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Uriel Edition

>Dark Eldar Preview:

>Dark Angels Codex

>Death Guard Codex

>Munitorum Field Manual (Points):

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ux7Hb_H6LM[Open] [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

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>Previous thread:

What do you expect from Saturday's Preview

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More like no title edition

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They'll announce the codex after DE (probably SoB) and reveal either the new Ork or Skitarii character

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Cow eldar and something cool for the special games
Hopefully something cool for the xenos. Wouldn't hurt to know if an updated CSM codex will arrive before the rapture

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Marines, marines, marines

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Got some GSC bikers and a Biophagus as a gift.

The way I understand it, the "best" way of running GSC is lots of acolytes and ridgerunners right? So the SC! Box will probably be a good bet to expand on these guys when I get around to it. Anything else notably worth grabbing?

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> too stupid to make a proper thread
Save your mother some grief and kys

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>Cow eldar
I mean.....sure. I could go for a big cow titty eldar gf.

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cow eldar would basically be Lumineth

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If you play space marines you're a worse person than people who don't.

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And for automatons:

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A quick answer would be the dark eldar jetbike and wych dome helmets.

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GW should start painting eye brows.

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Speaking of potential flashpoints, work continues on my Rhodesian-themed Imperial Guard. Still hunting for bits to best depict them but what I have so far
>Troops will be mix of white and black soldiers, officers all white
>Black soldiers will have 3rd party heads with African features
>White names will be Boer-esque, black names drawn from 40k-ified names from that area
>Fluffed as loyalist PDF fighting Ork and rebel insurgency in the bush wars of my group's custom subsector
>Key models will have necklaces of Ork ears
>Very unsure on use of shorts

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What bothers me most about this pic is that the way she holds the multimelta makes no anatomical sense.

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Can you still build your current army under older editions of the rules?

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>Very unsure on use of shorts

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I think the reverse is more interesting like playing a game with the same army in every edition

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Oooh, thank you anon, not feeling the brains for automota but I can find other uses for them, this will pretty much do it for me, much as I adore the hoods, I feel these bubble helmets will help make them stand out.

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Nope because my current army is custodes

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One word.

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Yes its called "playing old editions"

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black library fucking sucks and the only books worth wasting time with are the ones written by ian watson and the imperial armour books. literally everything else is trash (yes, even the book you like because of reasons). it's all fanfiction tier garbage meant to get you to buy models. if you want to read books read actual historical books and then try to 40kify it instead of reading shit 40k books and trying to fluff it out or, god forbid with the current game, playing it out. it's impossible.

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My army in 4th ed. Was GM and 3 units of termintors and two units of strikes. I can do that army right now, and not just because I still own and play with those models.

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Almost, but my Lord Discordant prevents it.

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40K has sucked ever since Space Marines were introduced

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Agreed. What the fuck, man?
Shorts are kino.

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Shorts are a must.

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Nice blog.

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>His army still uses an 8th edition codex

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You do all that and *then* skimp on the shorts? What the fuck is wrong with you?

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>constantly stuck between making a grimdark look for my army or a oldhammer saturated look

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>liking shorts past the age of 4

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Which one?

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Rhodesia was a special kind of weird, so if you don't include the weird fucking shorts, what's the point?

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You gotta do the shorts

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Custodes were a mistake.
Space marines is too much of a horde army.
I usually face a space marine force with more or the same models as me. They should have been buffed to hell and then made them super expensive point wise.
2 tactical squads, a heavy, a captain and a dreadnought is a fuck load, considering how "rare" and strong they are in story, its annoying to face 20 assalt marines, 10 primaris intersecors, a tank, a captain, some more bullshit and more and more bullshit

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Tau are not communist. Stop this American meme shit.

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Leman Russ tanks

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Wracks are gonna go back to being elites, aren't they?

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they dont understand what being rural is.

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Post models !

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If you buy dead men walking you are a chud and not welcomed to our hobby.

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at first I was reading it as >"liking shota"

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if you like dead men walking you are an absolute pleb. i read it. it's trash.

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Which army has the most rotary guns/cannons
Which army has the most missile launchers

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It’s more a socialist caste system. You can’t interact with things outside of your cast, but you’re expected to serve to the best of your ability, even if it kills you. All for the Greater Good of the Empire as a whole.

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I can't play my current list because too much necron shit is new, but I guess I can throw together a serviceable Necron list that can be played both today and in the past. The only questions are if I should use Canoptek Wraiths or Ophidian Destroyers models for 3rd edition Wraiths and if I should use Tomb Blades or Destroyers for 2nd edition Destroyers.

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A store not far from me has a bargain bin with three primaris intercessors and three primaris reivers for 15 euros together. Is that a good deal? I don't even play 40k but I wouldn't mind painting some space marines for a change.

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What the fuck are you playing anon? its quite easy to outnumber muhreens so I'm scratching my head.

You know tacs are like, 18 points per model right, A fire warriors like, 8.

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Going for GSC not IG but even worse

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>No title
I can assure you OP that it's not that hard.

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Agreed, the space marines' thing should be that they're well-equipped and damn hard to kill. Part of the reason dreadnoughts exist is that marines are hard to replace.

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I mean yeah. Of course chuds have a shitty taste in literature.

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I have a bigger issue with "the model looks great".

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>This model didn't win the golden daemon it was entered in.
>Because the judges didn't like the goblin green base.

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At this point, I might just give my scions normal lasguns. I am stick and tired of painting the fucking 'hot shot' ones.

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Just stating facts. Helliarch is just gatekeeping as we all should.

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>our hobby
Bueno bait

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fuck both you cunts. Top tier book.

Two absolute hardcore armies of zombie zealots smash into one another, whilst an ensemble cast of civilians and unprepared soldiers are caught in the middle.

No characters grow or develop; everyone is stripped of their humanity, and reduced to their former shells in the wake of the terrible conflict.

As 40k as it gets.

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that sounds like an awful book

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I like shorts. They are comfy and easy to wear.

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1 tac = 2w and 4t 3+ save for the cost of 2 fws that = 2w and 3t a 4+ save

SM horde simply because of numbers of wounds now available to them

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>using chud

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Well he's half right, lorewise it is retarded.

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Hey I want to do an exodite army.
Like eldar riding lizardmen terradons and shit.
I was wondering, are their any good conversions for dinosaur vehicles?
I dont like the ones that are just turrets on the Carnosaur model- eldar tanks fly. Those don't.
Any examples or suggestions?
I was thinking maybe Nids with conversions?

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Retards need to stop with those female SW. No just because Arjac made a vague allusion to them means it's possible you fuckwit

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Chud posted this

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Do they remove the geneseed from marines when they put them in the dread?

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>Hive Tyrant
You can't beat the classics

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Come up with it yourself

>> No.77533952

This is like, a 6 months old image.

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>> No.77533958

I liked it, but I haven't read it yet.

>> No.77533960

the marine stays witht he geneseed

>> No.77533973

Can't wait for another top tier ork unit along the lines of the op Deffkilla Wartrike

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Top right is really weird and I can't figure out what it's actually supposed to be. Obvious answer is "a motorcycle", but the shape is all wrong.

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>This model didn't win the golden daemon it was entered in.
>Because the judges are complete and utter faggots

>> No.77533993

it's the worst take on the death korps

book's fine but overrated

>> No.77533998

Monowheel ork?

>> No.77534005 [SPOILER] 

Wounds do not equal models senpai.

2 squads of fire warriors may be less durable than 1 squad of marines but being able to stand in two places at once has its own advantages.

Lorewise marines have always been about concentration of force, just play around the fuckers or shoot them with D2 and render their second wound worthless.

t. Deldar.

>> No.77534008

Because why would space marines spend out on super expensive stuff when a new standard quad has 10 wounds at toughness 4, have weapons which wound on 3s against most of the game, have bullshit different round types for bolters making them even better etc.

I think my dire avenger squad might cost almost half as much, but they take down on average ONE marine for every squad killed. And you can easily have 20 or more marines on field in even low point battles

>> No.77534009

Oh no no no.
How will the Space Mutts ever recover from this?

>> No.77534018

Orks have been known to replace their legs with a single motor wheel.

>> No.77534020

If 'nids had kept more of the 2nd Edition look, I'd probably have a small army of them today.

>> No.77534025

Those aren't shorts https://youtu.be/Aam04_Y7iV0

>> No.77534033

Still bother me to this day, my army is already furry central, I don't want it to become the Femarines faction in addition. Maybe I'm too thin-skinned about that.

