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Starting a new DnD 5e character with some friends and thinking of doing as close as I can do an Onion Knight (Final Fantasy) Normally i know this could be done by Multiclassing but our DM is not allowing Multiclassing so Im trying to figure out the best way to kinda do this. Eldritch Knight or Valor Bard? Ive never played either class so not sure what I would be getting into. any suggestions or input is welcome thanks

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>Onion Knight (Final Fantasy)
Quick rundown?

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Play a system that lets you do what you actually want to do instead of trying to force it in DnD of all things.

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Kinda Garbo overall, if you level enough enough they become amazing, can normally equip all armor and weapons and cast all spells.

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>Starting a new DnD 5e character
There's a whole thread for that. You should go there.
>our DM is not allowing Multiclassing
Leave. Preferably to play something other than D&D 5e, but honestly, just leave.

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The question isn't "what's the best system for this ideal" it's "how do I do this in THIS system"
Fuck off and let people have fun

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If you can't multiclass I think you definitely need to Bard, if only because Jack of All Trades will give you such an edge in skills you're not trained in. Valor Bard seems best to me: you're a full-caster (but not a great one) and a decent melee combatant. That's as good as you'll get without multiclassing.

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He's not going to manage. Under the FF job system, Onion Knight is a class that is able to use all weapons and equipment, but its basic skills are usually underpowered. However a common theme with Onion Knight or its equivalents is that it gains an extremely powerful ability (like Mimic in Bravely Default) or its stat growth explodes at the highest levels.

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If your DM is not allowing multiclassing, Eldritch Knight or maybe some flavor of Paladin. But honestly at that point its probably not going to work the exact way you want. That character is probably better off in a different system or at a different table.

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I don't know what an onion knight is, but you're coming at a magical fighter from 2 directions.
The Eldritch Knight is a fighting man who can sometimes blast magic. Far more melee than magic.
A Valor Bard is a magic man who's okay at hitting things. Far more magic than melee.
Whichever strikes you as closer, go for that one. Word of advice though, as a Valor bard, you'll be sheathing and unsheathing your sword a lot because you can't have a sword in one hand, a shield in the other, and also use spells because you need a hand free for spells. Just keep that in mind or convince your dm to make one of your things a focus or something.

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I wish. theres noy a lot of groups around here and the only other common group playing fucking WoD

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Valor Bard for sure. Eldritch Knight would be Mystic Knight, they can't really cast spells "well" and are too slow to get to it. Valor Bard gets more spells to cast, lots of utility, and they can take whatever spells you want from any other classes to give yourself the variety you want for being able to do all magic.

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