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Soul Grinder Edition

>next week's preorders
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>Thread Question
Tell me about an interesting battle scenario? I want a setting and the armies involved, but you can provide as much detail as you like. Example: The Battle for Gate IX

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First for The Red Wake

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>fuck loans the daemon

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Soul Grinder?

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I love how "soul grinder" sounds like a generic death mccrushskull sort of name until you read the fluff, when you realize that it's literally grinding (as in rpg grinding) souls to pay off a debt

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>TQ: Tell me about an interesting battle scenario? I want a setting and the armies involved, but you can provide as much detail as you like. Example: The Battle for Gate IX

A group of agri world farmers discover a massive circular door. They open it and disappear.
A highly religious SM chapter is passing through the system and they give a sermon to the population, and decide to investigate since they have nothing better to do while they refuel the ship.
Inside the vault they discover a massive underground biosphere covering the entire planet. It's thousands and thousands of miles of ornate hedgerow and shrubbery with strange statues everywhere. Despite how immaculate the garden is is there's no sign of fauna anywhere, and a bizarre thrumming from beneath the ground
They cut through the hedges to investigate and then the statues come to life...

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i think i'm missing something, is DG supposed to be a shooting army(bolter w/ sigil of decay) or a melle army (cleaver & flay w/ icon of despair) or is it both, because weirdly it doesn't seem to excel in both cases

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Does this pauldron look more Deathwingy or Deathguardy? Wanna do this scheme for all my assault Intercessors and have the marked as candidates for joining Deathwing

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>No experience with greenstuff or sculpting in the first place
Well we all gotta start somewhere.
>let alone on this scale
It's a triangle, come on anon don't let me down.
>It ruins the gold, darkens it, makes it come out a disgusting yellow or orange. I prefer the softer tone that comes out of a white prime
For the gold parts you give it another base (I use a brown tone). If 90% of the model is black, you basecoat black, that's not up to debate.
>IE pic related.
You smeared that gold everywhere. You probably don't have a steady hand but that's also because you had to fill all the gaps that come with a white prime.

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They also get fucked by compound interest rates, which is an aspect of their lore that may resonate with some people here.

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Still very new at the hobby. I don't expect my shit to be perfect, or come even close to matching the smoothness of somebody with an airbrush. The grit effect fades with distance, and my camera sees better than my eyes do, and I've got 20/20.

If I'm gonna completely cover it, the purpose of a base coat of black is defeated, and is only a layer of grime below the surface. I only want the plates in black, it's not pragmatic to base the entire thing in it.

Because it looks cool

It's not just a triangle, that's a reductive thing to say. It's part of the blade, curved and an odd shape. Maybe I can chop a tip off of one of the CSM helmets or a plasma gun for a similar shape, but that seems like such a waste on the later, and I think it's too small a bit for glue not to be noticable.

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Multiple chapters have exterminated entire necron planets. So I guess the company gets lost, the chapter sends 7 companies and the planet get gang banged.

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Very soul anon. Deathwing for sure

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i have this crazy idea of dropping d6 objectives each turn which scatter 2d6 in a random direction, capture and by burn at the end of the turn. could be fun, crazy, or totally 1 sided

why would i take a soul grinder when i can take another keeper of secrets?

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Not even trolling or baiting, but why are AoS models so much more dynamic and well sculpted?

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This head specifically.

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>marked for candidacy

Thats cool as fuck, is that a thing in the lore?

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Yeah, until "the Gardener" wakes up

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from the thumbnail I thought that was a bionicle

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>why would i take a soul grinder when i can take another keeper of secrets?
it has ranged weaponry, and in 9th it might end up having reliable ranged weaponry

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I always cut it off(as in the blade). I like the helm look, specially the rebreather, but the spike detracts from it. But you do you friend. you should be making stuff you like, not someone on the net tells you they like.

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One eradictor and it is a bonefire guardian.

didn't you play durning 5th ed or when codex demons had their deep strike random half of your army half?

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guise, I'm looking for some tips as to how to make a good army. I asked you for army templates before, and although I really appreciated the help, it turns out that playing something that wasn't made by me is not as fun. The armies were very powerful, there was no issue in that, it's just that the element of making something from scratch was absent. Thus, I would like to ask, if possible, for some guidelines in regards to making something of my own - what to focus on, what to avoid, something never to do, and so on. You were very helpful before and, once again, I couldn't be more grateful to have help in you. Cheers maties

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I'm sitting on a massive glut of CSM bits right now, between a box of CSM, SC:CSM, and the Decimation Warband. More than I'd realistically ever want to field.

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>If I'm gonna completely cover it, the purpose of a base coat of black is defeated, and is only a layer of grime below the surface. I only want the plates in black, it's not pragmatic to base the entire thing in it.
And now you have nooks and crannies your brush can't reach, painted with bright white prime. Again, the pragmatic thing is to spray black and never paint metallics directly on the basecoat. You are new so just trust me on this.

If the alternative is throwing away a 60 bucks model and your projects for the Black Legion army, I say chop it off.

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It is my belief that burning the instructions book is a fundamentally good idea
It encourages creativity, ingenuity and modelling knowledge, and even the smallest model rapidly becomes a fun challenge

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Why the heck does this one SoB have the tacticool compact bolter with mounted sight and extended mag?

It just looks entirely out of place.

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What aspect of "making an army" are you talking about? Coming up with your own fluff? Listbuilding? Converting? Coming up with a paint scheme?

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>I think it's too small a bit for glue not to be noticable.
How much plastic glue do you use? Because that should not be an issue.

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>Having a scope is tacticool

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Sorry for not specifing that earlier - I'm talking about Listbuilding

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because she is a marksman of the squad?

Some marine chapters(and renegeade/csm marines) have brothers in their squads carry single shot bolters for sniper duty too.

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On it's own? Na.

When nobody else in the squad has one and it provides no actual benefit? Yes.

Makes it look like one of the girls is a fucking fobbit geardo.

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SoB are pretty elite

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Anon, are you well? It's the same bolter all sob use. It just has a fucking scope, like firearms tend to have.

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I kinda want to get into Tau, specifically the Farsight Enclaves. I’ve been playing Imperial Fists and Custodes for years, but figured it’s finally time to do a xenos army.

How well do they play? I’m mostly interested in a fluffy army but I want something that can actually win games I play. I played Sa’cea sept a little bit back in 5th, but never got too heavily into their playstyle.

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Imagine feeling the need to marine wank in this conversation.

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No matter what you do, you'll need to secure objectives. That means troops (unless your army can give obsec to other battlefield roles). You can't move onto multiple objectives with a single unit, so you'll need multiple. If you are using multiple troop units it makes sense to put them in a battalion. So you'll need 2 HQs.
Here's the spot where you actually need to decide what you personally want to do. Go shooty? Melee? Deepstrike or transport? Vehicle-heavy? Psyker-heavy?
You choose what you want to do, find the units that do it well and/or simply look cool and find HQs that buff those units.

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we'll see, for the most part i've hated using soul grinders and defilers. i sold mine maybe last year (though the last game i used a soul grinder in he was chased by some Aggressors he eventually killed and was my MVP).

tau are in a bad spot as the worst army of 9th. farsight enclaves do a little better due to having 2 traits, can take multiple commanders in a detachment, fusion blades, and farsight himself.

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> something that can actually win games
This is not T'au. Wait until they get a codex and see how shit is. Right now to play tau is to lose games or lose friends by being a contently obnoxious shit, no in-between.

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Your list buliding is going to depend on your army, but there are 3 main components to any list.
How do you kill tanks
How do you kill hordes
How do you score points.
Figure out what you need to do each of these then look for synergies.

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Checked, and the longer vertical profile makes it seem smaller. But it's got the extended mag and the scope which really makes it stand out.

Also, I have now realized that some of the magazines the SoB bolters have are curved, some are straight, and some are just angled, and now I am quite annoyed.

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Ah ok. Thanks guys. I appreciate it

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Tau are not in a good place right now, competitively.

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No one (you)ed my EC marine last thread so here is a champion (I still have to do his power sword and plasma glow effects) plus a childhood thin your paints marine


Black is still the biggest colour though and undercoating gold with darker Metallics is like a thing people do

Also your spray primer shouldn't be grainy or have gritty bits

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Forgot pic

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It's no joke Tau is in a bad spot right now.
I'm retarded and got my first ever win a few months back against a Tau player who's been playing since 4th edition.
I shat out a Custodes list and won by twice the victory points.

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Right arms a bit low there champ.

>> No.77673678

My void brother

>> No.77673683

Awesome. Thankee for good advice and inspiration

>> No.77673684

Wish they got more attention and rules and a non fw daddy

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>If the alternative is throwing away a 60 bucks model and your projects for the Black Legion army, I say chop it off

None of the bits are an appropriate fit. Drach'nyen was the only reason I was interested in Abaddon in the first place. I feel more compelled to take the model outside, put on my combat boots, and stomp the fucker into pieces at this point than I do fixing it at this point. As far as I'm concerned the model is ruined.

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Probably no one replied to you because it sucks.

>> No.77673704

On the flipside i saw a tau player table a necron one

>> No.77673716

Post your tanks

>> No.77673721

>I feel more compelled to take the model outside, put on my combat boots, and stomp the fucker into pieces at this point than I do fixing it at this point.
That's not the model's fault, you have legit mental issues. Anon be patient, this is an occasion for learning. First go buy some greenstuff. Than cut the bits that is closer to the original piece and glue it. Now fill the gap with greenstuff and model it until it has a flat, even surface.
This is a pretty easy fix and if makes you go crazy you might as well sell all your models on a market, because this hobby is not for you.

>> No.77673742


It is a little low but it doesn't actually look as extreme from most angles. I could slice it off and re-glue it but I have 2 1/2 squads left to paint plus a meme spider and 2 oblits


The model I posted last thread was pretty solid if basic though. Also the entire point of posting models is for feedback to improve

Why don't you post your models so I can be equally constructive

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Here's a few, though they're more IFVs than tanks, really.

>> No.77673759

the lighting here is shit and the only thing that can clearly be seen is that the eyes are painted badly

>> No.77673769

That model also sucks but the cam is shaking so it's less noticeable. But the twink glove is perfectly in focus, congratulations.

>> No.77673790

>twink glove
post brapper

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I want to kitbash some primaris Death Company but i'm not sure what to use as a base. What would look better phobos armour or regular intercessors as a starting point?

>> No.77673810

That's pretty good, what did you use for the green?

>> No.77673827

Intercessors have rules to run as Death Company.

>> No.77673838

Assault intercessors have more dynamic poses.

>> No.77673840

I'm planning on running them as normal DC with jump packs. It's mainly for looks and fitting in with the army i already have.

>> No.77673841

>no jetpack
>stupid weapon options.
>over priced.

That is a nah from me dog

>> No.77673845

Crons don't get any i can't :s

>> No.77673860

Post Monolith.

>> No.77673865


Here is better lighting now that there is more natural light. The eyes could use a slight touch up as could a frayed part of the right arm but it isn't exactly finger painted

>> No.77673866

Post barges.

>> No.77673868

Man, I forgot GKs were even a thing. They've really slid into irrelevancy.
Guess Sisters got the last laugh regarding the whole blood incident

>> No.77673870


>> No.77673881

Stalkers, Spyders, Barges / Arks, Monolith / Obselisks all pretty much use the same techniques

>> No.77673883

I know, combined with the extra armour plating on the hips i think they would look good. As i see it using intercessors as a base gives a more bulky strong look whilst phobos gives off a more tacticool stealthy look. Just wondering what would look best for DC

>> No.77673893

Vallejo games fluo green over white

>> No.77673923

Bröther may I have some Mödels?

