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New FAQ Edition

The Warhammer 40,000 update – new points, scoring, and FAQs

>Community Painting Competition Winner – December 2020

>Warhammer TV Tip of the Day

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

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>Previous Thread

New points updates have just been dropped, how fucked are you?

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any relevant changes for CSM's?

>> No.76834980

Nothing for Tsons
So still dumpster

>> No.76834989

Had a thought for a conversion army: A dark mechanicus army using Nid models and bits, painted in metallics. Y/N?

pic unrelated, just my first model of 2020

>> No.76834991

Nope. Wait a year for the codex.

>> No.76835011

Mildly irked that Outriders have been bumped up a bit. They were appropriately costed before, but it's not a big deal. Still gotta go fast.

>> No.76835042

how the fuck are you supposed to stay up to date with this game with all these fucking updates. new rulebooks, new codex, chapter approved, faqs, online faqs, codex errata. ENOUGH

theyre plastic fucking models that cost a fortune and take forever to field while not looking like shit and unless you are enough of a fag to magnetize, the shit is permanent how the fuck do you expect aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


>> No.76835048

Not fucked
I will buy some Bullgryns

>> No.76835055

Have they fixed the reanimator yet?

>> No.76835056

they gave them 5ppm that should have gone to erradicators desu

>> No.76835060

>>76834939 Cogboys still meh, could have done with a reduction on the Kastelans

>> No.76835066

>They were appropriately costed before
Uh huh

>> No.76835070

Thoughts on the following:

Rolling off for first turn - winner GOES FIRST, no more choosing

While we Stand We Fight - changed from most expensive models to most expensive units in your army

>> No.76835075


Rather annoyed as a guard player. Will have to make cuts from the army and hope the codex is good, whenever that drops. Same old, same old.

>> No.76835076

oh grow up

>> No.76835087

The last points update was six months ago.

>> No.76835094

>how the fuck are you supposed to stay up to date
battlescribe's existed for how long now

>> No.76835108

speaking of that, how long does it usually take for points updates to get in there?

>> No.76835114

I wasnt here yesterday. Are we thinking this is an Ork jetpack?

>> No.76835115

By not being retarded. You're not retarded are you anon?

>> No.76835132

could be a tankbusta rocket hammer

>> No.76835150

>He doesn't know

>> No.76835164

Like the 5ppm which Eradicators did get?
Or are you arguing they should have been 50ppm?
Because that's crazy talk.

>> No.76835165

Point changes are usually pretty quick, on account of being just a number replacement.

>> No.76835169

It certainly looks like it.

It's probably a character. Just to ruin everyones fun.

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>> No.76835182

so if a building had a very specific distance between floors, you could deploy 9'' above the enemy models. roll a 4 to charge into melee 5'' above enemy models?

>> No.76835184


I like how bullgryns got a decent points cut, as well as tyranid warriors. Too bad flash gitz didn't.

>> No.76835190

Just take off Total Obliteration. At least Berserkers and other units have to work for their double tap.

>> No.76835192

>unless you are enough of a fag to magnetize
filtered kiddo

>> No.76835211

They released the entire points for free today. If you're too last to check a pdf that's on you.

>> No.76835214

at max like 2 weeks depending on the size of the update (how much text for abilities needs changing, or how much reprogramming they need to do when a new codex drops)

>> No.76835215

40/45 pts for 1 melta shot, nah son. Just stop deploying like a retard, eradicators are slow as fuck.
>work for their double tap
Pick one

>> No.76835218

the rear exhaust of grot tanks ( jks its never be this cool)

>> No.76835220

Someone messed up lol

>> No.76835224

>pay more to play now btw :^)


>> No.76835251

>Hellions 17 ppm
>Reavers 10 ppm
This doesn't scan at all.

>> No.76835264

man necrons are piss easy to paint look at this, I could paint 30 of these in an hour

>> No.76835268

they are going down to 1W. Where do you think CSM got their second wound from?

>> No.76835270


>> No.76835274

what am I looking at? GW accidentally showing point values for the upcoming DE codex?

>> No.76835278

the new points updates. I think they mixed hellions with reavers.

>> No.76835297

imagine how cucked you have to be to think a company releasing a rules update to play with their toys was a generous move because it was "for free."

>> No.76835301

80 points rather than 110, still not worth taking

>> No.76835313

oh god no pls have hellions at 17pts but with 2 wounds

i dont want to paint more of them

>> No.76835315

Grim lad

>> No.76835320

1 wound, 5ppm!

>> No.76835331

you dont think it will reanimate 80 points of warriors in a match?

>> No.76835333

I mean, do you think there's any logic to hellions being costlier than reavers?

>> No.76835336

So is the death guard points for the codex not out, the 8th ed codex or a strange mixture of both?

>> No.76835347

no, I don't

>> No.76835349

Absolutely not

>> No.76835358

>For Profit Company releases stuff for free
>people like this

>some random fa/tg/uy
>"hahahaha youre all cucked, imagine liking getting something for free, what a bunch of cucks ahahahha"

Genuinely imagine being this retarded

>> No.76835362

Do it.
I might spent the money for an indomitus necron half and just use them as bits.

>> No.76835363

I ordered about $75 worth of FW stuff from a random shop off aliexpress in late December. I checked today and the shop is gone, presumably GW's ninjas got to them. Should I still expect it to get shipped or nah?

>> No.76835378

>Cogboys still meh
They're fucking great right now what are you on about? Even Kataphron Breachers didn't get nerfed.

>> No.76835381

the fact that it costs an elite slot is the worst part about it, honestly should just be an upgrade to a warrior squad

>> No.76835385

The Drukhari points are all kinds of fucked up.
Wracks are only 8ppm now? Which is somehow the same as Kabalites?

>> No.76835413

Don't worry. The Ork Codex is totally going to fix Ork Shooting. It won't just be gambling but slightly less expensive.

>> No.76835414

thats only 6 warriors now, hes worth it more than another squad of 10

>> No.76835416 [DELETED] 

Adeptus Sororitas changes:

(Nerf) Repentia +1 pt to 16pt/model
(Nerf) Retributors +2 pts to 14pt/model
(Nerf) Sororitas Rhino +2 pts to 80pts/model (including storm bolter)

(Buff) Zephyrim -2pts to 18pts/model (including power sword)

>> No.76835417

Its fragility is the main issue if it had another 3 wounds or 5++ it would make it somewhat ok. As i stands it will die to a harsh stare and then its buff is gone. Maybe if its buff lasted after it died it would be ok

>> No.76835418

Psychic dread?

>> No.76835434

Some of the points got released/leaked such as changes to Plague Marines, Mortarion and a few other units. The new codex was meant to come out last month but the coof delayed it.

>> No.76835439

>tfw chimeras are cheaper

>> No.76835442

>Love the new Necron walkers
>Reanimator is just dogshit all round, hoped they would fix it with this but they didn't
>Doomstalker is D6 shots D6 damage, an utterly ridiculous profile that nobody wants

>> No.76835449


>> No.76835453

No hes not cause hes very easy to just kill, then you dont have to worry about him reviving anything

>> No.76835456

Maybe they have lots of Wrack boxes they want to sell?

>> No.76835457

Yeah, it'll get shipped. Happens to me all the time. As long as you still have the order confirmation on your account you're fine.

>> No.76835459

I meant in todays faq drop.

>> No.76835489

The reanimator is basically worth 2.5 points per reanimation roll. So you only need to boost the roll on 32 reanimation rolls to make your points back!
tl dr: still not worth it

>> No.76835498

You'd have to boost the rolls of 32 Warriors for it to break even, and its an easy target. Not worth the points

>> No.76835501

Adeptus Sororitas changes:

(Nerf) Repentia +1 pt to 16pt/model
(Nerf) Retributors +2 pts to 14pt/model
(Nerf) Sororitas Rhino +2 pts to 80pts/model (including storm bolter)

(Buff) Zephyrim -2pts to 18pts/model (including power sword)
(Buff) Gemini Superia -5 pts to 18pts/model (including power sword)

>> No.76835506

okay cuck, enjoy your table scraps from master

>> No.76835519

Realistically about 60 points is where it becomes worth taking

>> No.76835521

Abhor the Witch was nerfed.
It's only 3VP for a character instead of 5 now.
And only 2VP for a whole unit instead of 3.

>> No.76835523

That would be weird. But if Hellions are only 10pts I would have to paint more of them.

I don't want to.

>> No.76835526

Could work, there's a section in the fluffy army tree in the AdMEch book about Magos Biologis or something similar, so they definitely dabble with biological engineering. Darkmech would probably use xenos technology.
The only issue I see is making it look good. e.g. a skitarius with a termagant gun might look wonky, but you could probably do something with a Genestealer and a Ruststalker/Infiltrator

>> No.76835548

Potentially, I would still want it to have an 5++ so it doesn't die like a little bitch.

>> No.76835550

as a skeleton fag who wanted to romance the dead, i always wanted him to work. but how low must he go to break even? i mean would gw even allow him to be some 40pt model? or maybe give him better survivability...

>> No.76835554

I'm not saying it was generous, but you're implying it was nefarious. It's just appropriate.

>> No.76835580

Realistically if it becomes 60pts and a competitive choice, its getting shot off the board immediately

>> No.76835588

Yeah the confirmation is still there. Cool.

>> No.76835593


>> No.76835603

Quantum Shielding at the current points in my opinion

>> No.76835605

I think the best route would be to whack a couple more wounds and a 5++ and keep him at 80ish

>> No.76835624

Yeah but at least it will be cheap enough that the fire it diverted was worthwhile. As it stands that happens anyeay and it is a total waste

>> No.76835630

I also have a GSC army, and acolytes come with a shitton of more natural looking niddy bits to fit on human models.

I was also planning to paint them with metallics, to look more like mechanical bits.

