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Would military organizations try to make their combat androids or genehanced troops look appealing to the civilian population?

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Probably not, no.

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Yes. Makes it easier to sell at home.

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Happy to discuss this question OP but can you let me know what traditional game it's for? Why do you need to know?

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Depends on their role. Some troops are meant to look explicitly threatening, others less so. Look up the Palestinian "peace camouflage"

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Yes, but they would be built to look 'badass,' not like waifus.

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Modern soldiers are made to look and are marketed as cool and badass. Inspires people to enlist but also helps with a positive image and pride for PR purposes.

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Noblebright Waifupunk.

Party is a series of last-gen Waifu-droids, trying to overthrow the Gacha-ocracy.

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Sounds terrible, never post again.

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Oh like shitposting ever stops anyone from posting.

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Following the same typical logic as beastfolk, there will be a "cool" line and "sexy" line.

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Really? Not to say that people don't try to go for 'cool beastfolk', but I don't feel that's quite the axis that it works on. I'd say it's more a 'weeb/furry' axis.

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I'd expect this could go one of two ways.
Western countries decide to design more familiar and appealing war droids to try and prevent excessive blowback from their usual critics, while cultures that generally seem to value human life less or just public opinion less focus on practicality first, and then some propaganda purpose, whether that be intimidation, sex appeal, or something else.
Every war droid designer goes out of his way to make them as inhuman as possible, to try and reduce the likelihood of human/robot rights groups bitching about "they're just like us, they should be free" getting much traction with the general populace.

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It's more a divide in function I think. Even outside japan/asia it usually goes with there being a humanized design that people are intended to relate to, and a more monstrous/utilitarian design that is straightforward for fighting.

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Soldiers are supposed to look intimidating, so no.

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Which of the following would make you feel safer?
>The local FAT DOG on patrol, telling you to keep an eye out for dissenters, who might also be open to joining you for coffee after her shift ends

ED might be better when it comes to kicking down doors and clearing rooms, but the FAT DOG will probably instill less distrust patrolling the streets and win the trust of more people when ordering an evacuation. Not entirely the same thing, but look at France: Macron's policies, regardless of what you think of them, have set Paris on fucking fire. If he weren't an "elitist banker" and spent more time tickling the population's balls he could probably pass the same policies with less problems (not no problems, it's France after all). Don't underestimate the importance of a human element.

Which is why they spend so much time flexing their figurative muscles in peacekeeping zones rather than building wells and handing out medication, right? "Hearts and minds" are a very important part of modern warfare.

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This was a plotpoint of the Robocop reboot, go watch it.

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No, but pending the purpose, they would either look extremely intimidating or blend in with the locals with very little overlap.

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I would make them look like cool death robots instead

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This. When you send in soldiers to keep the peace or help/rescue people...you don't want people running in the other direction the moment they see them.

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I'm not even sure that's correct. Certainly a more weeb design makes empathy easier- but just cause a beastfolk looks more animalistic doesn't mean that you aren't supposed to relate with them. Likewise I think while a more bestial design might of course look better for fighting, that doesn't always translate mechanically- a weeb beastfolk could just as easily get the mechanical buff.
I'll never get over that some genius at Omnicorp had the demonstration ED-209 fitted with LIVE AMMUNITION for a board meeting.

Also can someone explain the FAT DOG WIFE meme to me?

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That's the wrong question. Military organizations would go with the cheapest equipment and troops available if they are private, or they would use whatever boondoggle that one ups the other divisions and/or justifies the bloated budget they get from pork barrel spending if they are a government agency.

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Isn't that the plot of Girls Frontline? You are a busted PMC who has repurposed a bunch of gynoids for military combat because you were the lowest bidder?

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This makes me imagine a sci-fi story set on a world recently conquered by a space Empire with cybernetic, genetically engineered waifu (and husbando) soldiers and their interactions with the people.

the Empire in this case is arguably good guys, or at least reasonable and practical and one of the functions of their soldiers is playing psychologists and even fuck toy to the locals.

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Came across a manga like this. The aliens go around the galaxy looking for new and exotic poon, when they show up to earth, they go
>we will give you all our advanced technology on two conditions- you legalize interspecies marriage, and you make some schools for us to teach you how to use the technology and let our young'uns mix together
to which earth says yes.

Our hero is an incel who believes that getting together with a hot alien women (they absorb alien DNA, so they all look like hot anime girls within a single generation) is being a race-traitor. But despite that, he is a japanese protagonist, so he cannot bring himself to actually be rude to them and turn them down, resulting in him accruing a harem of horny alien girls (one of which inherited the ability to SET HERSELF ON FIRE when she gets turned on).

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What's the image from?

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>Sets herself on fire when she's horny

That's pretty hot.

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What for? It would be more useful for them to inspire fear and awe. Civilians that are part of their nation would most likely find solace and pride at the sight of their military might, while their appearance would also break morale of their foes.
Just look at many military parades, from an outsider's point of view they could be really scary

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He's right.
>Local operatives and MP operating at home
Humanoid robots with decent social skills and good looks on the outside, but still able to pack some hidden but serious heat to fuck up dissenters. They have a friendly attitude and familiar appearance, so citizens feel safer and less oppressed.
>Foreign operatives and MP in occupied areas
Inhuman war machines, armed to the teeth with big, threatening guns. No social skills, inhuman voice and mannerisms, and completely cold. They're threatening, so that they instill fear, and inhuman for the same reason, but it also adds the bonus of them being far less likely to be the subject of android rights movements. Plus there's the whole factor of the government gaining good boy points for not using as many fleshy human operatives who can die and make people sad.

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Depends. Chinese and Russian military parades are all about showing off fancy new toys that have a really long range and could totally hit... oh, let's just name a random city, New York.

Nowadays French military parades are all about inviting over foreign militaries to show that they're best buddies and that byegones are byegones and the like. Like in 2014 when they invited detachments from all countries that participated in WW1, regardless of what side they were on. That's not really scary from an outsider's point of view, to a country like Canada it's a friendly gesture if anything.

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Not really. Outside of North Korea you don't see people moving around the nukes. Trump actually ran into this problem- he wanted a military parade in DC after seeing the French Bastille day, but DC nix'd the idea because American tanks aren't designed to go on American roads, and they would have torn up the asphalt there (and DC wasn't willing to foot that bill of fixing those roads for a one-day parade).

Soldiers also go to parades in dress-uniform, not combat-fatigues.

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>but DC nix'd the idea because American tanks aren't designed to go on American roads
So what's the difference, are French tanks lighter or French roads tougher?

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I don't know- not an architecture buf, and i'm not caught up on modern tank lore. That said, considering how much tanks cost, and the size of the American and French militaries, it wouldn't surprise me if they have smaller tanks.

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Ok, I might have been incorrect in my assumptions

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based modest anon

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It depends on the environment the androids are in. If it is hard combat then no most likely a military isn't going to make them all that appealing. But if those androids need to be in a civilian population then yes waifu androids are possible to try and build up good will.

It also depends on the civilization who is building these androids and how advanced their technology is. Like I could easily see waifubots repurposed for a military role or designed with a side military role depending on the cultural evolution of the society around them.

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yeah? would be useful for propaganda purposes

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>Depends. Chinese and Russian military parades are all about showing off fancy new toys

This always kills me because showing off like this just gives your enemies more time to stare at your equipment and figure out what countermeasures could work based off the design. Like the russians make full fledged videos of their tanks moving around for advertisements but well doesn't doing that actually give everyone looking at the ads in foreign nations ideas on how to blow your tanks easier?

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Here's a question- what combat role would waifubots best serve in? Infantry? Cavalry? Tank crews? Long-Gun crews? Logistics? Air-Force? Navy? Special Forces?

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Why not all the above? One of the advantages of waifubots is you can always build a new one if they die so would make sense to try and move most of them into the more dangerous roles as to not risk whoever is building them

But there is also other complexities. For example a highly advanced science fiction civilization having a bunch of waifuer types that decide to built cute girl androids that could be used as a colonizer+Military role is likely to design waifu bots in far different ways then like a lower end civilization who needs manpower for brutal urban meatgrinder combat and thinks waifubot research would be useful given they can blend as civilians fairly easy. This really does deeply depend on what kind of war and what situations these androids were built for.

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I imagine the intelligent thing would be to keep the real deal in reserve, but I doubt the Russian kleptocracy and Chinese c*mmunists are intelligent enough for that.

