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Dorkmech edition

>Deldar preview 1:

>Dark Angels Codex

>Death Guard Codex

>Munitorum Field Manual (Points):

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>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

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TQ: What's your favourite head?

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>TQ: What's your favourite head?

This angry motherfucker.
Gonna scrape the symbol off the shield and use it and the head, along with a thunder hammer and the Jump Pack Chaplain body for my Bangel Smash Captain

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The cyclops beakie from the imperial space marine

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post games

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heres what happened
>all the creative people saw ToW as restrictive so they blew it up
>made aos to be creative and not tied down with lore made 20 years ago
>40k will still exist to make money and marines make the most

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Ps: pic related can actually be upgraded to have more guns and missiles than you see in the picture

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rona made games illegal where I live

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I haven't been able to play games in forever

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The Lord Discordant was one of the better models and undeniably part of what makes me want to collect CSM.
If they made some fast attack melee daemon engine cav in a similar vein i'd be all over like a slaanesh rash

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I mean you could always add the bo missle launchers from the repulsor kit and a stubber with someone shooting it on the turret hatch

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>TQ: What's your favourite head?
Victrix Guard aquilaface. Shame it's only available in a fucking ultras box.

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I only started Warhammer in 9th edition and due to lockdown and moving house have never actually had a game before
I've only been to a Warhammer shop twice and have never seen anybody else's models before irl
What was your first game like anons?

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I had a game this weekend but i took no pics because some of my models and all of his were unpainted.

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the one your mom gives

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Shithole country

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Both Dark Angels and Death Guard do Custodes better than Custodes, for a lower cost and better melee/shooting output.
Competitive mono-Custodes are typically just Allarus bombs with shield spam, as that's the only thing that works at the moment.
What would you do to update Custodes?

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>either the US, Canada or literally anywhere in europe
checks out

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Conscripts > Infantry squads

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I wish my mom gave someone head, she's always tired and lonely.

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>play Genestealer Cults

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Yeah at max loadout it has
>Twin-linked Stormhammer cannon
>Twin-linked Battle cannon
>Demolisher Cannon
>7 Multi-Lasers / Heavy Bolters / Heavy Flamers / Lascannons
>Heavy Stubber / Storm Bolter
>Adamantium Tracks
>Hunter-Killer Missile
In the old days it could take way more upgrades than that as well

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have fun scraping off that much surface detail. Looks difficult as fuck, you'd be better off just getting a different shield.
it's fucking bewildering that you came to the conclusion that every single member of the adeptus mechanicus obsesses over codifying and retaining any and all information no matter what.
You're completely divorced from the setting's consistent tone in the admech's theme, and it shows.
Stop being a slav and go read their past couple codexes.
>better game
>bigger community
>more solid ruleset with some variance, entertaining to fuck around with in low level competitive events
>live in burgerland so nobody bats an eye at my 3d printed tthunder warrior army, my recast deathguard, my hodgepodge mishmash orks, or anvil industries imperial guard that I can switch between
honestly feels pretty good to be a 40king, especially considering the general playerbase of the AoS playerbase in the northern illinois area

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Stop anon you're making me sad. My mom has self-esteem issues and every bodyfriend she's had has been abusive
I just wish my mom was happy - I hope yours is too

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I prefer to run my blade varriants as melee with 4 flamer sponsons

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>play Genestealer Cults
>have excellent miniature line full of detailed kits that are a joy to paint
>don't care about winning or losing because you get to style on paintlets with your awesome minis

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Not even relevant if both armies aren't fully painted

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+1 wound to every unit, damage d3+1on d3 weapons.

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Anons cheer me up. Not many models left to paint and short on money so wont be able to buy models for a while.

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>have fun scraping off that much surface detail. Looks difficult as fuck, you'd be better off just getting a different shield.
Maybe, but I figure the Fist itself and the little number logo would just require half an hour's scraping with a knife. I guess I could use another shield though

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My country>your country
My dudes>your dudes

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No games unfortunately, I've been playing a Crusade on TT sim with some friends. My local GW manager wants to run a crusade thing once things are back open here in Britbong, would love to take my small AdMech force and just chat to teens about the lore while they blow up my Skitarii with their Primaris marines.

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(recasts and 3d printing, anon)
perma transhuman like deathwing, and each infantry model counts as 3 obsec models.
Also give their spear and axe bolters assault 3 or 4, S4, ap1, D1 so they have an anti chaff ranged punch to pair with their CC anti elite dick kicking
>pic related

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find your local group on facebook, they should have a discord or facebook group. Lots of people love playing new players because teaching and having fun is better than some turbospergs

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I don't really care if i play with friends, were i to go to a shop i'd go with everything painted.

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Make your own out of greenstuff and spare parts anon

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save the fist shield for if you ever start deathwatch (because you can have a stormshield bro from a fist chapter in a squad) or fists in general

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find some awful models to ebay rescue

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Can't till at least March - it's literally illegal to leave your house unless you're going shopping for groceries or to go to the doctor. Shit sucks but I'm looking forward to my first game.
Kinda hoping the /tg/ horror stories about WAACfags and lgs weirdos aren't true

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-10 vp is a meme

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First ever game was my badly painted Black Reach marines against a friend's Dark Eldar, way back in 5th edition. I didn't know what I was doing and he completely destroyed me.

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Way higher stats. Custodes are supposed to be the elite to end all elite. But with Space marines getting a pretty big power boost in the new edition, they need to be stronger.

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but memes are funny

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>tfw trying to cram multiple gunwagons into a list and refusing to skimp on four big shootas for each
life is full of hard choices

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I know but those extra 10 vp would've won me the game this time

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>like >>77412314 said, better obsec and permanent transhuman on infantry
>make spears flat 2 damage with a double attack profile at s5 ap-1/2 d1 and axes flat 3 damage

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Well yeah but that's on snow. What speed to you reckon a fucking Taurox can do in a muddy field compared to a Tauros?

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I propose Nurgle bound SoB that have the thematic of parasitic plants and toxic flowers.
>Though commonly grown as a hedge and ornamental, all parts of the oleander plant are deadly and contain lethal cardiac glycosides known as oleandrin and neriine. If eaten, oleander can cause vomiting, diarrhea, erratic pulse, seizures, coma, and death, and contact with the leaves and sap is known to be potentially be a severe skin irritant. The toxins in oleander are so strong that people have become ill after eating honey made by bees that visited the flowers.
No reason old Nurgle can't have an eye for the deadly pale beauty of an oleander or carrion plants like the Corpse Flower.

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Not a face, but I really like the design of Skitarii Vanguard helmets. Functional, fashionable, and with enough detail that you can really pick them out. Sallets truly are the sexiest of historical helmets.

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its an 80/20 rule thing. 80% are normal blokes who want to have fun, some slide on the scale of wanting competitive armies and more fluffy ones. You will have the turbospergs but they are isolated quickly and only show up at tourneys.

Also that sucks, is Bongland lockdown really that bad? I've already had the rona so i'm not worried about getting infected again.

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>he doesn't know

>> No.77412434

Nah, I work with most of them anyway in my job and I'm only a few years older than them.

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Sounds really cool anon! I'd love to see that

I love Nurgle conversions but I don't collect a Nurgle army. I've only got a Glottkin model that I'm thinking about covering with green stuff to create a trypophobia GUO, covered in tons of holes that continually leak oceans of maggots and fluid. Actually inspired by a previous 40k thread

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Seems Vect finally handed out the carapace armour.

good to see that the second most technologically advanced race in the setting decided to stop being shown up by the fucking tau empire.

>> No.77412454

fuck that's the first time i've seen the new necron scheme on a real table.

Might have to start working on my indomitus crons

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>do space marines shit and cum?
i ask because my daemon armies fluff is that they can make marines cum, piss and shit themselves in that order
whenever a marinefag plays me it is canon that their entire army shit their pants

so is this lore friendly?

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I stand corrected

>> No.77412468 [DELETED] 

not in events and tournies
>ecks dee chaos sisters
just stop
maybe in your fag country, but in america your average person is at least trying to win their games because overcoming the challenge your opponent is providing is a big part of the fun for anyone with a little spirit.

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>trypophobia GUO

I'd hate that, do it.

>> No.77412474

Fields of corpses interspersed with poppy flowers

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Can a marine player use the Guerilla Tactics stratagem on turn two during the movement phase, and the arrive as reinforcements at the end of turn two?

The wording makes me think yes, but I wanted to make sure I didn't get bamboozled. The marine players here are awful shifty sometimes...

>> No.77412488

Who is the one in the tan britches? He's got adorable hands.

>> No.77412489 [DELETED] 

You know why they had to do that right anon?
mass proliferation of AP1 in the hands of footsoldiers
you know, this place is such a trashfire that I actually got a chuckle out of this post.
Thanks pissbaby

>> No.77412501

Marines don't cum, however your daemons so thats not necessarily a crippling weakness to your army lore.

>> No.77412503

Convert an Ork Metal Slug, if you're so great.

>> No.77412504

>maybe in your fag country, but in america your average person is at least trying to win their games because overcoming the challenge your opponent is providing is a big part of the fun for anyone with a little spirit.
Turnbosperg identified.

If you read my post, that's exactly what i said. Most people enjoy a scale from fluffy to competitive.

>> No.77412506

If fluff actually mattered all Necron units would have a 2+/2++ save anon

Come to think of it, wouldn't it be neat to bring back Phase Out? Back in the old days Necrons would auto-lose if they were reduced to 25% of their army, since they were so strong as a faction. I think that would be a cool gimmick, but GW'd have to make them fucking powerful, and I don't see that happening

>> No.77412518

165 USD for a worse looking giant than KoW

>> No.77412528

rona is infecting more and more people who've already had it apparently
a man who looks like he is in the middle of a stroke was voted in charge and is apparently following the science - but this is after releasing verminous hordes of elderly into care homes which then spread like wildfire
because it was such a political disaster (i.e, his core voting sect) to do that, they are putting the emphasis on care into old people who have no more value to society. the people who are actually useful and not an ever growing drain on resources are not even being offered the vaccine until later
everyone is effectively ignoring the coronavirus' actual threat because nobody trusts the govt so they're getting on with their lives as best as they will allow.
virus is spreading like wildfire
there are now like 15 fucking variants spreading around

on the plus side, it's killing BAME better than anything else, but it's a silver lining

>> No.77412535

>dress shirt tucked into khaki pants
>walking stereotype of a nerd
are they actively trying to repel women?
some of you need to learn how to dress and lift weights, youre making this hobby more shameful than it has to be

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smurf hands typed this post

>> No.77412545

Are they really that bad in 9th?

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>> No.77412553

It makes sense that Deldar would wear light armor. They're raiders first and foremost, not line infantry like fire warriors.

Being fast is more important than being tough when your goal is to get in and get out with prisoners (alive).

>> No.77412556

You don't lose VP for unpainted models. You gain 10 instead.

