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Existential dread edition.

>WIP Condensed OP Pastebin

>Grimdark Compendium tutorials

>Making some awesome banners

>Recasting with Blue Stuff and LEGO bricks

>Easy-to-Make Realistic Shell Impacts

>Saint Duncan's "Six Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Painting"

>Saint Duncan also explains thinning your paints

>Learn to paint with an unlicensed doctor

>WIP Secret Santa 2020 Album

TQ: Why?

>Previous Threads

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Is this better or worse compared to funkofags?

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Jesus Christ, I want to just jump into it
These are absolutely gorgeous anon

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After months I finally decided. Going with Red Templars. I like their scheme and symbol and their fluff is sparse.

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>fat billie eilish model

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Those models aren't Beanie Babies 2.0

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Been working on Tzaangor Enlightened and listening the Fellowship of the Ring all day.
Hope your day is also going well, frens.

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updated today,

am i missing anything?

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reposting from last thread in hopes you see this
Anon, are you from Bronxville, NY? Apparently I have a package from there that was meant to arrive on 11 Dec but now says "In transit" and "arriving late".

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okay /wip/ which item would you pick from this horde and why would it be the razorback?

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I realized I just asked in the old thread right as it dies.
I just got some old beakies (the ones in the cream-coloured plastic) and I want to paint them like crimson fists. the mediafire doesn't have the 94 eavy metal painting guide. does anyone know where I can find it?

>> No.76481722

Serious question. Why? What is the point of having so much in boxes untouched?

>> No.76481728

Has anyone tried painting marble tile floors scaled to miniature size? I'm going to cut out some spruces into brick-sized pieces and attempt to replicate marble cracks like in pic-related.

>> No.76481745

They're clearly more investments than they are backlog at that point

>> No.76481884

Funko fags are weird. They want to collect things but lack the drive to seek out things that they would enjoy. It's easy and cheap somehow. I don't understand how people can buy 100's of the things

>> No.76481897


that guy sells oop models for an insane markup

>> No.76481930

Thanks anon!

I got some weird plastic starter kit marines. They don’t seem like recasts since they’re flawless as far as I can tell just a weird colored plastic.

Got a half built 3rd party keeper of secrets or like a Kerrigan from Starcraft looking chick.

Thanks for the coffee and card as well

>> No.76481970


thats actually forgeworld... and like $165 lol

Good luck with repairing that thing

>> No.76482028

Is it worth trying to use the bases with a slot as a normal base?
Is gluing a piece of paper on top good enough?

>> No.76482044

>"the" razorback
>there are at least three in the pile
I mean, I already own Space Hulk, so that's out. Probably the Outlanders box to scan the terrain properly, the Albion Giants (because I always wanted to get a brush around 'em and they go for stupid amounts these days) or a yellowback blister of Skaven to go with my other old-ass rattibois.

Eh, color batches vary pretty widely with styrene. I've seen everything from pale dove-colored sprues all the way down to a medium blue-grey

>> No.76482090

Fill the slot in with wadded up paper+PVA, cover it up to the top but not over the top
Use a bit of blister pack/plasticard over the slot

>> No.76482091

Just got these in the mail. They have some signs of wear from the previous owner, but nothing that makes any of them unusable. Even that gun can be reattached.

>> No.76482161

The resin the KoS is made from is quite dark, so that's likely to be recast given how light FW resin usually is.
The marine sprues are also 99% to be recast, they look very similar to my SPTKS custodes.
The colour, cut positions, and warped sprue edges are a dead giveaway.

>> No.76482491


If you have an airbrush, steel wool makes this stupid easy: base coat in the main color, then lay the steel wool out over it and spray the darker color through the wool.

Thing is, for bricks like that where each brick is from a different area of a larger block of marble, the veining shouldn't be consistent across each brick, so if you want to go full autism you may want to tape off a bunch of them and do multiple passes.

>> No.76482592

>okay /wip/ which item would you pick from this horde and why would it be the razorback?
I would grab the Imperial Firebase. I'm a sucker for that cheap old Second Edition terrain. I don't need the Razorbacks. I have enough of those (and Whirlwinds, and Predators ...) already.

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>> No.76482738

Maybe.... I've had darker resin from Forgeworld before.

>> No.76482750

Didn't get your email but all good. All I need to know is you got mine.

>> No.76482794


I've got one... the first version is a little fragile. I'd probably go for a 2nd ed 'Storm of Vengeance' box.

>> No.76482848

>tfw have my package under the tree (my santa already knows I have it)
>Just have to wait until Christmas
>Get excited and happy every time I see it
>Want to open it every time but know it will be even sweeter to do Chirstmas morning
>Still enjoy just having it and knowing some surprise hobby thing or some hilarious troll is just waiting for me
Impatientfags will never know this joy, imagine ruining this for yourself cause you have no self control.

>> No.76482881

Working on my arbites guard some more. My bits showed up today for work. About to start chopping this guy up a bit to give him a more tacticool look to fit with the rest of my autogun vets. If anyonea interested ill take pictures as i chop to show how a flamer lasgun and bolter can turn into an autogun using aforementioned spare bitz. Pic related.

>> No.76482884

I just finally ETS'ed out of the army and have 2 months of paid time off.

Will I actually start painting my Dark Eldar in their /myguys/ colors? Who knows. But I hope for my sake the Kabal of the Devoured Sun I can at least start and actually have a painted army. I got like half of them primed and just need to grab another can of Army Painter angel green

>> No.76483055

I have two packages staring my right in the eye sockets all day and the urge to open them is incredibly tempting. One's been sitting there for well over a month because my Anon was so quick on the uptake.

>> No.76483087

Why wouldn't you pick space hulk

>> No.76483128

I hope you both at least posted images of your received packages.
I know my SS received what I sent but didn't post anything, which makes me anxious that my gift wasn't good enough.

>> No.76483135

one of the whfb army boxes

>> No.76483151

Of course, posted package and will post contents sometime on Christmas day after I open it
No picfags are even worse than impatient openers.

>> No.76483176

Yeah, my santa knows. I'm not evil, you know?

>> No.76483265

Current chapter master upgrade

>> No.76483389

Decided the basic build was trying too hard with the whole nightmare thing, said fuck it and converted the buggers a bit, so now they have 100% less stumps and flayed skin.

>> No.76483419

The stilt walker girl was the biggest challenge, but I think this works. Like some barbarian KKK.

