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>Current meta, complete with deck list

>Build and share casual decks

>Build and share cubes

>Search engines
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
>Play online for free

Your printer + bulk cards + sleeves can also do the trick
>Library of in-demand alters


tq: Let's get autistic about the color pie. What does it mean to you?(Flavorwise)

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To me the colour pie means fucking nothing. It is a means to an end. I don't know why anyone really cares about it.

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Thoughts on this build? BO1

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99% of complaining about the color pie is salty whitecucks mad that colors get things and they don't

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Quandrix being U/G implies that the fundamental forces themselves are G, as it's the understanding of those forces that's U.

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Manipulation of those forces is U. The understanding is u/g hybrid.

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Here's my Thresh Deck for modern lads. It's RUG.

i've seen nothing like it on the charts yet. Either ebause i'm a genius and this is my best brew yet or because it's shit.

Run your eyes over it and tell me what y'all think.


i'm pretty happy with it though, i'm loving the little play patterns i can already see inside.

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Durrr, I'm a retard and linked the private build.

proper one here.


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Math is blue as it's observation about the world. Math isn't a natural phenomenon but rather it's us projecting order and thought onto it. Nothing of which is green. If anything math should be U or UW. Fuck green niggers trying to insist that everything everywhere could be part green if you look at it from the broadest possible perspective

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pick over a raven wings

>> No.77630485

>Math isn't a natural phenomenon
>Laughs in Lincos

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You know I usually love the pick but given the build already is solid on ramp and fixing I think the double evasion flows better with my top end than another ramp piece.

>> No.77630747

I like it, reminds me of old school rug before UGx was complete AIDS
But please play a basic forest and island you only have one double mana symbol card and its red.

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hah, can do. forest and island added in.

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I'm not sure if any of you are old enough to be around during the Reagan years, but I heard he liked to reference movies a lot as he himself was an actor, such as calling the USSR "the evil empire" and proposing a defense system known as "Star Wars". I wonder if that politicized pop culture shit was as embarrassing as today now that we have Harry Potter fans, capeshitters, and other pop culture bitches LARPing as rebels.

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Between this list
Rakdos midrange, or mono-red prison which list would probably be the best bang for my buck as far as fun is concerned.
I really like staxy attrition based decks and trying to grind out my opponent.

I already own storm and taxes as well.

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what is the color of laziness

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I don't think I can stomach wizard's shit anymore.

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Black because indulgence is just a fancy word for lazy

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I just shitted my pants

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>"Oh? What's that? It's turn 4? Well of course my play will be Bolt Snap Bolt at the end of your turn. How did you know?"


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>ok cast coco in response finding heliod and spike feeder gain infinite life
game 2?

>> No.77633317

>mana monkey mana monkey manamorphose mana leak
I'm gonna miss these jokes...

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Such a shame that I had a containment priest in play since last turn. Still, I guess it counts as deck thinning?

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>Ox of Agonas in a Snapcaster deck

Kooba go home, you're drunk.

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Fine, I'll go first
First and foremost is Red. Red is the flame and the free spirit, light and heat and the glory and lust of life in all its forms. In its negative, Red is the scorching heat of madness and anarchy, destroying for the sake of itself. Nothing is built but from the ashes of stars, and Red is the spark that lit the star in the beginning.
Second is Blue, the thinking mind, the breath of the sea and song of the skies. Blue is delight in ingenuity, cleverness, and wonder. In the negative, blue is the personal maze of despair and the hopelessness of mental servitude and psychic slavery.
Harmony in Victory! White is healing, noble deeds of society, and rule of law. Negative, White is brutal caste-based repression and slavish adherence to dogma.
The natural flow of the earth and tides, and all the living things that reside there. Green is growth and natural cycles and the raw untamed might of wild places. In the negative, green is the concept of might makes right and the cruelty of accidental consequences.
Bitter and strong, Black is the sheer power of choice. Greedy excess and wanton cruelty are the negatives here, but there is strength in the sacrifices that Black would have you make.

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Good post and good card choice.

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blue, obvio.

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who else ready to play against uw control splashing green for veil of summer once their lgs opens again

>> No.77633729

*kills your Death's Shadow*

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what card would you like in modern anon?

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Green. Lazy, brain dead color. Ramps itself, destroys stuff, and now draws all on its own too.

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>before that resolves i cast apostle's blessing, giving my shadow protection from white

>> No.77633815

The sac effect targets the player, not the Shadow. I'm afraid you'll still be forced to sac him. Would you like a redo?

>> No.77633824

White, because white "players" prefer to save time by complaining online rather than ever actually play a match

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it's time for you to learn how protection from colors works. remember the acronym DEBT:
can't Die
can't be Enchanted
can't be Targeted
can't be Blocked

>> No.77633867

D stands for "Damage" dude. I can't tell if this is a troll or not but sacrifice gets around protection from.

>> No.77633871

Yeah sacrifice ignores protection

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Would Stasis even be any good in memedern?

>> No.77634077

yeah, use things like prophet of kruphix or wilderness rec ro always untap to feed the statis or similar
It's be a cute lock, decently easy to establish too

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>this post

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>Implying I'm not making you gain the life so it dies as a state-based action

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Y'all remember when Nahiri was the new hotness? Shit takes me back

>> No.77634310

>protection from dies
Fucking great post, anon. Reminds me of the pasta about Progenitus.

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She's still hot.

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Old foils getting so rares they don't even have a price for physical copies anymore since there are 0 copies on sale lmao


>> No.77635042

It would pretty much just slide right into taking turns too.

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please just give me back my mana monke

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>Mountain, pass

>> No.77635566

>just found out about this

>> No.77635622

when will magic stop being so fucking gay?

>> No.77635630

Once some of the creative leads get #MeToo'd.

>> No.77635633

the day you stop playing

>> No.77635640

i haven't played in over a year though and it only seems to have gotten gayer

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When WotC gets bought out by the West Taiwanese and sacrificed to their escalators.

>> No.77635675

one of the artists already #metoo'd himself

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Depends on the manifestation. Laziness isn't an action, it's a lack of action.
White uses it to represent "off-duty" laziness. Blue uses it for stuff like pic related and "work smarter, not harder." Black offloads hard work onto some (usually undead) minions. Red uses it for playtime and distractions. Green uses it for relaxation (similar to W, except can be more general).

>> No.77635709

Go on...

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>> No.77636127

>ancient tomb, monkey, seething song, seething song, grindstone, painter's servant on blue, pay 3 to mill your deck

>> No.77636291


>"i hope you took note of my pregame leyline of anticipation. it would have been wise to factor that into your decision-making. ah, but it is too late for you, i'm afraid"
>"your milling triggers 4 narcomoebas. i sacrifice 3 to pay the flashback cast the dread return you graciously flipped into my graveyard, targetting thassa's oracle."
>"surely you saw this line of play, no?"

