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Does your setting/campaign/PC use handgonnes/firelances? This isn't one of those firearms bait threads I am SERIOUS about handgonnes because they are fucking cool

>in use as early as the 1400s along with full plate and cavalry, powerful enough to threaten knights but not enough to render them obsolete (the term "bullet proof" was popularized during this period)
>basically the Cambrian Explosion of firearms in that no one had any clue what to do with this new technology so there were a ton of insane and impractical but cool designs until a proper gun shape was discovered
>various different loadouts as soldiers would just shove anything that might hurt the other guy inside the barrel (allows for PC creativity in finding ammunition)
>Not only were there a bunch of funky gonne types, but people were slapping tiny cannons on shields, melee weapons, armor, etc. Imagine a custom suit of knight armor with like a dozen guns stuck on it, he's got a shield with like four barrels sticking out, his halberd is also a gun

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Yes but it is only used by a few people or groups and the martials to make them are expensive.

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In my own setting they're fairly common, but also crude as fuck. They're inaccurate, short-ranged, and slow to reload, with crossbows having evolved to have longer ranger and better precision. Bandits typically make use of them simply because they pack a punch, require little skill, and you can stuff the barrel full of pebbles and stolen cutlery and it'll still rip apart whoever you point it at if they aren't wearing armor.

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Yes, actually!
Well, sort of. It's set in a far future where technology has declined so they use old salvaged tech. I use a lot if the terminilogy from this era of firearks to signal they the players are fighting with older weapons even though the tech level is high. I got the idea from the BotNS setting.

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So what, like lazer muskets?

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In my setting, gunpowder is more common than bows(Firearm is default ranged combat while bows are specialized), guns are used against humanlike creatures and bows are used against monsters
Bows have higher firerate and arrowtips can be poisoned while guns can pierce armor far better and can cause fear

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What's 10a, top right? Repeating shots? Volley?

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fire lance

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Thanks - reading superficially here and there, the balls are supposed to come out almost all at once in 10a, I guess...

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