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Fuck stealing edition

>Death Guard preview

>The Warhammer 40,000 update – new points, scoring, and FAQs

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Noise marines are fun to kitbash.

>> No.76928605

Post models

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serious question: with the new table sizes how do people fit these big bulky things on the table? I had a hard enough time with 2 LRs

>> No.76928715

Why would you leave your toys out on the table?

>> No.76928716

Terrain has to be placed with the knowledge of how many larger vehicles will be in the game. That’s about it. Knights, LRs, etc, need to have some wiggle room to move around. If it’s a smaller game without vehicles, obviously not an issue.

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I'm wondering how people bring baneblades and astraeuses and shit

>> No.76928762


yea, im thinking the new table sizes are bunk. i keep it 6x4 whenever i can, unless some grognard complains

I think the table sizes should have been INCREASED to 8×6, but im just an old fag who likes manuever

>> No.76928791

I disagree, the new table sizes are great and force people to engage more frequently. Makes it harder to turtle.

Like I said, it all comes down to how you place the terrain. Terrain is a must now and if you have so much that vehicles can’t move it fucks up the game.

>> No.76928865

A 2000 point game is on a table on slightly smaller than 6x4?

>> No.76928899

>Makes it harder to turtle.
I think with 9th edition's ability to flank with any unit by putting it in reserve has limited the turtling aswell. Not to mention 1/2 the codicies give an option for substantial deep strike.

Take the 8×6 pill brothers!

yea, its like 60" by 44", something a retarded/drunk Britt would make up

>> No.76929012

No I mean the game table is relatively the same, just slightly more compact.

>> No.76929038

I can easily work on my Ultramarines, my Drukhari, or my Death Guard.

I like all of them equally and two of them are about to have their updates.

Just can’t really decide which one I want to commit to right at this second.

>> No.76929042

The new table sizes are multiples of 22"x30" because that's what size they print their playmats at. They expect you to buy 4 terrain boxes and butt the cardboard mats up against each other.
As a practical matter I find it difficult to comfortably reach models in the middle of anything thicker than 48 inches but if I had a Mission:Impossible kind of rig I'd play on a board the size of a basketball court.

>> No.76929076

Buy Tau

>> No.76929093

Fuck GWs prices and business practices.

3rd party and 3d print all day 'erry day

>> No.76929104

lmao bootlicker

>> No.76929114

how legit is aliexpress anyway? Do they steal your money like wish?

>> No.76929118

What exactly is your problem with GW?

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>> No.76929138

I'm Australian

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>> No.76929190

deny both, 3d print
deny both, hand-sculpt

>> No.76929195

Crown caught his grandad buggering sheep.

>> No.76929199

all his ancestors were felons

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>> No.76929211

nonsense, if that were a crime whole Scotland would be behind a wall

>> No.76929214

Pretty fucking funny and high probability of being true

>> No.76929224

> hand draw them, cut them out with a hobby knife

>> No.76929231

post games, my dudes against the sons of guilliman

>> No.76929242

Does anyone have any good recommendations for a small drill that works mainly for bolter barrels on CSM?

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>> No.76929249

FW is and always has been pay to win. You wouldn’t bother to use it if it wasn’t.

>> No.76929252

Imagine being such a faggot you run 3 recastlevis

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>> No.76929276

tbf most FW stuff looks totally bitchin

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>> No.76929299

iam a prancing lala homo , and i run then as Iron Hands succesors

>> No.76929354

Lol no it isn’t. The Dreadnoughts of 8th were the exception, not the rule. And even now that they’ve been heavily nerfed people still use them - because they're Cool.

>> No.76929365

FW isn’t pay to win because it was so good and seen in every fucking list that it had to be nerfed explicitly


>> No.76929372

By that logic GW is pay to win.

>> No.76929386

at least primaris SM are pay ti win ie Erradicators

>> No.76929391

The difference is FW is not mainstream, isn’t found in codex and doesn’t get updated as often.
Remember Chappy dreads? That shit got so out of hand they sent it to legends.

>> No.76929394

My guy you ever heard of Dkok

>> No.76929406

So GW plastic is pay to win? They’re in every list, save recast armies.

Only the Dreadnoughts were good and they weren’t even over powered. Did you see how expensive they were?

You can bitch and moan all you like but they are official GW products and for the first time in a while a good portion of them are finally not overcosted to hell and back.

>> No.76929409

Just get a 1/16" one from the hardware store

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>> No.76929431

Your first two points are completely irrelevant and in the third case it's not entirely true. Remember malefic lords? Remember earthshaker batteries?

>> No.76929435

>primaris vs primaris with no terrain in the middle
That's gonna be a yikes from me

>> No.76929445

Confirmation bias since you mostly saw the good/OP FW units because people didn't buy/play the bad ones.
>hurr durr eradicator bogeyman
Great unit that everyone and their mother has, of course you're going to see it. And yes, it deserved the pts increase it got.

>> No.76929449

>One of each of imperium/chaos/xenos
Mah man

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>> No.76929475

no terrain?? you missed 1 or 2 images man

>> No.76929493

This one >>76929248 made the table look more empty than it is but yeah

>> No.76929500

>like orks
>don't wanna run vehicles
woe is me

>> No.76929502

New table sizes are a meme. My FLGS sticks to the old 6X4 setup.

>> No.76929515

Did they explain why they changed the size?

>> No.76929518

Its been pretty common practice to make sure there are land raider sized gaps since 4th edition. But sometimes its interesting to play on fields where navigating big units is difficult.

I think the smaller field is pared with the game ending in 5 turns. I would prefer turns to be less decisive, and to play more of them. It makes movement and maneuvering more important and engaging.

>> No.76929526

Posted it earlier this week but here's my Juggerlord getting BTFO'd by an exalted Bloodthirster in a tournament the other day.

>> No.76929532

just start horde army, by the time you're done painting it might as well be viable again

>> No.76929538

To fit with their playmats.

>> No.76929539

Show me

>> No.76929544

The baffling part is why they didn't print the playmats at a sensible size of 24"x36".

>> No.76929545

Yes, it's the size of a couple of the GW cardboard fold-out boards stuck together for them battelzone boxes

>> No.76929552

Khorne cares not

>> No.76929553

Ork vehicles are the coolest and most fun part about making an ork army though...