>> No.77636315

>reveals triggers from my 4x maindeck gaea's blessing, 4x emrakul the aeons torn, 4x kozilek, and 4x ulamog

>> No.77636317

I count 6 cards out of 7 in an oppening hand.
You neglect the mans leyline of singularity he placed in the opening phase too!

>> No.77636343

modern is looking promising again but i really wish they got rid of teferi

>> No.77636405

wheres all the uro snow

>> No.77636432

based tier 4 deck fanatic

>> No.77636575

Has anybody ever tried Dreadhorde Arcanist with Ancestral Vision for the meme of it? Or used pump spells to grow Dreadhorde to cast something big and dumb from the graveyard?

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>> No.77636763

>> No.77637008

Has anybody ever tried Dreadhorde Arcanist with Ancestral Vision for the meme of it?
I did fren, it was nice and relatively strong, but then they banned looting so it became too hard to dump the AV in the grave without playing suboptimal stuff.

>> No.77637142

Sure, you're right, but let's say they listen to you.
How do you deal with the fact GU faction has no identity? Remember, you have to make them different than Simic, so no biology.

>> No.77637164

Inaction is often blue, but "justifying" your laziness uses green philosophy.
Rosewater said that if he had to assign colours to seven sins, Sloth would be green.

>> No.77637465

how about it, yp and haze of rage for memes?

>> No.77637623

>"Strixhaven isn't a Harry Potter ripoff. It's an all-new top-down original plane." - MaRo

>> No.77637643

I like how Mono Red Burn managed to incorporate Wayward Guide-Beast into the maindeck, the thought of having eight 1 cmc 2/2s with haste makes me really happy
also the 3x Pyrite Spellbomb in the sideboard to deal with Kor Firewalker/Auriok Champion is genius

>> No.77637653

do you think the terf
will sue the jew
cheap chinese knockout names
the jews might knew
and had prepared an offer
to make the roaring rowling
not bother

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>I love Magic: the Gathering, but I was always more drawn to the characters on the cards than the worlds they occupied. I identified with Black characters like Kaya and Teferi and deeply respected characters like Ashiok despite the misery they caused me whenever their card materialised out of my opponent’s hand.
>Witherbloom is the school for the bio nerds who like poking at things living or dead and definitely have a collection of taxidermied pets. Quandrix is the school that has somehow managed to make magic boring by adding maths to it. Prismari is the school for the drama kids — at all hours of the day, at least one person can be heard singing “Seasons of Love.” Lorehold is the college of history and is populated entirely by kids who read at lunchtime, recess, and while on the toilet. Finally, Silverquill is for literature nerds who think wearing black is a substitute for having a personality.
this is who they're making the game for now

>> No.77637758

how is HP trans exclusive? when do people learn Hitler made good art and the person behind should not matter
nobody gave a FUCK when JK kept their mouth shut. I remember everyone reading the books and praising them to no end but suddently they are bad?

>> No.77637775

they actually cheered when she kept adding in stupid bullshit that wasn't in the books after the fact like dumbledore being gay but she has 1 political opinion they disagree with and it means she has to be scrubbed from history and everything she made that they previously enjoyed is shit now. this is obviously insanity.

>> No.77637970

It's she you tranny.

>> No.77637995

>the books

>> No.77639107

>no helix

>> No.77639149

Delete this post

>> No.77639166

based louie throwing wrenches into that masturbatory drivel

>> No.77639201

Who? Noah Bradley was chief art director?

>> No.77639211


>> No.77639229

they don't care about facts, why should you?

>> No.77639290

I think the list is only using canyons as card draw, you'd probably want more white sources to run helix

>> No.77639519


>> No.77639536

Do you think there is like... a special hell being held in reserve for maro?

>> No.77639565

>Force of Vigor your board

>> No.77639609

he's jewish right? do jews have a hell?

>> No.77639736

>deeply respected characters like Ashiok
The sociopath who makes people live out their worst nightmares for fun?

>> No.77639756

are you really surprised by this?

>> No.77639832

No, I recognized it as a paid puff piece but I just found that bit funny. Same with "I identified with Kaya," who barely has a character at all. They didn't even do the bare minimum of research for this shit and got paid anyway, if anything it makes me want to become a pop culture journalist, or whatever they call themselves.

>> No.77639874

that person just sees that kaya and teferi are black so they like them. this shallow pandering actually works

>> No.77639880

>whatever they call themselves.


>> No.77639948

when the trannies completely take over

>> No.77640082

>> No.77640551


>> No.77640575

t. Women

>> No.77640615

Jews don't believe in life after death, how curious that some dude from their very own kind started an entire religion based exclusively on self cucking in order to achieve eternal happiness after death right?

>> No.77640691

but jesus was black

>> No.77641093

>good art

This meme needs to die. His grasp on perspective and
lighting was sub par.

>> No.77642018

I get why you'd run Horizon lands even in monocoloured deck, turning lands into draw is neat.
I just thought there'd be a Helix or two in the sideboard for mirror match.

>> No.77642285

Oh, they're going to have to teach her how to code IN HELL!

>> No.77642354

Based demoman poster

>> No.77642389

paper, or online?
if online, i'd go for rakdos midrange; it's fun, and also you can play leagues without worrying about losing many play points

>> No.77642443

Still better than jews and feminazis sharting paint on a canvas or nailing bananas on a wall and call it "art"

>> No.77642455

list related looks fun, but a little slow; idk how well it would keep up with the meta

>> No.77642458

x4 dragons claw

>> No.77642498


>> No.77642507

*self-hating jews

>> No.77642558

obviously this. Hitler's art is nice to look at and comfy.

>> No.77642609

rip, artifact bros

>> No.77642639

mox opal banning made most artifact decks significantly worse. Hardened scales is still decent though. I like the concept of artifact decks but i am always reluctant to play decks that completely fold to certain sideboard cards. artifacts isnt as bad in this as dredge or storm, but it is not strong enough to justify the price imo (bcos i am poorfag)

>> No.77642822

>mox opal banning made most artifact decks significantly worse
You mean unplayable. The mox opal ban was a massive blunder, which I said in these threads when it happened.
>hardened scales
It's dead, jim.

>> No.77642876

hardened scales is still playable, it's just significantly worse. decks like whirza were neutered by the opal ban though, for sure

>> No.77642924

whirza was just powercrept out by omnath and tibalt

>> No.77643529

>nooo you should let us artifact decks have access to mana monkes even though everybody else just lost them! colorless mana is fair! having a mox in modern is fair because artifacts are so hard to use!

>> No.77643586

>decks like whirza were neutered by the opal ban though, for sure
Can they not just use Mox Amber?

