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>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the OFFICIAL format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>Thread Question:
What deck do you regret building the most?

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Any standard deck

>> No.77335658

Pic related, was just generic greed good stuff.

Broken it down and turned it into Grand Warlord Radha. It's a lot more fun now.

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>What deck do you regret building the most?
Kumena. It was very consistent at locking out everyone else pretty fast and ended up being no fun for either me or the opponents.

>> No.77335707

Roon. I loved the deck idea but bant is terminally unable to close out games well. Knowing it will always be bad because it is bant makes me seethe. It could never win but it could get to a state where no one else could either and it mad everyone upset me included.

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Norin Chaos. Now I just want to end games, not prolong them.

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Why can I never convince myself to buy a goblin bombardment

>> No.77335816


It just builds itself, id rather play degenerate Scion Combo than a straight forward ramp + good stuff.

Mashed it down into Yidris Battlecruiser, I play a Karthus and a small dragon package out if sentimentality.

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>better art will one day be printed
>a better effect will one day be printed
You are waiting for one or the other knowing neither will happen

>> No.77335879

the few games I played with this went on over 2 hours and ended slowly and painfully

whoever came up with the group hug meme should be hung

>> No.77335908

Kess. It was a grindy control deck that ground games to a crawl and felt punishing to play as.

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TQ: my mtg collection. All serious answers aside however, probably Inalla. Similar reasons to the Kess poster here>>77335908, it got to the point where it just wasn't fun to play.

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Just getting back into edh

Is this partner shit as cringe as it looks?
Do people seriously make partner decks?

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>Is this partner shit as cringe as it looks?
>Do people seriously make partner decks?
Unfortunately also yes.

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>I've actually changed my opinion on partners with Commander Legends. They can actually promote a lot of different deck ideas as long as they aren't general goodstuff.

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I've actually changed my opinion on partners with Commander Legends. They can actually promote some good ideas for deckbuilding as long as they aren't general good-stuff.

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But there should probably be a rule to start with 1 fewer card in hand if you play with partners.

>> No.77336556

Probably Experiment Kraj. Not only was the deck bad but also left me with a lot of cards that are not only worthless but also nigh useless in other decks.

>> No.77336678

Do copys of your commander deal commander damage?

>> No.77336687

As much as I love cheating out Eldrazi, this guy was boring as fuck and every game played the same.
That said one of my all time favorite games of EDH happened with him, when I used him to cast Emrakul and force the one-land Golos Charbelcher guy to Charbelcher himself.

No, commander-ness is an inherent property of the piece of cardboard your commander is printed on.

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GW Infect. Turns out Glistener Elf on t1 rarely does anything, rarely happens anyway, and just causes 3 people to save removal for you exclusively

>> No.77336725

>As much as I love cheating out Eldrazi
Well there's the problem, chronic shit taste and a lack of creativity.

>> No.77336824

it's just do dmg, cast rakdos, protect it until gets to swing and flood the board on turn 4. tried to put in non-optimal creatures for more interaction but it still plays the same every time. relies too much on the commander

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>expecting fast games
haah waaw? shoulda gone noring apocalypse

>> No.77336851

I'm gonna build
>Neheb eternal
take a bet at which will I take apart first. Currently I only have Scarab God and Elenda and have taken apart Unesh and Maelstrom Wanderer

>> No.77336885

don't know how marath plays but I'm guessing bepis since it's pretty linear discard/sac

>> No.77336926

yeah I'm also thinking it may flop hard when she gets inevitably removed. I'm trying to build it without her in mind too much, just reanimator and black payoffs, and cool cards like choice of damnations.

>> No.77336941

Unesh. After like the fifth time you "Fact Or Sphinx" it gets annoying having to ask your opponent to make your piles. Especially when your deck can make multiple Unesh triggers per Sphinx etb. It's probably entertaining for them to some degree but I feel like that vibe goes away after a bit.

>> No.77336964

can confirm>>77336851
i love sphinxes as a tribe tho and i would love a dedicated esper sphinx commander

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Hated this so much, also, for the combo to work you need an opponent to cast a sorcery or instant while you hold twincast in hand, which almost NEVER happens.
And the combo with ral zarek is impossible to pull off.

And when you don't play combo it's just slow and boring, and against decks with a lot of creatures you get slaughtered hard. Hated it.

>> No.77337067


Don't know about Zedruu but disagree that group hug is a bad strategy.

This has quickly become one of my favorite commanders, you win with approach of the second sun while having a lot of control cards and cards like windmill or jaces archivist that make everyone draw like crazy while you get to your second approach more easily.

Also has a lot of control magic effects to steal shit and dont let your opponents abuse their commanders.

And people don't see you as a threat through the whole game because it's just a funny rabbit.

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What are you hoping to see in the next Cyberpunk Kamigawa expansion?

>> No.77337158

finally got some male

>> No.77337179

gender looked past. Every character who looks like a dude is called 'she' and if they look like a girl, 'he'. Also they must all be BIPOC asians.

>> No.77337213

nice old border foils

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Corona Virus literally killed my gram last night bros..

>> No.77337282


sorry man, fuck china for this situation too

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An explanation for Tamiyo not wearing cyberpunk gear in SOI/EMN

>> No.77337320

Really? I love my dragon deck. It's a blast to pilot and there's nothing better than winning a game through combat and commander damage swinging flying fatties with great art

>> No.77337325

I lost my Grandmum last month. Shit sucks bro, feel better soon.

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Yeah I haven't touch Kalamax in mouths. Luckily it only costed me about $70 to build

>> No.77337342

Thanks lads. I'm gonna play magic with my bros this weekend to cheer me up

>> No.77337365

Same here

>> No.77337449


All your deck ends up depending on this fucker and people not deciding to kill it and timewalking you basically

>> No.77337453

>package has been in transit to final destination for days
What does this even mean?

>> No.77337458

Kwain group hug can work because he speeds the game up by drawing people cards

Zerdruu relies multiple cards of set up to start speeding towards its win condition, and most lists I've seen have resorted to chaos strats to slow the game down to where they can draw into their wincon

>> No.77337461

Who are you partnering him with?

>> No.77337467

It means that the package is in transit to its final destination

>> No.77337473

why the fuck would you think Sakashima as a solo commander would work?

he has partner, just run a fucking partner with him, ANY partner. Don't let the autism on this thread fool you partners can be fun and fair.

