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Huh? I think you're in the wrong board anon, this place is for strong virile men
Is that way

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Thistle wasn't paying attention last chapter, so he gets a recap of how he lost.

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the disrespect

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The Adventurer's Bible came out the official English names for all the characters, which is why it's "Falin" now.

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*came out with

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• an iron tripod or bracket for a cooking pot or kettle to stand on.
• a small plate placed under a hot serving dish to protect a table or surface.

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that official databook translation made a lot of people angry somehow.

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>last panel
Uh oh

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No sense of right or wrong, indeed.

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>An error occurred. The Wizard must be stopped.

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Credits page.

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I had a nightmare like that, but with more titty trees.

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Laius you fucking idiot.

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And the cover for volume 10. I don't know if this is new or not, but I hadn't seen it before so here you go.

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>Thistle: Genuinely thankful
>reward: just more suffering
All because Thistle simps the king.

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Nice chapter and good dump OP

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Elves are capable of simping to levels that not even the most depraved Halfling foot fetishist could delve to.

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bondage already?

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Any links to the translation?

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Oh no, Laius made Thistle awaken as a feeder.

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The king should have just fucked his tight boipussy to oblivion and saved his kingdom a whole lot of suffering

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this is why choosing how you word things when talking to dangerous psychopaths is VERY important

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Good job for letting me know there's been an update OP. You will be rewarded in due time...

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this doesnt fix anything thistle you stupid elf.

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around elves, watch yourselves

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I fucking love this bit so much, and am happy to see it return.

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Is there somewhere where I can read Dungeon Meshi from the beginning? I've been interested in reading this but I haven't been able to find a good place to read it, unless it's something that hasn't been widely distributed or something.

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the first few chapters are weak, but its a good read.

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Just search /a/ archive until EHS release the book.

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Ah, thank you.

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Now it just needs the eye edit like the original and it'll be perfect.

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>the first few chapters are weak

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the translations were a bit jank I thought, plus chapter 1 sorta tosses us into the initial plot. It isnt bad by any means, but I can see people saying nah after reading just one or two chapters.

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I can't believe Talk-no-jutsu failed.

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Laius ripped his own jacket to make the rope.

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>Kabru's nightmare

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See. You don't need rare ingredients and complicated cooking techniques and cookware. Sometimes all that is needed is meat, heat, and salt.

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Thistle's and Laius wild bondage adventure.

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Yeah but apparently it wasn't exactly good >>77522791

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So is thistle legit retarded or just that evil?

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he's insane due to running a dungeon forever and everything having an easy ILL JUSt USE MAGIC AHHAHAH solution.

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He's insane. They don't call him the Lunatic Magician for nothing.

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Speech check failed.
I told you charisma wasn't a dump stat.

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He's an elf.

Nah. Laius is just shit at cooking. Senshi would have made that taste better by massaging the salt into the meat and turning the mollusks into a sauce.

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He got them goat eyes so he ain't in the right state of mind.

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True to both of those.

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Mama always warned me, watch yourself around elves.

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Lower right panel is begging for an edit.

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Oughtta try this the next time the halfling in my group gets uppity

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Thank you dude.

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That was such a waste of elves. Did he even rape them?

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I can't believe this actually happened.

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I think it was implied that he'd done so on multiple occasions, which is why they were content to point at him and laugh as he was getting murdered.

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Then he did good. The only problem was him losing.

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Poor Little Elf Boy

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>tag: weight gain

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An ironic hell for Laios

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>Need a last another month for more Marcille
It hurts

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Two months minimum.
Next month we'll see what the canaries are up to. And how they ensure that true-blooded elves don't miscegenate.

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It wasn't like he could revive the rest of the party himself so he needed Thistle's help.

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Hey, he finally got his wish of knowing what it would be like to be wrapped up by a plant.

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>The Adventurer's Bible came out the official English names
Is it published in English? This is one of the few series I want to buyfag for.

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No, it just has the character names written in English. Though there have been a few pages translated on /a/ and the scan group that has said they might do the full thing.
Hopefully it gets an official English release though, I'd want to buy it as well.

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Oh, that's my cue. Regular transparency first.

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Hell yeah, new chapter

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Here's some stuff we've learnt from the guidebook
>Fleki is a junkie
>Lycion is a junkie
>Marcille makes no noise when going to the toilet
>Cabru is the spawn of a parasite
>Captain is a racist
>Maizuru was Sureau's dad's concubine
>All three of Chilchack's daughters would want to fuck Senshi if they met him
>Namari has a long-legs fetish

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Meant to say that Lycion is a furry

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>Maizuru was Sureau's dad's concubine
Woah, it makes their relationship kind of....weirder now.

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I don't think it's for sale in English yet, and it's not fully scanlated either. EHScans is planning to do both that and the Daydream Hour extras; in the meantime, here's parts of both from /a/.

I don't know what Mithrun's shirt says here, but the middle part is "canary".

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Modern clothing really emphasizes how attractive most of the characters are. Except for Sureau when he has a dorky haircut.

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Human Cithis reminds me of Safana from Baldur's Gate.

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>Kiki, Kaka, about the...
>le-le-leg pouch, I think it's called,
>you don't use it?

>Eh, you know,
>the bag you attach to the thigh with belts.
>You see them from time to time, right?


>Do you want one?
>N-No, I don't really want one.
>My legs are too big for the belts
>and it'd poke into my knee...

>But you see...
>I love to see tallmen wear it,
>and I just think a practical item only a specific race can use
>(I can't explain it very well)
>or rather something you're meant to have kinda looks nice on you.

>Sounds hard to walk with it...
>Something like elven earmuffs?
>Y-yes, that!!

>You want to see it?

>Do you want to see us wearing the leg pouch?

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And now the Adventurer's Bible stuff.

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stupid insane elf need the rape

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>tfw no elf mom

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Packpatty is too cute for her job as a shitmonger

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Fun fact: on the individual character description pages, each character is ranked between 1 and 5 in how good they are in different categories (5 being best). Laius has a Diplomacy of 1.

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We also get rap sheets for the canaries.

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>Laius has a Diplomacy of 1.
Why am I not surprised

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Kind of cute, kind of sad.

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>On all levels, including physical, I am a wolf.

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>it's cool officer, she's legal for her species

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>I've always hated you.

>You were beautiful, perfect, loved by everybody,
>you didn't have any worries or faults whatsoever.

>But I was shocked to see the maze you built.

>It was an overly irregular, complex-shaped one...
>It was made of inferiority complex, jealousy, lies and anger.

>I should have talked to you properly before.
>We might surprisingly get along pretty well.
>But it's already too late now.

>I saw the demon in Utaya.

>Do you wish to take revenge on the demon?

>Then first eat this.

>Once you eat it all,
>I will accompany you to the maze once again.

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>Nothing but short-lived people around here.

>Did you know "short-lived people" is a discriminatory expression these days?
>Then how should we call them?

>People with short lives?
>Fast-living people?
>*pfft* That's even more offensive!

>Ah! Captain Captain!
>Other than "short-lived races" do you know another term for Tallmen and Half-foots?

>Lesser races.

>How could you say that!?
>That's what we called them back in the old days.
>S-So arrogant...

And just like that, old man Mithrun got cancelled.

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>Talk about various monsters - 10

>The dungeon becomes dangerous when a human monster chimera appears.
>Why does that happen?

>Because it's the sign the dungeon master is going crazy.

>At first, the dungeon master designs the maze with high ambitions and hope
>Magnificent appearance
>Loved ones
>Wants to settle things as peacefully as possible

>but they gradually feel cornered and give less and less importance to its appearances.
>Horrible traps
>Strong monsters
>Public executions

>They want strong monsters by their side for their own protection,
>but not being able to understand each other is an inconvenience.

>The chimeras with a human head and a monster body are symbols that easily fulfill that requirement.
>There is a high likelihood that the dungeon master is out of control.
>Hence why they're crazy.
>I see.

>So so cute...

>But can't there also be dungeon masters who have ideals and create a chimera from the start?
>Though we can't really say there are.

>Those kinds of persons are already crazy from the beginning, so they're still crazy.
>Oh, that's true.

That's all I've got so far.

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>Business Casual Senshi
What a chad.

