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>Roman empire exists in a medieval fantasy setting
>It's ancient rome instead of medieval rome

I really hope you don't do this.

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>I really hope you don't do this.

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but i don't like greek people

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whats so great about medieval rome anon?

>animu girl
>shit post
checks out

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Nobody likes the greeks.

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You forgot
>How would x fair in 40k?

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My current Homebrew is mostly fantasy Byzantium.

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>How dare you insert the much cooler Romans instead of LARPing Greeks and Germans in FANTASY.

Imagine wanting to have fun.

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>whats so great about medieval rome anon?
I think his issue is more people treating Rome as a static empire when they were anything but. Medieval Rome is fine, doesn’t hurt to have it or exclude it, but having Rome be fighting knights with legionaries equipped with lorica segmentata and gladii is fucking retarded.

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This one is stupid but genuine.

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>You WILL voice disgust at loli

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What do you have against the Eastern Roman Empire anon

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>He makes a pointless rant thread about equally pointless stuff
>Doesn't share game experience nor talks about actual games

I really hope you finally start playing games some day, OP

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Why the hell would we care about the LARPers of the East obsessed with a dead Jew when we could admire the actual Romans?


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This pleases the Purple.

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>What do you have against the Eastern Roman Empire anon
its too similar to other typical monarchies found in fantasy
the proper way to insert rome would be as the roman republic during or after the second punic war
then it would be unique enough to justify inserting it

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Medieval Rome is boring, much more fun with more Gods and mythology..

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>>Roman empire exists in a medieval fantasy setting
>>rome existing at all in any setting
literally when and where, every setting is packed full of your generic late/high medieval kingdoms
i have never seen a rome style republic or even empire inserted into fantasy

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aby are thu do ghei anon

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I feel like ancient Rome would do pretty well even in a medieval setting.

If they can figure out how to take out war elephants they could definitely figure out how to deal with knights

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they did, just it was cataphracts

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completely justified

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>LARPers of the East obsessed with a dead Jew
Unless you also believe that Carus/Carinus was the last Roman emperor, you're a retard.

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>they did
Yeah, if by "deal with knights" you mean "copy the entire system". Which admittedly is what the Romans did every time they came across something they couldn't beat.

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I do this.

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what do you mean they didn t copy shit from the parthians
i was referring to romans countering the cataphracts of parthia
>Which admittedly is what the Romans did every time they came across something they couldn't beat.
and this is a bad thing because?

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God/the gods made their opinion of him clear.

If people actually knew about the Empire it might be excusable, but mostly they just have memes

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>what do you mean they didn t copy shit from the parthians
>As a result of this lingering period of exposure to cataphracts, by the 4th century, the Roman Empire had adopted a number of vexillations of mercenary cataphract cavalry (see the Notitia Dignitatum), such as the Sarmatian Auxiliaries.[18][19] The Romans deployed both native and mercenary units of cataphracts throughout the Empire, from Asia Minor all the way to Britain, where a contingent of 5,500 Sarmatians (including cataphracts, infantry, and non-combatants) were posted in the 2nd century by Emperor Marcus Aurelius (see End of Roman rule in Britain).[24]
>the Eastern Romans continued to maintain a very active corps of cataphracts long after their Western counterparts fell in 476 AD.

>and this is a bad thing because?
It's not. It's a great thing, and it's why any "what if Rome survived into X era?" setting/speculative fiction that has the Roman military looking like the Caesarian legions is actually very un-Roman.

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yes of course they took some liberties during the gayreek empire

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>i have never seen a rome style republic or even empire inserted into fantasy
Conan is probably the single greatest example of it, Aquilonia is basically Rome with everything but the republic.
If I remember right its also the most advanced of the civilisations, with the Picts being the lowest on the civilisation scale and living is tribal communities.

There are other settings that do the same, but Conan is probably the most well known of the lot.