>> No.77337487

What do you mean? I have no problem with my Tormod&Sakashima with Gyruda deck

>> No.77337549


Post list, my Sakashima Vial Smasher deck ends up getting fucked usually

>> No.77337561

>getting fucked
>playing the deck whose wincon is literally "casting spells"

you might just be retarded

>> No.77337585

>cancer partner
>cancer color combination
>can't win
You're just bad

>> No.77337612

All my commanders are in the top 20 on EDHREC

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>> No.77337642

Time to stop playing solved commanders

>> No.77337653

How do I stop the arms race in my pod?

>> No.77337654


It's just slow to have to play your 2 commanders and not getting one of them killed before starting to do fun shit.

>> No.77337665


play bad but fun decks, get used to not winning in a few days but people will not have fun anymore if they always win and finally start doing it your way

>> No.77337668

post your list anon, I want to bully you

>> No.77337675

I really want to play vial smasher, but I dont know who to partner him with.
Since I already have krark and kydele, I'm not really sure how to make the deck unique either

>> No.77337685

Found this dude among some older cards. What kind of shenanigans i can do with him?

>> No.77337694

You mean good commanders?

>> No.77337697

Ludevic is a good way to incentivize people to not attack you

>"not sure how to make the deck unique"

you can have unique or optimal anon, never both

>> No.77337698

You're obviously using Sakashima as a second copy of Vialsmasher and a way to get blue so you actually only need Vialsmasher on the field to start "doing fun shit"
Sakashima is just win more

>> No.77337704

You can go to Japan and play in the native language so everyone wont hate you

>> No.77337710

>implying I read moon runes

>> No.77337722


>> No.77337731


You need sakashima to start playing every cheap clone to get more vial smashers

One time I rolled 10 dice for one spell and killed everyone, but almost never happens

>> No.77337733

That's a good idea.
I kind of feel like I would need green though, because honestly his ability kind of sounds like it'd be dogshit in actual practice.

>> No.77337740

>card that makes tokens in green
>hurr, what can I do with this??

kill yourself

>> No.77337741

Oh, here's the problem

>> No.77337743

>add red
>deck becomes more fun and interesting
Every time

>> No.77337764

if you put green in vialsmasher I will personally come to your house and spit in your face

>> No.77337768

It's under $10, so I have no idea.

>> No.77337778

Why would the people at the gate let you in

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>> No.77337813


>> No.77337840

I'm pretty new to the game, and I've only ever built 3 decks, which should I try next?

>> No.77337841


>Players who control more lands than you can't play lands unless they pay 3

>> No.77337850

What's your favourite forest, /tg/?

>> No.77337852

Whatever you find fun

>> No.77337854

Pic related. I'm still waiting on an Archfiend of Despair to show up, but if it doesn't come today, I'm contacting the seller about ither options.

>> No.77337859


>Whenever a land enters the battlefield under an opponent's control, if it's not the first land they played this turn, draw 2 cards

>> No.77337871

Who are you playing?

>> No.77337876


>> No.77337886

Brocéliande Forest obviously

>> No.77337895

>boring simic goodstuff
>token spam
Find something else.

>> No.77337897

one overpowered card can't fix a format, retard

that being said
>Whenever an opponent plays a spell, you may draw a card unless that player pays (1)

>> No.77337902


>> No.77337912

You just reprinted rhystic study.

>> No.77337913

EDH doesn't need fixing, only White does

>> No.77337925

wait, are you the guy that paid 30 bucks for the archfiend?

>> No.77337937

he just put it back where it belongs

>> No.77337972

>table says my replenish is op 2 turns after some faggot rifted the entire table at instant speed
remind me again why i keep playing this game

>> No.77337980

Is smothering tithe too slow for enchantment spam or is it worth holding in hand for a turn 2-3 play?

>> No.77338009


play smothering as fast as you can in any deck that can have white and never look back

>> No.77338012

I wish I got replenish before the dark tymes.
Same for serra's sanctum.

Guess them dreams will stay that way.

>> No.77338018

>spells your opponents cast that target [CARDNAME] cost (2) more to cast
>Whenever an opponent draws a card, you may draw a card unless that player pays (2)
>Whenever an opponent plays a land, you may put a land card for your hand onto the battlefield unless that player pays (2)

>> No.77338029

Yeah. Still waiting.

>> No.77338039

MtG artist here, will include an easter egg with every request that replies to this post in my next card, you will have to wait one whole year to see the result tho, but I'll post it here.

>> No.77338040

is it an enchantment

>> No.77338044

Oh, it'd be an enchantment.

>> No.77338049

why you think so?

>> No.77338054

background hippos

>> No.77338058


>> No.77338059

I hope they print this on a hot blonde girl

>> No.77338062

>"sorry, anon, but i have to counter your spell"
>"and on my turn i cast hullbreacher :^)"

>> No.77338066


>> No.77338071

Include Yurlok somehow

>> No.77338076

Hellllll yeah

>> No.77338084

nod to terese nielsen

>> No.77338086


>> No.77338097

Bant staple

>> No.77338130

Friend got a pretty hard lock on us getting seedborn muse and leyline of anticipation out, I know that doesn’t really relate to him as a commander specifically but it was ridiculous. He also had a morph sub theme and ran little ugin which I guess makes morphs free?

That sounded like bullshit to me but hey I’m not gonna argue

>> No.77338132

lord knows they need more of those

>> No.77338134

>this little nigga is $11 because of a single print run

>> No.77338190

Tell me about it

>> No.77338215

I've heard a lot of people say Vindicate is unplayable because of its Sorcery speed. Is the same true of Maelstrom Pulse?

>> No.77338244

Wait, why is it so much more expensive than the others?

>> No.77338257

>I've heard a lot of people say Vindicate is unplayable because of its Sorcery speed.
They are wrong

>> No.77338301


I've seen people have their entire games ruined because of vindicate, and they didnt even target a land

>> No.77338302

>Just read all of the Kaldeim Main Story
>Alright I guess, nothing to write home about
>went to read the Niko Aris side story
>Everyone says their pronouns when they introduce themselves
>A Viking uses Xey/Xir pronouns
>Vikings care about the pronouns of the people they pillage
Jesus Christ, every single time I had to read those it immediately took me me out of my suspension of disbelief and made me think it was an author just trying to get payed rather than writing a good story.

