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What seems like official art of alpha legion kroot Edition

>Death Guard Codex Leaks

>The Warhammer 40,000 update – new points, scoring, and FAQs

>Munitorum Field Manual (POINTS)

>Warhammer TV Tip

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

>Find stuff here:

>Previous thread

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too late bitch


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Not OP but that other thread is a fucking disgrace. Why are Euros so shit at making threads?

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I'm using this thread because the other guy didn't even try.

Should I paint this ork like judge dredd?

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Post cool art

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Euros aren't up yet so don't blame us.

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Reject the empire
Return to enclaves

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>euros aren't up
euros not only ruin 40kg but they ruin 40k in general

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average tau player in general is on left

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Whoever drew this one they should put more of his art in the books

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Do Kroot become sleeper agents if they consume Alpha Legionnaires?

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We all know Farsight breeds Shadowsun while her simps support the enclave.

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nurgle art is such shit

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I wish the models reflected this more instead of the more cartoony angle.

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if they actually looked like this instead of "lol tentacles and horns" I would play DG

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Is the black legion trilogy any good?

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Removed the logos on that one.

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The Stormsurge is art

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Fuck that was good.

I really like the new art and hope to see lots in the new book.

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Alright so, bear with me

Chaos Daemons (reinforcements); 1,304pt
>Lord of Change
>Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury
>Great Unclean One
>Keeper of Secrets

>Unit of 9 Pink Horrors
>Unit of 8 Bloodletters
>Unit of 7 Plaguebearers
>Unit of 6 Daemonettes

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Legit love this one and the flail dude

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Define "cool"

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That is so hot. 40k smut is great.
Are you making a 2k list with summoning representing almost all of it?

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>Are you making a 2k list with summoning representing almost all of it?

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>Me and the boys when when we rediscover a lost STC

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Is something up with the mega or am i stupid? I'm trying to find the tau 9e codex but i can't seem to find it anywhere

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>tau players

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Has anyone tried using markers to panel line space marines in the manner of gunpla? If so how did that turn out.

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Baneblades need to be T9 OR 35 wounds and 2+

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What do you think about rivers/lakes in 40k? I just use them for fantasy?

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Nice file name

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Death Guard bros, what are your thoughts on all the info that's been leaked so far?

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How thin do you get your washes before washing?
I don't add water but I do thin the paint on the brush a bit by painting my palette.

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A river could be a neat way to add a line of Difficult Terrain down a board. Maybe if they framed deployment zones, or if the objectives were placed inside the zeniths of the bends of a river.

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Sometimes I add a few drops of glaze medium but whether or not I even thin it depends on what I'm doing with it.

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I used to want to add some to my game table just so I could actually make use of the Chimera's amphibious rule.

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I don't thin them unless I'm going for a specific effect. But yes, you still want to avoid overloading your brush too much, if only to help avoid pooling.

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Not enough info to form a definite opinion but It's promising so far.

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I've used them, I had a river system with a couple of fords. they were always used as difficult ground except fords they were open.

It was fine, but you don't realize how much it can limit movement and really be an advantage for flying units until you use it. Its good, but try to put some cover on the river edge, either forest or ruins so that you don't end up with a really large open death zone.

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oh yeah, you'd at least have to have a bunch of bridges so non-flyers can get charges off

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mortarion is going to be fucking hilarious, his statblock is insane now
he can get charged by a nightbringer and MAYBE get bracketed
knights players will seethe that DG got a better LoW than anything they can take
anyone who thought guilliman or TSK were rough to play against has no idea what they're in for

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nurgle up here in this bitch

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What about giving a river difficult ground and light cover? Light cover reflecting them hiding in the water.

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Interesting so far. Need to see the plague company rules. The support characters are one of the main things I find interesting, so seeing which plague companies buff up which support characters will be important. The plague surgeon, for example, has the potential to be quite strong if they allow it abilities similar to the apothecary, and if Mortarion's Chosen Sons get to keep some sort of buff to him, he might be an auto-include. Will also be interesting to see if you can get some of the more powerful relics they'd added in psychic awakening.

Will also need to evaluate the HQ rules we haven't seen so far. The lord of virulence seems very underwhelming with many conditions necessary for his ability to do anything. If the lord of contagion's ability is something similar to what it is now, and neither of them get the re-roll 1s aura, I don't see them being very viable when you can have a chaos lord that now has all the DG goodies for 85 points. The lord of contagion got some play because you could give him that 1 cp strat to give him the re-roll 1s aura that was added in psychic awakening, but I don't see that in the leaked strats. My prediction is that they'll be interesting picks if they have the aura, and largely passed over if they don't.

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up in this here nurgle bitch

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It looks like a completely different faction with some of the same units. MUCH bigger focus on infantry now. The stratagems all try to buff plague marines or terminators. I will probably stick to pic related and go from there.

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Why would space marines fight sisters of battle?
Would this make sense, the sisters receive adeptus ministorum orders from higher up (the sisters not knowing that the guy that sent them is currently corrupted by a chaos demon) to purge a group of space marines that are planning on joining chaos. Since this is the 40k universe few questions are asked and the sisters encounter the marines and a battle breaks out.

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The times I've played with them they've felt like more trouble than they're worth. They can look cool, but I'd probably only want to use them with tons of open crossings and bridges that essentially break up visual river into smaller discrete terrain pieces.

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Ehh, walkable water features always counted as negative-cover in Dawn of War. Yes, I know, >videogames, but you don't want new players trying to graduate from secondary school only for a mechanic like that to get turned upside down.
That being said, a levee could make great light cover. Maybe
>each levee is light cover
>the river itself is difficult ground and unstable position

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>Why would space marines fight sisters of battle?

Because they're degenerate mutant freaks that don't even worship the Emperor properly.

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Post pics.

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The poxwalker restriction seems a bit strange but I think that will probably be lifted if you have Typhus in charge. They look surprisingly hurty for being so cheap, them getting plague weapons and the like seems real fun and I like both their stratagems they've revealed. I love the bloat drone intervention and the damage spillover strats they seem like they're gonna do some nasty work. Most of the strats so far just seem to be Core based so I'm hoping the plague fleets get unit focused ones for their preferences too. Mortarion looks scary as hell I might need to actually get his ass painted finally. Warlord traits look excellent, arch contaminator is a bit of a nerf I'm a lil sad about but it was very expected, that shit was auto include. Plus I think its loss of interaction with daemon engines is gonna be more mitigated by the engines actually being able to hit things now.

I'm really excited honestly. Shit looks proper nasty so far and I'm eager to see more. I'd like to prepare up a close combat squad or two in anticipation of some good assault times. Also the special plague/virus weapons sound dank, I feel like it's gonna be extremely scary to put one on something like a foul blightspawn, a deathshroud champ, or a LoC if he can get in.

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He said cool art, not coom art

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yeah sure that works
sometimes imperium factions fight over even less. upon landing on a planet the grey knights got attacked by a guard regiment and some sororitas, because the local governor had never heard of the grey knights and assumed this was some alpha legion bullshit. actual canon, it's in a grey knights codex I think?

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What's the difference?

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Have a canon example

>> No.76985491

Any advice on writing a custom Necron dynasty? Should I just open up Word and get to work, or is there a recommended format to organize these concepts?

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this shit translated disastrously into models, as did stormcast eternals

blanche shouldn't be doing concept art

>> No.76985499

What's the Poxwalker restriction?

>> No.76985506

That's the sculptor's mistake, not Blanche's.

>> No.76985509

You can't have more poxwalker units than you have units of plague marines.

>> No.76985511

More like the sculptors shouldn't be turning his designs into videogame models

>> No.76985518

I'm alright with that. Think they'll do something similar with Cultists?

>> No.76985519

did you have a brain problem when you made that post?

>> No.76985534

WIP. Which color should I put for the lips?

>> No.76985541

Oh shit nice read, thanks.
Even better to know this sort of stuff.
I need to look more into this since I have little idea to step up fights. I'm a rp day whenever the person let's me run with it.
Oh shit. Man there's so much for me to learn about this universe.

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Not his fault they fucked up and misinterpreted stuff (like the tubes on the plague marine getting turned into tentacles, and the gaping jagged hole being turned into a literal mouth)

>> No.76985553

It was already confirmed. You can have up to 1 units of cultists and 1 unit of poxwalkers per core unit you take. The example the book gives is 2 plague marine squads and 1 blightlord squad allowing you to take up to 3 cultist squads and 3 poxwalker squads.

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Everything wrong with modern 40k is Blanche's fault. The sooner you accept that, the better.

>> No.76985570

>custodes land on a backwater rim planet for a secret mission
>local mayor of hivesville has never heard of custodes
>"gold and red? those are khorne colors"
>seventry million dead and two custodes interred in dreadnoughts later

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One of my friends keeps playing competitive Necrons into my fluffy CSM and it's causing friction between us. The gap in army quality is fucking staggering, every time I bring multiple defilers he bitches and moans about my list being overpowered, so I don't do that, but out of 9 games played since the summer, i've won 2. I'm at the point where I think our games are unfair and pointless as they stand.

