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Lychguard should have scythes and boards edition

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If you can remove one named character from the game, who would it be?

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Any paints like this shade of electric blue?

>> No.76996516

TQ gulliman

>> No.76996534

army painter does a bunch of really nice blues

>> No.76996538

Imagine the autism that would die if he was just straight up retconned out, lmao.

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The positioning and angle of gems in their groin always makes me wonder if they can fire gauss beams or something.

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>tfw my main wish for 9th edition when it was announced was more freedom and customization options

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How did Daemon Princes fare in the new codex? Are dual talons still decent?

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Perturabo isn't a character in the game, retard

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GW have been slowly moving towards complete monobuild for a while now

>> No.76996587

sword and axe got buffed and talons got nerfed

>> No.76996591

So Dark Eldar next week?!

I'm excited!

>> No.76996592

dps are really good with swords, talons are now really bad. wings got slower

>> No.76996597

I see you Mortarion. You can't hide that foul stench from me. Come and fight me, enough of these games. Fight me.

>> No.76996612

Lmao, were gonna be aos by the time 10th gets here

>> No.76996614

Probably Kyra Draxus. She's a literal who that brings nothing new in terms of lore, which is what named characters do, and no one asked for her.

>> No.76996636

Rip dp sword relic, you'll be missed

>> No.76996638

If it means I get endless spells but 40k I'd be down

>> No.76996641

>winged DP only 10"

>> No.76996658

Like this?

>> No.76996663

LOL I just noticed my custom daemon prince is illegal now.

RIParoni $100 dollars + tip. ;_;

>> No.76996673

it's easier for Chris to smoke a bowl, build his toys, and smile at them sitting on his shelf next to his marvel funko pops and star wars legos knowing that they have a perfectly fine loadout no matter what. Or for Brian to slap together things he's still able to win with on his one day off from work and family and being 'the cool dad'

And if you've gone to a few FLGS's during 40k night during 8th at least in america, you'll realize that's GW's demographic now. Hobbyists are the tertiary group at best. Bulk buyers, dadcore, entry level normie stuff, and boilerplate accessible competitive are their bread and butter.
We will never see a kit like the tactical marines or imperial guard command squad from GW again.

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>5 PPM

>> No.76996698

>I'm cool with things being watered down into gamey nochoice oblivion as long as I get my wacky special spells!
dude, just go play AoS?

>> No.76996701

This kills the DG

>> No.76996703

>all relics from War of the Spider removed
Can't wait to see how they'll gut the CSM stuff from Faith and Fury...

>> No.76996704

that or deep sky blue. crystal blue is very nice, but is a bit darker

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>talons are now really bad
Oof, are they salvagable in any way? Not keen on the idea of trying to rip his arm off that I used plastic glue on.

>> No.76996718

Props if you actually get into melee against them.

>> No.76996720

What's illegal about it?

>> No.76996722

Dude just run him anyways. No one is wysiwyg faggot anymore. Tell your opponent what he has, have a list written out, and it'll all be golden.

And if the dude has an issue with it? He's outted himself as a faggot you didn't want to play against anyway.

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New loadout restrictions are good, unless you hate having money. You’re at optimal effectiveness with just one box.

Only being able to equip what’s in the box is fluffy and less meta gamey.

I don’t know many people who actually liked buying multiple boxes for one bit or having to go to 3rd party bits sellers.

Overall, good change.

>> No.76996733

Baharoth Blue

>> No.76996738

How is it illegal?
Talons are now S:User, -1AP, 2D, +1 attack
No reason to take two now

>> No.76996741

Can't have wings and plague flamer in the same loadout for reasons.

I can tear off the gun, but it feels really shitty.

>> No.76996744

Why won't they FAQ my csm to have 2 wounds? I'd be ok with even a small amount of point increase on everything

>> No.76996745

does it really?
only perfect vanilla boys get cool things

>> No.76996748

Swords Wings and talons is perfectly legal.

>> No.76996753

Master-crafted bait, anon, I actually got upset.

>> No.76996758

>Laughs in attacks last aura.

>> No.76996759

they lost an attack and an ap, sop 2 talons is +2 attacks and ap 1. if you still have the parts, id advise you give him an axe or a sword

>> No.76996762

>a world champion snooker player can paint models better than you

>> No.76996763

You reckon 120 acolytes can do it? That is like 1200ish points

>> No.76996768

I mean if you attack first it's going to be less of a problem.

>> No.76996772

The cutter and drill are nuts.

>> No.76996774

Vallejo Sky blue

>> No.76996776

Imagine how much work that would be. It's just not possible.

>> No.76996777

>not being able to give a chaos lord a power maul is fluffy

>> No.76996778

So, is DG meta and waac now? Please tell me it's not. Can I play massed plaguemarines + poxwalkers? What about possessed and daemon engines which were so hyped beforehand, are they any good?

>> No.76996780

nigger just keep it because it looks cool and run it how you want. No one is going to flip

>> No.76996789

I do still have the alternate arms, what's my best bet for taking his other arm off after it's been plastic glued in place?

>> No.76996793

You do know I was being facetious right?

>> No.76996795

can't take both wings and the spewer
>for reasons
it's because the model with the spewer doesn't have wings
fuck GW so hard

>> No.76996796

But it sucks I can't compete with anything

>> No.76996799

Here's a question. I have these Plague Marines built and painted:
>1 plasma, 1 power fist, 2 blight launchers, 2 flails, 1 icon of despair, 5 bolters
On top of that I have 3 PM still on sprue.
Now, how do I assemble these last 3 PM so that I end up with two somewhat coherent units, one of 5 models and one of 10?

>> No.76996800


See >>76996741

>> No.76996802

What is that?

>> No.76996806

How does the cutter works? Let's say you attack and wound with 2 attacks against marines, and roll 1 for damage both times. You inflict 1 wound, roll to see if the marine die with his effect, then do another 1 wound and roll again or you do both damages, kill a marine and then eventually roll for the killing effect?

>> No.76996807

DG is good, enjoy the 6~ month limeligh before codex creep sets in.

>> No.76996822

Don't do that, no one's going to notice anyway.

>> No.76996836

They sorta inverted things. Talons are like lightning claws in that each adds 1 additional attack now. They're also free. The talon is str user, -1 ap, 2 damage. Sword or Axe are 10 points. Axe is +2 str, -2 ap, 3 damage, sword is +1 str, -3 ap, 3 damage. DP base strength is 7.

Sword seems like the clear winner here because if you're in melee with something it has -1 toughness, so even against T8 stuff, you're still wounding on 3s.

>> No.76996841

I'm reading it as you do the death roll after every time you make a damage roll then you keep rolling for damage and death rolls after that

>> No.76996844

Weapons are technically rolled one at the time.
If the guy does not die immediately you roll for the insta kill.

>> No.76996846

Should i footslog, deepstrike or grab a land raider for my Deathshroud?

>> No.76996853

if you have a saw, and can saw off neatly and attached the arm at the saw site that might work

>> No.76996860


Sadly I live in the most waac infested community in the PNW.


>> No.76996865

Do you think it's fair to bump up his points instead of making the other C'tan better?

>> No.76996869

>no one's going to notice anyway.
are you advocating for cheating

>> No.76996877 [DELETED] 

>mfw I picked Kattar

>> No.76996887


>> No.76996888

As long as he doesn't use the rules for the damn thing, what's the harm?

>> No.76996889

yeah, what ever makes the game fun.

>> No.76996893

deep strike, aren't they movement 4 or 5? they'll never get anywhere by turn 4

>> No.76996896

yes. the other 2 are actually fine

>> No.76996897

I actually still quite like the dual claw look, I'm thinking of cutting the hand off the sword, painting it up, and then sticking it to his hip.

>> No.76996902

Can't take drop pods

>> No.76996907

Fellow cog-boys, what's our best way of dealing with DG looking like?

>> No.76996912

I thought that the implication was "run it with the spewer anyway, no one will notice"

>> No.76996920

Yeah sucks. GW doesn't care.

Wait a year for your codex pig.

>> No.76996923

The -1 to incoming damage is going to hurt

>> No.76996927

oh yeah totally,that would work very well

>> No.76996928

I meant deep strike. That's the best, imo.

>> No.76996931

Yes. The other C'tans are perfectly fine. At best the deceiver is a little overcosted.

>> No.76996938

like always, wrath of mars

>> No.76996940

vallejo deep sky blue*
I have sky blue and it is more white than it is "electric"

>> No.76996945

Be funny if it was like Deceiver at 330, Void Dragon at 350 and Nightbringer at 370

>> No.76996948

chicken walkers, wrath or mars

>> No.76996949

That's you answe

>> No.76996959

>sword buffs

>> No.76996960

If they take my Zaal the Wrathful from me I'm gonna be upset. Wrathful, even.

>> No.76996971

That's your answer to everything

>> No.76996974

why did everyone start calling shields "boards"?
sounds kinda lame to be honest

>> No.76996977

Uploaded to the Vola in case you missed it.

>> No.76996983

What's the most units I can deep strike?
I want to make it rain.

>> No.76996989

Because it rhymes with swords.

>> No.76996998

>wished for an excuse to run mixed weaponry
>wished for an excuse to run a footslogging DP

>> No.76997000

Even in WHFB I heard most people refer to sword and shield as 'sword 'n board' with their units.

>> No.76997006

Sword and boards kinda rhyme so it became a proto meme in the days of old fantasy games.

>> No.76997009

it rhymes with sword

>> No.76997010

Yes. DG also has now has a few ways of dealing mortal wounds in their command phase - Typhus's mortal wound ability, Release the Toxins strat, and the Diseased Effluents strat, which will help toward taking out a C'tan.

>> No.76997012

i checked a second after posting that, felt silly.

>> No.76997014

Now why would you do a silly thing like that?

>> No.76997040

>in the middle of doing extensive conversion to make a DP with the Axe of the Forgemaster
>it might get squatted

>> No.76997041

Is it worth to mix ranged and melee options or should I just take more bolter bitches when I run out of options?

>> No.76997053

Depends if you think you'll get into melee.

>> No.76997085

Ok now that we got a pretty good sample size of codexes, what do you think is the main theme for 9th is?

>> No.76997087

What if, hypothetically, I was this guy >>76996799

>> No.76997097

8th squared.

>> No.76997104

Reduction of options the game. I hope you didn't spend time making custom models like this poor sod. >>76996663

>> No.76997108

8th but remove even more options

>> No.76997116

Did pdf anon put the new dg codex in the mega?

>> No.76997120

M O N O P O S E, and Mono loadputs
This might be GW moving into just making static models. One pose with the weapons already on them.

>> No.76997137

It's on the vola legalboy

>> No.76997143

>people genuinely thought that Crusade meant 9th was going to be customization-friendly

>> No.76997151

We did not gatekeep hard enough.

>> No.76997175

>Everyone complaining about mono-pose and mono-loadouts
>Necrons got more options and new sculpts are less restrictive with units that count
Feels good man

>> No.76997176

God help us all.

>> No.76997186

It truly is a Dark Imperium.

>> No.76997193

>Can't get a single person in my playgroup to play anything remotely close to a fluff game anyway
Maybe it's better this way

>> No.76997200

>pretending that you got off scot-free when you have that bullshit with which units are allowed to be the warlord

>> No.76997201

kinda hilarious that there were less restrictions when the models were made of solid metal and sculpted in single poses already

>> No.76997202

DG bros, do you proxy your DP’s? What do you use? I’ve been using pic related as a wings+dual talons DP, but want something different for a sword DP. The official GW one is not my taste.

