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Armored Warfare Simulation Edition

>Dark Eldar Preview:

>Dark Angels Codex

>Death Guard Codex

>Munitorum Field Manual (Points):

New Duncaccino:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PHHiHJQwrg [Open]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:
https://pastebin.com/XHFCunAZ(embed) (embed)

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

>Find stuff here:

Post kitbash, or Blood Angels

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3d print your niggas, nigga

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>no tq
What is your number one request for a new sculpt?
Wonder if space wolves want a new Ragnor

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>What is your number one request for a new sculpt?

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new leaked dark eldar bro's

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So I am making a kind of strategium holo table thing as a side project using a tea light LED. The last thing I need for it is some kind of thin, translucent thing to put on top that hides the device but still allows light through...

Anyone have any ideas? Some kind of frosted resin or plastic?

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armoured warfare edition.

>> No.77579016

but what about the clear plastic parts

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GW make Slaanesh, Dark Elf and High Elf models so visually similar to CAD time.

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>when the chad at local calls you a good boy and strokes the back of your head
b-bros what do I do?

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make a mold, use expoxy resin

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Print it seethrough

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Is this a passable kitbash for an Overlord with Staff of Light/Resurrection Orb? First time trying this.

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>Oh shit I ended my movement with a rocket launcher up my ass. Can I turn this model around before I start my shooting phase?
>Yeah dude, it's free movement.

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Make a leadership check to see if you turn gay.

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Either the Nightbringer or the Deceiver because fuck finecast

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>you cant bring back rotations
also, its the shooting phase, you cant move, fuck off.

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This mod is both stupid and fun.
There's something dumb about blasting XCOM xenos with bolters and plasma.

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Why does he have two wrists?

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A new Warpsmith, fucking hell. It's like the worst resin kit ever.

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C'tans not named Void Dragon. Imagine the Nightbringer with modern GW special effects, like what the Yncarne got.
Also release the fucking plastic deffkoptas, jesus christ

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>its the shooting phase, you cant move, fuck off
Behold the true face of the facingsfag.

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>trip tag

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You mean on the right arm? he's just got a big right arm it's fine don't worry about it
I wanted something more dynamic than "he's holding the orb straight down" and it came out a little weird yeah

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Sorry had to phonefag it, I'll do better next time

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naw, looks like shit. The orb hand needs to be bigger and yeah what the other anon said, dont give him more wrists

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should have finished MOVING your mini in the MOVING phase.

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A Baal Predator with heavy bolters and twin assault cannon or 6 death company intercessors foot slogging across the board?

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Which game?!?!?!?!?!? Is the mod on steam?

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its fine, but its too long, you may have to cute the bracer off the hand arm.

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Should've just replaced his entire arm imo.

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You're only demonstrating that facings were only good for shitty bickering.

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Khorne Berserkers with Noise Marines in close second.

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We can use contextual clues. OP mentioned XCOM blasting Xenos. Which games are XCOM in?

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nope. In chess you put down that knight you cannot pick it up again.
I am a casual, if we are having fun and its harmless maybe I dont mind, if I planned to have my melta behind you and you finished moving your vehicle 10 minutes ago, no you cant move it again, this isnt harsh, its just following basic rules

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Fuck, it's already glued in. I may just live with it.
I'm starting to think that, but the Indomitus Overlord has a weird sculpt. The head and the right arm are the same part, and they get slotted in via the right shoulder. So I don't know how well it would have come together if I replaced the whole arm including the shoulder.
Cutting below the shoulder might have worked, but that's not a lot of surface area to glue...

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XCOM 2. You need the War of the Chosen xpac as well.
Then on the workshop, search up warhammer. It's the Warhammer 40,000: Armours of the Imperium mod.
I added the weapons and a bunch of voicepacks too. Once you play to the point where you can customize loadouts you can start making marines.

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>Gee I wonder how many XCOM games exist using 3D models

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has anyone added some minor armour to these dudes and run a beastmen 40k army? why not?

>> No.77579124

Refresh the entire CSM range and make them all truescale, matching the Primaris.
The worst part is, they'll probably actually do this in 10th or 11th edition.

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Facings were functionally irrelevant because of how vehicle damage and anti-tank weapons were set up. If facings mattered then the Land Raider and the Monolith would have been the best tanks in the game.

>> No.77579133

Idk what you'd run them as, ruleswise. Khorne Daemons? R&H?

>> No.77579137

reposting from /wip/: painting my first model today, but I glued the engines the wrong way like a massive retard and the seam is way more obvious than I thought it would be, and it really bugs me. Is there any fixing this?

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It's XCOM 2, dumbass.

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Sad that we have to go to other games to get some good 40k games now.
There's also some IG ones too, and for the ladies, SoB.

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I'm thinking of armouring up some bestigors to use as proxies for some of my CSM units

>> No.77579162

Resculpt all the Primaris to be a bit shorter and less tacticool.

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>In chess you put down that knight you cannot pick it up again.
>I am a casual
Pick one direction to bullshit in and stick with it. You can't bullshit about being a casual and act like 40K is chess at the same time. It makes you look retarded.

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For what purpose, anon?

>> No.77579216

Can you facing fags go and play 7th edition or something instead of shitting up another thread?

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I'm entirely sure they never played the game before 8th. Facings did not matter because tanks were easy as fuck to kill.

>> No.77579245

Anti infantry.
The predator is good for fighting from the back, the death company are more squishy but they're more dangerous.

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For all their faults, Primaris are better just for being bigger and better proportioned. Get mad at me but it's true.

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Firstborn should be a separate army and get separate releases to Primaris.

>> No.77579277

>For all their faults, Primaris are better just for being bigger and better proportioned
Uh, yeah.

>> No.77579298

Gee fucking whiz imagine that.

Next you're going to say people might use the primaris legs and torsos as the basis for making better scaled regular marines.

>> No.77579307

>There's marine bloat
>You know what would solve it? ANOTHER MARINE RANGE!

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truescale fags ruined 40k

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Its not just CAD that makes it loose all soul, its also that they are using that design idea of everything being designed with a unique silhouette. League of Legends kind of design.
See pic related, this is from back when TF2 was released and they talked about how they designed the characters so they could be recognized by their silhouettes alone. Something a lot of designers copied over the years after.

>> No.77579326

Primaris paypigs

>> No.77579330

R&H got a horde unit called Mutant Rabble without models (you're meant to make your own) but >>77579154 is probably the most playable choice.

>> No.77579335

same >>77579325
Of course I forgot the image.

>> No.77579352

Not army, but I do have some beastmen cultists.

>> No.77579358

Is there a shred of evidence that GW uses videogame design philosophies?

>> No.77579363

How is recognizable silhouette a bad thing?

>> No.77579371

They already did with most of the range?

>> No.77579384

You realize that more Minimarine releases would be just as uninspired as Primaris?

>> No.77579391

Firstborn should be squatted and use the same rules as Primaris

>> No.77579398

League of Legends.

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The Primaris model is on a raised base.

>> No.77579408

I don't know about philosophies, but most of the shit they've released for the past few years looks like it was designed for LoL or some shit. This is more pronounced in AoS tho

>> No.77579412

More like World of FUcking Warcraft am I right?

>> No.77579420

>Source: Trust me bro

>> No.77579421

Rotating a model on the spot does not count as moving.

>> No.77579429

More Squats

>> No.77579435

You have to admit the game would be so much more strategic and SOVLful if deepstriking units had a big advantage on killing tanks.

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>> No.77579460

This. Maybe make the berserkers all even more muscled like madlad Kharn.

>> No.77579478

This answers exactly nothing. What is bad about this design philosophy?

>> No.77579486

Don’t get either. Get vanguard vets with lightning claw-storm shield combo.

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>> No.77579488

For a fast paced shooter game it makes sense to do it like that. A slow paced table top game? No it does not make a lot of sense since you can take all the time you want to ogle at a figure. To me I think It's better to let the designers design with their own artistic sense instead of having stringent design baselines that makes everything "samey", makes figures a ton more memorable.