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thanks, anon

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her name checks out though

>> No.77524007

Reminder Senshi is very handsome, we all saw him as a human. Dude's more rugged than Chuck Norris.

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>D&D rip off comic
There is thousands of those and they all suck.

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That is an incredibly specific fetish.

>> No.77524084

She might literally be his mother and not his "mommy"

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lurk moar newfag

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From one of the previous /a/ threads:
>Laios' memories - Doesn't seem to remember every detail of what he's wearing or carrying. It isn't a scarf.
>Marcille's memories - Heard he was an adult but can't wrap her head around this one.
>Senshi's memories - Thinks he's still a child and can grow up. He might need sex education too.

>Laios' memories - Doesn't recall the holes on his helmet. A massive lack of interest for accessories!
>Marcille's memories - His small stature and build left an impression on her and his silhouette is exaggerated.
>Chikchuck's memories - There's apparently a surprising large amount of half-feet admiring a manly dwarf's figure.

>> No.77524155

>Chikchuck's memories - Thinks of him as a scary guy he can't get through to because they go way back.
>Marcille's memories - Heard that he looked just like Farlin but is shocked that they don't look alike at all and that first imporession of him stuck.
>Senshi's memories - From the dwarf's perspective, the tallmen look a bit feminine.

>Laios' memories - Her silhouette when she revived Farlin left him an impression. Vaguely remembers her hairstyle.
>Chilchick's memories - Left him a strange impression because blonde hair is her favorite. Also has a vague memory of her hairstyle.
>Senshi's memories - The terrific side of elves he had heard about since he was young had a profound psychological effect on him.

Long story short, Laios was the most accurate of everyone, yet they all jumped on him because he got irrelevant details wrong. It's sort of sad, really.

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>There's apparently a surprising large amount of half-feet admiring a manly dwarf's figure
Senshi is a hunk

>> No.77524232

Wtf Mithrun? Not cool

>> No.77524251

holy shit this is the Berserk Bag Memes but actually

>> No.77524264

Found a few more.


>We received a report that there's a group that uses black magic near the dungeon.
>Looks like neighboring people took the law into their hands.

>It doesn't look like we can check whether or not it was ancient magic like this.
>Is there anything remaining?

>Is this your only piece of evidence?
>We'll have to take her and listen to what she says.

>Stop throwing a fit!

>Welcome back. // What is it?
>This item has been seized, don't touch it.

>No reaction.
>She might be dead perhaps?
>Sing something.
>Eat some cake.

>Tired of it.

>Milsril, the shortlived girl we took into custody the other day hasn't been eating anything and got weaker.
>Oh my...
>Poor thing.

>But we can't take care of her at our...

>She might open her heart up to a child her age.
>Kabru, can you go see her?
>Sure thing.

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>One day I was suddenly appointed to the Canaries by my parents.
>For the first time I learned there was also hierarchy in parental love.

>Why me and not my elder sister or my younger one!?
>I don't know why.

>Prisoners who were all failures
>Don't cry, that's annoying.
>and partners I don't know what they're thinking.

>I hate this place...
>Father, mother, why?
>There was something wrong about me, wasn't there?

>I thought over it but I'm completely clueless as to it.
>If anything,
>I was chosen because I was the best one out of us sisters?

>That could very well be it.
>Because it was a request from the queen herself.
>It was an incredible honor for my house.
>She must've judged my sisters not to be fit for this job.

>This guy looks gloomy but
>he's perhaps a very excellent one.
>I've got to admire him.

>This is all in order to live up to the queen's exceptations,
>in order to hold my family's honor.

>Father! Mother! I'll do my very best!
>You're a pain.

Pattadol is 82, which is barely an adult by elf standards. The other canaries are around 120-140, except Misurn who's 185. (Milsril is 189.)

>> No.77524275

Speaking of Milsril, this page is part 1 of her section and comes immediately before >>77523967.

>Misurn: “Greetings Milsril”
>Milsril: “Misurn...”
>Misurn: “Why not come join us at the table?
>Milsril: “I tend to kill the conversation wherever I go...”
>Misurn: “Is that so?”

>Misurn: “Try me then!”
>Misurn: “Come now, tell me about yourself”
>Misurn: “You're the finest swordsman on our team”
>Misurn: “How many paths have you travelled to come to where you are? I've nothing but curiosity”
>Milsril: “Please, excuse me.”

>Milsril: “That was the last we talked before he became the dungeon master”
>Milsril: “Hello”
>Milsril: “I've come to see you”
>Milsril: “They say your wounds have healed, and yet you remain catatonic..”
>Milsril: “Misurn...”

>> No.77524283

>Maizuru: “Wha- what is it?”
>M: “At this time of night!”
>Sureau’s dad: “Maizuruuu~, uuugh.....”
>SD: “It’s my bad~......”

>M: “I have no idea what you're talking about.”
>M: “And you reek of alcohol!”
>SD: “I brought you a souvenir.”

>SD: “You love cats, right?”
>SD: “A kitten..”
>SD: “I'll give you one.”

>M: “A kitten...”
>SD: “Be sure to take care of it, okay...?”

>[The next day]

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I still can't get over how young she looks

it's really weird

>> No.77524314

>Gender : Elves

Yes, but what are their sexes?

>> No.77524318

I mean, it's true.

>> No.77524322

Another wholesome manga about bondage?

>> No.77524359

The furry elf is super cute as a human.

>> No.77524363

poor Pattadol, her nose will always be big

>> No.77524373

Dysphoria leading to magic to change their appearance, huh...that's a detail I wasn't expecting.

>> No.77524374

No sense of right or wrong.

>> No.77524383

Go back to /a/ newfag

>> No.77524390

This page makes me genuinely baffled Thistle isn't a girl. Look at that slight budding tiddy stretching that fabric. Look at the style of dress in general. I'm half-convinced Thistle's sex is a mis-translation.

>> No.77524392

Who is that elf that Kabru's adopted mom is using to teach him anatomy and mortal blows?

>> No.77524395

Once again Laius only pays attention to the monster part and ignores everything else. This is why most don't like you

>> No.77524401

I read a bit of Japanese, and no he is a boy

>> No.77524439

Have you tried reading the manga?
The elves are right, but it has nothing to do with Thistle being an elf.

>> No.77524445

What is the premise of this manga?

>> No.77524453

A canary, you can see the ears are notched. He's also was with her when she found Mithrun.

>> No.77524454

Damn, this is almost like talking to a grandma or grandpa

>You know "black people" is a discriminatory expression these days?
>"Urban youths?"
>"People of colour?"
*pfft* That's even more offensive!
>Hey Gran, other than "black people" do you know another term for African Americans?

>> No.77524475

Standard D&D party needs to kill a dragon asap, as it has eaten one of their party members. Since they don't have any time to gather supplies, they instead decide to cook, eat and hunt the various monsters and creatures of the dungeon.
Sixty chapters later and the story becomes much more muddled and complicated, but that's pretty much it.

>> No.77524481

> Party has a member die in a Gygaxian dungeon, eaten by a dragon, escape to the surface with their lives
> Realize they can't resurrect the dead party member without a body and they're on a few days timer before the body is done digesting
> Have to run right back into the dungeon without being able to ressuply
> Got to eat the shit in the dungeon on the way

It's more complicated, but that's basically it.

>> No.77524534

>Dorkelf is an Enchanter
>Fleki is an elven crackwhore
>Furfagelf is to no ones surprise a mentally ill furfag
>Otta is a lolicon pimp
>The Nose Knows is just an average bundle of insecurities

>> No.77524537

It's unusual for japan to portray actual junkies in a non-negative light.

>> No.77524539

Senshi is such a hunk, Chillchuck should let all his daughters marry him

>> No.77524542

It's a Wizardry ripoff dipweed.

>> No.77524568

Return to /r9k/ social introvert

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>> No.77524589

god fucking damn it laius

>> No.77524594

So Otta and Kabru has the same stepmother?

>> No.77524599

>Pinkie promise that you won't kill me?

>> No.77524604

>Thistle failed because he sucks at running encounters
Dungeon Meshi really is required reading for all DMs.

>> No.77524636

So what is the Lunatic Magician's deal?

>> No.77524666

he's yandere for the king, but the king managed to escape and die and now he's extra yandere for the king's subjects.