>> No.76835635

They're still bad. Just now slightly less bad.

>> No.76835642


>> No.76835666

i wanted a force that would represent a small squadron dispatched to clear apartment buildings in hive cities of degenerate filth and that box is perfect. the tank and heavy weapon heavy bolter wait outside and keep the street clear while the troopers raid the building with lasguns and flamers before the commissar SS officer comes through for inspection, keeping an eye out for any leftist propaganda or various contraband. After securing prisoners if needed, they move on to the next building

>> No.76835678

Tau need help. But honestly fuck savior protocols and fuck drones.

>> No.76835695

Nice digits at least

>> No.76835716


>> No.76835717

Not until they cost the same as Tyrant Guard

>> No.76835721

you honestly deserve it, i have no sympathy. you fags and your drones caused the biggest customer exodus the industry ever saw and directly lead to the primaris problem of today

>> No.76835722

>Tank crawling in Urban streets
Not for long

>> No.76835747

>he doesn't know

>> No.76835751

based and my new chaos cultists pilled

>> No.76835756

How'd you get the trim to come out that well? Drybrush?

>> No.76835761

I'll take a jumppack character any day considering current stormboyz are great and modern and don't need an update to begin with
Just hopping he is not faction locked

>> No.76835763

Show me on the doll where the drone touched you

>> No.76835775

idk, hb front sponson, heavy flamer sides, and a hb squad watching the rear?

>> No.76835776


>> No.76835795

Drones shouldn't be a separate spammable unit. I'm ok with 2 for a unit, but the days of wrapping 20 on a riptide were fucking awful.

>> No.76835802

What happens when a street is too small

>> No.76835807

who is dat? know what?? plz tell me...

>> No.76835818

How much did GW nerf GSC and Nids now?

>> No.76835833

>immolators and exorcists significantly upped in points
For what purpose?

>> No.76835834

>directly lead to the primaris problem of today
Source: My gapping butthole

>> No.76835837

Nids didn't see much change. Very minor nerf

>> No.76835839

the white? Just used the side of a brush with a little bit of paint left.

>> No.76835840

Nids are about the same. Warriors going down to 17pts is pretty good. Cba reading about gsc

>> No.76835842

I don't know anon, why don't you read the FAQs and tell us?

>> No.76835854


they call in ordinance

>> No.76835858


>> No.76835866


>> No.76835870

You haven't seen the new Hellions profile with 2W 4+++ and inherent -1 to hit

>> No.76835871

Not autistic enough

>> No.76835880


I'd like to see mek bs bumped to 4+, burnas to d6 and I don't know which way to improve big shootas.

Maybe slight points cuts to lootas, flash gitz and nobs would be nice too.

>> No.76835887

Damn you get direct access to lick her armpits 24/7 with that

>> No.76835896

Repressor would be better fit, or that GSC vehicle (minus GSC markings)

>> No.76835903

5 spear guard is now only 225pts fucking hell

>> No.76835904


>> No.76835906

I hate Angron's fucking faggot ass backstory of "bluh blugh blugh he was an empath. He was the primarch that actually cared but he had bad people put bad people nails in his head and make him angry. He actually really cared about everyone, he cried alot when he was a slave bluhbluhbluh."

This horrible writing makes him a weak faglord

>> No.76835922

They literally haven't changed?

>> No.76835923

Repressor is kill now

>> No.76835928

Illiteracy is a serious problem to suffer from, you should take steps to remedy that.

>> No.76835930

Anon you made the mistake of reading stuff from the black library

>> No.76835940


That is a completely unnecessary addition to the fluff.

>> No.76835949

the only change i can really see is acolyte hand flamers cost 3pts each

>> No.76835954

Merry Christmas everyone!
What a great present from GW! A lot of scoring issues were fixed and Custodes ended up net positive in changes!
No idea why they raised Warden costs, but it's a good day none the less!

>> No.76835957

I know that feeling bro. The Doomstalker is wildly inconsistent and the Reanimator is consistently dogshit. But both look awesome.

>> No.76835965

I'm sorry you're also unable to cry.

>> No.76835974

>Because that's crazy talk.
An assault multi-melta on a T5 3W model for 50p would be perfectly acceptable

>> No.76835983

Multi meltas cost extra

>> No.76835986

Saying what we're all thinking anon.

>> No.76835994

You see crying can be cool.

>He is crouched in the shadow of his throne - and such a thing is no small marvel for a being of his warp-gifted size and majesty.
>No. Not crouched.
>I cannot process what I am seeing. The Nail's ticking is an aneurysmal pulse in my ears, as well as my mind.
>'Father?' he calls again.
>Gone is the bestial growl, the hoarse rumble of a throat no longer capable of screaming itself raw. I would say, rather, that he sounds more like himself again. His old self. His former self. The broken warrior he was, before...before his...
>I do not know the correct term. I do not care to know it. This is beyond me, beyond any of us. We no longer trouble ourselves to wonder.
>His immense, clawed fingers slip from the side of the throne as he pulls further back into the gloom, edging away from me. 'Father.. is it over?'
>He has broken his chains again. I can see them trailing on the floor. No one has ever been able to imprison Angron. Not for long. And yet, he has not tried to leave.
>I steady myself, offering a cautious half-bow. To avert my eyes would be to invite death, I am staring down an unleashed monster.
>'Sire, it is Kharn, of the Eighth Company.'

but the empath shit is some fucking bullshit

>> No.76835998

They only get the 2 shots if the whole squad fires at the same target.
So its an Assault Multi-Melta with downside.

>> No.76835999

Melta rifles have 1 shot anon...

>> No.76836005

An erradicator has effectively an assault multi-melta

>> No.76836006

50 points seems reasonable considering a retribution are 32 with multi-melta
(No idea how much they cost now haven’t check the new points jet)

>> No.76836010

yeah but firing at the same target is something they want to do 99% of the time.

>> No.76836013

Not a very big downside. Also multi meltas cant split fire anyway

>> No.76836021

people woulnd't be complaining about 40ppm erradicators if they had one shot dipshit

>> No.76836025

Ah i see what you mean now

>> No.76836027

This is what the scions should have been.

>> No.76836040

The number of cases were they don't want to fire at the same target are so few and far between as to make it essentially non-existent.

>> No.76836052

Fuck no

>> No.76836056

> Horus Heresy is meant to be an unparalled space opera
> One of the main characters is an angry guy called Angron who leads an army of red berserkers
who writes this shit

>> No.76836058

Yeah, but the whole squad has to fire at the same target was my point.
They aren't like retributors where you can put 2 MM into one tank and the other 2 into a different target.
If Eradicators split fire at all they lose their shoot twice.

>> No.76836061

They absolutely would.
Compare it to an attack bike with a MM, on which the important stats are better. 55 ppm
Eradicators are just the current bogeyman.

>> No.76836064

Thats not a downside really

>> No.76836067

They went up 2ppm.
So 14 before any weapons now.

>> No.76836072

it makes them bad a shooting at targets low on wounds

imagine finishing a titan wit

>> No.76836074

Abberants got cheaper. Hammers went down 7ppm, picks and improvised went down 2

>> No.76836084


>> No.76836096

oblits are 105pts and fill a similar role.

>> No.76836099

They come in units of 3 its not like splitting fire is gonna be a big issue

>> No.76836104

I'm by no means saying attack bikes don't need a nerf either. They are pretty good. Just no one uses them cuz they are so old

>> No.76836113

Post your 2020 painting

>> No.76836114

Marinetards like to pretend its this balancing drawback

>> No.76836132

What does that even mean

>> No.76836141

>nurglings gain 4 points
>guardians lost 2 points
>dire avengers lost 2 points
>wraithknight down 100 points
>skathach knight down 130
>riptide -14
>Y'Vahar -50
>R'Varna n/a
>sunshark -45

my deamons gained 20 points and my eldar lost 56 points, so it's okay. glad the wraithknight lost points, idk if that makes it payable now. there's a lot of tau point drops and i think according to this page drones didn't change

>> No.76836162

They really fucked all my stuff.

>> No.76836176

I literally have the old points book in my hand. Exorcists are 150 and immolators are 80.

>> No.76836177

Be very careful about the Tau changes, a lot of those are very inconsistent with factoring attached drones/weapons

>> No.76836181

why are stormboyz 12pts

thats a lot of for a boy on a rocket

>> No.76836183

>in units of 3
There quite a lot of situations where you want to put 2 MM into one target and 1-2 MM in a second one. So yes, it's definetly a drawback.
It was more to illustrate that eradicators are just a bogeyman because Abikes with MMs were and are straight up superior but no one complains about them because a)every one and their mother as eradicators b) no one runs Abikes because they are ugly as sin. Honestly, 45 ppm for eradicators is probably going to end up being pretty fair overall.

>> No.76836188

That Eradicators are broken efficient and "oh but you can't split fire!" is brought up as if that balances it. It doesn't, it barely matters.

>> No.76836192

Thats handy cause the one guy with a multi melta can do that on his own

>> No.76836193

Compare with new weapon costs before you whine more since a lot of the base weapons are now 0.

>> No.76836201

When the hell would you ever want to split fire to fire a single multi melta into a single target

>> No.76836203

Wraithknight base cost doesn't include its arm weapons. They're still ~400 points depending on loadout.

Also dire avenger power weapons became free for some reason

and fire pikes are still inexplicably +15points for +6" range meltagun

>> No.76836204

Yeah thats what i was saying...

>> No.76836208

Does GW even play this game?

>> No.76836229

So they're back to including shit in the base cost now?

>> No.76836236

...and I was agreeing with you...

>> No.76836240

Hahaha no. Only morons play this game.

>> No.76836244

So with the way points costs are written now, anything that isn't listed in the unit entry is free, considered baked into their base cost, right?

>> No.76836246

Cool. Still expensive for what they are, but good.