>> No.77338305

I hated this but because the builds I had devolved into infinite turns every time. Gonna rebuild him around the copy spell from kaldheim

>> No.77338320

Only in cEDH is something unplayable because of Vindicate. The same people that think Vindicate is unplayable are the same people that undersell Reality Shift as removal

>> No.77338323

I haven't read those, I have no time for this shit
The main story was cool though

>> No.77338360

Are they pulling a jumpstart with commander legends?
Why is the aesi precon so high?
I have 2 of them, already, but I'm curious

>> No.77338428

your fault for trying to read this dicksnipper trainwreck

>> No.77338440

>Enchantment 2WW
>If an opponent would draw a card other than the first card in their turn, draw that many cards
>If a land card would enter the battlefield that is not the first this turn, destroy it
>All non combat damage is prevent
>If a card would be put into a graveyard from play, exile it

>> No.77338478

Is it a gorrilla's fault for walking through a forest path that's been filled with mines?
How was i supposed to know that the side stories is where they were going to push their Genderfluid propaganda.
the main story doesn't have it, so why should the side story have it? At least, that's what I was thinking.

>> No.77338484

>for the rest of the game, no one can draw anymore cards
>you may tap 3 birds instead of paying this spells mana cost

>> No.77338488

>Card Name: "No Fun Allowed"

>> No.77338491

Who should I build if I want peak soullessness? Just a pure value build. Probably 5 colors.
I know I want Chulane, Omnath, and Field of the Dead in the 99 since I know, at the very least, I'll be playing lands and creatures. Maybe that demon from the new set that tutors when it attacks too. No combos, just value.

>> No.77338504

You already know, your just baiting the answer

>> No.77338547

Is 5c dragons the final stage of every magic player

>> No.77338561

You posted it every day for the past few weeks

>> No.77338582

>no fun allowed, only fair magic here you wouldn't get this color
>WWWW enchantment
>whenever a land enters the battlefield, if its controller had another land enter the battlefield under their control this turn, exile that land
>if a player would draw a card except the first one they draw each turn, exile that card instead
>whenever a player casts a spell, exile it if its cmc is greater than the number of lands its controller controls
>players can't cast spells from anywhere other than their hand
>permanents can't enter the battlefield from graveyards, libraries, or exile
>prevent al noncombat damage
>if a permanent would etb and it wasn't cast, exile it instead
>if a card would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead
what did I forget?

>> No.77338591

Three birds?

>> No.77338596

>Creatures you control get +1/+1 for each opponent and one of the following effects each upkeep:
>whenever an opponent draws a card, create a clue.
>whenever an opponent plays a land, create a treasure
>whenever an opponent plays a creature, target artifact becomes a 4/4 flying artifact creature
>whenever a creature you control dies, draw a card.

>> No.77338602

>roll a 6 sided dice
>if odd, stab target green player
>if even, draw a card

>> No.77338613

Yes. Any birds. Not even ones you control.

>> No.77338621

Become Deck #5812

>> No.77338626

>Players can only cast spells or activate abilities during their own turn
>If a player would win the game due to any ability other than their life being reduced to zero, commander damage or drawing a card from an empty library, the ability is countered.

>> No.77338629

You say this but dockside extortionist singlehandily made Red playable in CEDH

>> No.77338637

i don't know anon, how could anyone have possibly imagined that would happen

>> No.77338657

>Enchanted creature gets +1/+0
>Whenever enchanted creature deals damage to an opponent add that many W mana to your mana pool on your post combat phase.

>> No.77338665

I brewed a deck around this guy he seems fun
I really like the idea of the value he is able to creature but I kinda feel like his decks end up being really same-y and not original


>> No.77338695

I mean, I expect it from niko, and his isn't bad, just using they/them for one person. It is only especially grating when the author has a paragraph only using pronouns instead of names.

But with the vikings is was awful.

>> No.77338713

no way thats real

>> No.77338714

Just set an agreed upon power level

>> No.77338732

two part story, two links.

>> No.77338757

So how did that work out anyway? Did the Vikings assume Niko’s gender and they corrected the Vikings to use different pronouns? Did they warn the Vikings ahead of time?

>> No.77338760

see that's a fun card that's not butthurt "i can't draw cards so you can't either noo why are you ramping you can't :("

>> No.77338764

>crt + f
>"xey" 0 results
>"xir" 0 results
yeah okay anon

>> No.77338780

Bruh, why couldn't atla palani have mayael's art

>> No.77338794

>Kjell leaned his glowing rune-staff against the edge of the table. "Orhaft Stoneback is a Vedrune, the Omenseeker word for a rune-priest, and a wary one at that. Xe wouldn't have landed xer ship here if xe thought winter would trap xer people or prevent their departure. Fynn might stall, though—wouldn't be the first time he's used our curse as leverage in a conflict."

>> No.77338811

okay in my defence, I didn't know that was a pronoun
and I will now promptly kill myself

>> No.77338815

Sorry Pajit, I didn't realize I needed to remember the exact imaginary pronouns they use.

>> No.77338816

In the last chapter of the main story, Niko appears (he only has two line of text, don't worry) and Kaya somehow doesn't use any pronouns to describe them, only "the stranger"

>> No.77338834

>Whenever a land enters the battlefield under an opponent's control, add W. Until the end of your next turn, you don’t lose this mana as steps and phases end.

>> No.77338842

I ain’t reading these magic shtick even when they were good. Aint gonna start now even if I’m not as adverse to inclusivity as the rest of the board of anonsmoose

>> No.77338880

You do you
I find them gun but I would be lying if I said I wasn't expecting the worst when Niko appeared in the last chapter
I was relieved they did nothing of note and could have been completely removed

>> No.77338882

If you include Mystic Sanctuary, you can use Ghostly Flicker on the Sanctuary and Mulldrifter, choose between getting your flicker back and draw three cards, or gain an additional land and get Flicker and one other spell back to your hand.

>> No.77338895

Is there a commander that cares about looting? I want to loot, not to wheel

>> No.77338910

Feldon, kind of.

>> No.77338919

thats based as fuck thanks anon
opinion on the deck?

>> No.77338923

Anje maybe, but she rummages.

>> No.77338928


>> No.77338978

>Whenever you discard one or more cards for the first time each turn, draw that many cards.

Are you baiting, or just retarded

>> No.77338987

why do you care so much about looting anon
are you black?

>> No.77339021

The main reason I want to play is because I want to play that faerie that gets a counter for every second card and mad ratter. Feldons a good choice so thank you, but I need blue.
That deck does look like fun....I just hate how it's tied to madness.
Hmmmm, looks good. Gilf in the command zone, interesting

>> No.77339049

*gain 2 life

>> No.77339054

Sure, she CAN be for wheeling, but if you just wanna loot she'll still give you returns.