>> No.76929554

Is this is "boys are bad" or a "I don't want to paint 100+ boys" post?
>implying that spamming boys with Ghaz isn't good

>> No.76929557

Not that I'm aware of, but my guess would be to give melee armies a little less map to cross before they actually get into combat. That issue was more or less solved by the new terrain rules and making overwatch a stratagem though, since melee armies' biggest issues have always been being forced to eat shit for 1-2 turns before getting in to fight and then having to eat shit a third time from overwatch. Now that terrain rules actually make sense and work compared to 8th you can actually get up a board and if your opponent wants to shoot you in overwatch on the charge, they'll have to spend resources on it if they're straight.

>> No.76929568

Yep. I managed to shred a lot of his infantry with the lord before he went down, but ultimately I lost that game due to objectives. Daemons are such a mobile army, and with nurglings doing their pre-game move he had already established a solid board presence before I could even get into position. Was a fun game though.

>> No.76929579

>marines vs marines

Literally cannot imagine a less fun time. I only ever play matchups that make sense in narrative, so I never play imperium vs imperium.

>> No.76929599

only relic stuff got nerfed
there's more to FW than relic units

>> No.76929600

>Literally cannot imagine a less fun time. I only ever play matchups that make sense in narrative, so I never play imperium vs imperium.

>> No.76929616

There are a lot of ways to justify Imperium vs Imperium matchups. Grey Knights purging an IG regiment to keep their identity a secret, training exercises, the classic "you're a heretic!" "no YOU are!", etc.

>> No.76929632

yeah, no, cringe. Unless you tell me /your dudes/ have a reason for it I'll never do it.

>> No.76929653

/your dudes/ is cringe as fuck. I don't want to hear about your fanfic

>> No.76929660

Yeah you just want to play Ultramarines vs Imperial Fists like that isn't a fanfic

>> No.76929665

>I'll never do it
ok, now fuck off

>> No.76929672

Imperial bureaucracy is extra dumb combined with that the Imperium basically runs on the "whoever has the biggest stick right now is right" you can basically have any imperial faction fight any other imperial faction.
Or you can do pic related and play ultramarines like Bligh intended.

>> No.76929673

Sorry I don't want to listen to the retarded 4 page short story you wrote for our game. Go play D&D if you want retarded shit like that.

>> No.76929682

I respect your autism, but stay away from my children

>> No.76929695

nice bait, here's your (you)

>> No.76929703

>fuck stealing
>ali express
>look on ali express because curious
>no models of any wargame

>> No.76929709

You didn't look hard enough. I'm able to find recasters on there. hint: dont type obvious shit like space marine or warhammer

>> No.76929710

>they'll have to spend resources on it if they're straight.

>> No.76929727

>da krime is muckin' about
>da sentens...is deff

>> No.76929730

Whats that for? screaming really loud?

>> No.76929741

So anyone in 40k taken down a titan on foot?

>> No.76929746

It's for opening champagne bottles safely.

>> No.76929750

>like Abaddon
>don't like black legion
Hopefully with the 9th edition codex he'll get a rule similar to Ghaz called warmaster of chaos or something. I just want to run him with my hydra boys

>> No.76929751

Other titans

>> No.76929756

Maugan-Ra. Stood up against whole armies with titans backing them up and won.

>> No.76929759

Magnus wizards one to death, I think Sanginious does too in the HH books. Remember some anon being upset that the fight scene sounded too anime-like

>> No.76929763

When will his model be updated

>> No.76929775

Why do people have such incandescent hatred of the Eldar? I don't even give a shit as I don't play 40k, but I keep encountering people that reserve a special smouldering rage for the Eldar and I can't understand it. Pic unrelated

>> No.76929791

Daemons did it in Wrath of Iron.
I GUESS a titan is "taken down" in Jonny Green's ancient Iron Hands book.

>> No.76929792

I think Kharn has, but it might have been a knight.

>> No.76929795

Massage tool for removing wrinkles around ther mouth. You're supposed to insert it and do vocal exercises. Looks like bullshit.

>> No.76929796

Hey Mega anon, sorry about the requests I sent in. Just noticed I fucked up.
PS. Fuck you legal boys, we know youre here

>> No.76929797

Is this game any good?

>> No.76929801

That's like asking when He-Man will get a visual update.
Why? He's already perfect.

>> No.76929803

i think people hate tau more because they're not grimdark enough

>> No.76929804

c'mon we both know that declared purpose is only a plausible cover up for intended purpose

>> No.76929808

A bunch of nightlords blew up a warhound with melta bombs once

>> No.76929810

>That's like asking when He-Man will get a visual update.
hey, She-Ra turned out alright

>> No.76929813

This is a joke right?
Would be cringe if not

>> No.76929814

Does anyone else wish they didn't care about painting as much as they do? I want to have cool minis, and i know I can just drybrush and knock them out or do them all to tabletop standard, but then I know I'll hate them knowing I didn't do a good job on them

>> No.76929815

There are entire conflicts in the lore that are Imperium vs. Imperium because half their forces have their head up their ass.

>> No.76929816

Try putting him next to a current model and he will look like a muppet. Then again, GW would probably find a way of turning him into a transvestite or a woman, so it might be best to not wake the dragon.

>> No.76929817

Except the part where is now fully owned by the government. Nah, I'm cool.

>> No.76929821

As a beatemup it's too easy, the dodge has years-long invuln frames. But as an emotional story about love and tragic sacrifice, it's excellent. Shame Yoko Taro is a fucking "artiste" shitter and had to spread some characterization over multiple mediums and hide the true ending in a fucking stage play during an OST concert.
Music is godly btw.

>> No.76929823

It's legit, idk what you mean by steal.
It depends
A lot of sellers were taken down recently, you can find some infinity and generic fantasy stuff though.

>> No.76929832

Here's an older game I played

>> No.76929836

Idk why I put this thing on it's base before painting it. I guess at least that hand/ foot whatever it's supposed to be will be a placement guide

>> No.76929837

ime, dysgenic mutts who can't stand anything pure and wish only to defile carry this burning torch of hatred, either through virtue signalling imperial allegiance or outright acknowledging they're filth who just wants to destroy
also eldar are often dickheads, but that breeds contempt more than rage in people who don't have self-image issues

>> No.76929838

tfw spent 4 hours on a single basic bitch CSM the other day
I completely understand

>> No.76929839

You will succumb to the party soon enough.

>> No.76929870

I did the same thing with mine back in the day. At least you learned something like I did.

>> No.76929875

>because they're not grimdark enough
Expose yourself to more Tau fluff.
There's a lot of ethereals mindcontrolling fire warriors into committing war crimes and Water Caste being dicks because It's Their Way.

>> No.76929891

Yeah, is some parts of the world government actually provides services that are useful to the people.

>> No.76929897

That's not what the government is for.