>> No.77643975

whoa there anon you didnt let me respond to your draw step
Leyline of Anticipation
Mana monke x4
Manamorphosex2 for WW and BB
hold priority
One with Nothing

>> No.77643978

I agree with >>77642876, hardened scales is definitely not dead
multiple scales variants (RG, BG and WG) have been showing up in the 5-0 league dumps from magic online just in the last two months
affinity on the other hand has had literally 0 results ever since opal's banning in january of last year, it's really sad

>> No.77643994

They can and do. Its not optimal but its more than functional with emry and co. Meanwhile affinity is dead and scales is on life support

>> No.77644577

my lgs is learning that most people don't give a shit about old pokemon cards unless they're pristine

>> No.77644615

>oh no way, a green stompy deck managed to go 5-0? i wonder what the list looks li-
>it's tron

>> No.77644631

>what matter is the power level of seperate cards and not the total strength of the decks
Decks like Affinity and lantern were never too good, brainlet. They were just good for the format.

>> No.77644650

what the fug happened to old card prices in the past few months?

>> No.77644676

Slow down there hoss. During the first upkeep here I reveal my four Chancellors of the Dross and then discard all four of them to these two Soul Spikes.

>> No.77644694

Manchildren used their stimulus cheques to invest and fuck up prices for people who actually want to play

>> No.77645057

>fuck up prices for people who actually want to play
implying it's still a thing

>> No.77645265

Im extremely tempted. Talk me out of it, /mmg/.

>> No.77645279

Honest question, in the void left by Mox Opal, would a Mox Opal that ETB tapped be playable?

>> No.77645311

>friendly, daily and threadly reminder that wotc is de facto printing an illegal cryptocurrency where prices are kept artificially inflated due to artificial scarcity and insider trading that gets distributed through lottery tickets and lootboxes and that they spend, all costs included, 2 cents per card to print them

>> No.77645445

I don't see why you'd want it to enter tapped. As far as I remember, there wasn't any tier 1 artifact deck when opal was around. Anyway, your etb tapped opal seems lame and inadequate.

>> No.77646111

wait until you see the list of garbage they have in that slot. You will not get demonic tutors so easily...

>> No.77646226

however, you are tempting me with them as well though...

>> No.77646470

Its a smokescreen to get the players to shut up and just consoom the product.

>> No.77646792

yeah, that's what they mean by canceling her; She opened her mouth wrong. same reason /lit/ likes her all of a sudden

>> No.77646964

>"i-i'd like to put my playset of foil russian future sight tarmogoyfs towards a playset of underground seas, please..."

>> No.77646967

>> No.77647390


Mox Opal
Splinter Twin
Birthing Pod

>> No.77647584

Looting should come off too.

>> No.77647611

brawl was a dumb idea anyway. the whole reason why people play commander is cuz the format doesn't rotate. it would've been better if wotc pulled a modern or pioneer and made a new nonrotating commander format that starts after a recent set.
edh gets really dull when you realize that every deck has the same 20 staples.

>> No.77647725

You deserve everything you get

>> No.77647847

Pretty fucked up that the color of nature keeps being used for machines and eldrazi, huh?

>> No.77647902

This is Team Israel 2018, /mmg/. Say something nice to them.

>> No.77647936

brown hands typed this post

>> No.77648005 [DELETED] 

Boy, Trump really did make white supremacy and fascism fashionable again. Shame that Trumpism will last long after he's dead.

>> No.77648042

Oh please, you soft fucks wouldn't know fascism if it walked up to you, declared a pandemic, and put you under house arrest.

>> No.77648066

>someone asks opinion about Team Israel, a team like any other


>> No.77648071

urza would have wanted it this way

>> No.77648108

The name of the picture says it all, anon. The poster clearly had a racist and malicious intent.

Did you already forget that a massive group of Nazis nearly took over the US capitol?

>> No.77648147

for you

>> No.77648487


>the heckin chonker is making a fist

>> No.77648509

It's a meme
>the color of
>and fishes
>also birds
desu they should just give everything to every color

>> No.77648526

that's stupid. you are the syndrome of game design

>> No.77648534


they do give everything to every color, but it's supposed to be expensive/crappy to do other color things.

>> No.77648596

>blue have the only stack manipulation effect in the game
>both pw and etb are becoming stronger and stronger
>blue is the only color that can 1-1 etb effects and pw
>"noo you cant complain about the color pie!"
Thank god ELD balanced the color pie more than every set in the past 20 years
Also nice seeing bluefags seething all over the internet because of green

>> No.77648701

They did give everything to blue, and while it's a bit op it's perfect in execution
They have stack manipulation, removal effect that can target everything, graveyyard interaction, board manipulation, effects that make cards cheaper, elusive creatures than can attack face/pw even if the enemy have way to defend
This is how it should be, with every color getting a different "flavor", like blue can remove everything, but they don't destroy it, they put it in your hand/decks etc, their "ramp" isnt as fire and forget as green but require setting up things on board and protect them etc
meanwhile other colors are fucking:

>> No.77648733

>Also nice seeing bluefags seething all over the internet because of green
The last time bluefags were angry wotc give them the best creatures ever printed and created the most blue centric standard in years (innistrad)

>> No.77648749

there is split second shit in every color you mongoloid, that is also stack manipulation

>> No.77648751

>They have stack manipulation
This is such a fucking meme. If you want to "counter" a Terminate, other colours can do it too. Green can provide Hexproof, Black could use a variation on a theme of Undying Evil, and White could give Protection. Only Red has no way of "countering" it.

>> No.77648912

Now counter green sun zenith with color different than blue
>"bro just use those 15 cards that don't even interact with the enemy player, bro no you don't understand, you can't stop that oko if you don't play blue"

>> No.77648946

>Now counter green sun zenith with color different than blue
White can play Containment Priest and Black can play Ashiok.

>> No.77649002

black should get everything as long as you pay life, discard a card, or sac a permanent for it
white should get everything as long as it's a tax version of it

>> No.77649043

I like your concept a lot, but my immediate thought was that this archetype looks like it could leverage W better than U, since W nets you access to Flagstones, Reliquary, and a 'real' removal spell in the form of Path, and that all puts you a lot closer to being a more traditional 'honest' midrange deck than a pile of countermagic does. I won't pretend pic related is 100% perfect, because I'm sure it isn't, but it seems quite close to what an optimal RGW version of your deck would look like, and in theory it'd put up more pressure and have better overall card quality. It's more vulnerable to combo due to losing the negates, of course, but since combo is on the decline right now that might not be a significant issue.

All that being said, even if I'm completely full of shit and W isn't the way to go, your sideboard would still greatly benefit from having Bojuka Bog to bring in and tutor from Reclaimer against any opposing graveyard strategies that require interaction, and the ability to loop Dunes of the Dead with Reclaimer+W&6 for a 'free' 2/2 every turn seems worthy of consideration too.

