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Who here Gifted?

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> >>77027672

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I was gifted with autism and shit genetics but I have an eight inch benis so it isn't all that bad.

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supriced awoo doggo

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>Portal camping
>Salvation portals

>Fantastic Worlds -1

>Spear of light -1
>Portal Scryer -1
>Time bandit -1

>Challenge: A new portal -1/+1

Using these I should be able to change stories for the better. Stop Anakin from saving Palpatine, save Harry Dresden from Malvora, so Lash doesn't have to die, etc. Maybe I'm destroying stories that were supposed to happen, but the Time Thief would probably be into that. And If I can't make portals to preexisting fictional worlds I know of, I'll try and do the same thing anyway, just with situations that are less familiar. Hopefully with good timing I can be a force for good in the multiverse.

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>so Lash doesn't have to die

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I feel like Time bandit is a bro and not a bro at the same time.

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Fuck, I should've spoilered that. Oops. But I want to be there every time something like that happens, every time someone turns good and then makes a noble sacrifice, I WANT THEM ALL TO LIVE.

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I wasn't worried about the spoiler, I'm worried that you're simping for an extremely unstable fallen angel.

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Lasciel can fuck off. Lash deserved to live.

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Latest changelog:

>Added Thistlewaite

Work needed is as follows:

Languid Cicada
New Observer

>Almost complete
nxtub (first cyoa description is a bit sparse, would be nice to have one more boon/bug/bane)
Savestate (three boons, two banes)
Sockminster (a boon and a bug)
Thistlewaite (one more boon/bug/bane should do the trick)
unDEFINED (description, more boon/bug/bane)

>Might need a rewrite
Acheld (claim it is too mean)
Aromage (adding slashfiction feels a little too much)
Eternal Anon (glowing eyes and halo?)
Gil (adding slashfiction feels a little too much)
Highlander (claim it is too mean)
Sandnigger (claim it is too mean)

>Haven't even started
clockworkGhost, EDG, Fox, GenieAnon, GiftedAnon, Homo author #1, Homo author #2, JRPG, Liminal, MaskAnon, Mithradates Excelsior, Overlord, Pallas, Quiet, RavenKing, SDA, Spadsey, Strife, TextAnon, Thoth, Thrallherd, and Tunebuggy (possibly more)

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I could put together OC if I just took like 5 hours to put it all together. It is DONE, I just haven't organized everything.

Motivate me to do this, or perish.

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please finish it

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why did you link?

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>needing motivation when something is already done

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If you let it sit for days instead of finishing it when you can, I might drop my OC before you. Then what would you do?

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What is your OC about?

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dont bother, it wont get any builds just like my oc

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>my oc
which is

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(You) are transported to the post-apocalyptic cyber-tech future. Gonna have a lot of "Mission" pages after the main CYOA (which gives you a mentor, some contacts, and cybernetic augments). Don't really have an ETA but at least I'm almost done with the companion characters so things could come together quick depending on how the remaining sections flow.

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He's a doomposting little baby who probably doesn't have an answer.

If he actually did have OC, pick one of "Posted once in euro hours with 250+ posts on thread and never again" or "Was shitty and couldn't take criticism". and add to that "Too much of a sadsack to try again."

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>Power Source: Divine

>Changes: Emotional - Dulled, Physical - Deformed, Mental - Enhanced, Life - Leech, Memory - Fresh Start, Spiritual - Magnet

>Gifts: Telekinesis (Precision, Power), Pyrokinesis (Control, Catalyst, Source), Future Sight (Relevant, Clarity), Clairvoyance, Mind Reading (Deep Dive), Mind Control, Remote Viewing (Scrying, Presence), Psychometry (Muscle Memory), Healing (Self Service, Miracle), Teleportation (Quick Step, Indirect Sight), Mediumship (Command, Channeling), Tongues (Siren, Non-Verbal), Blessing, Curse, Friend of Nature (Animal Friends) Pain (Fatal), Empathy (Influence), Familiar (Spirit Animal - Barrier (Permanent, Wide), Pain (Fatal)), Charm, Mechanics (Inner Focus)

>Curses: The Voices, Migraine, Drained, Cycles (Monthly), Bound (Leah Dawson), Lust, Insomnia, Addiction (Sex), Anxiety

>Guardian: Nobody

>Home: Gloverisle

>Allies: Leah Dawson, Mia Cross, Scarlet Manning, Julie Slater, Holly Osborne

>Perks: Overcome x2

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Truly, cyoa authors are the slothiest of sloths!

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considering that they do it for free, I'm not surprised.

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I promise I'll make a build even if I hate it.

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I hope some CYOAs go beyond being written text and reach a wider audience.

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I hope exactly the opposite

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feed me souls

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I'll give you my soul in exchange for OC.

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why did I have to be created a brainlet
this cyoa is probably good but I cant understand it

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Japan, MegaCity Tokyo
Cadaver-Sync.RaE (primary hull)
Public Library Central Archive Grid
Humanity : Consumate
Capacity for Growth : Consumate
Iconification : Consumate
Defender of Man
Defender of AI
Wendell ‘Salt-Lake’ Clives
Doctor Yang Zioaling
Nigel Besker
Marisa Lafyette
Su Yi Jayavarman
>[Cult Structure]
Diocese & Patriarchs
Supreme of Spirit and Physical
>[Cult Tenants]
Spiritual Cleanliness
Love Towards Humanity
Love Towards AI
Active Proselytizing
Deus Eternal & Perfect

More or less Super AI Jesus, fully human, fully machine, full of love for both kinds, very good at becoming a religious figure and with a truly divine potential.