>> No.77524672

Why don't you read the story?

>> No.77524683

He needs dicking but is surrounded by ghosts, so he is frustrated.

>> No.77524685

I never knew how much Smug Harpies improve the concept of Harpies until I read Dungeon Meshi.

>> No.77524741

Next adventurer:
>Thistle, people need sex


>> No.77524802

harpies have been smug since their ancient inception
it's their natural state from the beginning

>> No.77524851

Wait, Laius can do magic ?

>> No.77524866

Marcille was teaching him some healing magic in a few previous chapters.

>> No.77524882

He died enough times to pick up some tricks used on him.

>> No.77524905

Yes, Marcille was teaching him a bit of healing magic for if she can't do it at the time, he also spent a good chunk of the fight with the dragons healing his damaged rips so he could keep going. Don't be a speedreader.

>> No.77524934

I don't understand why Japanese has phrases like 'due to reasons' and 'a bunch of things happened'
If you don't want to go into it, you can just not mention it. Just say 'he doesn't feel any desire'

>> No.77524963

It's the verbal equivalent of tl;dr

It's used to indicate you don't WANT to go into it or know the other person will find it boring and it doesn't really matter at the moment for the conversation at hand.

It means "don't ask, I'm not going to tell you at the moment".

>> No.77524967

>the human was the real monster all along

>> No.77525042

This is some shadow of the colossus bullshit here. Laius' scary.

>> No.77525060

>Pattadol looking at the dark elf slut with envy

>> No.77525108

Wait, so there are only 2 male Canaries. Everybody assumed it 3 male and 3 female elves

>> No.77525109

What a convenient chain of events.

>> No.77525123

We knew that for months. Some chapters ago Otta was called "her".

>> No.77525131

>lesser races
Fucking elf supremacists

>> No.77525139

Based Mithrun.

>> No.77525145

Is the extra chapter of Laius molesting Izutsumi still not translated? It's cute enough on its own, I just want more context. I want to know why he pets the kot.

>> No.77525155

>t. mayfly

>> No.77525171

His Marcille kinda looks like that one time Marcille imagined herself as the party apologized to her. Just with rounder ears.

>> No.77525181


How much does Thistle have in Wisdom - like 3?

>> No.77525187

How can an effeminate looking elf be so cool?

>> No.77525203

>The chapter with Laius and Thistle having a meal fell on Valentine's Day
>It ended with revealing Thistle's fetish for feeding

Can't make this shit up

>> No.77525214

Dungeon Meshi dragons are so cute.

>> No.77525217

It is but there's no reason why he pets it other than scientific curiosity.

>> No.77525224

How is Laius experienced in shibari?

>> No.77525225

Thistle can now be called the Architect of the Dungeon in every sense of the word.

>> No.77525229

F to my boy Greenie.

>> No.77525239

Laius really should've rolled Druid.

>> No.77525245

>That worked perfectly!

>> No.77525246

>that human Lycion
>that dwarf Lycion

>> No.77525265

Oh this is super cool.

>> No.77525269


>> No.77525272

The dwarf ones are honestly oddly cute. I can see why some races think dwarves are handsome in this setting.

>> No.77525281

An upgrade.

>> No.77525285

Demons eat your desires, which eventually ruins your ability to reason. Thistle caught on to the game which is why he's still mostly functional and not a complete wreck like the Captain but his mind is literally incomplete thanks to the Winged Lion.

>> No.77525288

>Hello, Chilchak
>Now your daughters call me daddy too

>> No.77525332

Mickbell and Holm look creepy and untrustworthy as anything but Gnomes or Half Foots.

Even then, as a gnome Mickbell looks like an asshole. So him as anything other than a half foot is kind of gross.

>> No.77525339

There were some cool room diagrams posted from the artbook in the /a/ thread.

>> No.77525351

>> No.77525358

l love Thistle's "Is this guy for real?" expression

>> No.77525361

>> No.77525365

Laios can heal and is a melee combatant with plate and armor

If he were a paladin, what would his Oath be?

>> No.77525369

>> No.77525379

Fleki and Lycion should be protected.

>> No.77525389

Oath of hunger.

>> No.77525399

In 5e? Ancients or Redemption.

>> No.77525404

Oath of the Monster Lover

>> No.77525406

Oath of Nourishment

>> No.77525417

Does the Dark elf look like a slut to anyone?

Like hell I find the junkie and the furry more endearing than Cithis. They're just so cute.

>> No.77525432

Marcille taught him some basic stuff to take some weight off herself.

>> No.77525433

Fleki, alright, but Lycion fucking murdered someone. Probably just because he really wanted to feel like a wolf or some shit. Fuck him.

>> No.77525467

>Fleki, alright, but Lycion fucking murdered someone.
He was a gladiator dude.

>> No.77525468

but senshi is a hobo at the moment

>> No.77525480

Cithis has a kind of domme thing going on, obviously. Fleki and Pattadol are clearly the nicest of the canaries, the others are pretty serious criminals.

>> No.77525489

>Laios Touden

>> No.77525493

Is Mithrun a minmaxed to hell character?
>Can't take care of himself
>Literally needs a handler to not starve to death
>Is socially kind of stupid too
>But has OP teleportation magic he can use to telefrag people
He's like a character made solely to kill shit really good.

>> No.77525536

>that puppet and the toy beneath Chilchak's table
probably his daughters'?

>> No.77525543

Laios has a long way to go before he's as good as Senshi. That's why Senshi needs to be the co-author of whatever dungeon ecology+recipes book series he publishes at the end of the series.

>> No.77525553

Dumb Kot.

>> No.77525573

This is why there's always a bit of a tonal shift whenever the story shifted focus from Laius and company to the other parties. This also might explain why Kabru and Mithrun's adventures were oddly lighthearted despite the two characters being somewhat grim.

>> No.77525585

Yeah, I assume so. Whereas Marcille's teddy bears are definitely just Marcille's :^)

Chilchak's room is just cool. All sorts of things to practice on.

>> No.77525595


>> No.77525600

Well he doesn't want to kill him, he's thankful that he made him understand that he needs to force feed all the citizens for the rest of eternity to keep them happy.

>> No.77525650

>let me explain my victory while I retrieve my comrade's corpses

>> No.77525671


>> No.77525680

This wouldn't have happened if you learned how to make a better meal you dumb shiiiiiit. Now the stupid elf thinks quality doesn't matter.

>> No.77525692

The art really improved over the course of the series.

>> No.77525700

Thistle is insane in the most literal sense of the word. He couldn't even understand that his dragon looked different when it had the upper torso of a human as its head. Hell the guide book says that chimeras showing up in the dungeon is pretty much a giant red flag that the dungeon master is losing his mind.

>> No.77525707

Gladiators don't get charged with assault and murder. He clearly did it outside the arena at some point. Either that or it was an illegal one and he killed someone when he shouldn't have.

>> No.77525717

Where do Chilchack and Senshi sleep?

>> No.77525719

It was obviously an illegal arena anon.

>> No.77525730

It is. The text mentions it. A very cute detail.

>> No.77525733

Chilchak sleeps on the couch, Senshi rolls out the bedroll to the pillows.

>> No.77525734

Loved the pages that described other dungeons a bit. My favorite one was
>4 - Tower of Night Cries
>A gnome-style one. It is nearly on the verge of collapse and is currently sealed off. There has been barely any activity in the dungeon, and its master is thought to be somewhere there. The dungeon is tower-shaped, and the sounds of wind blowing through the holes in its walls after dusk are like cries hence its name. Winged monsters can be seen flying around the tower.

>> No.77525745

The translation mentions this is Chilchak's basement and that he usually sleeps at the guild.
Senshi has some bedrolls as you can see, not to mention we know he doesn't come back there often anyways.

>> No.77525746

Sounds uncomfortable as fuck for long term resting. That couch doesn't look good for sleeping at all.

>> No.77525751

>Cabru is the spawn of a parasite
Laios pls. Kabru might practice his CQC on you.

>> No.77525756

Clearly they picked her because of her stupid looking nose. They just didn't want to see it anymore.

>> No.77525761

Yeah Mickbell is actually ugly as fuck because he's a chinlet.

>> No.77525765

Remember he is smol.

>> No.77525766

Fuck that.