I want to keep playing 40k as a game, and I've been trying to get my friend to tune down his army, but Friend sees 0 issues with his list and insist its not competitive, meanwhile there's competitive articles suggesting people play exactly what he's running. He's basically pushing every conventional trick in the Necrons codex for close range Necrons, and insisting 'melee necrons are bad, its just a meme bro'. It's really oppressive and obnoxious, especially with how nonchalant he acts about winning, and with how little he does to try to make games fun between us.

At this point 40k discussion between us quickly degenerates into pointlessness. I want to play a game, but want him to tune down his list, he doesn't want to play games because he thinks I'm retarded for wanting him to turn down his 70% winrate build, and I'm at the point where I basically won't take no for an answer.

>> No.76985589

fleshy tan or pink

better yet blend the green into tan then the tan into pink. I think adding flesh tones to the face is important to make orks look lively

>> No.76985594

Cautiously optimistic.

>> No.76985598

what's a good army for a post apocalyptic wasteland feel?

>> No.76985601

Melee necrons are bad and it is just a meme bro.
>70% winrate
You have a sample size of nine games, that isn't enough to be sure of anything and you know it.
Post list. Post models while you're at it.

>> No.76985608

How do people get that nice shiny green on Necron melee weapons?

>> No.76985612

>not unironically supporting the Empire

>> No.76985613

GSC are exactly that

>> No.76985617

If you absolutely must keep playing this guy, try using the games as practice. Bring a bunch of infantry that doesn't really kill stuff and try to win on objectives. CSM already basically has to do that, but the idea is try and win with a handicap. The real solution would just be finding people that are more like you and don't whine when playing the game.

>> No.76985621

He's not going to know about khorne either

>> No.76985624

They use the power of great autism and layering of thin paint.

>> No.76985626

Not him but CSM having to spam cultists is the most boring thing ever

2 wound marines can't come fast enough

>> No.76985627

a shit ton of blending and NMM
probably photoshop also in GW images
the scuffed baby version would be a bright silver, a green contrast paint, then highlight with a lime green

>> No.76985631

does adding arrow, spikes and eight pointed stars and shits give one actual benefit?

>> No.76985634

Throw stuff at the wall until you get something interesting, then organize it into something that can be clearly conveyed in a paragraph or less. As a rule of thumb, the basic premise of your army should be something you can clearly communicate to your opponent during casual conversation while you're setting up a battle. Less is more.

>> No.76985637

How much points are the DG in the Dark Imperium box?

>> No.76985639

Here you go.

>> No.76985643

>2 wound marines can't come fast enough
big true

>> No.76985646

The Custodes were sent there to clear out a Khornate ritual, ironically enough. After the tenth time the city got invaded by Bloodthirsters this month he'd probably have figured out something.

>> No.76985647

Yeah. I have some hedges that could work well enough as a levee. I wanna get some bridges but that will be down the line

>> No.76985649

around 500 or a little over

>> No.76985654

After introducing my normie dad to 40k he came to me with an interesting opinion:
"The Imperium seems evil, I'm kinda sympathetic to chaos, I hope they win"
Thoughts on his hot take?

>> No.76985662

why do people complain about spikes and arrows but not aquilas and laurels

>> No.76985665

check your house for lead paint
check grandma's house too

>> No.76985667

Unironically the unaligned Chaos legions are the the closest thing to a faction that is "correct" about the universe

>> No.76985669

This >>76985627. It's a shitload of subtle blending. If you're interested in trying it yourself look up some tutorials on youtube on how to paint power swords. It's a common effect used on them. The other bootleg version aside from contrast over silver is just using Tesseract Glow.

>> No.76985670

Point out the win rate, and explain that non-competitive games aren't fun. If he won't tune down his list, tune up yours, and if he whines tell him tough shit, or if you wanna spare his ego tell him you need every advantage you can get because he keeps beating you. You can also ask him to swap armies for a game, and then absolutely crush him with his necrons so he gets the picture, helps if you can mercilessly blow him out so it really hits home. If none of that works, he probably has autism or maybe you do. Find other, cooler people to play with, and he'll either get the picture when you don't play with him much anymore and adjust his attitude or he was a lost cause anyway.

>> No.76985673

it's marinefags bitching about stuff they don't like so of course they don't want to see spikes and arrows

>> No.76985675

is it worth making a proper wargaming table and terrain if I only ever invite someone over like a few times a year to play? I think it would be cool to have but also have this "waste of money/time" feeling stopping me from going through with it, since I could just buy and paint more models instead

>> No.76985684

>Thoughts on his hot take?
Unfathomably based. My dads favorite faction is Ultras, but at least he was into them before Ward ruined their reputation for all time.

>> No.76985686

>proper wargaming table
Nah. Just get a gaming mat and roll it out on any sufficiently large table. You can even get folding tables the right size these days. Terrain, is cheap and easy to make though. So I think that's worthwhile.

>> No.76985687

Get a table you can stow somewhere easily. I'm in the same boat as you and I found terrain making and painting a nice break from detailed models. Sometimes it's fun to paint something that needs less detail work.

>> No.76985689

has /40kg/ even organized an event on tabletop simulator?

>> No.76985699

90% of the fags here are secondaries, they don't know how to play

>> No.76985702

He's right, of course. The universe itself is a product of chaos. Without entropy setting in during the Big Bang, the universe would simply be a homogenous cloud of hydrogen.

>> No.76985703

equally stupid but chaos ones are over the top

>> No.76985709

my pot of tesseract glow continually underperforms, fucking thing won't hold a solid consistent color to save its life.

>> No.76985712


>> No.76985719

Lots of good shit. Need to see the book before forming a solid opinion, but looks like my boys got better. We're looking at a good book from what I see.

>> No.76985722

>tfw my dad calls my models "G.I. Joes" or "army men"
>the models are all xenos or chaos

>> No.76985726

Its not supposed to hold a consistent color, its two paints with different weights to create a glow effect.

>> No.76985739

Not with Reapers. They zone out all my shit, and without the wound update, it's the most efficient battleline in the game against CSM he can possibly run. Assault 2, strength 5, ap 2, with 12 inch range, that can have its range enhanced, and its movement enhanced.

He's threatening max bolter range with Reapers, between a bonus to his range, bonuses advance, and the weapons being assault. Advancing from 24 inches and just killing units of 24 inch range dudes with Reapers is basically core to his playbook and he's caging me out with hyper efficient guns on 13ppm obsec models.

The only good Destroyers are all melee too. Lokhust is a meme.

His build is basically the Novokh one posted in Goonhammer competitive article yesterday. Scarab, Reaper Warrior, and Skorpekh spam, with a Command Barge. We've been mostly doing 1k, some 2k. In 2k, I do a LOT better because I have a lot more range to play with, my Engines dont get charged on turn 1 or 2, and I can focus firepower on problem units, but said friend won't play 2k. I think 1k is a broken format, and he's playing a build that abuses the FUCK out of the small board size, while I'm basically at its mercy.

Yeah, I guess, but he spams Scarabs, and a lot of the times, the lanes on the maps where I need to push my Daemon Engines are completely clogged.

He completely cages me in by denying me space to manuver my Engines with scarabs, blocks their guns really quickly, and then uses the Reapers to zone out all my infantry. I can win some deployments if I put Terminators in front of the Engines viably, but that only works in 2k.

I have tried to explain it to him, and we had an argument today over it where he insulted me personally about it, basically blowing off all my concerns and doubling down. I tried to explain the concept of social contract to him and he blew it back in my face. I told him I dont want to be forced to play Defilers and Obliterators because I dont like them.

>> No.76985743

wraithbone, wash with nuln oil, then moot green
then wash with nuln oil again but only on the darker bits
drybrush the blade edge with tesseract glow

>> No.76985762

I really miss old Putrid Green. It was basically a solid version of Tesseract Glow. Really good coverage too.

>> No.76985770

>post models

>> No.76985774

Fuck this dude, find a better friend.

>> No.76985778

>advancing from 24 inches
>killing units of 24 inch range dudes
>with reapers
Bro, he needs to make 12" of movement off a 5" model. Even with +1" from an HQ he'd still need the 1/6 Advance roll. How's he reliably doing that?

>> No.76985788

+1 to movement and advance from protocols, +3 inch range on guns from something.

>> No.76985792

According to dakkadakka this is the same color as Nurgling Green, so I may have to look into that

>> No.76985805

>I told him I dont want to be forced to play Defilers and Obliterators because I dont like them.

>I have tried to explain it to him, and we had an argument today over it where he insulted me personally about it, basically blowing off all my concerns and doubling down.

Fuck this guy, honestly he sounds like a shit friend. Bring Khorne LoS in your 1k games. 2k is far balanced for more armies, some armies are better than others at low points levels too.

>> No.76985821

Your friend sounds like a powergaming dick

>> No.76985825

Protocols only gives him 1" to movement, not 1" to movement and an additional 1" to advance.
+3" range is either Mephrit or a custom dynasty. Pretty clever.
Got any more friends? See if you can't put together a rising escalation Crusade league. You can start at 1k or even 500pt and week by week force him to play at a proper 2k list.
Otherwise, see if he'll meet in the middle and play at 1.5k. You want 2k, he wants 1k, Solomon says split the difference.

>> No.76985830

punish him with a greater brass scorpion in a low point game

>> No.76985839

He's an asshole. Try the army swap thing if you can, otherwise, cut him loose and play with other people.