"Boots on the ground" infantry, military police, peacekeeping forces. All the "face" roles of the military that require a lot of interaction with non-combatants. Despite me liking Azur Lane a lot, there's nothing about serving the navy that would really benefit their waifu status (though nothing that would prohibit it either).

Speaking of Azur Lane, your picture reminds me that those Kiss of War ads really piss me the fuck off, even though it's the same concept as Azur Lane or GFL: a sexy girls wargame. Kiss of War is a lot more deceptive about it. In AL and GFL, the waifus are front and center in the game. It's all about them, they're the stars of the show. Meanwhile Kiss of War is a generic base builder game with highly deceptive advertisement that basically screams "we're not confident in our own game so here's titties". And that really pisses me off. I can't believe I'm saying this but at least AL and GFL are classy about their T&A.

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The Russians and the Chinese both have a military chip on their shoulders- the Russians from having collapsed from the old Soviet Union, and wanting to be a super-power again, and the Chinese because, well, lots of reasons- the period from the opium wars to the end of the civil war is called 'the Century of Humiliation' so they mostly just want a big dick military for the prestige it wins.

Also did you only just recently realize that phone-apps use deceptive titty advertising in them? That said, considering we do have Azur Lane and Girls Frontline why they don't just nut up and actually make a proper waifu-base-building game. It's not like it would make it sell worse.

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The buy-in for real games is a lot bigger than it is for mobage, and those who do are less likely to consistently spend actual money on it. They ran the numbers and the mobile games are just more profitable.

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>why they don't just nut up and actually make a proper waifu-base-building game
That's how you get King's Throne: Game of Lust. A game that literally has cuckoldry as an in-game mechanic. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking that I'm exaggerating or misunderstanding. I'm not.
Go to 1:05. Cuckoldry mechanically benefits you. I don't know why, but the West just can't do waifu games classy.
There's literally one good thing about it and that's the most recent ad... and that's just a recycled TikTok meme.

Meanwhile Japan has perfected the art of the waifu because they realized one very important thing: boners come and go, but the heart is always erect. Also actually decent game design.

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Humans find glossy, obviously artificial robots more appealing than ones trying to look human, uncanny valley effect. The ideal robot occupation army would be a bunch of iTroops in white and blue plastic with smooth rounded lines.
Gene enhanced troops would be aimed at combat ability and what came out would probably not look terribly human.

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>Meanwhile Kiss of War is a generic base builder game with highly deceptive advertisement that basically screams "we're not confident in our own game so here's titties".
Ah yes, the classic 'bate and switch strategy.

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I know in GFL, this question is answered and it's: actual military androids are inhuman entirely in both shape and personality(they don't have one, pure robot). The dolls Griffin and Sangvis use are repurposed civilian models and were made primarily for looks first and function second.

There are exceptions, though, namely Anti-Rain Squad and DEFY. AK-12 is a full military model but built with doll aesthetics. She's also a troll.

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Better if their bodies looked appealing when outside of battle for PR sake but in combat it all gets covered up with armor without any skin peaking through.

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Depends on the organisation. A media-focuses megacorp? Hell yeah. Or a cyberware/cosmetic surgery corp? It's just advertising!

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The game being discussed is still a mobile game. It's just one that's falsely advertising the ammount of waifu's in it- instead of just actually putting in waifu's.
I figured that was another example of a game that was GROSSLY overstating all the sex in it. That said, cuckoldry kind of would be a mechanic in a dynastic simulator (see CK2).

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>She's also a troll.
Well yes she's Russian.

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Imagine the local haji trying to start shit until he gets his 72 virgins after the US employs waifu bots to patrol the country, he will be to busy with pussy to care about being occupied

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No clue. I've never played it.

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Ah, I misinterpreted. I thought the question was why nobody has made a waifu base builder on pc/consoles.

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I'm pretty sure that (other than Arabia being completely ass-backwards even by 7th century standards) the promise of 72 virgins is appealing because of Islam's engrained polygamy: for every man with four wives, there's three with zero. So a guaranteed waifubot could make a lot of them change their minds.

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its more for psychological fear against their rivals citizens since most people won't bother to actually research the state of either military

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Unironically the FBI has come to the conclusion that global-warming is the #1 contributor to terrorism as it makes agriculture unviable in many parts of the Middle East. If you gave every impressionable teenager in the middle east an American produced Waifubot that did all their cooking and taxes, you'd have solve the war on terror.

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That said- isn't genshin impact for consoles or PC? I have to assume with it's production value. Honestly I dread the day that EA decides they can make waifu-game they can sell to the mainstream. They'll probably sacrifice Bioware as tribute before they do.
Unironically the problem was generally solved by going to war. Either day, or find a wife someplace else. And that worked when countries were constantly at war, and you were expected to either gain a lot of land, or lose a lot of land. In the age of modern warfare this is obviously nonviable. That said, most muslim citizens tend to stop at the one wife for economic reasons.

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>cucking your knights makes them stronger

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>guerilla wars will end due to government just pumping out free waifu bots to any territory that has insurrectionists
>might even result increased jobs due to more demand for waifus making more demand for resources relating to waifus
To this day that line about pussy infrastructure from generation kill was right, they just need to add anime waifu to the equation

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Yeah, this is what the average military combat t-dork looks like. Also, the player faction (Griffin) is a security PMC that basically functions as rural regional security, so being accepted by the civilian populace is a big part of the job description. It's also commented that a cute smile goes further than a bullet at times.

Meanwhile, Sangvis Ferri (the initial enemy faction, whose units you can now capture) have their leader units look like girls because... their designer was an otaku.

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>I'll never get over that some genius at Omnicorp had the demonstration ED-209 fitted with LIVE AMMUNITION for a board meeting.
Probably just didn't bother removing the existing ammunition or disabling the weapons since it had been working flawlessly in testing. Y'know, with the testing lab not having carpet and all.

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>Japan before nukes
>No anime
>Commits massive warcrimes, including the rape of nanking
>Japan after nukes
>has anime
>demilitarized, keeps pumping out the waifu's
Checks out.

>> No.76680317

Yeah, but it is making the vast majority of it's money from chinese phone players. It made 340 million dollars within two months of release, it's insane.

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>that line about pussy infrastructure from generation kill
Enlighten me.

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If I have to pick a single role, it'd probably be either light infantry/special forces or logistics. Really, military roles that push human endurance to the absolute limit, because the robots who don't need to eat or sleep will give you the biggest gains that way.

>> No.76680497

I'd argue it's close but no cigar. The sexual revolution fucked the West up beyond recovery (especially but not exclusively demographically) so it's not pussy per se. Sex is nice but at the end of the day the vagina exists for one purpose only: transforming semen into babies. By the end of the day it's about family prospects. Haji's are fucked up because they can't start a family, the West is fucked up because female empowerment has undermined the family. A house unpopulated, a house divided, neither can stand.

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>we made our androids this way because we need good pr
>they made their androids because sexy androids are fucking cool and hot
Both based.

>> No.76680561

>no anime before the nukes
Are you sure about that?

>> No.76680611

Let me rephrase myself- no good anime with giant oversized tiddies.

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Yes, but the Public Relations models will be different from the Combat models.

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Also Shinzo Abe is quickly gathering support to amend the constitution to allow Japan to have an military (the US-imposed only allows for self-defense forces).

Also the Japanese are already playing tricks to get around their limitations. They're not allowed to have aircraft carriers, so they have "carrier destroyers", which could easily be converted into aircraft carriers.

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It would be easier to make small, subtle gene tweaks rather than create massive changes. Cosmetic changes might also sell them better.

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I have no idea why they'd want to. Like they're neighbors are Russia, and China which are probably even worse nightmares to invade now than in the 40's- South Korea is part of SEATO and would be backed by the US- maybe they could pinch North Korea, but why would they want to? Power is held in alliances these days, not in direct land control.

Japan has been funneling the money that they would be spending on a standing military into their economy instead. There's nothing that a military really gives them that they don't get from the US footing the bill for them.

>> No.76680909

>Abe is quickly gathering support
Anon, Abe quit this year, can't really blame him

>> No.76681174

>carrier destroyers
The technical term is "helicopter destroyer," anon. Also, though Abe certainly did a great deal to remilitarize Japan, he retired earlier this year do to continuing health complications, so at this point it's gonna be on the guy who replaced him, Suga I think the name is.