>> No.77525767

And then Mr. Tance finds out and lets Namari stay dead the next time she dies in the dungeon. You don't fuck your boss' kids.

>> No.77525773

That sounds terrifying.

>> No.77525779

Reminder that the mother is currently living with Fullertom.

>> No.77525788

>My daughters? There's nothing particularly interesting about them.
Chilchack, dude, don't speak like that about your daughters.

>> No.77525790

anon her younger sister has the same nose too

older one we don't get a clear shot of her face though

>> No.77525793

i want to marry with Fullertom

>> No.77525797

This one's depressing, she'll probably overdose and die one of these days.

>> No.77525799

I love the expressions on the dragons.
This always has great background details like that.

>> No.77525805

He does not give a single fuck.

>> No.77525806

Wait, remind me how Laius can use magic?

>> No.77525816

Chilchack is kind of manipulative. He's probably trying to make them seem less interesting so that a) he doesn't have to talk about them as much, and b) people don't get ideas about trying to court them.

>> No.77525824

Dibs on Mayjack.

>> No.77525826

Marcille has been teaching him.

>> No.77525827

Yeah it's interesting how short lives races in the setting see whatever long lived race that dominates their area as the ideal. For humans it tends to be elves but for halflings that live closer to dwarves it's big burly dwarves that are peak condition.

>> No.77525830

Magic is a skill you can learn (and that his sister had tried to teach him before), he took up learning some basic healing magic when he realized they were putting it all on the elf mage in the party to heal their constant injuries.

>> No.77525836

Marcille started teaching him quite a few chapters back. That time when he grabbed her ears like he was trying to jerk them off.

>> No.77525851

Are you a handsome dwarf?

Mayjack is the lesbian one anon.

>> No.77525852

>Oldest daughter already reserved
>Youngest daughter is too young
It's not rocket science you dumb elf. For Mithrun's case it's a bit more complex, while his brother was a literal cripple that couldn't serve at all he was still the legitimate heir while Mithrun despite being everything they could hope for in an heir, was a bastard.

>> No.77525856

You better have the dosh and the BDC

>> No.77525862

Right reminds me of the elf from Dragon's Crown.

>> No.77525867

Bullshit where was that stated.

>> No.77525885

I'll post some of the others. They were translated in the last /a/ thread.
>1 - Island
>A new dungeon was discovered there six years ago. Word has it that the "golden country", said to exist for a thousand years in the deep recesses of it, is still being prisoner to the mad sorcerer.

>2 - Budou pit
>A dwarf-style dungeon. A collapsed pit-like dungeon dug in the ground. Both the atmosphere and the location were bad, and not very many adventurers visited it after its discovery. Because of that, it is thought to have collapsed naturally. It appears that is you prick up your ears, you can hear wave sounds in the innermost part of the dungeon as though it is connected to the sea. It is said that if you chuck objects in the pit, they will be sure to wash up at the Kahka Blud port.

>3 - Brud Dungeon Cluster
>A dwarf-style one. The dungeon site stretches under the town Kahka Brud and has currently completed collapsed with the fall of the last dungeon master. Nowadays, it became a part of the town and is used as a storehouse, a shop or a house.

>> No.77525889

It's stated when you look at the fucking page and her look and expressions, retard.

>> No.77525895

>5 - Utaya dungeon
>An elf-style one. The dungeon grew the most after the ancient war as its masters change on a frequent basis, and is currently sealed off. 15 years ago, monsters poured out of the dungeon and destroyed the towns in its vicinity. The dungeon has grown so much that it can't be completely occupied, and the Canaries handled the situation by putting a barrier over the dungeon and its vicinity. Even now, magicians are stationed there in order to keep the barrier up.

>6 - Dragon's Nest
>An elf-style one currently collapsed. The whole intricate ravine being a dungeon is a rare case. Many dragons used to live there, and it wa sfamous for being a secluded spot. However, almost no adventureres visit the dungeon because reaching it is troublesome, it isn't very lucrative or the dragons are powerful, and it is thought to have collapsed itself. Due to the deline of populatin and the magic stopping flowing, the big dragons disappeared but the small one still remain here and there.

>7 - Central watchtower
>An elf-style one and currently sealed off. The dungeon is located near the elven capital. It is thought to have nearly collapsed due to the dungeon master being absent for a long time. It won over Mithrun who was sent there to investigate the matter of people frequently going missing nearby.

>> No.77525897

That seems like a hot bunch of opinions you are spouting there anon.

>> No.77525901

Budou Pit and Tower of Night being unbeaten dungeons that are very dangerous, it actually seems like Laius and his party are in one of the easier ones.

>> No.77525904

They are the historical notJapan country, of course they are pedos.

>> No.77525907

You can tell that the fucking elves had dibs on coming up with the names of most continents.

>> No.77525913

Mayjack looks like the rule 63 version of Chilchack.

>> No.77525915

Except with even more dead eyes.

>> No.77525917

I love how even Serial Killer Cithis is shocked.

>> No.77525921

>has a fantasy version of japan
>no other parts of Asia

>> No.77525928

He's a Lord

>> No.77525937

Wouldn't be surprised if the Southern continent is that since there's barely any details about it. Or it could be fantasy Australia.

>> No.77525940

Dragon's Nest sounds pretty comfy.

>> No.77525962

Yeah that's probably it given Lin seems to be vaguely Chinese from her name, but I always get a good chuckle out of "insert only my country into fantasy world"

>> No.77525971

The eastern continent looks as if Spain had eaten the immense majority of european and asian landmass and left every other country shriveled up and tiny.

>> No.77525991

So there was a war between the Dwarves/Gnomes and Elves, right?

Does that mean that Elves alone can match two races? They seem kind of OP

>> No.77525995

I can understand anons being confused about that. It was years ago that she started teaching him magic and afterwards it's barely brought up anywhere.

>> No.77526004

>Marcille with a choker tanline.
I don't know why that affects me so but OH MY.

>> No.77526014

To be fair only times it was brought up is for basic healing which is all he's good for and for Laios's Marcille doppelganger to have a somewhat convincing book to any non magic or inexperienced magic user.

>> No.77526023

>does that mean normal sized people can match two manlets?
Yes, obviously.

>> No.77526024

Japan are particularly bad for inserting their country into their fantasy worlds.
Not even getting into the cancer of the Isekai genre.

>> No.77526037

Is that Marcille? Couldn't tell among all the canaries.

>> No.77526041

Is that Fleki with the backpack? She looks good with her hair up like that.

>> No.77526043

You're dumb, there's alot more context involved in war than the fact "Elves" and "Dwarves/Gnomes" were involved.
It was more likely a case of nations than simply ALL those of certain races having a brawl.

>> No.77526051

you seem perturbed

calm down a little

>> No.77526057


>> No.77526060

lrn2type faggot

>> No.77526074

They were clearly having a war about who got to name their continent the central one. Fucking elves cheated.

>> No.77526075

Having a telefrag ability is pretty dope and he knows how to use it.

>> No.77526081

>fleki would be a stoner
>otta would hit on gilrs that are way too young
>lycion would be a member of a furry community
What would Laios, Falin, Marcille, Senshi, and Chilchack do in a modern setting?

>Falin would be a nurse or doctor
>Senshi would be a cook
>Chilchack a locksmith
>Marcille some research position

>> No.77526084

fucking Laius makes being dense an art form

>> No.77526091

you've as much self control as Thistle lol

>> No.77526096

Laius would have a zoo.

>> No.77526101

What does Kaburo keep in all those barrels?

Reminds me of my army days.

>> No.77526104

What better way to show a Dungeon Master that you barely give a shit about usurping him than using his book of infinite wisdom as a fucking trivet.

>> No.77526115

>What does Kaburo keep in all those barrels?
Translations said that it's the basement of a tavern he rents out, so those barrels aren't his. Also explains the tankards.

>> No.77526129

Laius is truly the chaddest lad

>> No.77526136

>Elves come from the Central Continent.
>Every other continent is named based on where it is compared to it.
Fucking elves man.

>> No.77526162

I just need to convince her that i am a Dwarf with gigantism (i am a manlet)

>> No.77526166

A shame that he then fucks it up by GIVING HIM THE BOOK BACK WHAT THE FUCK LAIUS.