>> No.76997211

Plastic dark reapers, shining spears and striking scorpions when?

>> No.76997213

what is this image depicting exactly. why would a cultist care about anything? why would a csm for that matter ?

>> No.76997216

Luckily protocols are shit so don't even need to take nobles for it to be effective.

>> No.76997228

Finished theese smol bois. Now all I have left is the wraithknight and the titan. Any advice for doing titans? Im thinking of small metal rods/slots and putting a big fuck off magnet into where the chest/legs meet up. I want a way to break it down incase i actually have a reason to take it someware and use it.

>> No.76997231

Probably referencing the old Blightspawn ability. Everything within 7" fought last, even if it charged. Now you can pick only one unit, within 3" and make it fight last. Still good, just not amazing as it was.

>> No.76997234

warband lost their best femboy
a huge morale loss for them all

>> No.76997238

barry blue 100%

>> No.76997240

So given you only get two of each heavy weapon per box in a retributor kit I need to buy at least two to get the full size multi-melta squad I want. Question is, what's the most effective between heavy flamers and heavy bolters? The Mathhammer places Heavy Bolters on average of doing one extra wound to marines but they can just use that one strat to reduce damage by one. A heavy flamer squad with sister superior with a combi-melta for holy trinity could also do some damage.

Anyone with any experience? I know the retributor bonus of longer range heavy flamers means dick now that all flamers are longer range.

>> No.76997243

GW completely rework daemon weapons every codex. It wouldn't be so bad if they took the 3.5 Ed "just model it however you like and tell your opponent what it is" approach.

>> No.76997254

God that is so hot, wish that were my foul seed growing in there. Worth losing my part for one shot.

Dual talons aren't an auto-take anymore. >>76996836 has it right

>> No.76997255

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:
>Find stuff here:

Brainlet here
I made a text file named ChaosKnights.txt and uploaded it to the mega. Then went to file.org/r/1g6bbnxyr and still a 404. What am i not understanding? I just want the chaos knights codex.

>> No.76997256

This is how I Dark Empire.

>> No.76997257

Literally army painter electric blue

>> No.76997259

Well a ten man unit with 2x blight launcher and a power fist and 2x fails would certainly be hard to push off an objective

Or a 5man with two plasma guns a heavy plague flamer and a flail will do some damage up close.

>> No.76997261

We dont see them after the focus is taken away from them.
We only see them when they are fighting or plotting. What if, after the battle is over they miss their bros?
We maybe warp corrupted heretics, but we still have hearts, some of us have 2 or more.

>> No.76997264

Probably his lover crisp on the ground.

>> No.76997266

Guess Psychic Stimulus could by pass that.
>...they always fight first in the Fight phase, even if they didn’t charge. If your opponent has units that have charged, or that have a similar ability, then alternate choosing units to fight with, starting with the player whose turn is taking place.

>> No.76997275

Ou can give one of them a relic that does that now. Still shitty they berfed him though.

>> No.76997282

Because it's the answer to everything!

>> No.76997284

Nobody picked Blightspawn for the aurea. Does his spewer still melt just as good?

>> No.76997291

I have a daemon prince with wings, malignant plaguecaster, noxious blightbringer, lord of contagion, 10 plague marines, 5 terminators, 40 poxwalkers, 2 foetid bloat drones and a rhino.
Should I bother trying to start a death guard army with what I have?
Or would I basically be buying an entire army?

>> No.76997292

I uploaded it for you, bro.

>> No.76997307

nigger, the only WAAC's the care about wysiwyg are turbo fags that can't into winning on their own abilities.
I literally go to tournaments with dozens of counts as wargear and shit and everyone is fine as long you notify them and don't do stuff like "these plasma guns in this squad are flamers but also one of them is actually a plasma gun"

>> No.76997311

Glad mine had a sword.

>> No.76997312

That model is stylish as fuck.

See if you can find an appropriately size Ganesha model, give him a sword and some wings and perhaps a little greenstuff decaying and that would look cool.

>> No.76997315

That's probably why Silent King's one reads
>At the start of the Fight Phase, if there is any enemy within Engagement Range of Szarekh, then until the end of the fight phase, those units cannot fight until every other eligible unit from your army has done so
Probably meaning that yes they will fight first but you can't even choose them to fight until all eligible necrons have fought. I think the Judicar's ability works the same way.

>> No.76997319

retributors get +4" on heavy flamers, so it's 16" heavy flamers, which is fun but heavy bolters are near universally better atm.

>> No.76997320

If you have all that shit you might as well play it. What, do you want to win tourneys or something?

>> No.76997324

Been nerfed to str7 ap-3 2dmg

>> No.76997325

Protip, the link is broken up due to spam filters

>> No.76997327

it's now fixed at S7, went down to D2, but now has 12" range

>> No.76997329

>non wysiwyg is now cheating
go away brian

>> No.76997339

Tell me about your homebrewed unit for your army.

>> No.76997340

you basically have an army bro. get a contemptor or a blight hauler and your peachy

>> No.76997345

Forgot about that, thanks for the reminder. Still going through the book.
Oh but they did, it was one of the best features. His gun is 12" AssaultD6 S7 AP3 D2
Vomitrix still exists, makes it 12" Assault7 S7 AP3 D2.

>> No.76997352

>the only WAAC's the care about wysiwyg are turbo fags that can't into winning on their own abilities.

Yes, thats the problem this area is full of them and also run the tournaments in the area.

>> No.76997353

No, I'm just interested in casual play but I want a list that at least makes sense and has synergy and isn't just 'throw all the shit together that I have and try to make it work'
Aren't contemptors bad now?

>> No.76997354

That's not what I took away from his post. I thought he was saying "run it with wings and spewer anyway, no one will notice that you're not allowed to do it"

>> No.76997365

Nurgle enemy

>> No.76997366

you can make it str 8, rr numbers of shots for 10pts

>> No.76997372

I will give TOR credit for having those well done cinematics. And some of the class story lines are good, but that's about it.

>> No.76997373

Try har

>> No.76997374

I write up a datasheet for about 2 minutes, feel overwhelmingly embarrassed and autistic, and then stop
I wish that I didn't feel shame

>> No.76997379

>Aren't contemptors bad now?
They're not bad but they are appropriately priced and come with a CP tax. They won't be sole game winners anymore.

>> No.76997385

>Aren't contemptors bad now?
>ap 4 dam 2d3 (6 vs vehcles) chain fist and can take a multimelta

>> No.76997393

S7 is way better than S2d6 (rolled after choosing a target)

>> No.76997399

Retributor flamer range does stack with the increase to base range, so they're 16" range, which isn't nothing.
Heavy Bolters are probably best put in min size SoB squads for objective babysitting rather than on Retributors.
You have so many HB from Mortifiers, Immolators, and Exorcists you don't really need more.

>> No.76997405

>Aren't contemptors bad now?

Kinda, they are priced accordingly, cost co, and aren't helbrutes for some reason

You should just buy daemon engines or a normal dreadnought.

>> No.76997409

The link is still 404 ;_;

>> No.76997412

Could save yourself trouble by cutting barrels from unused melta guns and gluing them in place of the flamer tips.

Since SoB players are likely buying up battle sister boxes since it covers so many units you probably have some spares

>> No.76997419

Speaking of, for regular Hellbrute do you still go Lascannon or is Multi-melta the new hotness?

>> No.76997422

On average its the same strength but -1 dmg.

Its still worth taking but won't delete units.

>> No.76997424

Depends if the streak of great codexes continue or not. It could unironically be the greatest edition ever if every codex is the quality is the level of those released since now, or they could change their mind and start releasing shit ones next month. I guess DE would be the real test, as they are an army that struggle with 9th edition focus.

>> No.76997427

>blight grenade stratagem works with the putrifier
hey nice

>> No.76997429

>lgs finally allowed to host games again
>is running tournament
>is all custom missions

Sigh , guess I dont really want to play THAT bad.

>> No.76997435

i think most people like the multi melta. you want the guy to fight stuff so why not have a weapon that is good up close

>> No.76997437

Of cour
se it is.

>> No.76997438

Depends on the rest of your list.

Do you need long ranged threats or can you get away with stomping around the middle of the board.

>> No.76997439

>grot sniper team
>3 grots working the "rifle" which is just a cannon
>unable to fire if the unit moved that turn

>> No.76997454

Was being caught part of your plan, Legalboyz?

>> No.76997461

Well if I get a blighthauler would it be fulfilling the same role as a contemptor?
Or what else would I need to fulfil the same role (presumably anti tank)
Any other models I should get btw?
I was thinking of some of the elite guys and maybe more plague marines, is MSU plague marines still the go to way?

>> No.76997465

Why does GW hate land raiders?
I just wanted to keep my disgustingly resilient deathbox...

>> No.76997466

I think DE will be a litmus test, but GSC will he the real indicator since so many of their units and strategies simply dont work anymore.

>> No.76997467

Call me basic but Lychguards with Scythes and Shields.

>> No.76997468


>> No.76997470

I have one in my Death Guard so he's competing for a spot with my Foeatid Bloat Drones and the Plagueburst Crawlers.

>> No.76997473

Oh shit, also does the new death guard codex look fun?
I don't care about power level, just fun rules

>> No.76997482

Bros, does your LGS sell drinks, snacks, or actually cook food?

>> No.76997484


>> No.76997486

Yes it's great.

>> No.76997492

blighthauler is fine, get a sorcerer and maybe a defiler, and youll be fine

>> No.76997497


>> No.76997499

Is Codex: DA coming out this month or postponed to Feb?

>> No.76997502

So with the two-week release cycle that new battlebox should be available to order end of Jan right?

>> No.76997505

What's wrong?
Ugh, is the sorcerer better than a malignant plague caster?

>> No.76997512

>27 points

>> No.76997513

Those don't work, am i getting closer?

>> No.76997520

no, but you can slap him in termintor armour and send him off with your blightord

>> No.76997521

Does the droning round up or down?

>> No.76997526

tau get other aliens

>> No.76997532

Can someone give me a step by step painting guide to painting CSM? I'm having a sperg breakdown and i'm overwhelmed. the guy at the store just gave me these paints:
abaddon black
balthasar gold
nuln oil
reikland fleshshade

do I need more paints? I feel like I have to go back there and get more paints before I can begin. I have all the supplies and a cutting mat and wet palette and everything, I dont know any techniques or methods of painting. it seemed so much easier as a kid, now im an adult I just get stressed out and depressed about it

>> No.76997533

Sells snacks and drinks.

Have an arrangement with the pizza place across the road for discounts on certain game nights.

>> No.76997536

You didn't convert your models or bought a suspicious amount of Poxwalkers, did you?

>> No.76997537

DG lost of a shit ton of options with this codex and you're kind of forced to build your army in a certain way

>> No.76997540

>What's wrong?
Gw limited lots of options to what the box contains, so it's causing attrition from people that put combiplasma on all of their blighlords and similar.

>> No.76997543


I really don't understand why though. I thought GW still viewed themselves as a modelling company first and foremost.

having this retardation hanging over my EC army threatening to ruin all the unique and varied champion/HQ loadouts I wanted to do is almost enough to make me stop playing. it just ruins the fun of customisation and kitbashing.

I don't think I can even flick through at my old 3rd and 4th edition codexes without wanting to die because of all the lost customisation options

is there any end to this post-Primaris living nightmare?