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You don't understand, OP. The military robots don't look like humans for the people back home. The military robots look like humans *to fuck with the heads of enemy soldiers*.

Throughout history, soldiers have avoided taking enemy lives. There is a common instinct to hold back, to spare the enemy. Empathy is a motherfucker, so you shoot over the enemy's heads instead of directly at them. Obviously a lot of people still kill others in war, but that instinct to spare enemy lives is still common enough to be very significant.

A completely mechanical, inhuman looking military machine doesn't trigger that response. People can shoot at those without thinking twice. But a military robot that looks enough like a human will.

If anything, this actually becomes *more* of a reason to make your robots look like cute girls. The hesitation to fire will be stronger and more common. The machines, of course, won't have this and thus will win the draw. The human soldier might only hesitate for a fraction of a second, but thats all the machine needs to be the one to shoot first.

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You don't actually show them your best stuff, and you don't show them everything. You say your tank has a top speed of 50 mph when its actually 70. That sort of thing.

And for missiles, the military parades are VERY important. Nuclear deterrent only works if the other side knows you have nukes and the means to use them. If you keep your nukes a secret, some motherfucker is going to nuke you thinking you can't hit back and now you both lose.

>> No.76681959

Yeah, but there's a difference between letting nations know you have nukes, and parading them on main-street.

>> No.76682023

How else would you let them know? If the other side has photo evidence of warheads, they HAVE to assume that you have 1500 more prepped to go.

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>If anything, this actually becomes *more* of a reason to make your robots look like cute girls. The hesitation to fire will be stronger and more common.

>> No.76682431

Spies. Leak that shit to other spies. You don't have to show CNN, just the intelligence agencies.

>> No.76682459

It's not the cold war anymore grandpa

>> No.76682494

There may be a point to be made about intimidating your enemies like these other anons have said, but I think it's less important. That can be done just as easily through intelligence channels, whether you leak them yourself or wait for your enemies to do it for you.
The more important purpose, desu, is to impress your own people. This is especially true in my mind for the Soviets. There were plenty of discontents within the USSR's sphere of influence, not the least of which were their various satellites. The periodic displays of military might were to remind those closest to Moscow just who was in charge. This goes hand in hand with information control. Since your people have a hard fucking time figuring out what's going on in other countries outside of what your state sanctioned media says, these displays of power get hard to dispute. After all, if our military is holding all these impressive parades, and the other guys never do, we must be the best, right?
/end ramble

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And? Nuclear deterrence is still a concept used by nuclear powers, and some nuclear power wannabe's. North Korea wants the world to know they have nukes. China wants any potential adversaries they have nukes, and they know all the big countries have spies giving intel. Really spy is to glamorous a word- people who mostly just report to countries how full government parking lots are on a given day. Countries who want to control information flow will leak information they want to leak to known low-level spies.

And if you want countries to know about your nukes, you leak what you want those countries to know to those spies.

>> No.76682531

>Also can someone explain the FAT DOG WIFE meme to me?
I'll take a crack at it.

These two are Atago and Takao from Azur Lane. They're part of the Sakura Empire, i.e. Japan, and their faction's main thing is that all the girls are either some flavor of animal girl(dog girls in their case) or oni/kitsune. Takao(the one in the previous post's picture) also has a plushie that someone make a safety helmet for that read "#1 Wife."

>> No.76682562

Is there a reason for the four ears? And why is the dog wife fat? I know that you can marry ship-girls for buffs.

>> No.76682614

That's how it starts out. Then you get to go on Chinese Kojima's wild ride fighting glowniggers, cultists and ayy zombies.

>> No.76682627

They have 4 ears because why not? As for the fat part, I'd guess to separate her and her sisters from Yuudachi, who's a more dog-like dog. Seems a bit better suited for Azuma, but she doesn't have an oath skin.

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>> No.76682688

Making troops look empathetic and individualistic can be very useful if the enemy is humans, especially if you're an occupying or police force. Making your troops intimidating or faceless makes it easier to kill them and rationalize fighting you. Basic combat psychology.

Hard to sell them looking like waifu though. More like as not to look like generic friendly robot

>> No.76682755

I've always assumed one pair is purely ornamental. Though perhaps this way you get the best of both worlds? Who knows.

>> No.76682795

The easiest answer is they didn't give a fuck about how the anatomy looks/works outside their superficial reason for including them at all.

>> No.76683099

Psycho Pass kinda went this route, they're a pretty authoritarian government but their police drones look like this (they're actually kinda boxy but project holograms when directing civies)

>> No.76683218

If it costs any extra, no, if it is free, yes. Military still likes good publicity and looking good, gets people to like them which gets politicians to like them which gets money, not to mention recruits liking cool equipment and gear. However, they aren't going to spend an extra $8500 giving their battle droids human faces, realistic skin, and big silicon titties.

>> No.76683539

Whether or not they're willing to put that extra in is going to depend on which former general endorsed it and how much the contractors spent on "marketing" the idea.

>> No.76684019

You find this sexy?

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>> No.76684122

I was thinking something a little more focusing on individual and interpersonal relations comedy than straight harem.

Spoilered for Autism: An idea in my head has a local guy try to rape one of the cybernetic super soldier girls and is shocked when she just lets him despite obviously being able to fend him off. After he calms down enough she explains she's willing to play the victim role for him to help him regain a sense of control over his own destiny and better come to terms with the occupation if it means he and his fellows don't do dumb things like try suicide bombing everything just to make a poorly worded statement. (Especially since the only ones who would be hurt by the suicide bombings would be the locals as the super soldiers would only be minimally hurt at best). To say the least he'd find that just a bit fucked up and maybe even worse than getting stomped into the pavement by a jackboot.

>> No.76684135

Theyd likely be built for practicality first, aesthetics second.
Given theres no point making a robot soldier look like an anime girl, I see a lot less japanese highschoolers and a lot more in the vein of pic related.

>> No.76684195

Do you not?

>> No.76684204

I think it's cute.

>> No.76684219

>> No.76684226

They'd want them to look appealing so the coomers on the opposing army will hesitate to shoot them, giving the androids a major advantage in combat.

>> No.76684250

>the future of warfare is essentially dropping rape femdom bots into enemy states to keep everybody occupied through lewd acts

>> No.76684377

See Horizon Zero Dawn for what combat robotics will look like (not the animal ones... the crab like ones)

>> No.76684443

I remember some articles I read from early in the Iraq war where people were complaining that the US helmets at the time (which included quite a lot of optical devices over the top half of the face) made interacting with Iraqi citizens so difficult that someone decided it was better to just stop using all the equipment outside of dedicated combat missions. So if scrapping a bunch of expensive gear to augment your soldiers aim because civilians instinctively hated anyone with an obscured face was considered a good tradeoff, I can easily see militaries deciding that their robots having an appearance that wasn't actively hateable was worth quite a lot of money to get.

>> No.76684445

No real reason to make line troops attractive, on the other hand making bodyguard or infiltration droids which look pretty enough so people can sympathize with them but not enough to be "the hottest person in the street" would actually make a lot of sense, you get something which can mingle within the normal population, be persuasive enough to get favors and have a potential killer doubt (young women have this by default) or even work as a bait would make some sense.
Again, the key feature is to make it look like a normal human being, not a moe-anthropomorphic gundam, an AST operator or a symphogear user.

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>> No.76684468

>begun, the succubot wars have

>> No.76684834

You'd have two branches.

The first would be the Combat Androids. Purely functional, they're what the egg heads finally got approved after a hundred prototypes got rejected for not meeting the Cost Benefit Analysis criteria. Their looks are simple and functional, designed around optimum armour distribution for the components on the inside.

The second branch is the PR Androids. They're "Combat" Androids, in as much as they wear a uniform and hold a weapon. All that money spent on function for the actual Combat Androids was reallocated to form, and the project was handed off to the Marketing & HR departments.

>> No.76684855

When the alien infiltrator bots were constructed based on outdated radio broadcasts.

>> No.76684986

IDK about you but I'd be more excited to see some giant fuck off robots than androids

>> No.76685021


>> No.76685663

>And why is the dog wife fat?
FAT in the chest

>their police drones look like this
Disturbing... disturbing enough to work.

I literally (and I do mean literally) want to marry and have sex with a heavy cruiser with a 10,100t displacement but I'd also settle for an aircraft carrier, what do you think?

