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The Snotling edition

>Preview of Upcoming Boxed Games:

>Dark Angels Codex

>Death Guard Codex

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I want one

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What are the most difficult models to assemble?

Hard mode: No resin

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So do you think we'll ever get an actual Primaris Ravenwing biker kit?

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Does anyone have a link for the codices? May I please have it?

>> No.77389726

If Deathwing are not getting any primaris terminators, then ravenwing are not getting shit either.

>> No.77389730

The outrider kit is ETB so I doubt it

>> No.77389733

Seconding this!

>> No.77389737

deathwing got bladeguard

>> No.77389739

By hard do you mean tedious or annoying?
If tedious: any large model, or, a knight or Mortarion
If annoying: alot of Eldar models(specifically Harlequins) have pieces that are just insane to try and put on.

>> No.77389741

Post your painting goals.

>> No.77389749

oop keeper & exalted seeker chariot

>> No.77389751

thinking of building a chaos reaver titan to go knight, tank, and elite hunting. Volcano Cannon for one arm, but what would you stick on the other?

>> No.77389752

The only thing Deathwing need are pauldrons.

>> No.77389754

I vote for necron vehicles.

>> No.77389755

Please don’t, I just want to read eldar lore and look at the pictures. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.

>> No.77389763

finish painting a model

>> No.77389767


They could just make a whole new kit for Primaris Ravenwing.

>> No.77389768


Warscythe Lychguard.

Hardmode: Bits are already clipped off the sprue and you have no numbers to reference.

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you're cute

>> No.77389783

HAs anyone posted pictures from the new codex of the Dark Angels successor chapters? While I've already seen the new chapters I'm curious as to see if they changed anything about the olds ones.

>> No.77389786

just too cute

>> No.77389796

Does anyone else wish Bladeguard had options for axes and mauls?

>> No.77389797

i just want to gobble you up you're so adorable

>> No.77389801

have fun gap filling those shitty seams on crisis suit trusters, god damn dicks.

>> No.77389824

Are Wyches fun to run in 20s? Seem like they might be; kind of a big glass cannon horde that can zoom across the board with Red Grief. Expensive, but I think they would make a good distraction carnifex.

Also, is it worthwhile to take a couple of min. Reaver squads for backfield objective capping? Does scoring in 9th even allow that?

>> No.77389848

I got you, read the path books, there in there somewhere.

>> No.77389862

Hehe Mortarion's so tiny.

>> No.77389864

have you ever bought/sold a whole army on ebay? how did it go?

>> No.77389870

https://mega.nz/folder/APhAmDJY#JC77FcFSXSYJxT3VDcZpUQ whoops forgot the link

>> No.77389876

Same. I can't believe they didn't show any successors for DA, BA, and SW in the core SM codex despite them all being in it

>> No.77389877

Some people like them. I don't. Maybe when we get a new codex. Until then wyches are just used to get one 9 man reaver squad if I even take cults. They don't have a delivery system beyond 9 inches and a reroll. They aren't tanky enough to be a tarpit and their damage out put is mostly lackluster

>> No.77389880

Okay, almost finish with the Flash Gitz. Should I get a TRUKK or Morkanaut next? After those I'm finish with Orks.

>> No.77389892

>Primaris still don't have melee jump infantry.
>Primaris version of Devastators is split between Helblasters and Eradicators, and is still missing missile and lascannon replacements.
>We still don't know what the hell they're going to do about Terminators

If Primaris are suppsoe to replace manlets why are we waiting years for them to do in a shitty piecemeal manner?

>> No.77389894

Old penitent engine.
If it were resin, it would actually be EASIER to assemble.
Damn thing need counter-piercing and woodstick.

>> No.77389899

las eliminators are the las cannon lads

>> No.77389903

To better milk paypigs of all their money and to build the hype.

>> No.77389906

Seriously, fucking spindly arms that require multiple parts to be glued at one time and you better keep it supported and steady while the glue sets or it'll just fall apart

>> No.77389914

>20 woman squad of t3 6+/4++ (only in melee) with 6+++

yeah, no. that's just asking for a wipe. dark eldar really can't hold ground outside of coven units

i bought about 1k in tau back in december. was kinda planning on it and haggled the guy down like 50 or so dollars. so i paid 230 for shadowsun, ethereal, 10 firewarriors, a riptide, 2 xv9 hazardsuits, 3 crisis suits, and their drones. some paint jobs, assembled, mostly unprimed. 9/10 would do it again

>> No.77389915

Las-fusils are strength 8.

>> No.77389919

>people complain that they're always playing against unpainted armies
>GW puts out a rule that punishes players in game who don't paint their shit
>people say that the 10vp meme is cringe and don't enforce it
>models remain unpainted
why are 40k players so retarded

>> No.77389920

I’ve sold a few and am selling a couple more now. Paypigs and impulse buyers never fail to pay up.

>> No.77389937

Hopefully they get some kind of out flanking strat to let them close the distance a little better. Also, I noticed how expensive they are. 220 points is honestly too expensive for horde that only has a 6++ out of combat. But still, seems like a fun way to do it, if only for how 20 or 40 screaming murder hoes look bounding across the board for your min sized Intercessor squad. But yeah, I hope they get buffed in the codex. I don't even mind them staying fragile and pricey if they damage gets bumped up to match.

>> No.77389942

I did it when a big commission ended up getting dropped by the guy midway through so I finished it all and sold it on ebay since buying and building the minis was part of it anyways. That and some hyper autistic ones got me to drop doing comissions as a side hustle

>> No.77389944

well no one here plays so

>> No.77389952

honestly it's a meme, none of my games have been close enough to have it matter and we haven't had a perfect 100 point game come up yet. idk if it's just because games are usually decided by turn 2/3 or i've been crushing my opponent or they're crushing me

>> No.77389954

Lowest common denominator.

>> No.77389955

Not even specifically talking about here. There are people at my lgs that constantly bitch in group chat about unpainted armies but are too much of a bitch to actually enforce it during games.

>> No.77389961

3rd squad of CSM, or some Flesh Hounds?

>> No.77389964

>group chat

>> No.77389967

do you like, not have any friends to talk to?

>> No.77389977

What warband? Legion/renegade or yourdudes?

>> No.77389979

What's the rest of your army look like? Hounds are pretty so-so right now, but will probably be decent once daemons get their codex. 3MSU squads of chaos marines are your best way to get the troop tax covered for a CSM army

>> No.77389983

Of course I do. But I don't need to use fucking discord to do it.

>> No.77389993

who said anything about discord?

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>> No.77390005

Its possible. They got to test some ideas in AoS with DoK. That's a personal opinion. I think hellions will go to 2 wounds since they are pointed at 17 and a reaver is 20. I think wyches will be more interesting in the new book. Fingers crossed

>> No.77390026

It would be cool if Wyches could get like 60 attacks on the charge like Witch Elves could. Or if they could stack AP so they can melt anything.

>> No.77390033

I mean it does make sense to have their successors be in the suppliments rather than the main codex. Or it would if the supplements expanded on successors at all instead of just giving them a paragraph with the exception the Flesh Tearers. Not to mention the fact that the Space Wolves code didn't even mention that they had successor chapters other than a brief mention tha they exist. Like holy shit even though I hate the SW I'm still curious how their new successors operate.

Though honestly for the Blood Angels they didn't really need to do anything more them other perhaps talk a little about how the Primaris chapters are adapting to the discovery that they also posses the Ref Thrist and Black Rage. On the other hand for the DA successors they could have spent some time expanding on who their successors operate their versions of the Deathwing and Ravenwing like did every successor chapter have enough terminator armor for their Deathwing and if not what did they do or even just a line about whether or not a successor has their wings be painted in the traditional black color scheme. And maybe go more in depth about how the Primaris chapters are handling the whole Fallen thing.

The Space Wolves should had like 10 pages focused on their successors

>> No.77390051

Tell me about it.

>> No.77390062

If you were a space marine Captain or Chapter Master, what would your preferred loadout be?

>> No.77390068

>> No.77390072

Why do blood angels get the best models bros

>> No.77390076


>> No.77390084

Diaz daemonette seekers. There's one model in particular with two blades above her head. If you try to just glue it, it's extremely delicate.

That means you have to pin the army's on and it's a fucking nightmare.

>> No.77390087

Termie armor, a combigrav and a force axe.

>> No.77390092

Eviscerator and wrist-mounted inferno pistol.

>> No.77390096

probably a meltagun and powerfist.
bolters are useful as self-defense weapons, basically like having an assault rifle. But if I'm a captain/chapter master, I'll either have a squad with bolters or I'll have fancy armor to help protect me. Meltagun would kill just about anything it hits, and has no chance of exploding like plasma. Powerfists don't require finesse to use, which is good because I suck at throwing punches.

>> No.77390105


>> No.77390106

This is a weird question. What do you mean done with orks?

>> No.77390115

My gaming buddy doesn’t have a full VP worthy painted army and many of our games are close. I just really value having a consistent gaming buddy and value you that more than winning so I choose not to enforce it.

>> No.77390119

What is the significance of this?