>> No.76836249

Im stupid, i misread. Sorry mate

>> No.76836253


>> No.76836254

>trying to fix first turn issue
>some nice rebalancing of units
Sure, it's not perfect, but outside of fundamentally revamping the game from the bottom up and disregarding all it's sacred cows it never will be.
Fixing go first advantage alone will go a long way for balance in what is already one of the most balanced editions. I can't say if the new changes will actually fix it, but better they try then just ignore it

>> No.76836257

They sure don't play Tau, considering they made such obvious errors as listing the Ion Blaster able to be taken by the Coldstar this update despite the codex explicitly saying that they can't take that weapon.

>> No.76836265

dont worry

when the codex comes out in two years they will fix that. i have been told this is ok by people in this thread.

>> No.76836268

Where are CSM point changes?

>> No.76836270

Are you retarded? Say that you have a dev squad with 4 MMs podding in. You have two juicy targets within 12 and assorted hit/wound reroll 1s.
Do you
1) shoot one of them with 8 MM shots?
2) shoot both of them with 4 MM shots each?

>> No.76836276

>when the codex comes out in two years
I wouldn't get your hopes up. No one in their team actually plays Tau, so it'll be another guard player who makes the codex.

>> No.76836278

If you dowmload the errata you can read them

>> No.76836279

Whats the consensus on WYSIWYG? Making some custom berzerkers and I was going to build them with a pistol and chain axe/sword while running them as dual chain zerkers. my idea is that they're too much of a bad shot to use them regularly so they just use them in melee, to account for the extra attacks

>> No.76836290

> Updated in October

>> No.76836297

they come in 3 man squads, not 4.

like what am i supposed to do with my gorkanaut? every game they will just drop down 3 guys, fire twice and then my gorkanaut is gone despite costing more than twice as much as they do.

>> No.76836300

>he doesn't know

>> No.76836302

Depends what the target is. Also you dont footslog mm devs

>> No.76836303

Equipment WYSIWYG is not a good thing.

>> No.76836304

Fuck you GW. I bought primaris so I could have good units, not expensive units.

>> No.76836305

>9 objectives on a map
the fuck?

>> No.76836307

the points for tau wargear is all over the place, with weapons costing different amounts depending on what you're adding them to, so it could be taking drones separately will cost more than taking them with suits, we'll have to wait and see what the app says, however, it is basically unnecessary since tau currently need every lifeline they can get.

>> No.76836308

That doesn't answer what he asked

>> No.76836310

Yes, or it can be exchanged for free.

>> No.76836311

Exorcists were 150
+15 for the mandatory Heavy Bolter
+30 for the Exorcist Missile laucnher.
=195 minimum

And Immolators were 80
+15 for the Heavy Bolter
+30 for either the Twin H Bolter or Immolation Flamer.
=125 minimum

If you were paying 80 points for your Immolators you've been cheating for the entirety of 9E.

>> No.76836319

no kidding there are a lot of changes, commanders gain 10 points but longstrike lost 20. who the hell uses dire avenger weapons (i did craft a beatstick for an exarch in 7th years ago but tore off for 8th).

how anal is your group? idk if berserks have the mental capacity to be knowing they're using the wrong weapon anyway

>> No.76836320

Munitorum field manual anon

>> No.76836321


>> No.76836325

What's WYSIWYG mean?

>> No.76836330

Muntitorum Field Manual is where the 9E points costs are.

>> No.76836335

Thats now standard for wargear anon

>> No.76836336

Whar you see is what you get. It means your model has exactly what it's equipped with modeled.

>> No.76836340

What You See Is What You Get

>> No.76836341

what you see is what you get

>> No.76836354

>Manlet DW
didnt pay attention, did they do anything to manlets? Anyways, im currently 81 pts below 2k, so Im fine either way I guess, still have to think about what to include

>> No.76836361

Where would I find codex rips and PDFs?

I need a bootleg book to go with my Russian cast models

>> No.76836364

Ah okay thanks.
Well that's how I have been playing my guys.

>> No.76836365

It was a joke anon. I know that's a snail objective.

>> No.76836374

Devs = devastators =//= eradicators.
And eradicators still come in 3-6 sized squads.
As to why your gorkanaut dies, it's because it's trash, you aren't hiding it nor blocking the strategic reserve deployment spots.

>> No.76836377

stillmania is from a very old WD article, in which this stillman guy brags how he has exactly one set of models, he never changes his list, and he doesn't use anything that's especially strong.

>> No.76836388

>podding in
>dont footslog mm devs
I don't know, for when you know that 4 MM shots are enough for killing something and you don't want to waste 2 more shots? Apply your brain.

>> No.76836405

Weapons cost different depending on what you put them on for all armies now anon.
A Heavy Bolter mounted on a Chimera isn't worth the same as one carried by infantry.

>> No.76836407

I read plodding, apologies

>> No.76836419

with spear stodes only being 45 points each now are saggiatrum dead now?

>> No.76836424

nice try, GW

>> No.76836427

Changes for Sisters that I've noticed

Retributors went up 2 PPM, which is fair because they're basically the best source of Imperial heavy weapons
Sisters Repentia went up 1 ppm, which is fair because they're absolutely crazy in melee
Rhinos went up 2ppm, which barely matters and mostly is there to make them a round number

Crusaders went down 4ppm, to 16, where they're probably still overcosted
Zephyrim went down 2 ppm, which is wild because they were already seeing heavy use before

Other than that things seem roughly the same

>> No.76836445

Torrents you degenerate

>> No.76836450

No worries, have a fish on me.

>> No.76836474

Remember the people claiming that the new DG Inexorable ADvance would allow them to disembark from their vehicles after it moved? Guess GW wanted to nip that in the bud before people could actually play it that way.

>> No.76836478


>> No.76836486


>> No.76836487

Yes. People didn't like the "alawys look up all your wargear" system and it was getting silly when they repriced so much stuff to be 0 points. So it changed last summer with 9th ed for everybody.

>> No.76836490

Did they lower the bullshit 10ppm for guardians?

>> No.76836492

How are sisters if I don't use repentia/zeph/Morts/PEs/Non-SoB units?

>> No.76836510

Down to 8ppm, yes.

>> No.76836516

so.. you want to spam battle sisters?

>> No.76836521

How did the toaster boys get changed?

>> No.76836523

Listen here undercover Games Workshop employee, tell your overseers that if you want people to buy official models, how about lowering the prices so customers don't feel like getting ripped off.

>> No.76836525

Something stupid no one does, from a GW writer twenty plus years ago, whom everyone thought was crazy even at the time.

>> No.76836526

Yeah that was never gonna fly
Thanks anon. I still dont think its a huge drawback. Most stuff youre shooting with mutli meltas is gonna want a full squad shooting in to it. Id rather drop 2 squads of mm devs in a pod than ome squad with a captain and a lieutenant

>> No.76836528

At that point your best option is a "heavy firepower, hard as rocks" army where you build around being Order of The Valorous Heart and having a bunch of Retributors for your main firepower.

Repentia, Zephyrim, and Mortifiers are some of the better units in the book and cutting yourself off from them isn't really a good idea

>> No.76836530

>So it changed last summer with 9th ed for everybody.
well, it only just now changed for everybody.

The chapter approved book that launched with 9th ed still used the 8th edition points system.

>> No.76836535

Aye, the only bad thing about this was that it didn't come out the same day that the DG was properly released. The amount of seethe would have been delicious.

>> No.76836546

I'm curious, what was stillmania? I only got into the game in 2008

>> No.76836561

I have a box of Chaos Marines to assemble and will be getting the start collecting box in mail. Since the latter one is monopose, and I probably wont run more then 3-4 MSU squads, how should I assemble the box?

The start competing one comes with the following monopose ones

1 Aspiring Champion w/ plasma pistol and chainaxe.
1 chaos space marine with plasma gun.
1 chaos space marine with autocannon (this can be kitbashed with the obliterator in the box to be a reaper chaincannon instead).
4 chaos space marines with bolt pistol and chainsword.
3 chaos space marines with boltguns

>> No.76836564


Anyone got the original image of this without the shitty meme text?

>> No.76836570

>huge drawback
It's not a huge one, but still a drawback. The lack of transport options combined with M5 is erad's biggest weakness imo.
As for podding devs, you can always pod them close to the captain/LT or if you have strats for rerolls. UM come to mind here.

>> No.76836572

You can do an Order of our Martyred Lady Retributor Spam shooting list using Junith that's pretty good. Worth noting though that it's the specific list most hurt by the points changes since it used 3 10 girl Ret squads.

>> No.76836573

I gave 3 fingers on my left hand to design the supremacy armor; not my fault commander cheddar only gives you 600 freedom dollars to build your 500 pt craftsworld army

>> No.76836577

Or better yet, magnetize your miniatures so that you can swap out weapons and heads whenever you feel like it.

>> No.76836581


>> No.76836587

hey i made that picture, good god

>> No.76836591

Is it really bad if I don't magnitize my models and run them how they are modeled?
All this swapping gets annoying?

>> No.76836593

As far as I can see, not by much, if at all.

>> No.76836599

>everyone thought was crazy
Correction, he was unquestionably insane.

>> No.76836600

What does that even leave?
Battle Sisters,
Eh... It could work, but you'll be really short on melee threat unless you go Bloody Rose and take a lot of Celestians, as everything else there would struggle in melee with Guardsmen.

>> No.76836616

Do people magnetize troops?

>> No.76836617

It's perfectly fine unless you're trying to win major tournaments and need to eke out every little win percentage you can.

>> No.76836630

Yeah ultras devs are fun. Im planning a plasma heavy list with my ultras successors at the moment

>> No.76836635

2 devastators will barely kill a rhino in mm range on acarage. Whatever it is you are shooting at, if you want it dead you are not going to split fire

>> No.76836637

This genuinely reads like someone else making fun of how Stillman picks his armies.