>> No.77579491

League of Legends is a game for babies. Sovls grow in the body as you age. Therefore things for babies lack sovl. It's important to have sovl because otherwise your game is soullless. League of Legens is a 2009 multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games. Inspired by Defense of the Ancients, a custom map for Warcraft III, Riot's founders sought to develop a stand-alone game in the same genre. Since its release in October 2009, the game has been free-to-play, and is monetized through purchasable character customization. The game is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

>> No.77579494

They already do you dumbass. Having a unit show up right next to a tank with melta guns is already incredibly strong with little counterplay except bubble wrapping it. Deepstriking good shooting units is why we don't get turn one deepstrikes anymore. Except marine lmao.

>> No.77579509

I wanted the first guy to answer me.

>> No.77579538

Even in 5th edition, where vehicles were quite hard to kill, I think it was more faff than it was worth. I did like the damage tables though, especially from 2nd edition where you could blow a wheel off a vehicle and have it careen across the battlefield into your own dudes... But even then I think those rules are better placed for smaller games like Gorkamorka.

>> No.77579545

here >>77579488

Designing with silhouettes is so your brain can easily spot and recognize an opposing player, so you know instantly what character it is, and respond accordingly. Makes sense.
But on a table top board game? There is really no reason for all figures to have a unique silhouette. A warhammer figure can be however the fuck it wants, heck it could just be 3x4cm piece of cardboard with the word "primaris marine" written on it.

The cynical side of me thinks it's another step with GW trying their best to make sure every damn nook and cranny of their figures can be copyrighted.

>> No.77579553

You are just making shit up that you think sounds right.

>> No.77579560

A new soimaris lieutenant, for sure

>> No.77579597

one of the things that made 40k stand out was the artistic style. There are tons of other games and settings out there with psuedo-mobile game aesthetics, and when warhammer starts to look just like them it loses its unique appeal. Also, ffs its really not hard to see that a lot of the models released in the past few years look like childrens toys.

>> No.77579610

But how is "more easily identifiable design" bad? Being able to tell at a glance what a model represents isn't bad.

>> No.77579614

>3x4cm piece of cardboard with the word "primaris marine" written on it.
based scratchbuilder

>> No.77579685

>> No.77579710

>one of the things that made 40k stand out was the artistic style

>> No.77579757

This is perfect. Skip the shitty new heads and the oversized bolters whilst giving it a bigger body, the best of both worlds.

>> No.77579830

>tigrus bolter
ew ew ew

>> No.77579836

It does, actually.

You can do your full movement of 10" (green line) but you can't rotate and finish your move with any point being further than 10" away from where it started (red line)
If during your movement phase you were to rotate your tank on the spot, you would have to draw a similar line from any point on its original position to its rotated position. If its 3" away now thats 3" of movement.

>> No.77579845

>that bolter
Fucking fantastic, love it.

>> No.77579893


>> No.77579917

>The distance a model moves is measured using the part of the model’s base (or hull) that moves furthest along its path (including parts that rotate or pivot).
t. Core Rulebook

where's yours from, because it isn't in the 9e rulebook

>> No.77579930

He's lowkey the most powerful space marine librarian, but it's a secret.

>> No.77579932

>laughs in tigurius

>> No.77579944

*laughs in Mephiston*

>> No.77579948

>anons talks about bringing back old rules
>"why are you talking about old rules?"

Gee, anon, I wonder why.

>> No.77579949

Ezekiel is 5'11! OHOHOHOHO!

>> No.77579959

Unless you state otherwise, everything about rule questions is about 9e. Talking about bringing back armor facings to 9e still leaves the rest of the rules being 9e.

>> No.77579981

>"bring back rotations"

>> No.77579992

>rotating a model (present tense)

>> No.77580010

Vehicle facings was a pointless rule. It added nothing. Nobody's anti-vehicle strategy ever involved movement, it was always purely about weapon effectiveness. All it ever accomplished was giving deepstriking units a buff.

>> No.77580014

>that guy who buys a whole new army depending on the latest meta
>his army is grey tide or primed at the most
>exclusively plays new players and rule lawyers the entire game

does your LGS have a *that guy*?

>> No.77580016

>Went to bed last night
>Autist still going on about facings

>> No.77580034

>bring back

Back from where, anon? Same place we're bringing back armour facings?

>> No.77580061

Nope, everyone has painted armies at my LGS because the +10 VP thing is enforced

>> No.77580086

>that guy who targets "that guy"s
>feigns ignorance to bait that guy into a game
>pulls every possible cheese and esoteric rule out of his ass
>mops the floor with that guy
I love my LGS shark

>> No.77580116

Mephiston doesn't really have any outstanding rules though? Tiggy here has a prescience that cannot be periled or denied and doesn't count toward the cast limit.

>> No.77580127

Yeah, he was the first guy I played when trying to get back into the game last edition. Left a bad impression and I assumed he was representative of the community the shop attracted and it really soured my desire to get back into 40k for awhile. Eventually ended up giving it a shot again when 9th got announced a few months later though and I'm glad I did.

>> No.77580152

>"more easily identifiable design" bad
It looks ugly af, brings in retarded design pets such as a tacticool rock, makes models monopose, giving your WHOLE army the same few units making it actually harder glance at which squad is which.
This isnt capeshit and your cannon fodder doesnt need a super high speed dynamic pose or have one leg resting on a tactical placed rock

>> No.77580158

Mephiston can beat the living shit out of Tiggy.

>> No.77580185

Sometimes I think I'm that guy and it worries me. I started out on guard in 8th, then I played custodes and I'm recently starting a space marine army.

I started the guard for love, custodes becouse I was tired of transporting models and space marines becouse of the lore.

I even play heavy weapon Goliath in necromunda.

>> No.77580186


I do. I'm loving it so far. Did this to see how the machine works before getting to work on the Warhound Titan.

>> No.77580198

>This isnt capeshit and your cannon fodder doesnt need a super high speed dynamic pose or have one leg resting on a tactical placed rock

>> No.77580209

Find me a cannon fodder with a dynamic tactical rock pose

>> No.77580216

>space marines becouse of the lore.
What are you, 12?

>> No.77580245

>reddit spacing
>imperium fag
That's my sign to go to bed

>> No.77580252

Are you blind of the new AoS hedonites? Literally every single box has a unit standing on a tactical rock.

>> No.77580258

>space marines becouse of the lore

>> No.77580275

Internet Anon

Buttmad about text formatting

Please kill yourself now

>> No.77580276

>tenor frog

>> No.77580286


>> No.77580288

Standing on rocks is cool.

>> No.77580297

new crons have a ton of sculpted rocks as well. Thank god almost none of them stand on one.

>> No.77580308

When I see people run pre modelled terrain pieces as-is I feel nothing but pity
When I see people run multiple of a unit with them I feel nothing, because they are a husk of a human being

>> No.77580329

I share your feeling.

>> No.77580330

New imperial guard standar regiment box.

>> No.77580336

One syllable off
Your haiku fails at this line
So kill yourself. Spring.

>> No.77580339

What did he mean by this?

>> No.77580374

Imperium players of all sorts are doubleniggerfaggots

>> No.77580388

So why are you playing primaris utramarines?

>> No.77580402

Primaris Ultramarines are cool.

>> No.77580406

That you're a complete hobbylet if you run multiple of the same model with identical bases and poses, especially big models

>> No.77580418

I meant the self reply.

>> No.77580428

What selfreply

>> No.77580431

I dunno anon. Running an entire army of these is enough to demonstrate superiority before the game begins.

>> No.77580436

Back to 1d4chan with decade old memes

>> No.77580441

Can any of you guys drop Codex Supplement: Deathwatch into your hidden stash?

>> No.77580445

There is no hidden stash.

>> No.77580457

I'm not (((GW)))

>> No.77580468

>he doesn't know

>> No.77580472

it's needed, also cadia is dead.
I wish that they make some solar auxilia like new standar regiment.

>> No.77580475

What rings you got, bitch?