>> No.77534034

How to paint orange plasmaguns/pistols

Corax white base
Iyaden yellow
gryph-hound orange near the edges, feathering up to give a transition between orange and yellow
Fleshtears red in edges of plasmagun
highlight corax white

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>> No.77534045


What's a cool McGuffin to have as an objective in a king of the hill game? My group is planning an absurd FFA game played over a weekend once lockdown's over. I'm trying to think of an object that a diverse group of armies would conceivably fight over that isn't just 'chaos artifact'. Any ideas, /40kg/?

>> No.77534046

New nids are by and large massive improvements on these. Especially Warriors, old ones are fucking abhorrent

>> No.77534048

Did the SW even suffer from this?
It seems devastating, but I feel like "rah rah the spirit is with us always and nothing of value was lost" was the outcome

>> No.77534055

I'll give £100 to anyone who can provide me with proof that orks think the colour purple is sneaky

>> No.77534056

orange plasma overheats more often

#metal coil gang

>> No.77534057

It's okay to be wrong on the internet. At least you're anonymous here.

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>> No.77534069

Who asked

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++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [55 PL, 1,000pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

**Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines

+ HQ +

Captain [5 PL, 77pts]: Chainsword, Master-crafted boltgun

Chief Librarian Tigurius [7 PL, 130pts]

Lieutenants [5 PL, 63pts]
. Lieutenant: Chainsword, Master-crafted boltgun

+ Troops +

Infiltrator Squad [5 PL, 110pts]: 4x Infiltrator, Infiltrator Sergeant

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 85pts]: Bolt rifle
. 4x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 85pts]: Bolt rifle
. 4x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant

+ Fast Attack +

Inceptor Squad [7 PL, 123pts]: Assault bolter x2, 2x Inceptor, Inceptor Sergeant

Suppressor Squad [4 PL, 90pts]
. 2x Suppressor: 2x Accelerator autocannon, 2x Grav-chute
. Suppressor Sergeant: Accelerator autocannon, Grav-chute

+ Heavy Support +

Eliminator Squad [4 PL, 72pts]
. Eliminator Sergeant: Bolt sniper rifle, Camo cloak
. 2x Eliminator with Bolt Sniper: 2x Bolt sniper rifle, 2x Camo cloak

Hellblaster Squad [8 PL, 165pts]: Plasma incinerator
. 4x Hellblaster
. Hellblaster Sergeant: Bolt pistol

++ Total: [55 PL, 1,000pts] ++

Ignore the list its for context.
At 1000 points marines can field around 30 minis,
up it to 2000 points your looking at 50 minis
its a fucking horde and they are supposed to be ultra rare, unable to hold the line everywhere at once elites

>> No.77534072

Fuck you! DICK BEAK!

>> No.77534073

Reminder that genestealers should be their own fraction and rolling them into the Tyranid line was dumb as fuck

>> No.77534086

Fenris population is fucked beyond repair and chaos entities still roams the planet, that's about it.

>> No.77534087

No, you're stupid.

>> No.77534090

>Bigger batman
Nighthawk, Deathstroke, Ra's Al Ghul to name a few

>> No.77534091

Post models

>> No.77534093

This isn't up for debate, these guys look stupid as hell

>> No.77534098

Yeah! Like some kind of cult of genestealers!

>> No.77534102

No. I won't.

>> No.77534103

>diverse group of armies
Dragon dildo. In trans colours.

>> No.77534104

A big weapon
A webway portal
Blackstone cache

>> No.77534108

I hate you for your carpet

>> No.77534110

Old One technology.

>> No.77534113

Anon I know dire avengers are garbage, EVERYONE knows avengers are garbage, you don't have to say avengers are garbage.

doesn't change the fact that you can still outnumber marines, even if you're outnumbering them with garbage.

>How would you fix dire avengers?

>> No.77534120

post big titty eldars

>> No.77534121


No one. Thought I'd add something that maybe someone, somewhere, might be able to use to make a cool effect or to improve their painting.

Wait, I'm in 40kg, nvm

>> No.77534125

The fact you can't find proof proves how correct the statement is.

>> No.77534129

Night Wing....

>> No.77534132

More like Batman Inc.

>> No.77534134

Yeah the "lol your dudes get fucked even if they win" shit is awful

>> No.77534140

Don't worry, it's safe here.

>> No.77534145


It's not a carpet, it's a cover ontop of my bedding (Thank goodness I got new bedding).

>> No.77534151

Exactly, get rid of all ties to Tyranids, they're so out of place in those armies

>> No.77534155

Functioning man of iron brain

>> No.77534157

Feeding my eldar gf to make her titty grow

>> No.77534161

You see eldar actually cant outnumber them.
If you choose to use more than 10 dire avengers as troops you are losing at list.
If you use scorps, hawks, banshees, etc you are losing.
At best you use 2 5 man DA squads, and then focus like fuck on 250 point elites like wraithguard/blade, which is more than space marine or 1 mini units like war walkers.
You actually get horded by space marines as eldar

>> No.77534173


>> No.77534174

Some kind of ancient xenotech superweapon, maybe pre-fall eldar or necron tech.

>> No.77534179


>> No.77534180

Some of my dudes

>> No.77534186

for your question
>you can't.
The game is powercrept too hard. You would have to give them T4, or 3+ armour to make them viable.

okay, they are played, but they arent viable

>> No.77534187


go home Gulliman; you're drunk.

>> No.77534189

Not an argument

>> No.77534194 [SPOILER] 

My eldar folder is pretty shitty and old

>> No.77534201


>> No.77534216

The lore is all written from different perspectives. Only the lore written from the perspective of loyalists should be taken as imperium propaganda. Otherwise is is just the propaganda of whatever perspective it is written from.

>> No.77534219

Until GW rewrites the campaign, in favour of the SW, their system is currently in really bad shape.

>> No.77534220

you just got me fired anon I am fuming.

>> No.77534221

>they are played, but they arent viable

>> No.77534224

>> No.77534234

These things just make me want 40Kart

>> No.77534238

>I'm getting that urge to start a DE Kabalite army again

>> No.77534241

>30 models in 1000 points is a horde faction.
>Nids orks and guard can bring that many models in one unit for ~200 points.

>> No.77534249

I really enjoyed DoW's planetary conquest campaign. Is that how Crusade campaigns play out at all?

>> No.77534251

Instead here's another shitty Chinese mobile game whilst Oldhammer gets TW Warhammer 3

>> No.77534262

It's not even good though.

>> No.77534264


>> No.77534269

they are played because there is nothing else. It's like using a clothes hook for an abortion.
It literally is not good, or okay, or even viable but there is nothing else.

>> No.77534273

8 x 30 = 240
5 x 30 = 150
First proves you wrong and the second are grots

>> No.77534277

Correct, it's an insult against your shitty retarded opinion.

>> No.77534292

>200 points of orkz is 30 models
prove it you fucking retard.

>> No.77534294

They're played purely because 5 avengers + double shuriken exarch is the cheapest way to fill out a battalion and no one playing eldar competitively wants to lose CP because the armies super hungry.

personally I don't bother with any eldar troops because I like to have units that do something other than catch incidental small arms fire.

>> No.77534297

What happened to all those trash 40k anime that was meant to come out

>> No.77534303


>> No.77534304

Face is too humanlike, crest is dope as fuck, drippy dick is hilarious

>> No.77534313

>be me
>get into 40k
>buy the eldar minis I love the look of
>10 striking scorpions and their lord
>they get absolutely fucking punted within 2 turns my standard primaris squads in melee
i-is it the netdeckers fault or the balance team...

>> No.77534314


>> No.77534315

Not an argument

>> No.77534326


>> No.77534330

>playing sm
It's your own fault

>> No.77534331

Hopefully it's dead

>> No.77534335


This is awful

>> No.77534336

You don't need to argue with retards that can't read, you just call them retarded.

>> No.77534341

If they're the best way of accomplishing something that is used in competitive lists then they are by definition viable

>> No.77534342

eldar CAN outnumber them anon.

They just can't outnumber them and win because craftworlders are garbage rn.

The hit mod rework was essentially tailor made to kneecap elf Comp and because internal balance is always shit with elf codexes the rest of the army can't compete.

>> No.77534344

So they're Hindoos?