>> No.76997544


>> No.76997556

The book's power level is great, but its a big f u for hobbyist who like to customize their models.

>> No.76997564


>> No.76997567

Not at all. For f
uck's sake take the hint

>> No.76997574

I miss buying special weapon dudes separately.

>> No.76997577

Thank god. I modeled a termie on an extra large disc in lieu of wings and giving him claws would make it seem a little awkward to imagine him trying to slash at people from it. Giving him an axe or sword would help visualize that.

>> No.76997578

>elites are 8'
>grunts are 5'10
>jackals are 7'4
>a hunter is 12'6

>> No.76997579

Would she and her boyfriend work as a Nurgle Daemon Prince?

>> No.76997580

bro, come on now

>> No.76997583

Not since the incident. Guy came in with a fucking big gulp and put it on a table, it got knocked over on top of a guys carrying case with his knights magnetized weapons inside. He didnt varnish his minis, so the spare weapons got fucked.

>> No.76997589

Dark Angels first then who knows.

>> No.76997592

honestly at this poi
nt you dont even deserve it desu. gw pls go

>> No.76997597

I like a lot the fact that armies play like they are supposed to play from a fluff standpoint.

>> No.76997598

Lol no it's not.

Rules don't effect us we do it for aesthetics.

>> No.76997600

Just stop James, it's getting awkward.

>> No.76997602

They've already sold enough.

>> No.76997603

>doesnt varnish his minis
should i do this? what does it do exactly

>> No.76997605

Soda doesn't bother unvarnished models or paint.

>> No.76997606


>> No.76997608

most nurgle princes I've seen are just the GW one with a headswap.
I was gonna tell you to convert a lord of pestilence from ultraforge like the anon who did pic related but it seems they're out of business now.

>> No.76997609

Alright you win my (you).
Nice long game.

>> No.76997610

They cancel out IIRC.

>> No.76997613

The worst part is jackasses who try to act as if you're in the wrong for wanting rules to represent your customized models

>> No.76997614

No, haven't converted anything yet, why?
And I have 40 poxwalkers, is that too much?
Are pox walkers worth running?
Ah shit wtf, I was watching a video and they said that was the best part about the codex, that you had more options and wasn't forced to go one way...
You mean you can only have one combiplasma in a 5 man squad?
Honestly mine are still unbuilt so I'm good luckily.

>> No.76997615


>> No.76997618

>Hobbyist who intend to still play the game.

Since I have to spell it out for you.

>> No.76997621

>why shoot a man, after throwing him out of a plane

>> No.76997626

but anon 27pts is fair! they have 2 wounds and t5!

>> No.76997630

speak for yourself
my conversions are based around weapons that I find fun

>> No.76997636

Too many are perpetually hunched over or have to be smaller for smaller hitboxes. Even the 7 foot player doesn't explain too much.

>> No.76997642

Add a magnet so you can have both when rules change.
SoB special and heavy weapons are like made for magnets

>> No.76997645

It was more the parts were sticky from the grape soda and the paint got all fucked trying to clean them up.

>> No.76997652

I am one of those and stick by what I said.

Rules are of little concern when one and to customise a mini. Build something cool first, figure out a close enough counts as later

>> No.76997654

I picked him for the aura. Everything else was icing on the cake.

>> No.76997655

It's a protective layer.

>> No.76997656

He should have just rinsed them lightly with warm water.

>> No.76997661

It seals the paint so less chance you'll rub it off while handling it. Some people dont like to varnish since it will affect the final look of the paint.

>> No.76997665

Fair enough.

But that's still with the broader point of not doing it for rules.

>> No.76997666

I got it, that took me a good minute

>> No.76997668

Counts as are illegal anon, don't make me have to call a TO

>> No.76997669

>I have 40 poxwalkers, is that too much?
The new codex prevents you from taking more cultists and poxwalkers than core infantry units (eg plague marines).

>> No.76997679

Hell be fine as long as he has two core units in addition.

>> No.76997682

9th edition Pariahs, same base stateline as Lychguard (With +1" movement). Not core.
Has Gauss Scythe
Shooting: Assault 2 18" S5 AP-2 D2
Melee: S+2 AP-3 D2
Has Psychic Abomination rule
Has a rule they cannot be targeted by Psychic powers. If a noble is within 5" they get Psychic blocking as well.
No reanimation protocols

Destroyer Overlord (Does not get Noble keyword)
M8", WS 2+, BS2+, S7, T7, W7, A4, LD10, SV3+
Can take Staff of Light, Voidscythe, Warscythe, Lokhust Canon or Skorpekh Harvester
Lokhust Canon
Single Target Heavy 2 36" S10 AP4 D4 (+D3 damage against vehicles)
Multitarget Heavy 2d6 36" S6 AP1 1 (Blast)
Skorpekh Harvester
S+4 AP AP4 D3 (Wound rolls of 6 make a mortal wound with any other wounds)
Phase Shifter
Destructive March (Basically relentless March but affects Destroyer cult units as well)
My destruction carried out (MWBD but to Destroyer Cult units)
Hardwired for Destruction
Ordered for Destruction (Re-roll all failed wound rolls for Destroyer cult units within 9")

>> No.76997685

Noise marine land raider. 2 twin blastmasters and a twin sonic blaster.

>> No.76997687

>And I have 40 poxwalkers, is that too much?
Poxwalkers are now limited to a number of units not superior to the units of plague marines and terminators that you play. So you need to play 4 units of marines to play 4 units of 10 poxwalkers.
>Are pox walkers worth running?
Yes. They are great chaff.
>Ah shit wtf, I was watching a video and they said that was the best part about the codex, that you had more options and wasn't forced to go one way...
It has a lot more possibilities in the fact that more units are viable and most things play well, but it has also a bunch of limitiations in listbuilding like "no more poxwalkers than marines", or "no more than 1 Lord/Prince for detachment".
>You mean you can only have one combiplasma in a 5 man squad?
Yes. Basically you can play everything that the kits allows you to, but no putting in the squad more weapons than they come in the kit.

>> No.76997692

should i get some? i want my minis to be dr. pepper proof

>> No.76997712

>new wargear changes related to the only available options in the codex being the only available options in the kit


>> No.76997717

>$230 for the death guard combat patrol

I paid less than that for Dark Imperium, are GW serious? And they're only going to get more expensive.

>> No.76997718

Nigga I haven't been able to play for over 6 months at my flgs cause of coof and you're complaing that a small friendly tournament is using custom missions as your reason not to play?
Can you go play in traffic for me please?

>> No.76997721

When your book comes out next month Rets will be two of each option in a squad, max, so don't bother.
See Blightlords

>> No.76997731

based re

>> No.76997733

Built-in cafe with hot sandwiches and pizza. They'd even walk your food to your 40k or D&D table.
A shame they shut it down when the coof hit. Now I'm just praying that they survive coof economics.

>> No.76997734

>$70 for 3 models that were part of Dark Imperium

>> No.76997736

I matte varnish anything that isnt a display piece, all it takes is a light spray to seal the mini.

>> No.76997737

Damn nigga

>> No.76997742

>implying GW would fuck over the Imperium like they do with Chaos

>> No.76997744

>New custodes troops choices
SoS Prosecutors
SoS Vigilators
and SoS Witchseekers
>New custodes dedicatated transport
Null-Maiden Rhino

>> No.76997746

Please don't set up your expectations for disappointment.

>> No.76997751

Varnish is great, but i would use seperate types of varnish for different material types on your models. Matte and satin varnish will reflect different levels of light.

>> No.76997755


I like the the model, though

>> No.76997760

I really hope the next book is codex: Talons of the Emperor.
Rolls up Custodes, SoS, and Grey Knights

>> No.76997761

I don't get why they only fucked with the wargear options for the terminator lord and not the regular lord

>> No.76997763

Imperium factions get fucked constantly.
The trick is that, internally, Space Marines and Imperium are counted separately to GW.

>> No.76997771

I hope so too
Except without Grey Knights, those faggots can stay out

>> No.76997772

keep the main body in 1 piece, either glued to the bottom or magnets. arms/hands/weapons on magnets. usually the body will be very sturdy. i only have exp with chaos deamons but i am getting a wraithknight in next week

>> No.76997773

100% they will

>> No.76997774

>MWBD but to Destroyer Cult units
Jesus christ

>> No.76997795

Double tap anon. Double tap

>> No.76997797

flamers and grenade launchers are better, more fluffy special weapons for regular squads. only veterans, command squads, and special weapons squads should get them.

>> No.76997804

Enjoy your grenade launchers, bitch

>> No.76997805

They went through a phase trying to improve their image, with the start collecting boxes and all the other value sets, but it seems like that's over.
Wouldn't be surprised if they start phasing out the start collecting boxes entirely.

>> No.76997809

I've been demoralized
I have no hope for my army's coming codex or for 9th edition as a whole

>> No.76997821

pure flex, look how long they waited before shooting. getting a head shot from a moving platform against a moving target with a pistol one handed. That's showmanship.

>> No.76997834

I will

>> No.76997848

It’s £45 cheaper than buying everything individually at least, but yeah for a “starter box” it’s pretty steep. I think the £55-60 SC price is more sane, even for GW, the box also sucks because who wants 30 fucking poxwalkers anyways

>> No.76997858


>> No.76997863

>Wouldn't be surprised if they start phasing out the start collecting boxes entirely.
They absolutely are
It started with the CSM and Phobos boxes having exclusive models, meaning they weren't actually deals on anything

>> No.76997871

You move past it, or move on.

>> No.76997884

A basic squad of 5 tactical marines should be 50 points
Making classic marines unplayable to push primaris is cancerous
Tactical marines should be thew definitive troops choice for Space Marine armies
Change my mind

>> No.76997897

>Tactical marines should be thew definitive troops choice for Space Marine armies

They're gonna be squatted and you know it.

>> No.76997899

Both types of terminators and possessed are also Core

>> No.76997902

They should really find a way for Primaris to be more the spec ops more than go to Space Marine, since that's what they basically are.

>> No.76997904

Deathwing devistator terminators.
>5-10 men
>Entire unit has heavy storm shield and cyclone missile launchers
>Sergeant has a signum and a target fist on his right hand, which allows unit to shoot twice if stationary.
>Rest of the unit take heavy weapons in the right hand, the CAn have, assault cannons, plasma cannons, vulkite genociders, rad vaporisers, infernum heavy bolters, frag cannons, heavy las snipers, quad-mrltas or anti-mata ripper rifles

>> No.76997910

Helbrutes too

>> No.76997913

make them all lords of war

>> No.76997916

>is there any end to this post-Primaris living nightmare
no, people will keep giving gw their money and keep defending them
it is what it is, consider other war games if your group is open to them

>> No.76997918

Too bad they're shit, and I had such great hopes for them. Not being able to ride in a rhino anymore, seriously GW?

>> No.76997919

>forearms the size of his thighs
Thank god this is dead

>> No.76997921

Shit anon, you want to make sure no one plays them?

>> No.76997930


>> No.76997934

I just wish the Necron codex had rules like this
>Cult of Destruction
>If your Warlord has the DESTROYER CULT keyword then all DESTROYER CULT units that are not CHARACTERS gain the CORE keyword

>Scientific Expedition
>If your Warlord has the CRYPTEK keyword then all CANOPTEK units that are not MONSTERS gain the CORE keyword

>Triarch Delegation
>If your Warlord IS Szarekh then all TRIARCH Pretorians units gain the CORE keyword

>> No.76997948

Manlets and primaris will be rolled into a single troop choice. They're just alternate models :^)

>> No.76997953

>>Cult of Destruction

>> No.76997962

Got to factor in the cost of another plague marine unit for the cost, considering you cant fucking run the combat patrol box as is

>> No.76997981

Why isn't this a thing? Sacrificing the use of nobles and command protocols for the opportunity to make other units <core> is a fucking great idea.

