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Are your elves slutty? Why or why not?

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Nigger'd, why are u spamming this thread?

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Elves are a myth, a old legend many do not take stock in because they are commonly dismissed as another magical entity that does little good for those few that come into contact with them.

Half-Elves, on the other hand, have a innate ability to influence those around them in a positive matter (for them), which makes them often persecuted by the fearful and superstitious.

Doesn't help that succubus/incubus take on half-elven identities to mask their soulsucking/lovemaking nature.

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no because im not a coomer who needs to erp with other fat nerds

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NO elf = best elf

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They are slutty and brown , as all elven females should be.

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Also, you don't play.

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Elves are human+, so elf women are human women but better in every way. They're often depicted as sluts due to a misunderstanding relating to their insanely high libido's, which come with an even stronger pairbonding instinct. If an elf gets on her knees and starts sucking your dick she's not being a slut. Quite the contrary, she's effectively proposing.

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Elves don't have high libido.
Weebtard get out.

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When an elf is in love with a man she'll spend hours schlicking over him and nothing would make her feel more fulfilled than the pleasure of being cummed inside by the one she loves, then basking in the afterglow while exchanging kisses and sweet nothings.

Change my mind.

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Here is how I change your mind: you don't play, don't read any fantasy and you don't like elves

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>Naturally able to influence people positively
>Because of this, have a negative reputation
>They cancel each other out and you're just a dude

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Not an argument.

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>Change my mind
Why? You're objectively correct and based.

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Cite sources from lore and established settings.

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>Cite sources
It was revealed to me in a dream.

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It depends on the individual, since elven savages venerate nature, and encourage giving into your baser instincts and doing what you feel like whenever you want. Most would probably sooner rip your throat out and drive you out of their land or use you for ritual ingredients rather than fuck you, but who knows.

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Not an argument.

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Sounds based as fuck, tell me more about your elves anon.

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Obviously, it's a source. A source isn't an argument on its own, but an argument can be backed by sources.

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>weebfaggot with his fat fetish monster girl manga
>trying to lecture anyone on what is or is not a source on actual, genuine fantasy and traditional games

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I don't have any more, I only wrote down a little bit while I was thinking up a setting for fun. I appreciate the interest though.

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>a source on [...] fantasy
This nigga really finna codify fantasy?

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Wait a second, I can see two circles

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No, because they don't have genders or genitals.

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Sure, if that helps against your faggotry.
A fat fetish monster girl manga is not a source on the traditional games board.

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I saw this coming, yet I'm still surprised how stupid you fucks are.
Are you actually going to bring the elves that canonically can only marry once as an argument? Those hyper-monogam, hyper-prude elves that will only have one single partner for their entire, eternal life? Those elves that at best only had three or four couples in which one was a human, sometimes with half-elves even? Are you retarded?

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>Cite sources
Original elves literally bang everything with a pulse.
Cope. Elves being into the equivalent for humans of bestiality is the hardest canon there is.
Elves bang cross species.
Hard stop.

If they do that, what else do they do?

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Seethe harder, faggot. Four couples, of which some are half-elves anyway, that's the best you can bring up? And elves and humans are both creations of Illuvatar, this is not wh40k.
And as I said, Tolkien elves are hard-monogamous. They only have one partner for their entire, long lives.
This topic always attracts the dumbest and most vile idiots. I blame porn and japan.

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That does not contradict what I said. Now go ahead and prove that they don't suck dick. Go right ahead, dig up that appendix that describes elf sexual habits.

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The only one that sucks dick here is you, as this isn't even the argument itself.
You disingenuous little goblin-faggot.

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I do not use elves.

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Yes, they go nuts for green cocks.


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If we combine these two, are elves and goblins perpetually 69ing eachother?

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Elven women are such massive sluts they would fuck the ugliest hook-nosed goblins for fun.

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Cite sources from traditional games settings. Only sources, no headcanon or fanfiction.

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Cite the source.

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Goblin Slayer

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Is about human girls getting raped by goblins, with the occasional elf here and there. None of those enjoy it.
Also that is not a source, you just namedropped a manga/anime/LN.
Yes, we all know, you are just shitposting.

