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If fantasy orcs made guns what would they be?

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the m16 and m4

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Hard, like their penises

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Gernade launchers.

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Brute weapons from Halo

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Loud, high caliber slug weapons prone to frequent jamming.

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They would be crude

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Huge caliber black powder weapons
Simple and powerfull.
Later on antimaterial rifles.

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Cheap jezails

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Is that a rotary shotgun?

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Weapons are determined by a combination of doctrine and technology and logistics. Making guns at a large scale is a logistical hassle. Assuming your orcs don't have the logistical support, they might put a premium on reliability and ease of manufacturing. If your orcs are numerous and often rely on sheer weight of numbers, their weapons might be focused on that close combat, favoring bayonets, grenades, shotguns, and submachine guns, closer to Russian automated rifles. If your orcs are few but powerful, the average orc gun might instead be something that favors long-range confrontation and extensive use of explosives - the average orc squad might rely on grenade launchers and extensive support from some self-propelled artillery. If it's a combination of both, orc warbands may feature a few "leaders" armed primarily with shotguns with grenade launchers, a number of grunts with grenades and submachine guns, and rabble armed with shotguns.

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It's real-life slugga

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Depending on the setting, if there's breech loaders, I'd imagine something large in caliber, single barrel.
Like a blunderbuss, but breech loading. Or just a normal blunderbuss for that matter.
It could vary depending on their logistics. If there's a roaming band of poorly led Orcs, they'd be shooting rocks and sharp sticks.
If there's a troop of seasoned vets, they'd probably have standardized equipment, potential sidearms. Or scavenged equipment from raids.

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An AK-47 but less reliable in pretty much every metric. Alternatively they just use whatever they loot/trade from other more advanced groups.

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Ak-47 is fucking garbage already, can't go much worse unless you go flintlock.

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The Orcs have the technology but they are retarded. It's either jury rigged slav tech or pointy sticks.

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>Ak-47 is fucking garbage already,

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Does that fire 6-7 shells at once or do the barrels rotate?

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Orcs use firearms looted or taken as a payment. Then reinforce them and add choppy and ripping bits to them. So they can also be melee weapons.

Orcs must always do a roll against failure when shooting. As they don't have consistent ammo supplies. Using old ammo and anything that chambers most of the way. Roll a 1 and it explodes. Destroying the weapon and causing hit point loss. 2 will jam the weapon. 3 will just be a failure to fire.

All melee attacks ignore improvised weapon penalties

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This came out years ago and I'm still pissed off at the author. Pick one damn thing and run with it, orcs invent guns in a fantasy world even though they were losing in every possible way just a panel before? Sure. Why not, they had secret factories somewhere or something and nobody ever knew. Fine, follow that lead. But instead he used fakeout and reveal after fakeout and reveal leaving behind a frustrating and pointless story. Punchline being the whole war turns out to be some kind of joke by the human nobles.

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Fantasy orcs, not 40k orks? Maybe something like the very early firearms, something pretty primitive and roughly made, with safety being low in importance. If it explodes, the victim's mates get laugh at him.

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If the Japanese don't take the opportunity to say 'those damn evil aristocrats' then they feel stifled and unable to work.

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sauce pls?

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Looks like it has a firing pin on the top barrel, so I assume you load 6 shotgun shells to it and rotate each barrel to the top one at the time.

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They also suffer -10 leadership when they see female troops because of their extreme sexual lust and may charge without orders

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She was captured? By Orcs? What happened next?

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First post best post

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something like this?

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Almost like a certain group of people living in America who let things bleed into everything their rotten influence touches...

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Well, for my own setting it depends on which nation/ethnicity of orcs, also guns are already a thing, so let's talk about modern firearms they might prefer.

>True Orcs
Tend to live in small tribal communities believing in the value of hardwork and action over words. They'd probably go for some kind of shotgun, something simple with versatile ammo payloads for a variety of situations that they could use for fighting or hunting. Likely even go so far as to say they'd basically favor the Winchester 1897 Shotgun or the closest modern iterations of it.