>> No.76997985

Anything with that four wounds per phase rule should be a lord of war. Also, most lords of war should have something like that.

>> No.76997996

that sucks; now go post your army( or armies) on ebay and i'll give you a good price

>> No.76997997

The technovirus being a failed experiment by the necrons in an attempt to return their flesh would have been a lot more interesting of an origin than "some literally who daemon possessed some literally who iron warrior and became the first obliterator"

>> No.76998001

I realised that I have another DI half laying around. So, currently I have:

Lord of contagion
Malignant Plaguecaster
Converted Typhus
noxious blightbringer
20 plague marines
7 metal plaguemanlets (F to them)
40 poxwalkers
3 bloat-drones (yes, I bought and extra one, don't know why)
2 helbrutes
2 rhinos

Will definitely buy blightlords. because they're awesome. What else should I buy for a valid army? 1-3 memehaulers and a PBC?

>> No.76998008

The fuck it is. Unless he named it something else, cause i don't fuckin see any Death Guard file there

>> No.76998014

Shit that’s a good point actually, pretty fucking dumb

>> No.76998022

its right fucking there.

>> No.76998036

No I'm just going to not play any games

>> No.76998045

yeah more daemon engines. defilers are nice now too.

>> No.76998057

then why are you hear complaining instead of just trying it out?

>> No.76998059

GW wants you to play the army in a certain way.

>> No.76998064

They still get invuln saves, DR, and can get buffed movement+advance thanks to the bingbonger.

>> No.76998087

Trying out... not playing games?

>> No.76998098


Their shoulder sockets are pretty brutally small, unless you mean magnetizing the barrels.

Also the backpack tanks are different but I guess no one really knows or cares the difference on the table. I mean what the fuck does a "melta" gun shoot anyway

>> No.76998099

PBCs are excellent and blight haulers while upped up might still be good to go. The roombas are pretty cheap too money wise.

>> No.76998124

Why tf would anyone run 10 poxwalkers instead of squads of 20?

>> No.76998126

>2013, start collecting eldar corsairs cause they look cool
>its a 5th ed book, so I homebrew some patches to make them work in 6th and 7th with my friends at the lfgs
>life is fun making awesome conversions for my hero units, even come up with a paint scheme all by myself that I really like.
>Christmas of 2016 comes along, get IA 11 volume 2 for Christmas from my brother.
>my army is now retconned into swashbuckling pirates of the 41st Caribbean
>7 months later the army codex is deleted as 8th edition rolls out.
>model range is discontinued

thanks gw

>> No.76998127 [SPOILER] 

For anyone wondering about PBC Vs MPH

TLDR: both are great pick whichever you want.

>> No.76998166

It's like a concentrated microwave beam.

>> No.76998199

I also recommend not posting

>> No.76998215

I was looking at the synopses of the Warhammer Adventures books on Black Library because they're funny. What the fuck is the Emperor's Seat? Are these kids trying to find the fucking Golden Throne?
I simply must know.

>> No.76998220

1.5 MB17 hours
[REQ] Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound Starter Set PDF.jpg
25 KB15 hours
[REQUEST] Complete Deathwing Anthology in epub or mobi.JPG
103 MB15 hours
Grimdark Future.rar
112 KB14 hours
[REQUEST] Silver Templars How to Paint.jpg
106 MB13 hours
WarHammer 40K [Codex] 9th ed - Necron (FULL Scan).pdf
16 MB13 hours
Sisters of Battle (2ed).pdf
46 KB13 hours
[REQUEST] Abominable Intellect Cards.jpg
316 KB13 hours
5.2 MB13 hours
GF - Full Rulebook v2.7.pdf
64 MB10 hours
1 Byte10 hours
REQ - White Dwarf 458.txt
2.1 MB6 hours
Of Honour and Iron.epub
0 Byte5 hours
[REQUEST] Space Marine Conquests - Of Honour and Iron.txt
409 MB4 hours
Full Rulebook 9th.pdf
210 MB2 hours
Warhammer 40,000 - 9th Edition - Core Book (Rules Only Scan) - OCR v3.pdf
62 MB2 hours
White Dwarf #460 January 2021.pdf
67 MB47 min
Necromunda - House of Iron Orlock, Hirelings.pdf
79 MB46 min
House of Blades.pdf

That's all the shit from vola last 24h.
Which one is DG?

>> No.76998222

I've done nothing wrong

>> No.76998232

>what the fuck does a "melta" gun shoot anyway
Details change from source to source, they only thing constant is that it's a beam that overheat thing until they melt.

>> No.76998246

I draw the line in the sand at the land raider. Its tough, but not actually all powerful, a good balance. Nothing more points than the land raider should exist in a regular sized match. LoW tier units should not be allowed at all in non-apoc sized games.

>> No.76998250

I love how their version of the typical 40k novel intro is "Life in the 41st millenium is hard". I have to imagine GW's laughing their ass off when they write those.

>> No.76998253

Low Gothic mistranslation of the Golden Throne, I think the author talked about it.
It's surprising there aren't more linguistic fuckups in the Imperium, to be honest. We have thousands of variant Imperial Cults tolerated by the Ecclesiarchy, but everybody sounds the same?

>> No.76998257

>I mean what the fuck does a "melta" gun shoot anyway

this is my favorite representation


>> No.76998261


>> No.76998264

Rules-wise, what's the point of lord of virulence and, especially the bell guy (blightbringer)? The bell guy does essentially nothing except +1 to move aura and that sucks.

>> No.76998265


>> No.76998274

Anybody know how this gentleman fared?

>> No.76998277

>It's surprising there aren't more linguistic fuckups in the Imperium
I was just reading Lords of Silence and there's a line about how Gothic actually is really fucked up and confusing in-universe

>> No.76998293

Primaris Asterion Moloc 170 points
>Rules (all unchanged)
Chapter Master, Fury of the Minotaurs, Iron Halo, Relic Shield, Rites of Battle
6"Move 2+WS/BS 4S 5T 8W 5A 9Ld 2+ Save
Black Spear (melee) +2S -3AP 3D
Black Spear (ranged) 12" range Assault 1 8S -3AP 3D If you hit with this weapon, draw a straight line between the closest point of Asterion Moloc's base and that of the closest model in the target unit. Make a single wound roll against the target unit and each unit the center of the line passes over

>> No.76998295

Land raider should cost MAX 260 points. Including weapons

>> No.76998297

Best piece of fluff from the new DG codex?

>> No.76998308

All the lords are roughly the same now just with different wargear.

Bell guy is there to help move your pox walkers around with +2 inches of movement.

>> No.76998320

Have you tried scrolling up?

>> No.76998337

The hours are how much the file it will last, not how much time has passed since it was uploaded you retard.
You basically selected all the files that got uploaded more than 24 hours ago, not in the last 24 hours, of course the DG codex is not there you double nigger

>> No.76998342

Just get it into your head that this first box is for practice and color testing. Then you can relax and just have fun going at it.

Painting gold is a really messy process. It takes like 4-5 layers to get good coverage, so I like to do it early on but not first. Instead do all the black base coat, then paint the gold before you have done any black highlighting/fine-lining.

Cleaning up the black will be easier than cleaning up the gold, even if there is more cleanup to do.

>> No.76998354

He's alright got the man reaper buff and his booger does something now. +3" to his contagion and +1 mv and kept his 4++.

Gained dr and +1T and rr1s aura

>> No.76998371

None of us common mortals actually has the codex, it went on preorder today.

>> No.76998375

This is what happens when you let tourneyfags run the hobby.

>> No.76998385

Hmmm...now i feel kinda retarded for not using the search engine.

Thought the leaks are not even 48hours old...

>> No.76998397

But to add to it, if those are your only colors, then you will need more. Get stormhost silver for highlighting the gold, (I know it sounds weird, but you always highlight gold with silver) and get something like dark reaper to highlight the black.

>> No.76998402

Sadly both scythe and axe now has -1 to hit

>> No.76998407

See >>76998337 you idiot. 2d means that the file will last another 2 days, not that it has been uploaded 2 days ago.

>> No.76998416

>death guard codex is despair-inducing

>> No.76998417

>Ordinate, I do not wish to besmirch the skills of the Administratum. But we were told to expect a shipment of shellfish, and instead received pork rations. The change is perfectly acceptable, but may I ask why?
>Ah, this is a consequence of the Gothic dialect you Cadians speak. The Administratum modified the verbiage of your order to try to convey its meaning, but it is unfortunate to know that this was insufficient. Allow me to adjust. To put this in terms you understand: you believed that you would be receiving steamed clams, but what we actually assigned to you was steamed hams.

>> No.76998436

DTTFE is gone now anyway so doesn't really matter since he hit on 2's now 3's.

>> No.76998438


>> No.76998446

Nd funnily enough its not due to how powerful the dex is.

>> No.76998447


>> No.76998452

Is there a reason to magnetize a volley gun or should I glue the heavy stubber?

>> No.76998462


>> No.76998475

Eww. He read Lords of Silence.

>> No.76998478

Same thing happends in video games. Balancing around tournament results does in fact not ensure good gameplay.

>> No.76998492 [SPOILER] 


>> No.76998498

so is morty easier or harder to kill now?

>> No.76998501

Its a simple magnetization, you should just do it in case in the future its the better choice..

>> No.76998507

Tourneyfags don't have much to do with GW dropping model lines.

>> No.76998509


>> No.76998517

>-1 damage taken
What do you think

>> No.76998520

how else am I supposed to react to this being the shittiest edition I've experienced

>> No.76998532

extremely hard to kill now.

18 wounds T8 3+/4++/5+++ and your choice of +1W can't be wounded on a 1/2/3 or +1T ignore AP-1 and -2

>> No.76998534

Did you start in 9th

>> No.76998537


>> No.76998542

My issue currently with the land raider is actually just the core rules about transports. Not being able to disembark after moving is fucking dumb. Land raiders are assault transports with exploding front door hatches.

>> No.76998549

Don't forget -1DMG to a min of 1

>> No.76998551

>and your choice of +1W can't be wounded on a 1/2/3 or +1T ignore AP-1 and -2
That's now how his ability works. The fourth Warlord trait must be a Plague Company Contagion.

>> No.76998561

Fuck me but they axed a lot of nice and fluffy abilities. Blighthaulers lost their fog, Deathshroud don't make characters fight harder, Blightlords don't rust away armor and so on. It's kinda boring.

>> No.76998571

ah my mistake.

>> No.76998609

I tend to magnetize only the main guns to not have too many bits running around. Seriously, I'm not trying to be WAAC, but there are weapon options that justify buying a new model entirely. If I can avoid magnetize I would rather do.

>> No.76998616

Lost a lot of flavor. Can't comment about power, but it seems like almost everybody was streamlined in some fashion.

>> No.76998619

This is wow and the PvP fags all over again. Or all these moba games after twitch became a thing.
Goddamn it, again one of my pastimes getting fucked by tryhards.

>> No.76998625

9th is just 8th but better. Lurk for a while, don't post just because you can.