>> No.77390123

Retard alert

>> No.77390135

Jump pack, thunder hammer, storm shield, relic armor. It's time for operation ground and pound

>> No.77390169

I assume they want to sell off more manlet kits, and primaris releases seem pretty easy to keep making in terms of $ per effort. They've got to prop up AoS since they're desperately trying to push it, and rolling out marine releases makes sure people will have money to keep buying those kits.

Eliminator Las-Fusils aren't quite lascannons. 3 flat dmg vs. D6, 36" range vs. 48", and 1 less strength. I think they could make a lascannon hellblaster equivalent too and get away with it. I could see them doing a grav version, a las version, and a missile launcher version if they really wanna milk it out. They could also do axe and maul variants of bladeguard - hammerguard and axeguard or something. That's not even starting on primaris character variants!

They can milk for a very long time now, and I'd expect them to keep it up. They'll roll out more AoS releases in between as they desperately hope for that game to take off, and they'll slow roll some chaos and xenos kits between. Next big army release a la necrons and dg will be 10th I think. My money is on Eldar or EC or WE.

>> No.77390185

>oh you're new to the game?
>on top of the paywall and learning curve, you're not allowed to win games until ALL the things in your army are painted
Retarded anime poster. Increasing the game's barrier to entry is not good. It's already prohibitive.

>> No.77390191

I kinda like how the phase 1 primaris units worked like intercessors and hellblasters having different weapon options that are all the same archetype i.e bolt rifles or plasma

it allows me to model what I want and take what I want while remaining closer to WYSIWYG

>> No.77390193

Then I completed my list. I got my Weirdboy, Doc, Boss, 35 boys, 10 Nobz, 10 Lootas, Trukk(I meant Battlewagon for >>77389880), 1 deffkopta, 10 shootas, 10 Stormboyz, 1 deffdread, 5 kitbash tankbustas, 1 Wazbom Blast, 1 scrapjet, 3 big Meks, 1 Boss on bike(kitbash) and 4 meganobz.

>> No.77390203

on one hand, I like the newer metal raptors and they're a bitch to find. Dunno when I'll find them again, and the last listing that was cheaper is already over.

on the other hand, almost $100 for a five man squad seems a little...

>> No.77390204

I think making combat patrols was alright on paper i.e a 500 point list but having them be expensive was a mistake.

What I would have done was make the combat patrols ETB in colored plastic so DG is the green that they did in DI etc also they wouldn't need glue so you can easily buy one and assemble it in store to play

>> No.77390209

I see the 10 vp rule as more of a tournament thing to make people put in the barest amount of effort instead of just rolling up with grey plastic versions of whatever the latest hot list is. It sorta makes sense if someone keeps showing up with grey tide despite having had the army for a long time. I'd never be a dick if someone was a slow painter and made a bit of progress each time I saw them though.

>> No.77390212

Recasters anon.

>> No.77390218

I play orks a lot. How many points are you making a list for? Maybe I can help

>> No.77390223

The 10VP thing is enforced at my LGS, and no one complains because most have painted armies.

>> No.77390227

Because Sanguinius died for us.

>> No.77390231

>have an unassembled box on my shelf of shame
What's the problem?

>> No.77390241


Yo but actually why cant I find these. Where are they?.

>> No.77390257


Nigger I never played a single game without my models being painted.

Frankly I didn't even play the game without strangers for like a year and a half, and considering I wasn't playing, I didn't have to waste my money on the books, I just focused on learning.

You don't have to dive in feet first up to your neck and buy a full 2000 point list in one go, all the books, all the paints, and a gaming table full of terrain. What part don't you fucking ADHD kids understand about this being a HOBBY, it's SUPPOSED to take time to build up a collection and shit. You do it gradually.

>> No.77390262

Resin anon

either way, I forgot about that. Nice, TPC has them for $14.

>> No.77390279

Most Skitarii models, but I give my preference to the dogboys.
The bits are thin as fuck and the sprue gates are put in the most retarded places ever, if you slip or don't secure the bit properly when clipping it off half your bits will be bent before you even start assembling.

>> No.77390288

For out of production stuff always go for recasters, otherwise people are trying to price gouge most of the time

>> No.77390290


Luckily for you the better option in 9th is probably the sword shield ones, which are much more forgiving.

Problem with the scythes is each arm has to match the scythe, because they are posed in such a way they'll only fit the shoulders if you match them up right. Then you need three fucking arms to somehow glue both wrists to the scythe at the same time as getting the position right so they fit in the shoulders and fffffffff

>> No.77390300

I want more heavy mining equipment for GSC, like huge excavators and bulldozers that have been converted for military use.

>> No.77390302

Maybe it's just because I've never used resin before, or because I apply everything I've heard about finecast to all resin, but it still feels icky.

>> No.77390314

Terminator armor, combi-melta, chainfist. Ideally teleporting into the thick of it with a loyal retinue of veterans in terminator armor.

>> No.77390318

>but it still feels icky

>> No.77390321

Small gathering of my Orks but I might hit over 2000 pts because I'm still new to the game.

>> No.77390327

suck my cock faggot, you know what I mean

>> No.77390342

I want to get my Rhino, Bloat Drone, and two Plagueburst Crawlers finished this month. I'm a pretty slow painter but it should definitely be doable.

>> No.77390354

I see. I’d get your boyz up to 90 eventually before you call it good. Kind of an ork player rite of passage

>> No.77390368

Excuse the huge mess but this is where I put the boys.

>> No.77390371

You're supposed to clean it first in soapy, warm water first if you haven't been doing that.

>> No.77390383

poor choice of wording on my part
the IDEA feels gross

>> No.77390399

Last one.

>> No.77390415

Props painting the checkers instead of using a decal.

>> No.77390429


>> No.77390470


>> No.77390513


>> No.77390550

You labeled me
I'll label you
So I dub thee unforgiven

>> No.77390556

Don't tournaments require fully painted minis anyway?

>> No.77390564

How stupid would it be if I cut out 6" radius paper circle and put it under the base so I can have aura range marker of sort?

>> No.77390574

completely reasonable, some people make their objective markers circular things as well

>> No.77390578

Players who based with clear resin get fucked, too.

>> No.77390589

thats not even dumb. might get in the way if the model gets too close to another one tho

>> No.77390604

More trouble than it’s worth I think. You’d have to pick up other models and sat them down on it.

>> No.77390605

Pretty reasonable. Tournaments and some players have disks made out of mousepad material to do the same for objectives

>> No.77390624

Depends on if it's a GT or one of those local store tourney things. I've seen some that don't, but most serious GTs require tabletop standard ("battle ready" or whatever they call it nowadays)

>> No.77390625

Only makes sense for something stationary, like an objective marker. For an aura you'll need to remove the models within it before moving and that just seems like an excuse to cheat.

>> No.77390635

I'm going to find you both and fuck you in the ass

>> No.77390641

40k themes?

>> No.77390656


I'd unironically prefer it if they made the rule flat out you're not allowed to play with unpainted models.

But it's only a matched play/GT rule, and most tournaments already enforce paint. Greytide is only a problem at PUG level.

The solution is simply to find better players who actually care about their dudes and the hobby, not the ones who think it's hipster Starcraft.

>> No.77390660

So it literally impossible to legally run a non-space marine non-daemon chaos army? R&H got legendsed and there are no human HQ for the CSM book

>> No.77390671

Legends units are legal in matched play. The only limitation they have is that tournaments have an option to not allow them.

>> No.77390674

I built this guy last year to serve as a smash captain but then the Indomitus box let Primaris Captains take storm shields. Given his jump pack fell off I'm now considering clipping his hammer hand (the wrist is where it's joined with the arm) and putting on the relic blade from the vanguard vets box instead. Think that might work well?

>> No.77390680


Could always just count-as.

>> No.77390685


>> No.77390689

>Raven Guard used to clean cut chads

What the fuck happened bros

>> No.77390726

What is the optimal number of bladeguard in a 2k list?

>> No.77390737

what chapter?

>> No.77390739


>> No.77390742


>> No.77390750

Traitor Guard will come sooner or later. Why would they waste that nice Traitor Command mold for an expansion that only lasted for a year? They're rereleasing the Blackstone Fortress cultists as the new cultists for Chaos and the Dark Vengance ones are gone from the store now.

>> No.77390752

>You're only allowed to have fun my way.

>> No.77390779

They're stuck in 2007. They don't get with the times.

>> No.77390783


>> No.77390788

>not taking any Troops, sticking to single Vanguard Detachment for muh '1st Company' theme

how fucking suck will I be

>> No.77390796

Your list will be better then your english.

>> No.77390799

I think closest you can is DP + tzaangors + tzaangors shaman + chaos spawn(they're not daemons) /tzaangors enlightened. But that is still a daemon leading your army, although you can easily convert it into just a fucking huge gor.

>> No.77390826

Also yeah there are servants of the abyss and they are... Legal I think? If you soup them with some other stuff (like tzaangors) you might even win *some* games.

>> No.77390882

>no objective secured
>spending 3 cp off the bat

i mean maybe? i was gonna do a spearhead with my eldar since the heavy support slot has the best stuff but using up 3 cp hurts

>> No.77390887

Obsec on elites?