Are basically Rural Slavs so probably a nice hunting carbine. And likely something ridiculously high caliber for their comparatively small size because they feel "animals nor idiots understand warning shots, so don't bother with them. You use one bullet and leave one body."

Are a nomadic people and are seen as liars and thieves. Which is only half accurate because they tend to believe the bullshit they say and are kind of socialists who have this idea of communal ownership. And they are also kleptomaniacs. The point is they'd probably prefer a nice revolver for simple maintenance and something they can keep on-hand at all times.

Redneck orcish people. Expect more huntin' guns with colorful names and evenmore colorful decorations added to it.

Being the largest of the orcish people and the strongest race bar dragons and giants in the setting, on top of being stupidly tough, they tend to eschew weapons of any kind in favor of just 'wrasseling wit' tha boi!'.

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Interesting. How do all these races feel about human women? What would happen to a human woman who wandered into their den?

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>True Orcs
>"Bitch better grab a tool and work or get the fuck out. We don't tolerate slackers here!"

>She is offered craploads of tacky jewelry, some homemade, some collected, some stolen. Also offered to buy questionable looking food that tastes amazing but leaves you shitting out your entire digestive tract. Also stolen wallets.

>No one knows because they all flee when they hear the banjos. Possibly not interested though because the human woman isn't already related.

>Warm, friendly invitation into their comfy-as-fuck cabin, a fun night meeting the troll's family, and then an awkward wind down where everyone piles into the sauna nude with zero shame what-so-ever. Also, the human woman must make a saving throw to resist snickering at their funny accents.

>I hope your fetish is food stuffing.

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>and then an awkward wind down where everyone piles into the sauna nude with zero shame what-so-ever

Hot. Go on. What happens after that?

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Rolling in the snow and whipping with willow branches and then a swig of something fermented in a deer bladder.

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they'd use excessive amounts of metal perhaps to armor not just themselves but also their supposedly orcish styled weapon or even put fantasy armor shields on their 'orcish version weapon'

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Lol, yes. Also, don't forget all the ways they could improve melee weapons, creating things that only the fear immune would dare use. How about this for use against an armoured knight or dragon?

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>not hopping into a lake you've chopped a hole into the ice in, with a path made by an old rug thrown on the ice

youre not gonna romance it

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The Broadsider from Fallout 4
>fires projectiles that would turn anything they hit into paste

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>If fantasy orcs made guns what would they be?

A real piece of shit specifically """"designed"""" to be easy to make, inexpensive, and only just good enough so that you can use it to shoot someone else with a better gun and steal theirs. Also often specifically built with a heavy, dense, butt or barrel (can even have spikes) to be used as a club when it runs out of ammunition.
Ironically otherwise extremely tolerant to miserable conditions: sand, mud, snow, water, salt water, filth, sewage, all not an issue- whip it off with your sleeve, pour it out the barrel, dry it out, and it'll be good to go in no time.

Ogres in particular love having Orcish weapons because they make the BIG BOOM and you don't have to be delicate with them- which is difficult when you have fat Ogre fingers. You point. You click. Things turn into hamburger.

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then why is it that only desperate people who cold not get anything else used those? Instead of you know, people who aren't piss poor

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recognized as a prisoner of war and treated as well as her rank and the available resources allowed until the termination of hostiles. Upon which she was repatriated.

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>simple maintenance
youve never heard of a revolver with the wrong timing have you?
good luck fixing that yourself

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This is a pretty good angle. The orcs'd develop something that's practical from their perceptive while the other races diverge. They'll eventually see a human sized musket and go "Boom trunk so tiny, how am hit anything am so little metal rock? Me like orc boom trunk, not like human boom twig, me just point and hit! Big boom!" Or some shit like that.

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This is correct.

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