>> No.77649200

hey, i like this. I'll give it a try as both and see what feels smoother. Loving the dunes. i had not considered that at all. thanks man.

>> No.77649515

just played hogaak against grixis control in legacy
now I know why this shit was banned in modern holy shit

>> No.77649546

>dunking on shitxis

>> No.77649564

it's almost exactly the same deck too lmao

>> No.77649580

it's almost like MH was a huge mistake or something
urza is actually legacy playable too, there were practically 1:1 modern bant snow urza lists in legacy up until fairly recently

>> No.77649667

why does /mmg/ shit on grixis so much

>> No.77649701

>I identified with Black characters like Kaya and Teferi
Anyone who identified with Teferi as a kid isn't identifying with Kaya. There's a whole cast of older black characters you could have listed alongside him. At least try if you're gonna lie about this shit.

>> No.77649744

>it's another post on 4chan about a white kid living in the suburbs telling a black person how to feel

>> No.77649782

Grixis is literally a world of misery, betrayal, sadism, and pain where every life form is kept going by the power of hatred alone spending every waking hour murdering each other to huff the brap that emerges from the corpse. It's basically /pol/.

>> No.77649863

Wasn't there a guy who won a legacy league with a standard deck recently?

>> No.77649867


tell us where grixis shadow beat you

>> No.77649961

Glad ya like it, hopefully it works as well as I think it will. Another small consideration is Shenanigans over Ancient Grudge as the recursive artifact hate piece in the sideboard, since Shenanigans grows your graveyard on later uses instead of shrinking it, and if RUG ends up working out better, you'd probably want to cram a Ketria Triome into your manabase there, since the downside of it always entering tapped can be mitigated really easily if you're pulling it with Reclaimer anyway. I'd put a triome in the RGW version too, except there isn't one for those colors, so that won't be an option until whenever they decide to complete the triomes.

>> No.77649988

yeah, now that you mentioned he didn't really put much of a fight other than trying to remove my creatures with bolts and pushes

that was one of the things that peaked my interest, I was thinking "how the fuck a legacy deck that was basically 80% modern legal cards before 2019 bans can be good"
now that I played the deck I can understand why, it feels so damn powerful

that's scary, makes me wonder if Yawgmoth could've been legacy playable if he was GB instead of B so you can find it with GSZ

>> No.77650016

Lol. Absolutely based.

>> No.77650019

not sure if this is your list or not, but I would drop a Volley and add a 5th canopy land in the form of fiery islet.

>> No.77650148

>coomander doesn't rotate

>> No.77650304

>Grixis Delver back to being one of the best Legacy decks
>Grixis Control still near-unplayable
Finally, everything is as it should be in Legacy. I've been playing a bunch of it on MTGO, the format's actually been pretty great since the bans.

>> No.77650326

Yeah, it sure is. Fuck 'em.

>> No.77650345

>people already cucking praising wotc and saying magic is saved because they banned cards that have been a problem for 2 years
god you guys are so weak
there is no amount of cum the magic community won't gulp

>> No.77650600 [SPOILER] 

>I've been playing a bunch of it on MTGO, the format's actually been pretty great since the bans.
are you playing leagues or tournament practice matches? I've only had two matchups today, grixis control and burn and they were a lot of fun (because I got to do my degenerate shit)
I feel like if I hop onto leagues I'm gonna get absolutely fucked by people who actually know what they're doing

>> No.77651004

A little bit of both. People in leagues range from "I'm trying out Legacy again with my pet deck now that Oko is gone" to "I grind MTGO leagues for 10 hours a day". If you're new to Hogaak, it might be a good idea to stick to the practice room until you at least feel reasonably comfortable with the common lines of play.
You probably won't get stomped as hard as you think in leagues, especially since there's a decent number of people getting into Legacy for the first time right now with Oko gone. But people will more likely be prepared for graveyard shenanigans than in the practice room. That said, with how open the meta is right now, a deck like Hogaak can definitely steal matches from someone who doesn't build their sideboard with proper respect for graveyard strategies. Just make sure you have enough sideboard slots devoted to fighting through various types of hate.
Leagues are the fastest way to get better at your deck, since you'll be against people playing seriously with reasonably well-tuned decks. They're also fun if you like the competitive aspect of MTG, since you know that your opponents are trying their hardest to win as well. But there's nothing mandating that you have to play leagues, it just depends on what you want to do and how willing you are to lose 10 dollarydoos to a bad run. If you do play a league and get rekt, you can always go back to the practice room for a while and work on your skills with the deck.
So tl;dr: practice room tends more towards people chilling with decks they enjoy, leagues tend more towards people working on their skills with competitive decks.

>> No.77651188

For reference, this is the deck that won today's Legacy challenge. The format is wide open right now, so the competitive events like leagues and challenges are filled with all kinds of decks. Thankfully, at least for now, there isn't an oppressive "best deck" anywhere near the level of Snowko / RUG Delver that'll make you feel stupid for even trying to play competitively.

>> No.77651198

NTA, but this is interesting. I've already been planning to buy into MTGO and get twiddlestorm for modern, are there any ultra budget legacy decks?

>> No.77651214

I should've specified that I only feel that way about Legacy leagues, I feel very comfortable playing Pioneer leagues for example because I know how to pilot my decks, the format has the smallest card pool out of all non-rotating formats so the meta isn't very complex and I know what to expect when deckbuilding/sideboarding.

Legacy is such an old and vast format that I can't help but to feel a little intimidated, but you are completely right, the only way I'm gonna get over this is if I keep playing and learning through experience. Thanks for the advice.

>> No.77651257

>are there any ultra budget legacy decks?
NTA either but I started out with Burn and Mono Black Reanimator before moving to Hogaak. Both costed me less than 60 bucks at the time and felt good to play (at least casually).

>> No.77651500

For sure! The thing with Legacy is, even though the card pool is technically massive, only a small fraction of them see competitive play most of the time. You'll still run into gards you've never seen every so often, but once you learn the play patterns of the major archetypes, you'll still generally be able to figure out how you should handle any given situation.

Sorry, I'm a rentalcuck on MTGO and all my real life expensive cards are Chinese counterfeits, so I'm not super sure on budget options. Like the other anon pointed out, Burn and Mono-B Reanimator are both pretty cheap. IIRC, normal (non-hogaak) dredge is pretty cheap too. Unfortunately, some cross-deck staples like Force of Will and Wasteland are pretty expensive online. So I'd start by looking on something like MTGGoldfish for decks that don't play those cards.

>> No.77651666

>why yes I play Lightning Bolt in EDH, how did you know?

>> No.77651763

la soja te devuelve la mirada

>> No.77651785

Based. Fuck people who play low cost commanders.

>> No.77651803

Do people not, Satan? I auto include it in any Red deck where it's legal.