>> No.76483508

Thin your paints and don't take pictures with flash

>> No.76483516

digging how weird this is but TYP

>> No.76483525

How'd you do that one

>> No.76483594

Where do you guys get inspiration for your paintjobs? Is there a popular gallery of painted miniatures (besides CMON's gallery because for some reason my browser doesn't like it)? I wanted to see some other blackstone fortress paintjobs to steal ideas

>> No.76483775

> TFW a slave to the Church
> Don’t wish to go against society
> Never buy gifts outside of pre-sanction gift giving days
> Stay in daily grind
> meet girl
> marry
> have 2.5 kids
> Don’t rock boat
> Spend all money earnt on plastic collectable Funko Pops.
> watch Disney+
> subscribe to all streaming services
> let them take all your money

Free your mind, open your presents.
Unchain yourself from this oppression,
Drink EggNog all year round!
They can’t stop you when you are free!

>> No.76483776

Got COVID, can’t taste shit :/

Anyway..getting close to finishing this guy

>> No.76483855

And I choose to delay gratification until a day that is meaningful to both myself and my santa (the holiday that is the reason we have this event in the first place even if you do not attach religious significance to it) as an exercise in self discipline, and because it enhances my overall enjoyment of the event, so what is the problem?
If anything I am more free than one who is a slave to his own impulses and therefore opens it immediately because like a child they want it NOW.

>> No.76483865

>airbrush user catches the coof.
Jokes aside, that sucks dude. I'm also a little confused on the yellow. Is it suppose to be NMM reflective like the boltgun metal? Just looks inconsistent with the way ceramite is suppose to look in the fluff.

>> No.76483887

finished these lads a few days ago. Lead man's axe actually looks a fair bit worse than the others, but I'm happy with how these came out.

>> No.76483954

Little progress on her too, sorry for shit pic
Heh. Yea was shit I had a fever too and had to burn through some PTO. No clue about ceramite, never read the fluff. Just liked the way a saw some guy on Instagram do it so tried to copy.

>> No.76484217

It's basically concerete armor, so it wouldn't shine like that,it just looks really all over the place. Kind of like he's flying through an elevator shaft and reflecting all of surfaces around him. It just looks weird.

>> No.76484358

stockholm anon, tracking says you received your package yesterday noon. can you confirm?

>> No.76484390

Have you considered that you can paint over armor, anon?

>> No.76484492

Assembled model. Had to rummage hard in my bitzbox for a left hand. Think it came out ok.

>> No.76484507

True, but paint when applied to metal isn't usually reflective unless it's automotive; our little dude. Point is, it looks weird when mixed with NMM technique

>> No.76484544

Trying to plan out a scheme for a commission thing, infinity minis are weird.

>> No.76484585

The only ones weirder are certain Malifaux models. specifically freikorps 1st edition. I like the models i have of them, but man they're lanky.

>> No.76484593

He said he doesn't care about the lore dude, he's painting for aesthetics.

>> No.76484626

Please read:

>> No.76484631

What parts of that is a Bolter except the sling?

>> No.76484654

Magazine and hand.

>> No.76484659

I don't know why, but it annoys me to no end that one hand is gloved and the other has a gauntlet.
Really good work on the glove, though.

>> No.76484673

Post models

>> No.76484692

Have an old pic of ork terrain from last year.

Also Good to see you're still here too anon

>> No.76484698

It's because there's no clear light source for the lighting effects. The helmet lighting implies it to the side, but the backpack looks like it's beneath him, white the trim has it in front.

>> No.76484701

HH Thousand Sons are canon shiny cherry red tho, so this isn't unheard of for SM.

>> No.76484717

Regardless of the material, the armour is painted so it entirely depends on the paint each chapter/légion uses.

>> No.76484720

True, I'm just saying for what he was doing it looks weird. Like it said, with the NMM technique he's using it's like the nu-marine is flying upwards thru an elevator shaft. It's off is all.

>> No.76484734

Reposting from lastst thread
Is the Nurgling too dark? I honestly like it as it is but my sister told me it looks out of place, also I hate basing and GW forces me to with these tactical rocks and debris, how the fuck do you use agrellan earth

>> No.76484746

Now that I've read your other post it makes sense, yeah. Honestly I just never tried to bother with NMM other than weapons or small tests because my brain is allergic to understand how lighting works and thus it feels like I'm just copying other people rather than make a model the way I like.

>> No.76484747

Yeah, it looks very muted compared to the rest of the model. There's also a stray hair near the power coupling at the top. And you forgot to paint the wooden part of the scythe with wood grain.

>> No.76484775

Yeah it's not bad, it's just very odd looking. I've done some for terrain before, but I like mine cartoony and over exaggerated. Then again, I don't use an airbrush, So, different technique used, but same outcome. Pic is from like...jesus five years ago now.

>> No.76484785

>it looks very muted compared to the rest of the model
Yeah figured as much. I wanted to keep the green thing going so I used jade, but I probably mixed it with too much dark colour. As per the shaft of the scythe the picture is shitty but I tried to highlight from wooden colors but the camera did not pickup the layers, same with the red loincloth, my camera has an issue with reds it seems.

>> No.76484844

Take a brighr flashlight and shine it slightly off from directly on the face of the model. For some reason for me at least that helps my camera focus; pick up details like that better. Like pic related for example. Usually the wood grain on the axe doesnt pick up under normal lighting bit the flashlight helps it better.

>> No.76484860

Today we assembled.
Tomorrow we fill gaps (and prime when the milliput dries).

>> No.76484983

Thank you, I think I'll try that next. Same with some Blood Angels I've got painted, the layers and highlight don't show up in my phone camera and they literally look pastel coloured when they're not. This one I had to blast with a lamp to get the face highlights to show.

>> No.76485015

A bold move to take a picture of a mini that old on the floor next to the chair.

>> No.76485028

s.....stockholm anon?

>> No.76485178

>If anything I am more free than one who is a slave to his own impulses and therefore opens it immediately because like a child they want it NOW.
t. toy-soldier consoomer

>> No.76485259

>removed hooks and stilts
>removed skull, filed the hood to shape
>added feet and hands
Simple as that, no reposing involved.

>> No.76485289

Your sister lied,the nurgling is okay. Give her a hard fucking so she knows better than that.