>> No.77412557

>mass proliferation of AP1 in the hands of footsoldiers

its mass profileration of AP-1 in the hands of space marines with the ability to buff that up to AP-2 quite trivially.

they wouldn't have bothered if it was just fucking gauss flayers.

>> No.77412559

Any HH lorefiends in the thread?

I've only just remembered they tried to make HH as a spinoff game and that the older marks still exist in stock, now I want to make a Chaos army with them and sprinkle in some Chaos marine bitz. What's the actual usage of mk III and mk IV armour though, were there specific timeframes or purposes each were used for? Or should I just mix them up in my squads?

>> No.77412564

no codex so yeah

>> No.77412566

>critiquing another man's fashion sense on a 40k general thread
He just came from church. Stop being a faggot

>> No.77412590

ask in /hhg/
in general: post-heresy you can mix and match

>> No.77412592 [DELETED] 

>drooling over those fathands
Most americans, at least ones that play in public spaces rather than their basements, go for a plausibly fluffy army that's still competitive, with fluff being trimmed back in favor of competitiveness if necessary.
>If fluff actually mattered all Necron units would have a 2+/2++ save anon
explain your reasoning here lol
what tard logic has brought you to the conclusion that fluffy crons are that insanely durable.

>> No.77412594

Is that supposed to be better?

>> No.77412603

That's a long subject and you'd be better off wiki-walking your way to an answer, or better yet: get a dl of an Imperial Armor book since it'll cover that.

It took one aspie long enough to compile pic, I'm not typing all that up for each mark of armor.

>> No.77412616

that logic works right up until you look over the pond at the craftworld aspect warriors all running around with a 4+ standard.

eldar have always had the tech to give everyone carapace, they just haven't had the inclination because pic related.

>> No.77412620

Considering Nurlge's domain is literally a fucking garden I'm surprised more plant-based themes don't come into play in his conversions.

>> No.77412630

God those Drukhari look cool. What are the heads from?

>> No.77412643

the DE biker kit

>> No.77412666

I see you're using that AOS dragon as a proxy, I thought about it.

Looks good

>> No.77412667 [DELETED] 

>old people who have no more value to society
you disgust me
the death and commodified resurrection of community was a masterstroke and I hate it
nah, I just collect 2.5-3k point chunks of a bunch of armies so I can ride edition and codex disasters from safer ships
and best of all, most of it is recast, 3rd party, or 3d printed so it only cost me the equivalent of one and a half armies
>space marines have nearly army wide ap1 minimum thanks to fucking doctrines bullshit
>and also necrons
so like, 60% of the playerbase.

>> No.77412675

>28% winrate

>> No.77412678


>> No.77412685 [DELETED] 

GW isn't in touch with itself to realize that
More fungal growths instead of the tentacles and mouths would have been great for the new deathguard

>> No.77412686

im just looking out for you king

>> No.77412697

>so like, 60% of the playerbase.
Only because no one else has a fucking codex yet.

>> No.77412700

Oh my bad, I didn't realise that was a thing that existed!

I did some light wiki browsing but didn't get many specifics, I'll try delve deeper and grab some IA pdfs.

Thanks to the both of you!

>> No.77412704

>fluffy crons are that insanely durable
The fact that they've been around for literally millions of years, utilising subspace dimensions that not even Eldar come close to understanding, and have powers over the universe that are completely incomprehensible. GW just nerfed them for rules purposes since it would make them unplayable. It stands to reason that if a faction is THAT powerful, the least then can do is give their troops armour equivalent to a DAoT hazmat suit and a force field

It's the same reason why Tyranid Players aren't allowed to have 10 gaunts for every enemy model, despite factions being constantly outnumbered by nids in the fluff

>> No.77412711

aos primary function is to produce models for use as daemon prince or c'tan proxies
the actual fantasy wargame is secondary

>> No.77412715

The best giant model is just using an anime girl figurine as a proxy.

>> No.77412721 [DELETED] 

It's always been that way in america anon, though I'd say it sways from 35-50% depending on how strong marines are at the time
I highly recommend you don't delve into the HH 'novels'.
They're inconsistent trashpulp even by the Black Library's standards.

>> No.77412740 [DELETED] 

Man, the distance you leapt to reach that conclusion is truly inspiring

>> No.77412741

>trips for truth
It genuinely looks more like a Necron model than the actual Nightbringer.

>> No.77412745


>> No.77412761

>bought some AdMech with my GW dividend

That money just goes straight back to me.

>> No.77412762

>eldar have always had the tech to give everyone carapace
I agree*, but my argument isn't about supply capacity, it's about weight.
Special forces running around afghanistan aren't going to look like pic related because they need to be fast and aggressive. Layers and layers of armor are great when you're in buildings, but outside?
Same deal with eldar/deldar. CWE fight most inside their ships, so heavier armor makes sense. Deldar are all about attacking, especially unprotected rural planets, so they wear less armor.

*dire avengers have a 4+, but guardians only have a 5+. Evidently there still isn't the supply to give everyone carapace, but then, guardians aren't aspect warriors.
I guess kalabite warriors got a promotion. They aren't in civilian bodysuits anymore but actual aspect warrior armor.

>> No.77412764

>Implying that a sufficiently advance race can't make armor that is both light and durable.
Eldar having the means to make carapace armor but lighter makes a lot of sense, really.

>> No.77412772

>GW isn't in touch with itself to realize that
>More fungal growths instead of the tentacles and mouths would have been great for the new deathguard
While I agree with you. We are lucky the death guard stuff looks as good as it does. Whatever focus group the normally use for their shit would have been begging them to make them look like Primaris marines with battle damage and the odd tentacle arm here and there. We got fucking lucky, if you ask me.

>> No.77412773

Not him but not really. Necrons went toe to toe with the Old One's and their hordes of genetic creations.

>> No.77412779

Whatever dude. If you're telling me a million-year old race of hyper-advanced aliens couldn't figure out how to make a hazard suit that took humans eight thousand years to come up with, I mean what else is there to say

>> No.77412789

The vehicle that broke /40kg/

>> No.77412796

what are some good colours to use for an army that is subtly influenced/controlled by Slaanesh?

>> No.77412799


>> No.77412817

>knowledge is directly relatable to how physically tough/durable something is
So I guess Feynman was made of pure titanium?

>> No.77412828

Well aren't you a self-important wanker.

>> No.77412829

Not to go off topic, but there's a very good case to be made that vaccinations should go only to those who are primary vectors of transmission. Giving it to old people doesn't help stop the spread. Immunizing front line workers does.

>> No.77412838


I unironically like the raven guard emo heads.

They make great hero faces for Emp Children.

>> No.77412843

Anon, pretty sure the tires are mounted like that to trick enemies into thinking it's an armoured car.

>> No.77412848

Looks a fuckton more practical than anything the Imperium ever came up with. I mean for fucks sake the Land Raider is literally back to front

In terms of tank design the Imperium is absolutely dogshit, worse by far than WW2 tanks in practically every regard. The only decent tanks are the Tauros and the Macharius

>> No.77412851

>what are some good colours to use for an army that is subtly influenced/controlled by Slaanesh?

>> No.77412855

>> No.77412861

go back

>> No.77412862

Blood slaughterers

>> No.77412867

Its actually not

Because wheels are faster than tracks

>> No.77412880

I genuinly don't care if my opponent has female space marines. I don't really give a shit about fluff at all desu as long is the person isn't a wanker.
Go wild is what I say. If somebody wants to stick a storm shield on a chaos lord, who the fuck am I to say no?

>> No.77412882

Theyre so advanced and ancient that they lost their big war and had to spend 60 billion years licking their wounds.

>> No.77412893

And much cheaper and easier to maintain

>> No.77412897

Anyone runs a list with lord of skulls? Any ideas how would he fare compared to knights?

>> No.77412898

Is the 40k app any good?

>> No.77412905


>> No.77412906

Well yeah, but that's because the Old Ones were literally the most powerful force that has ever existed in the 40k universe, and they only lost because
1) Necrons were being aided by Cthulhu-esque C'tan gods
2) Old Ones were infected with psychic space AIDS e.g enslavers
3) Their creations were starting to fight each other (Orks and Eldar for example)

>> No.77412908

Saw someone did tree bases plague marines and made all the bone growth branches with leaves

>> No.77412910


>> No.77412914


>> No.77412916

Have GW dropped the whole "Necrons are post-science" thing they were using yet? Because they really shouldn't be if the example of their greatest space ship and flagship to an entire star empire can still be rammed, boarded and destroyed by a handful of Black Templars.

>> No.77412920

>Is the 40k app any good?
It's getting better, but no. It isn't good

>> No.77412925

The old ones didnt actually fight anyone anon, their weapons WERE their creations (the orks and eldar)

>> No.77412927

Why would you pay for something that's available for free, and better?

>> No.77412935

>Have GW dropped the whole "Necrons are post-science" thing they were using yet?
They themselves never said that, it was always a retarded fan meme.

>> No.77412941

Have an old game because I've had none recently.

>> No.77412951

nobody ever gets cheered up by your drawings, furfag

>> No.77412959

anyone have the Imperial Armor Book about the Badab War, The one that has the lore combined into one book instead of separated one?

>> No.77412975

>implying the necron nobility gave a single ruddy bloody fuck about the safety of the plebs.

The cruelty was the fucking point anon. The reason warriors and immortals don't have better armour is because necron society was so heavily stratified that most nobles didn't even treat lowborn like people.

Pre-biotransference necrons have a lot in common with humans in setting desu.

>> No.77412976

I would do the reverse and use the CSM kit as the base and sprinkle in mk3 and mk4 bits due to how the newer CSM kit has changed. The lore difference for the different patterns is somewhat negligible.I think mk3 had a bit more armor in the front and less in the back. Really would say just go for style.

>> No.77412979 [SPOILER] 

Fucking bug men

>> No.77412985 [DELETED] 

You both do realize that the necrons have billions upon billions upon billions upon billions of warriors right?
They don't need to be turbo strong uber boys made of the toughest bestestest stuff if they're basic brainless pawns that are incredibly easy to repair and still extremely resilient, right?
Their characters could do with being a little bit tougher and that's about it.
>posts an impractical and overcomplicated design that was tried by a couple nations and near immediately given up on
They were made so the tanks could drive around on roads without issue lol
(that's because they're based on ww1 and interwar designs as well as trying to make game pieces rather than model kits with complex suspensions back in the late 90s)
and also why the malcador is so god damn sexy
have you heard of sisters of battle?
>kill the old ones
>kill their own gods
>foresee the eldar killing themselves with their depravity birthing slaanesh
>decide to go wait it out instead of chancing it toe to toe
For what is time, to those that are ageless

>> No.77412986

>Emperor's own bodyguards charging the Silent King on jet bikes

Very aesthetic

>> No.77412987


>> No.77413003 [DELETED] 

decently neat, though the scale is off with the wraithknight being that big

>> No.77413008

>exposed brains

Is there some fluff reason why they don't get shot to shit by lasguns? Do they have a forcefield or something?