>> No.77534366

>they can outnumber them
this is such a weird angle to take, a lot of things CAN happen.
But if you are playing, even ultra casually with some idea of winning you wont.
Space marines SHOULD be like 20 minis at 1000 points and strong as fuck, able to concentrate force on an objective or two but not be able to cover all the ground unless they specalise

>> No.77534367

yup with a mix of Confucianism

>> No.77534372

>be me
you mean "be reddit"

>> No.77534376

Hopefully they might get some special rules that let them stack modifiers. . To and extent and limited to certain units. Noone wants to relive the nightmare of the eldar plane lists but they went too far to correct the problem.

>> No.77534378


poo in the loo, Hardeep

>> No.77534385

that anon's a faggot
orks follow the solid snake camouflage philosophy (presumably including the silly gator hats and scientist uniforms)

>> No.77534386

Oh OK. Retard

>> No.77534388

You are cancer

>> No.77534390

I am pretty sure Fenris has been almost destoyed and then recovered multiple times in recent years in ways that often contradicted themselves. An anon a few time ago made a greentext list of all of those and relative publication and it was a clusterfuck.

>> No.77534392


>> No.77534401

These aren't very good commandos, you can clearly see them. But you cant see the purple ones behind them can you

>> No.77534407

Dire avengers are highly cost effective, reasonably versatile, and can get a permanent +1 to hit and wound thanks to exarch powers. They are far from terrible

>> No.77534415

Welcome to playing Eldar, it's shit

>> No.77534416

Actually, the Dakka Squadron game has purple marked as 15% Stealth.

>> No.77534418

Space Marines aren't Custodes. Eldar are supposed to be elite too unless they go guardians spam.

>> No.77534420

>the golden daemon it was entered in.
Nigger, stop lying. Hidalgo only painted that in 2020, and there weren't any GDs held last year, the only 2 that got scheduled were both going to be at cancelled conventions (Adepticon and Warhammer Fest)

>> No.77534430

Kino. Imagine the item boxes.

>> No.77534433

Karandras is overpriced and marines are better than everyone save orks at melee in general anon

>> No.77534437

I'm a massive orkfag and I'm just preparing for disappointment. It's either going to be a few 30 dollar hq clampacks that aren't worth a second look. MAYBE we'll get a lovely kit on the level of nobs, flashgits, or meganobz, but I doubt it. We're in deep need for tankbustas/kommandos but none of this stuff seems like that.

>> No.77534455

>Good at melee

>> No.77534468


>> No.77534472

Fuck new units, make the ones I currently have worth fielding.

>> No.77534474

Those rockets could be a rocket hammer, but yeah we'll see.

>> No.77534476

Back when getting 2 base attacks was cool and unique.

>> No.77534480

>their underwear is purple
Like fish in a barrel with you people.

>> No.77534484

>eldar arent custodes
are you new? up until very recently custodes were fucking failures who refused to do anything after failing their one job.

Space marines, for a long ass time were the greatest warriors of man, except they were rare, the geneseeds were not common and the tech needed for them was atrophying. Whatever I might get little details wrong.
Point is, when your shitty back water planet is WAGGGHd by 10,000 orcs the marines might come bail you out by sending 50 or so marines at you. They are elite, rare, valuable and stretched thin.

Obviously you have moments were hundreds, and sometimes thousands gather, but a lot of chapters that look after big bits of space only have 500 marines, and they need to be in a lot of places.

>> No.77534487

On a factionwide level, orks are very good at melee. In a dedicated melee unit VS dedicated melee unit scenario that doesn’t involve characters, orks lose to marines. Sadly.

>> No.77534499

>What do you expect from Saturday's Preview
New Grotesques, Mandrakes, Beastmasters and HQ choices for Dark Eldar
Triumvirate of Commorragh: Lady Malys, Duke Sliscus, Asdrubael Vect with the Dias of Destruction, each model can be mounted on the Dias to give different buffs.
Tyranid range overhaul with Primaris scale Genestealers, huge Carnifexes and a plastic Hierodule
Squats vs. Exodites box set
Upscaled Battlefleet Gothic revival box set with the Vengeful Spirit facing off against The Enternal Crusader
4th War of Armageddon featuring plastic Steel Legion, Feral Orks, Ork Kommandos, Ork Snipers, Angron and the World Eaters and Fulgrim and the Emperor's Children
No Primaris
source: Trust me.

>> No.77534502

>eldar arent custodes
KEK I meant space marines not eldar.

>> No.77534503

Does it bug the shit out of anybody else that Kabbalite warriors will be A2? It seems like a thoroughly unwarranted and senseless change

>> No.77534506

Man's natural drive to create can only be placated with room to expand on his creations. Once he's filled his soace, stagnation sets in. Destruction is needed to clean the slate and allow creation once more.

>> No.77534514

Orks are good at melee if you ignore the game. Got it.

>> No.77534515


>> No.77534516

I'm not a 100% certain what this image is trying to convey

>> No.77534524

Their spirit was broken so severely that they accepted the Primaris without any fuss.

>> No.77534525

I like the bug head. Alot

>> No.77534531

You have to much time anon

>> No.77534545

>ah cool my striking scorpions attack twice
>everything now has 2 wounds

Okay cool my Warlock is a good unit
>only has 4 wounds
>dies to literally any good weapon instantly

>> No.77534566

My Nobz would like a word with you anon

>> No.77534576

You are talking about Movie Marines, not about Marines as they always existed on the tabletop.

>> No.77534579

is the helbrute from dark imperium ever going to become a kit we can buy?

>> No.77534584

No clue what it's trying to tell us

>> No.77534590

>Be me
>Start eldar for crusade
>1 wraithseer 1 farseer 1 squad of bikes 1 squad DA 1 squad hawks
>Kick the shit out of my yiff player friend all 3 games so far.

>> No.77534591

it gives them an incentive to charge into small basic infantry units they would otherwise merely ignore, which is pretty fluffy as raiders/slave takers

but yes it's fairly token and pointless

>> No.77534592

Striking scorpions have been seriously hurt by the power creep over the years, it’s a damn shame too seeing as I can’t imagine anyone not liking the green guys.

>> No.77534598

Kinda hard to keep up with marines after all of their new buffs to not only base marines but their weapons too. Chainswords got extra rippy and the entire squad gets them.

>> No.77534602

Grey Knights are the least supported faction with a standalone Codex.

>> No.77534605

The Helbrute plastic kit already exist anon. But if you are talking about the snapfit one the answer is no.

>> No.77534608

no im talking about Marines. How they are represented in every book, comic, graphic novel, novel, short, codex, rulebook.

>> No.77534612

Every new sculpt since 7th divided by faction.

>> No.77534614

>3 attacks
>Ws 4
>27 ppm

>> No.77534616

He must be a bad player

>> No.77534631

Considering plastic deff koptas never ever got a release despite their kti being one of the oldest left in print, no.

>> No.77534635

I play Yiff, and I get my shit fucked by my Eldar friend, too much psyker for me to handle

>> No.77534636

At this point the only way to make things better would be to nerf marines, but marketing says nerfs reduce sales so we’ll only be seeing number go up from now on.

>> No.77534641

How to Orks feel about robots and AI?

>> No.77534643

AoBR are still the best Ork models ever released

>> No.77534647

remember when they were like the second favourites? I knew many new players who loved their modern military appeal

>> No.77534658

Knights got more unique models than TSons, that stings ngl
I am not including ported fantasy models

>> No.77534659

Impartial as enemies, not part of their culture

>> No.77534667

you've been posting about this game for months now, play more games

>> No.77534668

they are currently webstore exclusive on their site, so my current LGS (not GW) won't order them

>> No.77534670

>charge foward
>keep charging
>consolidate into their back line
you now win

>> No.77534674

Nobz hit on 3 you git

>> No.77534684

>using power klaws instead of killsaws
>not factoring in the ever present waagh banner and wierdboy buffs
> not giving your Nobz dual choppas for 5 attacks each so they’re hitting on 2s with S5 to delete hordes and anything else that doesn’t have a 2+ save

>> No.77534701

Not something they produce, so they view them as things to krump, enslave, and loot as normal

>> No.77534707

At this point marines are the base level, and everyone else now has to out do them or be swept under the rug. So if chaos marines don’t get even more options compared to loyalist, they’re just gonna end up as fodder for daemons and knights at best.

>> No.77534715

If you build them like a retard I guess.