>> No.76929903

yeah but even worse I suck at painting, so I don't paint the models for fear of fucking them up

>> No.76929919

Kinda. I refuse to play with unpainted minis and I like the satisfaction of looking at them finished by my own hand, but I'm just really fucking slow and don't normally enjoy the painting process that much. For reference, it takes me roughly 6 hours give or take to finish a single basic plague marine. It's one half of the reason why after 2 and half years I still only have about 1300 points of my main army, the other half being I keep getting sidetracked by much more manageable, smaller in scope side projects.

>> No.76929923

Ask me how I know you're a virgin.

>> No.76929937

The presentation is incredible. It's a very stylish game with excellent music. The actual gameplay is serviceable.

>> No.76929939

There was a time when FW was just cool variants of stuff and they sucked at writing rules. But you are very much for what it is nowadays.

>> No.76929943

Well it's a pretty good assumption given that we're on 4chan

>> No.76929949

I dont get why everyone makes fun of virgins, sex isnt all that great

>> No.76929956

much like any other hobby the enjoyment largely depends on people you share it with

>> No.76929961

sour grapes bullshit, FW has always been as hopeless as the rest of GW

>> No.76929962

Maybe not, but the cuddling and physical closeness sure is.

>> No.76929967

This is the last dude I finished before I lost all motivation do do anytbing else

>> No.76929968

Design-wise he's perfect but I'd prefer some proportion tweaking. I'm worried that they'll fuck it up but Jain Zar turned out good so hopefully they won't mess with it much

>> No.76929972

Surprisingly good takes from a bunch of incels on a portugese fishing forum

>> No.76929977

It's a thing you do in private with someone you care about.
I don't know why that makes it good, but it is.

>> No.76929981

I don't know about you, but I'm god damn starved of physical contact at this point.

>> No.76929982

Ok, Zhang

>> No.76929984

nah, filling my woman satisfies my most primal urges once a week

>> No.76929997

The older I get the more I've realized that is truly the best perk of them all. I mean after getting my cock gobbled. Dating in the USA since March has been fucking awful

>> No.76930014

GW hate them, especially Goto, and this bleeds into the wider fandom. Eldar are generally written to be enormous douchebags who hype themselves up but then get their asses kicked in the most pathetic ways possible. They're the whipping boys of 40k, and never win anything, always losing worse than their enemies despite having less to spare then said enemies. Despite this, they remain supremely arrogant bastards who are incapable of self-reflection. None of them are likable, sympathetic, or well written; all of them, except maybe Eldrad, are flat characters who all share the exact same personality and mindset. So yeah, they're basically every unlikable elven stereotype turned up to the point of grimderp parody, except they can't even backup their arrogance with badassery. They're also the targets of weird guro and torture fetishism, which makes people hate them even more.

>> No.76930018

>This pleases him.

>> No.76930026

>Dating in the USA since March has been fucking awful
Weirdly, it's been an improvement for me. I'm seriously lacking in friends but still enjoy going out. So I go out alone to events happening downtown, which are still happening but with COVID rules in place.
If the usual hangs are clubs and bars, then those are all closed. And I know there's lots more women active on dating apps. And I didn't know what the clubs/bars were, but I know the dating apps.

If I'm going to an event, getting a date for that event is much easier now.
Still no gf but I feel like I'm getting better at having a conversation and being myself.

>> No.76930031

Shouldn't all that at least be somewhat offset by the fact that they are prime fetish material?

>> No.76930050

>Shouldn't all that at least be somewhat offset by the fact that they are prime fetish material?
It should, but this is /tg/, and /tg/ hates smut, especially in 40k (unless its sickfuck to the point of being revolting instead of titillating; see daemonculaba, ratmothers, vitaewombs, birthing servitors, etc.). Also, GW hates elf/human shit so much that they made the Eldar genetically compatible with nearly everything (including weird shit like snakes, rocks, and giant amoebas), except humans as a fuck you to that trope.

>> No.76930055 [DELETED] 

Maybe its my area then. I've managed a few hookups since ending a relationship in June but I live in a very rural area so there aren't events to go to even in the before times. I can see a pretty big dating boom when this is all over though.

>> No.76930064

>I'm getting better at having a conversation and being myself.
either that or women lowered their standards until the damn thing blows over

>> No.76930070

Anything you'd recommend?

>> No.76930077

Dranon's Delight is a classic

>> No.76930079

Maybe, but I already got plenty of attention from gay men. That hasn't changed.
I think I look okay, but I have no idea what I'm doing or how to express myself.

>> No.76930082

> Scotland
Thats not how one spells "Wales"

>> No.76930085

it is in Wales

>> No.76930094

I dislike them because of a lack of auxiliaries.

>> No.76930097

Yeah, that's normal, they can subconsciously notice you play Space Marines.

>> No.76930098

Not on /tg/.

>> No.76930109

>>76926330 #
>>76926435 #
Thank you battle brothers!

>>76926972 #
They really are the best.

>>76927066 #
I am so terribly sorry, I will do the proofreading more thoroughly next time. And I love you to. Battle brother.

Thank you to all here in these threads. You are all my battle brothers.

>> No.76930111

The harlequin pic is superior.

>> No.76930115

I think the only heterosexual armies in 40k are SoBs and deldar, but then you're either a coomer and/or a bona fide pervert.

>> No.76930117 [SPOILER] 

You like the new tau?

>> No.76930119

I got a few.

>‘Malvian Craw,’ he said, holding out his hand to the aeldari. She looked down, staring at his hand for a moment with the usual unnerving focus and gravity he'd come to associate with her, a tight frown on her alluring face, then back up at Malvian.

>‘Feuran,’ she said, but did not take his hand.

>A third drop pod hit the ground, the doors thrown open as a Dreadnought barreled forth, each footfall shaking the ground. Then a fourth landed just a couple of dozen yards away, and another squad of Ultramarines poured out to join the battle. The last to depart the pod was a sergeant. His armor was gleaming and decorated with gold filigree over the pauldrons and chestplate, and his helmet was painted red. He carried a bolt pistol in one hand and a chugging chainsword in the other, and he stopped and stared directly at Malvian.

>Malvian shot to his feet as the Space Marine approached and snapped off a salute. ‘Sir,’ he said eagerly, staring up at the giant imposing figure. ‘Sergeant Craw of the 613th. This is…’

>> No.76930124

Do your best Orlock-chan!