>> No.77339057

Looting is "draw, discard"
Rielle cares about discarding and turns your first Looting into "draw, discard, draw"
A lot of loot effects are on instants and sorceries as well
I don't see how it doesn't answer OP

>> No.77339109

>okay in my defence, I didn't know that was a pronoun
It isn't it's a fucking delusion. A bunch of spoiled attention whores that need a good spanking.

>> No.77339114

you like old border or new?

>> No.77339125

Looking for advice on this zur list


Maybeboard has what I might want to add, specifically I’m gonna add ad naus, phyrexian unlife and solemnity no matter what but idk what to take out.

Anything I don’t have that I should add? I’m a try hard trying to build a cedh deck for our group, only things I can’t really afford yet are free counters, lions eye diamond, yawgmoth’s will and most of the fast mana (think I’ll get chrome mox though)

>> No.77339145

Looks pretty nice. Since you can copy permanents, how come you didn't include Propaganda?

>> No.77339152

very nice too. How would you like "whenever you gain life for the first time each turn, add that many W. You don't lose it until eot"

>> No.77339163

>spanking them
Eww, I wouldn't even touch them with a ten foot pole

>> No.77339182

I meantit more in the "by their parents when they were growing up" sense.

>> No.77339200

It's like watching a trainwreck.

>> No.77339209

The Avacyn conspiracy post, as asked for last thread.

>> No.77339226

Should have put it in the past tense then
Also, it could be that they received too much of it and start to like it instead

>> No.77339238

I guess it's just me and my "Best tool for the best job" mentality.

I fell that there has to be a better commander, but I cant think of one.

>> No.77339259

It reads exactly like actual conspiracy theories, full of obvious lies, asspulls and misunderstanding of the original material
Good job

>> No.77339275

>for the first time each turn
I fucking hate how they've started stapling this to triggers. It's clunky and makes cards far less interesting.

>> No.77339282

oh yeah
at first I had quite a different list and didn't have room for that, thanks for reminding me anon

>> No.77339310

Anything that interacts with looting (discarding and then drawing cards) is necessarily also going to interact with wheeling (discarding and then drawing cards). They’re the same combination of game actions.

>> No.77339347

This, and them trying to make a commander for a certain mechanic, and then making the second ability something generic so you feel like shit if you dont play it for its second ability

>> No.77339360

If Rielle read just slightly differently, she'd be better for looting
>whenever you discard one or more cards, draw a card.

>> No.77339390

is this tied to the wotc stealing ideas from custom card general?

>> No.77339401

>instantly deck yourself at end of turn if you have eight or more cards in hand
Bad idea

>> No.77339412

Nah, I got spanked plenty and I'm just your average degen who likes monstergirls.

>> No.77339420

Even wotc isnt stupid enough to steal ideas from subhuman retards that lurk these threads

>> No.77339433

We don't all have the same degeneracies

>> No.77339453

I unironically wish they would, /ccg/ made some great sets
t. Someone who lurked there every day a few years back

>> No.77339469

>all have the same
Funny, I didn't think that's what average meant.

>> No.77339475 [DELETED] 

what else

>> No.77339494

Good catch,
>Whenever you discard one or more cards outside of the cleanup step, draw a card.

>> No.77339512


>> No.77339537

That's my point, you got spanked plenty and became a monstergirlfag
I wasn't spanked that much and became an exhibitionist bisexual
Maybe they were spanked too much and became nonbinary monsters

>> No.77339551

What if his rules text was "At the beginning of each upkeep, other creatures get -X /-X where X is Kaervek's power". Then would it be playable?

>> No.77339565

srry made a typo
what else are we missing

>> No.77339595

man art just can't stop getting more souless. It's not bad per se, but look at his old card, miles away.

>> No.77339638

I like Daarken. He's made some great cards. But in recent sets they've all been misses. I don't know what happened to the guy

>> No.77339679

The art director. It's also what's happening to Livia prima and johannes Voss.

>> No.77339694

Just write "Other cards text don't have priority on rules"

>> No.77339697

These are pretty much the same art facing different directions

>> No.77339727

Remember Bitter Ordeal? Remember Korlash?

I believe it. Looking through his recent art on Scryfall and it all looks painfully generic. LIke from a Korean MOBA. Look at Duskwielder. Hell, even nuVorinclex is underwhelming

>> No.77339731

yeah that one's pretty good. Must be this>>77339679

>> No.77339775

A game I like to play is taking an artist I like and looking at their non magic work. This is Livia prima.

>> No.77339855

>Vikings care about the pronouns of the people they pillage

>> No.77339931

>be viking
>be raiding
>get your rape on
>when you're finished apologize to twink boys for calling them little bitch
>give them reparations for misgendering

>> No.77340066

>gives raped twink 3 silver coins

>> No.77340074

i like it, it's a way of allowing powerful effects

>> No.77340185

a literal colourful easter egg

>> No.77340207

I noticed there are a few modern female artists that do work for WotC and their female pieces for MtG are easily noticeable from a glance compared to non-MtG work

>> No.77340214

Put an Avacyn's Collar design somewhere please. Preferably on a white card.

>> No.77340220

>The first commander precons are gonna be 10 years old later this year

Whew, does the time fly.

>> No.77340232

Fuck you for reminding me goddammit. I got into edh with those.

>> No.77340262

Purposefully hide the feet of the character or characters on the art. Be it by cropping the art to not show the feet, or putting a rock or root in front of them. Like hiding the sexual bits with a very smug duck in the bath scene in Wakfu.

>> No.77340355

Purposefully show the feet of the character or characters on the art. Be it by lighting the art to highlight the feet, or putting a rock or root behind them for focus. Like pointing to the sexual bits with a very smug cat in the living room scene in Wakanda.

>> No.77340391


Once during any of your main phases choose target opponent:

-Exile the top X cards of your library where X is the difference between the number of cards in the chosen player's hand and the number of cards in your hand. Put all cards exiled this way into your hand at the beginning of the next endstep.

Create X treasure tokens where X is the difference between the number of lands the chosen player controls and the number of lands you control, then tap all treasures you control.

I probably worded this poorly, but whatever. You make it cleaner/easer by just having it go off "number of players who control more lands/have more cards in hand", but I liked the idea of it echoing Carpet of Flowers in white and also not being dependent on multiplayer makes it more playable in other formats.

