you can tell what's a regular foil and what's etched just by looking at them from the top.

>> No.77837805

Shut the fuck up.

>> No.77837821

Would you run it

>> No.77837829

I already do.

>> No.77837839

Imagine the taste of her toes bros

>> No.77837840

this kind of foiling sucks ass so much, the entire card looks like it has gone through a shitty IG filter

>> No.77837848

>I'm just happy that WotC isn't religiously adhering to their house style anymore
I disagree. Every set that comes out nowadays looks the fucking same. Everything is now the fucking safe and we still get lows without the highs

>> No.77837853

Which art? I can't decide which one I want. They're all really nice desu

>> No.77837858

>mtg drawer
>not mtg cupboard
Get on my level

>> No.77837862

Mayael. Cheat out eldrazi.

>> No.77837868


>> No.77837876

He's talking about the showcases art styles

>> No.77837877

You should really throw some silica packets in there anon. At least 6

>> No.77837902

My city is actually dry as fuck, but I switched the silica packets for some cheap tea packets for moisture control and remove the strong cardboard smell.

>> No.77837915

>remove the strong cardboard smell

>> No.77837939

We really didn't deserve Terese, did we?

>> No.77837944

>remove the strong cardboard smell.
Get. Out.
You don't belong here
>imagine not being aroused by the scent of thousands of mtg cards

>> No.77837977

Being transgender is centered in Grixis colors. Blue thinks that you're the master of your own destiny and you have the right to pursue your own conceptualization of perfection and self-improvement. Black is self-deterministic to a fault, it refuses to be prevented from living however it sees fit and scoffs at anyone who tells it what it's doing is wrong. Red is about living by your own beliefs and feelings, so it eschews the rigid categorization and labels that others would attempt to define it by.

Comparatively, White and Green are the most opposed. White wants things to be simple, for things to behave they way it expects them to behave, because the foundation of society is order and order requires being able to easily understand and predict what you're working with. Green is the color that most firmly believes in destiny, and that trust in destiny imparts a firm stance that everything you need has been made available to you, your role in life has been laid out for you, and attempting to artificially alter the conditions of your life is in strict defiance of what's meant for you.

So, considering where it's centered, and what opposes it, you can pretty firmly place it as being primarily Black in nature.

>> No.77837979

Old MTG cards had a good smell, the new cards have a stronger one. Must be the new ink or something

>> No.77837981

I can tell the difference between the smell of cracking a pack of old Onslaught and a pack of new Kaldheim. The old packs back then gave a huge fucking ink smell rush and I would actually get aroused from pack cracking and sniffs. It might also explain the poor quality cardboard now and why I don’t get that rush anymore

>> No.77837986

Oh. Well those are all fuck ugly and they don't even look like MtG cards. They're just official alters

Modern Magic doesn't deserve good art. Could you imagine Guay and Terese and Brom and DiTerlizzi drawing shit for sets as dumb as Kaldheim, Ikoria and Eldraine? It'd be like commissioning Michelangelo to draw your fursona

>> No.77837995

Crypt or vault?

>> No.77838007


>> No.77838009

The sets themselves are still beholden to the house art style. They're confident enough that there's a market for alternate styles, hence the divergences they're experimenting with in premium and supplemental products, but they're still not going to hard commit a full set like they did back in the day with stuff like Kamigawa and Lorwyn.

>> No.77838018

>Bro, what's your wincon?

>> No.77838026

>be me, magic collector
>buy cards from another collector
>they arrive and i take a sniff to check for authenticity
>they smell like cheap tea

>> No.77838031

>those are all fuck ugly
This is the kind of shit that made them start doing the house style to begin with.

>> No.77838038

That's not even steel, Memnarch. You fucking imbecile.

>> No.77838047

Better than having them smelling like cigarettes desu

>> No.77838085

>sit down to play
>guy has ugly, gaudy, disgusting glossy proxies
>”no I don’t own the card, it’s too expensive, lol, you guys understand, right?”
>one of them was austere command

>> No.77838095


My friends smoke cigarettes at the table when we play, I'm not a smoker, my cards are double sleeved. Will this eventually seep through and make them smell like cigarettes forever?

>> No.77838124

We get it anon, you like giving money to Jews.

>> No.77838132

Prob yeah, that's why I don't play with smokers, also don't want my clothes and mat to smell like ashtray.