>> No.76930127


>The Adeptus Astartes sergeant raised his chainsword and sunk it deep into Feuran's side. It was not a quick or clean death, the sergeant almost lazily pulling the monomolecularly blade through her as if to draw out her torment. The rest of the world was drowned out by the roar of chainsword carving flesh and Faeran's screams, and in the damning silence that followed, Feuran’s two halves toppled sideways onto the grass.

>The Space Marine raised a hand to his helm. ‘Push back the xenos filth,’ he said into his vox. ‘No quarter; give them only suffering and death.’ The sergeant lingered for a few moments longer. ‘Pick up your weapon and join the fight, Guardsman.’ With that, he turned and strode away towards the forest where his brothers were attacking the greenskins.

>Malvian watched the sergeant go, then dropped to his knees beside Feuran’s corpse. All relief at being saved from the greenskins had vanished. His hands were trembling, not with fear, but with anger and grief. She was a xenos, true, but not like the orks. Nothing like the orks. She hadn’t deserved such an ignoble end.

>‘I’m sorry,’ he said, the tremble in his hands reaching his voice as well. ‘Thank you,’ he added, realizing he hadn’t told her before, ‘for saving my life.’

>> No.76930128


>> No.76930131

This is why the Emperor teaches you to fuck other humans.

>> No.76930133

>The witchling's eyes opened wider and she began to scream when the profane artifact touched her skin. It was the scream of a newborn being tortured to death. It was the scream of a child over dead parents. It was a scream of such horror and revulsion as to deny sanity. For one instant, the inquisitor allowed a smile to grace his scared face. He knew to the Exodite witchling that there was no greater pain than this. He crushed the feeling of ecstasy with the cold fury and disgust that had sustained him from his first agonizing memories of childhood all the way through thousands of campaigns and thankless conflict. Servants of the Emperor should have no love save to the Emperor, no happiness save to the Emperor, and no loyalty save to the Emperor. All else was either meaningless or to be scorned.

>The xeno youngling didn’t stop to breathe as she screamed, blood pouring from her eyes and nose, and she did not stop screaming for a very long time. Her head finally exploded like a seismic grenade. Partially crystallized brain matter and neural fluid erupting in a fountain of gore. A blastwave of released psychic energy fading to nothing as it struck against the inquisitor's null aura, covering the inquisitor’s face with the remains of her. The witch's body sagged in the restraints. The inquisitor breathed out a shuddering sigh as he plucked an eyeball from his cheek, and gently brushed the xeno's lower jaw, only held on by strands of flesh and muscle, with his non-mechanical hand. So sweet, yet so short. He wondered if the other prisoners' screams would be as succulent when exposed to the Slaaneshi artifact.

>> No.76930138

Reminder to report and not respond to bait.

>> No.76930139

bifag and I play necrons. Why yes I would fuck a big dicked necron futa phaeronfu

>> No.76930148

Been a long time since I’ve been on /tg. What happened to the 40k mega? I can’t seem to get the file.org link to work

>> No.76930150


>> No.76930151

>retard filter working as intended
It's astonishing how well it works.

>> No.76930170

Thanks for the ali express tip.
It has a ton of model stuff, no 40k stuff though aside from a random hero you find that is labelled so far from what it actually is I think they outsource links of them...

>clear acrylic 32mm bases for 10% the cost of other suppliers


>> No.76930180

Usually in 40k, grimdark just means being really retarded and choosing the worse options possible, usually out of hate. Like the death watch sergeant killing Eldrad and disrupting a ritual that would have killed Slanesh, saying at the end that he'd rather see humanity eradicated by chaos than tolerate a shared victory with xenos. Or ALL the nobility purposefully starving their citizenry and inciting violence, forcing citizens to work 20/24 hours, and hurting their planet's productivity and the general war effort, all because they enjoy the suffering of their subjects. Or how most guard regiments are so horrible that they basically use Napoleonic tactics, and bad one at that (even generals in Napoleon's time used bayonet charges more sparingly than guys like Chenkov). That's the sort of grimdark that describes most of 40k. Or just the small insanities like the Imperium always having to stop their citizens from executing their own infants for being heretics because babies don't have religion and how you're always guilty, even when found innocent, and all crimes in the Imperium either get you servitor'd or publicly tortured to death. The tau are grimdark in subtle ways, their rationalism leading them to dystopia, but we don't want that; we want people shooting themselves in the head

>> No.76930187

Is it a bad paint job or a bad model?

>> No.76930188

2k+21 just finished assembling the first model of a new army, drilling barrels is really satisfying.
Anyone I need some help on picking colors.
I want to do these guys as a renegade faction aligned with slaanesh, I'm going to play them with flawless host rules until I can get a solid grip of noise marines then switch to emporers childern.

I already have a main armor color picked out. Vallejo warlord purple air brushed over a black basecoat zenithaled with a gray then a light zenithal spray of squid pink to highlight. Then maybe a thinned wash of druchi violet.

But I'm curious if I should do a dark bronze trim like citadels warplock bronze, black, or gun metal.

>> No.76930195


>> No.76930197

it's GW so 50/50 chance for either.

>> No.76930199

the commoragh one looks fucked up probably can take a hard dicking

>> No.76930205


>> No.76930211

You an just shave the cheeks down and greenstuff it... I did this with just a file... And a model knife, but mostly scraped with it.

>> No.76930215

Have you read the VN Fuck Party? A bunch of teenagers get trapped in a haunted school where sex is more common than subatomic particles. The main game has a good number of surreal sex scenes but the wrong ends are the real deal. For example, the main route has a 17 year old prettyboy pretend to be a 14 year old girls' older brother by holding her up and drinking all her urine when they failed to find a toilet. In the wrong ends, the said 17 year old prettyboy gets to rape said 14 year old.

>> No.76930222

Backdoor Sluts 9

>> No.76930236

BACKDOOR SLUTS 9!!!! that's way beyond smut, that's filth

>> No.76930245

There'd be a small wall around London and the rest of the nation would be the sheep fuckers.

In London, they run groom gangs like civilised people, thank you.

>> No.76930250

Well then.

>> No.76930254

Avoid metals at all cost on chaos marines. The trim isn't clean enough to make it look fair without going full thin brush in the corners.

Besides the trim being metal makes them look raggedy and 'repaired'... If you get my drift. If the trim is colored then it looks like they took the time to celebrate the other metal from rust... With their faction colors.

If you have some sort of weird multicolor thing going on to make a alpha legion layering like I think you are. Maybe a test model with a good pairing color to pop the trim. Pink/Purple looks lovely with a good red IMO.

>> No.76930255

No. But they also haven't changed size.

They've just started suggesting a minimum size.

