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Your character gets turned into a woman. Rance is also in your party. How fucked are you?

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My character is already female

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I tap two mana and cast Fork, he's a woman now too.

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>uno reverse card

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>worst boy becomes best girl
How does this happen?!

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Rule 63 is a helluva drug, anon

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Not sure, I was avoiding being previously raped by crossdressing as a man.

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Problem is my character is genderless (being flesh vat monster and all), but now, I guess she castrates him and moves to live normally.

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>Rule 63 is a helluva drug, anon
Hell yeah it is

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Rance IS best boy though?

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Current PC is already female. The concept itself is genderless so he would just keep acting exactly the same as he always did: punch and kick things until they stopped moving.

My last PC would start whoring herself out to devils for more power. Now instead of breeding strong genes into as many women as he could, she would become highly selective of who she wants to spawn offspring with. I was very disappointed when i found out female Abishai couldnt produce offspring but males were more than capable.

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For a bad end that was probably the 2nd best ending.

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>Your character gets turned into a woman.
>Integrity charms
No, they don't.

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As I said in the last thread my character is a reverse trap and flat as a board and doesn't wear a shirt. Even if this is the second time we find that girdle and she is turned back into a girl, Rance still wont put his hands on an 11 year old.

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>Rance still wont put his hands on an 11 year old
He can wait though, he has before.

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Then I'll just have to start calling him dad

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>Minotaur barbarian
Rance dies of snu-snu

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>18 strength, high con cleric
>sloppy drunk
Likely going to pull a Leila on him, go be honest.

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>Rance is also in your party
Which Rance? Young Rance? Old Rance? Steel Rance? Toxic Rance?

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Not fucked. Just have to pull a Ranmaru. Don't get seduced by the overflowing manly charm. Get into a (fake) relationship with one of Rance's bros. Don't drink or trip and walk briskly away if Rance is spotted in the middle of sex.

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Yes, they do.

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Remove curse, take it off.

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God I wish that were me

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My current PC is a small girl that is constantly disguised as the smaller (default is a Gnome but has done goblins and halflings when necessary too) races so the height boost would lead to a whole lot of explaining needing to be made.

Also she is constantly flanked by two constructs so she doesn't have to worry about Rance at all.

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>Thinking a couple of constructs will save you when Rance mows down entire armies on a regular basis.

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Kazuma isnt edgy or from a bad franchise, so poison and steel cant be evolutions.

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Tell Rance that he has to do a number of increasingly absurd tasks before I'll consent, until I can remove the curse.

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He'll come back from completing a task when you are at a hot spring and come over the wall before you can say no.

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>An entire party of revenge isekai characters and the one female they all hold a grudge against for reasons she knows nothing about

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Rance is a hero of justice; he would do no such thing.

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He also respects women

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>Implying me or my characters are retarded enough to just randomly put on potentially cursed items
You insult me, OP

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>Thinking he can escape from the Gauntlets of Ogre(loli) Strength.
If that wasn't enough to catch you out then the Gold Coin of Gender Bending will. If you shun wealth entirely the Wish(female transformation) Trap has your name on it. We can make a whole setting out of magical items that are cursed with female transformation for a +1 magic modifier.

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Then I shall just castrate him. You put poor fucker in my monster campaign, and not the monster girl weeb kind.

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Wizards have no concept of right or wrong, a wizard has created and populated their own demi-plane of gender changing.

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I wouldn't put it past a wizard to have a planar law that transforms every creature into a female upon entry.
>In this world only my penis can exist. A second would be NTR.

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What if I am a mushroom?
A walking fungus?

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You are changed into a less penissy fungoid shape.

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that's going to be a tough pull, man.
I can't even THINK of one, besides balls of fungus or creeper funguses, neither of which really look like a thing you can make a dude out of.

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He'll find a way to make it work. This is a very insecure wizard afterall. Even penis shaped foods aren't allowed.

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You become mold-like.

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>hey Rance, pick up the soap.

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Oh shit.
I’m playing DeathWatch

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My character is a cocky brawler cute twink so it'll be super fun to see him get mating pressed after the change until his tough exterior breaks.

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I'm pretty sure the only right answer is to put the belt on Rance. You can't threaten him with it or he'll sell the belt and rape you on principle, and you probably can't leave him alone or he'll eventually rape you out of boredom, so you have to pre-emptively rape him.

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Exactly as fucked as I've always wanted to be.

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Completely fine. Now if my character were male, hoo boy, he’s getting assraped

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>Either the Nobilis of Domination or basically the incarnate spawn/Treasure of an Excrucian that managed to somehow crystallize itself around the manifest force of Happiness
Rance is getting raped worse than what Lord Entropy did to Love.

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Dunno how you would have sex with a combat robot but go ahead i guess. Just try not to catch a chainaxe to the face

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