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>he worldbuilds

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Lmao. Us chads play solely in infinite white space filled with equidistant monster encounters.

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>he keeps posting the same thread again and again

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I worldbuild, you repost the same thread.

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Worldbuilders seething.

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>he posts the thread again

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based lain poster BTFOing failed writers

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>he has an active biology
suicide is the only correct way, bros
opt out of the rigged game of life

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No, and I don't play games either

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>he doesn't even wait for the last one to fall off the archive before posting again

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>"demographic change" can't be fought
>implying physical removal of foreign ethnic/racial groups never took place in history
>implying it's not caused by systematic redistribution of wealth from native populations to foreign ones
>implying anybody but a maliciously demoralized people would tolerate this from their own government

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Hook, line, and sinker.

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play a historical campaign so the world building is already done.

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I outsource world building to my players, it actually makes them care about the game world since they shape many of the decisions.
Things exist in flux until referenced by a player, as an example I asked a player to roll a knowledge check on manticores, they got a nat 20 and instead of just telling them about manticore I asked them to tell me about manticore's and what they said is now Canon.

The manticore's in my world speak in posh accents have a great appreciation for the arts and can't tell lies.

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Yes, I do.
I don't even play with anyone. I just do it because I am autistic I guess.

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How many times we have to have this thread?

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imagine telling Jesus Christ, the son of God, to shut the fuck up, what a chad that guy was

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Worldbuilders don't play games. Worldbuilders need to fuck off from our board.

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Most workdbuildung is done for actual games. The vast majority of it doesn't involve infodumps or obsessing over plate tectonics and is focused on things relevant to the campaign.

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People who make threads complaining about worldbuilding are doing nothing usefull themselves.

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I just start with a broad concept, add new locations based on player interests, and the table gets to think they're clever for "predicting" certain elements.

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>he smugposts
Really though, the entire concept of using images of other people's faces to express ourselves has become a horrific parody of earnest communication. The anonymity of our ideas, allowing for honest discussion has been smothered by the creation of a phantom culture enforced by cringing and smug anime jackasses.

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