>> No.76686369

True, but wouldn’t you also want to intimidate the enemy?

>> No.76687698

Well duh, must have that good PR.

>> No.76688098

I'm going to build loitering munitions in the likeness of adorable meowing kittens and none of you can stop me.

>> No.76688214

Only the commanders, the rank and file drones only get the images of the commanders on them, because people at home don't want pretty girls being seen to be shot up.

>> No.76688438

Efficiency vs cost trumps all when it comes to this stuff, so probably not. Instead they'll just gear up the manufactured consent to convince people that they're okay with ugly murdebots and whatever they look like/do is what's acceptable.

>> No.76688690

Except ED-209 is an explicitly terrible design for a robot. It has zero ability to to handle problems without resorting to violence, as it only has two miniguns, and no hands or anything to just nonlethally hold down or pick up a person, and it wasn't designed with an ability to navigate stairs.
Honestly good point.

>> No.76688911


>> No.76689018

>posting Girl's Frontline
>when GFL is literally about the exact opposite taking place
The reason all the Dolls in GFL look like cute girls is because they're civilian/commercial robots that have been retrofitted for combat roles. It's why the trench sweeper is a literal maid.

Fucking cumguzzling lorelets, what happened to /tg/?

>> No.76689043

What's with those metal shell holders? Why not just put them on belts like on the top of her stockings.

>> No.76689083

Psycho-pass also absolutely has to have cute police bots because big scary ones ratchet up stress levels to the point they have to arrest everyone that sees them. It isn't efficient for that kind of bizarre policing policy to have killbots.

>> No.76689085

All Shotgun dolls have metal armor plating since they're the "tanks" of your squads. Some have fancy shield deploying orbitals while others have literal riot shields, but all of them tend to tuck things into their armor plating. Like the fattest shotgun and her Half-Life reference

>> No.76689125

And here's a better view of it.

>> No.76689143

Them having armor plating is fine, but the weird hip shields are silly. I don't like them in Azur lane, but there I understand that it's king of hard to turn a warship into a waifu. Also is that the Half-Life girl in question? Because the SPAS-12 is a real shotgun made by the italians- and it was the model used in Half-Life 1 and 2- though it doesn't have that two-shot ability you see in the games.

>> No.76689191

First one is the Winchester Model 1897, aka the trench sweeper. Her being a maid is a massive pun. And yes, the second one is SPAS12. Hence why I told you she was a Half-Life reference.

I'll agree the weird hip-shield exosuit thing is a little hard to get used to, but the design has grown on me over the years. Some wear it better than others.

>> No.76689223

You're going to have to explain the boomboxes on her hips.

>> No.76689258

They're shield generators that produce energy shields for her and other Dolls in the same row as her.

>> No.76689273

Maybe dont lie and actually come here with /tg/ related discussion

Then we wouldn't troll you. R tard

>> No.76689288

Hearts and minds is a meme strategy designed to make civilians back home feel better.

>> No.76689377

Hah- thank god you aren't in charge of anything.

It's not feasible to put the civilians on your side. What's important though is to not give them a stake in overthrowing you- war is very disruptive to a normal persons life- but joining the resistance can be even more disruptive. Your job as an occupational force is to ensure that line doesn't get crossed so that the civilians keep their heads down.

The Nazis tried a zero-tolerance occupation of Serbia and the USSR (croatia was given to the Croats who basically just did a ton of ethnic cleansing). For example when the Yugoslav partisans would kill a german soldier, the Nazis would retaliate by killing 10 serbs. This backfired immensely, as rather than intimidate the serb population, they basically just kept generating JRPG hero's seeking revenge on the evil empire for burning down their home town- to the point that the Yugoslav partisans would prioritize doing actions that would result in retaliation that would then swell their numbers.

Any good army commander who isn't a retard edgelord knows that whatever resources spent to keep the local populace apathetic to the conflict is cheaper and easier than the resources that would be spent pissing them off, and having to deal with them as a resistance cell.

>> No.76689436

Obviously. Commanders have to coom too.

>> No.76689446

They would, but they would do it by making them look badass, not sexually attractive.

>> No.76689473

Yeah, this. Shit would just interfere with your own work.

>> No.76690084

I'm kind of surprised no one has brought up Gunslinger Girl, or similar ideas. For all its faults, GG does raise an interesting question:
Rather than sticking with attractive women or badass machines, what happens when you can disguise your androids/cyborgs as traditionally "harmless" actors? Children, the elderly, the homeless - these machines could then be applied for surveillance, plainclothes security, and other covert roles.
Such androids would be less likely to arouse suspicion - and it's much harder to explain your decision to shoot a harmless kid than it is to justify engaging an adult combatant.

Obviously, it toes the very fine line of painting actual innocents as viable targets, but any opposing force that actually reacts accordingly is going to suffer some nasty PR issues.
Furthermore, you could use it as a means of sowing paranoia within enemy forces. What happens when every human being, not just able bodied adults, is a potential hidden threat?

>> No.76690125

Por qué no los dos?

>> No.76690151

Plus getting tased by a Sanrio character is a very Japanese flavor of dystopia

>> No.76690268

It does show a plausible way for stuff to come about, in this case humanoid robots were commonplace in the civilian sector and were later adapted to combat roles.
That plus it's also IOP and Kryuger finding a loophole it the rules since ww3 hardware is off limits for PMCs but old world guns aren't regulated at all.

>> No.76690330

I haven't read gunslinger girl (yet), but I love it already because of how somebody here summarized it.
>General, the lab-techs say they've found a way to, and I quote, "Weaponize daddy issues."

>> No.76690351

Medbay for moral, definitely medbay

>> No.76690384

Unironically the financially best thing to do is to not hire women at all.
>Are less productive
>Lower productivity among men
>In the #MeToo era they're a lawsuit waiting to happen
>You'll spend at least 6 months paying them for work they're not doing, maybe more
>You're inviting workplace drama
Every one of these factors get worse the more women you hire and the higher positions you put them in (a secretary is easily replaced, but are you really going to train a second CEO to replace the first one on maternity leave?). The only reason to ever hire women is because not hiring women is illegal.

>> No.76690448

that system was only made so you could have threads like this

>> No.76690760

And the award for most effective warcrime device goes to...

>> No.76690799

Fuck, the SPAS 12 is such a beautiful gun.
Doll's cute, too.

>> No.76690837

This has always bothered me. I don't deny that that's exactly what happened, but as my memory serves if you go back further in history the typical response to insurrection was slash-and-burn, take no prisoners shit. Is the difference that the Romans and the local lords and whoever else just genocided people so there was no one left to fight back?

>> No.76690841

Nope. We sent an ugly looking junk rover to mars and we had no problem personifying it.

>> No.76690921

Not really- the thing is that armies lacked infrastructure. They didn't have the resources to really 'deal' with the civilian population one way or the other.

I think what you are thinking of is how armies would 'live off the land' because there was no such thing as preserved food- or a way to ship food to the armies. Instead armies would hunt, forage, and often just steal the food from the local peasants at 'gunpoint'. The reason why though that this wouldn't stir up resentment among the locals is that's what allied armies did too- so say it's the hundred-years-war, and you live in the disputed areas, the french armies, and the english armies are equally likely to steal all your crops, rape your daughter, and leave you to starve in winter.

There were also some wars in the ancient era- like with Bablyon, where they rerouted rivers to physically destroy their enemy city, but armies stopped doing this, since it paints a giant target on you (you better not let them do that to you) and destroying entire cities is bad for local economies (you'd usually have sackings of cities, but commanders would usually try to reign in their troops to ensure that there's still a city left standing).

>> No.76691056

Yes, the Romans just went all over the place and genocided people. Like that time Caesar gave entire tribes in Gaul Roman citizenship and stuffed the senate with civilized Gauls loyal to him.

Even Caesar, who may be the biggest genocidal maniac of the classical era, didn't just kill every single fucking Gaul who crossed his path and bribed entire tribes by being good to them and convincing them that it would be beneficial to side with Rome. Also the "slash and burn" thing is good if you literally do not want a village to exist anymore. You either finish the job or don't, you don't half-ass it and piss people off.

>> No.76692667

Why not just use generic drones?