>> No.77580484

Why didn't "Well what is it" return in any of the sequels? Why is it unused in 3's data? Why?

>> No.77580489

Not bad for an first attempt. Although i wonder why you decided your first model was gunna be a vehicle.

>> No.77580521

Without the scenarios and the enemies this kind of mods just looks like shity cringy costumes.

>> No.77580527

42 Plague Marines done, took me quite some time.

>> No.77580533

>>he doesn't know

>> No.77580541

now weather them

>> No.77580552

Nice. Are you going for a cartoony look?

>> No.77580571

Great work, a little too clean for nurgle, but i'm so fucking bored about new DG that I can't stand to see this minis.

>> No.77580588


>> No.77580598

>mfw I still haven't done a judiciar like gael

>> No.77580601

honestly love the borderlands/anime look.

i'd skip the weathering desu it looks dope as is

>> No.77580609

This is gonna sound weird, but my problem with the DG models is that they look TOO different. So different that it kind of all becomes a grey noise that loops back into looking the same. With normal SM i can tell at a glance what's what unit. With DG i wouldn't be able to tell you what's an HQ and what a generic plague marine.

>> No.77580622

normal CSM*

>> No.77580636

Clear resin duh

>> No.77580642

New daemonettes. It's not even a case of them just looking bad, it's how much of a bitch they are to put together. Tiny flat contact points are annoying to line up properly, and larger bits like the icon, standard, and instruments will constantly fall off when you're trying to assemble them. The icon is particularly bad as it's centre of gravity is off so it falls over all the time. I'd rather have more dynamic monopose that's easier to assemble rather than the half stride and standing "you can kind of pose them but not really". As for their general appearance, I think they're okay, I always preferred Ackland's insectoid grey look over Diaz's sexy girl with claws design as the latter never fit alongside the rest of the slaanesh range let alone the rest of warhammer.

>> No.77580654

Clearly recasting is a contentious topic to be sure but one that pops up regularly, particularly during times of economic challenge as hobbyists look to save the most money. I thought it might be interesting to look at the impact of recasting as most places have a no discussion rule so I think a lot of people may not be aware of what the issues are or why artists, model makers, people involved heavily in the miniatures industry like me have an issue with it.

What is it?

To start it’s important to clarify what I mean by recasting.

Recasting is a process whereby someone takes a pre-existing item, in this case a miniature on sprue, or parts of a miniature, and makes a cast of the item(s) which then lets them make the model again and again at a negligible cost.

Many countries or nation states have their own views on the legality of recreating IP for your own use; look up art works copying an original, fair use, fan fiction, digital media such as videos/music etc. for various industries takes on what you can and can’t do with IP. Generally though the legal approach in the western world is that if you are copying something you have already bought from the company for your own use, this is acceptable.

Making direct copies of items and selling the product that you don’t own the rights to is theft. This has been repeatedly proven worldwide in courts across multiple industries, various services, and countless products. To argue differently is factually wrong. Buying recast goods is for want of a better word, theft.

>> No.77580673

What are the issues?

As you would expect the most common cause of recasting, and the most common reason that people don’t like their products being recast is down to money. The recaster wants to make it and the original seller wants to be the one that does that instead. The most common argument you will see in favour of recasting is that it’s not hurting anyone because they are a big business.

Target number one here is GW. I regularly see people justifying where they stand on recasting based purely on the fact that Games Workshop is a massive company and charges a premium for their miniatures. This is true, they do charge a lot, often above the rest of the industry for a similar weight in plastic, and this is also a fact. Without even going into an explanation about why GW costs more you need to understand that supporting recasting because you dislike GW also hurts the people you haven’t thought of; the little guy who isn’t charging as much.

There is a regular trend with recasting sites where they start with just GW and often take donated models from customers to make a mould out of, and they expand their stock. As they grow in size and renown on invite only sub Reddits and forums, they expand outward, maybe a model from Scibor, or Warlord, they are companies too right so what’s the harm? Well as the recasters grow again they start producing from individuals who make very limited money on the small range of busts or 75mm figures they produce, like Michael Kontraros Collectibles, or Raul Latorre. These are individuals who DO get hurt by this immoral and shady business practice (see theft).

I urge you to read Raul’s post below, and a call from Michael Kontraros to understand from people affected by the practice what issues you are causing.

https://www.fb .com/raul.garcialatorre/posts/1852437551532953

https://www.fb .com/groups/eaviermetal/permalink/1171468616250681

>> No.77580698

I don't recast personally. But one thing I can say for certain is that the entire wargaming industry is going to need a overhaul in the near future. 3D printing is going to change everything, that much is a given.

>> No.77580712

Just 3D print instead bro.

>> No.77580713

Eh, i played poorhammer sometimes. It's not the same thing.

>> No.77580718

>Without even going into an explanation about why GW costs more you need to understand that supporting recasting because you dislike GW also hurts the people you haven’t thought of; the little guy who isn’t charging as much.
unbased assumption
In the end it is the consumers right to get the cheapest product of his wants. It is the providers concern to cater to this.
Said otherwise tough luck and cater better to your consumers' needs because they are entitled after buying a product.

>> No.77580724

No, it makes sense, miniatures are models representing something, if they fail to represent it they don't fulfil their purpose and in a playing level, they are bad models.

>> No.77580725

I watch a guy making two King of wars armies in 10mm mostly because the entry price for two armies was stupid even for alternative things like KoW. Making it in 10mm means that once the models are printed you can have an entire army done in an afternoon.
Converting game systems that work in inches at this 28mm/heroic scale can be simply done by using cm instead if inches. (Let's not say balance was ever a true priority for this games anyway)
Also things like one page rules is gaining ground if anything because there aren't 90000 different marines while everyone else eat shit and dies

>> No.77580731

literally everyone has their canon leader except the dark eldar, it sucks ass

>> No.77580736

? Each HQ has a very clear indicator that shows them to be as such and not just a normal Plague marine.

>> No.77580737

You're replying to a copy pasted plebbit post

>> No.77580739

>Bringing named characters to the tabletop

>> No.77580740

>Literally everyone.
>The leader of almost half of the factions is stuck on a fucking throne.

>> No.77580742

>the entire wargaming industry is going to need a overhaul in the near future.

>> No.77580750

>Near future.

>> No.77580752


>> No.77580757

>still thinks stock shows anything even after the gamestop fiasco

>> No.77580763

>not realizing 3d printers are going to be a regulated as printers soon where if you try and print copyrighted content it reports u to the fbi

>> No.77580765

So you're a boomer talking to an self-service checkout like its a person

>> No.77580771


>> No.77580772

>imagine the smell

>> No.77580774

There will be ways around that in days. Nor is it even remotely possible to implement that on a scale necessary for it to matter.

>> No.77580780

>3D printing is going to change everything, that much is a given.
3D printing is already very affordable and accessible, with the results being basically indistinguishable from plastic minis when properly painted. Still really niche.

>> No.77580781

Why didn't they put them on ovals? These bases are so ridiculously big and clumsy
Do knights even need bases?

>> No.77580786

Most people simply don't have a 3d printer yet. That will change pretty quickly.

>> No.77580793

Yes, and what do you think is stopping them that is going to change "pretty quickly"?

>> No.77580804

Nothing is stopping them. It just takes a while for these things to become commonplace.

>> No.77580809

yeah, just like how everyone has a VR headset, right buddy?

>> No.77580814

>Most people simply don't have a 3d printer yet. That will change pretty quickly.

Who the hell is buying a 3dprinter that doesn't already have one?

>> No.77580821

Vr is in a weird spot right now. Since the biggest thing stopping them from going mainstream is human biology.

>> No.77580823

Most people that want a printer already have one, and a lot of people will never get one until the technology changes not to be loud and smelly.

>> No.77580838

>what did he mean by this?

>> No.77580868

How do people do those tiny intricate designs?
Is it a steady hand and small brush or what?

>> No.77580871

I mean ,it might. Doesn't seem impossible for shit to become less loud and smelly.