>> No.77838143

Austere Command spent a pretty long while being like $10, so I could see where someone got the impression stuck in their head that it was an "expensive" card and never reevaluated that thought after the procession of reprints in Iconic Masters, Double Masters, and Commander Legends slapping it down to the $2 range.

>> No.77838148

Listen man, I’m all for proxies, but just make chinamen that actually look like magic cards.

>> No.77838175

they wont
i smoke while playing and my (double sleeved) cards are fine

>> No.77838227

Just remember, smells are particles and would have to physically penetrate the plastic barrier you've surrounded your cards with. Cover your nose with a sleeve and try to smell through it. You may have to swap out your sleeves at some point, but the particles aren't likely to get through to the cards themselves.

>> No.77838244

Oh boy, red cards.

>> No.77838254

What if someone played single sleeved or no sleeved for example? I've read conflicting things online saying that magic cards have a protective layer and over time the smell would dissipate. Is this true? Honestly I'd really just prefer if they didn't smoke at the table because I don't like going home with my play mat, backpack, and clothes smelling like shit, but it's not my house.

>> No.77838332

Single sleeved obviously has an opening for the particles to enter and settle in, and anyone who plays non-sleeved deserves whatever happens to them. Again, smells are particles, so because the outer layer of a card isn't super porous, it's possible to remove the particles with very careful cleaning or by storing the cards with things the particles are more likely to get stuck in/are attracted by, like dryer sheets.

>> No.77838341

Smoking niggers get the fuck out of the board, no one likes you. All you do is give everything a bad smell and litter the city.

>> No.77838360

The anon raising the question doesn't seem to be a smoker, they're just plagued by having to play in a playgroup that happens to include smokers.

>> No.77838386

Yeah but there's not much I can say or do. It's their house. Only 2 of us are non smokers. Some times I'm sitting at the table with like 4 other people cheefing on butts.

>> No.77838390

no need to be so hostile anon
maybe a little nicotine will cool down your nerves
just try it
all the vintage players are doing it
its not that bad

>> No.77838413

Smoking is cool. I dont do it because I want to live but I have nothing against those that do.
If it was good enough for Chow Yun Fat its good enough for spergs on /tg/
>living in a city

>> No.77838429

You're minimizing the issue, I was a smoker, and absolute everything you smoke around gets the cig smell. It can be very faint, specially because you get used to it, but others can easily tell. Even if your cards are double shielded if they are stored in a place that was near someone smoking, the smell will creep inside de shield sooner or later. Also:
>guy smokes
>ruin his health
>ruins your health
>ruins your shields and cards

>> No.77838447

>le me checks
>yep they did
>they are essentially revisioning the history of the kor. Where they just want to sweep under the rug that a fictional race, even in an alternate timeline, was at one point a slave race on Rath. Which means they might as well be scrubbing the Phyrexians clean of any of the horrible shit they done.
Just another sign the game is becoming more shit.

>> No.77838459

I'm minimizing the issue in this instance because, by all accounts, anon is not storing the cards in an environment with smoking, just using them in proximity to a smoker on occasion. It's obviously still more of a problem than if you just had a fully smoke-free environment at all times, but it's not the worst case scenario.

>> No.77838464

Does your LGS have a smell?

>> No.77838471

Look at this dude. Oh no no no no

>> No.77838475

>they are essentially revisioning the history of the kor.
You're reaching. Nothing about the new flavor text invalidates the established history.

>> No.77838478

D'you know what type the guy was using?

>> No.77838485

that art has nothing to do with the old frame

>> No.77838491

Naah its pretty clean and so are we.
Of course my LGS is in a pretty small town so we have relatively few guys that show up regularly. Usually around 6-9 people on commander night.

>> No.77838509

A lot of the art does somehow manage to make sense and fit perfectly fine in the old frame. Something about an Eternal in the old frame just doesn't sit right.

>> No.77838519

Not really despite playing in their (comic book store) basement. It was pretty comfy desu. Store sold soda/water/energy drinks. Pizza place and other food nearby. Bathroom down there as well. Kinda miss that place.

>> No.77838550

I dont even know anymore, anon, I miss it.

>> No.77838591

>he unironically runs Sol Ring

>> No.77838616

What's better? Something like Dimir Signet or the Talisman equivalent?

>> No.77838617

Would you rather run Toski or Skullbriar for a voltron commander?