>> No.76930256

so it IS a bad model

>> No.76930265

>Hates smut
Your newfag is showing

>> No.76930266


Imagine being the Imperium and having your ass kicked by literal retards.

>> No.76930268

Wazdakka solo'd one on his warbike if that counts.

>> No.76930277

I envy the fact how many sellers are in the us and it's so easy to get miniatures at a cheap price.
I have to pay almost fucking 30 bucks for shipping and wait a whole month to get them.
The only good thing is that there's a lot of 3d printer guys that focus on miniature gaming, so it's not terrible.

>> No.76930280

You tell me

>> No.76930281

Haven't had a game in months.

>> No.76930287

I've refined that a bit since then btw.

Yes the model needs fixing. If the dips can naturall shadow what paint should accomplish alone...

My bet is that it looked good as a 3d model. Didn't come out the way he wanted...

>> No.76930295

WIP btw
waited and lost interest because the next parts are hardest and I need better tools, might just lighter a sharp blade to do eyes

>> No.76930300

In blood quest 4 (?) blood angels blow up a daemonic reaver with melta bombs.

>> No.76930302

By riding his bike off a cliff and right into the titan's bridge no less, also the titan's voids were still up.

>> No.76930307

For the love of all the gods, clean your keyboard.

>> No.76930319

Its covered in plastic from that model.
We've had this talk before.

>> No.76930325

Work on your Death Guard, my brother. We have once again been shafted. Kabalites went up to 8 points and wyches went to 10.

>> No.76930372

Captain Lysander

>Taking command of this new squad Captain Lysander and his retinue teleported to the bridge of his flagship, where the captain retrieved a single Vortex grenade. Commending their souls to the Emperor they teleported back down to the planet, emerging into the material realm within the void shields of one of the Chaos Titans. As it approached Lysander threw the vortex grenade, which disabled the Titan and created a hole within the massive machine. With this opening formed, the "Titanhammer" squad went inside the large machine and used their thunder hammers to destroy the Titan from within. This action was repeated with the other Chaos Titans, resulting in the destruction of the entire renegade Legio.


>> No.76930412

>tfw no strongchub ganger gf

>> No.76930419

Will I get bullied if I reuse my Battletech stuff and show up with a cardboard standup army at my LFGS?

>> No.76930422

To add to this, titans have been vunerable to infantry that manage to get close and assault and/or board them since like forever, just like most vehicles. Which is why they should always be supported by other forces to prevent this, like the dedicated Secutarii.

>> No.76930428

I have found a tactical squad with a sergeant & missile launcher from 2004. I have utterly no knowledge of manlet's strengths and weaknesses.

maybe i'll just get 500 points of them for shits and giggles. How would you lads go about doing that, if you were me? Manlets, running as Ultrasmurfs....

>> No.76930429

>Will I get bullied
In a perfect world, yes.

>> No.76930446

you dont run 500 point games unless you have options like a 150 point force to pick from

you will get destroyed if you "play everything" unless you planned the army carefully.. own 2000 points, play 1500 of it... thats how it is

>> No.76930451

>3 levis
I guess it's not as bad since they've been nerfed

>> No.76930473

>what is combat patrol

>> No.76930482

Redshirt pls go

>> No.76930488

post lads or no balls

>> No.76930493

Last game before lockdowns started again was a Crusade game. Lone Flychad tanked an Overlord, oneshot him with the Mace then tanked 9 Warriors. God what a chad

>> No.76930496

Forgot pic like the dumbass I am

>> No.76930505

stinky boi

>> No.76930513

blessed with nurgly strength

>> No.76930531

Reposting batrep I did a while back. I futzed up one rule (Cloud of Flies after termies deepstriked, can't do that actually).
Might do one again, it was kinda fun.

>> No.76930544

You just need to get your priorities straight. I'm not a good painter, I've only become a somewhat average painter since getting into the hobby last year and I think that will be my best. But I take more pride in being able to bang out a decent paint job in a short amount of time than spending hours on a single model.

>> No.76930546

Which primarch would you most want to chill and have a beer with? Jaghatai for me

>> No.76930549

One of the Lost Primarchs has.

>> No.76930567

excuse the poverty pc

>> No.76930571

How do I resist buying into Orks? I know they are ugly green men with shitty ancient models but they are just so fun

i just wanna waaaaagh bros

>> No.76930579


>> No.76930586

buy the new sigmar orks and convert them to have guns

if you go to a maker of such details, you could theme their weapons to be fun

or do what someone else I know did, get a bunch of plastic M4's, AK47's etc and strap them together ripley aliens style and make it look orky

>> No.76930594

Is that Mage Knight terrain?

>> No.76930600

sounds pretty based desu ill consider it

>> No.76930605

https://warpfireminis.com/1-x-savage-orruks-morboys-arrowboys-nib/ have a website that's 20% off

Or if you're lucky and live near the source.
>wont ship to the USA

>> No.76930611

What would you even reuse from battletech if you're using a cardboard standie army, the two D6's?

>> No.76930641

I used to think that fly head was the worst one in the kit but over time it really grew on me. Ended up throwing it on a termie lord myself.

>> No.76930648

That's a Daemon Prince

>> No.76930651

Painting crusaders right now

>> No.76930660

I will never field an army that uses them, but god do I love the crusaders models, I've considered buying some just to paint and put on my shelf

>> No.76930676 [DELETED] 

Sort of. It's like a cross between 7/11 and ebay, if instead of pies in the warmer chinese peasants left gutter oil soup bowls in there. So wish writ large.

>> No.76930678

Gal Vorbak to my wordbearers (will use them as possessed in 40k games)

>> No.76930681

When doing a rhino or a land raider for the Death Guard, do you think I should try and greenstuff some extra gross shit onto it to make it a little more in-line with the modern DG model range or just rely on the paint job to really dirty it up?

>> No.76930684

nice, what kits did you use to make these?

>> No.76930687

fuck, i wish they werent so expensive cos id totally do the same thing

were they in decent condition? ive never worked with FW resin

>> No.76930688

Dark Apostle, still have some fixing up to do

>> No.76930689

Are those stormcast with skitarri heads?

Been looking for a crusader conversion idea.

>> No.76930694

Cool, that's a grisly skin tabard he is wearing.

>> No.76930695

Yes. It's just a bigger version of wish. You'll get something, probably, but it'll look like what you ordered in the same sense as a pile of vomit looks like dinner.

>> No.76930697


>> No.76930700

actually got them from ebay from a russian recaster. Cost me like 40 bucks for models and shipment, great quality as well

>> No.76930702

how come 30k possessed can use guns but 40k ones can't

>> No.76930706

Is there a way to make handflame look less dumb? I really want to, but christ. It's not like there are translucent paints or something to make 3d look less 3d.