>> No.77340395

>Like pointing to the sexual bits with a very smug cat in the living room scene in Wakanda.
This make no sense
3/10 for effort
You also lost points for being a disgusting footfag

>> No.77340422

A medium-skinned (dark tan) black girl with freckles, brown eyes, and gray hair

>> No.77340484

>Negropotence WWW
>Skip your draw step.
>Whenever you discard a card, exile that card from your graveyard.
>Gain 1 life: Exile the top card of your library face down. Put that card into your hand at the beginning of your next end step.

>> No.77340492

no no, treasure is now a red thing. can't have that

>> No.77340544

>gaining life as a cost
Was it ever done?

>> No.77340554 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77340601

Every color makes treasures except Green.

>> No.77340646

Show me your all time favorite art for a card

>> No.77340660

some cumulative upkeeps had upsides, I can imagine gaining life was one of them

>> No.77340694


>> No.77340712

That's what I thought as well but I checked and it's not the case

>> No.77340714

That flavour text though.
>each sigil marks a great deed
>means you owe a favor to the guy who gave it to you
So if you bear witness to a paladin doing his job.... he has to do something for you?
This sounds like the ideal order of knights for jewish lords.

>> No.77340752

>Fasting but it actually fits with the modern flavor of what gaining life represents
>The first time you would gain life each turn, instead, put a hunger counter on Fasting but it actually fits with the modern flavor of what gaining life represents and draw a card. When Fasting but it actually fits with the modern flavor of what gaining life represents has five hunger counters on it, sacrifice it.

>> No.77340755

owed as in past term. I think it means you get a medal when you did an owed duty. in other words, a task given by somebody

>> No.77340878

*saves your YouTube commander video*

>> No.77340905

that cards a power house. No wonder its 18$

>> No.77341044

Hans Eriksson
A lot of good tools wasted on making a joke viable that stops being funny the first time.

>> No.77341072

If the duty is done you no longer describe it as owed, but rather as fulfilled or done.
Also " signifies a duty owe to the one who granted it" is bad english, past tense or not, owed is the correct way to use the word in that sentence.

>> No.77341098

>goes infinite with Bladewing the Risen and Molten Echoes
Nothing personnel kid...

>> No.77341225

They shouldn't have de-Chad'd him

>> No.77341234

agree with the first part but of course they would word it differently if they ment to say something else, not just change 1 letter

>> No.77341382

>Thread Question:
What deck do you regret building the most?
None so far, But I regret sleeving up the timeless wisdom precon. That shit feels weak af.

>> No.77341497

Opal-Eye. I thought it would work. It didn't. The good news is all the pieces I got for it are still useful

>> No.77341541

Silver border art doesn't count. It's a different universe (multiverse?).

>> No.77341576

There's a big difference between looking cartoonish and looking completely different

>> No.77341597

He got older

>> No.77341753

Looks like it’s gonna be a while before we see some new cards. What y’all up to in February besides playing some edh games however you can?

>> No.77341766

Yeah, and? I don't make the rules, I was just regurgitating what wotc said.

>> No.77341787

I'm working on a deck for my wife in an effort to get her to play more often.

>> No.77341791

the text "/tg/"

>> No.77341836

You thinking of giving her a Red deck?

>> No.77341837

Gonna try to play the Yakuza games. I bought 1-5 a while ago but never touched any.

>> No.77341872

something racist

>> No.77341940

Nope. She likes oozes, so Mimeoplasm ooze tribal it is. This will be her second deck, after Atla Palani Wurms.

>> No.77341945

>a year from now
literally anything could be considered racist then

>> No.77342130

Any fun tech for this guy that isnt on the edhrec page?

>> No.77342196

Spit fetish

>> No.77342291

this card's pretty old but I used to run it in this guy and it broke it badly

>> No.77342292

What are your favorite symmetrical non-removal spells?

>> No.77342294

not really, in fact you should avoid most spirits and just play Ugins Conjurant.

>> No.77342327

my waifu

and racism

>> No.77342398


>> No.77342425

Help plz

>> No.77342549

Still some of the best commanders they ever made.

>> No.77342555

I clearly haven't lurked long enough. What's bepis?

>> No.77342573

Honestly, when you're at this high of a power level, the changes you do make come down to your pod.

>> No.77342579


>> No.77342633


>> No.77342771

God I'm in the same boat, I used to enjoy just fucking with people's game plans but it's become so tiresome, the deck plays itself

>> No.77342802

You can use her ability after blockers are declared but before damage is dealt, right?

>> No.77342824

Why wouldn't you

>> No.77342901

Gotta lot of stuff today but still not everything

>> No.77342953

Depends on the partners you're doing.

I have two partner decks, Thrasios / Vial Smasher and Akiri / Bruse. They're both fun to play and I couldn't get the effects I want elsewhere.

>> No.77342970

Shit I have an Agadeems Awakening sitting around, should I cut a basic swamp and run it as well? Ping people for 3 damage with a land, and easily recover from a board wipe with my 1,2,3, and 4 drops

>> No.77342983

I'm having a bit of a brain fart here pardon me, so when you cast flicker, orvar triggers and you pick let's say mulldrifter, the mull clone etbs you draw three then your flicker resolves making your original mulldrifter etb and your sanctuary etb then your flicker goes to the graveyard, at what point to do you get the flicker back? Did I just do the rulings wrong

>> No.77342992

>draw first hand
>only one land
>no lands
>only lands
how the fuck? This deck is fucking cursed

>> No.77343014

And if you pick sanctuary you get a copy of the land and draw three but since they would still etb before the flicker hits the graveyard I'm not seeing a way to get it back, do they come back after flicker hits the graveyard?

>> No.77343021

How many lands do you guys find comfortable? For me I'll take 2 if I have a mana rock, or 3 without

>> No.77343030

>Thrasios / Vial Smasher
Anon, sadly that's cringe

I hate goldfishing on tappedout and it gives you like 7 hands with no lands in a row. Yes, I get it's supposed to be "truly random" but I have 40 fucking lands in this deck, I'm just getting fucked by the algorithm

>> No.77343036

2 if I have ramp in hand or a mana rock

>> No.77343067

Depends on the curve of the deck. Some I'll run with two, others decks I want four.

Three and a ramp of some kind, spell or rock, generally is my sweet spot.

>Anon, sadly that's cringe
Whatever, it's a blast to play.