>> No.76485312

At what point can you ignore a mold line you missed? How far back can it set you if you fix/remove a mold line? If you're at this stage like pic related, do you just strip and try again? I feel like I lose too much time stripping then repriming and cleaning airbrush again

Also, how smooth should the mini be after you prime it? Pic related has some texture to the touch, but I don't think it's super grainy. I genuinely have a hard time finding the sweet spot of primer to thinner, to psi, to how long to hold the trigger back, should primer layer be opaque, etc?

>> No.76485338

Why do people here get so autistic over being scientifically accurate over how you paint lighting on miniatures?

if you want to be absolutely accurate you would just block in the colors and use a lamp to light your miniatues. so just shut the fuck up jesus christ

>> No.76485377

Well it's a matter of being a thread specifically about painting tips and advices,lighting is a big part of that. I personally think that Aggressor looks dope and in a regular 40k/GW thread no one could say shit, but in the /wip/ thread some "criticism" is good.

>> No.76485378

>bursted a whole dropper bottle of colorshift purple fucking EVERYWHERE

Even on other minis for fucks sake

>> No.76485660

better. at least it's sellable and you can actually use everything there.

>> No.76485676

Modelling stuff is in a higher tier than collectibles, because at least you're teaching yourself some sort of mechanical and technical skill. Obviously, it's a fair few rungs down from fine arts, but still. Suppose it takes up less room than canvasses.

>> No.76485760

is that a KDM miniature?

>> No.76486072

Probably the Warmaster army pack, unless the partially-hidden one is more to my liking. Also, what's that Fellowship of the Ring box, the design looks much older than the movie-related GW game.

>> No.76486090

>if you want to be absolutely accurate you would just block in the colors and use a lamp to light your miniatues.
>what is scale?

>> No.76486092

Better and anything GW retains its value better than gold. Shit just bribe a youtuber into memeing some old shit and you can sell your old shit to zoomers at 100x its actual price, look at that faggot who made a video about 2nd editions Orkz and how much they now go on eBay.

>> No.76486093


Be careful around your paint water pot until your sense of taste returns.

>> No.76486204

Ignore the autism from the lorelet who can't paint shitting up the painting thread. Nice work on the yellows, some great blending and highlighting work across the model.

>> No.76486212


interesting scheme.

>> No.76486253

Reposting for SS 2020

>> No.76486300

I like your basing.

>> No.76486336

Yes, that is the King's Man, from the core box

>> No.76486455

Dana Howl looks... different recently

>> No.76486513

That's an oof

>> No.76486547

sweet! please keep posting your progress. I just ordered the core game some weeks ago and can't wait to get into when it's finally here.

>> No.76486554

Someone said she's gone back to camming a bit so maybe that has something to do with it?

>> No.76486576

Such a great paint job but the face sculpt looks so derpy.

>> No.76486622

Anyone catch the warboss challenge between a couple of guys on YT? Got me wanting to bash one up myself.

>> No.76486670

two more nights and I think I'll have them done.

>> No.76486721

why? It's a nice resin mini and some good candy.
Just because some people send whole armies doesn't turn that into an oof.

My SS two years ago was what I'd call an oof. a handful of random bits and 3 cheap mini sized candy canes were not what I had expected...

>> No.76486817


>wholesome post

>> No.76486831

Which gold do you think was used here? Also I must be dumb because I can't seem to find a tutorial for purity seals. I think I have the parchments more or less fine and same for text/script, but I want to do more nuanced wax. I've always just done a simple primary red with a black wash. I think Screamer Pink is common base or highlight?

>> No.76486843


>> No.76486862

i wouldn't mind that. candy, a fresh mini and a friendly letter. i always wanted that mini tho, something keeps me from getting one [probably the size of my backlog

>> No.76486900

>Which gold do you think was used here?
probably burnished gold, since that model is from the original apocalypse book

>> No.76486979

>i always wanted that mini tho, something keeps me from getting one
prices are only gonna go up, Either due to inflation or scalpers once it's OOP

>> No.76487113

Any good glue for my metal miniatures to get on plastic bases? UHU dosen’t work.

>> No.76487137

Pin them and superglue

>> No.76487190

it's shining gold, but >>76486900 had the right idea. The model is from ~2008.

>> No.76487227

You will never be a woman, stop shilling your shit here


>> No.76487278

I bought a brush

>> No.76487297

clean your keyboard for fucks sake

>> No.76487332

i just need a new one, this one got wrecked with paint from doing the walls, not worth scraping it all off

>> No.76487368


I'm a rugby player from Yorkshire yer daft cunt, I don't think I'll ever be a lass

I'd let her show me some glazing techniques though

>> No.76487371

>purity seals
If you're painting them red, I'd recommend mixing in some blue or purple to the shadow. Pure black wash may look too intense, unless you've done the whole mini that way and then it can at least be consistent. Screamer Pink is probably too purple for the highlight. Look for something that is more salmon or Caucasian flesh toned. Also note in pic related the level of contrast between the highlight and base red to control how matte or shiny the material looks.

>> No.76487425

Been working on the pilot for the Doomwheel, still some work to go but first time trying the vial/potion look.

>> No.76487505

What the fuck are you even talking about? What triggers this?

>> No.76487560

what glue would i even use for resin?

>> No.76487600

any kind of superglue

>> No.76487603

It's on point!

>> No.76487607

Jesus your test must be at saiyan level to even suggest that shit. He's not even close to passable, looks like a Little Britain impersonation.

>> No.76487620

Anything that isn't plastic cement or pva.

>> No.76487660

See, I already know that's supposed to be a pregnant belly, but the mannish face makes it thrice as disgusting.

>> No.76487678

>I'd let her show me some glazing techniques though
"I'd move her castle, if ya know what I mean!"

>> No.76487698

I am totally fine with it, can use it in my cadian army.
My only grip with it: finecast. FUCK finecast

>> No.76487779

I think the problem might be because it's more cold than the rest of your model. Your greens and reds are all very warm highlighting more towards yellow where the nurgling is the only occurrence of that color and pretty cold next to the rest of the stuff.

>> No.76487785

ahh, the pepeloni

>> No.76487842

Is there a large crossover between dudes into tranny porn and miniature painting or is the only crossover between their content here?

>> No.76487890

There's a large crossover between dudes into tranny porn and 4chan.

>> No.76487936

thanks, anon I heard that in her voice

>> No.76488409

A space marine cleaning his eye

>> No.76488531


nice SS. Even if its all recasts thats some expensive stuff


Classic model

>> No.76488548


Yeah since we're on 4chan we're a weird bunch. In combination with the twitter/tumblr/normies we are quite a fan club for HER

>> No.76488581

Modelling IS fine arts, though. Or at least miniatures, because it's sculpture and painting in one thing.