>> No.77413017 [DELETED] 

did you draw a fucking political cartoon about this shit?
Jesus christ dude

>> No.77413026

Aspect warrior armour is basically a latex bodysuit with how flexible it is and has no effect on the speed or manoeuvrability of those wearing it.

Banshees are wearing Carapace but manage to be faster than Kabalites senpai.

besides the eldar are basically post scarcity, the only reason deldar go on raids is because they need a constant supply of torture puppets.

>> No.77413029


I agree with you about it being sexy, but I can't forgive a turret that doesn't rotate.

>> No.77413040

This is wrong on so many levels it's not even funny.

Gatekeepers are the real parasites considering they actively kill a work.

>> No.77413047

The Malcador is pretty sexy, but it has a number of huge glaring design flaws that make it pretty shit even by WW1 standards

The Macharius on the other hand has a lot of the same flaws, but is much better proportioned and generally the sort of tank a seriously inexperienced tank designer could have come up with, rather than the screaming retard that came up with the Land Raider design

>> No.77413049

>TQ: What's your favourite head?
I really like the blade guard ancient helmet, used it for my judicia. The knightly faceplate and iron halo fits my black templars well.

>> No.77413070

all forms of brainbugs have a constant warp field around them, it used to be a psychic power back in pre 5th nids but now its just a baked on invuln

>> No.77413082

Eh it's traverse-mounted, so it isn't that bad. In terms of practically it easily eclipses shit like the Leman Russ, which quite literally cannot fire it's own main gun

>> No.77413083 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77413088

This, expect with Orcs.

>> No.77413090

>they don't need to be turbo strong uber boys made of the toughest bestestest stuff
They done *need* to be. They just happen to be both, lorelet.

>> No.77413108

Fuck you, gatekeeper. I've seen your misbegotten kind ruin countless franchises.

>> No.77413109

Considering they keep out people who want to fundamentally want to uproot the setting and alter it, I don't see how they are the ones actively killing a work.

>> No.77413114

Why can't it fire the cannon? Sorry I'm an infantryfag, not a tankfag so anything remotely complex engineering wise is lost on me.

>> No.77413118

why can't it fire its own gun?

>> No.77413129

and ive seen you degenerate queers ruin more, what of it?

>> No.77413135 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77413139

Projection, much?

>> No.77413153

It strikes me that bone-growth armor could be a decent visual style change for Khorne, blood soaked bone armor respectively of course. Kit out a Khornate Berzerker with a more skeletal worn bone look and stain the armor with some dry blood on the filigree and you could have a nice looking model. Bonus points if the under armor between the plates is blood red to allude bare muscle.

>> No.77413154

Oh shit, that new BL book got some fuckin moments...who writes this shit?

>The Dark Mechancium builts a gigantic gun made out of Bones, with the ring at its centre, that, for lack of a better description, shoots Ghosts at people. It uses the Souls of the Billions upon Billions of people buried on Gathalamor as fuel to fire extremely potent shots of Warp-energy that can destroy an entire fleet with one shot. As a side-effect, it causes the Souls of those buried on Gathalamor to manifest as vengefull spirits that will attack everything they see.

I thought souls just go to the warp to be eaten by daemons, not stay for centuries...

>- Despite the Custodes efforts, the sorcerer and Cult-leader manage to flee Gathalamor with Bucharis Ring. Outside, the leader of the Imperial Knights is killed by the Commander of the Iron Warriors mechanized Troops, who seems to ascend into Daemon-Prince status because of it (and hears a voice saying "Iron within, Iron Without" while he transforms), then orders the rest of his brothers to retreat.

Perturabo now decides who of his sons gets promoted to daemonhood...or chaos gods are fuckin around

>> No.77413155

>they just haven't had the inclination because pic related.
I mean, there's also the fact that non-soldiers aren't going to be trained in how to properly move and fight in heavier armour. Or is that bringing too much realism into what is obviously a gameplay abstraction.

>> No.77413160 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77413163

Yeah, I tried two HH books, one was fun but the other pretty trash, and in general I'm one of those that would rather keep the HH mostly a mystery anyway so I stopped.

>due to how the newer CSM kit has changed
How do you mean? The end result I was aiming for was a more subtly Chaos look, something almost like Alpha Legion but not so clean.

>> No.77413164

gatekeeping is the only thing that helped any niche thing ever survive.

>> No.77413167

id rather have 100 "gatekeepers" trying to keep 40k unique than 1 dweeb who wants 40k to change to fotm political movements.

Take a cursory look at MTG if you want a case study in ruining your IP.

>> No.77413197 [DELETED] 

That's kind of the point of its design being an anachronistic throwback to ww1
It's not a good design. It's a /cool/ design that looks strange and neat.
All current MBTs fall into 2 general categories and that's boring as fuck. I love the malcy.
moderate gatekeeping is important and healthy for literally every group. The only people who don't believe this are turbocommodified retards
The vanguard party is necessary because of people like you and I hate it.
living metal is already very strong because of its maleability and repairability, not because it's capable of taking more damage than a fucking tank at all times. You're delusional if you think they should be 2+/2++. Cron warriors have always been portrayed as a bit tough but possible to drop with some lasgun fire.
The thing is
They usually get back up again
correct, essentially

>> No.77413203

Could you share the process of how you did your bases step by step?

>> No.77413213


That doesn't make sense and everyone knows it,

They established the 60 mil thing with them having wiped out life and the C'tan making everyone go night night so the livestock could repopulate

They had to asspull some reason to make nucron lore fit with that number,

>> No.77413217

Not all light armor is equal

>> No.77413232

The Leman Russ turret is fucking terribly designed, and is the worst part of the model by far except for the suspension, which applies to pretty much all 40k tanks
1) The turret is wayyyy too tall, and the cannon can't be lowered to the correct angle to engage most units except at extreme range. It's also a massive target
2) The cannon cannot easily be loaded except via an auto-loader due to the small width of the turret, meaning it would be exceptionally difficult to reload during battle, especially with such a small crew
3) The recoil on the main gun would blow the turret off like a can opener every time it's fired, making the entire tank obsolete since it cannot fire it's main gun without destroying itself
4) The cupola is situated directly above the firing mechanism, and due to the width of the shells and the size of the gun itself, it would blow the commander's legs off each time the gun was fired
These are only a few of the many problems with the turret alone

In conclusion: The tank is a massive target, it can't aim at anything, it can't be loaded very easily, it destroys itself every time it fires and it kills whoever sits in it

>> No.77413234 [DELETED] 

Honestly, it's really impressive how thorough a psyop america has run in order to create idpol retards that do this shit.
Mkultra never stopped
We only found out about it because they lost a single box of files for years so it wasn't purged.
gatekeeping is necessary to the survival of something's soul, but anathema to further commodification and profit off of it.
Sorry anon, it's the system we're stuck in

>> No.77413235


>> No.77413245

Maybe their light armor gives 4+Sv. They are the last remnants of the true eldar empire after all.

>> No.77413259


>> No.77413275

$$$ then. Always $$$
Soul is for pussies that need to cling to things they love cause they have nothing left

>> No.77413280

No, you never did. Stop pretending otherwise. You disingenuous liar.

Gatekeeping is at best incredibly childish, at worse actively killing a property.

>> No.77413294

I would rather have neither. But gatekeeping doesn't fix that in the first place since all it
does is just make it easier for people to create the exact kind of bad pr necessary for a company to make the changes you despise.

>> No.77413295

By far $195 vs $35 AoS pay piggies will defend this.

>> No.77413310

Imagine actually thinking this. Lol holy shit, titty skittles must melt your brain.

>> No.77413312

>Gatekeeping is at best incredibly childish, at worse actively killing a property.

Yes anon, wotc's about face into identity politics certainly has made MTG a better IP

>> No.77413320

Gatekeeping is a necessity.

>> No.77413328

>Gatekeeping is at best incredibly childish, at worse actively killing a property.
Painfully, horrendously incorrect

>> No.77413334

No, what they do is they scare away people until the property and discussion surrounding it is bottom tier garbage. Then it dies because there are no new fans.

I've seen it countless times.

>> No.77413352

They could have just as easily said that the Necrons went to sleep to avoid the impossible to stop creeping insanity the Outsider psychically brings while in any star system as the its only C'tan still at large and at full strength, considering the Outsider is also the thing the nids are running from/ being directed by, depending on who you ask.

>> No.77413353

>says the people who think they are the "in" crowd and gets mad if they aren't catered to constantly

>> No.77413354

>I thought souls just go to the warp
yes and unless they are "merged" with the emperor the most likely outcome of their fate is to fall prey to other warp predators. This never meant it was a sure thing just the most likely outcome.

>> No.77413358

The primary comparison is MTG. MTG is a shitshow at the moment because of trying to appeal to changing political landscapes rather than having a singular telos for their IP.

>> No.77413372

Only if you want to destroy the thing you love. Which is all it accomplishes.

You can't gatekeep politics, you moron.

Imagine spending any time and not understanding gatekeeping is a cancer.


>> No.77413373

What's the most widespread lore misconception in 40k?

>> No.77413381

>I've seen it countless times.

Name them

>> No.77413382

I'm a nid player, I don't get catered to. My faction is used as a jobber in most of the lore as a Worf stand-in.

Gatekeeping is required.

>> No.77413383

That the emperor is alive.

>> No.77413386 [DELETED] 

>britfags can't into tanks
the funniest part is that their professional tank designers also struggled with their anglo blood

>> No.77413394

This, exactly fucking this. Fuck these people, they will destroy everything they can get their hands on if you let them. For no other reason than because they demand to be catered to exclusively.

>> No.77413406

that its the best GW system/setting

>> No.77413413

how does it feel having nothing to love anon?

>> No.77413416

When has gatekeeping ever ruined a franchise?
im not even sure how gatekeeping could destroy a fandom.

>> No.77413417

What a shit take.

Stop trying to make this a /pol/ nigger us vs them divide.

Even non-political observers can see obvious pandering to niche issues is distracting and ruins immersion. These hobbies exist for escapism. Embrace it.

>> No.77413418


star wars, thundercats, she-ra, mtg, voltron, the list goes on and on

stop ruining shit people have interest in make your own shit and wallow in it you filth.

>> No.77413419

>What's the most widespread lore misconception in 40k?
That Tau could actually exist in the setting, and weren't just injected in as a half assed attempt to attract the Asian market into the hobby.