>> No.77390897

Also if you run Dark Angels like that you'll be golden. No one is going to play aginst you but you'll be golden.

>> No.77390899


Don't snip, just build another. Chances are they'll release a Primaris Thunder Guard Veteran Primaris Space Marine Shield Captain with Thunder Hammer model eventually.

>> No.77390927


You can have fun however you want, just not with me.

Am I supposed to be obligated to play against your grey tide somehow? Same logic trannies use when lesbian chicks say no to their "feminine penis".

>> No.77391172

Men, the time has come again for another Kek or Cringe with...Commissar Anton Gibbet

>> No.77391181

You can take 18 max, and they're good enough that that might be worth it, but I think >>77390783 is correct and 15 is a good number in 3x squads of 5. You avoid blast and positioning issues by not going over 5 in a squad.

>> No.77391185

There are ways to make it work. Taking a JumpCap with the Obsec Aura can make it work. Dark Angels can run Vanguards of Death Wing and give them all obsec.

It's just kind of a 'but why tho' when you could kitbash Heavy Intercessors and basically do the same thing, but without the CP tax.

>> No.77391209

Sir, I have a meme I'd like to report

>> No.77391217

That head would be perfect for a knight themed chapter.

>> No.77391262

It's rough. There's a couple ways to get obsec though as marines, so that helps. What chapter are you playing? I'd definitely stick the rites of war warlord trait on someone. You can also take a chapter ancient and give them the warlord trait that gives them an obsec aura too. That'd give you at least 2 zones of obsec.

>> No.77391287


>> No.77391298

slaanesh exalted seeker chariot
ahriman on disc of tzeentch

>> No.77391307

Excellent work corporal, that is indeed kek

>> No.77391311

>warscythe lychguard
who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have to look at a fucking image of the completed models to know how to pose the scythes?

>> No.77391347


>> No.77391374

you know what? if the SOB mech was like pic rel it would be totally rad

>> No.77391396

>tfw when someone ask which chaos faction I would be in
>tfw I can't pick because between tzneetch for being autistic or khorne for autistic rage when playing videogames

>> No.77391498

Corax will be the next loyalist primarch

>> No.77391511

Came here to say this.
Those were how I learned to pin models because there was just no other way to make that top-heavy hunk of junk stay up without them.

>> No.77391525

SM Centurions
Arround 30 fucing parts for 1 infantry model

>> No.77391536

jumppack twin lightning claws

>> No.77391542

extremely based

>> No.77391578

anyone got that greentext of the Alpha Legion dreadnought? I swear I had it like three fucking days ago and it up and vanished on me

>> No.77391596

I thought of something similar, only with a power fist, fist mounted combi plasma, and a power sword for dealing with small numbers and/or more skilled enemies. The fist is for hordes and heavily armored stuff.

>> No.77391616

Yeah being more blocky would be good

>> No.77391648

>No Obsec
Imagine not playing Deathwing in this glorious age of imperium dominance.

>> No.77391671

I 'ave one too sir. I's pretty funny if I say so me-self.

>> No.77391683

A 2015 vintage!

>> No.77391692

Imagine contributing to the Space Marine overuse that plagues the franchise.

>> No.77391694

Very well, present your meme soldier

>> No.77391735

Of the thing that were ported from other systems, why couldn't have they ported Khenetai Blades? It would be more power armour for a mostly bird-only faction.

>> No.77391737

Please ignore >>77391683 sir, I recognise that it is a cringe meme. I will accept as many lashes as you deem necessary

I do think this one is kek, please, have a look at it.

>> No.77391763


adding flamers to the rubric kit was easier than adding twin swords to the kit (unless you wanted 5 rubric 1 sorcerer boxes for the same price)

>> No.77391772

Because TS are just soul driven automatons now. Just like DG went from tactically flexible (Mortarion didn't have dedicated bikes, assault, etc. since he expected all of his troops to fulfill any role needed) to slow lumbering infantry. Or EC went from homo duelists to BASS CANNON! BASS CANNON! BASS CANNON! BASS CANNON!

>> No.77391779

>nothing so support the weight or move the armor

>> No.77391796

>support the weight

He already carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

>move the armor

Faith can move mountains.

>> No.77391798

Uhh.. the Holy Spirit maybe? Checkmate, atheist

>> No.77391832

I kneel

>> No.77391842

because khopesh are gay
they're not at all this is pure cope

>> No.77391924

>6 boxes of unopened GK Termies
>main army isn't finished yet
Should I just sell those and focus on my main, or keep for later?

>> No.77391994

Keep for later, anon. I had a big backlog until the coof hit. I painted up two 2,000 point armies during all the lockdown nonsense. Never know when you'll have spare time to build and paint everything, and odds are unopened GW boxes won't lose value.

>> No.77392065

Well, either you find a use for it later or GW brings out a new kit and you can sell them to people who want the old ones for one reason or another.

>> No.77392111

what is the gayest army

hard mode: no custodes

dante must die mode: no dark eldar

>> No.77392127

anyone that isn't Chaos or Slaanesh

>> No.77392146

Tau. I thought this was supposed to be a challenge.

>> No.77392168

>Decided to get into 40k after playing MESBG and buying some AoS stuff
>Pick tyranids because I love the lore/fluff/models, pretty much everything about them
>Start deciding on a colour scheme and looking at my past work experiences with bugs, reptiles, fish, etc
>order paints and even managed to snag some very good deals on eBay for gaunts and genestealers
>see pic related the first time I go on tyranid subreddit
I no longer want to play tyranids. inb4 that's what you get for going on reddit, redditfag, any of that shit.

>> No.77392176

tyranids are infamous for being popular among trannys and femboys but they can still be made really cool

>> No.77392206

God I wish mentally ill "people" would leave this hobby

>> No.77392278

Tyranids are THE degenerate army, no idea why.

>> No.77392340

Hey so a friend and I decided to get back into 40k. I've always painted models, but didn't play a game during 7th or 8th edition. We picked up what we had and played a casual game to learn the rules. He played with the start collecting primaris box (vanguard I think it's called) and an extra assault marines unit and I played old necrons.
We made sure we had the same amount of points (about 500) and the issue is, I utterly stomped him. The only thing he managed to kill was a unit of scarabs. His snipers did nothing, his general died in one combat round against my overlord, he killed 2 immortals, but reanimated back up again.

What can I tell him so that he doesn't feel discouraged to keep playing? Is his box not playable under 1000 points or something? Do primaris start shining when playing bigger games?

>> No.77392345

>I don't want to play this army I was hyped to play because some faggot painted theirs with rainbows
What? Why would you give a shit about some meme paintjob some random stranger on the internet did?

>> No.77392348

Any chance someone could share the Death Guard codex 9th Ed Epub here instead of Vola?

>> No.77392364

If I'm playing CSM, is it worth it to dip into Daemons for my collection? Like running Daemons for their troops and maybe a Greater Daemon or two, and using CSM for their surgical pieces?

>> No.77392369

The thing about 500 point games is it's great for getting the rules down but balance can be an issue.. Once you get into the bigger games you can start bringing things to counter threats

>> No.77392384

500 point games are always going to be skewed. If he picks up a cheap push fit Redemptor dread he'll wipe the floor with you because theres no way you'll be able to deal it.
2000 points is the "fairest", I would say, as it gives you a lot of wiggle room for personal preference while still having a solid army. 1000 points is ok, 1500 points is also ok, but it feels too much like 2000 points but with no room for experimentation.

>> No.77392387

Takes downs are the reason they aren't advertised here, that should be pretty obvious. GW employees or people who report to them read this site - as we actually know - and any mega's and the like that get linked here get taken down quickly.

>> No.77392394

Necrons pretty much dominate infantry vs infantry fights right now.

>> No.77392408


Yeah, that's what the guy at the store told us, but is it that big of a difference? I had fun with necrons but I could feel him suffering and straight not having a fun time.

What should he be aiming for? Models wise I mean. That walker thing that looks like the ones from avatar? Tanks? I just want him to feel motivated to look for new models and stuff. He likes the new apothecary but I told him if he wants a character he should aim for a librarian since necrons have no psykers. Wild guess, but I'm just getting back to the rules and stuff.

>> No.77392413


>> No.77392415

500 point games with sideboards might be pretty fun

>> No.77392439

is that greenstuff you sculpted? how did you get so good at it?

>> No.77392457

probably the horsecock gun that ejaculates tentacle rape.

>> No.77392460

ask us once the codex drops

>> No.77392471

Do you want me to give you competitive options or something? Because thats a road to an ever evolving meta where one of you gets fucked every time especially since youre both playing very strong factions. Just tell him to add some high toughness units or dreadnoughts that he liks the look of and let him go from there. You shouldnt lose the "use what you like" aspect of the game so early.