>> No.77526169

I don't think Kabru is a mad drinker so with all that booze around I assume he's living in an inn's cellar or something.

>> No.77526183


>> No.77526188

I support the Fleki x Lycion pairing.

>> No.77526197

I honestly wonder how he's gonna make it out of this. Ngl I'd be a little bit disappointed if Laius pulls that fucking absolute madman-est stunt he did with the dragons and then the whole thing just has to be solved by Misourn and Kabru arriving after anyway.

>> No.77526205

I support the idea that Captain belongs in a frilly dress.

>> No.77526208

There's not much else he can do to save himself, he's completely tied up and everyone around him is dead. Someone needs to save him.

>> No.77526230

Kabru will have to save him. Then the canaries will revive the others and we'll go after Thistle. Hell they're probably just outside right now.

>> No.77526231

Well to be frank he did depend on Thistle's cooperation since he likely wouldn't know how to operate the book with the winged lion sealed again and he sure as hell doesn't have the ability to revive Marcille. He was screwed the moment he was the only one left.

>> No.77526232

Those last 3 panels don't even need an edit

>> No.77526236

>We don´t like the feel of this dungeon

And then the dungeon just fucking starved to death.

>> No.77526238

Pattadol is crying.

>> No.77526241

Poor senshi
the only thing going through his mind is pain

>> No.77526242

I just noticed he has goat eyes

>> No.77526252

>this is why choosing how you word things when talking to dangerous psychopaths is VERY important
wait, are you talking about laius or thistle?

>> No.77526256

Goes to show that the only way a dungeon can last a long time is if something with a brain operates it and keeps luring people in like say, a demon.

>> No.77526259

I support that too.

>> No.77526276

Big tiddy dark elves give me life

>> No.77526287

Oh and that only applies to large dungeons, small naturally occurring "dungeons" like the one seen in the magic school flashback can be self sustaining. Once you get past a certain size regular direct intervention is required.

>> No.77526299


>> No.77526306

>Supervisor Misurn? Are you in~? Knock knock!
>I seem to have lost all my shirt buttons. Can you help me look for them?

>> No.77526321

Anon she is an evil criminal

>> No.77526334

she literally tried to use magic to trick Mithrun into telefragging big nose

>> No.77526339

This is one of the pages that gets reposted more often, can't people pay attention instead of jerking off?

>> No.77526350

It just looks that way because the shirt is puffed out

>> No.77526354

Nah she just wanted to hurt Pattadol a bit. That's OK. It's so much worse because Pattadol is literally a teenager by elven standards, she's about 16.

>> No.77526364

I used to play airsoft and conversations like this about pouches would come up often. >>77523913

>> No.77526375

anon mithrun hurts people by telefragging them

dude would've probably hurt her pretty bad

too bad he's so minmaxed for combat that illusion shit doesn't work on him that way

>> No.77526384

Based and redpilled.

>> No.77526386

>too bad he's so minmaxed for combat that illusion shit doesn't work on him that way
I think it's just that he has no desires that can be manipulated or a particularly strong will.

>> No.77526392

When the DM finally gets fed up with the players making every encounter about food and decides to indulge them.

>> No.77526394

You would think career criminals wouldn't be so upset about a bit of racism

>> No.77526399

admit it, you are gay for dicks

>> No.77526401

Though Laius is a turbo autist not a sociopath

>> No.77526404

Don't care, I'd still annihilate that chocolate spread.

>> No.77526405

Imagine if he had the will to teleport some of Pattadol's big fat nose away

>> No.77526407


>> No.77526411

He's not minmaxed, he's literally had portions of his psyche devoured after being possessed by a demon.

>> No.77526419

Well, y'see, it's a long story.

>> No.77526424


>> No.77526425

He's had them off and on for couple of chapters now. I think that they show up when he's using the power of the dungeon or it's influencing him.

>> No.77526426

He is a wizard.

>> No.77526434

>not "ThisIsWhatKillingBitesIs.jpg"

>> No.77526436

>be Otta
>be patrician elf lesbian only interested in qt 3.14 premium halfling girls of a certain age
>one flimsy wooden wall is all that's between you and the other bunk
>have to listen to Fleki drugged out her mind taking the knot all night every night

>> No.77526439

his overall design seems like a D&D character minmaxed as I mentioned before:
>needs handlers to even eat, he'd potentially starve to death in a room full of food
>has shit social skills
>OP as fuck magic that could insta-kill something as powerful as Falin the Chimera, although he rolled badly the one shot he had
Yeah it fits his backstory but if he were something like a D&D character he'd be so minmaxed it'd fuck party balance and combat focused sessions

>> No.77526449

>too bad he's so minmaxed for combat that illusion shit doesn't work on him that way
>or a particularly strong will.

More that the only desire he has is to destroy dungeons
all other desires were eaten away

>> No.77526450

Most of them aren't hardened criminals. Lycion is pretty much mentally ill and Fleki is implied by her 'first death' thing to have been in some accident involving spores that got her addicted. Pattadol is just a conscripted teenager.

Cithis, or Sisuhime I guess (I really can't get used to the idea of an elf having a Japanese name), is the one that really seems like she was a proper criminal. I kinda wonder what her circumstances are, like, WHY she's doing fraud.

>> No.77526457

Have you ever considered NOT comparing everything in fiction to dungeons & dragons?

This is inspired by Wizardry if anything.

>> No.77526460

The combat in DunMeshi really isn't as linear as D&D, Kui does a good job of showing groups winning by tactics and circumstance rather than raw power. Even the elves mostly have a weird skillset rather than being overwhelming.

>> No.77526477

anon I compared ONE piece of fiction to D&D, not everything

calm down

true, if there were a system like Dungeon Meshi it'd be really interesting.

although it'd be a bit limited on races

>> No.77526482

Fleki looks like the type that acts lively outside but is actually dead inside.

>> No.77526484

>DM: How the hell did you get enough points for Teleport: Other.
>Mithrun's PC: I took a bunch of flaws, crippling depression, lack of motivation, physical disfigurement: Ears and Missing eye.

>> No.77526488

that's actually a pretty powerful ability against illusions or stuff that beguiles people

but yeah it's basically shit the other 99% of the time because you would die of thirst next to a river cause no one told you to drink

>> No.77526495

How is Otta not a proper criminal lmao

>> No.77526512

Moreover, how perceptive is Otta if she can tell the difference between a fresh adult Halffoot and a 30 year old one?

The entire party of Laios thought Chilchuck was a kid but he's middle aged

>> No.77526524

I telefrag the Giant mushroom into *rolls*
The sea.

>> No.77526525

Literally forgot about her, she's the least interesting. Yeah she's a proper criminal. Though, it is kinda weird that the elves consider adult LESSER RACES underage.

>> No.77526534

>t. pedo

>> No.77526539

I'm pretty sure they were not all adults.

>> No.77526544

Is Otta into half foots because she wants to feel big?

She's really petite even by elf standards.

>> No.77526553

We don't have detail on what "human trafficking" actually means right?
It's surreal how these dorks are supposed to be a penal unit.

>> No.77526554

What does Fleki even do in the Canaries? Otta controls Earth, Lycion fights, Cithis and Pattadol both seem to be magic-users, Misurn has his teleportation shenanigans. What is Fleki?

>> No.77526561

DnD doesn't have minmax options like that.
Maybe you mean GURPS.

>> No.77526564

Fleki is the summoner. She's the one that flew a familiar to find them after Kabru fell down the hole.

>> No.77526565

Rather, with these backstories I think it makes sense. I wasn't expecting the Canaries to be full-on proper criminals, murderers and suchlike.

>> No.77526567

>DnD doesn't have minmax options like that.

>> No.77526579

You can't take a disability in return for extra character points in any edition of DnD.

>> No.77526584

I mean that it doesn't filter at all in how they act.

>> No.77526589

Good point, she's the shortest elf. She'd probably enjoy race changing to a tallman.
>inb4 she's still a womanlet even as a tallman

>> No.77526590

yeah if he didn't have those crippling flaws he'd probably be able to go into the Dungeon alone and beat most of the guys

He didn't even get tired teleporting the gigantic mushroom away, dude's got busted abilities.

it's a good thing he only has one good eye

>> No.77526591

> Marcille "I'm not surprised but still disappointed" face.