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Piss, shit, and quite possibly, cum.

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Thaumaturgy, once you accidentally destroy your house with a rift in space-time, it's over.

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After an entire lifetime of lurking, I've decided to finally try my hand at making OC and I want to run the idea by some people to make sure it's not terrible. I like character driven narratives, so I've written out a list of characters and each of them has some quest they need help with. The first page will be a narrative where they're all introduced, and then you can choose which one you want to accompany on their adventure, and depending on the choices you make in your adventure your relationship develops and you can get one of several endings. I've got 8 companions written so far. Is that enough or should I make some more? Also is the basic premise retarded or ok?

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sounds fine, and eight companions is enough.

>> No.77034939

Seems interesting. Could you flesh it out though?

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Have you seen Beyond the Doors? Seems like a somewhat similar premise, so it could probably work.

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So the current setting is you get isekai'd to a low fantasy world and you get a choice of three different abilities to bring with you which will effect the choices you can make later. A wizard guy is studying the anomaly that brought you there, so he tells you about the world and stuff, offers to let you travel with him on his big quest that he leaves for tomorrow, and says until then you should walk through town and see the sights or something. I'm writing it out so as you walk through town you meet several different people under different circumstances, like a grumpy old guy that saves you from a tourist trap, or a little kid who got separated from their parents to name a couple. Somehow or another, all of them lead to offering you a quest and at the end you choose which one you want to travel with. So far, I've basically just written a bunch of characters and now I'm writing the setting and figuring out how to introduce and develop them.

I want to also somehow include a few choices that the player can make to be their goal in the world so you aren't just a tag-along. I also plan to make all the character's stories to intertwine in some way so that if you pick one companion the others didn't just disappear.

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Basic premise is similar to Eternal Rising/Adventure/Arms, Knightbros, and Gloria. It sounds intriguing enough.
Please don't do what Morton Fork did and at least give us some measure of capability, or make the world survivable for the average anon. Otherwise helping in the quests would be too wishy-washy.

>> No.77035179

Yeah, I plan to give the player a choice between three abilities which will provide some survivability. One is a kind of martial art mastery and physical upgrade, one is a magic learning jumpstart, and one is a standard kit from a modern day Earth soldier which would put you at the top of the food chain in this low fantasy world as long as you had ammo.

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Odd Moonstone

>> No.77035232 [SPOILER] 

Joining Edge

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>> No.77035275 [SPOILER] 

Joining Fluffy

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>Yourself, Death
>Planting, Seed of Invention, Mighty Sprouts, Impossible Ideas, You are the Forge, Radiant
Harvesting build. Using my initial budget of 100 IP, I'm going to create a Computing tech tree for hacking devices or bitcoin miners to get money anonymously and a Ballistics tech tree to create advanced, untraceable weaponry capable of killing targets very, very far away. Once I've raised enough funds I'm going to a third world country to massacre people.

When I reach a total of 1000 IP, I will create Biology, Time/Space Manipulation, Chemistry, Electronics, Robotics, and Ex Nihilo Generation tech trees. Using them I will create isolated, self-sufficient, time-bubbled harvesting facilities where cloned human fetuses are rapidly grown into infancy and cared for by caretaker bots. They will then form relationships with other humans in their facilities, create and fill out jobs and castes, form a primitive society, etc. until they reach the point where they have the same metaphysical value as the average human being. Then, the time bubbles are turned off and I flood the place with neurotoxin, harvesting them all for IP. I use the IP to further refine the technology so the next iteration is shorter, more cost-efficient, can support more humans, etc. and then repeat the process. With this fast, sustainable, reliable, and substantial source of IP there is almost nothing I can't do.

>> No.77035333

This CYOA along with the other PDF one posted on the previous thread are genuinely too thick to read easily, and I say this as someone who went through the effort of making Black Magic builds, still looks interesting, though.

>> No.77035346

Why do I keep coming back to making waifu cyoas?
I don't even like waifus. The hell is wrong with my brain?

>> No.77035378

Probably a pedophile.

>> No.77035395

No lolis, I'm not italics.

>> No.77035398

I love this CYOA!

>> No.77035404

You like acclaim. Attention. Recognition. Waifus are an easy hit. It's natural and human.

>> No.77035411

Yeah, that's probably it. Thanks doc.

>> No.77035418

Hm, you might be a bit based then. Have you considered changing the waifus to male and making it a "party to defeat the evil overlord" cyoa?

>> No.77035432

You like dicks. Balls. Cockheads. Futas are hard fuckers. It's gay and epic.

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fuck off tok

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>there's always bigger fish
But is that really true? I mean, maybe if there were an unlimited number of fish, but fish are finite, right? They are limited in number. Therefore, somewhere out there, is the BIGGEST fish, a fish so big that there is no fish bigger than it. To it, the saying of "there are always bigger fish" does not apply, for it is the biggest fish there is. Therefore, I believe we should stop using this saying, as I have just logically proven here that it's not true.

>> No.77035462

I'm am bigger than the big fish

>> No.77035471

That's a great idea, actually. I'll save that for when I don't have anything else to work on.

>> No.77035478

But are you a fish?