>> No.77392484


>> No.77392498


No, we're not into competitive stuff. That's one thing we agreed on. Picking broken stuff and combos that make the game unfun for the other person is not allowed. I just want him to have fun with things that fit his actual model range. I can do that for necrons but man, the space marine codex is fucking huge

>> No.77392517

Marine codex is also full of super good units, as I said, as long as he has a mix of toughness nothing much matters outside of him actually reading his rules and coming up with his own strategies. All youre going to get advice wise from here is what the best units to pick will be, especially if you are specifically asking how he can avoid being stomped by crons.

>> No.77392524

Yeah but what about things like Crimson Crown+Khorne Daemon Engines? that combo won't die until the Daemons codex.

>> No.77392526

if it's greenstuff, it looks like he made a two part press mold and just made greenstuff copies of the original bits

>> No.77392527

Anything from the indomitus box is an excellent starting point for Marines.
All straightforward and powerful.

>> No.77392536

Nids can be cool, just don't do any of that faggy shit and you're golden. Be prepared for some bantz though, but if DA players can handle being called gay for 30 years you can handle some jabs.

>> No.77392582


>> No.77392647

It's ironic that the super individual custodes who are each unique works of gene-engineering have fewer weapon options than a tactical marine squad.

>> No.77392650

>mixing crunch and fluff
Brainlet take.

>> No.77392653

Why choose anything but the best?

>> No.77392680

Plastic vostroyans when?

>> No.77392693

As someone who is new to 40k, could someone give me an example of Adepta Sororitas roster for 500 pts? I will be soon playing first game but I have no clue what to pick

>> No.77392708

Fuck that is hot.

>> No.77392722

Don't make me dig up a wargear list from one of the good editions of this game when your dudes were your dudes.

I want cusodes with lightning claws, swords, and shields, and nothing you say will change this.

>> No.77392753

Fucking hell someone speaks my language.

>> No.77392761

So buy one, don't let your dreams be dreams. JUST DO IT

>> No.77392785

>giving money to FW

>> No.77392825

>lightning claws

Aquilon terminators.

>swords and shields

That already exists.

>> No.77392835

Damn this is great

>> No.77392843

kinda cringe ngl

>> No.77392849

He doesn't want a Russian beauty to keep him warm in the winter

>> No.77392852


Who do you guys think won this round?

>> No.77392853

>lightning claws
like this

>swords, and shields
on terminators and not necessarily both at once

>> No.77392855

Fuck the guard calendar, we're in the era of eldar girls.

>> No.77392863

Is there significant difference between Skorpius Disintegrator and Onager Dunecrawler?

>> No.77392874

>buy 1500pts of an army
>already regret it and want to do a different force.
Cant tell if this is just a passing thing, or if I'd only be continuing due to sunken cost falicy.

>> No.77392880

>already regret it and want to do a different force.

Biggest question is why do you regret it? What made you buy that 1500pt army in the first place?

>> No.77392898

Skorpuis is a bit better at antitank.

>> No.77392902

what army and why the regrets?

>> No.77392911

>thinking about starting a Chaos Army
>most Chaos sculpts are old as fuck or too "conforming" and "obvious"
>Am seriously considering just converting Primaris marines

Why do I want to undertake such an insane task?

>> No.77392918

1 X canoness
2 X 5 Battle Sisters
1 X 4 repentia + superior
1 X Imagifer
5 X retributors w/multimeltas

Kit your sister superiors with chainswords for free, add storm bolters to your regular sisters if you want.
Use battle sisters for obsec, retributors for enemy elites, keep your imagifier near the repentia for tale of the warrior to +1 to S, canoness near battle sisters or retributors for rerolling hits of 1. Use repentia as you see fit depending on your opponents moves, don't rush them in anywhere unless they're going to hit first otherwise they're toast.

For your Order bloody rose will be great for melee and pistols (pistols get to shoot in melee but don't expect a unit to stay alive in melee until your next shooting phase) argent shroud would let you advance retributors without taking any penalties to shoot (at all). The others have their benefits but it'll depend on how you play them in general.

>> No.77392927

>afraid of converting like 20 marines max

>> No.77392929

Ultramarines cause that tyrant is already dead

>> No.77392945

Primaris are significantly harder to convert than the basic CSM squad.

>> No.77392960


>> No.77392964

Slaanesh daemon/EC (mostly daemons). Part of me thinks maybe I should be doing something more "mydudes" or even a different faction, since so much of chaos and especial slaanesh daemons is just "run straight at enemy". I also had how "NPC" the daemons are (much like tyranids) and there's just fuck all room for real personalisation.

>> No.77392971

Well how would you like your force to look ideally?

>> No.77392980

Didn't they do the intro for Hilda?

>> No.77392984

what drew you to the army in the first place? And why did you suddenly lose that interest?

>> No.77392989

>figure out a slight tweak in my list that would really help round it out
>suddenly go from having to do 5 models to finish my list to nearly 20
Dammit, me. Why you gotta do me dirty like this.

>> No.77392990

>>thinking about starting a Chaos Army
>I don't actually like any of the models
what's the point then? Surely you are not playing for the rules.
If you want to make edgy primaris do so, you don't need to play CSM for that

>> No.77392994

lol waht? how?

>> No.77393002

Chaos is cool.

>> No.77393003

look on the bright side. At least now you got a killer list, instead of a dogshit one

>> No.77393013

And yet you want to do primaris

>> No.77393017

Whatever problems the CSM have with matched torsos, the Primaris kits share. Trying to use Primaris as a base doesn't get around the problem, and means you have to deal with their clone-trooper uniformity - the CSM kit at least has some good variety in it

>> No.77393018

You can go pretty custom with slaanesh stuff.

>> No.77393024

>not posting the superior aspect

>> No.77393032

Nah this is generally how plastic crack works, anon. Next army the same thing will happen, eventually you'll go back to the first, the cycle repeats etc

>> No.77393047

Nigger only a handful of old shit is still around since the range update and you can always use 30k models for conversions or proxies as well

>> No.77393050

Primaris are cool.

>> No.77393057

>you have to deal with their clone-trooper uniformity
This actually makes converting easier, not harder.

>> No.77393072

Old metal snotling pump wagon. That thing was a medieval finger torture device...

>> No.77393078

I should have specificed "converting Chaos Marines".

>> No.77393088

preorder for dark eldar codex next week? please?

oh god

>> No.77393089


how much of a gay gorilla monky are you?

>> No.77393090

It's pretty obvious that he's just shitposting at this point.

>> No.77393097

Plenty of times.
Selling whole armies usually gets you little money as most ppl aren't paying 500$ or more on eBay. Bought plenty 2000$+ armies for less than 400 and sold the models piecemeal for 1700.

>> No.77393112

He said he doesn't want to use Chaos Marines kits.

>> No.77393113

Considering the Nid player is starting with -10VP its not looking good

>> No.77393115

>we could have had truescale marines instead of primaris

>> No.77393161

>what drew you to the army in the first place?
The general idea of slaanesh and the emperors children
>And why did you suddenly lose that interest?
They're kind of 1 dimensional imo, and I'm not a massive fan of how GW handles them.

>> No.77393163

Yeah, it's bad bait.

>> No.77393173

>"true"scale autism
not even once

>> No.77393188

Aeldari eyes are all black with some having a little white in the corners. Also, their skin is near translucent.

Humans should feel freaked out by looking at Aeldari.

>> No.77393196

no they are pretty humans. and tau women have big tits. and sisters of battle totally look like instagram thots.

its been decided by the coomer

>> No.77393209

What's the best way to learn 40k at home alone? I have ~3,000 of Space Marines and. Warhound Titan but haven't played since 5th Edition.

>> No.77393212


>> No.77393216

Buy the rule book and read it
Watch a decent intro battle report on youtube

>> No.77393238


>> No.77393239

You say that like GW are in any way consistent in their portrayal of Eldar

>> No.77393246

And just a reminder that this is official art of an Eldar babe among many others

>> No.77393262

Onager dunecrawler, hands down. The design for the legs requires you to balance all the legs upside-down on an X-shaped connector piece while the weight of the feet pulls them away from the connecting joints. To top it off, if you want the legs to move in their sockets, you can’t glue them in place and have to put some glue on the central connecting point between all four and slap on the other half of the X-shaped connector without any of the legs falling off.


>> No.77393278

>he thinks that's not hotter
lmao pleb

>> No.77393283

Finish my Death Company, tape and pain hazard stripes on my Iron Warriors, trim with gold and paint the rest of the fine details. After that, work on my regular CSM, there’s a lotta silver that needs painting.

>> No.77393286

This guy gets it

>> No.77393289

No. You'll have corrupted first born marines. GW needs to sell their stock of manlets.

>> No.77393310

Never. Expect a generic guardsmen set that's not aligned with any particular regiment, perfect for /yourdudes/.

Which bloody sucks because Vostroyans are pretty damn cool.

>> No.77393312

Scale is fucked for weapon bits interchangeability anon. Truscale is a meme, all miniatures are artistic abstractions.

>> No.77393319

Anon I'm just saying that we could have had primaris sized marines instead of primaris, also the art is cool

>> No.77393324

>Letting degenerates ruin your army
Mate, if Marine players can tolerate the femarine fags, then you can tolerate the nid fags.
Well there's your problem.