>> No.77534725

Fuck it. These are now mydudes
Hermanos Galacticos (galactic brothers)
Salamander successor chapter
Semi-codex adherent
Motto: "For the Brothers, For the Saints, For the Most Holy Emperor!"
Chapter master: name WIP aka "El Mas Chingon" (The most badass)
Homeworld: temperate climate planet of Caliente, upon landing the original space marines came to discover that a lot of the organic plants and wildlife were spicy. Even when harvested and reconfigured for space marine consumption the spicy was way hotter than mild. Like güey hot. This lead them to have enlarged belcher glands, and reinforced their love for hot firery weapons, as they wish to share the fire in their stomachs with the galaxy.
Flamers, flamers everywhere, how else will they make their carne asada? Unfortunately, the centuries on this planet has also given them a slight weakness. They must siesta, no matter what. (On the tabletop, they must skip their 2nd turn.) They are builders, although they might not always build to the exact specs listed in the codex Astartes, but this knowledge of forts and castles has assisted in their ability in breaking past sieges and breaking past most defenses. On their planet, lies their great monastery "La Taqueria", and when on crusade, they travel the void in their capital ship "La Gran Piñata".
Chapter Culture: they believe in the divinity of the Emperor, and even in those to perform miracles on his behalf, the Saints.
Structure: Hermanos are the rank and file Marines. Marines who become veterans of countless battles are honored with a chance to join the elite forces of the "The Marachis". Those that prefer stealth can through their lot in with the chapter's Stealth troops, "Las Sombras". Finally, any marine who dies performing great deeds that honor the chapter may go on to be entombed into the chapter's most revered dreadnoughts and become one of "The Bad Hombres".

>> No.77534727

Not with pks or ps dumbass.
And if you're not taking those
>Ap 1 / 0

>> No.77534730

>There's Something About Mary hairdo

>> No.77534734

Marines aren't stronger than elite stuff from other armies. Tyranid Warriors, Ork Nobz, Necron Immortals, Crisis Suits are all things stronger than a normal marine in the fluff. Yes, they are supposed to be able to slaughter gaunts or Ork boyz or guardsmen or cultists by the hundreds, but you can't have that on the tabletop because it would mean having those models be 1ppm and it would be absolutely broken even if their stats were reduced to compensate.

>> No.77534742

CSM will get 2W, confirmed, WHEN their 9th Ed Codex arrives

>> No.77534744

Homebrew tactics: 2 CP "Get in, we gotta go!"
Through pure strength or some sort of Liberian warp powers The Hermanos are able to squeeze double the models into their transports. Rules for embarking and disembarking remain the same.
1 CP "We have tacos at home!"
Reroll charge rolls
Aesthetics: colors white/sand, green and red, most hermanos if not all units wear a sombrero and a poncho
"The Marachis" - fancier black with white trim sombreros, and they carry mariachi instruments
"Las Sombras" day of the dead color schemes
"The Bad Hombres" - chapter colors, a bit of grime,
Weapon conversations: powerswords might become pinata sticks or churros, model some bolters into six shooters

>> No.77534751

Tau for both

>> No.77534756

It's a bit of both, really. The Tau are inspired by the scarier aspects of communism, like the militant atheism and aggressive collectivism, but a lot of 40K lore is literally in universe propaganda and in universe speculation.

>> No.77534758

What did you do to that Wraithseer man

>> No.77534763

Big choppas are more reliable. Plus, everyone tries to just drown their opponents in attacks so most nob mobs are duel choppas to hack units apart with five attacks each.

>> No.77534772

>245 points to kill fodder

>> No.77534781

The fact this still kind of works as bait is sad.

>> No.77534789

Wasn’t there some FAQ that gives all base marines 2 wounds, including chaos?

>> No.77534797

Hes really salty about the wraith seer and falling for the 'FW models op' meme. The first game, it was my first time play the army didnt know quite what was good or not so sure whatever.

Second game is assasinate. His termies deep strike and can charge either the farseer surrounded by DAs with fortune, or has an open lane to the wraithseer. He charged the DA squad, they hold out cause of fortune and gets wreked by smites and a wraithseer counter charge.

Third game I realize how good fire and fade can be, and proceeded to move and groove all over the fucking board. The termies fail the charge on the wraithseer, and the captain is just out of range. The wraithseer charges the captain and squares up, and wins, while the termies massecre the rest of my army. The last couple of termies square up with my far seer who makes ALL OF HIS INVONRABLE SAVES. Then they get finished off my the wraithseer.

I mean the thrid game her TRIED to get the charge and take care of the wraithseer. But he acts like he has no answer for it and gets super pissy about it. All he has to do is get a charge with the termies and/or some HQs and focus it.

>> No.77534801

Yeah, Kommandos and Tanks would be at the top of my list of "Needed improvements" and I really doubt it's either.

New Boyz or a new Warboss wouldn't be bad either though.

>> No.77534803

almost got me to reply seriously

>> No.77534820

Giving each nob a big choppa and a normal choppa is a nice option since you still get 4 attacks per model and you have the extra S, AP, and D of the big choppa for most of those swings
If you go dual killsaws that’s 4 attacks per unit at S10 AP-4 and D2, granted they do only hit on 4s but that’s still fairly scary

>> No.77534826

What are good Nob melee builds anyway? I tend to mostly stick to Big Choppa's since Power Claws are expensive and come in small amounts.

>> No.77534827

The patrician choice is choppa + big choppa. Carve up primaris and light vehicles like nobodies business without breaking the bank for kill saws.

Best half of any starter set uncontested, save perhaps the marine half of that very box.

>> No.77534832

They sold the DV helbrute separately for a while. You just missed out.

>> No.77534835

Flashgitz armour improvement and permanent bs4 please.
Also get them the fuck out of freebootas

>> No.77534844


>> No.77534846

It gives the Adeptus Astartes 2 wounds, either in that article or a more recent one GW has stated ALL sort of first born marines will be getting a buff, with 2W confirmed for CSM, but currently they are 1W and will remain so until their new Codex arrives, whenever the fuck that is.

>> No.77534848

? I am serious. Even if you don't think Militant atheism is bad, it is a central part of a lot of anti communist propaganda.

>> No.77534849

I don't understand what you're trying to say here or why you left out the units that you did

>> No.77534858

Sounds like your buddy’s dice fucking hate him.

>> No.77534865

Don't Flashgitz already have bs4?

>Also get them the fuck out of freebootas
I would rather they just buff freebootas. It's like the only unique unit they have.

>> No.77534873

Try to paint way above my weight class. It was the first eldar thing I painted. The idea is that the character is super old and scorched from being in so many battles. But im bad, so it came out kinda shit. Dont feel bad though, all the wraithseer bits are recast, so it was a cheap mistake.
I want too, but work sucks ass and we hardly ever have the same days off to play anymore.

>> No.77534876

I'm betting at the end of the year.

>> No.77534882

On paper but shit range and heavy guns makes it superficial

>> No.77534890

We need a warboss that look like this pic.

>> No.77534900

Your fault for playing shitty eldar.

Play some marines, or at least an imperial faction

>> No.77534911

Why you just teleport a big squad led by Badrukk ala Brutal Kunnin'.

Good book.

>> No.77534914

he would look very cool with two lightning bolts parallel on his banner or something but I'm trans idk if that matters

>> No.77534919

That's fair.

Honestly, I still dream of them giving the Freebootas a Space Marine chapter esque supplement. I want them to be THE Orc shooting faction, but at the moment Bad Moons are way more consistent.

>> No.77534924

We need a giant non mega armour Warboys because I'm tired of shit men suits ignoring the orks get bigger and stronger the more they fight.

>> No.77534927

>dude just play marines
Cancer that is killing 40k

>> No.77534930

Isn't that racist or something?

>> No.77534935

Making a Successor chapter feels like cheating.

I can take Hungry for Battle, Whirlwind of Rage and makes them SW successors so now on turn 3 they do 2 extra hits on 6s.

Then I can take a Chief librarian and give him psychic mastery for +1 to casting and give him a runic weapon so now his force weapon is S6 and he gets +1 to deny the witch.

I can take a primaris Indomitus captain with a master crafted power sword and make it a frost weapon and now it's S6 AP-3 D3, it's now better than most named relics.

Being able to pick and choose all these rules seems almost unfair. They put limits on Successors like no named characters and only 1 named relic per army but in many cases that hardly matters.