>> No.77413420

Dropping in with a new volume of Potentiam Gigantio. This is an armoury/vehicle book for the FFG 40k RPGs, which contains every single non-Gargant vehicle in the Ork motor pool.
>What, all of them?
Yes, all of them. I have scraped old issues of White Dwarf, the original Epic rulebooks, Gorkamorka, and a million other sources; from Luggas to Spleenrippas to the Weirdboy Tower, it's all here.
There's also an elaborate random-generation system to allow you to create Looted versions of any vehicle already within the FFG games, providing basically unlimited possibilities for making weird Ork tech, plus a full array of statted Ork vehicle upgrades and modifications.
After a year and a half in development, hopefully it's worth the WAAAAAAGH.



>> No.77413422

it is 100% its best setting unless you're going to say something like Blood Bowl is instead then I will give you a pass.

>> No.77413429

That 40k isn't set on a single planet
That "daemons" aren't just native xenos
That "psykers" aren't just people with weird technology
That the Imperium isn't pretending that it controls the whole galaxy (lol) to keep people in line
That there are more than a few million people in the entire Imperium
That the Emperor ever existed
That Primarchs aren't just normal humans that everyone else is a scrawny, mentally-deficient midget

>> No.77413431

It's basically what's happened to most video game franchises.

>> No.77413439

Nothing will ever be appreciated or be appealing to everybody, thats just a naïve pipe dream. All you end up with is a bland mess nobody really cares about rather than something a smaller group of people really enjoy.

Fuck off elsewhere rather than trying to change things to fit you

>> No.77413444

>[Faction] are the good guys.
There are no good factions in 40k. There are good intentioned individuals though.

>> No.77413448

>primarchs are normal humans
>everyone else is just british

>> No.77413449

>considering the Outsider is also the thing the nids are running from/ being directed by, depending on who you ask.
Citation needed

>> No.77413450

>You can't gatekeep politics, you moron.
Imagine missing the point this hard. Brainlet please go

>> No.77413454

Name them

>> No.77413456

How would you redesign the Leman Russ then? A lot of sci fi tanks look impractical but cool, kinda curious how they'd look if they were made to be more practical

>> No.77413467 [DELETED] 

Liberals are such tools lol
There's so many of them I don't know where to start

>> No.77413469

The tuskinators for chaos termies

>> No.77413474

>Star Wars.
Star Wars was killed by its fandom being unpleasable twats.

Still perfectly alive.

> thundercats, she-ra, voltron
Literally shows for children.

>> No.77413477

is there a model kit of that thing?

>> No.77413484

>Star Wars was killed by its fandom being unpleasable twats.
This immediately outs you as one of those.

>> No.77413485 [DELETED] 

Ah, I see you too dream of a perfect world without creativity and art and passion.

>> No.77413486

>You can't gatekeep politics, you moron.
Ironically true considering most politicians used to be lawyers and you don't need to be literate to be a politician. Pro tip: I'd rather my politicians know how to read the bills they pass. If that means competency is gate-keeping, so be it.

>> No.77413488

Whatever yankee, don't make me go 1812 on your ass

>> No.77413494


It's ok guy;s he's just pretending to be retarded

>> No.77413498

Jesus lol, you could just told us you're retarded. We would have just taken your word for it.

>> No.77413499

The Mechanicus being unable or unwilling to innovate/invent
That could be old lore, but it's a bit more complicated. The Ironstrider engine for example is an example of innovation. Other tech priests killed its creator out of jealousy, and now nobody knows how to turn them off

>> No.77413501

>Because wheels are faster than tracks
*more efficient
Also they don't churn up paved roads.

>> No.77413506

Yeah, they totally kicked in your door, took your books and models and burned them.

>> No.77413510

yeah but they do abandon the material realm.
And those fuckers used souls from 5 thousand years back. They should be digested and shitted out long ago

>> No.77413512

That the Emperor of Mankind was ever human to begin with.

>> No.77413518


Almost anything makes more sense than
"The race of hyper advanced, REGENERATING beings, now with C'tan shards at their disposal, AND having just defeated the old ones, decided hit snooze for 60 million years because infant level Eldar and Orks scared them "

>> No.77413520

The loreletism in this post is giving me whiplash

>> No.77413524

Asians don't play Tau, weebs do.

>> No.77413526 [DELETED] 

by your tard logic none of the myriad small alien empires and civilazations repeatedly referred to in setting could exist either.

>> No.77413534

How does it feel to love pastic yoys and having your love raped every now and then by faggs and fat neckbeards?

>> No.77413535

I have played no 40k RPGs and so cannot offer any useful feedback, but know that your autism is appreciated. Godspeee, anon.

>> No.77413537

>Star Wars was killed by its fandom being unpleasable twats.
It was pretty obviously killed by a terrible reboot franchise that pandered to identity politics and had no central arch.

>Still perfectly alive.
there's literally been an exodus of players from mtg because of terrible WOTC decisions from rules and political pandering

>thundercats, she-ra, voltron
>Literally shows for children.

Stop liking things i dont like

>> No.77413540

Asians play ig, weebs play tau.

>> No.77413554

what the fuck does this even mean?

>> No.77413555

My favorite 40k theory. Shame it's all but deconfirmed, but the DAOT Superweapon origin is kino.

>> No.77413559 [DELETED] 

but anon, that's why you actively make the populace a bland thoughtless mass who will consume any bland drivel you shit out because you slapped pretty colors on it

>> No.77413566

I don't need to dream it. I live it <smiles>

>> No.77413585

I can live with the lack of new models in most cases, but the thing that most turns me off to playing a Xeno faction is the idea that I could be waiting literal years to get to play by 9th edition rules. I really don't understand the staggered release of army rulebooks. They should have all that shit ready to go when they claim a new edition of the game is coming out.

>> No.77413589

But that's not why they did the great sleep.

They did it because they have unlimited energy through enslaved c'tans, and could outlive the entropic death of the universe.

>> No.77413596

1) Better suspension - currently the Leman Russ would get stuck going over a small patch of rubble. Even WW1 tanks didn't make that mistake. Raise it up by a little bit, make the chassis a lot shorter

2) Remove the pintle-mounted weapon and sponson weapons. They aren't needed and they make the tank a larger target, as well as being near-useless

3) Lower the chassis gun so it's closer to the ground and therefore more useful. Also the idea of a flamethrower on a tank of this kind is laughable

4) Move the commander's cupola to the left or right and expand the turret significantly, whilst also flattening it. Make the primary gun smaller and expand the back of the turret so it can carry ammo, rather than having it reload from the hull. Make the primary gun able to move up and down more easily

Basically make it closer to a mordern day tank, though I wouldn't want to do this for a game perspective since it makes sense that the tank is outdated and crappy. That doesn't mean it doesn't have to have some kind of reasonable design though

>> No.77413605


>> No.77413616


The fact that we have to pay for rules makes this that much worse. Even AOS gets some free rules, but not only do we have to pay for rules, but we even have an app we have to pay for so we can pay for rules.

>> No.77413618

I cannot wait for the guard range refresh.

They have so much potential as >>77413596 points out.

>> No.77413620

>but they do abandon the material realm.
not always the case, look at Saint Celestine for example. It is entirely possible for a soul to continue existence in the warp, highly unlikely but possible.

>reading BL

>> No.77413640

god the mechanicus is such a shitty stupid faction why would anyone want to associate with such a shitty stupid faction

>> No.77413652

Because they're cool

>> No.77413659

Sharp increase in the tranny raids here, what's going on?

>> No.77413663

You don’t have to believe the Horus Heresy books are canon

>> No.77413666

They did this with the indexes in 8th with mixed results.

>> No.77413672

>*more efficient
Making them faster for any given powerplant

>> No.77413685

the amerifats woke up

>> No.77413694

>I cannot wait for the guard range refresh.

>> No.77413705

the problem was indexes were objectively weaker than an army with even a subpar codex

atleast if you have rules from 8th you have something like harlequins or custodes

>> No.77413710

Working from abroad, haven't had the pleasure to play this edition.
How are the new Necrons? Is it still possible to play them as an alpha strike army with the Deceiver? How good is the new monolith?

>> No.77413718

What red did you paint your blood angels (I'm asking because no offense it kind of looks bad and I want to avoid it. Nothing to do with your painting skill just that color is REALLY off)

>> No.77413722

>It was pretty obviously killed by a terrible reboot franchise that pandered to identity politics and had no central arch.
It died in the same manner Marvel/DC turned to shit they let hacks without skill continue writing with little to no editorial oversight to the overall narrative.

>> No.77413725

west coast woke up*

>> No.77413737

it seems kinda nice. Brighter than the usual sourpuss BA red. Needs a wash though

>> No.77413739

Necrons are high tier, new Monolith is a subpar LoW which is just shit with the new force org

>> No.77413741

>haha he actually cares about how he presents himself

Fuck you.

>> No.77413752

I'm the necron player. He said he painted them the night before with contrast and then cleans them up from there.

>> No.77413757

>tyranids are going to have to wait 2 years just to get nerfed even harder than they already have been

>> No.77413758

Finished Gates of Bone. Does anyone want to read the spoilers and lore?

>> No.77413761

Even if Americans are 40% of 4chan population, they make 100% of the off topic political posts. It really makes you think, doesn't it?

>> No.77413762

I would recommend that you try not to be consumed by fear and live your life (because you will be healthier and happier as a result) but you're probably a little to far gone at this point

>> No.77413772

I love the idea of having Guard, only thing really stopping me is having enough projects at the moment. AdMec drains my wallet enough at the moment
Seeing a new, somewhat more realistic tank would be pretty interesting. In lore it could just be a recovered STC that can't take sponsons or pintle weapons, but it's cannon is a beast

>> No.77413774

I don't get why people use "tranny" as an insult. It kinda implies all trans people are the same. It's like if I said "oooh we got a cis raid going on here". It's not really an insult it's just a weird thing to say

Besides, there are some good trans people and bad trans people. It's actually embarassing when people try to come up with insults for trans people because 99% of terfs and transphobes have never met a trans person irl, so they just see pictures of some fake news pedo drag queen or a perverted crossdresser and mistake them for a legitimate trans person. Most trans people you would never know they're trans

Anyway, can we get back to talking about Warhammer 40k?

>> No.77413788

>literally shows for children
he says in a thread about a game made for children between 12-15

>> No.77413791

Yeah post 'em

>> No.77413792

Sure, post it here as well.

>> No.77413793

>unironically bragging about burning a target the was intentionally left defenseless
quintessentially British

>> No.77413794

The whole assload of shamans dying and becoming one psychic super soul from the old fluff suggests that the Emperor is a Warp manifestation because the Warp is where magic powers come from and those shamans wouldn't have been able to perform the ritual to become the Emperor without said magic. So TL;DR the Emperor is another Chaos God and everything is a work because humans have done nothing but empower Chaos and expand the hold of the Warp on the material plane.

>> No.77413802

I'm thinking of printing a Warhound titan. If I can do it for under 7 liters of resin, I'll have done it for cheaper than just buying it straight from FW.