>> No.76488619

Looks great and you are clearly holding yourself to a high standard so I have to say.. theres a huge mould/seam line on the right leg and its driving me crazy

>> No.76488749

well, this has been interesting so far. Not really painted any creatures this big before so it's been an experience. Gotta tidy up some of the scale highlights, but otherwise the main mount is practically done. Just harness, saddle and armour to go really.

>> No.76488762

Stop shilling ecelebs noone gives a duck about a tranny

>> No.76488767

I expect he'll also pop more later on since the armour is going to be tarnished steel and burgundy, similar to his tongue, and the basing is going to be arid, likely desert-esque.

>> No.76489073

>thinking of selling all my shit and starting fresh
Is this just autism?

>> No.76489094

There's a minimum level of autism required in this hobby so I'm sure the sentiment is understood by many. If you get more much more joy in accomplishing something than collecting it makes perfect sense actually.

>> No.76489194

dissatisfied with level of painting on current army?
not liking scheme of current project?
an issue with the sculpts your army has available?
Lack of fun on the table?

What is making you want to sell your shit?

>> No.76489215

Am I being meme'd on? Do people actually paint on this shit? The paper that came with my sat-wet palette (that's apparently abhorred) keeps my paints much more wet.

>> No.76489242

I've considered selling my junk as a way to offset the investment in the hobby.

>> No.76489243

It is a meme because not every parchment paper is the same. You need an unwaxed variant, which in some locations and countries is impossible to find

>> No.76489247

Your brain is just looking for more dopamine. Your brain rewards you for doing / completing things that you enjoy with happy juice. However, it also gives you happy juice for just *thinking* about doing something new and cool.
You will have experienced this phenomenon first hand by feeling GET HYPE by buying a new box of models in the store, but by the time you get home, the hype has gone.

The thought of starting fresh is exciting, buying the models etc so cool! but consider you may find yourself back at stage one looking at unopened boxes, or part of a grey tide and be posting this again in six months....

>> No.76489269

How do I fix something like this mold slip line?

>> No.76489292

I've started painting on that shit and it's okay. Takes a while to get used to how the beading happens. Used to paint on an index card which did a good job keeping unmixed paints wet but anything mixed on it would quickly soak into the card.

>> No.76489355

>keeps my paints much more wet.

As opposed to parchment paper? If your paint is drying in your wet palette I would say it's more an issue of spreading the paint too thin or environmental/humidity issues.

If you can find unwaxed parchment/baking paper it'll do you just fine.

>> No.76489405

I use a two part power-mix from pattex (I think another sub-brand from the same company as Uhu) It works really well with metal minis, also I additionally pin fragile connections and bases.

You can try to rough up the aea under your Model and the soles of their feet, that helps as well.

before I discovered the Pattex Power Mix, I used a combination of Superglue and Greenstuff.

>> No.76489552

The imperial marine, I have one currently but I absolutely love that model

>> No.76489581

The plastics might be from kill team, I know some of the sets for it the plastic is different colors

>> No.76489610

are those recast or finecast?

>> No.76489621

Use the Tabletop Minions method of putting a fucking granola wrapper over it

>> No.76489642

Looking good but why is his mouth metallic

>> No.76489649


>> No.76489670

? It's not, it's yellow. The scheme choice was crocodile.

>> No.76489742

What? Is this an inside joke of his channel or does he actually do it?

>> No.76489778

weird lighting then, because the front-most inner portion of the lower jaw looks straight up golden.

>> No.76489856

Thanks doc

>> No.76489859

Hmmmmm. I guess it kinda does, yeah. Closer to a cream to my eyes, but the camera does make it look kinda gold directly under my desk light. I guess I could always tint it pink.

>> No.76489867

I was taught to use masking tape as a Warmachine player circa 2008, so not like he even invented anything.

>> No.76489869

He put out a video years ago about it as his secret trick for slotta bases. Has referenced it recently on his livestream though.

>> No.76489951

Hey /wip/
Wanna do a necromunda (probably Cawdor) gang and put gas masks or something similar on them.

Any recommendations for head swaps?

>> No.76489958

could use a bit of a bit of red or pink blending as it gets near the tongue if anything

>> No.76490130

Depends of what you have in mind, for the cawdors raggedy look I'd say something like pic related could work, if you're not a fan then maybe the "tox guardsman heads" from maxmini or the chem dogs heads from victoria could work too

>> No.76490165

>Go onto GW site
>Check sisters line-up
>Oh 33 items? must be a bug, probably put more mechanicus there or something
>Sister Superior Amalia Novena is now being sold

When the fuck did this happen?

>> No.76490231

>loss of detail
>holes and bubbles
>multiple mould lines
>missing parts
Sounds like GW sells their own counterfeits

>> No.76490291

Working a kitbahsed exalted champion. I stole some anon's idea for the flesh

>> No.76490386

nay, would have been happy to recive this SS, some anons go over the top but this is nice enough

>> No.76490435

I think it looks good as is. Looks like crocodile mouth to me.

>> No.76490743


>> No.76490819

I am an idiot

>> No.76490833

I've had these knights and orks sat in methylated spirits for 24hrs, most of the paint is gone but even with lots of scrubbing I can't remove paint from the stubborn areas, should I just let them sit longer? I also had a plastic space marine in the spirits but it melted

>> No.76491118

Absolutely patrician taste in miniatures
Pop them back in the bath for a while, crevices like that tend to need a few goings over. I also find it helps to change out for a fresh pool of spirit after a while, using the same bath for too long seems to just leave me rubbing flakes and particles of already stripped paint into the details. A firm rub (ooh-err-missus) with a paper towel can work too, sometimes the issue's just that the surface isn't letting the brush get any traction against the paint. The last little recesses are always the worst bits to strip, hang in there Anon

>> No.76491122

It took ages, but I finally finished my plague pals.

>> No.76491196


>> No.76491334

>I also had a plastic space marine in the spirits but it melted
That can happen.

>> No.76491363

These look great; I'm not as familiar with the modern ranges - especially anything that's not loyalist marines - are any of those the Series Three Space Marine Heroes?