>> No.76836638

Still over costed ffs. A 10 modelsquad with the cheapest heavy weapon is still 102 pts

>> No.76836642

Very, very few people do.

>> No.76836644

Magnetizing should be reserved for Vehicles, or the occasional character.
*exception being jump packs on some units like Death Company where you may want to put them in a Rhino at some point.

Magnetizing anything else is a waste of time/money.
Magnets aren't cheap.

>> No.76836649

Infantry: not worth the effort and no one will care as long as you say what they're using before the game
Vehicles: Yeah, worth magnetising

>> No.76836651

Maybe if the magnets are small enough, and the hobbyist have surgery like precision, it's possible but very risky to do so.

>> No.76836668

It will take an endtimes-ing of 40k to get exodites and squats, you know it to be true

>> No.76836669

I'm coming from MESBG and I was wondering which faction/army is the most melee-centric/capable and which is the worst in terms of melee units? I assume Orks are the best in melee, right? I understand this game has guns and vehicles and all that, but I still just love rushing in and smashing face

>> No.76836670

Couldn't be fucked desu

>> No.76836679

Tau are 100% worst in melee.

>> No.76836681

I just give everything a plasma gun that can take one, can't go wrong with plasma

>> No.76836683

Wod eaters chaos space marines are the most melre focused probably.

>> No.76836687


>> No.76836689

>magnetizing troops
I already have a hard enough time with things bigger then infantry

>> No.76836699

Blood Angels are very melee oriented, don't know if they are 100% the best though

>> No.76836702

Thicken your paints

>> No.76836704

There are lots of melee heavy armies, and we're currently in an edition that rewards melee, so, plenty of options.

Tau is the absolute worst in melee. Best is a lot harder to determine.

>> No.76836707

>for when you know that 4 MM shots are enough for killing something
at what confidence percentile? A lot of times its worth making sure something is dead

>> No.76836713

Orks are good in melee but the best in melee are the three melee Space marine factions. Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and White Scars. Worst is Tau by a huge margin. The missions of the current edition favor and rewards melee armies, so you're in luck.

>> No.76836714

At least someone did haha, nice vehicle squads there. Very clean painting.
Ill post some of mine to keep the ball rolling

>> No.76836718

Special, heavy and melee (on squad leaders) weapons yes. Why paint 2 tacticals if I can paint 1 + 1 extra weapon.
2x1 mm magnets aren't small, and you don't need surgery like precision. Just don't be a tard.

>> No.76836722

They don't need to end times 40k, least of all to release those armies.

>> No.76836727

I think peltasts went down by a point

>> No.76836728

worst melee: tau
Best melee:
really depends on how you want to go. Lots of army are melee focused.
>slaanesh daemons
>khorne daemons
>world eaters CSM
>Blood Angels SM
>Black Templars SM
>Genestealer Cults
>Novokh Necrons
>Sisters of Battle

>> No.76836730

I should probably throw Black Templar in there now too. But they take a lot more finesse to play.

>> No.76836731

Apply yours. He asked when you would want to put 1 MM shot into something else

>> No.76836739

I did once
Never again

>> No.76836742

Raptors are at 15 points per model with the Q&A today. 150 for 10 with an icon of wrath. This seems like a really good rate, am I retarded?

>> No.76836743

>Stubber the same barrel thickness as autocannons

>> No.76836756

Much bigger shells on the autocannon

>> No.76836763

>plasma heavy list with my ultras
>drilled barrels
Extra nice. I really enjoy my UM too, especially melee centric lists. Thank you relic standard.

>> No.76836766

160 sorry.

In Night Lords, if you were taking 2x10 raptors and 1x10 warp talons, this gives you 100 points back.

>> No.76836777

I think Zephyrim are the biggest winners today. 180 points for 31 attacks with S4 AP-4, D1, on a unit that can drop in and make a 100% guaranteed 9" charge very consistently, is just bonkers.

>> No.76836784


>> No.76836791

It's either that or they break with light handling.

>> No.76836815

Not my fault he's unable to read and that I charitably interpreted that he asked about 1 (one) MM shooting something just like any other reasonable person with a passing knowledge of how the shooting rules work.

>> No.76836822

>how fucked are you?
Tau. Slightly more than I was before, which isn't saying much relatively speaking.

>> No.76836830

>I need to read once every six months what is this bullshit

>> No.76836847

So I've been on the site I order MESBG minis off of (LGS is closed no bully and they stopped with the 10-20% discounts) and I've seen the £100 Indomitus box that includes two armies that >>76836728
Listed. I assume it would be a good investment if I were to buy this Indomitus box as it gives me two armies that I can build/tweak to be more melee focused? I'd rather not go big with a giant box to get started but if it's a really good investment/deal -as I find most big boxes are - then I should probably get it, assuming that the look of marines and the necrons are ones I like.

Also, I've done a bit more reading and searching and let's say I chose a marine army like the Templars or White Scars, I can just paint them however I like or is it sort of the "rule" that White Scars are white and Black Templars are black, etc. Only reason I ask that is because with LOTR, at least what I've experienced, the models tend to be painted how they look in Jackson's LOTR movies. I don't want to field an army of let's say White Scars and sorry out because I painted them maybe A darker colour or whatever

>> No.76836848

Technically, you're now playing with 8th ed + WOTS rules but 9th ed point costs.

>> No.76836849

kek based

>> No.76836857

>Paint the same thiccness as both the stubber and the autocannon.

>> No.76836860

Battle sisters also went up +2 didn't they?

>> No.76836869

Wtf i love judiciars now

>> No.76836870

Fuck me, this is physically painful to look at.

>> No.76836871

>you fags and your drones caused the biggest customer exodus the industry ever saw and directly lead to the primaris problem of today
That's retarded.

>> No.76836873

Am I way off on what exactly the technovirus is capable of? I'm sure it's at least exaggerated but does the tech literally become infested with daemons or does it just get all fucky

>> No.76836882

Nope, they have been 11 ppm since the start of 9E.

>> No.76836885 [SPOILER] 

Congrats anon! You’ve been granted the power by GW’s shareholders and board of executives to decide on one model/unit to return from the grave. What oop or otherwise abandoned model/unit will you revive?

>> No.76836890

The Marine half of Indomitus is already pretty melee focused, and you could find a Necron player to buy that half off you.

>let's say I chose a marine army like the Templars or White Scars, I can just paint them however I like
Yeah, you can do that. Space Marines are organized into Chapters, and the background is specifically designed so you can create your own Chapter. When you do that, you can run it with whatever rules you feel are most appropriate. There's even an option in the book for picking rules for your chapter from a large list, if you don't think the rules of any of the major chapters fit.

>> No.76836897

Indomitus box is an incredibly good value.

You can paint your armies however you like. Those are just the 'canon' colours.

>> No.76836898

That's how his ability always worked anon?
How were you playing it?

>> No.76836899

My god, first time buying minatures and it’s actually super small and I have xbox hueg hands

Are primaris muhhreens much bigger

>> No.76836907

The edition where shield drone spam became a thing was the largest influx of new 40k players.

>> No.76836910

I do it on deathwatch

>> No.76836911

Looted vehicles for orks and not actually release a kit for it. Watch lazy fucks squeal when they have to even somewhat convert something

>> No.76836913

The marine army is really melee focused, it has just one dedicated ranged unit. The necrons are pretty ranged heavy, but a melee necron can be built pretty easily on Indomitus as the scarabs/warriors are a spine in any Necron army.

>> No.76836917

>New points updates have just been dropped, how fucked are you?
Goddamn it. All of my army plans are at clean 1,000 points. Now I need to go and fucking rework everything.

>> No.76836918

I'd give Necrons pariahs back. Don't even play Necrons, but they're fluffy.

>> No.76836922

The Greater Knarloc

>> No.76836930

Necron Pariahs, 9th edition is the necron edition.

>> No.76836931

I think it's a fun idea. Lore isn't too specific, but have actual daemons manifest as the virus sounds on point for chaos anyways

>> No.76836935

Generally, it's like this.
If you paint something as say White scars, with the correct shoulder heraldry and whatnot, you only play them as white scars.
If you paint something in X colour with non-known chapter heraldry, play them as whatever the fuck you want. And if you do this, never use them as successors unless you want to pick and match tactics since you lose out on special characters and relics.

>> No.76836937

New info on lost Primaries when? I want humanitarian Space Marines :(
Or I'll just make my own legion

>> No.76836938


>> No.76836944

Thought the strat overruled the rule since it was alway "select a unit eligible to fight" and the judiciar's rule didn't prevent a unit to fight

>> No.76836957

Literally never. One of the rare times GW made a good lore choice.

>> No.76836959

The Juggernaut Lord, with full options for 40k and AOS.

>> No.76836972

The judicar's ability has been "make a unit not eligible" since at least the codex release.
This was just a clarifiction for brainlets.

>> No.76836976

LVs already got brought back more or less in CA2018 if memory serves. They’ve gotten official rules, but I don’t think you’re allowed to use them in tournaments (because GW are cowards)

>> No.76836982

Bruhs, do they even proof read their FAQ's?

>> No.76836983


>> No.76836989

Fuck no

>> No.76836990

MKIX armour.

>> No.76837002

Mounted lords/sorcs for chaos. Way too cool and somewhat signature for chaos

Open play only though since it only has a power level

>> No.76837006

Necron pariahs or the old Drukhari archon, which is objectively better than the current one.

>> No.76837012

>Heavy Transport with no transport space

>> No.76837017

That's not even their worst mistake. Chaos sorcerers can now take every weapon a lord can

>> No.76837029

they moved most of the points cost from the weapon to the tank itself, don't ask me why

>> No.76837034

Not sure what you're referring to? This just means that the Eradicator nova and Exec plasma cannon are 0 pts.