>> No.77673928

Someone please tell me if this is a horrible idea of a narrative game, I still want it to be somewhat balanced.

Daemonic incursion, Daemons vs whoever else.
Whoever else starts with their entire force in the middle of the board, dense terrain . Four objectives in the centre of the four corners, capturing an objective cleanses the ground and makes it so the daemons player cant deepstrike in that quarter of the board.

Daemons player gets 20% more points to play with and splits their forces into three groups as equally as possible. 1st group starts on the board anywhere within 9" of a table edge. 2nd group deepstrikes in anywhere outside 12" of enemy units at start of second round, 3rd group deepstrike in anywhere outside 9" of enemy units.

Daemons win at end of fifth round or on total wipeout, other player wins on capturing all four objectives, daemons cant capture or hold objectives.

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Sigmar is the experimental game. Because it doesn’t have as wide an audience as 40k, GW uses the opportunity to run tests on stuff, like model structure or the original priest rules.

>> No.77673952

got pics of some skitarii to go with this tank?

>> No.77673959

>7 months of 9th edition
>none of my armies got a Codex yet

>> No.77673960


Why not make the daemons summon their reinforcements? It would balance out their points advantage and actually finally have someone use the summoning mechanic.

>> No.77673966

They aren't afraid to actually release shit that isn't a primaris lieutenant

>> No.77673967


>> No.77673972

In the 8e rule book there was a mission pretty similar to this one but instead of deepstriking 1/3rd of your daemon army and instead you roll a d6, on a 4+ you can place one unit on the table. You do this for every unit.

>> No.77673979

Make it so that any Doubles on a psychic test causes perils and the demon player can deep strike in a unit exactly where a model destroyed by perils was standing.

>> No.77673988

I feel like I'm sitting at the dinner table, GW squatting over my plate, while the starving masses of other faction players hurl insults at me for getting food to eat.

>> No.77673997

Stop eating the shit and they'll stop calling you a shit head.

>> No.77674009

I don't but they keep feeding me.

>> No.77674070

need to go sower while painting, theres corners that still show the base coat (the upper shoulders near the pauldorns) and theres also pant going over when it shouldnt, (the black on the head, the blue from the eyes, the black on the foot etc etc
go slow, use a fine brush, thin your paints, make it look clean

>> No.77674091

Good start but listen to other anons here. These are some bright base colours that could gel better if shading and highlighting eases them. Take a second glance and go back a little slower this time on some areas that are a bit messy. Otherwise it's a pretty neat idea colour wise.

>> No.77674115

I like the idea but why are your bases not flourishing with vegetation? Makes an impression that they are bad gardeners

>> No.77674144

To you, furfaggot from previous thread.
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>> No.77674149

Are you autistic

>> No.77674160

Sir this is a games workshop

>> No.77674213

>love everything about a particular subfaction
>don't want to be stuck to always playing its rules no matter what
shit sucks

>> No.77674228


I am probably rushing too much but I do have a lot of models left to paint and I worry I will lose motivation if I get bogged down for ages and ages correcting tiny overspills on the basecoat of each model (retarded logic I know but it is very tedious and I always see another spot I missed as soon as I have cleaned my brushes)


I guess it wasn't successful but the pink does have a recess shade of carroburg crimson (on my first one or two models I did an all over wash but I felt it made it too dark and ended up highlighting over all the shade aside from the recesses anyway), the brass/horns have a fleshshade wash and the black and metal are washed with nuln oil. I should highlight more but I procrastinate too much over where put the highlights

>> No.77674247

Do we even know what the next codex release will be?

>> No.77674249

>caring about rules

>> No.77674256

Models > everything else

>> No.77674259

Probably sisters after Dark Eldar. They got that box set pretty recently

>> No.77674295

It just looks rushed. The black barely seems highlighted on the arms, theres pink overflow everywhere (helmet, bolter on spikes and hand), legs near black. The eyes looks fucked as well, if you can steadily paint the lenses then you needto look into doing proper glow eye effects as that is FAR more forgiving and will look good.
You also need to keep in mind unhighlighted black looks awful, and looks even worse when next to a bright color. Just picking out the most promiment edges (knuckles on gloves, raised spikes, edges of pauldrons) with dawstone will go a long way. (when you highlight, make sure you barely have any on your brush).
Not going to lie anon, I would accept this as being someone over 12's first attempt at a model, its definitely not your "best" attempt because a lot of the bad is caused purely by laziness.

>> No.77674303

Sometimes its a lighting issue with pics. Thats gonna get me some shit for saying. So thats up to you if you think it's good enough. The horns look good though I've gotta say and so like those. I'd give it another go and take a good long time doing it this time to see what happens or if you can tidy this one up. No idea on what shade to use as I dont paint in those colours.

>> No.77674312

Black Templars

>> No.77674379

That is some nice hot pink tho

>> No.77674380

>twink glove

post you in panties

>> No.77674393

This is a complete nonissue, paint a slightly different scheme and literally nobody will have an issue with you playing them as whatever chapter/dynasty/hive fleet you want.

>> No.77674406

One of them has cool robot spider legs and one doesnt

>> No.77674456

Then you don't love *everything* about them, now do you?

>> No.77674472

I do, but would like some more room for tabletop experimentation

>> No.77674493

Quick question, with the My Warhammer competition does the shopping cart carry between the two online stores (GW proper and Forge World) or are they considered separate carts?

>> No.77674500

would be able to help you if we yknow...knew the faction

>> No.77674509


This event is what happened to establish the current setting for the crusade/open play games that I play with my friends.
"The Sundering of Kaldor" or "The Sacrifice of the Angels Ascendant", M36.560-M36.568

The Kaldor system exists in Segmentum Obscurus near the Eye of Terror, containing a forgeworld, fortress world for the Angels Ascendant as well as multiple mining worlds and agriworlds.
Over centuries of operating in the sector, Alpha Legion legionnaires have infiltrated the ranks of the Blood Angel successor chapter, and placed sleeper cells in the local PDF, seeking an artefact held by the Mechanicus on their Forgeworld Regis II
Having all their pieces in place, the Chaos Warband fleet tears their way into realspace at the edges of the star system, full speed ahead!
Despite their meticulous planning, trying catch the loyalists with only a reserve of their fleet in-system, the Alpha Legion fell victim to unpredictability in the warp, arriving later than they anticipated, now having to face the full might of the Angels Ascendant's navy
Fighting is fierce over every single kilometer, fellow PDF members turning on each other not knowing who is compromised or not, being bombarded from above by friend and foe alike. Eventually, the agriworlds are burnt to ash, and the mining world's surface blasted to sand.
Slowly each defense line falls, and the continued violence, bloodshed, fear and mass sacrifice of civilians is channeled by the Chaos Marine sorcerers in a mass ritual tearing away the bounds of realspace, surrounding the system by warpstorms, leaving the Imperial forces with no way to call for reinforcements.

>> No.77674522

Pretty sure it's just GW not ForgeWorld
>The competition is open to residents worldwide, excluding the U.S. state of Rhode Island and the Canadian province of Quebec
Fuck Rhode Island I guess

>> No.77674529

Seven years into what is now a siege, and the vast flowery fields around the fortress monastery mountain have been reduced to a glassed, cratered and muddy sea, dotted by the vast hulks of downed battle barges. More Angels Ascendants are falling to the red thirst by the day, still ever paranoid at the ultimate betrayal that brothers amongst them were infiltrators, and that some still may be. On top of this, they are now at a fraction of their full chapter strength, processing only two full companies, formed from shattered remnants of all 10.
The chaos fleet, having isolated the space marines onto their home planet, moved on to secure their prize that is Forgeworld Regis II, Coming across fierce resistance from the Adeptus Mechanicus Fleets, the battle is at a grinding standstil, but nonetheless the Alpha Legion is able to summon piecemeal reinforcements whereas the Imperials have been running on reserves ever since their outer planets were captured. Landing parties are sent out often, but extensive naval presence and anti-air ensures that whatever few ground forces make it to the surface are easy pickings for the Knights of House Thronus Knights and Skitarii.
Despite the Chapter fleet being destroyed, the Angels Ascendant still possess one functioning Battle Barge that was "scuttled" along with other ships that were truly destroyed, harboring it in atmosphere as a last ditch escape route, a formidable artillery platform, and lastly a symbol of the chapter itself. A true last stand for these Angels of Death.
After a uncharacteristic lull in attacking forces, the Angels Ascendant hear a dread screech over the horizon, then two, then a cacaphony of infernal wails that would make even the most pious Imperial Priest quake in fear.

>> No.77674536

They specifically state you have to fill a cart on the GW site which ofcourse wouldnt include FW

>> No.77674537

What does 40kg prefer, a blended/NMM paintjob or an 'evy metal style one?

>> No.77674538

Higher pitched wails are heard as sensors sense an incoming barrage of titan-class missiles, Fortress Monastery point defense turrets point to the sky, machine spirits spinning to life, doing their best to reduce the damage caused by this rain of hellfire.
When the bombardment is ceased and there seems to be a moment of quiet, the first in months, as the smoke clears allowing the remaining Space Marines to see the remaining Alpha Legion Warband recently bolstered, brandishing captured equipment and being backed by the Legio Maledictus Chaos Titan Maniple.
The Angels Ascendant are utterly outnumbered, even as they are frantically preparing to deploy absolutely everything in their armory and vaults, nothing is left on the table. Predators, Land Raiders, Stormravens, their last remaining Thunderhawks, and even a Falchion Superheavy tank. The opening shot of this apocalyptical clash was the deafening roar unleashed by the the cannons of the voidship as lance batteries and bombardment cannons unleashing hellfire, cleaving a titan in twain and heavily damaging half the remaining. Despite that, the titan weapons turn to bear on the ship, sytematically destroying any chance of a repeat of that attack before recentering themselves to bear on the now fully assembled Space Marine force.
The battle appears to be held by the Emperor's Finest, wearing down the remaining titans with the superheavy weaponry, as the supersoldiers clash head to head, their rage and faith overpowering all! A valiant sacrifice made by one of the Thunderhawk pilots as he crashes the damaged aircraft straight into the head of the Warlord, killing its occupants and collapsing the god machine onto a huge swathe of Chaos Space Marines turning the tide of the fight as they begin to rout!

>> No.77674539

>when signed in to your ‘My Warhammer’ account, add at least one item to your basket on either the Games Workshop web store (www.games-workshop.com) or the Forge World web store (www.forgeworld.co.uk); and
No, it includes Forgeworld. The reason I ask is because I want to get the Heavy Construct but also throw in a heavy destroyer as well.

>> No.77674547

The Chapter Master receives emergency communication, from the Magos of Regis II as the remaining Alpha Legionnaires are finished off,
>"Assista... eeded.....Heretek flee....on surfa.. Status: CALAMITOUS.. Enacting Vault Protoc... Advisory:1. Do n...vacuate 2. Protec... your..f.. 3. Prepare for subt...mor bomb detonat..."
His HUD is filled with pings of warp signatures warping in system, planetary sensors detect multiple landings of army sized forces, as the ground beneath them begins to rumble.
The shaking continues to gain force until even the titans begin to sink into the liquifying earth, swallowing countless friendly marines too, the distant mountains appear to crumble and erupt into molten slag. A massive humming is emmanating from the Fortress monastery, and slowly the local area begins to stabilize, the movement around them slowing to a crawl as the outside planet glows ever brighter, ground shifting wildly appearing as if flowing into the air...