>> No.77580873

I have some doubts that certain Knights and Armigers wouldnt be able to stay upright/stable without a base, especially on uneven surfaces

>> No.77580886

It has to be something like a toothpick with some paint imo. Otherwise they have an extremely steady hand and a pretty small brush

>> No.77580887

Kastellan heads aren't exactly small

>> No.77580891

because they wouldn't fit on cavalry ovals. They're given bigger bases because knights are centerpiece models, so you have more space for creative basing, something that doesn't shine through with 'eavy metal. Also it's to accommodate an appropriate amount of space on the tabletop, they purposefully made it harder to hide them behind terrain pieces. I don't see how a big stable circle is "clumsy", if they were on ovals or unbased they'd fall over all the time.

>> No.77580892

He's not their leader, he's their senpai

>> No.77580897

Pedro Kantor is cool as fuck.

>> No.77580898

I was referring to armigers specifically which definitely wouldn't fall on ovals.

>> No.77580909

Alright bois, how sweaty is this list for a 1k local friendly. I just floored a ADmech player tonight with it and im worried i went a little bit 2 hard. I didnt use the manticore post T1 and forgot to declare a bunch of shots with my TC's. This was my first time vsing ad mech and honestly i cant tell you anything besides he had 3x10 squads of shooty bois, 1 unit of melee guys, 2 spider tanks and 2 hover bois. What do you guys think, was i a sweat lord?

+++ Friendly v3 - Manticores + Tanks C (Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition) [54 PL, 6CP, 999pts] +++

++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [54 PL, 6CP, 999pts] ++

+ Configuration [6CP] +

Battle Size [6CP]: 2. Incursion (51-100 Total PL / 501-1000 Points) [6CP]

Detachment Command Cost

Regimental Doctrine: Gunnery Experts, Spotter Details

+ HQ [26 PL, 525pts] +

Company Commander [2 PL, 35pts]: Chainsword, Display Astra Militarum Orders, Laspistol, Relic: Kurov's Aquila, Warlord

Tank Commander [12 PL, 245pts]: Display Tank Orders, Heavy Bolter [15pts], Multi-meltas [50pts], Turret-mounted Demolisher Siege Cannon [5pts]

Tank Commander [12 PL, 245pts]: Heavy Bolter [15pts], Multi-meltas [50pts], Turret-mounted Demolisher Siege Cannon [5pts]

+ Troops [9 PL, 165pts] +

Infantry Squad [3 PL, 55pts]
. . 9x Guardsman: 9x Lasgun
. . Sergeant: Chainsword, Laspistol

Infantry Squad [3 PL, 55pts]
. . 9x Guardsman: 9x Lasgun
. . Sergeant: Chainsword, Laspistol

Infantry Squad [3 PL, 55pts]
. . 9x Guardsman: 9x Lasgun
. . Sergeant: Chainsword, Laspistol

+ Elites [11 PL, 164pts] +

Bullgryns [10 PL, 140pts]
. . Bullgryn [35pts]: Bullgryn Maul, Slabshield
. . Bullgryn [35pts]: Bullgryn Maul, Slabshield
. . Bullgryn [35pts]: Bullgryn Maul, Slabshield
. . Bullgryn Bone 'ead [35pts]: Bullgryn Maul, Slabshield

Wyrdvane Psykers [1 PL, 24pts]: Psychic Barrier
. . 3x Wyrdvane Psyker [24pts]: 3x Laspistol, 3x Wyrdvane Stave

+ Heavy Support [8 PL, 145pts] +

Manticore [8 PL, 145pts]: Full Payload, Heavy Bolter

>> No.77580916

Yes but then there are people that do this stuff

>> No.77580954

Is there a connection between the color purple and mental illness? It can't just be a coincidence, right?

>> No.77580976

So what's the deal with CSM these days? I'm returning back after 10 years and I don't remember demon engines or an executor character or whatever a "lord discordant" is.
I understand they're chaos'y and dark and edgy, and that's all well and good, but did something happen with GW or like in the plot to change CSM?

>> No.77580985

saying that the wargaming industry is going to need an overhaul because of 3D printers is like saying that bakeries are going to go out of business because people can make bread at home. For a lot of people, no price point is going to be low enough to justify buying one solely for the purpose of printing minis, especially in a hobby where there's already considerable work in getting a miniature built and painted to be ready to use on the tabletop, there is always going to be a massive convenience factor in being able to buy minis on the sprue. In a hobby where it seems like even half the people who own miniatures don't even paint them, I can't fathom how anyone could think that 3D printing will become mainstream enough to challenge the established businesses in the future, let alone the near future. 3D printing as a process is still too much of a hobby in itself to have any real mass appeal in wargaming circles, and is destined to remain niche no matter how cheap the printers themselves become.

>> No.77580986

Designers made so many primaris models that they wanted to do something different than more marines but with spikes

>> No.77580991

They expanded on the idea of the Defiler and made other things like it. As with most stuff, it's "always been there".

>> No.77580992

A brush with a sharp point, not necessarily a small one. My best brush for intricate detailing is a size 1 and I only use smaller ones if I can't fit the brush where I need it.
And thin your paints. You might have to reinforce the lines a couple times for full opacity.

>> No.77581002


>> No.77581009

Talos are sick

>> No.77581022

He makes wicked tacos too

>> No.77581032

I just bought one last week.

>> No.77581039

How could you play Solar Auxilia in 40k?
Use them as Storm troopers since they got carapace armour?

>> No.77581045

"Near future." What?
it's the best time in history to sell plastic miniature toys.
Never before has been as much demand as now, every single 3d painter owner had bought already tons of plastic toys before and are going to buy more.
Printing things at home does not fuck the plastic toys market.

>> No.77581047

No matter what size on an oval they'd be placed awkwardly and have their center of gravity be off, the base wouldn't do it's main job of allowing the figure to stay upright.

>> No.77581048

Yeah the new plague marines are way too busy. I don't like them, I prefer the modest FW plague marine kit.

>> No.77581052


>> No.77581060

What do people think of this as a starter army for a 12y old.

Chaplain on foot with crusader helm
Lt on foot with teeth of terra
2x5 units of intercessors with autoboltguns
1x5 assault intercessors

5x hellblasters with heavy plasma blasters
3x eliminators with las fusils.

Guys is fresh, never played a table top game other then some D&D with his aunts. The whole thing is already painted, and we could get him stuff later on, if he is still interested.

>> No.77581063

No he doesn't. The only thing he makes is the Emperor's wrath.

>> No.77581068

Can you play with Storm troopers only in a list? I haven't played 40k in ages

>> No.77581071

Throw in a Dreadnought. Kids love Dreadnoughts.

>> No.77581078

This is literally what i do with the vast majority of my troops. I also usually play them as manlet marines instead of primaris so yes for me it's purely aesthetical. If only it was easier to cleanly shave of the kneepads portrusions

>> No.77581082

Wrong the founder of the Crimson Fists was the greatest taco maker of them all, Pedro learned from the best.

>> No.77581084

Yep, but is not going to be a perfect list.

>> No.77581091

More like paela.

>> No.77581095

Who cares as long as it looks cool.

>> No.77581120

Pedro Kantor never even met Alexis Pollux. Pullux died in excruciating pain thousands of years before Pedro Kantor was born. The Scythians shot him with poison millennia before Pedro Kantor even began his trials.

>> No.77581133

Do you even own armigers?

>> No.77581141

They can't keep getting away with it

>> No.77581144

Are the dark eldar planes any good? I have a razorwing in my battleforce box

>> No.77581150

The great recipe book lives on

>> No.77581153

They used to be stupid good, we'll have to see what the codex does to them.

>> No.77581161

facing was fucking gay, 5th ed to 7th ed were total trash, and you are a faggot.

And yes I do remember when armies started getting "this counts as hitting rear armor" bullshit FUCK YOU CUNT. REEEEEEEEEE.

I'm still mad. God 40k was aids during the kirby years. Thank god 8th revived it.