>> No.77413805 [DELETED] 

>larping as a soulles shekelhoarder
based and funpilled
can you shut the fuck up about trying to make an obviously intended ww1/interwar aesthetic into a modern MBT?
Literally just use a 3rd party model if that's what you want.
as if this shithole has been anything but shitposting for the past decade

>> No.77413808

Well nobody gonna fuck you, except when you go fuck yourself. Or your Guard army

>> No.77413820

Post models troon

>> No.77413822

Stop being rational. We are being bombarded by a bunch of 3rd rate shitposters, that's all.

>> No.77413828

Necrons are very strong at the moment.

Max scarab spam with 5++ from 3 chronomancer is so OP it might get nerfed.

Their shooting is decent but their melee is very strong. Wraiths and skorp destroyers are monsters in CC and can get t1 charges off easily with custom dynasty 6 inch move.

Deceiver is good but nightbringer is clearly the best at the moment.

Monolith is bad because of LoW change. I have a feeling they will FAQ this out sooner than later.

>> No.77413837

I have a question about the Vostroyan regiment trait. ''Units with this doctrine can add 6" to the maximum range of Heavy or Rapid Fire weapons they fire which would normally have a range of 24" or more.'' The ''Heavy or Rapid" in this rule would imply i have to choose, but i have seen people say you get +6 inch range for both heavy and rapid weapons. So lets say i have a Demolisher Russ with a Storm Bolter, do i have to pick which one of the 2 gets the bonus? Can someone clear this up for me?

>> No.77413838

This is poorly made and a misuse of the extreme doomer jack

>> No.77413842

like >>77413725 said, its currently 8am in california, so all the west coast queers just woke up

>> No.77413844

It is cause no one wants to be one.
The same with every ethnic slur out there. We would rather be dead than be <choose your sexuality, nonexistent sily gender, nationality, race or ginger hair color>

>> No.77413851

Can you still do alpha strikes with the Deceiver tho? My whole army used to be a gimmicky list that teleported half of my forces right up the opponent's face with the Deceiver ability and the Veil of Darkness

>> No.77413852 [DELETED] 

Necrons are A tier and can stand against all the other big boys currently
The monolith is unusable because they made it a superheavy in an edition that they've killed superheavy use
No he was right, it's americans in general. Obsession with idpol runs hot and high by design across the entire country, red and blue both.

>> No.77413855


>> No.77413857

I have 26 models in transports and 21 in reserves.

>> No.77413859

I mean, indexes were necessary because 7e rules didn't translate to 8e. By contrast, all armies are playable in 9e. Hell, some of the top tiers are so with only theyr 8e codex or that plus a PA. But the gap between the haves and have nots is broader than ever.

>> No.77413860

Fucking americans. Put your animals on a leash please.

>> No.77413862

imagine going from a global, unipolar power to a backwater island in 100 years.

bonglanders pls go

>> No.77413865

>do i have to pick which one of the 2 gets the bonus? Can someone clear this up for me?
you do not have to pick. you get both all the time

>> No.77413872

>The ''Heavy or Rapid" in this rule would imply i have to choose
it does not

>> No.77413877

Retconned. The newest Siege book says that the Emperor was the first shaman/psyker. He was the first human/perpetual to develop psychic powers.

He is Bsing. The only thing the Outsider has to do with the Tyranids is that in 3rd edition Hive Fleet Leviathan avoided the Dyson Sphere containing him by a long distance.

Souls can be bound to the Materium by either sorcery and in this case FAITH.

>> No.77413878

If tranny isn't an effective insult then it wouldn't be a no no word banned by trannies.

>> No.77413884

titans are one of the most frequently bragged about prints, and can all be done for <$150 worth of resin, so i say go for it
bonus points if you go full autismo and upscale the nu titanicus warmaster to 28mm

>> No.77413885

It applies to both heavy and RF, the LRBT would get +6" on both.

>> No.77413888

we put them in a containment state, it's the best we can do right now

>> No.77413892

Why do you retards always use hyperbolic irrelevant strawman's to draw away from a concrete point.

They don't have to literally break into my house and destroy my old shit to ruin a hobby.

>> No.77413903

10/10 terrain feature

>> No.77413906

I dress like this when playing 40k because i am married and want to repel women. I don’t need skanks getting wet when they see my 3rd edition Dark Eldar on the table top and Audi A5 convertible in the parking lot.

>> No.77413932

California was the leash, but now that they figured out its literally communist shithole and they hate it theye started fleeing to AZ and Texas

>> No.77413934

You can't have psykers without the Warp anon.

>> No.77413938

>Put your animals on a leash

Give them some time, 40% do it on their own.

>> No.77413950

>Star Wars was killed by its fandom being unpleasable twats.

No, it was killed by shit movies and terrible direction you fucking retard. You're literally one of those twitter niggers blaming the fans for poor merch sales when they produce shit like TLJ and I can't even remember the name of the last movie it was so bad and forgettable.

>Still perfectly alive.
Define "alive"

>Literally shows for children.
That doesn't make it "not ruined" though, and it's even worse that radical ideologies are shoved into childrens faces.

>> No.77413951

Dawn of Fire: Gate of Bones spoilers + lore here.


>> No.77413953

the most practical "concept" tank in scifi wargaming is probably the UCM tanks from dropzone commander. sort of the other extreme from the leman russ in terms of how the idea of tanks in space could be approached. it's notable in that the setting is, other than its aesthetic sensibility, very 40k-like. lots of rule-of-cool, humans vs aliens battles, excuses to have things like human infantry and aerial dogfights even though far future, etc. They just approach from a totally different direction to 40k in terms of what they think looks and seems cool. 40k designers on a fundamental level have a boner for WW1 and interwar tanks, battleships, and rivets. DZC commanders on a fundamental level have a boner for those "future war" articles you'd see in popular science magazine in the 80's.

This thing reads like a tank commander's dream of "perfect MBT":
>future materials allow it to be armed and armored as a main tank despite small size
>rubber composite track is nearly impossible to disable and allows it to be both fast and relatively quiet
>one man crew, assisted by multiple niche AIs and dozens of cameras / scanners for 360 degree awareness and superhuman reaction times
>light weight allows for air easy air insertion, turret folds flat so you can stack a whole squadron in a single aircraft
>super low profile (driver is prone in a couch in the center of the vehicle) allows it to take advantage of any cover tall enough to hide infantry
>main armament on folding armature that lets it peak around or over cover to fire without exposing the hull
>metallic hydrogen fuel cell and the compactness of railgun ammo allows operating without resupply for extended duration

>> No.77413975

Okay? What's your point.

>> No.77413979

The project kinda started off when I realized that instead of buying a Guard Army, I can just do this instead. I was gonna print a Guard army, but the more I think about it the more I want to make a Warhound. Then we'll see what to do after that.

I'm not that good of a 3D modeler yet, and I want to start small.

>> No.77413981

What's the book about?

>> No.77413985

I love it when people pretend SJW's ruining shit isn't real, it always inevitably goes from that to "well it was a good thing".

You need to be gatekept out of the hobby.

>> No.77413990

Don't forget Montana and Colorado.

>> No.77414001

>unironically using the term terf

>> No.77414006

The loser that wrote that doesn't even mean it, he just like to get it's giggles out of the replies.

>> No.77414009

Thanks. I made a couple of those out of empty spray cans for infantry LOS-blockers. It was a fun explanation to my friends at the gun range that we're going to shoot at empty spray cans to model battle damage onto them.

>> No.77414011 [DELETED] 

>the most corporate consumerist hellhole in the country is communist
braindrained, as all americans are.

>> No.77414015

See >>77413951

>> No.77414021

Gatekeeping is the only thing that keeps any community alive faggot, YOU are the one that's ruining it

>No, you never did. Stop pretending otherwise. You disingenuous liar.

Progressives ruin tons of shit all the time constantly, you are literally peddling bullshit and arguing in bad faith if you are saying otherwise.

>> No.77414028

So now that the price has been lowered, anyone using the GW 40k app?

>> No.77414033

they stopped going there as much a while back once they realized the housing market is still turbo fucked thanks to muh weed

>> No.77414034

The Warp is not benign. If the Emperor was the first human psyker, he's directly empowered by Chaos as the Ruinous Powers would not exist without the Warp.

>> No.77414035

How good are Admech right now? Will play against them this week end but I never faced them in 9th edition.
I play Orks

>> No.77414045

>hold an entire planet with less than twice the amount of soldiers that stormed Normandy on D-day

>> No.77414051

Never. Shit should be free with how much plastic are we buying collectively.

>> No.77414052

>corporate consumerism isnt just practical communism under a different boot
okay, retard

>> No.77414062

>Cater to a core loyal fanbase
>Water down your setting/franchise into something it's not in order to appeal to as many mouth breathing retards as possible

Your train of though is how shit goes down hill quickly, even without taking politics into account.

If you look at what happened to WoW and tell me what your suggesting is the way to get you need to fuck off and drink bleach.

>> No.77414063

Beep boop fuck your tank

>> No.77414064

>I don't get why people use "tranny" as an insult.
Because trannies are gross.

>> No.77414065

Honestly most gatekeepers are faggots who think THIS IS THE ONLY CORRECT WAY TO PLAY and therefore should just suck a dick and go die.

That said, people crying how 40k's lore/rules/models aren't inclusive enough and should be changed so people can get into it are retarded too. Why won't you just go do something you enjoy instead of trying to change something you clearly don't enjoy?

>> No.77414072

I've had to work with an MtF tranny, treating that dude like a woman while he was rocking a 5 o'clock shadow in a dress just made me feel sorry for the guy.

>> No.77414079

"commie" with "" . These fucks don't know how is it to suffer under real communism.

>> No.77414082

>the most corporate consumerist hellhole in the country
That's New York. California is such a shithole there's an exodus to red states.

>> No.77414090

The point of gatekeeping is so that the people who demand change are actual players. Imagine if we took a bunch of 40k players and made them play something like heroclicks obviously the game might not be for them so the changes they would want might alienate the existing fanbase

>> No.77414094

A close RL friend of mine just came out as an MtF trans a few weeks ago as well. So far all I've had to do is remember their new name and hope they'll come to their senses before they start getting hormones or doing anything else they'll regret later.

>> No.77414106

Sci-fi writers have no sense of scale.

>> No.77414117

>California is such a shithole there's an exodus to red states.
But they bring their blue politics with them.

>> No.77414124

It will be a mess when the male generation reaches the unavoidable hair loss wall. When your entire life is so dependent on your looks, that wall will destroy you. It's a real shame.

>> No.77414128

>I don't get why people use "tranny" as an insult. It kinda implies all trans people are the same.

Yes, insufferable

> It's actually embarassing when people try to come up with insults for trans people because 99% of terfs and transphobes have never met a trans person irl,

I have, a few in fact. Zey pretty much nail every stereotype and whine about suicide

>so they just see pictures of some fake news pedo drag queen or a perverted crossdresser and mistake them for a legitimate trans person

Maybe you should have gatekept the trans community more then. Because when your basic ideology is "identify as whatever you want fuck biology" then guess what you're going to get

>Anyway, can we get back to talking about Warhammer 40k?
>Let me make a controversial statement then demand no one responds.