>> No.76491373

Looking solid mate

>> No.76491407

Hey thanks! They are not. They're a mix of some of the monopose guys from the Dark Imperium box, and some guys from the current plague marine box, plus some old spare bits, assembled wrong and chopped to fit, because I can't stand guys in my army having the same poses.

>> No.76491573

Holy shit you're right I did use yellow to brighten up the green and the red.

>> No.76491647

SW Michigan anon here again, I got one wave and posted already, who's the other anon that has me?

>> No.76491712

Maybe the anon was in a hard spot or something when they had to send out the SS? It's just how these things goes I guess.

>> No.76491800

Croatia anon your package has finally arrived in Ontario, it's at my girlfriend's house so I'm going to get it in a few days.
Very excited to see what's inside

>> No.76491828

This is the perfect SS gift,
>accurate gift
>personalised letter

Only thing it’s missing is the gag gift, like a goblin sculpted to be an elf or something dumb and festive like that.

>> No.76491909

Fine arts fag weighing in: canvases take up very little space compared to fragile models which you have to display in a careful manner to avoid destroying. Canvases hang nearly flat on walls and easels.

>> No.76491931

Keep telling yourself that, of it pads your ego and helps you sleep at night.

>> No.76492011

What? She's never been limited

>> No.76492051


so this card >>76481930 was signed Dear Anon, Merry Christmas - "fa/tg/uy"

however, dude gave me $100 of stuff and it all smelled like weed

>> No.76492120

Modelling CAN be fine arts.
But when it’s intention is mass production to produce money it loses that.
Just like someone painting an oil paint of a space marine.
Sure, it’s painted technically but it’s subject is considered trash by anyone serious with art.
Intention come into it a bunch.
And then art critics are elitist fucks anyway.

Now if you bootlegged thousands of space marines and made a dress out of them, now we’re getting back into Art, not fine art mind you but art.

>> No.76492160


That’s also pretty great, treats wouldve been nice but yeah, can’t complain with weed laced card when you got those minis right?

>> No.76492447

>considered trash by anyone serious with art.
artists are craftsmen first and foremost. If you can MAKE sth they will appreciate it on some level.
>And then art critics are elitist fucks anyway.
critics only exist to fuck with prices. The art industry is entirely divorced from artists. Mind you I'm using the word artist specifically to refer to people who can paint or sculpt. Or really do anything aside from posturing for their marketing.

>> No.76492449

tell me about the flesh

tell me about the cloth


>> No.76492568

>What? She's never been limited
You could buy her in the stores for a few hours, until she sold out. Everything after that was "made-to-order". Depending on how things went at the factory, that could be little or no wait to several months.

>> No.76492875

Are you sure you're not thinking about her?

>> No.76493034


no complaints at all

I'm baffled at how perfect this recasted starter kit is

>> No.76493214

Very american mentality of you.

>> No.76493328


yeah we have a to of $$$$

I toss things instead of cleaning frequently/go through things generally every 1-2 years. New keyboard/mouse/headphones/mousepad.

>> No.76493744

Got some feedback, so added more speckling and more glazing to the underside to make the scale/flesh division less stark. Just the trinkets around the saddle and base left before I can move on to the rider.

>> No.76493764

Slowly but surely getting there, though that'd enough for today.

>> No.76493919

Nobody here can paint :(

>> No.76493966


Post your models then.

>> No.76493981

Thank you! I've had these for years, I rediscovered them yesterday. I like how they all have different poses, also they have a surprising amount of detail for the age.

>> No.76494089

It's the old OOP snakebite leather (not the contrast) mixed with chaos black.

Another Ochre should have a similar reaction, mixing it with black opens up a bunch of interesting green tones. Darkest shadows are almost pure black with the end highlights being pure ochre.

>> No.76494137

Nice work today anon, liking your palette for this big boy.

>> No.76494197

Given em a soak and a scrub again, I've taken a toothpick to the more stubborn paint before. The wood doesn't damage the metal and once you catch a chunk you can often peel out the rest.

>> No.76494240

Damn struck a nerve, huh? ;)

>> No.76494246

I want one so bad bros but I aint paying 100 bucks for it

>> No.76494279

Calling it done. All I need now is to find a shield.

>> No.76494282

I know someone like that
>in his 40's
>collect minis since his 20's
>has a high pay job, so he can afford them easily
>a part of his collection make up the walls of his bedroom
>has at least 3000 confrontation minis
That guy is living the dream

>> No.76494285

Can anyone identify this model for me?

>> No.76494287


Not really. Are you going to post models or not?

>> No.76494315

Nice find

>> No.76494333

Oh and btw it's a confrontation fire elemental

>> No.76494382

That was quick, thanks anon!
Its being sold as a CSM model, and I was confused when I saw it.
I kinda want it, but I'm too autistic to go non-GW since there's a 0.01% chance I might play at a GW store one day.

>> No.76494402

That's impressive. is that pattern freehand? I'm >>76490833 and I've got a few knights and horses to paint

>> No.76494417

I'm the same way. Neat model though.

>> No.76494445

Carry on scrolling through Instagram and not painting then dude. Post something or accept you are a roleplaying 2ndary with no models

>> No.76494624

ah yes i recall the old days. original snake bite leather was sooo good.
thankyou for telling me about the cloth.
i shall have to try and mix up a batch and bottle it.

>> No.76494794

>Friend wants to hangout
>Really not feeling it tonight and not be rude
>Tell him I'm painting models so I'm busy
>Now I have to actually paint said models in order to maintain the lie

Not the motivation I was looking for but I'll take any motivation I can

>> No.76494824

post the YT so I can see them

>> No.76494865

no anon you need discipline not motivation

>> No.76494871

>i shall have to try and mix up a batch and bottle it.
VGC leather brown is a pretty close match

>> No.76494992


>> No.76494993

Just finished this guy. Please deliver unto me token amounts of validation like my father never did.

>> No.76495017

>Play Dark Eldar
>Starting a Sisters army
>Planning on a Thousand Sons army
>But also want to use Corpse Grinder cult from Necromunda
Fuck those models are cool I want to drop them on the table so bad but I have no idea what to use them as. How do I satisfy my need to have these models?

>> No.76495018

I couldn't be more ___proud___ of your life choices

>> No.76495034

Jighlights look sexy, stripe is a little patchy and uneven, same with the sword. Your choice of metallic to go with the scheme is spot on, the snowy base could use something to make it more visually interesting. I'm gonna give you a solid 7.5, at the top of good but not yet great.