>> No.77534938

Or put them in a Squiggoth so no movement penalty and style points

>> No.77534941

I honestly just want a generic warlord model that you can use as a lord of war. The new Ghazghkull model looks great, but I'm not a goff player.

>> No.77534943

Follow instructions or roll a D20.

This post is also my roll for tonight.

>> No.77534948

>dotd judiciar
love it, very cool

>> No.77534952

I thought they had models of tinny boyz

>> No.77534960

That is probably the ideal way to play them. It's expensive as hell though, especially with the changes to lord of war.

>> No.77534962

& I got to uwuuuuu

Gotta deal with the retard hottie again

>> No.77534967

Rolled 6, 5 = 11 (2d6)


>> No.77534969

That last game he had some bad rolls. But at the same time, he has marine stats and has a hard time keeping his reroll hqs in range of his other dudes. He either played to scared and/or advancing makes the spacing fucky. He kicked the shit out of me in our ork games, so I dont feel bad.

>> No.77534972

Hot take.
All "fast but fragile" units/armies should be able to move shoot move.

Yes, in previously edition it was cancer. But nowadays it's balanced heavily by the fact that if you use it to stay away and hidden you aren't taking objectives and you are losing the mission.

>> No.77534974

No need to roll.

Fuck, marry, kill GO

>> No.77534975

I don't see anything racist. Seriously I don't.

>> No.77534976

Pretty sure they FAQed that, much like how they did so for Battlewagons.

>> No.77534980

Any girl will do I just don't want to be alone anymore

>> No.77534982

deathwatch and grey knights were the best girls and you've omitted them

>> No.77534984

Rolled 15 (1d100)


>> No.77534988

Squigs are heavy, Garg squigs are low

>> No.77534989

They're obviously going kommando anon.

>> No.77534993


>> No.77534994

Why in the fuck would you ever take a power klaw when kill saws are just objectively better?
1 extra ap and no chance to get a dud and do 1 damage.

>> No.77535001


>> No.77535007

Not to mention the howda rules let you shoot out of combat when embarked, so you can charge right on into ripper swarms and have a borderline invincible gun platform for the rest of the game (assuming no one falls back)

>> No.77535008

Rolled 4 (1d20)


>> No.77535014

Is there an ideal paint job for smol marines that’s generic and not an offensive color? I’d like to use the miniatures as time goes on and they are phased out in other war games but still want to preserve their use in 40k a little longer. I have over 100 marines to paint

>> No.77535018

9 and 7 then

>> No.77535019

That the lady magnus is not red bothers me on a deep level

>> No.77535028

Only the big squiggoth is a LoW, normal ones are heavy support

>> No.77535033

Squiggoths have a specific rule that says models don't get penalties for shooting when it moves.

>> No.77535034

roll. my heart is with alpharius

>> No.77535039

Yeah. But you will want to go for the Garg. Heavy support is way too valuable if you are going for a shooting based Orcs army.

Seriously, the Elite section of Orc armies really needs a buff. Why are Deff Dreads still heavy supported when their equivalent in every other army is Elite?

>> No.77535045

They did not.

>> No.77535051

What’s his deathwatch gal look like?

>> No.77535065

See: >>77535039

I'll also add that normal Squggoth's can only carry 10 flash gitz.

>> No.77535076

Keep that in mind when I make an even shootier ork list.

>> No.77535080

Its getting the rolling table correct anon, I could add DW and Grey Knights as 2 & 11, but they aren't those legion numbers. I will add them to the next table (post tomorrow) as some sort of alternative option with a few others. If you have other suggestions let me know.

>> No.77535084

Why would you be fielding more than 10 Flashgitz

>> No.77535094

Fuck tyranid, marry thousand daughter, kill the cultist

>> No.77535097


>> No.77535098

When do Heroic Intervening units fight? After chargers but before charged units?

>> No.77535110

Carnifexes are heavy support, so are wraith lords. Frankly the only dread equivalent I can think of that is elite is literally the SM dreadnought.

>> No.77535119

Wait if you always have to subtract one and the only way to get 20 is dubs and dubs is always Alpha Legion how is anyone supposed to roll Raven Guard?

>> No.77535120


>> No.77535121

Because, alongside lootas, they are pretty much the only shooting Orc unit worth a danm.

>> No.77535129

The nickname is a reference to her bush

>> No.77535130

Speaking of ork lords of war, is the kill tank actually kind of decent now? At only 275 points, it dosen't seem that bad. Rolling 30 dice for one gun also just sounds like good fun.

>> No.77535133

Will the land speeders be low-riders?

>> No.77535139

Weird. I guess it's GW favorite children some love as usual.

>> No.77535140

The fact you rank loots makes your opinion worthless. Also its orks

>> No.77535144

Its in the rules, the pic is old and needs editing lol AL is trips (they are triplets so this is fitting), so RG is dubs technically.

>> No.77535161

>back in 19

>> No.77535162

They came out far too big

>> No.77535163

How does this seem for a crusade force/500 point army:
-100 pts reserved for new admech HQ (it better be a fucking Skitarii I swear to the Omnissiah)
-2x10 Secutarii Hoplite squads, no upgrades
-4x5 Secutarii Peltast Squads, each with an onmispex

>> No.77535167

Fuck it, let's do it.

>> No.77535181

I have literally never seen one used, so I couldn’t tell you anon. Expect similar responses to mine.

>> No.77535201

How come they lost to option of either a zzap gun or lobba instead of the Kannon?

>> No.77535212

It looks pretty good going by its stats. Especially considering you can get it to BS 4 if you are within 24 range.

I would take it over a Stompa, obviously.

Lootas are pretty good in large numbers. Not great, but probably the best long range unit we have other than the bafflingly cheap Mek Gunz.

>> No.77535215

Neither. Black Library's favorite slogan of "everything is canon, not everything is true" is just a lazy cop-out. They claim their books have "unreliable narrators" because they cannot be bothered to establish a singular continuity. The narrators are reliable, but, mysteriously, only until another book comes out that contradicts existing events in some way.

>> No.77535220

Why does mephiston wear a skirt?

>> No.77535221

Rolled 20 (1d20)


>> No.77535256

Big Mek with Force field remodel soon?

>> No.77535259

Yea but on paper, it looks pretty alright dosen't it?

>> No.77535263

I'd hazard a guess and say it is purely to reduce book entries as no one was fielding them anyway.

>> No.77535271

Isn't this model brand new? Either way, it still looks great.

>> No.77535286

So correct me if this is wrong, but the Dark Angels release was in fact:
>An extremely shitty, unfluffy and awful-value primaris-only combat patrol featuring no bikes, terminators or DA unique units
>A downgrading from codex to codex supplement, and
>No new models whatsoever

Just squat us and end the suffering, its all been downhill since they took the porta-rack away.

>> No.77535300

That's a shame. I kind of love them conceptually.

>> No.77535305

Who's going to tell him not to?

>> No.77535306

Is there a rule that would prevent me from using springs to prop up the model? So it bobbles back and forth

>> No.77535313

Buy one then and field it

>> No.77535314


>> No.77535319

>"Oh no, our minor subfaction has been downgraded to a mere supplement! The INDIGINITY!"
You kids don't even know how you good have it.

>> No.77535329

Be glad he got an official data sheet.

>> No.77535332

when every other army gets out of shitcast hell. Thats one of the most easy ork kitbashes you can do next to a weird boy.

>> No.77535337

Eat shit and die, there is no one who deserves to get ignored more than marine subarmies.

>> No.77535339

Emperor's Children Chosen with storm shield and power sword

>> No.77535341

Eh. Maybe if they had better rules. If I was going to buy one just to have one, I would go for a Gargantuan.

At the moment, they don't compete with battlewagons. Who are already pretty mweh.

>> No.77535342


>> No.77535357

That depends heavily on what armies are involved Anon. For example:
>Tyranids, Dark Eldar, and Admech
An escaped biologis experimental soldier with enhanced physical capacities that’s been driven max by it’s heightened sense of pain
>Orks, Guard, GSC
A massive weapons cache (or the entrance of said cache) that could decide the upcoming war before it even begins
>Inquisition, Harlequins, Tau, and Chaos space marines
The stasis tube containing an Etheral turned daemonhost
What are you thinking?

>> No.77535372

Doesn’t look half bad at all

>> No.77535380

What should I add to my ork force next to bring it up to 750?
I have
1 weirdboy
30 boys
10 grots
1 deff dread
I think I want something other than infantry. Maybe a buggy or mek guns?