>> No.77526594

Have you met many criminals IRL?

>> No.77526609

What do you mean? She has been the most overworked of the whole team. She is their scout.

>> No.77526611

Recon mostly, she uses familiars to scout and deliver messages. She has a falconry glove for that reason.

>> No.77526612

I really like Elf Mom.
Does she have a name yet?

>> No.77526628

It's pretty similar to not having the ability to feel pain
sure it lets you do things normal people can't, and continue where others would stop
it also means that you are at risk of biting off your tongue or fingers, or hurting yourself and not noticing, and generally of injury without knowing to stop

>> No.77526629

I want to see Elfmom sword fight so bad.

>> No.77526630

Check the filename.

>> No.77526647

>angry tiny otta
>sensual dark elf
>laughing wild fleki with wild ass hair
>sexy Lycion
>Pattadol BIG NOSE
You know she's the only elf aside from her sister we see with that. Is she like the ugly duckling of elves?

>> No.77526648

Fleki looking to start shit about progressive stuff over shit and gigles is too relatable.

>> No.77526649

Milsril or something similar that can be confused with that when translated.

>> No.77526651

Traits and Flaws from 3.5 Unearthed arcana.

>> No.77526698

She had a character entry with an official romanization. Can't find it anymore.

>> No.77526699

>even Pattadol is shocked at Mithrun using that word
Damn even the nobility of elves have their limits

>> No.77526700


>> No.77526722

He's a boomer that is quite physically incapable of giving a fuck about anything not related to killing demons. Keeping up with the times isn't his strong suit.

>> No.77526759

Personally I think it's more of a conflicted face.
>Ok, on the one hand, that was seriously good thinking and I'm impressed by Laius.
>On the other, right now he's trying to have a bite fight with that thing and he's trying to look like a dog.
>...I'm just gonna blow it up and save him I guess.

>> No.77526761

It's weird seeing someone hate demons so much but be so calm.

Like he's just as pissed as Guts and Doom Slayer but he's so calculating and cold when he is working against demons. It's pretty cool.

>> No.77526765

>No depth perception
What could possibly go wrong with having him in the team

>> No.77526766

>"Do you think that's shocking, Pattadol? Then let me tell you something REALLY shocking: did you know Dwarves commit over 50% of dungeon thefts, despite only making up 13% of the world population?"

>> No.77526810

He'll probably go for an overkill the moment he sees the winged lion. He can't even bother to eat unless someone reminds him that he'll need to maintain his strength for killing demons.

>> No.77526831

Has he shit his pants before?

>> No.77526834

Definitely sounds like some PC plan.

>> No.77526838

Guts and Mithrun is a crossover I could get behind.

>> No.77526840

More than likely unfortunately.

>> No.77526847

So, to a halfling wanting to marry a rich dwarf is like a human girl wanting to romance Legolas. Makes sense
and to dwarves humans are like an uncomfortable race of short-lived twinks and tomgirls much like elves are to us

>> No.77526854

Elves don't poop, silly.

>> No.77526861

Oh yeah, it's also mentioned in the following strips.

>> No.77526877

Something about elves taking shits is a mystery. Even a halfling with acute hearing has never actually heard Marcille make any sounds when going to the bathroom. Perhaps they teleport the shit right out of their bodies?

>> No.77526898

Tallmen are like freakish inbetweens of dwarves and elves that also happen to be huge. It's quite disturbing. They need to make up their fucking mind.

>> No.77526915

Yeah. He’s Farlyn’s brother so it’s not too surprising. Farlyn even tried to teach him before, but she’s kind of bad at teaching magic. Marcille tries teaching him healing magic in some of the earlier chapters and he takes to it like a duck to water. He just needed a good teacher.

>> No.77526927

elves might be into coprophagy and eat their feces like rabbits to help digest all that plant fiber. being thin like that i doubt they have a complex and sizable enough digestive track for ruminating enough food to maintain themselves.
So i think that elves poop but the poo doesn't always stay around for long

>> No.77526936

It's Falin.

>> No.77526959

In terms of life expectancy it goes like this, right?
>halfling < tallmen < gnomes < dwarves/elves

>> No.77526972

>no sense of right and wrong!

>> No.77527028

Well his only remaining desire was to, and I quote, “kill the fucker (the demon)”. It makes sense killing is the only thing he can put any passion towards anymore.

>> No.77527032

Anyone have the page where we see how shredded the kobold from Kabru's party is when shaven?

>> No.77527043

>>A gnome-style one.
What's gnomish about a windy tower?

>> No.77527070

Must be referring to just the style of its architecture and perhaps the size of doorways and other things are based around gnomish height.

>> No.77527072


I like that shirts that Marcielle and Falin have. Very fitting. Also Falin is pretty busty.

>> No.77527086

Falin is thick, she enjoys her food.

>> No.77527094

Falin apparently weighs 65 kg

>> No.77527191

there was a page in Ride-On King that explained how elves had so much magical power AND they're lack of shit, they used a secret technique to turn their shit into mana

then the secret got out

>> No.77527201

Please do not post isekai-trash like this on /tg/ or in dungeon meshi threads, thank you.

>> No.77527226

anon it's a pretty good isekai, the protagonist is the martial arts loving President of a small Eastern European country whose appearance is based on Vladimir Putin.

Also instead of a truck killing him, he killed the truck.

>> No.77527253

If it's isekai, it's shit, and I'm ashamed that you think you're welcome in Dungeon Meshi threads. Fuck off to /a/ I'm sure there's a Frieren thread for you to shit in.

>> No.77527262

>it's shit
So it's what's inside Mithrun's pants?

>> No.77527276

You're much more of a problem than that anon.

>> No.77527284

Sounds like trash, goodbye.

>> No.77527289

Why did Kui sketch Marcille looking so amazed here?

>> No.77527293


So Otta is the lower right square of the bunch.

>> No.77527295

Sounds like hell. I mean imagine clearing Thistle's dungeon but with no party members taller than Senshi. So no Laius, Marcille, Kabru, Canaries, etc. Goddamn gnomes.

>> No.77527297

Yes I'm sure that in your deranged isekaitard mind people having standards is the problem. Sorry that I give a shit about quality in the stories I read.

>> No.77527301

that's cool, you don't have to like what I like

>> No.77527315

She's looking at my collection of shitty elven literature.

>> No.77527323

Her enhanced halfling senses now hear EVERYTHING that's going on under Kot's covers at night.

>> No.77527424

Otta is a dude.

>> No.77527425

Now that the thread's falling off, what happened to outsider?

>> No.77527450

Nah, a few chapters ago she was referred to as a "her" and her official entry lists that she's a woman. She's a lesbian elf that only goes after female halflings.

>> No.77527460

Frieren isn't isekai you dumbass.

>> No.77527481

It's a native isekai. You can tell by how much it pisses the readers off to be called that way.

>> No.77527498

>why yes I am a nogame bunkerchanfaggot, how could you tell

>> No.77527506

Are you not aware that Outsider has managed less than 200 pages in like 12 years?

>> No.77527509

>native isekai
lol what is this unbelievably stupid term?

Frieren has about the same number of similarities with generic isekai as Dungeon Meshi - i.e. they both take place in relatively standard fantasy settings based on games.

>> No.77527510

It was also listed that the canaries had 3 males and 3 females.
Otta is totally a dude and I bet its one of those weird flexes by tranny translators.

>> No.77527528


>> No.77527530

Had a lot of pages recently, then covid meant Arioch had to focus on other shit for a while.

>> No.77527533

I am also aware that he'd settled into a regular monthly pace for a good long while and hit a critical mass where updates could pretty much carry his cashflow.

>> No.77527544

You're the same dude shitposting about isekai huh

>> No.77527550

People like you are legit retards. You realize that Now and Then, Here and There is an isekai, right? Meanwhile, stuff like Goblin Slayer manages to have all the typical isekai problems while not being an isekai.

>> No.77527557

I need a high res of that.

>> No.77527568

>It was also listed that the canaries had 3 males and 3 females.
That was only an assumption fans made based on this image.

>> No.77527586

Yeah yeah, how about you go back to reading your manga about a hero party called "the hero party" that defeated a "demon lord" and where people introduce themselves by "Hello, I am [profession] [name]". How does it feel to be part of the reason the fantasy manga gnere has gone down the gutter?