>> No.76985841

It is not. I know this from extensive personal experience. Nurgling green is a muted almost pastel green. Putrid Green was an eye searingly bright neon green. You can kinda get in the ballpark by mixing moot green with some white. But it's not the same either.

>> No.76985873

Fireblade stand in for gue'vessa squad I'm working on. You may now rage.

>> No.76985878

>nurgle posters
>waifu posters
.... that's it.

>> No.76985886

Niceee I'm gonna start painting my csm soon

>> No.76985916

Posting Nurgle and his waifu!

>> No.76985927

Do you think they get along?

>> No.76985931

This is how I Nurgle waifu.

>> No.76985934

Coat D'Arms is the same manufacturer as the old GW line.

>> No.76985944

The happiest couple in 40k.

>> No.76985953

Rate my shit table.

>> No.76985956

Isn't she Tzeentch?

>> No.76985960

Dat strategically place inquisition sigil.

>> No.76985965

>Raw laser cut wood
At least paint it dude

>> No.76985969

Take the terrain off and let me see the table

>> No.76985974

And sadly their current paint line doesn't have a Putrid Green-a-like. Believe me I've looked. They just have the old Scorpion Green. Which is basically moot green.

>> No.76985975

Nurgle is quite literally the god of despair

>> No.76985976

Let me guess, you play guard or tau?

>> No.76985986

The fucked thing is that he's usually the casual, and historically I'm the powergamer. I'm really tipped off to the fact that the match is really fucking unfair.

He insists his build is casual, and that he's just playing what he wants, but his build is circulating as a competitive build currently, and I think he's really blind and deaf to the fact that maybe the models he thinks are cool, are also oppressive and antifun.

I actually think its because he's not taking the game seriously, where the problem arises. He's just playing whatever the fuck he hears is good, and is fun, putting generally less time and effort into the game than I am. He's pretty good at games, and by having a much better list, he's just gonna win most of the games.

Yeah I mean I'm not happy with him right now for sure. I feel like I'm putting in a lot more effort into making 40k a fun time between the two of us than he is.

yeah thats possible for sure.

yea these guys turned out great, i'm really happy with them. they can be touched up, but you have to call good enough at some point for battleline models, you know? I'm working on one with an Autocannon right now. No clue why I'd want an autocannon CSM in 2021, but hobby is hobby.

>> No.76985996

No but I did play my friends tau that he no longer has like 3 years ago.

>> No.76985998

Because the autocannon looks dope and has a huge bayonet

>> No.76986004

That's a big true right there.

>> No.76986075

>Sayaka was psychic all along
Now that's a plot twist.

>> No.76986098

Wake me, the Tau get auxiliaries.

>> No.76986105

The Danganronpa Nukige had the best twist. We knew the entire thing was an attempt to get Ultimate children to have non-stop sex, breed and produce more Ultimate children from the start so the fact that Abe was heading the project isn't the big twist. The twist is that the project was more successful than initially believed. Not even the infinite energy battery of Alter Ego's laptop compares to this success. The trapped kids aren't the original trapped kids. You're their identical descendants many generations down. They've successfully mastered breeding and genetic selection to the point of producing identical appearances and personalities with desirable traits from other children. The reason your Makoto can read minds in School Mode is because your Makoto is also a descendant of Sayaka who turned out to be psychic after all. Your detective skills came from being Kyoko's descendant too. The cast all possesses traits from the original children. The nukige doesn't clarify how inbred everybody is or if anyone you've been screwing happen to be blood related.

>> No.76986116

Do the flesh eaters wake up in remorse after this shit? Pretty messed up

>> No.76986129

But anon, human cloning was long perfected by the Emperor. Tomaru Sawagoe, AKA the Emperor on the Golden Throne, had mastered cloning long ago.

>> No.76986132

If GW can't interpret his concept art correctly he shouldn't be doing concept art for GW, simple as

>> No.76986155

Was this concept art interpreted right?

>> No.76986215

Your dad's a fucking heretic.

>> No.76986217

Nah, that's Necrons

>> No.76986223


>> No.76986243

-----I want to insert Battletech into 4k with super heavy detachments....

How do I do it? I play the video games, not the Battletech tabletop.

Just look at the guns their battlesuits and infantry run and try to emulate that with super heavy attachments?

>> No.76986254

Buy three Lord of Skulls

>> No.76986259

If that's what tesseract glow gives you then it's pointless. Even amateur blending will produce better results

>> No.76986261

Do you even play the game? fuck off with your cancer printfag

>> No.76986274

No battletech gamers. 5 Dollar video game. Freebooter battletech game.

Thats my options for battletech, mate.

>> No.76986308

>I play the video games, not the Battletech tabletop.

>> No.76986312

Strangely reminds me of viking plundering a monastery

>> No.76986318


>> No.76986353

You don't wake up from the Black Rage. Hence the Death Company. But there's a short story about this specifically. https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/At_Gaius_Point_(Short_Story)
And there are a bunch other books and short stories dealing with how Seth and the Flesh Tearers view and deal with their curse.

>> No.76986361

I want to say thank you to the anon who gave me a link to the Lords of silence pdf yesterday, I read it in one evening and I really liked it.

It was refreshing to read about CSM who are not whiny manchildren or blood-crazed lunatics.

>> No.76986365


>> No.76986384

The sisters scenario sounds more like red thirst and not black rage.

>> No.76986406

How good are these guys now ? Should i take another 3 to have a complete unit ?

>> No.76986407

What is /40kg/ consensus on that Australian guy?

>> No.76986432

The YouTuber who complains all the time?

>> No.76986441

This man speaks the truth.

>> No.76986452

Do japs really?

>> No.76986463


>> No.76986476

Two bombs weren't enough

>> No.76986477


>> No.76986480

How much of a dick move would this be?

>8 Berzerkers bodyguarding a Sorcerer and Dark Apostle
>Sorcerer summons a unit of 16 Bloodletters next to them all. He then casts Diabolic Strength on the DA.
>DA prays an Omen of Potency to the gods, which added to the Diabolic Strength gives him seven S7 AP-4 D2 attacks.
>There's now a unit of Berzerkers, a unit of Bloodletters, and a Dark Apostle who could punch a whole in a tank about to rape everyone in melee

>> No.76986485

thats the one

>> No.76986487

I like to paint my ork's lips purple with some pink streaky highlights. Avoid painting the top lips otherwise they can look like drag queens. I've got a few drag queens because it makes them scarier

>> No.76986497

Nothing in CSM is really a dick move right now.

You can also give the DA Cursed Crozius from Word Bearers and he is ST8 and D3 rerolling failed wounds against imperials

>> No.76986500

>8 Berzerkers bodyguarding a Sorcerer
>(Khorne) Berzerkers
>"bodyguarding" a Sorcerer
He's as good as dead.

>> No.76986504

Blood magic anon, he does blood magic

>> No.76986512

I guess the sorcerer just got body checked.

>> No.76986524


>> No.76986546

I like your dad and he's not wrong

>> No.76986568

>I like your dad

>> No.76986573

Replace the gaming mat, paint your terrain and you're less likely to develop eye cancer

>> No.76986577

>nurgle and all his demons smell like shit
>all his followers are probably brapposters
sometimes I wish I thought less.

>> No.76986590

Where can I look at lists from recent tournaments? Is there anywhere with attached thoughts from the player themselves too?

>> No.76986595

Most of them probably smell more like festering, decayed flesh than shit.

>> No.76986600

no u

>> No.76986623


Goonhammer has analyses and commentary about tournament lists, maybe check them out.

>> No.76986647

I go nurgling green with a pink fleshtone highlight then wash with carrionburg crimson.

>> No.76986671

okay so if custodes are bs1/ws1 have 99 wounds and automatically pass their armor save on their basic troops whats the point of the custodes terminator? how much fucking stronger could it possibly be to warrant its existence

>> No.76986686

Inbuilt deepstrike

>> No.76986691

-1 moment compared with the regular but takes an elite slot

>> No.76986696

Not even Slaanesh activities are dick moves?

>> No.76986713

Terminators are cool. Did you somehow miss that 40k runs on rule of cool?

>> No.76986717

Can any ork vehicles compete with infantry or mek gunz in terms of anti-tank capability? I miss the efficiency of warbuggies and guntrukks.

>> No.76986726

Yeah, more or less? They kinda made his armor too charred and corroded, but aside from that Smoked Chevalier and his Pizza Paddle are faithful to the art.
>92% winrate against players reported before SotFS came out
Truly, I kneel.

>> No.76986728

normie terminators are super cool, but a custodian terminator is some dragon ball z -tier shit

>> No.76986767

>dragon ball z -tier shit
So they're amazing as fuck? I agree

>> No.76986800

Any logical reason why the Death Guard box is all infantry with no vehicles or drones?
I was tempted to get into 40k but I don't really dig the 30 zombies.

>> No.76986810


>> No.76986818

I wish

>> No.76986820

I don't think that any marines got a good counter for vehicles in their boxes

>> No.76986823

Painting vehicles is daunting for beginners.

>> No.76986825

Fine, it's a lot of eggs in one not very durable basket.

>> No.76986831

Why bother

>> No.76986832

Painting thirty poxwalkers sounds worse.

>> No.76986835

I honestly have no idea. Having 3 copies of the same identical poxwalker sprue seems really unappealing and a lot less flashy than some of the other combat patrol boxes. Should have swapped Typhus for the Lord of Contagion so you could at least still get him and then swapped 2 sets of the poxwalkers for a bloat drone or something IMO.