The tech priest retinue streams the data to the Magos, where it can see the feeds of the Chaos fleets being annihilated by the planets that have been detonated by massive tremor bombs planted throughout their center.
The acolytes inquires for new directive.

>> No.77674553

>not Thirst
Shamefur dispray

>> No.77674560

It doesn't matter, just put something in. You don't win your literal basket. Just having something qualifies you and if you're the winner you'll get to pick your shit later. You can even pick out of stock stuff.

>> No.77674569

Word Bearers, but I don't really think there's much that can be done to help me, I'm just bitching.
I don't like >>77674393's suggestion because if I alter the color scheme slightly but keep the parchments, runes and shit then they'll still obviously be Word Bearers, especially with the less strict character of Chaos.
If I drop these or completely change the color scheme, they'll no longer have the things I like.

>> No.77674573

Their sculptors are allowed to make cool stuff instead of space marines

>> No.77674579

they get more of an opportunity to be creative

>> No.77674588

>if I alter the color scheme slightly but keep the parchments, runes and shit then they'll still obviously be Word Bearers

>> No.77674591

As others have said more blue sky design wise. When 40k gets brand new stuff like the Yncarne or Void Dragon it is often quite elaborate too.

>> No.77674599

Make sure you play in as many phases as possible. You don't need an extremely well rounded army, but playing an extremely one dimensional one is boring and sometimes frustrating. If your list is 90% ranged shooting, include a dedicated melee unit. If possible include a psyker, so you csn interact with the enemy's psychic.
Start with your favorite units, and build around them.
Bring a variety of units. Playing 6 identical units gets boring fast.

>> No.77674611

If somebody is autistic enough to prevent me from trying a different subfaction's rules because of the paintjob, black helmets probably won't stop them if you can still easily tell what they're supposed to be

>> No.77674614

Does anyone know if Dark Eldar can utilise other Eldar units without any kind of malus? I want a psyker

>> No.77674621

>If somebody is autistic enough to prevent me from trying a different subfaction's rules because of the paintjob, black helmets probably won't stop them if you can still easily tell what they're supposed to be
They can't stop you

>> No.77674634

Really enjoyed the read. Good Job.

>> No.77674639

Manlets have also been mixing scopes in squads since forever. An pistols too.

>> No.77674663

>7 months of 9th edition
>games played: 3 (three)

>> No.77674674

Ynarai or however you spell that shit. It's the faction based around mixing all the eldar factions.

>> No.77674685

>not playing marines
it's like you don't WANT continued and constant rules and model support

>> No.77674690

your tanks are tasty steel legion bro

>> No.77674722

Both have merits. I feel like the heavily edge highlighted 'eavy metal look brings out the details of the miniature, while the blends make it more picturesque.

>> No.77674738

Because Space Marines.

>> No.77674739

In the last few days, pictures of some faggot with sunglasses and FW minis have been in these threads calling others poor, and other anons have called him based.

Do you really think that faggot is based, are you saying it ironically, or is he just samefagging himself to look cool on fucking 4chan of all places?

>> No.77674746

You can use them in a separate detachment, but Craftworld psychic powers have the Asuryani keyword all over them except for the offensive witchfire powers. So a long farseer is limited to nuking. Consider using Yvraine instead. She's pretty good herself, and you can freely put her into actual Drukhari detachments without breaking abilities. She has the same issue that the buffing powers are all keyworded. But if all you want is mortal wound nukes you can give her smite and the two witchfires.

>> No.77674749

Depends. I think 'Eavy Metal style looks crisper on the tabletop, but well done blended/NMM makes a better display piece.

>> No.77674757

If I had to make a bet, I think they'll keep a sorta xenos -> imperium -> chaos -> xenos order for a little while. I would say the order will look like this:

Dark Eldar - Confirmed

Sisters - In a box vs. dark eldar, so it makes sense to release them next to DE

Thousand Sons - Doing poorly, easy codex to update since they don't have many units

Orks - New model teased. Afaik, no other xenos have been given model teasers, so I assume this will be next

After this point, it's hard to speculate. I think they'll release bigger updates between smaller ones to space out the work. So you might see something like:

Imperial Knights (low amount of work) -> CSM (lots of updates needed) -> Tyranids (moderate amount of updates needed)

Knights don't have a ton of data sheets so they're good fodder to sneak in between bigger codices. CSM are likely to need a bigger rework than most due to rebalancing wounds and layering in mechanics similar to Death Guard, and Tyranids need some rules updates, but they don't have the amount of sub-factions CSM have, so it's more of a moderate update.

>> No.77674760

Metal Bawkses.

>> No.77674786

Are you truly so creatively bankrupt that you cannot comprehend the idea of painting and modeling them as /Yourdudes/, and then playing them with the rules that you think work best for your narrative or are the strongest if you're a faggot?

Fucking hobbylets.

>> No.77674787

drill your barrels

>> No.77674795

Thank wuflu

>> No.77674806

I refuse.

>> No.77674808

If you're not playing in tournaments, the difference between subfactions usually isn't enormous. What subfaction is it that you like?

>> No.77674824

Drill your barrels.

>> No.77674837

Dark Eldar, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Knights, Chaos Knights, Ad Mech, Orks.
Dark Eldar is the only one confirmed, Sisters of Battle is extremely likely to come at the same time due to the boxed set featuring the two and because SoB have a new unit. The Knights and Ad Mech are because they all feature in the announced campaign book, plus Ad Mech have a new unit coming. Orks have a new model so its sensible to assume they will get their codex at the same time.

>> No.77674838

does anyone make decent quality sisters of battle knockoff other than raging heroes, wargame exclusive, and outrageous creations patreon? trying to find all I can

>> No.77674849

How about I drill your ass?

>> No.77674853

I just an FAQ to make GSC mid tier ;_;

>> No.77674859


>> No.77674863

I refuse.

>> No.77674872

There are some pretty neat 3D-printable sister models available.

>> No.77674908

Pretty sure it's some random faggot spamming the dude here in hopes of us doxing and raiding him.

>> No.77674918 [DELETED] 

Don't care.

>> No.77674919

It'd make sense, you'd have to be pretty fucked up to try to flex on 4chan.

>> No.77674927

You cared enough to give him a (You), apparently.

>> No.77674928

>Afaik, no other xenos have been given model teasers, so I assume this will be next
Nid-looking tentacle was i latest rumour engine

>> No.77674933

Don't care.

>> No.77674945


Wow so restricting.

The only "rules" World Bearers have is that they re-roll morale tests and their warlord has better auras. These push you towards fluffy units but no one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to use Possessed, MoPs, Dark Apostles, Cultists etc.

>> No.77674955

Apparently cared enough to delete your response and remake it, giving him not a (You) but still showing that it bothered you enough for you to respond.

>> No.77674960

Don't care.

>> No.77674964

>World Bearers

I'm literally illiterate it seems. Fitting given Lorgar's hatred of typos

>> No.77674975

You have a funny way of showing it, anon.

>> No.77674982

>recently bought the elite box and a few units to properly get into 40k and cause Indomitus was already sold out everywhere
>fully assembled now, ordered paints and have played a bit by myself to learn the rules
>while looking for some more units to flesh out my armies i saw that the shop where i buy my stuff got a hold of 10 indomitus boxes and is selling them for 140 euros
i don't want to spend another 140+ euros lads, but the value is so fucking good. I also wanted to start a grey knight army as my secondary, not the necrons, and i don't want to pay for 3 armies.

>> No.77674985

Hey, the World Bearers chapter is based as fuck, right along Word Eaters and the Death Sons.

>> No.77674991

Paint what you have first. This is how people get backlogs that are stupid large.

>> No.77674994

Offer to suck their dick for a discount.

>> No.77674995

Okay, so you buy the 140€ box, sell the Necrons and rulebook (try to get 70€ if you can, shouldn't be too hard), and then you've only spent 70€, effectively.

>> No.77675000

Are bikers infantry?

>> No.77675002

Just ebay the half you need what the fuck

>> No.77675003

Dark Guard
Iron of Horus
Alpha Angels
Blood Legion

>> No.77675005

>In the last few days
longer than that
>Do you really think that faggot is based
anyone who owns a lord of skulls is based

>> No.77675006

Choose the main army and split the box with a person who wants the other half. Shop owners are typically willing to facilitate box splitting because it's more sales for them.

>> No.77675011

>fully assembled now, ordered paints
Paint your stuff. You'll end up being yet another retard who is too intimidated to start painting his huge grey backlog. Seriously bro, when you finally field an army you tried your best to paint, it feels awesome.

>> No.77675017

Do they have the infantry keyword, tripleposter-kun?

>> No.77675019

Bikers are BIKERS.

>> No.77675031

Space Fists
Thousand Scars
Emperor's Fists
Imperial Guard

>> No.77675039

I was being optimistic :(

>> No.77675041

>Shop owners are typically willing to facilitate box splitting because it's more sales for them.
What, you ask permission if you can go halfsies with another person?

>> No.77675042

>Imperial Guard

>> No.77675052

White Wolves
Sons of Warriors
Word Hands

>> No.77675059

If space marines are good now then are grey knights good again as well?

>> No.77675060

You ask the shop keeper to keep you in mind if there are people wanting the other half. Or ask for an invite to the lgs chat group to look for someone who is.

>> No.77675069

GK were pretty good since they got their rules update at the tail end of 8th.

>> No.77675072

>What, you ask permission if you can go halfsies with another person?
No tard, you ask the Shop owner to sell you half the box for half the price, and then another player will buy the other half for half price. Typically stores will allow this if you bring someone to split with, but in bigger stores if they know there will be demand for the half they didnt sell to you, they will let you halfsie yourself with no second person.

>> No.77675075

any anons have the Pariah Nexus leaks?

>> No.77675084

Grey knights don't have Primaris, do they?

>> No.77675095

What do you mean?

>> No.77675101

They probably will be the last non primaris force which is neat. Will make them feel very different once all the other first born are phased out

>> No.77675103

Grey Knighs got none of the Marine specific updates, only the shared wargear changed.

>> No.77675109


>> No.77675118

Where do you buy this sister ?

>> No.77675127

>Kill-Team Space Marines have more options than 40k Sisters of Battle
They're just making it into 40k, aren't they.

>> No.77675148

Pretty sure it's an event-exclusive one.

>> No.77675150


>> No.77675153

I just want them back bros...

>> No.77675156


Harsh but kinda true your models are shit

>> No.77675161

Paints haven't arrived yet, but they should arrive this week, and i do know of the pitfalls of never painting your minis. I've already experimented a bit with what i have and have roughly picked out a paint scheme.
But i don't know if i want to sell the necrons. I know myself, i'll buy the box with the intention of selling half, and then i'll just go full bilbo and keep it anyway. I'm just somewhat scared that by the time i'm willing to sell them they'll already be built, painted and used, so the value will be less, hell, i might even sell some of the space marine half, not even mentioning that i have to get to the paint part and won't just be overwhelmed by all the models.....but the value is just so fucking good and they only have 10. I think i'm just too paranoid. Sorry for shitting up the thread.
Don't have friends
this might be my only hope

>> No.77675171

24 years collecting warhammer, games played 1.

>> No.77675180

Leaks about the Pricing and Rules
is This all of them anon? if so Thanks

>> No.77675187

Nobody is talking about friends. You can split boxes with complete strangers. I've done so multiple times.

>> No.77675192

Saw this on insta

>> No.77675199


>> No.77675214

>glowing abs
The painting is nice, but this part ruins it.