>> No.76930715

Looks like it. Dude on the right has a scion head.

>> No.76930721

Because all regular possessed are just shitty bootleg Gal Vorbak.

>> No.76930723

Have a game scheduled for the 20th. Haven't played in a month, so it's gonna be nice. Probably gonna be my Deathwatch vs my friends Necrons at 1500 points.

>> No.76930727

is this the old archon?

>> No.76930729

correct. Pisses me off that the regular possessed kit is so damn ugly, the only thing worth having from that kit is the winged backpack

>> No.76930733

A friend tentacled up his rhino a lot, even put the gunner in a sideplate getting squeezed. No pics though.

>> No.76930736

the regular possessed look like something straight out of a 1992 metal blister pack

>> No.76930738

It's a Visarch body with old archon bits.

>> No.76930740

the arms (outside of the weird fire one) are perfectly serviceable for sticking on to other CSM bodies

>> No.76930747

The plastic bases

>> No.76930749

ah, i thought i saw the visarch. i might get that kit to convert him and Yvraine

>> No.76930758

I just got Yvraine myself to convert into a Lahmian Vampire. Gorgeous kit with proper female proportions.

>> No.76930770

now that lelith is shit, how long do you reckon till we get a new kit that doesnt suck

man deldar really are the tomb kings of 40k

>> No.76930780

10 years? But who the fuck knows how far GW design will have fallen by then. I say cut your losses now and get the good shit while it's available.

>> No.76930788

So you consider incubi and Drazhar to be shit too then? 2/3 aint bad odds otherwise.

>> No.76930790


>> No.76930799

also, does anyone have any advice for loadout/unit size for dark eldar models and stuff?

>> No.76930800

My living saint was coming along but then had a fall and needs some fixing.

>> No.76930801

>dark eldar replaced by SETTRA
>no models but Settra
>entire codex is just war gear and stat options

>> No.76930807

Stormcasts sequitors with skittari heads, one scion for variety. The shields are a bitch to carve up.

>> No.76930813

I'm really torn on Drazhar. Never actually seen the model in front of me and I wonder how he looks without that large tactical rock. What do you reckon?

>> No.76930827


>> No.76930835

Most models end up looking better in person. Personally, I don't think I've ever seen one that looked better in a pic.

>> No.76930847


>> No.76930852

I do love that every recaster I've seen sells that on its own
I do have a soft spot for a lot of the torsos and heads from that kit as well, but it's pretty hit or miss

>> No.76930864

Wtf what?

>> No.76930879

From the most recent game i have pics of, just befors christmas. Lockdowns are poo

>> No.76930887


>> No.76930893

Eisenhorn takes down one.

>> No.76930912

Interesting choice to use nids for a living saint

>> No.76930930

Well of course.
They are His angels after all. Saviours sent by the 4 armed Emperor.

It's only natural that the Resurected Martyr of Calth, Old One Eye is a living saint.

>> No.76930935

These seem like good vostroyan or stormtrooper proxies, and only 35 burgerbucks for 24 plastic models.

>> No.76930940

By releasing an unbound deamon, which does it.

>> No.76931057

Is the food on craftworlds nice?

>> No.76931065

Good, but purposely not TOO good.

>> No.76931075

Same here, minus the homo part (find Jesus, anon).

>> No.76931103

Rate me 2k list:
patrol ( prophits)
3 talos 330
Heam. Injector, flamer, vexator mask, whip 80
9 wracks, electro whip 75
10 wracks, electro whip 85

4 Grotesque 160
raider, cannon 90
8 scorges, blaster, sword 121
8 scorges, blaster, sword 121

patrol ( prophits)
raider, cannon 90
10 wracks, electro whip 85
10 wracks, electro whip 85
Urien 100
8 scorges, blaster, sword 121

patrol ( red grife)
5 wyches, powe sword,1 shardnet 65
succbus, blast pistol, blood glave 60

12 revers, 3 blasters, sword 165
12 revers, 3 blasters, sword 165

>> No.76931109

How can you tell that they are recast?

>> No.76931111

there a fiction about a Valkyrie captain dropping off marines to blow up a gargant titan and he pisses himself trying to fly out of there.

Forced myself to bring all my grey Slaanesh models to my work table, 40 models left till its all done.

>> No.76931121

A rotary tool with a sanding head would probably make cleaning the shields pretty easy.

>> No.76931136

any close ups of the marines, looks like a pretty based colour scheme, strangely nostalgic

>> No.76931138

Is it bad i find eldar woman attractive?

like there is very few things in the 40k universe actually designed to be attractive and good looking,

>> No.76931144

Because no one is retarded enough to spend $366 on three legit Leviathan Dreadnoughts.

>> No.76931151

They're space elves. They're supposed to be weirdly attractive.

>> No.76931166

Jesus, FW is a giant ripoff

>> No.76931179

Sure is.

>> No.76931182

No separate lord of contagion model
new lord of virulence model
I'm guessing GW is going to make the lord of virulence good so that no one will bother taking the lord of contagion
at least it's got a ranged weapon.

>> No.76931185

Has anyone here had success casting weapons with blue stuff?

>> No.76931190

more of this

>> No.76931197

>emerging into the material realm within the void shields of one of the Chaos Titans
I'm pretty sure every other piece of lore mentiones how you can't teleport within voidshields and their need to be taken down before you can do that

>> No.76931198

yes, I have. What do you want to know?

>> No.76931224

tfw no black eyed 8 foot tall slender Eldar gf to call me a monkeigh primitive

>> No.76931235

Does it work well enough?
What do you think you can cast with it?
Is expecting heavy weapons to work too much to ask for?

>> No.76931246

I thought the guy with the bell on top was a LoC

>> No.76931266

Noxious Blightbringer apparently. At least that's what comes up when I search "Death Guard Bell Guy".
Also doesn't look like that got a separate release either.

>> No.76931270

yes. My advise is that, intead of just putting a ball of greenstuff in the middle and pressing, you take little bits of it and push it into the detail first so it get's into al the nooks and cranies before presing a larger piece to fill it. Same thing when you are making the blue stuff mould.

It also helps if you leave gates like what FW resin parts have to let the excess greenstuff come out through there and not create musive mould lines.
Milliput also forks better than greenstuff in my experience but that might just be preference

>> No.76931272

As soon as he heard one of his comrades scream “SQUAD BROKEN!", Eduardo the Space Marine knew that he was doomed. He charged forth in a panic, firing his plasma gun wildly into the air. Somehow the orks had surrounded them! Eduardo’s teammates ran shrieking into the depths of the abandoned tanker, the grunting lustful orks in swift pursuit. Soon Eduardo was alone.