>> No.77343071

I'm trying to find ways to tone my Edric deck down for the new pod I'm in. They're more casual, so I'm trying to match them. Have it be evasive weenie beats, with a side of politics. Still needed some win conditions though. I'm thinking her and Biomass Mutation for combat related ones.

>> No.77343072

Love the art on this little fella

>> No.77343098

Lads... I think I found my wife

>> No.77343115


only lands is an amazing starting hand.

>> No.77343120


>> No.77343172

>How many lands do you guys find comfortable?
Depends on the deck. Ashling is fun because I've taken no land hands before and won but I wouldn't take less than 3 in Seton

>> No.77343178

I say fuck it and make Walking Dead the hero of white

>Carl, Youthful Scout WW
>At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, they may pay 2. If they don't, target permanent you control gains protection from color of your choice until end of turn.
>WWW: Until your next upkeep, all your spells can be cast at the same time an Instant could be cast.

>> No.77343189

>If you would gain 3 or more life, you may instead have target opponent gain 3 life and you draw a card.

>> No.77343190

1-3 depending on deck and what else is in the hand.
Seeing card draw/selection and ramp is more important to me. I would stick with one if I also had a mana dork and 2cmc ramp/draw

>> No.77343215

And just like every other conspiracy, will turn out to be true.

>> No.77343350

Earth isn't flat, Anon

>> No.77343376

>playing Mad Borby
"Aw shucks fellas, another hand of all lands. Ah, I guess I'll keep it!"
>wink at camera

>> No.77343414

*Counters borby then blows up your lands*

>> No.77343431

MtG sitcom when? Full with Office Style camera looks and side bars.

>> No.77343439

new secret lair coming

>> No.77343461

You watched Friday nights? Because that's what you're describing.

>> No.77343484


>> No.77343501

Plus Shalai and five other cards yet to be shown.
February 22nd.

>> No.77343504

>t. 17 year old

>> No.77343534

I know people are going to get mad because muh politics, but this one's honestly cute.

>> No.77343551

>Black People Secret Lair
Eh, why not? I won't buy it anyway

>> No.77343562

I had no idea this even existed.

>> No.77343567

I can't tell if the original Shalai or this one is uglier

>> No.77343573

Is Ponder the best common ever printed in the last 10+1 years? Also the OG art is way better than this niggaboo shit

>> No.77343575

"Hey, Black, have you seen my Lab Man?
"Nah, I haven't seen it Blue."
"Because I had it right on the top of my deck..."
"Check with Red. He might have made you shuffle it."
"Alright, thanks anyway Black"
>Black looks at camera
"I took his Lab Man with Praetor's Grasp. It's his only win con. I'm not even gonna cast it"

>> No.77343608

Wait it's actually a black history secret lair? I was just joking goddammit. And they even made an angel the face of the lair.

>> No.77343612

Oh ya. Black history month. Makes sense.

Also that’s one huge sword

>> No.77343618

Zero is also fantastic. I also like 6, although I seem to be in the minority and 7 is universally liked. Hope you'll like them.

>> No.77343642

How the fuck is that woman on the left anywhere near cute

>> No.77343644

Better than a Skyrim Secret Lair or whatever that one fake leak was.

>> No.77343649

>black history month secret lair
unless they reprint powerful cards but blackwash them this will sell the least out of any secret lair

>> No.77343670

You know that a scene can be cute without every participant being attractive, right?

>> No.77343681

The scene is cute, not the characters

>> No.77343683

It's really not.

>> No.77343714

She’s just an older lady. Chill

>> No.77343720

How do you justify changing the race of a legendary character? Also isn't this Asian erasure?

>> No.77343725

>Box of Rocks
Are you absolutely sure about that, my man?

>> No.77343746

>inb4 Elenda is in the secret lair

>> No.77343751

Learn how spells and abilities work, anon. With Ghostly Flicker and other spells, they resolve fully before anything is added to the stack. So if Mystic Sanctuary is one of the targets, it's ETB ability is put into the stack when GF has fully resolved, which includes it being put into the graveyard, making it a valid target for MS. With Mulldrifter, you'll draw it back if you sequence the ETBs of MS and Mully that way.

>> No.77343752

I get that the woman on the left isn't supposed to be hot or whatever but does she have to be that fucking ugly? Fuck it, the kid is ugly too

>> No.77343754

Never heard of them. Wonder if it’s another “we’re gonna Jack up the price again but it’s ok, charity”

I swear if it’s another overpriced place for Teferi’s protection, I’m gonna get mad

>> No.77343760

Brand crossovers will kill this game's integrity far faster than the existence of black people.

>> No.77343780

>why dont you just automatically love niggers goym
fuck off shill

>> No.77343786

$40 nonfoil, $50 foil. Seven cards, so ~$6/$7 per piece of cardboard.

>> No.77343797

She's a cartoonesque elder of the village, she's not supposed to be attractive

>> No.77343812

You mean I get to buy black people again?

>> No.77343816

>choices for Shalai art are Consuela or tranny

>> No.77343822

We're not asking you to love them, just to not hate them

>> No.77343827

Ok why does she have to be so ugly?

>> No.77343856

She's ugly because you think old people ugly

>> No.77343857

The SL foils have been the worst foils we've had in any product ever. I bought Lucille and I could recreate the scene by having the card stand by itself in front of a car.

>> No.77343901

>he bought TWD cards
Just let the car roll over you

>> No.77343903

Quit your job and move to detroit. You'll be able to experience their rich culture.

>> No.77343923

PFFF ahahaha you cannot make this shit up

>> No.77343933

Why would I move to a third world country?

>> No.77343934


>> No.77343938


>> No.77343945

Why is it that the art direction around minorities revolves around them being ugly? I have nothing against them, I know some can be ugly and some can be attractive. Why do they always draw them looking like shit?

>> No.77343956

Why do you hate black people if you wint bring your prosperity to them nazi?

>> No.77343975

Its how they look....

>> No.77343986

It's an object truth that age makes people uglier, sure. Even with that in mind her facial features are just grotesque

>> No.77343987

I don't hate them, I already told you

>> No.77343988

welp, time to take apart my shalai deck

>> No.77343991

there is no such thing as an attractive black woman why do you think black men are constantly with 300lb white women?

>> No.77344002

Move to detroit

>> No.77344007

Not every minority is ugly anon, I think you're being pretty racist right now.

>> No.77344016

what card?