>> No.77675237

What weapon is this? Volkite? I think Volkite was the only energy weapon in the Space Marines arsenal

>> No.77675243

>games played: 0
>My local club opened up for a single weekend, a weekend which I happened to be working, I thought "Now that lockdown has ended, I guess I can take my time and go next week :)"
>now we are in lock down 3 :(

>> No.77675245

I like his wing choices.

>> No.77675274


>> No.77675287

That does look really swell, but i''m getting more raven guard vibes than anything else. To be fair this makes me lean towards phobos armour a little bit more;

>> No.77675289

Sons of Scars
White Fists
Raven Eaters
Sons of Children

>> No.77675302

Post unpopular opinions
I'll start
Grey knights is the worst looking army of the current range.

>> No.77675310

>Made a flier last year about a campaign of Warcry I was gonna make that was suppose to start in March
>Didn't put the year on it
>I guess I can still use it

>> No.77675324

The normal marines are a bit funny but GK terminators are pure kino.

>> No.77675338

Raven Wolves
Imperial Children
Space Legion
Sons of Sons
Word Lords
Thousand Eaters

>> No.77675345

Haven´t played a game since end of 7th. Rules bloat and power creep killed off my whole group and every little bit of passion we had.

>> No.77675358

>Rules bloat and power creep killed off my whole group and every little bit of passion we had.
How did that passion survive 7th edition, the most bloated and power creep riddled edition every?

>> No.77675383

holy shit based army, so jealous.

>> No.77675387

3D printing will bring them back

>> No.77675392

I sure do enjoy this one codex per month, atleast we got all the marines out of the way when they were doing two per month, what caused this in the first place anyway? Should have all the armies out by mid 2022 at this rate.

>> No.77675396

Who are the classic enemies of the Night lords?

>> No.77675397

>didn't you play durning 5th ed or when codex demons had their deep strike random half of your army half?
I don’t even play 40k I came here just to tell you that thumbnail looked like a bionicle until I opened the full image

>> No.77675398

It was indeed the 7th Edition that killed everything. The last game with the last buddy left was at the end of 7th until we decided to fuck off from the hobby and GW´s constant bullshit.

>> No.77675404

Did you lose your Scions somewhere?

>> No.77675411


>> No.77675414


>> No.77675416

Im so glad I decided to revist my childhood hobby in 8th and not 7th jesus, Ive heard constant horror stories from friends who have played it consistently for longer.

>> No.77675418

Same. I played Necrons and the Decurion shit destroyed my interest so much that I sold them off.

>> No.77675424

Baby tank

>> No.77675431

Turns out the more fragmented your legion gets the less opportunities you get to shit on someone weaker than you. Their inability to stay an organized legion is their own downfall.

>> No.77675443

Baby tank do-do-da-dooo
Baby tank do-do-da-dooo
Baby tank do-do-da-dooo

>> No.77675446

Got real a little too quick.

I'm trying to decide what Marine chapter to put in a diorama I'm doing.

>> No.77675457

Do you play your games at the GW stores? Everything else is too far away from me bros, it's not looking good. I'd hate to spend $1000 on an army and not be able to play the game.

>> No.77675466

nice use of the dunecrawler autocannon barrel

>> No.77675472

I play at home basements or tabletop simulator

>> No.77675489

Daddy tank do-do-da-dooo
Daddy tank do-do-da-dooo
Daddy tank do-do-da-dooo

>> No.77675497

More boxes

>> No.77675502

Why do people insist on painting the trim first when painting csm?

>> No.77675506


>> No.77675512

>Nonce Hunter
Holy based

>> No.77675517

I don´t know, watching 8th from afar, it looks like they repeat the same mistakes again. Taking almost a year until everyone has a codex for their actual edition, special rules over special rules over special rules requiring +5 books to have a winning chance or atleast not getting tabled first turn and neglecting other factions for marine sales. It´s just so tiresome.

>> No.77675522

Trim colour same as base csm is superior anyway.

>> No.77675552

8th edition was completely fine until Marines got their second version codex, and then everything marine related went tits up. 8th always had "that op army" but Ynnari was around a 60% win rate at the height of its power, and so was Knights, while Marines were straight up 85% winrate.
8th edition was ok with special rules, since a lot of power was in memorable stratagems instead of fine print on the datasheets. I had a lot of fun in 8th before the marines overwhelming everything and became the literal baseline of the game (as in, tourney results are now "who is good against marines, who isnt" while marines sit at around a 50% winrate because so many mirror matches happen).
The biggest problem with 8th for me personally was that every balance update was "Everything gets cheaper" which led to ridiculously huge armies. They attempted to fix this at the start of 9th with huge point revisions but then went back on their idea almost immediately.

>> No.77675581

It is utterly retarded that Guard don't have access to some kind of light tank. Hell, we even lost the Autocannon Chimera so it's hardly as if we can use that as a proxy, not forgetting the Tauros/Venerator and the other 'light' vehicles we had access to...

>> No.77675594

>BA Combat Patrol box
>There's actually 4 Aggressor bases
>Parts to make 3 normal ones and a squad lead
>There's only enough ammo links for 3/4 of one kind of weapon
>On a unit you're not allowed to mix with

>> No.77675602

Don´t get me wrong Stratagems and everything are cool and I don´t mind big armies. But I would prefer a general compendium of Special rules (everyone knows) instead of learning all the fucking stratagems of each different army. Out of nowhere your enemy can doubletap or circumvent a game restriction fucking up your plans. Instead of awful special rules we now have uncreative/broken/useless stratagems over stragems. And I also hate how they are generated and every shit band-aid fix GW put out so far.

>> No.77675609

I think sentinels are the closest equivalent, but given how much inspiration guard take from interwar tanks, you would think they would have something lighter, or maybe even a tankette

>> No.77675620

Forgeworld paypiggies deserve what they get. Guard paypigs doubly so

>> No.77675633

Buy two.

>> No.77675641

I think this is a bigger problem for people who cant have games consistently. The stratagems being game changing is by design. Custodes Vexilla teleport can be absolutely ball busting and its expensive to pull off. However I agree some armies just have too much access to "auto use" stratagems, stratagems you use every game, take no set up at all and are hard to remember because they have simple effects. Salamanders +1 to wound and Transhuman Physiology (and Duty eternal before it got baked into dreads) being the easiest examples.
Once you know these stratagems however, you dont really fear them like you do the Vexilla teleporter, because there isnt really anything you can do to stop them happening.

>> No.77675643

For varnish should I use spray can or paint on?

>> No.77675644

Hellhounds are T7 11W, how weak would you want these light tanks to be? T6 and <10W? You'd never use them

>> No.77675647

> Death Guard Combat Patrol box
> Is not actually a legal Combat Patrol detachment

also ebin

>> No.77675657

> Skar’torath, the Monarch of Screams, is banished in Chamon by the armies of Prosperia. Infuriated, the Daemon Prince speaks the Oath of the Iron Pact and is transmuted into a Soul Grinder. Upon re-entering the Golden Realm, Skar’torath finds himself in Chamon’s outerlands. The Soul Grinder soon discovers tribes who have gravitated towards the mercurial wastes. Many are slain as Skar’torath seeks to repay the soul- debt owed for his transformation, but he spares those who worship him as an ironclad demigod. Soon the Soul Grinder is on the warpath back towards the kingdom that defied him, accompanied by hordes of barbarians bearing all manner of mechanical grafts and implantations.
>aos is going to get cyborg cultists and demons before us

Dawg wtf

>> No.77675660

Pretty sure none of them actually stay under the 500 point total. As box sets they're pretty good for what you get but for what they're intended for they fail completely

>> No.77675663

Why varnish at all?

And the correct answer is airbrush matt varnish

>> No.77675668

What I don't convert, I buy from his most noble majesty; the Chinaman.

>> No.77675670

I don't think you get enough parts to make 4 aggressors, anon...

>> No.77675677

Not an issue of points, you can't field the units included

>> No.77675683

Am probably going to be playing a bit of loyalist marines until one of my other factions gets a 9th edition codex since my playgroup is Necrons and Deldar primarily and playing 8th edition codexes against the necrons has been really annoying so far. Does this make me a bad person?

>> No.77675690

The DG box has thirty poxwalkers, but poxwalkers can only be taken in units of up to 20. This means you have to have a minimum of 2 units of poxwalkers.

New DG rules state that you can only have one unit of poxwalkers for each unit of non-HQ DG infantry. Since there is only one other unit of DG infantry in the box, that means you can only have one unit of poxwalkers, so having two units of them isn't legal in matched play.

big brain GW move

>> No.77675694

This is when the Nexos notices he had fuck up

>> No.77675695

>Screeches that he doesn't get anything when he doesn't even buy from GW
Why are Guardfags braindead

>> No.77675697

Why not? I see a HQ and 2 troops.

>> No.77675710

Ah, I missed the fact one of the bodies doesn't have a back to it. My bad

Jesus Christ GW

>> No.77675716

I realize this is probably going to get me memed

but buying CWE Guardians and Wraiths are pretty safe right,

there isn't a sliver of hope for new Guardian squads?

>> No.77675727

Look harder, anon

>> No.77675744



>> No.77675746

I guess Games Workshop is too generous for it's own good.

>> No.77675756

Just play at home, bro.

>> No.77675765


It gets better, they're reused Dark Imperium Poxwalkers, so the poxwalkerr sprue has a bunch of extra plague marine bits on it that you can't use

>> No.77675786

I used to hate GK due to Matt Ward, now I think they're kinda okay, as far as Marines go.

Still hate Marines in general tho'.

Greed and the need to constantly expand to keep people buying. 4th edition 40k had everything we'd need, but more and more needs to be added to existing factions, namely Space Marines (god forbid they make new ones or properly update the model ranges) to keep people buying.

The books are a part of that. Asking for 20-40€ for a hardback rulebook with some niche rules is just dickish.

Yet you're here?

>> No.77675787

Free bits I suppose? Are they even any good or are they just random arms or something?

>> No.77675795

GW have updated a lot of troops recently, so I wouldn't count it out.
Wait see if Ork Boyz get updated, they're similarly old and shitty.

>> No.77675800

>Some extra bits is somehow worse than selling a box that can't be legally fielded when the box is specifically designed to be a complete army

>> No.77675804

Home games with bros are kino, fuck an LGS.

> Can use whatever homebrew rules you want
> Can play your own music
> Can swear without having anyone complain
> Can make and eat your own food
> Can drink whatever you want
> Can play as late as you want

It's great.

>> No.77675807

>Burning cityscape on the dozer blade
Based as fuck.

>> No.77675811

I would if I hadnt moved back home due to COVID (my housemates lost their jobs when their places of work closed down for COVID and couldnt pay rent) and now my closest bro is around an hour away and lockdown is still in effect. I miss when I had friends I could call round or go round to when we wanted a game and we'd be setting up in 20 mins

>> No.77675820

I'll buy from GW when GW release something worth buying. God knows I used to. But the taurox looks fucking gay and so do the tempestus scions and those are the last two big releases i'm aware of.

>> No.77675829

After years of languishing with pick up games at my local battle bunker I finally made a friend to play 40k with regularly.

Been in warhammer heaven ever since, gaming at home with bros just shits all over gaming at stores by a bomb threat.

>> No.77675834

It IS a complete army, anon. You just get extras :^)

>> No.77675862

>Waaah I can't use this model with TWO autocannons because I need this meme models with ONE autocannon that was more expensive!!!