>> No.77581172

It would surely have been destroyed with the Arx Tyrannus.

>> No.77581188

>Thank god 8th revived it.
This. The grogs know. Fake grogs hate it.

>> No.77581193

Fill the gap with some putty like liquid greenstuff, let it set and then and it down using fine grit sand paper. You'll then need to repaint the affected area.

>> No.77581216

Do the old Guardians still hold up? I bought Khorne berserkers a while back and kind of regret it because none of the parts fit together right, the bits are wonky and asymmetrical, and the “details” look like they were made by poking plasticine with a pencil. Are the eldar in the same boat here?

>> No.77581226

Looks for a list then, It will be mostly scions, taurox, bullgryns and maybe a valkyrie

>> No.77581229

I mean look at that box, dude. Even GW's best painters can't salvage it

>> No.77581231

they're stupid huge is what, this thing is at least twice as big as my next biggest model

>> No.77581234

>So what's the deal with CSM these days?
Theyre still evil space marines.

>> No.77581243

nope, these guys are almost 20 years old

if you want good-looking eldar models, DE and clowns are your only options

>> No.77581246

We will look for a painted one. Great idea, thanks.

>> No.77581257

Throw in reivers, literally designed for 12 year olds

>> No.77581263

Take some heavy weapons teams with Lascannons.
There's a strat to give them plus 1 to hit and wound and they only cost 66 points for 3 lascannons.
If you run them as Caiden then a single order can make them reroll all misses. Shits money, very fragile money but money.

>> No.77581271

man this is true, at 12 i was so keen to paint my old boxanaut

>> No.77581274

Guardians hold up really well. I built loads of them a few years ago for my Uthwé army. The age only really shows in the helmets, that just seem a bit chunker and less defined. I think they're the only old troops choice that doesn't need an update.

>> No.77581278

>o what's the deal with CSM these days?
They have new minis but the fluff for them is the same.
They broke cadia and the galaxy but in reallity they keep loosing.

>> No.77581292

I think you lose out on being a "sweat lord" on that alone. Other than that it's honestly a pretty standard list.

>> No.77581318

I can't say for sure without knowing the loadout on his tanks but it just sounds like he's bad. AdMech tanks can easily take out two Russes before the demolishers even get in range unless you were playing on a table with zero terrain or he deployed them as close to the tank commanders as possible.

>> No.77581323

>no fallen information
guess the deathwing is doing its job

>> No.77581326

But they can and they do.
That's a fucking hilariously bad mistake though, they should just fire their whole rules team and start again.

>> No.77581327

Yeah vehicle facing should come back...
As a tank vs tank side game like GorkaMorka, Speed Freeks and Kill Team

>> No.77581363

Kevin Rountree kidnaps your gf and demands that you supply him with a new idea for an Ork unit. It has to be viable and completely unlike anything else GW produces. If you fail he's going to break your ribs. What do you do?

>> No.77581372

tunneling squigs

>> No.77581379

And it's done. Only cost me 359€ to do, not counting paint and glue costs. But yeah, I fully believe that 3D-printing is the way to go with this hobby from now on.

>> No.77581399

Great, i get a new unit AND a gf!

>> No.77581401

>Wonder if space wolves want a new Ragnor
No, I was happy with the old one. The only space marine that needed a new sculpt were the metal DA characters. Otherwise any xenos model that are still finecast or metal like eldar aspect warriors and tau auxiliaries

>> No.77581403

Aren't you going to clean up the flash on the cloth and the blade?

>> No.77581410

They've done this in the last few rules articles as well.

They need a proofreader.

>> No.77581412

If you fail Kevin is going to break your Achilles tendon and leave you in the woods.

>> No.77581416

Why did he kidnap my gf if the consequence for failure is my ribs getting broken?

>> No.77581427

He took your girl because he can and he'll break your ribs because he enjoys it.

>> No.77581428

Am I having a stroke?

>> No.77581430

Not really. I fiddled around with it and decided that it wasn't worth it due to not having a file. Will buy a file for future models tho'. It's not really a problem at tabletop distance anyway.

>> No.77581450

That really is an unorthodox strategy.

>> No.77581454

Has a good quality scan of the Dark Angels dex been made yet?
Been itching to get it tucked away on my tablet

>> No.77581465

Should Stillman be imprisoned?

>> No.77581467

Beside points being wrong, how the fuck does this thing is even suppose to work? Buffing characters like Imagifier, priest and mistress can't keep up with Repentias or fit inside a rhino.
Am I missing something about tournament fags?

Bloody Rose Battalion – 0CP

Triumph of St. Katherine – 195
Celestine – 170
Canoness, chainsword, bold pistol, null rod, Relic – Beneficience, Warlord – Indomitable Belief – 60

No Force Org Slot
Inquisitor Coteaz, Inqusitorial Mandate, Terrify, Castigation – 95pts, 1CP
Repentia Superior – 40

Battle Sisters x5 – 55pts
Battle Sisters x5 – 55pts
Battle Sisters x5 – 55pts

Celestians x10, 2 meltaguns, combi-melta, power sword, cherub, simulacrum – 165
Celestians x9, 2 meltaguns, combi-melta, power sword, cherub, simulacrum – 153
Imagifier, Tale of the Warrior, Heroine in the making – Beacon of Faith, Open the Vaults – Litanies of Faith – 45pts, 2CP
Preacher – 35
Repentia x9 – 135
Repentia x9 – 135

Fast Attack
Seraphim x10, 4 inferno pistols – 170
Seraphim x5, 4 inferno pistols – 95

Heavy Support
Mortifiers x2, Anchorite x1, 6 heavy bolters, flails – 185

Dedicated Transport
Rhino, storm bolter – 78
Rhino, storm bolter – 78

Total 1999pts, 9CP

>> No.77581482

>> No.77581486

>> No.77581488


>> No.77581511

Nige the Chad can never be contained

>> No.77581531


There isn't even a good scan of the death guard codex. Or at least I haven't seen one.

>> No.77581573

I prefer my SoB looking like SoB.

>> No.77581582


>> No.77581605


>> No.77581606


>> No.77581627


Maybe these amazing rules mean the Imperial Guard will finally get amazing overhauls too...


>> No.77581628


>> No.77581630

Oh cool new repentias!
>they are just men in tennis outfit
I hate this timeline.

>> No.77581635


>> No.77581636

They're pretty close to the picture anon posted, stop being retarded.

>> No.77581643

No, those are marine rules.

>> No.77581647


>> No.77581658

Do you guys think I could get away with chopping down the flying stand for Custodes jetbikes massively? Down to an inch? I really hate how high up the jetbikes are and it seems like its going to very dodgy stability wise if I leave them as they are.

>> No.77581665

A good one is currently in the vola bro.

>> No.77581668

You'll get away with it when you're playing with your friends and casually.

If you're playing on tourneys, you're already a lost cause.

>> No.77581669

Nothing new really, marinewank all the way to the bank is very profitable for GW.

>> No.77581675

...eal is no excuse
What does it say?

>> No.77581676

The only people that would have a problem with it are the same cucks that think your paint job determines your rules.

>> No.77581679

II prefer them BAD.

>> No.77581683

>hating <recent edition> for not being "grimdark" enough
As much as I like the glasses, choker, and honking tits, you really dodged a bullet there.

>> No.77581689


>> No.77581691

occasional reminder

>> No.77581696

Imagine having your pelvis crushed by a SoB muscle girl having her way with you

>> No.77581709

Surely tourney fagging would just be gluing it straight onto to the base right? I think the height is a happy medium.

>> No.77581722

Daemonettes. The current ones look like shit

>> No.77581732

Wax paper?

>> No.77581739

>There is only the Emperor, and he is our shield and protector
>Zeal is no exuse
>Zeal is it's own excuse.
>A small mind is easily filled with faith.
They're Dawn of War quotes

>> No.77581744

>>Zeal is no exuse
>>Zeal is it's own excuse.