>> No.77393326

if you think daemons have no room for customisation you are just a complete creativelet and should go play marines or something else basic desu

>> No.77393328

Anon, it's a pinup.

>> No.77393330

I've been thinking about this myself.

I think doing "drills" and consistency is key (oddly enough, like anything)

If you're doing Marines vs. Marines just split your army to be reasonably equivalent. Then start fighting them.

Giving yourself checklists, and cheatsheets is probably one of the best ideas.

Literally have a notebook or whiteboard or something that you can tick stuff off of. Basic stuff like "did i move all my guys, etc".

>Command Phase
Do all your command point generation, and other garbage in here.
>Movement Phase
WOrk through systematically and make sure you move all your guys.
>Psychic Phase
Make sure you list all your psykers and do their stuff.
>Shooting Phase
Again, full list, work through it linerally and check off everytime someone shoots.
>Charge Phase
Same thing as shooting.
>Fight Phase
Same thing as shooting.
>Morale Phase
Basically end of battle roundups.

Since you'd be practicing marines vs. marines you're going to fairly quickly memorize the dice rolls since you'll be going up against the same units over and over again.

>> No.77393335

Artificier armor for speed, a power sword, and a combi-melta for Big Problems. Iron Halo for protection and maybe digital lasers in a pinch.

>> No.77393341


>> No.77393351

Post your dudes custom lore

>> No.77393352

GW's design team, obviously.
I still maintain that whilst the design team are artists, they are not hobbyists, which is why many of the sets nowadays are a bastard to assemble.
See: Indomitus Necrons, any of the Necron Arks.

>> No.77393368

Bugged necrons that thinks they are marines so I don't have to buy a new army.

>> No.77393378

>tfw have a tournament coming up at the end of March
>spend 3-4 hours a day working on my guys but due to ADD i bounce around or just focus on characters
>as such I have 4 well painted characters, 10 complete daemonettes, and the rest of the army is just white primer
i hate having slow painter syndrome, i feel like i invest so much into the hobby but it never looks like it

>> No.77393381

I put a beak helmet and looks fantastic honestly

>> No.77393390

my daemons have the unique ability to make space marines excrete bodily fluids on command
whenever i play a marinefag it is canon that their entire army cums, pisses and shits themselves in that order

>> No.77393397

>eating defective DNA
poor tyranids

>> No.77393400

the dude on the right is the lord of my EC warband. after witnessing the beauty and synergy of the perfect symbiosis, Syll'esske, he wishes to transcend to a daemon prince and become one with his love, a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh. And so he brings decadence and despair to entire planets, in hopes that the lure of such sensations helps to summon her so he can get another glimpse of her beauty

tl;dr he's a simp for her

>> No.77393404

the ten second version is Alpha Legion Slaaneshi pirates/slavers

>> No.77393457

I can't believe you lost to the guys who passed their pants.

>> No.77393459

my tzeentch daemons focus on the hope aspect and the lord of change is called the king of beggars by locals it cor..inspires
i like the idea of criminals falling to tzeentch because of their ambition and desire to change their circumstances

>> No.77393462

>sculpt a dude with a single boob
>call it Slaanesh

>> No.77393463

Nice, I assume the entire warband is just an army of simps trying to get demon girl bathwater.

>> No.77393472

If thats enough to make you want to dump them then you would never have made it as a nid player, weakling

>> No.77393473

even when we lose we win
the last thing marines hear is the laughter of daemons in the wind as poo and cum drip down their legs

>> No.77393498

for the record im both of these anons but the power to make marines shit themselves isn't related to the rest of it
just a fun little bonus power you know

>> No.77393504

That's a big bitch.

>> No.77393522

well I do know a guy who has bigger (man)boob than my sister...

>> No.77393547

Currently have about 500 points of a custom Primaris Space Wolf Successor force that I'm working on. Have a unit of 5 Fenrisian Wolves, a unit of 3 Aggressors and a unit of 5 Intercessors that I've got done so far. Currently working on the Primaris Lieutenant with the Space Wolf upgrades and a Warsuit with the autocannon. I prefer the skull helmets from the Reivers, so I've been pillaging spare heads that people haven't used for my dudes, but I don't have any for the aggressors since they were an Ebay rescue. Expanding to 1000 points, I've got a box of Intercessors that I'll be breaking up into two 10 man squads, a captain in gravis armour that I'm kit bashing from a lonely Eradicator that I rescued, a box of Eliminators, and I plan on expanding the Fenrisian Wolf pack to a full 15 unit pack + cyberwolf. Will probably be lazy and throw a pair of stock Gladiators and stock Stormfang's to get it to 2000 points.

>> No.77393551

Going to need to see both sets of boobs. don't disappoint us, anon.

>> No.77393573

That's the nice thing about playing demons. Even when you lose, you go away knowing the other guys are about to get team killed by the gray knights for knowing you exist.

>> No.77393578

Those nova marines are fucked

>> No.77393589

based daemonposter

>> No.77393610

Has anyone else had any financial difficulties because of Covid-19 and just can't justify paying 40k prices anymore?

I want Ghaz and the model is cool but man Ghaz costs about as much as I spent on food in a month.

>> No.77393612


>> No.77393616

GW decides to milk the hogs a bit more and brings back all the primarchs BUT this includes the clone of fulgrim who escapes from bile and wants to join the imperium to fight chaos who treated him like garabage for all his clone life.

What happens in your opinion?

>> No.77393617

The blue doesn't look too bad but the red looks dire.

>> No.77393639


>> No.77393641

clonegrim was supposed to be more of a measuring point for fabius's personality in that book, "lore" channels on youtube getting ahold of the info that he existed is one of the worst things to come out of the 40k setting

that said i would buy him for my Sons of the Phoenix

>> No.77393652

Go feed your sister more milk

>> No.77393664

Guilliman doesn't want to based on personal greivances but does it because clonegrim would be useful and isn't technically the asshole who stabbed him, The Lion woken up uses this as another example that Guilliman can't be trusted and starts stirring shit.

Vulkan wants to just autistically forge stuff, Rogal Dorn is disgusted by the state of disrepair basically everywhere and Jaghtai says basically "we still killing the chaos guys? okay business as usual, nut up or shut up lads".

and leman russ turns traitor because fuck off is he ever going to be guillimans underling.

>> No.77393671

you could run mining bots as an allied Nidzilla detachment

>> No.77393685

I would not at all be surprised if one day we get clone and demon fulgrim at the same time so both audiences get a new walletsink. Sons of the Pheonix get way more love than any of the other 8th edition donut steel primaris only marines and anyone who says they aren't the saul tarvitz to fulgrims ediolon degeneracymarines are crazy.

>> No.77393686

we 30k now.

>> No.77393689

>the clone of fulgrim who escapes from bile
Bile gave him to Trazyn.

>> No.77393692

Didn't part of his autism collection get blown up/stolen by some sisters of battle?

>> No.77393701

Is Wrath & Glory worth playing?

>> No.77393703

>Tfw this was Kryptman's plan all along
>Feed degenerates to the 'nids
>No more degenerates
>'nids left with a sour taste, no longer want all our biomass

>> No.77393704

it also get fucked up by a warp bell which released a bunch of stuff too.

>> No.77393706

Post the images of Aeldari from old lore.

Art isn't consistent. Text however is.

>> No.77393722

I do.
Did both the Deathshroud and the Gravewardens exist in 40k, before FW made them in HH? Because I can't remember them before DG's revamping.
And honestly, I would like to see elite sword-swinging automatons. SMs have vets in regular power armour (both close combat and distant shooters), so why not the TS?

>> No.77393725

Anyone got the multilangual humble bundle Black Library deal?

>> No.77393731

The yncarne, fucking hair stand

>> No.77393742

A Primaris Space Wolf Successor force that Girlyman would hope would retain the Space Wolves aggressive fighting style while also maintaining the Codex Astartes since that's what they were trained with. Well, Sons of Russ are gonna Sons of Russ and they decided the Codex can go fuck itself with it's one plasteel rod the moment they met actual combat. So, now they're on a semi-crusade across the warzone(s) in order to forge a Saga of such epic proportions that even Big Daddy E himself would be impressed. Unlike their Space Wolf Primaris brothers, they lack the "I hope senpai accepts me" B.S. and just let their actions do the talking for them. They're a headache for Gullydwarf and loved by the Astra Militarum because while any other chapter might lend a singular space marine or a squad at most, these guys'll drop an entire task force on the enemy because there isn't a single one of them that'd let their battle brothers out do them when it comes to battle honours and the like, the almost planet wide after party when victory is attained that gets thrown by them probably helps in their popularity also.

>> No.77393756


>> No.77393763

>all the AOS books are on the first tier

>> No.77393766

I believe daemons are suppose to fill that lack of a melee role.

>> No.77393770

How do I best prepare for a tournament if I've never been to one?

>> No.77393774


>> No.77393799

>tyranids are infamous for being popular among trannys and femboys but they can still be made really cool
I swear I've only been seeing this bullshit for last month here

>> No.77393815

That new, huh?