>> No.76692732

Its a lot easier for me to shoot a generic drone since it doesn't make my pp hard

>> No.76692767

A generic drone is also much easier to build, cheaper, probably more effective in the ways that matter, and when it comes time to scrap them you won't get a bunch of bleeding hearts who want to save them because they think they're people.

>> No.76693057

Why not use regular soldiers? They don't come off an assembly line most of the time... but they don't need big factories to be made and they can be trained faster than a programmer can design an interface to control drones/robots.

>> No.76693173

In certain roles such as police/security and public interaction applications, that kind of cosmetic modification could help with PR and presenting a more "friendly" face towards civilians.

Or maybe some dictator just has this specific fetish. Wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

>> No.76693463

>the year is 19XX
>the Feminazis have seized power following the reichstag fire
>in a series of purges, the military has been rebuilt in their image
>scantily clad and with big tits
>their eyes turn outwards in search of resources and land to remake in their vision of a perfect world.

>> No.76693554

tell us about the other factions

>> No.76693635

>the year is also 19XX
>following the collapse of the Tsar's authority, rises a new faction that has seized the Means of Reproduction.
>Dissidents to the new world order are sent to the pusy-gulags in immense political purges
>These utopians greedily eye newly freed territories of the old empire, while having to rebuild their military
>One soldier gets a waifu, the second soldier gets a set of lingerie, when the first soldier dies, you pick up the waifu, and you keep fucking

I'm meme-ing but I'd legit love to build a waifu-punk weird-world war setting. It triggers me like nothing else that Kaisserreich gets the best waifumods for HOI4, and that there are no good ones for vanilla.

>> No.76693672

What was the name of that game where you played as police androids? Angel Police?

>> No.76693724


>> No.76693844

Current drones are just planes.
Planes are nice but sometimes you can't just bomb something. You need to send people/objects in. Or you need to hold ground.

>> No.76693994

Ever since the invention of the air-plane- big-brain military people think that they can fight a war entirely in the air, and remove all the messy, politically inconvenient parts of war. And each generation, they need to relearn that it doesn't matter how much you bomb a place, if you don't have boots on the ground, you don't own the land.

>> No.76694146

We can have four factions aligned to the political compass.

>When men are inferior to women, but men also run the world but they did it because they're cheating so you need laws to make them the property of women so you can "fairly" compete

>When you force men to redistribute the means of reproduction, but filthy capitalists subvert them and they start OnlyFans accounts en masse so you create your own censored version of the internet and send the manwhores to the gulags which are basically gloryholes for femcels

>When you're a landlord and your tenant can't pay her rent, so you prostitute her husband and sons through the dark web for 0.00003 bitcoins per thrust.

>When you dismantle restrictive patriarchal sexual norms to establish a culture of free love, but men still don't want to have sex with you, so you deconstruct the social construct of language until no means yes

So in short
>Authoritarian military junta where men are property to be owned
>Socialist regime where men are collective property
>Ancapistan where men are private property and 6 year old boys can consent to gangbangs so it's not pedophilia

They have been at war with eachother for decades, but are forced to team up against a new menace: an enemy from both outside and within... c*ntrists who believe men should have equal rights

>> No.76694276

I've never been a fan of those sorts of political diagrams. Really politics hinges on three major key subjects that vary wildly in time and place. So in the 1930's/40's key issues were-
>Democratic institutions
>The fate of monarchies
>The status of the free market (quote-unquote)
>Control of strategic resources

And then some disagreements about the current borders.

For instance, Francisco Franco rode to power with the aid of the fascists in the Spanish Civil-War, but wasn't terribly concerned about the need to control strategic resources, or purge minorities from his country- he also understood that the Spanish economy was too wrecked and Spain had too little to gain from gaining entry to the war to go ahead and do so.

That said, let's keep going.

>> No.76694560

>Also can someone explain the FAT DOG WIFE meme to me?
Atago and Takao are dog youkai who are meaty (faaaaaaaat)

>> No.76694668

They are also japanese anthropomorphic WWII warships too btw

>> No.76694749

>Also can someone explain the FAT DOG WIFE meme to me?
It's literally just one obsessed coomer.

>> No.76694828

Have you ever been to /alg/?

>> No.76695253

If you're specifically talking about girls frontline then they don't

>> No.76695266

Said the fag

>> No.76695580

It's a good deal easier for 50 pissed off guys with access to basic chemicals to cause massive damage to troops and infrastructure in 1943 than 50 pissed off guys with pointy sticks in 43 BC. Firearms and explosives are massive force multipliers for low-intensity conflicts because 1 person with a well placed bomb can kill 50. 1 guy with a sword might get 5 or 10 before someone just tackles him.

>> No.76695748

>tfw no cute simulacrum gf

>> No.76696438

Nobody wanted to have sex with Oppy.

>> No.76696483

>An idea in my head has a local guy try to rape one of the cybernetic super soldier girls and is shocked when she just lets him despite obviously being able to fend him off. After he calms down enough she explains she's willing to play the victim role for him to help him regain a sense of control over his own destiny and better come to terms with the occupation if it means he and his fellows don't do dumb things like try suicide bombing everything just to make a poorly worded statement. (Especially since the only ones who would be hurt by the suicide bombings would be the locals as the super soldiers would only be minimally hurt at best). To say the least he'd find that just a bit fucked up and maybe even worse than getting stomped into the pavement by a jackboot.
I'm onto your game, robotic occupiers.

>> No.76696508

>guerilla wars will end due to government just pumping out free waifu bots to any territory that has insurrectionists
If my territory didn't already have an insurgency, it will as soon as that policy goes into effect.

>> No.76696654

Speak for yourself.

>> No.76696663

Those androids had to have been invented by someone, not necessarily someone in the military. They're just the ones who bought his patented tech. This eccentric inventor just also happened to be a massive weeb and this infuriates the governments who buy them to no end.
The ones designed solely with utility in mind, doing away with all the "unnecessary" additions like personality and aesthetics are, are done by military scientists attempting to replicate the technology.

>> No.76696676 [DELETED] 

I could see captain america types running around.

>> No.76696695

I could see captain america types running around.

>> No.76696699


That's concerning.

>> No.76696737

You can capture Sangvis units now? I might need to get back into the game to get Scarecrow.

>> No.76696753

>This was a plotpoint of the Robocop reboot, go watch it.

>> No.76696823

Depends on how human they can make them
>Not human
Terminator style
>Can actually think, but can't mimic humans
Still no
>Can think and act like a human
Yes because you can slowly implant soldiers into major areas if they are human like to completely blindsided a major metro area

>> No.76696968

Is this from that movie where they rag on that guy for signing up because of the marines' "knights" commercial?

>> No.76696994

It's not coom if it's love.

>> No.76697031


What is love?

>> No.76697045

Baby dont hurt me

>> No.76697054

>What is love?
chemically no different than consuming large quantities of chocolate.

>> No.76697069

No more

>> No.76697080

But that's expensive, bad for your health, horrible for your longevity and a disaster for your waistline. Better go with chocolate.

>> No.76697081

Shooting out someone's kneecap from 3000 meters away. Making things work despite statistically impossible odds.

>> No.76697127

So that's what he meant when he said he took an arrow to the knee.

>> No.76697142

>Would military organizations try to make their combat androids or genehanced troops look appealing to the civilian population?
Personally, I'd go with the robots from the Elysium movie.
All the mobility and flexibility of a person; all the stopping power and relentless onslaught of a terminator.
Also, gold plated and spinning rims for demonstrations and parades.

>> No.76697164

>expensive, bad for your health, horrible for your longevity and a disaster for your waistline.
Just like love.

>> No.76697224

Yes anon, that was the punchline. Thanks for explaining the joke.

>> No.76697226

By who, the incels?

>> No.76697231

but it will be a quick one

>> No.76697307

>The Waifubot Wars of 2137
>Location: Various major cities across the world
>Combatants: Beta Uprising / New World Order
>Troops: 1,000,000 incels / 1,400,000 W.A.I.F.U's
>Duration: Three hours
>Casualties: Countless gallons of semen, 3,000 deaths from dehydration / 90,000 W.A.I.F.U's damaged beyond repair
>Outcome: Total NWO victory

>> No.76697320

And you messed it up. An implied subject has to refer to the last previous sentence, if you skip a clause to go back one more clause you create confusion that spoils the joke.