>> No.76986837

>put everything in the basket the second it's up
>confirm payment
>"Sorry site is under maintenance"
>"Error, please make your order again"
>"You can't makee this order, at least one article of your basket is unavailable"

>> No.76986844

Is there any real reason to take seekers in a slasnesh daemon list instead of simply more daemonettes? Between all the D2 around, lack of objective secured I'm struggling to justify seekers even though I like them more as models than daemonettes.

>> No.76986845

Because vehicles cost more and GW wants to maximise their profits? Also, thier current vehicle rules suck - they are just placeholder pieces for multiwound monsters now, no arcs of fire, no armour values, etc.

>> No.76986846

I miss guntrukks. I like the idea of an Orky technical with an artillery weapon.

>30 zombies
Is that even a playable force with the new Poxwalker rule?

>> No.76986859

Typhus is extremely easy to convert into any other kind of DG term lord

>> No.76986867

Practice makes perfect. Also their texture is complex enough for contrast to have a good result.

>> No.76986869

Sure but there should be at least some official way to acquire a Lord of Contagion and it seems like a pretty reasonable place to put him.

>> No.76986870

not small ones like drones

>> No.76986884

Running a bunch with zzzap guns and rokkit launchers was a lot of fun. Died to a stiff breeze but ruined an unsuspecting opponent's day.

>> No.76986891

Fucking hell I hate combat patrol. A fucking huge price hike, and almost all of them has a lot worse composition than start collecting. I have not seen one combat patrol I would consider getting, regardless of the huge price hike.

>> No.76986960

The discounts have been about the same in % for combat patrol and start collecting. Stop thinking in absolute value without taking the content into account.

>> No.76986972

Is you dad bald and covered in runic tatoos?

>> No.76986983

Is your dad ABD?

>> No.76986991

I like it, personally. It's different from the other boxes, so I can see why they'd go for it. It's not yet another "character, unit, vehicle" box, but it shows that you can do other kinds of armies too. In this case, zombie swarm.

If you all weren't too stuck being autistic or tourneyfaggots, you'd see this.

>> No.76986992

I try to put at least 2 coats of white under the Tesseract, and perhaps a second coat above the first. I cannot make it stick to angles though, fucking sucks.

>> No.76986998

>Should have swapped Typhus for the Lord of Contagion
Is the idea of running a named character as a generic one anathema to you?

>> No.76987005

Looking to make/kitbash an IG army based off of Rome’s Army, Any suggestions on what I should buy?

>> No.76987006

I mentioned 40k to my dad the other day and found out to my surprise that not only did he know what it was but he's read like 50 40k books

what are some armies for this feel

>> No.76987014

Victrix romans would be a good base to start off

>> No.76987021

I feel like death guard is one of the only actually interesting factions in 40k on a model by model basis. lots of potentially cool factions in 40K but barely any have the model designs to fulfill their potential

>> No.76987026

Amazing, What company makes them?

>> No.76987029

>start collecting requires conversion work
Seems weird no?

>> No.76987030

my only hope is that Typhus finally becomes a actual playable model and not a liability.

>> No.76987039


>> No.76987041

Get in here DG chads

>> No.76987045

Ah..Sorry, Just very tired and can be a retard at times.

>> No.76987051

Pick one, fatty.

>> No.76987052

>lots of potentially cool factions in 40K but barely any have the model designs to fulfill their potential

>> No.76987057


>> No.76987066

Something something I'm angry about primaris and/or marines probably

>> No.76987067

cope tranny

>> No.76987076

>rent free
Here's your (you).

>> No.76987092

But the content is shit

>> No.76987095

moo art?

>> No.76987100


>> No.76987110

That's a completely different argument, and a very subjective one at that.

>> No.76987136

You're Tau. You though you knew everything, when in reality those closest to you know much more.

>> No.76987155


>> No.76987166


Hateful Assault has been removed, it's confirmed.

>> No.76987170

It's like the people who bitch about how female space marines wouldn't be necessary if SoB had more variation, but when you ask what they'd like to see from SoB, they don't know.

>> No.76987191

To the surprise no one, except delusional retards.

>> No.76987197

I don't usually bitch about SoB, but Nuns on Bikes would be dope. That goes for the rest of the Imperium with no cavalry-like fast attack like bringing back rough riders.

>> No.76987215


>> No.76987220

Anyone got a pdf of the 9th ed Necron Codex?

>> No.76987234

Not the guy you're replying too, but emperors children, tyranids, dark eldar, guard and tau (specifically their auxiliaries) strike me as forces that could have a lot of interesting distinctly different characters and individuals with very different designs, but dont currently.

>> No.76987239

>Terminators. Terminators in the Death Guard are now 5” Movement, but haven’t given up their 4+ invulnerable save – they get to keep it, which is just great. Wings: Except Terminator Sorcerers, who wear cowardly clean Terminator armour.


>> No.76987245

Female Marines aren't necessary.

>> No.76987247

>34 wounds
>6 attack
>2+ save
> 8 strength
> 8 toughness

> 2 heavy duty ranged weapons
> 2 even more heavy duty melee weapons

> Doubles as a transport

>Abilities that allow it to self damage then add 1 to it's attacks wound roll as well as passively mortally wound anyone even close to him not to mention his own version of exploding vehicle if he dies

>All this for 800 points

Maybe my thinking is ridiculous, but would you guys consider this model OP? In a 1,200 - 1,500 game this could easily be coupled with a swarm/horde type army and in a very diverse kind of way obliterate it's opponent. Just my thoughts.

>> No.76987250

Wait can I seriously not run my daemon prince and a chaos lord in the same detachment? I only ever play 1k, my list is fucked.

>> No.76987253

Night Lords are good boys.

>> No.76987256

So is Death to the False Emperor.

>> No.76987259

Agree on the rest but what do you want from nids/DE?

>> No.76987269

Sounds like Chaos are getting some "fun" fluffy restrictions once again.

>> No.76987279


>> No.76987280

Run 2 patrols if you really feel that you need a lord and prince.

>> No.76987291

That would be cool. GW would probably call them "Matriarch Purgeprowlers" and have them leave flame trails like ghost rider. They'd have a strat to have fly for a turn or something retarded.
You know that and I know that and yet the whining continues.

>> No.76987294

Wait, if Mortarion can't be taken with psychers and you can't take more than 1 non-psycher HQ per detachment, doesn't this mean that you can't take Mortarion with anything other than a Patrol or non CP refundable detachments?

>> No.76987310

Mortarion isn't an HQ.

>> No.76987320

>Mortarion can't be taken with psychers
Did you really believe that shitty fake pic?

>> No.76987322

DE need more characters. They've had plenty in the fluff but they just don't get a model.

Tyranids I would like to see be more "weird" with their designs. Wouldn't mind a couple more mutant characters too.

>> No.76987323

>Poxwalkers on the other hand, are much improved: They’re now WS 4+ and T4, and they’ve kept the ability to ignore wounds, albeit on a 6+ instead of a 5+

Wait wut?

>> No.76987327

>You know that and I know that and yet the whining continues.
Ah OK I thought you were saying the opposite.

>> No.76987337

Poxwalker still have a 6+++

>> No.76987338

The fuck? Just point at the model and say he's a Lord Contagion.

>> No.76987344

>DE need more characters. They've had plenty in the fluff but they just don't get a model
Kruellagh, Scliscus, Vect and that Lady Whatshertits or whatever? I was expecting changes to the faction overall but fair enough.
>Tyranids I would like to see be more "weird" with their designs

>> No.76987348

This is the third time something has crippled my desire to get into 40k proper just as I'm trying to really get into it. Maybe the universe is telling me I should just stick to specialist games forever and continue to just casually collect models that I'll never play with.
What and just eat half my command points? I love my Daemon Prince and my Chaos Lord, Putrefax and Malarion are my dudes, it sucks that I have to fuck myself over just to run the models I like. I could stomach only running 1 chaos lord per detachment, but the prince eating up that same "lord slot" really bites.

>> No.76987351

I'm annoyed. My plaguebearers and nurglings are worthless now.

>> No.76987352

Low effort tbqh.

>> No.76987354

>all surfaces plain and rivited
God I with GW would follow their own original blueprint with chaos instead of 50% of the model being trim.

>> No.76987358

>Bringing a LOW costing 800 points in a 1,250 point game
Don't be a fag.

>> No.76987377

I hate faggots like you in the community. "No you can't run this cool model as something else it's against the rules". Fuck off.

>> No.76987379

>Incursion, 6 CP
>one patrol costs 2 CP
>half my command points

>> No.76987380

>Special weapons are now limited as 1 for every 5 PM
>Flail no longer spillover
>But there is a stratagem for it
>Also the model gets a +1A because of two plague weapons (knife + flail) so it does 3d3 attacks

>> No.76987382

They seem like something that would be really good for a campaign rather than a pick up or competitive game.

>> No.76987385

Last time I saw one of the Nid super-heavies it died turn one due to lack of an invlun.

>> No.76987387

For whatever reason I was absolutely certain the patrol cost was 3. That's slightly more stomachable I guess.