>> No.77535381

why do you dumb niggers keep fucking up the thread title

>> No.77535392

Lame. I guess my orks are going to be legends based then whenever I actually fucking manage to get to them

>> No.77535394

I would say so. Far as anti horde units go, it's probably the best you have.

>> No.77535414

Nope, have fun anon
How many points do you have left to play with?

>> No.77535415

Buggy and Mek guns are really good units. But you might want to consider a HQ like a warboss or a Elite like a Nob with banner.

>> No.77535458

You can replace the giga shoota with this big boy too, but it's 50 points.

>> No.77535460

>faggot on reddit with marine flair
>says thousand sons having 5 unique units is fine
>unironically thinks they should never get new models because they aren't "necessary"
>double digit primaris releases are essential though?
>call him cancer and i get banned
why are redditors like this, no coincidence they're all marinefags

>> No.77535473

i don't know, but you should go back there and stay there

>> No.77535478

rolling for alpha

>> No.77535491

find a cliff and throw yourself off it
in minecraft

>> No.77535505

very interesting, but you need to go back.

>> No.77535513

>we want the deldar audience

>> No.77535514

> spamming

>> No.77535516

This is very nearly 500 already, so I have about 250.

Warboss and a couple big meks are on the to do list for sure, but I was gonna wait till my 750->1000 expansion where I upgrade from a patrol to a battalion and paint another boys mob. Which buggies are best? I've heard most people say it's the shokk attack gun one and it looks really solid as an option for taking out hard targets. I've got one of those GSC buggies I want to convert for it.

>> No.77535523


>> No.77535532

We all are anon.

I have made some quick adjustments to the table to allow anons to get RG GF. I know she can seem pretty boring but she has a pretty decent power (not as good as the AL triplets but worth getting dubs for)

>> No.77535534

no u
i was here first, plus im banned you illiterate goblin

>> No.77535548

>> No.77535549

>adding nothing of value to thread, not even spam or memes

>> No.77535553

anon, you'll be happier among your own kind. We should all stick to our own, and your own is back there.

>> No.77535581


>> No.77535586

since eldar have been left to rot these connotations dont work anymore

>> No.77535605

Rolling to get an 11 to choose wolfie and raven, who will then capture the triplets who will then imitate thousand daughter, angry, and stuck up.

>> No.77535619

enjoy your aids anon
rerolling from first post

>> No.77535647

thoughts on increasing space marines size with primaris but then also making everything else bigger before and after that?

>> No.77535678

I just hope you know on X+Y-1, the average result is 10. It's now an equal distribution, also that means 11 is significantly easier to get then 2.

>> No.77535679

>orks are manlets
Why live

>> No.77535688

It’s the best looking imperial vehicle

>> No.77535691

The point of primaris is to milk marine paypigs, not to make marines true scale.

>> No.77535708

it's not*

>> No.77535714

I eagerly await Thadius Guardman

>> No.77535722

>you now remember how they completely invalidated the wartrike by giving the warbike the fast attack aura
thanks GW

>> No.77535737

so this image is what?

>> No.77535744

Guys stop measuring everything.


>> No.77535751

How's the Avenger Strike Fighter? Half-tempted to get it because I think it looks neat

>> No.77535753

here goes nothing

On a side note, wanting to do some eldar as a 1k side project. Thinking 2 wave serpents, 2 dire avenger squads, 1 farseer. Trying to make it a fluffy recon party, the kind of thing you see when playing dawn of war on the PC. What might be a good addition to pad it out to 1k? Some jetbikes and vipers for the fast hitting theme?

Also wondering how you might go about making this colour scheme. What blues / purples / whites should I try? Thanks

>> No.77535767

I called you out last night anon, and you still post this retarded shit.
>The Banshee is wearing a head-dress, don't measure the top of it as the top of the head.
>For accuracy, use eyelines.
See picrel
>Banshee is leaping, and body is upright, so height is accurate
>Marine is in prone position, so true height is taller

If we assume the SM is 7.5' at the eyeline, that makes the Banshee 6'1 at the eyeline, which is about right for both, this would make the Banshee around 6'5 and the SM around 8' if both stood back to back.

>> No.77535774

this was almost a year ago

>> No.77535776

Most FW are terribad, so order whatever you want from recasters.

>> No.77535784

>storm shields

>> No.77535792

here goes nothing
Jet bikes are the worst part of eldar aesthetics, I suggest going for striking scorpions or warp spiders, scorps are masters of conealment and could scout ahead, spiders can teleport into badlands and port back out when done.

>> No.77535793

2 is more powerful than 11 though, so makes sense

>> No.77535797

Wartrike should not be a HQ unit until it has access to Warboss keyword. It's a fucking trash unit

>> No.77535798


>> No.77535799

shut up

>> No.77535803

Go ahead, keep screaming "shut the fuck up at me". It only makes my opinions Worse.

>> No.77535813

so why is 10 the weakest?

>> No.77535815

Damn those are some corn fed kabalites.

>> No.77535817

No it isnt about right for both. Eldar are on average 6ft9.
A 6ft 1 banshee is like a midget.
Average marine height is 7.5 mean.
Anyway you ignore that the left banshee is bigger in ever single way, not just height

>> No.77535818

Would if I had any in at all

>> No.77535819

Post your Ghazghkull models I need paint inspiration

>> No.77535827

If you haven't clocked that the manlet line is being squatted then you are too slow to have a meaningful conversation with.

>> No.77535829 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77535835

my thanks was completely sincere, I hated the fucking wartrike

>> No.77535838

atleast there was a time we thought manlets were getting deleted, so we would have primaris as the scale setter...

>> No.77535839

You obviously do not actually play DA, because real DA players are stoked they got access to the whole marine line.

>> No.77535842

Alright hear me out.

GW buys 4 or 5 painting studios. From now on on the website when you buy a box of minis you have the option to buy like you currently do or you select a scheme (must be simple, you can only choose existing schemes no custom orders) and base colour and in that case it will take 1 month and cost 4x the MSRP.

They would for sure make more money.

>> No.77535857


oh warp spiders would be cool. They don't get nearly enough love

>> No.77535858

Based. Nothing is more disgusting than the trend of making character rides an integral part of the unit. Let me choose my HQ's wargear you FUCKS.

>> No.77535864

I’d suggest a waagh banner nob and a squigbuggy

>> No.77535865

It would be weird to play with models someone else painted

>> No.77535871

No please no. The paintlets must be forced to paint or leave the hobby.

>> No.77535880

Good roll

>> No.77535883

Rad as shit and moderately scary

>> No.77535888

That's not the point.

We're here to make money.

>> No.77535894

Canonically a marine and an eldar have a roughly equally average height.

>> No.77535895

weird looking tau

>> No.77535901

Sorry, no.

>> No.77535906

I heard squigg buggies were bottom of the barrel last time I was thinking about getting back into 40k. Did that change?

And a waagh banners sounds like fun, I do like painting banners. Maybe a buggie, traktor kannon, and a banner?

>> No.77535913

Reminder that they’re a worse fast attack army than DA

>> No.77535915

marines tend to be about 4 inches taller, but it isnt uncommon to have a marine the same height as an eldar, or have one a ft taller.

>> No.77535920

It isn't. Everything between 1-18 is between 0.02-0.1, and none of them give you anything.

If you want even distribution just roll a d20.

>> No.77535929

Orks are 5'6 kek

>> No.77535931

>uses height maxxed marine for his fanboy graph
sorry anon, average marine is 7-8 ft, mean of 7.5.
Quite often an Eldar will match one in height.

>> No.77535935

Also reminder that Custodes are more expensive *and* weaker than Deathwing Termies

>> No.77535943

As it should be.
Friendly reminder that the first thing each traitor legion did was massacre their custodes minders.

>> No.77535947

>make a chapter's gimmick their fast vehicles
>also randomly give it to another chapter who already has a termie gimmick
>then also make it so wolves can do it too with candoo

>> No.77535951

God, Gal Vorbak are so fucking cool, can't wait for mine to arrive.

>> No.77535958

Did I say 6'1 you fuckwit?

I clearly stated that she is likely to be 6'5 with a 6'1 eyeline. Where 6'5-7' is the canon average height of Eldar, and if we assume they are sexually dimorphic, her height is in scale.