>> No.76697332


>> No.76697467

>Unironically the FBI has come to the conclusion that global-warming is the #1 contributor to terrorism as it makes agriculture unviable in many parts of the Middle East.
Did they? I'm not doubting it, but that's fucking hilarious if true because I imagine nobody wants to do anything about it for them.

>> No.76697492

It's a miniseries, but yes.

>> No.76697503

Sargent I didn't get to shoot.

>> No.76697550

Well the defense and intelligence agencies want something done. Not really enough to try to influence the politicians, but they agree that if we did something about climate change it would make their jobs easier.

Of course the problem is the fossil-fuel industry who doesn't really care that climate change fuels terrorism- it doesn't cut into their bottom lines.

>> No.76697621

>It's a miniseries, but yes.
I haven't actually owned a TV in over twenty years, so I didn't know.

>> No.76697696


I want a platoon of those robots to follow me around.

>> No.76697726

A squad of W.A.I.F.U.s have been dispatched to your location. Please remain in position.

>> No.76697741

>because... their designer was an otaku.
And because their mastermind AI was developed from the same girl's fucked up brain as M4's was
Anti-Rain and DEFY look human thanks to Lunasia.

>> No.76697742


I get the impression that I would've been able to manipulate this guy into committing war crimes then taking the fall for them.

>> No.76697762

But if he's the culprit he's not taking the fall, he's just being prosecuted.

>> No.76697767


I mean I'm going to commit war crimes too but I"m going to blame them all on him.

>> No.76698462

soppa is toppa

>> No.76698835

It's been out in China for close to a year but it should be coming to EN soon. You can capture SF ringleaders and mooks and so far all the SF ringleaders have gone on rotation except Eliza, M16SF and Beak. I should warn you that SF capture is considered the least F2P friendly part of the game (which is otherwise surprisingly good about not making you pay for your waifu).

This is sort of what happened in the Robocop reboot, IIRC. The "final exam" for Robocop had a human squad leader in an exoskeleton and he controlled 50 humanoid combat drones.

>> No.76699023

I didnt necessarily mean him specifically, what I mean is that the designs would be more utilitarian than aesthetics unless you have PR reasons. I'm not an engineer, dude, you could poke holes in any movie design but I'd hope you can understand the gist of what I'm saying here. Robot designs would appear very alien very fast as the arms race trots along.

>> No.76699536

Combat robots need versatility, and the ability to switch from weapon to weapon is necessary in the theatre of war, where the situation can change from moment to moment.

I know you want coomerbait, but actual combat robots are kinda my jazz.

>> No.76699564

androids must look like 2b and have DAT ASS

>> No.76700868

>> No.76700902

which movie

>> No.76700928

>> No.76701002

You're missing the part where the entire reason they're all cute anime girls in the first place is because the only civilian doll company willing to partner with your PMC is founded by a literal weeb growing steadily more insane in his old age, who naturally escalated from collecting anime figures and body pillows in his youth, to founding a technology empire building cute half-retarded robots, to shady back alley government espionage.

>> No.76701113

>I built a sickly doll that is perpetually almost dead and spends most of her hours in a hospital!
>and then I sold her to a PMC!

>> No.76701330

Hive minds should use Waifu pattern constructs more often

>> No.76701363


>> No.76701735

Already /tg/ related as at least Transhuman Space does this. Catgirl bio-robots and cyberdolls are very much a thing in the setting.

>> No.76701820

>Huge western company
>Making waifu game
Mainstream western company will never make a waifu game because it'll be deemed "objectifying women". This is why waifu games are always made by either asian companies or if they're by a western company it'll be a small indie studio.
If a large company make them, it'll most likely be filled with goblin faced "women" and hippos.

>> No.76701883

Kinda offtopic to the thread but still /tg/ related(and GFL related). I wonder if it's possible to create a GFL table miniature game. The dolls already operate in a squad of 5 and they have quite a variety of units(probably too many if they're to be converted as a minis game).
I'd actually pay money for a unit of Soppo.

>> No.76701889

The French MBT is about 9-10 tons lighter and develops significantly less torque. European tank designs have also tended to be designed with urban areas in mind ever since the Cold War.

>> No.76701905

Savage Worlds could be a decent fit for it unless youre looking for crunch, honestly. Even has a light robot building system in the scifi supplement.

>> No.76701947

Why are you all responding to a thread made by someone who obviously doesn't play games? Y'all make me sick, almost as much as OP.

>> No.76701956

Because we like to brainstorm about waifu bot wars

>> No.76701962

>Why are you guys engaging in a discussion about a setting that is interesting to some people?
Yes, clearly the OP is the one that doesn't play games.

>> No.76701968

I wish GFL have models available to 3D print. I'd love to 3D print some and use them in something like OPR's Double Tap.
Hopefully people rip the models of GFL2 or something and add more details to the models.

>> No.76702005


The setting isn't associated with a game, though.

>> No.76702009

>Combat androids/cyborgs
No. There's already a preference in military theory and certain policing situations towards dehumanization of combatants. If you don't see a recognizable human, so the thinking goes, it's more stressful to have to respond to. That screws with your decisionmaking and your aim in ways that advantage the aggressor.
Yes. These are all roles where having your troops be as relatable as possible would be an advantage. Especially if they're either not or not-wholly human, it could become enough of a concern to be explicitly addressed.
Would probably be mostly avoided. Drones solve a certain political problem of putting human lives at risk when they don't have to be. But the more humanized a mechanical soldier becomes the less benefit you realize from them not actually being human.

Genuine waifubots would probably be limited to personal assistant/bodyguard duty, to facilitate interactions with human personnel, support command and administrative roles, and protect key personnel under fire.

tl;dr yes and no.

>> No.76702023


Fuck you, that's not a game.

>> No.76702031


Think of the negative pr if a female waifubot was seen as baving sacrificed her life for a male vip. The vip would be shamed for not protecting *her.* that would never fly for bodyguard duty unless the vip was a woman or child.

>> No.76702037

we can make it a game

>> No.76702047

Neural Cloud has little 3D chibi models, and that's probably gonna come out long before the rest of the stuff king chong has planned.

>> No.76702051


It's not though. Go waifupost somewhere else until the janitor does his job.

>> No.76702063

You can run it in savage worlds or gurps.
There, its related.

>> No.76702064


>> No.76702067

>I wonder if it's possible to create a GFL table miniature game.
With 3D printing, probably.

>> No.76702069


You aren't, though, therefore it's not related.

>> No.76702079

So you wanna go bitch in the Amazon threads that keep popping up or

>> No.76702098


I also despise those. The janitor needs to do his job.

>> No.76702099

Soppo is pretty based, ngl

>> No.76702102


>> No.76702125

Looking forward to more GFL STLs. The only thing I can find right now are Dinergates.
Or I guess I could just print the pics onto cardboard/carstock/acrylic and make a standee. Anyone interested in homebrewing a ruleset? something combining Infinity's ARO with SW Legion's command card and activation system could be interesting.

>> No.76702160

I would say to ask /gfg/ but they're too busy seeing how long it takes the jannies to notice they're posting lewds on a blue board

>> No.76702196

>negative pr if the waifubot dies
Would be a rare case in the first place, since waifubots designed for any sort of combat would be more resilient than flesh and blood and most officers/ViPs aren't generally getting shot at all day long anyway. Hell, the sensible design would allow them to back themselves up to preserve any idiosyncatic personality elements or user data/settings, update their firmware, fix any corrupted files or remove junk data, etc. So a well-designed waifubot would probably be effectively immortal, to the degree that they're even "alive" in the first place.

And while there may be some affected outrage at the superficial optics of a female-programmed artificial being sacrificing itself in the line of duty, I have to believe the overwhelming majority of people would (correctly) be more focused on the broader ethical concerns of replacing soldiers in any role with machines. In a game or other fictional setting that'd also be the bigger question, because focusing on the ephemeral outrage of a superficial "problem" rather than the implications about the rules of warfare and human society, the human condition, and what constitutes "life" would be a waste of time.

>> No.76702229

>the sensible design would allow them to back themselves up to preserve any idiosyncatic personality elements or user data/settings, update their firmware, fix any corrupted files or remove junk data, etc. So a well-designed waifubot would probably be effectively immortal, to the degree that they're even "alive" in the first place.
So yeah, exactly like in GFL

>> No.76702238


No. People would just see a man putting a woman in danger for his own benefit and reeee the fuck out. Human psychology does not allow for waifubots.