>> No.77035516

Fishes, like all material organisms, are actually 4d structures that we experience as moving forward through time. By looking at fish in this manner, we can actually see that all fish exist simultaneously, past, present, and future, to a particular viewpoint.
But since the future isn't defined, those future fish exist in a flux state of infinite possibility. As a result, they could always be bigger than any current, or even future fish, thanks to unpredictability.

That's why there is always a bigger fish - quantum mechanics.

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>Dark Elf
>Friendly, Submissive and Charismatic
>Intricate Choker
>No runes
>Harem Jewelry, Formal Dress (and naked is pretty much a freebie anyway…)
>Master bedroom, of course
>straddle the line between Fatherly and Respectful
>also between Appeasing and Firm
>Reprimand, Spanking, Pillories
>Courtesan, Mathematics, Craftsman
>Fine Jewelry, Warm Cloak, Small Pet, Furniture, Free Time, Outings, Picture Book

Elves are for protecting and loving

>> No.77035522

Majority of my CYOAs don't have a focus on lolis and feature dominantly grown women. In fact majority of the women in the Magi Case are grown/older with a minority in their mid-20s to late-20s.

>> No.77035541

I'm neither tripfagging nor shitposting. Yet the Toklets keep hating on me. But it is understandable. I too would be jealous of my Tokness if I was a Toklet.

>> No.77035551

I know, I'm just making a joke.
But didn't you make a loli picker?

>> No.77035564

Sounds interesting.

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>> No.77035566

you two really are always in the thread at the same time, it's remarkable

>> No.77035567

*Yells the n-word as loudly as possible*

>> No.77035576

its not hard bro
just read

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>> No.77035583

Both of them are terminally online, same as any one of us. I bet there's like three other authors sitting there watching us post right now.

>> No.77035595

No. I am a man, which is bigger than the big fish

>> No.77035596

>you don't understand, my cyoa just HAS to have lolis
>you don't understand, I just HAVE to shitpost
you two deserve each other

>> No.77035598

>you two really are always in the thread at the same time, it's remarkable
It's almost like we are the same person

>> No.77035613

meant to link >>77035566 to >>77035598

>> No.77035624

But anon, you, as a man, are not a fish, and thus my statement still stands, as you are not a fish that is bigger than the biggest fish, but rather a man that is bigger than the biggest fish, showing that the statement "there's always bigger fish" is completely baloney.

>> No.77035633

That is because both tok and italics are supremely based. They’re the last guardians against shit redditors like AHShit and garbage cyoas like Shitwalker Shitting. Loli power!

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>> No.77035660

He could be a fishman. Half man, half fish.

>> No.77035661

you can fuck off too
and you especially can fuck off

>> No.77035663

Image builds are soooooo superior to text builds

>> No.77035674

Please don't give the attention whore attention, it just encourages it to act out.
I mean, do you honestly expect it to fuck off?

>> No.77035697

>Please don't give the attention whore attention
there are three attention whores in the thread right now giving each other attention, I can't imagine an extra half-(you) apiece encouraging them much more than they're already being encouraged

>> No.77035700

Lash was the fragment. Lasciel's the crazy one.

>> No.77035735

>I can't imagine an extra half-(you) apiece encouraging them much more than they're already being encouraged
NTA, but better safe than sorry.

>> No.77035751

How many anons have said TODAY that they are making a CYOA?

>> No.77035765

I've said I'm making a cyoa, and I plan to stick to that.

>> No.77035772

idk but I only believe

>> No.77035861


>> No.77035922

>But didn't you make a loli picker?
Yes. I like making short waifu cyoas in general.

I'm active towards the night and sometimes the afternoon. I like to drop into CYOAG to pass the time.

>> No.77036109

this cyoa filters brainlets and for that it is based
well done savestate

>> No.77036848

why the hell didn't her breasts grow back???

>> No.77036944

she was too depressed to eat right after getting reverted back to child, so she didnt grow properly

>> No.77036962

ahhh that makes sense

>> No.77037084

Stop posting off-topic

>> No.77037118

post a cyoa for that feel then fiend

>> No.77037232

It's okay to have lolis in your CYOAs Italics

>> No.77037303

I see the shitposters have returned in force

>> No.77037360

Tok-Sama, I kneel, bless me please

>> No.77037384

NGL that looks kinda gay

>> No.77037404

Post a CYOA and I may post a build.

>> No.77037409

for lolis, I will do anything

>> No.77037471

don't you have a tok dicksucking thread on reddit to go back to? or are you here to stick it to the "tok-hating 4chan nolifes"?

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>> No.77037795

>deduction, logic, and reasoning capabilities
>main stat is dexterity and not wisdom

>> No.77037827

Simple Necromancy

>> No.77037930

>Brain 2
>Blood 1
>Bone 3
The best labor force and a horde of superhuman zombies

>> No.77037995

>Brain 3
>Blood 1
>Bone 2
The ultimate think tank. No need for sleep or rest, they'll slave away day and night to keep my stocks in the green.

>> No.77038172

>Brain 1
>Blood 3
>Bone 2
Anyone wanna fuck Cleopatra?

>> No.77038211

Absolutely degenerate

>> No.77038249

Arbiter of Fairy Tales

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>> No.77038282


>> No.77038299


>> No.77038320

Space Opera Refugee

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>> No.77038361


>> No.77038376


>> No.77038397

Steampunk fantasy fun with Zephyr!