>> No.76987396


>> No.76987400

Imagine how that heavy brass inquisition sigil keeps rubbing, bouncing and patting her groin with every step while on patrol, she must be dripping underneath that loincloth.

>> No.76987403

You can but I'm still going to judge you for not making him unique.

>> No.76987404

>Don't be a fag.

The only thing that would be considered faggy here is how much I'd be fucking other players up the ass with my win rate.

>> No.76987418


>> No.76987421

Army wide rules break if you introduce different units even during the game.
At least that's how doctrines work

>> No.76987427

We're talking about a product aimed at new players for a starter army, not an expert hobby challenge.

Granted, you'd probably lose a lot of games due to objectives, but it'd probably suck ass to play that game.

>> No.76987432

>The Blightening (1CP) is a kind of replacement for the old blight grenade combos. Rather than letting a whole unit throw grenades, it lets you pick three models in your army to have their grenades become Pistol 6 for a phase, and automatically hit in melee.
Holy shit

>> No.76987442

No fucking way. I thought it was just at the beginning of the game?

>> No.76987457

mmm I might be wrong but if you use the assassin stratagem during deployment you do break them
Might not be the case for DG since it's stull nurgle stuff

>> No.76987462

The other guys main point was that deathguard/nurgle had a lot of characterful models that really explored many aspects of the faction, so that why I only mentioned characters. However for DE id like to see some units that look like they weren't meant for war (not just raiding the weak), either in the form of heavy infantry or some big fuck-off vehicles (think the DE space equivalent of a Man O War battle ship)
>Kruellagh, Scliscus, Vect and that Lady Whatshertits or whatever
Also Baron Sathonyx

Well for starters just look at 2nd Ed tyranids compared to modern ones. Even units like hormagaunts and tyranid warriors looked very distinct. They still followed the tyranid template (6 limbs, etc) but they didn't all look like the same shit at different sizes. Modern zoanthropes, biovore/pyrovore/exocrine and haruspexs have distinct designs, but most other tyranid units look very generic considering they're supposed to be breed specifically for a role.

>> No.76987477

It doesn't if its not actually the start of your collection.

>> No.76987483

so Typhus with the loss of Hateful Assault is still worse than your run of the mill Spesh Mareehns Cpt. cool...

god this game sucks

>> No.76987491

Deffskulls Shokkjump Dragsta. Has a 3+ BS on its main gun, rerolls one hit, one wound, one damage roll every attack.

A gunwagon with Da Booma is not bad.

Trukks with 10 tankbustas riding in back still do good work.

>> No.76987493

Well then Typhus is just the generic LoC model now I guess. Weird but whatever.

>> No.76987495

>on the Oldhammer pages
>some guy has actually bought both an Armorcast and a Forge World USA resin Baneblade and takes a load of comparison photos
>one of the actual people involved 30 years ago shows up and shares a load of new information about the hazy days of those early licensed garage casters

Pretty cool

>> No.76987502

Hold up a second.

If Tyranids eat worlds dry

And if they need this biomass to survive

And what the Imperium is experiencing are the forerunners of a much larger invasion

How the hell are the Tyranids in the middle and back part of the invasion staying alive? Wouldn't every planet they come across already be devoured by the earlier waves?

>> No.76987504

Loyalty is its own reward

>> No.76987509

>And if they need this biomass to survive
They don't. They need biomass to growth.

>> No.76987511

Oh, look at the time!

>> No.76987515

Characterful doesn't necessarily imply special characters.
>DE heavy infantry
>beeg vehicle
Also 2nd ed. nids look like shit compared to now.

>> No.76987525

Is 10 tankbustas not a lot of points to sink into a trukk? Seems a lot of eggs in a flimsy basket.

>> No.76987528

So Tyranids can't starve? They're like machines?

>> No.76987529

It's the kind of list that would win big or lose big. Against my 1500 list you'd get fucking annhilitated since I'd have no issue deleting the few units you have that can score, and other forces will have shit that can punch well above their weight (ie eradicators) and kill it quick, but against others they simply wont have an answer. Either way the novelty will wear off quickly. Save it for 2000pt minimum

>> No.76987536

I'd forgotten how dumb the turrets looked.
Don't try to apply any kind of logic and sense to 40k, especially not to nids. This isn't a sci fi setting.

>> No.76987542

We can only presume they spend all day sunbathing near some star as some self-efficient system. Otherwise they'd lose energy just existing.

>> No.76987549

>This isn't a sci fi setting.

>> No.76987553

>Characterful doesn't necessarily imply special characters
No, but if explicitly said multiple times I think that would add more character in this case. And clearly I don't think incubi or tantalus cut it.
> 2nd ed. nids look like shit compared to now.
You're completely missing the point.

>> No.76987558

Is the start collecting box for orks considered a good deal?

>> No.76987563

but the full codex is basically "released"

>> No.76987566

If you're being generous you might call it space opera, but it's closer to fantasy in space with daemons.

>> No.76987567

It's a really dumb rule anon, I'm with you here. Having 1 psyker is fine, but there's little reason to have 2 dedicated psykers in a DG list, so it's basically pick a lord + a malignant plaguecaster in most DG lists. Lame. They should've made daemon princes a one per army limitation, and then let you take a lord as well, much like space marines can have both a captain and a chapter master. Even with that, they're less impacted by this because of a wider variety of support characters. It really limits the DG HQ slot, and is very disappointing.

>> No.76987575

>space opera
>not sci-fi
>fantasy in space with daemons
>not sci-fi

>> No.76987586

>And clearly I don't think incubi or tantalus cut it.

What is the point then? Nid variants look unique enough to me. There's a lot more variety than in 2nd ed. even.

>> No.76987598

It's up to you. You can run smaller squads in the trukk if you prefer. But the trukk gives them good mobility to use LOS terrain, and even if it gets popped most of the TBs will hop out and hopefully get another round of shooting anyway.

>> No.76987599

It would be nice if DG could take a patrol detachment of chaos daemon in addition to their DG detachment at 0CP cost if all daemons in the detachment are nurgle... Obviously a similar thing for TS

>> No.76987604

Why should a DG character be a direct upgrade?

>> No.76987610

Technically they can starve, but they can also recycle their own biomass with near-100% efficiency. So any extra biomass is for growth, not sustenance.

>> No.76987611

Because he is the first captain, chosen of Nurgle, veteran of the long war, which should be better than some no name generic space marine captain.

>> No.76987618

I'm sorry you're unable to understand the difference between what's commonly thought of as sci fi compared to fantasy in space.

>> No.76987620

> DG should be able to soup with 0 repercussions
Why? A few CP isn't really that big.

>> No.76987626

>170 points is a lot of points to risk losing 3/10 models from

>> No.76987630

Fantasy in space is sci-fi.

>> No.76987633

It's okay. Dread plus a box of boyz will cost almost as much if bought separately. The nobz and the painboy are a bit meh, but aren't useless.

>> No.76987639

If you don't have a painboy it's a great deal
If you do it'd still save you some money.
All the units in it are good

>> No.76987644

His veteranhood and Nurgle chosen status are covered by other rules.

>> No.76987647

Am I supposed to paint the helmet, arms and weapons separately or am I finally just gluing them on now?

>> No.76987650

>why. (DE)
Because they're literally just one unit. I would like more which is the entire point of this discussion.

The point was in 2nd Ed tyranids had more variety in model designs.
>There's a lot more variety than in 2nd ed. even
Only because there's more units, but the models themselves are much more similar to one another than they were back in 2nd.

>> No.76987665

Would you use gloss varnish for word bearers and Alpha Legion? I feel like it makes the dull paint scheme of WB more vibrant.

>> No.76987666

Another interesting DG thing I noticed is that you can't use the upgrade plagues on a daemon prince's melee weapon because none of them are plague weapons and relics are ineligible to be upgraded with them. This makes the mechanic a lot less interesting if you pick a DP for your HQ choice since he'd be a natural target for it.

>> No.76987677

You can do either based on preference and the standard you're going for. You'll generally get better results if you paint things separately since you'll make fewer mistakes trying to get your brush into tight areas, but it does tend to take more time.

>> No.76987679 [SPOILER] 

Yes, I do.

>> No.76987681

Because being a 10k yr veteren who sold his soul for more power should fight like he has 10k yrs more experience and extra power relative to some loyalist. What is even the point in turning to chaos if there's no payoff.

>> No.76987685

Speedpainting? Paint the thing in one go.
Something finer? I'd paint the helmet separately (Marine helmets are very easy to drybrush to look good), but the arms/weapon depending on the pose. If the arms are open, painting them on is easy. If not, I'd consider painting the chest before gluing.

>> No.76987689

Can a planetary biosphere starve?

>> No.76987698

>What is even the point in turning to chaos if there's no payoff.
Loyalty is it's own reward, heretic scum.

>> No.76987702

for guys with guns across their chest i dry-fitted the arms and glued them together separately. gw plastic is fairly bendy so you can literally just slide the arms onto the torso once you've painted it.

>> No.76987704

Thinking about it, the cost of a trukk now is high enough to warrant going in big, and they can be surprisingly durable. I'll give it a go.
But isn't DE become heavily armoured and militarised the opposite of characterful, because it goes against their fluff and theme entirely?
I don't see the incredible variation you're talking about in the old models.

>> No.76987711

If loyalty is its own reward, then you should be happy being 2nd rate next to chaos legionnaires.