>> No.77675864

The poxwalkers are just 3 of this sprue, the bits are on the bottom left

>> No.77675882

I just grab my car and avoid the police and military checkpoints.
Then proceed to play a game.

>> No.77675884

>buying and using models you think look like shit
Holy fucking cringe, please leave nigger.

>> No.77675891

Yes, so I buy a recast and buy it cheaper than the one with two. Are you alright anon? Your anger seems to be clouding your reasoning skills

>> No.77675907

are you fucknig kidding me

>> No.77675915

Spray varnish if you ever want to actually finish an army.

Paint-on varnish if you're just painting cool models individually.

>> No.77675916

CAACfags deserve a bullet

Then stop screeching that GW doesn't want to support a faction full of leeches

>> No.77675951

What makes you think I give two shits about what is competitive? I just want more variety.

I'm thinking something like 80pts for a lascanon and heavy bolter on a T6 6W 3+Sv platform.
Ideally you'd be able to also replace the lascanon with other stuff like an autocannon.

> And bring back fucking wargear! For both Infantry and Vehicles.

>> No.77675957

The only problem is getting your own terrain and painting it up, but I'm getting there too.

I mean, unironically buy a home instead of renting one.

>> No.77675972

>not using shitty ugly models
>spending money on things you don't like
You're in the wrong place mong. Go back to DOTA or whatever other /v/ pit you crawled out of.

>> No.77675981

So you complain i pay more, until i reveal i pay less, then suddenly thats a bad thing instead. Am i a GW paypiggie or a leech? I'd call you a GW shill but at least they're consistant. Also
Thats pretty rich

>> No.77675982

I mean, I don't really need GW to update guard models. I can just print whatever I want. The same applies to pretty much every other army, too. Then I can just play whatever I think is the most balanced and fun rules with mates at home instead of following the meta. All it needs is agreeing that, for example, we don't bring bikespam Eldar or double lash demon princes and it's all gonna be good.

You can just keep buying Primarines to play at your official GW store.

>> No.77675992

>I mean, unironically buy a home instead of renting one.
Thats the plan anon, otherwise I would be renting again on my own nearer my friends. The rent at my old place was really cheap but both of my housemate friends were shit with money and after a few weeks without jobs had no other choice.

>> No.77675997

>Space marines get bikers and ATVs
>GSC get bikers and ATVs
>Orks get bikers and ATVs
>Imperial Guard doesn't
It hurts and is retarded.

>> No.77676007

I believe in you, Anon.

>> No.77676015

They used to have a jeep :^)
They also lost their horse riders in the same swing the fucking Mechanicus got them of all things

>> No.77676024

So what's in ya baskets anons

>> No.77676040

I miss Death Guard being able to take Daemons

>> No.77676043

I'd like to imagine someones going to put in 300 pounds of grots and win

>> No.77676063

What Space Marine chapter has the best manners?

>> No.77676075

Don't care too much about winning but it would be nice

>> No.77676078

As much of a meme as a fucking cavalry charge is in the whole setting that is 40k, the fact we no longer get their rules, nor bikes, or ANYTHING outside of basically tanks and infantry just fucking sucks.

Unironically buy a 3d printer and learn to use it and you'll be set for life and no longer a poorfag.

>> No.77676079

If I win Cadia comes back.

>> No.77676102

I fucking hate the fact that taking daemons thrashes any legion bonus.

>> No.77676104

Lion beats up Night Lords in his 30k model, so Dark Angels?

>> No.77676106


>> No.77676126

Indeed. I've already posted my ideas about a Guard Bike/Motorcycle/Skii Troops unit on here;
Still waiting on my order from Ivan.

>> No.77676136

Out of fear of soup, they made playing fluffy lists without houserules near-on impossible, the fucking assholes.

Treating 40k as a tournament-focused game is bleeding the fun out.

>> No.77676174

He just keeps moving foward...

>> No.77676183

Yes because it was totally Chaos that was going over the top instead of being barely competetive with it. I´m still seething that they won´t give us another Khorne Daemonkin Codex again. Instead they intrododuce the Master Posession which has the Daemonkin Keyword which can be used by anything besides Khorne. Fucking GW at it´s best. Fuck them. I miss popping out Bloodthirsters out of Cultist Champions and the Axe of Ruin.

>> No.77676199

Literally why would they ever dismount anon? They just keep an extra 2" movement if they dont.

>> No.77676231

Good point actually. Perhaps they don't get the benefit of cover and treat terrain under 1" as over 1" for the purposes of movement.

>> No.77676252

I dont miss Nurgle soup but summoning daemons shouldn't break your bonus.

>> No.77676271

I would simply die if I won desu. Being a poorfag is hard.

>> No.77676272

Post games

>> No.77676275


How do summoned daemons fit into this? Because they aren't part of any detachment.

If taking summoned daemons torpedoes your legion bonus then surely that would make summoning literally pointless and not even usable.

>> No.77676289

any more dark eldar leaks bros?

>> No.77676297

I mean, they made it impossible for everyone because of the Loyal 32 or whoever the fuck they were. Not because Chaos was OP with it.

As you wish, so shall it be done.

>> No.77676306

Your ideas are actually really underpowered anon, if you compare bike guard to normal guardsmen, then you are essentially getting mobility and nothing much else for 2 points. Why would you want guardsmen closer to the enemy anyway? If you need objective holders, then you have scout/armor sentinels.
Your Macro Lascannon battery is weak as fuck and overpriced. You essentially have two slightly better lascannons for double the price and the body is so weak that any amount of firepower will one shot it. It could easily be toughness 5/6, 8+ wounds and be fine when the Basilisk is only 125 points.

>> No.77676312

It´s not about summoning altough summoning is broken and useless but thats another hopeless case.

It´s about having daemons in your codex and taking them as part of your detachment but then losing your legion bonus then.

>> No.77676315

>If you need objective holders, then you have scout/armor sentinels.

>> No.77676322

What's this talk about winning?

>> No.77676328

They dont have obsec but they do survive bolter fire, which a squad of guardsmen do not.

>> No.77676342


>> No.77676343


>> No.77676360

Well if you're playing Genestealers you've got a better chance at winning that contest than a game of 9th

>> No.77676364

> you are essentially getting mobility and nothing much else for 2 points.
Exactly right. I came up with this unit because I wanted the option for mobile Guardsmen outside of transports.

>Your Macro Lascannon battery is weak as fuck and overpriced.
Fair point, perhaps then it should be 75 points or at least S14.

>> No.77676390

So far my record in 9th is pretty good. Cultists are great at just sitting on objectives and aberrants/genestealer+patriarch blobs are great at fucking marines to death

>> No.77676398


>> No.77676399

We really going over this again, secondary?

>> No.77676428

A game of nothing but bad rolls.

>> No.77676435

>versus marines
Guess everything is possible when your opponent is dumb

>> No.77676443

This meme again

>> No.77676449

I just don't play against netlisting WAACfags. Solves just about every problem with the hobby tbqh.

>> No.77676481


>> No.77676492

So the only way for me to view my legally purchases codices on my PC would be to run it on a dang android emulator? Am I retarded and incorrect or is GW?

>> No.77676498

>needing to netlist vs Genestealer cult
You play against retards, but as long as youre both having fun that doesnt matter much.

>> No.77676499

>legally purchasing an Ebook
Yes, you are retarded.

>> No.77676504

Shouldn't it be more than 300€?
Sadly they only listed GBP, AUD, and USD

>> No.77676508


>> No.77676510

>hard data

>> No.77676511

>muhreen boogyman
Maybe you're actually just shit at the game?

>> No.77676515

It's hypothetical. I just wanted to really make sure that legally purchasing a GW product is less convenient than pirating it

>> No.77676516

To be fair, the mega has been dead for ages it's not so easy to get this stuff anymore.

>> No.77676529

Hardly even Chaos marines with their bolter buff is more than enough to remove cultist from objectives while heavy bolter clean out your few W2 models.
Again versus marines with GSC you need a dumb oponente and/or facing a very meme list of marines

>> No.77676536

you don't even have to fill your basket, as long as you have one item in your basket by the date you will be entered into the draw

>> No.77676537

Pensavo di scegliere le stesse cose, però sto valutando perché convertendo in euro dovremmo essere sui 340 circa e magari si può aggiungere qualcosa in più

>> No.77676540

>"hard data"

>> No.77676542

What should I fill the cart too if I'm in the US? Should I do the conversion or just keep it filled in bong bucks and worry about it later if I win?

>> No.77676545

I only ever really use the mega when the usual website inexplicably doesn't have something or I can't find it on there

>> No.77676557

That sounds like a meme.
If tyranids can score multiple GT top places in sweaty compfag environment then I'm sure GSC can beat muhreens in an average non-tryhard game on a more or less consistent basis.

>> No.77676563

(((Hard data)))

>> No.77676569

Just divide it by 5

>> No.77676582

£300 converts to $420 (and change).
So feel free to meme it up.

>> No.77676586

Bro my winrate with marines v2 in 8th was 100% over 20 matches including 3 local tourney games. They completely killed my apetite for the game and made me and my friends play AoS solely until a few months ago when we decided to give 40k another go with non marine armies.
I currently play custodes and shit on marines usually now, but its silly to say that Marines are in any way a fair matchup for GSC. My mouth breathing friend beats GSC with his fucking Iron Warriors for christ sake.

>> No.77676601

Io ho messo la roba nel carrello inglese fino a 300£, poi la stessa in quello italiano

>> No.77676610

doubt i'll win, but it'd be awesome

>> No.77676655

They don't WANT YOU to know

>> No.77676656

>Bro my winrate with marines v2 in 8th was 100% over 20 matches including 3 local tourney games.
Why are you bragging about being a tourneyfag?

>> No.77676657

You only win whats in the basket.

>> No.77676664

With codex 8.0 or codex 8.5?

>> No.77676670

Is that it?
I would have thought £300 would go further even in dollarydoos.

>> No.77676671

>well actually, if you ignore bigger data and rely on my personal anecdotes of my retard friends beating each other..

>> No.77676683

Read the T&C's.
You win what's in your basket when they draw the prize. If you only have a single pot of agrax earthshade in there as a joke, then that's all your getting.

>> No.77676687

It's not a conspiracy to point out data flaws, brainlet.

>> No.77676693

the prize is £300 worth of stuff you can choose from either store. you don't even have to fill your basket to enter in the contest, you are entered if you make an order on their store.

>> No.77676697

The opposite, the pound goes the furthest of all currencies. 40k is cheapest in the UK

>> No.77676702

What happens when you have too much in the basket?
They didn't give an euro amount so idk how much it would be

>> No.77676703

Tyranids actually have something going for them
While GSC in tournament have basically the Ridgerunner spam, Acolyte spam as in 120+ acolyte. Things like neophyte, bikes and aberrants only worked onces or twice before they got hardcounter by anyone or GW increased the price of the unit to absurd levels.
Most of GSC punch outside of ridgerunners come from Acolytes deepstriking. Meaning that anyone can reduce the damage by simply spreading out. Specially now that GSC lost access to Vigilus rules
In other words GSC in tournament work when opponents have no idea how GSC work

>> No.77676705


>> No.77676709

Whats the data flaw, anon? Please, elaborate.

If you're referring to the problem of popular armies having a lot of mirror games (like SM) and that skewing WR to 50%, that doesn't apply to GSC

>> No.77676710

Are Boris does it again.

>> No.77676713

I wanted to start Scions, but i also want at least a full unit of everything in my Necrons.