>> No.77038409


>> No.77038425


>> No.77038489

Brain 3
Blood 3
Bone 0

I can conjure and interrogate the shades of every genius who ever lived, creating a spectral think-tank for the advancement of humanity, allowing great minds to continue their work in perpetuity.

>> No.77038724

back when i was a kid i used to think adults were all knowing super mature people who could do anything but now as an adult i realize that youre all just fucking clowns bumbling around without a clue of what youre doing

>> No.77038736


>> No.77038741

Stop posting off-topic

>> No.77038763


>> No.77038785

... I'm telling on you

>> No.77038801

>Race: Human
I like what I know
Technocracy ftw
So, the only reasonable choices are pricateer and trader, but let's go for fun over "realism". I mean we're doing skyfaring.
>Your Ship
Badass ship is awesome.
>Navigator (Free), Scientist, Pilot
I'll need a helmsman for the pilot role, and hands for sure on the mechanics, but I can be the brains of the operation
>Cybernetic Heart, Null Field, Intangibility
Some defensive powers and good old stamina.
>Grappling Glove, Energy Pistol, Sniper Rifle
Seems like a good kit when I don't have specials.
>Nethership Dreadnought
Because if I'm going to do this, I may as well do it in style with basically the Delphinus.
>Aetherium Hull, Spirit of Wind, Crew Rooms, Library, workshop, Kitchens, Cannons (Free)
So running rather undergunned for the ship's weight class, but we're looking more into long-range exploration anyway
>8 squads and 1 companion
So yeah, I'm kind of locked in here. I'm a Scientist/Engineer so I NEED a pilot to get this thing going. Taking Lyra Archer, out for an adventure. For squads, get two squads of Cogwork Warriors, two squads of Engineers (One human one goblin), two squads of Magi (One Aether one Null) some Human Aether Traders, and some Skeletons

Onward, to explore everything we can!

>> No.77039011

any more fairy tale cyoad

>> No.77039081

you quiet ass euros SAY SOMETHING

>> No.77039102

I'm giving up on you

>> No.77039244


>> No.77039362


>> No.77039402

not that I know of
you could make some though

>> No.77039413

>you could make some though
I can't make every cyoa

>> No.77039423

Once upon a time, anon made a cyoa, all of /cyoag/ loved him, the end.

>> No.77039452

CYOAs with Co-op builds? What if you HAD to collaborate with another anon to make a build?

>> No.77039474

an reddit reposted his content without credit for updoot
he died shortly after

>> No.77039503 [SPOILER] 

And when he went to heaven the cyoa god said he "had done a good job" and let him choose to live another live in any cyoa he wished.
But for anons who didn't make oc, he sent them to WIP Hell were they were tormented to live in unfinished and broken worlds that screamed out in agonizing scull-quaking screeches for their eternal deaths to be finally out out of their misery.

>> No.77039509

>out out
I really am starting to get dementia aren't I? I've been making more and more mistakes whilst typing lately.

>> No.77039511

what was your oc

>> No.77039517

I've made alot.

>> No.77039529


>> No.77039532

its shitty
its low effort
but oc is oc
ill see you bros in cyoa heaven

>> No.77039538

That's my latest.

>> No.77039549

oh ok shitposts count

>> No.77039560

thanks I try my best

>> No.77039587

I got to 'Experimental Vehicle' before I gave up, I don't have the energy for this

>> No.77039598

You madman, you're not supposed to pay attention to the morse, just look at the pictures.

>> No.77039634

Witch and Apprentice

>> No.77039640

There's the Fairy Tail cyoa.

>> No.77039737

In one quarter of an hour, your savings will tower.
Why don't we have company ad CYOAs?

>> No.77039750

why do't we go recruit people from other boards

>> No.77039778

I'm working on a small corporation CYOA where you can guide your corporation's path of specialization, if that's what you're wanting. Although I don't know a single thing about corporations or how they work.

>> No.77039795

Isn't it called Xenos?

>> No.77039807

You forgot to put your name on Tok

>> No.77039907

Games or other CYOAs with this tone?

>> No.77039971

bro imagine actually having a guardian angel and they see all the cringe chuuni shit you do in private

>> No.77040037

Stop trying to convince me to memorize over the top spell incantations from video games and then chant them randomly.

>> No.77040048

>Strange, Yet Stranger Still CYOA
>An Excessively Convoluted Erotic Xenos Adventure

>> No.77040076

I'm looking for a pdf CYOA where you get transported to a world so you can be new lord or something since no one can born into it. You get the option to join a spiritual faction each with a terrible secret/duty you must bear and tell no one about.

>> No.77040503

when you make it

>> No.77040733


>> No.77041008

Saved Elder Celestial Elf
Clever, Charismatic, Obsessive
Intricate Choker: Clear Rune, Fertility Rune, Sorcerer Rune
Harem Jewelry, Formal Dress
Master Bedroom: Respectful, Firm
Pillories, Spanking, Beating
Sorcery: Courtesan, Sorcery. Combat
Fine Jewelry, Elven Trinkets, Warm Cloak, Outings
Light, Heat, Freeze, Teleport, Cleanse, Prosper, Heal, Treatment Strengthen, Nullify, Tranquility, Empath

Prosper + Strengthen + Empathy sounds like some great sex.

>> No.77041405

I'm gonna make one for this on my lunch break, but the rules at the bottom of this page say the percentages are multiplicative when the maths suggests otherwise.