>> No.77581749 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77581752


Killamissile (Basically an Ork Kamikaze)

Movement 10, WS 3+, BS*, S3, T3, 2W, LD 7, 5+ Save

**Special abilities:** Red goes fasta - When this targets charges into an enemy, that enemy cannot fire overwatch

**Shattering:** If you hit on an 10+ on the charge, do not roll for type, set to the maximum. Change 'bigga' missle type to D3+3 Damage

You Ain' the bos o' me: This unit does not get benefits from Ork Klan doctrine, cannot be targetted by friendly abilities or strategems. This unit automatically passes morale tests

**Rocket types:**

Bigga: 1D6, S10, -4, 2D3
Smalla: 4D6, S5, 0AP, 1
Spechul: 1D6, S*, *AP, *D

- Speshul rocket: Roll 2D3 for the Strength, AP and damage of the Sphesul variant. Add 2 to each of the results.

This model is destroyed after all of it's damage has been allocated.

45 points per model, 3 models max in a squad.

>> No.77581753

Have a (you) for the effort of trying to bait.

>> No.77581770

idk that seems pretty easy to explain

>> No.77581773

They're supposed to be two seperate quotes. It looks really fucking dumb like that.

>> No.77581798

Is that loss? Fuck me, it is.

>> No.77581802

>not like anything
Sounds like mycetic spore that can't area denial.
*breaks ribs*

>> No.77581808


Sometimes I unironically wish 4chan wasn't based anonymously and that we all had accounts so that off-topic posters can be excised. However, I know deep down this would go wrong almost immediately.

>> No.77581822


The mycetic spore is shit though. A big difference.

>> No.77581841

I don't really want to, but it's still 40k news.

>> No.77581844

How daft, that's one to be proud of. Being strong enough to take a strong woman is an achievement.

>> No.77581860

Love his army. Converted errant knights, Standard Bearer out of the not-Joan-d'Arc as the wife of his mounted baron general, who was armed with a converted flail. Multiple conversions of the green knight used as various characters.

Works for GW, doesn't use green stuff, litteraly such a mad, lad that in his very article he talks how another companies product is superior.

Discourages people from buying GW(same article) from buying GW material to make bretonian heraldy and slaps a whole paragraph how it is better to just buy a nice historical book from France, which you just hide from the Mrs.
Also gives young lads good tricks what to say when females asks "are those new" with the "I had those for ages" and "are your shoes new?"counter question.

A man way before his time.

>> No.77581871

Ah and when I say he was a chad, when he tells people to not buy GW material on heraldy, you have to know that he was the author of the Bretonian army book at that time.

>> No.77581881

What's that model from? Looks cool.

>> No.77581882

>Use them as Storm troopers since they got carapace armour?
That’d be your best bet

>> No.77581902

...what. How did they fuck that up?

>> No.77581905

that would be against the rules. models use the bases they come on.

>> No.77581912

That’s the joke I believe

>> No.77581913

Just so people know. He still uses the same army to this day.

>> No.77581922

On its own its meh but sporulating units are underappreciated.
How many other units do you know that can instantly appear almost anywhere on the map 3" away from the enemy?
They are solid and not expensive board control. Also MW is always nice.

>> No.77581927

>that would be against the rules. models use the bases they come on.
stand =/= base
The jetbikes come with black oval bases and flying bases. The black oval bases dont even have slots for the flying stands in the first place so you could easily argue not using the stands.
Thought what I did was cut into the little hole in the black base anyway and glue it there instead since I like the oval base and wanted to use a bit of the flying stand anyway.

>> No.77581932

Okay now I need the source on this article

>> No.77581958

I bet you level dex, fag.

>> No.77581961

Does anyone have the latest version of the 40K RPG Armoury excel sheets?

>> No.77581976

Based as fuck.

>> No.77581977

you can find some of the articles here http://givemlead.blogspot.com/2014/09/a-quest-for-stillmania_5.html

I don't remember the WD number. Stillmania had a few episodes, but the one where he goes in depth about the stuff had his army unpainted, but converted on a grey background. He later on showed how he painted his errants (blue and white without helmets), his knights of the realm(the OG starter set ones) and all his conversions etc.

>> No.77581985

What I'm missing here?
haven't faced a marine player since 5th

>> No.77581990

And this is what he wears when he plays. Self made too.

A quest for stillmania was the most hobby shaping thing for my entire career with w40k and WFB.

>> No.77581993

We relentlessly bully you for having unpainted armies. It weeds out the weak.

>> No.77582020

A hobbyist through and through, absolutely blessed.

>> No.77582023

My old university club had two of that guy other strong signs are:
>Decent painters, but only a small percentage of their army is actually painted, the rest being half way through or grey/primed
>Will chastise your armys paint job openly despite never finishing an army
>Always looking to sell stuff
>Hates conversation during games, just plays as fast as possible
>Gets incredibly frustrated when their cheese doesnt work out
One of the greatest games I ever had was against That guy and his cheese Knights build when their codex was released in 8th. We started a bit later so most other players had finished halfway through and were watching as my AdMech won the game on objectives.

>> No.77582026

>He still uses the same army to this day
No wonder fantasy warhammer got axed when the people playing it never get new models

>> No.77582052

>Always looking to sell stuff

>> No.77582053

>Has spent decades fielding the exact same list
What a fun and interesting opponent

>> No.77582069

Never. Not even on a bad day.

>> No.77582075

>so you could easily argue not using the stands.

you would argue that. you are cheating.

>> No.77582114

>Fast attack
>Boyz statline with Nob leader, M 7''
All boyz are equipped with krushpauldrons (S+2). The boss nob is equipped with kruspauldrons and eggbombz (18'' grenade d3 s4 ap-1 blast).
>Special Rules
Prop up: this unit can always Set to defend as if in a terrain with the Defensible trait.
Skrum kombat: enemy units with models in engagement range of models in this unit cannot Fall Back.

Touchdown! (1CP):
>When Skrumboyz reach the enemy's treasured location, they roar in joy as their leader slams his bomb on top of them.
At the end of the Charge phase, if a unit of SKRUMBOYZ successfully charged an enemy unit that is currently holding an objective and the Nob leader is still alive, you can use this stratagem. Roll a die: on a 2+ the enemy unit suffers 1d3 mortal wounds and loses the Objective Secured ability until the end of your next turn.

>> No.77582122

those were different days. Before Fatblock and Warwick started their dick sucking the corporate thing, you had people like Adrian Wood tell you stuff like "I could tell you to buy the official GW terrain for gorkmorka, but I would rather show you how to build it for cheap out of easy to get materials" and bam 8 pages of article. And next month 'See guys those ork dreads cost a lot of money, I found a way to make cooler looking ones for cheap. here is a scenario to use it in gorkamorka, stats and if you want to build one at the end of the WD you get a list of parts, just call the mail order trolls and get them all to build your new dread".

>> No.77582230

hey guys how are ya

>> No.77582239

we never bought any new models because they never made any new good ones.

why would i buy greatswords/executioners/corsairs/blackguard again when they are worse than the metal ones? or when the new plastic kits are just awful like dwarfs/empire/highelves?

>> No.77582244

Any recommended videos about 40k lore or books? (anything outside of novels or codex?)

>> No.77582249


>> No.77582253

On the train ride home from job, sat thru it with mild alcohol poisoning, might do some cleanup n remove some mouldlines on my guys this evening.
Hbu babe?

>> No.77582279

Thanks alot it looks perfect for what i need.

>> No.77582280

>you would argue that. you are cheating.
How would it be cheating, keep in mind thats not what ive done anyway. But if the rules are "Use the bases that come with the kits", then how is using the black oval bases (that dont have any prebuilt slots for flying stands) cheating? Explain yourself you "retard of few words" motherfucker.

>> No.77582285

Finally submitted a huge pull request after torturing it for several weeks. Gonna bake some bulochki with gf on the weekend and play hardspace shipbreaker.

>> No.77582293

just chillin after work maybe I'll paint some guys later
stop drinking so much dumbass

>> No.77582297

because as we all know being interested boils down to ADHD style consumer race.