>> No.76702271

They should be able to transform from a appealing humanoid form to a monstrous form.
Or design multiple machines for different roles, you don't have to use the the same thing for a breakthrough you'd use for policing and occupation.

>> No.76702278

Neat, thanks for elaborating on that.

I'm looking forward to the Asian Century, my dudes.

>> No.76702285

>isn't genshin impact for consoles or PC?
Nope, it's purely mobile. Console play is done through mobile emulators.

>> No.76702319

"Human psychology" allows for Kurdish women to serve in combat, and for African women to serve as game wardens, placing them in direct armed conflict against men. It also allowed for and even widely celebrated the Soviet use of female troops as snipers in WWII. In other military services it allows for female soldiers to serve, without creating proper reporting structures for actual abuse and harassment, and without widespread public awareness of the problem.

"Human psychology" also allows for digital assistants like Cortana, Alexa, etc to have feminine vocalization. Hell, even the computers in Star Trek have feminine vocal interfaces. It's just widely accepted as being "a thing".

My guy, your take is just fucking bad.

>> No.76702343


The societies you mention that use female soldiers are facing severe manpower shortages.

Automated assistants aren't at risk of harm.

>> No.76702402

The hell are you talking about. Genshin is available on PC AND Console. And while the overall UI stays the same a lot of the controls are different for Mobile, Console and PC. I can assure you the PC and console versions isn't just an emulator of the mobile version.

>> No.76702409

Waifubots are cool and thus games should have them

>> No.76702420

The "society" you described as that doesn't accept a woman sacrificing themself for a man is called twitter. Those are not "real" society. If it is "real" society then there would be no female soldiers or real female bodyguards(you do realize they already exist yes?)

>> No.76702426


Nah, they're uncool and you don't play games.

>> No.76702441

>be this poster
>be gay and fuck men

>> No.76702446

The Kurdish and African examples aren't down to "manpower shortages", they're down to some combination of an unwillingness of men to do the job and a willingness of women to do it. And if there's one thing the Soviets had in abundance during the war it was bodies. What they were frequently short on was war materiel: rifles, munitions, trucks, combat vehicles, warships. Nations where manpower was actually at a premium like Germany, Japan, and the UK usually didn't make use of female combat troops. Instead they went after the very young and the very old, with women filling some non-combat roles like ferry piloting, logistics, and factory work which were common measures in other combatant nations as well (most notably the US).

The problem of women serving in non-combat roles without proper training and organizational support for dealing with harassment and abuse exists in the US and most of its NATO allies to varying degrees. And, again, it's not a mainstream topic of political or social discourse.

>> No.76702452


Besides Qaddafi (who had an interesting relation with popular support and mass murder), you generally only see female bodyguards with female vips. And there are female soldiers in western nations, but they are generally steered away from combat roles, if not outright forbidden from taking them, and given preferential access to the political power that comes with being ranking members of the military.

>> No.76702459

>"Human psychology" allows for Kurdish women to serve in combat
Oh please, they see about as much "combat" as those Israeli whores you see posted for propaganda shoots. Kurds are clever, but they haven't mastered genetic manipulation. They've only mastered manipulation of Western audiences.

>they're down to some combination of an unwillingness of men to do the job and a willingness of women to do it.
Alright, NOW I need proofs. This is blatant bullshit, even a child who hasn't been brainwashed by the feminized education system can clearly see this.

>> No.76702460


>Hurr durr homophobia proves how much I love women

>> No.76702475


Given their lack of materiel, the Soviets *did* have a manpower shortage. When the only solution you have for a problem is lots of bodies, you're gonna need a lot of them.

>> No.76702478

I play games that have them, like Transhuman Space

>> No.76702484

All youve done is prove my point.

>> No.76702492


Exactly this, though, waifubots would be used for propaganda purposes to get impressionable young men to join militaries to give their lives foe their corporate masters. But when they get there there'd be no waifubots, just lots of other desperate men thrown into the meat grinder to die.

>> No.76702496

Debatable. What you need to keep in mind is how few women actually served, that all of them were deployed in the safest and lowest intensity combat zones and that they were propagandized to hell and back to demonstrate that the Soviet Union is an egalitarian paradise. There were no women who were expected to die in droves because if the left has been consistent in one thing, it's that women are more equal than men.

>> No.76702507

go back to whatever site you came from
This isn't the safe space you're looking for.

>> No.76702589


Uh... no.


No you don't.

>> No.76702600


What, getting uoaet because I implied you were an idiot?

>> No.76702602

You dont belong here.

>> No.76702612


I've been here since 2008. You no-game /a/ immigrants have turned this place into a pathetic husk of what it once was.

>> No.76702613

Calm down and type slower, hon

>> No.76702625


No. Go play some actual games, then come back and post here.

>> No.76702627

>I've been here since 2008.
And other lies you can tell strangers.

>> No.76702642

>No. Go play some actual games, then come back and post here.
You first, nogames newfag. This aint reddit, you gotta make an effort, ya know?

>> No.76702647

Who is this Roon lookalike?

>> No.76702649


I, too, am a pathetic loser incapable of satisfying my own temporal or emotional needs and thus sexually fantasize about a motherly protector figure who takes care of all my needs and asks for nothing in return. I am so incapable of expressing real sexuality that my libido has been focused around caricatured drawings of feminine figures. I can't even be sexually attracted to real women anymore.

>> No.76702663

That's Soppo, who's that Soppo lookalike?

>> No.76702669

That's Sopmod, the resident best girl of GFL.

>> No.76702677

So what was it called anon?

>> No.76702683

Alright, hijacking this thread to discuss that GFL Miniatures game homebrew.
Rather than engaging with that boomer anti-anime autist let's just discuss about what the perfect homebrew rules would be to play a GFL Minis game.
I don't really want to post this on /gfg/ as this fits more to /tg/.

>> No.76702692

Thats rough, buddy.

>> No.76702698


This thread doesn't belong on /tg/.

>> No.76702702

probably an easier place to start would be to use OPR's Double Tap rule, remove the "you can use multiple ordrs on 1 model" rule and add more stuff that adds more GFL flavor like the abilities.

>> No.76702710


I knew I'd fine people here like me! I'm not alone!

>> No.76702711

ok grandpa, just take your meds and go to bed. The evil jap cartoon won't haunt you there.

>> No.76702715

Every day until you like it.
Also hes trying to put a system together so its fine. Go jerk your gerkin in the 5e thread or somethin.

>> No.76702727

>fine people

>> No.76702747

>I, too, am a pathetic loser
Glad to see that you're self-aware, but you're also projecting.

>incapable of satisfying my own temporal or emotional needs
No human being is, that's why we're social creatures and place such value on community.

>and thus sexually fantasize
Anyone with a libido does so, even people with entirely satisfactory sex lives have fantasies.

>about a motherly protector figure
Men are attracted to motherly traits in their partners, because it increases the odds of their offspring surviving. It's only common sense (or evolutionary sense/instinct perhaps).

>who takes care of all my needs and asks for nothing in return
Why is selflessness a trait that's by default expected of men, yet not returned? Is mutual selflessness not the ideal, or am I projecting masculine traits on women again?

>I am so incapable of expressing real sexuality that my libido has been focused around caricatured drawings of feminine figures. I can't even be sexually attracted to real women anymore.
You're projecting again. Though as seen above, you're maybe not the only one.

>> No.76702876

>arms industry
>sales pitch

Keep anything you don't really want to show in it's hangar/storage/cage

>> No.76703027

at this point this is just spam

>> No.76703168

How about you fellas post some games yourselves

>> No.76703284

instead of just using points to build armies we could use
>generic resources
as the points for each t-dork and other stuff
to link the t-dorks, the cost depends on the rarity of the dork, same for each player
>n gold equipment, n1 green equipment, n2 blue equipment and special equipment for specific dolls
as generic equipment to equip them,the number of each start the same for each players but can be increased by spending resources
>fire control component
some dorks can also be neurally upgraded(huge stat boost(pretty small in gfl) and a second skill) , this is the cost for that

>> No.76703543

each doll(or generic unit) has
when a doll hits 0 she is removed from the field
>any amount of dummies(d) between 0 and 5(except Liu who has a max of 14 and non t-dolls who don't have the restriction)
they count as extra wounds and extra attacks (they can only attack what the main body is attacking)
>a main body(main)
more wounds than the dummies but if it gets destroyed the doll is removed from the field, it can't be targeted if the t-doll still has dummies unless by certain skills who specify this in their description
>evasion(eva) and accuracy(acc)
when an unit attacks another unit
roll a d20 + (attacking unit acc) - (defending unit eva)
if the result is higher than 10 roll for damage
varies from t-doll to t-doll ex. 3d6+2 1d10+4
>armor(a) and armor penetration(ap)
when a t-doll gets damaged the damage is reduced by the armor stat
(w=attacking unit dmg-(defending unit a - attacking unit ap))
how far an unit can move(measured in cm) -

>> No.76703736

My based Boomer dad straightup refuses to hire a hot woman because they disturb the engineers too much.