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I had a setting once where due to a wizard fucking up with time magic, the timelines got sent a skew. So "present" was a mish mash of different kingdoms from different eras. This was my justification for having a relative "kitchensink" setting with vikings and samurai, but most importantly, it meant I could the equivalent of different stages of the same realm next to one another quibbling over who is the real "kingdom"/empire. So you have your not roman republic quarreling with the not roman principate with the Dominate and finally the equivalent of a late roman/byzantine empire. All of whom fought another ofcourse to prove who was the true [insert culture]
shit was cash

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My homebrew is all about new empires trying to either relive the glory days of the Not!Roman Empire, or break way further, with that I have Italian City states, a Justinian era Byzantine Empire, Germanic and Slavic kingdoms/tribes and an upcoming Arab empire

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Ancient Romans legit feel more modern than medievals though

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does that improve or ruin it for you?

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>medieval rome
LARPing cultist greeks are not an empire, let alone Roman

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we're talking about the principate

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Principle of what? They went against literally everthing that was Roman

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PRINCIPATE you dip shit
where not talking about principals

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Fuck, now I've re-read it.
Still, larping Greeks are shit regardless

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>media depicts rome as just the early empire
>never depict late roman empire
>all legionaires are Augustan era
>never show diocletian reforms

Fucking secondaries

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>the principate
>larping gayreeks
>the same time period as trajan marcus auralius and tiberious
>gayreek larping
the fuck you smoking anon?

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>his fantasy setting doesn't have ancient Rome, ancient Rome but skeletons (evil), ancient Rome but skeletons (good), late antiquity Rome, medieval Rome, and ancient Rome but ghosts
*laughs in Dominions*

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You know, I've always wondered how astrology would be affected by space travel.
Under the current model, astrology assumes that the person was born on earth and all measures are done based on the celestial body's relative position to earth.
This obviously wouldn't work for someone born on Mars, but a Martian is still a resident of the Solar System, so the adjustment is relatively simple. You can simply chart earth's position relative to where the person was born, and possibly add in quirks based on their homeworld.
However things get a lot more uncertain once we're talking about interstellar settlers. We won't be familiar with the personalities of the planets in other systems, so teasing out their effects could take a few generations. More fundamental though is how this shift in position interacts with the zodiac. Would the people of a distant star even be subject to the same constellations?

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I find myself vacillating between whether Greek or German Romans is a more humiliating idea.

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>never depict late roman empire
Ask yourself a serious question: why would you want to do that?
And they did, in fact, quite extensively. With predictable results. So not only you yearn for shit, but are unaware that shit was already delivered and is the reason why nobody tries anymore

tl;dr go fuck yourself

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>I want Roman setting to be about mud-wrestling over scraps and left-overs!
Fuck off, realismfags=

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Isn't Nilfgard from Witcher just Byzantium with sorceresses?

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No, not at all. Not even fucking close. From where the fuck you even get such retarded idea, you dumb cunt?

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>hurr durr i like the nice statues and shiny armour

>they depict it extensively
You mean at most 3/4 dogshit films. Outside total war and a small part of a tabletop wargame most people know little of it beyond "germans come, everything goes to shit

Tl;dr you're a room temp iq, take your meds schizo and tell your tard wrangler is time for a dipaer change

Fuck off sperg

Not really Id say its more like the early caliphate.

A shithole goes full zealoutry, gets a powerful leader and goes on to spread its religion of peace building an empire

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What for did you bump it from page 11, aside trying to get shitstorm going?

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Is that you, Dr. Turtledove?

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No I didnt check the tab for a few hours

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>medieval clusterfuck splinters
>still worthy of being called Rome
good one

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Byzantaboos are in love with just the aesthetics, none of the actual meat. They take their shallow perception of the early Imperial Romans and apply it onto the Byzantines with the added wow so cool of cataphracts. Think they're just the exact same stormtrooper legions grinding attrition billy badass warriors.

It's worse when they just make them slavishly copy the early imperial look when the Romans put absolutely zero romantic/iconic stock into it. We have a very vivid sense of what the iconic Roman soldier was to the Romans - pseudo-attics and muscled cuirasses. That's the timeless rendition of the archtypical (higher class) Roman warrior they go with from the late republic through to the 400s AD.

Outside of the names of characters there's nothing really Roman about it in the original stories - no senate, no coliseums, no forums. It might have philosophers but I forget if that's Aquilonia or other places. But the French/Frankish medieval theme is pretty thick on it. Nemedia in any case has the Varangians but that's the only 'byzantine' thing about it.