>> No.77414134

They're decent. Cawl's castle is still scary but they struggle a bit with large objective games.

>> No.77414152

My friend's twin became a MtF tranny in high school. He was obvi a bit nuts, didn't look at all like a woman and was still into women. For awhile I thought it was just a way to get closer to girls, but he's legit delusional lol

>> No.77414154

That's funny because the only reason Californians evacuate their containment zone is to avoid their fucked housing market, only to end up fucking the housing market of wherever they go next because that market immediately skyrockets. They're the human equivalent to Tyranids consuming everything where they end up and driving out locals, or leaving them with nothing.

>> No.77414155

>Honestly most gatekeepers are faggots who think THIS IS THE ONLY CORRECT WAY TO PLAY and therefore should just suck a dick and go die.

That's mostly WAACfags

>> No.77414161

Because progressives are retarded and base their entire worldview on what is trendy in academia and corporate news.

>> No.77414182

>I play Orks
You're gonna have a tough time against admech, depending on how many of the new units he has, but its still doable. Remember though, your faction has a less than 50% win rate in a tournament setting

>> No.77414187

Splinter rifles need the Ap-1. I hope they get a +1 to wound against T3. That would help balance the hoarde clearing ability we lost with splinter cannons

>> No.77414189

If they put a white dude in Chinese looking armor there'd be a vox article about it.

>> No.77414202

The other states can cope with new housing development though. I still can't believe the state San Francisco and Oakland are in when i flew there for business in 2019. It was worse than Africa.

>> No.77414206

so my local tau player doesnt paint and keeps his models in plastic ziplock bags. he says if they break he'll reglue them on the spot

>> No.77414220

>skanks getting wet when they see my 3rd edition Dark Eldar
must be they never tried to assemble any then
fuck the tiny ass contact points on those metal hellions forever

>> No.77414235

You're local tau player has no heart, and a cold chest.

>> No.77414241

Stereotypes exist for a reason.

>> No.77414253

I hear way more complaints about comp games and WAACfagging than I do competitive players complaining Crusade exists

>> No.77414263

Very communist of him. At least he's feeling his faction.

>> No.77414270

>What would you do to update Custodes?
- The shitty 6+++ against psychic MW is just a plain 6+++
- Shield Hosts get access to specific rules
- Captain-Commander traits cost points instead of PC
- Warden gets the equivalent of Disgustingly Resilient instead of a 6+++
- Guardian spears are D2 and provides +1 attack like the Venatari spear
- Axes are D3, including the Watcher's Axe
- Lastrum bolt cannons are D2, as a super-heavy bolter should be
- Solerite gauntlet get the usual -1 to hit malus, but is flat D3
- A decent generic melee relic
- Pyrithite and Adrastite spears are upgrades for SC, Guards and Wardens

If we got that, a regular SoS HQ and a decent new Custodes vehicle, I'll be a happy man.

>> No.77414295

From tonight, 2840 nids vs necrons

>> No.77414300

God I miss playing DZC.

>> No.77414303

>-Kar-Gatharr visits Lokk with a bottle of ‘Olympian slozo. They share it together before Lokk realizes this is a farewell visit. The power that Kar-Gatharr had taken into himself will be his end. Lokk is distraught at the prospect of losing his dear friend and protests Kar-Gatharr's decision. Kar-Gatharr explains himself by saying that he needs this power to match the Custodes, but there is another reason for it. Abaddon will win the Final War, but it must do according to the will of the gods. Victory must be won correctly; it must be done with faith. Abaddon doesn't honor the gods. If he wins the throne as he is now, seeing himself superior to the gods, then the gods will strike him down and subject mankind to living hell. For humanity to ascend to glory at the side of the Chaos Gods, Abaddon must be made to see the truth of Chaos. . It's the Word Bearers duty to ensure that Abaddon submits to Chaos and make his victory the right one.

If Abaddon doesn't give a fuck about Chaos, then why did they make him their ultimate chosen?

>> No.77414317

>2840 nids vs necrons
I don't see that many models on the table though, maybe a couple dozen. Certainly not in the thousands

>> No.77414323

i just hate all ugly people and the trans community falls solidly under that label

>> No.77414329

He's the best compromise they can reach.

>> No.77414341

My favorite head ever, wish I would be more common.

>> No.77414353

How meme is it to play Epidemius in a DG army? I like Daemon Engines more than terminators, I was thinking allying a Nurgle detashment lead by Epidemius to a standard DG army would be kind of fun. Problem is, Epidemius' model is shit and I don't know how to convert it.

>> No.77414355

Camo adaptation

>> No.77414359

>From tonight, 2840 nids vs necrons
That terrain is fucking awesome.

>> No.77414367

why do they insist on the topknot
he's not my warmaster while it exists

>> No.77414369

oh god you post this image in every thread find another image goddam

here, find some new images:

>> No.77414378

Xenos vs xenos is peak 40k

>> No.77414381

Same bro

>> No.77414388

Because he's the one that's been/will be most proactive in using their powers to bring ruin. He will relent. Everyone does. That it happens in a day or 10 millennia is irrelevant to them, because the warp is timeless.

>> No.77414399

if that was true you definitely would not have picked miniature wargaming as a hobby, you disingenuous shitter.

>> No.77414423

These two, probably friends on a discord raid server, playing a role, raising a false flag.

>> No.77414427

>The monolith is unusable because they made it a superheavy in an edition that they've killed superheavy use
Can't you just put it in the same detachment as Silent King and basically get it for free?

>> No.77414442


>> No.77414445

Abaddon is secretly the Chaos Champion of Malal/Malice.

>> No.77414449


>> No.77414466

But then how would you know it was him?

>> No.77414480

You'd have to take two superheavies with the SK to get that detachment. Also only knights refund superheavy detachments.

>> No.77414487

Am i the only one who thinks the new Slaanesh range looks like shit?

Not even trying to AoS vs 40k shitpost.

>> No.77414489


>> No.77414494 [DELETED] 

>communism means whatever I want it to mean because communism is bad and therefore cali is communist!
honestly this country brainwashed itself to this point and deserves the death its getting
neither do you
It's so fucking annoying that these guys can't literally just look up a few stats about ww2 to get a sense of scale
they've been brainwashed even more than your average american for easier 'buy product, make noise, cause division'

>> No.77414497

you're the only one

>> No.77414504

You don't like pink?

>> No.77414511

yes you are the only one

>> No.77414524

>implying the Necrons didn't get a revamped range

>> No.77414526

It’s not tyranids without multiple lictors bringing in 30 strong gaunt bombas

Also camouflage as anon says. But unironically as I’ve painted the nid terrain in my scheme. here’s my army btw.

Thanks it’s been my goal to make a jungle deathworld for my tyranids since starting the army. Getting closer now then ever.

It’s pretty entertaining at least.

>> No.77414537

>Possessed box is just a conversion kit for normal CSM
>but they still have the manlet cup and ball torsos that don't fit together with modern CSM

so wtf do I have to either slice up modern CSM or find some spare manlet legs?

>> No.77414539

God. This is really making me want to start AoS. Im so tired of 80% of 40k releases being marines

>> No.77414542

yea, but then again you probably think the primaris look sweet

>> No.77414555

Not even trying to be a snarky faggot i just dont see what everyone is gushing over.

>> No.77414556

You're probably the only one. The dudes in the bottom left are sick af

>> No.77414560

Honeslty, even though I still think Diaz Daemonettes are still unmatched this new range is top tier.

>> No.77414566


wait never mind I'm retarded

>> No.77414575

im planning on picking up the seraphon underworlds box next month

>> No.77414576

Fear the primaris paypig. Look at how his twisted mind works.

>> No.77414578

>implying i'm not a necronchad

>> No.77414579

these aren't daemons you tool

>> No.77414585

you are such a pussy im glad they are ruining what you like. Good for them

>> No.77414586

Now Kabalites get TWO S3 AP0 attacks....thanks GW!
Wondering how Heavy 3 is better than Rapid-fire 3. I assume that they'll get some rule that being mounted makes it assault? Otherwise I don't know why a highly mobile army would take heavy weapons.

>> No.77414590

Second for that terrain being awesome... And that invisible lictor with Bloodstains is based as fuck too.


>> No.77414591 [DELETED] 

please don't call identity politics academia
that shit is laughed at in countries that haven't gone insane
there's one taufag and 3 marinefags that do that at my flgs
that's like 1500pts~ anon, because you'd have to take a 3rd superheavy

>> No.77414608

That Palanquin is dope

>> No.77414610

And? It's still Slaanesh.

>> No.77414615

>If Abaddon doesn't give a fuck about Chaos
if he didn't give a fuck about chaos he wouldn't make use of its powers and boons

He's just delusional. It's a typical trait in chaos characters.

>> No.77414619

Why isn't anyone discussing the fact that Gate of Bone ends with servants of Abaddon getting their hands on a weapon that can kill the Emperor?

>> No.77414632

>Grumpy ol'Colquan playing music
The mental picture is hilarious. The Custodes seem to be interrestingly portrayed, I'll probably read the book for more insight about them.

>> No.77414633

>please don't call identity politics academia that shit is laughed at in countries that haven't gone insane

Academia is completely saturated by identity politics in America. No one cares about your shithole country.

>> No.77414637

and that's like comparing a tank to a squad of infantry, it's different types of models

>> No.77414642

Not according to ADB.

>> No.77414645

>invisible lictor

>> No.77414647

Since when its a conversion box?
Jst build those ugly bois like the box shwos you to

>> No.77414654

>getting their hands on a weapon that can kill the Emperor?
What is it?

>> No.77414666

I don't actually care for most nulore, i'm just here to see how retarded they're gonna get from the recaps.

>> No.77414677

>Grumpy ol'Colquan playing music

>> No.77414687

Because its an empty threat. GW would never let a BL author kill the Emperor so who fucking cares. He could have every blackstone fortress in the setting and I still wouldn't care.

>> No.77414695

It's in the spoilers.

>> No.77414696

>t. guardsman n°234, moments before his death.

>> No.77414702

Required posting
I like is books

>> No.77414717

Andy Clark is noty a BL writer. He is a GW studio writer that's just recently trying his hand at writing novels.

The Dawn of Fire series is being written as a joint project by BL and GW studio.

>> No.77414739

why would I be concerned about data redundancy on a discord server you weirdo

>> No.77414748


a dignitas-stone fortress

>> No.77414749

As long as he shills for chaos and BA and fucks up Bload Ravens (worst chapter ever) he's good in my book

>> No.77414755


>> No.77414799

I thought he wrote shroud of night and such then he was hired to write the 9th BRB then got a promotion to phil kellys old job as phill got promoted

>> No.77414808

Anyway I’ll post a few highlights as since my opponent and I are both pretty rusty and the size of the game we only got br1 done, so had plenty of time for pictures.