>> No.76998638

As other anon already pointed out, can't take those traits.
But you the "no re-roll" aura.
Combined with the "you don't get your auras when your near me" ability is fucking cancerous.
Turn off 90% of all defensive and offensive abilities with that combo.

>> No.76998650

And the Blightspawn and Putrifier can't combine their grenade powers anymore

>> No.76998656

yeh it was kinda unrelated to what I said, more so the posts I replied to.

When will they realized that stacking buff auras and stratagems just is not interesting game play? Basing a game design around unit "interactions" is just the lowest bar to beat. Units with cool rules and wargear and battlefield tactics are what makes warhammer interesting. This isnt mtg. +1 to hit bubbles are not cool.

>> No.76998658

>Trusting Forgeworld armies
That's the common thread to most of these stories. I get that you thought these are just normal armies and not largely one-off side products that get abandoned. But over and over that is the history of Forgeworld's 40k support. The only safe Forgeworld purchases are things that have a backup use as a mainline 40k model.

>> No.76998660

>9th is just 8th but better.
8th: I can take however many Chaos Lords I want, and give them whatever combi- and power weapons I want
9th: I can't
how is that better

>> No.76998663

At least Icefrog still throws up the middle finger sometimes and just shifts shit around just because.

>> No.76998670

Do you think 2 squads of 20 poxwalkers are useful without typhus?
Just as a solid cheap unit

>> No.76998681

Isn't Dota super dead?

>> No.76998687

Should I start a recast sisters of battle army?

>> No.76998693

why are there always people trying to argue that more restriction is good and all of the editions that you found fun were actually shit

>> No.76998695

Depends on who you ask. More often than not it's not because it is balanced around pro players in the case of DOTA, but more the fact change happens at all.
I'm a techies picker so I really don't mind how Icefrog does shit.

>> No.76998697

You have to take two other core units just to run them so it's not cheap anymore. It's a trap.

>> No.76998700

You are complaining about a lost options when the core rules are better, the missions are better and all the codexes that came out until now are better. That's literally missing the forest for the trees.

>> No.76998708

You're taking 2 units of plague marines or terminators anyway

still a trap because they can't complete any actions except their special one

>> No.76998710

They also added a shitload of stuff. DG do not lack for fancy rules.

>> No.76998715

Yeah I plan on running 2-3 plague marine squads and a terminator squad, feels more thematic that way
Is the idea setup running lots of poxwalkers and no other troops or lots of other troops and no poxwalkers?

>> No.76998716

Might not be as big as it was, but that doesn't make it dead.

>> No.76998718

Flayers or Reapers?

>> No.76998719

I mean what he was going to play if his entire army didn't have two units of plague marines or terminators?

>> No.76998727

I find the trees more interesting than the forest
I care about options more than balance
I wish that I was around for 3rd edition

>> No.76998730

Reapers are generally better.

>> No.76998738

This is what I was thinking
I'm assuming pox walkers and plague marines don't fulfil the same role right?

>> No.76998743


they live on in our hearts like the Lost and Damned


don't forget to consoom Primaris

maybe if GW didn't fuck over the playerbase so often people would complain less

>> No.76998745

8th: terrain does literally nothing
9th: there are like ten different things that terrain can do
8th: three executioners, three tfcs, and reroll auras
9th: no rerolls auras for big shit
8th: hordes of guardsmen who are immune to morale bubble wrap my tanks
9th: play the game, castlefags

I dunno man, it's a mystery

>> No.76998748

Is an allied Nurgle Demons detachment still good to run with Death Guard after the codex?

>> No.76998751

That's criminal, that was the only point to brimg either of those fuckers.

>> No.76998753

>didn't bring back rules for chaos vehicle equipment
DE and IG will almost certainly get theirs

>> No.76998755

Im ok with a game being competitive, just so long as it doesn't undermine its core identity in doing so. Good competitive play stems entirely from good balance. You have a perfectly balanced game and you can be as competitive as you want. But shitty trading card game synergistic mechanics are not fun. I want tactics and strategy to be at the forefront, not dumb basic buff wombocombos.

>> No.76998765

Then you would have a better time kitbashing models with whatever parts look cool than complaining about the game.

>> No.76998767

but the weapon options were neutered even further

>> No.76998772

>all of the editions that you found fun were actually shit
Because nostalgia is a thing and for some reason most people that complain that an older edition was better never actually play that despite there is nothing to stop them. Like that Iron Warrior guy that whined for threads a while ago about 3.5 being great but at the same time proving that he never actually played that nor knew the rule of the edition, since he wanted to not use troops.

>> No.76998777

Oh yeah, awkward disease rules and boring numerical shit. Super.

>> No.76998778

>since he wanted to not use troops.
That's not why I said 3.5 was better

>> No.76998786

>awkward disease rules
what are you talk about, they are fine

>> No.76998787

>numerical shit

>> No.76998788

>> No.76998791

>despite there is nothing to stop them
this is not a single-player game, anon

>> No.76998805


>> No.76998811

You said that 3.5 was better because you wanted to play 4 heavy support slots despite your reason to not play two patrols currently was that you hated troops and didn't want to take them. Don't lie Ironfag.

>> No.76998813

Shouldn't be that hard to find players seeing as how many people complain.

>> No.76998818

Dude has been fellating the 3.5 Chaos dex super hard on here for a couple weeks despite having never played 3rd. You aren't going to convince him. His overriding #1 priority is a big wargear list.

>> No.76998820

But now I have no incentive or reward for kitbashing
I am a WYSIWYG guy

>> No.76998825

Both elysians and corsairs got canned within a year or so of each other. Before that, the only model I know of was the forgeworld hive tyrant.

>> No.76998829

>It's the game fault if all of my friends think I am full of shit when I say older editions were better

>> No.76998837

>His overriding #1 priority is a big wargear list.
What's wrong with that?

>> No.76998847

I said that 3.5 was better because of the gigantic wargear table

>> No.76998855

Sometimes I forget where I am, man. I just wanna talk about my hobby with other people who like it

>> No.76998859

holy FUCK do I want the mutation sprues back
it's not fair bros

>> No.76998875

Kroot Merc stuff. The Tallarn range and Tallarn Mukaalis. The prior editions didn't have indexes. So model rules would just get more and more out of date until it was killed off.

>> No.76998879

speaking of
>want to actually try a 3rd edition game
>ask the guys at the shop
>"no way man I don't want to relive the days of lash of slaanesh obliterators"
what now

>> No.76998886

Then there are more than one Iron Warrior players with a fetish for an edition they didn't play that whine endlessly and shit up threads. imagine my surprise.

>> No.76998891

well 3.5 was the absolute best edition for IW, makes sense

>> No.76998894

It gives me the overriding impression that your primary interaction with the hobby is listbuilding.

>> No.76998912

Its not about being WAAC, its more that for less than 5 mins of work you don't have to be pigeon holed or buy a new 70 dollar tank.

>> No.76998921

well that's wrong
I mostly care about kitbashing and conversion, BUT I'm unable to not be WYSIWYG and I want all of my kitbashes to actually do something, even if they aren't good effects at all.

>> No.76998926

Orks haven't gotten their 9th edition codex yet, right? What're the odds that GW adds rules for looted tanks besides the Leman Russ? I want to see the Orks loot some fucking Tau Battlesuits.

>> No.76998935

wysiwyg faggs should die

>> No.76998937

I'm a different anon but my priority is

1: Modeling
2: Painting
3: List building & Math hammer exercises
4: Playing.

>> No.76998941

That was lash of slaanesh was not 3rd edition.

>> No.76998942

Oh great. Masturbatory trinket rules. You literally are the spikey bits of 40k players.

>> No.76998945

Pretty much zero.

>> No.76998946

>What're the odds that GW adds rules for looted tanks besides the Leman Russ?
0% and I say this without exaggeration or humour (rather, with intense despair)

>> No.76998953

>What're the odds that GW adds rules for looted tanks besides the Leman Russ?
I bet they are going to be a Crusade thing. GW is putting there all the cool fluffy rules that would result in difficulties to balance in matched play. Which is actually a sensible thing to do.

>> No.76998958

>People who follow the rules should die


>> No.76998960

>lash of slaanesh obliterators
Google tells me it was a movement spell, lots of ways to abuse movement spells

>> No.76998969

I don't understand the intense vitriol that you hold toward people who play their models exactly as they're modeled. Does it make you mad that my power axe chaos lord is a power axe chaos lord and not a power maul chaos lord? I don't get it.

>> No.76998972

Zero chance for matched play. I would not at all be surprised to see rules for looted vehicles get added to Crusade though. Crusade already brought back weird old rules for Blood Angels.

>> No.76998977

If only there was a way to just play the edition you like with friends. Shame all the books and models just explode when the new edition comes out.

>> No.76998992

Apparently lash of slaanesh let you move your opponent's models, which for some reason is a big no-no.

>> No.76998993

Lets you move your opponents non-vehicle models.

>> No.76998996

It was the bullshit of the month in the 4th edition chaos codex. It was a psychic power that allowed you to move enemy units, so you used it to bunch units up and then shoot at them with templates reaping ridicolous amount of damage. The list was something like 2 Demon princes of Slaanesh and max Obliterators.

Anyway the guy is confusing things, the Slaanesh OP thing in 3.5 was the Siren of Slaanesh, not the lash, which IIRC mess used to make a Slaanesh Demon Prince on bike that was unlikable and untouchable and killed anything it touched. But I never played against that and only heard of it so I could be wrong.

>> No.76998999

That'd be great. I love seeing crazy kitbashes and the idea of an Ork looting a Tau superheavy battlesuit is fucking hilarious.

>> No.76999000

Dude. Play Necromunda/Inquisimunda. That game is built for your kinda of player and has a massive wargear list of weird little things and gun variants to give all your guys.

>> No.76999001

Yeah, you lash a target vehicle out and spin it so that the oblits hit the back armor. Fucking obnoxious.
Didn't matter how well you hid shit, it would just get lashed into the open and die

>> No.76999003

the problem is that my friends (except for one) say "no" whenever I want to play older editions

>> No.76999014

All these wargear reductions are making me nervous about harlequins.

>> No.76999018

You can do all sorts of nasty shit with it.

>> No.76999020

I wonder why. Maybe they don't like them?

>> No.76999021

I want to, but no one else plays it
I live in endless despair

>> No.76999027

I can tell that you don't have any friends because you're an unlikable complainer

>> No.76999028

Ol, I forgot about them. How many options are there on their sprues?

>> No.76999035

If only anyone played that game instead of just using the models to kitbash

>> No.76999037

I believe it's 2 of each special weapon in a box of six dudes.

>> No.76999038

3 pistols and 4 melee weapons

>> No.76999041


>> No.76999043

I don't think you could use it on vehicles. It was more that that unit in cover now was now in the open with the models all in base contact so that a single plasma cannon can do 5+ hits with a blast template.

>> No.76999045

In real life I don't really talk much about anything because I never know how people will react to what I say
All of my conversations are one-sided because I'm afraid to speak my mind

>> No.76999050

>Dude has been fellating the 3.5 Chaos dex super hard on here for a couple weeks despite having never played 3rd. You aren't going to convince him. His overriding #1 priority is a big wargear list.

not like chaos are the only one that has happened to. 4th vs 8th Tyranids are basically pic related especially carnifexes

I don't even dislike 9th edition (and yes I did actually play 4th edtion but not against WAACfags so I never got experience amazing things like fish of fury). cuck apologists don't even have an excuse for cutting back wargear options it is just "a bloo bloo they fixed other stuff"

>> No.76999051

>rubrics have two options
Akimbo fire for tzeentch!