>> No.77838668

Nigga that Gilded Lotus art looks like shit from Innistrad, stfu about it all being trash

>> No.77838705

>he runs 10 mana rocks
>he runs 36 lands

>> No.77838712

that card is so damn kino. Good art, pose, angel tummy, white characters, free sac outlet, dabs on voltron trannies.

>> No.77838741


>> No.77838757

>His mana curve is 5 tops

>> No.77838769

It just wouldn't be PC for a race of whites to be slaves to a race of black monsters, that'd be like, holding a mirror up to society and sheeit.

>> No.77838770

aight bro it looks like hot fucking garbage to me, though

>> No.77838777

Jannie, keep pinging me with these stupid ban evasion notices and I'ma spend the whole fucking week shitting in these threads, mkay boy?

>> No.77838782

Skullbriar is far better, especially with ability counters being a thing.

>> No.77838786

checked and fuck off, i'm bitching about ugly jew art stop derailing the thread with trannie rage

>> No.77838833

"Your reaching. Nothing about hte new flavor text invalidates the established history."
Oh really?
>Old Flavor Text: Rath’s new evincar eliminated the brutish moggs and took a new slave race, one more reminiscent of her own feline grace.
>New Flavor Text: Every new evincar cements their power with a culling as the weak are purged anew from rath.
You were saying?

>> No.77838855

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

>> No.77838863

Unfortunately in that situation you won't be getting any experience.

>> No.77838874

it's okay, not everyone can have good taste

>> No.77838879

I bet you get bored after a day

>> No.77838881

No you wont, but the sword gives +6/+6 anyway and killing a ulamog is worth losing out on the experience

>> No.77838915

post skeletons as well.
>tfw skelly tribal is cucked bc china

>> No.77838917

Kinda related: the LGS I used to go when I was a kid was inside of a mall, and on the outside there used to be a nuts4nuts cart (honey roasted peanuts), so whenever I smell that scent it always brings me back mtg related memories. It was a simpler time...

>> No.77838920

I was saying exactly what I said. They doesn't make any changes to what happened, it's just phrased differently.

>> No.77838924

Post dogshit cards with great art

>> No.77838962

>Old Flavor Text: AltMirri killed the goblins and enslaved the kor.
>New Flavor Text: AltMirri killed the goblins and we're just not going to mention the kor part.
New Flavor text doesn't say anything that contradicts the old flavor text. It's admittedly a clear attempt to avoid mentioning the concept of slavery on a card, but it's not any sort of retcon.

>> No.77838987

C'mere anon..

>> No.77838995

The classic.
Though I will say, there's just something about turn 2 Wojek Halberdiers into turn 3 Gift of Orzhova that made Gatecrash limited something special.

>> No.77839013

Anon, this is far from a bad card.

>> No.77839049

Fuck you, I'm sad now.
Thank you

>> No.77839075

Anon, it's an aura.

>> No.77839081

Tell me how that dingot art got approved

>> No.77839109

It's scraping the threshold of playable pretty hard, but I don't think you'd be likely to see it in many decks that aren't specifically collecting Orzhov watermarks or have some way to recur auras. It's not very strong on its own merit, but some decks could carve out a slot for it.

>> No.77839181

They've said the Secret Lairs are more of a testbed than anything. Because they're print to demand, they don't have to commit a lot of resources to them, so they effectively become a form of market research as well as being a product.
>Do the full-art ones sell better than the regulars?
>Do the stylized arts sell better than the realistic?
>Are people buying the "cute" ones?
>Are people buying the "cool" ones?
>Holy shit, can we really fleece idiots out of like $40 for five basic lands?
>Do people buy them more because they like the look or because they get a good card or cards?

Once you're aware of the philosophy behind them, it becomes obvious how much the Lairs are just WotC throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. The ones that sell more will ultimately dictate what they end up making more of down the line, or even set the course for entire other product lines. If, by some miracle, the Walking Dead Lair had bombed horribly, we might have avoided the future where Khorne's probably going to be a Legendary Creature - God in a Commander deck here soon.

>> No.77839248

Can you read what that card does for me bro? Thanks

>> No.77839298

Quick, anons tell me what’s your favorite commander? Mine’s Neheb?