>> No.77676714

$120 of it went to the 2 units of raiders
They are very expensive for their point cost (48pts for $60) so while I wouldn't be getting much I'd be saving a lot of money

>> No.77676719

>Read the T&C's.
>You win what's in your basket when they draw the prize
Go ahead and find that line for us, we'll wait

>> No.77676729

When the data does not account for mirror matchups resulting in in stuff like marines averaging out around 50%

>> No.77676741

This kind of real life field cannons should exist in 40k, imagine a battle cannon with 3 guardsmen using it, it will look cool.

>> No.77676742

The initial dataset was incomplete and flawed due to covid skewing meta. I dont give two fucks about GSC but stop posting that flawed pic.

>> No.77676743

Filter again for GSC but just for recent changes.

>> No.77676747

>local tourney
>Why are you bragging
>With codex 8.0 or codex 8.5?
The newer marine book ofcourse, Marines were one my armies since mid 7th. My local area was full of people with marine armies so once the new rules hit it became a fucking mess, it was impossible to get a proper game in even when we used the worst units available to us because marines were that retarded.
They are the most common army in tournaments and in local metas by a huge margin (and there is data for that, just look at the recent warhammer community metawatches)
The bigger data is that Marines have more games played that the rest of the armies aside from Crons combined.

>> No.77676760

>6.1. There are five (5) prizes to be won. Each prize is your choice of item(s), up to the value of £300 in total (or equivalent local currency as determined by GW), currently available on the Games Workshop or Forge World webstore. This value excludes delivery and sales tax, where applicable. The value of the prize pool is up to: GBP £1500 / $2646.06 AUD / USD $2049.85.

Your choice of items being what's in your basket.

>> No.77676770

I may as well, once the date passes and no one contacts me I'll delete the account. GW ain't getting my (((data))).

Agreed, it's frankly retarded that we don't have one. I suppose you could just use the Heavy Mortar stats for it or something.

>> No.77676772

For why you're retarded

No argument detected

How recent? Because it gets better if you look at the last couple months.

>> No.77676782

I suppose something like this.

>> No.77676787

I sympathise. I absolutely love the IW scheme and the whole fleshmetal machines and expendable hordes vibe, but their rules are 90% "just shoot better bro". What about the assault troops that actually go in to capture stuff?

Plus, Ignore Cover is a shit rule that makes the game less interesting for everyone. My mind cannot be changed.

>> No.77676789

>no argument detected
>a perfectly reasonable criticism
anon pls go

>> No.77676794

where does it mention 'basket'?

>> No.77676798

>Distrust Peasant Locusts
What did the translation team mean by this

You mean the Mek guns/Big guns that Orks get? Or the Eldar artillery platforms?

>> No.77676800

I know that it's cheaper over here, but what I managed to get into my basket is like 30 - 40% in terms of number of kits. And I wasn't even trying to optimise that hard.

>> No.77676807


>> No.77676809

Should Stillman be jailed?

>> No.77676819

For what? Being Based?

>> No.77676825

>Crimson Fists #1
Suck it, Orkfags.

>> No.77676829

>It was flawed
>because it was flawed. uuh.. "covid meta"

uh huh

>> No.77676840

Answer the question.

>> No.77676842

Not them but if your dataset is 200 games you can't be making any conclusions. You need much, much more data than that to get any sort of hard evidence.

>> No.77676844

Doesn't Dkok have those?

>> No.77676860


>> No.77676863

That is what 36 games for GSC between all those dates?
So basically what anon said. No one knows what GSC can do and result with some wins. As soon anyone knows they lose hard

>> No.77676865

Adding "uhh" isn't an argument, anon.

Covid completely changed the competitive landscape. Whole countries are locked out of submitting data.

brainlet pls go

>> No.77676877

I'll have to tinker with it a bit, I just made the basket and was really aiming for stuff that I planned on buying anyways

>> No.77676881

>less games than me while in lockdown

>> No.77676886

200 games is a significantly large enough sample size for a confidence level of 95% of millions of players, within a reasonable margin of error

>> No.77676895

>36 games

>> No.77676908

What grounds are there to say GSC are uncompetitive then?

>> No.77676909

>Covid completely changed the competitive landscape. Whole countries are locked out of submitting data.
Yeah being from a specific country buffs a faction, after all

Its a small sample size, but it at least shows them doing ok.

>> No.77676911


>> No.77676917

The number 1 list comes from 1 single list that played 5 games. It's not useless, you can get a sense for placements and the rough order of factions, but I wouldn't remotely trust the winrate %s.

>> No.77676928

Take basic statistics

Even if it was off by a full 10% GSC still wouldn't be shit

>> No.77676931

>Yeah being from a specific country buffs a faction, after all
Different counties have different metas, you fucking imbecile.

>> No.77676943

Is it worth it to throw a squad of Assault Intercessors into an impulsor as Dark Angels, or am I just wasting points?

>> No.77676945

Not that anon, but less big countries submitting data = less data. Especially given that one of those is the UK.

>> No.77676948

>Take basic statistics
200 games is not even close to a large enough dataset to understand a game with 20 different armies and tens of thousands of players.

Take basic statistics.

>> No.77676949

I mean a field battle cannon (the one from the leman russ).
I don't know if they have somenthing like that, maybe is the thing that >>77676770 is talking about.

>> No.77676972

>Different counties have different metas, you fucking imbecile.
If you want to get it down to local metas then talking about how good or bad a faction performs is irrelevant. There are local metas where Tau reigns supreme.

>> No.77676973

I don't know, the variance could definitely be greater than +/-10%. We just don't know enough from that table.

I'd honestly be inclined to agree that GSC aren't so bad, especially in a casual setting, but the other anons have a point.

>> No.77676981

>if i use terms i don't understand like "sample size, confidence level, and margin of error" i will sounds super smart

>> No.77676996

Their point is that we should wholesale ignore statistics and rely on feelycraft when half this thread doesn't play the game anyway

I'll pass

>> No.77677000

No one is talking about local metas, nice red herring.

We're talking about national metas. For example, Nids have always done better in Australia for some reason.

Stop being a faggot.

>> No.77677002

It's called the Heavy Mortar.

There's also the Quad launcher which is sorta similar.

>> No.77677012


>> No.77677016

Their point is you're using a very small dataset to make large, concrete conclusions.

I'll pass.

>> No.77677028


>> No.77677029

>i googled statistics calculator

>> No.77677030

T3 W1 in pretty much everything.
Character are mostly T3 with W4 and nothing but a Sv5+
Basically your opponent scores secondaries by just shooting and charging crap at random.
CP hungry army with no real way to get more cp outside one warlord trait and nexos.
Your best list is basically chimeras with d3 shot lascanons that hit on a 4+. Sure you can buff them a bit with Hivelord Alfa Jackal, but its not exactly hard to remove that character
In other words GSC have a single list option that is the ridgerunner spam. The Acolyte hand flamer spam last like two tournament at best.
Spamming 9 of the same models and hope your opponent cant remove them is hardly a good army

>> No.77677039

>7% margin of error

>> No.77677040

>7% margin of error

>> No.77677042

thanks bro, spent a bit of time on it!

>> No.77677050

>Source: Trust me.

>> No.77677052

national metas are a local meta, but even if they weren't the same applies.

"GSC is good in Ukraine, shit in Australia, decent in the UK, so-so in the US, unplayable in Brazil..." isn't helpful or meaningful in any capacity

>> No.77677053

>use data with a sample size smaller than what a random guy can play in a month
Your data is pretty bad. Only GW would say this data is relevant

>> No.77677066

>error mind

>> No.77677069

>55%->48%, still very decent

>> No.77677076

Hey retard, the point is you're excluding relevant data points that can drastically change your conclusions.

>> No.77677080

Ok you won but stop screaming at us ffs

>> No.77677083

I mean literally pic related. A field anti tank canon.
Not an artillery mortar.

>> No.77677084

Anon those are literally the list used in tournament for GSC
The rest is information from the fucking codex

>> No.77677089

Anon the difference between a 55% winrate and a 48% winrate is gigantic. what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.77677093


>> No.77677094

A 7% margin for error means +/- 3.5%.
Which isn't bad. More data would be better, but it's not going to take a faction from the top of the list to the bottom.

>> No.77677095

it can be if you shoot it high enough

>> No.77677097

My bad, next time I'll wait for Nigera to weigh in before making a call on if my army thats slapping people about is actually good or not

>> No.77677098

m8, i have no idea what you are blabbing about, i just noticed you put a fucking SEVEN PERCENT ERROR in your calculations as acceptable

>> No.77677103

Just a matter of lowering the firing angle :^)

>> No.77677108

I'm saying for a lack of better rules these ones can be used.

I agree with you that we need an Infantry Gun to be available to us.

>> No.77677115

a margin of error of 7 is +/-7 anon

>> No.77677122

How about the UK? There might be a couple players there

>> No.77677131

>says your data is shit because countries like UK arent counted
>brings up Nigeria
anon pls go

>> No.77677134

So... Like a heavy weapons team?

>> No.77677137

Oh sweetie..

>> No.77677150

no bigger

>> No.77677154

Yes but cooler, with better shielding, with 3 guys and a battle canon.

>> No.77677159

Like a Mortar but direct fire.

>> No.77677162

just so everyone understands what this brainlet is trying to claim

>> No.77677165

Yes it is gigantic but in a competitive meta a win rate of 55% is fucking absurd and 48% is extremely reasonable to pretty dang good.

>> No.77677166

>Like a heavy weapons team?
no, like pic related.>>77677083

>> No.77677168

So a Primaris'd heavy weapons team

>> No.77677170

ur a nigger

>> No.77677175

Take basic statistics

>> No.77677184

>Hexmark destroyer still out of stock
>Flayed ones stuck in a kill team box for god knows how long

>> No.77677190

Do you guys paint your mini then remove it from the base and do the base or do you leave the mini on the base when you do the base

>> No.77677191

And they can release new no cadian standar IG too.

>> No.77677193

Damn, so GSC could actually have a 62%wr, theyre good

>> No.77677196

Imagine being this person

>> No.77677203

Why are people responding to marine apologist?

>> No.77677207

no, it means 200 is too small to make a good conclusion you double nigger

>> No.77677212

I do them both separately

>> No.77677221

It means that GSC are "probably" bad but we dont have enough data or tournaments to understand or for counter metas to develop.

>> No.77677227

His next comment will be 'i was just pretending to be retarded'

>> No.77677228


>> No.77677244

The "locking new models in a $160 box" is pure kikery, but on the upside you're playing Necrons, so it'll likely be fairly easy for you to buy the box and find someone who wants to buy the muhreens.

Plus, even though that scatter "terrain" they included is stupid, you could use it in games with your army to show Necrons taking over a battlefield or something.

>> No.77677246

Well yes, because thats how margin of error works. Both ways.
>200 is too small to make a good conclusion you double nigger
The conclusion is that they're between 48% to 62% WR, a large gap but at no point unplayable

>> No.77677250

Depends entirely on the mini. For custodes I glue them onto the base and typically keep one or two arms off to paint depending on if they make painting more difficult. For skitarii only the legs get glues on, the rest of the mini is painted in like 4-5 bits before it gets glued on.

>> No.77677256

They are pretty bad. They have no staying power or numbers to do what Nids or orks can do

>> No.77677258

anon called it

>> No.77677260

Huh, that's a good tip for the Skitarii, thanks anon

>> No.77677273

>The conclusion is that they're between 48% to 62% WR, a large gap but at no point unplayable
No, the conclusion is that dataset is meaningless and we have to rely on game knowledge

>> No.77677284

I'm sorry that you've been proven wrong by statistics
>we have to rely on game knowledge
40kg has no game knowledge

>> No.77677285

Its good because it means you have to paint everything before you can field it. Its bad because having everything in so many subassemblies is annoying as hell. You can get away with gluing the torso and legs together as well off the base but I find this trickier, though for the method I use, you need to have a way to sort out the torsos so you know which torso matches each set of legs.