>> No.76999054

ive noticed that guy used Sigmarite to dry brush the gold trim, but I don't really see the difference and nobody else on youtube does it


I'm kind of broke and can't afford another box for a while, so I want to get these right at least. I bought some porcelain figures to practice painting with and i've been watching alot of painting tutorials. I'm just overwhelmed on where to start and what all the different techniques like base and layering and shading means

What other colours should I get?

>> No.76999055

Did you read my posts or are you trolling?

>> No.76999059

>This multi-part plastic set contains five Drukhari Scourges in 80 components, including plenty of weapon upgrades in the form of a shredder, splinter cannon, haywire blaster, heat lance, blaster and a dark lance.

Holy fuck, better sell my scourges while I still can.

>> No.76999071

They have the same kind of fuckup in the helbrute instructions.

>> No.76999073

>4th vs 8th Tyranids are basically pic related especially carnifexes
Well, in 4th tyranid fex spam was meta and WAAC as hell.

>> No.76999078

Oh god I just remembered Chaos Raptors

>> No.76999087

> 40k try hard WAACautists
> in Necromunda
They would break that game by the second round of the league.
Necromunda absolutely can NOT be played without some kind of internal restrictions. The balance is simply that horrible

>> No.76999089

They weren't even good to begin with, feelsbadman

>> No.76999091

Step 1: decide on a color scheme
Step 2: Prime miniatures
Step 3: Paint the largest areas (thin ur paints)
Step 4: Paint smaller areas
Step 5: Shade (nuln oil is solid on most parts, fleshshade on the flesh obvi)
I'm gonna assume you wanna paint Black Legion. So I'd buy chaos black primer, eshin grey to highlight it, color for the robes (I'd suggest khorne red), then you should be good to go. Maybe mournfag brown or rhinox hide for leather areas

>> No.76999097

I thought that I made it quite clear that I'm not WAAC

>> No.76999105

I don't get what I'm looking at

>> No.76999107

The models for the multi-melta and reaper autocannon are overlapping

>> No.76999111

Then there is the door to literally any other wargame. No GW game is for you.
Thanks for stopping by

>> No.76999117

People touching your models is generally considered a no-no, nevermind the abuse you can do with it rules wise.

>> No.76999120

>check their sprues
>there are THREE plasma pistols
Oh boy, we're in for some wild ride.

>> No.76999122

Wysiwyg isn't "following the rules"

When you're inot informing your opponent which model has what, then it's "not following the rules"

>> No.76999127

But your GROUP is.
You would not have fun in Necromunda playing with 40k mindset people at all

>> No.76999128


all this pro GW shilling hast to be bait

>> No.76999145

And to mention Chaos Bikers... F to them, I guess. What other unit boxes are there, which will be incredibly FUCKED by this new rules approach?

>> No.76999148

Telling someone not to play GW games isn't what I'd call shilling.

>> No.76999149

Cause usually those people get stuffu when you play your daemon prince with a sword as a double talon one, ore a blightlord terminator squad with all special weapons glued instead of only the one currently using

>> No.76999150

>fish of fury
God, people who never played against it blow it up to be this huge terrifying thing. It was just a way to keep your fire warriors from being charged for an extra turn. The whole army was literally just a game of how long you could delay that initial charge.

>> No.76999159

Reverse psychology shilling
Telling people not to play GW so that they play GW to spite those people

>> No.76999160

No I only do WYSIWYG as a self-discipline thing
I don't allow MYSELF to proxy weapons

>> No.76999164

Sorry buddy but I already got to play and experience warhammer without that so I know it's possible.

>> No.76999166

Sigmarite is just one of GW silly "dry" paints. Substitute drybrushing "lighter colored gold" and it will work exactly the same. Liberator Gold or Vallejo Polished Gold for example.

>> No.76999168

Based and stillmania-pilled.

>> No.76999179

>having to spend the first 5 mins of the game listening to what count as weapons are in each of your opponenets units

Please tell me you don't do this to ppl

>> No.76999182


>> No.76999189

Yeah but it's never going to happen again.

>> No.76999190


TQ: Magnus

>> No.76999196

Then we don't have a problem.
Have a chocolate milk anon

>> No.76999199


maybe apologism and ass licking would be better terms

like pic related but for GW

>> No.76999210

I have that in 3, maybe four units. So more like 45 seconds tops. Is that okay for you, anon?

>> No.76999217

Yeah but clinging to GW as though it'll somehow change for the better is a waste of time.

>> No.76999236

Negative, follow the rules and use the appropriate model to represent the wargear the model is equipped with.

>> No.76999237

>Thread Question
>If you can remove one named character from the game, who would it be?
Draigo. Fuck him and fuck Mat Ward.

>> No.76999248

>these pieces of shit are the only things keeping CSM lords from being mono-loadout

>> No.76999267

Add the dark vengeance lord, same as the shotgun cultist champion.

>> No.76999269

I hope they get fucked. I started a Harlequin force because I liked the models and lore but every Harlequin discussion was filled WAAC fags that wanted to spam fusion. Fuck them straight to hell.

>> No.76999276

What are you sperging out about?

It takes like 5 mins to do it and you don't have to re buy a model if you want to use a different option down the road.

>> No.76999279

Also O think you could use it to separate Characters from units and snipe them with Lascannons

>> No.76999282

double trips of truth
everybody migrate to the necromunda thread

>> No.76999286

Pfff...fuck no.

What's next? Don't recast, or kitbash funny looking weapons as other weapons? This isn't a historical game

>> No.76999304

As long as you are wysiwyg you can recast all you want.

>> No.76999306

>inb4 [Legends]

>> No.76999307

I'm thoroughly confused by the weapon restrictions in Codex Death Guard. Okay, so I get that the terminator lord weapons are only the options available on the terminator lord sprue. I get that. But why can the Defiler take a twin lascannon/heavy bolter, if the kit doesn't come with those, and you need to buy a Razorback to get them? There's no consistency. Also, regular chaos lords can take a balesword, despite there being no bit for that.

>> No.76999308

Those are ugly as fuck. Look like those silly oldhammer pics.
Especially that jump pack lord. Yikes...

>> No.76999314

Are they on 25mm? Is that even legal? NL lord description doesn't mention shitcast, is he still METAL? Holy fuck I press F to these guys.

>> No.76999320

We’re there Ever rules for alpha wave/infiltrator tyranids?
Ie lictor and a few basic beasts?
Gs cults are real cool and all but I don’t use them personally.

I love mordheim and necromunda a pretty close to that, but 40k. and kill team while it has tyranid support has none shallowest campaign settings to work off
I’d just like to have a fun game first and foremost, and play instead of bitching desu.
But I play nids and even people like
>>76999236 in my area don’t know the difference between venom cannons and strangle thorns, so as much as they say wysiwyg

>> No.76999327

You could snipe anything from a unit using it. Also move units off objectives, into dangerous terrain or into and out of melee.

>> No.76999332

Hey bro I enhanced this model please pay extra.

>> No.76999341

You are wasting my time now. I already told you I'm going to magnetize the main guns (spewer/entropy) but I avoid it when I can (volley/stunner). Are you unable to read or follow a conversation?

>> No.76999344

>Are they on 25mm?
>Is that even legal?
GW has said that any bases sold with a model are legal.
>NL lord description doesn't mention shitcast, is he still METAL?
Yes. I bought the Warsmith from GW not long ago and he was metal too.

>> No.76999346

what the fuck are those fuel tank missile silos?

>> No.76999348

>not knowing the difference between the ball sack launcher and cock cannon.

You should play against more knowledgeable people.

>> No.76999351

Elaborate. I'm confused

>> No.76999354

The jump pack lord is beautiful, fight me.

>> No.76999358

Some people never seem to pause and ask "why?"

>> No.76999359

Do I have to paint Aspect Warriors in their traditional color? Or can they be the color of my craft world?
From a fluff perspective.

>> No.76999365

Then why ask other people if you should magnitize something or not. What level is this autism?

>> No.76999376

>>Is that even legal?
>GW has said that any bases sold with a model are legal.
>>NL lord description doesn't mention shitcast, is he still METAL?
>Yes. I bought the Warsmith from GW not long ago and he was metal too.
Oh shit, I absolutely need to buy NL lord and warsmith. These are like relics from the glorious days of old.

>> No.76999382

Their your dudes, do what you want.

>> No.76999384

Raptors and Scourges are both units that are only usable as special weapon delivery squads. However, their kits only come with one of each special weapon. DG codex indicates that weapon options will now be strictly restricted to only what's in the box.
I never understood the hate for him. He's just a lord version of the 3rd edition raptors, which seem to be quite a popular design. His face is goofy, but all GW faces are goofy.

>> No.76999396

GW is limiting unit loadout options to those present in a box. No more 4x blaster scourges or 5x combimelta terminators.

>> No.76999402

replace "usable" with "viable"
I was being hyperbolic, but that could be taken literally.
I need to buy the NL hero too, even if I don't play NL. He just looks like he belongs next to the Warsmith.

>> No.76999411

The scourge box is particularly bad for weapon options. Despite being a "Devastator Squad" style heavy/special weapon squad it only includes one of each gun option. Personally I consider it a good test whether this "change" to unit weapons is indeed a GW policy shift or just a more one off thing the DG book author did.

>> No.76999419

Are you even the original anon or did you jump in the discussion? He was doing some math on the Plagueburst Crawlers so I asked an opinion on the volley gun since a new whole codex dropped.
Just stop replying to me, you are useless.

>> No.76999423

Lol, so many units are going to get fucked by their update.

Its like a slow motion train wreck

>> No.76999426

>No options for armies
All things are equalized

>> No.76999433

The head sucks, the rest of the model is fine.

>> No.76999442

>Are you even the original anon

Yes and your autism is confusing the fuck out of me. I've even called in my wife to get a second opinion and the consensus is that you have terminal autism.

>> No.76999449

>Do I have to paint Aspect Warriors in their traditional color?
No. Even if you're trying to be ffluff adherent, current and past codexes have called out that, although usually in their traditional colors, aspect shrines will also sometimes be in versions of their craftworld colors or even something completely different. GW explicitly gives you license to paint them how you like.

>> No.76999451

Wouldn’t no options fuck over Crisis battlesuits?

>> No.76999462

I consider entire DE codex to be a test for 9th edition. So far I put my money on it being a horrible mess with 1 semi-powerful unit (most likely grotesques) and exactly one playable strategy (spam grotesques in raiders along with wracks in venoms). Feel free to screencap this.

>> No.76999465

>GW is limiting unit loadout options to those present in a box.
People are assuming GW is limiting unit loadout options to those present in a box.

>> No.76999467

Unless you play primaris marines. :)

>> No.76999469

Hey whore, you married an useless sack of shit.

>> No.76999479

If their options remained as unbalanced as they are, yes.

>> No.76999481

Please refer to DG codex for confirmation.

>> No.76999483

I will be so sad when he finally leaves the store, even if I already have one. It will be like the end of an era.

>> No.76999487

There was a time when taking a second weapon on a battlesuit only let you reroll the shots of a single weapon. So it was best to take two separate unique weapons.

It would probably return to a period like that.

>> No.76999498

>Then: Primaris get no options they're overspecialized
>Now: Literally the only army with options
As it should be

>> No.76999506


>> No.76999515

Lol the irony. I want off this ride.