>> No.76495036

Highlight's too thick, and some parts need some shading, but otherwise it's fine.

>> No.76495073

Thanks dads

>> No.76495117

My bottle is almost finished so will pick up one of those next time I order to see if it's a viable replacement. VGC is where I got my replacement for my other OOP standby Scaly Green

>> No.76495166

Coat D'arms Barbarian Leather is literally the same as old GW Snakebite Leather.

>> No.76495278

Coat D’Arms paint are mostly a match to the Citadel 2nd gen hex pots. The Snakebite Leather I used on the robes is a reformulated pot bought just before it went OOP. It's in the current gen bottle, labeled as a layer paint and more yellow toned than Barbarian Leather sadly.

Have bought a bunch of ochres but nothing that's an exact match yet.

>> No.76495424


Man I miss the old names. The new paints themselves are fine, but the names are awful at conveying the colour in your minds eye.

>> No.76495464

What would you put into a "Babby's First Foray: Airbrushing" starter kit? Necessary items that aren't just ventilation stuff, but also airbrush maintenance and other odds and ends that could be needed.
Is this the chineseum kit everyone recommends mostly for the compressor or is there another? https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Beginner-Dual-Action-AIRBRUSH-AIR-COMPRESSOR-KIT-SET-Craft-Cake-Hobby-Paint/201493666213

>> No.76495634

Ran out of Transfers , took the plunge and painted my own crimson fist chapter icon on my devastator,
How is it /WIP/?

>> No.76495691

First things first: that compressor is ass for anything lower than 18 PSI, still perfectly usable and sturdy after 3 years of use otherwise and I use a decent airbrush (Iwata Revolution).
That said, here's my list
>Airbrush cup with holder - you need somewhere to keep the airbrush secure between coats
>shitload of qtips and toothpicks - for cleaning nozzle and inside of the cup
>an old shitty brush - for mixing the paint
>some small paint cups in metal - for mixing paint, you ideally don't want to mix it in the airbrush cup as it can clog easier that way
>acrylic thinner and cleaner, I reccomend vallejo as it is relatively cheap and good quality
>for lacquer alclad II, but if you spray enamels and lacquer you need to invest in a good mask with filters
>gloves - it will get messy

>> No.76495724

What kind of work would you do with a PSI lower than 18? I don't think I'll use any lacquer unless matte sealant is a lacquer, I already use Testor's dullcote cans, though. Appreciate the list.

>> No.76495727

No idea what I'm gonna end up doing with this dude, he's the recipient of the leftover bits that I have no idea what else to do with

>> No.76495748

Have you got any specific Chaos legion in mind ?

Also love that fucking combi-bolter

>> No.76495755

>>76495691 here, I forgot: isopropyl 90 alcohol for when you inevitably cake your brush and needle in paint, they work faster and easier than wasting acrylic cleaner on them, ideally a small bottle of lube for the needle, that kit in particular loses its smooth finish fast and the needle will need some lubricant to slide better.

Most importantly: have fun with it, airbrush are fun to use no matter all the cleaning and maintenance (really easy after the first couple of times) and try to learn how to thin your paints correctly for it first, that's the most trickier part IMO, control too but videos can help.

>> No.76495788

>What kind of work would you do with a PSI lower than 18?
Really thin power lines like for example in a power sword or runes on necron/eldar kits, you can still do them at 20 but it's gonna be trickier as you need to keep the paint thick enough to not "spider" and fluid enough to not clog your brush, some paints companies reccomend PSI as low as 12 or 15 for their paints for maximum control. As per lacquers and enamels, they make for real awesome metals and chrome finishes, especially if you plan on doing certain vehicles or stuff that isn't grimdark or dirty.

>> No.76495794

Just a mydudes renegade band, trying to make them look more sinister than full blown chaos

>> No.76495812

Thanks a bunch, anon. My main use for the brush at the beginning will be zenithal priming, priming/basecoating light colors like whites/offwhites, and metallics alongside other basecoats. Not looking to do anything crazy with it just yet.

>> No.76495830

Is there another compressor you would recommend? Pretty sure I can get an Iwata Neo for cheap at Hobby Lobby with their 40% off coupon.

>> No.76495840

I am a literal father.
Freehanding straight lines is tough, bud. Using masking tape to keep the edges straight can help. Just don't apply the paint too thick or there will be a border of raised paint riiight along the edge of the tape. Maybe your mom n' I will get you that airbrush this year.

>> No.76495909

You're welcome!
For that use, the chink one will be perfect. It's not as bad as people say, and I once saw a video of a guy modding its nozzle with bee wax and it didn't work bad at all. And important part I forgot to mention, the small plastic/rubber o-ring that seals the nozzle is really easy to lose/break and you need to be careful when disassembling it the first times, which is why a dude on youtube sealed it with wax, the video is interesting.

As per a better compressor, I'm ashamed to admit I haven't even searched for it as I don't need it to do more complicated stuff than what I already do, and I'm not too keen on spending more than £100 on it as of now. /m/ and /toy/ gunpla threads have great pastebin with info about airbrush though.

>> No.76496240

Why is there no Kingdom Death Christmas model!???

>> No.76496241

This arrived today from our lad in OKC! I am not waiting for Christmas!

>> No.76496272

Looks good lack of camera focus aside.
Could work on the glowie of the plasma cannon

>> No.76496321

Looks cool as shit dude. Legion of the Damned?
Night Lords Warlord? Word Bearers Apostle? Dark Angels Renegade/Fallen?

>> No.76496349

The color names were always gay.
Just say light brown, dark brown, whatever.

>> No.76496366

>Are you sure you're not thinking about her?

Palos was a "made-to-order" deal for a limited time - the same limited time as Lexicanum Varus, Terminator Librarian. I think I waited about six months from when I ordered for those two to show up. As far as I am aware, neither model was available at any stores around here.

Novena, on the other hand, was available in the stores - but five minutes after they all sold out, GW announced she would be available as a "made-ot-order" on the company webstore - and she still is - hence she does not sell for nearly as much as Palos, as >>76494246 sagely pointed out.

>> No.76496378

I like the naming conventions, makes it more fun and unique.

>> No.76496424

The renegade warband I've been working on is a sort of Fallen/ Nightlords mix as far as aesthetics go, I'd just run them as Night Lords for simplicity. I wasn't planning on this character at all that's what I meant by not sure what I'll do with it. Big thing right now is figuring out how I want the standard troops to look, regular csm are a little too chaos for the look I was going for so I'm still brainstorming them

>> No.76496446

Looking for the liutenant without a helmet. For my Blood ravens.