>> No.77393819


benedict cucumberpatch's first role

>> No.77393831

>Norn Queens: "These lifeforms seem to possess no redeeming qualities. Let's designate them as not worth the biomass and ignore their whole civilization."
Inquisition triumphs again.

>> No.77393833

They were. Until they made a dedicated codex and separated them.

>> No.77393848

The strictures of the Codex Astartes used to be guidelines, regular schedules and modes of deployment and squad structure. They kept the Chapter of the Emperor’s Harvesters strong, secure, and stable. The marines under its care were not exactly happy, but they were not miserable either. Chaplain Ghulo had spoken of hope as the first steps on the road to disappointment and cautioned against happiness for the same reasons. Most of the marines believed it and they were content.

Yes, that was the word, content. Happy with what they were given, their appointed place in the universe, which was to fight and die for the safety of Mankind. A Good purpose.

Then came the Catastrophe, the Chapter’s leadership structure decapitated and all the guardrails the Codex was supposed to provide bowled over like a sign in a hurricane. The remaining Chaplains preached of strength through adversity and the wisdom of their forbears in difficult times. Many of the marines believed it and they were patient. Those that did not believe were uncertain.

The remaining Council convened to choose the next Chapter Master, even summoning Ancient Ghûr from his slumber deep within the fortress monastery to provide council. Sergeants, Chaplains, Captains, none could quell the speculation rising from the lips of the lowliest serf to the libraries of the Codiciers. Everyone had a guess, a prediction, or an opinion. Many of the officer corps had a preference, either for their own advantage or the Chapter’s. It was not division, not yet, but it was strange to be strained like this, to be uncertain. Space Marines were bred and gene-forged to be tools of war with the minds of men. They did not deal with uncertainty well. Three squads were dispatched to put down an uprising from the underhive of Connaught when one squad would have sufficed. Those squads sent were the rowdiest, the ones most prone to curses or snarling threats during sparring or accidents in the mess hall.

>> No.77393859

I'm quite sure that FW only makes money from recasters buying originals to clone and maybe some youtuber.

>> No.77393871

A Word Bearer offshoot known as Wanderers of the Golden Path who were exiled from Ghalmek millennia ago.
They are extremely partisan, being devoted disciples of Erebus, and fiercely opposed to Kor Phaeron.
They are almost entirely made up of comparative young bloods, most having never experienced the Horus Heresy or even knowing the reason for why they were exiled.
Before the Great Rift they travelled on an unending pilgrimage, visiting various holy sites, looking for a place to establish what they see as the true church of Chaos.
They were far in the galactic north ravaging the shrine world Mercy's End when they felt the Great Rift come into existence and took it as a sign that they had at last found their new home.
They wander no more, and instead have begun a campaign of brutal conquest and mass conversion as they prey on the isolated worlds of Imperium Nihilius. This growing Imperium Infernus, or Red Imperium, has come into contact with many foes that have stymied it, but has recently absorbed the Knight World of Divinity's Reach.

>> No.77393872

Accompanied by Chaplain Ghulo, everyone breathed a little easier once the Thunderhawk departed. When the hive detonated like an exploding volcano, molten metal pouring down its sides as the civilians screamed and rioted and died, there was no time for relief at all.

They never found the bodies of those three squads, or the Chaplain.

And of course, THAT was when the Council had announced their decision. Or rather, their lack of decision. Including Ghur, it had been a dead tie. Six votes to six votes. The Tenth Company Captain, Ausar the Survivor or Laurence of the First Company.

>> No.77393874


>> No.77393875


Still eyeing up a chaos reaver titan + volcano cannon. Would the triple laser destroyer or melta gun be too much AT/Anti Elite, or would the Fist be a good back up?

>> No.77393887

What does your local scene play? Now consider how many of them will accept to face a fucking Reaver.

>> No.77393888

Laurence had been favored by many of the captains, as he was the better fighter and an even better flatterer. He would compliment earnestly and then keep going, lulling a listener in without them noticing he was doing it. He knew each captain’s preferences, their style of war, their planned promotions. From the outset, he was the clear favorite. He was young too, a meteoric rise in only 157 years from line Brother to Captain. But Ausar had what many felt the Chapter needed. He was steady, reliable, loyal, and blunt. He had survived the Dark Eldar and had lost his scouts as the lone survivor. His age was visible, for he had served as a Marine for 672 years, and had been Master of the Scouts for 272 of them.

Both spoke to the assembled Chapter, laying out their own goals and how each would shape the future of the chapter. Laurence’s speech called to the greatness in every Marine, called for glory reborn like a phoenix from the ashes of the hive city. He spoke of mighty battles and legendary warriors and marines cheered at his words. Ausar’s speech was shorter and contained a great deal less heroism, but he had plans. He admitted that survival was not always a tale to stir the blood, that changes were called for in a time of crisis and suggested the addition of an apothecary to each squad to ensure geneseed recovery and minimum training for all brothers. There was no cheering as Ausar laid out his plans, but a great deal more nodding. Sergeants and line brothers long accustomed to duty in the ranks saw a chance for something more, a chance to heal the fractured bonds of a Chapter strained by catastrophe and confusion. The votes would be cast once more and once again be tied, though several members of the Council had switched sides. In frustration, the Council decreed that the decision would be decided by the Emperor himself, through the right of Trial by Combat.

The weeks between the decision and the Duel were silent inside the Fortress-Monastery.

>> No.77393897

Some marines were content with the decision, but many were not. It was rumored Laurence had bribed the Council to create a test in his favor, that Ausar even now sought supporters from squad sergeants and elites alike. Brothers walked the halls in groups and every once in a while, fingers would twitch towards a bolt pistol…

It was impossible to fit so many watching marines into the sparring cages, so the Planetary Governor had cleared the capitol’s Brutball arena for the duel and even, at the Chapter’s permission, broadcast it across the planet. The marines, in full battle plate each occupied two or three of the stone seats, while the Dreadnought Ghûr took up half a row and the three behind him due to his height. Bets were placed, drinks were purchased, and every citizen of Connaught held their breath for two hours and twenty-six minutes.

The duel was to third blood and many of the observers had expected it to last ten minutes, at most. Laurence had been the Captain of the First Company, a close-combat specialist, while Ausar had been leading scouts. Maybe he’d have had a better chance in marksmanship or capture the flag, but those were not ways to decide the future of an entire Chapter. However, Ausar surprised them all. He was not old, as Marines are old, in a lethal manner only slightly less committed to each strike. Instead he was fast and flexible, and bounced off the walls like an Eldar Banshee. He held only two combat knives with a reserve hand axe strapped to his back and wielded them like extensions of his own body.

>> No.77393908

I'm liking the lore anon

>> No.77393911


oh this will be a once a year big apocalypse game and display piece for fluff. Just like my warhound.

>> No.77393923

why the fuck miners use better weapon than fucking custodes

and why do imperial mining tools are made to need 3 hands to use

>> No.77393925

It's always the same goblinoid tranny pic too, the one with selfie and pink carapace.

>> No.77393931

Laurence’s master-crafted power sword was a blur, describing elegant arcs and patterns around his body that prevented Ausar for closing for knife work and scored first blood. Those who would look could see the smirk on the Captain’s face as he drove Ausar back, and back and back across the grassy field.

Then something in Ausar changed, some decision he’d made inside himself and he set his stance. His face remained set in a frown of gritted teeth and concentration, but he was no longer retreating.

His knives came up and down, then flashed as he switched hands and grips simultaneously. He scored first and second blood in rapid succession as Laurence was surprised by the change in both style and aggressiveness. Soon both were fighting with no reserve, superhuman muscles straining and sweat pouring down their faces as Laurence scored a hit across Ausar’s forehead, sending blood cascading into his eyes.

Both marines were leaving it all on the floor, nothing held back, no mercy. Some of the more experienced in the audience, marines and Guard officers alike, realized this was not going to end with third blood. Even as they tried to stop the match, the crowd gasped in shock.

Ausar’s left knife was gone, dropped in the grass while the second is buried in Laurence’s hamstring. But it’s the sword through Ausar’s chest that everyone is staring at.

Laurence releases the sword and strides towards the raised dais where the Council sits, but he is an island of normalcy in a sea of absolute chaos. He has just killed the Master of the Scouts and does not seem bothered by it. Shouts of outrage, arguments, pulled bolt pistols, fistfights, absolute bedlam. Only Ghur sees Ausar drag himself into a kneeling position and pull the sword from his chest in one ragged motion. In that moment, Ausar looks up at the rioting stands and sees the death of duty. He sees everything in the crowd and perhaps it is that moment when he lets the Dark Gods into his heart.

>> No.77393934


Just run some converted proxies. I think GSC have the most opportunity for conversions like that outside of Orks

>> No.77393945

>why was Timothy McVeigh van of fun more powerful than the Secret Service weapons?
Imagination is the most powerful tool.

>> No.77393947

What's the best loadout for heavy intercessors camping objectives? On greenwing

>> No.77393959

The underslung grenade launcher for intercessors is an assault weapon. Was it FAQd so you can only fire one or can you fire both still?

>> No.77393962

The planet erupts into civil war within twenty-four hours.