>> No.76837035

Thanks a lot for this I like the idea of finally having an army painted how I want. Not Saying Uruk-hai don't look sweet af, but I'm going to paint how I'd like to now and if it's just a shoulder heraldry I need to discern what I'm playing then that's sweet to know. Thanks anons

Indomitus looks like a really sweet box and I doubt the contents in it will diminish in value soon, so I might just keep both sides and see how they fare. I will say though, I like the idea of being the bad guys/evil guys so Chaos is calling to me

>> No.76837038

This is the opposite of a problem

>> No.76837039

>Chaos sorcerers can now take every weapon a lord can
BASED. Can't wait to smite with my mind and a thunder hammer now.

>> No.76837045

Nope. And GW hates horde armies anyway.

>> No.76837060

>playing as the bad or evil guys
anon, the 41st millenium is grim darkness. There are no good guys except the harlequins. The Imperium is a rotting shell of beaurocracy who value equipment more than the citizenry, and they worship a rotting corpse. The T'au use brainwashing and sending their alien allies out as decoys and guinea pigs. The eldar are dying fuckwits too arrogant to admit they fucked everything forever.

>> No.76837063

But the Punisher and Exterminator cost 20 and 15 points? Nah, m8. They obviously meant it to be 15 points but forgot the "1".

>> No.76837066

Yeah. it's open play which nobody ever used. Though now that seems largely gone in favor of crusade/matched being the main avenues of content. There's a decent chance they'll eventually come back.

It's more a function of the weird new points setup than a mistake per se.

>> No.76837078

>burger education system

>> No.76837082

Then why do you pay so many extra points for the Punisher and Exterminator?
Also what's the Plasma Cannon refering to? The Executioner Plasma Cannon, or Plasma Cannon Sponsons? Or are you now allowed to take a Plasma Cannon as a hull mount?

I have so many questions.

>> No.76837083

If you aren't 100% committed to either Space Marines or Necrons, don't bother with Indomitus. Find the army range you like the best and buy it.

>> No.76837085

>thunder hammer
what? I thought only one specific lord had one of those.

>> No.76837091


>> No.76837093

What a stupid change to abhore the witch. It "fixed" it for armies against which it wasn't used anyway. while against 1ksons or GK, it still avarges at over 10 VP and stacks with other kill objectives. I guess thank you GW, for not rising the point costs of our stuff.

>> No.76837095

It's way more likely that the punisher and exterminator is supposed to go to 0 pts.

>> No.76837107

To be fair, everyone is shit, but some people are far more shit. Nids, chaos, dark eldar, etc are far more pure evil and always will be, full stop, no mitigation.

>> No.76837108

It's a generic option now that that model is a generic lord.

>> No.76837110

Nah it's been on the chaos lord weapon table since that model came out. Any model with access to that table can use it, so lords, exalted champions and chosen. They use that model as the generic lord on their store now so they have to let you use it.

>> No.76837115

what's evil about following your instincts and just wanting food?

>> No.76837117

Are you retarded? You still put together the unit with the wargear from the normal codex entry. Does it say Plasma Cannon or does it say Eradicator Plasma Cannon in that list? What could those words possibly mean???!1!

>> No.76837123

Do you think the Punisher is worth 15 points more than a Demolisher?

>> No.76837127

Why settle for the lesser evil?

>> No.76837128

I don't know enough about either to say I can commit to them yet. Especially the Space marines half as it goes far deeper than just blue space marines seeing as there's loads of different chapters/subfractions?

That's good to know that there's a lot more evil than just Chaos. It makes my decision harder but I'll have loads of fun reading everything I can find out about the different armies now then. I appreciate all the help anon(s)

>> No.76837138

>They obviously meant it to be 15 points but forgot the "1".
No. Battle Cannons and Demolisher Cannons have been the same cost (20 points under the old system) for six months. This is not an unintended mistake.

>> No.76837141

To destroy the greater evil

>> No.76837150

Ah yes, the evil paradox: If everyone is evil, then no one is evil. What is correct is everyone fights for survival, and fighting for survival is not evil.

>> No.76837152

Because even evil has standards, and your fashion sense is terrible.

>> No.76837159

Yes? Actually using sister's of battle and not retard mechs and strippers.
>Repentia, Zephyrim, and Mortifiers are some of the better units in the book and cutting yourself off from them isn't really a good idea
I don't like the way they look. Nupentia are fucking vomit on bases with Nikes, and while I have my old metal ones, I frankly never liked them either. I just don't like the unit as a concept I guess. Never have. Same thing with the PEs/Morts. I don't like the unit, so I don't want to have to buy a bunch of expensive garbage multiple times because the rules are good. Seraphim are my favorite unit in the game and a always have been. Zerphs. Idk. I guess they're ok. Their fluff is kinda retarded, though, and the extra shit on the helmet and junk pack ruins the model.
>using Junith
Yikes. Snowflake donutsteel characters are gay. Seriously, named characters are stupid and I hate using them.
I was hoping to use Argent Shroud, but I forgot this 40k where playing what you want or what you think is cool usually means it's bad. Everything you listed has been the quintessential core of the army, and the fact that it seems to be luke warm is rather depressing.

>> No.76837165

They can easily be removed, what would you suggest instead? Just leave it as a melted look? I genuinely just don't get what this technovirus is supposed to actually do so I'm fine either way, I like both looks

>> No.76837169

40k is a universe of shades of grey. CSM could be argued as fighting for freedom and unity in chaos(depending on the faction). Daemons are pure manifestations of congealed emotion. Orks are single-mindedly dedicated to A GOOD SCRAP WAAAAGH! Tyranids are largely driven by hunger. They're intelligent, but their intelligence drives them to eat and eat. Necrons seek to return to their living bodies and unite their shattered empire.

except the drukhari. They're 100% pure evil.

>> No.76837174

No. But it is exactly consistent with the old points values of 20 and 35.

>> No.76837205

You can clip the extra stuff on the jump pack off and give your Zephyrim regular helmets.

Anyway, if you want to get the most out of Seraphim, they're best in Bloody Rose. You might consider an Outrider of them, with three units of 5 Seraphim each, with hand flamers, to maximize on that AP-1 for pistols. Inferno pistols aren't worth it on them - you're better off running multi melta retributors for tank hunting.

Basically: If you're trying to compete, Bloody Rose and Valorous Heart are the only Sisters worth running. In casual games, any order works, run what you like.

>> No.76837210

Argent Shroud kinda sucks. But sisters are good so your army may end up okayish even with your pile of restrictions. But at this point you might as well just use whatever the fuck you want.

>> No.76837227

Sergeants and maybe some one-arm weapon dudes if they have nice options.

>> No.76837236

2 orders being good is nice. Some armies don't even have one order/chapter/something in their books. Or plain don't have a rule set to represent one of those.

>> No.76837245

OoOML is good took after the weapons buffs. But you need to be fielding Junith.

>> No.76837272

So, my brother claims that the FAQ broke his guard, but he wont tell me why. Can anyone of you help me understand why he is mad?

>> No.76837286

I actually run a mixed Bloody Rose/Valorous Heart force when I have to take on the local tournament players. The mix of heavy weapons from VH and melee power from BR is really nice, and VH models are almost impossible to shift without using anti tank firepower. They ignore AP-1 and -2 and have a 6+ FNP.

>> No.76837300

shit got more expensive. that can fuck up entire lists and wargear choices.

>> No.76837302

Guard is the army of "I would rather be playing a historical right now" so guard players are always mad by default.

>> No.76837303

Forgot to include that he sorcerers don't have force weapons listed on it anymore. But yah, a sorc with a hammer or claws and buffs is hilarious

>> No.76837304

>The T'au use brainwashing and sending their alien allies out as decoys and guinea pigs.

Wrong. The T'au don't use cannon fodder anything. T'au commanders that do are put on trial and face severe punishments.

The T'au have the moral high ground in 40K.

>> No.76837312

Infantry squads rose 5 points because GW heard that "Grots shouldn't be the same points cost as Guard!!!!" and they responded the way you'd expect.

>> No.76837328

>The T'au have the moral high ground in 40K.
Imagine unironically believing this.
Not even someone who cares that much about lore, but if you don't pick up on the obvious issues Tau have, you're need help, friendo.

>> No.76837332

Isn't the deal with the dark elder that their souls are constantly being leeched away by Slaanesh so they have to go all Monsters inc just to survive

>> No.76837337

I've got lots of reading and model viewing to do then. I think I'll wait on the Indomitus box for now despite it being a great deal as I might go a complete different direction army wise. I like the idea of Chaos, Tyranids, and Daemons but I know they're the fantasy daemons and I never liked the look of them. Can I ask about Chaos since I've seen this website groups some together.....Can I build an army with 2 or more different chaos factions/groups? For instance, Chaos space marines with some of the Thousand Sons beside them? Would there be any point or benefit to that gameplay wise?

>> No.76837363

>t. brainwashed G'uela.

>> No.76837375

>Tau are good guys
why do people believe this meme

>> No.76837377

>that was then given the same transport space as the Crassus despite being significantly larger, more expensive, and formerly carrying more

>> No.76837387

You CAN mix Chaos together, but in the current edition, your units are grouped into "Detachments" under a single theme. You can't mix, say, Thousand Sons and Death Guard in the same detachment, but you can take multiple detachments. The issue is that detachments beyond your first cost Command Points, which you use to activate abilities during the game. Some armies, especially ones that have been updated to the new edition, have bonuses that require your entire force to be drawn from just army, as if you got bonuses for taking a pure Rohan force with no allies from Gondor.

Essentially, you can mix and match, but it comes at a cost.

>> No.76837389

That is a good thing

>> No.76837400

It seems like the trucks are the biggest change for Genestealer Cults. The Goliath Truck got 10 points cheaper, and the Goliath Rockgrinder went down 20.

Mechanized GSC might be the way to go, but I'm going to hold off on buying things till the codex hits.