>> No.77839300

It's easy
Choose two:
>Counter target spell.
>You may choose new targets for target spell.
>Copy target instant or sorcery spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.
>Target creature an opponent controls phases out.
>Target artifact phases out.
>Return target permanent to its owner's hand.
>Tap all creatures your opponents controls.
>Untap target permanent you control.
>Choose a land type and a basic land type. Each land of the first chosen type becomes the second chosen type until end of turn.
>Look at the top four cards of your library, then put them back in any order.
>Scry 1.
>Look at the top three cards of target player’s library. Put one back and the rest into that player’s graveyard.
>Draw a card.
>Draw two cards, then discard two cards.
>Each player shuffles their hand and graveyard into their library.
>Each player draws seven cards.
>Target creature gains flying until end of turn.
>Target creature gains islandwalk until end of turn.
>Put target creature on top of its owner’s library.
>Put target creature on the bottom of its owner’s library.
>Counter target red spell.
>Destroy target red permanent.
>Return target Mountain to its owner’s hand.
>Target creature becomes the creature type of your choice until end of turn.
>Target player puts the top four cards of their library into their graveyard.
>Target creature gets +2/-1 until end of turn.
>Target creature gets -6/-0 until end of turn.
>Switch target creature’s power and toughness until end of turn.
>Target player discards a card.
>Permanents you control gain hexproof until end of turn.
>Create a token that’s a copy of target artifact.
>Create a token that’s a copy of target creature, except it’s an artifact in addition to its other types.
>Create two 3/3 colorless Golem artifact creature tokens.
>Choose target artifact you control. Each other artifact you control becomes a copy of that artifact until end of turn.
>Gain control of target nonland permanent with converted mana cost 1 or less.

>> No.77839320

>playing EDH
>new guy plays a Chinese or Japanese card
>which has alternate art
>no one is familiar with what the card could be
>shop is in the middle of nowhere so no signal to scan card
>dude trust me
it was a Chandra so it was just trash anyway

>> No.77839376

I understand why people proxy, especially if they play online, but I prefer all my cards to be real. Plus I can always sell them one day. :)

>> No.77839405

If you were to ever sell out your collection, would you sell cards individually online? Sell as much as you could in bulk at an LGS? What would be the most cost effective decision.

>> No.77839416

If you buy in bulk are you saving money? Same goes for FLGS

>> No.77839432

i love real magic cards
but i would not play with a real timetwister or mishras workshop in my deck

>> No.77839469

Cards worth more than 2 bucks as singles online
The rest in bulk

>> No.77839500

Do you print of receipts when you ship cards out? I was just going to use envelopes and top loaders.

>> No.77839520

I don't sell my cards, I'm just stating what I would do

>> No.77839561

i also prefer them real, they're coming up in the mail bro, these are just temporary bro pinky promise

>> No.77839625

>Death Cloud
My nigga. I fucking love that card. So many autistic screeches at the table last time I dropped it. It wasn't even a big one, it was only for 3.

>> No.77839639

Ive been parked in front of this computer for 8 years now outside of work, i went so far past bored i circled back around to excitement
So lets just see when i get home if ive been pinged on that IP, if so jannie is gonna be learnt real quick.

>> No.77839706

I always thought that
Great to see my instincts were right

>> No.77839716

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. You've never had so much FUN.

>> No.77839732

There's always Xenagos, if watching the big number go up is your style.

>> No.77839743

No longer will we suffer insults to selesnya.
>Get the winter orb

>> No.77839744

I literally have a shoebox and I made separators, I'm gonna make one out of wood when I find something nicer than MDF, or I might just cave and make something out of MDF

>> No.77839781

Oh no

>> No.77839790

No but it's regularly hot enough in that store that I start to lose my senses.
I swear they don't even turn the heat off in the summer.
Who wants to play edh in 104 degrees

>> No.77839798

Which one?
There is only one (1) correct Neheb
The other two are alright to meh

>> No.77839814

I've done this. Works well, usually cut some lands but it's not that far off. We also don't use the new mulligan.

>> No.77839823

2 khans and 2 Kaladesh legendaries eh? Wonder what the green and gold border ones are Gonna be.

>> No.77839840

>Hybrid mana symbols on the old frame
I think they should've been more selective about what they chose for these.

>> No.77839846

the boiling temperature of water? no thanks

>> No.77839856

and miss the OG trannymander? impossibru!