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>A culture of religious fundamentalist with a death wish who still maintain a certain level of religious tolerance while conquering a huge empire

Oh em gee, I´m not saying they just reused the trope, but...

>> No.76987043

What´s even more hilarious

>A Republic based on religious law, led by a class of priests

Whoever wrote the scenario for our timeline is one lazy ass fuck.

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Byzantaboo here

luv me themata
luv me katergon
luv me mercenaries
luv me Palaiologos

'ate T*rks
'ate Normans
'ate Bulgars

Simple as

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Are you talking about the Byzantines? They were actually rather opposed to the concept of fanatical religious war.

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not even the greeks like the greeks

>> No.76988098

I´m talking about the Arab conquest. The Muslims rather than the Catholics or the Eastern Orthodox literally were the actual monotheist Romans.

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>t. actually only for "muh aesthetics" in it

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My main interest in them stems from my interest in the Normans and Crusades as a kid

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Late Antiquity Rome might aswell not be rome at all, for how little it has in common with actual Rome.

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>They were actually rather opposed to the concept of fanatical religious war.
because it was the catholics who were bringing it to their doorstep.

>> No.76988758

It just wasn't something they ideologically bought into for themselves.

>> No.76989342

on another note, does anyone know where illustrations like that are from?

>> No.76989371

They also suffered constant unrest on account of fundamental disagreements in cult.

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Aquilonia did have coliseums but no senate or forums, it was basically treated as a kingdom rather than an actual empire but it had roman aesthetics and was the only country with the ability to expand massively.
Argos and Stygia ususally had the philosophers but because Aquilonia was so huge and driving to expand most would try to find their way to Aquilonia for some reason or another.

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the fuck does this have to do with rome you dumb weeb

>> No.76992698

Isnt that nearly just history ? Nothing wrong with that, but apart from the city states its quite similar in your overview.

>> No.76992709

*blocks your path*

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Yeah okay but my "rome" is actually a result of Lucius Aemilius Paullus and two thousand of his men being transported to a fantasy world after the pillaging of Epirus to war against a fae court alongside an Orc population, eventually inbreeding to create a species of half-orc roman ubermensch. Not that they haven't innovated since then, but that's how they got their start and still have the ancient rome aesthetic.

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I always thought it'd be fun to give PCs what looks like a chariot racing sidequest that balloons out of control into them gaining political power in the city and accidentally causing a Nika Riots type situation, and see how they handle it.

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i like transphobia and i say the word NIGGER, but i hate lolis
wat do?

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Fuck off, you’re not my real dad.

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>tfw the historicals player still spergs out at the concept of armored roman cavalry

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go on with your life with the knowledge that your extremely based

>> No.76993295

Isn't that what a Cataphract is though?

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Yeah, I was commenting cause of how stupid he is
>muh romans didn't into cavalry

>> No.76996032

This was true during Caesar's time (hence the Romans using Gallic and Germanic auxiliaries for their cavalry) so a lot of people take that one fragment of time to represent the entirety of 2,000 years of Roman history. Kind of like how a lot of people believe that if a Franco-German war were to occur today the Germans would waltz into Paris in a matter of hour, despite France being the only real military power in the EU at the present, because 70 years ago Germany had twice France's fighting age population and industrial base as well as world class military innovation in both hardware and doctrine.

>> No.76996171

>represent the entirety of 2,000 years of Roman histor
Try 1000 and barely

>> No.76996203

Ah, yes, the glorious Crusades: the main reason why Middle East is a clusterfuck, Turkey exists, Ottomans were a thing and Byzantine went from pretty potent to rump state thanks to crusaders "accidently" conquering wrong capital.

>> No.76996238

>753 BC - 1453 AD

>> No.76997388

you can be interested in a period of history without thinking it was the Best Thing Ever anon
If anything the clusterfucks are the interesting parts

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>you WILL use one or more of the following words
>no autist
kids these days...

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Venetians are NOT Christians! They're money grubbing manipulators and probably Jews too :DDDD

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Why is it retarded?