>> No.77651845

It's good and it's a dark ritual in a pinch in neheb

>> No.77651985

the streamers already left pokemon and now the bubble is starting to burst.

which is nice considering my LGS had a local pokemon scene that seemed pretty chill and i always wanted to get into it, so now i can finally afford to do so

>> No.77652030


i like that deck. the new meta seems much more balanced.

>> No.77652169

We'll see if it lasts, but it seems pretty good right now. I found this on Reddit, the top 32 of the Legacy challenge looks solid as well. There’s still some FIRE shit around like Hullbreacher, that stupid uncounterable elf, and t3feri, but overall those cards feel much more beatable than Oko / DHA / Astrolabe shitpiles.

>> No.77652228

You are already coping, accepting FIRE because what's left is not as bad

>> No.77652235


>> No.77652263


study, snap, study

>> No.77652281

Do not get my fucking hopes up like this, man

>> No.77652294

>they're falling for wotc's tricks and being sucked back in already

>> No.77652409

>3:2 Will:Negation split
>Inquisition over TS/Duress
What the fuck? Really cool other than that. I like Unearth and Of One Mind seeing play, and the only retard card in the main is T3f.

I'm guessing that's in the special (ie not-for-Modern) slot.

This. WotC pulled off a massive pump-and-dump and if you're buying in after the last few years of shittery you're playing right into their hands.

>> No.77652645

no one cares, /pol/

>> No.77652789

You'll make a great battered wife someday.

>> No.77652836

You will eat my feces someday. No, not someday. Today. NOW.

>> No.77652964


>> No.77653454

>You will buy the collectors boxes
>You will buy the commander precons
>You will buy the Secret Lair: Blacks
>You will make a Kangzheim cube
>You will love it when MaRo contradicts himself
>You will read the high school creative writing level prose some intern dumps out
>You will have a companion
>You will paypig MTGA
>You will endure MODO's ancient interface
>You will enjoy the endless rotation of design blunder metas
>You will enjoy drafts where you do a lot of things, but nothing you do really matters much
>You will sleeve the double sided cards
>You will defend wotc on reddit/twitter/4chan
>You will buy cards that curl instantly
>You will eagerly read the spoilers and leaks
>You will play nothing but the endless shifting meta and you will like it

>> No.77653468

>>You will endure MODO's ancient interface

>> No.77653484

>>>You will love it when MaRo contradicts himself
MaRo has never contradicted himself. Him saying X is not the same as him saying Y, except for when he says Z but really he means 2.

>> No.77654017

>oy vey they are nothing alike
>okay goyim they are somewhat alike but fucking buy it
What the fuck

>> No.77654035

Why do people bitch about MODOs interface?

>> No.77654055

It's clunky and slow, I don't understand how cockatrice can run more smoothly

>> No.77654149

>I don't understand how cockatrice can run more smoothly
Cockatrice doesn't process rules interactions and isn't some 20-year-old pile of spaghetti code held together by intern-slaves.

>> No.77654242

cockatrice is dogshit you know-nothing fuckwit

>> No.77654322

It would probably be good enough for lantern to come back, but not food enough for affinity to come back.

>> No.77654810


>> No.77654833 [SPOILER] 

Yes that is right, I love to have diarrhea. One of my favorite things to do is take a laxative on weekends when I have absolute nothing to do and I know I’ll be at the house all day. Sometimes when I can’t wait the 8 hours a laxative will take I’ll do a salt water flush and I’ll be peeing out my butthole in 30 minutes. I’ve even found for me that 100% grapefruit juice will do the trick if I drink half a gallon in a day. There are so many aspects of it that make it one of the best experiences.

>> No.77654878


the meta has changed a lot. still lots of wubrg and uwx control.

>> No.77655186

>the meta has changed a lot
Wow really? What caused this to happen?

>> No.77655205


nani the fuck???

>> No.77655211

But anon, it's 75%...

>> No.77655236

This is something to show to everyone who don't get what pilpul is.

>> No.77655396

Yeah but it's funny to pretend that EDH faggots don't play it because it's against the ""social contract""

>> No.77655835

Why did they bring back snow? It's such a terrible mechanic

>> No.77655861

Because for years Pauper players were crying for reprints of Snow basics because Islands were $2 each.


>> No.77655862

>one of them is while supplies last while the other is printed to demand during a short period of time, it's totally different
It's like he absolute chose to ignore the fact that people hate the concept of exclusive playable cards that are unique and only available for a short period of time,

>> No.77655874

>pauper players
Who cares?
>$2 each
Who cares?

>> No.77655883

>Who cares?
Clearly WotC does because there was genuinely zero reason to not put them in Modern Horizons. Like people have said, they're just basic lands with a different name.

>> No.77655927

Because most people like it. Basics are dull since they are in every set whereas snow seems new and flashy.
You can put epic snow lands in your EDH deck, so different!

>> No.77656003

That list looks super fun.
Red prison just lost ssg which is super bad for the deck.
You can still run rituals, but it is just worse in almost every way.
Worse early game as you now never do anything turn 1 and worse late game as you can't block with it.

>> No.77656037

>that feel when the manabase costs more than 60% of the rest of the deck
Is this modern?

>> No.77656583

Daily reminder that wotc curates league results to make formats look more diverse

>> No.77656584

>> No.77656791

that is true but it varies from format to format
pre-bans Pioneer leagues were always some permutation of the same 8~12 decks with one or two rogue decks every once in a while, and that was a pretty acurate representation of the format
in Mondern and Legacy things change drastically, they put multiple tier 3 decks piloted by people who are very experienced with it at the same representation of t1 decks who a lot more people are playing

I think Pauper leagues were also pretty spot on in representation in the past but I haven't looked them recently

>> No.77656829

They don't publish decks unless they differ by more than 15 cards to another published one. That's why shitty rogue decks that flunk a 5-0 or spam leagues until they get one have as much representation as the meta decks.

>> No.77656836

remember when monored aggro was like 60+% of tournament meta during the kaladesh standard era so wotc was doing shit like calling it rakdos aggro if it played 4 checklands to play 2 copies of unlicensed disintegration just to fudge the stats a little? I actually think back to those times fondly since until a week ago oko was literally the most played nonland permanent in legacy and uropiles were 80% of the meta

>> No.77656865

Modern is saved now!

>> No.77657079

>Archetype: Scapeshift

>> No.77657082

I'm feeling the itch, anons. I want to play U-Tron again. Could even sell my Oboro and foil Talisman of Dominances to get more playables like a full set of Chalices. Help me, I don't want to fall back into the pit.