>> No.77582305

Working, trying to figure out how this feature is supposed to function.

>> No.77582315

Based fellow slav, whatcha filling those bulki with?
City? I am looking for a nice lgs.

>> No.77582324

Whatcha painting bro?

>> No.77582334

Durning the fasting seson? what are you some sort of ortodox?

>> No.77582335

I'm not saying to buy literally everything, but if you built and painted your army 20 years ago and then never got anything again, are you really still "hobbying"?

>> No.77582337

There's a healthy middle ground between "FOTM player" and "play the same army for over 2 decades". Both aren't fun to play against for different reasons. You can prefer the latter, but its still shit.

>> No.77582339

>Even more DKoK purges on FW
WhY pEoPlE bUyInG rEcAsTs?!

>> No.77582346


Live in bumfuckmiddleofnowhereville, Lockdown III (Promise it's the last one, ok?), all hobby places closed and seeing the gun as a feasible alternative to writing my dissertation. And you?

>> No.77582373

chaos marines, I just want to finish them so I can start painting something more fun like a maulerfiend. what u working on?

>> No.77582384


They are not getting squatted (yet), they appear to either being reboxxed or having a different mold. Some of the DKOK stuff is in 'new releases', which indicates a rebox.

>> No.77582393

Nid warriors bro, what colours you going with?

>> No.77582403

Nothing, just butter and sugar on top.

>> No.77582404

The absolute delusion

>> No.77582417

I'd like to think FW is just going through a re-tooling considering all this stuff is still usable and not in Legends but I know that isn't the case.

Slightly salty because I know by the time I get the money for it the things I want are going to be taken down.

>> No.77582428

>Lockdown 3
>Politicians are all talking about allowing mass gathering again soon
Fucking retards can just slowly dripfeed, they cant just do a big isolation then slowly open back up.

>> No.77582435


Oh I know they are getting squatted. Just not right now. Otherwise, they wouldn't have moved a death korps unit to 'new releases'.

They'll make it to the end of 9th and that'll be it.

>> No.77582440

All the removed stuff is going to be available at better-than-FW quality for a long time, the issue is the squatting of rulesets more than the models.

If you're just running them as Cadians because you like Krieg models or whatever then you're still good to go

>> No.77582447

>tfw no lockdown but also no hobby store
start writing or I'm giving you the gun
nice, nids are cool. Black Legion because I like their colour scheme the most but they are pretty boring fluff wise I guess

>> No.77582462

>Oh I know they are getting squatted. Just not right now.
They already have been, lost basically everything unique about them

>> No.77582473


I'm lucky in a sense. I live in Northern Ireland, so the only people who come here are tourists who want to see hexagonal rocks or Americans who think they have 'Irish' heritage because their great-great-great-great-great grandparents lived here at some point. Covid cases here are a few thousand.

Not that the hobby stores can do much about it. They are closed regardless.

>> No.77582476

Nah nothing to do with Krieg, just a couple of tanks that have my interest

>> No.77582486

Does anyone else hate all the "effects" gw adds to their minis these days?

they always look like shit, smoke, lightning, whatever. It always looks like complete garbage.

>> No.77582490

Yes. each time you game you hobby, gaming is the core of w40k, everything else, like painting and convering is important, but secondary to it.
Pretty much everyone agreed on it, up until Jervis Johnson and his cronies started kicking people out of their job left and right. And the whole thing culiminated with Chambers not being allowed to use his new rules for 4th ed, the birth of 4th ed, and complet moral bankrupcy of w40k as a hobby and game.

That is not true. Also the idea that you are somehow responsible for the other persons fun, is mind blowing stupid. It started in 90s, when Johnson fucked up the csm codex (the one people like to forget existed), and instead of GW fixing it started spining that idea that the "game" is a social construct and that people should build the armies pre game out of vast collections of models(preferably armies). Which I guess made his corporate masters happy, because right now GWs policy on fun gaming is, play 2-3 armies for each other the core systems and 1-2 for secondary one, and maybe you will get 1-2 fun armies to play with at a given time.

Back then the game was good, both people were building the best and most crazy armies they could, and even if the game ended in 2 turns, it was still fun.

>> No.77582492


This question has probably been asked a billion times, but is there any specific reason why Forgeworld models are so high in price compared to GW ones? Isn't resin the cheapest plastic to work with?

>> No.77582505

yest or no yest?

>> No.77582512

Sure but they don't sell that many Forgeworld models so they charge more to make it worth for them.

>> No.77582528

I don't get it why they made the model look like that, and the ton of other with lightning or smoke/fire effect. It is good model, but with all the shit added it just looks horrible(on top of being hard to transport), specially if you don't want to paint it.

>> No.77582530

I wonder how much more FW stuff would sell if they could actually get the production to meet demand. Krieg is pretty much nonstop out of stock, etc

>> No.77582536

>That is not true.
I mean, yeah it blatantly is retard. There's an infinite number of possible degrees between "I will play Sallies right up until DA codex drops and now my army is all minmaxed DA because I went and bought a full army of those instead" and "I have not bought a mini in 20 years"

Such as a guy occasionally subbing out 200-500pts of his list with something else. Experimenting with wargear. etc.
>Also the idea that you are somehow responsible for the other persons fun, is mind blowing stupid
Oh you're that guy, got it

low volume would be my only assumption, but they are definitely overpriced beyond what that would account for

>> No.77582563

With yeast. And eggs and milk and vanillin.

>> No.77582571

>That is not true. Also the idea that you are somehow responsible for the other persons fun, is mind blowing stupid.

I'm sure you are amazing in bed.

>> No.77582581

>Black Legion because I like their colour scheme the most but they are pretty boring fluff wise I guess
They have some cool cults within the general organization.
Bringers of Decay and Sons of Cyclops are basically cult marines but look fucking bitchin in all black n gold.
The Tormented are cool cuz they are oops all possessed warband and Oath Broken are solid conversion potential.

>> No.77582634

oh yeah there's lots of variation and shit, I like that a lot. Can't wait to see what their rules will be like in the new codex which can't come soon enough

>> No.77582639

>I mean, yeah it blatantly is retard. There's an infinite number of possible degrees between "I will play Sallies right up until DA codex drops and now my army is all minmaxed DA because I went and bought a full army of those instead" and "I have not bought a mini in 20 years"

No there is not. When the game was good you bought one army.And not just because even recasted it cost 4-5 monthly salaries, and you played it till you sold it or never.

And if someone switchs armies just to get other rules they are a fag.

suger grouned up I assume in a coffee machine?

didn't want to make some with krushonka?

Also jam and coco/ or pure taste without anything?

If you mean, if I can turn myself on my own from one side to the other, after the accident, when all the doctors said I would not be able to, then yes you are right I am more then amazing?

>> No.77582641

If you don't want to bother with resin just for it you could use white glue

>> No.77582666

>No there is not.
I think you need to learn to read, ESLfag

>> No.77582679

>There's no difference between these two types of players
>Except I consider one type of player to be a fag
Please sober up before continuing to post, you've become nonsensical

>> No.77582686

It's that one slav schizoposter agin.

>> No.77582712

New Gaunts, most of the Tyranid range looks good, but the models they field the most look the worst.

>> No.77582722

>New box
>£25 for 10
>No ripper

>> No.77582730

i just want some new ork boyz. please gw please.

i will buy like 10 boxes.

>> No.77582743

Cut of more of the white arm. As it stans now, he really does have two wrists.

>> No.77582780

How do we fix templates?

>> No.77582789

Don't have to fix things that don't exist

>> No.77582808

No scatter die.

But honestly I don't think it needs fixing anymore. The new blast rules mostly counters blobs anyway.

>> No.77582809


Presumably the Chad in this meme plays custodes and the catboy plays EC

>> No.77582811

My uni group doesn't have one, but I got shit on when 9th dropped because I play Salamanders. In the minds of some of the retards in the group, that made me a meta-chasing WAACfag, when I don't even have a single Eradicator in my army.