>> No.77839862

The shadowless artist credit looks most jarring of all, along with the flat looking digital art

>> No.77839874

Well, looks like I'm building Feldon now dangit

>> No.77839881

old gold border is hideous anyway, monocolor and artifact old borders are where the good shit is

>> No.77839891

At least this character is old enough to have this border

>> No.77839903

>old gold border is hideous anyway
This, the only drawback to the perfect border

>> No.77839904

ecofash gang rise up
>tap qt cleric in the missionary position for the purpose of procreating a soldier that will heal you against trannies
>meanwhile rakdos enbies get assraped by demon cock on the daily

>> No.77839912

I do hope that some of the wotc devs would talk about what concept they would go with if they designed Colored artifacts and hybrid color cards but with old border aesthetics. Would it even have been possible without the modern frames?

>> No.77839920

The transfolk on Ravnica just go to the Simic.

>> No.77839934

>Feldon and Yawgmoth get a past shift
>but not Urza
The Vorthos in me is seething

>> No.77839957

urza was literally magic hitler

>> No.77839961

>Selesnya deck
>Winter orb
>Heartbeat of spring
>Summer bloom
>Knight of autumn

>> No.77839973

Gotta protect that 50$ Reprint equity.

>> No.77839982

I prefer the Dimir guild, especially since they became an open part of Ravnican life. I love the idea of being a hard boiled ravnican P.I stuck dealing with the naive, qt selesnya ingenue and the manipulative orzhov femme fatalle.

>> No.77839989

>knight of autumn

>> No.77840002


>> No.77840015

Old Bordered Hybrid shouldn't be any harder than Modern Hybrid.

>> No.77840016

More than enough room for everyone at the party, my friend. Grab a mug of something unreasonably strong and find a groove.

>> No.77840027


>> No.77840032

tapping qt clerics AND qt shamans

>> No.77840041

Damn I'm glad I didn't go with Edge of autumn
I'd hate to see what image you would have replied with

>> No.77840057


>> No.77840110

Is any card mentioning autumn the season just ruined forever by association? Autumn is my favorite season...

>> No.77840126

No, only new ones that get printed, because those will be obvious in intent.

>> No.77840135

Only if you fried your brain on /pol/shit.

>> No.77840145

I don't care about it, I'm saying if I add a card themed after the season of autumn people are just gonna make Burchett jokes.

>> No.77840166

>literally responsible for cancelling an iconic artist for the game
>lol you only have a negative opinion because you're a bigot
My only solace is that you will be condemned to the gulags sooner than later.

>> No.77840196

>Defending el Ratto
Hey ropeslut, shitty players who get great artists cancelled because of one abomination of a man threw a hissy fit doesn't mean /pol/ has rotted any brain, it means the HRT has ruined yours.

>> No.77840237


>> No.77840241

My office was beginning to feel like a prison. Ten stories above the ground in a spire that only had stairs and trapped between a Simic 'leftover bio-bits' takeout place and a Boros protection post that spent more time accepting 'donations' from the inhabitants than doing much protection. The rain hammered down and the lightning flash, the wrath of old gods unleashed upon this godless city. I wish I'd splurged for a 12th floor space, that way I'd be above the cloud line.

The door didnt knock when it opened because the woman that strode in was too high above us mere mortals to pay us a courtesy like that. Skin like virgin snow to contrast the rest of her that glimmered like midnight sin. Black, shimmering hair down to her back. Black lipstick that glittered with flakes of diamond. A black dress with those splits down the legs that I always loved.
And those eyes. Black and smouldering with a promise her body was more than capable of keeping
She had a medallion around her neck. A black sun surrounded by thorns, held by a gold chain that was worth more than my spellbook.
Orzhov. Dealmakers and lawbreakers. The bank of the soul. The cathedral of gold. Payment plans calculated for the eternal spirit and interest rates tallied in decades.
Had my debt come due at last, or was she just here for my esteemed company?
>R8 my autism noirfags

>> No.77840255

I don't agree with Nielsen's views any more than I do with Burchett's but I feel for Nielsen because she created worthwhile human experiences by making breathtaking art, what's ratman's claim to fame otherr than being a hall monitor for a corporation and making wotc cut ties with Nielsen for liking Hannity or whatever? Absolutely nothing worthwhile.