>> No.76496557

You're good to open it now! Glad it arrived safely.

>> No.76496564

Did you grab the bull dyke from a local store? Mine still hasn't shipped since early september

>> No.76496565

I’m actually waiting on tape I ordered to show, then I’ll give a shot at fixing up the stripe. I’ll definitely keep that bit about the edges in mind though

>> No.76496595

I'll give you all the change in my pocket for that Palos. Or 30 bucks

>> No.76497283

Finished this guy's axe.

>> No.76497393

OH SHIT Who is OKC Anon? I'm also in the metro area

>> No.76497433

>inb4: dragon dildos

>> No.76497446

i am also OKC lad (:

>> No.76497464

there's still time, Black Friday sale was up until like last week, and it's another week until Christmas

>> No.76497476

I am OKC anon. Excited for TX anon to open our side deal SS.

>> No.76497485

Hey /wip/ doing some necron bases to make them look like their forming out of quicksilver. Kinda like the terminators from the new dark fate movie.

Gonna cast the feet In resin then paint over the whole model with either ak xtreme metal chrome or alclad chrome.

Question is how do i make a mould for the model so I can keep the resin contained? Only need a small amount of resin as it is gonna be just the feet and going up the legs a bit. What do you guys suggest?

>> No.76497523

Why don't you hollow out the bases instead? Have the base rim be it's own mould. Kinda like this dude here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vDiP3bZmoM

>> No.76497527

>Left is well executed but unthematic
>Right is ded orky but technically boring
Winters wins on principle, but he had three fucking boxes to work with and settled on something quite lame in the end.

>> No.76497537

Either sculpt to add and fix it up or remove with file or knife (sculpting to fix detail loss optional).

>> No.76497560

This, I get hype looking at conversion references and buying the kits I need, but when I look at the sprue I'm inevitably filled with despair. It's only when the basecoat and zenithal highlights are up that I begin to feel good about the hobby again.

>> No.76497565

Redo the lance, use masking tape to get those nice perfect candycane pole lines.

>> No.76497791


>> No.76497845

fuck gold trim but I really like this model. what a goofball

>> No.76497869

This should be the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf-EDkFo2_A

>> No.76497941

I'm trying my best

>> No.76497948

Lookin good. Where do you get decals for these bois?

>> No.76497976

>Mini Wargamer Dave
Dude is way too cringe for me

>> No.76497978

Thought to ask this here because what better place?
Is there such thing as a "hobby pen", some kind of say, ballpoint pen whose ink is designed to be applied to miniatures? with the purpose of allowing for rapid and precise things such as writing or other tiny markings?

>> No.76498036

It's not designed for miniatures but a Sakura Micron pen is what you're looking for.

>> No.76498118

The boyz are back in town. Finally done with my ork backlog. Deciding to not spend hours on a single boy was the right choice.

>> No.76498203

Any fine tip drawing pen (0.1mm or smaller) will be OK, but it really doesn't work in practice. It's hard to get the pen to flow on both paint and plastic and even if you do get it working it will probably damage the pen.

>> No.76498503

Just finished 3 boys

>> No.76498524

Like what you did with the purple, those stinkers are looking pretty good

>> No.76498619

>Looking for the liutenant without a helmet. For my Blood ravens.
Sorry, m8. That one's mine. I sold my last spare about a week ago. I'm sure the recasters must have Amulius by now, though. Have a look around.

>Did you grab the bull dyke from a local store? Mine still hasn't shipped since early september
Yes. Not all of them sold; she isn't a Space Marine or Battle Sister, so there were extras left over here and there.

With some of the models, GW demanded that the store managers set them aside after the "availability period" was over, with explicit instructions to return them back to the warehouse with other "obsolete" merchandise. However, for a few Limited Edition models, the managers were advised that if they could raise the store's revenue by selling the model before the "drop dead date" by which they *had* to be returned, then by all means, they should do so.

Not every store can sell hotcakes like the Citadel can, and even the Citadel has a hard time moving *everything*.

I wish I had ordered more than one Palos, and the librarian, too. I was critically short of capital at the time, though.

>> No.76498687

For me the "model" when it comes to Boyz is the entire block of 30. If they look good when all 30 are bunched up then it's a success.

>> No.76498808

thats a shame, i wish there was some sort of (preferably) non-shine clear finish that could more effectively hold ink... well i have my super tiny paintbrush so hopefully it will all work out anyhow

>> No.76498904

How can you even make that question the answer is so clear. Funkofags are peak Consoomer. In relation to miniature collecting, i reckon consoomers are far more selective in which army and units in that army they decide to buy. (im an aos player, 40k looks a lot more consoomer-esque tho)

>> No.76498917

LA anon here. This is a big ol Warham store isn't it? Is it the one in Grapevine?

>> No.76499007

Finished right tonight, started on beakie boy tonight, and will try to finish by the weekend.

>> No.76499110

Someone has had to have had this problem before. How does one get super glue out of fabric?

Model tipped over onto my bed and now it looks like a cumstain. I've seen people talking about nail polish remover but I used some (made sure it had acetone in it) and it didnt' do anything. It's been on there for a while because eveyrthing I've read says to made sure it hardens before doing anything to it.

>> No.76499154

I know exactly what you mean man, Ive spent the last few weeks converting a bunch of CSM to look more unique. Kitbashing and converting them to look bigger or with more parts from loyalist kits to make them look more like renegade/scavenger marines that arent part of the original legions.

I think youre nailing it with the aesthetic youre going for tho, keep it up they look great! One Idea for the standard troops is to get some of the FW heads, pretty cheap but it goes a long way for making them look unique.

Here's a heavy weapons Chosen im working on rn. Didnt like the boring heavy bolter, so i wanted to go for a cobbled together heavy energy weapon, wit some dark mechanicus help.

>> No.76499167

Heres a view of the back, not too bad but maybe need to add something to hide the joins.

>> No.76499255

On to the last steps of my 7 week project. Weapons almost done printing and then to the airbrush

>> No.76499274

My fellow Americans, Where do you buy Kimera Kolors? I tried out one color Pthalto that I added to the cart from Scale75USA but I want more. I'm specifically looking for the warm yellow and maybe the red and black.