>> No.76999519

Yeah that's what I mean about assumption.

>> No.76999524

Great! Half my Chaos Marines are useless. May as well blow my brains out now and save ourselves some time?

>> No.76999525

How does this look? Unsure if I should take thermal or Gatling instead. Playing vs sisters soon, triple exorcist list, but will also have plenty of multi melta

>> No.76999532

>an HQ which doesn't have a tactical rock, isn't jumping from the said rock, doesn't have sculpted smoke/warp magic shit/doesn't have an excessive amount of trim, tentacles, horns and fleshy growths, isn't a fuckhuge centrepiece diorama on an oval flyer base.
Truly, the last remnant of a bygone era. Soon it will be replaced by Warpedominous Machinemolester™.

>> No.76999537

This isn't even a meme, it's a picture grabbed from normiebook. It's pretty sad.

>> No.76999538

Mean they did this with all three 9th edition codexes, this can't possibly be a trend. Lol

>> No.76999539

>Raptors and Scourges are both units that are only usable as special weapon delivery squads. However, their kits only come with one of each special weapon. DG codex indicates that weapon options will now be strictly restricted to only what's in the box.
I think you're jumping to conclusions a bit too quickly. This would have to apply to literally every unit in the game, and it'd fuck over a lot of them. Tempestus squads, Skitarii, etc. would be made god awful with special weapons

>> No.76999556

Oh really? Lots of four Multi-Melta Devastator squads for sale? What about those Wolf Guard or Deathwing Terminators?

>> No.76999559


>> No.76999567

The fact that they restricted the terminator chaos lord of all things makes me extremely worried though

>> No.76999575

holy FUCK i cant wait for darktide.

>> No.76999583

Maybe that's simply GW trying to mitigate the codex arms race (aka powercreep) in their retarded way. Imagine if today's aggressor™ squad or repulsor™ tank fell through a time portal into 4th edition game. They would decimate like half the opponents army.

>> No.76999591

I think it's part of a gundam kit. Still fucking stupid.

>> No.76999596

I don't know why you are still engaging me. Unless your next post contains a hard math comparison between the volley gun and the heavy stubber I'm not going to reply to (you).

>> No.76999597

Genuine question, what are some of the examples from the SM + Supplements, and the Necron codexes?
The only one I can think of offhand is the Relic Terminators for SM.

>> No.76999605

can't even do that with the new transport limitations

>> No.76999608

GW would NEVER harm marines as it would cause massive normie outcry. DG, on the other hand, is new as a standalone army, nobody would complain much.

>> No.76999613


>> No.76999622

>decimate like half the opponents army
idk dude only killing 5% of the army ain't that severe

>> No.76999630

The fugly chicken feet, the hideous jump pack with shark fins?

The come at me brah pose?

Straight down the trashpipe. You'd better convert one using the raptor kit

>> No.76999632

Gw gonna squat them sooner than later, gotta clear the warehouse of manlet kits.

>> No.76999642

Old raptors are also hideous. The new platic combo raptor/talonn kit looks kino, desu

>> No.76999645

Okay, eliminate, exterminate, obliterate, fucking DESTROY. Do you remember what 4th armies looked like? Some tacticals in razorback, boxnaught, a landspeeder, assault cannon terminators? Pffffft.

>> No.76999647

>This would have to apply to literally every unit in the game, and it'd fuck over a lot of them. Tempestus squads, Skitarii, etc. would be made god awful with special weapons

You are assuming:

>A) That GW has thought about the balance ramifications of their new idea before implimenting it.
>B) That they care.

Both are assumptions on your part.

>> No.76999648

>The fugly chicken feet, the hideous jump pack with shark fins?
>The come at me brah pose?
Perfect, as it should be.

>> No.76999651

what's the best book novels regarding CSM's

>> No.76999652

Primaris marines were designed with thisr pinciple in mind and to my recollection neurons never had options other than full loadout changes

>> No.76999654


>> No.76999670

>Old raptors are also hideous.
die instantly

>> No.76999672

Too much fucking trim and they look too cartoony, especially heads and feet. 6th edition chaos (raptors, heldrake aka goatse dragon, midget cultists, dark vengeance csm aka chosen) was the worst.

>> No.76999675

>t. turbo autist that pulls and and deploys his army wordlessly, staring intensely at his opponent whenever not doing something himself, and absolutely refusing to engage in anything so 'meaningless' as social conversation
I've played people like you before. Getting you to actually talk about what your models do is like pulling teeth, and you always seem to 'remember' rules when I double check them

>> No.76999680

You'd think if it was a trend necron lords wouldn't be able to take swords.

>> No.76999681

holy based

>> No.76999684

I remember when these were the new raptors and the old raptors were metallic versions of the current raptors and everybody wanted the old raptors.

>> No.76999685

They are as ugly as old possessed and current daemonnettes. You have shit taste, for old things
Come @ me

>> No.76999686

Storm of Iron
I heard that the Fabius Bile and Night Lords books are good but I haven't read them

>> No.76999690


>> No.76999697

you are incredibly autistic
post models
I'm very curious how you paint

>> No.76999705

> not liking cartoony in his 40k, especially chaos.

Okay faggot, go home to your grimdark mommy. Trim is what makes it kino

>> No.76999706

Primaris are definitely the primary example of GW's current kit design ethos, but they're not an example of "previously broad options being set to a box's exact contents".

>> No.76999707

The gargoyle pipe-wing raptors looke nothing like plastic raptors

>> No.76999710

I usually just rub my nipples and sugesstively lick my lips after I deploy my army.

>> No.76999718

Oldest raptors had mechanical bat wings, cmon now.

>> No.76999719

To clarify my point, I'm talking about the transition from 8th to 9th, not from 3-7th to 8th.

>> No.76999720

Old raptors were the ones with cartoony wings. They were shit. Then new metal raptors came out and they were gorgeous. Then instead of converting them to plastic GW released retarded spiky assault mehreens. Fuck them.

>> No.76999721

I just converted one out of APS bits and a plague drone

>> No.76999722

Bets on what happens to chosen?

>> No.76999724

I hate that I can't tell if this is bait

>> No.76999732


>> No.76999737

that looks pretty dope anon

>> No.76999738

I know if I chop off the 4/6 combiplasma I sourced for my blightlord termies, GW will put the option back in the next edition, so fuck it

>> No.76999743

Why the fuck would a pure hobbyist show up to game night? There is nothing stopping people building whatever they want.

>> No.76999747

If only the models actually looked like that.

>> No.76999748

Chosen basically share the same kit with the new plastic chaos marines. No way they actually try to make a unit out of the dark vengeance chosens.

>> No.76999751

>mfw I can be a social pariah but can't play pariahs

>> No.76999761

Remember what happened to trueborn and bloodbrides?

>> No.76999781

At least Noise Marines are safe since they don't actually have a box

aside from the noise champion probably having all his wargear repossessed

>> No.76999782


>> No.76999785

Just use whatever you like as long as it fits really. I've got some base daemon princes from way back when but my last 3 were just doin shit to an Ambull model, the Abbadon model, and a venomcrawler though I'm still working out how to go about basing that last one.

>> No.76999797

Sure, gaze into my soul autismo.

>> No.76999803

I deviously swap the loader arms, I’m glad you’ve got it down pat anon

>> No.76999810

finna run lord of virulence with deathshroud

>> No.76999827

Question anons, I’ve kitbashed up a red terror and am wondering how you’d use him without any Raveners. Or do I just make him a scary warrior prime

>> No.76999830

>FW plague marines

>> No.76999885

Yeah, normal Wyches got +1 Attack standard.

>> No.76999893


I could have sworn they had circular turbines. But it has been like a decade and a half so my memory could be failing.

>> No.76999902

No and it's weird that you would forget the most notable part about them

>> No.76999909

same here bro
>not even a solid release date yet
hurry up fatshark

>> No.76999927

I dont play csm, I think i was manning nids at the time.

Maybe they were converted from a special model or something.

>> No.76999956

What's wrong with Tau this edition? Haven't gotten to play much, but I've been writing lore for my Sept and heard that they're REALLY bad

>> No.76999958


Here i found them!

>> No.76999972

They're bad at objectives in an edition based heavily on them.

>> No.76999980

It's an edition where killing units isnt enough. Tau just cant kill fast enough before they lose to points snowballing.

>> No.76999981

they were put in their rightful place

>> No.76999998

The name of the game in 9th is durability and tau lack that right now.

Eldar are holding on by just the strength of harlies alone.

>> No.77000004

Yeah those were assault marines
These were the raptors

>> No.77000026

Must have been a trend back them to put the turbines on those raptors or something.

But its been like two decades so I honestly can't remember.

>> No.77000031

I cry every time

>> No.77000037

Ohhh.. that explains why people keep bringing up another auxiliary for them. Something like hunters from Halo would be really cool. Durable, able to output S6 or S7 shots, but costly

>> No.77000041

>harlequins weapon options
Oh nononono...

>> No.77000050

How would you make a "Merica" themed 40k planet? I don't mean extra-cringey stuff like all red white and blue or worse, Captain America.

I mean a subtler, sweeter, milder cringe. The kind you can really savor as you drink your tears from getting tabled again and again.

Something like their army are WWII-themed "White Stars" or basically Bioshock Infinite as a whole planet. I'm talking that 1880s-1910 America.

>> No.77000053

Halo babies need to fuck off

>> No.77000074

>I mean a subtler, sweeter, milder cringe.
Jesus christ. I'm looking at it.

>> No.77000088

Halos cool though, and the Covenant are awesome

>> No.77000094

make it a planet that's all wild west
any pistols used on that planet, whether it's by muhreens or guard are revolvers
rifles are replaced by ornate muskets or breech loading rifles

>> No.77000110

you have to be 18 or older to browse this website

>> No.77000131

Face the truth, that' there is basically no chaos pre 2000 model that doesn't look goofy as fuck nowadays.

Raptos look great cause you can barely recognize the marine of old that he once was, how truly he had changed.
Not like fags using mk III for IW like warp had not changed them at all...

>> No.77000132

Good thing I am

>> No.77000142

Fuck tau. The fact they suck right now makes 9th worth it already

>> No.77000143

>40k players shitting on halo
i mean i don't really like halo myself but come on, have a little self awareness

>> No.77000144

Lol halo is like a 19 year old franchise.

>> No.77000147

>pre heresy DG color scheme

Trash. Utter trash

>> No.77000149

>Face the truth, that' there is basically no chaos pre 2000 model that doesn't look goofy as fuck nowadays.

>> No.77000152

Anon, Halo fans are probably in their thirties... I'm sorry but you are getting older.

>> No.77000162

Rogue traders colonize a world and declare independence, as the Severan Dominate did. Over the next 300 years, they turn a beautiful maiden world into a dystopian nightmare. They drive the Exodite Eldar back into the webway, they keep Ogryn slaves, and they reject the teaching of the mechanicus in favor of becoming more ecclesiastical. Gun violence and alcoholism are the highest in the entire sub-sector to the point where 1-in10 citizens on Merica Prime are killed by stray bullets. These souls could be saved, but they rejected the mechanicus and can't afford out-of-system healthcare.