>> No.76987720

Daemon princes are stupid and cheesy, I welcome these changes

>> No.76987722

For the painboy & boyz alone yeah pretty much. Deff dread is pretty decent as well. Nobz are bad but you can make other things with them pretty easily (Kommandos, tankbustas, etc.)
Painboy is solid if you get Thraka at some point. Healing one or two of his wounds every turn is incredibly obnoxious. The chance to negate them isn't the best, but its still annoying.

>> No.76987724

>There were retards in here getting super excited and wholesale believing in those DG codex "leaks"

>> No.76987729

Ah. I used to speedpaint my cadians. Is the aquila on the chest harder to reach? That´s probably the defining factor for me. Already am using only 6 base colors for the models due to a tight budget.

>> No.76987736

>mfw I bought a new DG army back in December
At least the models are nice.

>> No.76987738

No more double blight launchers unless you take a maxed out squad of 10, and for some reason dual knives have been restricted.

>> No.76987742

The codex is great, crybaby

>> No.76987753

Machines of meat yeah.

As for not starving, the only ones that live beyond a planet being devoured are the hiveships, which are capable of photosynthesis. They don't consume worlds to survive they do it to acquire new genes and more biomass to advance and expand.

>> No.76987754

Prove it. Do you have the codex ?

>> No.76987763


>> No.76987764

>sacred number squads being done away with by these pusboil rules
death to cruddance

>> No.76987775

And maybe you should take into account Typhus weapons and abilities before whining like a little bitch.
Thinking that selling your soul to chaos will somehow give you a net benefit is top tier brain on chaos.

>> No.76987785

It's really not a question of how durable it is, just think of it as doubling the wounds of whatever model you embark on the trukk for the slight chance of them taking damage (which you can prevent with the emergency disembarkation strategem if you REALLY don't want it happening.)

>> No.76987786

DG has like six factionwide rules m8

>> No.76987787

This. It's sometimes implied that the reason they're so hungry is because they travelled for a REALLY long time through empty nothings to reach another galaxy.

>> No.76987789

They should've posed the Mortarion mini like that.

>> No.76987790

Yeah, I'm lukewarm on the painboy just because he's not a high priority model for a small/starter army. But it's a model you'd want to get eventually.

>> No.76987793

>But isn't DE become heavily armoured and militarised the opposite of characterful, because it goes against their fluff and theme entirely?
Not necessarily. Heavy infantry, or infantry armed with serious firepower can still travel in DE vehicles, as you said they have incubi. Having more variety in vehicles that are made to do real damage that are tooled out by some rich and powerful archon doesn't seem out of place to me.

>I don't see the incredible variation you're talking about in the old models.
There's more variation between them than their modern counter parts (with the modern xoanthrope being the key exception). They don't all look just like the same model resized.

>> No.76987796

That disgusting resentment image is more correct every day

>> No.76987798

Anon, I think you're underselling Typhus a little. He's much better than a run of the mill SM captain. He's a librarian mashed together with a captain on top of having rules to hand out mortal wounds, buff poxwalkers, and increase his contagion ability range. His profile also lets him be more versatile in melee, which is a nice thing to have if he's facing a horde of 1W models.

>> No.76987802

Well, actually, is that correct? Didn't Kryptman blow up a whole heap of planets in their way to "starve them"?

>> No.76987813

its not just plague marines, pos and terminators are core too

>> No.76987820

For marines you generally want the gun separate unless it's not held with both hands

>> No.76987840

Oh and one other thing I should mention - his mortal wounds happen in the command phase. That's useful against units like c'tan that have limitations on how many wounds they can take per phase. Typhus could potentially kill a c'tan in one turn if he rolled hot on it since he can do 3 in the command phase, 3 in the psychic phase, and 3 in melee.

>> No.76987846

>Thinking that selling your soul to chaos will somehow give you a net benefit is top tier brain on chaos
This is why marinefags are fags. Their ideal version of 40k is that loyal marines are marvel superheroes and everyone else is just a pack of retards that die in droves.

It should be a net benefit in combat. The drawback is your souls going to get fucking devoured when you die.

>> No.76987847

Science fiction is by definition "speculative fiction that typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life."
Space Opera is by definition a subgenre of science fiction, meaning it's...science-fiction...you retard
And fantasy in space with demons is by definition not a real fucking genre you moron

>> No.76987848

>gives out mortal wounds
>T5 6W 2+4++ -1 dam
hes really not, begone false flagging faggot

>> No.76987850

To redirect them. They abandoned the path towards the now barren worlds and turned to the very full Octarius sector that he'd seeded with Genestealer cults among the orks.

There is also the tactic of exterminatusing a planet towards the end devourering to take it all out before the hiveships can recover expended resources.

>> No.76987853

so the DG codex is pretty good, what's going to be the first one they actually fuck up then?

>> No.76987854

Yeah I agree with that. My first few games I thought it was fucking useless until I had a 30 boy blob to run, and even then I wasn't a big fan until I finally got Thrakka. Really hope the combat patrol box gives them like 20 or 30 boyz since that's the real hurdle every new ork player needs to get over

>> No.76987856

This is a bit confusing to read

>> No.76987860


>> No.76987862

>Miasmic Malignifier
>Contagions always treated as round4+ strength
>Light Cover to all units within 6", or -1 to hit if already in Light Cover
>Can deploy it anywhere on the board 12" from enemy deployment, each piece 6" away from each other
>Despoiled Ground secondary where you score VP for primary points within contagion range

Please no
Don't make fortifications "meta"

>> No.76987863

Imperial Guard.

>> No.76987870

Dark Eldar

>> No.76987871

I'm not the guy who was originally complaining. I'm just saying why in general I think a chaos lord should be more deadly that a chapter master.

>> No.76987874

Please don't say that

>> No.76987884

You know it to be true. You saw how shit was the legend update.

>> No.76987885

Nah, the imperium is pretty retarded too, but less retarded than chaos worshippers who willingly become meatpuppets to the chaos gods.

>> No.76987886

Dark angels. They have a history of fucking them up. Otherwise CSM or Tyranids.

>> No.76987887

Competitive wise BA was pretty meh.

>> No.76987892

Don't forget the -1T aura and thunderhammer equivalent with no -1 to hit penalty. idk what the fuck that anon is talking about desu

>> No.76987900

Please no...

>> No.76987909

Just shoot it bro

>> No.76987911

Considering that the DA index is most likely a good indicator of rules and themes, they'll probably end up fine.

>> No.76987912

What's the best way to build a hive tyrant/swarmlord? I know magnetizing exists and I'll be doing that, but what's the loadout most people go with? wings and the big cannon?

>> No.76987919

used to be wings and twin devourer

>> No.76987922


>> No.76987923

Actual Death Guard player here.

New codex is great, especially after the shit our 8th one was. Don't listen to the secondaries and false flagging Loyalist players

>> No.76987926

I've discovered 'reports' that a member of the Ordo Hereticus has committed repeated acts of heresy with an Eldar woman. Still unsatisfied he has now unleashed a Chaos invasion on an unprepared world and is aligned with a foul Dark Eldar Queen (whom I believe to be a stripper) who has terrorized the world for several hundred years.

>> No.76987931

It does have the -1 to hit on the 3 damage profile. It's str 7, -3 ap, 3 dam, -1 to hit rolls, plague weapon.

>> No.76987934

I didn't say selling your soul is ultimately be a wise decision, but it's the quintessential "immediate gain in exchange for long term rewards" yet for some reason the concept of a trade off is too much of a pill for marine players to swallow.

>> No.76987944

Not really?
You're allowed one of each option for every 5 plague marines in the squad.
And you can't dump multiple upgrades onto the same model.
So the guy with the icon, can't also have a flail.
And more triple plasma gun in a 5 man squad.

>> No.76987946

Why is just the one model bone white?

>> No.76987958

Wanted to try that scheme after painting most of my army. Discovered I like that one much more. Gonna strip the rest of my army and repaint them in the bone colour eventually

>> No.76987965

>The Ferrymen have perhaps the strongest ability in the book – their Warlord Trait/Contagion The Droning halves the Movement characteristic of enemy units in range.

What the actual fuck is this buillshit?
That's bonkers.
There's no restrictions on this at all, you can send a flyer into the enemy deployment zone turn 1, use a strat to spread its contagion aura to 12" and then your opponent can't even get on the objectives turn 1?
Thanks for playing.

>> No.76987966

Now look all the abilities Typhus has and compare them to a SM captain since you seem so focused on that.
So a TH+1 on account of the -1T aura.

>> No.76987972

>And if they need this biomass to survive

They don't. Biomass is a resource, not a necessity. Most Tyranids spend significant amounts of time hibernating, or are liquidated at the end of each invasion, so don't require a constant flow of nutrients to survive.

>> No.76987973

There's several setups depending on what you want them to do, though Tyrants aren't stellar right now.

Wings+Dev+Scythe is pretty good, though that role right now is kind of filled with a Dimech
Don't run HVCs on a Flyrant, Blast stops you firing in melee and wings exist to get you to melee.
If you want a Shooty Tyrant, HVC+Devs works

Swarmlord doesn't get options, he's just a beast as he is

>> No.76987974

i have a metal model that i need to take apart but the glueing is very heavy. i tried twisting and pulling but i don't think the parts come off without breaking something else first. can i use a lighter to get rid of the glue or at least warm it up with a hairdryer to make it loose? or something else?