It is a short but cataclysmic war, largely because Chapter Master Laurence called on the Inquisition for support and to act as an arbiter. He and his followers believe in glory, the Chapter, and the Imperium above all else, even to their own destruction. Those who follow Ausar realize somethings are more important. Things like survival, practicality, and human lives.

There are defections from the upper echelons of the Chapter to Ausar’s side. Lone battle brothers who slipped away in the night or entire squads who planted their standard and walked out the front door of the Fortress-Monastery in protest. Eighteen from First Company arrive with Terminator plate and a still-smoking homing beacon. Only five from Second Company, the supposedly snooty assault squadrons, but they arrive covered in soot, flare burns, and the scars of battle. They had been forced to fight their way out. Ausar welcomed each one by name, exhausted but determined to make things right. The people are on their side, the Emperor must be on their side, he will not countenance any other way.

The war continues.

The Inquisition arrives and begins firing upon the surface of Connaught.

Ausar decides on a strike to the Fortress Monastery during a rainy night, a running battle towards the Chapter Master’s quarters, boots slick with mud, blood, and spent shell casings, but the rooms are empty.

Ausar heads to the Techmarine’s tower, only to find Laurence already there. While there is no record of what they said to one another, the result is clear from orbit as a half-finished Warp Drive detonates. Perhaps that is when the Gods entered Ausar.

There is another battle in the ruins of the tower, things whispering and screaming around them both, warning and promising power in equal measure. Perhaps they both accept. Perhaps they both ignore the voices. Perhaps. Only the Gods know the truth and it is doubtful they would ever say so.

>> No.77393981

i dont think any of the tools NEED 3 hands. its just better with 3.

>> No.77393987

"And the conclave called me a madman..."

>> No.77393990

Ausar’s axe, Lunarium clashes one last time against Laurence’s Crissegia and this time it is Laurence with a blade buried in his chest. This time, Ausar finishes his foe. Perhaps this is when he falls, holding the head of his enemy, the cause of all his planet’s misery, seeing the Inquisition ships in orbit begin to launch lance strikes at his beloved Fortress Monastery, now in ruins.

The remaining Marines flee in every battleship they can board, including Ausar's flagship, renamed the ill Will.

Time passes.

They fall.

But, they do not fall far. The lessons Ausar taught them in the war still serve them well. They despise the Imperium they once tried to protect, seeing the Inquisition and their former Chapter as traitors for choosing Laurence over Ausar, so the new Sons of the Harvest intend to pay them back in full.

The Sons of the Harvest sail the stars as Corsair-Lords, their small fleet always on the run from the Imperial Inquisition or their Loyalist brothers, but are always ready to turn and fight if numbers, ship class, or the environment favors them. Their flagship, the Ill Will, deserves special consideration and will be discussed separately.

A Record of the Chapter, dictated by the Ancient Dreadnought Ghûr-M42. 718.

Thoughts? TLDR: Khorne and Slaanesh play subtle poker for a Marine Chapter, Khorne wins.

>> No.77394001

>browse warhammer hashtag on twitter
>all the eldar players are actual transvestites
I thought it was just a meme.

>> No.77394013

thatrt diggers hung af

>> No.77394015

Pretty good put of ten subtle chaos is always best chaos

>> No.77394019


>> No.77394033

Bagger 288 superheavy when?

>> No.77394034

I play Eldar and I'm not a tranny or transvestite.

>> No.77394044

Nice to know someone agrees! It seems more dangerous as this insidious force where Loyalists have to constantly second-guess their own motivations during genuine disagreements and why Chaplains are necessary as arbitrators of disputes and monitoring forces.

>> No.77394064


>> No.77394066

Bought a huge Ork army back around 6th edition. 90 slugga boys, 30 shoota boys, ton of nobz with various gear, 12 stormboys, 12 kommandos, 2 trukks, 2 battlewagons, 5 nob bikers (including one converted to a painboy), bunch of deff koptas, bunch of burnas/rokkits/big shootas, a big mek, various other meks, weirdboys and warbosses, boss snikrot, and the forge world biker warboss. Only paid $250 for it. It even came with two Army Transports, a codex, dice, and a set of templates.

>> No.77394068


>> No.77394078

Do you play with OC factions? Seems like choosing to play anything other than established Forgeworlds and dynasties is giving up on stuff and going back to Index times

>> No.77394083

I sold like 1500pts of metal sisters of battle in like 2011.

Got maybe 50% of retail price. Whoops.

>> No.77394091

Guys, can someone measure a gravis model's height? Please?

>> No.77394094

>Do you play with OC factions?
>Seems like choosing to play anything other than established Forgeworlds and dynasties is giving up on stuff and going back to Index times
I use whatever rules I want.

>> No.77394101

Not yet.

>> No.77394118

How many zoantropes? 12?15? Oo

>> No.77394195

>all those smites
>all those 3++/5+++ 3 wound fuckers
Betting on marine generalist list behind underprepared.

>> No.77394200

God bless all you whales and paypigs and especially you who sell your shitty old discarded models on eBay. I love me some sloppy seconds and my Tyranid army and AoS army has been completely paid for so far thanks to eBay wheels and deals. My hungry bugs need more eBay rescues so get listing!

>> No.77394269

3 grips

>> No.77394273

you think people will pay for my abysmally painted first army and some primed marines got from starter sets?
i'll sell them dirt cheap to account for the, and i cant say this enough, atrocious paint job

>> No.77394278

>I also had how "NPC" the daemons are (much like tyranids) and there's just fuck all room for real personalisation.
Ngl kind of a brainlet take.
Is godzilla an NPC? Freddie? Hellraiser? The Thing? Xenomorph? Predator?
And if they are, is it bad? They make their things what they are. They are the stars, not the rouhh looking macho or a schoolgirl they are slaughtering.
You don't need villains to be some kinda dindu nuffin good boys who are sekritly in the right.

>> No.77394288

what faction should i collect to attract a girlfriend

>> No.77394300


>> No.77394310

a lot of tools in real life are like that

>> No.77394311

Have you ever used a real chainsaw? Many have a rear grip that requires you to push the button, a midsection safety thing (yeah I'm esl and lazy) and the front grip.
It is believable.

>> No.77394313

Same, but for example the Rad (aura) Necrons work best with the Fall back & +3" auras Command Protocol, which is Sautekh's bonus. Can't use it on 50 warriors without also bringing 3 Wardens. Which nobody would ever do.

>> No.77394314

>has 2 grips

>> No.77394316

I've toyed around with the idea of buying recasts, building an army, painting it to some degree (for fun and practice) and then reselling it.

I guess the question is would anyone even know or care?

>> No.77394320

3 grips

>> No.77394326

It has 2

>> No.77394332


>> No.77394335


>> No.77394337

Warhammer Twitter is one of the most cancerous online "communities."

>> No.77394341

Learn to count. By your logic the GSC one has more than 3.

>> No.77394345

>Is godzilla an NPC?
Depends on the movie.
Pinhead? Frank? No.
>The Thing? Xenomorph?
>And if they are, is it bad?
Not for their stories, but for a playable faction you want to individualize, yes.
Don't confuse monster or antagonist with NPC.

>> No.77394358

Who is this guy?

>> No.77394364

that;s mydude jim

>> No.77394366

Warhammer Twitter reads like the lgbtbbq bait posts people make here but 100 percent serious. And it's the first thing GW sees when they want to know what their audience thinks

>> No.77394378

>>The Thing? Xenomorph?
I don't understand your logic.
I don't see how Freddie has any more individuality than original Alien xeno just because he can drop corny one liners sometimes.
Both are - from human standpoint - utterly antagonistic.

>> No.77394389

>surprised to find trannies on Twitter
I tried to search bunkerchan to see what their warhammer thread is like but I couldn't find one. I assume they're too poor to afford GW minis

>> No.77394393

Adding a handle must be no issue to the hard working men of the GSC, unlike orks they have to know how to solder good.

>> No.77394404

Oi, where’s your loicense m8?

>> No.77394405

if you're trying to attract a womyn the last thing you want to do is play warhammer

>> No.77394406

>t. office worker

>> No.77394409

Because normal eldar players don't need to attention whore on twitter like a bunch of niggers.

>> No.77394428

>I don't see how Freddie has any more individuality
He's not an animal.
A serial killer is different from a bear.

>> No.77394429

>but for a playable faction you want to individualize

Hive Fleets all display substantially different strategies and approaches to war, and individual tendrils within those Hive Fleets are shaped by the learned experiences of the Hive Tyrants which lead them. Tyranid creatures which are frequently recognised by their enemies are often given names, even if those creatures themselves wouldn't care or understand using them. Unless you're dead set on having some kind of absurd renegade good-guy Hive Fleet, there's plenty of ways in which one can individualise a Tyranid collection.

>> No.77394442

>Liking knife ears

>> No.77394452

extra handles is pretty common on powertools. lets you alter how you hold it for working at different angles and positions.