>> No.77000163

There is really nothing to replace making test models to figure out which colors you want. The shittyest feeling is painting up a whole squad and then seeing something you like better.
>damn, I should have done that instead

Have a good time fiddling with variety and tweaking your colors. As for colors, if you want them to look exactly like the photo, you can just get all the paints here https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Chaos-Space-Marines-2019. But that is like 20 paints = like 100 dollars. I would get the two paints I said earlier (stormhost silver, and dark reaper) and also agrax earthshade (liquid brown magic), korne red (or mephiston red, its slightly brighter), and evil suns skarlet. Maybe also a pure grey like eshin grey.

With those colors plus the ones you have I think you can make a pretty good job at those black legion.

How long is a while? You got ten space mangs to paint up!

>> No.77000169


>> No.77000171

where can i go to find more old 40k pics like this? i miss seeing shit like this

>> No.77000174

The fuck are you on about retard

>> No.77000178

>Raptos look great cause you can barely recognize the marine of old that he once was, how truly he had changed.
Are you retarded? The plastic raptors have Mark IV helmets and HH assault marine jump packs, whereas the old raptors had wholly unique helmets and jump packs.

>> No.77000181

autistic kino poopmarines
you're all right, weirdo, but I don't think I'd play games against you if you weren't conversational about it.

>> No.77000182

found the gaylord

>> No.77000203

Not my fault the paint scheme got massively popular in recent years. Funnily enough I used to paint my tau in the white and black scheme before they made it the official one.

>> No.77000204


>> No.77000207

I said "not goofy as fuck". He looks like a loyalist.

have a real warpsmith, friendo

>> No.77000210

Fuck you and your gay army

>> No.77000211

Everything is like the town in Edward ScissorHands.

>> No.77000223

That's a good one. Great place for a genestealer cult to hang out masquerading a door-to-door makeup saleswomen.

>> No.77000229

Whats trash about it, I like it

>> No.77000230

Not that it got popular, but that they repainted their armour pistachio/dirty green.

It's like you'd run a World eater army in M42 with white/blue/blood on the table

>> No.77000231

>knows so little about the topic that he thinks a warsmith and a warpsmith are the same thing
>still tries to argue
And you clearly don't actually own that model, because no one who owns the warpsmith has anything good to say about that piece of resin garbage.

>> No.77000233

Do you think the warpsmith puts warp AI into his mechadendrites so he has friends?

>> No.77000239

it's their best color scheme faggot

>> No.77000240

My thought is if a warrior Prime he could be double scytal + xenogenic acid, would have to use the warriors aggressively though which they aren’t really the greatest at, though with the small warrior point drop maybe it works

>> No.77000244

Own it, no.
But it looks way cooler than "mak 3 armour and one shitty techmarine arm". Basically looking like the old shitty metal techmarine

>> No.77000245

one of the IW relics (that will surely be squatted come the codex) is a set of mechatendrils with daemons inside

>> No.77000251

Wrong. Dusk raiders best color scheme. But they don't teach you about those good old boys in daycare, now do they?

>> No.77000252

>they repainted their armour pistachio/dirty green.

I always took that as their armor got more and more dirty and they didn't bother to try and clean it so its stained green but still white underneath.

>> No.77000256

someone forgot their big boy pants.

>> No.77000257

think about the tendriljobs anon...

> pistachio green > dirty white/green

>> No.77000259

There's not a single piece of MkIII on the warsmith model.

>> No.77000260

Antebellum South agriworld but with abhuman slaves.

>> No.77000273


Just asking as the abhumans are black.

>> No.77000297

this is literally one of the worst kits in the range
finecast makes it utterly unusable

>> No.77000319

or say fuck it and just build models and hope your play group will let you run the load out you made 4 editions ago

It's hard to tell what is going to stay because the rules team can't write chaos rules worth a damn and what is GW fucking up a chaos release because the rules team can't remember what chaos has access to.

I just hope they figure out there is only so much goodwil they can burn until people get over the sunk cost fallacy and move on to other stuff.

>> No.77000321

I think the Finecast version of the Thunderfire + Techmarine is worse. At least that is technically possible to get in metal.

>> No.77000331

Great Gatsby Planet with Art Deco Imperial Guard

>> No.77000365

Sisters of Snu-Snu

>> No.77000388

What loadouts do I want on plague marine and blightlord squads?
Also do I want my plague marines in transports?

>> No.77000414

Expends on what you want your plagueboys to do.

Blightlaunchers on obj sitters
Plasmaguns on close range shooters
Rhino, Flails and power fists if you want them to be in melee.

Blight lords depend on what you intend to drop them next to.

>> No.77000443

Are there any fine-cast kits you guys have found to actually be okay and useable? I only have two, terminator chaplain and Nightbringer.

Neither were completely shit, but noticeably lower quality than plastic. Had to pin nearly every part of Nightbringer, but I still prefer it over the fucking impossibly top-heavy and fragile metal one I had 20 years ago.

Your thoughts?

>> No.77000444

>Plague Marine
10 man
2 flails
2 cleavers
2 axe+knife/mace+axe
3 regular dudes (fodder if the rhino explodes)
1 champ

All axes (1 sword if you want the relic sword for leadership bomb memes)
Blight Launcher
Whatever ranged weapon you want, they're all kinda cheap

And yes put 10 men in rhinos. I probably need a 2nd.

>> No.77000459

The only issue with the metal nightbringer I had was the scythe head and I can't imagine that's any better in finecast.

>> No.77000464

If you are trying to squeeze all the melee options shouldn't you take icon of despair?

>> No.77000466

You should split the 10 man squad to 2 5s and take a power fist on both sgts.

>> No.77000467

Archon (only had minor, fixable bending) and Haemonculus (just had a few bubbles that were also fixable)
Warpsmith had every kind of issue on every bit and was totally unusable

>> No.77000502

Fairly compact human sized kits. Canoness Veridyan, Commissar Raine, Commissar Yarrick, that sort of thing.

>> No.77000506

The terminator chaplain is top notch, love that one. I have a box of mutilators that didn't give me any trouble though.

>> No.77000522

How are demons of Slaanesh/ Emperors Children tabletop?
Can't wait to start my COOOMER army

>> No.77000534

Are there any good novels on the Death Korps of Krieg?

>> No.77000544


>> No.77000545

techpriest with servitors was fine.

Louen Leoncur was okay.

Eldar warlocks stood the test of time as did the other aspect warriors, sorta.

>> No.77000551

give uncensored please

>> No.77000558

Commisar Rainer wasn't a metal model.

>> No.77000567

Uh, good thing the discussion wasn't about metal.

>> No.77000587 [SPOILER] 

Don't tell the mods.

>> No.77000590

It's a brand new kit, I would be surprised if it had major issues.

>> No.77000593


>> No.77000614

Weirdly enough, my failcast Lucious had no bubbles and went together with no fuss.
Yes, im suprised too

>> No.77000625

nice but now show us the corrupted version

>> No.77000627


>> No.77000633

I already moved it to my secret porn file
This isn't me

>> No.77000646


>> No.77000650

>This isn't me

Don't lie to yourself like that, we're better than this.

>> No.77000658

Bruh you're going to trigger a schizophrenic episode

>> No.77000700

>restricting unit load outs to what's in the box
>only 7 bolters in new CSM box
>start collecting comes with autocannon but CSM box doesnt
Cant wait

>> No.77000703

>try to glue something together
>outright refuses to set
>stuck holding it in place for 10+ minutes

>> No.77000722

Well, to be fair you'd be running squads of 5 csm anyway

>> No.77000728

Got to thinking. Here's a homebrew alien for Tau

M5 BS4 WS4 S6 T5 W3 LD7 SV4
They have one gun that's heavy 2 S6 AP2 D2
Melee weapon that's S6 AP3 d3
Also a 5+ invul
I just came up with it off the top my head, dunno about cost but it sounds like it could be fun

>> No.77000729

>get a case for my minis
>weapons sticking past the flush of the foam
>primaris are too big
>feeling that they'll snag in the foam

>> No.77000731

Half the unit will be allowed axes

No upgrades for the champion other than plasma pistol

One in 5 get plasma pistol

>> No.77000735

>after waiting, realize you've glued your fingers to the pieces

>> No.77000746

should've gone for the magnet box route

>> No.77000756

or worse, that you've left glue fingerprints in the plastic

>> No.77000760

You have described Vespids, minus the melee.

>> No.77000761

>prying your fingers from the piece causes it to fall apart again

>> No.77000777

That's nothing like a vespid.

>> No.77000782


>> No.77000825

>here's a bunch of great stats

wow how did you manage to imagine that?

>> No.77000826


>> No.77000831

>stil using foam transports

>> No.77000835

Will we ever get Tau auxiliaries?

>> No.77000850

Hm I guess
It's free MWs

>> No.77000853

>he doesn't know

>> No.77000889

Ara ara

>> No.77000890

Craftworld bros, what should I buy first for a decent Eldar army? Any Craftworld will do rules-wise.

>> No.77000891

I've decided to make my own. Gonna mess with rules, and I'm gonna try finding bigger miniatures to see if I can't make this work

>> No.77000894

post games

>> No.77000917

Waveserpent and dire avengers

>> No.77000954

I'm on team elephants

>> No.77000969 [DELETED] 

I second this.

>> No.77000972

we both know the answer. we're more likely to get a drone squad for distracting (imagine big suicide bomber drones doing d3 mortal wounds each), a new big suit or firewarriors with flamers

>> No.77000974


The scythe is a lot better just due to the fact it's lighter, desu. Makes it easier for a bit of super glue to hold in place.

>> No.77000993

By this point they might as well abandon any non-mech suited people. Just say they made new drones or robots as infantry support.

>> No.77001002

I'd just be worried that when it does break it'd be much harder to fix. Small connection plus heaps of leverage is a bad mix.

>> No.77001036

Why does it feel like snipers are kinda useless?

>> No.77001037

i need to get my grubby hands on the new DG dex, help a brother out and lead me to it!

>> No.77001040

I think that I will just fill my army with mutilators and obliterators so that I never have to worry about wargear ever again

>> No.77001054

volafile in the OP

>> No.77001062

Regular sniper rifles need huge numbers to actually snipe anything.

Super buffed up snipers like eliminators can absolutely get shit done.

>> No.77001069

It's hard to balance them. Their schtick breaks one of the fundamental mechanics of the game. So they end up either too good or they're not worth taking.

>> No.77001072


Which ones?

Mostly, they are, but it's a delicate thing to balance because it really wouldn't take a lot for sniper units to be horribly OP and ruin every game.

>> No.77001132

sadly i cant seem to find it there, unless im fucking blind

>> No.77001165

scroll down a bit
"Death Guard Codex.pdf"

>> No.77001194

Someone start a new fucking thread

>> No.77001215

Nah. Let it ride.

>> No.77001242

asked myself what stats hunters from halo would have
like i said, i thought of it in like 5 mins
not like marines aren't this good desu

>> No.77001285



>> No.77001305

tau need something a bit tougher, and something like hunters would fit the bill
forgot the attack characteristic (1), haven't really made rules before. is there anything you'd suggest to balance it out?

>> No.77001316

Bout time for a new thread eh chaps?






>> No.77001420

to be fair, whether a unit is good or bad is really dependent on points.

Generally you don't want to give a unit everything good. the only weakness of your unit is m5 and sv4, but it does have an invuln. the range on the weapons could make some difference. but with ws4 and 1 attack on a slow unit then you're paying a premium on a great melee weapon that is not going to be used too often. Also there's no interesting special rules that would make it stand out as a fun to use unit other than just above average stats in everything but movement.

>> No.77001420,1 [INTERNAL] 

looking for 9th core rulebook, not just the rules, whole book. ty

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