>> No.77527591

>native isekai
I see that since /a/ didn't have a proper dump thread the autism seeped right in here.

>> No.77527598

Gender: elf.

>> No.77527607

Anon, by that logic Lord of the Rings is 'native isekai'. Think before you type.

>> No.77527623

Or returned to its roots

>> No.77527627

You realize that the notion of a hero and a demon lord is far, far older than modern isekai, right? Modern isekai steals it from Japanese TTRPGs, which is what Frieren is actually based on, much like Dungeon Meshi.

>where people introduce themselves by "Hello, I am [profession] [name]"
There's like two characters that do this, one of which is a minor character that appears in two chapters.

You a dumb nigga.

>> No.77527629

as opposed to the Laios party that is off to defeat the dungeon lord who is greeted by a Dwarf named "Seeker" in Dwarvish

>> No.77527632

Don't listen to the shitters anon. Isekai Putin is a good read.

>> No.77527645

How would Isekai Putin fare if he were a member of Laios' party?

>> No.77527649

LOTR was a major inspiration for the RPG isekai/native isekai rip off, I'm not going to hate on the steak because it eventually turns to shit.

>> No.77527673

>he thinks isekai invented demon lords

>> No.77527684

In DM all these elements have perfectly natural explanation, even with minimal worldbuilding. There's nothing in isekai. It's just the desire to write a fantasy story without actually trying to write anything original, so you go with the standard template. You can tell by reading Frieren there's a very distinct lack of effort in the way the characters are written, how the art is drawn, and how the story progresses.

>> No.77527687

>where people introduce themselves by "Hello, I am [profession] [name]"
you mean like this?

>> No.77527694


>> No.77527711

That's their jobs though, and they're in the dungeon, which is their workplace.

>> No.77527722

>Lockmaster Chulchalk
This is like a Soviet translation.

>> No.77527728

He's a nonsensically powerful monk that also has high MP. Can fight creatures larger than the red dragon bare handed and is a great leader that recognizes the strengths of those around him and how to work as a group.

He honestly a good fit for the crew and his autism for riding on fantasy creatures matches Laios' autism for eating them. Dude would absolutely suplex a dullahan to ride his steed.

>> No.77527738

they are literally greeting themselves almost the exact same way the anon described

>> No.77527756

Interesting, could you quote the part of my post where I said that isekai invented demon lords?

>> No.77527757

>Since we started staying at this halfling village, all the young women have been watching me take my morning bath.
>I wonder what I'm doing wrong?

>> No.77527758

>and where people introduce themselves by "Hello, I am [profession] [name]".
They solved this in real life by making [profession] and [name] the same thing.

>> No.77527766

>autism for riding on fantasy creatures matches Laios' autism for eating them.
Dear lord, imagine:
>fascinating, I can't wait to eat that monster
>Not until I ride it first!

Or Falin:
>oh my god my sister is so cool
>oh my god I want to ride her

>> No.77527779


OH! Chillchack is the one who conjured handsome!senshi.And all his daughters will probably want to to bone Senshi. Interesting.

>> No.77527803

It's funny how they rip on Laios for supposedly not being able to judge things correctly when all of their memories of him are so poor that they're immediately distinguishable

>> No.77527808

I think that anon is referring more to stories where characters don't have actual names and instead their title is their name. I don't share his autism but it's noticable for LN derived manga/anime adaptations. Pic related is a good story overall but it does this for literally every character.

>Or Falin:
>>oh my god my sister is so cool
>>oh my god I want to ride her
I want this joke image so badly you have no idea.

>> No.77527846

to be perfectly honest people in real life did that too

The name "Smith" straight up comes from being a blacksmith. Fletcher from making arrows, Trump (English, not German) from playing the trumpet or making them, Baker for baking, Butcher for chopping things up. There's also Cook, Fisher, Sawyer, Archer, etc.

But yes Isekai generally speaking does do it to a more egregious extent.

>> No.77527891

>Long story short, Laios was the most accurate of everyone, yet they all jumped on him because he got irrelevant details wrong. It's sort of sad, really.
It's just what they're comfortable discussing. Everyone sort of adds details based on their preconceptions of the person, at times not even so much of what they know them from but from their racial traits. It'd be awkward to point out how Senshi perceives elves as these wierd overly operated blowdolls or how Chilchack thinks Senshi is a total hunk. But everyone can just point out how Laius keeps forgetting meaningless details, so that's what they all immediately address. Laius isn't the type to go "Well what about you?" either.

>> No.77527900

>In DM all these elements have perfectly natural explanation, even with minimal worldbuilding
So, the same as Frieren then.

>> No.77527927

In Frieren this is simply due to laziness. There is nothing in Frieren that shows any effort in anything whatsoever.

>> No.77527957


Kui, to me, comes off as someone that's more open/thoughtful, and I feel like it allows her to make a more interesting world, which I appreciate.

>> No.77527976

>I think that anon is referring more to stories where characters don't have actual names and instead their title is their name
This is cancer, but he's talking about a manga called Frieren at the Funeral, which doesn't do this. Again, everything he accuses Frieren of is applicable to Dungeon Meshi - things like the areas of the world simply being called "Northern Continent" or "Island", things like obvious riffs on standard RPG classes existing, etc.

What sets things like DM and Frieren apart from most isekai is 1. the characters are all from the world, 2. things like levels and classes aren't things that actually exist as mechanics of the world, and 3. the writing is just generally far better. I'd say there's also a lack of animeism in general in both; i.e. characters do not have secret named super moves, most fights just involve the characters either employing basic skill or creativity, etc. Neither manga is focused on how powerful the main characters are either.

>> No.77527984

>Japan are particularly bad for inserting their country into their fantasy worlds.
yeah when that shit happened in Attack on Titan where the Not!Japan was the only foreign ally the protagonists had it made me roll my eyes.

>> No.77527999

>Physically fit, confirmed handsome as every race
>A great cook, a good teacher
>Diplomatic, empathetic, cares about others; concerned for Chilchack when he thought he was a child
His fashion sense is lacking but other than that Senshi is pretty much the best husband/dad candidate in DM.

>> No.77528011

Elves are just really feminine
One of the Canaries people mistook for a girl despite being shirtless is a absolute pussy slayer as a human
And Misurn is literally he-man as a human

>> No.77528012

His obliviousness to his own good looks is also cute.

>> No.77528013

>a literal convicted criminal
>non-negative light
Shut up, stupid.

>> No.77528023

Your post makes no sense unless you believe it, because if you knew that demon lords were not invented by isekai, you would have to be a truly irredeemable backbirth to imply that having something like that makes a thing isekai. Or you'd have to be disingenuous to the extreme.

So, are you a deceptive retard or a misinformed retard? Your choice.

>> No.77528029


All surnames, all based on professions. In the past such things had meaning.

>> No.77528031

>Defending a manga written and drawn by people who don't give a shit
>Being incapable to differenciate between not developing a setting because it's not important to the story and not developing a setting because you really can't be arsed to have one original thought.

>> No.77528048


She's already a cute as a dwarf.

>> No.77528062

>What sets things like DM and Frieren apart from most isekai is
Not being isekai for starters?

>> No.77528067

>rabidly attacking a manga for no reason
>being incapable of articulating your points

>> No.77528068

>Your post makes no sense unless you believe it
So in other words, I didn't say it, and you made it up.

>because if you knew that demon lords were not invented by isekai, you would have to be a truly irredeemable backbirth to imply that having something like that makes a thing isekai
True, which is why I put it in relation to several others things, put into the context of manga.

>So, are you a deceptive retard or a misinformed retard? Your choice.
Do you really have to call people retard when you get mad at them for no reason? I didn't say what you claimed I did. There's no reason to lash out on me, I'm not the one making stuff up.

>> No.77528076

That's literally the first point in that post, yes. Keep up nigga.

>> No.77528090


I would risk it all for human Sisuhime. And most versions of Pattadoll. And The Dwarf girl in Kabru's party, basically all versions.

>> No.77528094

>I didn't say it
You said something that necessitates either you believing it, or you being a liar. Everything else in your post is you unsuccessfully trying to weasel out of this.