>> No.77394456

>Hive Fleets all display substantially different strategies and approaches to war
Tactics aren't the same as characterization, when the whole character is just do whatever is most efficient.
>Tyranid creatures which are frequently recognised by their enemies are often given names, even if those creatures themselves wouldn't care or understand using them.
Such things are pointless if they have no meaning to the faction.

>> No.77394463

>t. Tau player

>> No.77394473

3 grips.

>> No.77394478

>Tactics aren't the same as characterization
having preffered tactics is a characterization, its a personality distinct from others of its kind.

>> No.77394492

wot? there's literally 3 grips in anons photo of the hammer drill.

>> No.77394495

Human. Fuck all xenos except maybe Orks, who at least know what a proper fight is

>> No.77394498

based and crimpilled

>> No.77394501

Three grips anon, three.

>> No.77394503

>having preffered tactics is a characterization
It can be if there's an actual character it accentuates.
Tyranids though, are just adapted to do what's most efficient at any given time.

>> No.77394511

Da pincha. What's the middle/upper grip for? Looks in the way at best

>> No.77394521

>when the whole character is just do whatever is most efficient
Except it isn't. If it was, every Hive Fleet would be identical. It's fairly obvious that the Hive Mind is willing to experiment, using its various Fleets to trial different strategies against different enemies. Otherwise, various highly adapted Fleets like Kronos or Gorgan wouldn't exist, as they fill extremely niche or otherwise wasteful roles.

>Such things are pointless if they have no meaning to the faction.
Nonsense. To return to that other anon's earlier point, does Godzilla know that people call him Godzilla? And if he did, would he care? Not at all. But we view him through the eyes of the humans who's lives he affects, who attribute him with human names and characteristics to try and understand his actions. It's the same for the Tyranids.

>> No.77394528

No clue really, I just googled "rescue tools"

>> No.77394539

versatility, being able to have a firm grip in a wider range of positions makes it more useful and safer

>> No.77394542

>Tyranids though, are just adapted to do what's most efficient at any given time
Not really? They are hyperspecialized.
Kronos encountering non-daemons would still largely employ shooty, because it's in there nature and the previous experiences shaped them.
Same applies to other fleets.

>> No.77394559

Nice save, cult brother :^)

>> No.77394560

How to we fix the command point economy?

>> No.77394562

and then they adapt to what their fighting during the battle

>> No.77394567

I think his actual main gripe is that they do not talk, although I don't know how saying angsty speeches about galaxy burning contributes much to characterization.

>> No.77394568

>Except it isn't.
It is.
>It's fairly obvious that the Hive Mind is willing to experiment
Yes, experimenting is how you find the solution.
>does Godzilla know that people call him Godzilla? And if he did, would he care?
Depends on the movie.

>> No.77394585

>Kronos encountering non-daemons would still largely employ shooty
If it encountered non-daemons enough it would adapt to better fight them. The adaptation is not a static process. Hitting something it's not yet adapted to fight does not imply character.

>> No.77394612

HOLD xD 2 dA m0oN!!!!!!

>> No.77394620

>If it encountered non-daemons enough it would adapt to better fight them.

Kronos goes out of its way to avoid conflict with forces not affiliated with Chaos in some way. The Tyranid codex even gives an example of the Hive Fleet intervening in a space battle between the Imperial Navy and a Chaos armada, wherein it sailed straight past the Imperials as if they weren't there and crashed straight into the Chaos fleet. In the situation you describe it wouldn't "adapt better", it would move on and find targets it's better equipped to deal with.

Honestly, the people who complain most about Tyranid fluff are always the ones who've read the least of it.

>> No.77394625

A sign of shit taste surely.

>> No.77394628

just print more lmfao

>> No.77394632

Fact: no matter what character.or lack of it your tyranids have, they have to give up a stratagem and relic in order to use custom create-a-hivefleet traits.

>> No.77394660

How do we fix drop pods?

>> No.77394676

>If it encountered non-daemons enough it would adapt to better fight them. The adaptation is not a static process
No it wouldn't, at least not until pressured extremely to do so. It is not a static process but it also isn't cost efficient to recalibrate your entire arsenal and genetic makeup every time you meet something new. Like, imagine buying a whole new army tailored against your enemy's list, every time.
Their previous experiences shape what they are, simple as.
I have no idea what the fuck do you want.
Last time this argument was brought up noone gave any real solution or characterization improvement for them that goes any deeper than saying "make stuffs better". They have specialized forces, inner conflicts, unique double edged interactions wit chaos/psykers, GSC, named characters and legends. They are simply beyond talking. What, do you think that BL book hive tyrant going "grrrrrr we hungerrrrr" followed by some pretentious ass pulled reason/rant as to why he is rightful would be an improvement? Because I for sure don't think so.

>> No.77394682

Just what is Kronos planning. I hope it's related to that spiral construct that other hive fleet is building

>> No.77394698

But adaptive physiology is separate from custom fleet traits? And you only pay CP for a second one or another warlord trait??
What did he mean by that.

>> No.77394710

>Just what is Kronos planning.

Chaos can't eat the galaxy if you eat everyone who worships them first.

>> No.77394719

no they dont

>> No.77394729

>Kronos goes out of its way to avoid conflict with forces not affiliated with Chaos in some way.
Yeah, because it's purpose is to fight Chaos.
>Honestly, the people who complain most about Tyranid fluff are always the ones who've read the least of it.
I know the fluff, but the fact is that's still not a character. The Hivemind created Kronos for a specific purpose. Kronos is a tool, not a character.

>No it wouldn't, at least not until pressured extremely to do so.
Yes, and? That is you conceding that the Hivemind works in whatever manner is most efficient. No real character there.

>> No.77394743

No, i mean, Leviathan has a specific Warlord trait, relic and stratagem. If you choose to make your own fleet, you will have not specific relic, Trait or stratagem. Unless you are a custom chapter, those guys do get things

>> No.77394748

chaos kills food but isn't made of food. chaos must be stopped so the hivefleets have more survivors to eat.

>> No.77394756

Chaos Space Marines got the long end of the stick. Still ornate and quite loyal to their original concept, just ever so slightly taller.

>> No.77394761

My club says you get 2 extra CP the start of the game instead. I think that’s fair

>> No.77394787

>dumb faggot arguing about TYRANIDS BORING for the hundredth time

>> No.77394799

>Yes, and? That is you conceding that the Hivemind works in whatever manner is most efficient. No real character there.
Gee sure is cool of you to completely misinterpret the sentence while ignoring the rest of the post.
By that logic it is no different than a marine pressuring into falling to chaos because it was "efficient".
I will make it clear: no, hive fleets don't adapt to anything they encounter. Anon above even gave you a clear example of how it works when a hyperadapted fleet encounters someone they didn't account for.

>> No.77394818

But you still have access to all the generic ones, which you'll only take 1 or 2 of anyway.

by that logic choosing leviathan is giving up on 5 of each since it means you can't take the other fleet specific ones. This isn't even a Tyranid thing, making say an ultramarines army means giving up on a whole bunch of other chapter relics, warlord traits and so on.

Theres more options than slots to put them in so its a non issue

>> No.77394827

Check this waac list
IG Catachans battalion
3x TQ
3x conscripts
3x platoon commander
1x M. Priest

RG vanguard
1x chaplain+jumpack
1x kayvaan shrike
Squad 6x assault centurions
1x redemptor dread
Squad 8x VanVets CS+SS sargaent with thunder hammer

1998pts is this competetive list?

>> No.77394831

Now wait for him to make another pepe image post saying how tyranid players think their faction is better than others and how they are unrightfully shit in other factions.

>> No.77394832

I would strike her scorpion say no more!

>> No.77394844

>he did it AGAIN

>> No.77394863

what happened?

>> No.77394866

He made another thread without a title, at least he deleted it this time

>> No.77394878

Eventually the Dark Angels are going to run out of firstborn marines who can physically fit within terminator armor.

>> No.77394891

Datasheets were a shit idea when you have one for every little variation instead of just having a basic profile and then wargear you can choose with x points added. Holy fuck. The previous resolution to end the bloat just really got defenestrated and now the game is bloat central whilst removing any tactics at all. 40k has boiled down to putting miniatures on your cardboard fold-out, not caring about terrain because it barely does anything, having your guys be able to shoot in any direction, rolling dice, removing plastic, charging, winning/losing, and then reshuffling your datasheet deck when you discover a new netlist.


>> No.77394893



I was not the last person who made one without a title, however.

>> No.77394908

It's a bit different for them, I guess. Unlike other factions that can tell you what they are all about, Tyranids can be described by their enemies, like that time a Knight House encountered them and described their creatures like they would other knights: The Baron, The Count, the King etc.

>> No.77394930

But the established pick still has their own thing. The custom one has no thing. It's like saying you can take a custom chapter...but you cannot use anything other than the normal relics and traits: no progenitor special issue stuff, strats or WTs. It's even worse than being an Imperial Fist or Black Templar, you cannot deny this, and this is the case for non-SM custom stuff.

>> No.77395281

Hey anon, don’t worry. I have ADHD too. All you need to do is get a script for adderall & take it when you want to paint. It’s legal and big pharmaceutical companies say it’s not at all habit forming.

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