>> No.77657182

>People are shocked that Field of the Bolts is still good
Expect this new (((Scapeshift))) pile to be just as obnoxious as Field was, minus Uro. Which means it's probably the best deck in the format by a margin. When a combo kill requires literally just 1 copy of Scapeshift in your deck, shit's really fucked up. Triomes have made it easier than ever to run Mountains without caring or noticing.

>> No.77657219

remember when people said triomes would see 0 play?

>> No.77657263

There is also a bring to light valki combo in it just for good measure.

>> No.77657287

Anon if you tell me that BtL can search for Valki but cast Tibalt I will smack you.

>> No.77657311

Does it really work that way? WTF?
MFDCs were such a huge fucking mistake.

>> No.77657379


>> No.77657385

It can. Only cascade has been nerfed.

>> No.77657395

bros I want to buy some valkis
I want to be the one having fun playing the shitpile

>> No.77657407


>> No.77657444

this. MTGO interface is comfy af; i'll take it over MTGA's over-the-top UI any day of the week

>> No.77657543 [DELETED] 

It's the exact definition of pilpul in the talmud, and the very reason why they can distort the western laws so well they always end up owning all the most "prestigious" law practices.

Do you know where it came from, frens? The Torah explicitely give them a long serie of laws they aren't allowed to break. Something like 130 commandments. But jews don't like to obey, but also don't want to make God angry, so they created the talmud, where they twist the meanings of words so badly they can end up transforming a "yes" into a "no" and a "bad" into a "good". It's the jews' ultimate weapon.

They have 5000 years of training doing this, literally constantly lying in front of their God but in such a fashion they don't feel responsible for doing it. And you better believe that if they can do it so boldly in front of their god, doing it to the goyim is a piece of cake to them. It's what got them kicked out of so many nations so many times.

>> No.77657691

Mtgo runs fine if you restart it after a few hours, and as others have said, it's interface is functional and good, desu.

>> No.77657740

>mtgotickets, who sell the cheapest mtgo tickets, haven't had any in stock for a day now
Fuck this. I want to finish my titan deck. I haven't managed a >55% winrate with u tron, so I'm making a switch. Blitz and shadow are rough matchups.

>> No.77657772

>Hardened scales is still decent though
>you should let us artifact decks have access to mana monkes
opal is now a monke ? amazing

>> No.77657818

they're straight up hiring tumblr artists now ?

>> No.77657874

Ikoria's """"""""""""""""""""artists""""""""""""""""""" were unironically deviantart furfags.

>> No.77657926

I guess that makes sense. Furries would be into Ikoria, and tumblrfags love harry potter

>> No.77658246

WotC unironically hired furfag artists from furaffinity to do art on Ikoria cards. Like the Flourishing Fox artist does gay furry porn. Not even joking.

>> No.77658317

>Hardened scales is still decent though
lol no
lantern and blue prison are dead and buried too

>> No.77658430

No I think I'll just play Xmage

>> No.77658473

Because some retards were nostalgic about it

>> No.77658565

Is ikoria the worst set ever?

Shit artworks, shit flavor, shit story, shit mechanics, broke every format except pauper until they emergency errata'd MaRo's pet mechanic, shit marketing, made unironically by gay furry artists, the draft format had more cycling than the fucking tour de france...
Everything about ikoria is utter shit and the best part is that ikoria's apologists take it as a compliment because they probably have some sick weird fetish about diapers and smearing themselves in literal shit.
Is this the worst set ever despite MaRo shamelessly gaslighting us telling us that's the opposite of what we think and blatantly lying about sales and reception?
And keep in mind that companions were already tried decades ago and they were scrapped because of being inherently a cancer mechanic that's unfun and prone to breaking the game.
Like... Just Exterminatus this planet already.

>> No.77658595

>broke every format except pauper
bonders ornament

>> No.77658628

BtL is 5 mana though. It might be strong but it's less broken than Valki Cascade

>> No.77658655

Yeah because we all know Omnath ramp decks lack for mana

>> No.77658686

yeah it sucked
the book wasn't all that either and I was really looking forward to it

>> No.77658725

Wow that card blows

>> No.77658805

Imagine making a set about humans hunting monsters and wanting everyone to root for the monsters..... it's not like monster hunter doesn't sell shitloads

>> No.77658886

There are a lot of articles written by basedboy game journoloids about how Monster Hunter promotes animal cruelty because the monsters are just trying to live life and man is the real monster. Ikoria was made for them. It's WotC saying "yeah that's right, we can do it better." And the result is shit.
Same for Strixhaven. Basedboys love Harry Potter but the creator is a vile TERF and all the main characters are too white? We can do it better! This company has reached a nexus, the bottoming out of both creativity and competence

>> No.77659460

Hahahaha get it?
Le ebil mean white guy wants a poor, innocent monster for his own selfish and cruel reasons!
Don't you feel already the need to chop up your pee pee to atone for the alleged wrongdoings of your fellows and ancestors?


>> No.77659486


>> No.77659686

What will he fight in Innistrad 3?

>> No.77659738

Homosexuals and niggers now that Avacyn isn't around to burn them.

>> No.77659875

>This year, we'll be introducing to the game a new creature type representing a vile, monstrous beast! But it's one all of our players will be familiar with: wypipo

>> No.77659887

But the captain is white

>> No.77659910

The captain was the bad guy all along!

>> No.77659929

Not in his new artwork. He'll be a sassy heavyweight woman of color and a total badass, of course.

>> No.77659977

I wonder if maro has a target with a photo of richard garfield on it in his room where he throws darts at...

>> No.77660079

>Is ikoria the worst set ever?
But i don't doubt a second jotc will somehow manage to produce even worse sets this year. Probably starting with Not harry potter : the set.

>> No.77660258


>> No.77660783

Oh boy, I sure cannot wait for the series-exclusive genderfluid transexual nigress character that needs no man take the spotlight and beat everysingle named villain from Ywagnoth to Nico Nico nii while all that saz and lip smacking while incelshaming Jace and the rest of the Jacetice league not being diverse and woke enough.

>> No.77661101

At least homelands still has good art

>> No.77661218

How can anyone say Ikoria wasn't an example of the best that Magic has to offer?

>> No.77661231

Jesus christ dude, get off the internet, go read a book, take a walk, take up a hobby with out a competitive element. No one is out to get you, you are not a victom, there no boogymen out to get you and the card game you are so outraged about.

>> No.77661331

The patriarchy.

>> No.77661341

>you can still cast the pw side of valki with bring to light

>> No.77661359


>> No.77661369

The quality difference between these cards is astounding.

>> No.77661448

Wanna know what I think is hilarious? Listening to people who aren't too involved in magic talking about autumn burchett and calling him a "she" to try and be respectful, not realizing that they're gonna get shit anyway since Autumn thinks he's a "they"

>> No.77661454

Homelands flavor, setting and art were superb.

>> No.77661471

If you bend the knee they will complain you didn't bend far enough. The trick is to ignore them and not bend the knee at all.