>> No.76703760

- and how far they can run (forego shooting for extra speed)(depending on the system we use this could be also how fast this unit can be activated)
>echelon, echelon buffs(eb) and unit type
t-dolls(or units) are part of an echelon and an echelon can contain between 1 and 5 t-dolls(or units), echelon buffs are passive buffs that are applied to echelon members ex.
Spas-12 adds 2(dmg) to 2 machinegun t-dolls
Lewis adds 4(a) to 3 shotgun t-dolls
Scarecrow adds 6(dmg) and to 3 (eva) to 4 sangvis units
if an unit has multiple buffs (ex. Scarecrow) these buffs are applied to the same(same 4 in Scarecrow's case) units
>a skill
can be passive(always active ex. dmg boost against certain enemies, speed debuff on the defending unit for the next turn,..) or active (has a turn cooldown ex. molotovs, grenades, self buffs, echeleon buffs, flashbangs, smoke grenades,...), grenades always hit and their damage is multipled by how many links there are in an unit

>> No.76704015

>> No.76704032

>> No.76704045

>> No.76704063

>> No.76704159

Interesting, I'll see if I can expand this further.
I wonder if this can be implemented to the other factions too, like for Sangvis, KCCO, Paradeus, ELID(should they even be playable?).

>> No.76704202

FAT should be concentrated in the right places. Erufuda is no longer thicc and she has even surpassed FAT. She has gone full architect mode. The industrial revolution and all of its consequences have been a disaster for elfkind.

>> No.76704329

>should they even be playable?
yes if the unit roster is too small we can add what king chong still has to, like ELID animals also I tried to make a very basic system that can be used for the rest of the factions too, the only thing that might need some changes is the echelon system because the other factions(except playable sf) don't have a limit of 5 types of units in a battle
>equipment(more generic rules)
the buff for the generic(gold,green,blue) is based on the type of the unit, non generic is included on the t-doll statblock and if a t-doll has multiple special equipments each one is purchased individually and the effects stack
>equipment(autismo mode)
each doll/unit has 3 or more slots, equipping them with a generic equipment allows you to choose between a list of buffs(unless specified on the doll statblock you can't choose the same equipment multiple times ex. multiple acog sights)(how strong depends on the colour), if you use a special equipment token the rest counts as gold equipment,if a t-doll has multiple special equipments each one must be different and is purchased individually and the effects stack
I'm still deciding on an alternative to IGOUO

>> No.76704369

also we could put them in the paradeus unit list if we really can't come up with units

>> No.76704620

Activation should just be alternative so player A activates 1 unit then player B activates 1 unit and so on until the end of round.
Something like Malifaux and SW: Legion.
Implementing some command card mechanic like in SW Legion could also be interesting.

>> No.76705161

>Activation should just be alternative so player A activates 1 unit then player B activates 1 unit and so on until the end of round.
Yes, that would be a better solution
>Implementing some command card mechanic like in SW Legion could also be interesting.
That would be nice but if I ever start working on this homebrew I think we should start by improving what I started here(adding faries, HOCs and statting the force-shields Paradeus and t-dolls use(this should be pretty easy)) and statting the various units instead of adding new systems

>> No.76705221

One of the Claymores from...claymore does exactly that. But her body is all fucked up under her clothes so the dudes don't want to run a train on her any more.

>> No.76706583

But if you just want sexy military androids you can just be honest and do it.

>> No.76706770

I'm literally running a GFL campaign right now, based in D&D 5E. Why that system? It's a long story, but it started as a self-imposed challenge. Also, this way I get to call my game Tactical Dolls & Dinergates, or TD&D, which has a sort of nice ring or charm to its name. I recommend using any other system if you are able to. But for GMs who are in a similar situation to me, this is what I did:
>basically make every T-Doll into a Battlemaster Fighter
>the number of attacks that a fighter gets just happens to coincidentally match up with the number of Dummy Links a T-Doll gets; a T-Doll gets a Dummy Link at 1st level, 5th level, 11th level, and 17th level
>Dummies are really dumb and can only move without using your action. Commanding them to take any action requires your own action. Commanding one to attack requires you to forgo one of your own attacks. You can use a bonus action to attack if you command a dummy to attack, like two-weapon fighting, but with dummies instead of weapons.
>Dummies are really squishy, with barely more hit points than your T-Doll level
>Maneuvers are renamed to Tactics, and Superiority Dice are renamed to Tactical Dice, or T-Dice if you will.
>T-Dolls get more T-Dice than a Battlemaster gets S-Dice, a number equal to their level rather than just 4 to 6.
>T-Dolls get many more tactics than a Battlemaster gets Maneuvers, being able to spend T-Dice to modify basically any dice roll, grant allies any buff, apply any debuff on an attack, perform Quick Repairs, emit Force Shields, conduct Electronic Warfare attacks, and even cast spells using Relic Technology
>to compensate for the above benefits, T-Dolls lose Fighting Styles, Second Wind, Action Surge, and Indomitable
Also, to make things more like X-COM:
>anyone with proficiency in firearms can use an action or a bonus action to go into overwatch, which provokes ranged opportunity attacks on any movement more than 5 feet

>> No.76706788

It's not like western companies haven't successfully sold games based on sex-appeal before anon.
Not with that attitude.
See you same time tomorrow.
Here's a link

>> No.76706812

meant for
Also, I wouldn't be afraid of shamelessly ripping many of X-COM's game mechanics, because that's essentially what King Chong is doing for GFL2.

>> No.76706866

yeah, a decade ago maybe. Mainstream companies won't make them in in this day and age. Pick 5 random western-made game made in the past 3 years, which ones have sold based on sex-appeal? or even have any sex appeal at all.

>> No.76706894

Cyberpunk lets you play a Futa. I don't know what else you'd call that.

>> No.76706960

and it has no effect on gameplay at all
Plus I wouldn't call Cyberpunk an example of a game whose sales are based on sex-appeal.

>> No.76707054

>The game penalizes you for having a mutilated cock
I hope this at least gives Americans some pause about how fucked up this Talmudic disfigurement is and if it should be this widespread.

>> No.76707185

To be fair, I think Poland counts as Eastern, and CD Projekt Red is a Polish company.

>> No.76707200

force-shields are just a flat damage resistance so that should be easy, fairies will be harder to balance because of how disproportionately powerful they are in-game

>> No.76707201

It's not the primary appeal- that's keanu reeves, but the sex is a selling point.
Certainly not in the sense that Japan is eastern.

>> No.76707260

> fairies will be harder to balance because of how disproportionately powerful they are in-game
nah that's also pretty easy
>each g&k player has a number of fairy points that regenerate each round
>fairies give echelon-wide buffs and have skills that can be activated by spending the fairy points

>> No.76707497

also I decided to leave levels and rarity out as there are a lot of things to balance as is, but pretty much the better a fairy is the more resources it costs also every echelon can contain only one fairy

>> No.76707526

"Eastern" is a euphemism for slants. Russia is further east and they're still considered Western because they're white and culturally European (more or less).

>> No.76707742

Unless you're talking Cold War politics, in which case you can easily address the communist European countries by referring to them as the Eastern Bloc.

>> No.76707912

Sadly Poland is becoming increasingly "Western". Just last month the Supreme Court declared that the government restrictions on abortion are in line with the constitution. Polish women did the reasonable thing and stormed parliament to "declare war" on the government.

That's what women believe it takes to declare war on the government : not blatant anti-male legislation, not genital mutilation of boys being legal, not men committing suicide thrice as often as women and not the lack of paternity rights. All of these are tolerable but the Supreme Court doing its job? That means war!

And I'm the madman when I say women hate men and are moral hypocrites.

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