>> No.77582818

Make flamer equivalents d3+3 instead of d6.

>> No.77582826

I mean, as long as you were known for playing Salamanders before then those people can go to hell.

>> No.77582847

Where's my game, Henry?

>> No.77582853

>suger grouned up I assume in a coffee machine?
Nope, just granulated sugar sprinkled on top of melted butter. No jam or coco either, our family prefers bulochki plain. Probably because the aunt who is the undisputed master of baking always made them simple.
Never heard of that. Looks like using it can enhance some of my cakes. Thanks for telling me about it!

>> No.77582871

I got some Space Marines that I decided I'm going to paint as Raven Guard. Not sure how I should highlight them, though. I've seen the "standard" is grey highlighting, however I was thinking of highlighting with a color like The Fang since Ravens have a bluish sheen to their feather, but I don't know how it would stand out.


>> No.77582878

Try some different highlight colors on a couple of marine arms and see which one you like best?

>> No.77582880

They are done almost manually, resin is not suitable for factory amounts of production. That increases the price a bit, the rest of the prices goes to GW being as scummy as ever.

>> No.77582893

>thick thighs
>thigh gap
pick one anon, you can't have both

>> No.77582895

Do you guys still buy physical Codex? There’s something nice about having it in paper form

>> No.77582908

too much of a pain, I want random strangers on the internet to tell me how to paint my dudes

>> No.77582918

Do Primaris Space Marines first appear in the Gathering Storm books?

>> No.77582919

I've heard some people drybrush with dark blue on their black to make a greyish highlight. Whatever you choose, make sure to try it out on marine bits before committing

>> No.77582947

thick thighs any day every day never got why the thigh gap was supposed to be sexy.

>> No.77582948

Yes, it's a lot less stressful than diving through 3+ FAQs and Erratas in the middle of a game.

>> No.77582958

Thanks, anon. Most of the people who have been there longer knew I was a Salamanders guy from the start, but getting shit on for army choice still kinda stings.

>> No.77582968

Truly there are some things that may never be known. Thick thighs are kino.

>> No.77582973


>> No.77582975

What do I highlight caliban green with?
When I paint my chaos marines, they look good. When I try to paint my loyalist leathermen, they look kinda crappy.

>> No.77582982

Niblet green

>> No.77582986

Straken green

>> No.77582991


A 50/50 mix of caliban green and some kind of khaki or bone color.

>> No.77582993

You can always just highlight with whatever color you're using + a small amount of white.

>> No.77583005

Sad reality of modern 40k

>> No.77583006

Incubi Darkness -> Dark Reaper -> Thunderhawk Blue -> Fenrisian Grey
You of course don't need all four steps, but they give a nice cool black.

>> No.77583013

So I'll be getting into 40k with my friend group this summer, we aren't WAACfags so its mostly for good fun we will be starting at 500 points then go up to 1000 and see from there, we play mostly Underworlds and Aos atm. I've decided for space elves, but don't know if to go for the Drukhari goth variety, or the Harlequin Juggalo one.
I know Drukharis are getting a new codex soon, and that there is the chance to ally their clown bros in, but for the bulk of the force which ones do you think are more fun to play?

>> No.77583022

Based, this is the true pill when it comes to highlighting anything that isnt mettalics. Saves a ridiculous amount of money as well.

>> No.77583035


New Necron Warriors come with 10 warriors & 3 scarab swarms.

(personally I think gaunts look pretty alright. they're almost monopose but you field them in such large numbers that it barely matters they all just blend together)

>> No.77583040

Warpstone glow with an edge highlight of moot green

>> No.77583049

For small games, I'd say clowns. For bulk of the force though, Drukhari would give you a lot more variety and flavor. They've been getting some love but the Clowns have the neat trick of backflipping over your enemy's frontline and decapitating HQs (Hopefully that still works in 9th)

>> No.77583063


They're both close range/melee focused for the most part.

>One is slightly faster and tends to have more bodies (Drukhari)
>One is more elite and tends to have more tricks (Harlequins)

Which sounds like more fun for you?

>> No.77583078

Harlequins are very tricky to use but very, very strong if played properly, fun but very elite. Drukhari are fun as hell right now but its very likely they are going to be OP like all new 9th codexes have been compared to almost every army. So unless your friends are playing marines or necrons I wouldnt opt for them unless you want to cripple your own lists and gameplay to not win.

>> No.77583088

They're first hinted at there, but they don't show up until 8e.

>> No.77583090

Drukhari has better looking models and will result in your friends not wanting to stab you. Harlequins are a hyper-elite army so you’ll either have a blast with them or suffer crushing defeats and either way your friends might get pissy about it

>> No.77583094

Sometimes it looks ok in sculpt, but you NEED to be a skilled painter who really knows his way around OSL to make it look good at all - and most painters are not that. Not to mention it's often a pain in the ass to transport. I really don't care for it either.

>> No.77583100

I think 1:1 Caliban:Warpstone works well.

>> No.77583121

They're also obscenely £29.

>> No.77583129

Tyranids could use plastic Lictors/Deathleaper, Biovores and Pyrovores. I also wouldn’t mind an update to the Gants/Gaunts and Genestealers, who are starting to show their age. Nothing too major, but a sculpt like the Princelings from Deathwatch: Overkill would be nice.

>> No.77583136

Some anon in the last thread posted a strategy question I quite enjoyed. You out there StratAnon? I need my fix!

>> No.77583145

So, just to clarify, the first 'lore' product to mention them is the 8e rulebook?

>> No.77583170

I dont agree with it looking bad unless youre a great painter, contrast really saves these kind of effects and makes them pop out with very little effort. However, it being a pain to transport is a massive factor.
I have no reason why GW isnt taking into account "fucking awful to bring anywhere" when they make models, its much worse in Sigmar but its getting pretty bad in 40k too.

>> No.77583173

I just received my ebayed crons and I pity the people that don't ebay theirs. 84 Eurobux for 40 Necrons and 12 Scarabs. Pretty sweet.

>> No.77583174

If you're not counting any of the online content in the run up to release of 8e, yes.

>> No.77583205

Any anons here have any clue when we’re getting more info on the new Skitarii model? It’s been teased for over a year now and I’m getting tired.

>> No.77583231

somebody will call that soul vs soulless

>> No.77583243

Once more unto the eternal "are Crimson Fists Spanish or Mexican?" debate. (Probably the former.)

>> No.77583245

>Wonder if space wolves want a new Ragnor
They just got a new one.

>> No.77583248

Which Skittari model? I dont recall one being teased that wasnt released.

>> No.77583257

>every time you would shoot a boltgun, fucking nuke the enemy
marine power creep really is getting out of hand

>> No.77583264


>> No.77583269

Why would you ever not make your DA dreadnought Deathwing?

>> No.77583280


>> No.77583283

>Page 9
40k is dead.

>> No.77583286

Each Marine in your army may be equipped with a Laser Targeting Device, for its profile just use the Orbital Bombardment Stratagem

>> No.77583287

What was it?

>> No.77583296

Hopefully it'll be soon. We only just now started getting things previewed last year, so that boy will take a bit, but he will come out.

>> No.77583300

New defiler or land raider

>> No.77583316

Probably soon. Either with the codex or War Zone Charadon or they might come out together.

>> No.77583332

This one, it first showed up in a rumor engine a long ass time ago and since then has only been seen from the knees-down in teasers during new announcements

>> No.77583333


>> No.77583359

After Jain Zar I don't want any plastic pheonix lords so I'd like some new sm scouts

>> No.77583388


>> No.77583645

Just get someone to print a crab for you

>> No.77584894

The Things by guy who did Blindmeme novels and ORZ from Star Control 2 are rather good examples but I agree nids do not qui-i-ite fit in there. Although wasn't there like a small short story from the perspective of a genestealer?
That said IMO a recital of battle from GSC view would be easier on the eyes, just glorifying how Our Celestial Emissaries (May Their Enzymes Scour The Infidels) hack at imperiumfags/some other guys.

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