>> No.77677286

But I already drilled your mom

>> No.77677287

Probably, but theres still potential for meta countering. No lists are running any amount of blast at the moment. Acolyte spam could be a real list,

>> No.77677289

> Paint mini
> Remove it from the base
> Do the base
> Glue the mini back on

Otherwise it's way too hard to use washes and drybrush

>> No.77677292

>the data set is meaningless
Imperfect=/=meaningless. Meaningless would be a sample size of 5 or 10. 100-200 games is enough to start drawing some meaningful conclusions.

>> No.77677300

Imagine getting skull fucked by 7 different anons explaining your subhuman understanding of statistics and saying this

>> No.77677302

m8, fren, bro, dude, just stop. the total sample size was only the first issue with those numbers. you clearly dont know what you are talking about, stop , just stop

>> No.77677312

Please stop

>> No.77677314

I have some throwaway bases i glue my minis on while painting them. Then just remove the mini and glue it on the actual base that i paint separately

>> No.77677328


>> No.77677333

Sample size increases the margin of error, thats all.

Imagine having no argument

>> No.77677345

Why is 40kg so easy to bait?

One derail and the entire thread becomes laser focused on giving (you)s

>> No.77677349

>Sample size increases the margin of error, thats all.

>> No.77677359

>i was only pretending ha it was all bait guys

>> No.77677363

Reduces margin of error, increases range of the margin.

>> No.77677380

sample size decreases the margin of error you subhuman

Imagine being you

>> No.77677381

Didn't say it was me but thanks for the tasty one

>> No.77677393


>> No.77677409

>all these pairs of posts just over 1 min apart

>> No.77677422


>> No.77677442

>implying you need blast
Most of the army even characters are T3 with a Sv5+ like anon said maxing secondaries against GSC is easy.
As most things will be wounding you on 3+ most of the time so regular bolter are more than enough to remove your 5 to 8 points models with T3 W1 Sv5+
Also Acolyte spam lasted like 1 tournament with the increase cost of hand flamers to 3 points. Let alone how expensive the 5 man kits are $40 burger dollars for 5 models that can't even get all their gear

>> No.77677450

Wow, I've never seen anyone paint their models with fingernail polish before.

>> No.77677456


>> No.77677464


>> No.77677474


>> No.77677480

Any of you retards couldn't 1v1 me

>> No.77677488

Is about take the bait or talk about primaris. People prefers to take the bait.

>> No.77677522

m8 i could slap you about with me giant man meat if you want

>> No.77677524

Post models + cock or fuck off

>> No.77677534

good lord, do you remember cheater anon? man good times, so many threads ruined

>> No.77677555

>gets btfo so hard he has to act like a tough guy
lmao, now post your you room temp iq nig nog

>> No.77677569

You said man meat but apparently its so small it can't be seen in a photo??

>> No.77677608

sorry you are so desperate to get some cock in your life, but you'll have to look else wehere for your fap material

>cant do basic stats
>has no models to show
>a great lust for cock meat

>> No.77677616

It's almost like this hobby attracts people that are heavily autistic or something

>> No.77677627

what do you think his dudes are standing on?

>> No.77677634

good to see 40kg is just as miserable and dogshit as usual today

>> No.77677641

I only ever have games with bad rolls
>failed my apostles chant at the roll of a 1 three turns in a row then got fucked by 4 multimeltas
>4" charge, roll a double 1, re-roll for a 2 and a 1
>6 attacks with my WL at WS2, roll 4 1s, reroll cuz lord and roll 3 1s.
>wound on a 4+ with veterans, roll 2 1s and 2 2s, reroll because lighting claws. Reroll for 3 3s and one 1
>morale for my remaining cultists, loose the morale and roll 15 dice for the remainder of the unit and roll 8 1s and 4 2s.
>Final decision, need to kill my opponents WL, all I need is a 6" charge with my remaining 6 warp talons, roll a double 1, reroll for a double 2

At that point i conceded and haven't played since.

>> No.77677651

Could anyone recommend me a list for 500 points for Eldars? I will be playing a game with my friend later today, but I didn't play since 7th edition

>> No.77677659

Looks dope, would fight against

>> No.77677666

idk mang, im having a blast laughing at the resident retard

>> No.77677670

>pussies out


>> No.77677687

laughing at this brainlet has been amusing this morning

>> No.77677692

i only offered to beat you with it, not send you pics you perv

>> No.77677705

Forgot about the rhino of exploding disappointment
>Rhino goes boom
>Have 7 possessed and 1 greater possessed inside
>Roll 5 1s
>Roll to explode the rhino
>It goes boom
>Roll a 6 on mortal wounds
>pop goes my offence

>> No.77677706

I was in a 40kg last night that was really nice. Someone even complimented me on a conversion I am working on.

The secret is to only read the threads in the middle of the night when all of the kids are asleep.

>> No.77677710

In both scenarios its visible

>> No.77677719

Too bad there's no new shiny video game to keep the kids busy.

>> No.77677736

You know the guys inside a transport aren't affected by the explosion?

>> No.77677745

fair, post your full address and name, and ill be over in a bit

>> No.77677750

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the models inside disembark before rolling for explosion?

>> No.77677768

Sextuples for CSM codex will suck

>> No.77677788

New guard kit soon

>> No.77677794


>> No.77677827

Explosion happens before disembarking

>> No.77677842

Darktide is coming at some point.

I really hope it's good, but considering what Fatshart has done to Vermintide 2 I'm not really expecting much.

>> No.77677850


>> No.77677851

>new [non-Space Marine] kit
ha good one

>> No.77677857

Is 'kids' code for americans?

>> No.77677869

500pts is a really bad scale for the game
Just bring what you think looks cool and have fun throwing dice.

>> No.77677872

> implying brits are any better

>> No.77677873

I leave them on, the theory being that it's easier to incorporate mud and dust on the footwear, or have their feet sinking into the ground, and other such immersive effects, but mostly I'm just lazy and don't like how breakable super glue can be.

>> No.77677877

In my dreams. fucking cadians are outdated.

>> No.77677893

I would have liked Vermintide 2 more if it was less about grinding levels and random lootboxes, and more Left 4 Dead.

Game is not balanced at 500 points. Use it as an excuse to hang out with your friend. I would consider 1000 points if you guys have the models and time. GW needs to make Kill Team less shit since they already fucked up the lower point games of 40k.

>> No.77677900

1 roll for explosion
- resolve explosion
2 place all transported models, any that don't fit fully within 3" if transport and outside of engagement range are auto killed.
3 roll for all placed models, remove any casualties.

>> No.77677906


>> No.77677916

4 - remove the transport from the field.

So many people fuck this up and remove the model before placing the models inside, and it makes a massive difference to where you can legally place them.

>> No.77677929

muh paint brushes came now, fully painted army soon

>> No.77677945

Which retard in the rules team decided that wrecked vehicles should just disappear instead of becoming part of the terrain?

>> No.77677950

I was there!
I like to make every thread better :)

>> No.77677958

americans were spawned by the worst parts of the brits so it's not surprising that the brits, while still awful, are slightly better

>> No.77677965

tourney niggers upset that you could block los with a deliberately shit vehicle

>> No.77677966

Same guys that think templates are the issue and not the rest of their poorly written rules

>> No.77677967


>> No.77677971

the sad bastards that were aware of what happened when the weren't removed unless they exploded in previous editions
I take it you've never heard of the droppod flower fields

>> No.77677974

I didn't find the grind to beating the game in singleplayer to be too bad if you're just going through on Veteran to get the story, but the problem is if you want good gear to do multiplayer with people you have to grind the shitty gear you have until it's good enough to keep you alive when you're playing the extremely difficult runs on Legendary so that you have a chance to get a box that has a chance to give you a piece of red gear that has a chance of being the kind you actually want.

I really hope Darktide is closer to the first Vermintide than the second, but considering how shitty the modern AAA game industry is I'm expecting a game stuff with an insane grind and $80 of day one DLC (and difficulty levels being locked behind a DLC purchase again).

>> No.77677986

templates were awful. Any fond memories of them are pure nostalgia

>> No.77677991

Its a problem when armies like Guard exist that could literally block off an entire objective with placing of vehicles, especially now when Chimeras are at an all time low when it comes to points.

>> No.77678004

jem'appelle go fuck yourself


>> No.77678005

I'll agree with you when flamers stop being laughable dogshit.

>> No.77678015

>flaming tyranids in some narrow terrain, the shape of the template is the shame the flames took, super easy to imagine and immerse yourself in the flaming of 10 little creatures
>uh auto hit, done.

>> No.77678032


Wrecked vehicles becoming terrain is kino. A battlefield littered with wrecked tanks with stretched cottonball smoke wafting out just looks cool.

>> No.77678036

So it has to be 300 pounds? or 300 usd? I am confused.

>> No.77678037

It was great to yell "Gimme the templates" and everybody knew shit went serious. It made the game a bit more special. I don´t miss the endless discussions if model xy is under the blast or not though.

>> No.77678038

Remember scatter dice? Large blast templates?

It was terrible.

>> No.77678056

its funny that liars always moan about blast templates as if scatter dice didnt balance them by making them very rarely hit where intended

>> No.77678061

I can't wait to be stuck using lasguns for 10+ hours until I unlock actual fun weapons like flamers or plasma guns.

>> No.77678064

Looks cool when its calculated and part of the battlefield? Absolutely, but you would need planet bowling balls to not end up with massive unfun clusterfucks where no one can go anywhere because the vehicles went through the gaps that could fit them and blew up, leaving zero room for anything.

>> No.77678087

It just a measuring tool. When people bitch about templates is most likely result because they have low testosterone and would not call out their opponent bullshit

>> No.77678088

Standing over a sweaty autist with shaking hands trying to count how many space marines got hit with his battle cannon was horrible.

>> No.77678098

you mean you have to adapt, change game plan, go around obstacles and building flyers into your list is a benefit?
what the fuck man screw having any of that

>> No.77678100

£300, or whatever that works out to be once transferred into burgerbucks, dollarydoos, €uro, or monopoly money when the draw takes place.

>> No.77678110

Didn't play the post

>> No.77678117

you are coping and played with retards.
Get a transparent template, count with them how many are under it.

>> No.77678122

Didn't play: the post.

>> No.77678128

Scatter dice were shit. You could take 3 people who weren't even playing the game and they'd all end up putting the template in a different location from the same scatter dice roll.

>> No.77678134

>Cry about first turn advantage
>Cry you can't block your opponent in with exploded rhinos parked sideways

>> No.77678137

legit dont understand what your post means

>> No.77678139

Peak cuck posting.
Men never have issues with templates

>> No.77678142

you could always just make them the sort of terrain infantry could navigate pretty decently through, like ruins.

>> No.77678147

>a bad mechanic that forced standing over one another and a scatter dice that 5 different people couldnt get the same line on
it was shit. Stop your nostalgia

>> No.77678151

This. Arguments did not happen, neither did The Tiananmen Square Massacre

>> No.77678153

>you mean you have to adapt, change game plan, go around obstacles and building flyers into your list is a benefit?
You can try and pretty it up as much as you want anon but its a shit idea on boards designed to be balanced. Perhaps where you play you dont use any fucking terrain so having dead tanks everywhere would be a marketable improvement but it would just be a headache on a proper board.