>> No.76987977

It's done entirely so that the rules match completely with the models, not because having an icon and plasma gun is somehow a busted combo. No conversions for you anon.

>> No.76987982

No daemons in the DG codex, and no rules for summoning.
Get fucked Soup players.

>> No.76987984

There's nothing in DG thats fast enough to reach the enemy deployment T1 aside from the Forgeworld Aircraft (hellblade, helltalon).
I imagine it will be faqed to not work on aircraft.

>> No.76987986

I don't see Contagions being usable on aircraft surviving a FAQ.

Only faggots bring aircraft with Death Guard anyway

>> No.76987988

Did i undestood correctly that poxwalkers have a 6+++?

>> No.76987989

Good because I was going to say I much prefer bone white or even a pale yellow for death guard than the faded green.

>> No.76987992

put it in the freezer for an hour or two

>> No.76987995

Plague companies get their contagion on their WL, not on everything.

>> No.76987996

Who in a Necron vs Death Guard matchup?

>> No.76988004


>> No.76988009

Wops, didn't see the strat that gaves PC contagions to any unit.

>> No.76988011

Freezing will make the superglue brittle.
Alternatively if you're planning on stripping the paint anyway, put it in acetone.
It turns superglue to jelly.

>> No.76988013

Love your dudes. Sick (getit!) paintjob

>> No.76988014

pretty sure the custom contagions are a WT thing

>> No.76988016

Thanks for all the help

>> No.76988019

i already got rid of the paint but i'm trying freezing now thanks

>> No.76988023

>Flash Outbreak (2 CP) is potentially the most busted Stratagem in the book. You use it in the Command phase to give a single <Plague Company> unit in your army all of the contagion abilities that other <Plague Company> units have until you next Command phase, and also until then your army counts the battle round as 1 higher for your Contagion abilities. This means you can take a Miasmic Malignifier or Hellblade in an army of Ferrymen, then use this to give them The Droning for a turn with a bonus to their range. On a Hellblade this means you can shoot the unit into the enemy deployment zone, then halve the Movement of all enemy units within 3” for a turn. Just insanely good, potentially going to lead to errata excluding AIRCRAFT from being targets (as they only come from Forge World and may not have been considered).

>> No.76988025

Based and Nurglepilled

Makes sense after reading it a 2nd time. On the flip side this only means I need one flail for ever 5 guys now. I have too many plasma dudes from the DI sprues though, fuck.

>> No.76988034

>What is even the point in turning to chaos if there's no payoff
Yeah, it's like if turning to chaos is a sucker's bet and you ends up screwed by soul sucking parasites. Absurd right?

>> No.76988050

Tallyman is sorta interesting now. Will get you 2-3 CP over the course of the game if he isn't killed, and the +1 to hit ability could be quite good on a few different units. A good unit to complete actions too since he only has a plasma pistol.

I can also see a lot of people using a plague surgeon with the fulgaris helm. He doesn't seem as broken as a chief apothecary, but still should be a decent pick.

>> No.76988067

>the +1 to hit ability
It's +1 to attacks

>> No.76988074

Thanks anon! I know my paintjob isn't the best but I had fun working on them.

>> No.76988075

>Malicious Calculation ability lets him choose one Core unit within 6” each turn to get +1 to their attack rolls until your next turn.

>> No.76988095

Tallyman's relic seems really interesting as well.
Core units within 6" getting exploding 6's on all ranged attacks is a very good ability to have access to.
>Looking at you Ad Mech.

>> No.76988100

Yeah it's better than a TH imo. It's got -3 ap rather than -2 ap, the anti-horde profile with no minus to hit, and plague weapon. The str of the weapon is a bit misleading though. It's str 7 on Typhus, and a TH is str 8 on most SM units, but the -1T aura balances it out, so against a T4 model, it's S7 vs. T3 or S8 vs. T4, basically a wash. It's not the craziest weapon in the world, but it's solid, and Typhus seems pretty great for his points.

>> No.76988116

It says that you pick a core unit in your command phase to tally for. Everytime a model in that unit makes an attack, add 1 to the hit roll.

>> No.76988118

Fuck I can't read

>> No.76988119

Haven't participated in the hobby for years and I see Guillermo, Death Guard and Necrons everywhere, so can someone sum up what happened in the lore in the last couple of years?
I'm just asking for the meat, not an essay.

>> No.76988132

GW basically decided to off the setting but make it look like they didn't so now they run with any stupid idea their writers come up with
None of it ends up mattering at all in the end. It's still the same stalemate

>> No.76988133

I don't think those aircraft have the contagions of nurgle ability.

>> No.76988144

Can Guardbros help a smoothbrain for a second here?

So, a Baneblade with 2 Twin heavy flamers now costs 550 points, right? Because that just doesnt seem right. Please tell me i'm wrong somehow

>> No.76988147

Cadia blew up. A borderline-heretek collaberated with the Eldar on a plan to revive Guillman. The largest warp storm ever recorded has split the galaxy in half and essentially left half the Imperium cut off from supplies and blind to the Astronomicon. The Silent King came back and is slowly beating the Necron dynasties back into some semblance of unity and order.

>> No.76988168

Oh, yeah, and Space Marines are bigger now, but the models are all new units slightly different to their smaller predecessors, so you can't just proxy your existing army with the new rules.

>> No.76988172

You are correct. Welcome to the Guard, son!

>> No.76988182

I'm reading lords of silence rn, can anyone recommend me some good books about the Thousand Sons?

I've read the Magnus novel

>> No.76988188

Alrighty then, thanks mates. What's the deal with Guilliman, are the primarchs returning?

>> No.76988206

>are the primarchs returning?
The traitor ones are t least

>> No.76988211

It seemed so for a while with LoW size Guilliman/Abaddon/Magnus/Mortarion, but none more have been released in a while and it seems more like a way to give every army an expensive new centerpiece model.

>> No.76988217

Just Girlyman.
He lead a crusade to Terra, had an audience with Daddy dearest (no one knows what they said to each other), bitch-slapped the lords of Terra for being incompetent and declared himself Lord Regent of the Imperium and started a new Crusade to re-unify the imperium.
Dante (of the Blood Angels) has been appointed acting commander of the 'imperium nihlus' which is everything on the other side of the giant warpstorm.
Guilliman being awake shocked the Daemon primarchs from their stupor and they have started actively working outside the eye of terror again.

>> No.76988233

Yeah, someone fucked up and made Baneblades MORE expensive. So now, they are literally useless.

>> No.76988247

>not pistols
You fucked up.
Otherwise absolutely amazing and you should always run 5-6

>> No.76988262

The only reason I got one was so my friend who wants to play with his Chaos Knight Rampager and Mortarion can field them without feeling bad going up against someone with no LoW's and now I just feel like my banebaby is a giant liability

>> No.76988264

>> No.76988281

I can give the Primaris Sargeant both an bolt pistol and auto bolt rifle, right? I doubt that I´d throw non-assault intercessors into melee, so probably no chainsword.

>> No.76988284

>You can put the relic reaper on a deathshroud termie champion

>> No.76988322

Yeah, don't do it, it really isn't worth it. I don't know what GW is doing because they aren't going to be selling any models if they keep making baneblades more and more useless. Let your friend know what's up. Taking a CP hit AND a starting your list down 550 points is painful.

>> No.76988327

>relics that don’t fucking suck ass

>> No.76988331


>Chaos Cultists aren't core.

lol. So Venerable Siege Dreadnoughts or whatever get to count as core for marines but the most common soldier in chaos armies lore-wise doesn't...

>> No.76988349

It's cool, but sorta interesting that you lose the anti-horde profile. The champ has 5 attacks though which is the same amount of attacks as the lord options and 1 more than any of the elite characters or the malignant plaguecaster and sorcerer.

>> No.76988375

To be fair, cultists are fodder in a non fodder central army.

>> No.76988381

You're gonna hit on 2 as well with that relic since its the hard hitting profile with no hit penalty.
If you want to cleave a horde just pop the strat that makes wounds spill over.

>> No.76988384

Lost obsec too.

>> No.76988404

Cultists literally exist to clear minefields with their feet and stop bullets from hitting more valuable people. No shit they're not core, and they shouldn't be.

>> No.76988425

>only cares about having rules be a strong as possible while completely ignoring the fluff factor
Chaos, not even once.

>> No.76988444

That's the base loadout

>> No.76988446

Anon, I hate to break it to you, but I don't own any death guard cultists nor are my poxwalkers painted. My troops choices consisted of 3 units of 7 plague marines. It's fun to talk about rules and synergies sometimes too. Also I disagree with the concept that cultists shouldn't be core, it's situational. In the case of the death guard, I think it's right that they're not core, but they're also basically useless in their current configuration which isn't a fun place to have a unit.

>> No.76988447

So I get that pretty much nobody in the Imperium knows about the Fallen, then how about the Red Thirst/Black Rage and Wulfen? Are those Fallen-level secret as well?

>> No.76988450 [SPOILER] 

>are the primarchs returning?
That's a question Dark Angels have been asking since Gorillaman came back. And the answer this year is no. Again.

>> No.76988451

I can understand you guys better than the codex.