>> No.77344027

Because beauty is racist, Anon

>> No.77344035

This just has an ugly expression. Do you think Gwyndelon would look as pretty if she had an angrier face on her?

>> No.77344040

Nah, just Lucille. I like it's design and wanted to see what the SL cards are like. I don't care about SL and even less about TWD.

>> No.77344044

>making us wait 2 weeks to see all the cards in this shit
I'm sure the 5 people that care just can't wait. But ofc there will be a money card in there that'll make inv*stors buy it up so they can say it did well to justify more of this shit.

>> No.77344056

>moving to the US
Why would I do that?

>> No.77344062

Go fuck your cousin and take your mind if of magic cards continue to have black people on them like they did since 1994

>> No.77344071

where are the black MALES?!

>> No.77344075

It's still a TWD card

>> No.77344080

Its twd secret lair FOMO shit all over. Theyre trying to scare people into panic buying it so they dont miss out on a new expensive card.

>> No.77344086

There are five other cards yet to be shown. Probably there.

>> No.77344091

last card is gonna be Hero of Dominaria for sure.

>> No.77344102

Let’s see
>black history month
>football (god forbid)
>Chinese new year
These are my predictions for lairs

>> No.77344104

That's true, so I don't understand why they don't just draw a white person with white features and then just change the skin color?

>> No.77344105

Why wont you live alongside gentle black folk you nazis? What possible reason would you have to avoid living in one of the most historic cities in the US?

>> No.77344107

It doesn't even go on sale until the 22nd. What are you sperging about with this panic buying nonsense?

>> No.77344127

I thought the only LNY shit they were doing this year was that promo you can't get outside of the APAC region?

>> No.77344131

Yes. It's a card, not in plural.

>> No.77344133

1) I'm not living in the US
2) I would lose a lot of things by moving into any city in the US

>> No.77344143

Valentines is in a week and a half, during which time they'll still be showing off the black history lair, so that one isn't happening.
Chinese New Year is confirmed to be a promo that isn't a lair.

>> No.77344148

I wouldn't mind cute Asians

>> No.77344153

So you hate black people?

>> No.77344169

Because it isn't where my job is located. You don't move somewhere just to live there, you move there because of its spatial relation to your employment.

>> No.77344175

Three or four.

>> No.77344176

I don’t recall them ever saying that was all they were gonna do.

Still it feel like they’re gonna have a tricker time to find some approach Minotaur cards. Rats are poplar and have some good cards to sell. Ox’s/minotaurs do not.

>> No.77344186

No, I don't hate them
I literally live in a town where more than half the population is black, the other half being either white or asian

>> No.77344208

You could start a needed business that would empower a black community. Instead you just talk all that good shit on the internet while being a racist.

>> No.77344229

>wont move to a community thats 80% black
Found the nazi. You racists are all cut from the same greedy cloth.

>> No.77344231

But these people are ugly gorillas

>> No.77344252

Thanks, I hate it. Just like every SL. And planeshitters. Odds of a Kaya being included in this?

>> No.77344273

i would be livid

>> No.77344274

Looking like her OG card is gonna show up. >>77343754

>> No.77344278

I don't have the resources necessary to start a business. Were I to move to a location where I have no job, no friends, and no connections, I would likely serve as a drain on the local economy, rather than bolstering it.

>> No.77344281

>Odds of a Kaya being included in this

>> No.77344287

>retards getting triggered over blacks
>as if Kaya and Teferi aren't two of the coolest characters left in Magic

>> No.77344289

excellent bait my friend have a (you)

>> No.77344292

Guess I'm into bestiality

>> No.77344294

So you not only are racist but you want to drain resources from a thriving black community? Whats wrong with you?

>> No.77344296

Situational, but damn powerful when it's useful, and your opponent likely won't have a plan for it barring counterspells.

>> No.77344300

>forgetting about my nigger Koth

>> No.77344315

Dont tell people that unless you're canadian.

>> No.77344321

I don't want to drain resources from anyone, hence why I'm remaining in a place where I have a job. Neat how that works, isn't it?

>> No.77344330


Poltards amaze me.

>> No.77344344

pathetic bait my friend no (you) for (you)

>> No.77344351

someone post the whitewashed saheeli alt to ease the soul

>> No.77344370

No thanks. I'm going to continue living where I am and working at my current job, which involves a lot of accounting work for the state government department in charge of Native American affairs.

>> No.77344373

Whatever you need to tell yourself nazi, dont be surprised when biden imports more kings and queens to your racist ass city.

>> No.77344382

>have you guys pre-ordered yours already? Or are you a racist?

>> No.77344392

Biden can't do shit to a non-US city

>> No.77344425

The real magic here is where all the black fathers went.

>> No.77344443

I'm preordering the second I can.
People can cry about "muh niggers" all they want, that doesn't mean Kaya isn't fine as fuck.

>> No.77344453

I keked

>> No.77344470

>needing to prove you're not racist by spending money
Do Americans really?

>> No.77344490

>>football (god forbid)
But like, imagine a special version of Grizzly Bears that have football helmets on. Or a Savannah Lions with ripped jerseys in their mouth. Maybe even a Hill Giant crashing through a defensive line. Could be dumb and harmless.

>> No.77344511

Why is this perfectly acceptable for blacks but racist if any other culture was stated?
Asians are Magic! - eastern mysticism racism

Indigenous People are Magic! -J K Rowling tried this and got called racist

White People are Magic - literal nazis

>> No.77344537

Double standard

>> No.77344555

I will personally give MaRo my credit card number if they announce a RKF secret lair
Until then, it’s dog food. Ain’t buying one.

>> No.77344580

Interesting that they chose to make a black history month one instead of a Valentine's month. You'd think celebrating St. Valentine and the day of love associated with him would be more important.

>> No.77344591

Racist because decades of "hrr mystic magicar olient, we so mystelious!" stereotypes

This would be fine. JK got called racist because she did it in a retarded way. Harry Potter is just cancer in general.

Racist because people don't associate whites with magic.

>> No.77344594

Guess I'm a racist.

>> No.77344608

I associate whites with the magic of civilization and society.

>> No.77344620

If the black history month box is apart of the Super bundle like the one from summer (they said they were sticking to bundles instead of single drops) then all of these can happen and other thematic stuff I can’t even imagine.

>> No.77344637

That would be the greeks for western civilization. Whites would be sacrificing goats and raiding villages

>> No.77344647

Will there ever be a time again white people wont be eager to kiss black ass and beg forgiveness for slavery?