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I was hoping someone would post this.
There literally was a LARP Roman Empire all through the Middle Ages, especially AD 800-1000.
As for your campaign : you can run a low-civilisation European campaign or a high-civilisation Arabian campaign, both of which can support peak Constantinople. Or you can go full Turtledove where the basileus smacks down the dynatoi and wins Manzikert.

You WILL host a Roman chariot race through the streets of Paris.

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It's a big empire that stands in contrast to the typical medieval kingdoms.
I disqualify comparison with the HRE on the grounds that the Nilfgardians appear to actually have an E
>A shithole goes full zealoutry, gets a powerful leader and goes on to spread its religion of peace building an empire
Really? I didn't pick up on that so much as the flowery court procedure that appears to outweigh actual influence.

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It has nothing at all to do with Rome
Reread the image posted by >>76971480

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because hes a realism fag whos afraid to see his gay paladin get their shit pushed in by a chad legionary

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They weren't Eastern. They weren't Roman. And they certainly weren't an Empire.

>> No.77000349


Rome at it's height could absolutely do very well in a medieval setting. Rome at its height could do decently well in a damn Renaissance setting. Rome's capacity to recruit, train and equip armies wasn't matched again until the 1600's and 1700's. It's a result of Rome being a centralized power whereas the Medieval countries tended far more to be decentralised, which was a direct consequence of the collapse of the Roman empire.

>> No.77000668

You belong on reddit, please fuck off!

>> No.77001083

I can smell the G*rmanic seethe coming off this post.

Ever since Diocletian the empire was split into two halves. I'm pretty sure that factually speaking the Eastern empire was located to the east of the Western empire.

>They weren't Roman
So again, you acknowledge that either Carus or Carinus was the last Roman emperor? Because Diocletian ruled from Nicomedia and since him Rome would never again be the formal capital of either the East or the West.

The only argument you can make here is that with the death of the principate, you no longer had a "first among equals" Imperator in charge of a Rome but a tyrant following the Persian model. Which leads me to once again ask if you believe that Carus and/or Carinus was the last Roman emperor.

So basically, for you to be right you need to believe two things:
2. Rome perished during the Crisis of the Third Century.

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The great company equipped their soldiers in the roman way. Look it up

>> No.77001158

No, it's renessaince era Germany

>> No.77001409

I don’t, don’t worry. The kingdom existing in a shell of its former glorious sled with a shifting religious background is part of the charm.

Are you a bad enough dude to save the W. Roman Empire from Orcs, Gothic hordes, mythological monsters, iconoclasts, pagan revivalists, and a resurfaced Atlantis?

>> No.77001454

>and a resurfaced Atlantis?
What Atlantis?
The kind that's basically Greeks that worship Poseidon?
The mermaid kind?
The shark Vtuber kind?
The "everybody is basically Aquaman" kind?

Your answer really determines our odds of survival.

>> No.77001531

The precursor race of sorcerous priest-kings kind of Atlantis.

>> No.77001557

Then we're kinda fucked innit?

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no, my olive oil drinkers are inspired in the claradic empire

>> No.77001798

Indeed we are, Caecilius.

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What about fantasy late Roman Republic, until elves show up with more advanced technology? It still gives me medieval-ish fantasy and ancient Rome while having some fun first contact-like scenarios.

>> No.77002073

Turkish Romans

>> No.77002196

You're in the running for retard of the week

>> No.77002455

>Medieval/Early-Modern Technology
>Classic Aesthetics

>> No.77002502

>What about fantasy late Roman Republic, until elves show up with more advanced technology?

How about historical early Roman Empire, but the Legions keep pushing deeper and deeper into Germany and Eastern Europe only to find more and more fantastical beasts and monsters beyond the lands of the Cherusci and Chatti?

>> No.77002622

I really like this post. I've thought about the exact same thing before but I've never voiced it out loud for fear of being seen as retarded. Thank you for being braver than I anon.

>> No.77002931

>You know, I've always wondered how astrology would be affected by space travel
It wouldn't have any affect because...
> and all measures are done based on the celestial body's relative position to earth
Isn't true. Its done based on the celestial bodies position from over 2000 years ago when astrology was first invented.

The actual positions of constellations have changed with time so much since then that your zodiac sign is off by about a month. Its been known since forever but became common widespread news where I am a few years ago and people with tattoos and who followed that shit religiously were freaking out.