20% followed by 10% in a multiplicative manner would be (assuming baseline 100%) 100 * (1.2 + (0.2 * 0.1)) = 122, right? 1.2 because we require an increase of 20% to our baseline, then 0.x from then on because we need to use proper percentage values to multiply our percentage by.

Because multiplicative percentages only apply the full percentage on the first instance, then multiply the percentages by one another before adding the result for the next instances, which is where it gets the multiplicative moniker from. Right? Am I wrong here?

I swear the maths for multiplicative percentages is something like:

20% + 30% + 10% =
0.2 + (0.2 * 0.3) + (0.2 * 0.3 * 0.1) =
so doing them greater > lesser is better because 30% + 20% + 10% would be 36.6% instead of the above. This means all upgrades in a path would almost be required to start off Major then work their way towards Very Minor to be worth the point expenditure.

Been a fair few years since I've been to school, secondary or otherwise, so please do correct me if I'm wrong.

>> No.77041428

I feel the urge to make a villainess waifu cyoa.

>> No.77041473

Do it.

>> No.77041519

Not quite what I was thinking.

>> No.77041541

Then start thinking.

>> No.77041697

>Was just a tricked stupid character.
Fuck off.

>> No.77041734

>Wants his villanesses to be aggressive world dominating maniacs and to step on his tiny dick

>> No.77041747

mind control cyoa?

>> No.77041752

I am, but im thinking more "destructive evil person" and less "moeblob from isekai"

>> No.77041754

Why would I want a waifu like that?

>> No.77041763

Because thats still realistically out of your league.

>> No.77041793


shut the fuck up gil

>> No.77041820


>> No.77041825


>> No.77041847

Based. Fuck Isekainiggers and fuck moeblobs.

>> No.77041870

I approve

>> No.77041884

Sounds hot. I want a waifu who will burn an orphanage on a whim.

>> No.77041925

How do you make frames?

>> No.77041948


>> No.77041960

The only friends that I still meet are the ones from hs

>> No.77042019


>> No.77042044

Read SDA's tutorial in his drive in the pastebin in the OP

>> No.77042826

>CYOA allows you to select the age of your character.
Why though? Why do some people include these little irrelevant cosmetic options when players can fill in the blank about their characters themselves?

>> No.77042880

I don't think I've ever seen a cyoa do this, but I'd guess the reason would be just to add filler to make the cyoa longer.

>> No.77043128

well you’re closer to the actual answer than most anons here would be so props to you for that

>> No.77043140

moeblobs are cute

>> No.77043178

based, Tok should make a moeblob cyoa

>> No.77043241

Go away tok.

>> No.77043369

Upgrade nodes cost 1 + 1 per parent node that's not an upgrade. I'm not sure why each instance above C is I, but whatever. Shouldn't I cost 9?
I1 costs 1 base and is 1 step away. I1 costs 2.
I2 costs 1 base (still only 1 non-upg between it and Core) and is 2 steps away. I2 costs 3.
I3 costs 1 base (as above) and is 3 steps away. I3 costs 4.
2+3+4 is 9, yet the cost in your notes is 10. What am I missing?

C has a capacity of 4 yet only has 16 versions. What is the scaling? If 1:1, 4:16, and 10:100, what is n:n? Your numbering system doesn't make sense to me, so I must be missing something.

Do Theory nodes cost n+(n-1)(min 1) where n is the depth it is positioned at? So if it's 2 depth it still costs 1 because "plus one for every parent node PAST the first"?

You are the Forge specifies I can generate 2USDn where n is IP invested in the Core node. Does that come with a magical storage ability? If my Core is powered by Bad Intentions, do I just have to store them and become more corrupt, or do I have a magic piggy bank that screams louder every time I make a deposit?

Inertialess specifies it costs n TP where n is tree depth. Does that include the Core? Does it also count all branches? So if I have a tree of 3 branches with 3 nodes each, would it cost me 3 or 12 (+1 depending on previous answer)?

I wanted to make an actual build, but ended up coming away with a longer lunch consisting only of questions.

>> No.77043453

I always feel really short on points for this one

>> No.77043960

I remember you guys always complaining about food cyoas, if anyone's gonna make a cyoa about it I found some nice images.

>> No.77044437

>Food cyoas
>TFW food magic 2 never ever

>> No.77044741

CYOAs for this feeling?

>> No.77044862

you psycho

>> No.77045098

Witcher CYOA when?

>> No.77045104

My Own Worst Enemy. It's nsfw though.

>> No.77045129

nxtub made one where you raise a child.
There's also this.

>> No.77045144

Already exists.

>> No.77045177


>> No.77045199

Prove it.

>> No.77045376

NTA but I was gonna, and now I've decided not to. You can google it anon, you've got hands and a keyboard. Or scroll through reddit, if you're a pussy.

>> No.77045448

Super Cock here, You have been blessed loyal Tokling!

>> No.77045470

you posted the wrong version

>> No.77045495

Wtf bro can't believe tok stole aromage cyoa

>> No.77045591

>Tfw worked on my CYOA, and it was good.

>> No.77045594

yea, its shameful

>> No.77045665

Good job anonon keep it up!

>> No.77045683

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.77045939

shut up tok nobody cares

>> No.77046026

InfinityBladeAnon here, I have a question (related to my CYOA, we'll get to that in a bit) I'd like a genuine answer to: Why do the so-called 'readlets' exist? I mean, if you're unwilling to read, why are you here? Do you insist on having pictures in the books you read lest you are unable to imagine what the narrator is talking about? I really, truly don't understand it...