>> No.77344651

I do hope we get one, it might have some nice arts for my proxies of cute girls. Also I like Valentine's Day.

>> No.77344656

St. Valentine was a raycis mayo ass cracKKKa

>> No.77344662

A four leaf clover like 4chans logo

>> No.77344667

I fear there won't be.

>> No.77344668

So can we get this canceled off the Magical Negro stereotype?

>> No.77344686

No, because "black girl magic" trumps a majority of black stereotypes

>> No.77344691


>Legendary Creature X
> All benefits and ability gained by having equipment attached to X are applied to all creatures you control. I'm sure this could be worded better, but you get it.

Maybe limit X to only being able to equip one piece of equipment at a time? Also, maybe he's supposed to be Boros, but fuck it.

>> No.77344707

>they said they were sticking to bundles instead of single drops
When did they say that? We just had the Child's Play drop.

>> No.77344708

Imagine if this SL is literally only "black girl magic" shit and they just don't have a Teferi related card in it

>> No.77344710

Isn't Black History Month just as racist as a special episode of a show based entirely on a disabled person ablest?
Like, they only get a month? All other months aren't about black history?
Morgan Freeman has a good take on this

>> No.77344759

People would flip their shit if any of the good Teferis got directly sold, so I'm guessing we'll get a Niambi instead

>> No.77344774

someone bake a new bread

>> No.77344776

>Or are you a racist?
Yes I am.

>> No.77344786

>want to build rielle
>she would never be truly optimized without wheel of fortune

fuck the reserve list

>> No.77344792

>All other months aren't about black history?

They aren't. And if black history month wasn't a thing then kids wouldn't learn shit about black history. You're lying to yourself if you think otherwise.

>> No.77344793

>gets cornered
>"b-but im jewish"

>> No.77344798

We wont ever get actually cool looking black people on cards like during the Mirage block because depictions of black people as anything but smug, sassy and effortlessly succeeding is verboten

>> No.77344818

Why does black history matter?

>> No.77344829

You don't have to "truly optimize" your decks in a casual format for fun

>> No.77344833

>And if black history month wasn't a thing then kids wouldn't learn shit about black history
t. someone who has never set foot in an American public school

>> No.77344841


>> No.77344845

So, when you were younger, you never asked why obama's skin is darker than your dads, or why Mr.T looks good in chains?

Your lying to yourself if you think the most inquisitive people in the world wouldn't ask about a race.

>> No.77344856

Based Aryan Savior

>> No.77344925

>turned rabid and had to be put down
Like pottery

>> No.77344941

>mfw the white savior angel got mad about all the niggers that popped up in shadows block and that's what made her go crazy

>> No.77344960

They make her look different every iteration but they are slowly zeroing in on a Zoe Seldana look which I find sexy.
Hate her character but I enjoy eye candy like any guy does.

>> No.77344964

Wait shit this would actually make sense, it's why she was called "The Purifier" Maybe that schizo rambling post about her being the real bad guy in wotcs eyes wasn't so wrong after all...

>> No.77344966

It's even more racist than that even because it teaches them that rape murder looting and drug dealing is the way to get positive attention in the world, so drop out and get knocked up or roll the local liquor store!

>> No.77344972

If there's a cool new art for Teferi (literally any Teferi) in this box It will unironically be the first SL I put money towards.

Teferi is just that cool

>> No.77344982

Anon, please just proxy it. You're better than this.

>> No.77344986

Do you get paid to come here and shill?

>> No.77344993

its almost like memes are based on real reputations which are earned or something. A semite tried that same ploy against Thomas Sowell once and Sowell gave him hell in his typically nice demeanor and cadence.

>> No.77345022


>> No.77345034

>bad guy in wotcs eyes
Anon, going crazy and killing large swaths of people makes you the bad guy in most people's eyes. Nobody reasonable tries to pretend Avacyn wasn't a villain in SOI.

>> No.77345051


>> No.77345053

Abandon ship! New thread:

>> No.77345062

I went to public school. Until the people in charge of standardized testing include black american history there is no incentive to create lesson plans and normalize the teaching of this shit.

I'm not some brainlet neckbeard zoomer. I was already 16 when Obama first showed up.

This is the only valid argument. You can argue that the one month of black history lessons is proportional to the general contributions of blacks to general, surface-level American history. The counterpoint to that is people should learn more about black history for the purpose of demonstrating the principles of historiography and how it relates to the narrative of American history. Either way, it's a valid argument unlike the "muh niggers" or "muh white history" people

>> No.77345070

>one of the pack
Nice try nigger.

>> No.77345071

>I heard y'all racist ass crackas was talkin' shit

>> No.77345072

the shills have gone straight up overt since the anon last night blew them out with autism.

>> No.77345096

Phyrexians are the only good characters left in magic and eventually they'll be fucked up too with gender pronouns and being "phobic"

>> No.77345097

>Serra Angels are the most renowned (not literally) angels in Magic's history. Their giant white and brown-tipped wings are impossible to mistake, and Shalai is one of the most recognized
>Shalai is the only Serra Angel of African descent, though her art in the past has been racially ambiguous.
Eh? What does that make Lyra Dawnbringer then?


>> No.77345100

>the anon last night blew them out with autism.
The only autist I recall blowing up last night was the one with the planeswalkers as commanders getting bashed by all.

>> No.77345158


>> No.77345186

Late in the night some anon semi-proved that the shills are trying to meme-ify Tergrid and Esika.

>> No.77345246

Sauce? I just enjoy her other card over the bad one on her actual art.

>> No.77345369

Dumb waifu autists

>> No.77345436

what voodoo, literal black magic is this?

>> No.77346307


>you need an OPPONENT

you can do it yourself if you cast a sorcery spell and then twincast it on your turn

>> No.77346499

Newfag here, why is this dog a good commander?

>> No.77346531

Cheap Voltron body. Sram does his job way better though.

>> No.77346620

Spells don't go into the graveyard till they are finished resolving though, orvars ability goes on the stack as soon as you cast gf and target something, orvar would make the clone before gf resolves and when gf resolves the two things you have picked already etb and then gf hits the yard, you would not be able to get gf back with its own card and mystic

>> No.77348111

Partner's not terrible, but some of them are very cedh friendly, which leads to high power games. I don't mind high power games, but the best games are long, slow, low power games where nobody has a combo win and everybody runs weird cards.

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