>> No.77661477

>desire to niv more intensifies

>> No.77661671

How does he manage to have the worst opinions of the game so consistently?

>> No.77661716

Because he is an unqualified retard who was boosted up for bullshit reasons

>> No.77661877

Being a "pro" in Magic right now means you spiked that one tournament a few years ago.

>> No.77661893


Somehow managing to make cycling bad for the health of draft truly is an accomplishment

>> No.77662065

I'm curious. How far gone is Burchett? Has HE already choppes off HIS dick?

>> No.77662204

He's one of those low commitment ones. Isn't it obvious from looking at the cunt?

>> No.77662381

What year did he start playing? I wanna say it was 2018 or 2019, but I can't remember.
No big surprise he thought Uro was a good thing for every format.

>> No.77662603

Remember when MtG had soul? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgPEhrB7ebc

>> No.77662701

10/10 in bongland

>> No.77662730

It's honestly about respect.
You need to respect your game and your setting.
The people making this game now have zero respect for the game or the setting, everything has to be ironic and compromised to avoid feelbads and problematic aspects.

>> No.77662752

>JIDF shills finally waking up
hi shlomo! hi moshe!

>> No.77662777

>No one is out to get you, you are not a victom, there no boogymen out to get you.
There literally is though.

>> No.77662845

Wanted to kick the tires on getting some Tarmogoyfs. You think they get reprinted in TimeSpiral Remastered?

>> No.77662913

Reminder that Modern's metagame is very quickly going to be dominated by BtL Tibalt/Field of the Bolts in the same exact shell that Uro/FotD used.

>> No.77662968

>dominated by BtL Tibalt
I find that really goddamn hard to believe, the difference between cheating something for 3 mana with 8 cascade spells and cheating something or 5 mana with 4 BtL is night and day

>Field of the Bolts
good, valakut is based and actually constrains what type of lands you can play
I also love how dryad builds will continue to get fucked by Boil while the original lists don't have to worry about that

>> No.77662983

>valakut is based
valakuks are so cringe

>> No.77663022

Obviously 3 mana Tibalt is better than 5 mana Tibalt, but to play 3 mana Tibalt you have to warp your deck around him. This deck doesn't, 5 mana Tibalt kinda just happens.

>valakut is based
Okay now I know you're a retard because
>constrains what type of lands you can play
Yeah if only Wizards would print lands with 3 subtypes to make it even easier to put Mountains in your deck. And now that W&6 is back in these decks, +1 cycle a Triome gives you all sorts of grind potential on top of half your deck replacing itself still.

>> No.77663032

not him but the problem here is W6, not valakut. Card is nuts and will have to be banned.

>> No.77663053

>Gideon's Intervention, naming Valakut the Molten Pinnacle

>> No.77663074



Does this answer your question?

>> No.77663078

Cast Teferi Time Raveler, -3 your Gideon's Intervention, Bring to Light with 4 colours? :)

>> No.77663129

>points to my Greater Auramancy

>> No.77663155

>Etrata is cold, fashionable, terrifying competent, and deeply nihilistic. She cares nothing for Ravnica, and barely for her guild. She is not interested in the Dimir gaining power; her only drive is to be the best spy in existence. She infiltrates other Ravnican guilds with ruthless ease, and kills whenever necessary.
>For Etrata, Lazav represents an older generation, making the same mistake that that politicians and guildleaders always make: overreach. By straining to either perform or prevent a coup, he has given up the detachment and suppleness a spy requires. One day, she will kill and replace him.

She's gonna "Pshhh, nothing personnel, whiteboi" Lazav isn't she?

>> No.77663185

But Lazav isn't just a spy. He's also a spymaster and defacto leader of the guild. This is fucking stupid. Literally stupid.

>> No.77663200

Things that a "deeply nihilistic" person would not do:

- Care for their guild
- Want to be the best spy in existence
- Kill Lazav over disagreements in how to run a guild you don't care about

>> No.77663219

keep seething while I bolt your ass to death gayboy

>but to play 3 mana Tibalt you have to warp your deck around him. This deck doesn't, 5 mana Tibalt kinda just happens.
then I still find hard to belive that this strategy will "quickly dominate" the modern meta when the deck isn't even that focused on that powerplay
the deck is good, don't get me wrong but I don't think it will get as nearly as close as Uro/FotD was

>Yeah if only Wizards would print lands with 3 subtypes to make it even easier to put Mountains in your deck.
they're still taplands, that's a very meaningful downside

>And now that W&6 is back in these decks, +1 cycle a Triome gives you all sorts of grind potential on top of half your deck replacing itself still.
well yeah, W&6 is a retarded card, not much we can do about that

>> No.77663231

As stupid as Kaya assassinating the Obzedat in a slow-motion action scene?

>> No.77663248

If jotc wasn't populated by onions drinking cucks they would have Lazav counter-counter-counter outsmart her and kill her while saying "lmao learn ur place n00b".
But we all know this isn't what's going to happen.

>> No.77663272

Wouldn't be assassinating the Obzedat antisemitic?

>> No.77663295

They could make a running joke of it. Etrata constantly trying to assassinate someone who's far too smart/paranoid to ever be assassinated. Then she gets slapped and sent on some assignment with her tail between her legs.

>> No.77663354

Also if I'm not mistaken the dimir guild is hevily decentralized so killing one single member would be irrelevant.
Last time they killed szadek and the guild couldn't care less...

>> No.77663358

Is she also intelligent and wickedly humorous?

>> No.77663362

If they want me to like minorities why are all the minority characters they introduce so cringe? Etrata sounds absolutely insufferable. She looks ugly, her personality is flat and disgusting, her goals are stupid and illogical. She is simultaneously unrelatable to anybody except psychopaths and extremely uninteresting. Who the fuck is this character supposed to appeal to?
Same for Kaya, a character who is at the same time very arrogant, yet a complete fuckup, who suffers no consequences whatsoever for anything. Who is this character for?
Or the new tranny Niko, who literally cannot lose, and ascends to planeswalker status by losing on purpose for no fucking reason on the power of smugness alone. A terrible character design, with cosplay reject wardrobe, and retarded, insipid powers. What's the point of this character?
You are never fucking going to convince me that these characters make people want to play this game and engage with the story more.

>> No.77663374

>banned in brawl

>> No.77663379

The people who write these characters have no concept of what it means to be insufferable.

>> No.77663412

What's Jewish about a group of powerful individuals controlling a world through debt slavery?

>> No.77663453

Perhaps we could do better. Wizards is inching closer to Neil Druckman-tier writing to the point where their villains are easy to root for.

>> No.77663480

N-nothing hehehe... nothing...
I was just saying, I'm not a s-schizo hahaha...