>> No.76837401

nice, that means i now have more chances beating him.
He actually once tried historics, but his view of history was so strange that people stopped playing historicals with him,
Werent they 50 points in total before? Does that make them 55 points now? That would be really strange to have 5,5 point models...

>> No.76837404

Getting real tired of these water caste.

>> No.76837411

Thousand Sons ARE chaos space marines

>> No.76837414

Nids weren't nerfed most other things power crept past them.
Blame the primaris

>> No.76837425

Chaos is the superfaction like Imperium is. Currently the armies of chaos are: Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, Deathguard, Thousand Sons, and Renegades & Heretics. R&H is all but dead though. You can bring multiple detachments and have TS with regular CSM with no issues. The cult marines are usable by CSM as a unit choice as well. Currently CSM, TS, and DG all kind of suck, but that can could change as soon as any of them get a new codex.

>> No.76837427

>started writing fluff for my OC chapter
>it spiraled into fluff for everything involving it, even if it's barely a mention that will most likely get expanded upon later
>spirals into other fluff for AoS, Necromunda, etc (not related, of course)


>> No.76837433

>Tau are good guys
>why do people believe this meme
Not him but IMO this is a good meme. You can have both genuinely "good" guys and vicious commie brainwashers at the same time, it creates for an interesting dynamic. Besides humanity being the more totalitarian and "evil" faction is far more interesting IMO.

>> No.76837435

>his view of history was so strange that people stopped playing historicals with him
Do tell, please. I've seen some weird shit from historical wargamers and would love to find out what can actually throw them off

>> No.76837439

They have options available to them to avoid being eaten by Slaanesh. They CHOOSE to revel in torture, and throw in all the excess they enjoyed prior to the Fall.

>> No.76837442

Not arguments.

Phil Kelly said the T'au are the closest faction to being good guys. Many among them are noble and good hearted people.

Do they have darkness hidden in there? Sure but they are motivated by good intentions and they are tolerant and accepting of alien races. They see the lives of aliens as having a god-given value and worthy of protection. A T'au would be willing to die for a member of another race.

This is what makes them unique. The T'au are universally open hearted. They go out of their way to take the path that gives benefit for all, not just them.

>> No.76837449

I actually got to the point where I divorced my fan lore from the original setting and started working on my own military sci fi novel because the Warhammer lore became more constraining than helpful

>> No.76837451

>That would be really strange to have 5,5 point models...
Yeah, wouldn't it
But that didn't stop GW.

>> No.76837458 [SPOILER] 

I wonder who is behind this post...

>> No.76837459

Points raises across the board. It's not game breaking, as we're still shit. But it is frustrating. Infantry, vets, special weapon squads, heavy weapon squads, command squads, astropaths all went up. Crusaders and ogryns went down. My army went up by about 200 points.

>> No.76837460

CSM players, Terminators got a MASSIVE buff, but can no longer take Power Weapons or Lightning Claws. Chainfists and Power Fists on Terminators dropped to 5 points, and Combi Weapons on Terminators dropped to 5 points.

Looks like Power Axes, Swords, Mauls, and Lightning Claws are going to Legends. They're not on the wargear list in the FAQ.

>> No.76837461

Creativity is always good, even if you never share it it's always good to have a story for your guys even if it's pretty basic

>> No.76837466

>tfw bullied really hard at my LGS for pronouncing Misericordia


>> No.76837470

>Phil Kelly said the T'au are the closest faction to being good guys.

I lost my laughing Bender GIF, so look it up, because that's how I'm reacting to you.

>> No.76837472

Holding the moral high ground =/= good guy.

The Imperium generally holds the moral high ground over Chaos but it doesn't make it a good faction.

>> No.76837483

>drinking the etherel's kool aid this hard

>> No.76837489


>> No.76837491

So from reading the points updates for CSM apparently our terminators can now get 5 points Reaper Chaincannons. THANKS GW!

>> No.76837499

We are the only faction that holds the moral high ground in 40k.

>> No.76837500

Not an argument. Phil Kelly is the chief narrative writer of 40K. So that renders your position nonexistent.

>> No.76837504

there you go

>> No.76837506

Just remember that it's the origin of the word "Misery" and it becomes a lot easier to remember.

(Via the phrase "put them out of their misery" which was a common use for the knife when used by romans)

>> No.76837516

Ah ok that makes sense. So I had the initial thought that I could use a Thousand Sons sorcerer in a Chaos Space Marine army provided it buffed/benefited the marines in some way but it looks like CSM have their own sorcerer's. Makes sense that there would be some drawbacks to having a mishmash sort of army. Thanks anon
>>76837411 but as other anon I replied to just above says, wouldn't it come at a cost fielding a thousand son unit/sorcerer with let's say some chaos berserkers or possessed? - going through the GW line of minis

>> No.76837517

I can get behind BR at least. My scheme is neither Argent Shroud or Blood Rose (silver armor and red robes). I've got 4 boxes of seraphim I never assembled and 2 units of metal seraphim from the good old days. Maybe I'll buy a few more. I don't know anymore. Honestly, I'm just having trouble finding engagement with the game anymore. I want to like it and enjoy it, but I just keep getting angry and pissy over stupid shit, which doesn't happen in the other games I've been playing in the meanwhile.

>> No.76837518

>Being a brainlet

Play the Gladius T'au campaign and you will see T'au making a doomed last stand to protect their aliens.

>> No.76837519

>his view of history was so strange that people stopped playing historicals with him,
Did he deny the holocaust?

>> No.76837532

I haven't been paying much attention lately, is there a list of which factions have gotten 9th edition codexes so far?

>> No.76837534

>Yeah, this random licensed indie game is totally cannon because it supports my narrative.

>> No.76837540

>That would be really strange to have 5,5 point models...
not really, it's just they they only do it with units that have a set number of models and can be adjusted as a whole

>> No.76837541

He argued that the calibre of anti tank guns equals their penetration power, a 75 mm gun will always penetrate 75 mm of armor.
According to him the japanese banzai charged all the time.
He also tried to argue that the nazis are socialist since they have socialist in their name. The same day, but a few hours later he argued that the soviet union was fascist. Later on he argued that the USA took part in the napoleonic wars and that american troops secured wellingtons victory at waterloo.
A few friends gossiped about the stuff he said for days, these are some of the things i still remember.
I dont even know where he learnt that stuff, he isnt yet old enough to get dementia...

>> No.76837545


>> No.76837547

>tfw custodes are the perfect 500 point faction now that guard has been shitcanned in all brackets except 2k

>space marines
>death guard soon

>> No.76837554

>but can no longer take Power Weapons or Lightning Claws.
Citation needed. You do know you still build units based on their unit entry in the codex and not from the points costs page, right anon?

>> No.76837559

God, It's pretty depressing that this is true. And I play Deathwatch.

>> No.76837563

Do the choices involve wearing Waystones?

>> No.76837564

Gladius notoriously plays fast and loose with the lore for all the factions.

>> No.76837567

You want lots of Celestians and to a lesser degree Seraphim then. Because all the other good BR units are the ones you don't want to take.

>> No.76837576

The Thousand Sons Sorcerer and the CSM Sorceror can be represented with the same model, they just have slightly different rules and access to slightly different psychic powers.

In the new codex, they'll be getting a distinct set of keywords to make it easier to keep track of. Standard CSM will have HERETIC ASTARTES, while Thousand Sons will have ARCANA ASTARTES and Death Guard will have BUBONIC ASTARTES.

>> No.76837579

He sounds kind of retarded.

>> No.76837584

Just paint it already

>> No.76837586

What about what the novels say? How Farsight and his subcommander rejected the idea of creating a weapon to target Ork females and children.

>> No.76837588

So what about those sterilisations Tau supposedly did in DoW?

>> No.76837589

he actually denies that jews really exist, according to him they were all wiped out by the romans. All current jews are just people thinking they are jews.
He once got beat up by a rabbi for his belifs. Shit was fun to watch.

>> No.76837591

He sounds like he takes memes from /pol/ at face value.

>> No.76837595

Where did you read that?

>> No.76837596

Or living as Exodites or Harlequins. Eldar can change faction with little trouble. The Darks choose to keep their lifestyle.

>> No.76837602

It's just Spanish for "mercy", it isn't that hard.

>> No.76837605

>Ork females and children.

Not the guy you're replying to, but wtf.

>> No.76837608

>He argued that the calibre of anti tank guns equals their penetration power, a 75 mm gun will always penetrate 75 mm of armor.
That's incredibly cringy, above everything else you said.

>> No.76837610

soulstones, and yes. There are enough soulstones for all of them. They choose their life of making others suffer in their stead.

>> No.76837611

I think thats it. Im gonna ask him if he prowses Pol and if he does i found the source for his retardation
Well, he isnt the smartest, but outside of history and politics he is more or less normal

>> No.76837613

T'au being protective of their assimilated races goes hand in hand with what's in the codex lore. The T'au protected the Kroot homeworld no less than 3 times from certain doom.

>> No.76837615


>> No.76837618

I dont see the guard updates. The last update for them i can see was in October

>> No.76837627

>he actually denies that jews really exist
that's a new one

>> No.76837630

That's not an argument either, unless Oh Kelly is an authoritative source for what is good and what is evil, objectively. All this sentence means is that he believes they're the closest to good guys.

When scores of etherels line up to die in place of their brainwashed slave armies, let me know. And while you're at it, please confirm the water caste didn't have heroic totally not propaganda videos ready after the slaughter to convince more people how good the tau are. Top kek you mental midget.

>> No.76837631

Actually, Latin.

>> No.76837635

T'au theorized that Ork females are hidden underground.

>> No.76837641

I still find it hilarious that they gave an admech model the wrong weapon profile and had to errata it. I'm amazed at just how much of engine war has had to be fixed/is no longer applicable. It's like it was written by someone in a completely different office to everyone else.