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Actually they crave it, that's why they adventure alone into caves filled with goblins.

Why do you hate the idea of green dudes getting laid with sexy Elven ladies so much? Are you racist or just an insecure Elfcel?

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You posted a human again.
Cite the page from the LN, post a page from the manga, post a screenshot from the anime.
We all know you are just shitposting, but at least put some effort into this.

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Why are you so autistic? Why is the idea of your Elf waifus getting dicked down by some good green cock making you so mad?

Green men need love too.

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Cite the page from the LN, post a page from the manga, post a screenshot from the anime. Otherwise, you will be nothing but a low-effort shitposter or an autist with a retarded obsession.

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Boob looks so ugly. Might as well jerk off to trannies

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Your autism and retardation is legendary Noldorfag. You yourself admitted that your fagging over Elves is because you see them as proxies for white women. And we all know that IRL, many white women race-mix with other races.

In the end, fiction is just a reflection of the real world, and thus Elf women have interracial sex like their real world counterparts. Cope and seethe.

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He was right, you are a low effort shitpost

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Cope and cringe faggot, you are a retarded bitch who gets mad over the idea of interracial sex in your fantasy universe. Kys.

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You brought up Goblin Slayer as an example of elves willingly having intercourse with goblins, yet you do not provide a single citation from the LN, a page from the manga or a screenshot from the anime to prove that. Everyone that has even just a superficial knowledge about that franchise knows you are wrong. Therefore, you are just a low-effort shitposter or an autist that cannot differentiate between fantasy works and porn.
You will never provide anything of worth to this entire board, please remove yourself.

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>taking bait
If I had it my way there wouldn't be any elves in my setting.

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>many white women race-mix with other races.
imagine living in a nation that makes you genuinely believe this

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Why is porn any less relevant? It's all fiction you stupid autist. And porn is a lot more real than some writing in a book by some long dead author. You are an elitist faggot and your fantasy waifus aren't real, cope more.

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It's your setting, you can do whatever you want with it.
Although if someone tells me about his standard D&D-like fantasy setting, but with no elves, it would be a red flag to me.

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Pornbrain please.

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Neck yourself, cumbrain

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My elves are superhuman industrialists and expansionists. They are not lewd as a race and are monogamous outside of decadent outliers. Their cultures depend on the area, of course, since they are only united by a common racial supremacist goal and religion.

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Shit dude. You need to get off the internet and stay off for your own mental health. This is not a normal outlook.

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>Why do you hate the idea of green dudes getting laid with sexy Elven ladies so much? Are you racist or just an insecure Elfcel?
I don't know why, but the brown elf version of this gives me the impression that she has thiccer thighs. Even though I know objectively that it's just a recolor, the tan makes the thighs look thiccer somehow.

Maybe that's one of the reasons why I love pantyhoses.

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>Are your elves slutty? Why or why not?
Due to being highly inspired by Tolkien, Star Trek and 40k they're hedonistic and passionate, but due to their long life spans, low fertility and very long range of attractiveness they tend to be discerning.
To bed an elf you need to be either very interesting, very skilled or very attractive, in that order since physically elves only find the top 2% of non-elves attractive (rather than just decent looking enough to not be disgusted by) to begin with.

There's legit a number of people that managed to get with an elf because their dedication to new forms of painting sculpture or gardening made the elf in question curious enough they decided to get with them, sometimes for years.

Elf marriage is a very tricky thing. It is considered consummated when a child arises from the relationship, with childless couples being de-facto only engaged.

Elves have extremely strong familial bonds and VAST family trees, with extremely powerful webs of obligations controlled by an utterly indecipherable set of strictures that determine filial standing including but not limited to favours given and owed, appointment by higher ranking members, names one succeeds to (an appointed heir for example will assume the name of the appointing person upon their demise or exile, the latter of which is a voluntary if extremely heavily expected form of retirement should use of authority lead to harm of other family members) to and a trillion other things.

It is said that one marries a family. This is doubly true with elves.

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