>> No.76499318

Ain't plastic shavings or expired Skittles so it quite aight as presents go.

>> No.76499339

Yeah I've been looking at some of the FW heads, waiting on some different puttys to test out casting the bat wings from the night lords praetor. That backpack looks good so far, is it for iron warriors?

>> No.76499363

Looking to start airbrushing inside, what do I need? I put the cart before the horse and bought an airbrush/compressor and all the doodads but should I get something for ventilation or would putting it near a window be enough.

>> No.76499380

>This is a big ol Warham store isn't it? Is it the one in Grapevine?
Yes. There is a life-size Salamander and also a Blood Angel at the Warhammer Citadel in Grapevine.

>> No.76499388

You'll definitely want a paint box, either diy or pre-made. Just putting near a window won't filter those good Ling killed particles. Also a painters mask with N95 filters

>> No.76499442

Today I am continuing to make freeguild spearmen

Not sure if I wanna put shield on em -that's not an option anymore in AoS but it looks cool

>> No.76499466

>Excited for TX anon to open our side deal SS.
I really wanted to save this for the next thread, as that card is worthy of being the OP image, but it's after midnight, and I'm running out of Command Points.

Thanks a lot, OKC-anon. I think I'm gonna be pilfering that DW Kill Team for bitz to enhance my veterans and Death Company (those extra-big thunder hammers are ace, and *everybody* is wearing Mk VIII armour!). Even though they are limited to a squad of three, Blood Angel Outriders with chainswords are *beastly* in an assault. They get 16 attacks on the charge - 19 if "Savage Echoes" is in play - and thanks to the Red Thirst, get +1 to wound.

I have a feeling those goodies are going to disappear when the kids find them.

>> No.76499515

a harbor freight respirator
tape together some posterboard to make a spray box
a cleaning pot (find it on amazon)

>> No.76499552

You should put a second/third coat of white on the chainsword.
You should either make the highlight thinner or put a second thinner lighter highlight in the middle. (for both pink and black)
The rest is very good

>> No.76499620

I like it anon but that snow looks like ricegrain oatmeal.
A dirt base covered with some snow is a way to avoid that.

>> No.76499626

You nailed it. The clothing sculpts are perfect

>> No.76499650

Great GS work. Nice job anon.
Personally I prefer them without the shields.

>> No.76499873

GW puts you in charge:
Remove 1 unit from the game
Return 1 unit to the game
Which are they and why?

>> No.76499883

Try /40kg/.

>> No.76499888

or /aosg/ or whatever one of the handful of generals i dunno

>> No.76499911

I'd rather have one mini that I really want and some sweets than that huge pile of space marines.

>> No.76500152

Real glad you like it! I had a feeling that the DW box would turn into bits for Blood Angels, so I'll be looking forward to seeing some new guys with cool gear.
The Outriders are fun, I've played one game with them (vanilla rules) and they did put out a ton of attacks. They're also huge. The Primaris stuff is just surprisingly big after working with Marines for so long.

Merry Christmas, and don't forget to post pics your new guys!

>> No.76500268

Cheers. I'm gonna be posting more stuff on twitter (CaptainBrineblood) if you wanna see more

>> No.76500603

What diameter rod is this?

>> No.76500947

This image is extremely uncomfortable

>> No.76500948

any tips/tutorials on making (chaos) swords and other weapons for characters/seargents out of greenstuff sprues and plasticard?

anyone got nice pics or tutorials?

>> No.76500981

Rrreeee what am i doing wrong when my paint always feels it going too thick and uneven? I thin it but like for white i need too many layers for it to coat the model. The uneven-ness feels like coarse stuff in the paint. Also I'm this close to shaving my cats because their hair always gets in the focking models (I'm kidding of course but the mental image soothes my rage)

>> No.76501014

>Is this the chineseum kit everyone recommends mostly for the compressor or is there another? https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Beginner-Dual-Action-AIRBRUSH-AIR-COMPRESSOR-KIT-SET-Craft-Cake-Hobby-Paint/201493666213

love your army, i whish i could play against them

>> No.76501055

You could use white ink to thin your white paints

Alternatively scale 75s artist titanium white is the best white I've ever used, thins like a dream

>> No.76501101

>hite ink to thin your white paints
>75s artist titanium

this anon is right.

White (and yellow) are bitches to paint and thin and cover like ass

use high quality paints at least for those bitchy colors

or do 4-7 thin coats your choice

>> No.76501154

I think I've been spoiled by stuff like Kitbosh, but I can see why that would be a bit over the top for a contest like this.

>> No.76501158

Drill your barrels fren.

>> No.76501184

>Drill your barrels fren.
Don't you'll just destroy the bolter in the procees by splintering it

>> No.76501279

what? no you wont

>> No.76501286

Yeah, will at least give him a hazard stripe, but will try to make it unique or new.

>> No.76501289

just approach with a slightly wrong angle, to much pressure or with a drill too big and the whole bolter is destroyed

>> No.76501367

Then pilot the hole. First with a needle, and then with a smaller drill-bit.

>> No.76501377

No. Just no.
>Slightly wrong angle
You're not drilling more that a milimeter or two into it, the angle shouldnt matter much unless you incredibly cockeyed and trying to do it at like a 45 degree.
>too much pressure
nigga you using a hand drill. if you're really applying enough force to one of those that you destroy the bolter, you're quite the incredible gorilla.
>Drill too big
your hand drill usually comes with a variety of drill bit sizes that should fit fine. If in doubt use the smallest one first.

There are actual difficulties to drilling barrel holes, but the ones you bring up are such non-issues if you apply any kind of sense.

>> No.76501403

>not drilling more that a milimeter or two into it
I may have made some errors.

>> No.76501424

I've drilled in lasguns with smaller cylinders than that pistol. He'll be fine

>> No.76501447

the lighter or more white a color has the more of a bitch it is to glaze with, shit gets chalky real quick.

I prefer to start light and glaze in shadows instead of starting medium and glazing in highlights.

>> No.76501563

>You're not drilling more that a milimeter or two into it,
oh....that's why that happened. I drilled the entire barrel and the side holes

>> No.76501625

New thread

>> No.76502037


I've seen plenty of Sons of the Phoenix, including of course your army, but it took this image for me to start considering what an awful, terrible idea the candles on the power pack is.

>any sort of forward leaning motion like on the sarge there is likely to end up with a bunch of hot wax spattering down on either an exposed head or all over the helmet and possibly the optics

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