>> No.77663514

It was far easier to root for Bolas than for the Gatewatch. In fact, this played out in real time at the absolute cringefest that was GP Vegas during Amonkhet.


>> No.77663537

We Are already there and have been for a long time. People fucking loved Avacyn and kudro and even the obzedat had a bunch of fans despite them trying to make them evil. Same goes for the boros and tibalt. Of course rooting for any of these villains means you're a fascist.

>> No.77663546

Didn't he get WHIIIRED into Ugin?

>> No.77663557

Every Ravnica guild leader is evil.

>> No.77663572

This game isn't for you anymore dude, it's for mentally ill trannies and soi boys. Just look at these characters.

>> No.77663597

I love avacyn, elesh norn, and the boros legion. Nahiri can come too but only if she wears a leash.

>> No.77663610

Exactly and people still love them. Magic consistently has better villains than heroes, and sometimes characters intentioned as villains like Avacyn or kudro end up coming off as heroic or likable, it's just insane, wotc is full clown mode.

>> No.77663671

It boggles the mind that Kudro was supposed to be unlikable. The moment he dies all the bonders and city dwellers are dancing in the street with prejudices forgotten, as though Kudro were the only bigot on the entire plane that everybody hated but had no choice but to obey, literally CEO of racism.
Meanwhile if you look at his actions, he is a guy who has devoted his entire life to protecting people from the monsters that want to kill them at the expense of his own happiness, who has absolute authority but has never let it corrupt him or alter his principles, and who dies with dignity because he considers himself nothing in comparison to the safety of his city.

>> No.77663707

Wizards believes we'll guzzle their crap like the good consoomers we are, so they figure they might as well pressure us to be woke in the process. They're well-aware of sunk-cost fallacy.

We like Tibalt? I don't really know much about him in-lore I just assumed he was the Joker who gave Magic what it fucking deserved.

People also loved them because the creators weren't trying too hard to make them seem awesome and cool. NuMagic heroes just come off as forced and boring because the writers don't know how to get people to suspend their disbelief.

I choose to believe the writers were lazy and don't genuinely believe that's how societies and prejudices work. Wizards doesn't financially incentivize people for trying.

>> No.77663710

Every ravnica guild leader simply wants to take advantage on the other 8 guilds as much as possible.
It's this delicate balance that makes ravnica, ravnica.

>> No.77663747

>Avacyn using the mancatcher part of her spear that's normally for demons on nahiri

>> No.77663776

Wizards could've literally removed the first 6 words from her last ability and the card would've been functionally identical.

>> No.77663790

>I don't really know much about him in-lore I just assumed he was the Joker who gave Magic what it fucking deserved.
Tibalt is a sadistic piece of shit who is so edgy his only friends are demons and then when society tries to kill him for being too edgy the demons bail him out and make him part demon. He is a walking fedora. The other "we live in a society" PW is Oko who literally lived in a society of lawful good faeries and they shunned him for being an asshole so now he goes around being an asshole across time and space because he cannot let go of the butthurt and is a nihilist.
They are both almost the same character only one looks like Jared Leto which means he's gay and French while the other is gay and Korean.

>> No.77663804

But would avacyn still be indestructible????

>> No.77663811

Tibalt was some dude on Innistrad who loved to torture and murder innocents. He got so good at it that devils started watching him work. Then yadda yadda something happened, the devils threw all the pain he'd caused on him, boom spark goes off. So naturally we find him on his home plane of Innistrad instead of causing chaos on some random planet.

>> No.77663826

She can use the mancatcher part of her chest on my pelvis.

>> No.77663875

how exactly does rakdos balance ravnica aside from keeping rakdos asleep? if there was no rakdos everything would be functionally the same

>> No.77663892

I only put him on the list because I saw some support for him here because apparently he bullied niko? I don't really think he's a particularly good character but he's a decent example of "meant to be an asshole but ended up with a fanbase anyway"

>> No.77663909

This franchise once had Urza as a main character and they managed to make him really interesting while he was also a complete asshole. How far we've fallen.

>> No.77663922

They do all sorts of things ranging from the entertainment industry, planning and overseeing festivals, holidays and ceremonies and other stuff...

>> No.77663943

No she can't because she's too busy oppressing minorities and being the focal point for an oppressive and tyrannical theocracy.

>> No.77663982

aren't the humans the oppressed in innistrad though? they have less power than every other faction and are constantly preyed upon. avacyn is a woman so strong she is literally able to fight the whole world at the same time, to protect the weak and oppressed. it's the most heroic thing imaginable.

>> No.77663986

Tibalt tried to be a stitcher but was too involved in the work to actually make good skaabs. He used the knowledge to start capturing and painfully disassembling people for fun. Devils who normally burn puppies and orphans for fun would just watch him work and started to teach him their magic. Eventually some cathars caught him during his rituals and he tried to cast some devil magic to escape the cathars but he was stopped by the cathars. Some of thebdevils not yet killed by cathars and him were merged and the pain of his spell backfiring caused him to spark. He made fun of chandra for her almost boyfriend gideon dying to save a girl she was mad at.

>> No.77663990

C-can I be a minority?

>> No.77664007

I hate niggers, she cant carry my while she works.

>> No.77664012

Evil has to exist before good can exist. Good should always be reactive. If good exists at a time when there is no evil to oppose, they'll start inventing evil things to oppose. What would the Gatewatch have done if Bolas hadn't appeared? They were literally just sat around on Ravnica with their thumbs up their asses. Would they have started interfering in Ravnican politics by taking out "evil" guild leaders?

>> No.77664015

Yeah but she's also the figurehead of a Catholic church expy in a game made in Seattle. You have to think like them, it's like with kudro.

>> No.77664038

>he tried to cast some devil magic to escape the cathars but he was stopped by the cathars
Did you write the flavour text for Ancient Grudge?

>> No.77664064

Please dont tell my boss I post here.

>> No.77664075

To be fair it's Nahiri's fault for Avacyn going insane, though she didn't mean to but neither did she care as her plan was to fuck Sorin's plane. Avacyn's death was supposed to be a tragedy.
Not that I'm justifying Eldritch Moon's events. What we got in return was spaghetti monsters, which I am personally a fan of, but I can't bring myself to argue that it was a fair trade.

>> No.77664082


you are special and therefore already are :D

>> No.77664086

Johnny? What the fuck are you doing here? Get back to work, we need some good snappy retorts in these quandrix counterspells.

>> No.77664087




>> No.77664100

We got milk for milk, but we could have had them both and its not fair or right for such a fate to befall us. And by us I mean humanity as a species.

>> No.77664115

No no, I'm talking about before nahiris meddling, where she was the head of this huge plane spanning theocracy. Also notice that black people only started really showing up on innistrad cards when she started killing indiscriminately under outside influence. Also yes, Avacyn dying was incredibly tragic.

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