>> No.77840278

Good to know red and black get the better commanders in old border. Thanks Whatsee

>> No.77840306

And that's how an /edh/ thread gets, once again, derailed.

See you fuckers on the next one... and the one after!

>> No.77840333

What did WotC mean by selecting this absolute legend?

>> No.77840342

Idk seems pretty on topic to me

>> No.77840347

>look up reddit thread for this
>everyone trying to out-tranny each other
>stalk some ratto profiles
>they all defend wotc unconditionally for some reason
>some even posted pics for my entertainment holy cringe
that was funny, what some trainwecks of a person

>> No.77840370

>when Witness gets timeshifted
>when it wont be with Nielson's art

Trannies ruining more than our social-economic fabric.

>> No.77840375

The Vorthos in me stopped caring about Magic with Alara

Seconding Xenagos

>> No.77840384

See, this is what I mean. If you're this level of obsessed, you can't look at the word "Autumn" anymore without foaming at the mouth. If you're a regular person, you can separate words from individuals.

>> No.77840386

>it was a chandra
You don't even need to read the card to know it's +1 exile top card of library, you may play it until eot; -2 bolt a creature; -7 slap someone in the face for 10

>> No.77840393

>out-tranny each other
What does that even look like?

>> No.77840404

These plus Yawgmoth and Damnation... on one hand I'm happy to see these being reprinted. On the other it does rustle my jimmies since I own playsets of some of this shit and it'll value dip which means I have less trading power. Especially since all but Damnation are timeshifted and there's one timeshifted in every pack which makes them a LOT easier to get.
TL;DR I'm happy that some great cards will be more accessible, but asshurt that it lowers the trade power of my binder

>> No.77840408

>Old borders may look bland but are more beautiful

Change my mind

>> No.77840437

see for yourself

>> No.77840449

No one said a word in defense of Autumn or criticized Nielsen, just that you can play a card like Edge of Autumn and you don't have to compulsively word associate your way back to that. Taking that sentiment as an endorsement of Autumn is the part that's ridiculous.

>> No.77840452

>old borders
They're simple so your eyes are drawn to the art and text box, not the weird shit around the edges

Don't fucking link that shit here

>> No.77840461

Do want. Want so bad.

>> No.77840463

This'll be good. Already found this one.
>It took me years to build an Alesha deck, despite her falling into my favorite archetypes, just because I didn't want to lean into the cliché...then I put on my big girl knee highs and built it, now it's my favorite deck

>> No.77840488

>investorfag crying about "muh investment"
Ya love ta see it

>> No.77840489

>there's one timeshifted in every pack which makes them a LOT easier to get
Do we know that the Timeshifted cards are all uniform rarity?

>> No.77840495

>Bringing up /pol/
Yeah we're not talking about and thinking about the dregs of society, that's you! Masterful trolling, but I guess it is shill o'clock.

>> No.77840501

i can't you are 100% right. But they should have doubled down and comissioned some old-style art to go with it. Even more, they should try printing the whole next standard set that way. As a racist transphobe, that would really piss me off haha.

>> No.77840502

This sounds cool, anon. Got a list or at least some must-run cards?

>> No.77840508

How long does it typically take a new player to realize life doesn't actually matter

>> No.77840515

. I don’t have nostalgia for them but I do like that thickness of the borders and some of their concepts are very appealing aside from (personally) red and gold borders. Red always bothered me because it’s too dull looking, like a lamer white border but the modern Red borders look like Meat which I can’t quite settle with.

>> No.77840530

Depends, I know "experimented" players that still don't know

>> No.77840534

not bad. wouldn't mind reading more

>> No.77840543

Depends too much on the player to say. There are people who have been playing for decades at this point that probably still think lifegain is powerful and mill is broken.

>> No.77840556

Edgelords and pyramid schemes

>> No.77840558

When they lose to Necropotence/Ad Naus

>Red always bothered me because it’s too dull looking
Looks great on barbarians that live in red mountains

>> No.77840562

>"experimented" players
Fucking Simic.

>> No.77840572

What are the most important aspects for a new player to learn?
To me it's

1. The importance of card advantage
2. The importance of interaction
3. Your life total rarely ever matters

>> No.77840580

It's Gary!