>> No.77535959

That chart is bullshit and you know it anon.
Squigbuggies are meant to be the “versatile” option, they give you a ton of options but they get outclassed by other more specialized units most of the time. I suggest one because I think they’re fun and that versatility isn’t anything to scoff at (especially with nitro-powered Squigs).
>Maybe a buggie, traktor kannon, and a banner?
Sounds perfect anon, but be forewarned that banners are pricier than you’d expect

>> No.77535967

Is there anything excluding lord of wars that beat deathwing knights?
Not even deathshourd can unless you want to dump auras and cp into them

>> No.77535975

but she is jumping so her eye line is wrong :D

>> No.77535977

Guess we'll have to see what can beat the VERY balanced DA Termies once more codexes drop

>> No.77535978


>> No.77535980

based chart

>> No.77535988

if the chainsword is such a reliable melee weapon why not give this to all marines?
humans figured it out soon after inventing the musket.

>> No.77535992

basedo, about to order 10 myself

>> No.77535997

it's uh
too expensive

>> No.77536000

her foot is flat...

>> No.77536004

Eldar are around 7ft anon, this is the facts.

>> No.77536008

bullshit. there are so few marines

>> No.77536011


>> No.77536017

Chainswords are heavy as fuck.

>> No.77536022

There already are chainsword bayonets you absolute lorelet

>> No.77536024

Model size consistency was pretty much only a thing when the main sculptors were Jes Goodwin and the Perry twins.

>> No.77536025

chaos terminators used to have them
would make less since for non-terminators since the vibration from the chainblade (even when idle) would fuck with aiming

>> No.77536031

fuck off dude, if a Marine can carry this he most certainly can carry that

>> No.77536037

why the fuck are you talking about the old one and not the new one, which is the one fucking up the scale, yesterday I even agreed the old mini is in better scale with the primaris.
Excpet when that banshee was used primaris werent a thing and was out of scale!

>> No.77536043

and yet tacticals and intercessors don't use them? that's my fucking point

>> No.77536065

Piss poor fuel/energy storage

>> No.77536068


>> No.77536078

Just saying something is a fact doesn't make it a fact anon.
The canon is that they are 6-7', in the same way that humans are typically between 5'5-6'5, but I am sure there are outliers in Eldar too.

>> No.77536088

Had a game today. Decided to try out playing a list with basically one of every (non LoW) daemon engine. Went IW with a single Lord Disco HQ with Daemonsmith and 3xCSM for troops. Told my friend that was my list and told him to make sure he has lots of anti tank... He shows up with a list of Grey Knights specialized in anti daemon (with the 4MW smite)... It was a bloodbath. My defiler wiped his whole army single handedly lol.
It was hilarious watching him fail smite every turn and if anything did get through it was absorbed by Iron Within Iron Without. The defiler also ate daemonforge twice every turn just crushing everything. The funniest part was when he charged the defiler with a unit of paladins, and I overwatch, get 3 6s with the battle cannon, which turns into 6 hits and wipes his paladins. His dreadknight as a last ditch attempt barely manages to get 2 damage through but then gets roflstopmed by the defiler. The rest of my army was basically just desperately trying to catch up and keep the defiler in the Disco Lords aura range as the defiler just zoomed across the map rolling 12s to charge.
The bloodslaughterer tried to kill a single marine at one point, but failed and that marine then ran away via moral check.
Oh, and the anal turkey got slapped out of the air by some servitors, whatever.
The decimator also had a great time. I accidentally deployed him in the corner behind a building which he couldn't move out of, so he just kinda stood there.

>> No.77536090

sexy smooth miniatures sculpted to be nice to paint and look good > crazy 100 bits of detail, 1mm details and shit clutter

>> No.77536117

Specially with horde armies like GSC
Why the fuck does the random fucker has as much detail as an HQ or Elite

>> No.77536132

I'm thinking of getting some engines to go with my single disco. What are the top 3 you would recommend?

>> No.77536135

Because GSC belong in necromunda/kill team where everyone is an individual.

>> No.77536141

His poor left wrist

>> No.77536156

sure the new is "better" sculpted.
The old one just screams GASMASK, TOXIC, WW2 TRENCH
new one is gonna take ages to fucking paint and look busy as shit when its a metre from you

>> No.77536166

Lore this lore that, just fuck off already.
>Did you enjoy making it?
>Did you enjoy painting it?
>Does it look cool?
Then who the fuck cares? Like it just fucking miniatures on a table that look pretty. And honestly, the fact that these comments are from Reddit makes it even more retarted.

>> No.77536172

did you miss 1988 or what

>> No.77536189

that's goofy as hell

>> No.77536204

Helliarch the real OG

>> No.77536214

If we're talking about outliers I can mention at least one.

Eldrad Ulthrans canonically freakishly huge by eldar standards, a fact only exacerbated by his ridiculous helmet.

They make a point of it in the Ynnari books.

>> No.77536217

Working with necromunda models. They do not have this much autistic detail on the default model. You can add more bits though but those are not moulded into the model like GSC.

>> No.77536231

>Retards need to stop with those female SW
You people keep giving them the reaction they're looking for in fairness

>> No.77536253

say what you want about his breast horns but those would be super handy to watch movies on your laptop during a long trip

>> No.77536263

>tfw politcal mongs have ruined DKoK forever.

it's a shame since I really liked the WW1 feel of Vraks. It reminded me of this 90s WW1 documentary.


Can they be salvaged and brought back to just being about WW1 trench warfare?

>> No.77536286

Apart from that the Maulerfiend's are great and can keep up with disco lord (the Defiler's greatest weakness is 8'' move).
Decimators are basically daemon engine contemptor dreadnoughts, but they have the awkward 9'' move.
Blood slaughterer's are a really good melee unit that can make large charges easily with the harpoon, but you really want to get a way to get them to be able to advance and charge (and if you aren't using specialist detachments, which are sort of illegal now, it can be tricky).
Gameplay wise you probably want to avoid the heldrake. It's really horrible. It's fast, but so, so bad (the speed is actually a negative here, as it runs out of disco lords aura).
The Venomcrawler is fine i guess. It's not that interesting.
The defiler is just really really good. It has a shit ton of weapons so it benefits from daemonforge a lot, and you can build it however you want. Anti tank, anti infantry, range, melee, mix, whatever. I usually go for twin heavy bolter, twin heavy flamer, combi melta, but the scourge is probably better.
The defiler really came a long way from 5+ to hit to 3+ and being able to shoot in melee. And the DG codex shows they'll be going to 3+ basic BS (so 2+ with disco) while only going up 10pts.

>> No.77536302

Thanks guys. The armies in question are:
>Space Wolves
>Heavily-Inquisition laden Imperial Guard
I'm leaning towards some ancient weapon from the War in the Heavens that's recently resurfaced on the planet. Maybe it's rigged to fire no matter what, and we're all scrambling to decide what to point it at. Reckon an altered version of The Four Pillars scenario would work?

>> No.77536304

he's so goddamn ugly though. I hate the model.

>> No.77536306

This is legit some tinfoil hat levels of insane conspiracy theories

>> No.77536310

They've literally never been anything but ww1 Germans, and the people that see them as any sort of political statement are autistic retards (like you apparently) looking for something to be mad about.

>> No.77536329

Why do they need to be so defensive? He could have easily been like 'Haha thanks man yeah its a bit silly but it was a fun concept for me' or something.

>> No.77536332

>Can they be salvaged and brought back to just being about WW1 trench warfare?
Of course. Not so far as to change what the online """"community"""" does with them, but online 40k discussion is horrible and should be ignored at every opportunity.

>> No.77536333

>clearly look like French
Is this some kind of gringo joke?

>> No.77536363


>> No.77536369

>germans wearing French coats
>literally everything else is german, even their name is fucking german
>muh frogs tho

>> No.77536380

How viable are 'mixed' infantry squads? As in, I don't like having infantry squads with ten lasguns, so I'll shove in a heavy weapon and a special weapon just for a bit of actual killing power.

>> No.77536401

viable here depends on how competitive your meta is.

>> No.77536418


>make a post lamenting them being misinterpreted as being other than WW1
>ask how to bring them back to to their original WW1 theme (i.e how to fix their public image)
>you somehow assume I am one of the retards that think they are space nazis

>> No.77536422

Im an orkchad considering getting into chaos daemons. Can I build an army of like 10 big dudes? Im wanting a non horde army and the daemon models look great.