>> No.77528113

I think my point is quite clearly articulated. There is nothing in Frieren that is the same quality as Dungeon Meshi. Since I do believe that the manga must have some talent of his own I can only concludes a difference that great is due to the fact he really doesn't give a shit. Considering you are defending the manga for him I would say he was right. What exactly do you like in Frieren? Is it the art where everytime the characters visit any place it's drawn with perfectly straight lines and streets, with each room being perfect shapes? Is it the characters and the four expressions they've shown so far? Is it the story. What's your opinion on the demon arc? Do you actually believe that the way the demons were written made a good job at painting them as natural born deceivers?

>> No.77528120

I can't tell if you're the native isekai autist or not. My mistake.

>> No.77528130

Just stop. I am feeling second-hand embarrassment for you.

>> No.77528141

>You said something that necessitates either you believing it, or you being a liar.
No I didn't. I can beleive that in this day and age mangaka using the demon lord/hero party/RPG mechanics and all that stuff with very little originality is a staple of the isekai genre. That doesn't mean I think isekai invented it.

>Everything else in your post is you unsuccessfully trying to weasel out of this.
Isn't it what you're doing? You're still putting the blame on me for somehing you completely made up.

>> No.77528144

>When i die just recruit my daughter to fill my position lol.

>> No.77528160

>Stop having standards, I am embarrassed for you.

>> No.77528200

Peter means rock. Someone has rock for a name.

>> No.77528210


They all have that CUTE nose, stop talking shit about my insecure waifu.

>> No.77528214

Well it was pretty obvious since Marcille was the only one that thought handsome Senshi looked off and Laios' Senshi was pretty blatantly outlined as the one with the basic clothing mistake.

>> No.77528228

>There is nothing in Frieren that is the same quality as Dungeon Meshi.
I actually agree, Dungeon Meshi is better. But Dungeon Meshi is easily one of the best manga of the decade, so this is essentially meaningless. Additionally, your point wasn't that Frieren is worse than Dungeon Meshi, you implying that it is is just you trying to backtrack. You said that it's isekai, and that it has nothing good in it, both of which are incorrect.
>What exactly do you like in Frieren?
Excellent character writing that takes its time and doesn't spoonfeed. Great use of timing a paneling to denote movement. A world based on TTRPG tropes that doesn't use things like levels and the like, and makes coherent sense. Good balancing of self-contained stories with the overall arc of the series, where one feeds into the other well and shows the character progression well.
>What's your opinion on the demon arc?
Not my favourite arc, but pretty good.
>Do you actually believe that the way the demons were written made a good job at painting them as natural born deceivers?
It does a good job at painting them as human shaped predators.

>> No.77528229

Oh I remember this.
A manga whose whole deal was essentially "lets subvert some fantasy/rpg-cliches" had no right to be this good.

>> No.77528238

>handsome senshi looked off
Marcille CONFIRMED shit taste

>> No.77528256

>elves are a proud and noble race
>we are not babies!

>> No.77528259

You dont have any standards tho and you are talking out of your ass.

Every time an SJW makes a judgement of character about someone it can be applied to himself.

>> No.77528261

It's funny how everyone except Senshi went
>But Senshi has always been handsome
when she said that.

>> No.77528267

And I remember that author for giving me the world of Moral Reversal. I wish the Non-h version would update more frequently.

>> No.77528289

Goblin Slayer has no isekai problems because it's not a fucking isekai you drooling imbecile.

>> No.77528292

>I can beleive that in this day and age mangaka using the demon lord/hero party/RPG mechanics and all that stuff with very little originality is a staple of the isekai genre
Something being common in [thing] doesn't mean everything else that has some of those elements is the same as [thing], that's complete stupidity. Frieren isn't even unoriginal with this stuff. The hero is not the chosen hero nor da strongest, the demons are just overgrown magical animals, etc.

Again, you're showing either and astounding lack of knowledge or an astounding deceptiveness.

>> No.77528300

not to mention her succubus was almost as ridiculous as Laios'

At least Laios' was something pretty clearly openly known about, Marcille's was just chuuni shit she kept hidden

>> No.77528325

>> No.77528332

Thanks again for always posting this, /tg/.

>> No.77528336

>It does a good job at painting them as human shaped predators.
Considering they're supposed to work through trickery this is a complete failure because only complete retards would fall for it.

>> No.77528346

It does. Haremshit, characters with flat generic personalities and essentially no development whose only purpose is to orbit the MC, vidya mechanics like classes being tangible elements in the world... these problems obviously aren't unique to isekai, but they are the problems that make most isekai bad.

The other anon trying to pretend that all isekai is definitionally bad is truly retarded though. I imagine he's just a kid who never saw Escaflowne, NATHAT, etc.

>> No.77528351

>Something being common in [thing] doesn't mean everything else that has some of those elements is the same as [thing]
Yes. But in this case, it is.

Frieren isn't even unoriginal with this stuff. The hero is not the chosen hero nor da strongest, the demons are just overgrown magical animals, etc.
Oh, so that's how low you've placed the bar.

>Again, you're showing either and astounding lack of knowledge or an astounding deceptiveness.
How is anything I said deceptive? You're the one constantly putting lies in what I wrote.

>> No.77528368

They're not though. They're primarily meant to work through power. The only reason they can even maintain a society is through strict power based hierarchies and they obsess over magical strength. Trickery is just the only way they interact with humans.

>> No.77528412

>But in this case, it is.
No, it is not. Isekai does not mean "there's a hero and a demon lord." It means a story about a character being placed in a world that is not their own. There are hundreds of isekai that do not have demon lords or heroes or anything of the like.

Additionally, heroes and demon lords and such aren't even bad story elements. It all depends on how they're treated, and Frieren plays its tropes well. The plot isn't even really about these things though.

>How is anything I said deceptive?
You're pretending that one thing is another thing.

>> No.77528461


I can fix her!

>> No.77528484

You dont remember the edit of him fondling Marcille's ear?

>> No.77528498

The funny thing about this is that demon lords aren't even common in isekai. People have just gotten used to the idea of them because there were two big harem based isekai recently that featured them.

Most of your basis bitch fantasytrash isekai involves a guy going to generic fantasyland, having some kind of cheat skill, and then collecting loads of slaves and or waifus while trying to maintain a low profile but smashing the shit out of all the biggest dick characters of the world effortlessly. This repeats endlessly until the manga is canceled.

>> No.77528515

Built for BDC

>> No.77528561

>No, it is not. Isekai does not mean "there's a hero and a demon lord."
No, but when something has a demon lord and a hero party in 2020, it's basically isekai. Quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it's either a duck or wants you to think it's one.

>You're pretending that one thing is another thing.
You're the only one doing that

>> No.77528585

>No, but when something has a demon lord and a hero party in 2020, it's basically isekai.
The dumbest take imaginable. Literally ignoring reality in order to stretch a point.

>> No.77528594

>No, but when something has a demon lord and a hero party in 2020, it's basically isekai.
that's the dumbest take I've heard so far
that's like saying that if something is wet and transparent it has to be water

>> No.77528620

IIRC Chilchak has some kind of guild responsibilities with the halflings. But also, that kind of makes sense as a halfling in a group with elves and dwarves? If the rest of your party is going to live x10 as long as you, maybe training up a kid as a replacement is a good idea.

>> No.77528633

It also allows his family to continue receiving income from the contacts he's made. It's just business sense.

>> No.77528635

It's even worse than that, since wetness and transparency are necessary traits of water, whereas demon lords and heroes aren't even particularly common in modern isekaishit. Most of it is just overpowered MCs grinding levels and stumbling around their harem forever with no real direction or plot to speak of.

The guy you're responding to is clearly an underage b& who thinks that one recent isekai with the demon lord protag is what it all looks like.

>> No.77528636


Wouldn't have her any other way.

>> No.77528663

I mean A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court is a very early isekai and that has none of the demon lord shit

that anon just has shit taste

>> No.77528759

>since wetness and transparency are necessary traits of water
Eh, Ice and colored water exist
and are still water, even if not liquid water

>> No.77528815


It sounds like you haven't actually read that and are just hating on it.

>> No.77528848


Except the page we're referring to is treating her addiction not as a sin, but a sickness. Do you think that it's impossible to depict a convicted criminal in a sympathetic light?

>> No.77529178

But it is good?
Why do you hate good things, Anon?

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