>> No.77840586

Not including the deathtouch package, the swords or the sunforger package some cards I've found that do work in the deck are
>Reconnaissance (swing in, tap to ping a creature to death, deal damage, pay to remove from combat so you can ping again)
>Fallen Ideal (Flying aura that returns to your hand when goes to the graveyard from the battlefield. Allows you to sac your entire board for that last bit of pump needed to grab a kill)
>Thornbite Staff (lets you kill every creature on the board in one turn and get absurd pumps)
>Clackbridge Troll and Forbidden Orchard (token makers for the enemy, in case you come up against decks that dont run creatures)
>Ugin the Ineffable (Card advantage. Blockers. Removal AND discount on all your artifacts. All for 6 mana. I like this guy more than old Ugin)
>Humble Defector (card draw you can kill whenever you want)

>> No.77840589

>born a red mage
>raised as a black mage
>forced to play blue all the time
I just want to go fast lads...

>> No.77840590

Not bad. However, don't use diamonds, use gold flakes. Diamonds might cause some serious harm if ingested. I might just be weird but the diamonds stopped my flow when reading. I think a gritty detective story on ravinca is a good premise. Perhaps they want the mc to investigate planeswalkers in the aftermath of war of the spark, so you can have an underdog trying to outwit and beat the terrors of the multiverse.

>> No.77840608

>Your life total rarely ever matters
That's actually kind of a shallow take. Your life total does matter, in so far as it is a resource, and it represents a goal that your opponent has to surmount. The real take is that the only point of life you need is the last one, and everything else is flexible.

>> No.77840609

I'd switch 1 and 2 around because I'm sick of being the guy who has to police the entire board since no one else in my group ever feels like running any interaction.

>> No.77840613

When they get beaten by someone using it as a resource a bunch.

>> No.77840621

Some of this shit looks amazing on the old crusty cardfaces.

But there are exceptions. Would be ok save hybrid.

>much trade power

No reason this wouldn't be different than the first go around where it was uniform. Then again it's nuzards

>> No.77840623

The importance of fast mana

I've been a mono-B player a long time but I'm starting to become more mono-R as they're getting more interesting cards.

I would never play Blue

>> No.77840625

holy kino

>> No.77840630

>I think a gritty detective story on ravinca is a good premise.
Didn't they explicitly already have one?

>> No.77840639

>Humble Defector (card draw you can kill whenever you want)
Shame his ability is limited to your turn

>> No.77840653

Animar big thing and hydra death ball + green ramp blue card draw and temur battle rage is stupid as fuck and perfectly crafted for my IQ of 147.

>> No.77840658

>in the aftermath of war of the spark
That's probably a bit too drastic. Way too much shit went down in the leadup to War of the Spark to fall perfectly back in step with the usual Guild stuff. You'd have to pull the lens back way further than a detective drama probably wants to account for the massive shakeups each guild has had. There's a reason they printed the DnD book for Ravnica to take place after Gatewatch instead.

>> No.77840670

>after Gatewatch instead
How did I fuck that up so badly?
First off, I meant Gatecrash.
Second off, Gatecrash is fucking wrong anyway because it's after Dragon's Maze.

>> No.77840675

E-Wit, Hunter's Insight and Dismember have already been swapped out, 2XM FoW was the last printing of Nielsen art I think.

At least now I can actually complete my collection of Nielsen art, right? :(

>> No.77840685

Why must my favorite 2 and 3 color combo be shared WotC shill.

>> No.77840688

My highest power deck is zur, he is cancer in the sense that there is only one wincon or a variation of that wincon and then like 10 different tutors to get the pieces.

Also plays 13 counter spells

The only thing I’m missing are the cards above like 100 bucks, so imperial seal, yawgmoth’s will lions eye diamond etc

I built it to be my one cedh deck but my friends don’t like it because they don’t have equal powered decks yet except for one friend who has elsha but my deck edges him out almost every time because I play more interaction

I’m slowly trying to get the other group members to build cedh decks so we can do a match every so often

2nd place is marwyn elfball but it’s so weak to interaction... literally only have 2 ways to interact with opponents, beast within and Reclamation sage

>> No.77840693

I responded to the /pol/ bit, not edge of autumn, go on reddit if you need a neat little tree structure so the conversation doesn't get too complicated for you, alright?