>> No.76837642

If an option isn't listed that just means it's free anon, not that it's gone.
Immolaters don't list points for the heavy bolter turret because it costs the same as the default flamer. But it's still an option.
All that those options disappearing means is that they cost 0 points now.

>> No.76837644

Oh nice. Is this not on their website yet?

>> No.76837645

Space Robots
Furry Marines
Fuck Aliens Marines
Vampire Marines
Smelly Evil Marines
Super Secret Traitor Marines
Pointy Elves

>> No.76837649

It reads like the end state for one of those big brain memes.

>> No.76837652

>He once got beat up by a rabbi for his belifs.
I would pay to watch that. Not much, but still.

>> No.76837658

It's in the new minitorum field manual. Released today. Follow the link in the OP for all the shit released today

>> No.76837661

Before they discovered how orks work i'd presume.

>> No.76837663

dire avenger double catapults and double death spinners for warp spiders became free too am i right?

>> No.76837672

Anon please, I picked the image in >>76837491 there for a reason.
GW or anybody really doesn't know the difference between reaper autocannons and chaincannons

>> No.76837673

He sure sounds like a /pol/ster.

>> No.76837676

Anything not listed is free

>> No.76837685


>> No.76837688

Admech almost certainly 'soon'. First new warzone is admech vs death guard.

>> No.76837702

And also Spanish. Trust me, I'm a paco.

>> No.76837706

When I was reading "USA took part in the napoleonic wars" my mind basically went "well yeah, the War of 1812 was basically a minor theater of the Napoleonic Wars" and then I read "american troops secured wellingtons victory at waterloo" and I was just Man What The Fuck

>> No.76837710

yup, as a wannabe armchair general myself i cringed when i heard that aswell.
He also says the same about japanese ( they are just chinese to him), the irish ( british) and egyptians, although the later one isnt completly wrong, ancient egyptians might be something different than current Egyptians.
yeah, it was fun to watch, although i had to interfere once the rabbi got a chair.

>> No.76837713

Have they always been given reaper chaincannons?

>> No.76837714

>he actually denies that jews really exist
Damn, that's new.

>> No.76837715

It is an argument. He is the Word of God on the lore. And remember all I said is that the T'au have the moral high ground. This is objective fact.

>When scores of etherels line up to die in place of their brainwashed slave armies, let me know. And while you're at it, please confirm the water caste didn't have heroic totally not propaganda videos ready after the slaughter to convince more people how good the tau are. Top kek you mental midget.

Not an argument and doesn't relate to anything I said.

The last stand ended with all the heroic T'au being slaughtered to the last man alongside their alien allies by the Fourth Sphere lunatics. The massacre was hidden, not projected.

>> No.76837718

>Vexilla are now free
Man, Custodes cannot stop winning.
Though I would've liked to see Wardens go down in points, since literally no one uses them.

>> No.76837730

Orks and Admech in a battle box soon. They had models teased the same time as DG, Sisters, and Drukhari

>i had to interfere once the rabbi got a chair.
Did you really? Was it worth still having to put up with this moron?

>> No.76837731

26 power/499 pts
>shield captain, sword & board (112)
>3 man custards, 1 w/ sword & board (142)
>3 man tactical squad (150)
>vexillus praetor w/ shield (95)

if i wasnt a WYSIWYG autist i would take the shield off of the standard bearer in a heartbeat so i can give my tac squad 3 misericordias but ccw will have to do unfortunately.

i dont care to win that much i just think this list is cool as fuck

>> No.76837755

Pretty much exactly what golden boys should look like at 500 pts. Would play against with my genestealers/10

>> No.76837756

It's irritating that Repentia went up in points with no drop for the overpriced Repentia Superior.

>> No.76837763

Last time I played was 3rd ed. I'm still trying to get used to rules being updated every three months and missed the sarcasm. Thanks.

>> No.76837768

I limited myself to confirmed things. not speculation or previews.

>> No.76837781

Thanks for clearing that up. I like the idea of having a model that I can use in multiple armies like a sorceror

>> No.76837783

Yeah, he got me in the first part, too.
I am just glad that he doesnt have any worse theories about them
he has been my brother for ~50 years, im not gonna let him die because he keeps saying stupid stuff to the wrong people

>> No.76837792

>3 man tactical squad
You mean Sags?
Also, Vexillus with shield is the best equipment for him, since everyone will want him dead ASAP. I can't say enough how often the ignore AP-1 (+1 to saves) and 3++ have saved my guy.

>> No.76837796

They have committed the least genocides out of every faction which makes them the "gooder" guys even though by today's standards they are still a totalitarian military regime

>> No.76837804

My airbrush setup is annoying so I'm getting a ton of stuff ready to prime all at once and messing with the bases. Probably will prime everything tommorrow since everything else should be assembled by then but his base with the daemon infestation's the only thing I wasn't sure about

>> No.76837814

>today's standards they are still a totalitarian military regime

Was the British Empire a totalitarian military regime?

>> No.76837816

Let's say the Inquisition detects a potential Chaos presence in a Hive World that's so bad they have to quarantine it immediately, but not so bad (or perhaps not yet proven) that it's grounds for Exterminatus. There's currently Titans stationed on the world. Can they Collegia Titanica just sail in and evac their titans or would the Inquisition try and prevent them on the grounds of the quarantine? My instinctual reaction is that the Inquisition wouldn't really be able stop them but I'm not sure.

>> No.76837819

It should say Reaper Autocannon. Chaincannons are a different weapon.

>> No.76837832

Do you have examples?

>> No.76837836


>> No.76837838

>Tau are more or less literally Stalinist Soviets
>People still cry that "they're the good guys"
Boy, people's standards of good are weird.
I'm surprised no one ever brings up FSE, since they're objectively more interested in the dissemination of free information and individual rights.

>> No.76837842 [SPOILER] 

just to make sure you know what i meant by tactical squad right

>you mean Sags?
does the tac squad lose a lot by not having a set of misericordias for them all? i understand that theyre relatively weak in melee without them (relative to custodes in general)

>> No.76837865

does he also believe the REAL jews were black tho?

>> No.76837877

Titans would only be on a hive world if there was currently a major military campaign already underway.
Titans are all kept on Ad Mech Forge Worlds when not on campaign.

>> No.76837881

Thats a good question, but im not gonna ask him. I dont think i could bear the answer.

>> No.76837886

The Inquisition's authority very much rests in their ability to compel others to follow their orders because they are Inquisitors. Their power is mostly political. So it would depend on whether the titan legion listened to them.

Though any legion commander who wasn't marching out to support the war against Chaos is derelict in his duties.

>> No.76837898

Allow me to predict the storyline for all three books in the new Warzone.
>Death Guard turn up near Metallica
>Couple of thousand chaos marines beat an entire sector's worth of Admech
>Give Metallica a 'computer virus' because GW writers will think that's clever
>Despite having information warfare specialists, all of Metallica is immediately crippled
>Eventually, something like 5 Ultramarine turn up and save the day
>Typhus forces a draw through bullshit and runs off like the cartoon villain he is.

>> No.76837899

That's not /pol/, it's just nuts and random.

>> No.76837901

Ask him if the real jews were cannibal neanderthals.

>> No.76837907

>lose a lot by not having a set of misericordias for them all?
The Misericordias give them an extra attack and AP-2, so each one would be hitting with 4 attacks of Str 5 AP-2 D1. That's a big upgrade over 3 attacks with AP0.
I personally always field them with Misericordias, but I also play 1.5k+ games, so 9 points for a squad of three is less taxing overall for the build.

>> No.76837913

are there people who really think that?

>> No.76837928

Wait...Tactical Marines are still 18 ppm but now Black Templar Crusade squad initiates are 15 ppm?

>> No.76837931

GW allowed a city with rules to fall in AoS. Metallica might get dumpstered.

>> No.76837934

>An argument

It's not. He's an authority, maybe, on what the events are. If I write a book where I rape babies for no reason, but say that the rapist is a cool dude, that doesn't make it true. Ethics exist outside the fictional world.

Hardly irrelevant. It speaks to why the tau did what they did. Brainwashed death isn't a virtue.

>> No.76837941

Don't think they'd have a reason to stop them unless the legio is suspected to be infested by chaos as well

>> No.76837944

>Give Metallica a 'computer virus' because GW writers will think that's clever
It hurts me to know that it 100% will include some kind of 'warp-tainted' computer virus.

>> No.76837945

what would you do personally in my situation? the only thing i can think of is to take the s&b off of the other custard squad.

Fuck I should've bought a full set and full kit instead of the 3-man squad + kit from ebay if i knew they were going to change the points so drastically. before i could've fit everybody literally perfectly. 500 points exactly and 25 power

>> No.76837959

Just noticed, there's no points cost listed for SoB units to take a simulacrum now?
That's really annoying if true, cos I don't have anywhere near enough for all of my squads if I run them as 5 man's.

>> No.76837977

Didn't notice either until you brought it up, that's cool

>> No.76837981

Drukhari have to show up at some point in a meaningful fashion. They're listed in the blurb as being a major faction in the conflict.

>> No.76837982

Yes, yes there are.
>just nuts and random.
Yes, that's /pol/ in a nutshell.

>> No.76837987

isn't that just scrapcode ?

>> No.76837991

Personally, I'm not sure why you're giving the Captain a shield?
He not only gets character protection, but he can take the 3++ relic for the extra durability, and that way still contribute to the fighting more than the useless sword.

>> No.76837998

>It's not.

It is. The T'au as they presented in the lore do hold the moral high ground since they act generally nobility and virtue. They see the stuff that the Imperium does as a standard as shocking evil. This is how he wrote the T'au. You are just acting like a child holding your fingers in your ears. Argue. Present a case. I don't have to time for you acting like s fool.

>Brainwashed death isn't a virtue.