The brawny Space Marine collapsed against a wall, panting raggedly. His plasma gun had nearly overheated, and his com units were malfunctioning. No use even if they worked. By now, his whole squad was surely dead.

Lost in his thoughts, Eduardo did not hear the ork creeping up on him. Stunned by a blow to the head, Eduardo was thrown violently to the floor. The ork grunted in amusement, bending down and straddling his body. Dazed, Eduardo turned his head to look up at his enemy. The ork fellow was huge, well muscled and even attractive for his species. Right now the ork’s vibrant green skin was flushing dark in arousal. Eduardo whimpered as he realized what was about to happen.

Summoning up his powers as a Blood Angel, Eduardo bellowed in the Black Rage and began to flail about under the ork. The ork simply grunting, riding the panicked Space Marine like a rodeo bull. Already weakened, Eduardo simply did not have the strength to dislodge the much heavier ork.

All that thrashing around served to arouse the ork further. His name was Gurk, and the friction as the puny Marine flopped around between his muscular thighs was giving him quite a respectable hard-on. Gurk had meant to save the Marine for his own squad, but he couldn’t wait any longer. Whipping out his own plasma gun, Gurk seared off the back of the Marine’s armor, leaving his shining buttocks bare to the ork’s lustful gaze.

>> No.76931275


I don't like that pouch of flesh sticking from under his armor like it was a t shirt 3 sizes too small.

>> No.76931279

Eduardo moaned in fear, his virgin asscheeks clapping firmly together to deny the ork entrance. Gurk simply laughed, ripping off his crude orkish loincloth to reveal a thick green meat pole, nearly 12 inches long. The ork stuck one calloused finger down his throat, bringing up a thick vomit slurry which spattered down into the crack of Eduardo’s ass. Smearing the foul vomit around with one brutish paw, Gurk prepared the Space Marine’s tender anus for playtime.

Much to Gurk’s frustration, his cock was simply too large to fit inside Eduardo’s tight man cunt. He grunted furiously, screaming “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" in his deep orkish voice as he battered his fuckmeat against Eduardo’s tightly sealed pleasure ring. Suddenly the Space Marine’s portal gave way, and the swollen head of Gurk’s cock popped through into the forbidden halls of his anus. Gurk’s pleased snort was drowned out by Eduardo’s scream of agony.

The ork began to pump away in earnest, his bulging muscular hips and thighs slamming brutally against Eduardo’s ass. His heavy, furry balls slapped against the human’s ass merrily, creating a calypso that pleased Gurk mightily. Blood, a thin smear of feces, and Gurk’s own oily yellow pre-cum lubricated Eduardo’s asshole until it was as hot and slippery as Gurk’s own mother’s cunt.

Poor Eduardo was swiftly going into shock from the pain. His mind growing dim, he screamed “SQUAD BROKEN! SQUAD BROKEN!" over and over as the ork thrust brutally into his bruised insides. The ork’s massive cock had caused a large degree of internal damage, and Eduardo was close to passing out from blood loss and fear. If his squad didn’t find him soon, Eduardo knew that he would soon die. His poor plasma gun discharged into the floor one final time, overheating from a mix of pleasure and agonizing pain.

>> No.76931284

Why does deathguard have more characters than non-character units
Makes no sense

>> No.76931285

That depends on your effort and material. I'd suggest buying some two component resin as casting material to achieve proper stiffness. Green Stuff also works in a pinch, but the result will be more flimsy.

The Blue Stuff is easy to handle, just throw it into hot water for a couple of minutes and you're ready to go. Building a frame out of Legos does help with getting a nice and flush separation down the middle of the weapon, but you can always just push the two halves together firmly and go from there - don't forget to use toothpicks or something similar to lay a canal where you can pour the resin in later.

>> No.76931288


I think that got bundled with some other DI models. Not that I like the model or would I get one.

>> No.76931290

The Space Marine had been a good fuck for Gurk, but he needed something special to truly finish. Gurk’s heavy balls drew up close to his body, and he felt himself tensing, about to cum. As Gurk’s thick semen roiled up out of his cock and into Eduardo’s battered body, the ork slammed his powerful hands shut around the Marine’s neck. With a vicious jerk up and back, the ork crushed the Marine’s windpipe and vertebrae, swiftly ending his life. Eduardo’s anus clamped shut around Gurk’s cock, the painful tightness almost causing the ork to pass out.

Gurk roared out as he climaxed in the dead Marine, his beautiful green cock pumping load after load of thick ork jizzum into Eduardo’s lower intestine. The ork pulled out as Eduardo’s anus slowly relaxed, releasing Gurk’s cock with a wet sucking sound. Gurk used the sleeve of the Marine’s uniform to wipe the thick scum of blood, shit and cum from his swiftly withering ork meat. With a satisfied grunt, Gurk walked slowly away from the Marine.

Eduardo’s corpse lay cooling on the floor of the tanker, the charred remnants of his uniform stained dark with the foul fluids of both the ork and himself.

Squad broken.

>> No.76931292

It's getting a release with the vomit guy and power fist champion, it's in the Sunday Preview article.

>> No.76931300


>> No.76931332

I did not know that. I don't pay attention to the DG stuff to be honest.
Good that some of the DG character models are getting a release, even if it is a character bundle, since box set locked characters is a shitty practice.

>> No.76931333

Deathguard have the same problem that Blades of Khorne have in AOS - so many good hero units that it's very difficult to not go overboard and take too many.

>> No.76931334

It's been very common in recent armies. I guess that characters are easier to produce compared to full kits.

>> No.76931336


>> No.76931346

>your basic searching skill are worst than my grandpa with dementia

>> No.76931382

If the LoC doesn't get an ability related to Contagions I'm gonna lol
Also people were literally giving him away for free because he was in each starter and his datasheet was trash.

>> No.76931387

Sure anon, thanks that is what i was going for

>> No.76931403

I love how gw absolutley price gouges forigners and they still lap up the products

>> No.76931414

Also here are my primaris which were in the battle

>> No.76931425

Much bigger profit margins

>> No.76931431

Does 5++ matter a lot for units with 2+ save? You would be rolling 5+ anyway for plasma equivalent

>> No.76931433

No one buys legit FW.