>> No.76988453

You can always slap on a free chainsword on top of your pistol and rifle. I would suggest going at least PSword, preferably PF, for some melee punch since you're going to end up fighting in the middle over objectives anyway.

>> No.76988471

You know what chaos cultsis do well for DG? Cheapest actions for secondary objectives, since plague walkers can only do the spread the disease action or whatever it was called for a DG bespoke secondary.

>> No.76988475


Ok fair, Reroll 1's to hit wasn't gonna do much for autoguns anyways, but they should at least be objective secured. Their whole point is to be a roadblock on an objective long enough for the death guard to come in and actual take it. If they can't even do that why bother with them.


(I don't even play chaos, I just know if I did I'd wanna run like handfuls of elite marine units backed up by big fucking mobs of cultists as my core... because I like my villains to be a handful of strong individuals with hordes of chaff all around them, I'd probably go Alpha Legion or Word Bearers to play into the theme)

Also Lost and the Damned when GW? Even if its just like an upgrade sprue for guardsmen like Brood Brothers are for GSC.

>> No.76988481

Here we go guys. Everything compiled.


>> No.76988489

Can anyone recommend a good golden yellow primer similar to averland sunset? I spent almost two hours coating a burna bomber and really don't want to do it again for the buggies I have coming in.

>> No.76988500

Prime white/grey/brown, airbrush yellow.

>> No.76988501

Technically yes, but BA and SW don't go out their way to kill anyone that hears of that.

>> No.76988509

Obviously yes.

>> No.76988516

Shit focus, cant read text, all is blured.

>> No.76988522

Why do the people taking these have phones with terrible cameras from 2010

>> No.76988524

This is fucking awful to read. I really would just prefer wargear to be propwrly back.

>> No.76988525

What's your preferred load out for jump pack wolf guard?

>> No.76988535

Are you looking at it from a phone?

Because it's from a video review. If you have one with a better video quality I'd be happy to take the screenshots.

>> No.76988545

Just watch this video instead, it's way clearer

>> No.76988556

Nope, and dont tell me this isnt blured.

>> No.76988560


Can someone explain when people take pictures of things we want to see (UFO's, Assassinations, Rulebooks) it's like camera quality descended to the 1930's and the person taking the image had the shakes?

>> No.76988571

I asked because every time someone post an imgur scan there is a phoneposter that doesn't know that imgur reduces the risolution immensely if you are looking at it from a phone. That image is bad, the rest is generally readable.

>> No.76988573

Because we live in a simulation.

>> No.76988589

Sure, true, it's just hard to get too excited about them - especially when the characters that might actually do something useful are only a few points more, and they're not great objective sitters, especially without obsec. I'm ok with that being the case if they had another more interesting role.

>> No.76988624

Dpends what you want to do with them.
Dual chainsword is neat for blending infantry with +1 to wound strat

>> No.76988627

Poxwalker datasheet if anyone cares

>> No.76988654


so can typhus raise that? since the starter box got 30 poxwalkers

>> No.76988655

Oh they half-kept old Disgusting Resilience as WELL as got T4? And still dirt cheap? No wonder they felt the need to put a limit on how many units you could take.

>> No.76988658

I'm completely new to the hobby and I just finished this boy. Any painting suggestions?

>> No.76988666

Is the death guard combat patrol worth it? Was thinking about picking it up to get my friend back in

>> No.76988676

I am pretty sure anyone with half a brain would put Dermic Symbiosis on your biggest bug, no?

>> No.76988686

It's alright but a DG Dark Imperium half would be way better.

>> No.76988696

huh, still have a FnP.
They don't have a hit buff for being more than 10 yesterday's anon was full of shit more than he was correct apparently

>> No.76988707

Is this a good combat patrol? I haven't played since 8th.

>Dark angels successor
>Rapid assault
>Bolter fusalards

Master- carbine and fist

Assault intersesors- hammer and plasma pistol

Veteran intersesors-auto bolt rifles, Grenade launcher and power sword

>Fast attack
Inceptors- assault bolters

>> No.76988738

>5ppm for T4, model regenerating against GEQ, 6+FNP, morale ignoring, contagion-spreading cancer
These are going to be obnoxious

>> No.76988755

Dumbb Anon!

You know she is giving you that suspicious glare because she knows what you are thinking.

>> No.76988779

That's not an inquisition sigil, you lorelet. It's Chaplet Ecclesiasticus.

>> No.76988786

4 movement means you need to build round them though.

>> No.76988794

Here we go, all screenshotted


>> No.76988815

Pretty good anon.
Not a painting tip, but a basing one. He looks like he's floating off the ground. Try and leave a flat spot on the base for him to rest his feet on, also, get some of that brown earth colour on his boots, either in the recesses as a wash, or drybrushed over his toes.
He looks too clean to be standing on a base that earthy.

>> No.76988817

Got my 3E Hive Tyrant in today and glued him together (sans arms). Need to do some gapfilling but I like this sculpt a lot. He's smaller than I expected though, perfect for a Tyranid Prime (which is fine as that's what I wanted to buy him for) but much dinkier than the current Tyrant.

>> No.76988831

I can't find the rhino in the new DG codex. Does it not exist any more?

>> No.76988834

It's 'ok'.

DA are in a awkward place though at the moment if you aren't building round a wing due to limited options. You would be better off playing them as Imperial Fists if you want to bolter spam or White Scars for the added mobility.

Any good T8 vehicle (or a redemptor) could cause you a lot of problems though.

>> No.76988843

or rather, i found the points, but can't find the data sheet

>> No.76988845

Based, thanks anon

>> No.76988854

>6+++ instead of 5+++
>can't do actions
Well, that explains why they're so cheap. Still, should be useful. I'll have to find some other zombie models for them though, not a fan of the 'official' walkers.

>> No.76988856

ok found it in the video, it wasn't the anon's imgur

>> No.76988859

Shit movement, can't do actions, limited units.

>> No.76988872



>> No.76988875

They can explicitly still do the action for the new DG secondary.
Which is what you'd want them for anyway.

>> No.76988876

dude they have a 4" move. They will die easily and quickly. A single punisher cannon for instance will mulch masses of them without pause. Even lasguns can pick them off decently, 4T notwithstanding.

>> No.76988878

Never too late to shoot your dad. Dude might be a heretic, don't chance it.

>> No.76988888

>new DG secondary
What's the secondary?

>> No.76988907

Are the new Death Guard Codex units points the same as the latest FAQ updates or there are any changes?

>> No.76988919

Bloodletter Glaze

>> No.76988922


>> No.76988925

I missed it. Added like the predator. Let me know if it's missing anything else.

>> No.76988964

I'm only playing DA for the carbine and fist on the master

>> No.76988982

Poxwalkers are 5pts. Gretchin are 5pts.

Thanks GW.

>> No.76989000

A unit within 3" of an objective can do an action that you haven't already done this action on.
If they do, you pick, either try and roll a 4+, or just have the unit doing the action take D3 mortals for an automatic pass.
If you succeed you immediately get 3 points.
No chance for the opponent to interfere with it in any way.
Downside is the self-harm, and the fact that you can only contaminate each objective once, so you need to keep moving up and getting on new points.

>> No.76989005

Exactly the same.

>> No.76989013

thanks anon
>fleeing vectors
far too specific to be useful. Even if it was 'any morale test' instead of 'morale test after losing models to plague weapons' it'd be only worth taking against like, that one guard player that runs 20 infantry blobs
>despoiled ground
Miiiiiiight be interesting if a swarm of 40+ plague marines/terminators is viable
>spread the sickness
Seems like a shittier raise the banners, and since it specifies death guard infantry I guess cultists might have use in it assuming they get that keyword.
Not sure where you think poxwalkers are able to do the action, but they definitely can't.

>> No.76989018

IMO, the secondary poxwalkers can do isn't all that great. Despoiled ground seems a lot better.

>> No.76989030

I have mortarion and typhus. Should I get 3 boxes of 7 plague marines for 80eur?

>> No.76989033

nevermind just realized the expemption is in the PW datasheet itself.
Wonder if they can ride transports
which means to get a full 15 - or even the viable 10-12 minimum you want - you need to tap 4 objectives. Which isn't great on a 4" move model.

>> No.76989043

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to get more than 8 points from despoiled
You basically need to cover the whole goddamn map with your slowass units

>> No.76989049


>> No.76989104

Terminators can deep strike. Interestingly enough, rhinos have the bubonic astartes keyword, so a couple of those with 5 man plague marine squads inside might be able to get some work done on it. You could drop off the plague marines somewhere and then advance the rhino somewhere else.

>> No.76989197

Nice bigfoot pictures nigga

>> No.76989250

Guy sounds like a faggot. The only answer to waacfaggots is to waac harder. Just run the most insanely OP list you can come up with until he is the one crying.

>> No.76989263

Airbrush or Google wet blending.

>> No.76989278

any link or hint about a previous thread with help using the flie.org link?

>> No.76989286

>no invul
Literal trash would wipe off the board turn 1

>> No.76989308

Prime white dickhead.

>> No.76989314

It's in t
he OP

>> No.76989602

is that contrast black by any chance?

>> No.76989971

Why does he need 2 helmets?

>> No.76990216


>> No.76990761

so the new DG patrol box doesn't contain a legal patrol after all. lol

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