Thanks anon the invisible lictor is in this game being used as deathleaper.
I styled him 100% after the predator complete with fluro ichor.
These are the fexs on my left flank along with walkrant. Grey but not unpainted!

>> No.77414824

I have 3000 points of painted blood angels that I started back in august of 2019 and I still havent gotten a game with em

>> No.77414867

I mean, it's thematic and makes them doubly effective as guardsmen in combat, which is neat.

I'm not saying it's good on the tabletop and they'll still get wrecked by anything, but I like it.

And I'd say that the cannon being heavy is for "balance" but considering what Primarines have, I doubt balance was anywhere in the mind of whoever designed that.

>Calls other countries shitholes
>Admits to being an American

You can't see it?

>> No.77414868

are fortifications allowed in combat patrol?

>> No.77414876

I thought that NL triligy was a-ok but after reading Lords of Silence there's even no comparison. Still there were good items like portrayal of khorne focused raptor cult. But in the end Talos & the gang are mediocre.

>> No.77414887

Because bl stories are written like Tumblr tier fan fiction.

>> No.77414891

Nah, I also think it looks bad, but I've never been a fan of the tranny shit.

>> No.77414901

>Calls other countries shitholes
>Admits to being an American

>> No.77414925

t. shit taste
pic related is peak good taste for you isn't it

>> No.77414941

Don't suppose you'd have the STL for the lictor?

>> No.77414959

I mean honestly america is doing better than everywhere else. Still a shithole but better than the likes of Europe or the Anglo sphere.

>> No.77414963

>Marines organized like a mob instead of in orderly squads

>> No.77414975

>Custodes and Primaris fail to win the day
>Sisters with their faith powers save the day
>The last part of the novel says that the faith powers of t he sisters are becoming the greatest weapon in the arsenal of the Imperium.

How long will GW continue to suck off and wank the sisters?

>> No.77414984


>> No.77414989

After a few years of playing against primaris, manlets look out of scale.

>> No.77414995

Read Lord of the Night for a good NL book

>> No.77414996

looks how retarded space marines look next to primaris

>> No.77414999

t. tranny

>> No.77415007

>why did they make him their ultimate chosen
Because he controls the largest army of Chaos Space Marines and because he eliminated anyone else who could fulfill the role. The fact that he won't pledge himself to them also makes him a lot more stable, which has allowed him to survive in the role for so long.

>> No.77415013

So have space wolves had their ragnarok with hive fleet jormungandr?

>> No.77415014


>> No.77415016

Exactly the reason why it's terryfing

>> No.77415035

But it's a matter of time before he betrays them and uses their own powers against them.

>> No.77415036

I knew I was right, marine shit has bad taste
news at 11

>> No.77415047


>> No.77415048

Lol, the level of cope.

>> No.77415055

They didn't though.

>> No.77415063

while wanky, psychic awakening at least set up why.

>> No.77415078

t. triggered snowflakes
Seethe harder.

>> No.77415087

You're not right, but you are a tranny if you think it’s impossible for people to not like tranny stuff.

>> No.77415096

Until people stop asking for female space marines

>> No.77415097

which book?

>> No.77415113 [DELETED] 

>the american admits his dogshit country is a shithole while simultaneously saying no one else matters and that they're the shitholes
honestly americans are pottery.
rip in peace anon, I'm sorry
you're fucking delusional if you actually believe this or more accurately brainwashed
I was hoping about sisters getting to share posterboy status because it would deflect twitter tards, but in typical GW fashion they can't help but make it all retarded

>> No.77415128

...God I wish when we had to draw our own conclusions and read into hints and suggestions as to what was happening instead of having stuff spelled out for us.

>> No.77415133 [SPOILER] 

Lol, cope more faggot.

>> No.77415137

Eurofags bristle at how irrelevant they are. Europe's best days were 200 years ago. It's really easy to talk about how you have socialized medicine when you don't pay for your own defense.

>> No.77415140

Faith and Fury

Basically the collective faith in humanity having demonstrable effects on the warp, including the summoning of a new type of Greater Daemon of the Emperor

>> No.77415143

It makes me laugh that leftists can't come up with their own internet culture so they just stripmine their enemies vernacular.

>> No.77415169

>letting America live rent free in your third worlder head


>> No.77415170

hey guys, i'm trying to get back in 40k are there still codexes online other that dark angels and death guard?

>> No.77415175

Wow, glad I didn't buy it, seems pretty gay.

>> No.77415177 [DELETED] 

the irony of an american saying this is painfully extreme
look around you anon
have you been paying attention? American hegemony is dying. It's becoming more and more stratified. Povery and division increasing every day. Life expectancy is falling.

For fucks sake anon, they're bringing back company towns next year.

>> No.77415179

the best days weren't 200 years ago, read a book

>> No.77415182

Guess which chapter i'm going to paint on these guys

>> No.77415188

>Pure Tyranids
Sorry to hear about your numerous, catastrophic losses across hundreds of battlefields and all major wars.

Your paint job looks pretty alright, though, and that terrain is great.

>> No.77415190

>the american admits his dogshit country is a shithole while simultaneously saying no one else matters and that they're the shitholes
Except thats not what he said, at all. Some strange projection you have.

>> No.77415202 [DELETED] 

>imagine laughing at the euro for this
>literally 'haha my country doesn't have accessible healthcare cuz we fund yours!'
Fucking self L retard.

>> No.77415208


>> No.77415210

wanna know how much I pay for college per year? 400 euros
But hey you got many subs and fighter jets

>> No.77415211

Marines Malevolent

>> No.77415218

Pic is my left flank, unfortunately most of these brave pant thieves failed to survive the first turn thanks to massed everything fire. My opponent played through 8th edition and Has ptsd when it comes to em.
The goofy guy on the left is built from left over bits and greenstuff. I’m using him as a ‘red terror’ - he was actually pretty good! Flew across the field and somehow managed to swallow a wraith.
Makes me think though, what Happens if red terror makes his swallow whole check and the enemy passes Rez protocols?
Sorry anon I’d love to share but this ones actually an old old recast made from chinesium.

>> No.77415223

You better paint those fleshtearers well enough to make Seth proud.

>> No.77415224

Yet still better than the rest.

Other nations need to try harder.

>> No.77415229

>bringing back company towns next year


>> No.77415233

Yes. It's easy to afford education when you're a client state of the U.S.

>> No.77415244

Well yeah but that's always the case with everything. The Chaos Gods are sneaky cunts who calculate that into their plans. In any case, he isn't using their powers. The last battle of Cadia showed that being blocked from the Warp doesn't even slow him down. The only Chaos thing he actually personally uses is the sword.

>> No.77415254

If it was up to us we'd cut you guys loose. But no the zog wants us to protect you faggits so they can go skiing.

>> No.77415256

>Being this mad about China taking over your position as #1 superpower.

>> No.77415258

Wanna know how much I paid for law school? 0$

It helps not being a braindead mongoloid and actually having some merit.

>> No.77415262

>switching bulldog helmets for regular marine ones
fuck no

>> No.77415264

Not everyone is a doomsayer faggot like yourself.
Boomers dying will bring an american renaissance.

>> No.77415270

Drill the guns...

>> No.77415277

Those wrists are held pretty faggoty.
It could only be Dark Angels.

>> No.77415288

>wouldn't it be neat to bring back Phase Out
No. Fuck you.

>> No.77415290

>The mountains would disappear if the USA didn't protect us poor europeans
Cool beans.

>> No.77415293

>It helps not being a braindead mongoloid and actually having some merit.
nah if ypu're a gay trans black handicapped person youd get it for free too

>> No.77415306

to americans 200 years ago is ancient history

>> No.77415310


>> No.77415326

>believing the china meme
me LMAOing at ur life

>> No.77415327

No, fuck you. Phase Out was a neat rule and it'd be cool to have Necrons be OP but have Phase Out as a rule again

>> No.77415333

bump, please?

>> No.77415335

European education at its finest. Lol.

>> No.77415340

They could make plastic kits of the HH models and everyone would be happy.

>> No.77415342

Power armour recycles shit and piss into food and drink so Marines can keep fighting. Marines can't come because they have non-functional balls and micropenises.

>> No.77415344

Kor Phaeron said that Abaddon is mightier than Girlyman.

Is it true?

>> No.77415355

The Republicans believe everything should be privatized. The Democrats take huge donations from the education industry and don't want to lose that.

American politics at its core actually is easy to understand but you dumbasses work so hard to try to make your team be the good guys you're never anywhere near on the ball.

>> No.77415362

Doubt it.

>> No.77415367

you don't wanna go there

>> No.77415369

I doubt it

>> No.77415371

Probably not in direct physical confrontation.

>> No.77415374

he's certainly stupider but we don't know how much either of them get on the deadlift

>> No.77415377

the 19th century was the peak of european power. this peaked at 1914. Read a book you retard nigger europoor.

>> No.77415384

depends how deep you want to get into lore,

>> No.77415393

There is a reason you keep being filtered by the retard filter.

>> No.77415403 [DELETED] 

>american academia is utterly corrupted by idpol
sounds like admitting it's a shithole to me.
Or are you one of those psyop'd tards that thinks an intellgient and learned population is bad
explain what makes it better
>he's so close to grasping it!
lmfao, is that right anon?
God I fucking love termies, helmet included
Gonna try printing some of these bros to have something different though

>> No.77415405

If it was an embittered battle to the death, who died?

Giving 40k main characters is shit.

>> No.77415413

Is it though? It's a one party state that is utterly corrupt, no one knows if their figures and projections are legit. Militarily, they don't have the ability to project force across the globe like we do.

Even so, I wouldn't care. Being #1 is exhausting. We'll go to number 2 and you'll go to uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 13? 14? Depends on your country but none of the European countries matters at all on the international state, which is why they had to band together into the EU.

>> No.77415422

Will do
No one guessed carcharodons ? I though they were the loyalist chainaxe chapter

>> No.77415425

>The Republicans believe everything should be privatized

This isn't 2012. Republican party is clearly moving toward populism. Stop trying to opine about something you dont understand.

>> No.77415429

Another example of that great European education. Lol.

You fucks just look at a graph and can't fuvking understand it.

>> No.77415432

lmao, ever heard of the romans? greeks? when europeans owned 90% of the planet?

>> No.77415436

>France isn't top in math
what is this garbage

>> No.77415451

Carcharodons chapter tactics?
I heard Whirlwind of Rage and Stealthy?

>> No.77415454


>> No.77415455

Lurker here.

You've been shitting up this thread with retarded opinions and bad bait.

Stop posting.

>> No.77415460

Just like the USA had to band together?

>> No.77415466

Ah I should have known that it was Space Sharks.