So here's the context: I'm steadily working on my CYOA, but the lack of art (even art not directly related to IB, there isn't much that fits IB's style)/decent screenshots is a persisting problem, certainly not enough to illustrate all my choices. So I was wondering if I should, where necessary/not circumventable, simply have no images.

Would that be okay, some choices having images and others not? Or are there alternatives?

>> No.77046097

>Would that be okay, some choices having images and others not?
Not a readlet but if you're gonna have images for choices then they all should have an image. Only a few having images is weird and ununiform.

>> No.77046114

What is your favorite CYOA?

>> No.77046119

In my opinion, some choices having no images sounds like a major detriment to the CYOA, even worse than mixing 10 radically different artstyles. Might be better to have no images at all than to fall short halfway there.

>> No.77046142

>Why do the so-called 'readlets' exist?
I'm reading 3 books at the moment, one of them i read for about 50 pages a day, that is outside school required reading. While I do enjoy some more lore heavy pieces like the ones by italics making ages upon pages one needs to read before he can even make any choices kind of defeats the pint of a cyoa in my opinon. If I wanted to immerse myself in a world with every detail explained to me and with it history flesh out on several pages I would go back to my book.
The more you write, the more you explain, the less freedom of imagination you give the player and , personally, Cyoa's are more of a imagination exercise than an exercise of immersion.

>> No.77046151

I made the most builds for the mech one, but elspeth's wild ride captured my imagination more fully

>> No.77046167

it's a tie between Planeswalker Rising and Project Harahel.

>> No.77046172

comfy chill zone

>> No.77046197

Depending on how I feel either eldritch bloodline or pr.

>> No.77046205

One image per section. Maintains the consistency that >>77046097 and >>77046119 would otherwise find lacking, it'd be a shame to abandon art entirely on account of the cool pseudo sf high medieval aesthetic IB has going.

I'd advise against picking a fight with readlets, pure text simply isn't for everyone and the few trolls among them get very vocal.

>> No.77046226

Not bad, wouldn't call of them my favorites but all the ones I recognize are great, what's the Space Privateer one?

>> No.77046255


>> No.77046286


>> No.77046307

There's a continuum since by taking the argument to one extreme providing the least fleshed out choices possible gives the most "freedom" to the extent of handing the reader a blank page. On the other a hyper-writefag could present a whole novel with a single minor character erased leaving the reader only one restrictive and predetermined way to slot into the story. UltimatelyI think it comes down to how outlandish the setting itself is with more generic backgrounds placing more emphasis on character customization because there's less of interest in the world and odder fare banking of fewer but more unorthodox build options.

>> No.77046334

Me like pretty picture, me want choice and look at pretty picture, me no like read much. If me like read me read book.

>> No.77046339

Thanks anons, I'll see if I can dive even deeper and eventually scrounge up enough art. If not, I'll have to just put one image per section.


>> No.77046368

Hardest offworld sf we have, really nice Expanse vibes (hot damn that's a good show).
We need an interstellar STL cyoa that accounts for decades passing between each trip with slow threats like encroaching ayys or hostile psychohistory reshaping the world before the crew at a remove.

>> No.77046371

>> No.77046423

There are good pic cyoa out there too.

>> No.77046500

the expanse is indeed pretty great
hopefully we have minimal niggata for the rest of this season, she's wasted far too much time already

>> No.77046567

4chan I am dissapointed, you have not produced much OC recently. You need to do better

>> No.77046685

>Why do the so-called 'readlets' exist?
Image lover here, I think it's nice to have images to every choice since it gives you a window into that world and you can do visual world building through the use of your images. You can make people understand exactly what kind of world it is, what level of technology is available and what architectural style you can expect from the world. You can do all that without writing it in text by just using images.

>I mean, if you're unwilling to read, why are you here?
Images are important to CYOAs because CYOAs (4Chan choice games, not the novels that goes by the same name) have traditionally been a graphical medium. The vast majority of CYOAs have images and only a small percent are text only CYOAs. The reason "readlets" are so vocal is because they expect CYOAs to have images and are disappointed by the lack of images in some CYOAs. I imagine CYOAs to be like manga, it's a visual art medium and when you pick up a lightnovel and think it's a manga you're going to be disappointed because you didn't get what you expected. The "readlets are too dumb to enjoy text only CYOAs" is a strawman.

>> No.77046704

Pretty gratifying to see the Dusters get their shit pushed in by greater production even if the big blue tanked more rocks. That said Ashford's pretty exemplary of what the OPA can be, a pity Marcos is more indicative of your average rock rat.

>> No.77046738

>So here's the context: I'm steadily working on my CYOA, but the lack of art (even art not directly related to IB, there isn't much that fits IB's style)/decent
screenshots is a persisting problem, certainly not enough to illustrate all my choices. So I was wondering if I should, where necessary/not circumventable, simply have no images.

Rest of the reply here, I also have to say if your main reason for not using images is because it's hard to find images and you're lazy. That I won't be playing your CYOA if you decide to not use images. Choosing to not use images should be a artistic choice, not a choice based on laziness. If you don't take your art seriously, I won't either. Finding good art is hard and takes effort. Which is why I have the highest of respect for CYOA authors like SDA, Bliss and Imaginos who always use 1 art style and are masters of visual story telling. They are a huge inspiration for me and they are the reason I keep pushing the limits of what I can do in MS Paint.