They weren't brainwashed. Checkmate.

>> No.76837999

>in a meaningful fashion
lol, they're gonna show up to kidnap people and maybe even have something stupid happen, like plague marines being carted away in nets

>> No.76838039

They've got previous. In some book a Forge World's entire defense network gets knocked out by one guy. It's especially infuriating considering that the Admech has multiple divisions dedicated towards protecting themselves from things like scrapcode.

>> No.76838043

>Metallica might get dumpstered.
Metallica is a major Forgeworld and has its own subfaction rules per the Admech Codex.
I highly doubt they would do anything drastic to it.

>> No.76838052

im not very experienced at all. i've only played a single game with custodes, since i main guard, and i've also only ever played two games ever. i didnt know about the relic thing actually and im still working on my udnerstand of command points and their usage and what not.

>> No.76838057

>It hurts me to know that it 100% will include some kind of 'warp-tainted' computer virus.
These have been canon for many years, Skitarius has them running through skitarii and making them kill themselves, Mechanicum has lots of chaos scrapcode come out of a martian vault and destroy half the forges of Mars

>> No.76838074

Yooo funko

>> No.76838075

People said that about Cadia

>> No.76838078

So was Anvilgrad in AoS. It was the setting of the ongoing AoS RPG. It still got Morathi'ed.

>> No.76838082


>> No.76838084

These things are hideous cash-grabs.

>> No.76838093

Then why did you buy 20?

>> No.76838105

>these gargantuan guard point increases
Holy fuck they're going to be so god damn fucking overpowered when their codex comes out.

>> No.76838107

you could probably count on one hand how many people give a fuck about either of those AoS things.

>> No.76838121

Same thing with Metallica.

>> No.76838124

Their souls are constantly diminishing because they are aging. They slurp up soulstuff in the form of intense emotions in order to extend their lives and avoid being consumed by Slaanesh upon death

>> No.76838137


>> No.76838140

There are more admech players than there players for all of AoS. Get real.

>> No.76838146


How he intended to write them and how he did write them are two different things, dipshit. Sterilization, brainwashing (see: slavery), disposable auxiliaries, propaganda, the greater good itself as an ignorant materialistic ideology in a universe of literal gods, is not good. It's merely evil with a pretty pastel color palette.

>> No.76838150

Highly unlikely.

>> No.76838151

I'd strongly suggest reading a bit about the relics and strategems available to you.
At the end of the day, whatever you want to build/fight-with is your choice, but for really small alterations like that, you might want to read a bit before settling.

Also, in terms of the physical models, while major weapons like spears and shields will generally be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), no one in the world will complain if a model is/isn't armed with a Misericordia and does/doesn't have it on the game list, so long as you are explicitly clear on what has them or not.
Even big organizations like ITC have been fine with only certain Custodes units having Misericordias and others not, again, so long as it's clear which are supposed to have them game wise.

>> No.76838153

It's annoying that it's only ever one way. You never see something like the Admech crippling a Chaos invasion by forcing the machine spirits of their armour to rebel, or a Mechanicus Saint exorcising a daemon engine.

>> No.76838166

Not him but I doubt it will happen. BR: Morathi had more things happening with consequences than the entire psychic awakening books. It's obvious that the AoS writer have a lot more freedom than the 40k ones. I bet my fucking ass that Metallica will be ravaged by the DG only for some space marine chapter doing a thing and cause the DG to retreat after uncountable damage has been done. Another phyrric victory for the Imperium, except that nobody will ever aknoweldge that in the future. How many times has Fenris been nearly destroyed currently?

>> No.76838170


Literally all Tau are brainwashed by the etherels. That is how they maintain control over genetic tau. The rest are controlled through intimidation, misinformation, threats, sterilization, murder, or bribes. How dumb are you?

>> No.76838182

>a Mechanicus Saint exorcising a daemon engine.
Okay I really REALLY like this idea.
Pretty sure Stern does in her book, she stops a shitload of daemon engines, but shes obviously not admech.
Is that book ever coming out outside of the limited run?

>> No.76838194


Not canon. Human numbers as per the GW lore are increasing in the T'au Empire by NATURAL BIRTH.


Implied limited control by the Ethereals. The T'au can still make their own choices.

>disposable auxiliaries

The lore in ALL codexes says that the T'au do not use cannon fodder. Not even their drones are considered disposable. Commanders that break that are put on trial.

>the greater good itself as an ignorant materialistic ideology in a universe of literal gods, is not good.

Motivated by noble ideals/.

Like I said, they hold the moral high ground. It's shown in the lore. Lore that you don't read.

>> No.76838205

Probably, although that's just par for the course in any conflict with Chaos. One assumes the Mechanicus similarly assaults their enemies that various rites of benediction and purifying war spirits

>> No.76838211

>in AoS
There's the key point, friendo. AoS has more freedom to move the plot and setting along than 40k wherein everything is crammed into the same stagnant mess. The ultimate result of the books is stuff will happen and nothing will change. That's 40k.

>> No.76838212


Being as close as possible to being the good guys is not much when you consider the competition. If I kill and torture ten people I am still closer to being the good guy and I hold the moral high ground compared to the guy that killed, tortured and twenty of them. The Empire in Star Wars would have the moral high ground in 40k.

>> No.76838226

>Literally all Tau are brainwashed by the etherels. That is how they maintain control over genetic tau.

Nope. The T'au in the story rebelled against evil Fourth Sphere Ethereals. If the T'au are totally in the thrall of the Ethereals it wouldn't be possible for the T'au to question them and rebel when they see these orders are unjust.

>> No.76838267

>oS has more freedom to move the plot and setting along than 40k wherein everything is crammed into the same stagnant mess.

Not anymore. Picture related. 40K is dynamic setting. The Primarch Crusade in this retcon never ended. The Plague Wars is just 12 years into the Crusade rather than 100 years later. Anything can happen now.

With the chances, 40K writers have more freedom to do what they want. Guy Haley said that they don't know what's going to happen next in their writing. They are just inventing it as they go along. There is no set outcomes after the retcon.

>> No.76838332

Retributors are T3 1W 3+/6++ so need either a full set of extra bodies or a transport factored into cost.

>> No.76838351

Think about it, Tzeentch. Admech are perfect victims for Dark Eldar. Imagine being a mechpawn enjoying your mechlife and then you get captured and taken by raiders. Then, they remove all of your techno parts, even then internal ones. No, ESPECIALLY the internal ones, yet they keep you alive regardless. Worse yet, they replace them with organic parts. That lung you replaced? Have fun watching them implant a new organic one inside your chest cavity. That arm with the fancy computer interface? Whoops. Removed and they grafted a new arm on just for you, but not only that. It's not even a human arm. It's ok. You can't actually scream because you removed your voice box a long time ago. Oh. Nevermind, the good doctor regenerated your missing voice box. Your screams make it smile. Now. About that eye.

>> No.76838372

They literally just had the chance of writing a dozen events in the 40k universe in psychic awakening and not a single one changed things.

>> No.76838376

Do they no longer have to mine Croneworlds for waystones anymore then?

I suspect the bigger issue would be cultural differences rather than practical limitations, transitioning from a highly technically advanced, hedonistic and libertarian society to strictly regimented and disciplined ones like the Craftworlder or Exodites could well be an insurmountable culture shock let alone running away to the circus

>> No.76838410

In the stream where they had a developer talking about PA, they said that PA isn't meant to advance the setting. It was meant to explore the indo era since they weren't interested in telling an advancing story in 40K.

New news arrived that GW changed their minds. They reworked the timeline and now things can advance and change.

>> No.76838508

Yeah, sure they do. Anon they literally split the galaxy in two and resurrect a primarch a few months later and the biggest effect those events had was to stop most of the apockalyptic events that were happening so that the galaxy could go back to a status quo almost exactly like before except now there are bigger marines around.

>> No.76838666

the immolator with it's stock loadout of flamer and heavy bolter is 125 but the multi melta is an option that replaces the flamer. It would equal the 145 points so technically it would be +20 compared to the stock loadout but it implies it's taken alongside the stock wargear?
why the fuck did they lay it out like this

>> No.76838688

Read the pdf.

>> No.76838689

Doomrider. Slaanesh CSM needs some love

>> No.76838691

Because it tells you in the unit profile it replaces the flamer, Satan

>> No.76838763

the Troupe is akin to a family for the Harlie, that's why the Solitaire, by their role and their powers are generally free element in the troupe

>> No.76838793

crimson fists

>> No.76838839

what changed for custards? Is it assuming every unit now has spears as their base weapon, or are axes actually now 5 points?

>> No.76838860

If it’s not on the FAQ then it’s free

>> No.76838885

...even the romans never claimed to have killed off all the Jews. Why does your brother think that?

>> No.76838918

What the hell does he spend his time reading? Your brother sounds fascinating

>> No.76839012

Damn pleasing army for 500pts. I’d play you.

>> No.76839017

Someone please explain why hellions are 17 ppm and reavers are 10.

>> No.76839045

Are nids the bad guys if they are running from something worse than them and absorbing biomass is necessary for them to keep going

>> No.76839099


>> No.76839118

Has anyone made a list of all the changes yet?
I don't want to decipher GWs fucking writing where they don't point out what changed and you're forced to do some checking bullshit

>> No.76839627

/tg/ what's the best place to buy miniatures of uniformed child soldiers if I wanted to convert an IG juvie legion to look like a ton of 9S with lasguns. Basically where can I get some Hitler youth minis or something? NOT nigger kids, I hate minorities! They have to be white or Asian. My fluff is I'm a rogue trader princess and terrible human being. So I only use cute teenagers and preteens as soldiers and keep them young until they're 90 or dead with rejuvinats. Fleet-based legion. As fluff develops and she gets more ships I'll run a cute admech force as well and clone these kids like Kriegers on-board in order to krusade more efficiently.

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