>> No.77415467

the problem isnt having main characters its that they have models so they wont kill them off.

like calgar honestly should have died against abaddon or at the very least mortally wounded and then got primaris'd

the whole valliant soldier jumps in and tanks a hit so someone can escape is so dull

>> No.77415478

My preferred lifestyle can only occur in America. Therefore its better than those countries where it can't.

Simple as.

>> No.77415481

i don't even know what that means

>> No.77415482

No, fuck you, cunt. Phase Out was a retarded rule that they never balanced and was only possible because Necrons had so few options. These days it would ruin any element of choice about list building. Warriors might be the best troop choice but Immortals are still useable. With Phase Out there would simply never be a reason to use Immortals.

>> No.77415484

>lmao, ever heard of the romans? greeks?
>when europeans owned 90% of the planet?

You mean the mediterranean? Holy shit you europoors are brainless.

>> No.77415487

Stealthy isn't useful for carcharodons, take hungry for battle instead

>> No.77415488

they didn't ever move towards populism. They're exploiting it for votes but they'll still pass tax breaks for the rich and expand the power of the oligarchs.

>> No.77415491

Someone make a new thread, I dont want to.

>> No.77415495

I dont fucking care

>> No.77415497

Wew, laddie. Case in fucking point.

>> No.77415501

>they'll still pass tax breaks for the rich and expand the power of the oligarchs

Sounds like democrat projection.

>> No.77415502 [DELETED] 

do you mean how america is so mono party that they created two teams to play pretend with?
yes, and america's power peaked in the 70s-80s
Now we're stuck with fucking chingchong
Depends on whether dan abnett is writing

>> No.77415504

A gun that could kill primaris? Better nerf it

>> No.77415514

>Kor Phaeron said
Don't need to keep reading. That shitter is obviously wrong.

>> No.77415519

or that

>> No.77415525

are people who play on tabletop simulator "players" and should they have an opinion?

>> No.77415531

Did you miss the part where i said moving?

>> No.77415533

take your meds i’m just a fisherman throwing out bait

>> No.77415547

Only 1/6th of a player.

>> No.77415548

I mean it's what they fucking did. Call me when they aren't just making the rich richer and cutting important public services. Trump's whole legacy was that he hollowed out the civil service and killed the estate tax. That's your hero.

>> No.77415555

So you're admitting the europoor was completely wrong. Got it.

>> No.77415557

cope you cultureless, historyless american

>> No.77415561

People who play on TTS are not people and should have no human rights.

>> No.77415562

>should they have an opinion
>should be listen to that opinion
>should we listen to anyone else's opinion in this dumpsterfire of a thread.
Also no.

>> No.77415567

Did you miss the part where I said the only thing that moved is the rhetoric? They just want power. They know you aren't following a link of policy and that you don't know the tax codes.

>> No.77415592 [DELETED] 

>quick glance at bills that have been supported and those that have been neglected
>near universally against popularly supported bills and for those that are not
>the democrats do this too, though slightly less
what lifestyle would that be? Obviously something involving guns which is like the one thing you have left and I dearly wish more countries had more accessible gun laws, but other than that?

>> No.77415593

This. They're the perfect blend of anachronism. They're so popular they get sold out every once in a while on ebay

>> No.77415594

orange man literally had a choice between passing an infrastructure bill or cutting taxes guess which one he picked.

>> No.77415596

Why exactly do you have a grudge against the US? What exactly did we do to you?

>> No.77415606

>Based Korea

>> No.77415612

kamchatka is europe now?

>> No.77415616

Kor Phaeron bases his reasoning on the fight he had with the Primarch in the HH. He said that during the fight he found the Primarch wanting. That's how he knows that Abaddon is a greater warrior than Robu.

How did the fight between Kor Phaeron and the Primarch go in the HH? I didnm't read it

>> No.77415624

Are you angry that they have cast away the shackles of P2W and GW?

>> No.77415629

you fucking retard, America didn't just poof into existence in 1776, THEY WERE BRITISH, therefore all of British History until 1776 is our history too.

>> No.77415634

What color should it be?

>> No.77415643

Then fucking act like it.

>> No.77415644


>> No.77415647

TTS is definitely allowing for metas to advance way faster

>> No.77415648

I don't see why they wouldn't when talking about the game, only difference between TTS and IRL is the dedication it takes to create an army. TTS is a nice sandbox to test stuff about before I buy them
So, about the game? Sure. Anything else? Prolly not

>> No.77415672

>making the rich richer
He made everyone who had a brain richer. If you missed out on the economic boom you have only yourself to blame.

>cutting important public services
Which ones, all I saw were the dumb ones being cut.

>> No.77415678

Kor Phaeron essentially one shot him with some sort of sorcery and could have killed him.
Abby can't do that though, and Calgar got a good few licks in at him.
Pretty sure Guilliman could fuck him.

>> No.77415680

the not-being-europe-color

>> No.77415706

They are effectively separate metas.

The "best" way of running an army might be extremely expensive, so while you might see it all the time in TTS its rare as all hell to see it in person, so there's barely a need to account for it

>> No.77415720

We all got those tax breaks. Plus if he went with infrastructure you guys would just cry about how it disproportionately helped the rich.

Like a broken record.

>> No.77415722

The US is in a weird spot with history because it was colonized. You could argue that American history can trace back to:
- Native american history
- European colonization
- European history itself

It can also stem back to none of the 3, such as black people only really being able to go back to slavery and sometimes before then

>> No.77415724

To be fair, Calgar is a Primarch tier fighter. He punched out things on the same scale as Primarchs

>> No.77415725

>3rd edition wytches, sybarite, Lelith and female Archon
oh fuck that's hot

>> No.77415731

Well yeah, the best armies in the game are usually being defined by tts games as you can play way more tts then you can in person.

>> No.77415767

>involving guns

Yes, but also I basically own several small businesses that run themselves and funnel that money into picking up real estate and rent those out.

>> No.77415783 [DELETED] 

I have a grudge because I live here, anon, and my future is incredibly bleak because of the what our grandparents and parents did, and what people continue to scream and chimp and pretend nothing is wrong - or even worse pretend that the problems are racism and homophobia.
They sold extreme potential and widespread wealth for a quick buck for the upper class.
I fully expect my children to be living like fucking early 2000s russians unless extreme changes happen. And because we live in a corporate oligarchy all I can do is try to accumulate enough now for them to survive then, instead of them being able to thrive and live a good life

The HH books are fucking trash and you should ignore them even more than you should ignore nu40k fluff
true king move is to 3d print and recast

>> No.77415798

You mean the stock buybacks that raised stock prices and made the top earners wealthier? That boom?

>> No.77415800

ol' up, then if all life came from africa all african history is mine too

>> No.77415801

Yes anon but I'm saying if for some reason the best way to play an SM chapter was $4000 worth of forgeworld using an interaction that was likely going to be fixed soon TTS would be all over it but you're not gonna see that in person, so its irrelevant. The meta is therefore effectively different

>> No.77415805 [DELETED] 

>the real answer is because I'm a leech
fucking amazing

>> No.77415821

Now look at the duration of those tax cuts for the different brackets.

>> No.77415833 [DELETED] 

anon, you can't ask a rightoid to look deeper than the surface. Their reality falls apart if you do that

>> No.77415848

My stock profile blew up, it was great.

Your wealth is dictated by what those above you have, its dictated by how little those below you have.

Pretty much, you got to out jew the jews to make it.

>> No.77415852

sorry but didn't pay your 'istory tax, cunt

>> No.77415868

If only biden would step in and extend those tax cuts for the lower brackets. Lol.

>> No.77415877

>Play baseball
>Don't care about winning, you have an awesome baseball card collection at home.

There are things about this hobby that truly perplex me.

>> No.77415878

>Calgar is a Primarch tier fighter
Well all loyalists are Primarch tier fighters at this point. It goes something like this
SM>>>>CSM>Xenos>Bloodthirster>Fly on the wall>>>>Avatar of khaine.

>> No.77415882

>Your wealth is *not* dictated by what those above you have, its dictated by how little those below you have.

Sorry for typo

>> No.77415888

>Pretty much, you got to out jew the jews to make it.
No John, you are the jews.

>> No.77415892

Only if the fly has a name.

>> No.77415938

But French Guyana is also Europe on this map.
I don't think you understand the purpose of it.

>> No.77415955

Learn from us Chinese. See what your opponents are doing well and just copy it.

Jews have been doing this to great effect for hundreds of years.

>> No.77415984

>You mean the mediterranean?
is he implying the meds aren't in europe? kek

>> No.77416013

"NOOO you can't be successful! Only Jews can succeed in this system!!"
seethe more

>> No.77416022

Should I consider sudoku?

>> No.77416032

Haha poor boy

>> No.77416039

get gatekept faggot, you admit you're just here to ruin shit to dunk on people.

>> No.77416057

Looks table top ready. Might want to clean up the pooling on the scythe

>> No.77416064

If Orks were the perfect killing machine then they'd be tyranids.

>> No.77416080

Says the faggot bitching about gatekeeping

>> No.77416116

What if... Tyranids are Orks from the future!

>> No.77416124

Happiness is just a mental state. Money buys temporary endorphin release.
Embrace purpose.
Try the purpose of getting swole for the Emperor and yourself. Then meditate while lifting in order to get your mind swole.

When your mind is swole you can create your own models.

Lack of purpose leads to heresy. And behavioral sink.

>> No.77416173

Strip them and paint them again!

>> No.77416181

news 4 u

>> No.77416186 [DELETED] 

>he fully admitted it
>he understands that the system is utterly cancerous
honestly I can't be all that mad at you because of that lmao
good luck getting your bunker built before collapse tho
smells like coping
yeah but nids aren't interesting and fun like orks are

>> No.77416210

This anon gets it

>> No.77416212

The one that skyrocketed my 401k? The one that gave me an extra 120 dollars a paycheck?

Say what you want about trump but attacking him as a shill for the rich isn't a good one.

>> No.77416296

Yes the system is cancer, but the big secret is that they all are. The ultra wealthy will always be there and so will the ultra poor. The only difference the system makes is where everyone else lies between the two. I prefer this one because it allows me to live an upper middle class life style with no work. You could have this to if you had the right attitude and willpower.

>> No.77416447

>be retarded
>post retardation
The hobby is about collecting, building and painting miniatures. Literally ship in a bottle building for the newer generations. It was never about winning. The rules exist because competition increases expenditures of the consumer base. Look at any collecting hobby, the one with the nicest looking shit and the most shit spend the most cash on it.

>> No.77416799

It looks good on your judicar

>> No.77416804

If this person actually existed they deserve free college

>> No.77416855

Stop watching the news. Your future is what you make it.

>> No.77417019

Name one, faggot, I'll wait.
Gatekeeping saves hobbies, leftism and other fringe and radical bs destroys it.

>> No.77417248

Do you still have a pastebin link to the last book spoilers that was posted?
It expired.

>> No.77417567


Fuck you, sponson multimeltas get work done.

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