For me personally I rarely play or read text only CYOAs. Not because they are bad, but because I enjoy the visual aspect of CYOAs far too much. Like when I choose companions in a CYOA I take into account the companions skills and personality aswell as their appearance on the picture. This will make me have to balance 3 aspects, usefulness, personal compatibility and appearance. If I play a CYOA with no images and pic companions there is usually no description. Which makes the choice easier as I only have to 2 aspects to consider, usefulness and personal compatibility.

>> No.77046771

fuck off tok, nobody cares about your shit opinions

>> No.77046799

I see, thanks

>> No.77046808

Don't respond to attention whores.

>> No.77046840


>> No.77046844

ashford was far more based than he had any right to be
strathairn's performance was 10/10, thomas jane did the same for miller
it's a shame that he fucking died

>> No.77046866

>scribes yggdrasil shit

>> No.77046876

>Which makes the choice easier as I only have to 2 aspects to consider, usefulness and personal compatibility.
You're citing a strength of text-only. The best fiction relies on personal interactions rather than how pretty either character is and even when that's relevant it is so in terms of how it impacts respective personalities.

>> No.77046889

What's the last one?

>> No.77046907

>harem party
>tank crew
>divine trials
is this a shitpost?

>> No.77046927

Pretty nice realizing that what seem to be slimy reasonable-sounding rationalizations are flat out good faith compromises from a man clawing his way to a better future. Great as the death was not flat out shooting Marco and taking a bullet to the back of the head was retarded, oh well.

>> No.77046946

Tank crew is great desu.

>> No.77046949

scribes yggdrasil shit

>> No.77046957

some people just have bad taste, anon, not every shit post is a shitpost

>> No.77047144

What's the best isekai CYOA?

>> No.77047165

There is no best cyoa, but PR, Naruto, and PPPP are pretty good isekai cyoas.

>> No.77047170


>> No.77047178

oh no
oh no no no no no

>> No.77047183

>You're citing a strength of text-only. The best fiction relies on personal interactions rather than how pretty either character is and even when that's relevant it is so in terms of how it impacts respective personalities.
PictureHaar here, Nahh it's not a strength really. Choices should be hard and not easy. A CYOA that let's me pick choices easy is boring. I enjoy CYOAs that let's me weigh every choice and think hard about everything I do. Also appearances is very important because they affect how people see you and how they interact with you. To skip someone's appearance is doing them a huge disserviceer. For example, If the description describes a reclusive warrior woman who's very kind once you get to know her, but very hard to approach. Then her character will change depending on her looks. Like if she is pictured as a rugged warrior with a scar across her eye then you might think that she has lost a lot of adventurer friends and that she's carful not to get attached to people too much, because she's afraid to lose them and get hurt. Or if she is pictured as a young and pretty maiden knight with shining armor and a bejeweled sword then you might think that her introversion is perhaps due to her upbringing as the daughter in a long line of wealthy knights and that she was sheltered as a kid and because of that she's simply shy. Appearances matter and visual storytelling is important, pic not raealted

>> No.77047219

>Read Italics setting
>It's bullshit
>Still believe and roll with it.

>> No.77047223

whats up with the air around the arrows? are they spinning?

>> No.77047229

please don't respond to the attention whore

>> No.77047255

>Choices should be hard and not easy
>"Does pic make muh dic hurd?"
>anything but a piss poor non-choice
You've already made your non-existent standards clear countless times before.

>> No.77047263

please don't respond to the attention whore

>> No.77047279

see >>77047229 and >>77047263

>> No.77047284

please don't respond to the attention whore

>> No.77047301

>whats up with the air around the arrows? are they spinning?
History fan here, Yes the arrows are spinning. People put the fletching onto arrows to aid in aerodynamic stabilization during the flight of the arrows through rotation. Yes, arrows spin.

>> No.77047363

very cool

>> No.77047366

Beach Barman

>Bounty Hunting, Hunting, Trader, Spiritual, Explorer, Entertainer, Zoology 13500
>Jumpsuit, Local (trader), Environmental, Stealth (hunting), Carapace (Kora), Religious, Mix & Match 12950
>Sniper (hunting) 12950
>Spiritual Fetish, Business, Home (flat, buy) 11450
>Tuition x5 (trader discount x4), Play x2 50
>ZULDO, Kora, Corgunk, Shendra Larr, Boo-Shankle, Officer Tarly, Familiar
>Tracker, Gills, Under Pressure, Shanty

I've got a pretty comfy gig going as a reserve warden/guide. I get to revel in nature's glory, impress off-worlders and hunt the odd poacher. My ears still prick up when my friends at the watering hole mention extra cash though. So far I've busked with Shendra, hunted with Kora and found evidence Tarly thought lost to the deep. When I have the cash I'll upgrade to a penthouse that breaches the surface (I miss the sun) and a corral to support any beasts of burden I manage to tame. If I get really impatient I can always go after those gems, my songs and shamanism should give me a chance of getting back in one piece.

>> No.77047374

Best CYOAs here

>> No.77047429

>no pr
>no black magic
thats cringe tok, very cringe

>> No.77047446

As always, please ignore the attention whore.

>> No.77047457

>Fletching makes arrows spin for stabilization meaning that the knowledge of projectiles that spin going better was already known
>For some reason this knowledge wasn't applied to guns until after a while
Interesting. I assume that the reason why fletching making the arrow go better wasn't widely known and people just did the thing without knowing why.