In other words, if there was any value in ancient astrology, modern astrology has lost it and its complete nonsense. Its the equivalent of making weather prediction from last year's data.

>> No.77002961

They literally requested the Christians bring it to fight off Muslims.

>> No.77002979

Slavic Romans!

>> No.77003010

The emperor probably only wanted a few hundred knights under his control, not several monarchs and their armies coming over the course of centuries.

>> No.77004239

>medieval rome
The joke of a kingdom that makes everything looks good in comparison.

>> No.77004300

wargame miniature packaging (look up warlord miniatures roman stuff) or history books

>> No.77004378

seething r*meaboo faggot
r*mans were cucks from the start. Roman woman went for romps across the rhine and got fucked by savage germanic chads. byzantines were literal cuckolds who got btfo by turkroach inbred steppe hordes
rome worshippers are dyel faggots

>> No.77004510

>the civilization that fucking invented fitness culture

>> No.77004523

>Medieval Rome
No such thing. Empire of greeks is not roman.

>> No.77004537

Please pinpoint the exact moment where the Roman Empire ended and Kingdom of the Greeks started. Back your answer up with arguments.

>> No.77004544

Predictable greekaboo seething

>> No.77004549

That explains their financial situation.

>> No.77004605

Not him, but post-Gothic Wars, and specifically by the time of Lombard invasion. That's the moment Byzantines said "screw this". Not that they had resources to continue anyway, but it was the point where they've stopped even trying. Once Heraclian dynasty came to power few decades later, it's Greek kingdom larping as Romans.
Aka it's early medieval and thus no such thing as Medieval Rome, because Rome died for good once medieval started for good.

>> No.77004858

i second this idea
that way theres a logical reason as to why they're able to keep their independence

>> No.77005397

romans were literal swarthy manlet dyels you romeaboo faggot
and greeks invented fitness culture long before roman fags did you dyel nerd

>> No.77005430

Yes, for the love of god yes.

>> No.77005653

what about successful outremer anons? Armoured europeans knights in camels anons

>> No.77005719

>The actual positions of constellations have changed with time so much since then that your zodiac sign is off by about a month.
>Its been known since forever but became common widespread news where I am a few years ago and people with tattoos and who followed that shit religiously were freaking out.
This is a recurring problem within astrology. For a solid 80%, astrology is just the sun sign and no math. The same sort of people who think that they're a reader just because they bought a tarot deck and memorized the card meanings that come in the booklet. But for those who are earnest, it's not difficult to track newly discovered bodies or to shift the zodiac along the wheel.
Of course, the most important thing is that, in a futuristic sci-fi setting, an astrologer accounting for relative position of earth and implications of being born on any given planet (or the lack thereof) would be good marketing as it would appear to indicate a higher level of expertise.

>> No.77005773

>Byzantine Greece/Anatolia
>Outremer Levant
>Zoroastrian Persia
>Inexplicably Bronze Age Egypt
Name one (1) flaw

>> No.77005781

Imperial bureaucracies>>>>feudal realms

The fudal kingdoms and it's lords is so overused and boring. Having to work your way up the Imperial systm through scheming eunuchs and ambitious generals is so much cooler!

>> No.77005796

I can't its perfect

>> No.77005811

Outremer def need more love
It's position makes presents a lot of interesting rivalry options with the Vatican, HRE, as well as any Roman or Persian Empire that might be present. I can easily see them becoming a junior-senior partner to Constantinople.

>> No.77005827


>> No.77005852

Forgot the part about the neutering of islam by disbanding the caliphates (don't ask me how that works) the decision gives. Jihads no more

>> No.77005878

To play the devil's advocate, that's kind of what Ataturk did in our history. Which is why Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (a very deliberately chosen name) declaring himself the new Caliph was actually a big deal.

Right now among the more hardline conservative Muslims there's a debate about whether Jihad is a duty full stop, or something only a caliph can command his followers to do.

>> No.77005883

>(don't ask me how that works)
If foreign infidels are capable of occupying the holy sites, deny pilgrimages, and possibly destroying relics, then whoever is claiming to be caliph is obviously wrong.

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