>> No.77678154

You just adapt your tactics to changing conditions, anon. Or just have your dudes climb over the tanks. Or just come up with homebrew tank shock rules that let other tanks ram wrecks out of the way. Or just go around the wrecks.

Cityfight games on super densely terrained tables where chokepoints form and traversal routes change over the course of the game is fun as shit.

>> No.77678155

>going first adds 25% to win rate
why yes it is shit

>> No.77678160

No idea either. I'm guessing he mostly play with people rolling dice on the other side of the planet and trying to translate the result to his table.

>> No.77678173

you can complain but unless GW or you comes up with a new idea that is better I am allowed to miss it.
Rolling MORE dice to see how many dudes I hit is not fun or thematic, its just numbers.

>> No.77678177

Stop /pol/ posting faggot

>> No.77678183

Autoguns, anon. Lasguns are going to be part of the first DLC pack that comes with one new weapon and one new level and cost $20.

>> No.77678188

>im totally within 9"
>yes this guys that totally can't be measured accurately due to terrain are totally within range!
> this guys has an aura of 6"
8th is just templates but more annoying.

>> No.77678196

That was the point, anon. If you think going first is an advantage imagine how much of an advantage it would be stopping your opponent getting to you with all his obsec

>> No.77678201

Ah beh è la cosa più intelligente, ti fregherò la tattica, grazie

>> No.77678203

>everything I don't like is /pol/

>> No.77678207

my three favourite vidya, not ashamed.
Army for me?

>> No.77678209

A rusty shovel and faith is all that you need. And all what you deserve.

>> No.77678211

measuring between two units and trying to stand over a small blast template in the center of the table are two completely different things

>> No.77678215

I bought all the new vehicles GW. WHERE ARE MY NEW FUCKING BOYZ?!

>> No.77678219

I got it for typhus the purifier and those plague marinez, and now I'll never buy more poxwalkers

>> No.77678222

Are you seriously implying measuring ranges from one model to another is a new development for the game?

>> No.77678225

You roll the dice, then have to decide what direction the arrow is pointing, but you can't move the dice from where it landed without rotating it. So you have to try and line up the measure stick/tape measure with the tiny arrow on the dice, then move that to the centre of the template (which you will have had to be holding in the air above the targeted models this entire time without moving it).
Then measure along the rolled scatter, replace the template, and then argue about what's now under it.

All with massive parallax error because you can't stand on the middle of the table to see where the real centre point is.
It was impossible to resolve accurately.
It was impossible to even resolve at all sometimes if the template scattered partially onto or over terrain and you can't see where the edges of the template are in relation to models in that terrain.

>> No.77678227

>Or just come up with homebrew tank shock rules that let other tanks ram wrecks out of the way.
Ok bro? Just do that then, im not going to smash your door in and stop you.

>> No.77678229

Wrecks are not impassable terrain anon.

>> No.77678233

one is an innate and unfair advantage, the other is a tactical choice that your opponent has a big say in (destroying the vehicle)

>> No.77678238

I recommend DG.

>> No.77678242

Blood Angels Vanguard Space Marines.

>> No.77678243

>calling calling you a coping cuck because you disagree about blast templates

>> No.77678245

Only if you´re fat neckbeard that doesn´t even reach out of his own deployment zone

>> No.77678246

Space Marines.

>> No.77678247

Aren't the playrer characters agents of the inquisition? Why the fuck are they given shit gear?

>> No.77678249

There was a time when you could glitch the fuck out of that big finale mission, entirely skipping the snowy Chaos camp and be done in like 15 mins. Sure you missed most of the tomes and stuff but from memory you still had enough to be guaranteed a red on Legendary, from memory.

Good times, when they patched that out and I was forced to do legitimate Legendary runs with randos is when I quit, after taking my red loadouts for some spins on the lesser difficulties of course.

>> No.77678254

jesus autist, get medicated.

>> No.77678261

>your opponent has a big say in (destroying the vehicle)
Oh good I'll just keep him in combat forever then

>> No.77678262

this. It was terrible

>> No.77678276

>not ashamed.

>> No.77678281

i specifically said the middle of the table you brainlet

>> No.77678284

No just saying the issue is not the measuring tool but the players.
Like it has always been

>> No.77678293

problem with 40kg is that they never try to fix a mechanic they just say "that iteration was shit" and then accept removal without a replacement.
>roll the direction dice when you and opponent are next to each other
>roll one die for scatter distance
>place template

>> No.77678294

Daemon of nurgle.

>> No.77678295

the players will not change but the tool can.

>> No.77678307

>wow so awful
Yes, it was. You could also never get an accurate count for any sht in the middle of the table.

>> No.77678317

All we know so far is that you're playing as convicts that have been voluntold to work for an Inquisitor.

>> No.77678332

>UGH measuring in the middle of the board is too much EFFORT for my niche miniatures war game
>aah wtf I have to take my tape measure and see what armour facing I can see what the hell too much effort
>wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhat??? you want me to test morale and see if I run? why would I ever run?
>jesus christ?! you want me to compare weapon skill tables???? too much effort
why yes I measure an inch of an inch for melee, and check strategemes constantly.

>> No.77678335

Fish of Fury

>> No.77678354

Fiance plays nids

>> No.77678355

See, Reach was the best Halo overall, but I felt that 3 had a better multiplayer 'fun' factor.

>> No.77678368

yes stuff like that gets me
>template takes up too much time! fuck em!
>oh hold on I have to go through 30 stratagems for the 20th time this game

>> No.77678374

>everyone is arguing about an old mechanic
>I'm just here waiting for the death guard faq link to work

I wonder if they'll uncuck their equipment load outs

>> No.77678383

yeah people whose armies got good rules on the regular basis think like that. That is why eldar plaeyers go persecution mode, when all their rules aren't the top of the top and their models aren't updated.

While at the same time some peeps are waiting for their army update for 2-3 editions, and even then the updates often end up not that good.
Just ask the ork players what they think about the majority of their new buggies or how they wanted the trike goon, instead of a regular plastic biker warboss.

>> No.77678384

I played a lot of couch co op for 3, and it was really fun. Reach was the first time me and my bros and random soon to be close online friends could make and download random forge maps and go at it, it was so much fun

>> No.77678385

Biovores are probably far better than anyone understands.
Also give her the dick

>> No.77678400

Dark Angels

>> No.77678405

demon princes are no longer lords so you can take one and an LoC
inexorable is effected by terrain
we're fukt

If I wanted to play the terminator army I'd play deathwing. I guess I'm starting deathwing.

>> No.77678412

>tfw watched and came to Dana Howls feminisation porn
it wasnt even that good, fuck bros why,,,
a-atleast they paint often innit

>> No.77678418

we really should keep a running tally of every time a woman plays 40k and her army turns out to be nids

>> No.77678437

>Army dominates tournaments. Moration finaly OP run in majority of all lists.
>By blind monkey luck, someone at GW decided that what is in the box, is the unit load out
>this kind of a reigns them in a bit

No, we want full 6 units of termintors running a full combi load out. Otherwise we are cucked.

>> No.77678438

Primaris with phobos armor

>> No.77678444

>best Halo overall
That's a funny way of spelling ODST.

>> No.77678447


>> No.77678448

Migrate tactically

>> No.77678454

One is something you have to check every time you use it, the other is you being senile

>> No.77678469

not definite yet, might change my mind before thursday

>> No.77678484

such a cope

>> No.77678495

As someone who has been playing Necrons since 5th edition, I'm just happy that spamming the one good vehicle of the codex is the only way to play the game. I'll gladly accept all of the shitter fotms that came. They'll all leave when the next fotm xenos codex gets released.

>> No.77678499

I'm more concerned that I'll have to start butchering my models to get them to be table legal.

>> No.77678541

>problem with 40kg is that they never try to fix a mechanic
It was fixed by removing templates.

>> No.77678551

It really does be like that though, I wonder why that is.

>> No.77678570

Are these the actual changes?

>> No.77678592

Primaris holds hostage the design team. They can't ever go wild.

>> No.77678593

Don't even (you) me with that.
Reach's campaign was miles above anything else they put out.

>> No.77678594


>> No.77678613

Women don't want to play as men. Women have more in common with bugs than men.

>> No.77678636

You'd think nids would be big with the Chinese then

>> No.77678677

Why are you doing this to us leaf?

>> No.77678708

Not much different that regular measuring tape and faggots going: not within 3"! Hahahah
The issue are the players not the tool

>> No.77678728

yes the issue is the players. but the players will not change. they will always be retarded.

the only option is to change the system.

>> No.77678821


>> No.77678824

Should have bought extra PMs then or just stayed with the ones from 2ed.

And we got an edition where swarms were king, elite armies were shit. Even now stuff like incinerators are one of the worse anti horde weapons around, and they are suppose to be the best of the best at anti horde.

Hive tyrents with wings being too OP, maybe we should change the rules for hive tyrants or wings or mother fucking fly rule in 8th? Nope lets fuck everyone with an elite army, or army that design wise was forced in to heavy HQ focused with the rule of 3.

Double activation is spawn of the devil on shoting units. Well lets make 8 errata and FAQ to dark reapers and other units that Ynari could take, to finaly decide fuck it, and head shot the whole faction with an WD "update". By the way this is another way of GW fixing stuff. Instead of fixing it, they just change the rules in a such a way that no one wants to use them.

Where are all the castellans and Inari models, that all people bought?

>> No.77678844

America and Australia were basically where England (and Europe, in the case of America) sent their dregs to fester out of sight.

>> No.77678896

Yeah and what did the change give us? Hordes running wild, rise of fly because it was one of the few things that could ignore huge blobs of stuff.

Something that could have been fixed with a simple if it is under the template it gets hit (instead of the retarded +4 on half base when there is no unified base size etc), got changed in a such a way that it fucked the entire way to play, up to SM 2.0 release, but then GW, in their usual style, took the whole thing in to other extrem. And suddenly it was marines doing horde and showing what effectiv 600W of stuf in a 2000pts game means.

>> No.77678913

Anon, what's your current hobby project?

I'm assembling and painting more canoptek wraiths and spyders so I can run a full canoptek meme army.

>> No.77678923

You're a special kind of stupid. Lol

>> No.77678947

I want to finish the plastic side of my 2k points custodes force, Ive got 5 more Custode guard to paint.My package from Chang arrives sometime in the next two weeks. Ive been really enjoying going slow and steady with this force.

>> No.77679133

But that is what they do. They "fix" stuff in the most inelegant and hamfisted way possible.

>> No.77679266

This year, I'm finishing the SC! deamon of Tzeentch and this winter's DoT battlebox for AoS, then I'm beginning my house hawkshroud force by assembling and painting a box of warglaives and a knight crusader.

>> No.77679309

Ok me smart then teach us all, about how GW fixs thing. We will be glad to hear your insight on the matter.

Or do you want examples form prior editions, because I can go as far as 2ed, if you want.

Want to hear about star cannon "fix" after 3ed, or how indestructible falcons were "fixed" in 5th?

Or how GW delt with the GK problem?

Or the codex helldrake problem? Or the codex 2xlashDP/pms/9oblits problem? Or the 3.5 chaos codex "has too many valid options to play with" problem.

Or the hellfire shell gryphon problem?

Or what happened to the 200pts undercosted WK with D class weapons, when GW finaly decided to fix them for the next edition.

etc etc

But don't be daunted friend, explain to us how GW fixs stuff. thread still has space left.

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