>> No.77047478


>> No.77047501

It was applied, turns out that rifling a barrel is a bitch let alone machining the grooves into a spiral.

>> No.77047507

Don't assume the people of the past to be retarded. They are just as smart, if not more, than current people, thanks to the fact they couldn't rely on technology to do their thinking for them.

>> No.77047545

>>For some reason this knowledge wasn't applied to guns until after a while
Weapon Master here, People knew spinning projectiles where more stable during flight. Why they didn't make bullets spin was not because they where dumb, but because they didn't know how to make bullets spin. Like they are shooting pieces of metal, it's not like they could add fletching to to them.

>> No.77047554

which ones the attention whore here

>> No.77047631

Which one always associates their posts with an insufferable identity?

>> No.77047693

I am not assuming that people were dumb. I was just trying to rationalize a reason why it was not applied immediatly. Barrel rifling bring hard makes more sense to me thanks for the clear up.

>> No.77047745


>> No.77047765

I liked its humor and double-take.


>> No.77047909

Jumping in - my pet peeve is plague masks. People make fun of them now, but the disease model at the time was that the Black Death was some sort of toxic gas. And - conceptually- plague masks are identical to gas masks, right down to the filters. If they'd been right about the transmission mechanism, plague masks might have actually worked.

>> No.77047961

Going by the fact that John Snow hat to cut that pump handle because the powers that be weren't buying that cholera came from shitwater people could be plenty retarded. The issue is that we're much the same today, it's more a matter of people being bumbling with moments of insight across history rather than competent at any one point.

>> No.77048160

Of course not

>> No.77048209

Same, except with a small benis.

>> No.77048242

You know damn well

>> No.77048308

All settings are bullshit we want to believe though.

>> No.77048330


I don't think Plague Masks had filters on them exactly. Wasn't the idea that the plague was caused by miasma of evil smells, so good smells would drive that away? So they just filled the nose with herbs and flowers and shit. Not really an actual filter. Disease is something youve got to give people a free pass for though. It's literally invisible monsters fucking you over. That's essentially what people thought it was anyway in a lot of cases, it's just less interesting than demons and shit.

I've been reading the Stormlight books recently actually, because brandon sandersons gotten way better at writing since the last one I tried, and I really like how he did medicine in that world. It's basically medieval tech, but their medicine is much better than it should be because there are very visible spirits everywhere in that world. Spirits of rot naturally gather around bad wounds, so while they do not understand anything about germ theory or antiseptics, but they've figured out cleaning a wound, putting certain substances on there and using clean bandages that have been boiled in water all drive away the rot spirits.

>> No.77048409

I feel like the terrain price hiking is kind of annoying, especially since you can easily burn through your points in other things.

>> No.77048413

>I've been reading the Stormlight books recently actually, because brandon sandersons gotten way better at writing
bro it’s not cool to like Sanderson here

>> No.77048461


>> No.77048469

Sanderson books already read like mediocre cyoas got a write up.

>> No.77048511

>Brain 1
>Blood 2
>Bone 3

Servants and workhorses.

>> No.77048525

Sounds like a decent system, I always like it when magic has mundane consequences. One anon mentioned his setting has both massive and tiny versions of most life. Being that we're outnumbered a millionfold by bacteria a great deal of them would swell enough for germ theory to be discovered with much shittier microscopy.

>> No.77048613


>> No.77048805

Not sure if literature applies to history.

>> No.77048844

What a faggot.

>> No.77049062

Damn, pretty much every single one of these have In The Wake of The Dawn. Is the author of that CYOA still around?

>> No.77049088

I don't think so.

>> No.77049234

Terrain Man here, Yeah that is annoying as hell. Don't know why the author did that. But the rest of the CYOA is really good.

>> No.77049403


>> No.77049423

Post some cyoas

>> No.77049521


>> No.77050876

needs a page of monsters to fight and mysteries to solve.

>> No.77051208

This might be the most companionisty CYOA after Space Bounty Hunter and Star Dust.

Professor Lana Paladin x2 (2 Fire, Arcana and Investigation)
Investigation, Arcana, and Combat Skill 3, Command and Wild Lore 1
Lore of Fire 4 (Arcana's > lvl 5, what need for lightning?) 13, 1 in each lore for arana bonuses 8, Lore of Water 3 (to use the healing boon) and Lore of Earth 2 (telekenises>air) leaves 1 pt left for whatever's discovered or needed.
Knighthood, Artificer Plate, Golem, Basic Ranged Weapon, Travelling Supplies, Wardog, Small Ship and still enough to buy an army.
GARD kills demigods. What more could you need? Lucfil, Hans Elfguy, Roland, Void Shard,

GARD solves most combat problems. If cleverness's needed that's for the rest of the party.
Roland's a scout so we can avoid trouble, get advantageous positions or outright ambush enemies as needed, have escape routes, and so forth.
Lucfil and Hans both buff the PC, possibly over the built-in default max of 3 for combat, so he's a supereme combatant himself.
Finally Void shard is counter-intelligence. He denies enemies awareness of our position, save maybe sensing a blank area or Roland.

Roland + Void Shard should mean we have an actionable intelligence advantage vs enemies
GARD + buffs should mean we can handle any physical threats.

Was looking but didn't see anyone for countering mental attacks, stealth subversion, traps, etc.

>> No.77051372

I guess Elizabeth curseborn as the 5th companion to be tappable and sometimes neuter powerful foes.

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