>> No.77536427

This unit is a big fat mess
>full of bits that seem like they would be wargear but aren't
>all weapons are D1
>some of the example models are built illegally

>> No.77536432

Its all about the actual purpose of your squads and if they will ever actually get to shoot their stronger weapons. Having a few heavy weapon teams in your squads isnt the worst decision if youre going to outrange your opponent and they will sit on the backline, having grenade launchers or plasma isnt bad if they survive long enough to use them. The biggest problem, especially with Guard, is that the infantry gets fucking OBLITERATED by the current meta. Taking plasma or heavy weapons on infantry that is there solely to act as chaff and fucking die is just wasted points.

>> No.77536443

>literally everything else is german
there's elements of all the western powers in there, both in design and mentality

dogmatically they're pretty bri'ish (most guard armies have that running through them, being written by the bongs) but I guess the word "Krieg" overrides all that

>> No.77536453

yes but only if you think that it's okay to use detachments without troops

>> No.77536457

Whoever makes the next thread between not be a fucking retard and actually put a name.

>> No.77536473

>the word "Krieg" overrides all that
If you'd actually read their fluff you'd know all of their names and words are (pseudo)German

>> No.77536491


Depends what you categorise as 'big dudes'.

If you want moderate sized dudes, your best bet would be Slannesh, since they keeper of secrets and those tongue-butt-hole horses. Khorne has a few big things like bloodthirsters and that tank thingy. Nurgle has great unclean ones and beasts of nurgle. Tzeench only has the big bird thing.

>> No.77536512

>Tzeench only has the big bird thing.
What? Tzeentch has
>Burning Chariot
>Herald on Chariot
>Exalted Flamer on foot

>> No.77536524

Did they write that in to explain why his 7e model is absolutely fuckhueg? I don't recall his height ever being commented on in the Jain Zar books for example

>> No.77536546

This has been my major gripe with nu-death guard. I don't really mind the aesthetic changes and all the mutations and shit but holy fuck they jam these basic troops with so much detail I feel like I'm spending the same amount of time painting each marine that I'd be spending on an HQ or character.

>> No.77536551

yeah but the DA are seen as exceptional for having many plasma guns, even though they're common enough that the fucking guard gets them

>> No.77536556

can you run the models as all the different chaos gods? or do I need to pick one god and stick with it. I do not know anything how they play

>> No.77536565

Dumb question but does this stack with the Coldstar or is it completely pointless?

>> No.77536566

I hate how almost all nuart is full of specific models only.

>> No.77536580

The leftmost marine here just looks like an unfinished sculpt. Bizarre.

>> No.77536581

They don't have any priority.

>> No.77536599

You are complaining about something that's already been done away

>> No.77536602

Still doesn't seem worth the tax.

>> No.77536623

No, retard, kill yourself.

>> No.77536626

They both say "instead of rolling a dice[sic]" so I'd guess that they don't stack

>> No.77536637

Autism edition please

>> No.77536640

please point me to these models

>> No.77536663

Imagine being THIS mad and THIS wrong

>> No.77536691

Rate my dark angels successor chapter :)

>> No.77536711


Armies are ran in 'detachments'. These detachments usually have a precet. If you want to bring different chaos stuff, you'll have to take them in seperate detachments

>> No.77536739

Gay colors are old hat, real bait is tranny colors.

>> No.77536773

>Finally letting the 2 good artists still on staff after 5 years of putting out nothing
>the rest of the nuart is still trash

>> No.77536827


probably the only good use for that free reiver model. The children's "my first watercolour painting palette" is a nice touch too

>> No.77536832

I honestly can't think of any bad, mainline 40k art that came out after 9th dropped besides the core rulebook

>> No.77536856

epic for the win anon! trigger those chuds

>> No.77536906

>epic for the win
No one talks like this anymore

>> No.77536941


>> No.77536962


>> No.77536977

Fail dude

>> No.77537000


>> No.77537005

All the stuff from 9th so far has been really great, but we'll have to wait to see if it'll stick. Ever since the time AoS dropped or so warhammer art has been in a dire fucking state, with only a portion of Tze's and Dainton's work having any worth. I'm pretty sure this new stuff is all Tze's and Dainton's too, and they're the ones who were doing good work anyway during the shit period.

>> No.77537025


>> No.77537032

I'm genuinely thinking about getting some gsc. It'll mostly be a lot of Genestealers and maybe one or two brood brothers/cultist squads. Is this going to be a waste of time or kinda usable?

I just really like genestealers all of a sudden for some reason.

>> No.77537048

Let's go, Blood Angels get

>> No.77537060

How acceptable would a completely off the wall made up group of xenos mercenaries be as counts as flashgits in an orc army?

>> No.77537071

The only thing I don't like about this development is that it makes "weird thing in the background of an art piece" no longer a guaranteed hint at a new model

>> No.77537079

The majority of your time with the army will be spent modeling and painting, and this edition will only last a couple years, while your army will last as long as you're in the hobby. A low win rate now shouldn't dissuade you from following ur dreams

>> No.77537096

Nice. Blood Angels and Dark Angels it is.

>> No.77537129

the main thing I don't like is the soft, unfocused "underpaid digital artist" look that even the good pieces have

>> No.77537145

Well I know that, I just want to know how badly "a metric shitload of Genestealers running across the table and soaking up casualties until they overwhelm the other guy" is going to be. Doesn't mean I won't do it anyways.

>> No.77537162

The foggy loose backdrops are mostly dainton's stuff, and I think it's great. Pic related is also him, he's the only great artist from the glory days of gw still working there. Adrian smith, kopinski, they're all gone.

>> No.77537171

anyone here pick up sigmar recently?

>> No.77537210

I am still confident that this thing is SOMETHING

>> No.77537215

Inspiration for you to start converting :)

>> No.77537232

I can't even make out what exactly it is
I almost bought a SC! Beasts of Chaos box, but got distracted by the LGS still having a CSM battleforce and got that instead

>> No.77537251

Not him but I think what anon meant was how clearly rushed the newer stuff looks. I imagine in the older days guys like Dainton were given a week or more per piece to get it done, but now they're forced to put out something a lot more sketchy and less refined in order to meet deadlines. I agree the art is improving however. 7th and 8th was an awful period

>> No.77537276

Beastmen interest me, even fantasy era ones.
I hear some people dont like the sculpts but I love them honestly, going to buy some soon.

>> No.77537277

sure, but compare that with >>77537005
there's a clear gap in quality, despite the design being equally good and being from the same guy

>> No.77537289

>It'll mostly be a lot of Genestealers
tyranids run it better, thanks to the way kraken buffs them

which is a shame because I really like the way blips function

>> No.77537294

don't do it bro
it's just a road to being ignored forever because turns out people will only play animal people if they get to make meme-memes constantly

>> No.77537304

I really don't mind it for mood environmental pieces. It's the really bright clean plasticy style that bothers me.

>> No.77537319

Yo what the fuck is in the bottom left

>> No.77537329

the truth, brother

>> No.77537330

The Gor kits aged extremely well
It's mostly the minotaurs that are ass

>> No.77537349

If it's Chaos i def need it. Is it Forge world?

>> No.77537351

There's a clear gap in degree or rendering, but not in quality. And the city scapes are just speed paints.

Over all you're right they're not giving the good artists time to do full pieces anymore. The stuff I like the most these days are the little page fillers like this or >>77536640

>> No.77537354

gal vorbak on forgeworld
see also the mhara gal

>> No.77537359

yeah, it's a HH unit
gal vorbak

>> No.77537363

Hell yeah. DttFE my brothers

>> No.77537370

It's the protaganist possesed from the first heretic book. One of the only good HH books too.

Gors are still a+. I love converting them for my fantasy army. Minos are ass. Get zealot miniatures minos instead.

>> No.77537372

Chaos dudes always have tubes in their heads, but what's in the tubes?

>> No.77537379

chaos juice

>> No.77537391

everyone has tubes in their heads

>> No.77537478

Drugs, bile, psyker juice, nutrient paste directly to the brain, filtration to sterilize their open head wounds, demon cum.

>> No.77537489


>> No.77537537

heavy weapons are generally a no - they lose to Heavy teams and get the -1 if you move.
Specials are alright if you go for plasma/melta, as both have gotten cheaper Comparatively to last edition. I'd recommend plasma - same range and type as lasguns, good synergy.

>> No.77537687

I dont understand what you mean at all anon lol

>> No.77537695

minos being the ones at the bottom? thats a shame they look insanely cool in that pic

>> No.77537725


>> No.77538088


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