>> No.76931438

I need power swords/axes (with hand attached) in bulk. Can anybody recommend me a 3rd party? Bigger the better, sizewise

>> No.76931441

It only matters if you go up against ap-4 so how useful it'll be will entirely depend upon what army you're playing against.

>> No.76931444

People by legit gw plastics though and outside of the uk theyre extremely expensive

>> No.76931453

Not if you know were to look.

>> No.76931455

Bits of war (kromlech)
Anvil industries

>> No.76931457

I only know one guy from my local FLGS who has legit FW. Everyone else has "I dunno I bought it on eBay".
And before you ask, the one FW fag is also a Taufag. He was not happy when his flamer riptide got nerfed.

>> No.76931458

probably in melee against -4AP weapons, but for 2+ save units, it's the -1AP you should fear, it halves the effective wounds total.
I bought alpharius, armillus dynat, AL contemptor, blood slaughterer, rapier battery and mk3 command set...

>> No.76931464

I know recasters exist anon, doesnt mean people dont buy gw plastics

>> No.76931471

Why are they cheaper here in based blighty?

>> No.76931472

> Got ahold of some Deathwatch stuff a while back
> Built them based on what I thought looked cool and would be fun to paint, not what might be "good" in the current ruleset

I want to turn them into a small army (basically get them to 1,000 points), here is what I currently have:

> Watch Master
130 points

> 10x Veterans,
Sergeant with Storm Shield and Xenophase Blade
3X Veterans with Boltguns and Power Swords
2X Veterans with Infernus Heavy Bolters
2X Veterans with Deathwatch Frag Cannons
2X Veterans with Heavy Thunder Hammers
309 Points

> Aggressor Squad
Boltstorm Gauntlets and Fragstorm Grenade Launchers
135 Points

> Rhino
Hunter Killer and two Storm Bolters
90 Points

Grand Total - 664 Points

If I wanted to get them to 1,000 points using solely Firstborn Marines (except for the Aggressors) where should I go from here? I think another squad of Veterans (so I can not have all of my special/heavy weapons in a single squad) and a Rhino seem like the most sensible option, but what does /40kg/ think?

I'm tempted to add a Drop Pod since I haven't actually used one since 7th Edition (and ten more veterans in a pod would bring me to 964 points, so I could add some Wargear).

Or, I could bring a Dreadnought and a Librarian, so I wouldn't be missing out on a Psychic phase. I don't know.

>> No.76931475

he meant they aren't extremely expensive if you know where to look. I'm from germany and i order from england and get 20% discount on british prices.

>> No.76931481

Plastic moulds in todays day and age are cheap as ball. Still not cheaper tha resin, but cheap enough for some guy in a garage to have one.
Add to that that each new character is priced as if it was some regular kit with multiple models.
You get the perfect storm for corporate to spam characters

>> No.76931483

We make them here, they're significantly cheaper

>> No.76931486

Retailers are also a thing.

>> No.76931487

Is there any tutorial to convert a repulsor to a vehicle with tracks? I could get one for cheap but it's ugly and i want to use it for CSM proxy, but it looks way too ugly

>> No.76931488

because the factory is en england and they can't use "shipping" as an excuse to price hike.

>> No.76931490

GW just uses very unfavourable exchange rates lol

>> No.76931494

GW plastics I buy because plastic is way better than resin; FW resins I go for recast because FW ones are both expensive and shit quality

>> No.76931504

That just proves my point
We have retailers in the uk too that do 20% off uninflated gw price

>> No.76931511

So putting together some Warriors from indomitus

Are these guys considered an ETB kit? Because I'm not a fan of being forced to put the gun/support arm on the model before the chest and locking everything in. I hate having a mini with the chest covered when painting. The guide holes are nice I suppose

>> No.76931513

Did a little work on some terrain today.

>> No.76931517

yeah and most of those people (that I know personally) do it only because they have massive impulse control issues and don't wanna wait for recasts
with forgeworld they'd have to wait regardless, so they don't have any - they won't even get things that are normal GW fare they have to order in to the store

>> No.76931522

South America shipping alone can be like 1/3 of the price add taxes and other dumb cost like imports and storage (yes some times the mail charges for their own shit logistics) and you can end with 100% extra.
So piracy, black market and contraband is still rather common.

>> No.76931526

They are push-fit, but the guns sit far enough from the chest.

>> No.76931545

I mean... Ap-4 is not exactly rare between melta weapons, hellblasters or any marine plasma weapon in their specific doctrine.

>> No.76931546

Now I have flashback to the bad dragon terrain

>> No.76931566

Very cool

>> No.76931585

Dont forget cover giving you a 1+ save meaning that you need ap-5 to make the invul matter.

>> No.76931586

I had some of that old GW alien plants terrain, but I gave it away as part of a secret santa I was in for Christmas.

I kinda wish I had bought a bunch of it when it was available, because it would have been a nice change of pace playing on a table covered with vicious carnivorous plants instead of the usual "ruins, ruins, and more ruins" tables that I usually play on.

>> No.76931641 [SPOILER] 

It’s supposed to provoke discomfort, so excellent i guess!


Bummer, I’ve actually been trying to do up an entire table of Tyranid terrain (or at least jungly) which matches my army as a side project, as I share the same sentiment.

>> No.76931655

New bread on page 5 cuz OP a faget

>> No.76931657

The word bearers omnibus has Koripheus and some terminators take out an imperator (?) titan

>> No.76931686

Probably arent gonna be hiding your termies in cover that much though

>> No.76931695

Gonna need more terrain there bud.

>> No.76931704

Well theyre wasted outside of combat

>> No.76931716

If your and your opponent's units are consistently fighting outside of cover you need more terrain.

>> No.76931738

>the entire map must be terrain

>> No.76931752

Half =//= all of the board
You should be able to leapfrog between terrain.

>> No.76931814

This is the correct answer

>> No.76931851

unironically yes
fuck vehiclefags, cityfight life

>> No.76932217


>> No.76932482

Defintely needs another squad of vets. One of the common mistakes I see people do when making their kill-teams, is to have a mix of everything in them. You kinda want to give each team a focus on what to be good against. So If you have a team with lots of heavy/special weapons that wants to be at range, don't take heavy thunder hammers in that squad.

A Dreadnaught isn't a bad choice either.

>> No.76933841

and the mad bastard still has the flaming skulls of the bridge crew on his bike to this day

>> No.76935652

>fuck stealing

Heh, so staying on topic - how do I find a decent Russian/Ukrainian recaster? I don't expect anyone to give me their email, but where do I start even?
inb4 redshirt - you have to be retarded to think geedubs have ANY pull in Russia, ffs

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