>> No.77840694


>> No.77840711

Set it during the Guilds of Ravnica block. All the political shakeups and the Dimir sabotaging everything and the Izzet up to something real fucking ominous. All that fear and paranoia is a great backdrop

>> No.77840714

yeah dude having old borders with traditional art would be the gayest nigger shit in the world I would hate that

>> No.77840716

I disagree with it as a blanket statement. There are cards that look better with the old frames and cards that look better with the newer frames though the Planar Chaos frame is vastly superior to the standard Eighth Edition one.
Aesthetics is rarely a matter of “Factor X is always good,” but rather a question of how Factor X interacts with other components of the piece. For example, the visuals of Kaladesh a bit awkward in the old frames, while the visuals of Innistrad would look equally out of place in the Future Sight frame.

>> No.77840733

>Implying I read the ass-for-lore they publish
You guys don't *actually* read the lore, do you?
...do you?

>> No.77840738

But you must if you love artifacts. It's just the most efficient. Doesn't mean you have to like being all ponderous and counterspell but it's a necessary evil if you grab fast mana before fancy lands.

This guy gets it. I just want to skeleton zombie then sacrifice them all for a massive explosion.

>> No.77840739

You seem to be the one having a difficult time following the conversation. The /pol/ bit was in reference to the discourse around cards including the word "autumn" in the title. Edge of Autumn's being used as an example. It's very straight forward if your head's out of your ass.

>> No.77840744

It was more of a buddy cop thing than anything.

>> No.77840747

I kind of want to start making some edh content. I was thinking some articles and shit. Do you guys look at anything besides this thread for your edh fix?

>> No.77840749

It’s easier to learn the value of interaction after learning the value of card advantage, though. If you aren’t drawing cards to replace what you play, a handful of interaction leaves you without anything else to do.

>> No.77840763

I read it and then pass judgment. Can’t know that something’s terrible without experiencing it first.

>> No.77840769

So that's how izzet scum are born

>> No.77840774

I actually like the new legendary boarders.

>> No.77840784

I know edge of autumn was used as an example and I wasn't taking the statement as endorsement of el ratto, I was using it as a springboard to tangent and give my two cents on the whole Burchett and Nielsen deal and wasn't trying to argue against you or whatever, I don't think of ratman unless I'm in this general

>> No.77840785

Zur is one of the single most broken commanders ever printed because of the way his ability interacts with the board. My good friend plays the fully tuned version as an oracle build and it's insanely strong. I run temporal archmage and if I haven't lucked into insane boards by t2 or t3 it's very difficult to overcome. Plus enchantments are the hardest type.of permanent to remove, so that's a bonus.

>> No.77840788

New, move whenever

>> No.77840790

I dont know how unique Slimefoot is as a commander but I made sure to use as many old arts for Thallids I could find from my dad's collection of Fallen Empires. Also my custom saproling tokens are inherently my own.

Still fucking mad that I got the idea to build it while bored at work last year and havent had a chance to play it cause the LGS I work at isnt doing any events.

>> No.77840796

Well what are you thinking of making in particular, because the market is saturated pretty much

>> No.77840811

A fork with twenty six prongs is unique. Doesn't mean it's good.

>> No.77840812

My Animar Temur Value Pile is nothing but cool monsters and creatures I like.

>> No.77840816

I'd rather they not have anything to do after using up interaction than not having anything to do without ever interacting in the first place. Learning that having more cards is good is easy as shit. Learning that in a multiplayer format, you can't have 90 percent of the table doing nothing, but single mindedly enacting their own gameplan without consideration to anything else going on is far more important when it comes to me not losing my mind.

>> No.77840848

Izzet players are born two ways:
>an immense faggot at birth
>a grixis storm player who can't afford the lands.

Not saying either is excusable but you basically called me a gay retard when I'm really a spooky retard.

>> No.77840853

I feel like there's not much that goes really in depth when discussing deck building and strategy in edh. I feel like there's this huge gap when talking about fundamentals.

>> No.77840864

>Keeping $10k worth of cardboard in a shitty drawstring bag

>> No.77840891

Wrong. It's Chandra Nalaar probably, since that's the one that got the anime version along with Jace in japanese Duel Deck Jace vs. Chandra

>> No.77840982


>Also my custom saproling tokens are inherently my own.

post em

>> No.77841003

True, I do love the new name titles for the legendary cards.

>> No.77841024

Phoneposting at work, dont have any saved on my phone.

>> No.77841362


Not sure if you are still here but could you do Yawgmoth throwing Niko in the thrash?

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